Why don't more people experiment with green or purple smokey eyes, it's not hard?
Do you think I'm pretty? (Photo included).?
Is this to much makeup for the first day of school?
which one is the BEST????
I need a better foundation that won't sink into laugh lines and pores?
Why do people like neutral makeup colors more usually?
Doe Proactive really work?
Can you use a sharpie pen to put a fake beauty mark on your face ?
know any good Eye Liner.?
what ten products can you not live without?
do guys like when their girlfriend wears make up?
I am 12 going on 13 i need makeup help...?
is there anyway to keep your eyeliner from fading?
Make up for dark skin?
How can i have awake eyes?10 points?
How to be photogenic?
What red lipstick is Jessica Simpson wearing in her Halloween 2012 pic?
does putting vaseline on your eyelashes really work?
Is it good to use t zone peel mask everyday?
What are the basic needs for a teenage girl makeup?
morning makeup routine?
Hey ladies just wondering if anyone knows any good face primers?
I feel prettier without makeup?
does anyone know were i can get permanete eyelash curling?
Is this daily makeup routine natural enough?
Should I keep the makeup on?
How can I make my eyelids even without eyelid tape or makeup?
Makeup to impress a guy?
What do you think of bareMinerals?
POLL: how many items of makeup do you wear?
Is there a MAC counter At Buffalo International Airport?
How do I make my spray tan show?
Cosmetics stores in india?
Are there any sites that show you what colors look good on you?
Does mascara shorten ur eyelashes 10 points?
Pls, has anyone here used any radiant glow botanical product?
eyelashes, grow!!?
What mascara would make my eyes look the most dramatic?
make up for home coming?
what is the BEST brand MASCARA?(price doesnt matter)?
good and affordable mascara?
Guys only please answer! What do you think?
Is any type of certificate required to be a freelance wardrobe stylist or hair/makeup artist?
Why is the "natural; NO MAKEUP" look so..?
do you think this is too much?
My daughter has amazing big brown eyes with long black lashes?
mac foundation shade nw20?
i need help with makeup?
is it good to wear make-up everyday?
please give me advice on how to look more feminine!?
What is a good white face powder?
okay, so my mom told me to try this for my acne...?
will this makeup change make a difference in my skin?
What's the best mascara out there?
why do girls love make up so much?
help with EYELINER?
How many of you guys like women wearing lipstick / lipgloss?
Is fourteen too young to wear makeup?
Eyeshadow help pleaseeee??? :)?
What is a Margarita Pedicure ?
is it some sort of unspoken rule that girls shouldn't wear mascara on the bottom eyelashes?
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation? ?
makeup question?
where can I get Visual Kei eye makeup in the USA?
What do u think is the appropriate age to start wearing makeup and start kissing?
Whats the best derma roller brand and where can I buy it?
What is a good MAC starter kit?
Does anybody know what kind of brands are great for blush on?
what makeup has accutaine?
Makeup tips...?
Do any stores still have Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy or are they limited edition?
what colour eyeshadow best suits green eyes??
Make- up help!!!?
Urban Decay makeup reviews?
I am 15 and I want to use concealer everyday? How bad will it ruin my skin?
What is your favorite makeup foundation?
6th grader needs makeup help?
best fake tan available?
What is the best mascara?
is 13 too young?
Where can I find professional makeup in Dubai?
Foubdations similar to L'Oreal True Match Liquid foundation?
Which mascara is best?...?
Where Can I Buy Good Inexpensive Make Up?
Which eye shadow pallet should i get first?
What makeup product do you think you can't have enough of?
Which one, Missha vs Skin79?
Should a ten year old wear make up?
Is MAC makeup non comedogenic?
get free brushes for makeup and other giveaways! freebies?
I have super oily skin?
Whats your favorite concealer?
how do you drain a fat lip?
How to get long eyelashes without false one?
i need a REALLY good concealer ? mac? cover-girl? anything that works im willing to buy !?
Eyeliner problem!! help please?
Is a 12 year old wearing light blue eyeshadow and mascara ok?
Home coming make up help?
What are the correct tools used for applying makeup?
What color eyeshadow should I wear tomorrow?
How can i get spray tan off my feet until monday when i can buy removal wipes?? Please help?
How do i take off these white mark's from my face ?
Minnie Mouse Hair/Makeup?
do i wear too much make up?
Best setting, oil control powder?
On a scale of 1-10 how pretty are my eyes?
is it that horrible!!!?
How can i do a burlesque inspired makeup?
I need help with mascara and eyeliner!!!?
How to ask mom to get eyebrows waxed ?
What brand of masscara is best?
Which Maybeline shades match across product lines?
Aspiring Makeup Artist looking for a great school to attend after High School?
what is the best mascara?
looking more feminine? (just got pixie cut)?
Request sample of facial mask?
Avon Product Question?
Sunless tanner for acne prone skin?
Is there any danger or risk for permanent eye liner??
Whats your favourite?
Is egg helpful in clearing face?
How do i make my makeup look like hers???
is mascara eye lask good for ur eye?
Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?
any makeup suggestions for a light skined, dark blue eyed, light brown haired girl???
Whats The Best Fake Tan Product....?
heu...anyone has ne idea where i can buy hashmi kajal from in delhi...?????
how to prevent makeup ruboff?
How to delete my Kik?????
