How can i put false eyelashes on when i have no eyelashes?
Should i get foundation?
.sss How can I test makeup on my sensitive skin?
how much does it cost?
whats the best color or eyeliner (besides black/brown) for green eyes?
Do u feel ugly if u have no makeup on?
What kind of make up should a 13 year old wear everyday?
Will applying individual lashes UNDERNEATH your lashes damage them ?
Should I curl my own eyelashes before putting on fake eyelashes--if I don't wanna use mascara?
where we can find a micro-cheap to put in the skin of a person?
What kind of makeup do you think this girl is wearing?
I only have boys but my Nieces want me to buy them makeup - any idea on what makeup Teenagers wear?
How to deal with this eyeshadow in pictures!?
neutrogena mineral sheers loose powder foundation prevents zits?
What make-up brand do syncronised swimmers wear? How does it stay truly waterproof?
how could I improve my makeup [pix included]?
Do i wear too much makeup?
is gay for a guy to wear eyeliner?
What store can i find Coppertone sunless tanning gradual tan continous spray?
How do i get my eye shadow to stay on all night while am out partying.?
how can i do this make up look ?
Does this sound like a good daily beauty routine????
what color eyeliner???
How can I make my eyes appear larger?
Do you think people will start to say i am trying to fit in if i do this?
what color makeup should i wear on my lashes, eyes and cheeks when i wear red lipstick?
I lost my eyeliner... soo I need help/?
What is the best drugstore macsara out there?
What is a Drugstore eyeliner that creates a thin natural looking line?
How to get perfect skin for pale people?
Where can I buy discontinued beauty products?
make up or no make up?
What eyeshadows would look good?
how do you make moles apear smaller?
is curd and lemon a good facial cleanser?any other tips?pls advise?
Has anyone used the Perfect Pigment by Christina Cosmetics?
makeup at 14?
What is your everday makeup routine for the summer?
How do I create the smokey eye look?
Hazel eyes?
Where can I find Max Factor Pancake makeup Tan #1?
Is there a good make-up that is both powder & liquid?
Is Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer good for gel eyeliner?
liquid eyeliner.....?
Should men wear makeup?
Uneven eyebrows (pic)?
Which Mascara?
What color look best for blue-ish grey-ish eyes?
Alternative Makeup brands?
looks or persanalaty?
Where is the best part of your body to test foundation?
BareMinerals vs. Aubrey Organics Minerals????????????
Perfect Concealer?
Makeup or not?
What is R.A cream and what is it's purpose?
Where to find this eyeshadow!?
What is the best mascara for REALLY short eyelashes !?
Hiyeee people!!! can you help me? I'm asian. I have really no eyelashes. Any suggestions?
how to make cheeks pink naturally?
Does anyone here use Sheer Cover, or Bare Minerals?
How much makeup do you wear everyday?
witch hazel for problem skin?
What could I do to be Prettier ? (pics )?
My gurls,,,, How do I put on fake eyelashes at home?? I try but it is not workin?
What kind of makeup should I wear? pictures too.?
Lip piercing?
Wow! Arbonne Inernational????
what is so special about mineral make up?
My mum says that I put too much mascara on but I like it that way since I wear glasses.?
Can you list all the drugstore makeup brand that don't test on animals?
How to enhance my cheek bone,...?
What should I use for my under eyes (pic)?
Whats the best foundation to buy??
What is your favorite make-up brand?
ladies only?
Do you like wearing black nail polish?
What would look better on me?
Black Women help?!! I need a new makeup color scheme...?
how do you keep your cheecks from looking chubby in pics?
Which wonderstruck fragrance smells better?
does mac select spf 15 foundation clog pores?
what is the best mascara for under 15 dollars?
what can clear up pimples fast?
whats your opinion on the "evian mineral water spray toner"?
Can being in the shade darken your skin?
Is Maybelline Fit Me Liquid foundation oil free?
Destin beach questionn please take a minute outt your time?
What's your fave make-up?
Oil free hydrating foundation?
I have brown eyes that look a bit greenish at certain times. What eye make up would make them pop?
What are the make up artist essentials?
What make-up products should I choose?
where can i find odd colored lipstick?
what is the best product of mary kay?
Perfumes!!! help please?
how to do my makeup like this?
What is your makeup routine for when you go to school?
How do you put on eyeliner correct?
Is blue eyeliner good for someone with black hair and brown eyes?
Is this too much makeup?
One sephora return, can I make another one?
Best foundation out there?
whats the correct way?
Buying cosmetics at whole sale prices?
Girls, whats an appropriate makeup style to wear?
what to do?
Ladies What do u think of Phisicians Formula Make up?
is the maybelline dream matt mouse any good?
Is Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale cream worth the money?
am i ugly ? :( (pic)?
How do you get eyeliner off your waterline?
Does putting toothepaste on pimples actually help?
What is a good gift to give the wife for xmas?
How long do mac brushes last ?
Top make-up tip!?
eyeliner help?
How to lighten lip colour?
How do you make blue eyes pop?
Where is this eyeshadow from? I will answer your question!?
Anyone know of any good foundations?
Which do you prefer using mascara or false eyelashes?
Are colored eye contacts bad for you?
what way can you do your makeup to make your nose seem smaller and narrower? ANSWER PLEASE!?
Help! Skin question??? 10 points!?
Eyeliner help?
have black hair with gray in front and edges. any help with make-up colors that help.?
