Eyeshadow for blue eyes?
Do you have any idea what can I use for my lips?
im 16 and people always think i am 11 or 12! how can i look older using makeup?
Make up for a 16 year old... help?
Help in achieving black lips?
how can i do my makeup so i look my age?
What is wrong with my eye?! Why is it so irritated?
i want some solution to make my nails strong?
How to clean a nail polish brush?
Why do not a lot of people do a smokey eye?
where in uk can i buy neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock spf55?
What is your favorite mascara?
Is red lipstick red because of blood?
do i have pretty eyes?
Hair and Makeup Help?
Can you tell me what Maybelle products should i get for my friends and in these items?
When Guys say they like their girl without makeup, do they mean it? Or are they trying to be nice?
What kind of experience is needed to get a job at a mac counter?
How can i get my eyeliner to not smudge?
which foundation is the best to cover acne blemishes? you wear any eyeliner?
im a girl and i have a mustache?
How long is your face?
How can i get rid of the big black bags around my eyes? I starting a new job 2morr want to look good.?
which do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss?
Is my Clarisonic ruined?!?
how to get from combo/dry skin with a lot of pores on my nose to porcelain skin without bleaching your skin?
Best makeup for a freshman?
How can i make my eyes really stand out ?
What is a good moisturizer to use?
Love and hate my eyebrows?
bronzer or orinary blush on?
green contacts for dark brown eyes?
Police foundation course?
i want to know whats can i use on my face that will give me healthy looking skin?
I use cetaphil bar soap for my face then i put on differin .3. will that clear blackheads?
Every time I put on my eyeshadow the left eye never looks the same as the right. HELP?
rate me 1-10! (pics!)?
whats a good make up foundation at the moment on the market?
How long before a daily skincare routine takes effect?
.sss How can I test makeup on my sensitive skin?
Help!control sweat/antiperspirant finishing powder?
What eyeliner should I purchase, please?
How to get perfect eyebrows? Is it even possible for me?
whats in your beauty/makeup bag for school :)?
Is it ok not to wear makeup?
Does anyone use Laura Geller products??...Do you like them??
How do you wear your make up during the day time?
i need you guys to help me answer a question- makeup?
I love doing make-up. How long I can wear make-up?
black nail polish?
What color eyeliner looks good with dark brown eyes?
eyelash extension help?
should i get a bunch of makeup an jewerly or a phone for my birthday?
why does my foundation look off?
What eyeshadow/make up looks would suit me?
do i have alot of makeup i use everything in my co but not at once to other people on yt its tiny?
opinions on these shoes..?
what group of kids would you place me?
I don't wear any make up when i go out. Is that weird?
what mascara should I use to get long, full, dramatic eyelashes?
best eyeshadow brand?
is it good? nivea pinkish boost?
How to enhance my cheek bone,...?
can you please help me with my looks? (makeup wise) pics included 10 pnts best answer!?
Which [drugstore] mascara is best of these choices (links included...)?
Do you always have your mouth open when you are putting on your mascara?
NYX jumbo eye pencil in rust?
How soon after getting stitches can I cover it with makeup?
who is the prettyest pop star?
(Girls only) What kind of make up should i wear?
What color makeup would look best on me?
How to do zombie makeup?
What do I do when the tip of my nails always split and chip?
Will this be a cute makeup look for my first day of high school?
wut should i do if i have a guy friend that is 17 and im 14 and he calls me hiz lil sis read da details?
iman cosmetic what store location?
How should i do my makeup tomorrow?
can a british girl get a vis to live in america whilst traing to be a make-up artist?
What BB cream should I choose ?
What can I do with eyeliner, mascara, brown and white eyeshadow only?
help with eye make? 10 points?
How do you use liquid luminizer on your face?
How do I do my eye makeup like a playmate?
Lip gloss recipe?
shud i use eye gel to prevent wrinkle?
What are the Best Lip stains/lip tints in Australia?
Eyebrow questions. HELP!?
What Pale Foundation Is There?
How to do your makeup so youre Eyes look Big?(10POINTS B.A.)?
The best way to clear skin up at home?no science products, tips?
What is a good dupe for Nars Lip Gloss in Striptease?
How do I control my oily forehead?
What is BB cream and how do you use it?
Do I look better with bold makeup or natural?
Eyeshadow finishes: frost, pearl, metallic... What's the difference between them?
Girls! Do you feel pretty without makeup?
Is lash blast mascara all that great?
SEMI- PERMANENT eyelashes kit done at home ?
What is the right age of women to use anti wrinkle creams?
Is it weird that I'm not cross eyed but in every picture I have my eyes look crossed?
Which baby name is better?
Does anyone know any other kawaii online stores or japanese / korean makeup stores online other than imomoko?
Ladies, what color eye shadow would a very pale person as my wife wear?what color lipstick?
Where to find Bare Minerals?
Help Please i need Make Up Tips?
Whats the best brand of eyeliner?
E.L.F. compact sizes?
Is it possible to make forehead big.?
How to do this make-up?
What kinda lipstick brand doesn't smear?
Applying Pencil eyeliner?
help needed! makeup tips to make my eyes look bigger!?
Would wearing foundation everyday?
What is the best Type of Makeup?
What do these makeup brushes do?
Do you put mascara on your top lashes only?
What's my skintone?
How to cover up red cheeks/face with foundation?
what makeup would look best...?
What make up looks best with hazel eyes?
