What exactly is the "smoky eyes" look ?
Anybody know of a good lip plumper that actually works?
Quality; what do you think?
Creme foundation that won't slip?
What do you think is the best Liquid Foundation ?
how to make eyes big?
Eyeliner questions!! ( for a beginner)?
Why does glitter nail polish smell so bad?
Which eye liner is better for a natural look? Liquid or pencil?
How to do eye make up like this?reposted?
How can a sooth my eyebrows before plucking the hell out of them?
How Do I Ask Her,,..?
mac is beauty product.i need the web site?
10 point which name is better?
How do I??
What should i say to him?
Does anyone have makeup tips for a crooked nose?
Help Me With Guy Problems!!! Need Help ASAP!?
is it possible to look white if you're black?
What eye shadow is best for me?
What is the best foundation for a light medium complexion 40 year old, who wants a good value?
what is a good product to help cover up freckles?
what to do if you put fake nails with the little to sticker nails and they are falling of how do i keep them l?
Can you bleach over faded blue hair?
What shape face do I have?
has any1 ever pierced the lip before?
Rapid lash eyelash serum any good?
Question for Bobbi Brown eye shadow users?
ive just brought some concealer but can i still use my foundation and what do i use 1st?
help with pooping problem please.?
Hey so I'm 14, and I'm getting a facial for the first time this Sunday?
Is Clinique Club Membership free?
How do I keep my eyeliner from smudging throughout the day?
Is Sales manager for cosmetics a hard responsible job?
I would like a Mac makeup artist to "do" my makeup.What should I do?
how to get the smoked eyes effect?
Make up tips for someone with dark colouring under the eyes!?
what is you favorite foundation?
Does this sound like a good makeup routine for school?
Tips on starting to wear makeup?
Another lip piercing question.. sorry lol?
self tan rut?
fallen angel makeup / dark angel makeup?
Do you think I'm pretty? (Photo included).?
Has anyone tried Benefit's BADgal mascara? What do you think of it?
Natural make up for green eyes?
How can i look older?
Where can I buy a Korean makeup called Coreana or Entia?
Where can i learn to be certified mortician/make-up artist for the deceased/the dead/corpse in singapore?
which foundation should i get?
OMG!!!!!!!! How can I become more photogenic?
Does Maybelline is famous make-up brand?
Does lip gloss looks good on girls ?
What is your everyday makeup???…
does exfoilating ur face helps to brighten it? Sort of like whitening or brightening?
What are the prettiest kinds of eyebrows?
What hue of brown eyes is this?
Maybelline Lumi-Touch Highlighting concealer question!?
Where can I get a good makeover from a professional make up artist in Houston, TX?
What is the best drugstore concealer that you have used?
How can I be flawless?
I HATE MY SCREWUP LIFE!!!!!!!!!.....?
What's your everyday makeup [routine]?
What order do I use my skin care in?
how do you know if foundation has oil in it?
What is your favourite colour?
What is the best drugstore powder blush?
i have brown drk hazel eyes what kind of makeup will show my eyecolor more?
i wonder....girls that are only 12 or so are starting to wear eyeliner and mascara and so on so forth. why?
Which is best Mircrodermabrasion Kit in drugstores?
What kind of make up, nails and hair would go with my royal blue formal dress?
What kinds of make up do you wear?
hi my homecoming is on saturday and i was wondering wheres the best place to get a makeover?
I Am 13 Years Old And I Really Wanna Do My Eyebrows But My Mom Won't Let Me.?
mac cream color bases what color should i get help.?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
how can i hide a huge hikki?
make up...for guys...?
where can i get make up tutorials?
Nivea Tinted Moisturing Day Cream or Nivea Be Beautiful Tinted moisturiser?
help with mascaras and eyelashes. please helpl?
why do people put a lot off lipstick on?
I am going to spain on Hoilday - Does anyone know where I can buy branded makeup out therE? (EG: Maybelline)?
How can I pursue my love of theatrical makeup/ customes?
at what age shoud women start using anti-wrinkle cream?
How to dress like Lana Lang from Smallville?
how do i use the MAC Lustre Drops in Bronze Hero?
Help People?
Help me someone?
What is your favorite make-up brand to use?
How to make my pink and white acrylics look neater?
do you think i'm pretty?
how do i find out my skin undertone?
I have hazel eyes. What color mascara would look better, black or brown?
Concealer and Foundation Colour... MAC.. Help... confuuuuseddd!!?
so what do girls like to be complimented on most.?
What are the 3 best makeup brands you really like, name at least 3 please.?
On the ELF(makeup) webiste,it says that Canadian buyers have to pay $5..(question below. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!)?
Can somebody tell me what to do about puffy under eyes (bags) is there some kind of product I can use for this
what colour eyes do it for you?
MAC semi precious collection- China?
What are the best inexpensive blushes?
Concealer help please:)
Which color eyeshadow should I use?
best eyelash glue for strip lashes?
Is this to much makeup?
What color and type of eyeliner should i use?
how can i make my eyes look bigger?
Can u help me with international search about make up history in UK??
hey guys when you see a woman that gets those odd fine-line eyebrows whatchamacallit's?
Does a colored base really make a difference in the color of your eyeshadow?
What make-up brand has many colour shades?
Makeup Help?!?! (for a 13 year old girl)?
what kind of blush for an African -american?
Is MAC worth the price?
Frnds pls tell, which type of skin Cream used by the celebrities to reduce their skin colour.?