Picture day is tomorrow. Any tricks that I can do to make the picture better?
How dark is cocoa foundation?
What kind of makeup for me? ;)?
How can I be prettier?
Is black eyeliner appropriate for a 13 year old?
what do u think of fringes (bangs) across the forhead?
I have too much of dark can i hide them with the help of make up?
How to cover dark undereyes if you have indian skin? long does it take you to put your make-up on in the morning?
How come teenage Celebrities don't have any pimples?
Who here has heard of Hollister lipgloss?
how good are the coastal scents makeup?
collection 2000 makeup?
how can i apply a make up just for 3 minutes and look beauty to day time and everning time and which product?
Can you get st ives green tea cleanser at walmart ?
i need to know about this cosmetic makeup brand called black all?
what foundation should i use if my skin color is perfect shade with bare minerals medium beige 2.3?
Best foundation for pale skin?
How do I make my face less shiny?
What is your favorite BB cream?
Do you like MAC cosmetics yer or no answers please?
Do Boys Mind no Makeup if your skin is Ok?
10 points!What's the drugstore makeup must haves and Mac must haves (:?
What is it that u put right under ur eyebrow?
Suggest a best face primer?
what is the best brand of makeup?
Do I look better with or without makeup?
How much Do people at MaC Get paid? What are the REQUIREMENTS for a job there?
Do you think that 8 years old too young to start wearing make-up?
Where can you buy MAC products in the UK?
how much makeup should a girl wear whos 13-14?
HELP i bearly started selling avon!?
How to Do My Makeup For the First Day of School?
Teens:Whats in your purse?
Is Rite Aid easy to steal makeup from?
do you think i'm pretty?
What is the best skin care school in South Florida?
how do you get rid of bags under your eyes with make-up?
Do you think my mom is beeing fair?
What color eyeshadows would look good on me?
i have acne prone skin, where can i find a good foundation that won't clog my pores and still covers well?
Do you wear lipstick, lipgloss or both?
why dose my eyeshadow want to blend together on my eye?
Makeup for my sister's green eyes?
How can I make up in punk-rock style? and dress? how can I make cool punk haircut?
Are there any good, pigmented drugstore lip glosses?
What is the best brand of eyeliner to use?
is mascara harmful to your eyelashes?
How can i make my make up last longer?
does the skinfood banana concealer stick give good coverage?
What do you use solid purfume for and where?
How much are Loew Cornell brushes?
A wrinkle on my forehead?
Which do you think is more attractive?
Best drugstore foundation?
If you melt cream to powder foundation and then let it sit out, would it congeal back into cream foundation?
Does sell legit products?
Do you like this shade of blue nailpolish on my feet?
Covergirl Perfect Blend Eyeliner or Covergirl Eyeslicks Gel Eyeliner?
Is makeup made is Europe safe?
How do i avoid putting so much product on my eyes?
What to buy from sephora?????
Clinique powders: What does "mineral enriched" mean?
Those little people with the blank eyes, ones blue, ones yellowish, whatre theyre names? (image link inside)?
A good primer that works for both the eyes and face?
I go to sleep with my makeup on, but when I wake up it's gone? Where does it go?
Best makeup routine for redness/acne marks?
how do I find a good and not too pricy makeup artist?
Based on your honest opinion, who's more attractive?
ok... two random questions...?
at what age do YOU start to wear makeup?
What are some good drug store products?
I currently wear almay blemish control the color "naked" but I would like to know other ( more pricey) foundat?
Why is it that some people think I look older and some think I look younger?
do concealer brushes really make a difference when applying concealer under eyes?
If my eyelashes and skin are very fair how can i make my eyeliner, maskara and eyeshadow look nateral?
When was the first time makeup was used?
Any Avon reps got any selling tips?
Am I old enough?
Is registering for E.L.F cosmetics online free?
Makeup for hazel eyes and fair skin?
Facial peels that you would recommend.?
What eyeliner should I buy?
How will I wear makeup before I turn 17?
Would you recommend liquid foundation or compact/powder foundation?
What's the best way to look after your skin?
Makeup tips for a makeup virgin! Anything will help?
look at d gal I feel she has an problem in upperlips..I also have my upperlips d same way?
How do I get my eyelashes thick?
Whats your favorite lipgloss and why?
Where to buy bare minerals?
Guys - what lip balm do your girls use that you love?
Eye make-up advice wanted?
Is it bad to pump mascara?
My fake lashes are really damaging... should I continue to wear them? ?
why where nude lips sticks/glosses?
How much makeup do you think a 13 year old should wear? :)?
Where is the best part of your body to test foundation?
Should you use primer before bb cream?
what is your favourite colour?
Why is AllCosmeticsWholeSale down?
Can I use a stiff eyeshadow to apply gel eyeliner?
how often do u put eyeliner?
Mac slimshine vs. Lipstick?
What color eyeshadow should I wear?
Why are under my eyes black?
Whats the best fake tan?
Why are ppL so obsessed with urban decay eyshadow?
what is the official Lip Gloss color for Women.?
Where to buy cosplay necessities?
prettiest of the bunch?
calling allll make up lovers!!?
Women about make up?
Where Can I Get Free Samples ?
What store sells Burt's Bees tomato face bar?
Lip glosses like NARS Babydoll Lip Lacquer?
What is the best foundation?
Do bhcosmetics have specific names for their colors?
My date is at concert what outfit and makeup I should I do ?
