How to make hair+face look pretty all day long? help x?
Best drugstore concealer for dark circles?
What should be the bare minimum in a website meant for purchasing items?
what is the best way makeup to cover dark undereye circles?
How to do the Smokey Eye?
Which ELF brush, powder brush or stipple brush?
Does fucidin help make scars less visible?
what stores in nyc can i find janet sartin cosmetics?
how can i b able to source the products for sale inmy pharmacy?
Is this too much make up to wear to school, for a 16 year old in year 11?
Are my undertones neutral or warm (pics)?
Mascara, but no eyeliner?
What kind of makeup should I do on my 11 year old sister?
Whats your opinion of the Laura Mercier secret camoflage concealor?
How to Do My Makeup For the First Day of School?
What color eyeshadow looks best with green eyes?
How does it look like I'm wearing 'too much make up' ?
What u think of Emily didanto maybelline's model?
What does complexion mean?
paris hilton's my new bff, brittany?
How to Lengthen Eylashes?
How can I not look so washed out?
How to make makeup last all day?
What color lipstick should I wear if I have a light complexion, and blode hair? I'm cali girl?
Light makeup for a 13 year old?
Self tanner for fair skin?
my sister is not geeting onwith her boyfriend do you think she sholud phone him?
is nail polish remover safe to use on face?
Makeup Tips for a 12 and half year old girl?
Which fake tan is really good?
Dollar Tree Eyeshadow?
What happens if you don't take off your makeup before you go to sleep?
When Applying Eyeliner, Should You put rite under your eye or on your eyelid?
Eyelashes WILL NOT curl :( Help?
In Victoria's Secret fashion show,Why do all the models wear sooo much highlighter on their cheek bones?
Is it weird that I'm 16 and don't wear Makeup?
Esthetician School ?'s?
does this eye makeup looks good on me? (pics)?
i just got fake eyelashes....?
Am i pretty?
what are some good cheap brands for skin bronzer?
which oil should i use to make henna paste?
Where can you get these concealers?
What type of eyeliner is she wearing? (liquid..crayon..pencil)?
what makeup i shoulod wear to 6th grade?
best foundation color in makeup forever?
Does eyebrow percing hurt?
what is the best way to ensure lip gloss says on for longer?
Is this ok for an 11 year old?
pimple eraser or acne free power pimple peel..please help?
do snakebites hurt, how much do they cost, and how bad do they scar?
How can I improve my looks?
how many yeasr for makeup school?
Is MAC made by estee lauder?
what's a good age to start of with fake lashes?
what age do u think a girl should wear make up?
How to enhance my cheek bone,...?
Girls, what kind of perfume do you like to wear? Fruity? Sweet? Musky?
Tinted Moisturizer?
Drugstore foundations for olive skin?
Eyebrow waxing?
I would like to start a face regimen?
What are some of the best BB creams?
Is 9 years old to young to start wearing subtle make-up?
Can the MUFE Full Cover Concealer last without powder?
Does anyone find it silly that girls are always obsessed with make-up, shopping and the colour pink?
what color eyes do u have?
help me with my eye makeup?
How can I make myself physically more pretty?
do you think its wrong for your boyfriend/husband tell you not to wear make up?
Blog question? plz help.?
Is my best friend attractive? (high school)?
Should I wear makeup?
Make up !!??!!!!!???????????????????
How can i make my brown eyes look lighter and bigger?
What can i do to make my skin look flawless when its natural?
do people with low income buy makeup from a dollar store sometimes?
Do you always wear makeup?
are there any bare mineral users out there,if so,how does it work for you?
Is the new rimmel Maxxx lashes mascara any good?
What is the abslute best cosmetic line?
Names for private label (wholesaler) cosmetic line?
I love nail polish but.....?
how should i start wearing makeup?
How do you get eyeliner like Demi lovato?
Mascara application...........?
I cant apply eyeliner for my life. Please help!!?
how do i make my self pretty so he will notice?
MAC Studio Fix Fluid?
Why do women like makeup?
Anyone know of a really good (brown) eyeshadow pallette?
What's a good brand for blush?
I need help setting up a make up station/ vanity?
What color eyeshadow is she wearing? Help!?
A nuetral makeup look?
How can I make my skin not red?
I have big eyes, but I want to make them look bigger?
Does hairspray work to presere colors?
Has anyone tried Alima Minerals?
Is my blog any good (beauty / fashion )?
How much make up is too much for school?
In what order do you use mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyelash curler?
Can germs live on lipstick?
What's a good Sephora eyeshadow palette for me?
What's the best mascara?
How often should you cleanse your face????
I want to clean up my look... suggestions?
not allowed makeup at school? wat do i do?
why do i look prettier when i am cold?
Where are the best stores to get cheap makeup?
Angelina Joli Mescara,Eyeliner......?
Eyebrow wax burn help?
use fingers or brush for foundation?
How to get smoky eye makeup in 5 mins without eyeliner?
How would I create this makeup look?
Too much Makeup for a high school girl?
Make up Tips? for beginners?
Can I sleep with liquid eyeliner (waterproof) on?
what colour you want for your eyes?
Nivea Visage 3 step program ?
What color eye shadow should a girl wear with a gold prom dress?
Can you give me some tips on how to sell makeup (at a department store)?
How do I cope with a teacher who is all up in our buisness?
How do I cover up the scars on my wrist?
Can anyone recommend a cheaper?
How do I send my buddy List to my new Sn so I have all my buddies? i have aim 6.?
Is this too much makeup for a middle school girl?
I need to make a Korean mask?
Makeup expire?
