I see conversations as paintings?
what do you call someone who paints paintings for clients?
What type of paint do I use to paint Wall Art?
how would u describe hard edge painting..?
German Artist, last name is rommel, what is first name?
Can you see Rory Emerald in Félix Vallotton's painting Senegalese Soldiers at the camp of Mailly?
Can i paint on a shirt with regular paint?
does Australian Export Aerosol Spray Paint stick to plastic?
Creative Mark Canvas Panel?
what is the major concern when painting nature?
best oil pastels?
potrait arist who draw people or artist who focus on facial expression or emotions?
are make up artists rich?
Wow is this sketchy or what!?!?
Do you like my work?
Need Ideas for surrealism painting for class?
looking for a picture/painting, possibly renaissance, of a baby touching or playing with a skull?
Where can I get Ravi Varma paintings prints in Chennai?
is there a famous artist who is known as sister mary...if not mary than another female name after sister?
Curious about a painter named N. Ceylon?
what is the paint beneath a guilded surface called?
Does anyone know where i can find cheap deals on art for a teenage room?
High Resolution Fine Art Photos?
Elements of Art/Design for this Painting ?
anybody able to shed light on a painter, artist, watercolourist name of G.R Hild (yard? ) or similar?
Was Leonardo da Vinci (painter, 1452 - 1519) an atheist, Christian, Muslim, Wiccan, or None of the Above ?
High Renaissance Model?
What is some good art from the 80's that I could display in my new apartment?
Please help me find an artist?
With my art would I be able to...?
Can people that answer dis question give me some tips on painting?
should i risk using graffiti sketches in my portfolio?
Where and how to sell my painting on auction?
painting my arrows interference?
How do I find cheap glow paint in America?
Is it safe for me to spray paint my room?
Patali Painting?
What was Rembrant's first name?
I have a question for an artists out there regarding gel medium..?
When you make a painting and mix the paint only with turpentine, do you get a solid painting layer then?
what paint do you use for water painting?
Which are the glow in the dark paints/phosphoric paints I can use in art?
I want to start doing art?
whose painting led to the term 'action painting'?
Do people actually find artwork emotionally moving?
why mona lisa dont have an eyebrows?
Does anyone know who painted these?
Where can I buy plexiglass around Dallas?
What were some of Hildegard of Bingen's paintings called, and what did they depict?
how do i make homemade tattoos?
How can i find information on artwork by Larrinaga?
What are subdued hues?
Promote yourself as an painter, artist?
I'm looking for a mosaic (checkerboard) floor in chicago?
how can i sell my paintings to art dealer and earn a very good amount of money?
does my sentence make sense:Leonardos painting has shown the light to many other artists?
ED hardy T-shirts in hyderabad?
What is an ode and how do you use it?
what to paint?????????
Is there any other artwork that reflect the theme "fear" other than Munch's scream?
Name my painting?
How can i get brushes for Corel paint shop?
What is oil paint made of?
what do mark rothko's paintings mean?
What is your favorite colour?
Raphael, The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple Help?
What Do You Think Of My Painting?
Should I do graffiti with a friend on by myself?
Someone can tell me anything about artist (painting) Tymothi W.Sharp?
How do I ship oversized Oil painting to India?
What inspires you when you draw/paint/sculpt?
does anyone know of a place where you go in the store pick out a piece of pottery and paint it right there?
Anyone know of a painter that had an impact on his/her country?
Scented water colors?
how can i reflect personality or character traits in a piece of art?
Can I oil paint with only the oil paint itself?
How does picasso's first painting look like?
who owns the painting "Massacre of the Innocents" by Rubens?
I would like to delve into painting more. But I need a space to do it in.?
Do you like pretty ponys?
Suggest a pricing scheme, helpful serious answers please?
I want to send a gift to the qween of London; would she be happy to receive it?
what kind of paint wont scratch of guitar pick engraving?
Effects of Francisco Goya's art?
Where can I go to have prints made of my watercolor painting?
Why did my painting oil corrode my cup?
i need advice; thanx?
True story that happen in P.R got it on painting?
I am starting to do watercolor painting, any advice on better than average supplies?
IF your a painter, have you painted all your life, or what age were U when you started developing your talent?
Whats the best way for a young artist to start selling their work?
is my art good enough to hold a amateur exhibition in my garden?
opinions please!!?
Can you really paint your hair with tempera paint?
How do you blend skin colors in a painting?
has anyone ever heard of seth chwast?
Painting a small part of a guitar?
which would be the best option to study a masters in fine art at?
Can constantly painting your nails kill the name/make it weak?
Does anyone know anything about Christopher Wool?
Question about Impressionism?
Where can i find a buyer for an antique painting, and what is the estimated value?
How do changes in color establish our sense of color and form in Impressionist paintings?
Can anyone tell me the name or artist of the painting...?
Average sale price of an original Arthur J. Meadows painting from 1875 to 1906?
What 2 Colors Go Together While Painting Two Different Rooms That Connect ?
Know any good acoustic songs / artists?
How much could I sell this painting for?
Want to get painted nude- normal?
How do I use bakeable glass paints, Vitrea 160 by Pebeo.?
How did the Louvre gain ownership of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting?
Painting and decorating apprenticeship?
What's the name of the artist that paints pictures of people and replaces there faces with fruit? ?
What is your favourite colour?
what colour will go good with these colours?
can i use acrylic, oil pastel or oil paint over soft pastel?
Which historical Holocaust figure to paint in Pop Art?
what is the color of sorrow? i want to do a self portrait?
What is the ceiling design called on the Sistine Chapel?
do you know this painting?
Can you visit Van Gogh's grave?
New(ish) Art Products Used in Painting?
About Robert Rauschenberg...?
Where would I find info about a painting I have. How can I get ahold of the museums?
Art Lovers ! Starry Night or The Scream?
Give dependable answers only?
I own a wall hanging signed "finesse originals". Just can't ind my exact wall hanging anywhere.?