Whats a really good foundation/brush?
Eyes that change colors is it attractive or creepy?
Do you put your liquid eyeliner on first or mascara?
In your opinion, what's best creme eyeliner brand?
I got my Eyebrows Threaded yesterday and the Redness won't go away?
How to solve uneven skin tone?
Am I ugly?
Which foundation is better?
Does anyone know a good bright eyeshadow brand?
Home alone with nothing to do?
Help - Clinque Bonus Gift?
What is my skin colour?
my eye shadow looks ashy?
how to give the illusion anime eyes? (im indian) =)?
what is your whitening regimen?
how to use the loreal H.I.P. kohl eye liner?
Benefit and MAC make up discounts?
What should i do about the zits that hurt?
What are good eyeshadow and lipstick colors to mix?
Can I wear makeup for beige skin if i have fair skin?
Has anyone tried Fiberwig Mascara?
help me find this make up pallet?
Best waterproof makeup for a cruise?
What do you think of this tutorial?
will i be rich by being a singer and dancer?
I need new fragrances for 2012, any recommendations? whats ur fav?
What is the best make up brand for Olive/Dark skin?
Best drug store mascara?
Liquid Latex/Paper Towel Mask?
best intant fake tan in the uk ?
Are you more likely to get wrinkles faster if you wear face makeup?
I am starting to wear makeup?
How to achieve a nice ash brown colour?
What is your fav. brand of pencil eyeliner?
Whats your favorite makeup to wear?
How much is to much makeup ?
how can i ware eyeshadow to match my outfit with out it looking dramatic?
my lips are so chapped!! help!?
is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
Should I wear makeup to Six Flags??
how much do you spend a month on cosmetics?
is purple a real colour?
eyeliner help!!?
How to get signed to be a spokesperson for a makeup company?
i have hazel/green eyes. what shadow??
makeup help please!!!?
what is the correct way to apply eyeshadow to look natural aswell?
How to look and be prettier on the inside and out?
How to use poetic waxing strips?
has anyone ever heard of the brand, color impact?
Makeup for beginners? (Ordinary Target makeup)?
What is the darkest blackest liquid eyeliner?
im 13 and im cute should at least be able to wear eyeliner and lip gloss?
What foundation do you use?
How can I get more views on my videos?
whats a really good face wash and mositurizer for acne prone skin?
Do they sell Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer in windsor, ontario?
whats the order for putting on makeup?
What make-up do you suggest to this girl?
I have a problem. I need to research mascara!?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
why do girls wear so much make up sometimes?
Can someone recommend a great makeup foundation?
What coour mascar should i buy ?
has anybody ever tried tropez lip gloss, wet n' wild megabrilliance or megaslicks lip gloss?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Makeup...please help?!?
clarins true radiance foundation?
Eyeliner help please.?
Ordering from an avon representative?
Girls, do you wear make-up or prefer natural???(ages 15+ only please)?
How much make up is too much?
Does anyone rember them Lypsyl things that you could out on your lips, can we like lick them off our lips....?
Would you consider my eye make up too dark? (pic)?
How to make eyes look bigger...?
Should I wear makeup at my all-girls school?
I want to get spray tanned for this weekend. Has anyone done the SunFX Pro?
Can i pull off red lipstick?
In MEN-How to have thick eyebrows?
How do i do my eye makeup like this?
Does elf cosmetics have good service?
Do you know use spray tan or know of a man or woman that does? What do you think of them?
Mom wont let me wear makeup.?
how come even pricey lipglosses/sticks melt down ?
cardy uggs in house of fraiser?
What liquid Foundation would go best with Bare Minerals?
How can I do my eye make-up like this girl?
How do I stop from my foundation from drying up?
Which Diorshow mascara should I get?
13 year old with acne what kind of makeup??
Please Help Its about Make Up?
girls wearing foundation on their lips?
can wearing false eyelashes almost every day give you wrinkles on your eyelids?
What is your daily make-up and hair routine?
What mascara do u like?
What is your very favorite lipgloss?
How to draw in your eyebrow but make them look natural? anyone ?
How should i store fairness creams ??Can i store it in a refrigerator ?
Will you sub to my Youtube channel?:)?
what estee lauder foundation is better?
Eyelash repair...?
witch hazel users : In what ways did witch hazel help your face and how long did it take ?
hi, may i know what product is good for dark circles under the eyes? is hylexin effective?-can anyone share?
How Can I Make Myself Appear Prettier ?
Looking for a storage drawer bin for under maybe $40?
where can you buy milani cosmetics IN CANADA?
How to use make up to look older?
Makeup question?
Girls: Im a boy and yesturday I wore alot of lip stick to school and some eyeliner and a bunch of other makeup
i have a makeup question about the brand Everyday Minerals? Please help. 10 points! :D?
Can i return makeup if the product inside the packaging has been replaced?
What isa the best oil control make-up?
pink or purple?
date .... nervous?
Natural Breast enhancement!!!!?
are mac cosmetics cheaper in hongkong or in the philippines?
Is this good makeup for an 8th grader?
Do I need to wear makeup?
what colour lipgloss is best for school?
My pic below: Is my lipstick too pink? What shade would suite me?
Redying after color oops.. Ahhh help?
Where do hooded eyes come from?
wats ur favorite color of eye liner?
How does one take care of the face?
make up for blonds?
Where can I buy Bare Minerals?
Is there anything bad about black nail polish?