What brand has the best bronzer?
Pls. suggest logn time effective Perfume Brand & Powder Talc Brand with its Flavour, for Man for Office use.?
Can I return an opened makeup foundation from wal-mart?
isn't my mo being totally unfair?
Can i wear eyeliner if Im wearing eye contact?
What color eye shadow?
Too much eyeliner? (pics)?
How do I get my eyes to look like this?
what colour nail polish is in?
do you think bold make up is ok or just plain is?
Best lip stick color for olive skin?
GUY TROUBLEs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What kind of makeup should i wear ?
tips for make-up for school?
wat do gurls look in a guy?
Is anyone else addicted to lipgloss and chapstick like me?
ed lips!!?
Best prom makeup for a green dress!?
do i need less or more? link to pic!?
How to apply makeup for acne?
Does double eyelid tape work?
Fake tan, hot or not?
At what age did you start wearing makeup???
What is the best makeup if you tend to sweat it off or it just melts away as the day goes by?
the best face powder ? ?
do i wear to much make-up?
what is the right?
What do people prefer: more or less makeup on girls?
Help plz!!!?
Anyone know...?
make up ideas??
how should I wear my makeup for my play? 10 Pointer!!!?
How to recreate the effect when I put on eyeliner and then wash most of it off?
which make-up brand is the cheapest?
My mom said i can start to wear a little makeup....What should I get?
when should I begin to use eye creams?
how can you make kohl eyeliner last along the lower lid inside the eye? Can you use it along the lash line?
Finding the right blush color for my skin tone?
How much mascaras do you have?
Can a girl wear too much make up?
What is the best bronzer?
What are some full coverage foundations?
Have much do you spend on your make up? What products do you use?
i have an idea for a new nail polish. how do i manufacture np and get it into stores?
is there anyway to make your fingernails less oily please read !!?
How do you remove mascara?
what will happen if women not use lipstick when go outside?
I'm Moving from Florida to New York.?
what is the foundation of good relationship?
Can a buffer brush be used to apply cream blush?
Make-up help?
Should Certified Makeup Artists charge clients retail on makeup, or the professional discount price?
Do you recommend Physicians formula mineral wear?
what is the best full coverage foundation?
Beauty for my Graduation? PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!! I NEED HELP!?
the vidoe from girls aloud 'THE PROMISE' is it an old hollywood makeup look ?
Are Ardene's eye shadow good/descent quality?
Is there anyway i can make my eyes look bigger?
Can a tweleve year old girl wear makeup to her school disco?
whats your favorite kind of make up and why?
skin issue?
permanent eyeliner help please?
What if the girl has a busted grill ?
what do yall think? (pic)?
is mirror beauty parlor trivandrum good for bridal makeup?
is there mineral base lipgloss?
Women! Your fave perfumes?
How do you apply more than one shade of eyeshadow?
What do you use those false eyelashes that are in a little bunch not the whole strip?
How to get this makeup look?
Maybelline Lumi-Touch Highlighting concealer question!?
Free Tiffany Perfume Samples?
what's the best way to curl your eye lashes???
What's the best "tan" in a bottle that doesn't look orange and doesn't cost big bucks?
make-up ideas?
bonjouis liner effect mascara?
EYEBROWS: which hurts more waxing or threading?
What is the first step in determing the main idea? ?
What is your favorite brand of eye shadow?
how lip gloss will stay on longer?
How do I lighten my face to match the rest of my body?
Why cant I put on eyeliner good?
i have a oily t-zone,should i appy moisturizer before make up? if so which one is the best?
do you like mac new vibe blush from in the groove collection?
Ladies, what kind/color lipstick is your favorite?
how can i make myself remember to put on makeup every day?
Foundation color help?
The best mascara out of this two?
What makeup can 14 year olds wear?
what color nail polish is in this season?
Makeup trouble!!Help?:)?
How to put eyeshadow on asian eyes?
Bare Escentuals foundation question ?
GUYS ONLY: thoughts on girls that wear makeup?
how do I sign my friend up to sell Avon?
When did you start wearing makeup 2 school (girls or guys)?
What is the best anti-ageing/age prevention product i can use on my face?
How to use a foundation/conceler brush correctly?
What is my eye shape and eyebrow shape? PIC INCLUDED?
If i stop wearing foundation will my pimples go away?
how do you make continuous spray sunscreen spray?
what colour of eyeliner should i choose? a brown 1 or black 1???
Where can I buy a high pigmented eyeshadow palette?
what color are Megan Foxs eyes ?
What kind of make up should I use on my eyes?
Fake Tan Trouble!!?
Covergirl or Maybelline????
What lotion can I use to moisturize my face?
I am looking for a new concealer. What is your Favorite?
How do I make my eyes look bigger they look small :( Im 13 and I can where makeup any suggestions?
I need new fragrances for 2012, any recommendations? whats ur fav?
Do you think I'm pretty? (Photo included).?
Would you rather have mascara or eyeliner?
What is a good brand of make up, that wont make your skin break out?
What's a good way to achieve a brown eye smokey eye effect?
Eyeliner on top lid only?
Give me a new DETAILED makeup routine for the new school year? im 14 nearly 15 xx?
So... let me get this right?... is bb cream basicly foundation? but is also very good for your skin? or what?
How do I make my eyelashes look longer?
Good make-up brands?!?
I need help with my bangs people?
Is there anybody that use mac product how is it?
why my skin is oily if i do daily facewash?
Prom makeup...what do ya think?
im going into 8th grade and im going to wear eye shdow wat colurs should i use?
palladio herbal cosmetics...lip plumper?
