face toner?
Would brown eye liner look okay on me? (see details)?
Does anyone happened to know who sings this song on a cosmetics company website? its like a house/techno song?
What is the best mascara ever?
I'm 13, and I still don't shave... HELP!?
Middle/High school girls: How much makeup do you wear?
What drugstore mascaras are lengthening, light, not-clumpy and easy to remove?
I have completely ruined my eyebrows over the years, and I need some serious help?
What crease colour should I use with All that glitters and Shroom (from MAC) eyeshadows?
With eyeliner how can i...?
how can i stop my foundation from shifting?
Best eyeliner: Tarte or urban decay?
What kind of makeup should I wear? |pic|?
How much time do you spend getting ready for work each day?
Thirteen year old?????
How do i make use of aleavera plant?
the best and easiest way to wear liquid eyeliner?
Where can i find red eye shadow?
i want to make my face glow n v fair .i want my face to shine so what creams shoul i apply pls tel.i want t o
Celebrity appearance?
help please!!!!!!!!!!?
Has anyone tried this Revlon concealer?
Will a deep green eyeliner make my eyes appear more green.?
Best/high quality makeup brushes you would recommend?
Max Factor..... why are they not shipping to the USA. Whats up?
I need some matching colors?
How much makeup should a 12 year old wear?
How should I do my hair and Makeup?
Do you prefer BB cream or foundation?
whats your favorite mascara?
I'm gay...can I wear makeup? (ladies only)?
Does dark blue eyeliner go with blue eyes?
can i use egg mask and baking soda facial mask at the same time in a week?
Best Blushers + Bronzers????
Does applying eyebrow gel on brows stunt the hair growth ?
Where to buy cosplay necessities?
how you can give your self a free makeover online?
What age did you start wearing makeup?
Clay Mask good, can you recommend a gel mask?
Mega blushing ...HELP ME!!?
when buying foundation...?
does dollar general have liquid eyeliner if not where can it be found?
how can i make my eye's bigger?
Makeup for a bridesmaid?
If you have urban decay's naked palette, how often do you use it?
Best drugstore concealer?
help with eyeliner and mascara?
whats the perfect age to start wearing eyeliner?
i have a makeup question?
Is blue eyeliner good for someone with black hair and brown eyes?
how can i make eyeliner super dark+how can i make really good black/smokey eyes?
please help me i want to clean my whiteheads best cream for whitheads?
Can you tell me what are some good drugstore makeup brands?
My lipgloss is poppin.?
How old do I have to be to wear mascara?
Anyone know a good brand of Liquid Blush?
When using water based face paint, should I apply a base of foundation first?
Help today!?
Should a mature preteen wear makeup?
Avon lip balm ingredients? 10 points!?
Inspiration for eye makeup?
Just wondering what make-up colors would work for me.?
mascara help!!!?
Duplicate of brushes MAC 130 and MAC 187?
my makeup is getting dusty should i give it away?
Which is better: liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner?
Which is the best lip balm for chapped lips?
why wont makeup cover my acne?
How to use eye tape?...?
How do you apply eyeliner to your top lashes?
10 points. which last name do you like?
Starting to wear make up?
Great makeup looks-Please answer!?
What is some mascara that makes your eyelashes long and thick?
what the best under eye concealer that won't cost me the earth?
Ladies who love makeup ?
Favorite Lipsticks and/or Lip color?
Applying mineral powder foundation help please?
Why do teenage girls always seem to over apply eyeliner knowing that they look like raccoons?!?!?!?
where do I can buy paraphenelendiamine for cosmetic?
How to fade the color of my scars?
Mascara / Eyeliner = GUYS!?
Does anyone know where I can find a place to get my eyebrows tatted?
Is this too much make up for a 7th grader?
Where can I get a a excellent eye gel mask to cover my eyes at night?
Deep facial pits?
Does it bug you to see teen girls that have way too much black eyeliner on??
i saw a commerical for n aroma therapy lipgloss maker. so can u show my the link to get to it ? ?
would like black makeup look right on a african american girl.?
School makeup bag essentials?
Good name for a beauty channel on youtube?
I'm going to a fancy dress party as a vampiress.?
tan vs. pale skin?????
i cant think of the name of this...?
what is your favorite colour?
Does anyone know of eyeliner that stays on long, and doesn't rub off or smudge?
has any one had permanent eyeliner applied? Do you like the results? What color did you get? Painful?
Has anyone ever purchased any makeup from "Fancy Hills Boutique"?
Fake tan on men? Attractive?
Can you sharpen eyeliner with a normal pencil shapener?
can a fairly dark skin people be a goth??
Besides Green, What color or colors could somebody use to paint their face if that person wanted to be a Witch
How can i stand up to people that make fun of me because of my acne?
How old was you when you had your first kiss? im talking a proper kiss , using tounges ?
Can Some One please Help Me with My Make-Up I am Only 13???♥?
im filipina. would i look good with make up or no make up?
Black Eyeliner: my mom won't let me wear it because it looks...?
good mascara?
Is "Warpaint" a good brand of eyeliner?
black eyeshadow..?
any good make ups probably natural?\?
Makeup Question-- starter?
has anyone tried tarte dollface blush from the QVC channel? Is it worth the price?
GIRLS :Favorite MAC and Sephora products?
what brand of make-up do most teenage girls wear? 10 points :)?
howcan go back to school when all my friend are gone?
Regular makeup brushes for mineral makeup?
can u make brown eyes pop?
tips on removing mascara???
homecoming makeup/hair help?
makeup for the formal dance?
best face cleanser for me?
