Do you agree with this?
What's a good non-orangey self tanner I can use?
how can i put a picture on the top of my youtube page?
Would you let your boyfriend sees you without makeup?
What is the best face cream for night and day that protects from wrinkles and the sun?
has anyone tried the Neutrogena SkinClearing Oil Free makeup products?
What makeup covers up acne?
Where i can find make-up for latina with yellow undertone?
make up for a blue and black shiny dress?
what nail color should i do?
Make up brand?
How can I bring out the green in my brown eyes?
What kinds of makeup should a 13 year old wear?
What kind of eyes do you like?
Is there makeup out there that improves skin?
A good fake tan for pale skin?
What's your favorite type of eyeliner?
what is the best foundation & concealer for someone with a bit of redness and dry patches?
i am in my teens and have a issue with being owerweight how do i lose the weight?
Foundation trouble please help?
Does anyone know where I can order Jazz pressed powder online?
Is she wearing too much make-up?
What are your favorite MAC products? (MAKEUP)?
for olive, east indian skin with a yellow complexion-.What colors go well?
mascara problem!?!?
is there makeup that last one month?
eye makeup?
Drug Store makeup VS. High pricey department store makeup??
Help me match my makeup with outfit?
How to apply pencil eyeliner to make your eyes look dramatic?
How can you make lashes naturally fullest and longer?
drugstore setting spray for makeup?
11 year old makeup tips?
Girls, what is your favorite make up?
help! i have really puffy eyelids an tiny lashes!?
rimmel london 25 hour foundation waterproof?
am i too young to wear it at 14? please answer ASAP!?
How do you store your makeup?
Is Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Black Satin Nail Lacquer good?
Applying Eye Makeup ...?
How do you get rid of the puffieness under your eyes?
How much makeup should a 15 year old wear?
good make up for brownish eyes?
Does Make Up Forever's HD Powder cause break outs?
Study much makeup to not look like I'm trying too hard?
what should i apply first,sunblock or whitening cream?
My face is very dry- how can I make it look glowy?
Does the Clinique Airbrush concealer have just one end?
what makeup looks good with a hot pink dress?
What type or color of makeup should I wear for my prom?
Too much makeup for my age?
what is your favorite brand of makeup?
what brand(s) of makeup do u buy/use?
What kind of makeup should you wear in middle school?
How to become a famous makeup artist?
What do you think would make me look better... looking...?
I need help picking a color for MSFN from MAC?
What is your favorite makeup product?
How should I do my makeup?
What colors would look good with dark brown/black hair and beige skin tone?
What color eyes do smokey eye makeup look best on?
I am 24 years old male.Please suggest what should I apply to temporarily conceal holes in my both nostrils?
How do I accept credit cards when I sell Mark. make-up? Mark representative question.?
This is an emergency!!! What's the best way to hide extremely bad tan lines?!?
Can i earn a make-up licence from doing theatrical and media make-up at college?
Is this a good way to organize my purse?
Tip Makeup artist???????????????
Do you always wear makeup?other questions..?
Which Make-Up Brand is better and cheaper? -M.A.C or Bare Minerals?
how can i wear make-up to school without it looking like i have anything on?
what is lipstick???
Any good drugstore concelors?
Are my eyes forest green eyes?
What makeup brands to do recommend for my age?
what is the best (affordable) makeup product?
What color blush would look nice on me?
I tend to cake on the make-up.. How should i really apply it? (pic also)?
Girls Clothes and nail polish?
drugstore nude lipstick?
who thinks girls that are teens should wear makeup?
good brands for make-up primers?
What is Snow White's make-up?
Does wearing makeup one day make you look tired?
How do I lighten dark under eye circles?
question ??????
Where can you buy skin whitening cream?
what is your opinion on eyeliner?
When Guys say they like their girl without makeup, do they mean it? Or are they trying to be nice?
How can I do heavy eyeliner like this?
Guys what is your opinion on Suri Cruise wearing makeup !!?
Whats the best way to apply liquid foundation?
Should a 12 year old wear a LITTLE bit of mascara?
What makeup should a 13 year old wear?
I am 28 and my skin is dull and dry which Indian product(face wash) suits me?
sleeping with makeup on... is it bad?
'laura mercier secret camouflage' consiler?does anyone used it?do u recomend it?
Do lip plumpers work? Which one is the best?
ATTN: MAKEUP ARTIST! Mac Makeup-"Silver Fog" Pigment & "Platinum" Pigment are they the same color?
how to look youngerrrrrr?
What does it mean to have "nice" eyes?
How old do i Really look???!?
can you use concealer not cream but a stick type as an eye shadow base?
Mascara? Eyelashes?
What is the best mascara?
What would be the prices of MAC products at the Cosmetics Company Outlet?
I have heard that there are message/voy boards on the internet that allow people to exchange or trade makeup?
Favotite/good drugstore foundation ?
I don't like makeup? ?
am i too young to wear these at 13?
Which Drugstore Brand Of Makeup Do You Think Is The Best?
does anyone know where u can get Oil of Olay liquid foundation?
Is Clinique a really good product?
it looks tacky HELP?!?
What shade of lipstick suits me... I have honey blonde hair and I have fair but warm skin...?
question about buying makeup?
What's the difference between the base (primer???) and foundation?
Do fake eyelashes make you look like a drag queen?
How do I apply mascara without getting it onto my face! Long eyelashes...?
Whose eyebrows do you like better?
Which color lip gloss do you like the most?