What makeup should I use?
makeup question for people with pale skin?
Spending money on makeup?
Ladies: What makeup do you use daily (or most days)?
what is the golden facial rate in chennai?
Bridesmaid's makeup question. PLEASE HELP!?
Help with makeup!!!!?
Do i use sunblock if i go into sun only for very short time, say for 5 mins.?
what the best makeup to use?(:?
What's the best colors to wear to bring out green eyes?
which looks better, tan or being pale? :)?
What is an easy way to get mascara off???
Where to buy bare minerals?
What is the best drugstore foundation and mascara?
Is bare minerals the same thing with bare miracle minerals?
What is a good name for my YouTube account??TEN POINTS!!?
Can using powder makeup cause you to have lung problems?
What Mascara you recommend for super Volume and length?
What make up covers laugh lines doesn't settle & make the worst?
how do you ask for on this can i ask aney thang?
How much make-up do you wear on an average day?
Make-up help!!?
Diffrence between walgreens and cvs?
starting to use make up?
i wear no makeup how can i wear makeup?
what is the golden facial rate in chennai?
Which eyeliners are safe for use on the inner rims of your eye?
i need help i have?
what's the best mascara?
ok WOMEN how early do i need to start using anti wrinkle creams?
The best way to make my face look brighter?
How old were you when you started to wear make up?
How do you create bold looking eyes???
should I use bronzer or blush?
Has anyone tried the Bare Minerals collection of makeup? If so how did it work for you?
How does my makeup look (pic)?
How to do make up on first day for first day of school?
Are lip injections expensive?
Upcoming artists and others!?
Men... Do you prefer a girl to wear make-up or not?
What's wrong with my eyeshadow palette?
Ruby academy of beauty and make up?
new cosmetic brand?
What was the best mascara you ever had?
How do you like this makeup look?
What is the best makeup for a flawless complection with good coverage?
best eyeliner?
Great at home self tan?
which is the best whitening cream available in india with its costs?
What do you think of the makeup bareMinerals?
I have platinum blonde hair now and really fair skin with blue gray eyes. Makeup tips?
Pale makeup for darker hispanic skin?
•◘○What is the best DRUGSTORE PRIMER and why•◘○?
how do you remove facial hair naturally?
Why do people make fun of me?
do you know how to makeup yourself?
I ordered bare escentuals bare minerals...but why does ut not say I.D?? Is that different?
I drew on my eyebrows, do they look okay?
How To Wear makeup To School Without Getting oily?
I cant apply eyeliner for my life. Please help!!?
help! i would like to try burt's bees lip balm, are they good? if so, which one would you recommend? thanks!?
How can I ask my mom?
natural ways to clean makeup brushes please help!!?
help with "around the world" day ideas.-Geisha?
how much does a side lip piercing cost in boston on the bottom left of my lip?
is mac makeup the best brand out there? or is there better than that?
Where to put a fake cut for halloween?
why do girls where more makeup these days.?
does walgreens carry covergirl?
Does anyone like my face?
do guys like girls that put makeup on or no makeup?
Where do I find the moisturizer foundation like they have on TLC's What Not To Wear??
Why don't more girls wear leather jackets?
Costume Make-up.?
what is a really good drugstore volumizing mascara?
is there anyone that does free lip piercing, and i will pay them back? dallas, tx?
what are your favorite makeup products?
Should an 11 year old wear makeup?
Foundation to last in HOT kitchen temps?
I'm gorgous, is that a sin?
Best drugstore foundation?
Which shade in revlon colorstay has yellow undertones?
What's the cosmetic you love most?
what do u look like????
Should I get a Minerlized SkinFinish blonde or a Powder Blush?
Apart from ebay what UK websites sell nyx & loreal HIP cosmetics?
How is airbrush makeup usually applied? Is it used in conjunction with regular liquid foundation?
i cant go outside without make up on! how can i stop feeling like that?
Any guys out there wear eyeliner? Ladies opinion?
Is Biore' triple action toner good ?
What colors will go with my eyes?
what are good lip colors for warm skin tones?
E.L.F. products are they good quality?
My eyeshadow brush thing has a brush on one end and the normal round nib on the other. What are their uses?
Wats your favorite lipgloss?
How to hide scars?!?!?!?!?
Should I wear makeup for next year?
What are some good make-up ideas?
Where in the UK can you go (MAC store) to create your own M.A.C custom quad pallete?
I want to purchase 2 eye shadows from MAC for everyday use what colors should i purchase?
What's your makeup routine?
How is the liquid foundation- Revlon Colorstay?
are there any uk companies that offer free make up/perfume samples?
how do i get rid of acne?
What's a great way to make your lips pop?
can you use fake eyelashes more than once?
i need some reasonalble good coverage fountdation, that will cover up my zits!!! matte mouse sux!!!?
is it weird to have your uper lip bigger than the bottom one?
Is it ok to use a brown lip liner as an eye liner?
Can I de-pot my MAC eyeshadow singles?
Favorite mascaras????
what Mac cosmetic products should i get for under 20 dollars?
Is this a lot of make up for an incoming freshman?
How do i ask my mom if i want to start wearing makeup?
Should I buy Sigma Makeup Brushes?
can someone please identify this perfume bottle?
Can mascara do this to you?
do you think this is a good name for youtube?
how to do eye makeup?
How old should a girl be when she starts wearing makeup?
do you NEED to have on eyeliner with mascara?
