does maybelline dream fresh bb cream clog pores?
The best Mascara colour for me is....WHAT! easy 10 points!?
can i be on this section if i'm uglee?
how do i sharpen maybellines vivid and smooth liner by eye studio?it bas become blunt.pls help?
How do I get a Mischa Barton-type look?
Eyebrow Waxing Around Farmington, CT?
Where to Buy Nail Polish Online in Australia?
HELP! make over to get the guy!?!?! (Pics included)?
french manicure?
What are the best books on make-up?
Where can I order a good inexpensive eye makeup palette?
what is the best makeup remover?
Ladies: Best mascara you've used to lengthen lashes?
What color would you say my eyes are?
Am I the only one??.....?
Everyday makeup ideas? (pic)?
Whats your favourite nail colour?
how does australians wear their makeup mosty?
At the end of the day.. i get a shiny nose?
Do they sell Nivea Lip Care in Pearl & Shine (Light Pink) in the Philippines?
My Foundation looks really caky and I don't know why?
what are good makeup brands ?
where can I buy cocoa tan liquid makeup by max factor?
LABELLO ORANGE?! where can i get some.?
Make-up..?? Girls help..?
Has Ambi Fade Cream really worked for any one?
Do you look like a hideous monster up close?
How to close the open pores on face?
Need help with foundation issues.?
What are some cheap drugstore makeup must haves? ?
What is the best makeup for eyes hazel like mine? What color?
What BB cream is best at hiding pores?
ooooohh help me I'm lost?
renaissances beauty?
What's your favorite eyeshadow palette?
do u think i use 2 much makeup?!?!?!?
Can you tell me what shade should i get in True Match Blush powder and why?
What is a good fast dry polish?
Will Selfridges carry the new MACx Marilyn Monroe collection?
What is the best tanning lotion to use??
Oh my goodness please help!!!!?
What clothes and makeup did Eleanor Roosevelt wear?
Make up for an eastern green dress?
Wil l go bald if I paint my nails?
Makeup help!?
Am I the only one who doesn't like colored eyeshadow ?
Zit on graduation day?!?
How do gay men do makeup so good and easily?
Should you put on concealer before or after foundation? Reason for your answer?
i want to wear makeup?
Lipgloss question??
Do you know where I can purchase....?
Makeup HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Eyes becoming lighter?
Applying Pencil eyeliner?
How to remove mascara?
When should I start wearing makeup?
What is a good mascara for naturally long lashes?
Using out-of-date Liquid Latex..?
best makeup liquid/powder for hot summer days and oily skin?
Do you know a website that sells London Butter Nail Polish for a little bit Cheaper than $14?
How should I put on eye make-up?
What types of makeup should I wear?
I am 13...what kind of make-up would look best on me?
did anyone know where can buy nails art books in singapore?
Makeover help please?
are these eyes considered amber, honey, or just brown? pic included?
Girls....What Do You Think Of Boys Wearing Make-Up ツ?
SmashBox Pro Applications Questions!?
baggy eyes :(?
Whats a good eye cream or a good dark circle remedies?
What's a bb cream and tinted moisturizer?
How to look prettier?
I need new ways to do my eyeliner on my top lid.?
What's your ''couldn't live without'' foundation?
I Read That Liquid Eyeliner Is Back [and Black!!]-Anyone Have Any Good Makes?
what type of makeup should an 8th grader wear?
Any girls wear moisturizer and no face make up?
Best mascara for length and thickness?
what colour makeup to wear?
Who is the most popular beauty blogger?
How To Apply Axe Deodorant?
at what drugstore can i buy maybelline products?
What face wash would you recommend?
Where can you buy MAC products in the UK?
What is your makeup routine?! including brands!?
Can guys wear eyeliner and still be tall, dark, and hamsome?
What makeup shades go with this date outfit?
Where can I buy Bare Minerals makeup locally?
Best Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Powder, Lipstick, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Mascara?
What's so good about MIRACLE MAKEUP?
How can I achieve a beautiful makeup look?
trust issues? foundation help?
what color lipgloss/stick can make lips look BIGGER/FULLER?
I'm 17 and never worn any make-up, is that weird?
do u think u shud always clease tone everyday?what does a toner do?i just wash face and moistize.?
Has anyone tried AVON Beyond Color Plumping Lip Gloss Clear?
Has any one tried beauty 4 ashes beauty products ( make up, mineral shimmer, mascara etc)?
What face paint glitter is the best?
What do you think of a 15 year old girl wearing lipstick?
what colour are your eyes?
Should makeup be tested on animals?
What's the best eye liner?
what eye shadow would be best for me?
Pretty, school-appropriate make-up tutorials with liquid eyeliner?
Which MAC eyeshadow colour is your favorite?
Drugstore Foundations?
Do online sales affect instore pricing at Sephora?
Make-up look for red lips?
what can i use to make my face look glowing?
How do I do the winged eyeliner? pics!?
What are healthy foundations?
eye brow threading in lubbock, tx?
Is there really nail polish that glows in the dark and if so where can I buy it to paint my wife's sexxy toes
Easy 10 points! Undertones and foundation?
How to get makeup to look natural with acne prone skin?
fake tan - what is the best?
What's the purpose of getting your eyebrows waxed??
Anyone know of any...?
Ladies: How much would you pay to get your makeup professionally done?
What's the best mascara?
I have black hair, fair skin, green eyes and am Japanese, make-up tips?