Best Lip Products for Kissing..?
What is the best nail and toe polish color(s) for the summer?
is this too much make up for a 13yr old& what make up do you wear everyday ♥?
Can someone teach me how to use makeup???
Skin79 BB cream or Neutrogena enhancer(tinted moisturizer)?
Too much makeup for a 14 year old?
How to get eyeliner out of carpet?
Make-up whole sale websites?
What should i do for my make-up?
hu invented makeup?
Make up help needed!?
Best Foundation?
Trying to figure out my dior airflash color?
I'm 14 years old, do you think I'm too young for red nail polish?
Which products work for....?
How much make up do you wear to school?
has anyone used revlon colorstay, covergirl, l'oreal or maybelline compact powder?any suggestions?
hair or makeup..........?
Does this sound like too much makeup for a 14 year old?
How to do your makeup? ?
What is a good foundation for the summer?
How should i do my makeup ??
Has anyone tried nars?
Mascara! the best one?
make-up help plz??xxxxxgirls plz!?
How can I tell exactly what undertone I am & what foundation colour I am?
Do you think this is innapropriate for school?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 13 year old?
should i get a fake tan??
what is better long hair or short hair?
What stores can you find Burts Bees lip color or any lip stuff of tha brand.?
Where can I get really nice eyeshadow palettes at a cheap price?
do you think shes?
What is the best eyeliner you have ever used? eyeliner is really crappy!!!?
Why do girls make me paint my toenails when i lose a bet?
Make-up..?? Girls help..?
which blush u like better ?
Are large almond shaped eyes, thick eyebrows, and long eyelashes attractive or ugly on men?
What do you think of girls with Brown Eyes?
should i let my 12 yr old wear make up?
What are the best OPI nail colors for this spring/summer?
How do I make my eyebrows less arched?
Whats the best make...?
Coastal Scent Buyers: How does the offline orders work, where you send a check?
what is the best kind of make up? i use to use clinique?
What's the best neutral eyeshadow to wear alone : smog or half baked?
How Do I Ask Her,,..?
How do i need to find a girlfriend ?? i am cleaver ... so how can i use the cleavest to make a gf plz tell me?
need sheer covers number plz!?
im African american i want to apply make up to myself for the first time what can i use ?
Does anyone know what MAC LipGlass Nicole Richie is holding in the opening of The Simple Life? ITS NOT PURR!
Why does my concealer come off when....?
Do you ever want to tell people to clean the mascara out from under their eyes?
Best primers for dry-er skin?
How to make my face look more mature?
Any makeup tips that would make my dark brown eyes prettier?
Perfect Nude Lips???
Should a 16 yr. old wear foundation?
how do girls color in their eyebrows?
what's my face shape?
How do i keep my skin smooth and spotless?
What's the best chapstick for dry ed lips?
when look in the miror , what u see?
How to improve my face colour and what cream i want to use?
help me! i am thirteen and i wear way too much make up!!!!?
Which kind lasts the longest?
does anyone have any kind of ideas for what kind of makeup a 7th grader could wear?
my perfect foundation?
Are these Mac brushes real?
Brown eyes or Blue eyes?
What is the best mascara on the market?
Where can I get free lancome makeup samples?
Hew do you go no a died?I am not fat i wight 113.?
Powder for Mac Studio Fix Fluid?
What is the d/s best powder to set my liquid foundation?
where to learn how to do professional make up?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What is the best mascara to use?
Best face moisturizer, liquid foundation, powder and concealer?
Makeup Help ? Pleaassse. (:?
Need makeup and hair help now!!!!! Pleez!!?
Been shaving the tops of my eyebrows off for years. Recently stopped, how long til they grow back?
best bronzed colored eyeshadow from a drugstore for brown eyes?
where can i find nat robbins???
advice me a colour :)?
MAC Foundation Bottles?
Women only please!?
Acne Problems,What do i use to help cover it up. PLEASE HELP!?!?
Will you rate my fashion/makeup site?
Im being a pink crayon for halloween what can i wear for make-up?!?
What drugstore foundation and powder should I buy?
How Much Does Renova Skin Cream Cost At A Pharmacy?
do people think you are lazy if you dont put on makeup?
Who do you think is prettier? Be honest!?
does avon ship to holland ?
Cheap eye brushes in Singapore or any online shop that ship worldwide.?
Where can I find my private jet by OPI?
Help I have no eyebrows...?
A question for the Adult ladies?
What are some must haves for makeup for everyday?
Help with eyebrows! And need Beatuy tips!?
Look so horrible without makeup?
I don't wear any make up when i go out. Is that weird?
Why is my makeup making my skin look all y and wrinkly ?!?
e.l.f brushes?
Makeup Help please!!!?
guys only; girls answer if you really want to.?
Where do I buy my makeup?
Will Benefit's Hoola bronzing powder work well to "sculpt" your face ?
Where to find makeup artist union?
the right powder or foundation and eye shadow for my face?
what colour make up for a warm ash med blonde hair fair cool skin?
What is the most volumizing mascara?
Whats your favorite make up Line?
what age is it okay to wear makeup?
Why can't women be beautiful without makeup?
BB CREAM???????????????
Favorite and best lip balm?
at the end of the day,my makeup becomes all patchy and orange?
how do I get a foundation stain out of my white shorts?
How can I get this more natural look?
Help! I need makeup tips (pics inside)?
Blond streaks question.?
I want longer eyelashes.?
