Where can i buy some cheap cosmetics?
how do you clean a foundation sponge?
~*~Fuller Lips~*~?
What is wrong with my face?
What books whould you recomend for an aspiring makeup artist?
nails = best weapons? ;-)?
Makeup Help!!! Please!!!?
Do I look like I am wearing makeup in this picture?
Where can I purchase good, not highly priced makeup for halloween?
how do i remove water resistant mascara?
How to apply eyeliner to hooded eyes?
is 11 too young to wear makeup?
does a make up primer really help?
what makeup would i look good with?
Super dry!?
Does it look like I have what it takes to be a model? Where would I apply if so?
What's a good way to organize make-up?
Is nude lipstick helpp !?
i know this is stupid but .. whats the first step to starting your own cosmetic brand?
Cream blushes for oily skin?
how can i do my makeup like the girl in the video for "Kristy are you doing okay" by the Offspring? (link)?
do guys like girls who wear a lot of make up?
which is best and neater at lining the inner rim of your eye pencil or the contour pencils?
Help i went to have the perfect mascara and lip gloss?
What makeup for me? [pics]?
I think I found my youtube channel name !!! lemme kno which one you like better!?
What is ur fave color?
what is the best foundation for acne prone skin?
shahnaz products???????????
Where do they do girl eyebrow slits ?
I am Looking for a new look please help?
Elmer's Glue for false lashes?
What are the best kind of make up?
what are the best facial cleanser and mosturizer for black women.?
who thinks i should wear liquid foundation i have pale skin?
My eyeshadow fades ( I like to use more nuetral colors)?
Mac Lustre Drops Pink rebel vs Sun Rush?
at what age should girls start to wear makeup?
Do you wear lipstick or gloss?
Women from Europe what makeup brand do you use?
Should a 16 yr. old wear foundation?
If I use any mineral make up like bronzer will i get acne?
What age should a teen start wearing make up?
how do hair remover mitts work and how well do they work?
What urban decay shade looks better : smog or flash?
Decent, long lasting perfumes?
What kindof makeup does tamera mowry use?
Do you know any good foundation that wont clog pores?
i have monolid eyes ?
where can i find red eyeshadow or eyeliner for a cheap price?
Which is the best beauty box?!?
best eye cream?
Do you think that a 12 year old is too young to wear false eyelashes? And if not.... How do I put them on!!!?
How to get a good smokey eye look?
What is the effect you want to achieve when using eyeliner?
Am I the only one??.....?
What color eyes shadow or makeup makes blue eyes pop?
Can a 12 year old wear fake lashes?
Gluing fake eyelashes with semi permanent adhesive advice?
threading or waxing??? HELP! :)?
What Should My SkinCare Routine be?
can you apply primer without make-up?
Makeup to a "T".... slogan help please?
How to get rid of freckles?
Thoughts on black eye shadow??
Do I have long eyelashes? (pic)?
Do you think blue or green eyeshadow should be illegal ?
where is best place to get a tan????
How can I get the 'Smokey Eyes' look?
This isn't too much makeup right?
What's a drugstore foundation & powder that's flawless?
Foundation colourmatch! help!?
Is my eye color hazel or brown?
a foundation that has a similar shade to this one?
how do you get your makeup to stop melting???
Is there any cinematic makeup school in SF bay area?
Makeup help again please?
Eye makeup for homecoming?
i need a new liquid foundation?
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Online?
what make-up do you have in your make-up bag?
When did you start wearing makeup?ASAP?
Is it ok for a 14 year old to wear foundation?
Where can I get Jordana Lipsticks 77084 Houston?
which bh 120 palette is best?
Boots - Pick up in store?
How many MAC eye shadows do you own?
What are some MUST-HAVES for Fall?
Help With Concealers?
how old should u be to wear makeup?
Is age 18 a good age to put on makeup and when did you start wearing it?
Whats my Face Shape?? Pic?
Price of a bottle of THEFACESHOP nail polish?
How much should she wear?
Need help with this!?
Longest wearing eyeliner?
how to wear makeup?
isnt it stupid to buy expensive brands?
Why do some girls wear so much makeup?
How long does it take for you to see results after using proactive???
How fast do Imats tickets sell out?
Do you paint your fingernails and toenails the same color?
Makeup for school? freshman?
m.a.c cosmetics?
how to wear eye tape properly ?
How do you do your top eyeliner?
Am i photogenic?
Ladies Make-up help??????????
eyeliner techniques?
I am white w/freckles and natrual red hair, what color make-up can I wear and whats the best brand.?
When should a girl start wearing makeup?
Who thinks cosmetics consultants are scary?!?
Picture Included Tell My Face Shape Second ?n is Do i Look Weird Means Kid sort Off?
How do some people get their makeup to look so good?
Where can I find a similar product to Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights?
How long in the morning do you spend doing your hair and makeup?
Acting headshot help!!?
How often should mascara be replaced?
can some tell me how shes wearing her eyeliner?
concealer advice & help!?
Best eyeshadow brand?
What is your favorite lip gloss ever?!?
Could u tell a person they have an odor?
Is there a store where I can view the ENTIRE line of make up for ever lipstick?
is make up primer really worth it?
My fake lashes are really damaging... should I continue to wear them? ?
Can girls age 11 start wearing makeup?
Best way to get eyeliner off?
(Desi) Pakistani Bride needs Makeup Artist! What do you recommend?
Dream Matte Mouse. What shade are you?
What foundation do you use?
