What are the best liquid foundations in your opinion?
I want to bring more focus to my eyes and lips! any suggestions?
How can I get my eyeshadow to stay on longer?
Does anyone knows what the best make-up is for a 13 year old. Thank You!!?
oily skin moisturizer with matte finish?
I use lipstick as blush?
Eyeliner wont stay on all day.?
What is the best eyebrow kit/pencil that stays on for a long time?
Do u prefer liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner??
What's the best type of liquid, pencil, shadow eyeliner to use?
Is there an affordable alternative to Skindinavias No More Shine?
what make up stays looking good but natural all day?
foundatoin to make skin clear??
52 year old woman with eyebrows that grow more outward. how can i get my eyebrows to lie flat?
Is this alot of makeup for a 13 year old (pictures)?
Is make-up bad for you?
fake lip rings? is it possible?
What is a subtle but glamourous color of eye shadow for 16 yr olds?
Whats your fav makeup brand?
Lip rings hot or not?
What foundation would be best?
what type of curling iron should i use to make spirals and what curler should i use to make waves?
Why am I so unlucky with make up and looks?
Mineral makeup?????????
What mascara do you recommend?
How do i make my eyes look bigger with make-up?
What Are Some Good Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes?
Tips on makeup style!?
Help - Girlfriend plucked my eyebrows - what can I do?
good makeup school in Canada.?
for girls AND guys (be for real with me please)?
Perfumes for 13 year olds?
Is nail polish dangerous on skin?
Mascara advise anyone?
How should I do my makeup and hair for homecoming?
What age do you start wearing makeup?
Top 4 eye shadows from Mac?
question ??????
Random: what color is your eyes? ?
why are our eyes so sensitive to red?
Foundations like Revlon Photoready But WITHOUT SPARKLES?
I have a problem!?!?!?!?!?
how do you make your eyes appear bigger with makeup?
anyone know the day rate for product development consultant in cosmetics?
how should i do my prom make up?
Which mascara is the best to use?
Does makeup give you more self confidence?
How to do makeup like..?
Help! With my face it's a girl prob!?
How can i look pretty without trying hard?
bobbi brown make-up?
Best fake tanner?
spf in make up..........?
what is an everyday red lipstick?
Should I wear makeup?
Which is better: Sheer Cover, Bare Minerals or Loreal's Minerals?
Which is better for eyelash growth?
Best long lasting eyeliners?
Eyebrow Shaping Guide for Girls and Women - Where can I download it?
How can I make this creepy eye makeup with eyeliner, Halloween stick makeup and dark eye shadows?
Which color would look best?
Girls does puttin make up on suck?
Help with acne above lip?
Can I use acrylic powder in nail polish stamps?
is this too much makeup for school?
Make up forever HD foundation?
How do the girls in magazines have such perfect skin?
Am I wearing the right amount of makeup for a high schooler?
Natural mascaras that work?
What makeup would you rather buy at a drugstore than a high-end store, and vice versa?
I am going for a girls day out?
Should I Throw It Out?
What do you think is the best makeup line?
Do You guys know about Amira Magic creme?
which of these mascaras works the best?
Does the dual waver from bedhead work good ? how does it look ? or tell me about it.?
brown pencil eyeliner question............?
How to make my face look good in glasses?
What is a good scar cream? ?
How do you get your eyebrows done?
Whatttt makeup would suit me???
should 13 years olds wear make up?
Eyeshadow dupe......?
How often do you wear make-up?
i dont know how to do my make-up...?
What makeup to get from boots and superdrug?
Can your eyelashes grow longer?
What stores sell Hard Candy Cosmetics, if there are any?
Can makeup make a REALLY ugly (and I mean really) ugly girl hot for prom?
how to convince your parents to wear make up?
Urban Decay Ammo Palette?
Can you buy male concealer at Tesco?
Cover my redness!!!!!!!!?
Lipstick colours for thick lips?
how do u stop ur foundation 4rm flakin after 7 hours?
I'm in 7th grade and I want to know what kind of makeup should I wear?
Can any makeup experts out there help me?
Where do you get you make up from and is it good i cant find any good make up?
Brown eyes or blue eyes?
What is a good brand of makeup?
how to do a smoky purple eye?
Do you know anything about cosmetics in general? plz..?
Is wearing makeup such a bad thing?
Where can i buy Bargello's Vitamin Regimen for nice hair nails and skin?
Is there any way to stop concealer from getting in between the lines under your eyes?
What eye make up is good for green eyes?
Do you guys put on makeup when you go to school?
who likes makeup overall??
liquid eyeliner?
is Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer non-comedogenic?
Smokey eyes!?
Make up tips for a green eyed girl? ;)?
Missha BB cream no.13 is it too light?
lipstick or lip gloss?
Hairstyle and makeup ideas for picture day?
What are the best hard candy products?
Why does eyeshadow make my eyes look smaller?
I accidentally cut half of my eyelashes off while trimming some falsies. Will they grow back?
from where can i get the roopamrit cream?
Does maybelline bb cream work?
How to get rid of the puffiness under your eyes?
How can I make my eyelashes longer?
where can I go to have my makeup done for prom?
MUFE Products Sold In UK Shops?
when going to a beauty salon to get your makeup done, do they normally use high end products such as?
What's wrong with my eyeliner?
how long does it normally take for nail polish to dry?
Favorite and best lip balm?
