Face Painting?
Why do people hate Dale Chihuly, the renowned Seattle glass artist?
I have two paintings with PLB 1935 number 5853 and 5854. one has the signature of CP Meier. estimated value?
mural ideas?
What were homo sapiens painting mostly about?
I am going to paint my room help?
how to paint a rainbow with watercolors, 10 points?
What's the name of this painting?
Who is the BEST ARTIST in the world today?? plz help!!?
why isn't the paint dry ?
How do artists live?
Which color is better Pink or Orange?
How would you paint the allegory of sound?
How long will the Hopper exhibit run at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts?
If red is love to you, what is purple to me?
Does anyone know Hattie Trexler, an artist in Charlotte during the 70's who studied under Bob Timberlake?
Anybody know the artist (painter), Earnest Wood?
selling paintings on ebay?
What tools/ equipment did Edward Steichen use during his lifetime?
in a paint store what exact paint can i ask for that will be the same as a perfectly clear blue sky?
Should one learn to draw before one learns to paint?
how much would a reproduction painting sell for mycel dyf?
What kind of paint does Bandai use for their multiple figures? Like Chogokin Diecast, Ultra-Acts, etc.?
whats interesting about Francisco Zurbaran?
how do i find prices for specific thomas kinkade paintings,lithographs & or posters?
What makes a mosaic recognizable from a painting?
who painted 'the light of the world"?
Did Gaugin spend all if his life painting in Europe?
Who knows the poet who design mona lisa?
Websites to sell paintings?
I want to paint my guitar...?
I need ideas for a face painting contest - The topic is - Rise and Fall. Please suggest something?
What color... Blue or purple?
Whats your 2 favorite colors?
What kind of paint can i use on my golf putter?
What is your favourite Colour and why?
Anybody have experience with painting windows with Tempura paint?
Oil painting anyone? i left my brushes out for a week and now they are all dried up..?
What is a good art portfolio carrying case?
Is this a good price for this painting?
Question about Andy Warhol?
Are my paintings ok without frames or anything for a small show?
The best brand of watercolour pencils?
Do you think if America had a national dept penny center Americans would donate their spare pennies?
What makes a work of art a masterpiece?
Would it be illegal to remake or alter a famous painting?
what is a mixture of red and brown?
Why are Saint Lawrence's Hand Portrayed in this Way....?
Is there an artist by the name of J. Sibal or J.Sihal, of V. Sibal or V. Sihal? I can't read the name very we
how much is a steam locomotive painting by don breckon?
Can you stain a cello bridge?
Is it really possible to sell paintings online? Does it really happen?
Is the Picasso's portrait resembling reality?
Why is Guernica (by picasso) an important artwork?
where can i buy chrome spray paint for plastic?
why is every one so in to Mona Lisa's smile?
What are the best products to use to paint/decorate usable/washable wine glasses?
Was Bob Ross (American painter) left-handed or right-handed?
I am wanting to paint some giant letters on some Nylon flags. What type of paint would be best to use?
in expressionism paintings are there ever paintings of women, particularly women without clothing on?
Question About Antique Oil Painting Artist - L. E. Davis?
When was Nicole Etienne born?
Spray paint question?
When was this painted? Rauscheberg help?
What colour describes engagement?
Question about paintings, sculpture, and architecture (ASIA)?
How much is "The finish of the ever ready epson derby 1984" painting by Peter Williams worth?
Paintings in the manner of famous artists?
Painting fences for a business..?
Hi I was wondering how colonial artists like captain thomas smith made money off their portraits.?
Do you know any artists from 1950's period or work in that style please?
Where is Vincent van Gogh placed on the list of "greatest artists of all time"?
Who is your favorite artist, and why?(painter, sculpter,etc.)?
What are some artwork that show democracy during the 1800s?
what are the similarities between wari and tiwanaku art?
Who is creator Monalisa smile?
What paint would one use to paint on wallpaper?
any frida kahlo fans out there???
I own a painting by Max Savy I want to know what it is worth?
please Read and try to write a brief analysis of this painting?
Question about Marc watercolour?
How to become a good drawer or artist?
Have any of you sold your artwork or made money off of it?
What do you think of my paintings?
Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo?
where can I apply the paint bucket in arobe photoshop?
what paints would you use to paint slate?
Answer this if you can...?
what do you think of Ian Cumberland's work and him as an artist?
Mural project-patrons to sponsor first or the place to hang first?
Story behind the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
any artists remember painter 5? Still download it?
If you mix linseed oil with your oil paints, does it take longer to dry?
Canadian Painter Adrian Dingle?
How do you use oil paints?
Want To Give This Stupid Little Painting A Title?
can I varnish dead moths?
do you want to be a legend and genius like leonardo da vinchi?
anyone know who ebessonof is ?
What year did matisse produce his 1st paper cut out?
Help me solve a mystery please?
What do you think about this Painting for Lounge?
what do you think about these colours?
Where can I find the meanings behind Vladimir Kush's paintings?
i need help with my art work, need an artist and meaning about an eye?
is there any italian art galleries/museums/sculptures or artists in the north east of england?
Watercolors question?
best painter for the intuos 5 touch ?
How do I get dried acrylic paint off a plastic or wooden palette?
How do you remove acrylic paint in places on a painting which spoils it ?
Visual analysis paper on painting?
What is this painting called and who was it made by??
i want some recommendations on what to draw for my oil painting class... easy please im a beginer?
how to you paint a rose from a photo with acrylic? Thx!?
Can someone name this painting for me?
Lois Dodd "Echinacea", 2011. How can I describe this painting ?
what is the name of a modern artist..something like kourkoska?
what kind of music did the artist geogia Okeeffe listen to?
oil painting valuations?
What to do when i make thinner for paints with Benzen,Di-acetone,Butyl-acetate&Methanol… change in red color?
How did Vivian Tamayo become the world's biggest flake?
