Can you do shellac without colour?
Does Michael Kors Leg Shine look good on fair skin?
help about eyeliner, for my friend!?
do i wear too much eyemakeup? (pic)?
How to darken roots that are too light?
What make up should I wear everday to school in 8th grade?
Help on winning school pageant and talent ideas?
What Do You Think..?
How do you remove waterproof mascara?
What is a good way to apply Fake Blood for Halloween for my mouth and on my arms... Dripping appearance?
Does makeup ruin your skin? (.s)?
What brand of Makeup do you like the most?
Does this person awful with no makeup?
Are brown eyes sexier than blue eyes ?
Would it be reasonable to get my eyebrows waxed?
how do you get long eyelashes? If you use mascara that make them longer, wont they fall out??
Reduce face getting all oily?
Whats the prettiest eye colour ?? <3?
If beauty is skin deep, why do so many beautiful people submit themselves to plastic surgery?
What you do if you wear contact lenses and want to receive a manicure? 10 points sure!?
Do you think foundation can never look natural?
Am I a tad chubby? (or more than a tad?)?
What colors of make up should a red head wear?
Is MAC more expensive online than in stores?
Make up or none at all?
what can i eat to not be pale? why am i pale?
which type of facial is better?
oily skin, someone help!?
Anyone tried CLINIQUE even better skin foundation or BOURJOIS healthy mix serum foundation?
if mascara dries out, can you add a little water to go back to normal?
what kind of makeup should i wear?
What is the best mascara for short curled eyelashes something to make them noticeable?
along wit the lipstick trama i dont want anything to bleach my carpet out!?
What kind of paint did Bid Daddy use on his eyes in the movie Kick-***?
Should i put on lipstick?
What should an Advanced Professional Makeup Kit Consist of/?
What is a good drugstore foundation?
how could I inprove my look?
How do you put on fake lashes without damn near blinding yourself?
How can i make my lips softer?
Whats a good budget for makeup?
Do anyone know what's the difference between NIB OR NNB Medium Coverage Liquid Foundation?
Makeup Help Please!!!!?
Do you have to be an esthetician to work at a makeup counter in a department store?
What type of make up should I wear to school..?
Any good makeup ideas for me?(: Thank you?
Does Primark have foundation? :)?
***dry mascara ***?
My little sister sleeps with her makeup on?
Looking for the best concealer for fair skin to cover red marks/ blemishes?
How long should make up be kept?
how old do you think you should be to where make up?
Any cool costume make-up sites with pictures?
What color eyeshadow would go best with my eyes [pictures]?
What colour are my eyes? {pic} (:?
What Mascara works the best to give you long lashes?
Can you sleep with face makeup on?
How can I apply goth make-up when I have glasses. It never seems to work,please give me some suggestions.?
Can acne cover up hide cuts or other makeup and is there any water proof?
How is thirteen too young to wear makeup?
would u rather use hard candy make-up or urban decay make-up?
youtube videos that help with makeup/hair for a 16 year old?
Do you think this girl is pretty?
How can I remove my makeup and redo it?
what make up do u have in your makeup bag?
Which size make up remover should I buy for my holiday?
Ladies....lipstick, liner or gloss?
Makeup to look as if you are 5 years old?
What is the length of The Prestige?
what oil can you use to remove makeup?
Best foundation for my skin type?
I need your opinion on the best...?
Which is better "Clean & Clear Acne Treatment Gel or Clearsil Ultra Acne Treatment Gel?
What comes in a Burt's Beeswax kit? the one for lips and hands?
are mac cosmetics any good?
Myer Cosmetics/Bath&Body Refund?
where is loreal?
What would you define as too much makeup?
Am I pretty? What makeup should I use to improve? (pics)?
What is the one make up product that you would spend most money on?
bio oil????
please help me with a good makeup routine!?
Without makeup, how can I make my eyebrows look thicker and fuller?
How should I wear my makeup without looking insecure or desperate (girls only)?
plz tell me a gud concealor and makeup brushes?
If you could only use three products for your makeup, what would you use?
What color blush should i use?
Please recommend a mascara for me :)?
is it okay to go to sleep with arbonen mineral powder foundation still on your face?
what is the best foundation/powder?
help! h0w d0 u prevent top eyeliner from creasing?
Mascara: Imju Fiberwig? How is it?
ZITS! ZITS! ZITS! how do i hide them?
do girls look better with...?
What shade am i in Revlon?
Can I be a makeup artist?
Which MAc brushs/eye shadows do i need for eyes?
mascara question ??...?
whats the blackest kind of eyeliner i can buy? like brands of liquid?
Which blush shade is ideal for indian/caramel skin?
What's the point of foundation and powder?
PLZ read this.... I need help.?
Is it ok for guys to wear makeup.?
what kind of make up that celebrities used?
you favorite drug store brand foundation?
My face looks so flat when I wear make up. What can I do to liven in up?
How do I store liquid foundation?
filling in eyebrows what do you do?
what color eye shadows go best with brown eyes?
What is the best cover-up that won't cause break-outs?? Help!!?
Discount Benefit Erase Paste?
what do you recommend?
Is it weird for a girl not to like lipstick or lip gloss?
How to make a black eye with makeup?
Am i allergic to makeup, what can i do?
How to get my mom to let me wear makeup?
What is the best kind of chapstick/lip balm/relief for really chapped or rubbery feeling lips?
wots the best fake tan? - no streaks?
what colour eye is this?
