Is anyone else upset about the new purposed Botox tax? ?
What is good eyeliner for sensitive eyes and makeup remover?
Has anyone used "Sudden Change 3 minute Under-Eye Firming Serum"?
my eyes?????
why do girls like putting on makeups?
does it hurt wen u get ur eyebrows waxed?
wy does the girls use lots of makeup?
i want my boyfriend to wear eye liner?
Hydrating Drugstore Liquid Foundation?
genuine black and white cream dose it work?
Which makeup will last all day?
Best concealer? s best answr!?
Best spf lip balm? If not these suggest one?
how long after colour b4 can i use highlights?
what kind of make up would look cute on me?
How can i make my eyes look bigger?
Is this make-up ok for my age?
How to get rid of chapped lips without lip balm...?
were can i get my eyes mesured and how much does it usualy cost?!?!?
How can you make your eyes look bigger with just make-up?
How do u apply eye shadow by shade?
What will look good on me?
If i start wearing mascara will it damage my eyelashes?
How should I do my make-up and Hair for school?
What item of make-up could you not live without?
is my eyeshadow to dark and...?
What kind of make-up is best for me?
Can people look good make up on?
How many of you are going to frequent the Dior shop after this?
What is "aromol" in Smith's Rosebud Salve?
hair/makeup of emma watson in this picture?!?
If I wear factor 50 everyday (and I am already fairskinned) will it make me seriously pale- 10POINTPROMISE?
what is the best way to conceal freckles?
is eye-liner bad for your eyes!!!!?
What is the best foundation for taking flash photos? :)?
how do you avoid a shaving rash?
Do you think BB cream is essential makeup , or not?
what foundation should i use?
will OPI nail envy work through polish to strengthen the nail?
Good Affordable Makeup?
Makeup in 6th grade?
are elf nail polishs good?
Where can i get clear soap base in Singapore? I'm want to make DIY soap.?
i have dark circle on my eyes pls help meeeeeeeeeeeee.?
What mascara..?
Micellar lotion- what is it?
Do I wear to much make up for an 8th grader?
What is shade of foundation?
OK......maybe it's a stupid question...but what is you're favorite nail polish color?
what makeup products can you bring as carry-on on a plane?
The best show in the world w/ the best actor?
what do you call the person that does your eyebrow?
What brands of make-up do you own?
I get bullied because of the way i look?
Which palatte is better for pale skin?
Which's Your Favourite Make-up Brand?
What are some fall, autumn-y eyeshadow colors for brown eyes?
is anyone selling makeup cosmetics? im looking to buy about 500 assorted pieces of makeup.?
POLL- girls- do you wear makeup often?
how do i do french nails?
What type of face shape is this?
Chicken & Egg?
what is a good color eye shadow for Spring?
MAC lip conditoner SPF 15 (pot! NOT stick or tube)!!! please answer if you have :)?
What age do you think a girl can start wear make-up?
Is this a good smokey eye?
L'Oreal Paris Lash Boosting Mascara?
. . .Which hair color should I dye my hair?
Do I have hooded eyes? 10 points?
Drug Store Eyeliner help please?
Which Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is good for fair skin?
too much makeup for a seventh grader?
Can you use liquid eyeliner in the waterline?
Has anyone got the Ambica Pillai's bridal make up done?
Is This Makeup Good For A 12 Year Old Girl?!?
how do beauty make up ?
Do you prefer high end or drugstore makeup?
lip gloss question? :)?
Quick question about Debenhams?
do you like?
Do you know any websites that allow you to put makeup on someone?
I got dark brown eyes and med-light brown hair, what eyeliner and eyeshadow will match it best?and what brand?
Girls any tips on clothes or makeup?
whats your favorite nude/light pink mac lipglass?
EYELINER addict?!?
Is this a good prize for a giveaway?
Whats the best brand for mascara, eyeliner & foundation for a fair price?
Makeup to bring out blue eyes?
best moisturizing lip product with long lasting pigment?
What was your first makeup product?
Guys! What is the best make up look?
What's the job called when you do make up for either scary movies or like a haunted house?
Why do girls wear make-up all the time?
What colour eyes do you have?
How to make a magnet for a CD case makeup palet ?
Do you like this makeup look?
Judging by this picture i wear too much eyeliner?
Johnson's Holiday Skin?
How much do u love abercrombie??? If all the stores clozed wut would u do??
what happens if you sleep with mascara on?
layddeez! how can i make my massive conk for a nose look alot smaller?
I have no idea what make up to wear!?
Does walmart let you return makeup without the receipt?
Whats the best makeup style for hooded eyes?
What age to start wearing makeup?
can i buy eyebrow cake in superdrug/boots & advice on eyebrows? 10 points best answer <3?
does the covergirl silk foundation make your skin oily?
Best cheap makeup remover?
what mascara do you use?? does it make your lashes big and thick?
Any body know which mascara make you eyelashes fuller and longer?
Which brand Foundation Make-up is best for women of Color?
Anyone who uses Samshbox makeup?
What do people mean by a "natural look"?
Has anyone ever used Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs to cover stretch marks?
which face care is better for young skin ( 15-16)?
Girls, do you use liquid, powder or matte foundation?
What Mary Kay products should I buy with a $15 gift certificate I won?
What perentage of the world has green eyes?
how do I get eyeliner to stay where it should be and not bleed/smudge ALL the time??
Bare Minerals Foundation Primer...does it rev up acne?
what is a good black eyeliner that won't smudge during the day?
where can I find a bright red lipstick online?