Why did monet paint like a child is art something one is born with?
What is the meaning of the paintings "The Scream" and "Mona Lisa"? :)?
An artist used acid to create a special effect on stretched canvas. Wat kind of acid was used?
Chinese Painting?
How to make something show under acrylic paint?
Does anyone know any artists who use natural disasters as a theme or as a subject of work?
can you use gesso on rubber and is it flexible?
which museum is the mona lisa in?
Famous japanese Painter?
will paint thinner work?
Are there any Raja Ravi Varma works on show in the UK?
what is the name of the south american artist who painted an abstract nude couple kissing?
Where did Gauguin paint "By the Sea"?
artsist whos work is similar to pablo picassos?
Dali oil paintings who is Galatea?
Need to find a company that will create an estate stamp?
Famous realism artists pre 1970?
Am I right that an abstract painting does represent something?
painters - what colors do you use on your palette? What medium do you use (oils)?
The painting Selene and Endymion by Nicolas Poussin?
Where to buy fd&c lake pigment?
What painting is this- blonde women, looks like a cut out or an paper doll?
Where/how the heck did guys like Michelangelo, Leonardo learn to paint like that?
how would you distress an oil painting?
Colour definition question ?
how do i clean brushes dirty with oil paint?
I am looking for pearly White paint that has blue pink and purples in it?
Who was Lady Donna Velata(Leonardo da Vinci)?
Where to buy Liquid Crystal paint?
How should I Spray Paint my mask.?
I'm interested in expressing my artwork by contacting the canvas on a more personal level?
Are there any pieces of art relating to puppetry?
in your opinion who is the best painter all over the word up to now?
What Do You Think Of My Warhol-Esque Picture?
Any ideas on how I should finish this painting?
What is type of paint is this painted in? ?
What Do You Think Of My YouTube Video? Any Suggestions?
why cant you wash oil based paint of a piant brush?
What artists could I compare with David Hockney?
Legal danger of auctioning a painting?
looking for 8 in antique chinese hand painted plates?
What do you think of my painting?
how much is a painting by arthur j elsley 1903?
What is the first thing you think of when you look at this painting?
Which of my paintings do you like best?
painting of the saint maries sarah etc arriving in boat at stes maries de la mer?
Who is your favorite female Christian artist?
what is flemish painting?
how to transfer a small picture onto a large wall?
Can you paint the inside of a pumpkin?
leonardo da vinci's Father's and mother's name?
does anyone like skrillex or deadmau5 or like me?
Is there an emmett kelly or emmett kelly jr. oil painting reading a street journal?
is there a site where you can view the complete works of Clara Davis Inness?
Splatter painting eachother?
whats your favourite colour? read description!?
want to know where to find info on a joe splendora painting?
how long will a painting on a paper bag last?
Have all the colours been invented in the world?
Any body know Good Artists who do Still lifes?
What Art Movement was Fernando Amorsolo associated with?
looking for information on artini Engraving # J277-706-BAS?
List of texture artists (who work mainly in plaster)?
french artist signing painting "zaphatil"?
I need help finding an artist name of a painting i own.I would like to have it valued as well,please help. ?
what is the best way to clean used paint brushes (oil medium)?
Art theme : nostalgia, any relate artist ? ?
Help me identify an artists signature.?
can you give me some verbs and adjactives?
Virtual Nighthawks?
please HELP! who made this light painting? 10 points!?
Which Galleries in London are best to visit for Pre-Raphaelites and Impressionism?
Would You Be Embarrassed To Claim You Painted This?
I'm running out of ideas to paint I need ideas?
I really want to sell my pastel paintings?
How Should I Paint My Room?
How long does it take KRYLON spray paint to cure on plastic?
What paints did Bob Ross use?
What is the name of this painting's artist?
Painting on shoes for fun ?
What color is:?
Artists that paint mysterious places?
good fabric paint sealant?
do you like this abstract tulip painting?
Does anyone know of any baroque/romanticism paintings of musicians and women on musical instruments?
Can I put varnish on a canvas painting that has ink on it?
i am a painter in which places do yo think i can get a job?
What's painting are suitalbe for decorating my house?
is black and white a color?
Can anyone name the two paintings in the Rat Pack Playing Pool poster?
i like to paint on my mirror can u help me out with this?
ideas what painting i should use?
Oil Painting.?
Who is the painter of this picture?
Is there any montana spray paint in bakersfield?
HAROLD AND MAUDE, symbolism of flowers?
want 2 knw about colour mixing?
Famous, rich painters, 1800's ? Or earls, dukes etc....?
Whats up with UFOs in paintings?
Angel raphael leaving tobias family?
I have a painting called Autumn twilight it doesn't say the who the painting is by, but it says borin art. ?
In a painting, what do playing cards symbolise?
I am looking for a print of a painting. It shows God looking down over someone and he is holding back Angels?
wes borland?
should i use acrylic or oils for an impasto painting?
how do i get spray paint off of my hands?
best paint to use for beginners?
Would you like to be a darling and write me an analysis of Andy Warhols Marilyn Monroe painting?
How to become a good drawer or artist?
why do painters where white ?
Where can I find pictures of Angels with animals?
Seeing an advertisement for 'finding the lost Di Vinci' made me wonder..why do artists paint over their works?
Can anyone give me three other artists who worked with the same type of style as Claud Monet?
how old was elizabeth murray when she started artwork? forreall this is a artist not no joke so thanx shelly?
western art history. please help!?
Anyone know any famous artists that paint cats?
Franz Kline Orange Outline'' OVERVIEW?
Crayon art question?!?!?!?
What were some of Leonardo Da Vinci's achievements?
Oath of the Horatii?
What colors make dark blue?
whos your favorite artist/ painter and why?
how much is a Richard Redgrave steel painting worth . Its titled gulliver in brobdingnag?
What is the difference between the artist from cave time to the modern artist? Think of his life and work.?
do you know the famous painting where there is a screaming man who looks like an alien??
which more you like : painting works or photograghing works?