Makeup every teen should have? xxx?
makeup for homecoming?
What age do most girls start wearing makeup?
Foundation recommendations?-read description?
Anyone know how to do makeup like that of Nika's in Hitman when she is out to dinner in the red dress? Please!
Ladies please help! What is the very best mascara you have ever tried?
What color eye shadow and liner goes best with hazel eyes?
what an eighth grade shouldn't and should wear?
what are some new/different techniques and looks i can try with my eyeliner and eye shadows ??
I wanna mix hairsplat colors?
Best eyeliner and mascara?
My makeup keeps looking cakey?
My boyfriend told me I look bad with makeup?
How do you make lip gloss last all day?
what color of lipgloss or lipstick would make my teeth look whiter?
natural or alot of makeup?
is this okay makeup for 15 year old?
can cosmetics cover up a dark spot on a mans face?
What's the best drugstore primer?
Am I the hottest man alive?
How to make almond shaped eyes bigger & rounder?
how can i make my dark blue eyes stand out more?
are mario badescu samples a scam?
What kind of foundation and eye make-up should I use?
/why dont pigments stay, there not MAC pigments there coastal scents.?
what do u think of me (pics)?
how to make my makeup stay on longer?
How do I do my eyes like this?!?
What is the best mascara?
if I get my lip priced what kind of scar will it leave? ?
Maybelline Define-A-Lash OR No7 dream lashes?
how do you conceal blemishes without make-up???
What is the best drugstore foundation for oily skin?
is there any cheap dupes to nyx jumbo eye pencil?
How do I become more beautiful? *PICS*?
What is the best mascara?
I need to pick a good foundation, any help?
Teen girl, makeup essentials?
13 Year Old Make-Up Question?
which store has the best make up ?
What mascara should I use if i'm looking for length AND volume?
Where can I find an orange lipstick like this?
What is the best nude lipstick to buy?
How to look stunning without makeup?
Is there a place that I could go to that could tell me what colors I should use for makeup?
Whats a good lipstain i can get at a drugstore?
Can you depot the new style mac quads?
Which one is coolest?
my girlfriend got pregnant an im only 14?
Were can I buy relatively cheap goth makeup???
what is your favorite brand of makeup?
Make up Help? Pics included!?
I need help picking a foundation?
Which BB creams are better?
Why do some body lotions rub off in chunks when I rub my leg? Is it because it's cheap lotion with parabens?
Does No.7 Cosemetics have a website?
I found out my boyfriend wears foundation?
Does anyone out there wear fake eyelashes? I am thinking about getting some to wear from the store. Any Tips?
which lipstick colour should i get?
How do my eyebrows look now? help?
whats a good eyeliner besides anything from the drugstore chanel, mac,lancome, dior, benefits and lasts long?
how do you get certified in permanent makeup?
If you saw a girl with acne and no makeup...?
should men be allowed to wear makeup ?
What makeup do you wear to school/work everyday?
Anyone tried Clinique "City Block Sheer Oil free face protector SPF 25"?
what is your favorite lip gloss?
How do you wear eyeliner?
What color should ur eye shadow be with purple skinny jeans?
Where can I buy Laneige products in Edinburgh?
What eyeliner can i use!?
What is the best mascara?
YSL radiant touch brush??
please help me i have a huge eyebrow problem?
What Is The Best Brand Of Makeup For A First Time Makeup User?
How do you make your eyes look bigger with eyeliner?
What decade was red lips and winged liner?
Do you put eyeliner on your lower lid?
Where do I buy NYX makeup products?
Has anyone used Philosophy The Present Clear Makeup/Primer with Mineral Powder Foundation?
How much makeup do you wear to school?
What are the make up things that you use for your body?
Can I wear makeup with my eye Stye?
how do you apply liquid eyeliner??
how do i make my cheek bones look more defined?
How can I make clear acrylic powder coloured?
Is it worth going to Paris to attend Make Up Forever Academy for 5 days?
good lipstick color for my skin tone?
help! with this makeup confusion?
What products are good for removing acne marks on black skin any help would be very helpful.?
What do you think of these mascaras?
what color eyeliner should i use?
I'm 13. Should I wear makeup?
eyebrow emergency! need help now!?
individual false eyelash question?!?
what is the best makeup for auburn hair, pale skin and green/hazel eyes?
i want a really really shiny clear lip gloss thats not to expensive any sugestions?
What are some home made recipes for masks, and stuff?
how to get long eyelashes?
How can I get a double lid naturally?
whats your make up routine?
What makeup should I wear?
What do you think of my channel?
Bad acne problem...please help me?
Is Cinema Makeup School a good school to attend?
what is that concealer that matches the exact skin tone?
Homecoming makeup ideas?!?!?
How to look gaunt? (theater project)?
what is one shade darker than warm beige?(foundation)?
where can i buy mac bronzing powder from?
make-up problem?
What would look good on me?
What color eyeliner would look best on me?
problem with lips when i appy lipstick or lipgloss?
What does everyone think of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation?
make up brushes from micheals craft store?
Your most precious makeup item <3?
whats the best eye shadow color to use w/ green eyes?
Are there any Korean ladies who live and work in China?
is there an autumn/fall eyeshadow palette that i can buy?
Foundation ???
how much makeup should i wear?
where could i get loreal spider lashes at?
What is the best foundation for oily skin?
Whose eyebrows do you like better?
What make up to wear to school?
Good products for Uneven skin tone on legs?