I'm looking for a painting I had hanging in my room as a little girl....?
is paper coated by brushing the coating agent over it, or by dipping the paper entirely in the agent?
Who likes the color purple?/??/?
Will acryllic paint stick to plastic?
Can you paint with markers?
I have a painting which I would like to get printed onto canvas - where can i get this done in KL?
I want to paint over the design on my longboard.?
I have a portrait painted by K Pegg, supposedly an inmate at some time of Ashworth prison.Any more paintings?
What is the process of transferring a painting to a print?
What is name of this photo of Bansy with a terrorist and flower?
the name of a contemporary artist that paints on velvet really dark images?
What paint to use on resin?
is this painting worth anything?
Please tell me the short cut to learn watercolor painting ?
im painting a picture of a pink hibiscus?
How do I remove dried acrylic paint from a clear plastic pallet?
gesso primer for acrylic painting?
Elements of Art/Design for this Painting ?
Painting my face? Favorite team?
What is the exact color of snow?
Painting a Longboard?
beatles art?
are ludovico sforza and battista sforza related?
will permanent marker run on canvas when wet?
what is the famous painting on the ceiling, NOT the Sistine Chapel.?
Painting my room?
why did PORCELLIS paint the shipping in stormy seas?
What is the substance that you can mix into acrylic paints to keep them open (more like oils)?
I am looking for?
Do you know of any famous unfinished artwork?
name of a famous painting!?
have a painting of the last suuper that have people like king malcomx all dead black men would likeall names?
Spray painting rubber boots?
Would you like to be a darling and write me an analysis of Andy Warhols Marilyn Monroe painting?
How can i describe Giotto's importance to the early renaissance?
Why is Golden the best brand for acrylics? Or is there another brand that works just as good, for less?
Souvenir creating.. any help?
Is it tacky to give a painting as a gift?
What's your favourite body shop oils for an oil burner?
In Raphael's School of Athens, why did he not include any Romans in the painting?
What colors are "Cafe colors"?
Can I use oil paint on paper?
I have a question about painting?
what are the best colour schemes to work with?
CONFESS: Would you purchase painting by Hitler if you saw it at an estate sale for $100 dollars?
What is this painting called?
What is the meaning of titles "Gernica"(Picasso) and "Galatea"(Rafael)?
To where can I send a traced copy of antique watercolor artist signature to seek identity of artist?
What color will I get if I mix up all colors, except black in equal proportions?
Can you use non toxic ceramcoat acrylic paint to paint coffee mugs?
How To Start A Painting?
Artist opinion?
I have applied drying oil(linseed) flat on completion of oil painting. Is it correct or I must have to apply?
What Pieter Brueghel paintings are in the permanent collection of Houston's Museum of Fine Arts?
Painting help.?
What colour is cyan?
What are the building blocks of an artwork?
Can this sort of faded effect be achieved with acrylics? *pic*?
do u know what is my favourit colour?
Artists who are like Beatriz Milhazes?
If Mona Lisa painting was to be sold, how much could it possibly fetch?
Famous painting of two arms reaching out to each other with a finger extended...what is it?
How do you find if an artist is listed?
What is the best brand of screen print ink to use?
what color is achieved by mixing green light with orange light?
I'm painting the bottom of a skateboard (where the trucks go) What can I glaze over it?
Help! I just toned the canvas and sketched in for a portrait now I have white spots that won't cover.?
i need to watch a video on painting a ceramic tub?
identify a painting?
Can you take gouache as a carry-on on international flights?
what does artist call the surface that they paint on?
Why is this painting worthy of study?
Which is neo classical theorist?
How come artists who were depressed used bright colours?
I am artistically gifted but can't decide whether or not to put my time and efforts towards...?
What is something (an easel type thing) that can sit on my lap and hold supplies, for painting in public?
whats the painters name?
What primary colors make the color black?
Can some one please name this Painting'!?
Oil paintings, what's hot now? My husband is an artist just starting out how do I find out what's selling and
Can I paint on ungessoed wood?
Glow in the dark paint ?
How to start watercolouring?
what is the composition of Van Gogh's "The Church at Auvers"?
have you ever drawn by yourself monalisa of leonardo da vinchi??????
Last year i bought this work of art from the Goodwill and im just curious as to the artist is?..Help?
W Hodges painting of a river with a woman holding an umbrella?
Abstract Art help? ?
mixing oil paint with "mediums"?
How much is a mademoiselle de Blives painting signed by Arthur L. Cox worth?? Limited edition it says.?
If cupid was here on earth as flesh and was going to college what should he major in?
strange question,but who painted the gym at La Mirada High School in La mirada california?
Who is your favorite painter?
Does anyone know interesting websites of young artists want to sell modern paints? Tx?
How do I get noticed? Painter needs work?
A famous german female painter used to live at 23-ganga ram mension,the mall road lahore.?
what is the mystery of monalisa?
Where can I get old style black frames like these?
what is painting mean?
how do you get puffy paint off clothes?
Alternative to studying Art at University?
Does anyone know how to contact Edward Clay Wright?
what's the name of the painting of a room with the sea coming in the doorway?
Why is the sky blue? My mom said it was painted. Who painted it?
how did Piet Mondrian (the artist) die?
Artists that explore time or ageing in their work?
Social and political surrounding of The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo?
Which Impressionist artists did Mary Cassatt influence/inspire?
Sickert- Has He Been Framed????
I am wanting to paint some giant letters on some Nylon flags. What type of paint would be best to use?
how do i stop feeling guilty about charging for my paintings?
Where can I find Elmer Albert A. De Guzman who lives in USA?
gesso primer for acrylic painting?
Can you rate and criticise my pAinting please?
Is This Considered Surrealism?
Is Cezanne's 'Basket of Apples' a different painting to 'the basket of apples'?
What color.....?
can I mix different brand paint thinners?
How can I make money from my abstract paintings without selling the originals?
I am looking for a painting of a slave on a plantation with his arms outstretched and tied by the US Flag?