Should i use light eye make up or heavier? (pics included!?
Guys, do you like it when girls wear like 5 pounds of make-up?
What's your favourite eye colour?
Girls only!?
how to take a good pic without shiny eyebrows?
What is an appropriate amount of makeup to wear to middle school?
Does anyone know how to apply Bare Minerals makeup without looking overmade up?
Any scary doll make-up?
what does traffic stoping sales technique mean?
What liquid foundation would you recommend? (in the UK)?
how to make eyes big?
my skin colour is weatish? so which shade of foundation will suite my skin?
someone who knows about make up HELP! please(:?
girls, do you apply your eyeliner across your whole eye or half way?
Anyone use Iman Cosmetics for Women of Color?
Whats the best foundation?
what eyeshadow is the nicest on greeny blue eyes?
has anybody tried any foundations from this brand (link)?
Which of these is cute?
Why do guys like there girls to look more natural?
What are some easy makeup ideas for brown eyes?
My 11 year old younger sister wears too much makeup?
What makeup should I wear(easy 10 points:))?
Photo editing site for brightening eyes ?
how to thin liquid foundation?
Cute eye makeup with black eyeshadow, massacre, and eyecrayon?
Are my eyebrows messed up (pic)? Need honest advice?
im sick of crappy make up....?
is it ok for me (male) to wear mascara?
What Is A Flesh Toned Mannequin?
Naked Palette 2 on BeautyBay?
Clinique help pleaseeee ~?
What kind of make-up would be best with a redy pink and white flowery dress?
What stores sell NYX products and is Urban Decay an individual store or part of Sephora?
Where can I find BLACK eyelash glue/adhesive?
DO I LOOK WEIRD!!???????? im your opinion lol
which makeup routine is better for a 13 year old?
How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
im ugly! some thing is wrong with my eyes?
how to be popular(or a slut)?
Makeup for a 12 year old: is this too much.not enough/perfect?
How can i not get too tan in the philippines?
what kind of makeup should an 8th grader wear?
Toner, mosturizer, cleanser?
What is the best body oil for pale skin?
Got A Wedding To Go To People!!!?
How can I make my skin smooth, bright & glowing naturally without using honey & eggs?
My eyes are the deepest darkest brown. what color eyeliner, mascara an eyeshadow will make my eyes pop?
What do you think of this idea?
My friend makes herself look like crap?
Good halloween costumes for a guy to dress as a girl?
What shade would i be in the urban decay naked skin foundation?? In MAC i'm NW25?
How do i turn my eye shadow into eye liner?
Whats your Morning School Routine?
good water proof lengthing mascara? under $10?
What is the brand/name of this eyeshadow?
what homemade face mask and srubs are easy to make?
Makeup ideas to go with my dress please help ! :)?
What color and kind concealer should I use?
Makeup for 12 yr old?
Does cola bad for acne? And how to apply foundation and concealer?
What's a really good foundation to buy?
Where can I find this lipstick?
What colour are your eyes?
I'm not the best at this :s?
like seriously? is my make up that bad?
where can i get gliter eyeshadow?
What is the best drugstore liquid eyeliner??? I have no time to go to a dept. store!!!?
What is a good toner to use?
I'm 12 and going to be 13 in may do you think that is old enough to wear makeup?
What colors do you usually paint your nails/toenails?
What's the right way to apply eye make-up...Is it mascara then curler or vice-versa?
do u know how to make ur eyes look bigger?
makeup help!?!?!?!!?!?!?
is there anyway to make the white part of your eyeball brighter?
Red lipstick or bold eye makeup for a night out?
What is a good way, or good makeup that will stay on through work? Resturaunt work?
What are the best youtube makeup channels?
what lip color goes with dark blue?
Does anyone know where to get lip gloss?
Lanolin in Burts Bees Natural Lip Shimmer Bad?
is mac studio fix powder good for oily skin?
If Love is what you make , what is the best shape of Love?
what happened to the tony & tina makeup line??
What Is The Best Brand Of Mascara Do Make Lashes Look Thick/Full?
how can i keep my face makeup to stay on ALL day?
Is there a way to make it a little less noticeable?
Girls, what is your favorite make up?
Australian Candle/Body Stores like Bath and Body Works??? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER :)?
is it ok to put tinted moisturizer after applying a primer/pore minimiser?
I got my Eyebrows Threaded yesterday and the Redness won't go away?
how can you get rid of bags under your eyes?
How is the Mabaline plush mascara?
where got the Fancyl house beauty product in Singapore?
Should I wear makeup? I am 11 years old and all my friends do. If i do, what should I wear?
is there bare minerals product (warmth) in india to make my pale fair skin look darker?
I need a a expert on makeup help!!?
Can the neutrogena skin clearing blemish concealer cover the redness around the nose area?
How to stop under skin spots?!?
40S and 50S glamour makeup and fashion tips? I need to know quick!!?
How can I convince my parents to let me wear makeup all the time when I haven't really worn it before?
Prom Hair and Makeup?
how do i order bare minerals?
eyeliner heeelp!!?
Decent fall clothing/style/makeup?
Which is the best concealer in the market?
good bronzer for breakout prone skin?
GUYS: alot of make up or a little or none???
I just got chocolate in my eye!?
Should I put on sunscreen lotion AFTER or BEFORE make-up?
How should I do my make up?
which is better: french manicure for the toes or dark, bright colour?
I need a good foundation please!?
what kind of cream should i use to make my skin brighter?
Would this color suit me s best answer?