Can you recommend a fragrance free intensive moisturiser for the face. My skin is flaking in places.?
How do i do a blue smokey eye without looking like a clown?
Make-up tips? Best answer gets 10 points!?
What are this spring's lipstick trends?
How long does your makeup last?
Where can I get make-up that's pretty cheap?
How to explain "fleshy" make up tones? What is "fleshy" colour?
What color eye shadow looks best with Green Eyes?
Do I have an oval face shape?
Best foundation makeup for a smoothing effect?
How do i keep my makeup from melting off?
how to prevent eyeliner from smudging?
I have blue eyes , so what color eyeshadow should I use?
"Dry oil" mist perfume?
How should I do my hair and makeup for homecoming.?
how to make dark dark brown eyes look dark blue?
whats your favorite mascara.(:
when did you start wearing make-up?
blonde or brunnette? pics!! 10 points best answer?
Is BYS a good cosmetic brand?
What's the best mascara for length?
umm which makeup is good for a 12 year old no mascara im banned from it?
Is this makeup appropriate for an 8th grader?
What's the most important makeup brush to have?
What is the best makeup brand outta these two?
what are the best fake eyelashes?
Rock and roll spirit day..?
why doesnt my makeup stay on!?
i need some reasonalble good coverage fountdation, that will cover up my zits!!! matte mouse sux!!!?
Clear skin with no makeup?
what are some really good eyeshadow brands?
Where can I purchase the " Giorgio armani luminous silk foundation? I live in Chicago il ,?
Is this too much makeup???
how many grams of foundation do you get in sheer cover deluxe?
What kind of foundation could I try?
How do I stop my eyeliner from smudging?
Natural/Organic Cosmetics?
Best Fall Lip Colors?
BEST full coverage, matte makeup ?!?
how to get longer and fuller eye lashes?
How do I fix my chap stick?
make up help!?
Does she look like she's wearing too much makeup?
Which one looks better?
I know this has been asked many times but........?
Am i using the right acne stuff?
Do you have a recipe for makeup remover?!?
How to get a thin line of eyeshadow on the lashline?
Are there any programs for teens.........?
Why are guys good looking without make up?
which foundation is better?
I have dark blue eyes. What is the best color eye liner for me?
How should i do my makeup tomorrow?
Girls with inbetweenie belly button normal?
Girlz OnLY?
What lip gloss is the best to use.?
what make up products?
How can i make my eyes look bigger? 10 points best answer!?
Which lip gloss? Dior, Chanel or Lancome?
How do you get the other free proactiv gifts?
r you a tongue roller?
What Urban Decay palette shall I get?
What color eyeshadow should you use for Amber eyes?
How often can I use face mask?
Too much eye make up? (pic)?
Do I have to buy Avon brochures for every campaign?
help, he said he liked me but not anymore?
Organic Wear bronzing VEIL???
How much do cosmetologists make?
How do you put on mascara without coloring your eyeball?
best summer foundation???
Blue or Pink mascara?????????????
How can I give myself a makeover?
What make-up brand do you most recomend that doesn't make you break out?!?
how old were you when you started wering make-up?
where can i get free make up samples ?
How much makeup should a 14 yr old girl wear?
Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer?
WHERE can I find Red Earth Foundation?
how many hours sleep are you ment to have?
what is the best mascara that makes your eyelashes longer and thicker?
my eyebrows are a mess. -__- how can i make them look better?
Is there such thing as an 18 gadge labret piercing?
Best foundation??
make up help?
pencil or liquid eyeiner?
im confused!!!! do i have a cool or warm skintone?
What kind of make up should i use?
Good eyeliner ?
Who can help me answer this question? Ladies only or guys if u know 2!?
♥How do I make my face smaller? (my face looks wide???)?
what age for makeup plsss help?
What make up should a 14 year old wear?
whats your favorite lip balm?
i am using maybelline fit me 310 shade of foundation right now , but i want to try revlon colorstay?
Which eye makeup look is cutest for school?????? (PICS INCLUDED)?
what is hydrolyzes and how does it make face appear younger?
Where do you apply blush???
How do I tell my sister she looks hortible with makeup?
eyeliner help...plz answer :]?
For Jane eyeshadow lovers...?
what lipstick are you using?
has any one ever tried the iQ natural mineral make up ? is it a good quality, just as good as bare minerals ?
Why do people find it so weird that I have gray eyes?
How much is to much makeup ?
Which portrait is better? Pictures?
what will you give your boyfriend for valentines?
what makeup do you wear?
what do you guys think about victorias secret LOVE SPELL perfume???
What is good make up for a sixth grader?
what make-up brand is the best?
Why Does My Makeup Keep Smearing?
what is the easiest way to put on eyeliner?
what color eyeliner should i use???
How do you get rid of chapped lips?
Is this a waste of mascara?! (PLEASE ANSWER) URGENT HELP NEEDED!?
Does anyone knows how much this eyeliner cost?
Any cute makeup looks???
What is the best nude lipstick to buy at walmart?
finding the right foundation, or powder?
which picture makes my eyes stand out?
Has anybody tried Sheer Cover makeup endorsed by Leeza Gibbons ?
What eye make up is best for greyish bluish greenish eyes?
What make-up brand do you most recomend that doesn't make you break out?!?
What do you guys think about the Benefit cosmetics at Macy's?
Im 13 i wear macara and lip gloss and i was jus wondering should i stop wearing it?i dont wear any thing else?
What would a world without makeup be like?