Foundation or powder best for sensitive skin?
Which is hotter??
What colour eye shadow and lipstick for a purple dress?
Where can you find cheap chanel make up?
Don't make fun of me for this, but I'm a guy and?
How do I get pretty eyes????????☹?
Which picture out of the two do you like the best?
Loreal True Match pressed powder or Maybelline Dream Matte powder?
i am 11 am i old enough to wear makeup?
Do I look weird without makeup?...?
having a very fair skin and blond hair,can i use the color pink and red in my make-up? what do you think?
i'm doing the Clean&Clear Advantage Acne Kit countdown, but is it okay if i put makeup up after the routine?
Has anyone tried Nivea Visage Tinted daily moisture cream is it any good?
What is with the all natural make up?
Should i wear makeup?
What goes first, eyeliner or mascara?
do you think this is to much for a 13 year old?
Best nail polish colour for fair skin and freckles?
My eyeliner always smudges or comes off and I hate having to re-apply
What type of makeup goes with blue eyes and tan skin?
How do you remove nailpolish from shorts?
make up tips for green/blue eyes...?
Help!!!! My mum wont let me wear make-up!!!?
Are People who don't wear Makeup "Ugly"?
What is your favorite mascara?
make up question!!?
what makeup should people with brown eyes put to make theirs eyes stand out???
what is lipstick???
Do you prefer........?
Gold Eye Shadow Brands?
What do you suggest as the best foundation makeup for a male crossdresser? Also powder, blush, lipstick, etc
Is there a good mascara??
jelly or liquid lip gloss?
what are some good eyebrow linerss?:)?
What are some good cheap Hair removal creams?
can I get Natio lipsticks in US?
Is 11/12 years old to early to put on makeup?
How can i make my eyes look bigger?
Tiny bumps on face, please help!?
Where can I buy "double eyelid glue" in Vancouver?
Make up question.?
Could i use permanent marker as a cheap substitute for nail varnish?
I want to buy new foundation..and m confused between maxfctor lasting performance and bourjois healthy mix..?
Tips for removing eyeliner???10 points best answer!?
My Lipstain dried out, what can I do?
what colors go best w. brown eyes?
Would you rather use lipstick or lip gloss?
Opinions on ProActiv refining face mask...?
Who is this makeup guru on youtube?
Lipsticks?? wet n wild?
what makeup color should i put?
What makeup do you wear?
I've been practicing wearing false eyelashes and I have an issue with the inner corner lifting?
which brand has the best eye liner?
please any body can help me to get red of a bad pigmentation on my face?
Why wont my mom won't let me wear make up?
Tips on getting rid of acne?
teen girls - do you actually use an eyelash curler?
HELP! I painted my phone with nailpolish, and now i need to get it off. What do i use?
do you think ill be a good singer?
How many drops of honeywater should I put in my eyes each day to make them lighter?
When to apply blush,before or after finishing powder?
okay guys i need help plesase whats better for dark circles loreal or vita k help if u can thanks?
why do women wash with facial cleanser?
describe what would be the perfect amount of make up?: how do you do your makeup in the morning?
I HATE questions like this, but do I look better with or without makeup?
liquid foundation color comparison?
is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
Do Sephora ladies give you glares too?
whats a good facial moisturizer and toner?
Which Mouisturizer should i get (combo skin)?
mascara--what is the different between clear mascara and black or brown other than the colors?
I want to make a beard for someone how can i do it???
How should I do my hair/make-up?
What do you think of clear Nail-Polish?
Mac prep+prime???????
Anyone know of a semi permanent brow color that won't wear off during those "close" times?
did jergens natural glow make you darker especially if u were pale?
Benefit Cosmetics On Amazon?
what is my eye shape?
Power of the magnification on this mirror?
ELF tone correcting powder vs ELF translucent mattifying powder?
What are your beauty must haves?
Advice for OILY eyelids?
Hate to ask this, but... *cringe* rate me?
Whats the best way to do it?!!!!?
I am getting a spray tan soon for a wedding, but was wondering what should i do about makeup, like foundation?
what makeup would you suggest i use?
Is there any make up product that keeps you looking flawless throughout the whole day?
Is this too much eye make up for a 14 year old?
Is wearing nail polish all the time bad for your nails?
How to apply makeup for small eyes?
Poll: For girls only!! If you where stuck on a island..Please take!?
Does anyone know where can i buy a spray on foundation,like the ones used by Carmendy in What not to Wear?
Why do all teenager girls wear so much makeup?
Does this sound like too much makeup?
do guys like girls who wear alot of makeup?
Do i have exotic eyes?
What Do You Consider "Natural Looking Makeup"?
How to make your skin look smoother in pictures (with effect)? I need a free website.?
What's the best foundation?
what do you think is best of these?
Since I'm selling Avon what are some killer marketing techniques that I can use to sell their products?
Anyone remember what the color was named of the MAC lipstick that was like frosty lilac?
Has anyone used the brand 'Natio'?
Why shouldn't you put mascara on your bottom lashes?
naming help...???
need help with hazel eye colour?
Girls:How often do you wear makeup?
For women who use Maybelline foundations?
why does it bother guys when girls wear alot of make up?
How do i make my eyes look more blue?
Should you wash your eye makeup off at night?
has anyone brought maybelline baby lips lip balm?
how to apply liquid foundation?
How can i make my eyes look really big?
how do i make my self pretty so he will notice?
Which blush should I pick?
Girls who wear makeup? mainly mascara?
how do i get a more sophisticated look?
Need to find a colour that will match me ?
