Who's paintings would you conisder more impressonistic, Van Gogh, or Monet?
Is it easy to Airbrush a shirt?
colors that go together (paint)?
What color is the opposite of orange?
Who is a oil painter rene caron?
artist Hayalund, shipw/sails painting 35yrs old 98$ sale from int. galleries in chicago can i retire(lol)?
Anyone know for sure if oil based paint fumes are bad for babies (9 months) to go in the house after painted?
how do i price my painting???
Need authentication...Contemporary Asian watercolor painting by one of the top 10 Master artist...?
What is the value of an original etching by E J Maybery titled "John Knox's House"?
Is my painting I bought on the swap meet an old work of art?
What are some of the best brushes to use with acylic paint?
I hate the Microsoft Paint I have?Y?
Who was Mona Lisa?
What are levels of abstraction?
Any good books on how to be more creative?
Who is better? Emmett or Jasper?
Canvas based oil 04 pieces Paintings?
What colors do you associate with spring?
Describe the painting "Saying Grace" Jean-Baptiste-SimÉon Chardin in 1699–1779?
Does anyone know where I could buy a copy of the Warhol Barbie painting?
oil on canvas (painting)?
what is the cheapest way to make prints of my artwork to sell?
what do you think are the benefits of making this homemade paint?
What is explicit message of the painting "Manhattan Skyline" by Salvador Dali?
What time frame was the baroque era?
how do i use folk art textile medium?
How well would the people who complain about history month pass a test on them?
how can you make brown paint if you have no brown?
Can you name any artists that painted still-life e.g. fruits??
what colors should i mix together to make a skin color (watercolors)?
Where would I find info about a painting I have. How can I get ahold of the museums?
Depict the characters of Lady Macbeth on a blank mask...good vs evil type of a thing...?
what are primary colors?
What did Leonardo believe and what were his values?
what would you call this type of paint? not glossy and smooth?
Was Mona Lisa a poser?
Where can I buy canvases and paints?
anyone know what this artwork is called and who painted it has mary magdalene and her breasts are on a plate?
How much does a hand painted Oil Painting cost?
Which acrylic paints should I use.?
Rembrandt; Could I be Rembrandt? Why or why not?
never ending stairs?
Oil painting; woman's head covered in a hijab, piercing eyes, red sandstorm background?
Spray paint AND acrylic on canvas?
Summer Exhibition - Royal Academy - collecting works?
A question about Mucha's Seasons Series?
What can I add to acrylic artist paint besides water for easy blending?
Is it just the original art of an artist that increases in value or do prints too?
Gimp, gimpshop or
what is painting mean?
5 page paper on davinci ?
Does anyone...........?
Looking for the name of male, American or English abstract painter who is till living.?
Which person should i paint?
What's so special about a guy eating a burger? Andy warhol.?
where can i buy chrome spray paint for plastic?
what color acrylics do i mix to get beige (skin tone) paint?
cash grants for visual artists?
why is color sometimes spelled "colour"?
Pictures with a theme of time?
paint brushes and art supply questions?
What is an F.R. register number for a painting?
What do you like to paint?
hel. braun, clements & cie?
How does black light affect paint?
Who is the tallest woman on earth?
Can anyone reccomend someone who can paint a referse-painted panel for a vintage clock?
so what's the real secret behind mona lisa's smile?
How did Washington Crossing the Deleware get painted and by who?
Any collectors of Indian (India) art ?
Crazy Horse?
Where in London can I find affordable copies of Monet paintings?
How do I find out who the artists is on my painting?
Can I use acrylic for painting clothes ?
valuation on water colour goera bridge 9/100 copy signed whats it worth?
paint on glass?
how can i sell my paintings through websites or online?
Any ideas of what to paint?
rowboat painting little girl and fisherman famous artist?
The bristles of a paint brush stay apart under water but cling together when taken out .this is because of?
Angels paintings?
What do you think of this portrait?
How many times total does Tinkerbell appear in Thomas Kinkade's Disney paintings?
I'm looking for abstract pictures - faces, any one can help?
How should I go about finding a store that can mat/frame a silk painting?
Quick history of leonardo da vinci?
I love a mix of styles furniture, like Shaker's, Frank Lloyd Wright,Art Deco,Art........?
help! title/artist of this surreal painting?
What are the names of some famous well known artists?
What kind of paint is suitable for painting plastics and for infant use?
I need a picture of Jose Bedia painting of What the Virgin Told Me?
What is the name of the Canadian painter?
0 I 0 - What is that long object in between two round things.?
Da Vinci's "Monalisa" or Warhol's "Monroe"?
Free Art/Painting Programs/Trials?
What can you use for inspiration when you're drawing or sketching something?
I need help finding some info about this painting?
can you give me a list of artist who paint draw etc... sea shells?
Is there a type of Paint that will wash off in grass???
what is a good cheap easle?
sir,I have always wanted to learn canvas painting or oil painting the kind artists usually do, FINE ARTS?
Paintings done by animals?
what artist portray anorexia/body abuse/drug abuse?
im looking for info on a painter named T. Motte?
How to paint billows of smoke?
Why great artists are too lazy?
Painting of red-haired girl laying in the grass?
Do you know of a cheap online place where I can buy distilled turpentine, mineral spirot, odorless spirit, pal?
does musician Joni Mitchell do painting?
What's the best way to outline a painting?
What paint is best for a beginner?
Help! this is driving me nuts!?
Can swimsuits be airbrushed so that they are permanent?
I want to improve my painting technique. Any suggestions?
Can I re-paint Toms shoes?
What are some good paint brushes?
Can anyone help me to figure out the name of a vintage tiki/exotica painter?
watercolor painting tutorials?
I'm learning to paint?
Do you know anything about Peter Paul Rubens??
does reusing a piece of canvas reduce the value of a painting?
Can anyone name this painting?
Does anyone know anything about an artist named MORAN?
