What oil should i use for?
I need a print/painting/picture with two women or two girls, one Asian and one white-any ideas?
Why is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel famous?
Can i enjoy Vatican museum without a guide?
How much is a painting worth if your a painter the average amount?
what are some good things to oil paint?
Who painted this painting I'm describing?(show off your art knowledge )?
What are some famous paintings at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C.?
what do you think of this for a painting?
What is the best visual arts school in the Philippines?
Can anyone tell me in a paragragh what the subject matter is for the painting 1977 by peter booth?!?
Can I use poster paints for face painting ? If no, will wearing foundation help ?
Where can i find a six foot by about two foot blank art canvas?
Who is an artist that creates works of art that feature mainly babies or children?
Please help me in GCSE art for ideas!?
If a colour was said to be 'Carbon Black' what colour would it be?
What paint would one use to paint on wallpaper?
Where can you buy different paint supplies in the Philippines?
Don't you think that people who like abstract art are like the emperor without clothes?
Does watercolor work on construction paper?
Who was the painter who wanted to combine the structure of Poussin's painting with the color of Monet?
Is it bad to inhale paint fumes?
Were there any artists significantly ahead of their time?
What do you like about this painting?
I need pictures of
When did art galleries become a joke, rather than a showcase for talent?
The name of a particular painting?
which Brand of spray paint ships to Ireland?
for all you artists out there, i need help!?
need an estimated price for a Federico Lloveras oil painting" BAY OF PALMA DE MALLORCA"done in1964?
Oil paints vs acrylic?
Last Supper Oil Painting?
What artist painted this picture?
does Micheal's sell stained glass?
Does anyone know the name of this painting?
What symbolic images did dali use in his work and what did they mean?
who is the painter A. Savage?
Would Daniel Richter be considered an abstract expressionist?
When painting on canvas, is there some type of varnish you should use on top to preserve it?
I am a girl.And what will be the best picture that can be drawn on a yellow color t-shirt?
What is a painting worth$$$?
What is this painting by jenny saville called?
inks for screenprinting?
What is your FAVORITE painting?
Does anyone know the work of WAK?
List of Famous indian artists?
I need a good place online to sell some paintings?
Why is The Mona Lisa painting so famous?
Blood Spatter Canvas Art?
What is the name of the artist whose paintings depending on where light is hitting them they look different?
i need activites for 2 and 3 year olds to do at daycare?
what artist portray anorexia/body abuse/drug abuse?
where do i found big posters or cardboard cutouts of shawn johnson?
Painting on walls question..?
Konstantin Kachkachev`s art.?
Does anyone think Botero is really bad?
how to thin oil paint?
Are Oil Pastels the same as wax crayons?
Rustoleum for plastic not drying completely?
WW1 painting?
I'm looking for info on my Japanese Bead art. It looks like a mosaic portrait of a Japanese Geisha woman.?
is buying oil pastels a waste of money?
Can the paint dry on the tip on a Krink (K-42)?
Help with meaning of painting?
Does anybody know the name of this piece by beatriz milhazes?
what do legs symbolise?
How many portraits did Modigliani paint of Jeanne Hebuterne?
How difficult is it to tell a real oil painting on canvas from a print on canvas?
Hi. Is there any paintting classes in north of Bangalore?
Who Painted These Pictures?
Art homework - remixing paintings?
Artpad ( problem?
Good paint for clothes?
How would you describe Andy Warhol's style of work?
painting techniques for blocked artist!?
Where is 'Monet dans son jardin a Argenteuil' located at?
How to transfer a photo onto canvas?
Which renaissance paintings should I compare?
What famous paintings should i write about?
The two main phrases of cubism!!?
What is the type of painting called?
ideas on what to paint?
What does it take to be a great tagger please help i want to be good one not a crappy poser thanks everyone ?
What kind of paint do you use to paint a mural on the wall?
Should I use the special painters tape or masking tape on an oil painting?
What should I paint on a large canvas?
Best Colour?
does anyone know of any well known visual artist/painter that i could use for my project?
What kind of watercolour is better?
What constitutes a great painting?
show different colors of butterflies?
I need help with an artwork that i have to do about The Loss of Tradition and Culture.?
monet jewelery....fade with water or not?
need help finding a painting/artist?
why do you love to paint?
Can anyone please give me the name of this painting.?
Whats the best way to replicate tiger stripe camo spray painting a rifle?
Is it best way to store paintings (acrylic and/or oil), vertically or horizontally?
who was the artist who defined the decade 00 i.e richard ashcroft?
Know any good painters? Any at all?
Portarit of Pietro Maria?
Elements that contribute to a successful exhibition?
where can a young artist exhibit their work in london?
Was Zdzisław Beksiński a surrealist?
my favorite color is green,what's yours?
i need help finding the price of a painting called lisa by david hanna?
acrylic paint?? helppp?
What painting is this?
What advice can you give me on doing a splatter painting?
How to make an object appear glowing?
What are these things that come along with canvases?
is it plagiarism if i painted from a photo?
famous artists in la habana, cuba?
Need help finding the name of a painting i saw?
Are those Bob Ross' "Joy of Painting" kits really worth the money?
Who is this painting by?
Which one of these photos do you like best?
What do you identify in this work of art?
What makes art, art? A masterpiece?
what is the "theme" of a painting? what does that mean?
How do you paint (Details inside)Canvas Sneakers?
do you know any artist with the name Newberry?
What are some interesting statue/s or painting/s?
I want to expand my horizon from traditional oil painting to oil pastels and don't know where to start?
What is the name of the artwork in the background of Samuel Adams Summer Ale?
Puerto Rican Painting....?
trying to find a site that can identify paintings-prints-and litho; does anyone know of a site that does that?
how can i find the artist of a named painting?
which artist initials his work j.w.g. bottom left?
An artist famous for painting landscapes and scenes of common life was?
Can anyone help me find the artist that signs paintings "Edmond"?
Is life possible without art?