What colors look best on girls with light blonde hair and blue eyes and pale skin and is only 4 foot 9 inches?
Do you think im pretty? (pics included)?
whatr good colors of eyeshadow to wear if u have light skin but u still have a tan?
how can my eyes look beautiful without using any mascara?!?
Ladies what's your favorite foundation ?
Could I be a model? (pics) answers appreciated?
this might sound stupid but can black girls use colorful eyeshadow with out looking silly (i'm new to this)?
make-up tips?
Has anyone tried Smashbox Compact Ant-Shine?
Are smash box foundations good?
how do i remove nail varnish from clothing?
What make up to wear in bed?
anyone know any websites that give good tips on how to put on makeup properly??? help!!!!?
what do they call people that do peoples makeup and hair.?
Bare Escentuals Make-up Kit ..?
super easy question, 10 points?
some tips for fresh glowing skin.?
Do I wear to much makeup?
Couple of short make-up questions? ^^?
Poll: What color r ur eyes?
where can i get shehnaz hussain cosmetics product sales officer ?
Why do girls love doing makeup?
Makeup for a freshman in highschool?
when did you start wearing makeup?
What is your favorite make up brands?
Hairy eyebrows?
! Icons? help plz!?
best drugstore makeup list?
Why and how are MAC eyeshadows better than other types at superdrug etc?
What is the one thing in your makeup bag you cannot live without?
lip smackers or baby lips?
can i get rid off my dark circles within 8-10 days?
I have a problem with my e.l.f eyeliner pen HELP!?
do any of you know what pinks actual name is? cause i totally dont know?
What in the world is mineral blush?
good bronzer for breakout prone skin?
Favorite MakeUp Styles?
Do you know a really good lip balm?
Can you recommend me a Champaign coloured BLUSH?
urban decay and MAC
Sephora or MAC for my 18th Bday party?
Are you only pretty if u have some makeup on?
How can I get Skin This Pale?
What's wrong with my eyelid?
is this too much makeup? im 15?
Would you automatically assume a guy was gay if he wore eyeshadow?
Am I ugly without makeup?
what brand of makeup do you use?
How can I get thick eyelashes?
Do women need to wear makeup to look good?
How to make homemade facial masks, deep conditioners, and hand treatments(if that's a word...)?
What would your response be?!?
How do I get makeup like Hanna Marin?
why does my skin colour change?
Thoughts On The NARS Foundations?
My mascara smudges onto my bottom lid, any reccomendations?
Any nail polish that does not contain titanium dioxide?
New Mascara from l'oreal called Beauty tubes.. ?
Which makeup do I really need from those suggested at makeup counters?
do u guys know where can buy the double eyelid stickers in sacramento?
My nails have gone a funny colour?
Which brand of mascara do you find to work best?
Can I use any oil when making lip gloss at home?
what lipstick is she using?
How do i make her jealous?
How do I avoid clumping mineral make-up?
Why do some people draw on their eyebrows?
I need makeup ideas for the first day of high school?
If you were me, which one would you pick?
Which type of concealer should I use?
Right shade of red lipstick for her?
Beauty Problems! BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!?
Is there something that I can put on my eye lashes to turn them black?
how to make my mascara be noticed?
tell me about compact which is used for make up and also tell about beauty tips to keep face fresh?
How can i get my eyes like this?
What color eyeshadow should i wear?
Is this amount of makeup ok?
pearl fairness cream?
My make-up always looks shiny in photographs. How can I avoid this happening on the big day?
Should I wear blue or green lipstick?
How can I get my eyebrows to look like this?
What can cover beauty moles ? Black ones on the face ? I wear ALOT of foundation and blusher to try cover it?
Do I wear too much makeup for 13?
Is there such a person as a cosmopharmacologist? Is this a real word?
Does anyone know where I can get decent but cheap make up bags?
Contact Lense Help...?
What brand of makeup should I try?
i want to order something online from mary kay...?
for olive, east indian skin with a yellow complexion-.What colors go well?
What's a good foundation for me to try?
What is the best colour eye shadow to make green eyes 'pop'!?
Is this too much makeup? 10 points?
Anyone knows a really good SHADOW for CONTOUR?
What makeup should an 11 year old wear to school?
Who has had success with Bare Minerals foundation?
make-up brands and tips for a 13 year old?
Do you wear a lot of makeup.?
is katie a bad name?
How to avoid lash fallout?
basic makeup to carry in purse?
Pencil Eyeliner?
what shade am i in MAC foundation?
What are good new gifts for my 11 yearold daughter?
China glaze nail polish?
My eyebrows are different?
How can I paint my body to appear like I'm from a black and white movie for halloween?
Am i too young to wear this much makeup?
I need some new makeup and.....?
Advice for lip color.?
Do you feel makeup completely changes you? (Theres a question in here for guys too!)?
Does anyone know of a good drugstore dupe of YSL's lipstick in the color Tea Rose?
Does wearing makeup really damage your face in the long run?
Does make-up hide the scrubble?
i am really light complected...?
Is this too much makeup for everyday?
Does Almay SmartShade makeup offer good coverage??
What makeup do guys like?
touche eclat?
Guys and girls, what do you think about girls wearing a lot of makeup? say celebrities. girls on the street.?
How do I get the sexy cat eye look?
What kind of make up would suit me? (lilac hair) TEN POINTS?
How should I wear my makeup and hair? Opinions!?
What makeup look would go best with "German Bar Maid" costume?
This is really silly, but where do you put eye-liner?