Does Avons Lighten Up really work? or is it a waste of money?
how do you look more azn?
What does it mean to have "nice" eyes?
Which brand of concealer is good?
Makeup Help :S please answer?
hi im 6..i need a answer?
can you apply mascara with your mouth closed?
How can I find formulas for Cosmetics?
What color makeup matches my eye color (pictures inside)?
Can girls age 11 start wearing makeup?
how come on stardoll like i put on make up but doesnt come off i click but it doesnt come why plz help!!!!!
what color blush should i use?
i want to wear no makeup?
Special FX Makeup Schools & Dick Smith Online Course?
14 year old appropriate makeup?
matte or shimmer eye shadow for dark complexion?
What is the best drugstore eyeliner?
When a womn shaves off her eyebrows does she use a stencil to draw on her brows? If so, where can I buy them?
Do make-up products ever expire?
Should I wear makeup? I am 11 years old and all my friends do. If i do, what should I wear?
What is the best foundation for me?
What's the best way to remove eye makeup?
What do I lack? What makes me so average looking :(?
Should I wear concealer (I'm a guy)?
how can you look better without putting make-up on?
what eye makeup would look good with mac's 'saint germain' lipstick?
whats the best foundation to use?
what is melasma make up?
What is the best mascara?
How do you put on blush?
How much make-up should my 10 yr daughter wear?
Whats The BEST MAC Foundation For Dry/Combo Skin?
I have dark brown hair and green eyes...?
Is 10 to young to start wearing make up?
Which is better? What do you think? I NEED ANSWERS!!?
Prom Makeup Help Please!?
How can I hide my fine lines?
what brand of face wash and cream do you use?
What color of Prescriptives foundation should I use for my Chinese skin tone?
what did you wear for makeup today?
What are your thoughts on providing the U.S with a good environment?
Which makeup should i use?
Where's the best place to buy fake eyelashes?
is there a such thing that makes ur skin whiter or lighter??..if soo..were can i get it at??
Has anyone tried Zenacort? Does it work?
What brand/color of eyeshadow does Pantene use on the models in their ads?
How can I make myself look older? PICS.?
How can I make it look like I'm not wearing eyeliner, when I am?
What kind of makeup and hairstyle should I do for wicked the musical?
is it okay to use chapstick at 12 years old?
Can your face skin recover from damage by harsh chemicals?
MAC Studio Fix Fluid question?
How is the MAC makeup remover wipes?
Are my eyebrows too thick (PIC)?
What color eyeshadow works best with light brown eyes?
how do i use lemons to lighten skin?
Should I buy EOS lip balm Alice in wonderland limited edition?
How to make black eyeliner look good?
What color eyeshadow?
eye shadow palettes made in the us?
Why does the eyes color change with age? Why do some people have a mix of color? ex: hazel?
Makeup and hair help?!?
How should I wear my makeup?
Why does my nailpolish have bubbles in it when they dry?
How to look older without make-up?
Does anyone know where I can buy liquid lip smacker lip gloss?
what can clear up pimples fast?
Urgent help with eye makeup!?
Why isn't there lipstick for men?
how to apply make-up?
How do you buff your make up?
how much and what kind of makeup should very young teenage girls wear?
Too much makeup for 14?
Is Nivea Lipcare discontinued?Any help appreciated!?
What eyeshadow colors bring out the green in hazel-ish eyes?
what is beauty ?
which eye shadow is better? mac or nars?
How can I look like an Anime?
hi.i'm a kind of chocolately dark,what kind of makeup wld i go for.?
How do I get my brother out of the bathroom?
what can i use around my house to make me prettier?
What is the best fake tan?
Does No.7 Cosemetics have a website?
10 points!! PLEASE answer!!!?
how to naturally darken your eyebrows?
What Eye Makeup Should I Wear?? Pic!!?
would i look good with...?
What colors should I use?
Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?
Your Favorite Lip Gloss?
do i need it? (pics)?
what gives lipstick its glisten?
i need tips on how to do my make up good.idk if i should use alot of eyeliner or just a little.?
Blue eyeliner? Do you wear it? What about blue eye shadow? too tacky or pretty?
how do i make my skin look poreless?
How To Smell Good????
How can i work for ***** slap cosmetics?
foundation trouble, helppp?
what makeup should i wear...?
how to make freckles seem dimmer or go away also how to make green eyes pop i have red hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What color should I paint my nails?
Is my zebra face makeup going well [doing it myself]?
Neutrogena moisturiser?
has anyone used Maybelline pure concealer?
Am i lucky or what?
What is the best concelar to buy from walmart?
Is this too much makeup for a freshman in high school?
Both mascara which one is better?
My face gets oily throughout the day, is there a type of makeup that I should use to control this?
Is anyone else addicted to...?
How can i get my face to look good at the end of the day?
Make Up Brands?
Will a dark brown look good with my pink/pale skin and green eyes?
I need help with my makeup shade.?
Recommending mascaras??
i am curious and i need tips !?
what would you recommend makeup-wise for blonde hair, brown eyes, and tan skin?
Which makeup products available in India are good for oil skin?
Eye Shadow?
i need a conncealer!!!:[?
Do you think this would loook good?!!?!?
why does my face break out when i dont wear makeup?
Foundation question.?
What does it mean if you still look ugly even with an makeup on?