What is that renaissance/baroque painting with the 4 guys preparing for battle?
What do you like when you buy Disney Fine Art?
Painting of Wolves and Bears?
What do you think of Monet?
Need help finding a painting?
what was the purpose of Leonardo DaVinci's arts?
anyone know anything about morris man the artist from brighton england who grew up in a barnados home?
What color would be good for my walls?
What brushes and paints to get started pinstriping?
I am searching for a distance home learning program for a masters degree in visuel art?
How do i go about spray painting my gameboy SP?
Would you like to answer 8 questions about your arts practice for my university assignment?
I need songs for my AP Art concentration?
I need to find a 16x20 print of this picture of Mary. Please Help!
Hi could anyone help me identified a famous painting?
any information about carnation,lily,lily rose?
Good French paintings?
does acrylic paint come off your leg?
I found this painting and wondering who the artist might be and of any worth?
How many pieces of art do you need in a portfolio for college and what kind of art?
what do the following features depict in the painting "the soldier drinks" by marc chagall?
is it not the painting, but the painter?
trying to paint a road case?
Om mani padme hum characters?
Fernando Botero reinterpretations?
please help this is driving me insane?
Who painted this painting?
Which Norman Rockwell museum?
is Carmen Winsted real? because im confused?
Airbrushing system?
Looking for information on a lithograph of a print by Nicky Boehme named Footprints?
Good websites to sell my paintings fast?
What is the original name of Amatya Rakchhas?
does anyone know of the artist rafael garcia?
How do you write a reflection on a painting?
what to use to paint on rubber booties?
Is There Any Famous Paintings or Drawings With The Theme 'Ego'?
Help with ideas for an art project...?
Is art useful? when do your paintings become useful? How much does art help us?
How do i change the background colour setting in paint?
Okay, I give up....should I spray paint my dog pink?
Whats the Difference between gray and grey?
What is the name of this painting, and who is the artist?
Did Donna Dewberry really invent ....?
Can you tell which color is purple,lavender,plum,mauve,lilac or violet?
How do I contact Ron Howard about a movie idea/?
how to paint wainscoting?
are Ernie Gerzabek's paintings affordable?
andreja retelj artwork is in google why isn't listed in ?
Help I have a painting of a girl w/ a cat picking roses off a small tree.?
What type of art does picasso creates?
What paint would be best for airbrushing fuax furr?
Is your studio organized ? or does it look like Francis Bacon's Studio ?? (link attached)?
What should I paint with watercolor, what looks good in watercolor?
Is dangerous painting as the paint has toxics? what can I do? the toxic attack the lungs?
Soldier in red hat and mermaid painting?
is Drypoint and woodcut simliar to each other? why?
where can l get a dvd of american visions by robert hughes?
To me the Mona Lisa is no more than a well done painting of?
2. Explain the two painting techniques of ‘buon fresco’?
Recommendation of art website please?
Where can I find the paintings of Al Wettel?
How did Surrealism develop in the 1920's?
architect zaha hadid is a modernist?
Painting!.. Painting!.. Painting!.. HELP!!!?
What is art defined as?
We make paintings on Peepal Leaf. Looking for buyers.?
why was jose clemente orozco's life controversial?
can I have a list of Peter Paul Rubens' full works?
What is the most expensive Andy Warhol art work ever sold?
should I spray it with clear coat or not?
Oil Paint Help?
I need help! I'm trying to locate earlier poster by Ruth Thompson. Any suggestions?
Ethel Buckingham ,English artist?
Museums where you can find Hieronymus Bosch paintings?
Was Bob Ross (American painter) left-handed or right-handed?
What is the title of this artwork?
any idea where to find info on Mike Gunnell , i have a painting by him and need to find out more , thanks?
do I need special paint to paint on a window?
Spray paint and Sweat Shirts?
How do I find out the name of a person that hand painted a wooden plate.?
Ink that was left out?
need help identifying a painting?
hi the name of this color please?
What color paint would you be?
What is a large painting or decoration, done either directly on the wall or separately and affixed to it?
[ART] Artists who have done Construction/Labourers (people)?
What are some good or creative ideas for a watercolor painting??
How is that huge painting called which was hanging on a scaffold in Prague seen in the movie Bad Company ?
How much do you think I could sell my oil paintings for?
Whats your favorite color?
I am trying to find who is depicted in a painting.?
White homemade face paint - what to use instead of crisco?
Does anybody know any schizophrenia painters or artists?
Question about painting plastic?
what are vincent van gogh's interests?
what is a good site to find paintings from the years 1400-1700?
I need help with images for a painting.?
i have 2 paintings by c rossi one sunset with a palm tree and one with flowers. no writing other then artist?
Which painting should I choose?
What is your favourite colour?
How do I use bakeable glass paints, Vitrea 160 by Pebeo.?
What do you get if you mix the colour Cyan and Blue?
I own a painting business and do veteran discounts?
What type of color pencils and paints should i get to do photo realism ?
The use of people and events that have consistent symbolic meansing. Either, assemblages,allegorical,cartoon?
What is the meaning of this painting?
What kind of paint should I get if I need something with an extreme amount of pigment?
Can you rate my first digital painting?
Glow in the dark paint!!!?
Using charcoals and pastels to create an anniversary!?
have you seen the MONA LISA in real life?
le moulin de la Galette- what does it mean in english?
Where can I find out more about water-based oil paints and odour-free thinners for real oils?
Do you have any ideas on what to paint?
how do i look up a cort date for free?
Is there a painting called "CHECKMATE" involving the Devil and some player with the devil winning?
how does the work of michelangelo transcend time?
what can i add to acrylic paint to make it more liquidy?
Why is Van Gogh regarded as one of the greatest painters of all time?
how do i become a registered artist?
I got paint over my favorite shoes how can you take it off?
Are there any epic stall paintings?
..Life Drawings...?...ehh...nude...?
