Makeup question for blue eyes?
Lord and Berry makeup?
why do people use blusher?
Anything that covers up dark circles underneath eyes? My concealer doesn't work well.....?
M.A.C. or Maybelline? Clinique or CoverGirl? Do you prefer department store or drugstore makeup and why?
What is the best drugstore compact foundation?
i dont wear make up and im in high school?
makeup lovers?! Help! sum1 plz check out my makeup channel and sub and or check out my vids im kinda new?
How do I make my lips look sexy?
A summer, colourful look??????
what's your favourite mascara?
How can I make a Zombie makeup easy and affordable?
What Makeup will they put on me?
how do you apply eye liner?
Really good cheap face primer anyone?
How should I get my hair cut, and how should I start doing my makeup?
Where can you buy discounted makeup other than Ebay and other auction sites?
Best restaurant in ft Lauder ?
I'm a boy and I like to play with my mom's makeup when shes not home?
How many months does Smashbox Camera ready full coverage foundation last with everyday use?
Am I A Fake?
Favorite lipgloss?
How do you use makeup to look Asian?
How can I dress, do my hair and makeup like Macbarbie07/ Bethany Mota (beauty guru on youtube)?
is burts bees lip shimmer also a lip balm?
FELLAS what do you think about a girl wearing make-up?
What kind of makeup should I wear?? (pic included)?
Favorite piece of makeup you own?
very simple makeup tips?
best mac paint pot for NC20 skin?
Is it normal that my friend had been waxing her eyebrows since 7th grade?
Best nude lipsticks? Going to cvs soon.?
Do you prefer lipliner, lipgloss or lipstick?
Do you think this lipstick color compliments my skin tone(pic)?
Have you ever tried banana boat subdial sunless lotion?
What foundation do you use?
whats the best face primer for acne prone oily skin with pores?
Help. I accidentally cut my eyelashes.?
How to make your face not oily?
can you buy lip smackers in metro market market? philippines?
I'm scared my make up might give me wrinkles before im supposed to get them!?
Please help??
I need help with mascara !!! ?
Has anybody ever tried Retin-A?
Why do girls keep long nails ?
What is the BEST Concealer? (UK)?
I need a foundation that gives a lot of coverage and looks natural...?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup, how did you start?
What is the best mascara to use?
where can i buy yves rocher products in toronto instead online?
What do you do with your unwanted/unused make-up?
Do you this girls look more pretty if they wear eye liner or not?
Hairstyles and Makeup for Homecoming?
What color eye shadow should I use?
I need some make up tips! Can anyone help?
drugstore makeup product favs ?
do guys like girls who wear makeup more than if they were to wear no makeup?
What to do with a dried Mascara?
Any good, cheap makeup?
Girls, whats the best mascara?
What is a good mascara?
what color eye liner would look good on me?
What does your everyday make-up look like?
I purchased some items from Boots. When they arrived, they were damaged?
Will tanning "hide" stretch marks?
Which style of makeup do you like better?
Feminine makeover for boy:)? Help!?
how can i make myself look ill?
Can I use extra bleaching powder left in packet with any other cream?
How should I do my makeup?
I`m getting contacts......any tips?
Best foundation?
where can i get cheap lip injections that are good?
choose one!?
what brand of eyeliner should I use?
Clearasil Ultra Acne Scar Care System?
Who is the guy in the new Boots No 7 advert with Keeley Hawes?
How much would you spend on make-up?
What Revlon lip butter shade should I get?
Do you curl your eyelashes before you put on mascara, or vice versa?
What is the best lip balm?
my hair dosent get straight even after using a straightener?
What can I do about the skin on my face being a shade darker than my neck?
should i put my make up in the bathroom?
does BareMinerals really work?
What eye liner makes green eyes even greener?
what is a good long lasting kohl eyeliner?
Girls Onlyy ..?please awnser?
What age sould girls start to wear makeup?
What is the best mascara? ?
to whom it may concern. can you help me?
Is no makeup for women a trend?
Need skincare product that ACTUALLY works?
What are your holy grail foundation(s)?
I have tan skin and goldenish hazel eyes. what eyecolours should i wear?
eyeliner question?
Is there a lip gloss that makes guys WANT to kiss you?
Is it possible to work freelance for two different makeup lines in one store?
Why do when girls put on mascara they open their mouths?
boys what do you like better wemen who wear make up or not all tell light dark none and why please?
Should I splurge on MAC. Makeup Brushes?
I have brown eyes, dark blonde hair, and fair skin. What make-up should I use?
Am I ugly? What can I do to look prettier?
I am looking for cotton facial pad (or rounds). I purchased them before at Costco.?
how do you get rid of spots?
Whats age should you start wearing makeup?
how do i know what shade of lipstick to wear?
What type of foundation should I use/?
Color Stay Lipcolor???
What is a good mascara?
Do I wear too much makeup for my age?
Mac, Clinique or Nars?
Girls, if a guy has naturally bad skin, is it ok for him to use foundation?
mom makeup help?
Best Drugstore Mascara?
Difference between these makeup brushes? (elf, sedona lace & sigma)?
Is MAC the best place to get an undereye concealer?
Can you steam your face with a spray tan on?
What make-up would suit me?
am I pretty?..... tell the truth?
Skin is dry so foundation won't go on smoothly..?
eye makeup?
Is this hair/makeup cute....(-pics-)?