Does anyone know the name of this mermaid painting?
how are leonardo da vinci and raphael similar & different?
whats that pottery painting shop called in hebden bridge?
What is your favourite colour? Prove it!?
how to get model paint off of plastic?
how long did it take lenrdo de Vinci to paint the Mona Lisa?
Please direct me to a website where I can buy original abstract paintings. I'm also on a budget. Thanks?
How would you feel if people copied your artwork?
How long does Spray paint take to dry on Rubber?
I poked my friend with a paint brush? :(!?
how would you express feeling unloved though art?
What type of cubism is it when bright colors are removed and instead used monochromatic earth tones?
How Did Hundertwasser's Mother&Father Die?
Painting In Color Or Black And White?
Now what should I paint?
do u think this painting is scary ?
Paintings By Jack Lord?
Do you have some art ideas?
Mixing acrylic and oil paint?
How much is an original Charles m Russell painting worth?
Are there any painters like Edward Hopper?
Artist girl what does painting mean to you?
What kind of paint is best suitable for painting on stones?
artist website bio -- what can i write??
Why did Edvard Munch paint?
Abstract Artist New To This World. Getting Feet Wet.?
Cheese gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you know any female models in nc?
Where can I find paintings of floating people from hundreds of years ago?
Why do artists use words and writing in ther work?
can you tell me if you recoqnise this pic or have an idea of who painted it?
why is the monolisa so famous i mean it is not like she was very pretty???
what do you think of my art work?
youtube artist noone knows about?
artistic movenment of "New York, Night: by Georgia O'Keeffe?
What artists would you reccomend?
Why doesn't Oil and Water mix?
How do you find (fine) artists in your area?
How do i make extra money?
HELP..HELP i have an oil paniting, turn of the century signed spaiden?
what is the modern printmaking?
Was Jesus Christ black or white? Why is he represented in all his paintings as a white person?
what two colors when mixed make black? and what makes gray?
What makes a strong composition, any tips?
How good is the colour green?
what colour do u get if u mix pink,purple,black,red & blue?
C. Ruano Lopis Painting?
what can i use alternatively for white body painting cause i cant find any paints?
Paintings or Etchings by Henry G. Walker?
Does anyone know who Vincent Di Paolo is?
What influenced Abstract Expressionism?
where to find rock/stone for painting?
Covering hands in a painting?
I have a painting of boats signed by FLORENCE on the bottom left corner can someone provide with me info ?
why i can not find the wallpaper installer in the Philippines?
What could I add to this painting to make it better?
Which is a secondary color?
hi all arty peeps x this is my first time on here so here goes?
As a professional painter how do I get max exposure on the web?
How to get better at painting?
The color in the crevasse of that Bella story cometh fourth Kissinthria?
Average sale price of an original Arthur J. Meadows painting from 1875 to 1906?
What style of art is Georgia O'Keeffe qualified as?
what does red and blue make?
If you were to meet Leonardo da Vinci, what would you ask him?
Analysis and/or opinion of Goldfish by Klimt?
Anyone know of coloring pages I can save and open in the Paint progam??
What does it mean every character in "primavera" painting means to Botticelli?
Why does the auctioneer talk so fast when he is auctioning off an item?
what is your favorite colour and why....?
Painting my dorm room with Watercolor?
What can a painting express that a photograph cannot?
im painting a canvas for my nan and aunties, and ideas what i can paint?
how many kinds of drawing art?
Who painted this painting?
Random drawing ideas..Help?
What is the bast way to earn steady pay check as an artist (painter).?
What is the appriaisal of california surf painting by James Fetherolf?
Who r sme of the modern / contemporary artists ( Painters ) of India?
how can I find information about a painter named Lars Johansson?
Where can I find a local painter/artist?
about post impressionists?
What do you think about my paintings?
What's the difference between a premuim texture photo and a regular photo?
Help! Advice for Newbie to Watercolour - Supplies!?
Please help, I have to either design a poster, or painting...which do i choose?
What equipment would you need to create your own Chinese brush painting?
what do you think about graffiti?
Questions about the painting the postman roulin?
Does the louvre museum add new paitings to its collection?
what paint scheme should i use on my sisters of battle?
what can be added to semi-gloss paint to make it a matte finish?
buy paintings by jorge imana from bolivia?
Famous suprematist painters or paintings?
Would watercolor work over spray can white paint?
what product made it easier for the impressionist painters to paint outside?
Who are the subjects in Rafaellino del Garbo's painting "Madonna Enthroned with Angels and Saints"
I would like to start my own Face Painting business what do I have to do to get started?
How much does it cost [on average] to sell your paintings in a gallery?
Where do young painters meet in London?
How can I find information about the artist Alphonse Moussa (not sure of spellling of name)?
Watercolor paper~~~~?
What is the name of this artwork?
What is your opinion about these paintings. We want critics
If a colour was said to be 'Carbon Black' what colour would it be?
type of craft paint to use on white glossy ceramic tile?
Tell me....?
what is flemish painting?
is oink art a trusted website to order from?
How much for roger san miguel painting ?
Best way to paint a table?
what artist always painted hidden animals in his paintings?
Painting canvas alternatives Artists question.?
Does anyone have any information on an artist named Marie Oberlin?
do you frame and hang your child's artwork,or,just put it on the fridge???
An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump features the use of...?
Opinions on paint colors for antique/consignment store.?
How much would it cost to get a bmx frame chromed?
I like Salvador Dali but is there a similar artist who uses a Space theme?
whats the difference between water colors, acrylic, and oil paint?
i don't know how i want to colour scheme my salon i'm thinking pink/purple or do i paint it a tan colour?
Who else thinks this is a scary painting?
What is the name of the song in Holbein's "The Ambassadors"?
Beginner painter w. canvas, what are some good beginner ideas on what to paint?
I'm looking for details of and artist named I or J Stroyer. Possibly Swiss. Was working @ mid 1950s onwards
german art movement?
Which of the following is a secondary color?