WHEN DID THE MARLBOROUGH GALLERY EXHIBIT BOTERO ART - looking for the year prior to 1963 on Feb 4?
I need help to find this one abstract painting?
what paint colours were used around 1900?
Need help painting wall/Hunger Games?
For Oil Painting Do you have to have a medium ?
Artists who do work about London underground?
Who painted this piece?
pablo picasso and analytical cubism and his greatest work?
How do acrylics paints and oils paints mix?
Painting at The Metropolitan Museum of Art name?
What would you name this painting?
How does SAI paint tool clipboard work?
Has anyone gone from drawing & painting realistically to more imaginative work?
What is that classic painting of a monster picking up a person and eating it? ?
I cant find a painting!?
I need the name of a famous painting. It is of five naked women holding hands and running in a circle.?
I need to draw a harmonious painting.(sp?) what does that mean!!!?
good cheap brushes for beginners ?
Art "FRANCESCA" "FRANKIE"1990 Editions of 500 by Tom Avila On archival stock need to know more
To be a survivor, be vulnerable?
When preparing canvas for oil painting, why wet the back of the canvas?
Where in Sydney can i find paintings of russian cities or churches? (which aren't too expensive)?
painting/stencilling help??
can u help me?
How do you determine the value of a numbered print by Picasso?
Religious Icon Appraisal ?
What are 3 major life events that may have influenced Van Gogh's work?
Anybody know who painted this?
value of F.Krantz kitten painting?
what are the aspectsof childcare.why are it important?
how do you ship paintings?
Salvador Dali information?
Help answering questions about piece of art?
Name the artistic movement of salvador Dali?
PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!! favorite cool paintings?
what do you think of this girl?
Has anyone ever heard of a painter Barbara Webber?
Looking for pieces painted by an artist Margarite Tracey or Marg Tracey or Marg Annefrom California or Nevada?
There is E-bay and Etsy....Is there any other good place to sell handmade items?
Good product to varnish a textured oil painting ?
Help On Tagging Names?
Do you need a speacoal type of spraypaint to paint a helmet.?
I have a framed print of Todd White "Cami" and wondered if anyone would know the value?
Artists who had loads of creativity but not much skill?
what picture/paintings do you have in your house?
Is it okay to put spray varnish on a charcoal painting?
Are there any famous paintings of lions?
what does the bansky girl with red heart ballon mean?
Glow in the dark paint!!!?
Can any one any one help me track down a old fiend?
Where can I find information on Tom Cayley Canadian artist 1974 with Doon School of Fine Art Kitchener Ontario
Kiki Smith. How I Know I'm Here?
Thomas crown affair painting?
spell sal-victorian?
Whats an easy and simple way to paint fireworks?
What was the meaning, Subject, and story behind the painting "Dappled Horses of Pech-Merle" cave painting.?
Why do you enjoy art?
Do you know what this Artist DWO technique is? ?
what is process art??? ?
Acrylic Painting: Brightening colors?
Any cute ideas about how to paint a chapstick?
can any body help me find a good place to find traineeships and apprenticeships?
how much is jules a muenier the music lesson worth?
Can you tell the difference between oil pastels and oil paints in a painting?
Do I have to have a focal point in my artwork?
What is your favourite Colour and why?
Watercolour painting problem?
What does the presence of monkeys in paintings allude to?
Why does my oil paint still sink into the canvas after I prime it?
paint problems?
painting fimo with acrylic?
Seeking name of painting of a woman cutting a poisonous mushroom?
yes you can?
Someone please write a 500 word summary about Picasso and his work?
Do you know the name of this painting and the Artist's name?
Marc vs Chagall?
I just started painting. What do you think of my first two paintings? ( 10 points and thumbs up )?
after working on an airbrush shirt or shoes do I put clear coat as protection? or what is best protection?
What artwork can I compare with "The Last Judgement"?
What do you think of Gustave Dore's drawing of the Passion?
Good reverse harem anime? (Male Harem)?
compare and contrast hese two artists Peter paul rubens and jusepe de ribera?
Paintings portyed in Coraline?
painting my room ...?
does lilac go with pink ?
what do i put on my sign for the justin bieber concert?
Does anyone know where I can view full length Bob Ross painting lessons?
Questions about Michelangelo and Diego Rivera.?
Picture of 4 construction workers eating lunch on a skyscraper beam?
Can I use mix my acrylics with water?
What would be the best to use for painting Acrylic or Oil ?
Old canvas painting but store won't put UV glass to protect?
I am trying to find the name of a Southwestern artist. The painting is signed Down something. Any ideas?
What is the italian translation of the quote of Elio Carletti about the definition of beauty?
where can i find 150 to 200 spray cans for cheap i am an artist and i need them for invitations for my party??
Linear Perspective ?????? Help please.?
Do you think it is weird for people to paint using their own blood?
What do you think about this piece of art?
I need information on this obscure artist.?
Does any one know where i can find legit articles on Josie Morway?
Mona Lisa smile?
what kind of art "does it for you?" modern? post-modern? impressionist? nudes??
Do I need permission to paint on shoes?
i have an 1922 daybreak by maxfield parrish,plus garden of allah in original frames.beautiful condition.value?
Is the mona lisa a complete painting,if not why?
Anyone have info on an old painting "Pharos Horses"?
Does anyone know how much The Accordionist by Picasso is worth ?
Do any of you know the name of this Hundertwasser painting?
Leonardo da vinci's life?
25 horse johnson oil mix ratio?
What spray paint holds up best to wear and weather on concrete?
Someone who does spray paint art?
would my artwork sell?
green is for envy, why?
Micheal Godard Prints?
Where can I sell my Solid Comfort (copy) by William.H. Lippincott?
Why do we need to paint?
A question to fellow artists?
Help! I need some Mondrian pattern fingerless gloves!?
Still trying to get traffic to my artwork site (hosted on tumblr), take a look?
Do oil paint fumes rise or fall?