My skin is ineven how i do i fix that without putting on too much make up and looking made up?
what shade of concealer and type of foundation should i use. i,ve a weatish complexion?
Is make-up a problem?
Trying To Make My Hazel Eyes Look Golden?
What's too Much Make-Up?
makeup notebook ??????????????????
How many times a day should you wash your face?
Where can i buy a "tear stick" like the one on America's Next Top Model?
how do i make my eyeshadow less chalky?
Do you like Kate moss?!(the British model)?
What is the best mascara?
How am I supposed to apply Palmer's Fade cream to my skin? Please ladies im desperate for your help!?
best sunscreen that WONT MAKE YOU TAN?
Are clarins products suited for dark skin?
I have pale skin and love the bronzed look for nightime (for my face). I tryed?
Does Burt's bees or cherry Chapstick keep your lips softer?
Should I wear makeup on my first day of school?
what kind of makeup should i use to cover up freckles?
Looking for a really good make-up school in the l.a. area?
How much makeup should an 11 year old wear?
Which Stila travel palette is best for green eyes?
Are PetroChemicals Bad For You?
What is the best glitter lipstick?
What is my skin tone for Maybelline Fit Me, warm or cool?
Does blusher/foundation cover up blemishes?
is body glitter "out" yet???
What is the best cheek bronzer? I would perfer from physicians formula but if not its okay.?
eye shadow - what best?
How to make your skin lighter for black people?
Eye enhancers...?
Make up artist !!!!!!!?
how to get rid an eyeliner stain!?
Should I do this before producing a portfolio?
What's the best lip gloss brand and where can I get it?
my eye shadow looks ashy?
Why do you wear make-up?
Does M.A.C ship well?
do guys prefer the natutal look on girls rather then alot of make up?
What's your favourite and best MakeUp?
does Ms Broadway Makeup test on animals?? pls urgent...?
What is that powder that the TV/movie makeup people use to keep from the actors from sweating on set ?
Is it bad to use someone else's fake eyelashes?
Chocolate lip balm?!!!!?
Why do girls open there mouth when they put on mascara?
Help! I need honest opinion, More make-up or None?
Ladies... what make-up is a daily "must" for you? Mascara, powder, eyeliner, foundation, etc? Why?
Are makeup removers better than soap and water?
Best makeup to wear with this outfit!?! plus hairstyles?
Maybelline dream nude airfoam for acne?
Who is the singer of the latest Dior fragrance ad w/Charlene Therron?
What colour would you say these eyes are? (Photo)?
How to cover up acne with makeup?
Hair highlights help help help?
Best lotion for dry ed feet?
Do I have modeling potential?
Why do some people think that being pale makes you ugly?
Will this foundation cause my skin to age faster?
20 POINTS BEST ANSWER makeup /skin care product help to reduce oil on face?
how do i keep my bangs curled to the side?
I'm thinking about getting my lip waxed and my eye brows done... help!?
what are cosmetic necessities for teenager girls?
Make-up to wear with this dress?
What makeup is best? Photos included?
What happens when you put on toner but than you put moisturizer on too early when it's not completely dried?
How do u put on a little make up but still look hot at the same time?
What's better for dark circles?
Guys, do you like it when girls wear like 5 pounds of make-up?
how do you apply mascara properly?
What's the best kind of waterproof eyeliner?
Ok, this question is for all you glamorous girls out there...?
when you wear illuminator?
how much makeup should a seventh grader wear?
can somebody tell me what makeup brand has more colors of foundation to choose from that has yellow undertones
What nail polish would you wear with a black dress and hot pink shoes?
Light makeup for dark circles?
Do you like guys who wear make-up?
What are your drugstore makeup must haves?
Recommended concealers?
help me! who's right me or my mom?
what would help my eyes look bluer? cant wear contacts?
how to use make-up to.......?
where can i buy wen by chaz dean texture balm from a uk shop?
where can i get mac makeup from?
what can i use to locse acne?
How can I give myself a makeover?
What is the best eyeshadow to use for someone that will enhance my green eyes?
How do I know what color foundation I am?
Help with eyeliner.?
what's a dupe for MAC cosmetics all that glitters eyeshadow?
If you had to choose, which lip gloss colour?
I'm 16, how do I make myself look about 50?
I bought mineral makeup, but its not the name brand stuff? Will it work as well?
Who makes a silicone-based foundation, preferably reasonably priced.?
Miami (FL) vs Pittsburgh Games Online Live Streaming Tonight College Football Week 4 Where Can I Watch?
What makeup should an 11 year old wear?
who has blue eyes???
Restarting my makeup collection... Any thoughts?
What makeup brand do you use?
should i wear makeup if i am in 7th grade?
Hey guys! Check out my makeup blog please :)?
I have undereye for more than 15yrs, it well be useful for me?
What's your favorite type of eyeliner?
Is it to much make up?
Is there such thing as too much eyeliner?
Makeup for girls with blue eyes?
What would I search for professional make up trial (not for wedding)?
How do I use the Nars Ita brush?
Why do I look so bad in plum lipstick?
What eyeshadow colour would suit me best?
Where can I buy discontinued lipstick from in England? - Ultimaii (115) luscious coral?
Mascara or eyeliner?
Which would you rather live without: Music or Makeup?
Why won't some parents let kids wear makeup?
Are cosmetics (Like Channel and Dior make up) in France cheaper then America?
i bot bare minerals starter kit on tv....?