Oil Painting Question, Please Help?
Who painted The Haywain?
I need a photo cropper like the one in apple works painting but for windows?
I need help! I'm trying to locate earlier poster by Ruth Thompson. Any suggestions?
Who is a modern painter that is similar to Pablo Picasso and how are they similar?
Wat did Cezanne mean when he said"impressionism into somting more solid & enduring, like d art of the museums
does anyone know the name of the Henry Matisse painting in the KImbell (dfw) the red background w/ blk swirls?
what is the square foot price for painting?
i think the best movie ever made was "BLUE VELVET"?
I love Wassilly Kandinksy. Can anyone suggest an artist I might like in this area of art please?
My 4 1/2 son loves painting. Want to give him a gift which has some digital introduction.?
Need info on Ancient roman mosaics please....?
Would i being going against copy-right if i.....?
Do you think it is weird for people to paint using their own blood?
I'm not due for a week,but I've been trowing up for a couple days now , and I feel tired alot, could I be preg
Louvre Question: Name and artist of a painting please?
what does the origanal painting look like of je suis l'immaculee?
Can I paint a mural on a treated fence with my acrylic paints?
Oil or acrylic paints?
Would you rather us Paint Tool Sai, or Open Canvas?
how many different words of colours are there? i.e pink,turquoise e.t.c?
what is required for someone to be a good painter?
green is for envy, why?
could I have opinions on my first digital painting?
Anybody interested in paintings?
How to do this on paint?
How do you make painted glass washable?
whats a good scene name for autumn?
How to paint with the colors of the wind?
I have 40 painted papyrus paintings are they worth anything?
Who is your favourite Painter?
Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World?
whats the deal with black paint?
Do you know anything about this picture?
Artists that draw/paint BAGS?
Name of the painter that tried to restore an ancient artwork!?
how is that you can go right up to a multi-million dollar original painting in a museum?
Can you help me find this piece of artwork?
Why is it that when I paint on something on Photoshop CS5, it only colors with White, Grays and Black?
what did leranado da vinci inspire?
erotic artwork question?
Has anyone seen picture by Pieter De Hooch that is on what looks like a thin piece of wood?
How to face paint?
How old was Leonardo Davinchty when he died?
find 5 paintings????
importance of art galleries?
information required about evelyn watherston - painter?
What time of day do you think it is in the Mona Lisa?
What paint do I use for painting on glass windows?
What are good room paint colors for a guy with a fascination for black furniture?!?!?!?!?
Need help finding information on a painting/artist?
I need help deciding how to paint my parking spot?
can you please tell me what specific color this is?
Why do they call it the underground art scene?
What should i paint a picture of?
which university conducts online degree programs for BFA for indian students???
How do you make it look like there is water or paint running on someone in GIMP?
I heard about a "myspace" type network for painters and info please?
Can anyone help me find the original artists?
Can anyone help me with this painting? When was it painted and who is Chris Z the painter?
I am a painter, how to get a job?
What do you mix with acrylic paint when you want to customize vans?
when is absolute in painting pool?
How is this wooden figure originaly called?
What technique in Photoshop was used to make these photos look like this ?
The David by Micheal Angelo, does he have a Laural wreath on his head??
should i start in oil or acrylic paint?
Artistic help on types of paints?
What is the best kind of paint for metal surfaces?
Need help with my keith Haring inspired painting?
This is my artwork - what do you think?
I need a hobby, how do i get started with acrylic painting?
Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe?
Can I use oil pastels on white canvas?
Where can i learn spray can art?????????
What paint is best for painting dogs?
please comment on art work and let me no what you think?
Please please help me to restore my masterpiece!!?
glow in the dark body paint?
What is your favorite pastel color? and why?
What do you think is the meaning of this painting?
how does colors like violet black and white affect human psychology?
What should I paint ?
im doing a science fair project on ''Which White Paint will cover the Red paint the best"?
What will happen to our paintings if there is no 3 dimensions?
Child's Wall Mural?
Colour Composition Question + Pic Easy 10 Points for you Artists!?
My art teacher doesnt understand art!?
Is this a nice and simple painting?
I need artists from the renaissance period (realism)?
Art that resembles the Harlem Renaissance?
what colors do you get if you add pink and gray?
The use of people and events that have consistent symbolic meansing. Either, assemblages,allegorical,cartoon?
Where is the grave of Vincent Van Gogh?
How much would you pay for these orginal paintings?
What are some good ways to sell your paintings?
Do you think Marilyn Monroe was gourgeous?
what famous person should i paint?
why does my acrylic painting not look as nice as when i painted it?
Questions on O' Keeffe?
Grandma found 2 OLD paintings.Any idea what they are worth without going to an appraiser?
little description of the painting "the red armchair" (picasso)?
You know how you get sample of wallpaper for walls. Where on the internet can I find wallpaper samples for car
Any one know the famous painter with arthritis that tied paint brush to his hand?
what technique does victor vaserely use to paint?why?
I have one logo with grass green, dark blue and sky blue what color i must add for background?
how to paint a design?
how do you change colors on corel painter essentials 4?
was mary magdalene in the painting of the last supper?
What do you think about the price on my paintings?
Is it possible for one to become an artist (painter) only by his own practise..............?
looking for artistic representations of japanese mythology?
why paintings of van gogh and claude look so great when you are on drugs but if you are not they look dull?
Rate my piece so far please?
what is the original pigment for red?
who does win money for the paints of Vincent Van goh in these moments?
what could I paint with these colors?
Art supply store?
where is sur la plage by manet now?
Eco-friendly vegan paints...?
give me something to sketch?
My art topic is Alice in Wonderland, does anyone know of artists who paints in a fantasy or storyboard style?
What is the best cleaner to use on synthetic brushes when using acrylic paint?
Where is the best place to buy artwork?
I have a print by painter named Nathaniel Sichel but can't find images of his paintings anywhere. Please help
what were Marcel Proust's favorite paintings?