Urban Decay Naked palette 1 or 2?
Anyone still use Loreal Color Pulse?
i want to know how to earn at home?
MAC pigment charms (from holiday collections) question...?
what mascara do you recommend? ?
how can i make a fake mustache?
What can I use to seperate my eyelashes?
How to keep my makeup brush in good condition?
What make-up to wear with this dress?
make up issue please help?
Women: Any Advice You Can Offer Me? Thanks!?
How do you use spray-on foundation?
Best foundation !!!!?
Are my eyes too far apart? (Picture included)?
What would be a good halloween costume where I could have crazy makeup?
What's another word for envied?
Give me a natural makeup look?
how to apply Jolen Bleach on Face at home?
Is this too much makeup for a 7th grader to wear?
Good Pick up lines?
A ten year old in my class is wearing makeup..I'm ten...its kind of she too young? gr.5?
what is the best mascara for thickening and lengthening eyelashes?
What are are some of your favourite smashbox products?
Is it safe to wear liquid eyeliner on the inner rims of your eyes if you wear contacts?
what's the best way to wash off waterproof mascara?
[what color lipstick to wear i am 12 and need help]?
What are the best makeup brands for a 13-year-old?
how should i do my prom make up?
How do you use the Bonne Bell EyePlaySet?
Are the NYX cream blushes pigmented? What do you think of them?
Need eyeliner/ mascara suggestion..?
Angel, Hue, or CreamCup lipstick from MAC?
Is makeup good or bad?
am i too young to wear it at 14? please answer ASAP!?
How much do sally hansen insta-dri cost?
Tinted Moisturizer or B.B Cream?
What should I wear for makeup tomorrow?
Why is MAC foundation so popular? Is it for me!? Please help?
need something to reduce puffiness under eyes?
do girls look better with thick makeup or the natural look?
whats that longer hair brand advertised in seventeen magazine?
baggy eyes :(?
do ya'll think its wrong to eat meat ]=?
how do you like your mascara to look?
where can i get hard candy tinted mousterizer?
Help: Making my small eyes pop?
Help my mOm name her cosmetics?
Prices at MAC store in Shanghai?
Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam OR Dream BB Cream?
To much makeup for fourteen?
eye makeup?
Where can I find eyeshadow shown in this Video?
what eyeshadow is the best for dark skinned girls?
how do u make them better?
What kind of make up would suit me? *-picture?
What make up should I wear?
GIRLS what mascara should I get? It's really annoying me :(?
Is biting your lips for color bad?
At the age of 14 what kind of makeup could you wear ?
how do i do my makeup like this?
can guys with oily skin use bare mineral powder to cover up blemishes?
What to wear to job training (Sephora inside JCPenney)?
What Kinda Foundation Should I Use For Oily Skin?! ?
If you wear make up once in awhile do you still have to buy new make up every couple of weeks or so?
What is the prettiest eye color?
Will Patanol help red eyes after toking up?
whats a cheap mascara that works well?
what is the best way to wear Eyeliner if you have big blue eyes?
what's ur make-up routine?
Questions about makeup?
Should pre-teens wear makeup?
How Often Would I Need to Pluck my Eyebrows?
what is the best mascara ?
where can i get this eyeshadow?(pic)?
is there any where that I can find jobs as a free lance make up artist?
Do you agree with me on these things for 13 year olds?
natural makeup look for 6th grader?
has anyone got some easy makeup tips like how to put eyeliner on?
make up artists camps for teens?
For fair skin what's the best lipstick?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear eye make up (I'm a guy)?
I'm going to sephora tomorrow. What shall I buy?
What lipstick will look good on a person with brown skin and naturally purple lips?
When did you start wearing makeup?
Sephora Blockbuster?
What's the best medium coverage foundation at Sephora?
How much should I charge for each product?
Have you ever seen someone having a BAD MAKE UP DAY??
Sunless Tanner Questions?
what kind of face product can i use?
Eyebrow plucking help?
What can I do to look older?
How can I keep my eye makeup from ending up under my eyes?
i am looking for suppliers for Almay Kinetin Daily Moisturiser, SPF15 in Edinburgh area?
Oily Skin???
Can you apply face primer on your eyelids or is concealer better?
Makeup for school...?
in india which is the best concealer product?and does it really help in concealing even the darkest of circles?
What eyeliner and mascara do you recomend/use?
Does mac foundation burn any1 else under the eyes?
Please someone answer my question this time.?
How to fake a lazy/wandering eye?
Allergic to makeup remover!!?
How can I find a foundation that stays all day long?
MAC Or Clinique Pressed Powder?
help with foundation?
Black or brown eyeliner?
what is the most important things the girles looking for it from the one who choose her to be his love ?
Makeup tips...?
When did you girls start wearing make up?
help! better pics of this haircut?
stop giving 12 and 13 yr olds make up/boyfriend tips...?
there are so many mascaras to choose from..what is the best?
What is the absolute best moisturizing lip balm?
Is there a concealer that doesn't clog pores?
i am looking for a good blush!?
What is the equivalent of Coastal Scents Ultra Shimmer 88 Palette in BH Cosmetics?
Where can I find a shimmery silver eyeshadow like this?
How to put eyeliner on curly/thick eye lashes?
must have make-up!! yay!!!!!!!!!?
The grudge women dress up for halloween?
Am I A Fake?
What colors go good with Orange, Red and Blue?
do u need to rinse off moisterizer when u used it? and how mnay times you usually use per day?