How do you apply make-up??
eye shadow primer (to eliminate creases)??
Makeup??? Should a 12 yr old wear make up and if so what should she wear and how?
can i do a makeup course whilst still at school?
Can you use a bronzer on a person with light skin?
Are fake eyelashes good or bad?
how much is Illusions: 338 Purple Seduction Eye Shadow?
How can I make my eyes look bigger using makeup?
Please recommend a good eye lash curler for petite/straight lashes?
How do they at salons do regrowth and not colour over highlights?
MAKEUP QUESTION. face makeup, no foundation?
How often do I exfoliate my face with a scrub?
I never did it but I want to start?
questions about creasy eye make-up!?!?
how do i get rid of dark puffy circles under my eyes?
Does anyone else like eating lotion?
what age???
What would you decide upon...?
_do i wear too much makeup?
Is this to much makeup?
teen product testing?
Is biting your lips for color bad?
Apply foundation with sponge or brush?
What is your Morning routine?
Is it weird that I don't wear makeup?
Whats that lip gloss that stimulates the blood vessels called?
Do i wear too much makeup?
In the Pittsburgh, Pa area, where are some beauty salons that do hair as well as makeup?
Please tell rate my "girlfriend".?
Whats your favourite piece of make-up and why?
am i old enough 2 wear mascara or eyeliner?
did you know this.....................?????
MUF Full Cover Concealer?
What is toner used for?
Are you beautiful if you dont wear alot of makeup?
do you prefer the mac 275 or the bare minerals eye defining brush?
Bobbi brown vs estee Lauder which one & why?
Warm toned make up with cool toned dress?
Help using make up as i look too young for my age?
How much do St Tropez spray tans usually cost in the UK?
Which counter makeup brand caters to persons of color?
Which makeup do I really need from those suggested at makeup counters?
How do you use the smashbox photo op under eye brightener?
Is it okay for me to wear foundation?
Does anyone know any other kawaii online stores or japanese / korean makeup stores online other than imomoko?
makeup is stupid?
How would I go about doing this with eyeliner?
Can a guy wear make up ?
what color eyeshadow would look best with hazel eyes?
Ladies, do you put on mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow first?? need help!?
do guys like girls that wear`alot of makeup?
What colour are your eyes? What eyes colour do you like best?
anyone who knows what's in the beauche facial set? i mean the active ingredients coz my face feels toasted
how to keep nails from chipping?
does anybody know ....a good home made facial?
Upper lip hair, sensitive skin, and waxing vs creams?
What can I put so my makeup won't look dry?
Can you match Kendall's eyeshadow?
What is the best make up brand for darker (african) skin tones?
How much does the Revlon ColorStay® Liquid Liner cost in British pounds?
Of what use our eyebrows?
What's the best eyeliner to use on the waterlines of your eyes? HELPP!!?
Best neon eyeshadow?.?
Girls HELP - Give me you trick on eyelashes (Read on !!!)?
Makeup Routine??????
What's prettier: smog or half baked (urban decay)?
Which makeup highlighter should i buy from boots(uk)?
12 year old makeup looks.. for blonde white /tan chick!?
How much make up do you wear? How much is too much?
Does This Look Ok????
What is a good amount of make-up to use?
i wear makeup every day and all i use is eyeliner and maskara,i want a new way of doing my makeup...?
How to wear the popular black eyeliner on waterline, long lashes look?
Do you like the color "smog" by urban decay?
Lining the inside of upper eyelids?
benefit cosmetics verses covergirl/maybeline.. which do u like better?
Subtle eye makeup for school & greenish eyes?
is this makeup okay for a 13 year old?
Can I use gel soak off top coat with normal nail polish?
do u think i go over the top ... ?
Where can you find liquid latex and fake blood?
Which is more suitable for my face structure - Powdered or natural brows?
When did you start wearing makeup?
should I do my eye makeup before or after foundation?
Which is the best brand of make up for me?
Do I look better with a little makeup or should I just leave it alone??
LADIES! Do you prefer wearing make-up?
mac makeup artist help?
Good lip gloss?
I got an Interview with a makeup counter at Macy's...?
I need a a expert on makeup help!!?
what are your makeup or hair "tricks and tips"?
What shade am I in max factor, lloreal and revlon? 10 POINTS?
My eye colourr??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!?!??!?!?!…
to everyone who wears makeup. i think this concerns you?
At what age should someone do anything with their eyebrow(Girl)?
What's the best and worst make up brands out there?
What concealer best fits Indian skin tones? (Warm browns, honeys, yellow undertones...)?
My friends have a can she remove this scar?
Just got the mark. by avon no place to run longwear eyeliner in white on?
I have mild acne, oily skin in my t-zone, and slight redness, which budget-friendly foundation do you suggest?
Is La Mer good for acne skin?
Can you recommend a hydrating foundation with a dewy finish? Shine is fine; I can always put powder over it.?
morning routine? help me?
Question about lips - please answer?
How old were you when your parents allowed you to wear make up?
best mascara and ways to make eyelashes look bigger?
Is this "trashy"???????!!!!! Please Answer I'll answer yours?
can a fat lady go skinny -dippin?
Would red lipstick look too stupid on me?
Bigger upper lip or lower lip?
how do u take off eyeliner?
Ideas for prom night makeup?
where I can buy Benefit Cosmetics in Indonesia espescially in Surabaya?
Make my skin lighter?
What are some good nonshedding professional makeup brushes?
What's the best facial wash I should use because I'm not sure?
scared to use eyelash curler......?