Why do Roy Lichtenstein used comic strips in his painting?
Where can i sell my oil paintings ?
How much do the new shapiro brush tip markers?
the grey white house?
Does anyone here make their own paints vs. buying tube paints, oils, acrylic, watercolor?
How are people able to paint on the side of freeways?
looking for info on duncan lewis,,a painting of lion from debut filmakers final cut productions,,by al staward
what all types of brushes that you can use yo paint with latex paint?
Can anyone tell me what painting I saw at the Art Institute of Chicago Museum?
What do painters do for money when they can't sell their paintings?
Where can i buy piccasso brush?
Idea for similar work of architecture and work of art!?
How do you get over a creative block.? ( This is for fine art painters)?
What kind of paint was most classical arts created with?
has any body seen a serigraph called After the workout bt Ronald julius Christensen?
oil paints for face painting?
why might an artist in 1779 use a bucking horse to represent the american colonies?
what is rythm?
Have you seen Michelangelo's "Saint John the Baptist?"?
Where do I find appraisers for old lithographs of famous paintings?
im so nervous about starting school this year. what should i do?
Where to buy art supplies online?
can you use charcoal sticks on a chalk board?Please help!!!?
Airbrushing t shirts with oil based paint?
Is purple or yellow a better color to paint a room?
How did Vincent Van Gogh die???
Joanne Pemberton-Longman original?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
Peter max signed keyboard?
Beginner Painter Supplies?
If I was able to collect images of ARTWORK concerning the naked female form?
whats the song at the pool scene on the hard times of rj berger¿?
Should I get some acrylic paints?
When you are painting a portrait of a person...what facial feature do you begin with?
I want to paint my violin?
my mate wants me to paint a mdf guitar for him for his tech project , what paints could i use ?
where can I buy a paint marker?
i have an authentic bob ross painting that i am interested in finding out how much it is worth?
Who is a modern painter that is similar to Pablo Picasso and how are they similar?
Does anyone remember the name of that painting that was mass produced and was said to cause harm or something?
In what respects do Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo epitomize the “Renaissance Man”?
what is 5x4 + 8x2 +3?
what should I paint to make me feel better?
What happened to the artist Emily Cox who sold collage type paintings on ebay?
I need to find a paint website?!?
Why do people like Pablo Picasso?
nancy drew shadow at waters edge bento boxes?
How do I incorperate my business? I want to start an LLC in colorado.?
I want to sell my charcoal paintings please suggest. i m frm mumbai?
who is the famous artist that painted 2D people silhouettes?
what type of paint is used for mural paintings?please help me?
Can the paint tool "SAI" work for Mac?
Why is the dude screaming in the painting?
Rembrandt essay. HELP!?
Artists who paint chinese or japanese culture?
Watercolors and acryllic..?
what century was paint perfected in?
Can I paint my ears with gloss paint?
What can I say about this painting? (Franz Marc)?
If you can paint something in the sky, what would it be?
Who painted this painting?
why does purple symbolizes death in Brazil?
hi all arty peeps x this is my first time on here so here goes?
I have to do some sort of impressionism art for my art class?
How can I sell my paintings through internet? Which free site can I use, by posting my work.?
Is forged artwork still valuable?
project please help PAUL JENKINS bio!!!?
what is this called (pic)...................?
Art HELP!!?
Anyone know an artist named Milo who painted old time ships?
give some t shirt painting ideas plzzzzzz..?
does bio-oil really work?
What is the message of this painting? PLEASE HELP!?
Analyze this Edvard Munch painting?
Where did the painting of ones finger nails and toe nails originate?
does anyone know Jamie Oberschlake?
does anyone love the art of john william waterhouse?
what are the two scapes used for designing?
Is paint a durable item?
would you give your boyfriend artwork like this?
What colours always goes with Green colour which give attractive impression to viewer?
I need some information on a painting on rice paper titled, "Peony" with the name Yoshinkuni in the corner?
Was Georgia O'Keefe a lesbian?
Paint Splat Icons?
Do you think artists race or culture is important to understand the artwork?
What soap do you use on art brushes?
were would i go to get this painting appraised i live in lomita california i need to go somewhere close by can
how did stephane breitwieser steal the princess sybille des cleves painting?
Where and why was Raphael's 'The Resurrection of Christ' painted?
where can i buy 100% pure tung oil?
what water colour paints can be mixed to give black or near black?
where do you sell your art?
Van Gogh's Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear?
where can i buy red body paint?
if I buy an original painting who owns the copyright?
What does "you will need CSS" mean when a painting job is advertised?
can i paint on cardboard?
whats the difference between water colors, acrylic, and oil paint?
Who is your favourite painter?
what type of spraypaint do i need to spray a bike?
How are my paintings?
Humanities II Question?
architect zaha hadid is a modernist?
Art Paintings for sale: Which are the hottest selling painters right now?
what will be my introduction for my demo in string painting??
Is it possible to get glossy paint?
how do you clean an oil painting (not historical)?
What color would i get if i mix purple and orange together?
Who's your fave artist and what is your fave art piece? Doesn't have to be from the same artist you chose.
Bob Ross or Mark Carder?
How can I find out how much my original Reynolds painting is worth? It is signed and numbered -?
Certain painting?
have any other artists listed their work on
Was Alfred Sisley's the Rory Emerald his only two-dimensional piece of artwork?
Could you list some differences and similarities between Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera paintings/work?
Where can I buy paint pens?
Any homemade welcome back poster ideas?
What is your favourite colour?
anybody know about an artist called charles harmony harrison?
Photoshop or very good paint download for mac?
Does watercolor work on canvas?
Which style of art is this?
Does oil paint stain your skin?
How to paint a guitar?
Art,what is this video saying?
the dominion of light by rene magritte?
How would you best describe an American landscape?
r there Chinese artists/painters in NJ or close?
Compare and Contrast Fauvism and Expressionism?
oil painting materials for reasonable price.?