10 points..which surname is better for a business style person?
Does anyone know where I can find ULTIMA II EyeSexxxy Eyeliner?
rate me 1-10! (pics!)?
Difference between concealer and foundation ?
I need scene make-up idea?
what color of anykind of make-up goes with a red dress?
What shape eyes and face do I have?
Models and celebs shiney makeup. seems to be popular how can i get this look at home any ideas.?? thanxs?
120 pallet from
What are good drugstore foundation (or tinted moisturizer) for everyday use?
How do we know that sunblock isn't just a normal moisturizer?
why do girls where makeup?
Which foundation is good?
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Shade?
like seriously? is my make up that bad?
Eos, Softlips, or Baby lips?
Could you use peppermint oil on your lips♥?
what should we name our utube channel?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
I am blonde and fair. Can I wear black mascara?
what makes you want to buy makeup?
We have nail polish on carpet is there something that we can use to get it out?
how can i get a man?
What mascara do you use?
How To Make My Green Eyes Pop?
Can you get foundation samples from mac?
Can someone help me choose a foundation?
please help!!!!!!?
Online Makeup Questionnaires?
Sephora birthday gift?
Lip gloss & kissing trouble?
natural or alot of makeup?
Which brand of eyeliner doesn’t wear off or smudge and which works better liquid or penicil eye liner?
What works best for men to reduce/cover redness on face???
mac paint pots i have one in bare study and its really creamy,i order soft ochre and its not that creamy?
why your favorite makeup brand and why ? :)?
What is ur favorite lip balm/ lip gloss?
Am I Good Looking Or bad ( 10point)!?
am i wearing too much makeup?
What are some cosmetic brands that do not do animal testing (available in Canada)?
How can i do this look at home? what fake nails do you recommend all products i need to do this.?
Should i throw out rarely used make-up?
Eyeliner on your waterline?
Can I wear make up at the age of ten?
LADIES !!! I need help !!?
Whats the best drugstore mascara?
What do you call....?
Where can you find cheap chanel make up?
how can i make my nose smaller without a nose job?
i have colored contacts lens but i dont have the liquid to put in it . can i make the liquid somehow ?
Eyeliner Survey?
I have a date tonight. Help?
ok I have sparkling black stilettos and i need them to temporarily turn red how?
CoverGirl Exact Eyelights mascara?
Homemade skin care products to clogged pores?
what's the best drugstore mascara?
How can you tell if a woman/girl is wearing a lot of make up?
What make up should I wear everday to school in 8th grade?
What make up should i wear?
Should I buy the MAC 188?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?
What is the difference between Light & Fairly Light Bare Minerals Foundation? Can I mix them & use both?
my eyes look very dull as it has gone inside.?
i would like to use makeup to get tanned face?
Is Neutrogena Cream Cleanser VS Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser?
Does e.l.f ship to australia if so how do i get it to ship there?
addresses of beauty treatment organisations in India?
What do you apply first when applying makeup?
Girls, what make-up do you wear?
can i buy Crown Make up brushes in a shop?Uk?
Can I use a men cleanser if I'm a woman?
Which shade of lip gloss would look best ?
Do You Like Eyeliner On A Guy?
Makeup or not?
Is it ok for an 11 year old to wear eye makeup?
How to do a smoky eye?
How can make corner of my lips curl up not down while smiling?
does she look like scarlett johanson?
How old do you have to be to get ur lip periced in the state of california?
how do you make your eyes look bigger besides mascara?
Is Vaseline safe to use to remove eye makeup?
How many steps in your makeup routine?
Neutral eye with a light pop of blue?
whats the best thing to use to apply make up?
Target or Wal-Mart?
how long does a tube of lipstick last you?
What is the best brand for purple eyeliner?
does anyone kno of any affordable lip plumper that actually works?
what is the BEST PENCIL eyeliner you've ever bought?
my dinair airbrush is brand new and wont spray makeup, what do i do? heelp?
is the anew ultra cream cleanser good to use?
Is it normal for your lip to chap when its a fresh lip piercing?
What is a good type of base to use?
Ne1 here own heelys?? I want them and and cant make up my mind between two of them-the vector or the bliss??
Does anyone know a dupe for this Lancome eyeshadow palette? Sienna Sultry?
how do u make small eyes look bigger..?
Need help remembering a lip balm?
help!i need tips on keeping my face acne free!?
If you had one makeup bag for the rest of your life, what would you put in it?
What is the best color of eyeshadow should you wear if you have pale skin?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Which is hotter??
13 years old, to much makeup?
best drugstore brand mineral foundation?
Should I put Vital Care Vitamin E Creme on my face?
Does make-up make you age?
what is the best lenghening mascara???
how will i look if i dye my hair light brown and i have hazel/ dark green eyes?
Maybelline or Garnier bb cream? (for oily/acne prone skin)?
What happened to Revlon Lash Lights Mascara?
Ceaning my make up brushes?
Do you like the shape and color of my eyes?
Which is better for me: makeup or no makeup?
Ladies advice on eyebrows & lashes?
do i wear too much make up?
Different types of lip rings?
your favorite Cosmetics brand for foundation, blush and eyeliner?
girls 13-16?
I have very sensitive skin, what kinds of foundation are free & clear of junk?
Make-up for blonde hair + green eyes?
Which mascara would be the best?
Will you sit in my makeup chair I want to paint your face?
Home alone with nothing to do?