What make up do you usually wear?
Do you like garniars oil-free BB cream?
Best bb cream for first time user?
Question about Perfumes?
Eye Make up?
Face Make-Up Help! Please.?
should i experiment with Make-up?
Does eyeliner cause any damage to ypur eyelashes?
how do I make my brown eyes "pop"?
Natural Makeup? Pictures below?
how can i disguise a slightly lazy eye?
is it worth geting the naked 2 platte eye shadows?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
When are Sephoras VIP sales?
make up removing question?
GUYS PLEAZ: YOU think make up-?
How much makeup should I wear?
I need major help with make up?
eye makeup help . PLEASE . URGENT?
what mascara do you use?? does it make your lashes big and thick?
brow definer...anyone out there use one that they swear by?
makeup and hair tips just for me?
What is a good gentle foundation powder for acne prone skin?
Please help with this make up situation!?
What are good self whole body tanners availible at walgreens that will not leave streaks and look real?
13 Year Old Make-Up Question?
My nail polish remover left impervious smears of polish on my nails! Won't come off! How can I get it off?
makeup for my skin and features?
GUYS: do you like girls that wear makeup?
Whats your favorite conceler?
in general, what does the federal government have power over(canadian)?? identify two examples?
How to keep your gel liner from drying out?
Smooth make up face *1 question* HELP!?
what kind of makeup do you wear?
how to apply a good make-up for weeding party?
Anyone know of a good hypoallergenic eyeliner?
How can I put on eyeliner with out crying?
Do you have any advice for me beauty channel?
Does make-up make you age?
Girls: Can you make it to 30 days without wearing make up?
how long can i keep unopened mac fluidline and liquidlast eyeliner.?
what is a good foundation thats affordable for light skinned girls with a few scars from past acne?
do you wear liquid foundation?
Do u like DR.FeeL Good by benefit ?
how to take off fingernail polish without fingernail polish remover?
im 13 years old & in the 8 grade and i still cant wear makeup. help me?
Will Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Serum help me get my brows back?? 1O Pts!!!!?
Racoon eyes.....?
How do you use an eyebrow brush?
Make-up help!!?
Do you need an Avon or Mark Rep?
does blue or black eye shadow, go better with a pink dress? In the summer time?
Why can't I find Marykate & Asley Olsons cosmetic products?
How to make lips smoother ? & last?
how can i do a smokey eye?
Dry facial skin?
Is mega plush volum'express mascara worth it?
What colour mascara should I use?
I'm 16, but can I pass for 18 if I need to? (Please read)?
Where do I put my makeup?
Why do so many people with brown eyes wear neutral eyeshadow. It's so boring and typical?
Did MAYBELLINE foundation break you out?
what color eye shadow should i wear?
how to make eyeliner stay?
quick make-up tips for hooded eyes?
Best mascara for naturally long and thick lashes?
I want to try the "hard candy" brand makeup but..?
Have any eyeshadow color recommendations???
Goopy nail polish???
anybody have tried the spray tanning booths?
Is there such thing as a washable color hairspray that looks real?
What are some good (cheap) brands of makeup?
What kind of makeup should I buy? (read details)?
What is the best mascara for around £12?
what can i use on my oily face?
Best drugstore face wash?!!?
Which type of makeup is your favorite?
eyeliner and mascara?
POLL: Peoples Eye Colour?
What is the best kind of Eyeliner?
whats the best cover-up to use as someone who doesnt wear it or even like to wear it?
What is the best brand make-up for an ethnic girl to wear?
eyeliner help?
How to lighten naturally dark eyebrows?
What colour would make my eyes pop? (Pics)?
Where can I find Almay Time Off foundation?
I have never worn makeup in my whole life. Should I wear makeup for my wedding?
What company of cosmetics do you find better?
Should a 8 year old wear makeup (girls only please)?
Asian; Makeup tips please!?
When did you start...?
Can I use MAC's select sheer/pressed as foundation? Does anyone on here do it?
What color make-up should I wear for my remarriage?
My mom dosn't like me to wear heavy make up, but I like too. What do I do?
Halloween costume makeup!!!!!?
What is the best powder or foundation that is not to heavy for someone whit great skin, natural look/?
what colour goes with dark grey?
Prom makeup...what do ya think?
Aquasmooth makeup: does it hide zits?
Best foundations for oily/acne prone skin?
what is the best mascara to get?
Do I need to wear blush?
How can I do my makeup like her?
Hairy eyebrows?
drug test hellpppppppppppppppppp?
What is the best type of powder foundation?
Makeup truths and myths? Help me sort it out?
Is there any salons in WI that do airbrush makeup?
Is Neutrogena a really good makeup 2 use?
What's the best non clumping mascara?
Whats your Favorite makeup brand?
Is there any way that you can get rid of bags under yours eyes?
How can I get the same look for my eyes that frank lero has in my chemical romance?
What's a good brand of liquid eyeliner?
What kind of makeup should I be using for my skin type?
Does BB Cream Really work?
Where can I find a make-up artist in the metro Atlanta area?
Hi whats an EMO clothing famous brand?
do you have dimples?
is there any scar makeup that actually works?
Can anyone tell me where I can find max factor masterpiece mascara at discounted prices?
What lipstick colour would i suit?
my foundation never lasts?
Makeup 911 Help!!!!!?
How do you use a toner?
What color eyeshadow is she wearing?? Please help!?
Poll: Do you wear just eye make up?
What kind of mascara works best for littttle lashes?
Is the makeup I'm wearing too much or too less?