My makeup runs A LOT?
stay put gloss?
Where can I get a BUBBLEGUM PINK lipstick!?
what makes a girl pretty?
How to apply concealer wiith peeling skin?
What lipstick colors look best on blondes?
what lipstick colour suits pale skin and dark hair?
There is a new powder/foundation compact i saw late night on a commercial does anyone know what its called?
best way to get a tan?
how do i keep acne off my face?
What Makeup Would Look Good on My Skin Tone?
kevyn aucoin: if i read Making Faces should i NOT buy the Art of Makeup?
I have light skin, blond hair and light brown eyes. How do I make my eyes "pop."?
do you think this ring is nice?
Is this makeup ok for a 12 year old?
Which makeup should i wear ?
how do u apply bare minerals eyeliner?
Is this too much makeup?
which is the best brand of eyeliner?
Is there something I can put on my skin to make me less pale?
How to make my eyes pop in pictures?
makeeeeupp helpppppp?
new makeup!!!!!!!!!!?
in portland oregon, which rite aid sells "jesse's girl" cosmetics?
Pixiwoo fans... Do you know how Sam and Nic get such good video quality?
Oil Blotting Pads?
HELP!! Weird Acne Problem....
MAKEUP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
contacts need help?
what are some good, cheap eye shadow brands from cherryculture?
do you like really dark eye makeup or light & natural colors?
Any non-crease eyeshadows?
Hi i'm a 13 y/o who wants to wear makeup. but i don't know how to ask my mom. does this seem like a good age??
How do i make my nose look better with make up lol :)...?
How long does it take for Cherry Culture to deliver to Wisconsin?
What color eye makeup would compliment me?
How to make upper lip look bigger?
what is the best drugstore mascara?
how does the Sexy Motherpucker from Soap and Glory work?
Pretty&easy way to put on makeup?
suggest me one best face fareness product. Should avail in India?
How long do i have to wait to change my lip ring?
how can i make my nose appear less... like my nose? lol, pics included...?
what will make my eyeliner stay on and not bleed?
i don't have primer, but i want my eyeshadow to last? plz help!?
eyebrow waxing?
what hair colour would suit my skin type? im medium to tan.?
Waterproof/Sweatproof drugstore foundation?
Whats the best MAC foundation?
Oily skin and no foundation: Use primer or moisturizer?
what is the best wedding dress?
Which eyeliner is water proof?
what do u think about me?
Does this sound like too much makeup for a 14 year old?
Do guys like girls that wear MAKE-UP?
is there any way to chang my eye color?
Single / individual eyeshadow or duos/trios/quads?
Hey gals.....?
does the netrogina skin clearing foundation work????(pros+cons)?
what color should I paint my nails???????????????
Can we use melacare cream for fairness does it work really?
MAC make-up, is it worth it?
Posting this again...make-up for pale brunnete (pictures)?
what is my eye shape?
Do you wear makeup everyday?
Make up that would suit me?
Does anyone know if Baby Phat Cosmetics tests on animals?
what websites carry real techniques makeup brushes by samantha chapman, that ship to canada?
How to annoy your coworkers help please?!?
Hey im a freshman and i was wondering if anyone new some good original slutty ideas for halloween????
Should a 16 yr. old wear foundation?
from where can i get MAC products in cheap rate in delhi.?
how can i remove eyeliner without makeup remover?
i need a realy good foundation..?
10 points!which foundation to get?
My makeup never stays on and my hair never stays in place?!?
does tinted moisturiser make you get spots when older?
what's wrong with my eyeliner?
My Foundation looks really caky and I don't know why?
How should I do my make-up??
What's your most expensive makeup purchase?
How do u pick the right color for your skin?
what nail color should i do?
Do cosmetology school kits include makeup?
Women from Europe what makeup brand do you use?
How can I make the colour caramel?! For makeup!!?
What's a good makeup?
Macarena Makeup for Wedding in Houston?
whats the best eye liner brand?
Which type of White Eyeliner?
Ladies, I'm in search of an eyeliner that lasts all day, my always looks gross by the end of the day..HELP
can u use lipstick as lipliner?
Virtual dress- up/ makeover games for 16-18 year olds?
Decent eyeliner!?
mac creme d'nude lipstick?
is rimmel stay matte pressed powder in ''transparent'' does it really go on transparent?
Please help what is the best foundations ever?
what color eyeshadow will make brown eyes !!!pop!!!?
what are some makeup commercials?
How can i get the this flawless look? What kind of cosmetics do i use?
what type of makeup shold i wear?
what kind of makeup do i need?
Can you use tattoo ink for permanent makeup?
I have heard that mascara can make you blind if it is more than 1 month old this true or a myth?
What eye shadow colors makes dark brown eyes really "pop"?
How to get rid of lip discoloration?
best acne prone skin concealer?
your basic make up before leaving the house?
Where can I get all the brushes of ParisEcoTools?
How can I look pretty without eyeliner?
what is reality of the world.?
Makeup??? Should a 12 yr old wear make up and if so what should she wear and how?
What's a Drugstore MaTTe baby blue nail polish ?
Whenever I put make up on (like coverup, concealer), my skin looks all dry?
Would this help hide my blemishes?
what eye makeup is best for me?
What's your FAVORITE mascara!?
Which BB cream is better?
Any other ladies besides me that te at work? Am I the only one? If you do it, where and how? Ideas?