Regarding men with big biceps, What do women fantasize about regarding these guys?
Eyeliner and small eyes?
how can i do my "emo make up" to look more awesome?
How do I get Red Lipstick out of the carpet ?
what do people think of red heads !!?
whats the best moisturizer for oily skin ?
What is Difference betweem FACE CLEAN UP and FACIAL .?
Don't you just love M.A.C makeup?
Which color of mascara is better-black or brown?
Does anyone know a great foundation that stays on and goes on evenly?
I've bought a Alexa vogel kit, in "dark" i"m light skinned, w yellow undertones, i think i should send back
are there any gothic clothing stores in hollywood?
Skin regimen?
do you reccomend wearing eyeshadow with eyeliner?
KISS: Nail Artist, Please help with my nails(:?
If i got a manicure, would people at school think im gay?
does putting vasaline on your lashes to make them grow really work?
what kind of mascara do you use?
L'oreal HIP Eyeshadow: Is it as intense as they claim?
Best powder for sensitive skin?
Eye Make Up Tips/Pics PLEASE?
Women Only??!?
How well Do eyelash extentions work.?
Makeup for a teal, orange, pink and black dress?
Best cheap liquid eyeliner?
Whats your favorite foundation?
Where the best place to get fake pradas?
I am getting married in July and i want to know what colour eyeshadrow to wear.?
What make up should a 14 year old apply on weekends? (natural as possible)?
Which lipstick would be best?
How do you reduce the signs of pores on your face?
i want to wear eyeliner ??? AND im a guy?
I am looking for Liquid form of brusher that apply on the cheeks. Anybody aware of any brand in singapore?
How can I keep my makeup on during and after soccer practice?
HOw do i look (my Picture is included)?
Makeup student?
Girls do you do your makeup in your room or bathroom?
How can I make my nose appear smaller?
Best drugstore foundation to conceal acne?
What eye makeup would you wear with a navy blue sundress?
i want to know what white king does if you wash it on your face?
I need help with my eyeliner!`?
Do you like foundation or no?
What makeup would look best for my eye shape/color?
What are some good make-up tips for my mother nature costume?
Batgirl Make-up Ideas?
im going into 7th grade?
I have hazel eyes. What color mascara would look better, black or brown?
I wear eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and a bit of foundation at nighttime. Is this too much makeup?
Which is makeup is better, almay smart shade or almay pure blend foudnation?
Who else is 14 years old and loves to watch tutorials of make up on Youtube? :)?
How can i get clear skin!!? Help please?
I'm a guy and I've been wearing makeup. What's your honest opinion of that?
how much would it cost to get your makeup done at sephora?
Can you use MAC Cream Color Base as a blush?
Make Up For Ever Velvet Matte Shade! Help!!!!?
What's wrong with a pie?
Is it bad to sleep with eyeliner and maskera alot?
Are my eyes green or hazel?
How do you create bold looking eyes???
What is the best lip balm?
Why do people wear lipliner.. do they want there lips to look bigger?
How to make your face look skinnier and show more cheek bone with makeup if you have a round face?
How is megapeel microdermabrasion different from regular mircodermabrasion?
Makeup tips for blonde with blue-grey eyes?
what color would you say her eyes are?
Please check out my YouTube?
Do I wear to much makeup for a 13 year old?
Does anybody know something about benefit cosmetics? What age is it appropriate for? Some cons and pros for me
how old were you when you first started wearing make up?
What is your everyday Makeup and Hair routine?
how do you put mascara on your bottom lashes without it getting on your skin right under them?
Best drugstore foundation?
What is a good online site to order makeup?
What color eyes do you like best?
May I please have some makeup tips?
do you think its wrong for your boyfriend/husband tell you not to wear make up?
Question about Brush Guards?
Bad that I don't wear makeup?
Is my foundation too light for my face?
How can I keep my eye makeup from ending up under my eyes?
Is NIX eye pigments close to Mac ones?
expired nail polish?? can i still use it?
What makeup goes well for red lipstick?
How to get a thin line of eyeshadow on the lashline?
walmart make up!! HELPPP!?
I'm thirteen and I've never put on any make-up...?
Is it trashy to wear mascara on your bottom lashes?
does fake nails damage your natural nails?
Do I need expensive makeup brushes? What kind do you recommend?
What can you do to make your eyes appear bigger?
When talking about M.A.C makeup what does CCO stand for?
Eyeliner question?? hellp!?
How to ask mom to let me do make up utube vid?!?!?
makeup for picture day ?? ideas ..?
How do I do emo eye makeup? (no videos please)?
Should 13 year olds be wearing make up ?
Applying eyeshadow to no-crease eyes?
I have a small red mark on my cheek below my eye.?
How do you apply make-up?
Guy i need your help which moisturizer should i buy 4 face?
Ladies: What color eyeshadow do you wear most often?
What is your quick makeup routine?
Hair loss-any beficial yoga asanas?
I tried your suggestions, so how does the makeup look on me?
EASYEST 2 POINTS you'll ever get?
Makeup and acne question.?
What is the BEST Mascara?
are lip plunmpers bad 4 ur health?
In what order do you put your make up on?
How do I find an intelligent and attractive woman who has little or no male friends?
What is the best lip stain?
10 points! What foundation to get?
Deep cleansing skin cream in a wrong manner?
Are BB (Blemish Balm) creams suitable for people with sensitive skin?
do i look like a porcelein doll?
simple question about clinique foundation?
Mascara or eyeliner?
When is a good age to start wearing make up?
Whats up with all the homecoming stuff?