What are some reasons why my boyfriend would wear mascara?
sheer cover VS european mineral kit?
How to make a guy look like Sodapop Curtis?
What's a good makeup routine for seventh grade?
best way to remove mascara and make-up before bed?
Makeup Help PLEASE!!!!?
what are some of you favorite crown make brushes?
I have very pale skin which colors of eye shadow lip stick etc would be best for my complextion?
which foundation should i buy? plz help!?
Make-Up? Mac? Sephora? Maybelline? Cover Girl?
How do I make a chest mold for ballistics gel?
what color eye shadows will bring out my green eyes?
What's the best foundation and powder make-up?
help me with my make up please, i am CLUELESS!?
High School = Girls with Makeup?
wut is yr favorite makup brand?
Is there any way that you can get rid of bags under yours eyes?
Whatkind of eyeshadow do you use?...liquid or powder?
Best Product to Get rid of Blemishes and spots? Teens.?
How Old Do You Think I Am?
pond's dermabrasion kit or mary kay dermabrasion kit?
What are good new gifts for my 11 yearold daughter?
Do you believe there is a such thing as too much makeup for things like a party or dance?
i have big cheeks.. sometimess i look like im carrying food in themm...what can i do to help reduce them?
Best wrinkle cream available ?
how do you use translucent power and is illuminating powder the same?
Pictures! Does my fake sick look, look too fake?
warning to everyone using ?
Could I use Elmers glue as a subsitute for eyelash glue ?
EYELINER addict?!?
How to have a smoky eyeshadow effect?
cute make up sets for young teenagers ?
Victorias secret lip plumper?
is mac pro longwear foundation water based or oil based?
Whats the oldest age that a girl should start wearing make up?
how do we create a natural blush? what makeup/blush product should i use? i have white skin..?
Is makeup good or bad?
I would like to get tips about getting cosmetics to sell on ebay.As , where or what is best way to get stuff?
The body shop extra virgin mineral makeup vs guthy renker's sheer cover?
biore products?
Do I wear Too much make up?..?
Uk Avon reps can you help with this?
which is the best mascara ?
Opinions on make up, guys and girls?
What age did you start wearing make-up?
best foundation to cover acne ?
I have self-esteem problems....?
Makeup for Christmas?
Why do I have one monolid, one doublelid?
has anyone used their makeup?
Baking soda/flour makes your skin more pale, how can i make it into a pasteto put on my face?
do you know any tips to look fresh even early in the morning?
Does the coo in Birch Run prime outlets in Michigan sell mac?
I was just wondering if there is a face model that you can buy to practise make-up on?
Can anybody give me any helpful tips?
Make-up question "foundation"?
how can i make my blue eyes POP! so everyone that sees them stops and looks!?
Best way to cover up a lovebite?
If you put gradual fake tan on your arms do your hairs go orange?
what goes first, second, and third?
Eye make-up help please.......?
What are some good websites to find beauty tips?
Whos prettier? opinions?
why are girls so ugly without makeup?
do you think oil of olay moisturizer the original one is good beforei put bareminerals on my skin?
what brand works best.?
Eyebrow help please ?
Best lip balm for healthy lips?
Wrinkles on my eyes!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
Ladies: What color lipstick do you wear with a red dress?
Can someone help me? Ten points best idea?
Is Sacha a good brand of makeup?
Is this too much makeup?
What foundation is best?
Do skinceutical products really work?
Best mascara for sensitive eyes??
What is one makeup item that you cannot live without?
Pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner?
how old were you?
Green Eyes are they rare?
Best Mascara for length?
Sigma brushes vs. MAC brushes?
Makeup tips for some one with complete heterochromia?
How Can I make myself pale?
what's your favorite mascara?
whats the best cheap makeup?
Unusual eye color question!?
Eyeliner in school!!?
Any makeup secrets out there?
Really good and inexpensive makeup brushes?
My eyelashes are long yet don't pop?
am i too young to be wearing makeup?
should i wear red lipstick for photo shoot (please read)?
when should i start wearing make up?
Good Age for concealer stick?
Im being a gypsy and my shirt is green my skirt is black what kind of makeup should i wear?
Is this too much makeup?
ladies, If you are just running some errands do you still put on your makeup?
what is a good foundation that will give u full coverage?
best mascara to use ?
Pretty little liars help! (show)?
I have been looking for "Let's Face It" proffesional mineral make up. Can anyone tell me anything?
How can i get my makeup realy pertty with out eye shadow, eyeliner, and GEL masscara?
what is a good mascara for length and volume that does not clump your lashes?
What are some good products to draw on the eyebrows?
do you like green?
fake nails...?
Does anybody know where i can find MACAbella make-up?
asians, helppp =]?
My Eyeliner!!!?
Best Drugstore bronzer for fair complexions?
My Eyes not normal!!!!!! Wtf?
is it a compliment if someone says you look better without makeup?
What kinda mascara does she use or how does she get her mascara like that?
Girls only : What is your favorite eye shadow color?
Free online makeup artist course?
What you like lipgloss or lipstick?
What is the least expensive mineral cosmetics?
How long does it take you to put on your makeup in the morning?
should i put the mask on tonight?
How to get eye makeup looking like this?
how should i do my makeup?
What's your favourite make up item?
cruelty-free nail polish remover?
Guys, I need help. My mom won't let me wear makeup, no matter how much times I ask her (plus I'm 11)?
does anybody use the covergirl outlast lipgloss does the gloss stay on after meals drink kissing you know?
how much makeup do you wear?
Any tips for real vintage glamour makeup looks?