What is a good make-up for a 14 year old to use?
where I can find a good salon that spray tans in the pittsburgh area?
how often and how should i clean my makeup brushes?
what color eyeshadow would i suit?
Is it bad to fall asleep with make up on?
What does drugstore mean?
How to really avoid getting tan?
what color eyeshadow, liner, and mascara should i use?
what is the best eyeliner to buy?
i thought i'd ask...?
what is your favorite lipgloss?
Help With Concealers?
i have fair skin color and dark brown hair i want to dye it into a light golden brown would that be good?
eyeliner or no eyeliner?
i dont like wearing foundation...what other options do i have?
What are some tips you have for applying pencil eyeliner?
Avon Or Clinique eyeshadow?
are curves a good or bad thing?
Favorite/best NYX products?
is it normal to werar makeup at the age of 10?
Does bare minerals help acne and cover acne scars?
palladio herbal cosmetics...lip plumper?
High street foundation with yellow undertones?
Dark blonde hair, green eyes...?
Is lipgloss a bad idea in really hot countries?
Am I weird not wearing make up?
Makeup Tips?
Is covergirl perfect point plus eyeliner good?
wat color looks good with brown eyes???
Smoky eye too much for a day wedding?
superwomen fancy dress makeup?
Sephora Birthday Gift?
TEENAGERS - how much make up do you wear?
When is the right age to start wearing makeup?
What color eyeshadow and lipstick would look nice on me (pic)?
How does she do her makeup?
how much are wiis in £s?
Can I get free samples of Pheromones?
I'm getting my makeup done at Mac for homecoming . Has anyone had experience with them!?
Which concealer would you reccomened for covering up dark circles?
How much is MAC COSMETICS?
Do I wear too much eyeliner?
How should I do my makeup for homecoming?
what nail varnish would look good with this outfit?
Shany Eyeshadow Palette?
What's a good long-lasting lipstick that does NOT work like a dye?
Just bought MAC pandamonium eyes...?
Are there brown mascaras?
how do you use certain dri or drisol?
How much make up should i be wearing?
13 year old wanting to be pretty?!?
girls, how do you remove your makeup? specifically mascara?
what should you do if your mom doesnt let you go on myspace?
can you still get a facial while using obaji?
R chery & strawberrybanana lipglosses in 4 springbreak?
Best foundation for dry face with mild acne? HELP!?
What colour eyes do you have?
which is better? NARS, MAC or Bare Minerals?
Best drugstore foundation?
Really good fake nails from cvs?
I pull out my lashes.:( How do I make it seem I have lashes without using extensions?
Does wearing eyeliner affect your eyesight!?
make-up for girls?
how can i be popular in school ?
What age should you start wearing makeup, and how much?
Does bio oil actually work for uneven skin tone?
makeup question. I need help!?
drugstore setting spray for makeup?
How can I make my eyelasher thicker/longer?
Is W7 moon light highlighting cream good?
where can you get make up with brands such as mac dior lancome chanel etc cheaper than rrp online?
How to do your make up like Keira Knightly in Pride and Prejudice?
What cosmetics do u wear?
For the "Back To Mac" Can You Get a Refill Eyeshadow Pan?
How to make eyes appear bigger in pictures ?
rimmel london 25 hour foundation waterproof?
I'm indian w/ brown eyes, what should I use? should i use brwn eyeliner or blck. i-shadow?, i'm medium toned,
What face shape do I have [pic] ?
to become a makeup artist do i need a certificate?
Which colour of lipstick would suit me? 10points for the best and quickest answer. :-)?
What colors of eyeshadow can I wear?
Why do we get pimples and how can we avoid them?
I need to know how to make myself look better what should I do (pic)?
flawless foundation?
girls do you war fake tan ?
Plum or black nail color????
How should an 8th grader wear her make-up?
Is Lily Lolo a genuine company? It sells mineral make-up on line but does not have a telephone contct number.?
What to do with my eyes.?
should guys use things like cover - up for acne to attract girls ?
how do i do my makeup like thiss!!! please helpp!?
Is my 15 year old sister too young to wear makeup?
what do you use to clean tweezers?
What does clear mascara do?
What is her eye shadow colour?
what should you put on your face before liquid concealer?
Herbal Henna Shampoo?!?
What kind of makeup should a 13 year old wear?
what is the best Makeup?
what is the best cheap highlighter or illuminizer from $0 to $20?
Can I get suggestions for a good foundation or concealer that's non-codomogenic?
Eye liner on eyelids?
is any ones birthday on 29th of june?
How do I cover up dots on my back?
12 years old, make-up help?
whats your favorite makeup/hairtutorial youtube guru?
Lipstick for girls with big lips???
False eye lashes when your 12?
can we use a night cream after using a astringent on d face?
what color eyes do i havee ?
Does anyone know a really good full coverage foundtion that does cause acne ?
Help with make-up for pale skin?
WHAT IS THE BEST DRUGSTORE powder foundation?
What is the best brand of make up to use?
What type of foundation to cover a tattoo?
Sunless tanners?
Ugly, pretty? advice (photo)?
How can I fix this makeup conflict?
Too much makeup for a 14 year old to wear to school?
what is your favorite high end lipgloss?
how do you hide a lip ring when your at work?
Who's this Chanel makeup model?
i need home page for models prefer makeup?
When to wear makeup (This is for girls...)?
What is your favorite color lipstick to wear?
Foundation or concealer first?
Why is my skin suddenly sooo bad?!?
Who makes the best non- clumping mascara?
Foundation question.?
how do you learn to put on makeup?
What make-up should i wear with this dress?
do you think it's ok for a 12 year old to wear eyeshadow, lipstick and have eyebrows waxed?