What's the right way to apply eye make-up...Is it mascara then curler or vice-versa?
The best baby pink lipstick?
why must pratices be non-discriminary when dealing with colleagues,customers and visitors to workplaces?
Too much makeup??????
has anyone tried brushes from ecotools?
What is the best eyeliner?
Is it okay to just wear eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss?
is this a lot of make up for a 14 yearold?
what do you think bout benefit make up?
how do i remove 24 hour lasting lipstick from a 3 year olds face?
What color eyeshadow and eyeliner will make brown eyes stand out?
What color are my eyes?
False eyelash application techniques?
Make up and other stuff?
how do i ask my mom when i can start wearing make up?
Question for the ladies. Loew Cornell paint brushes used as makeup brushes?
I am one hundred percent serious.?
How much makeup do you wear?
What are good new gifts for my 11 yearold daughter?
How much makeup do you personally wear?
why cant i put mascara on both my eyes on stardoll?
When did you start wearing make-up?
Am I ugly without makeup?
Question for Asian girls...?
is this fake tan good?
how can i be prettier?
Facial complexion colour change?
i want to wear a neutral eye shadow, how should i put it on?
can anyone tell me how much is MAC pro palette refill eyeshadows in uk?
What is that white/blue stuff athletes use on their lips called when in the snow?
can anyone recomend a good natural looking foundation?
What's One Beauty Addict You Can't Live Without?
how to make my eyes almond shaped?
How to spot a fake MAC studio fix powder plus foundation ?
question about avon credit?
sharpee as a nail polish is that bad
Where can I find a decent, large cosmetic bag/box?
Dior Make-up?
Cheaper alternatives to MAC Mineralize Skinfinish powder?
What do u think of girls who wear lipliner outside of their lips to make them look fuller??
Do my eyes look lopsided?
What four M.A.C. shadows should I choose for a silver smokey eye? a blue one?
Would it be worthwhile to become a Mary Kay representative?
blackheads help ???
Which color eyeliner will make the green in my hazel eyes stand out better: purple or brown?
Can you wear BB cream by itself?
what's the best eyeshadow color for blue eyes?
Anyone know a brand of nail polish that sells pitch black and bright orange colors?
sadly missing discontinued makeup products?
a question about makeup?
Baby oil in my eye. will it be okay?
good websites online to buy bourjois makeup?
how do you sign up to post reviews for
Are light brown eyes considered less attractive?
Do I look better with eye makeup or without it (photos)?
What do you think of the new Primark makeup?
What is this brush called?
makeup/ dressup games that arent kiddish?
BEST drugstore foundation for dry skin (that doesn't clog pores)?
why doesnt anywhere sell the new loreal one day tan?
Will taking Biotin pills really help with hair growth?
MakeUp Help!! For Work?
Good natural looking foundation?
Blue Eyes - Blue Eyeshadow?
lipstick or lipgloss what kinda girl are you?
Oil of Olay question before I buy?
spray foundation and eye sealers?
Do you enjoy watching YouTube makeup & hair tutorials?
Females: are your toenails painted right now?
How can I be more attractive?
Why are parents not ok with 14 and over kids wearing make up?
i've got brown eyes what coulor eyelinner should i wear???
what are the top selling beauty aids for women?
are claire's makeup any good?
Is it ok to put brush on gel over nail polish?
should a 7th grader ware makeup?
When i wear makeup my eyes water!?!?
what is a good concealer?
nadia ali's inspired look?
Do i wear too much make-up?
How do you blink with eyelid glue or tape?
would you not wear make up this whol week for 500 bucks?
What is The Best Makeup Youve Used?
Where online is best to but Ben Nye makeup products?
Best DRUGSTORE foundation?
What color nail polish are you wearing now?
Best foundation for my skin?
Ladies, please answer?
When should a girl start wearing make up?
Does the "Color Institute" Nail Polish Water Marble Well?
what are some of the hottest hair styles?
What color eyeshadow enhances hazel eyes makes them pop?
Drugstore Volumizing Mascara?
When is the Sephora Friends and Family Sale for 2010?
can i use egg mask and baking soda facial mask at the same time in a week?
shahnaz products???????????
Can you help me ID this lip product?
Has anyone tried the Lauren Hutton Face Disc?
How do I apply natural make-up to bad skin?
Is there a Barry M cosmetics anywhere in Canada?
I where glasses...........?
how do i apply make-up to get the cat-eye look?
is the Loreal Studio Secrets No.1 Magic Perfecting Base mousse like?
I never get tan. Help me!?
fergie, skillet, Pink Floyd, or The Fray?
how do i make my face look fresh?
what colour lipstick/gloss will suit me?
filling in eyebrows what do you do?
What is your best facial feature?
Would pencil irritate your skin?
Picture day question?
BB cream VS tinted moisturizer?
Please take a look at my blog and tell me what you think?
Good homecoming makeup from naked palletes?
MAC makeup foundation question.?
Girls: What is your favourite mascara?
What is the purpose of foundation? Is powder just another word for foundation? Why isn't concealer enough?
When should girls wear makeup?
Dry, patchy foundation?
Demonstration Perfumes?
how old were you when you first wore makeup?
How do I make myself look prettier in photos?
When should i be able to wear mascara?
Has anyone used shiseido moisturizer or refining essence? can you tell me how you like shiseido?
Are there any eyeshadows from covergirl or any other drugstore brand that are matte, pigmented, and NOT sheer?