Best brand of makeup?
What are good eyeshadow and lipstick colors to mix?
am i wearing too much makeup, or is it a good amount?
Makeup or no makeup ?
How to i makemy makeup smoooth?
How to make concealer not look patchy?
10 point. which name is better?
what is the lip pen and gloss called?
Is it true that constant use of lipstick can darken your lips?
What is the most natural looking make-up?
lol oops I messed that last question up, what I ment was why is it not good to put eyeliner on the inside...?
are 11 year old girlls too young to wear makeup?
Can anyone give me a list of animal tested cosmetics?
Does anyone know any discount websites for make up, fragrance and gifts?
How do i convince my parents to let me get a lip ring?
How to stop eyeliner smudge?
What foundation/tinted moisturizer/bb cream is best for me?
Maybelline nude airfoam.....?
Favorite Mary Kay lipstick color?
makeup advise for italian girl.?
Do skinceutical products really work?
Is Caprice a good brand among makeup stuffs?
how can I hide pock marks on my face with makeup?
How to make face pale?
What is the best foundation you have ever used?
eyelashes helpp - want longer lashes ?
Do you think I'm attractive?
Do i wear to much makeup?
What are some natural pretty looks for summer?
dark eye circles?
Has anyone ordered Cherry Culture?!?
Can we use melacare cream for fairness does it work really?
eye cream for 27 years?
15 years old. Can I use Neutrogena Skin Enhancer?
L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadow question!!?
How to approach my dad about makeup?
suggest make up brands please!?
homemade lip gloss!!!!help!!?
makeup helppp please?
Do you think they're pretty?
Does anyone know of the best mud facial mask for oil? Its not a common brand and i can'f remember what it is?
Should I wear mascara?
How do u do ur makeup on a regular day?
Is amuse make up good ?
Is it crazy that i doesnt wear any makeup?
Best eyeshadow base/primer or sealant?
Has anyone used to prdouct "perfect skin" apparently the kardashians use it.?
How to make my eyes look bigger?
How do I advance my Lise Watier waterproof eyeliner?
Can anyone recommend a really good foundation for dry skin?
What to do if eyeliner causes eyes to water?
Did Skin ID give you good results?
What's the best liquid foundation to buy at a drugstore?
Do You think I look good when i did my own eye liner?
Mud mask stuff?
make up when spray tanning?
Foundation breaks me out?
What type of makeup should a 7th grader wear?
why other people dont think for themselves?
Do you ever put on makeup even if you're not going anywhere?
Why are green eyes so rare?
What's your fave makeup? Don't worry, these are fun to answer!?
HELP eyebrow threading disaster! What can I do? I'm so upset!! (pics included)?
what your fav product from benefit?
What should I put on my sister when she hates makeup?
whenever i put makeup on my my skin looks craked & dry. should i try a new make up or is the problem my skin?
Is it okay if I wear MAC concealer in NW15 and foundation in NC15?
When did you first start wearing makeup?
Natural Make-up Look :)?
Do you think a 13 year old girl is to young to wear makeup?
will jergens natural glow work for me??? i need to know!?
my eyes are greenish blue what color are your eyes?
target soina kasuk tinted moitsuzier?
Free Actually Free Makeup !?!?!?
when i put foundation my skin goes flaky my skin is very sensitive to im limited to mosteriser... help!!?
make up questions, 10 points if you can help?
smashbox makeup prices?
Questions about Latisse?
I need some advice!!!?
foundation make up help....?
howq do i earn a lot of $$$$$$$$$$?
Starting to wear make up?
How do you apply foundation to dry flaky skin?
What is a good mascara?
Can anyone recommend a good powder for combination skin to go over the top of liquid foundation?
i have green eyes. what color eye shadow would be best for enhancement?
What is the best drugstore make up?
Should i get the MAC prep and prime (regular) or the prep and prime spf50?
make-up help! Please!?
Might I be able to make my own fake eyelashes?
Can you save a tinted moisturizer for a while and it still be okay?
Is my bb cream fake? (skin79 orange label)?
If I break into L'Oréal and free all the guinea pigs and then torch the joint, am I still "worth it"
Black Glitter Nail Varnish?
If your a 3 in foundation, what color would that be?
Boots TimeDelay Instant Eye Brightener?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Why are guys so against makeup as long as a girl doesn't think that were her beautry come froms .....?
how would i do this makeup look?
I'm melting....?
I Need Sweat Proof Makeup Ideas!?
How can I look pretty?
Feminine Makeover for boy! :).. help!?
what color eyeshadow with blue eyes?
Does my mascara make my lashes longer,fuller or both (pic)?
Your most precious makeup item <3?
What is the best thing for acne?
Should I be using a different foundation shade?
How do I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?
SMALL BOOBS!!? plz reassure me?
Something to wear under Halloween makeup...(see description)?
Websites for bare mineral makeup?
how can I do my eye make up like kylie jenner?
whats ur opinion on cheek stain blushes? r they drying 2 the skin?
How do i do the smokey eye?
DO I WEAR 2 MUCH MAKEUP?????!!!?! :((pic)?
Foundation: Liquid or Powder?
What are some BLACK high end brow pencils?
how to make eyeliner stings disappear off my shirt?
think this will look cute or rediculous?
Jwoww black bronzer..........?
Which makeup do I really need from those suggested at makeup counters?
What exactly causes uneven eyelids?