How do i get my eyeliner to stop smudging?
Why don't I have eyes?
Drugstore lipglosses/lipsticks?
What is the best product to use to get rid of acne?
what color of NYX cream blush will look good on me?
Makeup that resembles 1930/1940 makeup help? :)?
how do i tell my mom that i want to start wearing somse mascara ???
Is eyeliner bad for a 13 year old?
Best liquid foundation with medium coverage for pale skin?
what is the opposite color of brown for eyeshadows?
How do I look fake? I only have on mascara, chapstick, eye shadow and a tad bit of foundation.?
Do I look like a porcelain doll?
Is it okay to put moisturizer on before you put on foundation?
How to do scene girl makeup and hair?
Is my lipstick too bright?
What is the best type of makeup to use in hot, humid weather?
I can never put on blush properly? How can i know where to place it?
i have dark cirlces under eyes.what cream to use?
Any good affordable makeup brands out there?
Dior Airflash Foundation ingredients?
How can I prevent oil buid-up?
Im 13 and i wear eye liner mascara and lip gloss am i too young?
Can i just wear BB cream by itself?
Ladies, i need some colour help!?
Could 11 year old girl wear make-up?
How long does a basic foundation bottle last for you?
How do you hide age spots/sun spots?
Makeup question for blue eyes?
Is the maybelline falsies a good mascara?
foundation for very oily skin?
what brand of lipgloss do i use to get my lips like this? [PIC INCLUDED]?
How to un-wrinkle money?
artistic makeup?
how do you get MAC pro products without being an employee?
Any one have any makeup suggestions??
Help Me Convince my Mom to let me wear foundation ?
I look like a Striper with Make-Up?
Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara question.?
first date make-up tips?
whats the prettys type of eyeshaddow for brown eyess?
why is brittany so ugly?
How much makeup did you wear when you were 13?
buying bare minerals kits?
How can I get my eyeliner to stay on all day?
Are these items worth buying?
whats your makeup routine for school?
what color are my eyes? (picture) and what color eyeliner would look best?
What is your fav colour?
how to apply?
Fall Mac Eyeshadows???
I'm an artist living on long island, currently attending FIT, I do makeup, murals, portraits...?
Burt's Bees Lip Balm or Lip Shimmer?
is it wrong for a 15 year old kid (me) to put on makeup?
Can anyone tell me about working at the Belks cosmetic counter? What is the pay,what type of training etc.?
Good shade of lipstick/stain/gloss?
i would like to know about -concealer and how to apply it? and what are the good quality brands?
Im Going into 7th grade help!!?
Which eyeliner?
What age did u start wearing eyeliners?
what do u think is a good name for a baby girl?
Do anybody wears marykay, go to spend $40 or more any get free makeup brushes.?
help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If I only wear concealer, do I need primer?
Lancome eyeshadow match?!?
How do I achieve this makeup look?
how can i make my brown eyes stand out?
Pictures of Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara?
What shade of red lipstick looks best?
What is lipstick tag?
What brand has good, cheap eyeshadow sets/palette?
What drugstore makeup products should I try for fall?
What to choose from Mac for an oily/dry and acne prone girl?
What's a good mascara that doesn't give you raccoon eyes?
How can I make my eyeshadow last?
Can you help me with organic cosmetics?
Do you like boys who where eye liner? (girls only)?
Whats the best makeup/skin care line for skin with a wrinkle??? at a department store?
Neutrogina Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream?
why are some peoples elbows dark and how can u fix it?
Lipstick and teenagers?
Is red lipstick sexy?
Makeup like Megan fox?
What color eyeshadow should I wear with brown hair, blue eyes & fair skin?
does makeup really matter?
is a 11 year old to young to wear makeup?
Does Garnier Fructist Nutritionist creme work?
Which product should I buy?
What's your favorite make up brand?
What colour are your fingernails painted right now?
What is Transforming Liquid Eyeliner?
what kind of makeup do the misfits use?
What makeup do you wear on a day to day basis?
Do any of you know who the undertaker is?
stop creases in eyeshadow?? help?
Mac Cosmetics products.?
What shades of lipstick suits a pale face, blue eyes and blonde hair?
does lash extension work well?
Good foundation for mainly dry skin with full coverage?
Desperately seeking a Revlon d/c eyepencil?
MAC SAMPLES ????????? Easy .s...?
makeup for grade seven?
where can I buy henna(a tube of it) in columbia, sc?
Make-up with red dress?
do you think that the nokia 7230 is a phone i should get read hole thing?
Studio Lighting for Makeup Videos?
Mac, Nars or clinque ?
Why are BB creams so cool? What does a BB cream do?
how to get waterproof mascara off?
can someone please answer my mystic tan questions?
13 year old school makeup?
Can you recommend me a Champaign coloured BLUSH?
What BB cream is best at hiding pores?
Natural look or more makeup?
Best and worst of ELF cosmetics?
Trying to find the right lip colour!?
What to use as Makeup Remover?
Is this makeuo okay for a 14 year old?
What powder foundation is the best?
Fake tan question?!...?
My scar face?
Really easy question, the answer will just take 2 words, easy points!?
Help! Eyeshadow quandary?
find website of cosmetics companies? Particularly hbc cosmetics?
What are some good makeup colors to highlight blue eyes?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
How do I make my skin look less yellow and washed out during the winter?
shich is the best eye cream for dark circles?
M.A.C cosmetics makeup artist salary?