Is there anything that a person can do when their eyebrows are thinning to thicken them up? Thank you!?
if i wear a nc 45 in mac studio fix powder plus foundation...what color should i get in mac studio fix fluid?
Let's try this again... What's your makeup routine?
Best drugstore foundation?
How do i get that butiful mouthdropping golden bronze tan quick?(but natural)?
how to reduce eye puffiness?
i am looking for stores in salt lake city utah that sell shiseido cosmetics?
which mascara is betteR?
Whats the best makeup?
GIRLS, how to have flawless skin?
what are some cheap makeup brands (uk only)?
Which mally foundation is best for young adults(19yrs)?
does makeup make a big difference?
Dylash 45 day mascara by eylure.?
which is better: french manicure for the toes or dark, bright colour?
4 days of hair and makeup?!?!?! pic included?
Shiseido foundation color?
How do I make my make-up stay on longer?
Can anyone help me here please?
How can i choose the right shade for me??
Please help me fix my eyes?
Eye make up? eye liner on the top lid?
why do people think the youtube beauty guru "petrilude" is stuck up?
how do i get fake tan off?
I am Planning to become a typical Bhaiyani?? Should I ?
I just wanna wear makeup?
how long do u keep facial cleaners on?
nose skin colour?
wear a dress tonight
Ladies: What makeup item can you not live without?
Which makeup brands and products should I wear for special occasion if I'm 13?
why cant i put mascara on both my eyes on stardoll?
What or where is CVS ? I figure it is a place to shop -- is it?
males or females plz answer thanx?
Can anybody tell me how to use makeup?
You tell what's better MAC or Sephora?
Girls and WOmen: do you like lip gloss, balm, or lipstick better?
which is better purple or pink?
Help red spots&what makeup?
Is oatmeal good for your face? And if so what is it good for? and what does it do for the face?
how old should i be to wear makeup?>?
Best mascara you've had, ladies?
what type of makeup should in 11 year old in 6th grade wear to school?
are the lip tints safe for keeping the lips pink permanently?
Is expensive make up like dior, stuff at sephora, mac or other stuff really better than cheap make up?
Guys wearing mascara. Yay or nay?
What colour Eyeliner?????
How to lighten skin fast?
Makeup help please!?
How much would you give me? hehe :)?
What color lipstick looks best with red hair?
would you buy the clarisonic mia?
Lipstick colours for thick lips?
What are your favorite eyecolors to use together?What would you use when your just going for a bikride?
Face drawing. What causes this line?
great makeup products for fair skin and blonde hair.?
what products should i buy from mac for less then 100 dollars?
I need a facial moisturizer.?
Who do think will win America's Next Top Model??? GET 10 POINTS!?
What would look pretty, not slutty...(pics)?
what the best cover up youve ever used?
how do i do cute makeup i hate it i wear makeup to school but i want more and for it to look cute can you help?
Do I have big lips for a man? See Pics.?
Best drugstore mascara?
Black or Brown Eyeliner?
whenever i wear foundation it always looks cakey and uneven?
Does the EverydayMineral make-up blush in 'sheen' has glitter in it?
If I'm Barcelona in NARS, what shade would I be for Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation?
girls i need your help with makeup?
Do men find eye liner attractive?
How do i do Bold?
How do u ask your parents if u can wear make-up?
What is the name of the make up that has 4 different types of make up in one compact?
How do I become a youtube makeup guru?
Eye makeup...?
Best homemade mask for my skin?
Girls, why don't you like yourself without makeup? Guys, do you care?
What's the difference between these types of eyeshadows?
Fake eye lashes and mascara??? help?! :O?
What kind of eyes do I have?
Do you wear/don't wear make up? and why?
best whitening cream That celebrity uses?
10 POINTS! how much does HD brows cost?
How to make smoky eyes for purple eyes?
How do you clean the dinair airbrush? Only for dinair airbrush makeup kit owners!?
Why can't women be beautiful without makeup?
Any tips for applying loose powder eyeshadow?
[ am i prettty? ]?
Whats the best lip gloss/balm/whatever?
what can i put to lighten the sides of my eyes?
what is the best type of mascara to lengthen your eyelashes ALOT?
I want my EYE makeup to be really outstanding ! HELP !?
Where can I buy bright bold eyeshadows?
I dont get it?...........PICS?
Senior wants to look his best for a video?
Which contacts are more natural: Adore Bi Tone yellow or waicon trikolor hazel?
How to get long eyelashes without false one?
Should 12 year old's wear makeup?
what if ur parent doesn't let u.....?
Information About Make-Up Artists?
what age should you start plucking your eyebrows?
when did you start wearing makeup?
Does Bare Minerals makeup really works?
does mascara rot eyelashes?
how can i get this look?
How do I ask my Mum if I can wear make-up?
What is the lightest shade of maybelline all in one foundation?
Longest lastin foundation & powder that dosent smudge onto clothing etc?
What color should I USE to fill in my brows?
Kryolan (cosmetics) stores/retailers in NC?
Do all costco's sell the kirkland brush sets during the holidays?
♥Where can I get organic skin care products?
Any good liquid eyeliners?
there are so many mascaras to choose from..what is the best?
Is primer really necessary?
I love black/charcoal eyeshadow on my lids- but what can i blend/taper to crease with besides GRAY!!?
What are the girls who work at MAC (makeup store) so stuck-up and have so much makeup on?
Is it true that guys dont like when girls wear makeup?
Whats your favourite Make-up line?
What mascara do you use and why?
Why do you wear makeup?