Leopold Rivers (painter of watercolours and oils). Does anyone have any information about him?
who are the buyers of canvas paintings?
What are the original dimensions of the painting "Interior at Menil Hubert 1892" by Edgar Degas?
was Salvador Dali gay?
What is your favourite colour?
why i like art?
What do you like when you buy Disney Fine Art?
Where can I find Andre 3000's artwork for purchase?
Is krylon clear satin finish okay to use on converse shoes?
how can i get a sponge paint brush neopets?
what shall i paint?
Be creative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What do you think of my art?
art help????????????????????????????????????…
Artistic temperament?
How do u feel bout Claude Monets paintings wen u look at them?
what would be the best way to reflect joan miro's painting on a sheet cake?
The face is to face paint as the foot is to what? What should I use to mark my feet?
What is this signature?
if i got a brother that has been drinking and he is REALLY mean to me what would i do ?
Other than white, what colour is representational of truth?
With a spray can paint?
Can anyone tell me how to paint polka dots or stripes on wooden letters?
Who is the best painter according to u?
has anyone here exposed there painting in
Please help me out with this painting? Value? Im lost here!?
What brand of watercolor paper is best?
What to paint for masquerade party?
seats in the art gallery?
Help with artists?!?!?!?
what should i paint?
What Pieter Brueghel paintings are in the permanent collections of LA museums (LACMA, Getty, Norton Simon)?
What should i do with this unwanted artwork?
What does negative space represent in a painting?
Compare Fauvist work with Impressionism?
will someone give me a story for these paintings?
Can mirrors painted with Folk Art Enamel or Liquitex Glossies be heat set in home oven without ing?
what is poststructuralist visual art? What is postsrtucturalist drawing?
it's done by an american painter. All his paintings have falling-like people. I'm trying to remember his name
How do I sell my art?
My great great grandpa made 15000 dollars on a painting in 1905 how much is that if it was in 2010?
major in fine arts school in philippines?
When did Vincent Van Gogh drew Starry Night?
What is Sidney Nolan's painting style in general?
How do I host an art exhibition?
Whats this painting?
How is this painting?it is done by Theodore Kittlesen?
i need artist thast work is inspired by family ritual ? any ideas?
How can I get a certificate of authenticity of artist Oswaldo Guayasamin ?
Does this painting show her nipple?
I need information on artist Joseph Mallard William Turner.?
has anyone ever heard of seth chwast?
do you know a site that learns video watercolor painthng ?
Can anyone identify this autumn forest painting?
Where can I find art supplies in Paris?
HIM's Venus Doom album?
What primary colors mixed together make orange?
How would I go about re painting a table?
oil painting by eleanor brown staley title the blue enamel jug can anyone tell me something about it?
Frank Lloyd Wright personal note and signature?
what symbol do you most identify with?
Hello everyone!!!!!?
how do you remove water based paint primer off of a paint brush?
I have a oil painting signed darcel who is she,ALSO A PAINTING SIGNED MARIE title pastel flora?
Who is the best graffiti writer?
who painted this???cvvvc?
Any modern artsit that draw and paint dolls?
why did andy warhol paint the portrait of marilyn monroe? What was it's purpose?
What was piet mondrian's aim in his work?
Is black a color?
What is Hobbytex from Australia?
Can you use water color paint on coat hangers(metal)?
do you have info on a painter H Calpini?
can u suggest anything.......a painting?
Hi, Can you suggest me a name for my website of my artwork portfolio? I tried artway, artray, artisan, ..?
are there any painters that work using squares of paint with their work looking slightly pixelated?
Does anyone know the artist of this picture? Click link...?
Compare Cimabue, Madonna and Child Enthroned 1280 to Titian Madonna of the Pesaro Family?
Now that u ve seen the paintings, can u help me with how i can exbhinit/sell them in the US?
Can somebody help me find this painting?
What happen if I mix water paint and bleach together ?
Has anyone ever seen a 3d picture version of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'?
whose painting led to the term 'action painting'?
Painting with your fingers. What do you call that ?
what are the characteristics of mrs. grace darymple painting that can be consider as rococo art?
What are the organizing principles of each wing in the Philadelphia museum of art?
harry s. warren, painter, artist, paints on buckskin?
Did Klimt, Monet, Mucha, Van Gogh or Waterhouse ever copyright their work?
Airbrush question, what do i need?
How to make a blog seen by a lot of people?
artists like james blake?
My painting: Trashy or not?
do rig veda contain any words about wooden cross birth of a baby from a vergin...?
face painting?
can you mix colours to make white?
Shops where to buy colours and things for artists in LONDON?
what are some beautiful paintings from 1780ish-1920?
lista de pintores famosos en espana?/list of famous paintors in spain?
Lewis Teel?
Spray Paint Nozzles for Graffiti?
How can you avoid a glossy sheen with oil paints?
is it wrong to not care about art before impressionism?
mosaic painting??????????????????????
What are some ART works that has caused CONTROVERSY?
how do you make a purple color?
does anyone know the name of the artist or the name of the painting?
im looking for anyone who would have info on a painting called Mountain Mist by wijmer?
how do i make the paint brush edges sharper on painttool sai?
What is a Renaissance Man?
What is a canvas and or a human canvas?
Where to buy Sebastian Int....?
where is the best place to get a quality and inexpensive canvas for acrylic painting?
who designed and popularized the rainbow window decals ubiquitous in the late 1970s?
Where can I see online arcrylic painting sessions?
why did picasso become famous?
Paint tubes,air brushes, nylon brushes,or synthetic pigments open the doors 4 early twentieth-century artist?
In Photoshop 6.0, how do i change my paint brush size?
Greek Vases?
Can you use wood gloss on a canvas painting to seal it?
how can I sell my paintings?
Which is better in Art piece: original or fake?
How to sell oil paintings on '"?
Is krylon the best paint for graffiti ?
Why does the Mona Lisa have no eyebrows?