Do online sales affect instore pricing at Sephora?
Where can I find a nice Vanity?
makeup to get a smaller and pointier chin?
Mascara help please?
Where Can I buy this?
What's your favorite lip gloss?
were can i get a good lip gloss for cheap?
Dark Under Eye Circle fix?
i'm turning 15 and i still dont wear make up. how do yiu think i should wear it?
My bb cream makes me look shiny?... could I put powder on top?
Out ok makeup ideas. Help!?
How should I wear my makeup?
What color eyeshadow should i wear if i have green eyes?
How to get this look? (Pic)?
dosti kya hai?pyaar kya hai?Rishta kya Hai?Zindagi kya hai?Hum apke liye kya Hai?
Whats the best foundation out of...?
Why does it seem like men pay more attention to me when I'm dressed down with rarely any makeup?
How do you do your top eyeliner?
Any web-sites for fantasy makeup and body-painting?
Makeup artists only please, wedding tips?
What are the best natural shades for wearing make up in the Military?
how can i do my makeup like brooke shields?
need makeup tips please?
Best Drugstore Face Primer?
how to look flawless all day long?
What colour eyeshadow should I wear?
makeup tips???
Can someone recommend a makeup school in the Philippines? Which is the best one?
im getting new mascara! any suggestions?!?
Is the makeup sold on amazon real?
HOW should I wear my sunscreen??
What kind of makeup would look best on me?
foundation brush?
Where can I find the Alice in Wonderland eos lip balm?
Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil?
What makeup should I buy?
brow pencil composition?
Whats a really good foundation? ?
What kind of make up should i use?
What color is your eyes?
Do you like the UD naked skin foundation?
Eyeliner won't get off of arm?
Answer to Clair's blogg?
how do i look im 13 ?
Should I buy the Urban Decay Naked Palette?
How much makeup do you wear?
What camouflage undereye makeup is at the same time good for that delicate area and prevents wrinkles?
Where Can You Buy e.l.f Cosmetics in Saskatoon?
What's the best foundation for acne prone skin?
Do you think liquid or pencil eyeliners are better?
I want to buy some products from Illamasqua. I'm living in Turkey and who can help me?
How to do a smokey eye?
Do Stridex pads remove makeup as well?
whats the BEST liquid foundation?
Naked Eye Palette 1 or 2?
purple smokey eye? how can i get it with thins makeup?
What is a cute nail polish color?
How do i make my makeup look like hers???
Does the Skin79 BB (blemish balm) cream hot pink with triple functions be suitable for a 15 year old?
for makeup fans: What is your favorite brand of...?
Professional online wholesale makeup websites?
Do guys think girls look hot with a lot of makeup?
Eyeshadow in high school?
im really jealous of how my bestfriend looks[pics]..?
What shape are my eyes?
Oil of Olay question....?
Stoned eyes look? (Movie shoot - Make Up)?
fake tan i can go to the gym with?
I want to sign up for a personal make up class in Singapore. Any recommendation?
Which foundation stays on all day with out you having to keep covering up?
i have a makeup question?
does almay's smart shade work on black skin?
What is a good daytime alternative to a smokey eye?
Help for an unattractive girl
Is her face big or small?
I want a bright glowy look to my face but i dont wana wear foundation or powder, can i just wear a highlight?
Help finding the right face makeup?
How does Bacteria grows into cosmetics? or in mascara?
Does anyone know where i can buy Urban decay heavy metal eyeliner pink trio set from? I have looked everywhere
Permanent eyeliner question?
How do you do your makeup?
What is the best drugstore foundation?
Girls!! i need your help! make up related issue!!?
What colour eyeshadow?
I'm allergic or mascara? What else could I use?
i have small blemishes and am like a natural color so with out making my face worse what can i use?
Completely synthetic stippling brush?
apply eye make up?
If you use . . . will they work together good?
Best type of brown eyeshadow for blue eyes?
Is Miley Cyrus a littl goofy looking? or is it just me?
How swimming is good to get in shape?
Can u get NARS cosmetics in Australia.... if so, where?
MODELING QUESTIONS................?
which brand has the best nail polish that is long-lasting and is availible in funky colors?
What is the best type of makeup to use in hot, humid weather?
How to get a really good tan in less than 3 weeks?
im 13 how do i ask my mom if i can were makeup?
Where can I get Jordana Lipsticks 77084 Houston?
Do you feel makeup completely changes you? (Theres a question in here for guys too!)?
Burt's Bees lip balm or Carmex lip balm?
How can you make your face look like plastic or glossy with makeup?
Should I bring makeup to camp?
changing up a bit?
Does restyline injection has any side effects?
Best way to remove makeup?
any store in canada that sells sleek cosmetics?
How shud i take care of my eyes?
What is the best eyeliner and mascara for a blond?
whats a good age to start wearing makeup?
What do they do with cosmetics that have been smashed in photo shoots?
This is really important please dont ignore it!!!?
best make up artist in Kuala lumpur?
Ladies, would you kiss a guy if he had lip gloss?
What Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners should I buy?
Best liquid and powder foundation for everyday use?
Do you use sunscreen on a daily basis?
whats the BEST liquid foundation?
What eyeshadow looks good with brown eyes?
What is the best long lasting makeup for someone with light brown hair bown eyes and fair skin?
How to make your own face mask or scrub?
What colour do you think that my eyes are?
What's your favourite makeup brand and why?