Best products for covering eyebrows?
good brands of eyeliner/black eyeshadow?
Do you think I have a chance in this bet with a girl over strength? It involves makeup :(?
make up poll: Mac or Sephora?
How do i stop my makeup from melting?
does anyone know of a really good smelling purfume like at target or something?
how do i make my self pretty so he will notice?
Best foundations in UK?
What makeup colors work best with reddish-brown hair, brown eyes (with green flecks), and fair skin?
Poll: Do u prefer matte, glitter, metallic or shimmer eyeshadow? Why?
What is a good drugstore concealer?
were these necklaces worth my money?
whats a good anti oxidant for daytime use that doesnt make your skin?
i have green eyes, so whats an eyeshadow color that will really make my eyes pop?
What is the best flavor of Lipgloss?
How to have perfect eyebrows?
Are eyes that are black, big and round considered attractive?
Please read this?
I like a light feel for foundation but powder tends to sit in the fine lines. Can anyone suggest alternatives?
Eyeliner on waterline?
my eyelashes dont stay up & curled...?
may i know the duties and responsibilities of an fashion cosmetic advisor?
Is the website a trustworthy site?
would bb cream cause oily face?
Is it bad to sleep with eyeliner and maskera alot?
what kind of makeup should a middle school girl wear?
Where can I learn?
I need to get a gift ready.?
Check out our youtube channel and leave some feedback?
Does my eye makeup look fake? (10 points :)
Is this bad? My mom said my makeup looks natural?
Is my daughter's morning routine too much?
Should I buy Naked Palette one or Two?
I am about to start a cosmetics business. The first product is lip gloss. Any tips or ideas?
Good anti wrinkle night cream?
What is your opinion on my eyes? ?
Urban Decay make-up for my girlfriend. I'M SO CONFUSED. Please help.?
Does anyone know if the victorias secret bare bronze collection sheer self tan mouse.........?
do you think it'll hurt if i sleep in my makeup for ONE night?
Urban Decay Naked Palette or Stila Natural Eye Shadows Palette?
my eyeliner doesn't work?
What is your favorite mascara?
How do I give myself a makeover..?
Make up for party next thrusday.... any advice????
What are microspheres and how are they used in cosmetics?
eye makeup help!?
What is gud face cream ?
Does rubing achol make your skin darker?
Pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner?
eyeliner color................?
Which One for Oily Skin?
Green eyes?
what can u do for ur family?
what mascara should i get for long lashes ?
i have a question about dried skin?
I need to change my makeup I always look to orange, to pale, or to red!?
what is the best mascara brand out therE?
i really need help with applying liquid foundation?
what kind???
Can we sing please answer Thanks?
Does anyone know what brand of makeup Tyra Banks wears?
Can you apply almond oil on dark circles?!?
WHy do I look nice in the mirror and look realy bad in pictures?
Die pimples die!! Help someone..?
help to find green circle lense! it has to be complete greeen very green.. choose here!?
What do you think of Revlon Lip Butters?
why teenage girls soo dependent on makeup? 10 points best answer?
Which is the best make up product name for liquid/powder foundation?
Lancome juicy tubes OR L'oreal colourjuice lipgloss?????
Do I wear too much makeup?
What are your absolute favorite makeup products 10$ and under?
Which facewash works better?
why do girls complain that waxing hurts?
why wont my mom let me wear makeup?
Do you know if Glammin makeup school is reputable school for a young women interested in career?
Any substitutes for white foundation/face paint?
7th grade winter formal make-up?
is natural better?
Opposite problem from most- what's the best mascara for naturally long & thick lashes?
10 POINTS, are there any mascaras that will give me the appearance of fake eyelashes?
I'm Black..I want to be darker?
Which naked palette is better?
Poll: When did YOU start wearing make-up? Or when do you think is the best age?
Being a honey addict, is Winnie the Pooh a good presence for our children?
Neutregena bulid a tan face ! PLEASE HELP?
What kind of foundation do you recommend?
Is the Smokey Eye Still IN??
Is it safe to put glue on your face?
What age were you when you realized that you NEEDED makeup to look somewhat decent?
Anyone know of a great Hair and Makeup person, for reasonably priced in the Bay Area?
What are your morning and night face routines?
Would wearing foundation everyday?
what colour eyes does Jennifer Tisdale have?
good smokey eyes?
Is Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer good for gel eyeliner?
Mystic HD vs Versa Spa Spray Tan?
whats colour eyes is your fav blue green etc?
How old should a girl be when she starts wearing makeup?
where i buy loreal professional colors in sant monica ca?
i want to buy?
What is the best mascara remover that you have found?
what is your favorite kind of foundation or base,(I am fairly light completion)?
How do i stop my eye shadow from melting?
Please read! And respond!?
Which eyshadow color is prettier : smog, free love, or kush?
Where do I find brushes for a good price?
i have oily eyelids does Nyx eyeshadow last long? ive never tried it?
Foundation/Concealer Question?
Hi I heard about a fairness cream which makes skin fair very fast?
What is the best mascara...?
which brand do u think has the best lip gloss/lip balm?
how do i get my eyelashes to look like these?!?!?
Can you depot Essence LARGE eyeshadows?
Do I wear to much make-up?
Who knows the best, yummiest, and, cheapest lip gloss?
How do i wear my lengthy hair to office ??? pls helpp?
Which N.Y.C. Individual Eyes set should I get?
what makeup should i buy?
i need some tip for my makeup?
