Makeup reviews and advice? (pic included) =) thank you!!!?
Easy ten points! I need some makeup tips?
how to do REALLY nice make up ?
What powder foundation is the best?
How much does waxing eyebrows hurt?
Do I look better with makeup?
how to do makeup and to keep it longer?
i found the mascara that solves every other mascara problem!!!?
If I have a farmers tan and I use Ben Nye Color Cake Foundation Pale Vampire?
Where can I find unusual makeup colors?
What is clean up and facial?
I want to wear make up but I don't know how?
help to find green circle lense! it has to be complete greeen very green.. choose here!?
Just got my first makeup, what should I put on?
Can i use the st.ives green tea scrub daily?
What should i say to him?
Where is a good place to buy good brand name makeup online?
what is red lipstick made of?
Why women can't put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Best foundation/powder for me?
Which do you use lipstick or lip gloss? or both?
make up tips to cover up facial hair?
looking to find this shade of lipstick?
~*~Fuller Lips~*~?
what's a good age to start of with fake lashes?
What eye colour do you prefer?
Nail polish color for fall?
Foundation an skin tone?
dark eyes?
What would you think if you saw a boyfriend buying makeup for his girlfriend?
POLL: lipstick or lipgloss?
Best Sigma Makeup Brushes?
Question About Bronzer....?
How can i find my skin undertone?
help find me a pink frosted lipgloss?
Foundation for acne prone skin?
Help People?
i have a question about dried skin?
What Mascara out there really rocks?
Whats the best brand of mascara?
Tips for being a Fashion Show Make Up Artist?
what color eyshadow for green eys?
Smokey eyes how you can do it with lighter color for day time?
am i the only one who doesn't pencil their eyebrows?
how old do u think should be 2 start wairing makeup?
what is your favorite lip gloss?
whats a way to get rid of and avoid acne ?
Is this the right amount of makeup for a 13 year old?
Benetint and Posietint..?
What is a good hypoallergenic foundation to buy?
LOVE benefit makeup? please answer?
which one is better for estee lauder foundation,double wear or Cyber White Radiant Bright Foundation?
Facial hair removal methods...?
what do you think of my everyday makeup routine?
how do i look pretty without looking like i did too much?
whats the best lipstick at the drugstore?
best mascara brand and which one in the brand? why? must be at drugstores in usa.?
who is prettier?
I am 13 and i always wear make up to school but mi mum keeps sayin it will ruin your skin when ur older true?
which one is better for estee lauder foundation,double wear or Cyber White Radiant Bright Foundation?
What Is Your Favorite Eyeshadow?
I need makeup advice.?
should i wear eye liner?
Is This True? / A question on eyeshadow?
is avon products better than walmart, target, etc make up productS?
What is the best kajal eyeliner?
What do you think of Mac's cleanse off oil? (:?
why am i so insecure about wearing makeup?
eye makeup?
WHY IS MY SKIN SO DRY.. it burns?
Does having long eyelashes make a girl look attractive?
Has anyone used the Perfect Pigment by Christina Cosmetics?
What is garnier bb pale cream used for? is it good to use instead of foundation. (i dont have spots) just wana?
which color skin do you prefer?
Makeup Question?????????????
Help choosing a foundation?
Need help with foundation?
Do you like green eggs and ham?
are my eyes Olive Green Eyes?
what are best styles of makeup?
How does she do her makeup?
Why is my makeup making me look orange all of a sudden?
Make up experts... eyeshadow and blush help?
called her ugly, and now she's wearing makeup for me, must like me huh?
any idea for good makeup so dat i'l look fairer?
Is it safe to put glowstick liquid in skin?
Cool makeup eras for my makeup class?
High End Makeup ONLY!?
covergirl or l'oreal new foundation?
Which brand mascara is the best for volume from a drugstore?
What is your favourite colour?
What do you think of these mascaras?
help with round face!!?
Is mabelline a good brand?
how old should u b to start wearing makeup to school?
what color mascara looks best with green eyes?
How should I do my makeup for a concert?
Why did you start wearing makeup?
which clour eyeliner should i use...?
How should I do my eyebrows with a long, oval face?
Can eyeliner go into your eyes?
Is this girl a model???pic!?
Does any one know any good websites or places to buy paraben free makeup?
max factor coulour adapt?
NYX in Australia........?
i just cut my eye lashes!?
Why are ther holes in the ceiling of the bus?Ever find lipstick on the bus?
is the elf eyeshadow in nymph dreams nice?