Urban decay book of shadows 3?
since when do vampired sparkle?
How Long Until I Can Wet And Wash My Face After Being In A Tan Bath Honey ?
How do you put on cheek stain/tint?
Brown eyeshadow with orange dress?
Natural Or Lots Of Make Up?
makeup artist union ????
Smoky Eyes?
What shade should I get in the MAC blotting pressed powder?
How old were you allowed to wear makeup girls ONLY!?
Make up brush brand for makeup artists?
Should a 14 year old use makeup?
mac foundation color?
Is makeup made is Europe safe?
Can someone help me with a movie makeup question?
Are my eyebrows too thick (PIC)?
Where can i learn more about makeup/hair without attending college?
How do I get flawless skin?
Price of e.l.f. makeup?
what is the best cosmetics out there?
Make up Help?
do you think lipgloss looks too "done up"?
Must Have Make up of 2012 HELP?
Black eyeliner for everyday wear... love it or hate it?
Good white polish for French tips (sold in Australia)?
I need ideas for makeup...?
how did "greaser girls" dress?
st. dalfour cream supplier anyone?
Fair skin, what kind of red would look good?
What is the best way to make you eyelashes long?
Should teens show their natural beauty instead of covering their face in makeup?
do i put on concealer for spots before foundation or after it?
Does Green Soap really work?
Using concealer with pimples?
POLL: Do you prefer liquid or gel eye liners?
do you think lipgloss looks too "done up"?
How do I get rid of baggy eyes?
Girls, what do you think when you see a guy with long eyelashes?
Why does my mascara blend in?
How shall I do my hair and make-up with this look?
tell me what u think =]]?
What eyeshadow looks good with brown eyes?
What shape are my eyes? and what make-up techniques will suit them? Pictures?
best eye shawdow for brown eyes?
***GIRLS ONLY*** do you like eyeliner on guys?
Should 12 year olds wear makeup?
Why do some people think fat and pale are good?
Poll: What do you think i should get?
What does it mean when you have your fourth fingernail painted a different color?
Does rubbing your make-up with gold to detect lead actually work or is it fake?
Whats a good make-up brand?
Almay smart shade makeup? i look alot different without makeup? ):?
whose face if they turn a corner would break a rock.?
New to makeup? Mac foundations & Skin Questions?
what colour is your eye liner?
Why do girls wear makeup?
HELP NOW, urgent?
How do you do those black tear things on your face? Sorta like what Benji Madden does..?
how to reduce your stress in office enviroment?
What colour are my eyes and what do they say about me? Pictures included?
Why can't women put mascara on with their mouths closed?
Easy, everyday makeup for me?
Lots of questions about trimming eyebrows?
What is the best powder bronzer?
can men put on makeup and look natural? if so what kind of makeup should he use?
How much money do you spend on makeup every month? What do you buy?
What does complexion mean?
How to get makeup to stay on during the day... >.<?
What's prettier: Tan or Pale?
Can you use lash glue on nails?
do u think that a 10 or 11 year old girl shud wear makeup to school?
How to make my face look the same color as my skin, basically xD?
What color eye shadow will bring out my green eyes?
Ladies, do razor less creams work better to take out most of your hair than regular waxing ?
What is the most important thing in making a make-up decision- packaging? price? word of mouth? other?
valid justification for makeup?
are these good lashes?(picture)?
what can i use to apply my foundation?
Please help!!??!! Urgent!?
Science Fair Project on mascara, help ?!?
is sally hansen airbrush legs nude glow.....?
Elmers glue to hide eyebrows!!?
what is the difference between concealer and foundation?
what do I do with a nail polish I don't like anymore?
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?
What Is The Best Foundation For Helping Acne?
would this be ok or not ten points best answer?
Can I pull off red lipstick?
What colors do you usually paint your nails/toenails?
Girls, How Do You Get That "Glow"?
What makeup is used with a "chisel" brush?
How well does Trublend whipped foundation by cover girl work for redness or work in general?
is meaningful beauty a good product?
Loreal vs Missa?
how do you cover up scars?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Best drugstore foundation to cover redness?
Where can you find cheap, but good makeup?
I got nail polish all over my makeup?
Should a 13 yr old wear makeup.?
is benefit Porefessional primer for all skin tones?
Anybody used covermark makeup?
Is my eye color cool?
how do i put on blusher properly??? i always end up looking like a clown?
How do I use the Nars Ita brush?
College Makeup Organization?
What's the best make-up company that is animal-testing free?
neutrogena skin clearing foundation ?
Estee Lauder or Clinique foundation for acne prone skin?
Help On My Formal night make up?
best drugstore lengthening & volumizing mascara?
I look SO YOUNG (pic) - how can I make myself look older?
MACC studio vs. normal?
what is the best color for nail polish?
i need makeup help!!!?
How do I get my eyes to stand out more?
Make-up issues...HELP?
How young is too young for make-up?
help!i need tips on keeping my face acne free!?
Where can I get good make-up samples?
i want to make my skin clear and gowing is there any home made pack that can glow my skin?
Do you wear makeup? Makeup Survey!!!!?
How do you make foundation or powder stick to your face where it was waxed?
What colours of eyeshadow look best on hazel eyes?
what is the best mascara?
Question about what foundation to get? Easy question!?
I have a cold, so i look horrible!-what makeup will help me look better?
what mascarra should I get?
How long is your face?
What's the best way to apply makeup with high eyebrows?