What kind of paint should I use for painting plastic (like the kind of plasic keyboards are made of)?
What is the difference painting with pallete knife and Brush? What is the advantages of the pallete knife ?
urgent help please..................................…
Painters, need your help!?
brett whiteley used what lines in his paintings?
art help ASAP?
I have an art print showing water boats and sky signed W f Burger 52 is it possible Wilhelm frederich burger?
information postcards german artists barlog,stamm.?
Does anyone know appraisal values of American artist Henry Gasser's oil paintings?
What schools?
1950's risque women?
Does spray paint chip off of aluminum?
Group of Artists / Movement ??? ??? ?
Did the monks really cut a door through the painting of the Last Supper?
Why paintings of some painters are expensive?
Help me find this painting?
Can you use medias other than paint on a canvas?
The Virgin of The Rocks and Madonna of the Rocks; which is first?
Would you rather paint?
I just bought an oil painting and the canvas looks loose in places...?
is mona lisa a paint or what?
Looking for painter of this painting: (girl with dog)?
I wolud like to paint my own glassware but would like a very high gloss paint that's safe to use?
Ideas for something to paint?
can i put varnish on my oil painting after 1 week of painting?If its dry or how long should i wait?
Hokusai prints that involve a girl smoking a pipe with a long neck?
Want to know what the color pewter grey looks like?
What are the cheaper/simpler ways to frame art durably and in a cost-effective manner?
What is so special about Rembrandt?
Is there really such a thing as artistic plagiarism?
Who is a famous Hispanic artist?
recipes for good homemade artist paints.?
Where can I get some ideas for figuritive paintings?
Best music to listen to when painting or creative writing?
what is the real name of leonardo?
Acrylic paint not adhering to surface after priming ! ?
I've applied acrylic paint on paper, is it ok to apply oil paint over the acrylic paint?
What kind of groups outside schooling or education can offer the same creative environment?
how much is the dress mona lisa wore in the painting?
i have universal oil primer to be applied on wood as well as is very thick,can i add turpentine?
What is the large painting of a bird eating a man's liver while he is chained to the ground?
Can anyone identify these paintings.?
Has anyone heard of an American artist from the 1870's named Charles Clarke?
Can we use pearl whight car paint on home P.O.P?
is there a famous artist from 1897 by the name I. Ross?
Was Da Vinci gay?
Can I make liquid watercolor paint from my watercolor tube paint?
looking for information about a picture i have it has the name on the bottom right of the picture foegen?
Where/how can I get paintings by the genious British artist Montelimar?
Who is the artist who painted a picture of two japanese women and a 'surgeon' with a **** ton of cats in it.?
Please tell me as many artists names you know of?
Was Salvador Dali gay?
Does watercolor work on construction paper?
is "enamel saucepan" by pablo picasso, during the blue period?
Australian face painting supplies?
Thomas Kinkade Painting Symbolism?
canvas question?
Would this finish work?
comparisons between paul cezanne and sj peploe style ?
How is it that some oil painters can finish so quickly, dont they need time for painting to dry?
Art Nouveu?
What would it cost to insure a £5 million painting?
Who painted this painting? Or what is the title?
Why is painting classified as a fine art and a visual art?
What of commentary did Salvador Dali make?
How do you copyright a painting?
Where to but a rose painting for cheap?
how can I find free images of art (public domain art)?
whats a substitute for food coloring when making face paint?
What is that renaissance/baroque painting with the 4 guys preparing for battle?
does anyone no anything about a artist, oil painter called Alf William Singer?
Does anyone know what this painting is?
Can anyone help me find this painting?
okay do you think this is a good painting for Romeo and Juliet?
what are 5 interesting facts about german expressionism?
What's a good Southwest Art gallery name?
Describe why 19th century art is important?
Creating depth effect with acrylic paint?
trying to research art of Harold"Bubi" Jessen Texas artistactive 1932-1937?
im looking to buy an airbrush should i get a Badger if i want to paint:cars, paper, hats ,etc.?
can I use minwax polyshade over a newly painted floor which I painted with oil based enamel floor paint?
Copyright info for painting "Adoration of the Shepherds"?
What type of mangoes should I paint?
How should I go about comparing and contrasting two paintings?
i would like to sell two origtinal paintings of a great artist from india. where do i find a buyer?
Does oil paint stain your skin?
will spray paint fade after washing the fabric?
urgent question on acryllic or oil paint ?
Is modern art 'rubbish' compared to traditional artworks?
Where can I find this painting or ones like it?
Information on van Gogh's 'Bedroom in Arles'?
How much body paint do i need?
How to paint with acrylic paints on canvas?
I don't get art. What makes art good?
what are some good ideas?
What is the best way for me sell my watercolors & chinese brushpainting online?
Songs or paintings about politics and immigration?
Who painted this picture?
What was Andy Warhol's financial standing?
i like to have art paints with high resoloution,but i can not find you know any site that have this?
I'm just learning to paint?
Who created the art deco painting style?
Why do black artists always steal white muscians lyrics and riffs?
Does anyone know of any web sites that have high resolution Norman Rockwell images, especially Freedom?
meaning of the name monalisa?
Where is the painting 'Madame X' by John Singer Sargent currently located?
spray painting bike parts?
looking for art work by the artists celeste radloff used to exibit at the bowmoore galley?
Is paint thinner and turpentine the same.?
Anyone know what type of artwork is featured..?
names of gothic artists?
Can you put tempera paint over acrylic paint?
Artwork on an episode of Dennis Miller Live?
BEST ANSWER!! Rate my Paintings? 13 Years old!?
technique to mimic this wall art?
do u hve Weathered castle's pic n info painted by Rembrandt?
I need websites for drawing/painting pets on rocks?
wet on wet paint style?
How does artist Georgia O'keeffe's work relate to her culture and time?
what are the similarities of Picasso's paintings and Monet's?
Is modern Art rubbish?