Which do you perfer: Girls with more makeup or less? (pictures)?
My hands and nails are my worst feature?
Best mascara for long, thin lashes?
girls only please?????
which mascara gives you tons of length and volume?
how to do professional make up like this?
Attractive or unattractive?
I have dark blue eyes,I put on black eye liner&my friends say green eyeliner would be betterwhat should b used
how should i improve my complextion.....?
DOES DRINKING really make you barf?
What is your favorite drugstore makeup brand and why?
what sunblock is good?
Hey ladys, how can i take my masscara off????
why do teenage girls wear so much make-up and revealing clothing?
Should I fake tan my 6 year old for her competition or not?
What makeup colors would look good on me?
Recommendations of products to buy at The Body Shop?
Do I look good with makeup on?
What colour makeup should I wear with a black and white dress? Sweet 16.?
how can u make ur eye lashes thick and longg .?
What color are my eyes?
How to make my almond shaped eyes look bigger?
What stores can I find Mac and Elf products?
Is this normal for the length of mac brushes?
Clinique acne solutions. Helppppppp?
is make up blush made out of bat poop or has bat poop in it?
I LOOK UGLY 2DAY:(? anyhelp on making me look better?:D?
Do I wear too much make up for 13 years old?
What stores can you find Burts Bees lip color or any lip stuff of tha brand.?
what do u think about me?
Which kind of eyes color do you like ?
im a 16 year old boy that fantasizes about periods, makeup and lipstick?
eye brow threading,and thread my face ,just like a girl?
When do you think is the perfect age to wear makeup?
Is this too much make up?
Do boys like girls wearing makeup?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?
Where Can I Buy Good Inexpensive Make Up?
i want full, long, look at me lashes?
Who is prettier? Pics?
I have a problem..?
What do you think of clear Nail-Polish?
White eyeliner?
where to buy sheer Cover exept from its website?
Makeup or not?
can you use preparation H as a wrinkle reducer around the eyes?
I like angels & flowers, little kittens and butterflies. Am I normal?
Im so sick of all the makeup girls wear, are you?
What is the BEST *moisturizing* lipstick??
What would you recommend for me to be gorgeous?
How can I bring out the green in my eyes? (pic)?
What age should i start to wear make-up?i'm 12?
Eyeshadow Primer over pale skin?
is that ok to wear eyeliner every day for 10 years?
Is this too much (info in description)?
what concelor should i use to cover this up,please help?
Why do my eyes look gray?
How do I get my eye make-up to not smudge?
Why is it that men are attractive without makeup and women need makeup to feel attractive?
Which eyeliner should I use?
whos on the cover of the december issue of seventeen?!?!!?
Terracycle Products at ...?
what side of the tan mit do you use?
what is the best fake tan , and how do i apply it as it always comes out streaky even though its streak free?
What shade of red lipstick would look best on me?
8 Beauty Questions!!?
Bath and bodyworks lipgloss and body mists?
how long does coastal scents take to deliver a makeup palette international?
What to do with foundation that's too orange?
Does anyone else find it annoying when girls are CONSTANTLY applying lip gloss, over and over??
Is Tinted moisturiser better than foundation?
How to keep my eyeliner from smudging?
How do I make skin lighter?
Big eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
For M.A.C. cosmetics addicts?
Mineral makeup????
is my face infected with ringworm!?
what color eyeshadow goes best with my blonde hair?
Is there a "right" way to put on mascara?
Where can I buy some good not so expensive goat hair makeup brushes online?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?
What type of make up should a 12-13 year old wear?
Is this the right shade of red on my lips?
How do I make foundation last?
What do you believe is beautiful? (Facial features) ?
Can someone help me find a lilac/pale purple saree?
When Guys say they like their girl without makeup, do they mean it? Or are they trying to be nice?
Make up? What types and how much?
Please HELP!♥?
What are good make up brands in the uk?
What do you think is the best Liquid Foundation ?
do you have dimples?
how make face brightness and silky hair?
What is a good eye shadow/makeup scheme for asians?
what color of eye shadow and stuff do you wear for brown eyes?
i want to wear makeup but how do i ask my mom?
Im ten can I wear basic makeup like lip gloss and this skin britening powder,and face powder?
What are some easy makeup ideas for brown eyes?
What makeup should beginners wear?
Do you think this color lipstick would suit a medium-brown skin tone?
What age do you think girls should start wearing make-up?
Why Makeup?
Is this too much make up for school? p.s i am 13?
How can I convince my parents to let me wear red lipstick? I'm 17?
when do you think people should start wearing makeup?
What mascara do you use?
whats a good kind of foundation and mascara? help?
wat makup??
Does Iman's Second to None Cream to Powder serve both as the foundation and powder?
Best Mousse Foundation?
what do you think of Garnier SOS anti-imperfection pen?
what is the best foundation to use to have a full coverage?
What make up do you wear Girlies?
Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?
Hi guys. Need help concerning teeth whiteners?
Whats a cheap eyeliner that doesn't run and doesn't bother contacts?
How to keep my eyeliner from smudging throughout the day?
how can i do this makeup look?? help please..?
Chanel formal makeup?
Makeup ideas to go with my costume?
10 POINTS!!! face shape?
red or pink nailpoish for hands.?
whats the best way to wear make up if your wearing it the first time?
my friend is bening mean to me what should i do?
what is the easiest way to put on eyeliner?
Is this makeup appropriate?