Ladies: What is your favourite brand/make of mascara?
What is the best under eye cream ever?
Whos prettier with and without makeup? Adriana lima or rihanna?
I want to buy some eyebrow stencils. Any advice for a newbie?
Dramatic eye liner, THE Cleopatra look do you like it?
can you use fake eyelashes more than once?
What brand/set of makeup brushes should I get?
patricia wexler" under eye brighting cream?
How do i get my eyelashes like this?
Does taylor swift wear Foundation/ Powder?
Whats your favourite piece of make-up and why?
Whats A Good Makeup For Acne Scars?
What is a BOGO cosmetic sale?
How can I do my makeup so I don't look sick and washed out?
Do peel off adhesive eyelashes last?
Does Lilash really work? And how long did it take for you to see results?
Mary Kay shade conversion help?
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
I want to fake tan but am embarrassed about it??????????????????????????????????????…
What makeup brands do you use?
Help, looking for a new look!?
How to wear hair and make up with black dress?
Help !!! how do i get rid of this?
is this true?
What colour should i paint my nails?
what should I clean my makeup brushes in?
what makeup?
Anybody on orange network please help !!?
How to minimize large pores?
how to get rid of red/pink cheaks?
Best way to remove eye make-up?
how to deal with facial hair???
How do I do pretty makeup and hair?
where can i get something similar to mac's revenge is sweet lip gloss?
Lets See How Many Of You Have The Confidence?
Under-eye oddness *10 points*?
Are red lips okay for day wear?
Im 5'5 and weigh 108 pounds, am i fat?
how to apply crayon eyeliner?
Makeup question?
what is the right amount of makeup for a teen.?
how old do i look and is there possible way to look older?
Does applying brow powder or liner cause eyebrows to become thinner over time?
Bordeaux wine based french lip balm?
What kind of makeup is this? It's a clear stick?
Where can i get those jumbo really colorful eyeshadow pencils *affordable*?
best nail polish for winter formal?
How to ask to buy makeup?
Volume Shocking mascara?/If u dont take off your eye makeup at night will you get wrinkles?(mascara+eyeliner)?
Best Lip Glosses At Target?
What is a good brand of mascara?
MAC Cosmetics Primers. What are the differences?
Blusher or Bronzer? x?
I was using L'oreal Translucide Foundation and as they have discontinued it?
Mascara help me please !?
An acne question...?
how do i get free makeup online canada?
Does it sound like I wear too much makeup?
Don't you just love Megan Fox's eyebrows and makeup?
liquid foundation and powder one?
Is there anything to make my eyebrows grow back?!?
I just became an AVON represenative. Can anyone help me with my questions about selling and buying.!!!!!?
Cute makeup tips for the beach?
Which should i choose Avon or Mary Kay?
Does anyone know where to find sage green lipstick?
Where can i learn more about makeup/hair without attending college?
good powders either pressed or lose?
Girls, what are your plans this summer?
How does astigmatism affect applying eye makeup?
What is the point?
7th grade boy advice Please ;)?
What's the best brand of eyeshadow? What's the worse?
best face powder that gives me some coverage yet looks natural and blends well?
I'm 13, should i be able to wear make up?
tarte stain blush? anyone ever tried this?
I am 15 and I want to use concealer everyday? How bad will it ruin my skin?
Is this a good amount of makeup to wear to school?
Is there a brush similar to the Clarisonic MD Professional Skin Care brush? Is there a cheaper version?
How do i do eyeliner if i cant draw straight lines?
My liquid pen eyeliner isn't dark enough?!?
Foundation that won't rub off.?
what is the name of the bar of soap that Sting uses on his skin? I know they sell it at high end stores.?
Question about Pond's skin care cream?
how do i make my nails white again?
EYELASHES read the question
i need to buy some fakes eye contacts?
Medium CREWNECK help?
What type of eyeshadow brush is this?
What is your favorite brand in makeup?
My face looks boring?
Girls, do you think it's good or bad to switch up eyeshadow color and lip color on a daily basis?
Where can I find Olay's Clay Mask?
what age do you think girls should be at before they start wearing make-up???
Has anyone used Perfect Pigment by Christina Cosmetics?
How can I put on eyeliner with out crying?
Does anyone know of any new products coming out from urban decay?
has anyone used bare essentials or bare minerals makeup?
How do you get the "cat eye" look with black eyeliner.?
Need to refrigerate Hydrating B5 Gel?
Urban Decay Naked Eye Palette one or two?
What makeup do you love?
For online schooling do the parents have to be stay at home parents?
Where are MAC lipstick labels?
makeup bag essentials?? hellp?
Make-up for me?
a question about makeup?
Review on Butter LONDON nail polish?
I have a nine year old sister who wears a lot of eyeliner, is that normal?
my fugly ugly birthmark ????how to cover it up?and any birthmark stories ?
how do i tell my parents....... read discription?
i need make up tips. help!?
What is the best skin care program for a woman over 50 with drying skin and sun damage?
PLz help me.....?
what color eyeliner and eyeshadow looks good if u have brown skin and brown eyes?
How to get rid of the circles under my eyes?
BEST cover up??????????
Best Foundation???
How should I do my make up for homecoming?
Why do most girls not use the proper makeup tools?
Cosmetic Question?
Favorite foundation!?
were can i buy chanel makeup in the uk?
Does this make me seem gay? (I'm not.)?
