Makeup that helps with acne?
What mascara and eyeliner should I get?
What color eye makeup?
How Should I Do My Makeup?
What is a hot oil treatment?
whats a way to get rid of and avoid acne ?
Whats the shape of my face? I can't tell?
whats the best foundation?
how do i get eye makeup like this?
are thinner or thicker liquid hand soaps more effective? why?
I CANT TAN!!! Help me!!!?
What makeup is best for my coloring?
Ugly! Really puffy eyes!!! Help?
Is the nailpolish China Glaze sold in stores?
What Shade am I in Make Up For Ever?
Looking Good at the Gym??
6th grade make-up tips?
does anyone have kendall jenner's picture without makeup?
make up brushes from micheals craft store?
skin problems? female?
i need make up help?
Is Maybelline Fit Me Liquid foundation oil free?
What are some good products to lighten eyebrows?
witch hazel? anyone knows??
what can u do for ur family?
A Good Foundation For Me??? Help Please!!!?
Should I keep the natural look ?
How much makeup do you wear to school??????
I need help with Lip Gloss.?
Do you think it's weird to wear eyeliner only on the bottom of your eye?
when ever i use mascara it looks really bad what should i do?
Mark products through avon?
How much make up do you have?
Should i get make-up?
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup???
Can You Help Me Get These Makeup Looks?
What would you consider my eye shape?
Is it okay to wear eyeliner?
How do i learn to put on pretty makeup for myself?
make up poll: Mac or Sephora?
What is the best drugstore concealer?
wuts this on my nose?
what should one do when a person can't sleep at night and wakes up about 5 or more times?
My makeup fades away after a couple of hours how can I keep this from happening?
Liquid where pour on hand and slap on the face?
What is a good eye shadow/makeup scheme for asians?
Is the urban decay Naked Palette worth it?
I would like to know how to test if waterproof mascara really works?
is sheercover mineral make-up non comogenic?
Please help me?
Good concealers for people with oily skin and acne?
Best mascaras?
Makeup advice..............?
Can I order in sephora cosmetics if I live in Germany ?
help me choose which mascara.
do you think "soul" is a good name for a fragrance?
Choosing make up colours/shades?
How can I be a makeup artist in a movie or for a movie?
How can i make my eyebrows grow fast???!!!!?
Should make-up be banned?
I need new foundation. I need something for over 30, oily skin. I am prone to breakouts. Suggestions?
Ladies.... do you feel like you have to wear lots of makeup to be beautiful/attractive?
Asian Makeup Advice Foundation/Concealer?
Anybody know which store i can buy Max Factor "Lash Perfection" in Canada?
What's your favourite chapstick/lip balm?
too much make up ?
Make-up tips if you could? Thanks!?
Gel/Cream eyeliner, some help please?
cant use anything on my face because of sensitive eyes?
Do you know a good waterproof mascara?
What color nail polish would look best with an all black dress?
Annoying "pretty" questions.....?
Foundation for Oily Skin!!!?
what is the best drugstore foundation brush?
How to get flawless effect with make up?
What facial piercings go well with a septum?
Mineral makeup?
IMATS make-up classes...?
Finding a lip colour and finish to suit me?
is any ones birthday on 29th of june?
Please help´╗┐ what is the best foundations for very fair skin and dry skin ;)?
what is the most attractive eye colour to you?
girls or ladies if you stay home all day do you put any makeup on?
mirabella cosmetiiics--help?
WHICH LOOKS BETTER in your opinion, liquid or powder foundation?
something to brighten up the face?
What make up products can I use to hide or mask my unsightly feet hairs?
Bridal make up. What is the best, long lasting foundation(but not heavy or thick) for a mature skin (aged 50)?
Good everyday makeup for an eighth grader?
what is the best brand of colored mascara?
Is this two much makeup for a 12 year old?
who wants to buy or sell avon?
What bare minerals shade would she be? (pic)?
ladies...... would it be best to apply your make-up before you leave home instead of in the car?
Makeup and hair help?!?
My daughter is BEGGING to wear mascara. What should i do?
could i wear this to a funeral?
Eye Shading Brush? And Eye Blending Brush?
What colour would you say these eyes are? (Photo)?
How to look great without wearing makeup?
Is Certain Dri really this cheap or am I being dicked by ebay? Do you think I should buy it?
why can't i find a foundation to match my skin tone?
Best hair color for hazel/VERY light brown eyes and tan skin?