Were can i order some avon books online ?
i need somethin to help dry chaped lips, somethin besides carmex?
does make up affect acne?
Do you think a 14 girl is old enough to wear makeup and/or have a boyfriend?
what is the best mascara to use?
how should my makeup be for my date?? suggestions please!? :) date makeup!!!?
Almay Wake Up Makeup?
How much does clear mascara cost?
Any advice if I want to start wearing makeup?
What is the best and cheapest EYELINER I can find?
what do you think when you see ppl who outline their lips.Not black but like a brown color?
What are remedys for eczema in the ear canal?
Reviews on Victoria Secrets Ultimate Makeup Kit!?
lipglosses make my nose look big what do i do?
Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?
Best foundation, you've ever used?
to get a thinner face.?
Hair on my face, makes my foundation come out werid?!!!?
is it a good idea to be a Mary Kay rep?
Make Up Confusing? Help!?
Tips for makeup? (details inside)?
Ever heard of the Egg Mask for Oily Skin ? How often should it be done ?
How to make the bags ABOVE my eyes to go away in the morining fast? (will choose best answer)?
how can you cover up cuts?
I'm wearing a cream prom dress and turquoise blue stilettos with blue accessories.. (make up and jacket help)?
I kind of want to try tinted moisturizer, but I have very pale skin?
how do i get rid of my dark eyelids?
Is this too much makeup for a freshman?
Do you wear makeup?
What makeup is age appropiate for 13?
How can I make myself look more like Ryan Seacrest?
i am going into 7th grade?
Cleaning fake eyelash question?
I have a lot of acne scars and zits?
liquid or powdered concealer?
What Make-up should a Thirteen year old girl be aloud to wear?
dance tonight! need help with makeup?
wat eyeshadow colours would suit pale skin and blue eyes?
uneven eye lids....?
girls... whats ur daily make up?
Was this normal of a nail salon?
what are your favorite lip products?
how long do you think you should keep mascara?
what can i use on my oily face?
What is the best lipgloss out there ladies that you can't live without?
what kind of make-up should i wear?
How to get Megan Fox's Makeup in Jennifers Body?
MAC Makeup Question!!!
Girls! Wats ur most fav make-up product dat u cant live w/o?
You adore which celebrities makeup?
What do you think of my eyes?
GIRLS ONLY!!! why do we have to take off our make up at night?
What are some cool tips you've learned for natural looking makeup over the years?
do you think pink highlights are nice?
What are good colour to go with dark brown eyes? And what contrasty colors would go well?
What age should you start wearing foundation?
how to make my eyebrows like?
Looking for a specific mascara?
Where can you find good cream eye shadow?
I want to purchase 2 eye shadows from MAC for everyday use what colors should i purchase?
!!!!!!!!!!!if you like MAC cosmetics. i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is your opinion on women who don't wear makeup?
to much makeup for a freshman and if so what do you recomend?
Anyone know of any good drugstore products?
What are the correct tools used for applying makeup?
i have brown eyes and i was wondering what eyeliner color would make them pop or look lighter?
Just out of interest! for the ladies!?
Garnier nutrisse color foam or clariol nutrual instincs color cream?
What do you think of my make up routine?
Where do you get you make up from and is it good i cant find any good make up?
What do you think abouth Fashion Fair make up?
Anybody have a face mask recipe without egg ingredients.....??
Would this be a bad idea on my skin?
no makeup scenario i need help guys and girls?
I need Help now please come read?
What are your favorite things from MAC?
What to order from bare minerals? New to this?
Would you say I am REALLY fake? D: D: helpp?
Should i put on lipstick?
who thinks using mascara on the top lashes and liquid eyeliner just on the eye lid is pretty?
What color lipstick would work for me?
What makeup do you wear every day?
what cosmetics should i buy in france?
what are some good neutral eyeshadows for school?
What's the best lip gloss you've used?
I need a good mascara! (easy s)?
tips to keep my makeup on ?
Would you rather be a twin or a triplet?
Am I the only one that thinks the urban decay eyshadow " half baked" looks too yellow?
Bare minerals Pleasseee???
has anyone tried Anti-aging Super Serum for antiaging ...?
Is eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss too much for the 7th grade?
I am 14 years old and I have terrible dark circles. Help me out?
Should I wear grren eyeshadow?
I need someone to do my hair and makeup for my wedding...?
Is it true that if you sleep with mascara or eye liner u will get permanent dark rings under your eyes?
Is it alright for a guy to paint his toenails with a clear polish?
How to wear eye makeup with glasses?!?
Makeup for freckled girls (I don't want to cover them up)?
When someone loses a large amount of weight would they look unrecognizable?Any stories.?
What foundation do you use?
Do you think Avril wears to much makeup?
What's a good MAC. Lipstick for Everyday?
how to give the illusion anime eyes? (im indian) =)?
i have a dark complexion, and i'm wearing a baby pink dress for my year 10 formal...any makeup ideas?
is hot pink lip gloss in??
do i always have to wear a foundation to look pretty?
Too much makeup for a 14 year old?
where is the best place to buy make-up?
suggest me high shine lipstick?
I feel prettier without makeup?
How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
How can you make lashes naturally fullest and longer?
Does foundation primer help it look more even/not peelish?
Who are you're favorite Youtube Makeup Gurus?
What do guys prefer????????????????
POLL: do you use an eyelash curler!!?
what's your favorite mascara?
what should one do when a person can't sleep at night and wakes up about 5 or more times?