Are lip balms from tin applied using finger or lip brush?
i really need help about my look?
Look like Bella Thorne from Watch Me Music video?
What's a good drugstore foundation?
I'm looking for a natural look...?
What are the best false eyelashes on the market?
Makeup stuff for foundation . Need help?
does lip gloss look good on people who have light skin or would lip stick be better?
what look looks better on a 14 year old? plz answer!!!!!!!!!!?
Make-up tips and tricks for forehead and eyes?
About Eyeliner?
can any one tell me what lipgloss suits blue/green eyes?
Which tank top looks best?
Natural eye makeup, or smoky eyes?
I have a foundation problem?
i have blue eyes witch eyeshadow would best suit me?
Are LiP SmAcKeRs good ?
What is the best eyeshadow/eyeliner for brown eyes?
Are E.L.F. cosmetics a good brand?
Cle de peau concealer?
new makeup ideas? (pics)?
How much is too much makeup?
would you not wear make up this whol week for 500 bucks?
suggest some good waterproof mascara..that lasts for 6 7 hrs..?
how often should i use black soap on my face?
What is the BEST Liquid or airspray foundation?
How do I make my eyelashes grow!?
Do you know of any good beauty gurus on youtube?
What cover-ups can be used on a facial mustache?
Ladies! (and some guys) How much money do you spend on cosmetics?
Makeup and hair tips Please!!!?
what are some makeup styles to try?
Do You Think This Girl Wears Waaay Too Much Makeup?!♥Pic included :)?
What is the right amount of makeup for a 13 tear old to wear to school?
Can I use milk as a facial?
"how to remove puffiness from your eyes"?
What company owns MAC makeup?
im fourteen and this year i get to wear makeup...?
What makeup to wear to Six Flags?
How should I do my makeup?
does nyx cosmetics charge s&h?
ladies - what color eyeliner do you use UNDER your eyes?
best eyeshadow??
what foundation/concealer/s do you use?
How can i make my face fair?
Does thick eyebrows look okay on me?
makeup blogger? ive been looking for ages n cant find her?help?
This isn't a ton of makeup is it?
is this to much makeup? and if so, what shall i wear instead?
is this natural for a 13 year old girl?
How do I do Britney Spears make up from the video Lucky?
What's you favorite type of...?
blue eyeshadow + blue mascara = ?
Frnds pls tell, which type of skin Cream used by the celebrities to reduce their skin colour.?
which brand has a good blush bronzer?
Should a 11 year old year makeup?
if you misplace or lose ur social security card, where do you go to get a another one?
makeup, and mascara how to get it off and fast?
best drugstore mascara for meee?!?(:?
How long does an Avon order take to be delivered once ordered?
Makeup VS No makeup [PCITUREES]?
Whats your favourite MAC lipstick?
Are girls really pretty without makeup? Or is that a lie coming from guys?
I dont wear makeup... is this weird/bad? What kind....?
MAC select moisturecover concealer OR Makeupforever full cover concealer?
Jergens Natural Glow Question?
If makeup gives you spots, how come I don't have any?
how should i do my makeup today? (pic included)?
are coloured contacts bad for your eyes?
when is the sephora VIB sale this year?
Um, do I wear to much make-up?
A good foundation with less ingredients?
What is the best brand of concealer??
What's your favourite foundation brand?
Make up must-haves and tips?
Which is better for my pale skin?!?
Best drugstore mascara?
Where can i purchase Mark cosmetics in Australia?
How to do teardrop eye makeup?
Have you any tips for keeping nail polish on for longer?
Am I too young for wrinkle cream?
how should i remove makeup i heard baby wipes are bad?
does anyone know how to make homemade hair shimmer/glitter?
why do women wash with facial cleanser?
For eyebrow threading/waxing why do some places charge more for theirs?
what color makeup should i wear on my lashes, eyes and cheeks when i wear red lipstick?
I have red undertones in my face...?
makeup for dance show?
What kind of hair and makeup should i wear for homecoming?(theme in descriotion)?
do you think its sluttyy ?
Do you look different with/without makeup?
dont you just hate those females that wear 2 inchs of think makeup?
Do you always wear moisturizer at night?
Should I remove my eye liner at night?
My boyfriend says he read that you can use marmite as a bronzer..surely not?
What is my Mac foundation skin tone?
what's your favourite fragrance?
What makeup styles you look good?
What beauty items can't you live without?
What colour eyeshadow would suit me?
I am searching for make up schools in Taiwan. can anyone help me?
ELF tone correcting powder vs ELF translucent mattifying powder?
Best way to remove eye make-up?
Friend and I share make up brush...?
How do I ask my mom if I can wear makeup?
People can you help...?
What other cosmetic brand ,makes eyeshadows just like MAC?
What Urban Decay palette shall I get?
how do i get my eyelashes not to stick together when i wear mascara?
Make green eyes pop with a little makeup?
Questions About Makeup/Cosmetology School?
Best&cheap eyelash curler?
What colour should I dye my tips?
How to prevent and cover up spots?
How can i make my nose look smaller?
Is this okay makeup for a 13 year old?
Is it okay not to wear make up in high school?
What is the best make up brand to buy?
Am I the only one who thinks liquid foundation is much much more natural looking than powder foundation?
How to get an airbrush look!!?
where can I buy Tarte mascara in Canada?
which mascara is the bestttt?
Am i pretty or ugly (pics)?
Girls Ages 13-16 please answer.?
can someone plz post me the ingredients or ingredient website of loreal aishwarya rai amber lipstick?
how do you make your skin clear? and arch eye brows?
Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse?
Makeup foundation question, please answer!!?
What colour make up would suit my eyes (pics)?
is this too much makeup for a 14 year old to wear?
Does drinking water really give you clearer skin, because i want to be blemish free? Please help.?
which shades of makeup is best for tanned skin,blue eyes and dark brown hair?
What is an appropriate amount of makeup to wear to middle school?
Is HD foundation better than mac make up?
What else will work as face paint?
why do girls where sooo much make up???
when you apply eyeliner . . .?
wat do gurls look in a guy?
What is good eyeshadow for green eyes?
Help! Every time I apply false nails (press on nails) I get bubbles underneath?
Why do i need to wash my makeup brush? i dont get it .
Am I the only one who actually LIKES Christina Aguilera's makeup?
How to choose your make-up?
Clear concealer/foundation?
my bangs are getting in my eyes so I put them on the side revealing my forehead which I don't like so I was
Can we or can we not?
What shade of lipstick would go with this dress?
do i look like i wear a lot of makep?
How can i hide a clear lip retainer.?
Does foundation harm your skin in the summer?
Facial cream for dry skin AND that isn't oily??
has anyone used Mineralbasics foundation or concealer?
What would be some good tan skinned cosplays?
What is that gel nail polish that comes in a round bottle?
What lipstick would suit me? (pic)?
Is it ok to wear pressed powder by itself?
how many of you girls look nice without makeup?
what color of eye shadow looks good with brown eyes?
what make-up do you have in your make-up bag?
Good salmon colored concealers?
How should i apply black eyeshadow with out it looking overdone and hooker-ish?
What is a good youtube username for a fashion and makeup channel?
Color of face and eye make up?
Why do people wear make-up?
What can i do now to make myself look pretty when i'm older?
eye-makeup ideas?
how can i get avon products online?
Make up classes and workshops?
How can you make lashes naturally fullest and longer?
Can you wear BB cream by itself?
i'm so embarrassed with my skin and does makeup make it look worse?
Which Gift Set should I get for my best friend?
Anyone have some makeup ideas?
do you wear make up every day?
Have you ever used Bare Minerals make up?
what is a good foundation that isnt really expensive and that works?
how do you put eyeshadow on the top of your eye?
How to do your makeup so youre Eyes look Big?(10POINTS B.A.)?
How do I get my eye makeup to stop running and getting all smudgy?
Is this makeup appropriate?
What is a good foundation that will cover everything and does not leave your face oily?
Is it harder to makeup on black women?
Ruined my eyebrows completely after years of shaving the tops off. Please help me?
I need haunted house makeup ideas!!!!!!!! an ideas?
Is this a good makeup routine for a freshman in high school?
How can you get your pale makeup not to noticeable?
My eyeshadow fades ( I like to use more nuetral colors)?
Pencil eyeliner for waterline that will not smudge or gather in corners of eye, and will last a long time?
Mineral makeup for dark skinned women?
how to use waxing strips??
how to make a fake skin?
Will you give me make up tips for an every day school look? And how do I use an eyelash curler???
How to cover a black eye?
What is the best Wet-n-Wild mascara?
Anybody know about lip-ink products?
I want to make myself look dead for halloween?
Still trying to match a lipstick!?!?
Are prestige makeup palettes on sale during black Friday at Ulta?
What things can you not live without... makeup-wise?
Im 16 and I want to start wearing make
Am I Ugly????!??!?!?!?!!?
What is the best drugstore lip products?
Am i wearing too much makeup for an ALMOST 12 year old?
What colour should I paint my nails?
if you pick an eye lash out does it grow back?
What are your holy grail products?
Girls I have a problem with nail polish - i keep biting it off! Help is there a brand that's hard to bite off?
Do tattos on anckles hurt?
Does my friend look better with or without make-up?
How to make my skin naturally lighter?
I need help with foundation!?
do yall think blonde hair would look good on me?
Covermark leg and body foundation?
Baby Lips, EOS, Soft Lips, Other????????
how does a person get ready in the moring in less then 10 min?
Anyone about EYEBROWS ?
best makeup remover?
Is 14 too early to use an anti aging moisturizer?
Simple Make up tips please?
How to bring out green grey eyes?
Is this a good modeling pic for my portfolio? Will get many jobs?
Whats your morning makeup routine as of now? ?
When would be the approproate age to start wearing makeup?
Has anyone experienced burning from LipSense lip color?
makeup tips???
what is the best mascara in your opinion?
Clearly tell me how to properly wear makeup ? NEED A MAKEUP PRO?
Hi! I want to wear make-up but I'm too nervous to ask my mom. I'm 12, and I'm very nervous............
does anyone have a recommendation to the longest wearing dark brown eyeliner?
Is this too much makeup for 16?
do you think it'll hurt if i sleep in my makeup for ONE night?
what are some make up tips to make my eyes look really big?
where can you get rimmel flash eyeliner or loreal superliner carbon gloss from ??? uk only plz?
O/T but how old is everbody on here?
Favorite lipgloss?
Which colors/shades are best for eyeshadow and lipgloss?
Why must white girls put on makeup everytime they go out?
My boyfriend doesn't want me to wear make-up?
How should I fix my eyebrows?
I keep putting sunscreen in my eyes to protect them, but why do they keep turning red?
What mascara should I get?
Clinique Makeup Shades... At Macy's?
Mascara for short almost invisible eyelashes???
how does the blonde do her makeup?
What is the best bleach cream?
How to get my make up natural looking and pale?
What colour eyeshadow would suit me?