Is it ok to wear red lipstick with a red t-shirt?
do fake eyelashes come off in water?
Am i to young to wear makeup...I'm 16....?
How do you get shiny cheeks?
Girls only ? :) help with a makeover!?
Bleaching my eyebrows?
Can fake tan stain the colour of a tattoo?
Beauty Blender Sponge?
Lip Sticks !!!!!!!!!?
What BB cream is best at hiding pores?
Should I get this, is it worth it?
why do guys paint thier nails?
What make-up should I where?
makeup for a short chiffon pale peach grecian dress?
what type of makeup should i wear?
Foundation or concealer first?
Trying to find an eye primer?
Best make-up tips you have to offer?
Am I wearing too much makeup?
What make up goes well with hazel eyes and a Turquoise dress?
What is the best eyeliner?
are moles on the face cute?
Where can I buy clown make up in the San Fernando Valley, California?
Girly girl presents?? I need help:LL?
What Type Of Makeup Should I Get ? , Im 2 Toned?
Eyes changing colour?
my face skin is dry ,how to make it soft ?
what is the best way to apply neutrogena skin clearing makeup?
Boots TimeDelay Instant Eye Brightener?
Makeup products for my prom?
What up !!!!?
does anyone have good tips on brands of make up?
What is your favorite type of eyeliner? Brand?
you know those makeup artists at macy's or nordstrom?
I want to bring a bag to middle school?
What do you think of green eyeliner?
Do I wear too much makeup for school?
Lip Gloss vs. Lipstick?
Good volumising mascara, but not too expensive?
Should I let my son wear makeup?
Is foundation bad to wear, what should i wear?
Can I use my foundation primer for my eyelids if my eyelids are REALLY dry?
What is your favourite makeup brand?
What shape would you say my eyes are?
Is it safe to wear eye makeup with contacts on?
Good salmon colored concealers?
What are the basic beauty items/supplies for teen girls?
What is the best colour lipstick for a pale complexion?
Does anyone no any really good foundations could you tell me please thanks....x?
Can some1 simplify the best way of putting eye-shadow? I practically suck at it.?
What is your favourite mascara? ?
E.L.F. Cosmetics Online Purchase Error?
how do u keep ur makeup on all day??
I Need Your Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can you return foundation!?
make-up tips?
A night cleansing routine?
Please help !! IMPORTANT AND EASY 10 POINTS !! Need answer asap .?
Can your eyes change color?
What color lipstick do you like to wear?
help!i need tips on keeping my face acne free!?
Where do put eyeliner on?
Does anyone know of a youtube makeup tutorial for this bronzey glowy look??? please leave a link! thx!!! :)?
do i look asian or hispanic?
What are your make up pet peeves?
WHat do u guys think about my eye makeup?
What are the best colours to bring out hazel eyes?
Eyeshadow Help Please?
Makeup or no makeup? (pics)?
What does a Toner do?!?!?!?
do colored contacts come in different sizes?
Do the scents of cinnamon and rose go well together?
lip liner and gloss from ulta?
am I to young for makeup?
what skincare routine should I use?
What does too faced wrinkle injection do ?
what concelor should i use to cover this up,please help?
is purple eyeshadow too much for the first day of school?
How to cover up dark circles?
I am interested in selling Arbonne, is there anyway to find out if there are a lot of consultants in my area?
girls are you always in your bare feet at home?
Make up issues! OMG please help. anything helps. just please?! Thanks everyone!?
Which is the best Mac foundation?
I need make up help!!!!!!?
what color shirt and makeup should i use to make blue eyes pop!!!!!!?
Please help easy easy?
mascara , primer , and eyeliner ?
Where do you apply replenishing cream to?
I'm wearing a pink violet kind of shirt for picture day how should I do my makeup?
How do I put on eyeliner? (bottom half)?
How munh honey and water do you use to change your eyes from dark brown to a light blue?
Which mascara works best?
has anyone tried lipbloom? does it work?
What is the best drugstore foundation and mascara?
What age is too young to start wearing makeup and what age did you start wearing it?
Starry face paint/makeup?
how can i keep my eyeshadow lasting for the whole day ?
how can i make my light blue eyes stand out more.?
How to get rid of spots FAST!?
What shade would I be in Make Up For Ever HD Foundation if I'm a 220 Natural Beige in Revlon Colorstay?
How does dying eyebrows work if you trim them? ?
Any makeup stores near there?
dewy, medium coverage foundation?
Help!!!! What is a good makeup remover?
BARE MINERALS USERS, What is your favorite product and why?
help this creepy girls jealous of me or something....?
I have oily skin and I do not want my make up to look cakey. Should I go with pressed or loose powder?
Guys, what do u personally like, natural beauty or dolled-up beauty?
What eye liner makes green eyes even greener?
How can my eye makeup stand out when I have glasses?
what is the best mascara brand out therE?
What is the best mascara out there?
Am i photogenic?
lip-lightening product - a suggestion, please?
Is it okay to wear bold makeup to school?
What is your take on NYX chrome eyeshadow?
Covergirl or Maybelline????
Where can I find good lipgloss?
what's the difference...?
i want to modal?
What makeup should I get?
What Is Your Favorite Colour To Paint Your Nails?
Teen facial help?
what is the difference between eyebrow and uni brow?
HELP MEE! PLEASE! easy 10points!?
What is your makeup routine?
Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?
why teenage girls soo dependent on makeup? 10 points best answer?
What kinda makeup should i wear to school?
what are the best lip plumpers? lip gloss in the shops? xx?
the roots and the whole top of my head turned a bright reddish orange, will this fade?! SOS?
best tanning products (no tanning beds) include sprays, lotions ect!?
How do i hide my shaved eyebrow ?
Would you ever leave your house without makeup??
How long does a professional eyebrow tint last?
What are some extremely rare nail polishes?
I've been asked to do some eye modelling,what do you think?
Where are some great sites where I can get some flavor gels for some DIY lipgloss?
is this mascara worth buying?
What kind of make-up do you use everyday for school?
Besides JORDAN, why do most Celebs look UGLY without makeup?
How can I make my eyes stand out?
i need a new look!!?
How to impress this guy?
makeup advice please?
I have green eyes and I hate them , 10 points!?
does it hurt wen u get ur eyebrows waxed?
is this too much makeup for a 12 year old?
Should I wear black or brown eyeliner?
sheer cover VS european mineral kit?
10 points to help me :)?
how do u get sexy eyes?
Best drugstore BB cream and concealer?
Is Bare Minerals eye makeup safe for someone who gets a lot of sweat & oil around their eyes? Its for prom.?
Best foundation primer?
How much do u love abercrombie??? If all the stores clozed wut would u do??
How can I look perfect?
How to do the Smokey Eye?
best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes?
Calling all makeup artists!! How to keep makeup sterile when using it on others?
Whats so great about scarlett johnasen?
Is it rare to have multiple colors in my eyes?
Can anyone tell me ways to gain weight????
what products did they use for jane's makeup from new moon?
what's a really good mascara if you want thicker and longer lashes ?
Where can I buy the derma-roller?
Beauty tips and secrets?
Do bronzer or blush look great on dark skin?
Can anyone recommend a good make up primer?
Looking for a wholesaler to supply me with branded cosmetic?
Has anyone actually owned makeup brushes from widget love?
Should you apply foundation before concealer?
Good color lipstick/lipgloss?
Can you get matched for foundation while you're wearing makeup?
What eyeshadow colour??
is it better if i use lip liner before applying red lipstick?
What is good eyeliner for sensitive eyes and makeup remover?
Question about B*tch Slap Cosmetics?
red hair makeup?
Too much or too little makeup?
Favotite/good drugstore foundation ?
i have wrinkly eyelids?
Best foundations/powders that don't cost a fortune?
What Homemade facepack is good? where im going wrong?
What type of eyeliner is she wearing? (liquid..crayon..pencil)?
I think I'm allergic to lipstick, help!!!?
Red lipstick or bold eye makeup for a night out?
What are the best drugstore concealers for dark spots?
Do i wear too nuch makeup? and weird clothes? fifth grade?
Does Korres Lip Butter Glaze have any unhealthy ingredients?
who has the best skin firming cream?
Does anyone know how to do stage/theatre makeup, or can you direct me to a site?
Is 12 too young to wear makeup? ?
Makeup for a thirteen year old/8th grade?
I always look really bad at the end of the day(my foundation)?
where do they sell victoria's secret cosmetics?
Why do you wear make up?
How to get eyeliner to look more natural ?
My nose is always soo shiny ! ?
does sylk anti aging cream work?
this might sound stupid but, henna wouldn't work on the inside of your lip, right? or would it maybe...?
What is the best over the counter foundation?
Hey i just started carrying a purse to school but i have no clue putt in it besides pads and makeup help!?
Can someone suggest lipsticks of the same or similar shade?
Girls with personal experiences with the " nars orgasm blush"?
What is the best kind of base foundation makeup when your skin tone is very red?
Make up for a 'baby face?'?
Can anyone recommend a good lip gloss for an adult woman?
What age is it ok to use concealer ?
What kind of makeup is used to make your cheekbones seem more angular?
how do i know wot is the best foundation for me?
How can i wear less makeup?
alright i need help with a wedding dress?
Very fair pinkish camouflage?
What is the best clinique product for exfoliation for a younger teenager?
Any foundations you recommend that would help reduce oily skin?
Best mascara??
Best gradual tanner for a caramel tan?
I'm looking for a mascara that both, lengthens & seperates. I also want it to be waterproof...any advice?
What is the best way to make your skin Whiter for 14 yrs old boy ?
do you know what a fairy would wear?
anyone else here pale and proud of it?
were can i get my eyes mesured and how much does it usualy cost?!?!?
anybody know of a really good eyeliner?
What color should i paint my fingernails?
Tramex Moisture analyzer best price and review?
What is the best drugstore cover up brand I can buy?
Guys Answer my ? about natural Beauty in a girl?
what is the colour of my eyes?
what colour is my eye?
What was the last thing you bought at walgreens?
Ladies.. What is your FAVORITE?
Do you find lip gloss annoying?
What color am I in MAC?
I am clueless when it comes to make-up?
What is the best color eyeshadow for blue eyes?
if i want to bring my eyes out what color eye shadow should i put on ?
Where can i get a really good sun tan?
Should I be aloud to wear makeup?
Make up experts out there? HELP please :-)?
how to make makeup brush cleanser?
Help me???????????????? please?
How much is to much makeup?
Simple valentines makeup?
what colors of eye shadow will make my eyes "pop" ?
best way too...?
What is your favorite make-up brand?