What is the most sparkliest lipstick out there? The most glittery looking lipstick?
bb creams(beblesh balm)?
How can i create a smokey eye effect?
Where cana I get E.L.F. (Eyes, Lips, Face) cosmetics?
Is this too much makeup??10 1/2 y.o?
i'm doing the Clean&Clear Advantage Acne Kit countdown, but is it okay if i put makeup up after the routine?
Which fake tanner works best?
Tips for applying natural looking make-up?
My 16 year old daughter is attracted to females. I have problems coping. I think she's too young 4 that.?
How can I remove mascara if I don't eye makeup remover?
The color black(gothic)?
has anyone tried/used this?
im so pale?! help!:(?
is there a cream i can use?
How can you have your own spa at home for free?
what make-up brand works the best out of maybelline, covergirl, loreal, nutrogena, revlon, or almay?
What make up do I need to cover acne well and in which order would I use it?
What is the best mascara for big volume?
When you put on eyeliner-are you suppose to put it on dark and right under the bottom of your eye? Help please
Which of these eyeshadow palettes should I buy?
How to have nice skin?
Powder powder powder!!!!!?
Best foundation for women over 30?
I Need A Neutral Fresh- Faced Makeup Look !!?
Why do several cosmetic companies make "BB" Cream?
What are parabens and why are they bad?
How do you apply eye liner on your eye lid?
am i good at makeup?(pics)?
How to do my make up and what products are best?
How old were you when you started wearing foundation?
Help with choosing whether or not to use makeup?
Facepaint/powder Alice Cooper's make up.?
what color eyeshadow do i look good in?
What makes crest white strips work best?
for school and weekends is it best to wear just this?
is this an ok amount of makeup for a 13 year old?
What makeup should an 11 year old wear to school?
How can I be prettier?
Help! How do I use make-up? What should I buy?
how to make my face smooth and soft?
How to wear a bold lipstick if i have slightly yellow teeth?
Does MAC Make-up make you breakout?
What does every girl need to have in her locker? Ten Points!?
Can anyone recommend a (not-too) red lip stain?
Does my makeup look ok?
Need skin help quick?
ways to wear a hockey mask?
not sure exactly how to put on make up and look great?
What are your best beauty tips?
What kind of make up should I wear?!?
Where could you buy liquid latex?
What do you think about teenagers wearing dark eye makeup?
Hazel Eyes?
What are some good websites to find beauty tips?
What eyeshadow color is prettier :flash OR half baked?
what is appropite makeup for a 12 year old?
What is the best Sephora moisturizer and liquid foundation?
Do you put your eyeshadow on before your liner? or the other way around?
how do i keep my face make up on all day long?
GIRLS! Do you bring perfume or makeup to school?
Black eyeliner doesnt look good on blue eyes?
whats the best color of eye make-up?
Thoughts and feelings about people who remain to wear chipped nail vanish?
im looking to create a healthy glow on my skin i was wondering which make up or skin products are best,?
eye makeup for green eyes?
What kind of make up would suit me? *-picture?
where could I find a list of similar foundation shades in different make up brands?
how to convince my mom?
what type of make up makes your face look softest?
how to have a firm jaw or jawline? any facial exercises?
what face shape do i have? pic?
What colour are your eyes mine are bluey green?
Any recommandations on a pore minimizer?
What should I expect?
How can I find my proper color when it comes to maybelline dream mousse foundation?
is burberry classic too mature for teenage girl?
How to get rid of dark circles on face ?
Are big eyes considered pretty?
What does BB Cream do?
What makeup should i use?
what color is ur eye color?
Ladies, do you feel prettier when you wear makeup?
What do you call....?
What is a scrub???????
make up for 14 year old i have brown hair and blue eyes?
Is this too much for a 14 year old?
How should I do my makeup?
How should I do my makeup and hair for homecoming?
How Do I keep My EyeLiner From Smearing?
12 year old makeup????
Which eyeliner is best and apply my self.tell me company?
Eye makeup combinations? :)?
How do I get rid of spots without makeup?
Liquid v. pencil eyeliner?
What do you think would look good?
how does a sty form?
why do you have to wear make-up?
i need make up help please!!!?
does blush...?
what are the ingredients that are not good for your skin in makeup?
I want to buy some upscale clothes and accesories. How do you rate these Stores in my City?
Too Much Eyeliner? (pics)?
I need good eye makeup! what brands are good?
What's the best foundation, concealer, and powder?
what colour eyes are your favourite ?
Who is prettier between the two and why?
Blonde or brown hair?!! help!?
Do i wear too much makeup to school?
Does Revlon Singapore sell the Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Siren?
Ahh what has the world come to!!!!?
Those who use pencil eyeliner: which eyeliner do you use?
Beauty mask??
which product is better? MAC studio fix + foundation or MAC studio tech?
whats your fave compliment?
Is this unfair?
My mascara won't fully come off?
what colour foundation?? is my advice right??
what hours and days do estheticians usually work?
How to do make up / be like this?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the British were fighting World War Two LONG before the Americans right?
What foundation stays on long without a shiny look if I have an ivory to beige skin tone?
Can you please give me....?
Is this normal for the length of mac brushes?
favourite lip balm brand?
What is the correct procedure, step by step, to putting on a good face of make-up?
Prescriptives Liquid Foundation......Discontinued?
is clean and clear finishes pore perfecting moisturizer really closes your pores and works well?
i have an idea for a new nail polish. how do i manufacture np and get it into stores?