What are the costs for the lipsticks in the Rouge in Love range, by Emma Watson?
best eye cream?
how do i get my face to glow?
I have small eyes how can i make them look bigger?
What's your favorite makeup look?
What would be good make-up to use with blue eyes?
What acne pruduct is best for sensitive cystic, and imflammatory combication to oily skin?
Whats the prettiest eye colour ?? <3?
What's the difference between these moisturizers?
How long does liquid foundation last?
Girls, Whats your absolute favorite makeup item?
do you ever hurt yourself?
i need somethin to help dry chaped lips, somethin besides carmex?
Does anyone know where i can get the old ponds dry skin cream in ireland, as their new brand gave me a rash?
What is the best eos lip balm flavor?
Does every girl wear brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner because its easy to apply?
competition makeup?
To much makeup for 15 year old ?
How do i look? if you could give me a makeover...?
how do i do that?
Do you put mascara on your bottom lashes?
How do I find a small business full service salon,Hair,nail,facial make-up & massage salon atlanta ga,?
how do i make my lips lookm bigger with make up on?
like what is favorite lipstick ?
my friend said collagen is dead baby's skin. Is this true?
what make up cant u live without ??
What 5 makeup products can you NOT live without?
Is it necessary to put on oil free lotion after you put on serums?
What MAC products should i get?
how do you apply pretty fake fingernails...?
What store has the best mascara and what company?
What is a Pretty But Unusual Girls Name?
what is a gilded volume?
Is there any way I could be a freelance makeup artist or do freelance makeup while in university?
does anybody have a gift card code for E.L.F?
where can I buy natural mineral makeup in bulk in the state of arkansas. I want to sell it online .?
Hooded eyelids!??!? Help?
How do I keep my makeup on?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Is this wayy too feminine for a boy?
Do whitening masks lighten your whole face?
My GF has bet me to travel in a crowded Mumbai bus dressed as a girl. What do I wear?
how could i look better? tips?
What's the best concealer to hide dark circles and blemishes?
if you use BH cosmetics...?
What's your favorite mascara?
School Makeup Opinion & Thoughts?
i have to do makeovers where i work, anyone know how i can get my hands to stop shaking while applying?
My eyes are soo small help?
why do people hate michelle phan?
people say i wear way too much makeup, tips please?
When using toner on face, can I use tissue paper instead of cotton wool?
Are employees allowed to wear fake nails at walgreen.?
Does anyone know how to make eyes look natural?
Where can I buy Jemma Kidd cosmetics in the US?
can you use preparation H as a wrinkle reducer around the eyes?
Girls answer only i need help!?
LA COLORS: Animal Testing?
i want a new look =) please help?
Sore/itchy eyes....?
pokedots what do u think?
What goes best? .s 5 stars:)?
Body foundation/Bronzer?
how much do you spend on makeup?
What makeup can you not live without?
Make-up does NOT suit me?
How do i make my green eyes pop? Please answer?
Eye makeup colors please?
concealer looks dry flakey and cakey all at the same time!!?
Aside of Baby Oil, what else can I use to make my skin look radiant?
Fake Tan Question ?????????????
makeup question ten points?
How do I properly clean false eyelashes so I can re-use them?
What brand of foundation would you suggest?
Semi Permanent make-up, How do I remove this?
What should MY FRIEND do to change her look? She wants to look different this school year (picture)?
what if we used the l'oreal true match blendable compact?
Can A cell phone work is the screen is wet?
Clinique NEW Superfit Makeup?
Question about foundation (:?
Need help finding a facial cleanser for very sensitive skin please help?
Anybody knows how to make smokey eyes by Lancome eyeshadow "Color Design" no. 601 Noir Paillette?
Question About Party Lashes ... ? ?
GIRLS!: What are your top 5 makeup products?
My parents will not allow me to wear makeup.?
do guys prefer girls with more or less makeup?
Mascara Help!!?
What makeup do you wear?
i need to have a sweet 15 . Have any ideas ?
Girls who don't wear makeup... no self confidence?
Do you need good makeup and skin care?
how to get super glue of eye glasses?
What are your most favorite lip glosses?
Can you use food coloring in cosmetics?
can any one suggest me best parlour in delhi for bridal makeup and pre bridal?
What is the point of lipstick?
is there a webpage where i can do someones hair and makeup online virtually?
liquid or pencil?
What colors look good on a young girl with brown hair and blue eyes?
I am going to be dressing up as a rag doll for halloween. What should i do with my hair,makeup, and costume?
which(brand) foundation & compact for wheatish complexion..?