What are the Must Have Mac Eyeshadows ? The Staples?
How to do makeup like Carson (Ashley Benson) in Bring It On: In It To Win It?
Afraid of glitter!!! HELP!!!?
Look like Bella Thorne from Watch Me Music video?
im getting really bad acne on my back what should i do?
i need a conncealer!!!:[?
What is the best make up for me to wear?
What do you think about...?
Special effects makeup question?
cheap opi and china glaze international?
i am looking for a good quality face bronzer?
Should night cream be used?
what is a good mascara that doesnt clump.........................?
Eyebrow Plucking Disaster!!! Experts... Please Help Me! =(?
Everyday Mineral help plz?
Good eyeliner brands?
best inexpensive pore primer?
At what age should i wear makeup?
What to do when left eyelashes are smaller than the right?
GIRLS: I have an eyeliner question?
how do i get nicole richie looking make up?
How Do I Do This?
what should you do if your mom doesnt let you go on myspace?
Concealer help please:)
eyelashes grow back?
Wearing lots of makeup makes me feel so much more happy and confident.?
what if you dont have a concealer?
What is a modern word for Cat's Meow or very sharp?
I want to buy some products from Illamasqua. I'm living in Turkey and who can help me?
Now that Clinique Superfit Vanilla is discontinued, what line and color do you use?
Benefit silky finish lipstick?
•◘○Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash Big yay or nay and why•◘○?
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation?
i live in chicago where can i find the REVLON FALSE EYELASHES SELF ADHESIVE?
Does anyone know the difference between Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover minerals?
Know any make up tips?
how much water are suppose to drink?
What do you think of E.L.F brand makeup?
Would bright blue coloured contacts work if i have dark brown eyes?
Can I pull off the natural look?(Please be nice..)?
What color shirt should I wear with purple eyeshadow?
Dance Makeup? I need some ideas/opinions!?
what makeup do you wear (teenagers only please)?
what shade am i for the mac studio finsih concealer?
what's a really good concealer?
what do you think my eye color is?
Good everyday makeup look?
Has anyone bought makeup brushes from this seller on ebay (please read!)?
Do you find lip gloss annoying?
What make up should I wear for this Halloween outfit?
Which is better: Sheer Cover or Bare Minerals Makeup?
how long would it take a makeup artist at MAC to do this look?
When should i start wearing makeup?
How long should you keep your makeup?
what colour are my eyes?
Ladies do you wear makeup to the grocery store?
is 13 too young to wear makeup??
help with my eye lashes!!?
what is the best color/shade of lipstick for me?
Is covergirl, MAC, or maybelline usually the cheapest?(as in price not quality)?
Ladies! Has a stranger ever said this to you" you're the most beautifulest women I have seen"?
Skin/beauty help please!!?
do you think ill be a good singer?
ok so lyk i dont get how eyeliner works?
Can anyone recommend me a easy glide, smudge proof, smear and humidity resistant eyeliner?
For Makeup Artist. How to apply/put small gems or crystal on the face?
Do you take time to remove your eye makeup?
Is there a MAC counter in Fenwicks, Newcastle?
Help I am UGLY and need to be noticed what can I do with makeup, but not too crazy?
Why are brown eyes considered ugly?
where do you buy bare minerals besides the internet?
how to make your hair thicker?
shahnaz products???????????
Does Jergens make a self tanner for light skin tones?
How to make your own face mask or scrub?
I'm looking for a mascara that doesn't smudge.?
what are your thoughts on the new revlon lip stain plus balm?
WHAT CELEBRITY DO I LOOK LIKE?****PICTURES INSIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is so great about M.A.C ?
i need a way to make dark under eye circles look natural (play) pls answer quickly!?
How Do I Cover My Acne?
Is there really any way to completely remove eye makeup?
What is a really good makeup line??
Do u wear too much makeup for a 15 yearold?
Which company has the largest selection of foundation shades?
What mascara would be the best, that you could buy in superdrug or something?
Help! Need help hiding dark shadow on upper lip...?
am i too young to wear makeup??
I'm looking for an awesome mascara??
10 POINTS! what collection did MAC docile lipglass come out in?
am i cheap ???? please open .?
oily skin/makeup...?
What's a good, but not very expensive, liquid eyeliner that would be good for creating punk/scene looks?
What makeup tips do you recommend?
How do I get my views on my makeup review blog?
should a 10 year old girl be able to wear make-up?
im going shopping tommarow and i want the bare minerals starter kit it is 60.00 should i get it or not?
Why do nail polish bottles contain two little silver balls inside?
What are the pros of using BB cream?
do boys like lip gloss on a girl?
What's the best foundation?
how to apply brown liquid eyeliner?
What's the best make-up technique to conceal lines that run from mid-nose to the corners of your mouth?
How can u make the hipl loreal cream eyeliner last all day?
Geogirl line of cosmetics at walmart?
My friend always asked me y i put on makeup for school, now she dose and wants me to, should I????I did before
Whats the best way to get a suntan?
Bare Minerals Starte kit lotion???
avon shimmer eyes shadow stick?
Does this sound like too much makeup?
What color lipstick would look good on me [PIC]?
Revlon colour stay mineral makeup? how do you apply your mineral make up?didnt cover anything!?
Does anyone remember the brand of make up from the 80's that came in a Chinese food container?
If you had to pick would you prefer a slightly broad nose or quite small eyes?'?