Where are Spa di Milano products sold?
I am looking to change my foundation and would like any recommendations?
What kind of eyeliner to use?
Who is the makeup artist for sasha pieterse as alison dilaurentis on pretty little liars?
Does Avons Lighten Up really work? or is it a waste of money?
Going from blonde to brown?
how to use non permanant colour after straightening?
Is there anything that will make blue eyes look more blue?
what makeup has accutaine?
what makeup?
is selling avon a good way to make money?
what's the best mascara right now?
do you know of any websites that help you learn how to draw your eyebrow on with a pencial?
if you could only put on mascara or eyeliner which would you choose (which is your fav)?
does he like me....plz help me!!!?
What color of eye makeup should I wear to match a light blue evening dress?
What is the best eyeliner?
do you have a favourite mascara?
What Kind of mascara should i get to get these lashes?
How much should I charge for each product?
What is the best eyeliner?
john 5 makeup?
Hey girls, what is your favorite nail polish so far, where did you buy it?
How old should you be when you wear makeup?
Do you think products like Pur minerals, bare minerals are overpriced, especially when compared to cheap kinds?
Is it okay to start wearing makeup in 6th grade?
What do you think of guys wearing makeup????
Anyone used Dead Sea Minerals for face?
what's the best eyeshadow color for blue eyes?
What is tinted moisturizer like?
Whats Your Fav Make-Up Brand & Why.........ツ?
Favorite LUSH products?
Best sephora products/brushes for normal to dry skin?
Lip gloss or Lipstick?
What do you think about this?
question about Perfumes?
Has anyone tried Lancome's new vibrating mascara (see ad included)?
How would i go about doing her hair AND makeup?
Should I sell Mark by Avon?
is 27* hot enough too get a tan ?
Eye Make Up Question?
Where do I find brushes for a good price?
is Acetone nail polish remover bad if you inhail too much of it?
tinted moisturizers for tanned-asian skin?
Wet 'n Wild Bronzzer Ultimate Bronzing Powder?
What's the best eyeshadow colour for green eyes?
Drugstore Foundations?
blue eyes... which kind blue do u like?
whos a hot tuesday?
how can i do this make up look ?
No makeup? What do I do?
hello everbody how are you today???
Should I use my 'rare' nail polish?
Does anyone know how to give your self a fake but realistic 5 o'clock shadow?
What is the difference between the 213 Fluff Brush and the 239 Eye Shader Brush from MAC?
How could i bring out the orange in my eyes?
What makeup to wear to make myself look prettier?
Who would a person talk to within the Cover Girl Cosmetics Division about being green?
Does black lipstick stain your lips?
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation?
is buying loreal aiswarya beige colour worth it?
How to look good without wearing much makeup...?
concealer or foundation?
are there any fragrance free soap brand?
Is it ok to buy makeup off ebay?
What makeup would look good on my eyes?
Can i purchase bh cosmetic pallettes at a department store?
help me with my make up please, i am CLUELESS!?
Do guys like pale skin at all?
What is your opinon on colored eyeshadow? Cute or not?
What Makeup Should I Wear???
Does vaseline on your lashes word?
What is the best cheaper foundation out there for people with a lot of acne scars yet very pale skin?
Is is bad to have mascara on for the night?
My liquid pen eyeliner isn't dark enough?!?
Mystic Tan not showing up?
Do you pay to get your make-up done in Debenhams?
Do you think guys in eyeliner are hot?
Any good beauty parlours in coimbatore that does good bridal make-up?
Looking for a high end liquid concealer?
Wider Bridge Of Nose xx?
how do i get eye makeup like this?
What are good dupes for MAC Sable Eyeshadow?
Temporary makeup coverup for freckles?
Can you reccomend me a mascara that really works?
How do I cover a big freckle (on my lips) without wearing lipstick?
my primers color is orange is that good?
Persuading parents to allow you to wear makeup?
Is licking lipbalms bad for you?
proactive question. toner and refining mask, help?
Where can I get eyebrow wax or something for my eyebrows?!?
10 POINTS, what are some really good powder blushes ? don't worry about the price?
I need to find a good moisturizing foundation, any clues?
Is e.l.f. a good cosmetics brand?
10points: How do YOU clean your make-up brushes?
I am 13 and want to start wearing makeup, do you think I'm too young?
How do you get the eye makeup effect that Keira Knightley had on at the recent Oscar night?
Is it ok to wear eyeliner on both top and bottom lashes?
What is the best eye shadow primer that won't make the eyeshadow crease after a couple of hours?
Is her face symmetric?
Whats the best foundation for me?
How often should I exfoliate my lips?
how old???
Describe the most prettiest/popular girls in your school!?
lipgloss or lipbalm..........?
what make up would look good on me (pics)?
Makeup makes my pores look clogged?
find someone that do make-up?
What's a good amount of makeup for a 15 year old girl to wear daily?
What's your favourite drugstore makeup product?
what kind of eyeliner is this?
How can I do my makeup like this?
What's a makeup with gold shimmer?
Can you re use Glue on eyelashes?
can you put nail polish on your lips and if you do what will happen after wards and is it safe?
Pls help, am in pretoria. Where can i find macy's or sephora cosmetics around?
Peter would you tell me what color are my panst?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 14 year old?