Do you like my paintings?
where can i get a professional appraisal for a chinese painting in US?
Does anyone know of any current famous artists (painters)?
What are some warm colors that are kind of used a lot?
Where can I find art paintings of food?
Can I mix water colour with acrylic. I don't mean together in the palette but can I use both on the same?
The Great Wave, what was the medium of the original? The Great Wave, Art Piece?
Anyone know of a painting with a man behind a veil or thin curtain?
Paint Tool Sai is very pixilated?
can the common permanent marker be used as the outline for glass painting?
how can i promote my art?
How does photography (and or paintings ) depict the age ?
What is a gallery girl?
have a favorite color?
Is it acceptable to say that surrealism in the interpretation of the subconcious?
About this painting...?
when was humphrey BOGART born?
I painted a self portrait, what should I do with it?
Indigo - Why is it taught in schools for the rainbow spectrum, but not as a solid component of Color Theory?
Who do you like(love) best? Edward or Jacob?
Poll: Dali or Da vinci?
where is tiffany pollard ?
Have a painting by Ralph Hedley over 100 years old.?
How has Da Vinci made an impact in your life?
Describe on oratorio and name a famous Baroque oratorio. Who composed it?
room question about painting it please help!?
Does anyone know interesting websites of young artist want to sell modern paints?
looking for information about an artist named J.Miranda?
is my painting worthy or worthless??
Need help with the name of a painting?
What should I paint/draw?
which colour is one shade lighter than magenta?
I need a blue colour begining with H?
whats the painting with celebrities that it resembles the school of athens?
What are some pictures i can use 4 my art assigment Plz click?
where do you buy canvas & what type printer is needed for paint by number?
is there such a thing
What Pieter Brueghel paintings are in the permanent collections of LA museums (LACMA, Getty, Norton Simon)?
Is there a free SAI program? (paint)?
Spray paint AND acrylic on canvas?
what are the best small arts cities in US?
Help with my guitar please? :3?
how to protect stickers on plastic?
Name of this painting?
What do you like best about Picasso and what do you not like about him?
Where can i get grease paint?
I find a nice oil painting in my storage, signed by C. Ogle. Does anyone know something about this guy?
What's your favourite colour?
Has anyone used the Paint Zoom? What was your experience? Does it work?
how do i protect the acrylic painting on canvas?
does anybody know about the painter 'chezar'. oil and sand paintings of street scenes?
What is the name of this David Choe painting?
What color paint should I use?
If you combined blue and yellow what color you see?
what are the elements of this painting??
I'm trying to be an artist and I need some tips?
do you have a favorite colour?
give me at least 10 artist and painters foreign and local... HOMEWORK......?
Metamorphosis Artwork name?
Who is the Leonardo Da Vinci of our time?
Difference between Anime and Fantasy Drawings?
What are the inner meanings of Cindy Shermans Artworks?
what color it makes when you mix all the colors?
How to remove oil paint from cats paws?
Who is leonard wren?
Well i have two different questions one about singing and one about paintings?
How To Get Better At Painting?
The name of the artist who paints door ways etc in forground?
can someone edit a picture of my painting for me?
what is the best matching colour for sunrise red?
two women in the street?
can anyone give me an example of a piece of art by picasso using oil pastel asap please?
Can anyone find me a website whaere thay have the painting "Evening Skyline" by Gabrielle de Vaux Clement?
I'm looking for information on a Carl Mauch I have a very large painting of his?
is it illegal to sell a painting for more than it may be worth?
Picasso's painting, Guernica, was created as a ...?
What other artists were impacted by Titian's Work?
Is there a correct way of using watercolour paints?
What would be a good painting to compare and contrast Fragonard's "The Swing" to?
What is your favorite color and your favorite color combination?
seeking info for RL Tindell (artist) in Whitby Yorkshire England.?
What do you think of my painting(-s)?
What does the color blue & green remind u of??
How to organize a successful art-gallery?
Do you like my painting? Picture!?
What is "Da Vinci Code" and why there is contravercy about the movie based on this in India?
What is meant by "know when to stop" in painting?
Why is Auguste Rodin's 'The Thinker' considered an impressionist piece?
I need reliable African art painting collectors in the UK?
where can i find the original evelyn de morgan painting the worship of mammon?
Does anyone recognise this scene from Islamic history?
How shall I frame my paintings for really cheap? I work with acrylic paint.?
paint shop/photo shop question.?
Know any artist that does portraits with a unique style?
guitar painting ideas?
can I use tempera paint to paint a lantern?
I painted a canvas blue with oil paints. The blue is too dark. Can I lighten the blue?
Acrylic Paint on Canvas Tote Bag?
What color should I paint the other 3 walls in my room?
how does Tintoretto's "origin of the milky way" compare to vermeer's "the milkmaid" and durer's "christ among?
i need advice; thanx?
What colour should it be?
where can i find a good art/painting starter kit?
Does acrylic floor polish gesso?
is pink a color or a tint?
1999-2001 game where you go through paintings into other dimensions/worlds?
What is the name of the original painting?
What color should I paint my small reading/study area?
Is it true that visual artists make only 10% of the population?
when is absolute in painting pool?
My kids and I are going to paint our inexpensive dining room table...?
Should I buy oil or acrylic painting?
How did female modern painters distinguish their work from their male counterparts?
What colors mixed together make teal?
What type of painting/drawing is this?
What colour best represents innocence?
painting about of mice and men?
Paintbrushes used for oil paints?
are acrylic and puffy paints the same? im making a diy pillow and i need to draw a face so which should i use?
was leonardo da vinci a demon?
What artistic time period depicted ordinary people and activities with a sense of realism?
Do I have any potential to be a Folk artist?
How are prints different from paintings or are prints not made using paints ?please advise.?
Why did Warhol separate colours and tones etc. ?
Can u guys find some pictures of..?
Does anyone know the name of the painting on the front cover of "Surrealism" by Patrick Waldberg?