Come ottenere questo make up?
I really want to be a makeup artist for there a certain school i have to go to for that?
is this too much makeup?
Un wanted facial hair?
how to make markteing for bulldinges?
How do you get top coat nail polish off of a shirt?
Revlon age defying face primer?
Natural make up for green eyes?
What is an awesome foundation for dry to normal skin with a WONDERFUL finish?
What do you think of...?
Does makeup damage skin?
Would you rather go without mascara or eyeliner?
How to do my eye makeup awesomely?
which is better and why?foundation liquid or powder?
How do you make your eyes pop and look bigger and better?
I have dry and sensitive skin so what foundation would you reccomend?
have any one use the beauty product made by the company "BOOTS? from uk that sells at target?
Lancome matte finish pressed powder?
how old do you think you could start wearing makeup?
How do you tell a woman that she wears too much makeup?
Foundation recomendations?
what individual eyelashes are better Eylure or Ardell Duralash?
What is something natural to take off eye make-up??
What colors will go with my eyes?
Good foundation for pale, blotchy skin?
how do i tell my friend her foundation is too light for her?
Has anyone tried MAC's Rapid Response Eye Cream?
How to keep eyeshadow lipstick from clumping..?
Need help with my eyes?
Eye Makeup Remover?
Starting To Get Makeup. What Should I buy?
Is foundation bad for skin?
Can anyone enlighten me on makeup?
Lipstick/ Lip Gloss/ Chapstick??
Do I look ugly without makeup?
Hiiya!... Do you think I wear too much makeup?!? I'm 13 :]?
pearl fairness cream?
how can i clean and disinfect my mac concealor that comes in a pot?
i need some pictures of wild short hair or bizarre makeup?
I need a face makeup that doesn't look cakey but will keep the shine away for a long time?
what how much make up for teens??
Do i look good with eyeliner?
What is cosmetics?
anyone know any websites that give you make up tips?
When do you take your make up off =)?
???what is your favorite nail polish color???
What age were you when you realized that you NEEDED makeup to look somewhat decent?
Anyone ever used Lancome mascaras?
Can i use oil to tan?
If I wear Mary Kay ivory foundation, then what shade of Arbonne should I try?
Am I too young to wear makeup? [pics]?
How to apply makeup that looks natural....?
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation or Studio Fix Liquid?
who has the best dip eyeliner?
can i put my spf 15 moisturizer under my eyes and on my eyelids?
What is the point?
Should I apply face lotion with my hands or with a cotton ball?
Do I look like I have bad skin?
what is the best age for a girl to start wearin makeup?????
Smile lines and only 15?!?
Make up or no make up?
Present for my girlfriend. Where could I find 'matte look like' lipstick online?
L'Oreal's Bare Naturale mineral eyeliner?
what shade should I get in the MAC studio finish concealer?
Can anybody suggest a mica, bismuth-free mineral make up with a reasonable price?
What are some really good makeup foundation/ powder?
Can you list all the drugstore makeup brand that don't test on animals?
Where can I find white Eyeliner without having to buy it online?
What's the best foundation for oily skin that lasts and covers well but doesn't look cakey?
make up ideas and tips!?!?
Does Clarisonic Mia 2 really make skin better?
is bag balm good for scabbing tattos?
Should I cover up my freckles?
has anyone seen the coupon for a free victorias secret pink panty in the magazines?
Do I have to use foundation or concealer?
makeup question?
Should i get a brush cleanser?
want a new look ? loads of answer's :> thanks?
who knows of any good mascara?
What is a good make-up combination for a school dance?
Is it better to wear makeup or go for the natural look?
How can i increse my skin tone?
is it okay to use any type of non scented lotion?
Girls, would you date a guy who loves to wear nail polish?
How much is too much makeup?
hey caligirl i found out on this answer site?
I am using Olive Oil as a make-up remover.. is this good or bad?
Watery eyes and eyeliner?
Colour closest to this dress ?
which brand/type of eyeliner works best?
what do boys think about girls that use makeup?
What is the best brand of makeup out there??
do guys like girls that wear make-up or no make-up?
What's the right age for a girl to start wearing make-up?
When should teenagers wear makeup?
Do you wear foundation?
How makeup can I use to enhance my blue eyes?
Whats the best colored contact brand and color?
Do I wear too much makeup?
How do i get mascara out of my eye?
makeup for a friend?
datee help?
The Body shop?
how come they have so many choices for foundation for fair skin and so few for dark skin???
Need a little help with MAC......?
how to make lips pink....????
Does any know the color/shade of lipstick that Kate Moss is wearing in this picture? Thnx, biatches!?
Recommend an eye makeup remover!?
im 14 and i was wondering if guys my age like nice natural girls or bitchy madeup girls?
What are some reasons why my boyfriend would wear mascara?
Can you help me decide which makeup palette i should get?
Need help with make up colors!?
I am 14 and have really bad acne my parents want let me ware makup to cover it up what should I do because I'm?
MAC Cosmetics Questions?
What do you think of girls that keep makeup?
Will our under eye get dark in colour by wearing power glass? If yes what is the remedy to remove the darkness
Can being in the shade darken your skin?
Where can I find unusual makeup colors?
Any tips on how to apply the right amount of blush?
Are my eyes supposed to change color?
Can I wear a jacket over my Liquid Latex costume?