I have my prom this friday. Would it be a good or bad idea to get a facial early this week?
Help with skin care???
what colors of eyeshadow would compliment a fair but red-ish face?
Lip/eye liner the same?
Diffrence between walgreens and cvs?
How can I put on my make-up fast but still look good?
How much does it cost for bridesmaids makeup & hairdo in Derby shire?
Do I look strange with this lipstick?
How can I make my open heart surgery scar less obvious?
Why is it that men are attractive without makeup and women need makeup to feel attractive?
Need to refrigerate Hydrating B5 Gel?
WOMEN: What is a good foundation that won't make you brake out?
Best drugstore concealer ?
wats yr fav spell?
Out of this list......?
any good make up products for African American skin?
Simple Christmas makeup for 6th graders?
What lipstick was Cher Lloyd wearing on X Factor 13 Nov?
HIYA PLZ be truthful which one is prettier?
out of 1 throw ten what do u give lipgloss?
What actually makes your lips stick?
need foundation help!!?
Makeup for tan skin brown hair/ brown eyes?
Is the make-up I wear on a daily basis too much?(Pictures included.)?
Could you please help me?
60s makeup for a 14 year old?
does anybody have a gift card code for E.L.F?
What is the best foundation to use & moisturizer ?
How to be photogenic?
Where can i get low-priced nail art dotting tools?
What is a great way to conceal black circles?
i am 22 , do u think its stupid at my age to paint my nails blue or green color?
does fake nails damage your natural nails?
Foundations make me break out?
Does hairspray make your makeup last longer?
question on piz Buin fake tan?
Where can i buy make up by urban decay? In UK?
I need makeup tips for my specific type:?
Whats your favourite brand of make-up?
my bfriend wants me to start wearing makeup.where do i start from?
Colour closest to this dress ?
What eye make-up goes best with blue eyes?
any make up ideas for school?
Could I be a model? (pics) answers appreciated?
Where in Europe can I buy Jessica Simpson's Dessert Treats products?
what make up would you recommend for pale skin ?
why do i look like crap with a fair amount of makeup?
What makeup to do for picture day?
Make-up look for red lips?
BEST Lip Plumper??!?
Am I wearing too much make up?
Whats the best drugstore brand?
im 14 and not tan at all.. help?
Do you like assistance when you shop or do you like to be left alone?
Eyeliner help...?
blending in your foundation?
whats better and why? big eyes or small eyes?
eye makeup for blue eyes?
Anyone know of any good perfumes?
what is your favorite colour?
Big brown eyes?
How can I do up my makeup for halloween?
What's makeup should I carry in my school bag?
Has anyone ever used Pai skincare? And would you recommend it?
How can you have your own spa at home for free?
Is this too much for a 14 year old?
Where can I find limited addition and the all-natural Softlips and their lipglosses?
Make up : unhealthy looking and dark eyelids?
Makeup for caramel eye color?
how do you make your skin lighter?
Makeup: Best Face Primer?
how do i do that?
What actress travels to Africa frequently and has developed "safari makeup?
what goes well with blue eyes?
i want to know about the cosmetic companies recruiting cosmetology graduates in pune city?
which foundation is good?avon personal match?loreal true match?or laura mercier?
A good fake tan for pale skin?
know a good way to give yourself a french manicure?
Has anyone tried the Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base? Is it worth the price?
Lancome and L'Oreal ?
who wants s!!!?
please suggest good parlour or makeup artist for my marrige in pathankot(Punjab)?
i have blue eyes so what color of eyeliner should i wear?
how to do my makeup like this?
wat age did u start to use makeup?
Is there a cosmetic tattoo concealer that won't smear onto fabric?
concealer and foundation?
My wedding is in 1 month and my skin looks horrible!!?
What makeup should I wear for homecoming?
How do I keep my eyeliner from wearing off?
What is your fav color??
pale skin, dark hair, whats a good lipstick shade?
I'm not allowed to wear anything but lipgloss, but I still want to look pretty!?
yummiest flavor of lipgloss?
What is th MAC Pro number for Australia?
Makeup routine for 13 year old ?
What kind of eye makeup looks best with hazel eyes?
I Need Some HELP On Coming up With An Idea For My First Tattoo?
Is this appropriate makeup for an 11 year old?
What is the best product that EXFOLIATES LIPS?
what is the colour of your eye?
Halloween makeup, what ones better?
Why Dont you wear makeup on your first day of highschool.?
hey need help from girlies here plz?
i am a trainee beauty therapist but not worked on mature skin. what colours suit green eyes blonde hair ?
What's a good concealer...?
Good drugstore concealers?
Colours that go good with blue eyes?
does any one know any good Waterproof Concealer?
Will you wear your makeup MUCH thicker?
Best store bought mascara?. I really dont care for MAC?
how long does Revlon Colorstay Overtime lipcolor last..?
How can i do makeup like this?what brands are good?
What colour are my eyes?
Lipstick problem? help girls :(?
can you tell me how to make fake blood.?
How do I get my eye makeup and eyebrows like hers?
What color of lipstick do u prefer?
What is the best lip balm for healing chapped lips?
Best auto bronzant for body. Fair, oily skin. What do you recommend?
Whats your favourite eyeliner??
How can I look unique with brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner ? Tips are appreciated?
i want to new games?
Should i buy a black or brown eyeshadow?
What shoes should I wear with this dress? And makeup ideas?