Taiwan brand lip balm with the following description: Apple Flavour, Apple shape container?
Best makeup for my brown eyes?
the immatation of bare minerals?
Which picture do i look better in?
I have a Makeup problem?
Which concealer should I get? Benefit Erase Paste or Benefit Boi-ing?
Liquid foundation help?
I think i have ugly eyes?
elf makeup brush reviews?
how to make my golden brown eyes stand out?
How do Asians get their eyebrows light?
looking for the perfect purfume?? any ideas?
what does it mean to have cakey makeup and how do you not look cakey?
Best foundation to even out skin tone, but still look natural?
Lipgloss age?
How can I make my eyebrows grow in quicker?
Which false eyelashes are best to wear?
do i look better with or without makeup?
Which foundation should I get, try or use?
plastic surgery??
Do you love white colour rose ?
What looks good on.....?
dark circles?!?!?! [pics included]?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
i would like to hire a personal makeup artist i just dont know what the pay is and i dont want to be scammed.?
My mom hates my makeup and she won't let me wear something I like?
what sunscreen works best?
I am not allowed to wear makeup... what should I do?
Would i look good with the Scene look?
mac liquid foundation?
what is the best makeup brand????
make up help!!!?
How do I achieve these two makeup looks?
What is your favorite bright colored eyeshadow by urban decay?
Where to find Lime Crime eyeshadow helper primer?
i have a problem with my skin color.i have red spots and the makeup doesnt cover it. what should i do?
Would a make up artist teach me how to put on make up?
Where can you buy Katy Perry eyelashes? (stores)?
Where can one buy greige nail varnish in South Africa?
Whats the BEST mascara?
anyone know where 2 get phisohex face wash from?
how do i get this look??
Should a 16yrs old girl wear a liquid foundation?
How old were you when you started using makeup and how did you learn how to apply it?
OK to wear black eyeliner w/ hazel eyes? 10 points?
Would it be strange if I wore this color lipstick to school (pic included)?
Good eyeliners? (UK only please)?
Which mascara do you recommend among The falsies by maybelline, lash accelerator rimmel,volume lash max bold?
looking for a good cosmetology school! any suggestions???
i want to get plastic surgery done to my face. where do i go? and who do i contact for priceing?
What do I do with the old makeup I don't use?
Smoky Eye for Hazel Eyes?
What are the 3 cosmetics/tools you cant live without!!!?
i want to bring out the color in my eyes.?
Do glasses make you ugly?
What is the best Chapstick out there?
How come my foundation makes my face really shiny ?
Do you curl your eyelashes before you put mascara on or after?
What are nice eyeshadow colors for brown eyes?
girl said i look weird with eyeliner i felt bad?
eye color?
when is it good to tan?.?
What's a good mineral makeup that covers well, for oily skin? (Pls don't say Bare Escentuals; it broke me out)
Why do some girls buy so much makeup?
Has anyone ever used La Bella Donna mineral makeup?
What is the best eyeshadow brand?
What color eyeliner would look the best?
Artdeco cosmetics good?
What color eyeshadow would work best on me?
Please help! I'm desperate!?
Am I too young to wear make-up?
i can't seem to appy mascara properly?
What's a good lip balm to wear while kissing?
all natural make-up? with no chemicals?
Wat age do you think is a good age to wear make up?
white nail polish: yes or no?
When did YOU start wearing makeup?
How to apply Eye shadow HELP?
I wear bronze eyeshadow and black eyeliner all the time. Buuut..?
what exactly do you do when someone wants a touch up for their make up? is it foundation only?? pls help?
Which mascara should I buy?
Ok im going into 7th grade and i want to wear a little make up this year but not to much.....????
What is one make-up product you'd feel naked without?
Where can I find make up for my skin tone? I'm having problems finding lipstick colors among other products?
why does my face look so pale in pictures?
How Can I Apply Foundation Right.?
What eyshadow looks better : smog or half baked?
Best drugstore primer?
Should I start wearing makeup?
How can I get my makeup like from the grunge era? I.e. smokey smudged eyes, cheekbones etc.?
I have a question for hair EXPERTS?
To much makeup for everyday? (thirteen)?
i have a lot of eye liner colored pencils how can i convert them to eye shadow ?
how can you start doing makeup for photo shoots?
im black and i need help finding a foundation?
How could I possibly lighten my liquid foundation?