What color should I paint my nails?
Mascara help... please!?
will i be able to tan?
What shade of eye shadow and lipstick would look best on me?
How do you get rid of cellulite?
How can I make myself look older?
Is my makeup appropiate for school?
What eyeshadow color should I wear?
plucking or waxing?
how to make lips red?
guys.. what do you think of girls with bold eyeliner?
has anyone used their makeup?
natural makeup?
Whats your favourite eye colour?
What colour are you today?
how can u be prettier without no makeup?
What color are my eyes?
What is ur fave dream out fit?
smashbox photo finish primer without foundation? anyone who has used this product?!?!?!?!?
got any good websites for makeup tips and tricks?
At what age can a woman start wearing noticeable lipstick?
Please revew Max Factors Panstik for me I have acne and heard it gives great coverage!?
What color eyes are the best?
Make up for pool party?!?
How do I put some color on my face without looking like a clown?
how to avoid my makeup from smearing even during summer?
How can I tell my mom that I want to wear makeup?
what' the most beautiful mac pigment there is? what are the ones that suites light golden brown eyes?
Justin Bieber makeup ideas?
Some summer must-haves?
Where can I get my make up done professionally, Astoria / LIC / Midtown?
How would you stretch the upper lip and lower lip area ?
DO U beleive in wearing makeup ?
how to look youngerrrrrr?
What Is the difference between a MAC and MAC Pro Store :) x?
what is a powdered bronze?please recommend a company whose products r available in india to make me luk darker
what is some good stay put eye makeup for humid florida summers?
what is the best color eye shadow for brown eyes?
Which one tones the body more faster?: Pilates or Yoga?
Where can I buy quality 'used lipstick?'?
elf makeup brush reviews?
School starts TOMORROW for me, what do you think about my ideas for hair and makeup? *details included*200pts?
what's wrong with my face? emergency! 10 points to whoever helps me! please answer!!!?
Is it weird that I wear more makeup to school than on weekends?
Best pigmented matte drugstore eyeshadow?
Does wearing eyeliner affect your eyesight!?
best way to apply foundation?
What are some cute outfits for highschool?
Foundation for a healthy, flawless, professisonal finish?
I am interested in selling motives cosmetics, is it worth it? How do you make money?
Free Clear Nail Polish Online?
Whats the best mascara that will....................................…
christina perfect pigment?
what is rx?
how do i remove 24 hour lasting lipstick from a 3 year olds face?
Is the L'Oreal BB Cream Oil-Free?
how can i do my eyes like this?
Your review on the E.L.F. Matte Lip colors in Nearly Nude.?
Preps && they're skin and makeup.?
Can you wear eyeliner with out mascara?
if you've never opened the mascara,is it still okay to use it?
girls! when u tan((on a bed)) do ur legs not tan as fast as some other parts of ur body?
i dont wear makeup, and boys seem to have crushes on me.?
Where can I get cosmetic, fragrance, and hair care samples online free?
How do I make my eyes look bigger without makeup?
Do I wear too much makeup?
where can i buy the skin range; yes to cucumbers in australia?
How do i tell my mom i want to start wearing light make-up?
if you have treasure red eyes that are brown with a touch of red what color of eye shadow would u wear?
What do you think looks better?
What exactly does a make-up artist do?
Ladies, i need you help with the type of moisturizer?
Maybelline Dream fresh bb cream .vs. Covergirl Natureluxe foundation?
What makeup would suit me?
I'm alway lazy to makeup in the morning, what can i do?
PROM: Should I get my hair and makeup done professionally?
Natural fake eyelashes?
camcorder vs video. help plzzzz?
Is foundation and powder makeup (blush,bronzer) bad for a 13 year old?
how to color eybrows and do perfect eye make up?
Hey I just went to Ulta today?
Chanel nail polish or OPI nail polish?
Whats my face shape!??!?
I need a good Makeup tutorial for a not so important meeting?
When did you start wearing makeup?
What is the best brand of foundation and powder for oily skin that reduces shine?
i have wrinkles and im only 14 !?
Big lips and bright lipsticks.. Yay or Nay?
what make-up shades fits w/ it?
Is blue eyeshadow ever okay?
Does Neutrogena Naturals test on animals?
Essie nail polish: how can I get them to properly dry?
2012 Birthday gift for Beauty Insiders at Sephora?
hard candy lipgloss lip serum?
Im 13 how do i persuade my mom to let me have cosmetic surgery?
whats that thing that makeup artist use so they wouldnt touch their clients face?
MAC Foundation Bottles?
The mascara I bought is too thick, is there any way to thin it down?
What are my under tones?
How much would you say this person weighs?
Concealer suggestions?
What's your favorite color of eyeshadow?
Which three items of makeup can you not live without?
what makeup looks good on dark skin?
Do you know of a drugstore foundation that is similar?
What is a good MAC lipstick dupe for Benefit silky finish lipstick in 'Good to go'?
What make up should I wear in 7th grade?
makeup question?
Am I warm toned or cool toned?
anyone would like to join me for project pan?
Whats your favorite make-up product?
Why do i have croocked eye-brows?
Hey, Umm Makeup help.?
Does Softlips have color or gloss in it ?
Lip Plumpers.........?
Eyebrow dilemma, what to do?
Lipstick Colours For Dark Skin?
how old will i be before i can where make up?
Help, aspiring makeup artist!?