Can men use women's anti aging cream and skin softeners to fight off aging skin?
My eyelashes are very straight and short, help?
my mom smokes, my clothes and hair smell like it and i hate it! how do i get rid of the smell?
Who is Selena Gomez's Make up artist in Love You Like A Love Song?
can anyone suggest me a good make up studio in north or west delhi?
Any long lasting nail polish that you know of?
Some makeup products I'm interested in have cetyal alchohol and wax... Should I still purchase? PLEASE ANSWER?
I arrived at work this morning and then realised ...?
Is it bad to sleep with eyeliner and maskera alot?
why is mineral make up better than other kinds?
is it just me? or is it reall?
Makeup (foundation) suggestions?
what do you think when you see someone with too much makeup on?
Anyone tried Pur Minerals brow duo?
the immatation of bare minerals?
how could i get the smokey eye look?
How do i usewhite eyeshadow to cover up the dark ciclres under my eyes?
Is it okay to wear bronzer on your cheeks (like a blush)?
What is a good concealer for dark circles and blemishes?
Is it ok for a guy to wear foundation?
Any advice or tips for oily skin?
What eyeliner is smudge-proof for the waterline?
how much is a MAC lipstick in the Philippines?
My friend wants to know if her makeup looks good?
Question for people who have used Bare Minerals Make-Up.?
These pimples need to be less red by sunday??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
natural make-up? do I do it?
can you recommend a good under eye concealer?
Best wet n wild lipstick shade for asian skin tone?
I was wondering if guys usually like girls who don't wear make up?
what make up do u think is appropriate for a 7th grader?
what is the best eye colour for a boy ?
MAKE-UP help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!…
what is the best lip mosturizer?
Oil Based Handcream/lotion?
im new to the whole make up thing?
what do you look for in a grl?
How does my make-up looks?
How to darken your eyebrows without makeup?
Am i overweight?
Makeup games please.?
Has anyone come across L.A. Pride body purifying whitening milk?
I'm a biracial guy and I recently broke out really bad (zits) HELPPP!!!?
If you don't have a fold in your eyelids. Should we put eyeshadow or not? Or should we just put liner only?
Moisturizer under makeup?
Where can I buy perfume samples online?
What is the best brand of makeup for eyeshadow?
Im getting ready to start wearing make-up, and i need help!!!?
How to wear fake eyelashes?
what do you think of people who wear make-up?
I've never worn makeup before, where I start?
I have green-gray eyes. How can i make them look brighter?
How do you know if Bare Minerals is right for your skin type?
How can I hide the few freckles I have?
Over plucked eyebrows please help..!!?
Fairy Makeup Tutorial? (Easy?)?
Why do most girls not use the proper makeup tools?
live OR death!!!!!?
Do you think women look less professional without makeup?
what age do u wear make-up?
Am I a light spring or soft Autumn colour palette? Colour analysis is soooo confusing!?
What is the best drugstore foundation for normal skin?
Contact Lenses?
Mascara question?
How can i start wearing make up?
Sort of bright blue eyeliner too flashy for everyday at school?
How old to wear makeup???
why do girls where more makeup these days.?
What is the best mascara and foundation you have used?
how to put on spring makeup and what outfits to wear?
Will coral lipstick and high waisted shorts be out of style for spring/summer 2012?
whats the best kind of eyeliner?
What is the best mascara for asians?
miessence liquid foundation....????????
What colors/types of makeup would look good on me?!?
What kind of makeup do you wear...?
What is the best lipgloss?
What do i need for makeup?
im in 7th grade and i have a baby face what do i do!!!!!!?
Help with Buying Makeup Brushes?
Can you wear a yukata with geisha-style makeup?
How to make skin lighter?
Good concealer for dark circles?
Girls: do sanitary belts really work well? They seem to be popping up everywhere! Anyone know what's so good?
can i use liquid foundation to get the nude lip look?
which makeup product do u prefer?
How can I apply this powder foundation!!!??? HELP! URGENT!?
How to get the golden skin?
How can I cover up pimples without making them look crusty and nasty?
How do you make a perfect eyeliner spider web?
Lumiere (candlestick) costume Ideas?
how do i "fix" a infected lip piercing?
why can't my sister not wear make up just for one day?
covering dark circles question?
Are eyelash curlers safe?
what colour should i paint my toe nails?
what do egg whites do for your skin?
My NARS Foundation spilled all over the floor?
Would this eyeliner compliment my eyes? *pics included?
Are chubby cheeks cute ?
Best Mascara?
Is there a way to have a permanent line of dark liner on your water line is tattooing it the only way?
In your opinion, do expensive brands of makeup really word better than drugstore brands?
Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion?
Three Questions.. Plase Help Me?
Does anyone find it silly that girls are always obsessed with make-up, shopping and the colour pink?
Teach ME to MAke MY EyEs Sp@rklE?
help!!!! which make up products should i use?
does any kno how late L.A tan stays open?
what eyeshadow palette should i get?
How to remove mustaches using a which of the best crem?
is anyone here a makeup artist?
makeup remover?
Has anybody tried Sheer Cover makeup endorsed by Leeza Gibbons ?
What are your opinions on my image ?
how young is too young to wear makeup?
for people with bad skin?
How do i convince my mom to let me wear makeup?
how to get longer and thicker eyelashes?
What MAC. Makeup Brushes should I buy?
good tips on make up?
Your fave fragrance and why?
Do you know any popular Chinese websites that sell beauty products?
What is the best mascara ?
What do you think of Ardell's individual lashes?