Liquid latex (make up) question, instead of applying straight to the skin, can I apply it onto baking paper?
Help - Make-up crisis!?
help please..layout makers or anyone who knows html?
Do you look like a different person without makeup?
Can any body suggest me any good moisturised cream?
A really good foundation for my acne prone skin?
How old do I look?
Where can i get clear soap base in Singapore? I'm want to make DIY soap.?
how long do mac se brushes last?
wut kind of makeup do you use?
A good liquid eyelier?
E.L.F cosmetics shipping time?
How much money do makeup companies make each year?
wat makeup is best to use for blue eyes?
Do guys prefer girls that look more natural and wear less makeup or girls who sort of wear alot? ?
Which MAC foundation/concealer is best for a 'perfect', flawless look?
Why do bollywood actresses wear so much make up?
where can i get manic panic gothic white foundation from?
Maybelline dream fresh BB cream?
Liquid or pencil eyeliner?
eyeliner difficulty...?
Whats the best foundation for oily skin?
Would you rather go without mascara or eyeliner?
Does mascara wear away your eyelashes?
Bangs and makeup ~?
What flavor lipgloss seems the best?
Any one else have problems with their eyeliner?
People tell me I'm too pretty for makeup...any beginner makeup tips?
How do u make a halloween face with makeup?
How does she do her eye make up like this?
How do you put on eyeliner and mascara and how much of it do I put on so it looks noticeable?
How to look pretty without makeup?
how to get my eyebrow ring off?
Do guys prefer makeup or is it a turn off?
where is a cheap place in portland oregon to get good makeup brushes?
Where can I buy coverblend makeup?
how do i know if a girl is using make up ?
What is the best Eos lip balm in a STICK form?
What cosmetics brand would you use out of this list?
What type of makeup should I use for full coverage but a less cakey look?
What Revlon Colorstay foundation (oily/combo) will match NC35-37?
The best way to get rid of black pores on my nose!!! grrrrrrr?
just out of curosity? im testing something.?
what is your favorite eye color?
Good lip gloss/stuff for kissing? What do boyzz like? haha?
What's a good concealer/foundation for pale skin?
Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?
may sound stupid but can you hide piercing with makeup?
Ladies: embarassing question, but I have to ask... do you ever wear a maxi pad just for the stimulation?
Drugstore concealers?
Mac blushes or nars blush?
Best drugstore foundation?
Why am I so perfect and better than all of you?
Am i ready to wear makeup?
How do I look sick with makeup?
use fingers or brush for foundation?
i really want to use tampons...?
do you still make russet in gold[06] lipstick?
how do i get some1 from marykay or something to come and give me and friends makeovers..or where do WE go?
Makeup looks to suit my face?
Hairstyle and makeup ideas for picture day?
Does eye primer help keep eyeliner on?
What are some foundations that stay on while in water?
I have sensitive skin what kind makeup can I try?
question for girls about eyeliners?
in virginia do you need a high school diploma to attend cosmetology school?
WHy Do Girls Wear Lipgloss?
You girls care about lipstick right? Is black lipstick for you?
Have you tried the holiday skin moisturing creams, which is best?
What is YOUR holy grail make up product?
Can orange/darker foundation appear lighter on lighter skin?
why can't I log on to
What brand of Mascara is your favourite?
homemade facials????????????
Is this wayy too girly/gay?
How often are you suppose to replace your eyeliner and mascara?
How Much Makeup Should a 14 year old girl wear to school?
How do i make my eyebrows even?
How do you tell a woman that she wears too much makeup?
Ulta Grand Openings?? helpp!!?
In your opinion...?
Hi i need help on makeup?
I want to start my first portfolio for makeup artistry where do I begin?
what shall i do........................?
I want bigger eyes !?
Poll :-Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum or Olay total effects ? which is the best ?
What is the best of the best mascara?
Whats the best mascara?
Do male celebrities wear makeup to red carpet event?
Am I bad boy or good?
Should i remove my makeup first before..?
Eyeshadow Help Please?
I'm looking for a pale pink lip colour...?
MARK. cosmetics question?
Best way to make Blue Eyes "pop"?
Good makeup for a glitz pageant?
how long would it take a makeup artist at MAC to do this look?
How to make my eyes "pop"?
Do you have to curl ur lashes before applying mascara?
What are some nice nude brown lip glosses?
Thoughts on Clinique Superbalanced foundation?
What's good eyeliner?
make up help eyeliner!????
How to apply pencil eyeliner to make your eyes look dramatic?