What make up would suit me best?
uhm, im a "fake" ?
Can you find bare Minerals in stores?
Do I look like Adriana Lima?
Are the new "BB" products any good?
Nars pressed powder or mac mineralized skin finish natural?
Urgent : Anyone used NO 7 skincare range?
How do I remove nail polish without nail polish remover?
Makeup for grade 8 helpp?
I want to get semi Permanent false lashes but I want To KNow The Pros And Cons First.?
Is this too much make-up for a 13 year old?
Girls whats your fav cosmetics brand?
What sort of eye liner pencil do you use ?
girls i wonder what is the best mascara ???
were can i buy???
Girls, can you recommend a good brand of foundation?
Are there brown mascaras?
how do i make my lips lookm bigger with make up on?
How do you make lip balm?
would this girl look good wit spiderbite piercings like the 2 balls on the left side of the lip?
Would it be pointless to wear makeup and do my hair up for going to the airport?
i am a 11 year old girl i have dark spots under my eye is it okay to use foundation?
Avril Lavigne esque hair/makeup YouTube tutorials?
Does Ambi Fade Cream Work?
What age should you start wearing foundation?
Anyone have the Detail Lash Curler from Sephora?
How many times should you use a facial cleanser per day?
what eyeshadows bring out certain eye colors ?
Makeup for 7th graders?(:?
Eyelash help please?!?!?!?
how do you put lipstick on like Mana from Malice Mizer? o_O?
what colors should u wear if u have reddish blonde hair?
What mascara do u recommend? & wats ur routine?
Adriana Lima: How long would it take on the sunbeds to get a tan like this (Pic included)?
How should I contour my rosy cheeks?
whats the difference between black brown hair color and darkest brown hair color?
What is the best, affordable undereye concealer in the UK?
Why do you not wear make-up?
do they have make up sales on black friday?
What is the difference between eyeliner and kohl pencils?
Can I use any oil when making lip gloss at home?
Where is the best part of your body to test foundation?
Do you apply foundation or concealer first?
How do I make my appearance better?
Please help link me too a video for Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario] makeup tutorial?
Does the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara actually work?
How to start a makeup collection/what products will I need?
makeup removers?
Rate Bare Essentials?
What Do You Use to Wash Your Face?
Did you wear make up in 8th grade?
How to make ur eyes bigger without showing u put makeup on?
Have u ever spent the night at a guys' house and the next day your make-up was totally ruined?
Does this sound like a good makeup routine for school?
How is it better to buy 1/4" cup brushes?
How should I do my makeup... (pics included)?
Were can i get inexpensive Good makeup?
what eye shadow color makes your eyes pop?
What foundation is best for oily/combination skin?
Makeup help, what products are right for me??
Makeup: Applying White Eyeliner?
Where would I go to get my makeup done for prom?
why u guys are saying that i am with a bad charachter?
How to save money on makeup?
How can I darken my eyebrows with makeup?
Which brand of skin care product is good for seniors?
do you like my make up?????????????????
pimple help!!?
What Are Your Thoughts On Elementary School Students Wearing Makeup?
Why do I feel guilty about wearing makeup?
Oatmeal Facial Mask??? best answer 10 points!?
Honey the movie make-up question top marks given?
How can I do my makeup so I don't look ugly ?
Lipstick, Chap stick or vaseline on your lips today?
How can I get my make-up like this?
make up poll: Mac or Sephora?
When should girls start to where make-up?
Makeup and hairstyle experts, a question for you?
A Little Help With Foundation Issues?
Is Ponds cleanser okay for my skin?
How do you properly wash your face; how often should you exfoliate?
How to make your eyes look bigger?
Has anyone tried Too Faced Wrinkle Injection or Duwop Reverse Eyeliner?
How much makeup does a 14 year old need?
Ladies: Is it weird if someone wears only eyeliner?
Do you think I wear too much make-up?
How to get eyeliner out of carpet?
Pressing loose powder?
Makeup for beige skin tone and yellow dress?
How should I get my eye make up done for prom?
How to hide the fact that I'm sick (with makeup)?
How do i take off fake glue on nails?
what's THE best mascara?
Is it just me? but Maybelline mascaras smell really bad...?
Questions about makeup?
I hate looking like me, I want to be someone I ugly? && Why did God make me the way I am?
My mom won't let me wear makeup and I'm in 8th grade, Is that the age people start wearing makeup?
How do you smell good? (girls only)?
what is the best oil control moisturizer?
do boys like lip gloss on a girl?
Urban Decay Primer Potion?
I've left my contact lenses out of their solution overnight, can i still wear tgem?
Does this eyeshadow look stupid on me?
Make up or no make up?
Permanent makeup question?
What benefit blusher would be best for my skin colour?
what color goes good with brown eyes?
what are some websites that will give my photo a tan?
What make-up is better, Clinique or Benefit?
how do i keep my eyelashes curled after apply mascara?
How should I wear my eye makeup with my glasses?
What makeup do you use everyday???how long does it take you???any tips??
Using water to wash makeup brushes?
Any tips on how to apply makeup?
IS mud good for your face?
i need help on whiteheads?
What type of foundation can i use that actually covers?
how can I keep my lipstick on longer, and not come off?
Liquid or Powder Foundation?
teenage girls and red lipstick? please help! =)?
Makeup storage question (pic included)?
Help me????!!!!!!!?please?