Do i look like any celebrity? (with pic)?
How many winners should I choose for my giveaway?
Top 5 beauty products you CAN'T live without?
what do you keep in your make up bag girls?
Make up question, please help?
What is the best mascara to use?
Best long lasting, natural looking makeup?
Has anyone tried loreal infalliable foundation?
Any fair skinned people out there tried self-tanners?
What's with this "natural look" obsession?
Which looks better? worse?
What should I spend my gift card on?
Toooo Jealous Helppppppppp.?
question about Perfumes?
Eye liner question!! HELP!?
How old to start wearing PROPER makeup?
How do I prevent black kohl inside the eye from leaking or smudging on the bottom?
Which makeup style do you like better on me?
whats the best way to take off mascara?
Is Almay a good brand of makeup?
what is more prone to clog pores - liquid or powder foundation?
Foundation makeup for guys, with mild non red acne scars? HELP?
I want to start using....?
which lipstick would look great for?
What're the best colors for my [hazel] eyes? ?
Is the make-up I wear on a daily basis too much?(Pictures included.)?
Is my eye color rare?
Does anyone know of a youtube makeup tutorial for this bronzey glowy look??? please leave a link! thx!!! :)?
best liquid foundation?
Do I wear to much makeup?
i'll be wearing a saree of light yellow nd complexion is not fair.wt kind of make-up shld i go for?
What can I put on my eyebrows to make them thicker?
how do you wear makeup? how do people get that glow from makeup?
which eyes do you prefer?
If I think I'm very pretty with makeup on, but I think I'm ugly without makeup on...?
I'm going to start my freshman year in high school, am I too young to wear makeup?
do you think make up is a lie?
What colors of makeup will make my green eyes look greener?
Makeup advice? How do I do my makeup?
which colors when mixed make black?
Should I wear makeup (guys too please)?
Affordable, good makeup brush set?
How do I get rid of a pimple?
I feel like crying?????
what type of make up works the best?
Could someone PLEASE tell me, for the love of the goddess, where can I find?
Double eyelashes towards inner eye and mascara?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Can someone please helpppppp?
Can you put on spot treatment before applying makeup?
25 to spend in Sephora?
How can I keep my eye lids from getting puffy over night?
10 point which boy name do you like best?
would u consider me attractive(pic)girls and guys?
I am going to be dressing up as a rag doll for halloween. What should i do with my hair,makeup, and costume?
A nuetral makeup look?
Moisturizers for dry flakes around eyes?
What can I use besides nail polish remover to get nail polish off?
What is your reason for wearing makeup?
if you had a makeup vanity, would you use it?
I got this cream... Should I use it?
Make up for dark skin?
is there a way to make your nose less triangular at the bottom?
What's the lightest shade in MAC makeup?
A few more ways? EVERYONE, please!?
Sweatproof mineral powder?
Good lengthening mascara?
what make-up should i wear with this dress?
Makeup routine question?
has anyone used rare minerals by bare essentuals the night time treatment?
can we use twenty year old make up?
Does anyone have tips for a droopy right eye?
What would you do if your boyfriend was allergic to makeup?
Tinted Moisturizer Help?
What is the best foundation for combination/oily, sensitive skin?
Do I need a makeover?? (pic included)?
How much makeup do you wear?
is there an eye cream or gel available that gets rid of puffy eyes?
Is it okay for an 11 year old to wear eyeliner?
jerome alexander beauty products?
What do you think about my project for English?
Women, can you leave the house without makeup?
Bad lip piercing experience & repiercing over scar tissue?
Has anyone ever tried out this product?
What's your fav. mascara?
Girls: Do you tend to wear liquid or pencil eyeliner more?
Ladies What would you say/do if you found out that your boyfriend?
what foundations do people recommend?
what is the best way to make your eyes look super big?
Is eyeshadow eyeliner mascara too much?
what is the scope of doinga graphic designing from NIA.?
Is my makeup too dark for work?
What should I do???
What eyeliner works best??
What do you use conceler for?
is it good to have round eyes?
Which looks better?? less or more makeup?
help plz!!!?
Girls with ultra-thick foundation on?
What is the best makeup for a DRAMATIC smokey eye?
red acne scars ?
Need help on my Skin Tone and my Undertones?
I'm going to a dance in a few days, and I've never worn make-up in my life! How do I pick it out?
Do you know of any makeup that is not oily, because i have a lot of acne and want to cover it up?
Shiseido or Lancome pressed powder? Which do you recommend?
Where can you buy Katy Perry eyelashes? (stores)?
How do I get my tiny lips to appear larger?
Can boys get away with wearing Kohl Eyeliner?
Can I use more than one promo code in
My makeup looks better at the end of the day?
what colour glam shine lip gloss is jennifer lopez wearing at the end of advert?
which clour eyeliner should i use...?
Should I Start Wearing Makeup?
l'oreal translucide foundation?
My day's been very boring,what do you think?
Do I look bad without makeup?(foundation)?
Concealer for purple what colour concealer?
PLEASE HELP ME. Girls who wear makeup?!?
Eyeshadow help?!! Colours to wear on my eyes?!!!?
What is a cheap, good quality, white foundation for halloween? UK products only plz help!!!?
Girls...what is the purpose of using clear mascara?
does eyeliner smudge more when you have more on?
Best drugstore foundation?
what if i whent with out eating for a week and just drank lots of water.?
Is 13 an appropriate age to wear makeup?