If you were me, which one would you pick?
Is not wearing makeup ok?
Where can i buy cosmetic in Riyadh Saudi Arabia ? Where is the largest cosmetics zone?
Do guys prefer girls with no makeup?
i wear too much eyeliner how can i wear eyeliner but not too much i want to look a lil natural?
what makeup can i buy as a sustitute in Canada?
What's all the fuss about with MAC Lipglass? Why specifically would someone choose it over another gloss?
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS, how much makeup do you wear to school?
foundations again?????????
Naked eyeshadow palette colors?
How do i do very heavy makeup?
can you wear makeup at public school?
Urban Decay..........?
Is there any way to return makeup to the drugstore if it has already been opened?
How do I make my eyebrows thicker & how do I get that perfect shape?
How to apply creamy nail polish?
which is better blondes or brunettes?
Question about Ulta Cards?
What's a good brand of concealer/foundation for really pale skin?
What's the best makeup for women over 55? I have dry skin.?
how to make eyes look bigger?
how cna i make my skin glow?
eyeshadow problem?
does the color workshop test on animalls?
How much would L'Oreal or Revlon makeup cost in Canadian money?
My friends have a can she remove this scar?
How Do You Test A Foundation?
Is 12 years old to young to.....(Please answer)?
is makeup bad for your face?
Do I look better with or without makeup? ?
I need some make-up help?
what age do you think is a good age to start wearing makeup?
Is 13 too young to wear eyeshadow?
Best non-messy Mascara???
whats the BEST liquid foundation?
is there a cream i can use?
Makeover Software: Can't find a really good one?
Is this too much makeup for school?
Liquid or pencil eyeliner?
lacey mosley eyeshadow?
what are some good makeup brands?
whats a better blog website, wordpress or for nail designs?
Can anyone tell me a great lip gloss that stays shiny for a long time on lips?
what is an approiate age for a girl to start wearing makeup,in the philippines?
How do I mix Copper Blonde with a Golden Blonde to get a richer colour?
eyeliner help?
how to i get that smokey/smoldering look?
Know any cheap, long lasting, good smelling cologne?
does vitamin E OIL work for wrinkles?
What' s your favourite cosmetic brand?
What eyeliner or eyeshadow could I buy from superdrugs which is safe to use on sensitive eyes?
do you draw your eyebrows on?
What do you think of my self makeup job in this pic?
how can ı use eye liner?
Would you rather buy a high end mascara or a high end powder?
Where do they sell the cheap M.A.C. cosmetics?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 y/o to wear?
Why do guys go for slutty girls at the club?
A question 4 the if u r a makeup artist then u can answer this too. THANKS?
What makeup is appropriate for a 13 year old girl (8th grade)?
Do you wear makeup on a flight?
which mascara is better?
Boyfriend asleep what color should I paint his nails?
Poll: What do you think i should get?
If I wear make up, does that mean I'm fake?
I have dark blue eyes. What is the best color eye liner for me?
what foundation is the best? thx xxx?
Anyone know some good makeup tutorials for darker skin (tan/light brown)?
why do most girls feel like they have to act catty or size each other up on the street or on the bus ?
What Should I Do for Everyday Makeup?
Hair Professionals! HELP!?
Do you wear makeup? ?
Drugstore foundation?! :)?
what do you think if a girl has a tatoo?
Face Primer -- does it help prevent acne? & A good foundation/concealer?
What colour are your eyes?
Cleanser to take off foundation with?
How do you prevent makeup stains on shirt collars?
how to apply foundation?
What is the best eyeliner (non liguid)??
Do you think I need makeup to look pretty? (pic included)?
What makeup would look best with me?
Which mascara should I get?
Best ways to do the cat eyeliner?
Mascara Opinionssssss!?
Yay or nay?
poll: lip gloss, lip stick, or lip balm?
how much or what kinds of make up should a 14 year old wear? Is eye liner bad for your eyes?
Question For Makeup Artists?
What is the most wearable and versatile MAC pigment color? no mattes!?
Water blisters all over face,body,mouth etc?
What age do you think you were you prettiest (so far)?
How to fix tweezers when they stop grabbing hair?
POLL: when girls wear makeup over their zits, do you notice?
how can i wear pretty makeup to school and not make it look too heavy?
Foundation looks bad up close - please help!?
help me with make-up?
what is the best drugstore foundation and coverup?
how do you set makeup?
I have really greasy oily skin when i wear foundation... how do i stop this?
Ok so what is the best way to wear eye makeup without looking like u have waytoo much on?
who uses dermablend soap?
whats your daily makeup routine?
What is the best brand and type of makeup for a 44 year old on a budget?
Make up for green eyes?
How can I make a pedicure last?
can 60 year olds still wear make up? if no why?
Mineral Makeup?
Do you like Natural or Dramatic make-up?
would u rather have 1 best friend or a lot of friends?
help needed! makeup tips to make my eyes look bigger!?
I'm a woman, how could I tell when other women find my looks to be a threat ?
black eyeshadow..?
what is the best eye makeup remover?
A makeup question?
HELP! Make up or no make up ?!?
Makeup bags and mirrors........................?
Bottom lip is redder then the top lip.?
Which lipgloss...sparkly light pink or sparkly peach-ish?
Have you tried Joan Rivers The right to bare legs?
Is mac make up cost alot.?
how often should i wash my face a day?
should i wear makeup on halloween (im 13)?
woul i look good as a blonde?....*picture*?
Has anyone used derma blend? How did it work for you?