Im breaking out all of a suddon?
how old were you when you started wearing make up?
How long does unused eyeshadow last for?
should i use fake tan on my cheeks 2 give them a glow? blusher always rubs off?
Can anyone reccomend a good mascara ?
Where Can I Find Bulk Glitter, Soaps Etc?
help me pleaz! ! im 12 and i wanna prov to my dad that 12 year olds do wear make up?
How do I get my nails to grow faster?
I blush a lot, and i don't like it. So will this work?
This question if for people with blue eyes?
Whats the best spray on tan?
How can I keep my eyeliner from smudging?
is it weird for 12 year old girls to wear makeup?
When did you start wearing makeup?
How To Make My Foundation Stay On All Day?
what color of makeup?
Do you put eyeliner on the top or bottom of your eye?
Can I wear face primer with powder foundation?
How do you remove mascara?
Are More Men Starting To Wear Make Up These Days?
Mascara looks terrible on me?
I need help with eyeshadow makeup?
Hints and tips for make up please?
Makeup survey?? Please read all details!!?
Britney spears im a slave for you eye makeup?
Make up Questions Please help ?
What can I do to look older, and better? Thank you!?
Similar MAC lip colour to Bobbi Brown's Raisin?
Which Mac lipstick and lip gloss is this?
What camera does macbarbie07 use?
What the heck is BB cream?
Where to find a certain eye shadow?
drugstore nude lipstick?
For women of color, what mineral makeup color do you use ?
making up?
How do i enhance my eyes with make-up??
Tips for improvement?
victoria secret pink tinted lip balm "Happy" sold still ?? pleasse answeer?
Would big eyes be pretty?
How can I get my makeup to look smooth instead of cakey?
Where can I buy pure 100% cosmetic pigments?
i seen some of the spa do makeup.. is that jest for women or can guys get makeup too thare a diffence?
How to make your skin shine like this of models in magazines does?
Help! Mascara emergency!?
What color is Raven-Symone's lipstick in her current twitter pic? Its a whiteish or natural color HELP!?
Doing my nails need help ?!?
Have you tried the Beyond Color Plumping Lipp Gloss Clear from Avon? Did you like it?
Is it rare to have multiple colors in my eyes?
How can i get my makeup realy pertty with out eye shadow, eyeliner, and GEL masscara?
what ur fav color?
Best makeup you've ever used?
What's the best way to look after your skin?
make over!!!?
What is the best drugstore concealer?
Can you please tell me ANY GOOD MINERAL MAKEUP BRAND FOR SENSITIVE SKIN.please.thank you?
What age should start wearing makeup?
How to keep your eyes from looking puffed up the morning after crying?
i need make up help please!!!?
What does a 'highlighter' do?
What is Cheek Stain?
How old where you when you started wearing makeup?
How Is Bare Minerals?
99 cents store makeup?
What colour are your eyes?
What's the website for Trash nail polish?
Mom does not want me to wear makeup?
What is the best eye tissue treatment for lift and firming?
what was chicago like in the 1980s?
Good nail polish color?
what colour should i paint my nails?
Would you consider doing this?
is she wearing liquid eyeliner or ?
My eyebrows and eyelashes suck. Some tips please? :)?
Are there any sephora or mac stores in amman jordan?
Clear phone liquid coming out of phone?!?
Why does my " free love" eyshadow not look orange on my lid?
school photo day makeup?
what do you guys think about makeup?
What should I buy from MAC?
At what age did you start wearing makeup?
Good drugstore pencil eyeliner?
Can you wear a grey/black smokey eye with nude lips?
Where to buy EXTREMELY cheap makeup online?
Halloween make up crisis?
How do you tell your mom you want to wear makeup?
Affordable cruelty free make up?
Websites where you can buy make up?
blue lip gloss??????
Everyday Makeup, What Do You Think?
is 13 too young to wear eyeliner?
Which celebrity has the prettiest eyes??
BEST full coverage, matte makeup ?!?
What is the best and fairly inexpensive mascara for oily skin?
ladies...... would it be best to apply your make-up before you leave home instead of in the car?
What masscara do yo use ? why do you love it?
What should i wear on this date (makeup)?
How do i get my eyelashes to keep from clumping up after using mascara?
Do I wear too much makeup?
need help finding face makeup?
Eyelashes thinning help?
Coastal Scents makeup question?
What Maybelline mascara would lengthen my lashes?
What all over face colors in the Bare Escentuals collection compliment naturally tanned skin tones?
Sanitary belts: I think I found out why they are so popular lately. Do you want to know?
What's a good mascara that doesn't flake off?
What colour of Sleek Superior Cover Pressed Powder is the same as their foundation colour terracotta?
Does mac makeup break you out?
How can I do my makeup like her in the video?
how to put lipstick on?
I'm 13 years old. How much make-up should I wear?
Is Wolfe Middle School in Centerline a good school to go to ?
BOYS!! - What Jeans/jeggings look best?
can anybody recommend any brands of makeup that are vegan and cruelty free?
i'm going to a wedding and i don't know how to makeup?
Please please give me your opinion!?
Best eye shadow colour for multi coloured eyes?
Do u recommend wearing eyeshadow to the brow bone or just the eyelid?
What are some really good mascaras that are drug store brand?
Is this ok make-up for a 13 year old?
what is your morning routine?
Which mascara would be the best?
What do u call the eye lid but under the eye?
how can reduce my busts?
Do I wear to much makeup?
Where can I buy a bright blue and deep purple eueshadows?
do you think having a tan makes you look better?