What's your daily foundation routine?
What type of makeup should I use to compliment my green eyes?
Does Anyone Know A Good And INEXPENSIVE Way To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes?
Change Your Eye Shape?
what is the best way to wear eyeliner?
Can I return new/used Chanel beauty products to Dillards with receipt?
Best Mac Brush for bronzer?
Eyelashes and help on big bold sexy makeup on a cheap budget x?
Is it okay to wear vasaline or baby oil on your skin before applying makeup?
How can I make my top lip look fuller?
Do I have to use foundation or concealer?
Help eye cream dark circles under eyes?
What eyeshadow colors would be good for a dirty blonde and light brown eyes?
what neutrogena foundation would be best for greek skin?
Can make up make me look better?
A good nude lipstick..?
Am I old enough to wear eyeliner?
What is something natural to take off eye make-up??
Lip Plumper?
Makeup tips?
How do I replicate Carmen Electra's Sultry Max Factor Look?
WITH PICTURES! Give me a makeover!! Are you good with hair/makeup, etc?
Mascara problem ... please help me?
What is the best sunless tanner for pale skin?
How can i turn my upper lip to black and my lower lip to red?
how to ring to mobil with messeger?
your favorite lip balm?
What should i Do to make my eyes pop (for makeup) PIctures included.?
What is the best kind of chapstick?
is rimmel recover foundation good ?
Youtube makeup video ideas?!?!?!?
Am I the only woman out here who doesn't wear make up?
Where can I find instructions for applying makeup?
which color suites on dark complextion?
with, or; without makeup!?
Help! back to school tips :D *pictures inside*?
How can I do my makeup like this?
Walden Galleria Mall in Buffalo, Victoria Secret?
have you used clinique stay true makeup?
What color eye shadow and liner goes best with hazel eyes?
why do girls where makeup?
which colour rose use for friendship at welentine day ? please tell me?
what is the best age for a girl to start wearin makeup?????
I need something that would make my cheeks glow? Any recommendations?
how exactly, do i hold an eyelash curler so i can curl my eyelashes?
question about makeup?
What’s the appropriate age to begin to wear make?
Too much nail polish?
Natural but pretty makeup for school?
how do I remove my contacts lenses before i take off my makeup?
eyelash suggestions?
Makeup help for a GUY?
Maybelline Superstay foundation shade if im MAC NW 25?
I need good cheap substitutes for dior makeup, anyone know really great alternatives for these products?
Does tinted moisturiser gives u a natural flawless look?
How much does it cost to get eyebrows done at superdrug or debenhans in Inverness Scotland??????? Please help?
Can darker skinned tones pull off light eyebrows?
Why do women were makeup in the summer as hot as it is?
Makeup Help!!!!?
free samples....?
Girls pls!! Where can I buy Revlon Luxurious Eyeliner online real cheap & less s/h fee??
What is your everyday makeup?
Dark circles!!?
does anyone know how to make a Deadpool mask?
What are some good face products for newcomers to makeup?
how is the herbal make-up is and how can i get it in india?
Which company is best in lipstick.?
What eyeshape do I have?
Can someone help me piz?
were can you order and get avon make-up shiped to norway?
Angel, Hue, or CreamCup lipstick from MAC?
What is a good substitute for Max Factor Pan Stik?
has anyone relized that " on top of old smokey" and "On top of Spagetti" have the same rythym?
Have any one tried eye cream to remove dark circle?
Agree or not? Looks matter?
Should I sell Mark by Avon?
Mary Kay or Avon???
How can eyeliner be applied in a straight line?
Is there a eyebrow threading in madison, WI ?
My eyeliner always seems to smear after a couple of hours. Any suggestions?
no 7 foundation shades?
What is the best Mascara to use?
When I wear foundation or pressed power, my nose peels, help!?
Guys or girls,do you prefer make-up or the natural look?
Do I look better with or without makeup?
for anyone who has used "bare natural" makeup...?
Do you only leave the house with a full 'face' on or are you au natural?
whats a good idea for a AIM profile?
what colour of eye shadow would be best for me to use?
make up question???
what shape eyes do i have (small large round almond, etc.) what makeup techniques are good?
What mascara would be BEST for my daughter?
how old were u when you started wearing makeup (girls only)?
Is La Mer good for acne skin?
does she have a big forehead?
Grey Eyes.?
At what age should we start the facial routine regime?
Wrinkles at 15!?!?
Do you like analsix & why?
Does anyone know any quick, convinient ways to remove makeup and wash your face?
Lots of girls, which is prettiest?
my mascara clumps even the non-clump ones?
How do you make zits go away faster or not as noticeable?
How do I save dried up mascara?
threading or waxing??? HELP! :)?
im looking for a talent agency called, planetology can you help?
Jergens fair skin self tanner?
What colour are your eyes =)?
Lip product questions?
brush set i found...?
What are the best eyeshadow and eyeliner colors for people with brown/black eyes?
What makeup should a 13 year old girl wear?
Affordable, good makeup brush set?
what shades of makeup will make my dark dark brown eyes pop?
what lip color goes with dark blue?
how do i make my mascara look like ive been crying?
what is the normal age to wear makeup?!?!?!?
shiseido makeup?
im searching for the adverse effect of detergnt in shampoo on the skin?
which mascara is better?
What kind of makeup should I wear? ( Pic Included )?
Do you have to have a license to apply make up in a salon?