Should Makeup have Expiration dates?
St Moriz Mousse Fake Tan?
Where can you buy TerraTints lip balm in a store?
why cant women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
What season am I and which colors should I use for clothing and makeup?
What is your personal favorite mascara?
How long does a professional eyebrow tint last?
need help with make up?
How can i convence my mom to let me wear mascara???
Bitchy girls say pale skin = ugly?
ladies, where do you buy your make up?
What age did you start wearing Makeup?
Do you know someone who works for Bare Escentuals? (sp?)?
Can putting toner on my acne-prone areas help prevent breakouts?
What is the best mascara?
What's your favourite MAC lipstick?
Why does my g/f take......?
best facial cleanser for an 18 year old?
Which one of neutrogena foundations is good?
Can Too Much MakeUp Make A Pretty Girl Look Ugly?
What color are her eyes? *pics*?
BIG EYES OR SMALL EYES? (guys only)?
Eye makeup allergy ?
what color brings out green eyes the most?
Has anyone used Philosophy The Present Clear Makeup/Primer with Mineral Powder Foundation?
13 year old rocker, red lipstick?
An I ok looking: I really need to know?
Is 11/12 years old to early to put on makeup?
Which is a better mineral foundation? Bare Escentuals or Monave?
Facial Masks?
Why do you women wear so much make up i can literally see where the make up stops and your normal skin starts?
Makeup Question?
hi i have light skin and i get ivory foundation it makes my face pale do i need a darker color...thnaks?
How do you put on mascara properly?
Ladies: Would you spend $1200 for a jar of Creme de La Mer?
when did you start wearing make-up?
Which Olay Product??
what is a good make up look for me?
how can i make myself look ill?
Where can I buy this mask?
I'm a V.I.B. at Sephora?
which is the best mascara?
Make up brushes, starter set ?
Acting headshot help!!?
Does aloe vera have antiseptic or antibacterial properties?
How to make lip stick stay on your lips all day?
what can i do about extremely pale skin?
I've got a hair and make-up question?...?
What do you think about girls in 7th grade wearing eyeliner?
makeup for oily skin? Tips and tricks?
Which colour makes brown eyes pop?
how do i make my lips look bigger?
do i have a unique eye color?(pic)?
Does anyone out there know the best concealer out there for dark circles?
Where can I buy Too Faced products?!?!)?
Do you have to be white skined to be scene?
I'm new to make-up?
At 15 Do You Think I Wear Too Much Make-up?
i need help with foundation..?
Any cheap Lancome Paris websites?
Is AHA good for acne?
I really want to make some of my features POP! How can I do this with makeup?
Best brand of lipstick you've ever used?
The natural look? Makeup.?
Have you bought expensive make up?
Brands that are fragrance free?
can i buy that powder stuff they put on your nails at salons?
What is an appropriate amount of makeup to wear to middle school?
Makeup Thingy?!?
What are some really good makeup foundation/powder?
Foundation that covers up spots?
For some reason i find guys who wear eyeliner hot. does anyone else?
Makeup question?????????????????????
is make up supposed to make u look fairer or darker?
Whats the best way to clean expensive makeup brushes?
Spray Tans please advise!?
Does red lipstick go with a soft blue dress?
jml make up products in dublin shops?
Where can I find blue and/or white face paint?
How to get that shiny look on your legs?
Mac Lipstick Crosswires or Vegas Volt?
What would be a nice color lipstick?
has anyone tried Murads makeup?
Cosmetic brands in Finland?
i'm looking for a pro palette 120 but don't want to buy it off of ebay anybody no anywhere in uk?
Girls: Have you ever tried this product?
i want a foundation?
Should I wear Eyeliner?
I'm 13.. its my first time wearing makeup.. how should i do it??
What is lemon eye corrector and how do u apply it?
how old should i be?
My mom throws out my makeup????
Who has the best youtube videos on homemade products?
Which Girl More Beautiful ? ( Pics Inserted )?
Which Maybelline mascara should I buy next?
makeup question?
what is the best foundation?
can i look more asian?
What is your favorite makeup foundation and why?
Green eyes are rare, isn't it? :) Would green contact lens look good for deep brown eyes?
OK Girls and Gay guys because gay guys are good with girly stuff.Straight guys stay away from thsi question.?
Moisturizer with facial wipes?
Do I need a license to do makeup in Virginia or Maryland?
what kind of makeup 13 year old wear?
Whats the best smelling Aloha scent by Victoria Secret?
Do any of you look younger than your actual age?
How much do you think Lower eye blepharoplasty Cost?
Does this girl look natural?
How should I do my makeup to go see a guy I like?
will any type of chafing cream work for primer?
Can you use bodywash on your face?
wat do gurls look in a guy?
what would your "basic" makeup include?
Are these Mac brushes real?
Does this sound like a cute natural teen makeup rutine?
How to get my natural lip color back?
Whats the best age to start wearing makeup?
What eyeshadows would suit my friend?
Urban Decay Primer Potion?
Tips on make-up..?
what do you think about my eyes? :)?
What's a good method of getting eyeliner to stay....?
How can I get my makeup to look smooth instead of cakey?
what is the biggest selling lip gloss in uk?
clinique face cleansing products?
lipgloss or lipbalm..........?
Whenever I put on lipstick my lips chap & the lipstick wears off quick?
When should girls start wearing make up.?