How do I get stains out of an old painting?
Is western art in decline?
what is the cheapest canvas you bought?
Name something purple!?
Symbols of corruption in Jan Steen's painting of a Dutch urban household include each of the followeing exce?
who is josefina vivancos?
what is the personality of a person who loves the color green?
why most of male painters portrait nude paintings of females ?
Artist :Walter Seymour 1877. this picture is of jesus with a Crown of thorns and a lamb around his shoulders?
another random Picasso question.....?
What do you think of my artwork idea?
What can I do with points?
What kind of paint do graffiti artist use?
what is the term used when an artist is influenced by another artists style and uses this to create their own?
1800's Inn scene filled w/all ages of eating & drinking & serving, etc.- variety of ages - Inn painting?
What is a "resist" technique in acrylic paint?
Vincent van Gogh Post-Impressionist or Impressionist?
looking for picture of "the basuto girl" painting by V. Tretchikoff?
to all the artists!!?
Need help finding the name of a song and it's artist.?
Whats the name of the l s lowry picture showing pontypridd park and boating pond?
What should I do if I have discovered something in a famous paint?
How is The birth of frankenstein similar or different to Da vinchi painting?
Art Question... ???????
can i get Cosa grande oil around me?
Who is this artist? What do you think this plate is worth?
To street artist : Krylon or Montanna?
I think French Impressionism and Jackson Pollock's style are overrated, what do you think of that?
how many paintings are there by claude monet?
i want a signature?
Looking for any info on this painting?
Has anybody ever heard of the painter, Bobeet Cox?
Art: What can I use to clean my paint brushes when using oil/acrylics?
is diego velasquez painting Las Meninas (Maids of Honor) missing?
Good idea for satire poster?
what painter got the best out of god?
Painting images used on websites?
forgetting to wash paint brushes, still with acrylic paint on them?
iam from iraq& i want to sell some of my paintings, size 50*70 cm?
Photoshop Brush Grain Issue?
which transfer material you suggest to me?
Who is this Artist? Original small oil paintings of fowl (chickens) signed in red by Hunt?
How do you get blue oil paint out of a white dog?
where can I buy cheap oil colors in turkey?
Need help identifying a surrealistic painting online of a cluster of buildings over a rivery landscape?
how to make a waterless decorative waterfall?
looking for information about an artist named J.Miranda?
Is Manet's "Ragpicker" an Impressionist or Realist painting?
What kind of art do you like?
Does anyone know what this painting/print is called?
Please describe the fusion of pahari painting with the mughal painting?
do you know of an artist called molf?
Exactly what kind of paint do I need to paint my guitar?
Blood Spatter Canvas Art?
who knows what this painting is?
why the famous artist were man?
Which scene do you think I should paint?!?!?
what should i name this painting?
Why is Monet seen as a working-class simpleton and a peasant?
what paint is best for plastic?
I am 30 years old and want to learn how to paint....?
Did the old masters use the palette knife?
What is the name of this painting? I think it is Renoir?
Why is Aspects of ***** Life from Slavery through Reconstruction so inspiring?
I have several good art works for sale. How I can be hooked up with art dealer?
What does this painting say to you?
why is every canvas of anything like $150+?
Who painted the painting entitled, "The Blue Boy"?
yellow sticker on prostitutes back.?
What were most commonly depicted in expressionists paintings?
Im trying to find the owner of a painting i have had for years, Please Help!?
Is there a way to protect my mobile painting?
Nautical Signed Oil Painting Ship Sailing?
how does one learn to appreciate impressionism?
How do I get stared on my own with oil paint?
Where online can I find artwork for cheap?
In an oil painting, should the background be done first or last?
If your a painter, have you sold some of your work as an artist?or do you normally just keep your works?
Who do you think was the most influential musicians in the 1960-1980 era?
Where is the original Monet's Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge (1899)?
Which artist is more famous in the USA between Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol?
ask for a name of a drawing in Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam?
Can anybody find this painting for me online? Or at the very least identify it?
Looking for info on artist B A Fisher?
Is there an artist named Orlando Johnson?
Attach and detach wooden ends together?
hand painted plate made in hong kong green and white?
What is the name of this Degas painting?
I just painted something with oil paint but with no medium and now it's not drying. Please help?
How can i get paint off of a shirt?
What famous art pieces are used in commercials today?
What is Tim Burton's Artwork style?
Can anyone help?. . . Who is the artist who produces the "jelly Baby" style paintings, any clues would help. .
I want to paint on canvas a poem free hand but what brush and what kind of paint?
What makes a painting harmonious and captivative to look at?
Ideas for art final exam.?
Problem with one untitled movie?
Would You Like To Give This Painting A Title?
do I need quarter rounds to make a canvas frame?
Body Paint question what to use to paint?
What can you tell me about this 1910's "Modern" European Painting?
Isn't this an ugly painting? people sadden me!?
could you use water color on top of acrylic gesso?
Why is the painting MONA LISA so popular? What is so special about it?
What are your best tips for painting oil portraits?
How do I find information on a California artist named Edward O. Roth?
Paint tool Sai question?
Why are some paintings of "low quality" referred to as "Chocolate box paintings". Why the "chocolate box"?
what do i need to become a painter?
art painting help?
Why do you think the Mona Lisa is just a famous work of art?
What can I use for face paint other than face paint?
Who's your favorite painter?
why does a bull chase something red?
What is a lithogragh of Gabriel Max's Our Lord,1840,(sometimes called Veronica's Handkercheif)be worth?
do you think painting your room black then paint splattering it would be weird?
If I created a painting of Mickey Mouse, would it be possible to sell it?
19th Century Oil Painting Price Range?
Art lover's.. who is your favorite artist and why?
Where is the original painting "Cigar Bar" of Lynch? + some info on him?
Information on artist "Lee Dubin."?
How to mix paint to make this color...?
How do I find people who want the kind of paintings I produce?
name an artist that paints things zoomed in ?