'Mona Lisa a famous painting by DA vinci is a self portrait of himself in disguise'-is this true?
I'm looking for aviation art any good websites to visit?
paint a camaro that's green to primer blk w/sealer?
Does anybody knows this painter JOHN S. SARGENT is he a famous painter?
what do you think is wrong with david platt?
i need help finding a german painting.....?
would painting over copper pipes prevent patina?
Im getting into watching Bob Ross on tv tell me anything you want about him or his artist style?
i need to mount leonardo di caprio tonight?
Help identifying a painter!?
what should I paint either...?
Help! Fabric painting. What is the clear stuff you paint onto Material, before you paint itt?!?
current value of robert w woods paintings?
How do you airbrush?
What is the name of a modern female painter who works in oil, mostly browns with images hidden in the work?
what year did painting prints start?
looking for an abstract artist that paints mostly women draped in cloth?
famous cityscape artists?
does the work of Pablo Picasso reflect yhe lifestyle of the people of that period?
What are characteristics of Humanism?
Salvador Dali or Picasso?
What are some famous landmarks by the sea?
screen printing process? simple steps please?
Can some one list some of the major achievements Francisco Goya made? 10 points to best and thorough answer.?
I like very much this painting by Van Gogh..?
Have you heard of a painting artist called/named "Kam"?
meat in traditional art ?
What Should i paint on my canvas?
ART question?
I want to know more of latin american painting in XX century?
who painted the mona lisa??
Hidden images/tricks in renaissance paintings?
How to wash off dry acrylic paint on a paint brush?
5 water color methods...? 10 points best answer!?
Questions about Monet?
what is an easy painting to draw by dali?
what color do red and blue make?
Does anyone know what painting is behind Ariel in this scene of The Little Mermaid?
What color starts with "C"?
Will Flam Retardant Spray Damage a Painting?
Does anyone own, or know someone who owns, a painting by Kansas City artist Modesta Richerson?
I need help for placement ideas for a 'Twilight' painting...?
What is your favorite colour!!!?
Abstract expressionist painter Arshile Gorky?
How can a devoted artist painter survive ?
Does anyone have a web sight that will show paintings from the 16th century or colonial america?
What happens if you combine lacquer thinner and mineral spirits?
c mitchells paintings?
What surface to paint on?
Marc Chagall - can you identify this piece of work?
What is George Ohr most famous for? be specific plz?
How do I figure out who signed this oil paiting? Details?
Ten best painters?
What do you think about this Irish sketch?
Does anyone know where do good art courses?
hi, if anybody is from india, please tell me, if there any workshop for young artist? to come 2gethr n work..?
Which country are artists from the High Renaissance from?
How do you clean oil paintings?
where can i find a sketch of an indoor pond in a reception type room?
Using mario bros artwork copyright infringment?
How can you remove charcoal from a canvas?
How do you pronounce Michelangelo ?
I need help deciding!!?
About how much is worth in dollars the painting "Persistence of Memory"?
graffiti question?
how can i make washable paint permanent on a shirt?
how did italian artist titian reflect on the renaissance?
what does it mean when there are care instructions on the back of a painting?
Do you know interesting web links to little known paintings?
Art Question. Help Please.?
What is the best colour art?
what do you call an artist working on glass?
painting ideas problem !!!!!?
Who is this painting by,and how much is it worth?
what is a dave stirling painting worth?
Who is your favourite artist?
Any online paint programs?
I was wondering if anyone could help me find the name of an artist?
Do you put lighter paint into the darker paint or the other way around?
what type of material/paint could i use to paint on a t-shirt?
i need help finding an old painting?
how long does the glow in the dark paint glow?
Is it possible to buy the Mona Lisa painting?
What type of clothing did Salvador Dali wear?
Hey how good is this painting?
How good is the colour green?
Who is the best painter of all times?
What is price of gold / White Gino Green Global Hoodie ..??
Artist from 40s 50s? Cant remember?
how to find the name of a painting or who painted it?
Is it possible to paint acrylic over a picture in a magazine?
Can watercolors on archival paper be stored on top of each other?
I have never painted with oil paint before. How is it different from acrylic?
abstract painting?
Artist's Loft Dual Tip Markers?
Does anyone know anything about the Italian artist Luigi Bechi?
favorite colors?
What color goes with tan and magenta?
Oil Paints or Acrylic Paints?
Can anyone tell me colours and what they symbolizes?
painting a porch and trying to figure out the colors?
what color is derieved by adding all the basic colors?
Colors evoke emotions, yes? So what emotion would peach evoke?
project please help PAUL JENKINS bio!!!?
What's your favourite dance that's closelyy connected to classical music?
how do you paint realistic clothing with acrilic paints?
Which artists and paintings would The Salon have exhibited from 1890-1910?
The best brand of watercolour pencils?
what is your favorite peace of art?
BEST white fabric paint for opaque coverage on BLACK shirt?
Can i use methylated spirits to mix oil paint?
Why Is Van Gogh Worthy Of A Portrait?
what is your favorite colore and why ??????????????????????
pictures i drew on ms paint please rate and comment?
Painting question??!?!?
When Mixing paint do you add the warm color to the cool color or the cool to the warm?
I have an original lithograph by Moses Soyer. It has been authenticated by The Collectors Gulild, N.Y. I?
List of famous artists please?
Found a painting by Count Regis de Bouvier de Cachard in the attic of an old home?
In Fast Five does anyone know the name of painting/artist of big Renaissance style painting in Reye's office?
is the OIL PAINTING that i got at the second-hand store worth anything?
where can i find some fluro body paint?
jenny saville -artist- what medium dose she use?
Why do so many people hate Thomas Kinkade?
what Bedroom colours for a 12 year old girl?
what's the name of this janet fish painting?
ROBERT NIDY painting, are they EXPENSIVE?
Why does panofsky thinks van eyck is enigmatic?
Am i allowed to take watercolour paint on a airoplane?
This is something about drawing?