My fiance's 10 year old niece keeps trying to use my makeup despite me saying no?
Is it bad to not wear any lipgloss or lipchap on your lips, but do dramatic eyes?
Too much makeup for a freshman?
Are her lips fake or real? pic?
whats the best bb cream brand?
What can I do to make my eyelashes look longer? Also, what can I do to make my makeup stop running at the day?
HELP!!!! I need to get something to help my face!!!!!!?
should i wear makeup?(pics)?
Does a Tattoo Artist do this or another type of professional ?
Beet juice separating from homemade organic lip gloss?
Fake Eyelashes?
How to keep my eyeliner from smudging ?
which one of these guys are 'better-looking" and whyy? ladies please help?!?
eyebrow emergency! need help now!?
How do I put nail polish without messing it up?!?
how to get Lucy Hale's eyebrow's?
can some one help me with make up i'm a biggener and have some ?s for my skin type?
my skin is very oily due to tht i get acne after applying makeup plzz suggest me by sum herbal remedy t get ri
i wear makeup daily, do guys not like this ?
I have two coloured eyes?
Which cosmetics would go great with auburn hair and spring green eyes?
Clinique help pleaseeee ~?
What's the best foundation?(:?
What "sheers out" mean in?
What are you most thankful for?
Is Lancome's 'Maquicomplet' Concealer Non-Comedogenic?
what do you think of my everyday makeup routine?
is this too much makeup for your liking? (PICS INCLUDED!) [10 points 8th answer!]?
Review on the 88 warm palette by Coastal Scents?
Why does my make-up come off?!?!?
do all ghost perfumes have ghost written on the bottle? how do you know if they are fake?
Whats beauty in your eyes?
what makeup would look best with these eyes?
pink lip-gloss and eye shadow?
Mineralized skin finish natural?
What Color Eye Shadow Should I Use?
what is the best way to make eye lashes look great?
what makeups color look best on me?
What is the best moisturizer?
How to make brown eyes POP?!?
how to make cheekbones look more prominent?
Best amd worset drugstore products and why?
How to do my makeup like this ???? Please help !!?
Do you think I'm Pretty???
i am very dark in complextion and i hav a problem in choosing my cream, i need something with sunscreen pls.?
Is E.L.F. makeup a good brand?
What brand is this eyeshadow palette?
Where can i get some cheap good lipgloss?
Why can't I find any limited edition Halloween cosmetic displays this year?
whos prettier?
Foundation problems?! please help !?
Could someone tell me the specific name of this described mascara?
best foundation to cover acne ?
How to pick out powder at drugstores?
I have green eyes. Would green eye shadow bring out my pretty eyes????
i am 27years...which brand is good for makeup kit?
How to apply individual lashes on your self?
should women wear makeup?
Anyone using Bare Mineral makeup had problems with their eyes, slight itching, redness, under eye puffiness?
What brand of foundation is the best?
can you use myer vouchers at mac? (AUSTRALIA)?
i bot bare minerals starter kit on tv....?
is it ok for a guy to wear lipstick to work?
What are the colors for spring and summer 2008, make up wise?! What looks are in and what looks are out?!?
Do u think i can????
_____what do ya think????_____?
When will my E.L.F cosmetics be shipped?
Help eye shadow color?
do the pans have to be in the eyeshadow container?
What do you think of Concealer on your lips?
How to make my face look more mature?
How to bring out the color of your eyes ?
Your favorite makeup products?
Whats a good mascara that LENGTHENS, DONT CLUMP, and is WATERPROOF?
At what age did you first put on make up? Or become interested in it?
how do you put mascara on your bottom lashes without it getting on your skin right under them?
for girls: how much does a set of shiseido cost?
Should a girl in highschool always wear makeup everyday?
Whats a good mineral makeup brand?
does my friend wear too much makeup?
i need eye shadow help?
Has anyone tried PROACTIV facial system? Is it over-hyped or does it really work?
My new dress is yellow, what colour eyeshadow should i wear?
Cheap but great makeup!!?
Should I be wearing Makeup?
Do guys find makeup more or less attractive?
Does anyone have any product suggestions?
what lipstick colour would suit me?
can a fairly dark skin people be a goth??
What is a good brand of make up for a 27 years old lady?
Makeup for 14 year old?
Where to buy N.Y.C makeup in the uk?
Do I look best with make-up or without?
How can I achieve a natural looking, inexpensive tan?
Needing a foundation brush?
What mascara do you use?
what will i do so i cannot nervous all the time? do i need to take a medicine or something?
liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner?
L'Oreal True Match Powder Pros and Cons?
do the mac holiday collections get discounted?
The best way to brighten skin at home fast?
what is the difference between day make up and bridal makeup?
Fast emergency? How to make my eye look like I haven't cry?
dry lips skin advice needed?
Should I wax my eyebrows?
eye problem !!!?
Getting the correct foundation shade?
Shear Cover Makeup is found at what stores?
how much is it usually to get fake nails for your fingernails and a pedicure?
How should you put on makeup but still making it look natural?
has anyone used the bare minerals products and is the foundation as good as they say???
Makeup for a darker skin tone?
how many modeling jobs are there?
How can I make my upper lip look fuller as a GUY?
has anyone ever tried mood lipstick?
What country is Taylor Swift (fragrance) Wonderstruck made in?
i need to make a doctor check up note?
Which is the better brand between Maybelline New York and Neutrogena?