How to make home made facial masks?
What do you think of my make up ? (PICS INCLUDED)?
What Is Your Favourite Makeup Brand?
Best eyeliner pencils to get at walmart?
Best mascara for sensitive eyes??
I'm almost it OK for me to wear bright eyeshadows and lipsticks?
Best makeup for a black dress?
cheap mascara? WOMEN ONLY!!!!?
Why are girls so serious about wearing make up?
concealer and foundation?
Maybelline dream nude airfoam for acne?
What is the best thing to use on Dark Eye Circles that are hereditary?
what is the best sunscreen to use that is both strong AND doesn't show on the face?
Question about E.L.F Cosmetics and shipping?
Glow in the dark party help?
What bare minerals foundation should i get? (picture included) PLEASE help.?
are the names kayla and keagan wierd or cool?
I have rosecea and I am trying to find a foundation cover up and is kind to sensitive skin PLEASE HELP ME?
Face Makeup?
Cheap Make-Up that works.?
What's my foundation shade?
Are eyelash curlers safe?
What brand is better for acne prone skin? Clarins or Clinique? Other suggestions?
Beauty school help??????
Does eyeliner start to smudge if you sweat?
Finding a good mascara?
Help! I haven't slept and my eyes look like crap!?
Eyebrow color question?
Can you return this from sephora?
Girls camp? No make up?
Do you think monolids are ugly?
Can anybody tell me a little bit on how to lip read?
is there any online make up brands with a sale on at the moment?
HOMECOMING! (help me..need answers!)?
Lip gloss vs chapstick?
I want a makeover. Where do I start?
what is a good way to make eyebrow so that doesnt hurt?
What kind of makeup should a 13 year old girl wear?
Most long lasting cream blush?
At what age do you think a girl should start using makeup?
Korean or western BB cream, which is better, and why?
whats the difference?
Thin eyebrows?
best tinted moisturizer for combination skin (drugstore)?
Is this shade okay for my skin color?
Make UP for eyes !?
eyebrow and eylash tinting?
Favorite piece of makeup you own?
What color is her skin tone in each picture?
What should my lip gloss be called?
without make up?
What's the best natural looking foundation?
reasons for wearing lip balm?
have black hair with gray in front and edges. any help with make-up colors that help.?
Icky stuff coming out of my face?
What are you opinions about products?
Can you please tell me ANY GOOD MINERAL MAKEUP BRAND FOR SENSITIVE SKIN.please.thank you?
Non-smearing mascara?
Is there real fruit juices in eos lip balm?
how long should you keep mascara before throwing it away so there's not a lot bacteria in it?
Why has my nose been leaking a clear liquid recently?
what makeup to wear around the age 14 or 15 that will make it look like emily brownign in the uninvited?
what kind of makeup would look good my skin type?
Ever stay home all day and not put on any makeup?
is a thirteen year old allowed to wear makeup ...?
If you use Almay Smart-Shade foundation, what is the best powder to use?
How do you find out what your season for make up is?
how can i delete my pumps of my face?
my eyeliner never stays on?
Almay intense i-Color or Covergirl Exact Eye-lights?
What is the best colour of eyeliner for a blue eye?
why is heather lowmans forhead so large?
Where are the NYX Cosmetics made in?
Is there any comparable organic mineral makeup out there like bare escentuals? w/out the bismuth and parabens?
help with make-up ideas with this eye shadow palette? :)?
Girls Clothes and nail polish?
What is the best concealer for really dark undereye circles that doesn't crease?
Why do some people draw on their eyebrows?
is it just me or do i have a long face? please help?
does the bella pierre foundation make you break out?
Lip piercing HELP PLEASEE :D?
Mascara and eyeliner... help?
Is it okay 14 year old to wear a light coverage foundation?
Who knows something about foundation?(:?
I tries shaving my legs without shaving cream ( normal razor not electric) and my leg burns REALLY bad.?
Is pynocare effective for the treatment of melasma?
im 14 years old, and i want ot put some make up on ?
Lip Gloss Suggestion ^ ^?
.sss How can I test makeup on my sensitive skin?
Is this a GORGEOUS lip stick color???????
Making make-up sweat proof?
can a 16 yr old female lose 37 or 40 pounds without having loose flabby extra haning skin if she is not ....?
how to get nail polish out of clothes?
How long do various make ups last?
Anyone used dream mouse makeup?
Makeup Poll: What brand of mascara do you use?
Anyone used Estee Lauder Disappear Smoothing Creme Concealer?!?!?
what are good drugstore cosmetics/ makeup to use?:)?
why do most girls put on pounds of makeup?
Wot make-up do u wear 2 skool?
with make up how do i show off my blue eyes?
what do i wear to a makeup workshop for modeling?
ladies. what do u like better... lip stick or lip gloss?
why do i look ugly with makeup on?
Does she have big eyes for an asian?
what kind of makeup for a 13 year old?
how is my makeup? what do you think? pics inside:P?
Poll Round 2: Which photo is the prettiest?
What makeup should a 11year old wear?
do these look fake or real ?
Can I wear purple lipstick to school?
Do you think that my friend has a pretty face, and that she could be a makeup model?(pics)?
What is the best foundation?
am i putting on makeup wrong?
My face is shiny but not oily! What products should I use? PLEASE HELP!?
Does it hurt to get ears pierced? Cuz im getting it pierced tomorrow?
What natural ingredients can change my eye color?
What is the BEST ance product you have used and ILL LOVE YOU FOREVER FOR BEST ANSWER!!?