TV series Watercolour challenge?
How can I clean my dirty brushes (artistic painting)?
What is an easy way to paint a realistic looking rose?
i need to see images of black, white and gray non-objective paintings using geometric shapes?
Cobos, born in 1928 in Seville, Spain. Any information about the artist?
how would you compare Diego rivera's the liberation of the peon and jose orozco's zapatistas?
What are some good black painters/paintings?
Why do Jesus & Virgin Mary look Italian, from art historical view?
what is tumblr is it worth my time?
places where is portrait painting place?
Should Graffiti be considered art?
Gabriel Metsu's "Portrait of a Lady" analysis or references?
I have 2 water colour paintings by an English artist J.Russell. Does anyone know of him?
What are a few of you favourite artists of all time to paint/ draw nature?
Do you think Graffiti is Art?
What Do I Need To Stretch My Own Canvases?
"Scream" cannot be repaired?
What you think of this artist's skills/ talent and etc? Should I commission a portrait? (check link)?
is H.R. Giger still alive?
Is Viggo Mortensen related to Marilyn Monroe?
What is this painting called and who is the painter?
Anybody use latex primer for prep. canvas for oil painting?
Besides Impressionism and Rory Emerald, what are some other highlights of Berthe Morisot's life?
Hi does anyone on here know any artists that use Marks in thier paintings and drawings.?
what is your favorite song? or artist?
What painting is this 100 x 100 cut out from? It's of a bird perching on a branch...image in description?
Need a name for my art business!!!?
Please Help!! Thanks!! :)?
What type of paint to use on surfboards?
where can i find the painting of a tiger that chris garver did and tatoo'ed on a guys arm on miami ink?
Mona Lisa is the best painting in the world?
Who painted this? I know its from the Renaissance?
i purchased a painting in 1979 of an island on a lake in the black forest it cost 550dm by waldeck any idea if?
I have been painting and drawing for three days. Please judge my art. ( Ten points and thumbs up )?
Violent paintings of business men in suits?
How do I tell If my Norman Rockwell Print is authentic?
Is paint miscible or is it immiscible?
what is the brand name of water based polyurethane?
What happens to stolen paintings?
What are the necessary steps for painting spruce? I am making a sword scabbard, and I can't find any poplar :(?
please explain to me the differences of types of paint?
Need help to answer a question about MS Paint?
How to hang a panel painting (with nothing on back)?
who made this painting and what is the name of it? [description only]?
Picasso's "Guernica" painting is a good example pf which theme & purpose of art?
my husband is an artist?
What media did O'keefe use when she painted Petunia No.2?
Is clear a color...?
what is pastel painting?
What do people get out of painting?
painting / pictures similar to this one?
Impressionist painters: who is your favorite?
i have a richard shelton painting with an insurance appraisal from artistic interiors inc from 1986?
Does anyone know the name of the first painting on the bottom?
What is the best way to send an oil painting on canvas through the post?
I need a painting(s) for a love/hate?
How can I improve this painting (details)?
looking for info on Swensen a swedish painter 1930's?
Whats a good gift for a painter?
Who is the artist, or what is the title of this painting that appeared on tv in a commercial by Raymond James?
In what condition is the rose when Heidegger first removes it from the “ponderous folio”?
do you know why are barns red?
How to make a 15 year old male look like an adult?
Do you think still lifes are boring?
Does this pic look real? (repost)?
Can you use both sides of a piece of water colour paper?
how do you remove white out from a paint brush?
I don't have anything canvases, what else can I paint ON?
I would like some patterns and ideas how to paint on turtle shells. Also any other ideas for decorating them.
how do u sketch golden,glamourous chandeliers?
i have a painting it has the signature but under it is print that said 112c henk bos;copper series litho in u?
Who are some artists of the 20th century?
what are the best colors to be used on a painting of today?
Im making a painting for my friend and i need help finding an example?
What colors do you have to mix in order to mix acrilyc paint to make the color brown and green?
How should I incorporate a " lipstick smear " in a painting?
Are head hunters the way to go to find a new carer?
What does it mean when a painting is "progressive"?
what is this painting called?
Who was this artist in Provincetown, Mass?
My dad told me that the Mona Lisa was really...?
how much should I sell my oil paintings?
Does anyone know anything about Claude Monet and 18th century art?
Eanger Irving Couse?
What is the opposite of an artist working on a commission?
does anyone know of a place where you go in the store pick out a piece of pottery and paint it right there?
What do you prefer drawing or painting?
Can I use acrylic for painting clothes ?
What type of art is this? Not Sketch!?
Describe the 'light' of Paris--as might a painter when he/she first arrives.?
Concept of persistence of vision?
How to paint on glass bottles and glass ware?
what aspects of culture are represented in vincent van gogh's chair? HELP PLEASE!?
Best cheap kid friendly face paint?
Which artistic elements are best represented in Picasso's "Woman with a book"?
What's the drawing by Dali?
Why aren't early artists recognized?
What is the painting with multiple guys playing instruments but they don't have faces?
Brand For Les Paul Guitars?
What should i paint on my men's toms?
How to take your dog's footprint?
Would anyone be willing to look at my you tube page and let me know if The painting here may be a Manet?
Should I sell custom shoes like this? and etsy question?
how do artists make $?
I have a painting by chicago portrait co. It is of the u.s. capitol before it burned. It is dated 1916.?
Can anybody explain or simplify this question to me? I am suposed to write an essay about it but i am confused?
what are the forms, texture, melody and harmony in Toccata and Fugue in D minor?
artists i need you!!!?
How do you create an abstract painting in photoshop?
The black color on my oil painting is breaking all the time?
i like to do oil painting but i have problem with colour mixing, i dont get my desired colous.what should i do
would you like buy my painting ?
How can I clean oils out of their mixing cups?
Whats you favorite colour?
Frida Kahlo description?
Can anyone tell me what they think of my painting?
how did gustave client acheve the metalic gold color that apears in many of his works?