Is the Maybelline Baby Lips Worth the Hype?
Should I get a Makeover?
Best moisturizer for oily teenaged skin?
Quick quick question? :)?
Which is ur fav bridal wear?
whats the best eyeliner?
Make-up look for red lips?
Help! I have a wide-ish nose!?
Have you ever had moisturiser cause your nailpolish to stain your clothes?
How do I order Redkin colour?
how far can a mascara go?
BEST COLOURS for ME a Cool RedHead?
Help with my eyebrows?
Anyone out there use Dermalogica Products?
Do you think we are pretty? :/?
Where do i get lotion pre-powder and how much is is? Also what website store offers it?
my eyebrow is all messed up, help!?
Acne Makeup?
i wear makeup daily, do guys not like this ?
Do you like sonia Kashuk line of make up I want to try her cover up, do youlike it?
Easy to follow Taylor Swift makeup tutorial?
please answer asap?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is godiva skin care whitening good...?
If you could choose any eye color, what would it be?
Why dont guys like it when girls where makeup?
I am currently an esthetician looking to get into mortuary makeup but having problems finding much info?
What is the best drugstore lip products?
I'm making a makeup forum website, I need to know every brand of makeup you can think of!?
There is a new powder/foundation compact i saw late night on a commercial does anyone know what its called?
Is it okay to wear red lipstick to school?
do they have toblerones in switzerland?
I have no makeup what can I use instead.?
What does your make-up bag consist of?
Two MAC lipsticks plus tax TORONTO?
How many times a day should you apply ?
Is it legal to share a link?
I'm thinking of applying at Sephora?
What Brand of Makeup is this?
What is the value of the Mary Kay "Pinked!" cards?
Does Fragrance in the ingredients make a big difference?
what is the best mascara?
Do uuuu like my makeup?
What are the best colors to use on hazel/greenish eyes (to bring out the hazel/green color out)?
What eye shape/type of eyes do I have?
what color nail polish looks coolest on toes?
tips for making your foundation look smooth,natural?
What eyeshadow color can make brown eyes pop?
Should I wear makeup?
how can i do my makeup like this?
do men think women look good with alot of makeup or a natural look>?
What is your favourite cosmetic brand? ?
what's your daily foundation routine?
What Kind Of Mascara Do You Use?
what is your favourite ?
How can I get my eyes to pop out?
Which girl is prettier?
13 year old wanting to be pretty?!?
do u think ...?
Make up problem plz help?
black light party makeup ASAP?
Is she wearing makeup?
If I'm a Nude Beige in Maybelline Dream Smooth Moouse foundation, what would I be in Rimmel Lasting Finish 25?
Is it better to take a Cosmetology program or Esthetics program to become a makeup artist?
How do i make small eyes look bigger?
Does anyone know what happened to Naturistics Lip products?
Has anyone tried Tarte Natural Beauty Cheek Stain? Can it be used as a lip stain? How dark is it?
Can you back to mac old mac nail polish?
A good everyday MAC eyeshadow?
The Body Shop: Lip butter vs Lippy Lip Balm?
could u rate the best one?what should i buy?
Do I have an olive skin tone?? Chosing best answer soon!?
At what age do you think girls should be allowed to start wearing makeup?
is there a website that will show pics of different ways to put eyeshadow on.?
Mac Special Addition Brushes?
Foundation suggestions- teenagers?
Bare Minerals Matte Foundation Routine Help?
help with eyelashes please.?
is it normal or weird..?
who invented the first eyelash curler?
Is eyeliner just too much? ...?
How do the stars like "Kiera Knightly" get that moist glistening undereye look?
Should I get a Makeover?
Question about shipping? [A mac lipstick with the box?]?
How much make-up is too much?
What colour eyes do you have ?
Why isn't it good to sleep with makeup on?
AHA / BHA face creams?
what would my shade be in Revlon ColorStay foundation if........(CONTINUED..) **FULL-HOUSE ON STARS!!**?
Does anyone know...?
Does GIRL:IT makeup test on animals?
Advice on being a beauty guru?
If I'm wearing a black dress, what color should my eyeshadow be?
Starting A fashion/Makeup Buisness ....?
what make up should i buy?
I need your help to chose what makeup should i wear ?
Do you use MAC?
Your top 5 drugstore/ highstreet mascaras?
Is it okay to use Obagi-C Clarifying serum at night before Obagi night cream?
Need waterproof makeup?
What makeup should suit me i have brown eyes and hair and short hair ?
How to lose weight quickly?
pale skin/make-up problem?
is it too young to wear make up at the age of 12?
How do I take off my nails from the salon at home?
I have dark blue eyes,I put on black eye liner&my friends say green eyeliner would be betterwhat should b used
Does this sound like too much makeup for a 14 year old?
red blotch chheks what coverup or concealer should be used to hide them>>?
Any recommendations for skin care products available at Whole Foods in NJ?
facial product sample expiry?
What age is acceptable to wear makeup?
How can I make myself Paler?
no lip gloss?
Is it ok for guys to wear makeup?
what are the ingredients in the prestige multi task 3 in 1 powder?
Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?
where can i get some permanent lipsticks,and how long would they last on the lips?
Cheap Make-Up Palletes?
What color tinted moisturizer should I use if..?
Which is the best stick foundation?
At about what age do girls start wearing make up?
What is the best shade of eyeshadow to enhance blue eyes?