What MASCARA do YOU use?
Make-up colors for brown eyes and auburn hair?
Does anyone know where you can get odd-colored mascaras?
Ladies...about how many lipsticks/lipglosses do you all have?
Cosmetics/Facials courses?
What color eye make-up should i wear with a formal orange dress?
Will u please help me get my real name off from my messenger?
eye makeup for blue eyes?
maybelline fit me shade similar to mufe hd 120?
is 11 to young to wear makeup?
what is the best way to remove water resistant eyeliner without any commercial products?
Ladies... What is your #1 Must-have Beauty/ Makeup Product?
Does bare essentials have colors to suit brown skin?
Can the neutrogena skin clearing blemish concealer cover the redness around the nose area?
Where can I find brand makeup wholesale?
Doing a project on the diff. of cosmetic ingredients of mac and covergirl. Where can i find theactual ingreds?
What shades of lipstick suits a pale face, blue eyes and blonde hair?
what is your favorite make up look?
what kind of makeup should a 13 year old wear?
How do you do all this in five-ten minutes?
How do you do Twiggy eye decals?
Need to find a daily moisturizer w/ SPF, please help!?
What age do you think is best to start wearing makeup?
How to create a dewy foundation look?
when putting eyeliner on the top of the eye is liquid or pencil easier?
Guys and Girls: Red lipstick?
My mom won't budge. How do I get her to let me wear makeup? (I'm almost 13)?
Is this an awful idea? Really easy 10 points?
What's the best makeup for me?
Benefit make up advice?
which face cream to use?please help?
What is the best mascara?
Would face makeup routine work daily? Help?!?
What are some healthy, non-toxic, non-bogus ways to make myself appear more attractive, especially to guys?
How can i reinvent myself?
What is the differene between the MAC mineralized charge water & fix +?? Best answer .s?
Mary Kay makeup question?
I realy want a very bright eyeshadow, i have brown eyes and light brown hair?
What is her face shape?
eyeliner color... blue,, vs. black. vs. brown?
Does it hurt to get ears pierced? Cuz im getting it pierced tomorrow?
What Is Your Favorite Make Up Brand?
whats a good brand name mascara?
What colour are your eyes and what colour eyemakeup do you wear?
Does this sound like too much makeup?
whats one makeup item that you cant live without?
Good brand of eyeliner?
Is there a similar version to this eyeshadow for less money?
Is this too much makeup/beauty maintenance for a 12 year old girl?
What colour are these eyes?
how to get rid of blackheads .?
How can I make my eyebrows thick but still pretty?
i just cut my eye lashes!?
way to much makeup? i know. does it look bad? (pictures)?
Does anyone know of an almost exact shade of lipstick that matches what she's wearing here?
What Kid of make up would you wear at a high school dance?
What make-up would suit me?
what colour are my eyes?
does anybody know a good mascara ?
where is the cheapest place to buy shiseido products online?
What color of eyeshadow would go with a white maid of honor dress?
Any good results when using Dermisa skin fade cream?
Does anyone know a good eye shadow 4 brown eyes...I want them 2 pop?
Do you know any good inexpensive mineral foundations?
What color makeup( eyeshadow, blush, lipstick) would look good with my combination?
Night of olay regenerating cream?
What make up should i use for a natural light look- read description?
Make upp! (picture of me included)?
How to make primer for eye shadow?
which is the best eyelash curler?
my eye lashes go straight down so is there anything i can do to fix that?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 6th grader?
What colour eyeshadows look good on brown eyes?
I want to make my eyebrows a little darker.....?
Make up ideas for homecoming?
Eyeshadow help....................................…
Went tanning and now have "Raccoon EYES!" HELP?
Can you use hand sanitizer on eye pencil to disinfect it?
Face makeup for an Eigth grader?
how can i make my skin more lighter, more fair??
Boys in makeup?
i have hazel eyes, but they are more green than brown, how do i make the brown stand out more?
I havent got my foundation atm, and its school tomorrow ,what do i do????
Best Waterproof Eyeliner?
How do I prevent my eyeliner from smudging underneath my eyes during the day? Besides not wearing any at all.?
What makeup do you have to wear everyday?
I look terrible with make up?
do you know any inexpensive, but good makeup brands?
Cosmetic Caseee!!!!1?
Is this makeup good for my sister.?
where is the schoold of make up in singapore by peter angel situation exactly?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Reducing eyelid puffiness?
What age do you feel it's appropriate to let your daughter wear makeup?
Smokey eye shadow website? with pictures?
is buying loreal aiswarya beige colour worth it?
How can I stop my makeup going shiny?
What exactly is the "smoky eyes" look ?
What do i need to study to get a place on a makeup artist course in Unitversity?
How do you think I look without makeup?? (pictures)?
Is this makeup appropriate for a 13 year old?
is it too soon to wear makeup?
How do you like Relvon's ColorStay Foundation?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup? (girls only)?
Spot Alert !!!!!!!!!!?
Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10?
Is it alright to put missha bb cream on your eyelids?
do you use lipliner?
how can i keep my skin looking nice and fresh through the summer?
What do you like best about E.L.F products?
All the True Makeup Games list?
first time wearing makeup?
Will this make me tan quicker?
E.l.f cosmetics voucher codes UK?
what sites offer free makup and or free brushes?
is this too much makeup for 7th grader?
How can i get rid of blackheads and white heads?
Black Nail Polish?
Am I wearing the right color concealer?
Is Arbonne totally natural?