What style of painting most famously adopted formalism?
can I have a list of Peter Paul Rubens' full works?
what kind of paper for acrylic paint?
i have oil painting from van bell?
Alex Pardee Awful Homsick?
Is acrylic paint recommended for painting designs on my TOMS?
Is anyone out there a lover of abstract art? I create using acrylics on canvas, if anyone wants to see?
what is it?
Found a Anders Askevold painting!! how much would it be worth?
Removing a painting from the frame and rolling it up?
a dolphin and an anchor (but no sea). what famous phrase is printed arund this seal with these clues?
Is it possible to buy Bob Ross's "The Joy Of Painting" series on DVD? If so where please?
What should I charge for this type of painting/service?
acrylic and water color paint?
do you have to be a man to dress up as boy Georges persona?
What would you say if your friend very lightly touched a Picasso painting at a museum?
Any historical facts on Fedrico Longanesi, the listed artist ?
Anybody know of any really interesting war artists? recent ones would be good?
Does anyone have any opinion on waht they think is the best painter??? Open to anything!!!!?
help me find out how to do this?
cubism newspaper article?
who knows this artist?
what does the colour Yellow mean ?
How did the development of photography influence painting?
Looking for artist's name from Israel, painted on walls of his home, published book of his paintings mid 80..
Art quesition: Why Francoise Nielly paint portraits?
How to do shading and highlight with acrylic paints?
When was 'Garten in Godrammstein' painted? it's by Max Slevogt.?
Who is this Postmodern artist?
Does this photography remind you of a painting? Pic included?
if you could go in the past what 2 questions would you ask Leonardo da Vinci?
How can I locate a restorer/preserver for an old wooden carved and painted floor screen?
How to paint the rocky horror lips ?!!! HELP!!!!!?
What paints can I use that will be very bright (possibly glow in the dark or blacklight) for a "party table"?
Whats your favourite colour?
Where can I find a buyer for a vintage 1964 Oscar de Zalameda painting. Its a book piece. ?
Beginner acrylic painting project problems...?
graffiti question. help i accidentally bit (copied) another writer without realising?
Is Spencer's blacklight paint okay to get on your face?
where can i travel to find diego riverras new paintings?
I need information on artist Fujita Tsuguharu's painting of Apocalypse?
has anyone heard of an artist/painter called Aug Ahrend i need as much info as possible - thanks?
Painting on canvas(acrylic)?
Any artists which use flowers in their paintings?
how is value related to atmospheric perspective and chiaroscuro?
the persistence of memory by salvador dali?
If you OWNED a genuine Salvadore Dali...?
prehistoric sculptures and the standards of beautty amongst women.?
NOOOOO! My brush! My paint BRUSH!?
abstract expressionist artists, who are they today?
Where can I buy uni paint markers?
what was the bauhaus movement all about?
How do you make an exceptional artist who generally paints as a hobby, well known to the public?
help me find artists for my gcse art please?
what is your favorite van gogh painting and why?
Myriad perspectives For your attention vie, But just one Brilliant angle, Dazzles the Naked eye.?
is there such a thing
Should I pick up oil painting as a hobby?
erskine nicol paintings?
What are the steps used to prep/paint/seal acrylics onto wood that gives you a durable painting?
ART HELP with Canvas?
Can I paint over paint?
What's the difference between a premuim texture photo and a regular photo?
How & where can I sent my South East Asia Old Master painting for authentication? Charges?
please identify this painting for me?
What is the painting in which a face is composed of various pieces of fruit and vegetables?
Whats the colour between white and grey?
What is the meaning of the phrase 'profane illumination'?
I painted a night stand with silver spray paint, now I like to get the ing finish, how do I do it?
oil painting tips?
What's the name of the Outsider Artist who inspired "Yellow Submarine"?
how to decorate a floor with using rangoli pattern ( whie paint and gold and silver)?
I need help identifing an old painting.?
Watercolor painting over pencil... Does it look good?
Has anyone heard of an artist called Max Savy? If so I have a painting by him, is his work worth anything?
my boyfriend is an artist and he painted me...?
Rachel bought a framed piece of artwork as a souvenir from her trip to Disney World.?
tips fr painting a white paper to get a brownish look with coffee?
I need to produce the color brown using acrylic paints.?
Help with face/body paint question? Easy 10 points?
Where in Glasgow can I get space to do art (spray paint on canvas) that is free or relatively inexpensive?
How to.. Splatter paint? Haha?
Do you have any oil painting tips??
I need help with Some Graffiti stuff?
What artists would you reccomend?
who was leonardo and why soes he exlemplifiy the period in which he lived?
im looking for a painting called "approach the time". it can be seen on the link below at the :35 mark. thanks?
who is maria augustin?
How do you write/create a thesis proposal/thesis draft on an artist his/her single painting?
how could a man like bob ross,who made people feel so relaxed with his joy of painting die from hyper tension?
Searching for Poster of Painting?
What's the process, history, and advantages and disadvantages of an encaustic painting?
Who can name the Artist, not easy.?
which websites can i find some of sylvester Stallone's oil paintings?
How can you tell if a picture/painting has value?
where can i find info about dutch artists?
two end panels in Memling's "Triptych of Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation"?
what paint did they use in this?
Which should I use in my Link painting?
Any artists? How do I paint this?
Give me 5 famous painters!?
what is the "theme" of a painting? what does that mean?
Where to buy bucket of glow paint?
guitar painting AND CLEAR COAT CRACKING?
How much should I charge for painting a realistic & anatomically life size whale mural for a museum?
What colors should I use to paint flowers?
Is it possible for one to become an artist (painter) only by his own practise..............?
In search of this Picasso poster.?
is mona lisa a paint or what?
Is the Mona Lisa pretty?
was leonardo da vinci a demon?
i think the best movie ever made was "BLUE VELVET"?
Anyone know where i can buy this print?
What is your favorite colour?
Has anyone used twigs on a canvas?