Ideas for painting a mural in my bedroom?
can someone help identify this norman rockwell art?
the persistence of memory by salvador dali?
what period of time do giotto di bondone live in?
where is the painting mona lisa?
ok all you art experts out there--tell me who is the first artist who is credited to have used perspective?
I have an oil painting by S.Bowman?
What should I draw for the theme Animation Themepark mural painting?
Paints and tools used by Alex Pardee?
Dumping oil paint in the sink?
when u see van gogh's "The Sower",what do u feel of it??
Can you tell me what this painting is worth?
Is last judgement a painting of Michel Angelo?
How to get paint out?
are you interested in an oil painting circa 1920 by G.BIDDLE?
Which artists paint/draw toys and cuddly toys?
Like my avatar? I painted it myself :)?
who painted a picture call "The Last on in" it was in a encycolpaedia called the "world of the children"
Is practicing acrylics on smooth chart paper sufficient? Or should I use canvas itself?
looking for pic or painting of ship skipper at the wheel...?
Help identify lost masterpiece.?
famous artisits/fashion designers that started painting/designing later on in life?
how to find Maya Picasso?
im doing a landscape painting, and it looks great from a distence but it looks flat up close how can i fix tha
Did Picasso paint exclusively with oils?
I have an eric sloane painting. It's called "nostalgic summer."?
oil paints and canvas's. Which ones are best to use?
painting in the cold?
I love a mix of styles furniture, like Shaker's, Frank Lloyd Wright,Art Deco,Art........?
What is the name of the painting where the guy is looking at his back in the mirror? I'm having a memory lapse
artists inspired by gallery exhibitions?
Does anone know of a painter called J Castle?
Are my oil paints toxic, even though they don't have a warning label?
what's the title of a painting of "Max Beckmann" describing 3 wild guys grilling and eating savagely ?
I'm trying to update a 70's nature scene print with paint...?
19th Century artist by the name of A.Joly. What is complete name? Is this a French artist? thanks?
Does anyone know the artist by the name of Gretchen or Gertrude Sanchez?
Does anyone know who Jake Muller is?
Ideas for a pastel painting?
Am i good enough to sell portraits? (picture included)?
Who painted the picture parodied in the Dark M&M movie puzzle?
How to Start a Career in Painting?
what is the name of the painter who does morbid paintings, like creatures eating themselves..?
Corel Painter 11 won't install. HELP !!!?
Does anyone know the original artist of this piece?
looking to sell 2 valuable paintings of thoroughbred racehorses by the best artist. where?
how can i descover myself withot the help of my friends?
How do I find unusual painting of Groucho Marx and Rory Emerald by American folk artist Grandma Moses?
what is the black object in the front of the painting of starry night?
i have a old painting, it's of a sleeping clown(or HoBo) with a crow on his chest?
I'm 14 and want to sell my paintings but don't know how...HELP!?
An artist friend of mine say's that she would like to "Do" me. Does she mean, on canvas? I find women very?
Are oil paintings meant to last long?
Joshua has 10 paintings and wants to hang one of them on each of 3 walls in his house. He is going to store th?
Compare and Contrast Art Work Ideas?
what artists study their work on relationships?
I'm not sure if I have a real Henri Fantin-Latour painting?
I am trying to find a painting it is a black and white face its kind of scary anyone know what it is?
What colour is cyan?
does anyone know who boyer gonzales the artist and who would i sell my painting to ?
Spray paint on clothes?
Will acrylic paint stay on metal if I....?
How do you analysis abstract art??
i need help with paints?
Looking for a painting by J. Martin or name similar. The painting is a black and white w/a couple w/chains.?
If I figured out who the Mona Lisa really is, what do I do next?
How much should I charge for my painting?
Gluing a painting together?
How does Van Gogh use color/light in Starry Night? Are there symbols in the work?
How to preserve a pastel painting?
What represents Negativity?
I want Andy Warhol apparel?
Where can I find info regarding painting done by Francis Tipton Hunter titled The Babysitter ?
How much could I sell this painting for?
does anyone know the name and the artist of this painting?
Is the Russian art exhibit still open in the upper east side (96ish st) of Manhattan? I forgot the name...?
Best paint for ceramic?
Could someone help me find the origin of these prints?
What famous person should I paint?
does any one know any good paint shop pro brushes?
who is your fav artist??
honestly how are these paintings?
What would you like to ask?which artists work is inspired or relate to escape, freedom or dreams?
Abstract Expressionism, worth it?
What is the latest sale price for a painting by Mary Cassatt?
What to paint my boyfriend?
How to Make Nicotine Tooth Paint?
I have a Richard Shelton Painting would like it appraised?
looked everywhere online. Does anyone know about a famous modern art painting of a dog dressed as a clown.?
paul cezanne- why did he paint, what message was he trying to put across?
who likes the colour blue?
lead based paint .how dangerousis this for children?
How is this a work of art?
what makes the color blue blue, because green is yellow+blue and stuff so....?
What is Paul Cézanne's technique?
Is an authentic lithograph print of Jon Bruegel's Winter landscape worth anything? I like to sell it.?
How do I make money as an artist?
Can I use fixative to protect my painting (acrylic on canvass)?
Is liking the art of Jack Vettriano akin to liking the art of Thomas Kincade?
Is wood-glue good for glueing painting linen on wood?
What should i paint on the tiles?
Whose painting is this?
Did you know MotherskyDrangonfly finished the painting WOMEN,what does the olive branch mean?
Who is Helen Sinclaire Blythe ?
What are the organizing principles of each wing in the Philadelphia museum of art?
Who is the painter W. Fowler?
Where are you little artists at?
what is healthy diet?
What is this painting called?
If you painted a picture of a picture frame, would you put a frame around it...?
Any other renditions of LAST SUPPER bsides Da Vinci's?
Who said this famous quote?
Name This Surrealist Painting?
Let's Get Back At Men!!!!! Let's protest to gain a voice... some acclaim for the great women artists?