Is it okay 14 year old to wear a light coverage foundation?
Am I warm toned or cool toned?
Where to find mascara made from natural ingredients that doesn't irritate eyes?
Can I chew gum while wearing vampire teeth?
If you have brown hair and hazel eyes what color of eye shadow is best?
what is the best make up remover ?
How can I make my skin flawless?
What to buy at Sephora?!?
Which is cheaper, Maybelline or Revlon?
What's the best makeup to use to hide bite marks on a child?
Would you buy makeup off ebay?
How to make your face less shiny/oily with make up and how to make eyes bigger?
How you do your makeup?
what is ur fave color? safe?
is makeup bad to sleep in?
Is it wrong that I contaminated her make up that I borrowed?
How can i be the highlight of prom ?
What Is Your Favorite Brand Of Makeup?
Bare Escentuals Make-up Kit ..?
Good make up foundations that last long?
Mascara: Imju Fiberwig? How is it?
Long lasting good foundation...?
Should I just practice?
What Is A Primer.???
What is the best lotion for your face?
Why are people obsessed with the colors in urban decay's naked palette?
Is Colorstay Active Light makeup in Buff way darker than Ivory?
any one know the commission structure for a virgin vie consultant is it worth doing as a job ?
if i apply mascara everyday, will it make my lashes fall out?
I used to use foundation made by Matrix. They quit selling and I haven't found anything as good.?
Revlon Colorstay extremely yellow undertones?
what do i need to know about eyelash extensions?
do i wear too much make up? im on the left... (before winter formal)?
Are Burgundy Lips Cute or Not???????????
Do guys like a natural look, or makeup.?
What would this look like?
my eyes look red most of the time,what should I eat/do to keep them white again?
is neutrogena norweigan body moisturizer bad for your health?
Why do people with blue or green eyes always prettier eyes than people with brown eyes?
how much dose a big pallet of eyeshowdos from mac cost?
Which skincare line is better? Vichy or The Body Shop?
What is a lipgloss similar to mac expensive pink eyeshadow?
What makeup should an eleven year old wear?
How can I get more pale?
I want make up lessons for my 13 yo daughter.?
POLL: People wear makeup to hide things not be seen or people just wear it.?
Why do some women wear fake tan and white foundation?
Best DRUGSTORE cover-up?
please any body can help me to get red of a bad pigmentation on my face?
What do all witches have? Pale or Green Skin? What are some characteristics of them also TEN POINTS!!!?
Do I wear too much make up for being a fifteen-year-old girl?
is it okay to apply diffrent nail polish colors to your hands and legs ?
i am almost 13 how much makeup should i wear to school and also parties?
Do you think I'm attractive?
What sort of makeup would suit me?
what does it mean to have cakey makeup and how do you not look cakey?
Big eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Whats the best mascara going?
HE.L.F products shipping to Toronto, Canada?
Will Turkish Delight by Nars suit my light skin tone?
Painting boyfriends toes?
How do I keep my makeup on?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How can i reinvent myself?
Calling ALL Makeup Artists! Hide my Chalazion/Stye with Makeup?
wich is the best cosmetic company?
what makeup should i wear, freshman?
What brand of lip balm?
making lips look bigger?
mac satin taupe or mac sable?
Apply sunblock on the entire face ? or should i avoid the eye area?
What is the best kind of eyeliner to use?
Has L'oreal gone to far with this lipstick commercial?
Does plain cinnamon oil work as well as most lip plumpers?
What does foundation really do?
is it good to use a facial brush ?
have you ever had a makeover at macy' was your experience?
I have super fine, straight lashes & they need mascara that will seperate and give volume.?
good smokey eyes?
How do I highlight my face?
i am a guy but enjoy wearing make up trouble is i always look like a clown where can i get tips discreetly?
Opinions on fake eyelashes?
Make up For School?????
do you think im too young to wear makeup??
Origin Cosmetics - Powder or Liquid?
what color eyeliner should i use if i have dark brown hair fair skin and blue eyes?
Make up for black girls?
Does anyone know a good black makeup artist that does weddinds and special occasions?
Help!Why Does My Foundation Look So Horrible?! (Pic)?
what is mascara made out of?
Is this a good make-up routine?
most natural, unnoticeable looking makeup?
should i use a finishing powder if my nose is the only part of my face tht gets oily?
Im about to start Theatrical & Media Makeup course. The college have not told me what i need to buy.?
Lancome Juicy Tubes or VS Beauty Rush Lip Gloss?
What color eye shadow should I wear?
Female 5'3" and can never find jeans that are the right length?
do i wear too much make up?
Could you live without makeup?
How do I truly know if I'm a "cool" or a "warm"?
What does face makeup primer do?
What is the best type of mascara to use that lengthens, and that makes your eyelashes look full?
A good (and affordable) lipstick brand?
How can you work out your but to make it plumper?
how do you get into the special effects makeup field(like in face/off)?
Does drinking water really give you clearer skin, because i want to be blemish free? Please help.?
What is a really good bleach cream?
What make-up best covers up.....?
What should I do for foundation in the summer?
how should i prepare bleach with amba haldi,lemon and backing powder?
Eye makeup for red lips?
Should you wash your eye makeup off at night?
tinted moisturizer question.... HELP :o)?
How do you get eyeliner like Demi lovato?
what make up compliments dark features?
What do you think about this?
umm do you wear makeup (boys or girls)?
Makeup questions! Please read!?
Does Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup work for African American women, also is it better than Bare Minerals?
right age to wear makeup?
Do you still use cold cream (like Pond's) to remove your makeup?