A brand of mascara only available in Italy/Europe?
Is anyone a professional makeup artist that works backstage/behind the scenes? I need your help!?
Which MAC cosmetics eyeshadows should I buy?
Is there other ways of cleaning a Simple eye make-up corrector pen?
Is the Matte Morphose foundation any good?
Foundation advice!?
Has anyone tried Smashbox Compact Ant-Shine?
How do you feel about girls wearing makeup?
what is the best colour eyshadow to wear on green eyes?
What are some of the best ELF products?
Is this too much make-up for a 13 year old girl?
wat Is Care For The Mature Skin ?
If you can create a makeup product!?
The right foundation?
Is make-up a problem?
What's the best makeup brand?
Does the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation work well with her Oil Free Foundation Primer?
I have ginger hair and pale skin, any good foundations?
Makeup and hair tips for me?
Help with removing make-up?
do drug store concealers work good?
Whats A Good Face Make Up To Use For Oliy Skin?
Does anyone know where I can purchase Shu Uemura rouge unlimited online or in/around Little Rock, AR?
can you please recommend a bridal makeup artist?
What age should you start wearing makeup?
Shall i buy santoor fairness facewash?
Why do they sell makeup for men now?
what's the point of wearing makeup when the point is to look like u'r not wearing one?
For learning to use it, what's the best brand of make up?
Is dermatend available in Indian medical shops?
beauty parlour in Hosur or Bangalore?
Favorite makeup products?
eyeliner help?
Which is worse no makeup or too much makeup?
What is your favorite make-up brand or what you think is the best kind. I love mac make-up and is versatile?
Do I look better with or w/out makeup?
HELP my eyelashes never stay up !?!?
What color eyeshadow would suit dark skintone?
Imju Fibertwig mascara?
Concealer that doesn't make you break out?
Makeup help?!? 10 points for best answer!?
fondation question?
What's a good light weight foundation for fair skin?
Does baby lips by maybelline add color to your lips?
Is foundation and powder makeup (blush,bronzer) bad for a 13 year old?
What makeup would make her eyes look good?
Light foundation that doesn't look fake?
Does sephora inside jcpeeny have wen?
Best mac foundation you've tried?
How old were you when you..?
Which lipstick shade would look best on me?
What makeup company makes matte lipstick?
How can a teen study makeup?
why do so many women wear so much makeup these days?
How come this happens when I wear eyeliner?
Im 16 do I have to wear foundation?
How do you do your eye makeup? ?
Is it a good idea to use peanut butter as a face mask?
What is your opinion about MAC Mascara?
Best makeup brands????????
What is the one item of make-up you could not do without?
What is a good website that gives instruction on makeup application?
is 16 too young to wear foundation?
Is this too much makeup for freshman year?
how old were u when u started wearing makeup?
Are there creams that lighten your face? That is, make ur face color go back to your original skin color?
What makeup should a 8th grader use and is it a good idea to get highlights? ?
What are some easy beauty tips that really make a difference?
What is your quick makeup routine?
how do you get rid of fake tan patches/streeks?
What's a really good foundation to buy?
Do u like DR.FeeL Good by benefit ?
method of cleanising by garnier product?
Hey, i go to my collage and apply kajal till after noon my kajal spread all over and looks as if i have dark c?
Which makeup products available in India are good for oil skin?
When People Start Waring Makeup?
Whats your favroite makeup brand?
Is anyone else addicted to...?
Pale skin and a bold lip?
what are some websites that will give my photo a tan?
what is the best lip plumper out there, that doesnt cost alot?
Should airbrushing be banned? *I need lots of answers!*?
My parents won't let me wear makeup?
i want some facial wash,toner,and cream that will make my skin fair, silky-smooth, and blemish free..?
What bare minerals eyeshadow colors are the prettiest?
Aloette cosmetics: If you were going to a party....?
which one would you choose?
advice for a goth?
What is powder for when applying make-up?
I have light brown hair &light brown eyes. im goin to wear a brown dress. what color eyeshadow should i wear?
what is rx?
Elf studio line corrective concealer?
Best mascara out there?!?!?
What are your thoughts on Princessa Eye Jumbo Pencils?(CHERRY CULTURE)?
Is this ugly and unnatractive?
Neutrogena Skin Enhancer vs Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer?
do you think i have big eyes?
Makeup Tips?
I got hazel eyes and...?
who think most girls with no make up look more sexy?
concealor colour for asian skin?
Is mousse same as foundation?
what is a mary kay spa event?
Where can i find this cover up?
are there anyways to make your lips look nude with putting on lipstick or conceler?
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (8 in 1) review?
How do you keep your nails clean?
is this too much makeup?
wat color eyeshadow?
How can i keep makeup on for 8-9hours without it smudging on the T-Zone?
What colour eyeshadow will go well with this outfit?
What are some top/favorite foundations of yours?
Do most girls/women wear cover up/foundation on a regular basis?
Anybody on here had permanent make up done?
what color eyeliner should I get?
Why does eyeliner burn??
Is it ok to wear makeup at age 14?
Micellar lotion- what is it?
What is a good cream to powder foundation?
Does my eyebrows look like it need to be fixed?
I'm 13 yrs old. I have small pimples and oily face.. How can i get rid of them?
wat do i do if my bff is ditching me 4 her bf?
Do I not wear enough makeup?
How do I make this looser?
Should I wear make - up? (Picture attatched)?
What Is A Flesh Toned Mannequin?