How can I learn how to do THREADING? For my eyebrows?
a good foundation for acne prone skin?
Womens Fragrance help, please?
Girlllssssss :) mix 2 foundations or use a bronzer?
How to create a 60's eye look with liquid liner?
Anyone know of a semi permanent brow color that won't wear off during those "close" times?
What shade am i in revlon colorsay foundation?
WHY IS MY SKIN SO DRY.. it burns?
can lipstick cause lip cancer i know lipgloss does but do lipstick?i would like to know before i go n buy some?
Am i wearing too much make-up?
is animal fat used in eyeliner?
nice makeup combination?
Do you prefer MAC or Bobbi Brown?
Where can I get rainbow lipsticks?
How do i get rid of deep cyst pimples?
What's your favorite makeup brand(s)?
How to get signed to be a spokesperson for a makeup company?
What should I have in my makeup bag?
I need people with FIRST HAND experience w/Bare Minerals?
Which picture is prettier?
girls,how do u exactly wear false eyelashes?how does it stay on?can it fall off if the wind blows it?
whats a good routine for going out with friends in the beach?
should a 10 yr old wear every kind of makeup?
Does Vasaline work for dark circles under the eyes?
Avon Eyeliner Glimmerstick?
Burger King vs McDonalds?
Would you pay for someone to do your makeup before a big event?
What eye-shadow will bring out my eyes?
What looks better : smog ( urbandecay) eyeshadow with black eyeliner or bright green eyeshadow?
Need some expert here =)?
Is there anything that a person can do when their eyebrows are thinning to thicken them up? Thank you!?
is mirror beauty parlor trivandrum good for bridal makeup?
Whats a good foundation routine?
I look like I wear eyeliner?
would i look good with...?
has anybody used INGLOT pigments ? how r they lasting,color n quality-wise ?
is orangepeel powder effective to remove blackheads?
Makeover help please?
how do you clean makeup brushes?
is this a good deal by mark. cosmetics?
How can I fix thin crooked eyebrows?
What is the best lip moisturizer?
Do the Bare Mineral brushes irritate the skin around your eyes? Skin is bumpy @ temples & under the eyes.?
How old should you be before you start to wear makeup?
How do i keep my makeup from coming off/moving?
Whose is better?
Best Way to Conceal Zits and the redness that comes along with it?
How is kohl eyeliner different from regular black eyeliner? why is it more expensive?
what is the best hair colour to go with blue eyes, light tan?
What's the best neutral eyeshadow palette?
I want to use foundation to cover my acne pls help?
I dont wear makeup... is this weird/bad? What kind....?
What is the best brand of Make-up?
Girls Only! Please Help! Unusual Situation? Need Answers?
Bed Head TIGI Make up?
plannin to buy sheer cover.. worth?
My foundation doesn't match!?
Is white spirit the same as alcohol?
Has anyone used Philosophy The Present Clear Makeup/Primer with Mineral Powder Foundation?
Hey ladies, what is your favorite brand of makeup?
New With Makeup? Gals only please?
New to makeup? DRY RED FLAKEY SKIN..?
How do I make my blue eyes pop?
Looking for a Swap preferably with someone in Japan ?
lip piercing. how old?
Good drugstore lip products?
Best face makeup advice?: tinted moisturizer/foundation?
Do you wear a lot of makeup.?
I want to wear makeup?
How do you get rid of a hicky?
Pls. suggest logn time effective Perfume Brand & Powder Talc Brand with its Flavour, for Man for Office use.?
How can I apply makeup in a hurry?
Zooey Deschanel hair/makeup?
Make up tips for a 16 year old girl or anything to improve looks (pics included)?
When is a good age to start wearing this?
lip plumping-scared to use it?
Girls: Do you tend to wear liquid or pencil eyeliner more?
Can anyone recommend me a really good quality eyeliner please?
the best foundation?
I want a gf who wears very THICK HEAVY makeup please?
what do u think of green eyeliner?
Good make-up brands, and make-up, that are not too expensive and where to buy them? I LIVE IN THE UK!?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Makeup help foundation caked face?
do kids in highschool actually use make up ?
I have tried tons of lip ointments and my lips are still dried out anything I should know?
What is you makeup routine?
What is the best way to remove eye bags and eye blacks due to late sleep?
What is ShopNBC’s longest running skincare line?
can you tan through make-up?
what kind of make up will suit me?
What kind of makeup makes you look flawless?
I need natural makeup ideas!?
How can I make my foundation look natural?
what is a good moisturizing foundation?
Can I clean my makeup brushes without baby soap?
list of employees of majesty of the sea?
Putting your make-up on while on the train going to work. Good or bad?
How do you keep your makeup perfect all day?
how can I get my makeup like alice cullen?
what foundation is good for dry skin with medium-fair skin tone?
I'm 13 and want to start wearing make-up... More details...?
Glow in the dark party, any ideas?
i bite my nails WHATS THE BEST NAIL COLOR?
Is this makeup okay for a 13 year old?
Elf makeup for Asian skin tone!! Help?
How do i cover up zits and scars ,using foundation?
Why do women cover their naturally beautiful face with oils and powder and call it beauty?
does foundation or powder give you zits?
At what age should i wear makeup?
How should I do my makeup and hair for homecoming?
Natural looking mac blush for warmer skin tones?
Which mascara is the best?
What do u apply before using a concealer?
In grammar, what is third person?
What is your favourite nail polish color ?
Revlon colorstay liquid foundation?
Any makeup ideas for someone with pale skin?