If I just use bare minerals foundation primer and mineral veil is that enough or do I need foundation too?
Makeup what brand????!!!!?
How can I avoid (or get rid of) the face powder residue?
which foundation is darker in colour elizabeth arden compact foundation?
I am looking for an eyeliner which goes on easily but is easy to remove?
can guys wear make up?
Ladies: What brand of car do you like to drive and brand of makeup do you like to wear?
Does Mary Kay Soothing Eye Gel work?
is it true using brown or gold eyeshadow make blue eys look more blue?
Ladies in your opinion would you rather have a male or female make-up artist?
what color eyes do u have??
whats the right age to wear makeup?
What color eye shadow brings out light brown eyes?
Asians with pronounced brow ridges?
How can I get pale skin FAST?
How Do i get bluer eyes and im a guy?
A good mascara?
what color of eye shadow should i use if i have light blue eyes?
Do you think i look better with or without make-up??? (pixx)?
Benefit the gal face primer, I have acne scars?
Which beauty parlour is best in pondicherry for Bridal Makeup?
What makeup has few ingredients ?
what should i mix to gether to make some sort of make up ?
do i wear too much make-up for 12?
Bare minerals or Philosophy supernatural?
Help for lips?
what is the best eyeliner ?
can someone tell me what brushes these would be? for mac.?
what is OPI - Axxium Soaf Gel Nail Lacquer?
How do you make a perfect eyeliner spider web?
Which is the best mascara that does not clump your eyelashes and that gives more volume?
my eyes are really small. is there anything i can do to make them bigger?
sixth graders and makeup?
How do liquid foundations look on oily skin type?
Help! I waxed my upper lip last night, now it's still red!?
Are you a cosmetics or make-up fanatic? What brand do you like?
Why do people rub lard in to their eyes?
ugh i need a chap stick that works!!?
GIRLS: What's your favourite colour?
where can i find a CCO - cosmetic company outlet in san francisco or oakland?
do i wear too much makeup?
Any tips for liquid eyeliner?
what is the best tannig product to use?
What kind of eyeshadow goes good with blue eyes?
How to start with makeup?
covering zits?
Can you ask for samples at Ulta?
advice for a goth?
Is it okay for 13 year Old to wear makeup?
Turkish Delight Subsitute?
First Day of School help?
how old were you when you first started wearing makeup?
What is the best product to cover up pimples and blemishes?
What is in your makeup bag?
does any one know a good face wash?
What type of makeup goes with blue eyes and fair skin?
Can you be ugly and model?
Best Powder?
Your favorite lip product(s)?
how should i wear my makeup?(pictures)?
helphelphelpPLEASE !
I am not allowed to wear makeup yet ...?
What is the best lip balm for very chapped lips?
Makeup for 13 year old?
>>>>>have you ever used..........?
Eyeliner help?
How to apply makeup on monolids?
My mom won't let me do my eyebrows?
Do I look better pale or tan?
What is the best stretch mark remover in the market today?
toe varnish colours..?
Good Mascara!!? please!!!!?
What does L'oreal Bare Naturale Soft Focus Mineral Finish do?
What kind of training do you need to be a makeup artist?
Does anyone have a homemade recipe for a facial mist that hydrates and helps set makeup..?
can bb cream or tinted moisturizer cover up blotchy skin?
How do you get rid of chapped lips?
How to make make-up look natural?
Has anyone tried loreal mattique oil free foundation?
Cyber Monday? M.A.C Makeup?
What is that song Fantasma saying?
How do you do your makeup like this?
how to get a pumice soap?
any tips on...?
Cheap, quality , non spf foundation?
powder make-up?
How can you make your eyes look bluer.?
How should I wear my eye makeup with my glasses?
What colour eyeshadow do i use?
What age do you think it's best to start wearing makeup?
whats the best foundation??
should i wear fake lashes?
skincare and makeup questions! :)- 16 by the way?
£17.16 for 7Items of makeup? Is this a bargain?
Best drugstore blush, mascara, and concealer?
I've been told I should wear makeup by a quite a few people?
Anyone tried Dermagist eye revolution gel for genetic dark circles?
Best eyeshadow color?
legal freelance makeup artist?
How can I make it easier to get up in the morning?
what makeup should i wear when im 13?
Which brand Foundation Make-up is best for women of Color?
where can I buy bed head lip gloss?
Does putting Eyeliner on the bottom of your eye, Damage it.?
If I am a perfect match to NARS Siberia, what MAC shade am I?
Best Lipstick to use? Expeeierenced mke up ladies help?