I am allergic to latex, is there any latex free glue for false eyelashes?
Can anyone suggest a foundation for pale skin?
MAC Cosmetics What does C, N, NW, etc. mean?
How. Do. I. Get. Tan?
i need some make up advice!! help?
What do you think the perfect shade of eye shadow is?
is this mascara worth buying?
how much makeup should i wear?
good mascara remover?
Do you think i come off as Scary?
i have small eyes, what should i do with my eyes that can looks bigger?
Where can I find BB Cream in Europe?
makeup advice.?
what eye shadow works for brown eyes?
How to apply eyeliner on upper eyelid?
What is Dr.Feel Good?
How can I organize my makeup?
I am looking to find out what the general public's perception of Mary Kay Cosmetics is?
Difference between drug store brand and department brand?
What color is you eyes?
what color eyeliner is best?
Is Bourjois mascaras suitable for contact lense wearers?
best makeup advice you were ever given?
How do you clear pimples FAST?
POLL do you wear weird nail polish colors ?
girls only..!!?
What is your favorite brand of mascara?
how can i do my hair without any die a salon or even a hiar cut i mean do it your self at home kinda thang.?
I wear glasses and would love to wear eye makeup help?
eye makeup suggestion?
Do you think it is appropriate for an 11-year old to express and exparement for eyeshadow?
What is the best Waterproof/Sweat-proof foundation for use in the Military?
Do I wear to much makeup for an 8th grader?
is it bad to sleep with mascara on?
is bh cosmetics drugstore or department store brand?
Do you like brown eyeshadow paired with black eyeliner?
where is the cheapest place to buy the clarisonic?
What age do you think Girls should wear Make up?
Makeup Help!!!!!!!!!?
Senna Mineral Mix, How to find?
I dont wear make-up to work should I?
Does purple or bronze eyeshadow look better on dark brown eyes?
trouble with pimples?
does makeup make girls look hotter to guys?and am i pretty without it?
Is this too much make up for 13?
make up tips for.........?
Best eye cream to buy in the uk?
Does airbrush makeup cover deep stretch marks seamlessly?
what is a good foundation that will give u full coverage?
How do you remove eyeleyner?
does anyone know how in the world do you get rid of dark circles, is it like impossible?
Does anyone have any tips for hiding circles under your eyes?
my mom won't let me wear makeup untill im 15 what do i do?!?
Applying Foundation.............?
foundation help ( im confused)?
how to convine my dad to let me wear makeup?
do goths have a death wish?or are they just plain miserable?
where can i find Mira Cosmetics products?
Mascara or Eyelash Curler? Which Comes First?
Do you wear make up every single day?
where I can buy Benefit Cosmetics in Indonesia espescially in Surabaya?
makeup you can sleep in?
reliable online cosmetic stores?
EEEEKK! Wrinkles on my arm after indoor tanning!?
throw away unused makeup (5+ years old)?
(easy 10 points) Girls, do you wear make up to school?
Best Foundation brand and brush....?
how do i put eyeliner on like im emo?
Is this a lot of make up?
Daytime & nighttime makeup & hair?
Best way for a male to achieve a feminine eyebrow?
what are some really good nail polish brands?
How should i ask my mom?
is foundation supposed to make you more tanned or more pale?
oat meal facial ingrediant help?
I live in texas and i would like to kno how can i become a better makeup artist and how can i work at a mac co?
What companies are reliable for cosmetic EYE LENSES?
how can you make straight her naturally frizzy?
How do you get this makeup look?
Favorite foundation!?
What's a very pale foundation with good coverage?
wat is ur fave color?
Is it okay to just use a q-tip to fill in your eyebrows?
what color eyeshadow do you use?
How to get make up to stay?
Best drugstore mascara?
acne help (PICS)?
how can i get rid of dark circles?
whats the best eyeliner that i can find outthere?
Can i put benzoy peroxide cream on my face after used yogurt mask ?
how to use a gel eyeliner?
What colour are my eyes?
Whats a face primer ?
what eyeshadow and hair colour will make green hazelish eyes pop out?
Hazel eyes... eye shadows?
The best way to make my face look brighter?
Does this look good? (eyeliner)?
Do I wear enough makeup?
Eyelash growing help? Wat can i use?
help please?
Who recons obvious false lashes can look sexy sometimes?
What is a good way to do makeup to high-lite blue eyes? what color eyeshadow, ect?
Do I wear too much makeup? (13-14 year old?)?
Is there a light diorsnow bb cream?
Elf tinted moisturizer?
How do I put makeup on?
do i look better with or without makeup?
What eyeliner is the best for blue eyes?
how do i use a bleach powder?
Does having long eyelashes make a girl look attractive?
What do eyebrows do for your face?
What do you think of the makeover that I did?
What shade am I in M.A.C foundation?
Can anyone tell me if animal product is being used in 'wet n wild' lipstick as well as 'the colour workshop'.
Learning to put on makeup correctly?
ladies, do you like wearing eyeliner?
Girls only l a guy I have light tan skin what can I use to cover some marks on my face please list ideas?
In terms of quality, which makeup brand is better: Chanel or MAC?
I need a good foundation that stays on all day ?
Need A Male Celebrity Who Fits?
what's base?
Making 2 guys look like Paris & Nicole and the 2 Daisy Dukes?
Is it okay for young girls in middle school to wear lip gloss?
does putting cooking oil or baby oil on yourself really make you brown when your sunbathing?