What type of makeup should a 7th grader wear?
How can I get my eyeliner to stay put?
Mac Addict needs help! Is there a mac outlet on long island?
what brand of liquid foundation is best?
How to look like Regina George/How to be popular?
How do you smile with your eyes? (or make them light up)?
What color eye shadows should I use to match my skin color?
Are my eyes too far apart? (Picture included)?
What color eyeshadow is good for green eyes?
What color eye shadow would be the best for blue eyes?
should i moisturize on the night for fake tan?
Maybelline falsies or covergirl lashblast fushion?
my lip just got puffy and i haven't had my lip ring in since April?
Is it dangerous to get eyeliner in your eye?
Best hypoallergenic/sensitive skin concealer?
do you think this is to much for a 13 year old?
Are you too young to wear makeup in eigth grade?
Should I buy Urban Decay's Naked1 or Naked2?
How do I cover up two small hickeys?!? 10 POINTS!! PLEASE!! ASAP!!?
How do you apply eye liner?
Is it just me? but Maybelline mascaras smell really bad...?
Is having perfect skin over-rated?
How do I tell my mom I want to wear make up?
Have you looked at the NEW mark. products?
directions on acne free sensitive system?
Ok, it's time for me to update my make-up and cosmetics! Any recommendations please?!?
I need a step-by step flawless guide to achieving the 'smoky eyes' look!?
Do I wear too much makeup for school?
Whats Your Favourite Colour ?
Do I look alright?
how can i do my eyes like this?
Is this a good deal???
free samples?
how can people make up colours for the eyes to blend them in?
are eyeshadow refils available at all MAC counters?
GIRLS:When did you start wearing makeup...?
Makeup for 7th graders?(:?
Guys only Help!!!!!?
Why does my liquid eyeliner keep ing?
Is Botox supposed to make your face look young forever?
What's your everyday makeup routine for the fall?
which concealer can heal pimples best?
What would you suggest for make-up to go with this dress?
Good brand of eyliner/mascara for a beginner?
MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique?
Blue liquid from car ?
does red lipstick look good on black people?be honest?
what kind of makeup for a rock concert?
Recommend an eye makeup remover!?
Be honest do I have regular eyes?
So confused about application...?
Am going to a function? evening dress?
i need to a new mascera that works great!?
Which should i upload? thank you?
Im going to play Dress up with a guy as my dollie..?
What age do you think would it be neccesary for a girl to start wearing make up?
How to make your nose look thinner?
Buying new eyeliner?
At What age do you think it's appropriate for a girl to start wearing makeup?
frost pink lipstick somthing a whore would wear [for a party]?
what colors of make up will look good on me?
makeup question for people with pale skin?
If you could bring one Make Up item to a dessert Island?
Any good chapsticks/lip balms?
I'm in fifth grade and going into sixth grade next year so I was wandering what types of make-up I should use
What do you think of these mascaras?
How Long Can I Keep Unopened Mascara?
With glasses or without glasses?
I'm gonna be a greek goddess for a halloween party what make up should I wear?
Is the Bare Minerals starter kit worth the money?
finding the right foundation shade when shopping onine?
Makeup help/advice? With clothes?
I Want a makeover but have no idea what to do. help?
Girls: What age did you start wearing makeup?
How do you apply eye liner on your eye lid?
Beauty channel on youtube help?
Do eyelash curlers cut your eyelashes over time??!?!?
What's the best cheap makeup brand?
What make up should I wear? ( I am 12 and a half)?
What is the best Mascara to use?
about how much is the revlon colorstay blemish concealer?
whats the best foundation to get for oily skin that doesnt cost too much?
RareMinerals products?
Is that how the color shows on skin?
Hi. Does anyone know where I can find green lipstick in Montreal? Thanks!?
do you guys think i have some of the same facial features ?
Do you think it's weird to wear eyeliner only on the bottom of your eye?
What's a great foundation?
how old does she look?
What exactly causes uneven eyelids?
Will eos lip balm help cold sores ?
7th-9thGrade hair/ Makeup?? GIRL ADVICE ? :)?
MAC lipsticks for pale skin?
drugstore foundations for very pale skin?
best drug store gel/liquid eyeliner?
have any good comments about starting high school?
Need Help Matching Make-up With My Features?
Where can i find gifts under $5 - $8 like...?
Which Chanel blush has a golden peach tone?
What is a toner and how does it work?
I have some freckles on my shoulder. How would you advise to hide them if I wanted to like wear a tanktop?
Foundation: Liquid or Powder?
I'm mixing Loreal Hi-Lites Magenta and Red; will the colour turn out okay?
What mascara do you use?
Any recommendations for skin care products available at Whole Foods in NJ?
Am I wearing make up too young?
Alternatives to eyebrow tattooing?
what is new color make up for this spring?
What's the best pale pink blush?
How long does La colors nail polish last?
Do i have fair medium skin ? Picture inside?
Why do Maybelline discontinue EVERYTHING?
Who is prettier in your eyes?
What's a good makeup brand for preteens, that are around 12?
Is she pretty?? rate her from 1-10?
what are some tips to put on mascara w/o getting some of it on my lids?
Is Cream makeup the same thing as Facepaint?
Where in my house should I do my makeup?
Lip gloss vs. Lip balm vs. Lipstick?