What's the best mascara for lengthening and volume under $10?
how does MAC cosmetic products measure up to prescriptives, fashion fair etc.?
Best product to use to get rid of red spots, broken vessels. etc.?
What's a fun, inexpensive way to organize my makeup?
My 11-year-old sister has started wearing too much make-up! What do I do?
Drugstore lipstick like this MAC shade?
what mascara do you u use and where can i get it?
How can i prevent this from happening ?
What is the best eyeliner?
What are some good brands for false eyelashes?
testing and reviewing beauty products?
how can you remove waterproof mascara, without makeup remover or vaseline?
Does California require a license to practice as a makeup artist?
What is some good eye liner?
who has a stable formula for dark circles around eyes cream?
Can I wear JUST eyeliner and maskara without eyeshadow???
Target VS. Walmart...?
is avon n olay brand any good?
Whats the best mascara to use?
Carmindy's What Not to Wear Makeup?
I Need Help with Putting On Foundation.?
What is your favourite Make-up Make? Please tell!?
I need help with choosing a foundation?
Is this too much makeup for a 7th/8th grade girl? (im almost 13, and im allowed to wear makeup)?
describing me and what make-up and clothes you personally recommend..thanks! x?
Mascara... What age?
Pressed powder for porcelain yellow skin?
eyeliner? yes or no?
I am dressing up as The Cat in the Hat and I need a picture of Makeup, has anyone seen it anywhere?
King Tut makeup style?
what blush colors look best on blue eyed blondes/?
What brand of face foundation is the best?
Is makeup really bad for your skin??
MAC all that glitters or naked lunch eyeshadow?
double wear foundation estee lauder?
Make my lips look BIGGER?
some times i ware my sisters cloths she has a very sexy cloths in her room and i am a boy but i fill from inse
What store sells opi nail polish in canada?
What kind of foundation should I use?
Does anyone knoe of any good lipgloss?!?!?
How can I make my eyes look more noticably blue?
How do I control my oily forehead?
What is a good youtube name for a Makeup guru?
Is BB cream better than foundation if you have ok skin?
HD foundation questin..what makes HD foundation "HD"?
i need help with my make up?
What products does Demi Lovato use?
anyone know a good volumizing mascara?
Is this too much make-up? ?
how do u apply liquid eyeliner?
What is the fair trade foundation and what do they do?
What if a guy sees you without makeup?
what r some great makeup products?
ok i have blue eyes and want the blue to stand out more then they do is there anything i can do?
What is the best false lash glue?
Eyeshadow as an alternative setting powder?
Where do I find brushes for a good price?
human league makeup? (susanne sulley; joanne catherall)?
Where do you buy the dessert treats from jessica simpson?
How do you gat rid of acne?
Foundation for Skin with Every Problem!?
Has anyone actually owned makeup brushes from widget love?
Best Toner suiting these criterias?
Fakes on myspace!?
Sephora birthday questions...??
Ghost White Face Make Up, where is best to buy?
Has anyone tried bare minerals make-up? How is it for acne prone skin?
Hey girls ! i want an eye shadow pallete which gives me a smokey look ? pls suggest?
maybe shes born with it......or.....?
should i start wearing contacts?
which ones prettier?
does ne1 knw of a web site wht i can virtually apply make up to my digitally loaded pic....?
Will Dermablend cover ingrown hair scars on legs?
Is there a good product I can buy that can help my tired skin look rejuvinated and not so tired looking?
has anyone use skin bleach before trying to buy some need help?
ok ok ok i want 2 know how 2..............plz help?
How do you feel about HONEY BOO BOO child wearing all that makeup?
GIRLS :Favorite MAC and Sephora products?
why do girls where makeup?
Does anyone else use more than 1 foundation?
What's the best lip gloss brand and where can I get it?
What is the best high end foundation that you ever used?
Best drugstore foundation for dry skin?
Birchbox vs. MyGlam (Itsy)?
What is the best mascara?
Know of a good lip balm?
Black or brown eyeliner?
expiration of makeup?
Makeup Forever Hd Foundation help?
Is Maybelline Fit Me Liquid foundation oil free?
Do you know any samples links?
Foundations make me break out?
Coastal scents or Fraulein eyeshadow palette?
Which drugstore has the biggest makeup Selection?
What things are the best?
i never put make up on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Any makeup or hair advice or websites?
Girls can I give you a makeover?
Do Clarins Use Kiwi in their Products?
How to keep my skin pale, clear, and healthy?
how does revlon custom creations work?
Question for the ladies. Loew Cornell paint brushes used as makeup brushes?
How do i look WITHOUT make up?
Where can a person begin to wear make-up get some basic inf ?
were can i find really cute make up for a regular pirice?
Know any good routines to cover up veins?
how can i pierce my lip without it hurting?
helpp! MAC concealers or Bobbi Brown is the BEST OVERALL?
In your opinion, what's best creme eyeliner brand?
What can I get in samples from Sephora?
My girlfriend ALWAYS wears makeup, 24/7?
is proactive acne treatment cause any problem?
Do small eyelashes make eyes look tiny/smallish?
when i put lipstick on it goes on my teeth and i dont have buck teeth?
WHAT IS your makeup ROUTINE?
does this look zebra? (PICS)?
Make up for purple dress?
Do you need a license to do make up professionally in Chicago, IL?
HELP! How to bring a pimple to a head?!?
What is the best shade/brand of foundation for my skin tone?
what lipstick is Sky Ferreira wearing in '17'?