How do you put eyeliner on the eyelids?
what sould a teen sould be wearing everyday??as in makeup??
Highend Concealer first time? (MAC)?
how should i do my make-up?
should you apply moisterizer before foundation pimer?
best make-up look for brown eyes?
should 14 year olds wear make up?
Sephora 3 in 1 Extractor?
How am I supposed to take my make up off and put new make up on without looking crappy?! Help!?
how do i make my eyeliner last longer?
Makeup to make my blue eyes pop?
How do I make my freckles more obvious?
What to pick from (First time Make-up)?
Do I need a cosmetology license to practice ONLY makeup application in a salon in the state of Missouri?
Brown Eyes ?
How would you feel if you got a bunch of full-sized makeup samples as a gift... but they were used?
Can anyone recommend a good mascara? I can't find one that I like!?
Foundation problem !!?
what mascara do you use?? does it make your lashes big and thick?
Paranormal activity 2 or clinique makeup?
baby soft skin, how often should I moisturize and exfoliate?
Am I considered Handsome?
good makeup school in Canada.?
Tanning suggestions?
My brothers getting fat *pics*?
Which primer should I chose...?
Which is sexier,Red or Purple Lipstick or both?
lipstick question!!!?
Smokey eye makeup....?
What's your daily foundation routine?
Tips for a 13 year old on applying mascara?
I want to wear makeup...........?
At what point is somebody obsessed with makeup?
What Is The Best Makeup Book To Buy For Beginners?
I am a novice cross dresser. Where can I can in E. Ohio or W. Pa. for makeup help?
what does this mean?
ladies....what is your favorite lip gloss brand?
Foundation that doesn't go orange?
what do you think about walmart? ♥?
what kind of color should i yous for mac eye shadow pink or tell me what color looks beast?
What make up goes really nicely with red hair?
how to make my eyes greener?
any good ideas of how to put on eyeliner?
your favorite brands of make up?
How Can It be easier for me to not wear makeup?? (very insecure so please help)?
Is it bad for your skin to sleep in makeup?
Please please give me your opinion!?
My dumb self plucked my brows and they are screwed. it looks a lil better with liner but i need to fix it.?
im 13, whats better for my age, bold[ish] eye or bold[ish] lip?
What are some makeup ideas?
Another makeup question?
How do I make my lips look fuller?
Too much makeup for a freshman?
Eye cream for younger people..?
How much makeup should a 13 y.o. 8th grader wear?
what's your favourite eye colour?
highschool help!!!?
is this too much makeup for a 12 year old?
Do you know AuxTruffes?
best mascara that looks like your wearing fake eyelashes?
Someone help me with writing a makeup list?
What do you think? Makeup or no?
I am thinking of changing the way I do my eye make up by using Kohl Brown Color pencil?
What is a really good makeup line??
Do i have a pretty face?
How OLD does she look? pic. PLEASE ANSWER.?
SmashBox Pro Applications Questions!?
Marinello School of Beauty?
Do i wear too much makeup?
MAC Makeup users...Please Help!?
how much makeup do you wear, girls?
Bb cream uses and brands?
maybelline fit me shade similar to mufe hd 120?
what can we do to remove the black marks that came due to pimles on the face?
Help with eyeliner??
lip gloss question? :)?
what eye shape do i have?
When using proactive after the 3rd step do you wash your face?
can anyone tell me a good website to get a good eyeliner to make your eyes look great.. like glittery ones?
Is this a good makeup routine for school?
where do you spend much of your money - choth, food or makeup?
i'm getting bored w/ my usual eye makeup?
Does anyone wear blue nail polish anymore?
How do I use BB Cream? Is it the same as tinted moisturizer?
Makeup for redheads?
Has anyone tried AcneFree Scar Fade & Erase?!? If so, how were your results?!?
Make up---help?
Will wearing this much makeup really ruin my skin?
What should i wear ect when i go out first time since boob job...?
do you think 'smoky eye' makeup looks 'slutty'?
Why do am I so scared of people seeing me doing my makeup?
What is little kims eye color in her new album "The naked truth?"?
What's the best lip gloss brand and where can I get it?
Do boys prefer girls that wear makeup, or girls that don't?
If I wear Mary Kay foundation in Ivory 204, what tinted moisturizer shade should I get?
Favourite makeup products?
What's the point of a finishing powder?
what is the ONE thing a beginner in make-up should have?
Do guys like girls that wear MAKE-UP?
makeup help..please...I'm tired of wearing foundation?
Sophie ellis bextor makeup look?
what is the best way for me to wear make up???
What kind of Acuvue contact lenses is best to use?
what is Low cheekbones?
were can i get my eyes mesured and how much does it usualy cost?!?!?
Girls only.........?
Can anyone just give me some make up tips about anything? ?
What shade in Revlon Colorstay Whipped is closest to Maybelline SuperStay in Classic Ivory?
help!!! eyeliner tip please?!?
What is all over facial powder used for?
if u know anything bout makeup pls answer?
I get really dry skin in winter. when i put foundation makeup on it gets worse. What to do with my dry skin?
Makeup for my homecoming dress?
accepting depoted mac containers at back to mac?...?
What makeup should I start wearing ? **?
What color eyeshadow should I wear with a fuschia blouse?
I have brown eyes. I am tired of wearing purple eyeshadow. What other colors should I wear? Thanks:)?
Do guys like girls who wear makeup?
What hair and makeup should I wear to a sweet sixteen party for my friend?
whats ur morning make up routine??