What do you do if you get a pimple right in the most oveous places for a 13 year old with out useing cover up?
How much makeup should a 13 years old girl wear?
what fake tan is best?
eyebrow and eylash tinting?
Are you interested in buying Kim Kardashian's 'Khroma Beauty' makeup ?
What color lipstick would look good on me [PIC]?
how do i get my make up to stay on longer?
What color blush should i use?
does mineral make up helps with acne????
Ever used medical adhesive to attach fake eyelashes?
Which eyeliner should I use?
Question about Revlon Colorstay foundation?
are my cheekbones high or low?
What is the best mascara?
I don't wear makeup-Do men find this attractive?
What kind of lipgloss do you suggest?
how do i make my face look less oily when i take pictures?
makeup help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this too much make-up for an 11 year old?
Why don't a lot of people wear green eyeshadow?
Lip gloss or Lipstick?
What are good lipsticks?
AVON!!! I have tried to find a Rep in my area and went to site and emailed 20 Reps and I'm still not signed on
What should I do with the cosmetology club im starting at my school? Reply please!!?
how do i get in touch with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen makeup manufacturer?
is there a concealer that's sweat/water proof?
What is the best foundation that isn't tested on animals?
girls ... this is about putting foundation ...?
Liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner?
Where can you buy Hard Candy eyeshadow in Harlingen Tx?
Can I use just green concealer to make me paler?
Is spray on makeup exspensive?
What is "aromol" in Smith's Rosebud Salve?
In what order do you put on your eye makeup,, (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow?)?
makeup ideas?
Trying to find the right lip colour!?
Hot or Not? Guyliner?
How are you wearing your makeup today?
Beauty Guru names for youtube?
What neutral eyeshadow palettes do you own?
So what if I snoop around once in awhile!!?
is it okay to use foot cream on the rest of my body?
The right foundation?
Do girls wear makeup only when they're excited?
What is the best foundation to use?
Is it bad to fall asleep with make up on?
how the herbal make-up is and how can i get it in india?
Too much makeup??
What is the difference between foundation and bb cream?
What eyeshadow is best for Black Hair?
I like mac and sephora wut bout you?
witch hazel for problem skin?
Do you wear make up daily?
Do I wear too much make-up? *PIC*?
What's a really good face primer?
how can i get my nail varnish to stay on longer?
I need help remembering a commericial!?
How to Make My Hazel Eyes Seem Bluer?!?!?
How to properly take off fake eyelashes?
What colours of eyeshadow would suit me?????? (pic included)?
What shape && color are my eyes? help pleease!?
Ogle School??? Im in Dallas, TX
What is the best Mall in toronto?
What is a good brand of SPF45 sunscreen for not leaving your face oily?
Drugstore Makeup Routine?
What drugstore mascara is great for making your eyelashes look longer?
does foundation eventually make the skin worse?
How would a 14 year old girl start using make up?
How to remove mascara without makeup remover or wipes?
can you keep yourself from getting darker in the sun? (makeup, SPF, what??)?
I need makeup tips?!?!?
E.L.F -EyesLipsFace cosmetics? Why are they so cheap??? Are they crap???
what products can conceal visible pores in the face?
girls. whats the best mascara out there?
Anything comparable to Make Up For Ever's Flash Palette?
MAC Matchmaster Foundation color?
I heard that Radialabs anti-wrinkle cream is a total rip-off. Has anyone else had the same experience?
how to make my eyes look south american..?
Does anybody else...?
my face cut is round which hair style suit me, my hairs very dry & rough?
what color goes best with purpule?
Palmers cocoa butter formula jar versus nivea creme?
How do I ask my mom to start wearing light makeup?
Is the make-up "Dermacia" worth the investment?
What should I apply my foundation with?????!?
How do you do winged eyeliner?
What is toner used for?
Why does my concealer look pink on me?
i have fair skin, green eyes, and blond hair. do u have any make up tips for me???
i have really oily skin and eyeliner normally smudges really quickly?
is eyelash curler consider make up?
What's your everyday makeup routine?
What makeup would look best with a black dress?
how to prevent one hair color from running into the other when you dye your hair blonde and very bright red?
What concealer would you reccomend?
I love Chanel Rouge Noir but I can't afford it right alternatives?
Eyeshadow question?
In need of Facial Cleanser! :/ Helpp.?
what is the best eyeshadow color?
Why do people love tan skin so much?
What age should i wear eyeshadow at?
make up help?
Guys, give them you honest opinion?
What are the top schools in london for becoming a make-up artist?
Is St. Ives Apricot Scrub good for your skin or not?
Do teenage boys like girls with loads of makeup or natural?
is the makeup shere cover any good?
Mascara mega Emergency?
What age should a teen start wearing make up?
WOULD wearing eyeshadow make me look older??!?
whats better, liquid foundation or pressed powder?
How to get my mon to let my dye my hair using kool aid?
i want to buy burts bees lip balm in india.where to buy?
How can i ease the pain when plucking eyebrows?
Picture of eye makeup..?!?
Mineral or Liquid Foundation?
How do I blend my make up?
What are false demi eyelashes?
Makeup that goes with olive skin? 10 points!?
I'm 16, how do I make myself look about 50?
MAC 187 brush?
Is it bad to sleep wearing mascara?
What age did you start wearing make up?
What eyeshadow colour??
Eyeshadow for Brownish/Black eyes? Make up for Dark skin?