What makeup do you wear everyday?
i need to mail a small eyeshadow how should i package it?
Has anyone Personaly used "mac makeup" If so.. what exactly did you think of it and is it worth the price?
What foundation do you use that works good?!?
Burts Bees Makeup?
Neutrogena Skin Enhancer vs Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer?
Do guys like girls that wear MAKE-UP?
sexy make up ?????
I want to understand more about applying liquid eye-liner. I am wearing specs now. What should I do?
What do you think about this look?
How to apply eyeliner to indian women?
AM I wearing TOO much makeup?! :)?
Question about false eyelashes?
what lipstick should I get from the MAC Wonder Women collection?
How can i get rid of the big black bags around my eyes? I starting a new job 2morr want to look good.?
Does doing a face bleech will make your skin look old ?
where can i get waterproof blush?
What should i say to him?
Can girls with big lips wear bright red lipstick?
Where can you buy great tasting lipgloss?
middle school makeup!!! yes or no what?
which is the easy way to wear a bra? the hook first r the hook last?
does blac eyeliner look okay on me?
Wich should i do, Change my eye color to blue, Or keep them Brown?
how to cover up under eye bags?
HOW should I wear my sunscreen??
what is the solution for pimples?
Safe to use fake tan on face?
What Make Up Product Do You Put on First?
Which do I apply first?
Best kind of makeup for a semi-formal?
where can i find elf cosmetics?
I'm completely addicted to red lipstick?
What is the best hairdye that non permant?
Are Jordana lip glosses good?
What eye makeup goes with a very tan complection and deep dark brown eyes?
about magic perfume ?
Anybody a professional makeup artist?Looking for advice?
What color mascara do you wear and brand?
Do you wear makeup to school?
best eyeliner and mascara?
Is being Pale a turn off?
What make-up do I need to achieve this make up look? (:?
Should I start wearing more makeup?
does lo-real true match magique concealer really cover dark circles ?
Amy Winehouse's eye makeup?
What's the best BB cream?
Some privacy, please?
I have many beauty spots on my face. I think they make me look ugly. How do i cover them? Im a man fyi?
it is ok to makeup with a girl by surprise?
What type of makeup would suit me?
I like to wear realy dark eyeshadow, like silver and black?
What color eye shadow goes well with blue eyes? I don't wear makeup much.?
SmashBox Pro Applications Questions!?
Which liquid liner is best to use ?
Is eyeshadow okay to wear for everyday use?
Is there a guy who can pull off eyeliner?
have u used the new white tone powder?what kind of effect does it gives on skin?is it good for dusky skin?
why do so many young girls where sooo much eyeliner?
Good Chapstick?
Is 12 too young for eyeliner and other make up??
any website that caters to different types of eyebrow arches women can choose from?
i have extremely long eyelashes and..?
How do you get black khol eyeliner out of a carpet?
how do u not be so pale?
AM I wearing TOO much makeup?! :)?
What's your makeup routine?
~what do I ask for if I want this haircut and what do you think of it~?
how much makeup should i wear?
What color of eye liner should I use?
Can anybody suggest a really good mascara that really works and curls the top lashes ?
Fake Bake or St Tropez?
Why are my lips falling off?
Why's it bad if you don't take off your makeup before you sleep?
Eyelashes that are almost impossible to curl!?
Is there a way to do a peeling at home?
Whats a good eye cream or a good dark circle remedies?
What is the beat kind of foundation for someone with acne scars?
A question for girls, please answer?
mac products?
Whats that lip glodd that stimulates the blood vessels called?
I am 30 should i start using anti wrinkle cream?
method of cleanising by garnier product?
flaky forehead after applying foundation & powder?
question about
Can you wear BB cream by itself?
Have you ever used Lip Venom? how well does it work?
Should young girls wear makeup? Is makeup healthy?
How to take off my makeup at night time?
Good tips for tweezing?
What is the differnce between foundation and concealer?
Can you buy Sheer Cover in the shops?
What is a good eyeshadow colour?
aloe vera questions and pore minimizing?
How can I be prettier?
What Kind Of Mascara Do You Use?
the best makeup for shiny skin?
which is the best body sprey or perfume?
What's the best fountation for teenage skin ?
how do you cover freckles?
HOW DO I GET MY EYES TO STAND OUT!!. And look more defined?
Do they like me??
Looking for a good brown eyeliner..?
perfume clairs use to sell......?
Girls: Do you do your makeup in the bathroom or your bedroom?
best foundation for me......(read about my skin)?
Is the MAC Studio Finish powder good for oily skin?
proactive helppp?
a good mascara to use?
Powder/Foundation for dark people?
Do I have a horrible accent(audio)?
Free samples of cosmetics in INDIA?
how can i make my eyes bigger/stand out?
do you think too much make-up damage your face?
Makeup question...?
has anyone tried rimmels new matte mousse?
what is a good maybelline mascara ?
Are face powder and foundation the same thing?
Can anyone recognize the lipstick/lipgloss/lipliner in the "my boo" video?
Has anyone tried Maybelline's new cat eyes mascara?
what color and where?
Contouring nose with make up?
where is a cheap place in portland oregon to get good makeup brushes?
is winged eyeliner same as cat eyeliner?
make-up or no make-up?
how to make skin more fairer?
dior lipgloss?
How do you do Selena Gomez's make up for her album Kiss and Tell?