In your opinion, what is your favorite type of eyeliner?
what make-up should i wear with this dress?
No makeup? What do I do?
Dark red lipsticks (like NYC Sheer Red)?
How does my make up look?
Do you wear Makeup??? Y/N?
If you could marry a man who would it be and why?
Which is sexier,Red or Purple Lipstick or both?
How can i get red cheeks with no make up?
how to get pritt stick off eyebrows?
Anyone have BROWN eyes that knows some good makeup to wear besides wearing black eyeliner on the TOP which?
Whats your favorite Maybelline mascara?
Makeup Help :c best answer s :)?
what is the best drugstore pressed face powder?
fake eyebrows?
Do you wear make-up for fun or to hide your flaws?
HELP!! Concealer before or after foundation and primer?
Were and how do you put on eyeliner?♥?
Foundation color help?
Can I use glue stick on my face? (For my Halloween costume)?
A good substitute for Cover Girl natural ivory powder?
Guys, when you say you don't like it when girls wear makeup, do you mean...?
What is a good age for make-up?
How do I get my makeup like this?
Are there any false eyelashes that have no latex in them or the adhesive?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
how do i get my makeup like this?
How do u put on a little make up but still look hot at the same time?
Best Mascara?
how to reduce complexsion of skin?
help w/ make-up?!?
Would this be cool? If I experiment with makeup to look like various celebrities?
wat color eye shadow for brown eyes and blonde hair?
How do I prepare a MAC face chart?
What is the best brand of concealer?
Which makeup colors would look best me?
What is your favorite EOS lipbalm flavor?
How do i find QUBANYIFUSHUANG also goes by the name KMELE Whitening Cream?
How do I choose the right plum lipstick?
What the favourite colour?
what is Low cheekbones?
About to make a drugstore trip any recommendations?
Would my kid be dark or light?
is it normal to not wear makeup in high school?
i want2 have no flakes or dry spots when i put on foundation!?
HELP! I acciddentally shaved part of my eyebrow off?!?
Maybelline eyeliner? :*♥?
ladies! wats the best pressed powder u tried or are currently using?
Ladies Please tell me All about Bare Essentials Makeup.?
I have red hair & brown eyes what color eyeshadow ?
Can i be a cheerleader?
Ariana Grande hair & makeup?
Why women always late arrival when they date with a guy?
Is CG Available in Bhopla?
Palladio herbal foundation prime?
How come I look so hideous without makeup on?
What are good sites to find free make-up samples?
A blind date - prank?
Whats the best makeup for brown eyes?
how come we have skin?
does anyone else feel scared to go out with no make-up on?
Olay anti wrinkle creams?
What 4 MAC eyeshadows for a quad palette?
What can cover beauty moles ? Black ones on the face ? I wear ALOT of foundation and blusher to try cover it?
What is a good eyeliner color for me?
do you think it is gay for a boy to do his eyebrows?
how can i look more rocker ?
What are specific products I can use to get Bella's makeup look in New Moon?
Redheads and Lipstick?
What is the best way to hide scars on your body?
Is Maybelline Great Lash in royal blue any good?
makeup tips?
is benefit bo-ing just for dark eye circles or for scars as well?
which olive oil is used for face?
Maybelline Sooth Mousse vs. Dream Matte Mousse?
Where can I find MAC MAKEUP,like eyeshadow, at a cheap price?
what's the best lipstick color for me?
whats your favorite lipgloss and why?
What do you think would make me look better... looking...?
which face moisturizer is good himalaya , lakme peach milk ,ayure , clean and clear?
How do you apply tinted moisturizer?
How much make-up do you wear?
I got lipgloss on my NEW shoes! HELP.?
Do I suit benefit makeup?
why my eyes is brown?
will jergens natural glow work for me??? i need to know!?
What is the best makeup brand for someone with an Indian (south Asian) background?
what should I get from MAC cosmetics?!?!?
Anyone ever heard of a brand of nail polish called "Vogue"?
What exactly is Oil of Olay Regernerist supposed to do???
Going cruelty free on a budget?
OK..its not plumping gloss its some device that fits over the mouth,then you pump like for bike tires?
How did u like olay covergirl simply ageless sculpting blush?
Find me a Navy dark Matte blue from Mac Eye Shadows?
Any online stores that sell zombie make up?
Am I bad boy or good?
How can I prevent my make-up from smearing under my eyes?
MAC custom palette x15 ideas?
How long does urban decay eyeshadow last& is it good quality. I don't want to waste my money?
What do you think (pics included)?
please help me with a good makeup routine!?
What is the color on the picture ad of maybelline of their lipstains is she wearing? picture?
Help please i need help!?
Where the wild things are makeup?
Should i get lip-gloss or lipstick and why?
Girls....? just a little help?
GIRLS WHO WEAR MAKEUP ! please tell me what you prefer?
Makeup Age?
omg girlsssss!!!!?
I won't be supported, do I give up?
i need a really good mascara?
hair and makeup for brother?
why do women wear make up ?
Can methylated spirits be used to fix ed make up?
Do you girls prefer to wear wet or dry eyeshadow?
what's your daily foundation routine?
If I break into L'Oréal and free all the guinea pigs and then torch the joint, am I still "worth it"
Makeup shopping help?
What can I do to look older?
how can i make myself look ill?
What are some good makeup artistry schools in ny/nj? HELP!?
What do you think about girls wearing woody/masculine perfumes?
Guys, do you notice when a girl has mascara and eyeliner on?