In need of a good concealer?
makeup question?????
What's a good eyeshadow primer that's cheap? And where can I get it?
My scar face?
What is the best mascara brand and lip gloss to use?
is pink eyeshadow good on eyes or is it weird?
What are some good ways to do makeup?!?!?
what make up suits bright orange hair?
how to remove blackheads on my forehead?
What is the best kind of mascara?
Acne In My Forehead????????????????/?
bare escentuals, MAC, or bobbi brown?
How to get rid of 'sleepy eyes' with make up?
Dia De Los Muertos Makeup Advice?
Mac dupe for one of their lipsticks?
Poll: How much makeup do you wear everyday?
Did the barber ruin my eyebrows?
Good concealer for undereyes?
what brand of lipstick does frances bean cobain wear?
what collor lip gloss should i get???
Girls, what is the best mascara you have ever worn?
Who wears Clear Mascara?
has anyone used the clinique continous coverage foundation, has anyone tried it ??
i don't have primer, but i want my eyeshadow to last? plz help!?
smokey eye for dark skin?
what has your experience been with Jessica brand nail polish?
eye make up for green eyes?
my mom wont let me wear makeup!!!?
Is anyone a beauty consultant in a department store or maybe for Sephora?
where can i find kool colored non- liquid eyeliner?
hello Agata,what software did u use to make eyeliner for Rosie v??.thank a lot..coz it seems nice to me.?
Foundation... or something?
best makeup to use? :) please help!?
What is the best anti aging night cream?
Should I wear a boyfriend necklace in front of my crush?
is it ok to...?
Whats the most important clothes, hair, make up, or jewelry?
do you think black is gothic or sexy???
Battle with acne - what kind of makeup best suits me?
how long should i tan?
Can someone tell me if blonde would go with me?
ive had my mascara since xmas....?
what is your favorite colour?
extremely dry lips?
Makeupp musthaves... and moisterizer?
What is that brown stuff coming out...?
Makeup tutorial for Belarus?
Is it okay to just wear mascara on the top lashes?
ecoTOOLS Bamboo Foundation Brush?
Is there a nail polish that doesn't chip for a while?
How to make fake blood?
why is cucumber supposed to help under-eye bags?
Does anyone like this lip gloss?
does garnier light night fairness cream really work?
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation?
help with eyeliner problems? really need the help!?
how tall is the man of your dreams?
Your beauty must haves?
How do you apply liqid eyeliner?
The best and worst mac products and why?
Tips Please?
Which Mascara should I get?
Does a spray tan look like a regular tan?
anyone's heard of editors picks make up?
Where do you buy home Skin peel packages?
What is a good foundation for oily medium faired skin?
What should I Use On My Face?
What can I use for false nails?
What makeup tutorial should I do? D:?
What do you think would look good?
What do you think of teenage girls who do not wear makeup?
i make YouTube videos help?
Is it toxic to write with sharpie on your tongue/lip?
is foundation supposed to make you more tanned or more pale?
I'm have a medium-dark complexion, what color lipstick, lipgloss do you suggest?
is pale skin really that bad?
Can anyone reccomend a good lipstick for men????
I have short lashes, and they aren't very thick either. What techniques and brands of mascara can I use?
Whats the most disappointing make up item you have bought and why?
How do i use sandalwood powder on my face?
What is the best PENCIL eyeliner??
Is this too much makeup?
I have blue eyes, but i want to make them blue-er! Please read description & help x?
Whick eyeliner color is best for dark brown eyes?!!?
emergency im in a rush! wat 2 colors make red???
best make-up for disco???
Makeup for pale, pale person?
where can i find really bright eye makeup?
Where are apples of your cheeks exactly?
What kind of makeup should I wear? ( Pic Included )?
What do u think of girls who wear lipliner outside of their lips to make them look fuller??
what foundation suits oily skin?
Is it okay to not wear make up?
Rimmel wake me up foundation?
Do you feel makeup completely changes you? (Theres a question in here for guys too!)?
Makeupp musthaves... and moisterizer?
Rate this mascara.......?
Where do you buy MAC make-up?
what are the vital things that you need for make up?
is this okay for my skin?????????? helpppppppppppppp?
Which make up on a guy to make it look very natural?
HOW do you do your eye makeup like this? Pleasse help!?
Which one would you rather wear?
Why does lipgloss look so bad on me?
I need a perfume with warm that lasts long .what is your idea?
Girls: Does acne make a guy less attractive?
Does it REALLY look like I'm wearing a lot of make-up?