Where can I buy IQQU's SPF35 sunscreen?
Have they discontinued Bourjois Liner Feutre?
What brand of fingernail polish would you recommend?
How do I make a chest mold for ballistics gel?
Recommended fake eyelashes for Asian eyes?
Cotton candy halloween costume? Hair/makeup?
what cosmetics does melissa gilbert endorse?
What is a good affordable lip gloss that will leave lips with a good shine and not come off easily?
How should I do my makeup for homecoming?
Hair on my face, makes my foundation come out werid?!!!?
What color do you paint your nails?
Can I apply a face mask at bedtime?
Mom found all my makeup?
HELP! I need a good foundation!?
CCO in San Diego, California?
Is safe?
Makeup tips for looking older?
what is good for getting rid of eyebags?
Ladies only please...........?
7th grade boy advice Please ;)?
i need help with foundation..?
do you like this makeup look?
Is it better to put make up on first, then blow dry hair, or vice versa?
Homecoming makeup for a navy blue dress?
Girls, what are your favorite make up products from different brands?
Has anyone ever tried these mascaras?
flaky forehead after applying foundation & powder?
Best foundation.......?
What is the best makeup brand?
pink or purple?
where can i found makeup and dressup games?
about how old do i look?
I want to start wearing make-up?
Blehh I'm a teenage girl and have a zit that needs to go because zits are gross. Any suggestions ? ?
Ever put make-up on a man?
Is my nose that bad looking to you..?
Can you use lip gloss as a blush?
Help with Makeup Removal!?
Whats a good foundation?
Does neutrogena skin clearing makeup really work?
what is the fast food resrturant from blair fowlers city?
What type of skin undertone am I?
i'm going to a wedding and i don't know how to makeup?
What happen to MAC's "Architecture" paint?
am i wearing too much makeup?
im a model and i need help?
Some people put eyeshadow under their eyes?
why girls do lots of makeup whether they are beautiful or not?
How do you take your makeup off?
The Foundation you like...?
is make up primer really worth it?
How to make lip stick stay on your lips all day?
what is best for me me? my face is round shape?
How much makeup do you think a 13 year old girl should wear?
Can you use a highlighter as eyeshadow?
Genetic dark circles/bags, what can I use?
i want to be a mime. what do i use for make-up, for the white face?
How can i deal with my mom not letting me allow to wear makeup until i'm like 16?
How to apply pencil eyeliner to make your eyes look dramatic?
How can i make my make up last longer?
Whats the best type of suntan lotion to use...?
is there any lady that would put pictures of me on the web dressed as a women with my real name?
Is this too much makeup?
When did you start wearing make-up?
what is the best moisturizer with tint?
Women who wear make-up and like to look pretty: a question for you about light bulbs...?
is pale white eye shadow and black mascara fashonable?
what color eyeshadow?!?
What's my undertone?
what is the best BEST!! lipgloss out there?
Make up tips for first timer.?
How do you know when your mascara is all used up?
My mascara won't fully come off?
I found the perfect shade of red lipstick for olive skin!!?
Ebay False/Fake Lashes?
I got mascara in my eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
When I take pictures of myself my eyes are "uneven" ?
Avril Lavigne esque hair/makeup YouTube tutorials?
how do you brighten the white part of the eyes?
when will they get some more coastalscents 88 eyeshadow palettes on the site?
mascara to make my lashes look extremely thick?
Any tips for liquid eyeliner?
13 year old make-up? BEST ANSWER WILL BE CHOSEN!?
Is buying expensive make up worth it?
Makeup question..............?
tinted moisturizer? which is the best?
Kate Beckinsales Makeup....?
what color is ur eyes?
Were can i got good lip gloss online?
Bee Luscious Make Up? Is there a foundation that's oil free....?
What comes to mind when you hear the word Avon?
When is the CVS semi-annual sale?
Help! Im sooo bored of my makeup?
Mac face and body foundation?
How do I lose the smell from proactive deep cleansing mask? ?
can i mix foudations?
Foundation for very pale skin.?
were can i buy glitter eye liner or a glitter eye pencil?
how do I make my skin smell really good with a natural recipe?
Do I wear too much makeup? Pictures inside?
What pair of jeans should I wear with this shirt?
What's a good drugstore foundation?
what can i use to calm down a red face from working in the cold?
How is the liquid foundation- Revlon Colorstay?
how do i make home made nail polish?
which bb cream is suitable for combination skin?
Do people think that I'm lazy?
What foundation can you recommend to me???
can you still get a facial while using obaji?
mac skinfinish foundation OR smashbox BB Cream??? HELP!?
What color mascara should I wear?
how do i do make up like this?
My eye's tend to become greasy and eye color melts and creases?
What are your beauty must haves?
How old should i wear make-up?
Black eyebrow pencil OK to line waterline ?!?
Should I start wearing makeup?
what color hair looks really good with red lipstick?
Anyone have some good makeup advice(:?
what colour makeup should i use?
Cucumber for dark circles?
I have way too much make-up. Help! What do I do?
HELP-What makeup would look good on me(pic)?
Ever got permanent makeup?
Lilash : does it really work ? Price range ?
Any Good eye makeup idea websites?
Coastal Scents coupon codes?
Does the spray tan actually work?
eyes or lips?
Good place to buy cute makeup bags?
How To Apply Axe Deodorant?