Girls: Do you do your makeup in the bathroom or your bedroom?
What make up do you suggest for a person with big blue eyes and dark red hair?
20 years old new to make up.?
who invented giraffes?
Survey: What colour eyes do you have?
How will it take to get long nails?
Whats the best lipstick or colored lipgloss that will last for a while without me having to reapply it every 5
Mary Kay on cars??? are they make up people?
What make up should i use ?
what makeup do you wear (teenagers only please)?
What colors bring out blue eyes?
caught my son in my clothes?
what all include in bridal make-up package?
red eyeshadow!!!?
Why do girls find it necessary to wear makeup to school?!?
Will a makeup counter service a male to help with a gender reverse party?
What Is Forever makeup mist?
Is it ok to not wear makeup in high school?
Makeup help!?
Does having a natural eyeliner look make man look gay?
what type of maybelline mascara is right for me?
What is your favorite colour of nail polish?
fake tan does it work?
What do you think of the makeover that I did?
should i wear makeup at my age?
Girls! What is your Makeup Routine?
How can I get my eyebrows lifted?
I'm a biracial guy and I recently broke out really bad (zits) HELPPP!!!?
K.M.X Nail Lacquer, Where can I find them on the net?
What is the best lipstick to buy ?
Good makeup for 7th grade?
How do you get your makeup like brittney snow in john tucker must die!?
what is the best way to be astyle statement?
What is your makeup routine?
How can i get my friend to get better faster?
What colors of eyeshadow are good for smokey eyes for hazel eyes?
what's a good eye liner that lasts all day?
does nyx cosmetics charge s&h?
I am allergic to one or more ingfredient in mascara. I get awful headaches & eye aches. How can I determine wi
Why is it that whenever we girls put on mascara our mouths are open? Has anyone besides me ever noticed that?
Is MAC makeup at department stores cheaper...?
Ashley Tisdale Broze Sparkle Eyes?
what do you think is the BEST FOUNDATION? please answer?
Which is the best skin caring cream?
Mac lipstick questions?
Which foundation to buy?!?
Cheap/inexpensive make-up with good pigment?
FutureNatural make up?!?
home acne treatment, anyone want to recommend anything?
who looks best!!!?? [[PICS]]?
what is the purpose of lipliner?
Whats a good price to charge to be a makeup artist?
That lip plumping glossy stuff?
what color am i in nars foundation?! help if you know!?
is wet n wild brow kit in light medium the same as the ash brown?
whats a good age to start wearing makeup ?
Which is better: liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner?
make up melt down.....................?
Best Liquid Eyeliner in a Jar, like Mac, Bobbi Brown, Clinique etc.?
i want my lips to be naturally do i get this done without applyin continuously?
whats in your toiletry/makeup bag?
Is it okay to use eyeliner your friend used if you wash the brush?
Is it bad that I'm 15 any the only eye makeup I wear is Mascara?
I need help on the ratio of henna powder to essential oil and lemon juice?? Help Please!?
How can I cover up pimples without making them look crusty and nasty?
i use that maybelline purestay foundation?
Seventeen Magazine vs people stylewatch?
i have blond hair,pale skin,and blue eyes.what's the best makeup for me?
Cute school outfit...?
what color of eye shadow and stuff do you wear for brown eyes?
Fill in the blank: I can't live without my _______ ?
Does anyone wear MAC studio fix foundation?
What is the best foundation for oily skin?
should i buy mac? is it good?
what is the BEST eye-makeup remover????
Do I wear too much makeup?
What is your favorite makeup brand?
if you were fat..what would you do ?.?
I've been told I look like Gwenyth Paltrow and Veronica Lake?
whats your fav colour?
What makeup should i wear for homecoming?
how do u use philosophy purity cleanser?
How to do a perfect makeup?
what kind of mascara is she wearing?
if u know anything bout makeup pls answer?
Scenario for my make up design?!?
where can you find cheap... but cute make-up????
Where does the clinique makeup come from sold on ebay?
Natural Looking "2 weeks on the bahamas" tan?
What does Sephora give samples to?
What should I change about my foundation routine?
Would it be gay 4 a guy to wear eyeliner?? Honestly?
What are the best flavors of these chapstick brands?
whats ur fav color?????
Hey everyone who use aphgee products?
has anyone tried stryvecton?
How do you apply liquid eye liner?
How do you remove water proof mascara?
How to convince my mom to let me wear makeup?
is this eye makeup pretty?
What make up would suit me? HELPP!!!?
Are elf brushes good? ?
anyone know where to buy good foundation for asian skin?
For girls only:Do you play video games ?
I want to wear less face make up should I wear a tinted moisturizer?
hi Is anyone know how to bulk buy Clinique high impact mascara 4g from Clinique sale samples?
Birchbox vs. MyGlam (Itsy)?
Anyone heard of Juicystar07?
Make up forever hd invisible foundation. any one else agree its one of the best beauty gems of today?
Do you know how to make homemade lip gloss?
Which mascara is better?
Natural Makeup ideas, for summertime.?
Topshop Make-up Brushes?
why do many people cover them selfs in makeup nowadays?
mac mineralized skin finish for NC42?
What do I really look like based on my pictures? Please help me just look at them?
Can You Use Eyeshadow As A Concealer?
Clear Smooth Face Tips ??
how does bronzer work?
Where can i get something like a make up guide online?
Has anyone tried Lorac cosmetics?