How do i become prettier /:?
can i trust on gel eyeliners on ebay?
is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
What colour eyeshadow would you recommend for a Brunnete?
liquid pencil eyeliner?
what is your favorite brand of makeup?
What famous women have chubby cheeks?
i know basicaly nothing about makeup?
Melt eyeliner and turn it to gel eyeliner?
Is there a tinted moisturiser that will give a good coverage?
What's a good skin care routine?
White eyeshadow over colour?
Is brown eyeliner and mascara good makeup for seventh grade?
Looking for a good eyeliner that won't smudge.?
Does eyeliner go with mascara?
too much foundation?
What is with everyone and make-up?
What's the best chapstick/gloss?
Do you have any IDEA what this pink Chanel makeup brush is for?
A silly question but I have to ask?
Makeup for 8th grader/13 year old?
where 2 get clear masacra?
I have oily skin and I do not want my make up to look cakey. Should I go with pressed or loose powder?
which picture does my makeup look better?
Where can I get white Mascara?
I got a one n olny perm and i wann use it but im not sure on the directions can someone clear this up for me ?
tanning bed question?
Do you think a facial makes you look prettier?
How do I tell if I am a summer/winter/spring/autumn?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Am i pretty? answerrrr?
should i start plucking my eyebrows?
do black people get lice?? ?
Is it preferable for a girl to wear a lot of makeup to cover her acne or to go au natural?
greeny/blue eyes..way to make them stand out without eyeliner?
What hair style would look best on me and why?
natural makeup for school?
SHEER COVER MINERAL MAKEUP: how long did it take you to recieve your first order??
How can i make my black circles under my eyes dissapear without makeup?
How can I get my new makeup range reviewed?
whats the best mascara?
Is there any good eyebrow shaping plucking alternative tool besides waxing?
What do you think about this girl? pic?
Who loves Clinique?
What kind a make-up you think I could use?
basic, bare minimum makeup necessities?
Guys and Girls-what do you think about this whole "nude lip" thing?
best mascara? s!?
Should I start using foundation?
Is foundation good to hide spots? (make-up question)?
What is good make up for a sixth grader?
My lips are so dry in winter. Whats the best lip balm besides vaseline??
I can't decided, what should i choose..?
What do you think of bareMinerals?
What are the best eyeliners you have used?
How do I do my make-up like this? (Pic included)?
i need make up and hair tips :)?
What shade of foundation should I use?
What should I get from Sephora?
Is Jesse Girl Cosmetics?
is this makeup okay for a 13 year old?
I like the brand SATCH, looking for similar brands. Any suggestions?
Eyeshadow that will go with bright red lipstick?
can I start wearing makeup?
E.L.F. make up questions?
What is your favourite colour?
What makeup should I use?
Macys makeup counter makeovers?
what do you guys think of my blog?i am just starting out?
GiRLS!! do u feel ugly without makeup?
Johnson's Holiday Skin?
best mascara that looks like your wearing fake eyelashes?
Is anyone interested in any Avon stuff?
What's the best natural makeup?
Can someone help me with Loreal True Match shades of foundation?
What do you call the powder to set yourr foundation?
do i war 2 much makeup 4 a 6th graderr?
has anyone tried rimmels new matte mousse?
What do you think about this look?
Eyeshadow color for green eyes....?
Where is a good online source with pictures to demonstrate the proper way to apply makeup?
If I touch my face with my foundation and setting powder on, will it come off my face?
what is your favorite make-up brand?
i have trouble getting up in the morning [10 points]?
Hooded eyes and makeup?
can you use cocoa butter in place of eye lid primer?
what do u think for me make up or no make up? (pictures)?
Makeup help needed?!?!?!?
How to do natural makeup?
Am I wearing too much makeup?
how to get rid of acne overnight?
what colour is my eye (pic)?
I love doing make-up. How long I can wear make-up?
Where can I get a cheap set of gel or acrylic nails in Brighton?
makeup question???please answer???
How do u get a natural look without much make-up, lipgloss/lipstick on?
what do you think is the appropriate age for a girl to start wearing makeup?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 14 year old?
why doesn't my make-up stay on for long at school?
my face is allergic to cosetics,mostly foundation creams,what should i do?
I need new eyeliner help?
do you look good without makeup?
What is your favorite drugstore makeup?
is revlon hypoallergenic?
Girls: liquid eyeliner or crayon eyeliner?
What is your favorite color lipstick to wear?
Which brand of fake tan is easiest to use/turns out well?
Anybody a professional makeup artist?Looking for advice?
Am I Warm or Cool Toned?
Is the urban decay naked palette worth the money for a 14 year old?
How To Lighten your Eyes Natrually With Honey With Steps?
Can someone please tell me how to apply shimmery brush properly? ?
How do I do the dark eyes makeup?
What colour suits me best? (pics included)?
eye brow threading in lubbock, tx?
How old should you be before you start to wear makeup?
CLEARASIL changed their active ingredient ON US??????????????????
how can I stop my nail polish chipping while I'm cleaning??
My Mascara's Not Looking Good.?
What eye colour do you have ?
Easy way to make lip gloss?
how to make my nose thinner?
What is the best brand of waterproof eyeliner pencil for scene makeup?
Anyone one tried Nulexin dark circle eye cream?
Do eyelash extensions really work?
Safe alternatives for mascara?!?
Who has prettier eyes?
Make eyelashes grow, fill gaps?