How come this happens when I wear eyeliner?
Why do Indians use fairness creams ?
how do i remove skin discolouration due to over exfoliation??
Hair/makeup advice (w/ pic)?
Mascara and liquid eyeliner recommendations?
what is the best lip plumper?
cute makeup for 60s go go girl?
how do you know if it is true love anaad not a crush?
Am i pretty? (pic included)?
which blush u like better ?
Can you recommend a foundation for me based off of my skin needs !?
how do you apply bronzing powder???
What are some tips for looking younger? What creams should I use? What mundane activities should I do?
Where is the cosmetic store in Oakville?
How do I use makeup to make it look natural?
What's a good way to remove mascara?
How much makeup is too much?
Olay firming creme after exfoliating, is it ok?
bobbi brown foundation vs mac foundation???? :P?
What are the common Indian makeup brand used?
Aloe vera as a primer?
What is the BEST pale foundation for tan skin?
Guys, how do you like a girls makeup?
Eyeshadow Help?
estee lauder double wear foundation?
Bare minerals or Philosophy supernatural?
what lip plumber do you recommend?
upper lip...?
Suitable make up products for home use?
I'm 13 and want to start to wear make up What do you think?
does make up make your skin wrinkly ?
What type of eyeliner do you prefer?
What makeup should I do for the school luau?
In what order do I apply makeup?
What have been your experiences (good or bad) with becoming an e-representative for Avon?
does the make- up bareminerals really work?
Foundation for a flawless coverage? Help!?
:( i messed up tweezing my eyebrows?
Murad Acne Copmlex?
What Nars Sheer Glow foundation color would i be?
do i look ok without makeup and do i have nice skin pictures?
is there something that?
are my eyes relatively pretty?
what color blush will work for me?
What is a good overnight facial cream?
What type of eyeliner looks good with blue eyes?
himalaya under eye cream?
How long does a Lush moisturiser last?
would you ever buy black lipstick?
how do i let my parents allow me to wear makeup please help?
please help me find a good mascara x?
Where do you put on blush?
has anyone ever used a foundation primer on the lips(under the lipstick/lipgloss)? does it work?
how i should take care of my face regularly ?
makeup or natural? honesty?
Which photo is better?
How to completely remove/lighten eye bags?
What do you think? (pics)?
Which is the best makeup brand?
Has anyone tried AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase?!? If so, how were your results?!?
What shade does this translate to?
how should i do my hair and makeup tomorow?
I'm trying to save money in these tough economic times by making homemade makeup for my wife; any suggestions?
Which foundation is better?
When does Lush's Christmas sale start?
how to create flirty makeup?
What is the most popular color of eyeshadow for a brunette?
Best Mascara, For volume, length and no clumps ?
Should I start wearing makeup?
Is this too much make up?
whats good colours to use for my bridal makeup?
Howw long does it take you to get ready in the morningg (girls/women only:)?
How do I get rid of blemishes?
Eyebrow question! Oopps?
Battle with acne - what kind of makeup best suits me?
Is Mac Full Coverage?
would you pay 20 dollars for this makeup?
do you brush ur teeth in the morning?
How to do my makeup & hair?
Make-up artist troubles...can anyone give me some advice?
is there a Lush Cosmetics in Durham (England)?
any types of mascara that makes your eyelashes look longer?
What is a good drugstore mineral foundation?
ok, so i am 14, and my mom still won't let me wear eyeliner.she says it looks trampy, does it?
do all avon represanatives sell mark as well?
Are contacts bad for your eyes?
what make up should i wear?pic?
Should i be wearing makeup?
Can a 13 year old wear, mascara,lip gloss,eyeliner and founation to school??
Could I be a model? (pics) answers appreciated?
foundation for fair skin?
How do you find cosmetic distributor?
Can someone give my an online Sephora giftcard they won't use please?
Why do females wear make-up?
too much make-up?
Help! Tips on eye makeup for asians? bad do i look??
tell me about compact which is used for make up and also tell about beauty tips to keep face fresh?
Do I wear too much makeup?
any girls wanna give me a makeover?
mom wants me to wear makeup.. how?
Which is better?the Primavera Life,Amphora Aromatics or oshadhi?
What eye shape do I have?
What's the best eyeshadow for a natural look?
Make-up recommendations?
Good eyeshadows for my eyes? HELP.?
My skin tone, hair, and eyes have colors that are too similar. What can I do to add variety?
How do I keep my skin pale ?????????
Is it ok to just moisturize at night and then clense and use a primer for makeup in the morning?
any good eyeliner tips?
how can i do my eye make up to make my eyes really pop?
how do i ask my mom to bring me to the dermatologist?
_____what do ya think????_____?
Okay I dont have a make up brush or sponges..what can I use to apply my liquid cover up...just a beginner?
What are good products for smooth skin?
Does Rosalie Hale wear nail polish?
ladies help im looking for a good foundation make up that covers fine lines and looks natural?
How long does pink eye last for?
Neutrogena deep wrinkle moisture?
How can I get my eyelashes to grow longer & thicker?
Best way to cover dark circles?
How can I ask my mom to let me wear makeup?
is it ok for men to wear mascara and eyeliner if your not a goth?
Napoleon Perdis makeup?
I feel like I don't look good with makeup?
Why can't you wear your make up to bed?
which Lip Smacker give shine, color, moisturization, and tastes good?
someone entertain me as i am bored stiff!?
applying eyeliner help
what is the best light to do your makeup up in?