Does Eyeliner Effect peoples impression of you?
help w/ make-up?!?
Anybody used covermark makeup?
help with skin?
Whats your fav mascara?
how to make eyelashes fuller and volumized?
Where do you get you make up from and is it good i cant find any good make up?
Maybelline concealer shades?
Is makeup made is Europe safe?
I need to make a natural cosmetic?
Do I wear too much makeup?
does anyone have makeup tips?
What are the top 10-20 make up necessities for me?
What kind of Acuvue contact lenses is best to use?
My nose is always red.I dont have roseaca.I peeled the skin on my nose last year and the redness wont go away?
make a glow in the dark silicone bracelet brighter?
What foundation is the best?
Is BB cream good?!?!?!??!?
Which makeup should be best for my skin type?
Best Mascara and worst mascara?
Naked 1 or Naked 2 pallette?
Make-up exam. (Photo's)?
Hmm, Natural or Fake look?
I got lipgloss on my NEW shoes! HELP.?
How can I make my eyebrows more arched?
could u live a day?
What are some good (not so expensive) poducts of waterproof foundation?
How to do makeup like this!! (pics included)?
who wants to live in CALIFORNIA??????
Sephora's website...?
is phentermine a good diet pill?
Women: Do you sleep with your make up on?
Foundation for pale faces?
DO YOU...(girls only)?
Best lip plumper in shops?
How Old Do You Think Girls Should Start Wearing Make-Up?
Good Foundation - is it worth it?
general makeup questions? [=?
I want to buy clinique makeup dispaly and stands?
When I curl my eyelashes then apply mascara, they straighten out!?
How to put eyelash curler pad back on?
Is Kat Von D Sinner and Beethoven true romance eyeshadow good?
I'm 13, Is this a good age to start wearing makeup?
Eye Colour?
Permanent makeup question?
what color eyshadow for green eys?
foundations for teens?
which concealer is good to cover freckles?
What is a good age to start wearing makeup?
What are some good professional makeup brushes?
smokey, super sexy eye makeup?
What is your opinion on women who don't wear makeup?
Red Ginger Cosmetics 88 color eyeshadow palette?
Not so noticable eyeliner ?
Can you use boots no7 protect & perfect serum as well as No 7 Pore refiner serum? if so, which one first?
how do i use double eyelid sticker?
Anyone know of a good hypoallergenic eyeliner?
best type of powder for skin?
Where can i buy Ponds cold cream(face make-up remover) In Canada?
My friend wants to know if her makeup looks good?
Applying liquid eye liner over gel eye liner?
How do you delete all your questions from public profile?
Make-up blog improvement pleeeeease?
What makeup can I do to make my eyes look better?
whats the best eyeshadow/liner colour for me?
what are some great fantasy make up tips ?
Best Eyeliner for the lower lashline?
Youtube beauty guru i need your requests?
foundation powder or liquid or both?
how can you prevent zits?
What Kind of Makeup Does she Use?
A question about bronzers...?
Is there a good dupe for mac ravishing lipstick?
is it bad to put a lot?
Does anyone know of a drugstore foundation that's full coverage?
How Do I Ask My Mom If i Can Wear Make-Up?
How to stop eyeliner creasing?
can any one tell me of a way to make my silver jewallery shine again as the have gone all dull & manky?
makeup for far set eyes?
What's your favourite chapstick/lip balm?
Makeup in other countries?
MAC NC 37 in Body Foundation?
Can you use bodywash on your face?
girls only?
who invented the first make-up?
what's MAC(cosmetics store)... Are they really expensive? Have you ever been there?
Make up help please (pic included)?
how do you apply make up?
Difference between these makeup brushes? (elf, sedona lace & sigma)?
Where can i buy activated charcoal powder?
Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Do glasses make people ugly???
What makeup to wear for 6th grade?
Are my eyebrows messed up?
Best makeup suggestions for people with medium skin?
How to get your parents to let you wear makeup??
make-up for girls?
Applying sandlewood powder for face is food everyday as powder while going out?
Do you think its okay to start wearing makeup at 14?
Has anyone experienced burning from LipSense lip color?
school make-up...and do I wear too much make-up?
What can I do to be Prettier? ( pics )?
Help I have no eyebrows...?
Good Missha & The Face Shop Products?
i would like to use makeup to get tanned face?
How can i make my eyeliner stay on??!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What designer cosmetic counter is best for wedding makeup/help?
120 Palette : Is it worth getting?
Perfect Nude Lips???
10 points for the best answer?
what is the best foundation/powder?
how do I get my makeup like hers? (pictures included)?
girls! help me out! this is about makeup, its best if 14-15 year old answers!!!!!!!!! add ur age too!?
Is it ok for a guy to use an eyebrow pencil?
is there any girl who doesnt like M.A.C makeup?
which brand is best for eyeliner and mascara?
What color lipstick do you like to wear?
Any advice ladies??????????
Which make up will make my skin look flawless? ?
Is 13 too young to be wearing black eyeliner?
Ladies, makeup question, please help?
Is 13 too young to be wearing black eyeliner?
Can I use more than one Sephora eGift card per order?
opinion on makeup??????
why is my foundation on my t-zone seperating? where am i going wrong?
samsung comeback ??how do you or can you?
What is the best eyeshadow colors for me?
how to stop my 11 year old sister from wearing makeup!?
Halloween hair & makeup?
I got my eyebrows waxed and they are bright red and itchy and bumpy? How long will it take for them to heal?
will brushing my lips make em plump?