Is it safe to use non-toxic fabric paint for your body?
Looking for the name of an acclaimed, "disturbing," contemporary Chinese painter/sculptor?
Painting My Wall Ideas?
What (alternative) tittle could you give this artpiece? why?
I'm looking for Artist communities in North Wales and along the Welsh marches?
Identifying a Picture?
Who do you like better between Van Gogh and Monet?
I need help with a Painting Company!?
Who's your Favourite artist?
What do you call the raised dots/grooves on a oil painting, from the canvas?
value of paintings by alex mortimer painted in 1897?
What is meant by digital printmaking?
How can I cover the hole of an already filled Easter Egg & make it unoticeable?
Want To Figure Out What's Right With This Painting?
what do think about the painting "christ crucified" of francisco de goya?
what is a good airbrush cleaning solution?
plz rate my painting again out of 10..?
HOW do you thin airbrush paint ?
Experimenting with water color : critique? ?
what is the average size of the painting shown in the gallery?
How to exhibit my paintings in an Art gallery?
Orange is color of insanity?
Why style of painting art was popular before impressionism?
What kind of sealant/varnish is best for coating acrylic paint on a wood surface?
Value on another Norman Rockwell print (Looking Out To Sea)...2'x3' on canvas?
how do you use mont marte gesso universal primer?
Please recommend a good felt artist?
What can be painted on to paper that will create a hard coating, but can also be painted on?
which is better acrylic, oil, or water based paint?
Art project on the elements, air, water, earth and fire. Want to make an earth canvas painting with mud, ideas?
Is there any site in which I can sell my digital paintings and flash animations.?
What is the proper way to dispose of mineral spirits?
What happens to stolen paintings?
how can i improve that i am the painter for someone ?
what were Piet Mondriaan's first and last paintings?
Charles Roka Painting? Value?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Original purchase price or worth of "Adoration of the Magi" by Leonardo DiVinci?
What is significant about Van Gogh's Shoes?
does my painting look comolete?
What do you think of Dow-Romney Georgian oil paints?
where is van amstel co located?
Does anyone recognize the paintings on these Bruckner CDs?
Spray Painting A Rubber Mask (s)?
im painting a picture. i need random objects? HELP!?
Where can i buy acrylic paint for nails?
what media does willem de kooning use in his art?
Monet's painting?
In the book Heist Society there are several paintings mentioned. Are they actual paintings or made up?
can you think of any famous artwork that has yellow in it?
Would acrylic paint stay onto a plastic surface is it coated with glaze?
I want to buy a real Picasso?
Old art print of angel on bridge value?
why did art in the 60's die out?
i have a painting of a wagon train that is over 100yrs.old. all i can make out of the artist name is F.GRAYSON
what makes the colour blue?
My family has this old painting. We would like to find some info about it. Any idea how?
Where can I find fine art depicting angels?
Does what you link colours with say anything about you as a person?
There is a painting on Fresh Prince of a city with a red and yellow car.. WHAT THE HELL IS IT??? Looked everyh
what is the important of the dyeing?
Wall painting font help?
What's the title and artist of this song?
name of print by Marc Chagall?
How do I paint graffiti cartoons on canvas?
Is it possible to exhibit paintings online? Is it true that we can be an online painter?
How can you tell an original???
my mate wants me to paint a mdf guitar for him for his tech project , what paints could i use ?
Looking for a painting/artist? Surreal painting?
Do all paintings have be signed?
Have you heard of te Art dealer Dr. Gary Morgan and sons?
how to be a good painter?
Corel Painter X keeps reversing my work to an earlier stage.?
where did giovanni bellini paint the agony in the garden? please help?
I'm looking for a particular print (by either Hiroshige or Hokusai...)?
How to do galaxy painting on Instagram?
Why is Monet seen as a working-class simpleton and a peasant?
Can I use my piece of original artwork commercially?
Can anyone tell me the name of the painting and artist of this:
Has anyone seen this painting?
Artist who use moncramitic purple in their paintings?
purchase franchecense and myrh oil in los angeles?
Is it unusual to sign a print? or is it the norm to have the signature printed along with the original work?
where was Sal Vor Dali born??
what scheme is the use of one hue combined with the hues on either side of its complement?
Who is sitting next (left) to Jesus Christ in Da Vinci's portrait - The Last Supper?
Could I buy the mona lisa for $1 billion from france?
Can somebody please help me identify this artist?
is umaga's stuff on his face a tattoo or face paint?
Suggest why some people prefer virgin oil to promace oil.?
Is there any site to download e-books on Oil and Watercolor Painting techniques in .pdf or .doc format ?
What do you guys think of my paintings?
Frida Kahlo, what do you think of her?
what is the deference between painting and drawing?
What is your fav colur?
Will Spray paint work on Clear packing tape?
Can someone tell me who this unknown artist may be. I've had this painting over 30 years?
Are there any artists who do work on depression?
Name of this painting?
is it ok to duplicate an original painting by painting it yourself ?
What are some Paintings by Pablo Picasso during the Rose Period?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Could anybody help me out with a print i found at a garage sale ?
Why is Jesus portrayed as young, fit and shaven in the mosaic; The Good Shepherd?
what are two artists who are like paul klee?
Can i paint on a shirt with regular paint?
Show me some support!!!! I really want this!?
How can I sale paintings that I owe but Don't want anymore?
Painting a mural without primer?
How does one dispose of paint thinner?
Is there a cost efficient way to have an original art piece e.g.: painting, watercolor printed onto a canvas?
Do you sleep in your studio? Do you lay amid the half empty tubes of paint with your head resting on one arm?
What place in the world has the cheapest bulk art supplies? Needing paper, acrylics, canvas, paints, brushes.
what colors do u mix to make gunmetal grey?
Can you use tung oil on spray paint?
why dose spray paint dissolve stroyfom?
1890s Painters???
what twelve sketch colours indicate?
what is the song paint me a birmingham about?????
where can i find info about "La Donna Velata" by Raphael about who she was and for whom was this painting made
Cultural color choices?