Painter a good job?
what was the difference between red figure pottery and black figure pottery?
presenting art work in a3 sketchbook?
Which in the best annimation institute MAAC or Picasso?
Carlo Crivelli, The Crucifixion?
I have a portrait painted by K Pegg, supposedly an inmate at some time of Ashworth prison.Any more paintings?
My gf needs paint brushes?
who did the cover art for city and colours bring me your love?
Hey, acrylic artists! Question about details?
What is the name of this Diego Rivera painting?? please help!?
how to make a paint stick?
Framing shops in Bangalore?
If you hire any actress or model for a fine art portrait session who would you choose?
How do you erase a sketch on MS Paint?
Is it hard to use oil pastels?
'Last Judgement' was the first painting ofan Italian painter named?
I saw a painting by Gino Severini within the Vatican depicting two doves and some books. What is this called?
What is an acrylic paint part and what is it equal to?
Was This Painting Done By A Chimp?
What is the big deal about that Mona Lisa picture?
Is my painting way to .. hmm reviling ?
How did wassily kandinsky die?
What is an acrylic paint part and what is it equal to?
Help with Salvador Dali artwork?
I have two 1988 artaffects ,gregory perillo lithographs , 876 and 988 of 2500 both signed and numbered?
Question about painting plastic?
My dad told me that the Mona Lisa was really...?
painting by don stone, how can i verify its authenticity?
Can I use reeeaaally concentrated dye to paint graphics on my shirt?
Do dark pink and midnight blue make blue violet?
Painting using acrylic paint?
Photos of an assylym in the seventies i think......?...please help?
Where can I find replicas of Classical Sculpture ? I am looking for anatomical casts, classical busts.?
Could anyone give me some creative ideas for a gallery name?
why is it
can you help with my art project?
Will you look at my paintings and stuff?
Couple Art Questions?
i m a painter, can't find any project to start with, also financial problem,who should i contact?
i want to exhibit some of our art work???
This may seem like a dumb question, but I'm really not sure?
why do the figures in the painting of the last supper appear to start moving when looking at it?
Artists who paint dramatic faces/people?
What do you think of my first painting?
how would history be different without the actions of vincent van gogh?
Looking for a specific landscape artist the signature is Rosé. Please help!!! Or direct me to a place that can
Artist with name that looks like Burile, or Barile or Bavile?
Is there a "paint" program on macbooks?
looking for the name of the painter and painting from Metropolitan Museum?
Artsy fartsy out brother in law?
Leonardo da Vinci quote meaning?
What's better, my abstract art or pencil drawing *pics*?
for ARTISTS: do you do art while vacation?
Paintings by Clyde Gale?
I am looking for an artist called Jansen?
So how exactly does Surrealist forms distance itself from forms of realism?
in need of some critiquing..?
Anyone have information on Rembrandt's Self Portrait at the age of 34?
how do remove candle wax that has dripped onto the canvas of painting i own ?
where can i find critiques of specific alfred sisley paintings?
Do I need permission to paint on shoes?
what kind of paint color and brand do you recommend?
Custom picture painters?
street plan around the octagon theatre sheffield s1?
What is a better or good blacklight reactive fabric paint?
Why did Auguste Chabaud painted Yvette in this way?What was their relation like?
PAINTERS, PAINT AND ARTEST, please advice me withquestions to ask an artist . painter?
Any ideas what i can paint on my canvas....?
Who is your favourite artist ?
What year did Schim Schimmel paint?
What kind of paints should I use for painting on glass ?
Is Robert Harris, the painter, related to Lauren Harris, also a painter?
i need techniques for crying!! please help me! i know about eye drying but what else is there?
Why wont my paint dry?
Can I use acrylic paint on a mat board (that's not gesso-ed)?
Can someone give me some links to paintings that's theme is to never give up or keep trying???
Where can i find ecceltic oil?
Does anyone know if you can buy things online from the Chiri-men Craft museum?
Who painted the Vanilla Sky?
salvador dali Vs andy warhol?
IS Andy Warhol overrated?
Painting my Stratocaster?
why is the van gogh sunflower painting worth so much?
can i kiss her?
what is the big deal about the last supper painting by Leonardo?
Who is the Mona Lisa a painting of?
why are mostly all pencil orange?
Are Painting reproductions worth anything?
When you make a painting and mix the paint only with turpentine, do you get a solid painting layer then?
What is the name of the painting where a child is leading various predator animals?
Native Art?
What is the name of the artist who painted children with large eyes?
Super easy face paintings that goes on your cheek!!!?
What can I put over acrylic paint to make it not rub off and shiny?
Sister is stealing all my artwork?
Was Pablo Picasso a homo?
abstract artist?
Will Acrylic paint survive the wash?
Can someone help me find the name for this painting of Christ?
i need a critical analysis of the paintig by edward manet " the dead christ and the angels "?
What do you think the meaning is behind this painting?
whats the meaning of the artwork 'Whaam!' by Roy Lichtenstein?
when i grow up i want to paint murals on the walls of restaurants. do you think this is a good job to have?
I have a signed painting by Nivoulies, can anyone tell me if the painting would be worth anything.?
Rembrant Van Rijn by Salvador Dali #103D And Toulouse-Lautrec #105D?
How to paint reflective light?
Does anyone know the name of this portrait that Eric Jacobsen painted? I really need this?!?
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt?
water colorpeople? that actually have used water color paint and are good at it.?
How do you splatter paint a t-shirt?
i need to find how was botticeli feeling about venus in his work birth of venus.?
how do i paint a colour with the pattern stamp in photoshop?
How do I get a smudgy drippy paint effect?
Why is it more expensive to buy paint with red pigment?
I want to become noticed as an artist but am i too young?
stenciling??????what part do u cut????
Raphael, The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple Help?
What's your favourite colour?
What to paint ?( 1O points !!) ?
how did picasso produce his work?
How to make an old leather book effect in painting?
Has anyone heard of and would like the art from Florence Ezzell Stevenson?