Do you wear eyeliner?
Good drugstore eye makeup?
Cakey foundation trouble!!!?
How should i wear my makeup for school in 8th grade?
what color eyeshadow would i suit?
Should i wear make up? *picz*?
Does anyone know where I can get Loreal So Cinnamon lipstick 835 online?
How should I apply my mascara and or eyeliner to prevent smudging?
Will clinique superfit foundation look like this?
im sort of a tom boy but have make-up and dont wear it cause i think i look stupid should i wear it or not?
Does my friend need a makeover?
Has anybody ever tried Retin-A?
What shade of BB cream for MAC NW20?
at which age do you feel that its ok to wear makeup...?
Do you need to be licensed to be a makeup artist in Georgia?
do guys like girls that wear`alot of makeup?
How am I fake........?
How do you decide what shades to wear?
how to get rid of dark circles around the eye & y does it occur?
what do you carry in your purse?
does anybody know the "code" for cosmogirl the freebie for today?
Dose yves rocher lipo phenol vegetal really works.?
Have you ever tried Proactiv?
hot or not.white eyeliner?
I"m a new Avon Rep. I need ?
How do I steam my face? HELP!?
How can I fix how I do my makeup?(Description)?
I am African-American and have trouble finding a concealer for my skin tone. Help!?
who was the first person who used theatre makeup?
Do i wear too much makeup?
Has anyone used Clinique Blackberry frost duo eyeshadow?
what face shape am i ??????
How old do i look??
what age should is good to wear makeup???
a really good mascara...?
are eyeshadow refils available at all MAC counters?
Should i apply foundation first then concelear ?
Boys and girls, makeup in middle school?
Can i find MARY KAY beauty products in drugstores??
how exactly, do i hold an eyelash curler so i can curl my eyelashes?
Makeup or Not?
Can you return sale items to CVS?
which mascara is the best?
How can i get more likes on this picture?
How are Laura Mercier products for acne-prone skin?
Which revlon balm stain would suit me?
Do I wear too much eyeliner ?
How do you sharpen an eyeliner pencil?
Which eye makeup look is cutest for school?????? (PICS INCLUDED)?
A good everyday MAC eyeshadow?
do you prefer thin or thick eyebrows?
How do you cover a scar on your lip so you can still wear lipstick?
How old do i look? (pics!)?
What is a good brand of makeup?
Can I pull off no make up?
Drugstore Makeup/Foundations/?
Best eye shadow label?
Do I wear too much makeup?
what will i do or what will i use to get a whiter skin in 3 weeks?? help!!! please!!!?
Do you like estee lauder liquid foundation?
what kind of makeup should i wear?
When should you start wearing makeup?
Which eyes are prettier, big round eyes, or small Asian eyes?
Mary Kay Foundation Color (what color replaced light bronze what is the number or name)?
Can somebody tell me which Mac NW45 powder does Kim Kardashian wear?
I'm 15 and I don't wear any makeup?
What happens If you just put concelour without any powder?
Help I just shaved half my eyebrow off?!!!?
can I use my black nail art pen as eyeliner?
how to get thinner eyebrows?
is avon products better than walmart, target, etc make up productS?
How would you feel if you got a bunch of full-sized makeup samples as a gift... but they were used?
Honey bee for Halloween? Make up ideas?
make skin fairer within 3 months..?
opinions/reviews on the clarisonic mia?
how to get green eyes to look brighter without heavy makeup/red?
What make up should I use?
can people tell when your wearin foundation?
where I can find a good salon that spray tans in the pittsburgh area?
What is a good eye shadow colour for green eyes (and formal)?
What is the best product to prevent eyeshadow creasing?
Question about makeup?
Does the US carry these nivea lip care products in this music video?
how to fix melted eye liner pencils if possible?
lip gloss or chapstick?
I really need a new eyeliner!!!?
Does anybody know where there are good sites for make-up tips?
what fake tan product is the best to use?
does lime green, lite pink, and brown match?
What is the best brand of Make-up?
How to make my eyes a brighter blue?x?
BB Creams? Which brand?
Do I look better with or without eyeliner?
Liquid eyeliner vs cream eyeliner?
What to use as Makeup Remover?
Ladies what kinds of makeup do you like to see on guys?
Getting make up done at Macy's?
Anti- blemish clinique....?
I F***ED UP MY EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Is it worth the money?
Favourite makeup item!?!?
Im going to the Drugstor in 15 min, What is the best liquid eyeliner?
How do i get rid of nail polish?
What changes have you made in your make up for the fall?
whats the best way to put on eye liner?
Maybelline's Old Illegal Lengths?
Girls, do you prefer liquid or pencil eyeliner?
Olay anti wrinkle creams?
Red pimple above lip.. bar mitzvah saturday?!?
do you think 11 year old should wear makeup?
Is it true that makeup only starts to expire once you open it?
What is a great make up to use for someone with olive complexion?
What's the best mascara to buy?
.sss How can I test makeup on my sensitive skin?
Which NYX lipgloss and lipstick do I need to achieve this make up look? :)?
where do i find American lamb lip balm?
what do you think of my drawing? how can i improve?
Do I have a big nose/look likea an oger pictures?
What brand of mascara is the best?
Prom makeup...what do ya think?
Do you use exofoliator and a cleanser? Or just an exofioloator...?
hi yeah i need to know how do i change my avatra face and hair do u know how?
I have no makeup what can I use instead.?
L'Oréal Paris Infallible Foundation natural rose?
Best BB Cream and Concealor ?
Why do boys hate it when a girls wears make-up?