Makeup sites..........?
What are some cheap bigginer makeup?
Going out with acne and no makeup?
Can anyone help with covering up a birthmark?
Which look is better, please help decide?
What can I use to reduce the appearence of fresh scars?
does mac have a cosmetics sale?
Could anyone suggest how to cover my blue/red cheeks with foundation etc to make me completely pale skinned?
Please Help! I want to know how to apply eyeliner and eyeshadow without it looking horrible.?
is there any way to make your own foundation?
What's the best anti-wrinkle cream?
Acrylic Nails... White Tips or clear?
Need skincare product that ACTUALLY works?
spiral eye makeup..i need colors?!?!?
Which makeup brand should i get?
where can i find a salon that specializes in eye brow styling for my teenage daughter.?
does this product really works like it says? check this out.?
How long does eyeshadow and lipstick keep?
Should I get a facial?
What makeup should beginners wear?
why do people wear alot of makeup?
Could you use flour as eyeshadoww??
What song does Lady Gaga sing when wearing the black sequin dress? And what makeup is she using?
does loreal cover up have oil in it?
Eye Liner Tips ?
Hey girls ! i want an eye shadow pallete which gives me a smokey look ? pls suggest?
What are your favorite makeup products?
has anyone ever used GLO MINERALS makeup?
Good eyeliner that lasts all day?
Guys always say they hate makeup?
How do you get mascara off????
how can i convince my mom to let me use makeup?
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation? ?
How to define eyebrows with mascara?
Is it a turn off for a guy if a girl doesn't wear makeup?
Is there such a thing as using too much makeup?
How do I get rid of eyelid wrinkles so I can apply eye liner smoothly?
Laura Mercier products?
Which lipgloss...sparkly light pink or sparkly peach-ish?
Bare Minerals Matte foundation?
Is it ok to use 6 year old eye shadow?
Unable to do a suitable smokey eye makeup.?
where can I buy white mascara?
Girls but mostly GUYS... what do you think about girls wearing foundation on their lips?
What is the best makeup remover?
What is your holy-graul foundation?
What do you think of me?
Can you Identify This Mark/Avon Lip Powder/Gloss?
Helpful hints?
Do you put makeup on before or after you get dressed?
What colour eyeshadows best suit me?
I have small eyes and short eyelashes what mascara do you recommend to bring my eyelashes out and not stick?
Foundation for Skin with Every Problem!?
i am 32 and have noticed that i have a moustache, what is the best product to get rid of it.?
What color eyeshadow and/or eyeliner should I put on my eyes to make them pop?
how do you put on eyeliner?
why do girls cake themselves in make up and fake tan?
where can i find a eye shadow case with over 100 colors.?
can i wear mascara at the age of 12?
Drugstore Foundations?
Homemade eyeshadow/makeup?
I have never done make up so I don't know what to buy for my make up?
tips about simone simmons make up from epica in 'cry for the moon' official video?
I have oily skin and I do not want my make up to look cakey. Should I go with pressed or loose powder?
I need a mascara that will...?
girl talk only do you think there should be a law to stop men wearing makeup?
What are your Fav Makeup Brands? (Read Description)?
Rimmel scandal eyes or max factor false lash effect?
Whats the longest a lipstick has ever stained your lips?
I need help determining skin tone to choose make-up?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What Makeup Would Look Good on My Skin Tone?
Can You Help Me Find the Right Eyeshadow Color for My Eyes?
Can I use a small amount of movate cream and then stop using it without it harming me?
Where can I buy make up brushs? A set? I'm poor btw T_T But can save! XD?
i need a good lip gloss !?
I'm 14 years old.. Can I have a Facial now to make my face better?
make up tips for green/blue eyes...?
What's a good lip chap?
is this an ok picture of me?.. (pic included)?
makeup tips/tricks! please help!?
Bad acne problem...please help me?
are my eyes that tiny?
What exactly is Viva Glam?
What colour eyeshadow would make my eyes stand out?
Wil nail polish remover get dried superglue off of my fingernail?
Too dependant on make up?
For those who wear mascara, which type do you prefer to use and why?
what can i use to make pimples go away(girls)?
How Should I Do My Everyday Makeup?
Why do you wear makeup?
Make up for my 11 year old sister?
Does Vaseline dry out your skin?
question for girls about eyeliners?
Who thinks its alright for me to wear make up at 13?
Heeeeeeelp! My eyyyeliner wont go on?!?!?
Where can I get professional makeup artist training in NJ or NYC?
Makeup to compliment baldness?
can u make brown eyes pop?
Where can I get Rimmel's Clear Complexion concealer in the US?
Does Mac Prep And Prime Skin Base Prolong Makeup Wear?
Should a 12 year old wear a LITTLE bit of mascara?
Is 13 too young to wear makeup?
my friend has a zit on her lip?
girls do you ever do this?
What do you call white ppl when his skin starting to look black?
Beauty Youtube video ideas? ?
does Burts bees Parsley Blemish Stick work?
What color of eye shadow should I wear with green eyes?
what do u think about this girl?
how can i remove eyeliner without makeup remover?
On what site can I purchase the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation that delivers to the United States?
Guys' opinion on makeup?
Cheap brightening undereye powder?!?!?
What lip color is this? Or how would you describe it?
what is a better powder for oily skin: maybelline smooth and clear or mineral powder?
My dad's wedding is on the 19th and I need a new style. Help!?
what kind of makeup for a 13 year old?
how and when do you use a ''shimmer powder'' compact?
wats ur i- pod colour?
Who thinks make-up makes ppl look better or worse?