Is it better to put makeup on before or after putting on a dress?
Is it okay to keep powder eyeshadow open all the time?
Should I join Mary Kay? Have read some bad things-what's the real story?
Sleeping in makeup just once?
Do you like my eye makeup? Eye open pic.?
Is this too much eye make up for a 14 year old?
My semi-permanent eye liner is uneven can it be corrected?
Has anyone ever used Bare Ecsentuals. I'm thinking of trying it and would like some feedback.?
Finding it hard to achieve nice eyebrows?
please someone help , big crisis?
Should I buy a MAC Palette or the individual eye shadows? (:?
rimmel matte mouse?
Can you put on Dinair Airbrush Foundation without the airbrush?
Is cover girl a good makeup brand?
how do i do cute makeup i hate it i wear makeup to school but i want more and for it to look cute can you help?
does foundation hide shadows under eyes?
Why do girls wear make-up?
buying make up in dublin?
wat colour eye make up looks good on a wheatish complexion wid lilac coloured eyes ?
how do you put on ur eyeliner? silly i kno?
what do you use to cover up oily spots and shiney spots on your face?
Women are more beautiful without makeup!!?
My eyelids always change?
How to do wings with liquid eyeliner?????
Does whearing Dark makeup make u gothic?
Coverup for Vitiligo?
How do I learn to wax my eyebrows?
How do I make my makeup stay during gym?
i need make-up help?
What makeup should I use?
Long lasting natural looking foundation?
Is there any cream available in market to remove under-eye dark circles?
What make up should I use?
has anyone used rare minerals by bare essentuals the night time treatment?
Why did he do this...?
Where can I find a full coverage, non comedogenic, foundation/concealer? (preferably under $20)?
How to get avril lavigne hair+makeup?
Best make up for covering acne?
What do guys think of lipgloss?
How to do light emo makeup for a 14 years old?
wanting to know people who have used Bare Minerals with acne what do you think?
Alright, my daughter is wearing mascara and...?
What Make Eyelashes grow fast?
How much makeup do you have?
Should girls ages 13-15 be wearing makeup?
what is the appropriate make up for a 12 year old?
Do you think I wear too much makeup?
How do you make your butt look smaller without paying anything?
eyebrow help well sorta?
My acne and acne scars won't go away for years! What am I doing wrong?! Please help me, so desperate!!!!?
makeup for dance show?
Where can I buy estee lauder double wear concealer?
Do you spend money on quality eyeliners? What is the best one?
Do I look best with or without makeup? (Picture)?
What hue of brown eyes is this?
Vaseline to make my lips look fuller?
what other scent besides vanilla do guys like on girls?
Does anyone else hate Bare Minerals?
Making Small Eyes Appear Bigger
What is a good way to put on bottom eye liner?
Is bare minerals worth the money?
Does lemon juice really lighten up your skin?
Why are brown eyes considered ugly?
Has anobody used the permanent makeup Goochie M8 machine?
How much make-up should a 14-year old wear?
Funny stuff. Need help? haha?
when i go in to middle school i want to look good but NOT PREPPY!! so Gothic,emo or punk iwas goth for 2 years
Which one is Better Lip Gloss or Chapped Sick?
Do "dinar makeup" reccomendations annoy you?
I want to be the Joker for Halloween so I'm practicing my make-up, Does it look good?
How to keep fake gauges to stay on?
What kinds of Maybelline Baby Lips can you get in Australia?
What is the best mascara you have ever used?
How is the maybelline lumi touch concealer?
What is your favorite CLEAR mascara?
i dont know alot about MAKEUP, what should i buy????
dose anyone knw where i can purchase michelle's bb cream foundation on a safe websight or store in sandigo C.A?
Does anyone know websites that give free samples of makeup?
Whts my favorite color?
is there a cheaper version of bare minerals?
Twilight makeup foundation?
how can i make my face red?
when you look in the mirror?
where can i buy henna powder in Portland Oregon?
What make up should every girl have?
Is Cover Girl's Lash Blast Mascara hypo-allergenic?
Help with eye make up?
What is a cute nail polish color?
TEENAGERS - how much make up do you wear?
Whats better? with or without makeup?
Where to find Essie 3-Way Glaze in a store not online?
Do I Wear Too Much Makeup?
How do I get make up off easy?
im not allowed to wear make up yet!! what do i do!!!?
Do you apply make up in public?
What does it mean when a boy askes you why are you wearing makeup?
what is the best waterproof or stay on concealer?
were can i purchase lancome juicy gelee ?
Maybelline finishing veil?
i hate my appearance?
How to wear concealer with powder foundation?
What to do about unruly bottom eyelashes?
so i really wanna get a good lipstick color..?
What age do you think people should start wearing foundation?
at what age would u let ure daughter put make up on?
what is the 'best' matte foundation for oily skin?
help me please?
How often do you change your mascara?
hey this is my friend! tell me if you think shes pretty!?
Are these MAC Brushes FAKE? Help me out.?
Is there any facial mask i can make at home easily?
what helps a broken heart?
Bed Head TIGI Make up?
I'm worried do I wear lots of makeup?
Which is the best undereye concealer for fair asian skin?
makeup tips?
Is this ok make-up for a 13 year old?
I want to work at a Mac counter, do you get free stuff or discounts? and do you get to keep the brush belt?
Should I wear this in front of a 6 year old?
Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup?