GIRLIESS! maybelline magnum volum express waterproof or max factor false lash effect waterproof mascara? :)?
Is this to much makeup for an 8th grader on a daily basis?
What should my make up be?
What's an acne facial like?
Makeup Makeover?
Mac Face and Body foundation?
Is this Too much makeup? (i'm a teen)?
I feel really upset now, what should I do?
What color eye shadow should I use?
what do you think of the toddlers and tiaras?
Does this sound like too much makeup for a 13 year old that's starting?
What hair colour suits to dusky skin complexsion?
Ladies, Do you put make up on everyday or only on special occasions?
I have blue gray eyes, and i was wondering, what is the best eyeshadows for me?
Hello will you wear VERY HEAVY makeup tomorrow?
Which look is better, please help decide?
What is the best brand of mascara you've ever used?
Have you ever tryed Benefit Cosmetics Powderflage or?
Is my makeup good?
What colour should i paint my short toenails PLEASE ANSWER ASAP.?
Is the MAC technakohl eyeliner as good as the Lancôme LE STYLO eyeliner pencil?
I need Help about doing my mates makeup...?
What to wear with these eyelashes?
What is "cream sachet" from Avon?
i need a good mascara 20 points!!!!?
Do I need to use powder and bronzer, or just bronzer ?
Whats a good bronzer to get and where can u get it. And how do u pick the right bronzer for you like the color?
how to make my makeup stay on longer?
what age do u start wearing make up? GIRLS ONLY?
Maybelline mascaras: The Falsies vs. Mega Plush?
Does eyeliner go above the lid or under the eye or both?
does anyone use witch hazel toner? whats ur feedback i am considering to start using it for my large pores?
do u think its okay for 12 year old girls to wear lip gloss?
medium tan with pink undertones any foundation/ concealer suggestions?
how to make up beautiful face?
How do i use aveeno shaving gel?
high beam?? moon beam??
Is it possible to think of nothing?
Whats a good age?
i use proactive...its not working!?
BB CREAM QUESTION!!!! Fake Skin79?
whats the best shade of foundation for light brown skin.?
Can you get e.l.f $3 cream/gel eyeliner in stores?
Nice makeup 10 points ?
Best mascara .?
Makeup Help for this outfit?
I want makeup help on here but im afraid if i put on a pic?
Nail Polish?
anti-aging cream?
Whats a Good Foundation? MAC? Clinique??? Help!!!!?
Best waterproof eye primer?!?!?
My makeup slicks off my face,I have very oily skin, What can I do?
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation?
what kind of eye make up goes with hot pink sari with golden emroidery on it?
I hate my eyes, is there any way to make them look normal?
Should I Shave My Mustache??
Face contouring help!?
is blue bad?
Have u ever seen a show or movie where a woman had to put her hands up or on her head like by a cop or someone?
do you put on your makeup standing up or sitton down?
do i look WAY better with makeup? (pic)?
wat color will bring out my eyes?
Am I pretty without makeup?
Good eye primers (makeup) ?
what is the best way to apply eyeliner?
What makeup do i use for this?
how do u put a pic on your profile on myspace without putting the pic in a slide?
Hi.what z d perfect age 2 start facial at parlour ? Need ur help. ?
Correspondent foundation color?
How do you get your eyeliner to stay???
What makeup should i get?
Why does my foundation turn ORANGE!?
is it normal to put on makup and then in a few hours your face breaks out?
Girls: What mascara has never let you down?
trichiasis is the medical name for eye lashes that grow out backwards?
What colour contacts should i wear?
at what store does it sell Egyptian Magic Cream?
Help me please?
what are dickies?
scars???PLEASE HELP!!?
Whats the best foundation?
What is the best mineral foundation without bismuth?
is covergirl or milani sold in canada?
HIYA PLZ be truthful which one is prettier?
What is the PERFECT MASCARA for the look i want?
What eye shadow color would look best on me?
best drugstore mascara?
My makeup keeps looking cakey?
Beauty Services course in Sydney?
I'm looking for a lipstick that is a dupe for MAC prrr lipglass without the frosted finished.?
Should 13 Year Olds Wear Make-Up?
What color eyeshadow should i use please help?
Anywhere to get free makeup samples in the UK online?
Which cream should i apply on my face while going to medical college?
does anyone know if its possible for brown eyes to have a hint of green in them?
Do any of you wear only the products of one makeup brand? Or do you use multiple?
Does anyone know how to make a homemade face primer?
What are some tips when doing makeup?
What are the best cosmetics for oily skin?
How do you make plucking eyebrows less painfull?
Don't you find boys who wear eyeliner and mascara absolutely gorgeous?
Mac makeup in ireland?
How to make sweat less noticeable?!?
What makeup should i wear? (pics of me included)?
my makeup always seems to get on my clothes what can i do to stop this?
Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Lengthening Mascara?
Loreal, Revlon or Max Factor?
Whenever I apply eyeliner it looks weird?
What are some good makeup artistry schools in ny/nj? HELP!?
What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand from walmart?
what make up is appropriate for a 13 year old?
Hi, can i buy physicians formula brand makeup any where in uk?
Skin79 BB cream for dry skin/normal?
Do tattos on anckles hurt?
i want a good site about teaching how to make up?
I have Lines under my eyes?
What do I use MAC Pigment colour powder for?
what is the best foundation?
What mac lipstick color would best match me?
Revlon colorstay pressed powder Good?