What Is...?
I am looking for a new kind of LipGloss that i can get at a wal-mart store Does anyone know a good one to get?
Bronzer on naturally flushed face?
what good brand of mineral foundation i should use or buy? and im 14?
Guys??? Do you like it when girls wear makeup?
how can i acheive this look and i am african american ?
whats the difference between mac mineralize satin finish foundation and studio fix fluid?
what is a good foundation thats affordable for light skinned girls with a few scars from past acne?
What powders are like Rimmel Stay Matte?
Will you wear your makeup MUCH thicker?
Do any of you know a good website on how to do make-up?
what r ur top 2 favorite makeup brands?
Can you get Barry M and Gosh cosmetics in the US? or is there..?
I want to Be BLONDE with BLUe EYES?
Mary Kay Independent Consultant question?
I love red lipstick but not sure if it goes for spring, is it OK?
Beauty Tips for Me? Makeup and Hair- chubby cheeks, monolids, asian?
What is Solid perfume?
is this ok for a 12 year old?
eye liner?
need proper skin routine. face and makeup?!!?
how do i put on make up?
How do I get my eye makeup and eyebrows like hers in exact detail PLEASE!!!?
Where can i buy cheap makeup online. that would ship to New Zealand?
Spot scar thing !?
What do you think about guys wearing eyeliner?
Should I start wearing makeup?
Best drugstore foundation to cover redness?
What foundation would you recommend?
How would you do makeup for this face?
About Mascara!?
What are some make-up tips?
Every day makeup look for these features?
I tried to use Loreal hicolor red, nothing happened. What did I do wrong?
i have two different colored eyes, one blue, and one green. what would you recommend for eye makeup?
Is there a way to have a permanent line of dark liner on your water line is tattooing it the only way?
PLEASE HELP ME. I have no idea how to hide my cuts and I don't want people to know. Please.?
what is high cheekbones actually?
Zombie Makeup Pencils?
Which colour should I paint my nails?
what colour should i paint my nails?
what is a good natral way to make my face look bright and fresh?
BETTER Foundation? Laura Mercier,Lancome, Bobbi Brown??
I have a hard,red pimple on my chin,and I need it gone by Friday,Tips?
What does Sephora give samples to?
why people like to work at macys?
what's your favorite lipstick brand?
I'm letting my eyebrows grow back but I don't like the way the hairs at the bottom look can i still pluck at
What color lipstick would you wear with a hot pink dress???
How to make my eyes look bigger?
15 yr. old/10th grade girls, do you wear makeup to school?
Do you think I need any makeup on my face....?
Is mascara safe to use?
how to apply?
Is it ok to use Revlon Photoready Primer with Revlon Colorstay Foundation together?
Can you have the smokey eye look working with just black eyeliner, black eye shadow and some eye brushes?
Am I Good Looking Or bad ( 10point)!?
what kind of makeup should i use?
Clinique skin care products would you recomend?
where is my chapstick?
I was just wondering, if you could tell me about this foundation?
What store can I go to get makeup for the cheapest price?
What is the best kind of liquid foundation makeup?
what is some really good eyeshadow. other than MAC!?
How much would you spend on make-up?
Does Barry M cosmetics ship to the United States?
How to appy a sliver and a black eyeshadow the right way?
I was using L'oreal Translucide Foundation and as they have discontinued it?
what color eyeshadow?!?
Is makeup allowed at school in th 5th grade?
What eye make-up colours should I use for prom this Friday?
Are my eyelashes "spider eyelashes"?
Eyeliner? Top or bottom?
Can I wear purple lipstick to school?
Help Needed !!!!!!!?
Makeup Kit for your Purse?
Is painting my nails every Saturday and Wednesday too much? (TWICE A WEEK)?
Can you recommend an eye shadow where they are rich in color and stay put, never fading?
Was he suggesting that I need make-up?
Question about Ulta Cards?
Why do women wear makeup?
Ladies: are those pearl thongs really stimulating? I'm thinking of trying, are they worth it?
how do you do the girls aloud eye makeup, for the song the promise?
Im going to go buy some makeup right now. I dont no what to get. see details.?
Do you wear lipstick, lipgloss or both?
(girls) have you ever tried any of the?
eye make up help : )?
What is the best way to get rid of deep, dark circles under my eyes?
Do you like Hannah Montana's show and singing?
Which make-up is the most important to you? If you could only have one thing what would it be and why?
What is the best brand of makeup?
Does makeup make you break out?
dose this look good ? 10pnts?
what a must have things girls shouldnt forget?
What colors work for me?
neutrogena blush in fresh?
Tips for applying makeup to someone else?
Easy, quick face mask recipe?
What look is this? (Link)?
Do I wear too much make up?
my eyeshadow doesn't stay on for very long, how can i make it last longer?
best spot on body to test cosmetics?
How does eos lip balm (spheres) hold up to warmer temps and/or days in a bag!?
Liquid or Gel Eyeliner?
Ladies, would you kiss a guy if he had lip gloss?
What would be a very reasonable price for a set of false eyelashes+glue?
if someone is chubby/chunky and not fat can she?
is it ok 2 use makeup when ypur 12 & you r going 2 8th grade?
what to do with a full bottle of make up that i don't use?
what is the best foundation to use that is heavy enough but isnt gonna make oily skin break out?
False eyelashes questions!!?
wats ur i- pod colour?
Who makes better lipstick and eyeshadow?
Arent you all happy...?
Where is blue mascara sold?
What face shape do I have?
essence XXXL shine lipgloss?
Is it okay just to line your bottom eye with liner?
what is your favorite type of mascara?