Is Ben Nye or Snazaroo easier and smoother to apply?
Foundation suggestions ?
Whats the best lip plumping product i can buy?
What eye shadow colors can go with these hairs colors and eye colors?
What is a good foundation that is not expensive that will cover oily skin?
do i wear too much make up?
where can i by cheap make up kits?
Makeup for my sister's green eyes?
What is your favorite drugstore mascara?
What can I do to be prettier(pics)?
do estheticians make good money?
In the game Pizza Breakout, how many ingredients must you clear to advance to the second level?
I know why women are freaking out about the Sanitary Belts.... do you?
I Need help finding a makeup school?
Where can i advertise/sell my mascaras?
good and affordable mascara?
Has anyone used Herbal Eye Gel?
Do you think that anyone will invent a blue lipstick?
Should a 13 year old be allowed to wear makeup?
Do you like MAC cosmetics yer or no answers please?
How do i use aveeno shaving gel?
Girls, what's your favorite BRAND of Makeup?
i need a real good foundation that lasts all day and covers up red cheeks!?
I accidently tweezed my eyebrowes too thin. How can I make them look better?
How can I make my eyes look bigger but sill use eyeliner?
Whats a good colour eyeshadow/eyeliner to use on my blue eyes?
which eyecream on the market is best for reducing dark circles.?
Whats the heaviest makeup a girl can wear?
Does black eyeliner make girls look less innocent?
Know Anything About Eyebrow Waxing With Nair.?
What is the best make up for dark circles?
how much does a dermatologist make?
mineral make-up? normal to oily skin?
How to fix my eyebrows?
Best liquid/creme/mousse foundation for oily skin?
What is eye primer, and it's uses?
omg fashion help!?
Where can you find cheap chanel make up?
Airbrush foundation: MAC or Dinair?
Cool-toned foundation for light skin?
mac brushes: 224 or 217?
MAC poll- just for fun !
Is it safe for rats to wear makeup?
are mac cosmetics any good?
what is the best makeup brandname to use?
what eyeliner lasts for a long time?
What is the best skintimate product to use?
what is the scientific name for bat poop and is it really in mascara?
Can you all show me a Video or a pic of what makeup You would do for a school dance like prom or homecoming?
I found a makeup artist but is she charging too much, $300?
What's the best BB Cream out there?
Which is better: Sheer Cover or Bare Minerals Makeup?
How should I do my makeup for the first day of school?
How do u put make up on?
What is the best mascara to use?
Do Indian women always wear make-up ?
Brown eyes or Blue eyes?
What can I put on my eyebrows to make them thicker?
too much makeup for my age?
how do you clean a powder brush?
i dont know how to do great make up what do i do?
Makeup question?! If I use SPF 15 cocoa butter face lotion under my makeup, will it show in flash photography?
UK!!!Best lengthening mascara, best coverage foundation?
Foundation/ Skin care help!!?
What color eyeshadow should i wear?
How much makeup is too much makeup?
what's your fave eye colour?
whats a good facial mask i could use at night?
Using foundation and having a slight tan.Darker shade?
Better lip plumper? Stung (on ebay) or Lip Venom (at sephora)?
What are some ways I can wear my makeup to look more natural?
Where can I get Loew-Cornell brushes in Toronto, Canada?
What is the best eyeliner?
Whats the best way to get a suntan?
Where can you get your makeup done by a professional, and for how much?
How do you get mascara off your face? HELP!?
is she wearing too much makeup?
How do I make my blue eyes pop?
where would i find 'Philosophy' cosmetics in Australia?
what colors in eyeshadow would look best on a 14 y,.o. chinese girl?
where can i get the translucent powder?
Makeover advice would be much appreciated?
How to do my nails for first day of school?
how do i make my eyeliner look like this? (picture included)?
10 POINTS! what collection did MAC docile lipglass come out in?
Can brown eyes be considered pretty too??
hey makeup tips ....good or no good [IMG][/…
How can you avoid getting sparkles on your face when putting on sparkily eyeshadow?
why do i look ugly with makeup on?
Victoria's Secret Makeup?
The Best Mascara?
Which BB cream good for me?
Do you travel places being a magazine editor for a good magazine?
Whats your fav eye colour :)?
What kind of eyeliner do you use and where do you apply it?
Lash extensions.. and mascara?
Best drugstore concealer?
Which makeup brand should i get?
how can i cover up a cold sore? proms tomorrow!?
Can you buy Urban Decay products in a store?
your favourite foundation brand ?
my mom wont let me wear make-up how can i convience her?
your Mascara?
lipstick vs. lipgloss, what to wear?
Can you use St Ives Aloe Vera for a facial moisturizer?
Are Blue or Hazel Eyes dominant?
Who's prettiest?
Is my eye brow piercing rejecting?
My Eyes, make-up?
How and when should you wash your makeup brushes?
What color eyes do I have *10 points* pic?
What eye color is prettier?
I arrived at work this morning and then realised ...?
anyone know anything about foundation?
Which pic should I make my Profile Pic on Myspace?
Sephora foundations, help?
Best drugstore lip stain?
have you heard of MAC's new vegas mineralize skin finish?
makeup help - very pale skin?
Where is the brand UGNY nail varnish from?
I bought the wrong brush..does it matter?
What makeup will cover up hickeys?
anyone know a good eye shadow color for bright green eyes?
I hate looking like me, I want to be someone I ugly? && Why did God make me the way I am?
What's the best colors to wear to bring out green eyes?
How to Start out as a MakeUp Artist?
website for hairstylist and make up artist gigs??