What is your favourite make-up foundation?
How does Cindi Lauper where her makeup,am dressing up for an 80s concert?
Do i do eye make up good? (pics)?
Anyone about EYEBROWS ?
my eyes look like cat's eyes?
does vanessa anne hudgens wear black eye shadow?
What's better, BB creams, or Tinted Moisturizers? Best ones?
Red lipstick at age 16?
i wanna b more fair wat should i do to b com fair n gorgues?
u all like real beauty of girl or artificial like with make up ?
What are your favourite perfumes?
maybelline bronze glitz?
Make second return to sephora?
i can NEVER find the right shade of foundation!!!!!!?
How I get free clothes and makeup?
How to use sunscreen for every day use (not going outside much)?
How is Baby doll Make Up?`?
i want to straighten my hair, can i do it at home?
Eye Makeup For Pale Skin?
is eye-liner bad for your eyes!!!!?
I am 13 years old and going into 8th grade, what makeup should I wear?
lipstick vs. lipgloss, what to wear?
how do i do my eye makeup to look like celina jaitleys? (pic of her included)?
mineral makeup in australia?
What can you use Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly for?
i have a question about make up?
How do you keep eyeliner on the whole day?
Why would a teenage girl wear makeup for there first day of school?
Girlies...Best make-up brand??
Ladies, What Is Your Favorite Color Of Nail Polish?
Whenever I put on lipstick my lips chap & the lipstick wears off quick?
How often should you cleanse your face????
How do you apply eyeshodow?
Why is my Dazzle Dry base coat is goopy?
Can I return an opened mascara?
how do i make my eyes look bigger?
Which colors are good for round nails/pale hands?
can anybody recommend any good makeup brands?
I want to wear eyeliner on top and bottom, but on bottom it looks like I have dark circles after a few hours?
How much makeup should a 14 year old wear?
What's the difference between these moisturizers?
Has anyone tried the Xtreme lash Extensions? Are they worth the while and the money?
How do I make my spray tan show?
I have small brown eyes,with puffines behind my eyes and short eye lashes how should I makeup?
Which order should I: Paint my nails, face mask, Pluck my Brows?
First time foundation user: What's the best brand and how do I know the correct shade for my skin color?
My eyeliner always comes off!!!?
what to do if you put fake nails with the little to sticker nails and they are falling of how do i keep them l?
New Lip Fusion Lipgloss!!!?
Is this alot of makeup for a seventh grader? (thirteen year old)?
How do i get my make up like this?
How can I get rid of brown patches on my face ?
Would this be alright to wear in the pool?
is this an ok picture of me?.. (pic included)?
Makeup troubles any advice?
is it ok to wear foundation at 15?
Make a colour combination please....?
Drugstore foundation equivalent to MAC NC35?
What make up colors would look good on me?
What is the 1# product(s) you would buy in Sephora and why??
If you could have only three makeup items for one week, what would they be?
Whats the best derma roller brand and where can I buy it?
someone suggested my sister to use baby wipes to keep her face clear is this true?
How can I wear my makeup, without people saying WOAH too much makeup on...?
Waterproofing my foundation and concealer?
What makeup is best for me?
Water-proof Mascara Question?
I want to do makeup for Cirque du Soleil? Any tips?
What Tutorial can I do?
Where can I buy a Hello Kitty Makeup Mirror like the one Michelle Phan uses in her tutorial videos on youtube?
Yellowing around mouth? (pic)?
what kind of make-up should i buy?
makeup help. what color lipstick?
Makeup Organization Ideas?
What are the essential makeup brushes you use or recomend?
What makeup look should I do with this dress?
Can you reuse mascara wands?
Best mascara for $15 and UNDER?
can i mix foudations?
How to look like Zac Efron in this photo?
is my face infected with ringworm!?
Guys, do you like it when girls wear like 5 pounds of make-up?
Makeup tips fer me? [Pictures]?
I was watcing the Tyra chic on TV the other day and she says she sleeps in her makeup. would you?
I'm looking for a lip balm that I can wear with frequency that won't make the area around my lips break out!
makeup done at makeup counter?
Which mascara is better?
Urban Decay Smoked Palette Goes Well With Naked 1 or Naked 2 palette?
do you think ill be a good singer?
Best way to remove eyemakeup?
whats the best foundation for this?
Covergirl Wetslicks Amazemint Lipgloss or Stila Lip Glaze?
i want to know what would look best for my face makeup i have blue eyes with dirtyblondehair ?
what are the best brands of affordable but good quality eyeshadow?
How do I get Bigger Lips? Help!?
How do I make more eye lashes grow?
which store has the best make up ?
Eyelashes keep falling out only on one eye...?
Someone suggest a MAC concealer?
How obsessed with makeup are you?
GIRLS at what age did you start wearing makeup, and how much did you put on?
What makeup should I wear?
love vibrant stuff for my eyes something that really stands out no of anything??
Natural makeup routine:)?
i just got a fake tan. should i use a darker foundation to match the tan?
What mascara do you use?
Do you know a product like E-Z baby tendertone by Mac?
hiya evryone, what is this.?
how do you know the clour of your hair?
Do I have high cheekbones?
How much makeup do u have??
would you watch more of my videos?
I need make-up advice.........?
is this makeup any good??
What is the best waterproof mascara that will seperate the lashes and not clump?
Recommend me some easy to find pale face powder/cover up? I mean like pale...?
how to use mena papaya soap?