Does the artist retain marketing rights to a sold painting?
soft pastels (advice)?
what is the best top quality brush to use for acrylic?
What is this painter's name?
Pablo Picasso, great artist or big pedophile?
Need a new design for a canvas painting?
urgent question on acryllic or oil paint ?
Can anyone find some simple african paintings?
What is the name of a surreal painting involving a redhead girl with invisible clothes, burning books and ice?
Where can I find street painters?
what kind of paper would you uses to paint layers of water colour?
Does anyone know the famous Tsunami painting with a boat in it?
Please tell me what you think of my painting?
Fine art (painting) students...?
what is your favorite colour?
Can I use acrylic paint on veneer?
why does mona lisa have no eyebrows?
what do you think of my painting?
what do you call a picture that really has two or more pictures in it?
Does painting has any value in this age of digital printout?
mr norman gray l?
i have a etchmaster original is it worth anything?
Paint mixing problem...?
Tell me, why art?
painting question!!!!!!?
beautiful woman out there?
Easy to paint Australian landscapes?
does a painter have to make something logical or easy to see what it is to be considered a good painter ?
Who is hotter emmett or Jasper?
What is the cause and effect of Impressionism on history?
Can you recommend me some good sites about 18th century portraits of American women?
What is the latest colour to be established?
why are artists in impressionism such as Vincent van Gogh considered to be important and successful?
Simple cheek art/ face painting deigns?
What should i paint???????????????????????????????????…
i want some freaky eyes in a painting im doing in a series, this face sees the pale white horse?
where to fing airbrush paint and supplies (specifically) in the philippines?
Help me about this painting?
What are some famous paintings?
what do you use to thin the undercoat of lacquer?
Do you think that the Mona Lisa is a portrait of a pregnant woman?
Is my painting worth anything? help should I just sell it in the yard sale?
La Dolce Vita/ Anita Ekberg memorabilia?
WC painter having problems with gouache...please help?
Emily Carr's first painting??
Chinese Girl is a 1950 painting by Vladimir Tretchikoff.?
Acrylic Painting In My Locker!?
How do you blend oil pastels?
what value will artist give objects in their paintings that they want to appear faraway?
Painting a t-shirt, any tips?
What does Evander Holyfield & Vincent van Gogh have in common?
can i use spray paint from wal mart to paint an engine block?
Who was George Chinnery's dad?
Who can name the Artist, not easy.?
Why does Botero like to paint chubby and hairy women?
Question about Acrylic paints and colored pencils ?
Sites to sell art work on?
What do you think of this?
who did juan gris influence?
I need to find the artist of this triptych?
looking for art in the Tropic's?
Which contemporary artists are well known for figure painting?
I painted Ledger's Joker... any feedback from an art perspective?
What's the best way to remove varnish and paint and restart a project?
help! title/artist of this surreal painting?
Do you think it's possible to imagine a colour nobody has ever seen before?
Paint Shop Pro 8 Question?
hey its me i was just wondering how to turn crayons into paint..??????
Renoir Painting- value?
Who are some famous artists that work on/with mirror?
what is the color saddle?
Questions about the Artist David Hockney?
can someone please give me an artist that is well know for his/her's?
Who painted Monalisa?
how much do pieces of art by j.peretto sell for?
What Color is This? What is the RGB Color Code?
What kind of thesis would you paint for New Orleans ?
"Scream" painting?
Japanese water brush?
how can an artist get their paintings into a museum?
Help! What are some major similarities and differences between artist Thornton Willis and Rory Emerald?
Can someone tell me what Micheal Snow's painting style and technique is?
Is it safe to use Acrylic paint on skin?
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
Looking for a place to paint in Sacramento/Elk Grove area ?
patterns of temperament?
Paintings related to drug cartels by Fernando Botero?
how do u oil paint? please help.?
is 18ml of face paint enough to paint an entire person?
Can anybody interpret this?
who painted those painings hung in Hometown Buffet's?
Will it work to mix oil paint with acrylic paint if needed? or will it totally ruin everything?
What paint to use on a wine glass?
What should I paint on?
1.16 Cell Wars Science?
how can i write about texture of a piece of music?
I want to identify an art print.?
Is Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir still showing in the Haggin Museum in Stockton?
What should i paint on my canvas?
is poster paint oil based or water based?
Painting Bright Colors over darker ones?
Mosaics in the Basilica of San Marco in Venice. I need information and pictures, anything please!!?
i can't paint. i am afraid to begin?
help! what paint colours do I mix together to get a warm magenta/raspberry colour?
What will i write in a certificate of authentication for paintings?
What is the best type of paint to use to cover high density foam and to try to avoid ing?
Who are some Famous Contemporary Artists that were inspired by Prehistoric Art?
On the show 'Will and Grace', in Will's apartment there was a picture of Artwork of a Man's face.?
I have a painting in my attic.?
James Christensen, Once upon a time?
Can anyone help me identify a piece of artwork by Victor Vaserely?
What do the flowers and candles represent/symbolize in As the old sing, so the young pipe? (top left)?
Angel raphael leaving tobias family?
oohhh emm gee! help. i need info on the year 1870!!!!!?
What is the name of this painting?
is it dangerous to teach oil painting to children?
is painting therapeutic? and y r a lot of painters like myself troubled, is it fuel for their work?
Art-can a copy be an original, if hand copied with brush and paint?
is it possible to buy da vinci, picasso, or van gogh's artworks?
Is oil paint bad for your health and odorless thinner?
i want to make something beautiful...?
Whats a bibliography sketch??
What should I paint in Acrylic?
Jonathan Groves. Who's calling?
Is there a cost efficient way to have an original art piece e.g.: painting, watercolor printed onto a canvas?
Help painting the back of iPhone.?
looking for "poster" or photo of eight women behind an iron fence with a sign that's printed No Men Allowed.