How do I convince my mom to let me wear makeup?
bonne bell or MAC???
whats the best foundation you have tried?
What about the mineral foundation powder thats sold at Wal-Mart,any good?
From your experience, what's the best makeup brand?
Do you think monolids are ugly?
Is THIS makeup routine good for a 14 year old?
What items from this Clinique list are actually worth getting?
what is a good grade to start wearing make-up?
How can I prevent my compact powder from becoming contaminated?
bags under my eyes?
MAC Mineralize Foundation?
What age do you think girls should start wearing make-up?
too early for make up?
Eye makeup tips, please?
whats the best drug store mascara?
I'm generally un attractive, how do I become more attractive?
What is the best time to use cleanser?
why is my lip purple from the outside?is it because i take it out alot?
Is Nivea Creme a face moisturizer?
whats the best way to remove mascara?
what age would u say i was?
bright make up? description or pictures are welcome?
what makeup would you suggest i use?
Does lip liner make a big difference to the final outlook of a lipstick?
Anyone know anything about Avon Ideal Shade foundation???
I am a cross dresser. How can I cover my moustache with makeup?
How can you get eyelashes to not stick together after putting on mascara?
How do I do my eye makeup like a playmate?
What would look better as my makeup?
How to get flawless pale skin?
What is a good drugstore pink liptick?
what's the best way to clean false eye lashes?
best face primer for super oily/combo skin? i used to use MAC Prep+Prime but formula changed?
do those self tanning lotions work?
I just opened a makeup school in San Diego. What products do you think are must haves for a makeup kit?
Can make-up damage your face? (Even in the long run)?
Why do i break out when i wear make up?
how to make my eyes stand out more?
Makeup Questions for Everyone!?
How often do you buy lipgloss?
Do these fake eyelashes look ok on me? (pic)
Halloween Makeup Help?
am i really that YOUNG?
what are some makeup tips?
Tanning lotion or self-tanner foam for the face?
What is the absolute BEST mattifying foundation for oily skin?
Is this to much make-up for a 13 year old to be wearing daily?
Ladies...eye makeup tips?
On a girl with dark brown hair and brown eyes what eyeshadow color would look best?
Best long lasting face paint?
How do you think I look without makeup?? (pictures)?
Foundation that doesn't oxidize?
Does anyone know any health facts about mascara? HELP ME!!!?
What's the best mascara?
What is the best foundation to buy?
best eyeliner colours for tan skin?
What is a really good makeup look?
What was/is/are the first foundation you have ever worn?
is there anywhere that i can download the instructional video for bare minerals cosmetics?
what color would you consider my eyes?
Can anyone tell me where i cant get ?
10 POINTS!!!!!! I need to get rid of a few zits!?
How young is too young to be wearing make up?
What color eye shadow/liner would you think would be best for medium brown hair,fair skin, light brown eyes?
Bare Minerals Foundation?
White spray tan work?
What store can I go to get makeup for the cheapest price?
did anyone see the demo of the mineral makeup set on sunday itv2, .?
I use to have really long beautiful hair , but I don't any more and feel abit sad really?
What MAC eyeliner would you recommend?
Eyeshadow Colors?
is five below make-up good make-up?
Makeup items everyone needs?
Where can i get Doll up by a salon.. not too expensive though?
what is your favourite colour of lipstick?
how old were you when you first started to wear makeup to school?
Whats my face shape!??!?
reviews on body drench: sunless tan lotion?
What is the best makeup product you've ever used?
Will a spray tan (fake bake) effect the colouring of my fake nails (gels)?
What is the BEST eye shadow look for dark blue-green eyes?
What's better Olay CC cream or Garnier BB cream?
lip treatments? HELP, help, help.......?
Is he georgous?pic?.....?
I found a product that takes the lines off the face, and doesn't cost $1000 a treatment. Try pennies!?
is it true that using petrolueum based chapstiks ALL the time is bad?wht about?
How to make my eyes look less 'evil'?
I need a less Fancy version of Michelle phan's Purple Hazy look; Help!?
How long do you think MAC will have Viva Glma 6 special edition for ?
What type of eye concealer were the woman wearing at the Golden Globe awards?
Which Lancome mascara?
What's in your make-up bag?
what is the best drugstore mascara ?
My doughter loves make up what website can i buy it on?
The best baby pink lipstick?
Can someone pls give me the site of SEVENTEEN cosmetics that I can buy online?
best pale pink lipsticks??help?
If you have tried Clinique Superfit foundation, was it watery?
Have you ever used e.l.f. Studio tinted moisturizer?
Is that new Bare Minerals makeup good?
Is there a way to make your lips plumper?
What color eyeshadow/eyeliner makes blue eyes stand out?
why men are not allowed to wear make-up and look pretty?
what colur lipstick would look good on a 24 old guy? i perfer red?
What are some good sounding flavors for lipgloss?
I need make up tips?
dress opinions?? hellpppppppp meeee pleasee?
How many girls do you know between the ages of 12 and 15 that don't wear makeup?
Where can I find an ASE light?
A good Oil Absorbing Sheet that's free of mineral oil, talc, and other ingredients??
What is a good mascara?
Youtube beauty guru help!?
How can I improve the skin texture around my eyes?
10 POINTS !!! I really need your help!!! Pics Included =] Party Dress Makeup!!?
What Foundation do you use?