Henna eyeliner/brows, have any of you heard of this?
Do you think moles are gross?
make up brands that are good for your skin?
Best drug store/ high street mascara?
How do i ask my mom to wear makeup?
What is the difference between foundation and concealer? Which do i get?
Skincare for airplane travel?
Was this too much makeup?
how would you describe your make up style?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Is this makeup look too much for the daytime? Please help!?
Can I use just green concealer to make me paler?
What do to for a guy in the makeup industry?
If katie price were to bring out a line of cosmetics would you buy them!?
How do you make it look like you've been cut for an operation?
What's the better deal?
GIRLS ONLY PLEASE: ok im starting a new school that is known as the white kids school?
mom wants me to wear makeup.. how?
my freinds think I am tomboy and have to prove to them i am girly by wearing make up should I do it?
Which is the best Mac foundation?
For the ladies: which would you do first, makeup or hair?
Do i wear too much makeup?
Where can I get makeup tips on emo make-up.I need to see some pictures to get an idea.pls.?
Is glowy bronzer ugly? ?
Best Blushes for Pale Skin with Cool undertones?
are there modern or classical starlets with pale skin and dark hair?
Best drugstore mascara?
Whats a good tasting lip balm?
My style ... helped with your tips :> ............ guys n girls ?
what makeup would look best with these eyes?
Too much makeup??
I want to get my nails done?
miniature benefit blushes?
What is Your Favorite Eyeshadow Combination Colors?
Is she pretty or creepy?
Make Up Help!!!?
whats the best way to get fantastic eyelashes (thick, long and curled)?
Do I look better natural or with make-up?
What's a good working, cheap foundation that covers up my acne & doesn't clog my pores ?
is it better to pop zits or leave them and hope theyll leave?
Justin Bieber makeup ideas?
who is giving away puppies email please?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO if?
Am i ugly without makeup?
What makeup makes your eyes looks the biggest/best?
Whats a good colour eyeshadow/eyeliner to use on my blue eyes?
What makeup products do you recommend?
Picture inside: whats my face shape, skin tone, and heritage? easy .s :)?
What's a good brand of mascara to make short lashes look long?
Is it bad to leave eye liner and mascara on overnight?
Ladies, if you had to go a week with only one item of makeup, which would you choose?
is 11 to young to wear makeup?
How do you apply your eyeliner to look "emo"?
Where to get good lip plumper?
What are some sparkly, cheap eye shadow brands?
i know bushy eyebrows are "in" but this is just minging?
I'm wearing makeup for the first time tomorrow and I have some questions?
What are some good makeup products for Acne?
Is Tarte a good brand of makeup?
long-lasting ?
Inexpensive Make-up?
how can i make my eye's bigger?
Sephora eyeshadow brushes good quality worth buying?
Question about what foundation to get? Easy question!?
What is a nail design website?
Whats the best foundation to buy??
i'm lookin for a dark brown eyeshadow that doesnt have any reddish undertones in certain light.....any ideas?
what is the best affordable foundation.?
Clay Mask good, can you recommend a gel mask?
Do you think it's weird to wear eyeliner only on the bottom of your eye?
What is a good drugstore pink liptick?
Makeup Lovers here is a great question for you!?
Please help me with my huge makeup problem.....?
How do I cope with a teacher who is all up in our buisness?
revlon just bitten lip stain?
Ladies, do you consider Kim Kardashian a goddess?
teenage makeup questions!?
I need a foundation that gives a lot of coverage and looks natural...?
what color should I paint my toenails?
Are there any makeup sales?
GIRL'S POLL: Best Mascara?
As a Beauty Advisor at Walgreens, I was wondering what the PM's are on Bioinfusion?
Does mac sell a white foundation or anything close?
why do some girls wear soo much make up?
What is the best moisturizer to put on your face before putting on makeup?
Why do they call it 'BB' cream?
Can anyone suggest a foundation for pale skin?
What stores can you buy Haute Luxxor cosmetics?
Beauty Gurus That do a lot of OOTD?
Would my eyes be considered hazel?
do you think its too much makeup?
how to get softer skin with natural things?
What kind of makeup would you suggest?
Dark dark hair, fair skin, and blue eyes...make up help!?
Naked Palette 1 or 2?
help!!!!what eyeshadow and eyeliner should i use?
Will putting toothpaste on a whitehead make it disappear overnight?
How to apply makeup on monolids?
Who's the better brand, Sephora or MAC? And why?