How do I create a natural look with makeup?
What lipstick was Cher Lloyd wearing on X Factor 13 Nov?
Best LIQUID eyeliner?
What eyeshadow colors should I use?
do you think twelve is to young of an age to start wearing make-up?
Primer before moisturizer, or other way around?
Best drug store mascara?
How do I do my makeup like this?
How much make up do you people wear?
What should I (20-yo male) do about my screwed up eyebrows?
waxing incident?
should i wear eye liner?
is it safe to put foundation or concealer on your lips to get the nude lips look?
whats a good long lasting foundation and eyeliner?
how to i do makeup for blue eyes and a fair complexion?
How much makeup do you normally wear?
have anyone tried beesline facial products?are they as good as nivea and neutrogena products ?
What is the best make mascara? ?
Cute, pretty minimal makeup for pale skin?
liquid eyeliner whats your fav?
My makeup never lasts. :-(?
How old to start wearing PROPER makeup?
what's a good concealer stick to put on lips?
I wear glasses, should I even bother to wear eyeshadow/eye makeup?
What is a neutral makeup look for 7th grade?
tinted lip balm?? (easy 10 points)?
What is wrong with me--fix me please.?
My skin feels rough and looks dull. How can I fix it?
how can a dark skin bcome applying wht?
How do you do very heavy makeup?
Anyone know the best mascara to use that curls your lashes?
Good, Cheap Drugstore Concelar's?
Whos prettier????
Eye contacts?? *pic**?
What is so affordable but not cheap make-up?
Are mac cosmetics from all cosmetics wholesale real?
What would you think if...?
Makeup Question?? [So confused now!]?
am i too young to wear these at 13?
Best foundation shade for me.?
Can Eyelash Glue be taken abroad- Tenerife?
What SHADE am I?? NC30 to what tarte color?
HOW OLD DO You think I LOOK?
hey girls whats the best lip gloss out there at the moment? .. i am so lost , help?
How does she do her makeup ? [PIC!]?
How to get anime eyes (makeup)?
Should I ask for makeup again?
really need help on how to fill in my brows?
What cream will even out my skin tone?
makeup questions...13 years old..?
know any good lip gloss?
Clarisonic Mia, questions?
What's your favorite Chapstick?
Where can I buy a high pigmented eyeshadow palette?
Calling all makeup gurus?
So I Wear Pink..?
whats the best black pencil eyeliner?
in your opinion, whats the best mascara?
does anyone know a product that is just as good as lancome bi - facil, however less expensive?
Anyone buy the illamasqua create your own foundation?
is there a different between cheap makeup and expensive makeup ?
I need help finding a good concealer & foundation comparable to MAC NW20! Thanks!?
What is your quick makeup routine?
How do u make Facials?
Makeup for a 13 year old?
Best drugstore mascara?
Please recommend a mascara for daytime?
Prescriptives in Chicago?
What make up would look best on my pasty skin tone?
Egyptian Magic Cream question.?
how do you apply eyeliner?
Which should I do first: MY HAIR or MAKEUP?
suggestions for longer eyelashes?
Looking for a powder foundation!?
Should I wear dark make up or light make up?
How to apply foundation like her.... ?? (PIC)?
Has anyone from the Uk bought benefit cosmetics form USA?
Which is the best makeup brand?
Korean Cosmetics in Mumbai?
what is that chemical they use in nail salons? methama something or other...?
Im wearing to much makeup?
What do you think about this look?
My 12 year old sister wears TONS of makeup, is this wrong?
My scar face?
I need to find a very nude pink lipstick(not gloss) to go with smokey eyes. Any ideas?
How old do I look? Pictures?
Bare Escentuals/ Bare Minerals Makeup?
foundation for really dry skin?
with or without make-up?
Which Physicians Formulas foundation should I buy? acne coverage?
is it too much make-up?
Which Pink eye shadow should i buy to get the color i want??
would you care if you looked really pale?
What shades of makeup work best with tan skin?
i have this nasty rash on my legs? how to cover it up for saturday because i have an important party?
Tea Tree v. Witch Hazel?
What makeup should I use? New to using makeup?
whats 2+2?
Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder or Covergirl Professional Loose Powder?
Should I wear makeup to this school thing?
How can I fix my appearance?
best foundation?..?
Females only: how often do you wear makeup?
How to get this look?? *please help me!*?
How do I make my face look better?
Should a Teenager wear Makeup?
girls that wear makeup everyday: do you feel strange without makeup on?
Should I dye my hair blue?
Are there any eyeshadows from covergirl or any other drugstore brand that are matte, pigmented, and NOT sheer?
What is the best BB cream?
Why are people so against teenage girls whereing more than concealer lipgloss and mascara?
How do you put eyeliner on?
How would I do Orochimaru's makeup?
Eye shadow, y does mine wear off durin the night n all end up in the crease?Anything i can do to stop that?
Makeup 911!!?
URGENT; Answer only If you know the lipstick color of Revlon Matte?
how to cover up under eye bags?
what is your favorite fragrance?
Why was Maybelline liquid eyeliner "Line Stiletto" discontinued :(?
What's a good makeup routine for seventh grade?
What's the best face powder for...?
make up artists and schools?
How do you keep your makeup looking good all day at school?
Anyone need makeup help?
Do you wear eye liner on the bottom eye lid?
which guy looks the best?
why do some girls wear so much makeup?
What should I do about it?