Is there anything that a person can do when their eyebrows are thinning to thicken them up? Thank you!?
What kind of make up looks good with my eyes? ( Pics )?
Make up for beginners?
what color eyeliner would look good on her?
Make up artistry..... school?
Is it weird to wear blush?
Where can I get high brand makeup for cheap?
what makeup should i get from MAC Cosmetics?
Is it worth bring an Avon rep?
13 year old.. MAKEUP... EASY 10 POINTS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is your everyday makeup routine?
Recommend me some easy to find pale face powder/cover up? I mean like pale...?
Brown mascara? Should I get it?
i never put makeup on and i need help?
What's a simple and easy make up look !?!?
I've never worn makeup before. HELP?
what is the best concealer to use if you have really dark circles.?
Has anyone used Dior Sprayon Foundation?
Which product works better?? Please help!?
What is a good dupe for Too Faced "Velvet Revolver" in the Natural Eye palette?
What do you think of girls with Brown Eyes?
Which mascara do you recommend?
Good Chap-Sticks....?
OMG i hate red lipstickkkk?
green or blue, purple eyeliner.?
What's some cheap drugstore makeup....
has anyone used the physician's formula talc-free loose powder?
If you make your pores smaller will it be easier to clean your face?
males or females plz answer thanx?
Give me some ideas? Please!?
EyeLiner Help?
What's a good foundation for dry skin?
Whats a good facial moisturizer?
I have blue eyes , so what color eyeshadow should I use?
is MAC makeup good????????????????????
what color of eyeshadow look best withlight blue eyes?
Whats a really good bronzer to get from Ulta?
How do you like this makeup look?
wht colour eyes do you have?
Which mineral make-up foundation would you recommend? :)?
Whats the most makeup you've ever worn?
Is white spirit the same as alcohol?
I need a similie that compares bright lights with something else?
Why do many of girls my age wear a lot of makeup?
Daily Makeup Routine specific to me?
What is the BEST eyeliner and mascara brand?!!!?
POLL: with or without eye make-up?
If you had the chance...?
what are good drugstore cosmetics/ makeup to use?:)?
what colour goes with dark grey?
is this too much makeup for a 17 year old?? (pic included)?
Help me select a foundation...!!!!?
am ii pretty?
pros / cons of all makeup - for a project?
face issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how can i do eye makeup like ?
What's the best brand of false eyelashes to use?
cream eyeliner dried out?
What is the best mascara for big volume?
Which is hotter??
How do I get mascara off my eyelashes?
is Physicians formula mineral wear any good like the liquid foundation and the powder?
How to avoid looking plain or frumpy?
What kind of lip gloss should I wear?
Is it possible for a girl to look better without makeup?
How can I make myself prettier?
Is it weird for a 17 year old to wear lip stick?
Why do females where makeup?
Which makeup setting spray should I get?
How do I make bath powder?
Good eye liner suggestions?
Question about my eye HELP!!!!!!! 10 points!!?
Deptoing NYX jumbo pencils?
Is the pressing part necessary when "pressing" loose eyeshadows?
looking for skin care products from the 70's?
Do I do my eye make up well?
Make up storage and organization ideas?
what makeup goes great with blue eyes?
Can I wear old perfume?
What is wrong with this girl?
what do u think about me?
Can Urban Decay eyeshadows fit into a Mac Fifteen Palette?
I'm brunette, any good makeup tips?
Where will I get a acrylic makeup organizer?
should i get liquid eyeliner or the pencil?
What would you do if your 14 year old son came in after a party with a hickie on his neck?
How to remove eye make-up with just water?
Mac makeup brushes number ? Help?
does the mac strobe cream really work?
Do you like the new urban decay eyeshadow formula?
Advice on this eyeshadow ? 10 easy points!?
Could someone recomend a foundation that is good for covering up redness from rosacea?
Do i wear to much makeup?
Help me design blue and white fingernails?
Which mascara will help my eyelashes stay curled after using the eyelash curler?
What drugstore mascara gives CURL Lots of VolUME and some good amount of length??!?
making eyeshadow stay on all day/longer?
Lip Gloss or Bare? What looks better?
what make-up shades fits w/ it?
Pedicure Survey: Your Opinions Please?
What covers more liquid foundation or powder foundation?
Which eyeshadows are better? Nars or MAC?
Halloween Costumes for 2 "Girls"?
does chocolate make your face break out?
anyone used stilla illuminating foundation? did you like it?
¿ do you used makeup??????????????????
Eyeliner on top lid? please help?!?
What colour eye shadow?
Anyone ever worked for Sephora before?
Does orange nail polish on my toes suit my complexion shade?
How can I look like an Anime?
What age should girls wear eyeliner?
Does anybody used Lancaster cosmetics, are they worthy??
How many times should i use biore (blackhead remover)?
What are your E.l.f. cosmetics MUST haves?
Help! with foundation application?
Does anyone knows where I can buy the Naturactive - All natural skincare collection?
People talk about me when i wear makeup?
How to be pretty without makeup?
i am a 13 year old how much make-up should i wear and what kind?
semi-perma lashes and self tanner?
can u get anything from like samples of everything?
what is your fav make up item?
Which stores carry e.l.f. mireal eyeshadows?
Did Skin ID give you good results?
hey, girls...when did you guys start wearing make-up?
Shablem Blemish Cover Cream??
Question for the Ladies...?
how do yo make your eyes look bigger???
I really want some eyeshoadow colors XOXO(:?