How to fix uneven eyebrows?
if you use make up does it change how you naturally look?
how can i cover up a black scab on my face!?
where can i find loreal colour juice stick in pink lemonade?
Which blowdryer is better?(read details)?
Is using a temporary tattoo to mask a scar on my lower leg a good idea?
i need help puting on my eyeliner where should i do it and how?
Females, do you wear makeup because you feel ugly?
when did you start wearing makeup?
OK females with dark circles under eyes have you discovered a concealer that works, hides it without showing?
Friend and I share make up brush...?
concealer question! please answer?
I have a scar on my waterline, eyeliner help?
which face wash and foundation would be good for me?
How to do the make up and glossy hair of Jessica Lowndes? (Adrianna Tate-Duncan of 90210)?
what a must have things girls shouldnt forget?
what kind of makeup should i use to cover up freckles?
If you could change anything?
Is there a cheap brand of mascara that I am not likely to be allergic to?
My friend thinks she's ugly. Do you?
please suggest a fairness cream that you can get in Chennai for 40+women?
how to look hot without makeup and how to become more confident?
FoRmAl HeLp! (well rather...... colour coding)?
brown eyeliner that doesn't smudge and actually lasts through the whole day?
What is the best mascara you have used?
I think i messed up on the proactiv order?
Is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner jar from the UK different to the ones from the US?
I was just wondering if there is a face model that you can buy to practise make-up on?
How do you get rid of a burn faster?
what are some makeup tips?
which makeup brand should i choose?
What is her eye shadow colour ? can someone answer?
how do the strarghtin eyes?
best mascara out there?!?
How do I use this product?
what is a Benefit, were can i find one and how much does it coast.?
What is a good brand of make up brushes?
Why do I have undereye darkness?
GIRLS!!!! Would You Rather Look Like......?
do you have any tip(natural way) to reduce the size of my eye bag?
how much does Maybelline intense XXL mascara cost?
Is it possible to have your eyebrows lightened?
what sort of make up tips to make my nose seem sharper?
Crying Stick!?!?!?! Anyone?!?! Anyone?!?
can i be on this section if i'm uglee?
How old where you when you started wearing make-up?
What type of makeup should I use to improve my appearance?
What eye shadow is comparable to vital radiance soft dimentions?
Is this too much makeup? (pics)?
What are some makeup ideas?
R all asian bb creams one color?
What is the brand/name of this eyeshadow?
Will it look odd and unnatural for a 14-year-old to contour her face?
What is the best way to make your skin Whiter for 14 yrs old boy ?
What's that advertisement they show on TV? Aveeno SPF what?
Guys/Girls Do you think dark makeup is hot?
what things do you need to give a facial?
Anyone think 11 or 12 is to young for a lip piercing? Also does it hurt cause I really want one :)?
What colours of eyeshadow look best on hazel eyes?
Cover girl makeup help.?
Green Eyes???
When is Sephora opening up in Richmond BC?
where can i find a female indian make up artist in NYC or NJ to help transform me from a guy into a girl?
Is 15 years old too early to wear makeup?
Blemishes and makeup?
PURE MINERALS dose it work?
Makeup that stays over night?
I have green eyes. Would green eye shadow bring out my pretty eyes????
why do people make fun of pale people?
On a scale of 1-10? How old do I look? Any beauty tips?
What are some websites for Discount Makeup?
How to look prettier? ?
What kind of makeup should i wear ?
Best amd worset drugstore products and why?
I have dark brown eyes. Do you think copper coloured eyeliner would look good on me?
Should I buy the MAC 188?
Which makeup look is sexier?
smudged mascara?
how old do you have to be to put on makeup?
Guys Makeup or No Makeup?
girls only!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
where can i buy olay total effects and smoothing milk here in the philippines?
How can I make myself prettier without make-up?
How to spot a fake Dior scarf?
I got mascara in my eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i hid my girlfriend makeup and shes going out tommorow and never has gone out without makeup wat will happen..
Should i let my 11 yr old wear mascara and eye liner?
Does purple eyeshadow look best with green eyes?
what makeup colors should I use?
Has anyone eve used Sasha cometics?
what eye shadow color should i use with my blue eyes?
I'm 15 and my make up never stays on it is always runs of and smears with in 2 hours help please thank u ?
Do You Own RIMMEL Natural Bronzer (#21 or #22)?
makeup is stupid?
Girls : What flavour are your lips today ?
Good Skincare Line.?
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