Anyone do graffiti? or have tips on doing graffiti?
How do you get spray paint off your skin?
Who painted the painting in HOLIDAY IN HANDCUFFS?
Question about Tupentine Natural and Liquin Original!!?? PLEASE HELP!?
Where can I find an awesome artist to paint my daughters playroom?
What stories have you hear regarding the Da Vinci code & "the last supper"?
Can I spray paint model cars with krylon spray paints?
What do you think about my painting? pic?
who knows a project i culd do about frida khalo (the mexican artist)?
Were there very many color blind artists?
looking for a certain painting?
Which material should I use to coat an oil painting?
Can a Paasche Airbrush be used with car paint?
artists who did The Last Supper?
whats your favorite color?
The Assumption of the Virgin by Correggio?
trying to find out about fine artist ann celia?
Why is the mona lisa such a legendary painting?
Information about FRIDA KAHLO?
how many years did it take michelangelo to complete his painting on the ceiling of the sistine chapel?
Does anyone know about Demosthenes and his 3 categories of women?
Is Enamel paint the same as oil paint?
Do you need to obtain rights to use famous paintings on shirt graphics?
Liquid White/Wet on Wet painting help??
Should i Be a painter or a drawer?
Does anyone know the name of this painting I saw in the Portland Art Museum?
where i found different and good painting kits in south delhi?
why did British painter MARK Gertler committed suicide in 1939?
What is the name of this painting by Jim Dine?
Where's a good place to paint?
If I leave peice of art (acrylic on canvas) in my apt while I'm gone for the summer, will it warp?
what is your favorite painting?
Hey,I was wondering if any of you know how to say "paint can" in french.Thanks for the help.?
my roommate keeps painting on canvases and putting her art on the walls.?
i need info on an artist by the name of Wilfredo Cam he's hispanic?
Its about my varnish gloss?
Please help me decide a name for the group of 12-20 fine-artists ( all are over 40)?
Best friend's birthday painting ideas?
what does the mural by Diego Rivera symbolize?
what is your favorite color?
What is your favorite color?-If it matches up with mine you might be my Best Answer!!!?
Will the clorox blech gel work for spatter painting jeans at all?
how can you get acrilyc paint of a lead soldier?
How do you make a custom frame for an art canvas?
Pricing amateur artwork?
Painter´s name and name of painting wanted - see link?
What kind of paint should you use to paint on glass?
I'm trying to find the Fine Arts Studio in San Francisco?
I have a G. Rodo Boulanger painting, can you tell me the name of the painting?
what is a premier brush master side by side worth?
looking for a painting? picture?
What do you know about the Asian painter peco yeh?
painting a hockey mask for an art project?
Why was rfk at Marilyn Monroe house the night see died?
How Much Would it Cost To Ship My Painting?
does anyone have a spare walls in a cafe to hang and sell my art...?
did Davinci actually painted messages in his works of art???
what is the name of this painting!?
What is the easiest way to make stencils for spray painting t-shirts or other items?
Finishing an old kimball piano ?
where is the origanal painting "the last supper? who painted it/ what year?
What kind of paint to use on fake leather?
What is this type of painting?
painting my guitar - supplies and process?
What is Paula Vaughans A Stitch In Time Print worth.?
Random facts about umberto boccioni?
Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa?
What technique is used to get that effect of a painting to look like a photograph?
please identify this painting for me?
Would the world be better off, in everyone was more like Bob Ross?
Where can I find info on Diego Rivera's painting, Open Air School?
what is the difference between form and content in visual arts?
Is there a color called, or sounds similar to, bastard?
Does anyone know who painted this?
Where can I purchase inexpensive paintings in New York City?
Is it true that Turner was the first impressionist?
Has anyone ever sold their artwork to the Art Institute of Chicago?
Where to find tutorial to paint a sketch of a tree?
A few questions about oil techniques? Mediums?
How much would this painting be worth?
How do you find (fine) artists in your area?
Artists that use a lot of colour, or colour in interesting ways?
when was Clifftop 3 made by Angie Lewin?
who painted newman decor watercolor #1553?
How many paintings did Picasso paint?
What is the best medium to learn to paint?
why was andy warhol famous?
When and where was stephen lawrence lowry born?
Should I charge for cost of shipping supplies?
Hello!I would like show my art pictures.May be anybody know such adress in net,except for
Do you like the name LexiLynn Rene?
About a painting of the Virgin Mary?
i'm looking for a pic with a girl with bleeding tears that is suppose to be by Mike Rider, but i'm not sure
Fearing my paint brushes?
Tracing paper transfer to water coloring paper help?
looking for construction company / painting-taping plastring/ in new yuork?
Simone Legno Help Please?
where can i find a chinese painting step by step guide?
if you see a painting on the internet, have you seen it at all?
Is it okay to paint eyeglass frames?
How can you tell the difference between a water-colour painting and a print when it is framed?
What colour describes engagement?
what title should i give an artwork that involves death and suffrage?
How can I find a specific artist online when there are literally thousands of sites under that name,but not re
Question for artists........?
what was the style of the thinker paint(by Auguste rodin)?
How are the Dali Lamas chosen?
What is the painting of a woman wearing a bonnet,knitting by fireplace?
Do you think artist should use Photshop or do you think they should keep everything natural; pen, pencil, etc?
How to do Light Painting?
can someone describe me about the paintings of john james audoben.?
is an artist an old soul in life?
Why were paintings in the Renaissance almost always religious?
poll:::how to learn painting?
What colors go well with purple?
Who is this guy who tried to sell a canvas painted white for $50,000?
Is there ANY painting of High School Musical in this WORLD? Please send Picture and a bit of an info! THNX!!!!
American Gothic by Grant Wood?
can anyone tell me where to listen to the 2nd violin part of mantras by richard meyer?
Can I apply encaustic paints directly on top of artists oil paint?
Paintings of never end stairs, forever running water.?
What color do you get when mixing yellow with purple?