What is the best foundation?
Doing my nails need help ?!?
Is 15 too young to wear foundation?
Real housewives of miami?
Rashes on my face...caused by Facial!!?
Hey ladies just wondering if anyone knows any good face primers?
Which do you do you like better foundation, powder or both?
How do you make your eyebrows like this?
my son is 6 months is still big how do I GET MY STMOCH TO GO DOWN?
homecoming makeup, guys and girls advice..pic included?
What are some concealers with a good staying power?
Is the Victoria's Secret makeup any good?
I'm a guy who recently started getting pedicures.?
Why do people say dark eye makeup is for night time not daytime?
How do I put on make up?
what brand of face wash and cream do you use?
Can anybody recommend any good eye make-up and a good mascara?
What colour eyeliner should I wear?
Substitute for Evian Brumisateur?
what can i be for halloween...while doing this makeup?
What r ur thoughts on greek and armenian girls?!?!?
can u show me some lips?
Meybelline Mascara: Mega Plush vs. Colossal; I can't decide!?
lipstick makes my skin dry but i am pale when i dont wear any... any suggestions?
What make up should i wear?
question ??????
how can i look really really pale??? plz help?
What do I do for homecoming to make my legs look not so pale?
Do you think that guys who were eyeliner are cute, or wrong?
I am really worried that putting eyeliner on your waterline harms your eyes?
How do I look?????????????????????
What are some beneficial and easy makeup tips?
Makeup for strawberry blonde hair and brown eyes?
What color and hair style do you have?
Where can I buy Red Earth cosmetics in the UK? ?
Makeup recommendations? (pic)?
Long lasting lipstick tricks?
Which nail color should I wear?
Tips with black eye liner?
Concealer or Foundation?
My mum doasant let me use foundation not eaven a tinted moisturiser what do I do?
Keeping my eyelashes curled?
Is 13-years-old too young for make-up?
is that a good thing?
Is a good site to use?
Makeuppp options?
can anybody recommend any good makeup brands?
should i wear makeup?
I want to make my eyes really pop. Help?
Whats your makeup routine?
Green concealer?
Selling Mary Kay?
What is a good, inexpensive makeup brand?
I want to make a beard for someone how can i do it???
Highlighting eyshadows?
a few questions...?
Covering healing pimples?
Does Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 Hour Liquid Foundation stay good on your face on hot days?
how to get this look? (pic included)?
what your FAVOURITE/BEST makeup brand??
I feel like I don't look good with makeup?
Do you know of any good beauty gurus on youtube?
Help me! I am having a lot of trouble putting on pencil eyeliner?
Is it really bad if I don't take off eye makeup at night?
catchy conclusion for a makeup ad?
How do you apply the "base" from Everyday Minerals?
what does a eye defining pencil do?and do u put it on before u put on eyeliner?
horoscope taurus?
What Is The Best Makeup Book To Buy For Beginners?
Makeup for very pale people?
How much does a tiger beat magizine cost at news stands?
When you wear eyeshadow how do you prefer to wear it?
Naked Palette vs. Lorac Pro Palette?
Where can I find cheaper MAC cosmetics & beauty products in London?
What are the best eyeliners?
What is your favorite eyeliner to use?
Need help with eyeliner brands??? Thnx :)?
im a 16 year old male who likes getting make up done im not gay i sware but is ne1 (grls) attracted to this?
what colour lipstick/gloss will suit me?
where can i find a place on longisland ny that does pernament makeup?
Mascara colors?
Why can't I buy makeup online?
No matter what i do my foundation looks cakey or thick?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Should i put eyeliner on my top lid?
Girls with ultra-thick foundation on?
has anyone used sheseido white lucent day moistureiser and does it really work?
is this too much makeup?
How long is a tube of mascara good for ? How often should you buy a new one ?
i m a malay asian woman. what is the best color for my make up(lipstick,blush on, eye shadow)?
how do i make my face (and nose) appear smaller?
What is the easiest way to pierce my lip my self ?
dark spots under eye?
Hair and Makeup Help?
Which sunscreen is suitable for oily skin ?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Bad lip piercing experience & repiercing over scar tissue?
looking for a mac makeup artist to come to my home and do my makeup?
Whats a good first primer, moisuriser and toner?
How to disinfect a makeup brush?
Anyone know a estee lauder sugar honey dupe?
Is this too much for a 13 year old?
Any good mascara recommendations?
how should i wear my make-up for school?
how old is a limited edition of Mennen Skin Bracer in a Hand Decanter?
Basic makeup essentials that every girl should have?
What makeup product would you like to get as gift?
how do you apply liquid eyeliner??
wat is the best way to remove waterproof mascara ?? help?
Bare it all its ed up to be???
Whats my Eye shape? what suits my eye shape?
What dyou think of this eye makeup?
Is Max Factor's Pan Stik makeup good?
what is the best mascara to make eyelashes fuller and longer?
Can i put sparkles on my phone?
Where to find a certain eye shadow?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Might I be able to make my own fake eyelashes?
Good liquid foundation in the UK with a decent stay and finish?
ELF tone correcting powder vs ELF translucent mattifying powder?
I need some advice about eyelashes!?
My friend told me rubbing an orange peel onto your skin makes you lighter.Does it? and Which side of the peel?
Where in Thailand can I buy MAC and KRYOLAN make-up?
Makeup which looks perfect?
do u do ur own nails or go to make them in beauty parlor?
What is a good scar cream? ?
if you pick an eye lash out does it grow back?
Which MAC product works best?
Is my cousin to young to wear makeup?