I need a new way to do my hair?
Make-up drama, how to sweet talk my makeup back?
How did 9/11 change the United States?
What would bring out my Blue eyes?
What sort of makeup will go with my Halloween costume?
What age is too young to start wearing makeup and what age did you start wearing it?
whats a good makeup look for school if your a 10th grader?
Do you like mary kay lip gloss?
is it possible.....................?
Natural Or Lots Of Make Up?
What is Sephora's B-day gift this year?
Am I shallow for wanting to switch to contacts?
I need help on hair and shttuuufff(:?
How to make my brown eyes look grey?
Make- Up ........................................…
How much do Macs gift sets usually sell for?
Do I need to wear blush?
What foundation is the best?
What kind of eye shape do I have? For Makeup?
did anyone ever try the mascra of l'oreal x12?
Why is one lip bigger than the other?
Whats your favorite brand of makeup and teh cheapest? Which is best?
Can anyone view this website?
best foundation for under 15 dollars?
Do you wear circle lenses to school?
2)I have to dress up as a hindu girl at a party...What do I wear?
What to do with your old mascara?
Girls...can you......?
is this an okay amount of makeup for a 13 year old?
Does it sound like I wear too much makeup?
What is one makeup product you would buy over and over again?
To much makeup for a 14 year old?
how do you make a fake fansign?
Tenth Grade Makeup?
what makeup should i wear, freshman?
how can i hide a huge hikki?
M-m-makeup surveeeeeey? (:?
Loreal perf foundation cashmere?
This makeup foundation made me break out! What should I do?
Should a 12 year old be wearing make up...?
What is concealer typically used for? Should I use it?
What color of eyeliner is best for hazel eyes?
best makeup advice you were ever given?
how come we have skin?
whats your favorite type of mascara that's inexpensive?
what kind or liiquid eyeliner do you use?
What do u call the eye lid but under the eye?
help? my fingernails have gone yellow?
need a very good foundation, what do you recommend?
how would i do sunless face tanner and clinique?
ok i have three makeup questions?
Makeup matters?
What are your favorite high end makeup products?
What are your tips for applying foundation?
Neutrogena Wave.....?
What makes your eye lashes grow?
be truthfull, do you like?
How do I cover a big freckle (on my lips) without wearing lipstick?
Costume and makeup for this monologue?
Natural Nail Polish Remover??!?
Is 11/12 years old to early to put on makeup?
Im hispanic and american but everyone always thinks i dont speak spanish how can i look more latina?
Eye makeup question [10 points]?
how do i make my skin clearer?
Where, or what are some CURRENT E.L.F Coupon Codes?
What eyeshadow should I wear?
if your boyfriend asked you to not wear makeup and earings, would you do it or leave him?
Can I wear a "night" moisturizer during the day?
Makeup for school?!?!?!?!?!?
what is ur favorite brand of lipgloss/lipstick? what color/ flavor?
Pimples Problem!! Help me....?
what kind of styles are there for goth makeup?
what make up would you recommend for pale skin ?
Do all women look awful without makeup?
How to get my makeup less cakey? :(?
hair/makeup of emma watson in this picture?!?
What undertones does mac shade NC25 have??!?
i want to buy foundation but what one do you recommend?
I suppose to apply moisturizer before applying makeup?
Where can i buy cover girl makeup in london?
If u h8 make-up why are you here?
how to trim my eyebrows at home?
has anyone tried smashbox foundation?
how to make makeup last all day!?
Do I have nice eyebrows?
what is the base in putting a make-up?
Should I get the Naked 2 eyeshadow pallet?
How to look great without makeup?
in 7th grade can i wear lipgloss and mascara?
Wat age do you think is a good age to wear make up?
10 POINTS!!! face shape?
What are some good makeup brands?
I want a good mascara.. any suggestions?
how do u get fingernail polish off wit out figernail remover?"?
I am dark complexion and have dark spots and also dark circles let me know about concelears?
HELPP! Sigma brushes.?
Which makeup brand available in India are good for oily skin?Eg:-covergirl,mac etc?
is NARS shadow worth it?
Is it okay for me to be wearing mascara?
Ladies: ever worry about you're BF seeing you w/o your makeup on? Afraid he won't find you pretty anymore? For
Some BEAUTY tips for a freshman girl? :)?
People tell me I don't need makeup?
Do you find yourself pretty? And what's your favorite feature of your own?
Why does face powder consist of different colours?
Are my eyes green or hazel?
How do you get fingernail polish off easy. I have a hard time getting mine off with fingernail polish?
make up tips please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some make up tips to make Asian eyes look a tad bigger?
How to make really dark brown eyes stand out?
what is the perfect way to apply mascara?
whats the best foundation in the world?
make up questionn ..?
Why do alot of teens wear makeup?
Do you prefer a girl with no makeup on or tons of makeup?
What are the 3 best makeup brands you really like, name at least 3 please.?
if it alwaysalwaysalways looks like I have a semi-dark shade of blush on...?
Is this eyeliner too much for school(pics)?
What is your skincare routine?
how to make the swelling go down from a lip peircing?
I don't wear makeup-Do men find this attractive?
Girlfriend all of a sudden started wearing way to much makeup?
maybelline chestnut brown define a line?
What type of simple makeup to wear to school?
What one bit of make up would the GIRL of today not be without?
how to make my eyes almond shaped?