What is a good face moisturizer for acne prone, combination skin?
What are well-known cosmetic and skin care brands that do not use animal-derived ingredients?
How to pick out the right lipstick and foudation?
Will somebody please tell me my face shape?
What are dark & Mysterious eyes ??? ?
who looks best!!!?? [[PICS]]?
Girls that are good with make up. PLEASE answer!!!!?
How to apply Eye shadow HELP?
Poll: Urban Decay or Mac?
What make-up will impress guys? Guys I need ur help 2!?
Which brand of skin care product is good for seniors?
Super deep eyes? please help?
whats the best and easy homemade recipie for face brightening?
What is the best lip balm??
Whats a good drugstore that doesnt make you break out?
Is it safe to have obagi blue peel 2 weeks after restylane?
Help me with my make up?
What's the best way to use PURPLE/LAVENDER foundation primer?
Can I return an opened makeup foundation from wal-mart?
back to school makeup?!?
How do you put on foundation?
complete coverage makeup, companys first name was linda ? can't remember last name?
What color nail polish should i use if I have..?
Teens:Whats in your purse?
Foundation for sensitive acne oily skin! Help!?
NARS orgasm blush, please help!?
what eyeshadow would go with deep brown eyes?
how do you make your lips seem fuller?
how do you make ur ****** bigger?
does red lip gloss look good on a fair complexion?
Youtube Beauty Guru HELP!!!?
Do I wear to much makeup for my age?
My prom dress looks like the yellow dress from how to lose a guy in 10 days.What should I do with my makeup?
Do you know how to make homemade lip gloss?
What is you favortie eye color?
I wear too much makeup for a 13 yr old?
lipstick matchsticks?
Do most high school girls wear foundation?
Whats the best liquid eye-liner on the market? mine comes of in lumps and doesnt last very long?
Is it ok to use a preserved and sealed 10 year old lipstick?
Makeup that wont break you out?
How much make up do you wear? and what?
Am I allergic to my foundation?
Which is better Clinique or MAC?
for olive, east indian skin with a yellow complexion-.What colors go well?
Paranormal activity 2 or clinique makeup?
(Without) Makeup and Hair Help?
do fake eyelashes come off in water?
is nyc cosmetics tested on animals?
Best way to keep my face from dehydrating in a tanning bed?
Hideous in daylight!?
I have light blue/ grey eyes, How do I make them look greyer?
What's your favorite makeup brand?
Can I still go to Lauren Luke's Sephora party ?
How do you get waterproof mascarar off??
Makeup questions about being in the water!!! :)?
i am little dark in colour,but the thing is not complete dark its like.. patch in face?
can someone tell me wut kind of eyes i have and the shape of face?
Best full coverage foundation?
does this look super unnatural?
where can i but nyx cosmetics in paterson nj. passaic county. plz not from the internet?
What is the one idem of makeup that you just can't leave the house without putting on?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
videos which will get lots of views?
have they discontinued harajuku lovers?
What Eyeshadow Colours Would Look Good On My Blue Eyes?
If I am wearing a purple dress, what eyeshadow?
where can i buy the cheapest fake eyelashes in australia?
Did foundation make your skin worse?
My daughter is in the 6th grade and wants collagen injections to look like Angelina Jolie. Should we do this?
Is this a good skincare routine for a guy with oily, acne-prone skin?
makeup question ten points?
How do I make a kind of apricot scrub?
How can I get my makeup like hers?
Do they carry special collections of China Glaze nail polish at Beauty Brands Superstores?
What age did you start wearing makeup?
What make up should I use?
I need a new foundation?
Tinted moisturizer question?
How to make concealer last longer?
Best nail polish colour for fair skin and freckles?
do you think koreans are pretty?
Which lipgloss set has better looking colors?
Make Up Tips?
Am I pretty?
what is a good mascara?
Does brightening cleanser make skin lighter?
10 POINTS: a good foundation.....?
how can i change my avator make-up? i cant find the way 2 do so when i edit & change qualities in it?
are eyeshadow refils available at all MAC counters?
Which Urban Decay eyeshadow palette should I get?
Which makeup brand should i get from walmart?
help with skin prom this week?
Adios max do they work?
Best cheap makeup remover?
Makeup and hair for these prom dresses?
Everyday minerals for me?
What happened to ELF's sky blue eyeliner?
what is the best airbrush makeup system?
Where can you find rimmel london mousse foundation??
is this too much make-up for a 13 year old?
What lip stain is best?
Does any one have any infortmation about Arbonne?
What colour should I paint my nails, lmao?
Spots on cheeks? Please help (10 points)?
help! i need a bright pink lip gloss?
Is there a good dupe for mac ravishing lipstick?
if u need any of advice?
Makeup brush question?
How do I remove waterproof mascara?
Where can I find BB Cream in Europe?
Is there a lip gloss that makes guys WANT to kiss you?
where can i buy Origins foundation in montreal (canada?)?
How Do U Get Dewy Skin?
How can I naturally plump my lips?
what are some good makeup tips for blodes ???
Girls do u have any good makeup tips for me???
Is using Blush that important?
Do I wear too much makeup? Should I tone it down?
Just got lash enhancement/permanent eyeliner done...?
why do girls wanna put make up on me?
What is the best way to apply a powder concelear?
If I wear Mary Kay ivory foundation, then what shade of Arbonne should I try?
What company of cosmetics do you find better?