OK females with dark circles under eyes have you discovered a concealer that works, hides it without showing?
How to keep eyeshadow lipstick from clumping..?
which is the best clarifying lotion?
Can you put makeup on after you tan in the booth?
Am i too average or ugly to do this?
What is the best drugstore eyeliner?
Is a 13 year old girl too young for makeup?
I can't find miami glow anywhere??
Does anyone know where I can find a place to get my eyebrows tatted?
What is the best brand of foundation and powder for oily skin that reduces shine?
Is it true that they put baby foreskins in make-up?
help i have dry skin and its oily and i cant pick right make up?!?
How do people, girls, in particular not get tan in the sun?
Should i get bangs? i need to know soon!?
Tanning in a Tanning Bed?
What kind of makeup would go well on me?
What color should I paint my nails?
Make-up problems with a droopy eyefold?
Which gel eyeliner should I get? Help?
what should i do with my hair (pics)?
Is this two much makeup for a 12 year old?
How can i enhance or lighten my skin? (My skin tone is already fair) Thanks :)?
Why are girls in love with my eyes?
make up colors?
How can i flavour a homemade lip balm?
Bb cream for Mac nc 43?
What do I do first the eyeliner or the contact lenses?
Everyone called me a cake-face :(?
Best make up for covering acne?
what shade of red lipstick for a warm skin tone?
why cant the men wear lip stick?
Im going to be dancing how should i do my make-up?
waht are some tips for a zombie that wanted to look more living?
girl issues?
What color eyeshadow would look good with this shirt?
makeup tips for bigger lips?
how can i tell my mom i want to wear black nail polish?
AHA / BHA face creams?
Howdy-do! How can I make a palette out of a CD case/CD's?
what can i use to calm down a red face from working in the cold?
Theatrical scar skin make up advice?
What is a good foundation? ?
What's the best foundation?
Whats the best light weight foundation? ?
Makeup for sensitive oily skin?
What eyshadow is more unique : smog or freelove?
when you apply eyeliner . . .?
Does this sound like too much makeup?
does eye liner look good an anyone ?
how to make myself prettier?
help with eye makeup????????!?!?!?!!?!?!!?
im planning on buying some makeup and im trying to find out how much they cost online what do i do..(target)?
what color are my eyes?
Mmakeooveerrr Timeeeee!!?
How can I feel good about myself when i go out with not much makeup on?
Do eye lashes grow back?
Last Minute Hair and Makeup -Helpp!!?
What do you girls think is the best black eye liner to use on an everyday basis?
What makeup is better, covergirl or mabelline?
What is a good drug store foundation to use as a base to mineral makeup?
Is this really andra limba with no make up?
What is the best mascara ever?
How do you put on eyeliner??
Light foundation for very dry, sensitive skin?
Eyeliner help?!?
Do I have a similar skin tone to rihanna or beyonce?
Blue eyeliner? Do you wear it? What about blue eye shadow? too tacky or pretty?
Do I need to wear makeup?
Do you put conclear or foundation on first?
Is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
what's your favourite makeup brand?
liquid liner, why is it so difficult to apply!?
how should a 12 year old girl wear her makeup to school?
Can you name the best two Mac lipsticks to have for Brunettes!?
Which is the better brand between Maybelline New York and Neutrogena?
Mineral Makeup??
Terrible acne problem! :(?
Best Make Up Foundation?
POLL: From this angle, what color do my eyes look like?
What eye makeup will make my brown eyes pop?
How to cover the chin?
Do you think is a pretty everyday eye look?:)?
whats you favorite lip gloss ?
Make up and hair for license?
How do you remove mascara from false eyelashes?
What eyeshadow is good for blue eyes?
what do you use for dry lips?
Pan-Cake from Max Factor?
do you consider this slutty?
Eye liner problems?
What eye shape/type of eyes do I have?
max factor extreme lash plumper mascara?(waterproof)?
Where can I find Stila lip glaze sets for SUPER CHEAP? (less than $20)?
Where can i purchase a silver eyeliner?
what makeups are good for me?
Do you like this hairstyle?
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation?
Eyelash curling tips?
What is a good cheap face powder?
am i putting too much on my face?
Girls, would you date a guy who loves to wear nail polish?
Maybelline Baby lips?
Girls, do ypu think Jenna Presley is sexy ?/beautiful?
I have a fat lip!! Help!!?
Makeup Artists? Please Help Me with a new Look and Tips!?
what is the best way to hide a big bottom?
Half baked or smog : what's the prettiest urban decay eyeshadow?
ma mum wont let me wear eyeliner but ma sister ses it suits me should i keep waring it?
School pictures tomorrow!?
What's your favorite lip gloss?
Could I use brown eyeliner and mascara?
Present for my mom. Old lipstick she has?
why do we have eyelashes?
What are some good colors and tips for my friend's makeup?
How to not get so oily throughout the day?
I am nervous to try eyeliner...? s best answer!?
Elf tinted moisturizer?
HELP! when does Fair & Lovely cream expire?!!?!?
is it ok to wear mascara while growing your eyelashes back in?
What is the best foundation to use & moisturizer ?
Need help with my skin?
eye makeup like this?
In your opinion, what is the best mascara?
Should i dump my girlfriend because she got fat?
Make-Up Help?
&& can you help my with my eyeliner problems?
Whats your favorite foundation?
Are green eyes pretty at all?
What do you think is the best mascara....?