Question for artists: if you could create a truly great work of art...?
Can acrilic paint be used outdoors?
Did Willem de Kooning use oil paints?
I would like to try painting on copper. Any tips or suggestion on how to prime the metal for oil paint?
Who is a painter named De Loray? The painting I have looks like an Asian figurine.?
Renaissance/ scene...James?
if i were to paint a mural for a party what should I paint it on?
Inserting 'keys' into canvas?
Is it safe to paint watercolors indoors?
does anyone know how to get paint to stick to glass?
what is symbolized by the thinkers and artists in Raphael's "the school of athens"?
can you name the original artist?
i cant find renoir's two sisters painting. plz help?
jenny saville -artist- what medium dose she use?
how do you get sharpie paint off of glass?
Who are some famous spanish/latin artists that their artwork could be "recreated"?
Can this be used to power an airbrush?
pregnancy and painting? 21wks?
where can i purchase some transparent spray paint?
how can i find out if a painting is worth money?
Why most artist choose painting as their medium in artistic work?
Oil paint technique for skin tone?
i have an old painting ,how do i find out who painted it?
how can i make my classroom a starry night?
For those who have seen the actual Mona Lisa, how would you describe seeing it in front of you in real life?
Who is your favorite painter?
What thickness of card is best for Graffiti Stencilling?
what colors match with green?
Have you heard of te Art dealer Dr. Gary Morgan and sons?
Painting that change with surrounding light?
Who is Alf Maloway(artist, oil painter)?
where was leonardo da vinci father born?
who is Raoul that loves Olivia?
Seeking books or artwork by Gerard Beaudoin?
does anyone know a famous painting that portrays the idea of family?
how to create a body of artwork? choose a signature style that will remain and subjects to choose?
What do you think of my artwork?
what did she mean with this?
what type of paint can be used to paint the vinyl on foamposites?
starting a blog???????
Does anyone know which artist's goat died of heat exhaustion while he was painting it (so was replaced)?
Good info about George o keeffe ?
What is the name of the "boxy" painting in Act of Valor?
What artists could I compare with David Hockney?
Advice on Canvas Painting?
Best watercolor videos ?
help!! this considered a "still life" painting?
What should i always have on me if i do graffiti?
Question about whether art is digital or hand-drawn. Thank you.?
In the painting The Creation of Adam...who is the person that god has his arms around?
Can someone tell me the painting techniques of the 'sacred and profane love' by titan ?
W Hodges painting of a river with a woman holding an umbrella?
Has any one heard of a artist by the name of Marjorie Sharpe?
As a beginner watercolor painter should I get artist quality paint and paper, and kolinsky sable brushes?
Is there such a thing as high quality paint?
What should I paint for my mom?
is mona lisa a boy?
best painter for the intuos 5 touch ?
I need to find Aztec paintings, anyone know a website where they have these?
there is an artist who paints life like 3-d murals it was sent in a e-mail-who is he?
who is the person with a hat in JOHN TRUMBULL's painting "The Declaration Of Independence,July 4 1776"
what is "oil on board"?
My trees look like pom-poms?!?
What is the namesake of the famous Boston "paint"?
I Need Some Painting Ideas :D?
What motivates you to draw,sing, paint,act,make pottery, or any type of art?
tell me what you think of my first painting?
what is required for someone to be a good painter?
monet original?
How to Frame a Canvas?
What is the basic procedure to DIY paint clouds on wall?
Details required of Artists who can paint one picture of a hindu deity. Please respond.?
A modern woman with Mona Lisa's face?
wolf painting?
Natural Form Composition Ideas?
whats the name of this color?
Grimm's Fairytale Artwork?
Does anyone know the right way to preserve a blue crab shell?
whats the meaning of life?
Looking for pictures of hands by famous artists?
What is a good website for a beginning artist to post pictures to get feedback?
I need websites that gives a description of the painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso?
How do you like this painting?
phrase around the seal?
what colors do you use to make the color brown?
what kinda of paint was used in these videos! helppp! :)?
i need a picture of a rising sun, like japanese but simple two colors for example? please?
name of oil painting artist by the name a zazu (thats what the spelling looks like on the painting)?
how to repair chipped oil paint of canvas?
Help me identify this painting.?
Did the "master painters" typically apply a darkish browness gold2canvas b4 starting composition?
which the website like wikipedia, but specialized in art works and masterpieces (paints)?
Please define a cultural marker?
I'm searching for an artist to locate the value of my limited lithographs that I have.Laura Desuree Platt?
painting tutorials?
Can you use white paint instead of primer on canvas?
can antoinette be used as a confirmation name???
Interested In An Art And Rock Music Fund Raiser?
how did leonardo da vinci get famous?
Name a famous artist ?
How to sell paintings and get true value from them?
Name & Artist of this Portrait(s)?
Who is the best graffiti writer?
Want To Analyze This Painting In Progress?
art lovers question...?
What would this be called? poetry?
I need help finding this painting!?
Painting my room gray?
cheapest paint jobs for a?
What paint to use on a wine glass?
Do you find this painting disturbing?
who is the odd one out?
what art period is surrealism of ,such as: stone age, egypt, and mesopotamia?
opening a website to sell paintings?
How do I find the artist of a particular painting/work of art with no signature?
who is mona lisa and what did she do.?
how to arrange an art exhibition for the first time?
Landscape Canvas Art?
info about this painting?
i need a critical analysis of the paintig by edward manet " the dead christ and the angels "?
Why in older pictures are some people turned to the side while in others people are faced foward?
Where can I buy Crayola tempera paint?
What colours to mix to have a good elephant shade?
What two colours make blue?
textile painting?
can you use pastels on canvas??????
I'm looking for the name of this painting?
Who were Fauves? What kind of impact did they have on early modern painting?
is sketching use for recording information?
What is art defined as?
How much would an original Odilon Redon go for?
Did portrait painters use stock faces centuries ago to paint families?