Does it seem strange to you that Michelangelo painted a navel on Adam in the Sistine Chapel?
Can anyone help me find a painting for my wife?
I need to work out what the most popular colour is so tell me your favorite color.?
Claude Monet?
What are the stylistic characteristics of Florentine Renaissance paintings? Give Examples?
What is something that is mellow and nice that i should paint on my wall?
can i put normal kids craft paint on my face?
is there a solvent for white spray paint?!?!?!?
Mother of Pearl question?
Famous painting of Paris?
How do i take my art more seriously?
Here's one for the art set: Wyndham Lewis. Anyone remember him?
can i paint the front of my ipod with nail varnish?
What are some spray paint brands?
What was the controversy behind Andy Warhol's "Mao Zedong" painting?
is it plagiarism if you sell a painting of a liturature character?
Why do people paint pictures?
How much is the "Ferdinand Petrie" paintings cost, thanks?
can i use oil paint on A4 standard paper?
what type of paint can be used to paint the vinyl on foamposites?
Ineed a guitar that is not expensive and good!?
What is the best kind of paint for metal surfaces?
who is pablo amorsolo?
When you look at an Amazing painting by Monet, what do you experience in your mind?
Favorite Halloween Costume?
Is it really worth to be an artist or a painter?
Sharpie Paint Question?
I'm interested in purchasing a Thomas Kincaid painting...?
What is farmula of aerosol tin can paint spray?
What would be around the normal price to charge for a painted wall mural?
What is "Urushi"? In what kind of plants you can source "Urushi" paint?
Name of Blek Le Rat Piece?
Does anyone know where i can find a pain table Buddha for my school project?
What would you recommend to finish a portrait painted with emulsion paint? Varnish?
What are some things around the house which I could use when doing wax resist watercolour painting?
What do you think of this painting I just made?
Can any Artists here PLEASE analyze the Painting I made for project?
Does Gloria Van Newhouse Adams sign her paintings G Adams? Where do I look on the web to find her?
what is the best website for good instructional videos on Acrylic painting?
Dupli Color clear coat Spray paint turning paint yellow ? how to fix?
where can you throw away oil paints and old mineral spirits in the contra costa area?
What elements and principles does this painting have?
What kind of wood are canvas stretcher bar made of?
What type of mangoes should I paint?
Can I use poster paints for face painting ? If no, will wearing foundation help ?
Can you paint glass with acrylic paint?
Can you think of a quote for this image?
Any Spring Inspirations?
use of paints - what types of paints do you use for what kind of painting?
How much does a swirl paint job cost?
What is a painting apprenticeship like?
What emotions/themes were Hector Poleo trying to express in the painting "The Broken Doll" (La Muneca Rota)?
Was the little bird in snoopy named after the 1969 Woodstock festival?
where can i buy brightly colored paint?
Found a painting by Count Regis de Bouvier de Cachard in the attic of an old home?
When did the National Gallery of Australia open?
what is a artist called who paint nude pictures?
If you were to set up a personal museum...?
Who is your favourite painter?
what do you think?
what colors make brown?
What should I put on the front cover of my sketch book?
Painting by JPL?
How much could I sell this painting for?
What do you identify in this work of art?
what should I paint?
lowell talashoma - native american art?
Alternatives for Angelus leather paint?
Where can I find out what an Emerson Burkhart original oil painting is worth?
Artists compared to Sports?
how to repair chipped oil paint of canvas?
What would go with pink and yellow?
i use turpentine to clean my paint brushes is it safe?
What is your favorite color?
Paint Tool Sai? Help please!?
School project.I need a rough idea for a painting.any ideas?
Can anyone help me finding some paintings?
Can hand paint be used as body paint?
Want to learn to paint....?
I have no experience painting a child's wall mural.... where do I start?
Name of this famous painting? (description)?
Bettina Arna Bohne?
Can you use oil paint on vinyl?
august renwar?
Where can I find cheap paint that isnt toxic?
How much is this painting worth?
ihave painting that is signed azgo it looks like a village flower market?
What should I paint for my aunt?
How does the painting: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte related to Formalism and Semiotics?
Where can I buy wooden paintings like this?
How can I make a good red?
What is the best type of paint to use on canvas?
what two colors make blue?
Have you ever bought a craft kit that the paint was so crappy that came w/ it?
I'm looking for a Lippincott print from Sears (1960) Solid Comfort, Does anyone know where i can purchase one?
what's it called when someone paints a picture of you...?
question about spray painting plastic?
spray painting? tips?
What influenced Georgia O'Keeffe to create?
I f you were an artist what would you paint?
why not, Lynda or bologna?
Spray paint on Munnys?
When was the painting whirpool iv by pat steir painted ?
What is a piece of artwork that represents the betrayal of one country as it befriends it's rivalry country?
Has anybody heard of a British artist, A.E. Bates circa 1926?
oil painting by C. Villarrs of Hotel De Ville in Paris - worth anything?
who is the artist of this painting?
Where do i find oil pastel teacher in liverpool?
please help! art related ?
Who painted this?????
what is a vanilla sky?
is the novel the best form of art to express the TRUTH OF LIFE?Is it better than other arts"painting,music..."
what is the best price for this painting you have bought?
What are some of Domenico Ghirlandaio's (painter) most famous works?
Will acrylic paint stay on metal if I....?
Reason for angel wing colors in classical paintings?
Who knows the artist of the Central Park theme painting which presents at American writer Salinger's website
How do I safely dispose of turpentine and oil paints?
Do you have any tips on how to paint hair in oils or acrylics. What brushes are best?
How to store paintings/canvas with little space?
Help finding a surrealism painting?
How much is a stain glass painting of beauty and the beast worth?
for people who know a lot about famous artwork..?
when was the portrait of the andy warhol done?
In Van Gogh Vincent sunflower painting, how does the painting make you feel?
what are these pens called that make drawings appear?