What are good make up brands?
How many years of schooling before you are considered a professional makeup artist?
Should young girls wear makeup? Is makeup healthy?
what is/how to use breathe balm?
Makeup help please!?
How to hide fact I've been crying?
how do you get a nice tan?
Im a Straight guy that wears a powder to hide a shiney skin tone.Would this put you off dateing me?
Is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural oil-free?
do i wear to much makeup?
Can you use piss as a cleanser?
What is your favourite sexy female perfume?
how much time do you spend on your make-up everyday?
Eyeliner method for asian hooded eyelid?
Were can i order some avon books online ?
make up tips for date outside @night. CUTE GUY INVOLVED.i have the clothes and hair..all i need is the make up
Red nail polish? ......... :O?
Has anyone of you tried MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation? Is it any good?
What is a good everyday makeup look for a 6th grader?
Will SPF 55 sunblock keep my skin from ever tanning?
Foundation for a flawless coverage? Help!?
Make-up to not smear while running?
eyebrow question?
You Rebel- Benefit, Tinted Moisturizer?
What is the best makeup to use on dry and oily skin?
ladies would you give A man makeover if he asked you?
Makeup on guys acceptable?
Good white polish for French tips (sold in Australia)?
wht r the shades suitable for dark skin and also long lasting ones?
How to apply liquid eyeliner correctly? How to do eyeshadow while wearing liquid eye liner? How to do cat eye?
do you think having a tan makes you look better?
How do you put eyeliner on the eyelids?
how long should i tan?
Whats a Good Foundation?
Does the Nivea 3 step skincare really work?
what may happen if unsuitable make-up is applied to oily skin?
can someone help me to learn how to apply eyeliner to my eyes?
Birchbox vs. MyGlam (Itsy)?
I am addicted to eating Lipstick HELP me!?
Help covering up nose stud?
how do you do the "scene" make up look?
Girls...... what is your favorite brand of makeup? Why?
Question about my MAC brushes?
What is the History of lipgloss?
Buying Drugstore Makeup on a Budget?
what are makeup musts for a 14 year old girl?
why are my eyelids flaky?
how can i get the datails of makeover institue?
What do people prefer: more or less makeup on girls?
poll: do you wear mascara? black eyeliner? One that won't rub off or goop at the ends.?
Why don't girls wear makeup anymore?
How can I make my lips wider?
What can I subsitute for shaving cream?
how can i get rid of oily skin in two days?
Best counter at nordstroms to get makeup done?
N7 makeup? Anyone use before?
How do i become prettier /:?
Is liquid foundation or powder foundation better, and why?
How do you make dull pennies shiny?
Best way to apple silica powder ?
Formal Make up Ideas?
does eyeliner make your eyes bigger or smaller?
what color eyeliner goes best with dark brown eyes?
china glaze nail polishes?
im getting worried! is this norma for a 15 year old girl?
make up looks great on me but in pics my eyes look to dark?
How to look pretty without makeup?
Do I wear too much make up? (I'm 13)?
What kind of makeup should i wear with a red dress?
Are foundation brushes really worth buying?
HELP ME!!! to answer questions on 1st time eyebrow threading?
Do they sell Neutrogena makeup in toronto,canada?
do you wax your eye brows?
What are make up tips?
What are the best makeup brands?
Makeup Dupes: Too faced?
Help!! Need A Drugstore mascara that doesn't streak my glasses...?
Girls, How Do You Get That "Glow"?
What shape face do I have?
A Repeat Question: Can Anyone Show Me How To Put Makeup Step By Step?
Whats in your make up bag?
what is a good foundation for acne prone skin?
is it ok to dress my bf up, ie full makeup, hair, nails etc?
please help me!!! Black circles around my eyes..?
My video camera..?!?! [this goes in the makeup section i promise[:?
What makeup should i use?
What is an easy home remedy to take off mascara easily?
What is that lipgloss that Kay Panabaker used in Read It And Weep?
What are your best make up (eyes mainly) make up tips?
Clairol Color In (developer help please!) Can i use 9% rather than 6%?
Where can I find a good Freesia fragrance?
False eyelashes?
Do i wear to much makeup?
What can I do to make myself look better?
What MAC products do you recommend?
my lips are very DARK...helllllllpppppppppp!!?
What color of blush goes with gold eyeshadow?
What type of makeup do you use?
who wears eyeliner? i do!?
foundation for very oily skin?
makeup tips for middle and high schoolers?