How can you fix an old paintbrush?
Does anyone else like to do paint by numbers?
somebody know what is the name of this kind of brush in photshop?
Looking for the value of a framed picture of the last supper.?
can you identify these artists?
what kind of paint works on leather?
How much does an art appraisal cost?
What practice hone or encourage the use of the imagination?
Oil paint or acrylic paint?
Hello everyone. Does anybody know where I can buy CANVAS in Metro Manila?
sistine chapel?
what are the forms, texture, melody and harmony in Toccata and Fugue in D minor?
Anyone know about a painting from a White Mountains artist?
Best brushes for digital painting with tablet?
What do you think of when you hear the name Constance?
kathleen daley+artist?
Do people ever paint, like, paintings using model paint (you know, paint for models)?
What did Sister Wendy mean when she said the artists of the Cave of Lascaux were impressionists?
How does the painting "The Persistence of Memory" relate to, "To Kill and Mockingbird"?
How to unbelive others and not to be centimental?
What was Leonardo Da Vinci's last name?
Besides Picasso's "Guernica" what other artists made compositions in response to the Spanish Civil War?
Which are some of your favorite painters?
Tim Canter work is so intense and has a Cirque du Soleil ethereal appeal. Any suggestions on other artists?
Artists like The Scene Aesthetic.?
can someone help me with this painting?
how to teach painting about how to get rid of poverty to kids and children about 4 to 13?
Splatter Painting my room?
Where can I find a picture of "Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist" by Santi di Tito?
Is there a program that can turn your digital photos into high quality painting?
why do we feel as if we are not capable enough to do something that we like.i like doing fine am losin
what do i need to paint with oil pastel?
Watercolor paints are a tool used by an artist, not a medium used by artists.?
When is it do artists' create?
I am trying to learn how to paint people. Where do I start?
Anyone familiar with Painter - Jarvis?
walton ford picture?
FACE PAINTERS: I need YOUr help!!!!?
How can I remove acrylic paint from my tshirt?
What's the best way to store and display water based paintings?
what color does purple and green make?
who's the artist that painted muscle bound warriors with mostly nude women-Frank Rossetta? correct spelling?
shade face features with oil pastels?
please any one help me am planning to display my paintings?
industrial painter duties of a job?
when was the portrait of the andy warhol done?
Who's your favorite artist (painter) ?
does any one know what del arte means or is : ?
Who was (were) Leonardo da Vinci's patron(s)?
what are the modern techniques to conserve water?
Dripping Blood in photoshop?
Why is the Mona Lisa.......?
whats this painting style called?
how rich can a painter be?
what is title and who is the artist of introduction theme of chicago bulls?
Do any one know about asian art or selling it?
is is possible to varnish oil pastel?
clay jar painting?
I want to try acrilycs alongside oil paint will this work?
What's Surrealism?
does anyone know the name of this song?
ideas to draw on art exam?
What should/could I paint??
Why do artist's paint self portraits?
Can I Lose My Artist License For Painting Crap Like This?
Symbols, Copyright...?
Im looking for the name and artist of this song, I heard it in a mall?
What institutes in India are offering part-time courses in Basic Drawing and Painting?
is there anyway i can improve my painting skills?
how come there are no artists after 2000 for most valuable art?
how do you keep dust off an oil painting in progress?
Should sanding strip the prime paint?
show painting fruit from a f bonnardel?
How to dispose of paint water?
How can I get over painter's block?
what do you call the famous painting of the tree were half off it is in the day and half of it is in the night?
Name of painter that painted masquerades?
Painting from Mickey Blue Eyes?
Famous Renaissance Painter??? s!!!?
How do artists make prints of their paintings?
scene name?
Oil painting on wood; do I need to treat the wood first?
Did portrait painters use stock faces centuries ago to paint families?
Masaccio's "The Tribute Money" question?
Why did no one like van gogh and his paintings?
help with Famous Portraits ?
what color should i paint my room?
What kind of paint can I use to paint my shoes that won't ?
How many people die in the United States each year because they do not have healthcare and need major surgery?
what color should i paint my room?
What materials to use to paint a "Keep calm and carry on" to be hung on my bedroom wall?
I have a painting done by James Earl Ray. Could I have something worth money?
flower brush link?
What type of mural should I do on my wall?
How can I tell if a painting was done in acrylic or oil?
who is the artist and what is the title of this painting?
movie car paint job, is it possible?
How do artist paint unrealistic things?
Whats your favourite colour?
what happen to the last supper?
Where can I find a prints of Louis Wain works?
why cg drawings/paintings are so hot?
does Florence Henderson have a glass eye?
I love drawing cartoon characters. But... which is the best cartoon show?
Im a artist living in Australia. i need pics of grand & broadway showing all the st. signs flags so can paint?
What are some good artist (ex: fantasy art like Luis Royo?)?
What Colors, when combined, make green?
SMF Schramberg?
What is the name of the painting on this cover of Thus Spoke Zarathustra and who painted it?
Who is the artist for this painting?
Please help me find this painting/poster?
I am looking for a Lithorpaph by Simon Thorpe called Wrath of Apophis?
whats your favorite coulor? and why?
How to remove mildew from an oil painting without harming the painting.?
Who is in the painting Hollywood Drive Inn by George Bungarda?
How And Where Do I Sell My Own Paintings Online?
how do we change the language for
artwork based on popular culture?
Does anyone know about the artist Davaid Shepherd and did he only do art work of wildlife?
Painting techniques for beginners?
Does the louvre museum add new paitings to its collection?
Ideas needed for Artwork assignment! Help?
where can you buy a very thin point paint pen?
Does anyone know how to make glow in the dark paint?
What are your impressions toward this painting?
What does this mean to you?
my pic can be found at, on a scale of good looking am I?
I cant find my paint on my computer?
I have an Artistic Interiors Painting number 300203. It has original frame and is signed by T Remstedt.Price?
whats a good graffiti name?
What native americans are on Mount Rushmore Paintings?