Is Covergirl Natureluxe Chamois lighter or darker than Dune?
if your boyfriend asked you to not wear makeup and earings, would you do it or leave him?
I think i have a problem or something?!?
What do u call the eye lid but under the eye?
Is Clinique makeup any good?
How should I do my makeup and hair for homecoming?
If i wear RED lipstick what colour eyeshadow should i have on...??
what is your eye colour?
who knows how to put on simple make up you know going to the mall kinda look thanx sexy?
How much does it cost for lip fillers?
is there anyway to keep your eyeliner from fading?
Which brand has the best mascara?
Can you coverup five o clock shadow this way?
make-up to use to cover up pimples :S?
What do you think of SALLY HANSEN brushes?
eyeliner help?
Do any of you know how to make your lips look fuller?
What eyshadow color looks better : free love or smog by urban decay?
Palmers cocoa butter formula jar versus nivea creme?
does rejuvicare work and is it safe to take?
datee help?
What do guys think of a girl not wearing makeup in comparison of a girl wearing makeup?
BEST Mascara!!!!!!!????? ♥
Sephora employees?
What are some good (not so expensive) poducts of waterproof foundation?
What makeup colors would suit my coloring?
How to put on top eyeliner?
where can i find too faced cosmetics?
how to contour nose and face?
I just ordered a brush set from MAC (the website). How long did it take to get your order?
what makes hazel/ dark green eyes stand out?
Makeup in the 9th grade?
What looks better for brown eyes: forest green eyshadow and black eyeliner OR brown eyshadow and black eyelien?
Where can you get double eyelid tape?
Lipstick or Lip liner that the girls use in Green day - Oh Love music video?
Where are good places to buy makeup?
where should i spray my perfume to make it smell good all day?
good all natural eyeshadow palette?
I have blonde should i do my makeup?
What color are your eyes?
How to stop my make up looking so cakey?
what can I put over my makeup so the rain?
In the May 2007 issue of Allure, which mascara did Gisele Bündchen say she used?
how to be good skin?
what would you think? in need of help?
What colour shall I paint my nails, I'm bored?
Victoria secret tanning spray reveiw?
how many of you use q-tips to apply eyeshadow with?
Websites for bare mineral makeup?
How To Wear makeup To School Without Getting oily?
5-minute makeup routine for 8th grade?
I'm quite spotty, so i wear some makeup 2 try and cover them up, but it doesn't really work. What shall i do?
How do YOU take off your makeup?
Bare minerals?
what is a good foundation that stays on all day?
What's the best mascara you've ever tried? (and that is available in the UK) Thanks :)?
Make - Up . . .?
who would be a good historical figure to profile on from the 1800s?????
How can i get clear skin!!? Help please?
How to Make a Brown persons skin become lighter?
What is the BEST mascara?
I need help with lip coloring & makeup . helppp?
Makeup Youtube Question?
Do Guys really Pay Attention on our Mani/pedicures?
Are there any other makeup brands besides wet n wild and elf that sell some of there stuff for $1.00?
make over!!!?
Which makeup foundation?
Whats a good face powder?
A few eyeliner questions?
How to sell lip balm on esty?
Any perfumes that you can recommend?
whats your favorite kind of eyeliner?
Where can I find red eye shadow?
Where can I buy Bare Minerals/Esssentials or Everyday Minerals makeup?
Does Bare Escentuals completely cover dark undereye circles?
Should a 13 year old wear makeup?
How to remove lip gloss?
What's your favourite mascara?
10 points which baby name do you like best?
What are the best makeup brands?
Can you please tell me what i can change? (pic) sophomore?
What is up with Kyra Sedgwick's lipstick?
what color eyes do i have?
what do teen girls think about teen boys who wear nail polish?
Eyeliner help...?
How do i fill in my thin, dark eyebrows?
Any good sites to get free samples of lotion?
Best mascara? best drugstore brand?
I use Mac MatchMaster Foundation in 6.0. What is my shade in Studio fix fluid?
Best foundation for dry combination skin?
are you allowed to wear green eyeshadow during the day? What are the rules of make up during the day?
Powder blush or Cream blush?
Will arched eyebrows look good on long faces ?
most natural looking lip product?
Does Smashbox O-glass Intuitive lip gloss work?
do girls find natural tan attractive??
Is there a special foundation that is made for skin which is infected by acne?
ladies....what is your favorite lip gloss brand?
Tospheral Spheres: Diffuses light on the skin, what does that mean?
What are the best drugstore concealers in the US?
I'd like to know if I can get the Mood Matcher Lip-Care Lipstick in S'pore. This product is from UK.?
how to down size on my makeup collection?
How to lighten skin fast?
how to make up for a party?
How to intimidate a mean girl?
one of my eyes is green..somethings wrong?
victoria secret blush brushes?
ELF cosmetics dupes for MAC cosmetics?
Would you leave the house without wearing makeup?
How do I make myself look less intimidating?
Can people look good make up on?
Is face waxing dangerous? Someone told that waxing makes your face wrinkled, is it true?
Where can I find a pale pink-nude lipgloss/lipstick?
Fake eyelash questions!?
rate me. picturesss, 1 - 10?
Sweat proof, smudge proof, tear proof makeup!?
What is the best foundation you've tried?
what is lol?
Is 12 an "okay" age to were makeup?
does make up cause wrinkles or pimple?
How can I cover up my darkcircles under my eyes??