*********(MAKE UP) FOUNDATION*********?
Natural Beauty or Artificial Beauty?
The best eye makeup ever. How to do it tho?
What is your favorite makeup foundation?
Describe the most prettiest/popular girls in your school!?
I Revlon liquid foundation look natural ?
Mineral makeup application?
Do i look bad with red lip gloss?
What age do you think girls should start wearing make-up?
Foundation that doesn't go orange?
i need makeup looks for big brown eyes?
does fake nails damage your natural nails?
How should I do hair and make up for my banquet?
How to apply eye liner?
Any way to moisten up my mascaca?
What color nail polish is best for black women?
What is The Best Makeup Youve Used?
Does anyone own the Bare Minerals Topaz kit?
Where can I get Missha Cosmetic products in Los Angeles?
use fingers or brush for foundation?
how do u apply eye liner?
What kind of makeup should a 14 year old be wearing?
Makeup ideas for a job interview?
Where to buy Tokidoki brillante eyeliner?
How should I use this eyeliner?
where in israel can i buy sally hansen airbrush legs?
What else do I even need (makeup-wise?)?
Halloween makeup tutorials?
What's the best make-up company that is animal-testing free?
Can I pull off a eyebrow piercing?
how much makeup should a 13 year old be able to wear?
Any ways to make your face look younger using hairstyles etc?
Do you know any good online makeup guides, especially those that cater to olive skinned women?
how is the herbal make-up is and how can i get it in india?
I use cetaphil bar soap for my face then i put on differin .3. will that clear blackheads?
Makeup Guru;1st video ever? ?
Eyeliner question....? shipping?
Anybody ever tried smashbox products?
what is the best drugstore pressed face powder?
makeup on overnight??
how do you put mascara on your bottom lashes without it getting on your skin right under them?
Is their a grocery store or retailer that sells egyptian eyeliner (makeup), in Houston Tx?
rite aid waterproof foundation?
Blistex or Carmex for lips?
Can I remove a mildew smell from my makeup brush?
Whats a good make-up brand?
my eyeshadow goes into my eyes..?
I want to change up my look for sophomore year, I'm thinking of going to the mac coutner? What should I do?
Makeup ideas?
How can I do my makeup like Olive Penderghast? (Easy A)?
How can I look better? (PHOTOS)?
Is it true that if you look too close at the computer/tv that you will need glasses?
How much makeup is normal for a 13 year old?
were can i go 2 get free lip plumer samples?
I want to start a blog for my new homemade things I started making what would be a good name for the blog?
Do you need powder with Maybelline 24hr foundation?
Why is it such a bad thing to sleep with your makeup on?
covergirl or neutrogena tinted moisturizer??
Makeup artist gift help?
whats the best powder to use for fair skin that makes you have a matte finsh.?
i am olive skinned and have dark undereye circles.what products out there ACTUALLY work to rid of this prob?
Single Compacts For Eyeshadow?
what are your responsibilities in the workplace with regards to quality assurance?
My makeup stays all day but is cakey even with a light layer of foundation?
Make-up and Hair for Picture Day/First Day of School? BEST ANSWERRR :D?
How to make darkish brown eyes pop?
how do i become prettier?
Gratis makeup samples legit?
Will My Snakebites Close?
I ordered Avon like over a month ago but now i changed my mind can the lady just send it back?
how do you use lip gloss?
Where do you buy Bare Minerals Make Up? I would like a personal demonstration.?
Which is better? Liquid Eye Liner or Pencil Eye Liner?
Please Help- What do you think of my blog?
How do I make up as a Punk?
do i wear alot of makeup for a 15 yr old?
Is this a cute picture? (pics) ♥?
What is mineral oil good for?
My forehead what can i do to it ?
aloe vera questions and pore minimizing?
are any avon reps looking for a new client?
How do you turn a normal look female into an emo male via cosmetics?
what do u prefer eyeliner or lipgloss for a 11 years old if ur mother approves?
how many tyms shud i put on chapstick a day?
is vaseline or petroleum jelly good for removing eye make up?
Howz is makeup bad for ur facee???
help with makeup?
help me with this unanymous person?
What is the Best Make-up Brand?
What is your Daily Makeup/Hair routine?
Best drugstore pressed powder for contouring cheek bones and nose bridge?
Why is one eye so sensitive?
Whats the best MASCARA & EYELINER!?
What should i do with my hair after taking out African braids???!!!!?
What is the best eyeliner?
help with foundation?
do i wear allot of makeup?
Mary Kay makeup question?
Cosmetology school and being a makeup artist?
GIRLS!!! how can i take my makeup off without hurting my eyes and losing eyelashes?
What would be a good make up look for Christmas?
Help with lipstick choice for pale skin?
Does my sister wear too much makeup? (13 years Old)?
cheap but good makeup?
Best one of each make up item? From foundation to eye wear?
every time i put eyeshadow base my white or silver or beige shadow makes my lids look dirty..?
What makeup brands do you use?
how do i tell my friend her foundation is too light for her?
How can I get ready faster?
Why do I look so bad on cloudy days?
Should i use lipgloss as eye shadow?
Could I PLEASE get a Maybelline Mega Plush mascara waterproof review?
Red Eyeshadow....?
Is my nyx haul not coming?
Liquid foundation help?
Has L'oreal gone to far with this lipstick commercial?
any make up tips?
Need to buy foundation/powder and some kind of exfoliating scrub?