PAINTERS, PAINT AND ARTEST, please advice me withquestions to ask an artist . painter?
Why was the painting America Tropical by David Alfaro Siqueiros whitewashed?
Do you think the St. John the Baptist by Leonardo Da Vinci is a scary painting?
Do you ever have an 'artist's block' and what do you do about it?
can salvador dali be classes as a distortion artist?
If cupid was here on earth as flesh and was going to college what should he major in?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
painting help!! please?
Need help with a painting?
Group of Seven Painting Question?
st. luke drawing the virgin?
What is a good book on all the different kinds of oil painting supports and how to prepare them?
Who is the intended audience for these two artworks?
how do u make gray by mix?
What do you think of my painting?????
Whats a good paint for thin paper?
Is this painting good?
videos of bob ross?
Why were cave paintings, by cavemen not called masterpieces?
I spray painted my fimo clay after baking it, and it's not drying! Help?
About how much would it cost to get this framed???
Which is Better, Acrylic or Oil Paints, and Why?
how musch does w. homer paintings value?
What is the best type of surface to use with acrylic paints?
Are there other types of paint similar to Dupli-Color Mirage?
19th century artist in italy initials ar e.g.?
need info on artist, name of R Hirschel?
where is the best place to get a quality and inexpensive canvas for acrylic painting?
What is the original name of the painting View of Toledo by El Greco?
What to look for in art?
seats in the art gallery?
Question for Art Students!?
Tips on how to build colour in a portrait?
Grandparents 50th anniversary present.?
Does anyone have any information on an Artists who signed his paintings with the initials UURR?
Has anyone visited my web site
what was Roy Lichtenstein's most famous work?
In which museum can the painting "Vase with Daisies and Poppies" by Van Gogh be found ?
Did Belgian thief Tomas Van Der Heijden who stole 7 Renoir paintings in 1961 get caught? Go to jail?
Favorite quotes?
Any Marilyn Monroe Quotes?(:?
is it safe to do this with spray paint and a air brush?
painting deginnes wallpapers?
What makes an old oil painting valuable?
If you paint someone elses painting can you sell it?
what is the value on a violet schewenig cottage plate?
what does red and blue make?
I am a new artist. How can I get my paintings in a gallery or at least shown somewhere?
How much is this painting worth?
how to get desired colour on mountboard?
Why did Andy Warhol paint a soup can?
Name Two peploe Paintings?
where is the best place to get a quality and inexpensive canvas for acrylic painting?
do you believe that using a camera obscura or projector is cheating when making an artwork?
Is sparkles a color??????
Which is a better oil paint thinner? Linseed oil or turpentine?
Art question about Thomas Kinkade?
What is the name for this type of art?
The painter used a thin brush to paint the foliage in the background. (1 point)prepositional phrase?
when working with soft pastels do you use a complementary colour 1st (like a primer) to help tone down?
I need help naming a painting?
Is indoor ACRYLIC painting bad for the respiratory?
I have found a painting in my mother in laws basement it is called lady of the lake...printed in 1870..?
why does red paint turn BRIGHT PINK when you add medium to it?
Where do you take an original canvas oil painting to be appraised?
Spray painting newbee needs advice regarding masks?
help with painting my room?
Painting a clawfoot bathtub?
I have these very old oil paintings?
was woman at the well by paul signac pointillism or post impressionism?
what's the name of the painting of a room with the sea coming in the doorway?
Book of paintings?
I need a massive amount of paint for a paint party. Where can i find paint safe for skin in gallon size?
How do I get started selling my paintings?
Depict the characters of Lady Macbeth on a blank mask...good vs evil type of a thing...?
show nation gallery of canada?
Is this right?
Art. In the process of painting, what is language?
Where is the angel in the painting of Thomas Kinkade called "Garden of Prayer".?
What materials does Sylvia Ji use in her artworks?
How to become a good drawer or artist?
whats your favourite colour?
Nestor Carbonell?
How do you get inspiration? What inspires you? Give me some suggestions on what to paint..?
where can i buy montana spray cans besides online stores?
any frida kahlo fans out there???
artist- stuart davis?
What colors do you have to mix in order to mix acrilyc paint to make the color brown and green?
Can I use regular adhesive tape to stretch watercolour paper?
How do you clean a paint brush after using it for oil paint?
I'm painting a picture. Will it harm the canvas if I sketch it out in pencil first?
What do you think of my painting?
What do you think of this painting?
are there any graffiti stores in ottawa ontario?
Where can I view online images of the frescoes on the walls of the ancient brothel in Pompeii?
painting by Cooper artistic interiors #041909N what is value if any?
can i use oil or acrilic paint on glass?
Rose color's and meaning, do you believe in it!?
Can't paint anymore? Need help?
What are the art elements in this painting?
Can you tell me?
what do you get when you mix blue with yellow?
what distinguishes surrealist landscapes from others? in technique!?
I want to have a painting of mine. Can anybody tell me some names of famous painters in Jodhpur? ?
where can you throw away oil paints and old mineral spirits in the contra costa area?
Does anyone know where to find a picture of the back of Don Mattingly?
Can you project an image onto a black background?
what kind of art concepts did marry cassatt use in her painting ( in the garden) ART CONCEPTS?
Can any one tell me about Van Gogh and the style he used in his paintings?
which colour combinations will giv red colour.?
Who is your favorite artist singer?
books or paintings of good folk art?
ben maile london landmark painting?
In your opinion, what is the most overrated painting?
when was the "Heilieg Schutzengel" first painted?
Salvador Dali painting Wall Street?
Help me ... I want to be a painter?
i need to know about an artist by the name of peggy bacon.?
What shade is Heliconia?
st james park stadium paintings?
If you combined blue and yellow what color you see?
Were to buy bedbug spray?
Will Multi-Purpose Spray Paint Work On Plastic?
any ideas to put on a canvass?
Painter W Lenz question.?