Does anyone know if there is such a thing as non smear black lipstick?
teenage makeup questions!?
How old is old enough to start wearing makeup?
Why is my nail polish taking an hour and a half to dry?
GIRLS :Favorite MAC and Sephora products?
How do you stretch your ears?
Estee lauder self tanners? Do they work nice or are they really fake looking?
Make-up help?
lipstick or not?
I'm about to go to CVS to buy "Wet N Wild Ultimate Match Foundation" . . .?
Will makeup cause me to have more pimples?
Ladies.... do you feel like you have to wear lots of makeup to be beautiful/attractive?
Poll: what eye colour is most common?
How do I make my eyes look long and thin?
Make up for middle school!!?
HELP!! Concealer before or after foundation and primer?
What's a really good foundation & eyeliner!?
everyone says im ugly !?
What is the best (longest lasting) eyelash glue?
Do you think this is okay for a 7th grader?
Should i wear make up? *picz*?
Question about eyebrows?
what's the difference between concealer and foundation?
when a eyeshadow says use within 6 months should u? or not?
Have you ever tried puttin Vaseline on Eyelashes ?
how do i get a pic of me to set as my avarta ?
eye makeup?
How to do my hair and makeup for homecoming?
what flavors do u like of lipsmackers?
The best eye brightener product?
Weird looking eyebrows......Help?
what's the best black eye liner to buy?
Any good drugstore concelors?
beginner drugstore help!?
makeup help [pic included]?
I need help on make-up for the older woman. Skin has changed and find makeup looks hideous. HELP?
which one is better: liquid or pencil eyeliner???
can you be emo if you have a darker skin colour? How do I use lip tint?
I want to buy Yves St laurent's Touche Eclat but not sure how to use it? Any tips/recommendations? Tks?
Hard candy masscara?!?
What's a good non-liquid eyeliner?
Liquid or Powder foundation for oily skin?
Straight or wavy hair on a girl?
How do I do a voting question?
what mascara should i buy?
I'm 14 and I wear black eye liner with black this to much make up?
i have blue eyes what eye shodow would look best on me?
What kind of make up should i apply to my face? View my 360 to see me. I'm the girl with blonde hair.?
Does Proactive actually WORK?
How well does Mabelline Pure work?
Why dont depuffing gels work for me?
What could I do with this talent?
What is my skintype? please?
Uneven Eyelids? Help?
Can I use a men cleanser if I'm a woman?
Can i wear red lipstick with a purple off shoulder top and black and white floral skirt?
Is this enough money for designer makeup?
What makeup is good for this costume?
How should I do my make-up....?
What is the best liquid foundation with great coverage?
Natural look for tan skin?
If chapstick is for your lips.. why dont they call it lipstick?
Cleopatra Eyes?
if you're cool/warm toned can you wear neutral concealer?
Why is there talc in Makeup For Ever HD foundation?
Can anyone recommend a good mascara for volume?
whats a good foundation??
what is the best color eyeshadow??
Whats a good foundation for me?
what makeup goes great with blue eyes?
Do you prefer........?
what are some shimery mac eyeshadows?
Which is the best Maybelline mascara?
Isn't it too much for teenagers to wear eye liner, mascara, and black eyeshadow?
Sephora in Plaza las Americas?
BIG Question?
Burt's Bees Original Formula vs. Burt's Bees Replenishing Pomegranate Oil?
Which girl is prettier? (pics and 10 points easy)?
Stiletto Mascara by Mabeline?
can tasting and licking lip gloss really give you cancer?
Can i use Syrup instead of honey for eyebrow wax? Answer Please!?
Is this appropiate makeup for a 13 year old to wear?
Hello Flawless vs. Mac Studio Fix Powder?
Is this a good amount of make-up for a 13 year old to be wearing?
What would be the steps to do this makeup?
Do i wear too much makeup?
Too much makeup for a 13 yr old?
Best Mac makeup items for pale skin, blonde hair?
how to get this look? (pic included)?
Is there even something like a concealer or foundation for black people?
makeup or no makeup?
What mascara..?
Cheap Makeup kit for 13 year old birthday?
Sephora Makeover for senior pictures?
I want to know if there are any modeling agencies looking for eye models?
Do i wear too much eye makeup (pic included)?
how to wash a spray tan?
Does This Makeup Look OK?
Girls, would you go out without makeup on?
if you have naturally pretty skin should you wear foundation?
Anyone use Bare Minerals blushes or all over face colors?
I have heart face shape i was told that i have high forhead?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear make-up to school?
how do you do your eyes like this?(read more)?
Fake tan that HAS to work!!?
What do u think of me?
What is so special about MAC Tendertones?
Is neutrogena a good brand?
what is wrong with people?
Is there a way to make it a little less noticeable?
How often do you wear lipgloss or are you a lipstick kind of a person ?
How can I get a tan safely?
how to kep my lips not chaped?
Best natural makeup for me ?
Girls: do you open your mouth when you put on mascara?
What's your favorite eyeshadow palette?
fun makeup ideas for blonde hair and green eyes?
What color of eyeshadow would go with a white maid of honor dress?
What makeup covers up acne?
any really good non-clumpy mascaras?
How do you know when you put too much makeup on?
How can someone achieve a......?????? ?
Waterproof Makeup for a Waterpark?
best cream to avoid the onset of wrinkles for 27 yr old?
Do I wear too much make- up? (Picture Included)?
Anyone knows about first light cosmetic in uk because I have problem with them.?
i want a makeover:-)?
Does eyelash curler damage eyelashes?