Are you a Duchampian or a Picassoan?
How could I improve my painting?
Is it true Mary Magadelene was sitting with Jesus and the Apostles in the Last Supper picture?
If you were an artist, how much would you charge to paint this logo on a 2.5x2.5 ft domino table for a friend?
Can anyone tell me how much my painting may be worth?
Why did Van Gogh want Gauguin to live with him in the south of France?
What did Leonardo believe and what were his values?
Is this a good price for customizing (painting) an xbox 360 controller?
Are there any modern artists that paint in the school of Dali?
When and where was The Singing Fish (Joan Miro) created?
a question about digital painting in photoshop?
To all the artist who express themselves with paint, brush, and a canvas...?
is this cute or not please tell me?
Who is the artist that paints dolls in random scenes?
Is there a such thing as a "playing card museum"?
Who is Salvador Dali and why is he important? What would we be missing without him?
What are the dimensions for the columns of the Hephaisteion temple?
What type of black paint can i use to paint the tube of my grey stethoscope?
Sims 2 nail painting?
Baffled, Painting name/artist?
How do I make this a 18x24 size in paint?
how much do you think this oil painting is worth?
Does anyone know of an etching artist by the name of J D Mullowney from the 1930s?
When painting on a poster, which is preferred? Gouache or normal watercolor? (.s right away)?
How to do this on paint?
Has anyone had a portrait done by "anything on canvas"???
How do you get blacklight face paint off?
How do you stain paper without paint, tea, or coffee?
help! I am doing translating from English to Chinese, here are some words i don't get it. please help! emergen
how can you do a visual on the word improvised?
if you bought a painting, what kind of thing would you buy?
Is it safe to put autographed pictures in plastic frames?
What's the difference between purple and violet?
What are the differences between Pointillism and Divisionism?
any artists remember painter 5? Still download it?
Does anyone know the photoshop color numbers for oil paint names?
how do you change colors on corel painter essentials 4?
would you laugh at someone's art work when they can't draw but made it for their son?
Do you know this painting or the artist?
Who is Alwyn Milton Pinto In MUMBAI?
How to paint onto polyester?
Which painting by Leonardo da Vinci is a glorification of the human body?
I have a three faces of John Wayne original oil by Sally Evans dated 1981. What is it worth?
what is the best type of paint to use to paint a name on a car?
What's so great about New Mexico that so many artists and writers are drawn there?
Where to buy Sebastian Int....?
Who is the artist and value of my oil painting?
what is the actual value of "The Irises" by Van Gogh?
have Rodman Pell 1973 painting anyone know if they are worth anything does anyone collect them?
Do i have a chance to be a commercial model?
The Byzantine church of San Vitale is known for its beautiful mosaics. In which country is it situated?
On EBAY...Can you sell your own paintings/art based on movies and musicians etc?
Colonial americas famous artists?
I'm becoming a life model?
Why do fine artists buy and use only paint that is in the art stores?
compare painting to music,why many people think that paintings are harder to understand?
How Much is Painting worth?
My sable brushes are starting to get split ends. Losing definition and control. Would it be OK to trim them?
Åsgårdsreien (odin's wild hunt) by pn arbo?
What's primer for?Why is it white?
Is there any good oil painting gallery on line?
what type of paintings did picasso make?
What is your favorite kind of painting,oil,acyrlic,or watercolor?
How do I clean oil paintings from the 1920s-1930s?
where do you get painter pants?
does anyone know frank frazetta jr.'s email adress?
what was a victorian teacher like?
paint remover? any suggestions please?
splatter paint a white dress?
What is the link to costing Paint Tool Sai?
why is the Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber so famous?
should I quit my job to do art full time?
What type of paint should I use to paint my Ballistic nylon suitcase?
name some surrrealism artists!!!!?
Orange, red, and yellow or green, blue, and violet?
I need ideas for painting a parking spot!?
How do you make a canvas?
how do I create a portfolio for my art?
Why did Middle Age artists not sign their work?
what is local color realism?
Is your favorite color purple?
wher was arna bontemps born?
dutch, italian, etc painters?
what do you think of my artwork?
How do I ask a friend to pay for my artwork?
besides being a painter and filmmaker what else did salvador dali do?
Who was the model for Auther Hughes "Ophelia" ca. 1865?
What is so special bout Mona Lisa?
Where do I get a Conan the barbarian painting but of myself?
Where can I find an artist to do a commisioned painting without paying a zillion dollars & be Maryland local?
oil portraits - how did they get the finish on oil portraits years ago?
Guerilla art sale in Netherlands?
Is it true that Michael's have acrylic paint for 59 cents?
What emotions do you get from colors?
i add black and orange to yellow to dull this good?
How did Picasso changed the visual language when he came up with Cubism?
paintings on various websites in internet?
Why do graffiti artists all seem to have the same handwriting?
Imformation on Janet Karam?
Planning to organize a Painting Exhibition.. Suggest me some Ideas please..?
where can I buy quality spray paint for the cheapest prices?
Can I sell a digital painting of a celebrity legally?
who is the father of surrealism?
How much does it cost to frame a painting?
In the movie "Stay" there is a painting of the Brooklyn bridge in blue..who is it by and how can I acquire it?
What were the Renaissance artists trying to show in their work?
what are some artists known for painting naked figures?
condition of larry green?anybody knows anything?
Can you use nail acrylics to paint an acrylic painting?
Where can i find spray paint for t shirts?
Good ink to use as an outline for an oil/acrylic painting?
Was Jackson Pollock under the influence of drugs?
Paint Won't Stick on Plastic Mask?
Trying to find a picture of a man in a chair watching TV and everything is blowing in the wind.?
i have a question about painting materials.?
any paintings?
Do you like these pics?
What was Frida Calo`s favorite drink?
The painting has 10 kids in the middle, with a round object that looks like a ball to the left. in the back?
How is paint applied in starry night? How does it look?
What do you like to paint?
Why do the clouds are white?