A couple makeup and beauty questions!?
I Need a Good Mascara?
What is a good brand of nails at a drug store?
Does lip liner make a big difference to the final outlook of a lipstick?
What is the best eyeliner?
Are my eyebrows bushy? or too big for my face?
merle norman??????????
Am I wearing too much make-up?
Pink BB Cream better than Missha BB Cream?
best time to visit makeup counters at department stores?
Smashbox Photo Finish bronzing primer?
How do you blend foundation correctly?
Why do white girls look dif without make up?
what is the maening of eyeliner,eyeshadow,chapstick,lipliner,cr…
how can you make your skin flawless?
What colour of Sleek Superior Cover Pressed Powder is the same as their foundation colour terracotta?
Do self tanners give you a gold tan or a brown tan?
Help dinner part don't know what to do for make up ?
What type of skin do I have?
When you have to pu in a tampon do you have to put the applicator in all of the way?
Can someone tell me what color my eyes are? picture included?
Need some makeup and beauty tips?
What powder foundation should i get?
How do I remove nail polish with glitter?
Do you think that Wet n' Wild Creme Shadow pencil in Pixie would be at CVS/ShopRite etc.?
Foundation....powder or liquid?
do i wear too much makeup?
Does anyone know the difference between 03-Medium and Medium when it comes to BB Cream?
What color are her eyes?
Should i wear make-up for a professional photo-shoot?
What is your favorite color lipstick to wear?
Neutrogena Radiance Boost Eye Cream or Garnier Eye Contour Gel?
Does anyone use a green concealer stick? How do you use it?
New Makeup look Help??!!?
What color of mascara is best for a medium too dark red redhead too wear? Black, Brown, Black/Brown?
What color eyshadow would be best for me?
what color eyeliner should blondes wear?
Which Service to choose?
should girls wear eye liner?
what makeup is good for me?
I need some helpful tips on how to put make up on secretly?
How to make my tinted moisturiser last all day ?
what type of foundation does rosie huntington-whiteley wear?
best face primer for super oily/combo skin? i used to use MAC Prep+Prime but formula changed?
Do you think I have a chance in this bet with a girl over strength? It involves makeup :(?
Best nail polish colour that guys like?
Where to buy false lashes?
Giving my friend a makeoverr! Any ideas?
How I do I make my nose appear more sharp?
Which eye wrinkle creams really work?
I have really blonde hair and bright blue eyes, what color eyeshadow would be best for smokey eyes?
is my makeup "natural"? (pic)?
I have tried so many things to get rid of my blackheads!?
What shade of brown skin tone am i?
Anyone know anybody I can get free makeup samples from?
Can I use my toner inthe middle of the day without cleansing my face first? ?
Looking for a Swap preferably with someone in Japan ?
What is the best color on me?
What color make up do I need?
how should i do my makeup ?
Okay I seriously need help big time. Please Everyone.?
I can never seem to find the right foundation?(pic included)?
How can you get eyeliner to stay on and not smudge?
What mascara works well????
why do you think some guys wear make up?
Girls, what bronzer do you use?
How much is it to get your makeup done at Bare Escentuals?
what is a good foundation that stays on long?
best drugstore makeup list?
Which is more important to you in the oppisite sex: gorgeous eyes or gorgeous smile?
my eye shadow looks ashy?
Film ap yg pling bgus?
Tips to look more hard rock .. Makeup ideas?
Does anyone know where I can find 100% Australian lanolin on a stick in the US? Like chapstick?
cliche eye shadow primer?
pretty school makeup?
Does walmart let you return makeup without the receipt?
Girls I need help with make up and such!?
Can you use a sharpie pen to put a fake beauty mark on your face ?
Whats the best spray on tan?
is bare minerals good for dark scras on forehead?
i want to know what color i should do my eye shadow.?
I am 14, a girl and I have a bit of a mustache. HELP! I am not allowed to wax/bleach.?
How to be the best makeup artist in the world!?
How do u put on mascara without clumps?
do you think a guy is gay if he wears nail polish??
What type of paint can I use to paint somebody's face?
question about eye liner on guys?
Which picture do i look better in?
"glowing" bronzer and blush? ?
Is there any way to change the battery in my Clarisonic?
Do I wear too much makeup for a fourteen year old?
what brands are in your make up collection?
Should a 13 year old wear bronzer?
Can i return used foundation to ulta?
Should I use a face primer (pics)?
I'm going to change my mascara?
need to get my skin ligher/whiter need help?
At what age will eyelashes start to get shorter?
Where can I go to get my make-up done for prom?
what kind of makeup would suit an 11,12,13 year old ?
Do you think that raven symone off of thats so raven is fat?
Which girl would you want to look like?
need help WITH MAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
makeup and hair for a boy??
What is your makeup routine?
help!!! how to be pretty with out makeup?!?
What's a good foundation that wont run off when you get sweaty?
Whenever I put make up on (like coverup, concealer), my skin looks all dry?
Can i use chanthik daily?
Should I get a spray tan and will I turn orange?
what is a good way to make my project be unique nd get me a good grade?
I need a good Makeup tutorial for a not so important meeting?
What are the clumpiest mascaras?? What mascara do you wear?
how can i do my makeup to compliment my eyes?
How do you choose what color of eye liner and shadow to use?
My eyes are always red! Help!?
What kind of makeup does Janelle from Big Brother use?
Cheryl Cole's Make-up?
good makeup tips for a teeen?
What color of lips sticks do you prefer?
do youu think little 11 and12 year old girls should be wearing eyeliner?