What makeup should an 11 year old wear to school?
lipgloss vs. lipstick?
How do you get rid of the puffieness under your eyes?
Does Revitalash work?
Is there such a thing as purple mascara?
Ladies, do you realize where most of the collagen in your skin cream comes from?
Eye Makeup Ideas Please?
If you saw me in a crowd, would you think I was a pretty person or an ugly person?
Am I wearing too much makeup?
Temptu makeup/inks....?
Is it okay for me to wear make up for my age?
Does Mac Prep And Prime Skin Base Prolong Makeup Wear?
Mary Kay info?
Which is better to cover up redness on face? Self tanner or tinted moisturzier?
is this smokey eye? [picture inside]?
Can I sing? :P just wondering out of curiosity...?
What kind of eye make-up looks good with a medium-orange dress that shimmers yellow and pink?
bare minerals blemish therapy knockoff?
make up help.......?
Would Maybelline new york naturally luminous blush look good on me? im thinking of trying it in Original Rose?
Should a 13 year old girl be able to wear make-up?
picture of sticky french manicure?
Asking parents about wearing makeup? you like looking at a lady with make-up on,or do you prefer the freshly washed face look?
how to make my eyes look bigger with makeup?
Where do I get this lip color??? help?
Which Eye colour is more attractive?
I'm going to change my mascara?
covergirl eyesadows ?
Eyeshadow and Eyeliner for deep set eyes?
My dad won't stop telling me how much makeup to wear?
i have a question about my looks?
is the maybelline dream matt mouse any good?
what is the best eye shadow color for someone who has brown eyes?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Forever 21 in California?
WHat mascara is best?
How can i increse my skin tone?
how to put on eyeliner?
What color makeup goes w/....?
Why do you wear makeup? O.o?
What makeup should a 13 year old girl wear?
Spot Alert !!!!!!!!!!?
Contouring - tips?
what is the best mixes of eyeshadow for chocolate brown skin?
I am blonde and fair. Can I wear black mascara?
why doesnt anywhere sell the new loreal one day tan?
How do you blend foundation correctly?
Is 11/12 years old to early to put on makeup?
i have dark circle around my eyes?
i have green eyes. what color eye shadow would be best for enhancement?
Daytime sexy make up look?
How many of you own MAC cosmetics like the foundations and powders?
Derma-Rollers? Has anyone had any luck with them? ?
What the difference between C and N in mac face and body?
i have brown eyes would a white eyeshadow look good?
what is really good makeup for a teenager?
Favourite makeup brand ?
90210 hair and makeup!?
What do you think about a girl who has a lot of make up on, but doesnt look bad?
I am so self concious without makeup?
BodyScrub to fade Spray Tan?
How to recreate this look? Specific products, please.?
Do I wear too much makeup?
what it the correct puniciation of the word Cameodimaxious?
Messy Make-up?
Is this to much makeup for a 13 year old?
Does anyone have that new tequila eyeliner by Benefit?
what is the best cosmetic brand in the world?
which picture do i look best in of the 4?
What colour do you think that my eyes are?
My lips are always dry.I've tried chapsticks, oils, shea butter, vasoline, nothing.I drink tons of water,help!
I have black eyes and i would like to know which eyeshadow color will be the best?
How can i get rid of dark spots on my face?
What skincare products does snsd(girl's generation) use for there face?
Fave Lip Gloss?
If I decided to start cosmetology, where would I start?
Is she born with it? Or is it Maybelline?
I have a Makeup problem?
To much makeup for thirteen?
When does someone officially wear too much makeup?
Is this makeup special online only or in-store too?
how can you look better without putting make-up on?
Does makeup make everyone more attractive?
How can I get my hair to be naturally thick with some volume on the crown?
Which order do I apply these bareMinerals in? Please help.?
Whats the best way to get a suntan?
My friend keeps using my makeup!?
How do you keep the makeup from melting off your face!?
how to help my forehead to be big?
does anyone know how to do makeup like lily collins?
Best foundation for oily skin?
should guys wear eyeliner?
How can I keep without wrinkle face..?
Do you guys think I wear too much make-up?
What color eyeshadow do you wear
What makeup does Nikki Reed Wear....?
Is there any cream to reduce the pigmentation in lips and make them look pink?
did you know that putting toothpaste on your pimples help clean?
how to get out of problems?
best lipgloss brand?
centre of concealer stick?
Recommend good makeup for £10?
Is this too much makeup?
best way to get a tan in the sun ???
Lip glosses for 8th grade?
I need help with facial cleansing and its steps!?
What is your opinion on e.l.f cosmetics?
Traveling with Makeup?
Girls, what would you SAY and DO if?
What do you think of my makeup/face etc?
Do you find me pretty?
Is safe?
I Have Flawless Skin..........?
Free make-over at malls?
why does it bother guys when girls wear alot of make up?
Help with adult acne?
Should I get makeup as a man?
where to get our makeup done professionally..MAC? smokey eye? HELP?
should my 12 year old daughter wear makeup to school?
Mac Cosmetics Holiday Sets?
Girls what beauty product can you NOT live without?
i want to straighten my hair, can i do it at home?
Where can I learn to be better at doing makeup?
What false eyelashes to buy?!?
Why do we get pimples and how can we avoid them?
How to ask for make-up without really asking?
MAC cosmetics?
Does anyone know of really good make-up that will stay put ALL day. I'm tired of re-applying!!!! HELP!!!!!