I tried applying to be a mark. makeup representative. What went wrong?
When is the next launching date for MAC Hello Kitty product in Singapore or Malaysia?
♥ ♥ Girls: Makeup Story Survey! ♥ ♥ ;D?
Best liquid foundation with medium coverage for pale skin?
How to apply eyeliner?
Could i pull off red lips? (pictures)?
help me with some tips?
What eye shadow is best for me?
Can't see the part where you apply eye shadow.. Is it normal?
Do women with glasses wear mascara and/or eyeliner?
ordering free samples safe?
lashblast length? has anyone used it yet? I liked the original but the brush was too big made it messy.?
Any reviews on: Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup?
Which brand has the best mascara?
How do you get that perfect eye make up?
I am using the new natural glow moisturizer for face by Jergens. Can you do 2 applications a day?
What color eye makeup would go with this outfit? (silver dress, red accessories)?
Chanel vs. Dior. vs. Lancome. Which brand is best for skincare?
Is mascara bad for your eyelashes? Does it make your eyelashes fall out?
what is your opinion of SALLY HANSEN ..LIP INFLATION? lip plumper? thanks!?
Do you think that girls don't look as pretty and feminine without makeup?
ima 6thGrader, but i look like im 18 .. what are some good recomandations for makeup?
LADIEZ, do you perfer lipstick, or lipgloss???
help!!! 10 points 1st answer!!!?
Your favorite Makeup guru?
St. Moritz fake tan, anybody using it answer please?
Some summer must-haves?
what should a MUA's work area have/look like?
What kind of make up should i apply to my face? View my 360 to see me. I'm the girl with blonde hair.?
eyelashes: the best way to make them appear longer and prettier?!?
skin help s.o.s !!!!?
How do you apply eyeliner for beginners?
What's your favorite lip gloss?
What is the BEST Brand of Mascara to Use??
I need to get prettier. Please help me!?
Removing red nail-polish?
How do makeup artists do Vampire makeup?
what eye colour is better?
Best eyeshadow for really blue eyes?
Orly LA Sashay?
Why do my eyelashes look better without mascara?
How old do I look?? Picture included?
is it possible.....................?
What are cheaper brands of Makeup??????
my nose is proportionately large for my face. are there any make-up tricks make it look smaller?
What's the best mascara for fine straight medium length lashes?
Ideas to do the quick and natural look with make-up?! =]?
Would it be reasonable to get my eyebrows waxed?
How to do eye make up like this?reposted?
how to shape your eyebrows?
Make-up tips for Olive skin?
My find Jamyn is 10 and she needs advice on how to play vollyball?
myspace groups?
What does it mean to have "nice" eyes?
what is the best way to cover up/get rid of dark under eye circles?
make up when spray tanning?
How to do my makeup for Christmas dance?
Is it appropriate for a fifth grader to wear lip gloss daily?
Is it necessary to put on oil free lotion after you put on serums?
is putting on makeup everyday bad for your skin?
How to even out skin?
Best Hair & Makeup Youtube Pages?
do guys like girls who wear makeup more than if they were to wear no makeup?
Make-up Must Haves!?!?!?
Thick Eyeliner: Do or Don't?
How much makeup should a 13 yr old wear?
what's your favourite makeup brand?
I'm looking for an eyeshadow palette...?
eyeliner help please?
Eyeliner method for asian hooded eyelid?
mac lipstick for me??
Where do you put eyeliner? (Details under)PLEASE!?
Bath & Body Works Holiday Scents?
What is my skin tone?
How do you clean your face?
Light coverage foundation that shows up well in pictures?
Make up.. What kind of lip colour should I wear?
make help blush vs bronzer?
Two different colored eyes?
When you wear false eyelashes, do you still put on mascara?
Why is Essie Nail Polish so popular & expensive when it is very streaky?
Can i use oil to tan?
What's the best way to look after your skin?
skincare routine for spots?
How would I puff at piece of tissue paper to make it moisturized? By putting it underneath some water?
Looking for a gel eyeliner but can't fine any on Superdrug :(?
Kim Kardashian...Please Vote?
How to make my face not so splotchy?
What eye make up do you use?
is 13 too young?
Agent in Thailand Bangkok?
what type of colon the girls like?
What make-up should I use to make my eyes show? [pics]
What is the faster way 2 whiten my face n i'm quite a tanned person?
POLL: From this angle, what color do my eyes look like?
What's YOUR make up routine?
I have a khaki top what lipstick shall I put on?
What makeup should 13 year old wear?
What make-up counter is best?
who makes the best perfumes?
I need eyeliner advice?
What kind of makeup should i wear ?
What do u think about Beyonce bleaching her skin?
13 year old school makeup?
how to make eyeliner last longer and darker?
What kinda blotting powder do i get?
Eyeliner that won't transfer?
Does my Makeup look better now?
Makeup under $35 (.s!)?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Orangey powder forming around the lips?
Light makeup for dark circles?
review: MAC pigments pros and cons?
Is it weird to cross dress?
Ladies plz help me and tell me what you think 10 points?
should 11 year olds wear makeup?
face make up help!!!!!???
How do I make my eyes look less depressing?
Will fair skin ever be "fashionable" again?
What is the difference between Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate? What do they have in common?
VERY simple way to achieve a dirty/dusty/undead look with makeup?
My waterline "tickles" when I apply eyeliner?
To do makeup in California do I need a license?