Can anyone suggest a good book about painting in GIMP or Photoshop?
What is the name of the child self-taught painting genious who does religious works? It sounds like Aiki Anae?
How do i sell oil paintings that I own? No EBAY thanks.?
What is the painting called...?
how do i find a website by christopher ernest brunelle from miami fla?
How do I get rid of masking tape residue?
Will thickly applied poster paint dry? Can I varnish/strengthen it?
What are the copy-right laws regarding painting a photo?
what happens if i use red (transparent/transleucent) tint on a black painted surface?
Would acrylic paint stay onto a plastic surface is it coated with glaze?
What paint would be good to use to paint on my white vans?
I have a painting by A. Henry Nordhausen, it is a 16X20 is it signed and the painting is of a ballerina.?
How can i legaly sell my paintings that i have painted myself, without anyone stealing them(ideas)?
Jean-Michel Basquiat?
How to refill a empty spray paint can??See details please?
How to paint a portrait?
help with signature for paintings?
What should I title this painting?
Does anyone know of a place to send in my guitar to get custom painted?
Looking for a painting by J. Martin or name similar. The painting is a black and white w/a couple w/chains.?
What painting could be a good portrait of death?
Who does the artwork for The Flaming Lips?
How has the postmodernism era shaped and changed the way we perceive artists and their work?
what kind of painting is Freiderike Maria Beer made by Gustav Klimt ?
bristle hilaman consavorty?
What happened to the paintings Mark Rothko painted for four seasons?
Adding some decoupage on canvas?
glow in the dark paint?
what's the lasting impact of Clement Greenberg?
Research on artwork ?
How can I do a painting of a nude even though I'm not really a good artist?
Actual painting software?
help identifying this painting?
I am looking to see what the value of a oil canvas painting of a lake with cypress trees by the...?
If there is a best friend youve knone your hole life and bes mean to you and never stops what do you do??
Why does a sculptor have an easier time of representing nature than a painter?
What color should i paint my car? (something unusual)?
What do you know about the artist Georgia O'Keefe and her artwork-i am particularly interested in the one?
what can i do to clean all natural hair paint brushes?
Who painted the picture"The Harlem Night Life"?
what should i draw for an art competition?
Any oil painters out there?
paint question?
Can someone please review/ critique my paintings?
What do you think is the cultural context on this painting?
Help? Linear Perspective?
Argan oil...what is it?
artist that look at womans roles?
Is there a safe method of cleaning old art prints?
what can you paint with 31fl.oz of white paint?
How Much Would You Pay for This?
Name of Blek Le Rat Piece?
Any art competitions available?
I’ve a great interest in painting.Is there any institution where I can study fine arts after graduating BBA?
is there such a thing as a perfect color?
How can a keep a light from burning a painting?
Which Face Paint is Better? Snazaroo, Kryolan or Wolfe? HELP!?
what do you think of this painting? - pics -?
Can I paint someone from a photo they posted online?
Angels paintings?
Where can i look on the internet to get my paintings printed into limited edition prints?
Interesting Natural Form Artists?
Can i become a freelance artist?
Does anyone know about artist Hans Frey/porcelain painter (early 1900)?
Vincent D'onofrio's bio?
what's the difference between a painter and an illustrator?
Think about contemporary artists who create the same kind of impression as the Romantics did.?
Ideas for a mirror?!?!? TEN POINTS!!!?
Where is Roy Lichtenstein's artwork featured?
repair chipped lacquer paint on piano?
As an artist I have a wooden shed at the bottom of my garden that has seen better days.?
whats the paint that changes colors?
How to paint water ? not the just whole thing blue?
Who easier to write essay about? Picasso or Andy Warhol?
How to use acrylics mediums?
give me examples if medium of painting?
Painting inspiration?
value of watercolour paintings by margaret Ross?
Is owning oil paints dangerous to your health?
Alison McGill Artwork?
I want to view famous paintings on my iPad, how do i put them there?
who was the founding artist of color field/hard edge?
I have some original signed paintings by Theodore D Coe. I'm trying to find out anything about this artist ?
Did W Russell Flint paint a picture titled "Gleams and Shadows" and where is it now?
I would like to know the name of the actor "Pierre" in the Pierce Brosnan ver. of around the world in 80 days.
How do I price art that someone wants me to create for their organization?
Help me see a text on a picture?
can any1 find the"female figure study" by paul prudhon anywher in the web?
Help with a painting? -work in progress- (pictures included)?
Does anyone know of any paintings of men in coats?
Can I paint on leather with Daler Rowney's Simply Acrylic paint?
Where and How can I find more about an artist called Arturo Ferrari?
Comparison of L.S Lowry and Vincent Van Gogh! similarities and differences please?
Help with airbrushing plzzzzz!?
I would like to paint a picture on my basement wall. What kind of paint would be best to use?
What is different between artist and painter? I am elementary ESL learner........?
what do you think of this painting?
What is your favourite colour?
what was vincent van gohg's first painting?
Are there any of Freida Khalo's works in private collections?
How long do you stay In room that Is painted with oil based paint to affect you?
Paul Gauguin and Gustav Klimt?
What did giotto say about his painting called the crucifixion?
what are some techniques that claude monet used for his paintings?
Can I oil paint on cardboard?
If You Looked Like This Would You Paint Yourself Into Your Painting?
Where can i find good information on giovanni bellini's Madonna and the Child?
Where can I buy (on-line) a print of Kindred Spirits by Asher B. Durand?
What is your favourite colour?
poster paper for spray painting?
i'm trying to find an artist but all i have is H Breli?
what color is the quite veranda?is it yellow?
Who painted the "eyes" pic that hung in the stairs @the Miami Bad Girls Club House? I want to buy it sooo bad!?
Colors that go well together?
How do blend in a watery black color with my painting?
Info on an E.Heaton painting from around 1900?
how to make powder paint?
glow in the dark paint?
How do you shade with acrilic Paint in a painting?