Does anyone know anything about a painting with marilyn monroe, jim morrison, james dean... ?
What does B.A.T. stand for in the lower left corner of a giclee print?
What is the painting called that has the city and the stars?
Do you like this painting?
· Who is the most famous artist in your country? What kind of art does he do?
Name of Famous Alien Painting?
Does anyone know any famous Chinese brush painters ?
what is the difference between shapes and composition from an artists perspective?
what colors go perfect together for a nursery?
i'm about to paint a mural on a cement wall outdoors...any technical advice??
Any affordable paint/art programs that you would recommend?
anyone know anything about brett weston?
If you were a female artist going to draw a mural on your male friends door what would you choose?
Does anyone know about ANEMONIES by FLORENCE JULIA BACH ?
Paint Pen help ^_^ thanks?
in a paint brush, what wood is being used to make the handle?
Any information on an artist named Linnel?
Does anybody know of an oil painter by the name of Georg Kuboth he was a german?
What colors should I paint my bedroom?
What should I paint on my ceiling?
What artist/artwork should I dress up as for a social?
I have to do a photo editing project and i need my face in place of mona lisa's and i dont have a photo?
Where can I go to have prints made of my watercolor painting?
Need to make a paper on a nineteen century french painting that has interior design and fashion design,ideas ?
I have little of red paint and how i make more?
What's better gouache or poster paint?
Is this a good painting?
Can anyone help identify this painting?
Does acrylic paint bleed through an egg shell?
What are some social issues that I could create a painting from?
please enter any information on joan way?
i need help with triads!!!!?
Can I paint my binder without damaging it?
Anyone know anything about the meaning/significance on the painting "The Kitchen Maid" by Johannes Vermeer?
Why did the artist, Vanghaul (sp.) cut off one ear?
Acrylic paint on newspaper?
What are the stylistic characteristics of Florentine Renaissance paintings? Give Examples?
Is This new Billboard graffiti/art in Bristol By Banksy? What do You think?
do you know what paint I use?
What is the most famous painting created in the Victorian Era?
Corel Painting Essentials 3 not working?
Make up Questions about this painting?
Multicultural Theme Mural Ideas?
How much is "Half-Past Three" worth?
Does anyone know of a painting on oil canvas of a house on a hill thats very boxy?
The Parsons Challenge: What types of media can I use?
artists who focus on 'colour'?
How do I straighten a canvas frame?
What is a good clear spray paint?
Painting a Guitar....?
when was the "Heilieg Schutzengel" first painted?
Does anybody know where I can get a tutorial on how to do Bridget Riley - inspired paintings/prints?
Shoud i smoke this cigaret?
Why do you think as an artist, painting is important?
Oil painting; woman's head covered in a hijab, piercing eyes, red sandstorm background?
How do you hang a canvas?
how to improve my painting skills?
Red, Yellow and Blue!!! Which primary color is your favorite?
If i hang a child's mobile painted in enamels above the crib will direct sunlight affect the colours?
how do you outline a photo, copy to a canvas, paint over it and it looks like a warhol painting?
Are oil paints better than acrylic paints?
art help ASAP?
How do I get acrylic paint to spread evenly on a cotton canvas?
Does life mimmick art?
How Do Paint My Face Like Tech N9ne (Bad Season)?
Where can I find fabric emboss painting kit in sacramento?
What is the best brand of sealant/varnish for acrylic paintings?
Are Rose Art Markers??.......?
Was Frida Kahlo a feminist and if so why was she?
What do you think of my first serious painting for art class?
If I use spraypaint on a shirt, will it smell like the paint?
looking for a painter but cannot find her?
Charles LaMonk painting help!?
What's the truth about Van Gogh's missing ear?
Help, I feel like giving up on art? I'm seriously crying....?
Is it safe to use spray paint on dogs?
Painting of four dogs eating bagpipes?
Alice in wonderland theme room (painting a dresser)?
a divine child ok, ok?
I'm looking for information on B.Laney who is an artist in or around Clovis, New Mexico?
ART help; artists that use racism in their artworks.?
who was andy wharhol?
Where can I buy painting supplies for cheap but that are good quality?
Can someone tell me about Pablo Picasso's Guitar, Bottle, Bowl with Fruit, and Glass on Table painting?
I have a signed Paul Joseph Barian oil painting. Who is he and is he a collected artist?
Where is YellowRosemary ?
what are colors that are next to each other called in the color wheel?
what was video peter was talking about on family guy with M.C. Escher?
I need help with a painting idea?
why were guys things so small back then in ancient greece paintings?
Plagarism in art?
what is the cause why the paintings of edades scandalized the phil?
Examples of contrast artists?
What would a cool name for an airbrush tshirt business?
is graffiti art or desrtuction of property?
folowing a real dirty white van i saw?
All-white painting? Help me remember the name?
Whats the name of that 7 yr old girl on oprah who was like an amazing painter and stuff?
what are four shades of pink?
How do you open a can of Ace Paint Thinner?
are there any well know animal painter or photographers?
What should i do now? feel lost?
whose painting is that?
Question about different types of art?
I am a high-school student going into my 12th grade year. My next course will be AP studio art. Our next?
Paint shop pro 8 Layers and Colour balance??
What to paint on a canvas?
Is aRt dead?
Painting Class???
what kind of work that made in poondi matha church in tamilnadu through glass at chapel?
I am an artist and cannot sell my work, how do I get it out there?
have you heard of frida kahlo?
Caravaggio - do his works show him to be gay?
questions about the Mona Lisa..?
How do I find my old school mates.I Went to a School in U.A.E In sharjah. Specially looking for Lubna Malik?
looking for second hand/used combination or telescopic steps?
Where would be a good site to look for pop art ideas?
how to make figura atr in kanvas?
Can someone help me, where i can fowing, makeing strips or animate?
I saw a painting and can't remember the name?
I have an oil painting signed Markey. How do I determine who the artist is?