Ideas of what to paint?
where can i get romantic poster?
Metallic Spray Paint On Wood?
Name of realistic style of painting?
Need a famous Middle Age painting!?
what can i add to my painting? PICTURE?
surface where artist mixes paints?
who was the first Renaissance painter in Italy?
i have a painting that has a certificate of authenticity how do i know its real?
Am i good enough to sell portraits? (picture included)?
Is this posible?
Who is the painter (that I believe current and still alive) that paints the scenes changed by light?
1.16 Cell Wars Science?
I can't find a website I saw a few years ago. You can show exactly what you think a certain color is.?
what is the name of this painting?
What are fun things to paint?
what is the original name for ebay?
What emotions/themes were Hector Poleo trying to express in the painting "The Broken Doll" (La Muneca Rota)?
Can you critique about this painting please?
How much time Leonardo Da Vinci took to complete Monalisa?
What color should I paint my room?
What will happen to my shorts if I splatter them with craft paint?
How did Gil Scott Heron Die?
Meanings of Analogus, Split Complimentary, and Triadic?
Where can I find street painters?
I'm looking for a painting, but can't seem to find it online.?
do you love me?
how did da vinci's background affect his work?
What Painting is this?!?!?!?
What do you think of my paintings?
Has any one heard of an artist named "LACKNER"?
Paintings by...first name of painter Mark?
Can i use water colour for face paint?
Can anyone give me a list of classical pieces of art everyone should know?
What's better, to paint standing up or sitting down?
to find a source for museum holding an exhibit of mary cassatt (in Chicago)?
What can you use instead of a sea sponge to create foliage in painting?
Alternative to Canvas for Painting?
Where can I go to find the value of a Thomas Kinkade painting?
What would you recommend...Oils or Acrylics?
who introduced surrealism into modern Indian art ?
John Constables painting of Stonehenge?
Who is the greatest abstract painter alive?
I am looking for a business who does Giclee reproductions from my personal art on canvas?
Is acrylic paint fluorescent?
Please direct me to a website where I can buy original abstract paintings. I'm also on a budget. Thanks?
Who are some famous contemporary artists?
Carlos de Beistegui Collection at the Louvre? ?
who was inspired by the beatles and mozart?
what type of paint to paint sneakers?
The price of paintings high....................................…
What do you think of my painting? im 15?
can marilyn monroe and lady gaga be used for a cosplay?
Marks on oil paintings?
Corbet ,s painting?
where can i find the original evelyn de morgan painting the worship of mammon?
What's your favorite painting?
What is this art called?
What makes glow glue glow?
I need a good subject about 'flight' to paint!!?
Who's the artist?
Can someone help me with the prices of some art?
Is this a poem " The Painting "?
information about still life oil paint artist mary y saad, 1918 or before?
has there been any up date on the painting titled" precious", by A Gentilini ?
what do you understand by a word of classical art?
Was Jesus Christ black or white? Why is he represented in all his paintings as a white person?
An old framing company.?
Are any of these paintings good?
Best place to get MDF wood?
Is there any one who is looking for a RAVE painter?
How do I paint eyes that look like they're crying using watercolor?
Hanging Paintings: Eye-level means…what?
Where do I find argan oil?
Can I paint in my sketchbook?
How much is my jim hansel headwaters painting worth? It has 2 signatures, it is 29x39 framed Thank you?
What should I paint my Dad for Father's Day?
I am looking for information on artist Robert Cot, the value of his work, and his blue roses painting.?
ARTIST PAINT SUPPLIER needed was buying from £land...any help please(read on)?
what is the meaning behind the painting The Angelus?
What paint would you prefer? acrylic or oil?
Oil painting mediums?
I want to sell some items that my ex gave me at a flea market.?
about oil painting?
How many different colours are there?
Who is the tallest woman on earth?
What describes Michelangelo’s perspective of Baptistery doors?
Good, surreal, creative artists?
Did Michelangelo die poor?
i have a signed print and am trying to find out more about it please can any one give me some advice?
Where is the golden vase on poptropica?
Do you like to paint pictures with words, with a brush or pen, or do you just admire what others create?
Is there a woman seated next to Jesus in the painting The Last Supper?
Could you refer your feelings of love to Micheal Angelo's painting Fingers?
Why did Jackson pollock paint the way he did?
Metamorphosis Artwork name?
morrocan oil for skin?
Starry night location?
Do you know how big the paint​ing "​Lady Bate-​dudle​y"​ was by Thoma​s Gains​borou​gh?
Painting Vans Canvas Shoes Help?
Who has any information on the artist Andres Orpinas?
How to give a canvas a texture?
where can i find info on painting RICHMOND CASTLE.VERY OLD PAINTING?
how were the impressionist painters different from the artist before them ?
Why do artists make self portraits?
What is the drying time of Turpenoid?
Best watercolor videos/tutorials on Youtube? {& or books}?
I need the name of a famous artist by a description of his work?
What are some of Léopold Boilly famous artworks names?
can i spray paint the top of my snowboard?
How much is a paint touch up?
How to restart an oil painting?
Is there a painting named 'the devine touch'.If so please tell me the details.?
Giving receipts at an art fair?
Who is the artist behind SMF (HAHA)?
Do you no any artist that there work is based on movement ?
spray paint question?
details on blood painting?
What is so special about the Mona Lisa painting?
What kind of paint does he use?
Any one tell how to select dark colours?
what is your favourite colour?
what can be added to semi-gloss paint to make it a matte finish?
Who are the Greatest Painters during the Renaissance?
What does the fly represent in Salvador Dali's The Persistence of Memory?
How do you spray paint a really small object?
Does anyone know if a painting has ever been done entirely whilst have sex?
Why does spray paint smell so good?
How much do the new shapiro brush tip markers?
Who is in Frederic Bazille's "Family Reunion"?
Belton or Montana? whats your input?
How do you take off paint of your hands?
title of Joan Miro painting? help please. 10 points?