Where can I buy NYC makeup in Toronto?
I have a ? for u gals who are eyeliner freaks?
I need make up tips?!?!?
what is a good quality foundation that both covers imperfections and looks natural?
what is your opinion on DHC face creams ?
What is the Best Make Up For Me?
How old do i look?
Ideas for make up tutorials?
I am looking for websites or pictures of punkish eye make up.?
does a girl look prettier in red or pink or black lipstick?
Best drugstore foundation?
my nose pores are so big?
Should a girl wear eyeshadow AND eyeliner at the same time?
What are some makeup tips for brown skin?
covergirl foundation??
TEN POINTS how do i make my eyes look smaller and less rounded?
What's a good place to buy makeup that's not too pricey?
I just started mary kay and when i tried to place an order it's not showing up the discount is that normal?
What Makeup Should I Wear With A White Prom Dress?
why is it that i put make up on?
What happens if you have peach fuzz below and above your lip?
Can anyone help me do my makeup like this?
which websites do Free international delivery for perfumes/cosmetics?
eyebrow emergency! need help now!?
is it that horrible!!!?
Is 10 years old to young for makeup?
Free shipping code for Avon?
What are some beauty tips for skin hair and make up?
every one have to answer this Question!?
Please help, fine lines on my face!!!?
How can i do this look at home? what fake nails do you recommend all products i need to do this.?
Can I do without makeup?
are my eyebrows too thick?
Girls,Ur favourite Nail Paint color?
I have an oily skin..How do I look fresh and glow everytime?
mac paint pots i have one in bare study and its really creamy,i order soft ochre and its not that creamy?
What's the best all over lid color for someone who can only afford one eyeshadow?
does blue and orange match?
how can i convince my mum to take her makeup off of a night?
i want to shave my eye brows but iam afraid?
do fake eyelashes enhance a person's appearance a lot?
What would be the best birthday gift for my 13 years old daughter ?
Should I actually become a makeup artist?
How exactly do I make my nose look smaller or narrower?
do you think that a 14 year old girl is able to wear makeup?
Urgent advice is organic skincare products better?
Why is my makeup brushes does not have any numbers.?
Why does my eyeliner always smear sooooo easily?!?
Girls Ages 13-16 please answer.?
can i wear eyeshadow without mascara and still look good?
i want the sheerest, most natural foundation ever?!?
MAKEUP TUTORIAL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
what is the best mascara to use that doesn't clump?
which is most coveted in your society: fair, tan, or dark skin?
Should 10th grade girls wear makeup?
Whats the best makeup item you have ever bought?
what kinda eyeliner should i use?
(girls) have you ever tried any of the?
EMERGENCY. pleaseee help!?
eyeliner or mascara?, which is more essential?
POLL: Do I have a strange eye- what color is it?
Revlon colorstay foundation ?
I dyed my hair light blonde is it ok to pencil in black eyebrows??
How Do You Make your Eyebrows Stand Out More?
Where can I find cosmetics usually found in England in the USA?
What's your favorite makeup look.....?
HELP ! tips for eye liner ( i want to make my eyes stand out )?
is this too much makeup for a 13 year old girl?
I'm 13 and need makeup help ?
Which face cleansing system to buy ?
Girls- Ages 15 through 19. What makeup do you wear to school?
which ladies makeup cosmetics line has the best colors?
My face gets oily throughout the day, is there a type of makeup that I should use to control this?
My foundation always oxidize?
Does bio oil actually work for uneven skin tone?
What BB cream is best for me?
why do people put a lot off lipstick on?
Should i put on lipstick?
Those who don't find me beautiful--how can I look better?
how is the best way to apply foundation with your fingers or with a sponge?
GIRLS: do you put eyeliner (bottom) on your waterline or below your eyelashes?
How can i make it up to my boyfriend?
What are some good face masks that i can make with everyday objects?
i am 11 am i old enough to wear makeup?
No make-up?
How would you describe this eye color?
best drugstore powder?
Best lipgloss or lipstick?
What kind of make up is the best for my skin?
why do women always have their mouth open when they put their mascara on?
makeup with glasses?
baggy eyes :(?
how long does it take fine lines to turn into wrinkles?
Hypoallergenic eyeliner?
How do I keep my makeup looking fresh all day during school?
Is it possible for your lips to be permanently red if you keep applying lipstick for a long time?
Do I wear too much makeup?
foundation matching q's?
Best *drugstore* mascara under $10 that won't clump lashes..?
What is the BEST lipgloss you ever had?
Make-up tips for sensitive skin...?
How to make fake blood?
any kajal remover? i use maybelline colossal(10points)?
Need to find a colour that will match me ?
I'm stell new can u help me ?
Does nivea double designer black mystic mascara have a brush made from pig bristle?
Best mascara ? I tried all from expensive to cheap - what is best to lengthen and thicken lashes ?
I need a good tinted moisturizer?! 10 pnts!?
is there a way to improve your facial features?
What color make up do I need?
I want bb cream in uae?
What is the best foundation you have ever used?
Does sears do makeup for events?
Luka cosplaying help?
Do you wear circle lenses to school?
Rashes on my face...caused by Facial!!?
liquid green weapon skin?
For Halloween I'm going to be a greek goddess, any makeup ideas?
Makeup and Picture Glare?
Loreal Matte Morphose Mousse Foundation?
LADIES how do you put on foundation?
Does the new Pond's Age Miracle Cream contain SPF?
Why does the powder make up dry up my face? What can I do?