Scared to be a painter, an artist?
Is sparkles a color??????
Need an artist that paints streets/buildings in cities like venice, paris etc?
Resin gloss that artists put over paintings. Where can I get some of this?
Can i paint textured wall paper with spray paint?
Who Would buy a Original by Re. William Gilpin???
If you OWNED a genuine Salvadore Dali...?
How to repaint a mistake on an artwork?
Can I paint on my lampshade?
Want To Analyze This Work in Progress For Fun?
What type of black paint can i use to paint the tube of my grey stethoscope?
Good paint for clothes?
graffiti question?
Im thinking of taking up painting, which paints are best?
Whate are some art cultures in Germany?
list of words to describe willem de kooning's paintings?? thank you in advance?
how much would you pay for an abstract art piece like this one?
Who painted this picture?
How to contain turpentine?
Is it okay to spraypaint a violin?
which colour is one shade lighter than magenta?
What kind of spray paint can I use on leather boots?
what should i name my colorful bird painting?
name of the painting of cherubs smoking and drinking?
Hi, I am trying to find out info on R.Bromwell McGrew artwork painting of Morning Melody.?
where can i find modern art and decor?
Help me describe this artwork for 10 points ?
Frida Kahlo description?
looking for web sites that display pictures of mexico or mexican art?
Is the A Bright Night Oil Painting worth $129.99 ?
Hello, I would like some information on Peter Paul Rubens and his piece of art called The Adoration of the Mag
Where did John Trumbull paint the Declaration of Independence and Rory Emerald?
How do I make big splatters (paint)?
Have you posed nude for an artist?
Looking for name of a painting.19th century, industrial age,people with same hats?
who is the first man who created a sketch painting and whats his/her information ?
Have you had success selling your artwork online?
so my favorite color is YELLOW , why don't most people like that color ?
how to make soundwaves?
I need some kids painting & art works, are there anybody who can help me PLEASE?
what do you think????
Why do I think all of my paintings suck?
I'm looking to fine the value of a print from Jose Trinidad. Tried E-Bay with no luck. "Guardian of the Roses"
Have you ever have a random person ask you for sex?
In history we are learning about the renaissanse so was leonardo di vinci satanic?
Paint thinner substitute?
i have done something in ms paint i wana know how it is?
What do you think of my art?
I have artistic talent but how do I motivate myself to put other things aside and make painting a priority?
Can one work for the painting/construction company without painting license?
Om mani padme hum characters?
How Much Would A Norman Rockwell Original Be Worth?
characteristics of tones?
Questions about mosaic art?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear?
Leonardo Da Vinci help?
Vintage Artists???????
do you know which artist sang 21-guns by green day,the artist is a woman.?
the mona lisa painting?
What do you think of my painting?
I have some old hard paint brushes how do i clean them and straighten out the hairs?
Calling all artists!!!! I want to paint this picture. How do I begin?.... details?
Is there a light source in this painting????????
what is the proper relative humidity for artwork (i.e. oil paintings) storage??
Can anybody give any idea on Cleaning and restoring paint brushes ?
does anyone know the exact age of Sam Leach the most recent archibald prize winner?
What kind of paints should I use for painting on glass ?
need to find an artist named sandler?
How much would you pay for this painting (picture below)?
Was there an actual attempt to recreate a dinosaur like on Jurrasic Park?
Do water based acrylic paints contain wax? Does stain contain wax? Thanks?
How long will I have to wait after spraying a painting with retouch varnish by mistake before I can spray?
Was Marc Chagall Jewish?
What is your Favorite colour. and Why ?
Ideas for a blank canvas (not painting)?
Where can I sell some original Vadik Suljakov Oil paintings?
Can I paint my running sneakers?
why is mark ryden obsessed with painting young girls naked?
names of artists that paint waves?!?
How to Paint Music and Who is Famous for it?
Who is C.Burton (artist)?
Do artists usually sell their artwork at their art exhibitions?
What country's mythology influenced Botticelli’s paintings.?
What's the commercial with the white tree painted on the green wall in the background?
What would you like a painting of to hang somewhere in your home, and how much would you pay for it?
Where can you hold a paint war party?
contemporary artists?
who is the artist responsible for "The Absinthe Drinker"?
what is a representational composition? What is a non-objective composition?
I'm a painter, how can i get my paintings into a gallery to have them displayed?
iwata eclipse air brush?
How many things do you think the Angel Of the North has inspired?
What is the "site" of earth-rooted architecture? What other archtectureal structure, besides the Parthenon....?
What is the best way to wash oil painting brushes.?
Impressionism and Paul Cezanne as an artist?
Can I paint over an already painted electric guitar?
need help with painting bedroom?
When was Marc Chagall's 'Les Amoureux de Vence' painted?
What are some real subliminal messages in music by artists that passed away?
I painted my Adidas with acrylic paints, is there anything i can coat it over with so that it doesn't fade?
What is this shade of pink?
How do I fix lumpy/bumpy paint on a canvas?
Can tubes of hardened artist's oil paint be softened ?
how come the spray paint won't dry?
Which artist painted this?
What are some good but easy painting projects for kids 5-12 years old?
Picture painted in 1901 by Campbell in Mich. Value?
Is there any difference between acrylic gesso and acrylic primer used for decorating?
who was the first to use perspective in painting?
Is Black and White colors?
Spraying black spray paint onto bike?
What kind of paint should I use on a Vinyl Toy?
What your favorite Piece of Art?
What is kolash paintings? and how can i do this?
Where is a good place to go to learn how to paint figurative art?
How to remove acrylic paint medium off of my shirt?
why cg drawings/paintings are so hot?
Can someone please help to identify this painting for me?
you know monalisa?
How to spray paint Converse chuck taylor shoes?
What kind of paint is safe on t-shirts?
whats this art and whos it by
Does CVS carry canvas, the kind you paint on?
Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, or Oil?
can I paint a picture of a public place?