Which lip balm is better Chanel or Dior?
favorite lip smackers?
who looks good in a spray tan?
what is the best makeup for acne prone skin?
How should I do my makeup for school?
which store in london can i get sheer cover to buy?
Poll; What are your favorite eye color?
im doing a project on the art of makeup and i would like some websites that could help?
Which is the best foundation for oily skin?
eye cream for 27 years?
What makeup should i wear ?!?
Do you think that thick lips are bad?
CHANEL - makeup ( vs) MAC make-up?
how to give a guy a facial?
Am I the only one who Spends too much $$ on Makeup? How often do you go buy makeup?
do you think it's ok for a 12 year old to wear eyeshadow, lipstick and have eyebrows waxed?
I need help with my makeup for Halloween?
Anyone have any suggestions for hickies?
Is it okay to sell your own eyeshadow colors using MAC pigments?
Girls that wear makeup, what do you think of girls that dont wear it?
If Bare Escentuals offered a lighter foundation shade (lighter than their "Fair" shade) would you wear it?
does anyone know any thick cheap mascaras?
just out of curosity? im testing something.?
pimples make them go away?
i wuz at a bar last an mah lipstick came off like of a glass it wuz so embarrassed?
Mac makeup counter job. Please help!?
Do I need expensive makeup brushes? What kind do you recommend?
What lip glosses taste good?
what is the best way to make eye lashes look great?
What are your views on makeup?
Physicians Formula mineral makeup?
Mac, Clinique or Nars?
how should i say to my gf that were gonna do it?
what is the best powder make up which looks natural and is not heavy on the skin?
What makeup should a girl wear in the 1st year of middle school?
should i start wearing makeup in the 7th grade?
Tried signing up for mark.(avon). ?
Does smokey eyes look bad for a blonde w\ hazel eyes?
Do u think my school is crazy for not letting the junior high wear makeup?? Wat do u think?
have you ever tried to eat the skin off your face before?
What is a good brand or kind of makeup?
How would I do my make up like this?
Girls... Please help?
i have olive skin.... what makeup shades would look nice on me?
Liquid makeup for africans/ dark skinned people?
What is the best face cream for girl who is 12 year old?
Should I avoid skincare products/moisturizers that have mineral oil?
What is the best makeup you've ever used?
what makeup do you wear and how old are you?
When applying eyeliner to upper lids, should I follow the natural curve of my eye?
What shade should I get in the MAC blotting pressed powder?
at what age did you start wearing make up? and other Qs inside :)?
whats the best makeup company?
Best tanning accelerator/intensifier for outdoor tanning?
Best 3 Maybelline products?
Do Clarins Use Kiwi in their Products?
How Can I Get a Perfect Complexion With Foundation without the caked on look?
What eyeshadow looks good with brown eyes?
What is this compact mirror thing I have?
Shopping Trip To MAC soon! Help?
What pumps is Jenna Fischer wearing on February '09 Self Magazine Cover?
What is your favourite make-up brand?
I love nail polish but.....?
Do you think this eye makeup is good?
My daughter refuses to stop shopping at sephora. Should I stop taking her To the mall?
How to make my lip look thinner with makeup?
MAC makeup?
.....does this look ok?
Should 14 year olds wear makeup?
Should I use liquid foundation or powder?
Do I have really Small Eyes ??
appyling eyeshadow tips?
Mascara Technique that I'm Missing?
Why did you start wearing makeup?
are there people in the world that each day after they wake up, the color of their eyes change?
what can clear up pimples fast?
are you a girl who puts on a lot of makeup?why?
Whats the best eye makeup for hazel eyes?
Vegan makeup products?
Has anyone tried Bare Minerals Foundation and is it worth the money?
my eyebrows are thick and big. i am male of age big eyebrows make me look some what wierd?
what is the point to use this koji eye talk to make Double eyelids?
What is the best mascara you've ever used?
how to get rid of dark circles under eyes?
Which MAC powder is the best and works really good and has good coverage!?
do blue eyes let in less light?
How do I make my skin look less yellow and washed out during the winter?
Good Makeup Kit for a beginner?
Look good on the beach?
where can i buy brtc bb cream in hong kong?
where can i buy mac make up ( in ireland )?
How can i make a girl like me?
whats in your makeup bag?
What Colour Shall I Paint My Nails.?
Eye makeup for homecoming?
What do you think of the new MAC studio lash?
My pic below: Is my lipstick too pink? What shade would suite me?
what color nail polish...?
How can I make myself prettier?
What is your favorite makeup item? (ex. blush, mascara, eyeliner, etc.)?
What is in the E.L.F. mystery bag?
Benefit hamper at christmas/ new year?
Make-Up advice :) Please?
who's the prettier celebrity? :)?
What do you think of this make-up for a 13 yr old?
can you give me a site source where you can....?
Can I order in sephora cosmetics if I live in Germany ?
how many rabbits does it take to make a bottle of eyeliner?
What happened to Playboy Beauty cosmetics?
Is there an Australian beauty product review website?
which pressed powder is the best for me?
Harrods store approval?
Do YOU Like Your Hair?
What's the best brand of mascara?
What is a good makeup routine for school?
Best blush?
how come women cannot put on mascara without opening their mouth?
If you blew up a vampire...?
???maybelline FALSIES mascara?
which mascara would be the best one for me?
New l'oréal eyeliner extra-intense?