Is it okay to remove your make up with mouthwash?
Is liquid Vitamin E a good substitute for a facial moisturizer?
What's a easy way to put eyeliner without hurting your eye?
wat is the best way to remove waterproof mascara ?? help?
Makeup for promotion?
Makeup suggestions? Respond quickly please.?
Girls and women.Can you look good without make up?
Anyone else use Dior 'pure light' foundation?
How do you tell a woman that she wears too much makeup?
What should I do for my makeup routine? pics included (fixed)?
I am an NC35 in MAC...I want to switch to a liquid foundation by Maybelline called Instant Age Rewind?
What is your daily makeup and hair routine? :D?
Ways to hide my freckles :( ?
alot makeup/alittle makeup?
where can i buy loreal color endure lipstick #310?
is urban decay really the best brand of eyeliner?
Makeup for asian eyes?
why do girls wear make up that makes them look orange?
what's a good luminizer for a dark (middle eastern) complexion?
How do i get smokey eyes?
need help with MAC studio fix foundation shade?
Hi! Can you please tell me what is/are good oil free moisturizers....?
is this too much make up for a 14 years old?
Good Drugstore Navy Blue Eyeliner?
should you use black eye liner on brown eyes?
Best Clinique Makeup Products?
Gossip girl make up...............?
Should I buy Urban Decay's Naked1 or Naked2?
Ladies---What is your daily makeup like?
" i like girls with NO makeup! "guys often say. do they mean it? do you believe it?
boy problems?
How to get a fake tan with makeup & NOT look orange?
good makeup looks for the beach?
How could I use a spectrascope?
how's the best way to deal with scar?
Is the NYC skin matching foundation and primer oil free?? Help!!?
What should I wear to a wedding reception?
What are your beauty product musts? coverup, mascara, eyshadow, etc.?
Good make up web sites with pictures?
infomercials for roasia?
Shaved my eyebrow off, dreading school!?
What do you think is the best way to do my makeup?
What's a good waterproof mascara in UK?
Is avon eyeliner good?
Whats a cute noticible way to do eyeshadow?
What's the best way to get a natural make up look?
I'm thinking of applying at Sephora?
What is the best foundation????
Where can I find Coral Blue Number Two Semi-Gloss Lipstick?
Y girls care about looks so much???
should i wear makeup?
Would a light blonde look good on me?
Nail polish turned my toenails yellow! Help!?
How much does Kandee Johnson weigh?
haha how do you get waterproof mascara off?
Girls,What is your everyday makeup routine?in order?
Whats the best look for me?
were can i get a french manicure kit in chennai shop name ?
My style ... helped with your tips :> ............ guys n girls ?
Girls, do you wear make up?
cheapest place to buy make-up in the UK (not on the internet)?
any ideas for dark circles around the eyes ?
How do I create a natural look with makeup?
what primer is used before airbrush makeup?
Goregous, average, ugly?
Please help what is the best foundations for very fair skin and dry skin ;)?
what is the best foundation you have used? and what is the best concealer you have used?
How can I clean the ceiling?
Can you use concealer as primer?
How can I fix my eyelashes? Ten points/five stars to best answer and I'll answer your questions?
does madicade cover electrolysis?
how long does coastal scents take to deliver a makeup palette international?
I need advice on a good facial moisturizer and when I should use it. Help please?
at what age should girls start to wear makeup?
What is tone and hue of harmonious colours?
Can you tell me what my face shape is?
dont you think that when people wear red lipstick it makes their teeth look yellow?
A good website to order nose rings from?
What kind of make up should I wear if I want a natural look?
What kind or brand of eyeliner do you use?
Does rubing achol make your skin darker?
Why do pretty boys get hated on?
am i pretty?
wedding hair stylist and makeup?
girls----make up Q'S?
Revlon's Best Lash Curler?
proper makeup amount for a 12 year old?
In what order do you put on your eye makeup,, (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow?)?
How do I make my eyes stand out?
Can I pluck out my eyelash extensions myself?
What color eyeshadow would look good on me?
Drugstore dupes for benefit high beam?
need help there anyone who would like to help me to get smokey eyes done @my home In melbourne?
Free samples in the UK and Ireland?
what kind of girl wears red lips?
Best product for covering redness on face for oily skin?
I wanna look like Beyonce!!!!!!! what shall I do?? please help, just don't tell it's betta to stay yourself
Do you think it would look crappy if i used eye liner to make a fake teardrop on my cheek?
how can i become a airhostess?
Do you know any popular Chinese websites that sell beauty products?
How do i get rid of bags under my eyes?
What should i do to make him notice me?
I want to start using makeup, anyone can ideas on what buy?
how can i make lip balm without beeswax and vitamins and stuff like that?
How to make both my eyes look the same shape?
Desparate for solution to get rid of pimples overnight!! please help!?
how to make my touch pro 2 look cool?
pressed vs loose powder makeups?
Can anyone reccommend a good concealer that hides freckles on fair skin?
What makeup staples should a middle school girl have?
What is the best drugstore eyeshadow primer under $10?
What do you think of this idea?
What are some jobs/careers in which you'll make a lot of $ like millions a year?
HELP ME!!! to answer questions on 1st time eyebrow threading?
Where can I get hold of a tear stick (like the one in America's next top model) in the UK?
Is my cousin to young to be wearing makeup?
Natural looking make up?
how do you take out lipstick stains?
Would you say my eyes are big?