Which is the best and cheap Dermablend in market?
eye contacts?
Watery eyes and eyeliner?
88 coastal scents ultra shimmer palette looks?
What about my eyes, what color?
Can we send cosmetics to India from USA?
would you go to work/school without makeup on?
How to make my mom more comfortable and open about makeup?
What is the best Mac shade of lipstick to wear to an interview?
what kind of ethnic makeup does Peru have?
What kind of brand of makeup does Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl use?
which is the best mascara?
Has anyone used Sheer Cover AND bare minerals?
what color eyeshadow?!?
makeup tips please i have brown hair,green eyes and am quite pale ::?? :)?
What's the retirement age for a makeup artist?
i never wore make-up and i want to start want should i wear?
Why don't cosmetics in department stores ever go on sale?
Should a 11 year old wear makeup?
how do i find out my skin undertone?
Eyeliner help?
Can wearing sunblock underneath your makeup ruin your makeup?
What's the name of the eyeliner?
how is oriflame products?? have u use them? are they really effective?
I need to find ingredient lists for Jordana lipsticks, Wet 'N Wild, N.Y.C. and Tangee. I must avoid wheat?
How often do you clean up your make up case?
Where do you find replacement halogen bulbs for makeup mirrors?
where on the net can i put my photo 4 automatic make up(over)?
Whats a good day routine?
What makeup do you wear daily?
Will I break out because of this?
How do you make your face look pale?
Ways to apply mascara and eyeliner naturally?
Are u addicted to any makeup Item?
What can I do to improve my looks?
Can I use this scrub everyday ?
my nails break, is there a solution to harden them? i dont want to put fake nails.?
My brother just told me i look better without makeup?
Does Almay SmartShade makeup offer good coverage??
how to tighten up open pores on face?
california tan, fake bake or st tropez?
Best Drugstore foundation!?? :)?
How do I wear less make-up and still feel pretty?
how do i make up my self?
in cosmetic, Is Meilin a brand?
Are there any websites that have video instructions on how to put on makeup? Thanks.?
xrubzx answer to this question last month about does thin lizzy really work? Where did you get it from ?
What colour should I paint my toenails?
Best Concealer you have ever used?
What is the best age to make up?
How is the Mabaline plush mascara?
how do u take off water proof mascara????
Girls,is it ok for a straight guy to wear lip gloss(10 points)?
i want a natural makeup look. what should i use for my eyes?
L'Oreal Paris Casting Crème Gloss Licorice?
Can I use MAC's select sheer/pressed as foundation? Does anyone on here do it?
what good concealer to use to cover up blemishes or get rid of them?
What brands should I go for?
How do I get rid of black under eye circles?
putting vaseline on eyelashes help them grow?
Question about the Original Mystic Tan?
has anybody tried "Sugar Pump 'Em Up"??
How do my nails look?
MAKEUP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Favourite Make-up YouTube Gurus?
fake tan question...?
how fast does it take you to tan in a tanning bed?
New to makeup? Mac foundations & Skin Questions?
What shade of foundation should I use?
Is Nivea brand good to use?
i have tan skin not to dark or light what make up colors should i use?
Sally Hansen maximun growth?
does dermablend leg&body work for skin discoloration?
is differin gel good? or what else can I use?
Is the make-up brand Physician's Formula good?
How do I make my makeup stay during gym?
How do you become a qualified make-up artist?
whats a really strong foundation that will cover any zits you have?
Should I get the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ?
waterproof mascara help?
what is korean nail polish made from?
What color eye shadow should I wear?
Dont you just wish youre eyes where brown?
My parents won't let me wear makeup?
Can you PLEASE tell me whats wrong with my face?
Best DrugStore translucent powder?
makeup tips?
What mascara should I use?
How should I do my hair and makeup for homecoming.?
Is there a product line very similar to the Rachel Perry products?
Which foundation?!?!?
Where can I get a a excellent eye gel mask to cover my eyes at night?
Do you prefer BB cream or foundation?
do i put on concealer for spots before foundation or after it?
is a 13 year old still to young for make up???
Makeup, Hair, and Clothes Advice? Date with an ex?
Do You Have A Recomendation for Concealor?
What colors go good with fair/pale skinned people?
mascara question ??...?
***dry mascara ***?
What color eye make-up should i wear with a formal orange dress?
Should I wear my concealer under or over my bb cream?
how to make my eyes look bigger and more awake?
What to buy for beginner in make-up? And best for acne type of skin...?
Cosmetic Company Outlet in Toronto, ON?
what's the best primer from Sephora?
How to keep makeup on all day?!?
best all around inexpensive MAC eyeshadow brush?
Is My Fashion/Hair/Beauty blog good?
what foundation makes your skin look flawless but still natural?
What are your favorite makeup products?
do guys like when their girlfriend wears make up?
where can i get these products in the UK?
How will it take to get long nails?
Can Too Much MakeUp Make A Pretty Girl Look Ugly?
Makeup for an 11 year old?
are my eyes relatively pretty?
What is the quickest way to make big pimples dissapear?(Pref. Over-night)?
Whats wrong with my eye makeup?
Apt 5?????
What's the best concealer for covering blemishes?
Anyone know of a website where I can buy pure organic henna?
prom makeup helppppppp?
what colors make green eyes pop?
Should I be able to wear makeup at my age?!?
I have platinum blonde hair and blue eyes and med skin tone?