Best makeup for strong nude lip with work-appropriate smokey eyes?
Bb cream uses and brands?
Have you ever ordered from E.L.F. (
eyeliner- eyes burning.?
When is the next clinique bonus time?
HELPP! Sigma brushes.?
What do you consider "Too Much Make-up"?
Modeling Makeup and Outfits Please help!! Thanks!?
Is my avatar the best looking male on answers?
What is the best mascara brand and lip gloss to use?
If I wear make-up does that mean I'm not a virgin?
the right makeup?
Favorite and best lip balm?
What would bring out my Blue eyes?
How effective is Sally Hansen Lip Inflation?
What color are his eyes?
Why do females where makeup?
Natural looking make up?
Cover my redness!!!!!!!!?
Please girls,Need your help.?
i like to have lips like angelina-july how ?
what is the best foundation thats around?
What is the difference between a regular tanning bed & a bronzing bed?
Aiden the lead singer? how do you do his eye makeup?
What are must have make-up products for teenagers?
Best Foundation For Oily Skin?
I would like to be a makeup representative. i am only 16 years of age. PLEASE HELP!?
There's a "new" makeup powder that provides perfect coverage - even improves skin if you sleep in it! Name??
Dry skin, but oily face?
My eyes are green with blue around the outside with yellow specks. What eyeshadow would make my eyes pop?
I need to know about MAC makeup. Id like some people to help me. I heard its good stuff.?
Maybelline natural perfecting liquid foundation?is it good for oily skin?
Do I wear too much makeup?
who's the prettier celebrity? :)?
what kind of makeup should I wear?
1920's makeup application?
Is New Lash Exact by Cover Girl really all that great?
Violent Lips "Glitteratti" - texture on lips?
Is it better to apply foundation on with a sponge, brush, or your hands?
what make up would you recomend?
makeup help im 13!! were can i get some cheap but awsome makeup ?
Will my eyebrow ever grow back?!?
makeup artists on new york i love you?
Is there any concelar that won't cause me to break out?
I want clearer skin ...? Help me(:?
What's prettier: smog or half baked (urban decay)?
When should we put the CHI SILK INFUSION?
Is my eye color cool?
Can I use Mac Pigment for Bath Salt Dye?
Basic needs with Mac?
Make-up Gurus on youtube?
Mac Fix Plus +? Oily Skin!?
heyyyyyy you! read this! 8)?
What cosmetics do you recommend to buy at drug stores and which products should i get from department stores?
Lip gloss question: do you like your gloss to have SCENT, FLAVOR, neither, or both?
I am currently an esthetician looking to get into mortuary makeup but having problems finding much info?
do u any good makeup brands?
How do I make my nailpolish last longer?
I need a good liquid foundation for very light skin.?
too early for make up?
LOVE benefit makeup? please answer?
mascara dilemma!?
Best foundation from sephora?
Hw do i choose a foundation for my face & if sum1 can tel me hw do i aply it evenly wtout my face lukng caky?
where can i go to get fake eyelashes applied not extensions just fake lashes?
Blehh I'm a teenage girl and have a zit that needs to go because zits are gross. Any suggestions ? ?
What can i do to have my make-up stay on my face longer, and not wear-off as the day goes by?
Whats the best soap to use?
Help!! this is about a job in makeup?
Stars are blind??paris hilton??
Poll: Lipgloss or Lipstick*?
How to do this makeup?
Gel/Cream eyeliner, some help please?
How do I get rid of black bags under my eyes? and im really yung.?
How to make both my eyes look the same shape?
Creeped out, Am Im been stalked / cyber bullied ? Is this the SAME guy in BOTH photos ?
Would you ever buy a $200 foundation?
bought an empty case of mac foundation?
What color eyeliner goes with sheer gold shadow? This is for a wedding...?
has any one ever tried the iQ natural mineral make up ? is it a good quality, just as good as bare minerals ?
is olive oil and extra virgin olive oil the same?
I have a Mac makeup question?
Drugstore eyeliner that won't smudge on bottom?
How do you apply more than one shade of eyeshadow?
Where can you buy E.L.F cosmetics in Canada?
Makeup for a 14 year old?
Who else loves lipgloss?
What is primer???????????!?
Is there any way to sterilize eye shadow?
Does aishwarya rai wear fake eyelashes?
dose anyone here use that avon stuff?
What color eyes is this.....?
Would you enter this contest?
What is the best bb cream for oily skin?
What do you think of this tutorial?
Do you think it should be socially acceptable for boys to wear lipstick, eyeshadow, etc?
Home Make up service in singapore?
Can someone teach me how to use makeup???
Can i use kewra or Rose water in the eyes....?
Is this too much for a 14 year old?
Non toxic vegan nail polish that works?
What's the best drugstore foundation/powder to use for very oily/shiny skin?
How Can I Apply Under-Eye Makeup Properly?
How can I find out if Rimmel Recover Foundation is non-comedogenic and oil-free?
I'm too scared to wear makeup?
Help me figure out my morning routine?
What do you think of me... am i bad looking?
Should I stop wearing makeup to clear my acne?
What lipsticks should I buy from MAC?
What makeup would look good on me?
i have 2 foundations one says makeup on it from almay and the othrer buff afterglow which goes on first?
How to not sweat in P.E.?
How can I get my makeup like this?
I have been using cover girls powder, it hasent been blending in good lately what other cheap, products?
Eyebrow Plucking Disaster!!! Experts... Please Help Me! =(?