Is anyone selling mac's marine life highlight powder? I would love to buy!?
want to be fair, plz help.?
Please please help, spots what can i do to...............?
What is the best age to start using makeup?
what brand/type of foundation do you use?
das enyone know whair jesse lives?
How can/Where I have my skin assessed to see what type of skin I have and what type of Products I should use?
Trying to find high res image of Christina Aguilera's Makeup from Burlesque?
Is this a good color for me???
What age do most girls start wearing makeup?
How Do You Apply Eye Shadow?
Which picture do i look better in?
Question about Bare Escentuals foundation?
Ladies, what is the best cream to use on nails?
How do I make it look like I have no eyebrows?
Can a person have deep set eyes and prominent eyes at the same time ?
my brother wear my cloths in night & using my lipistick suggest ?
How should I do my eye makeup?
Is lip liner supposed to be darker than your lipstick?
How do i make homeade cream for bags and wrinkle remover for under your eyes?
worst makeup product you have ever bought and why?
Has anyone ever heard of a product called 'Model in a Bottle'?
Is my make-up all right?
Is this considered heavy makeup?? I feel like a wear too much....?
Favourite skincare brand/ product?
What sort of makeup styles would flatter my face?
Why does my foundation flake?
How do I ask my mom to wear makeup?
Has anyone ordered Bare Minerals?
10 points..which surname is better?
(Girls] Whats something you regret doing?
Girls ONLY! Which is better powdered or liquid foundation?
How do I get rid of black heads.?
Pamela Anderson and the Bride of Frankenstein Same Person or Whatever?
How do you apply Blush and Bronzer together?
What are your Favorite jeans?
Is the Gilly hicks eyeshadow good?
do you think pink highlights are nice?
I need ex advice thanks?
What are some drugstore makeup must-haves?
what shades of makeup will make my dark dark brown eyes pop?
What eye-shadow will bring out my eyes?
does mac have a friends and family sale every year?
Is there a place that I could go to that could tell me what colors I should use for makeup?
what brand is the best for toner ?
best eyeshadow for contouring for brown skin (filipino)?
BEST drugstore Products?
what color are my eyes?10 points?
Help! How to wear mascara without ending up looking like a panda?!?
Eye makeup help with homecoming dress!?
Good cheaper substitute for benefit non fiction liquid foundation?
why is my lipstick so sticky?
Where can I buy Maybelines product "baby soft lipbalm"?
Do I wear too much make up for 13 years old?
how to cover up acne with liquid foundation...................?
What's the best kind of Mascera you've ever bought?
Spring/summer beauty Essentials/trends?
Am i pretty? answerrrr?
most natural looking lip product?
I want to start wearing make-up?
Mascara for short almost invisible eyelashes???
What are some good make up brands to cover a tattoo?
eyeliner?........what's the best brand?
what chemicals should you avoid in makeup?
i need makeup/hair advice and tips?
makeup and clothes?
no makeup scenario i need help guys and girls?
what colour eye liner should i use i have olive skin and hazel eyes?? xXx?
Where is the best place to pick up some P U S S Y?
What color are my eyes? I've been told differently on seperate occasions?
How to ask to buy makeup?
Do you like sonia Kashuk line of make up I want to try her cover up, do youlike it?
what do you get with a mac make over voucher (Uk)?
When People Start Waring Makeup?
Whats the BEST tinted moisturizer out there?? or your favorite?
does putting cooking oil or baby oil on yourself really make you brown when your sunbathing?
Going cruelty free on a budget?
what make up should a 13 year old wear to school??????/?
How to enhance Gray eyes?
new makeup!!!!!!!!!!?
Which makeup brands test on animals?
What is 'I.P' in White Petroleum Jelly I.P?
why can you not put mascara on without opening your mouth at the same time?
What's a good duplicate for this eyeshadow?
Does Nely Galan look like the boy from the mask with cher????
Foundation problem!?
Makeup for Halloween?
how to reduce wrinkle?
Your best makeup tips and tricks ??!?
Any 7th or 8th graders out there? Makeup question?
What shade of mascara and eyeliner should i get?
big eyes...?
How much make up do you think is 'essential'? Which is prettier?
Eyeshadow for masculine looking eyes?
What can I use for false nails?
Best drugstore foundation?
Is this a lot of make up for a 14 year old?
Good places to get permanent eyeliner in Louisville?
Prom Saturday & i needa quick tan!!?
I am blonde and fair. Can I wear black mascara?
8th grade face makeup help?
What color should i paint my fingernails?
How to bring out blue eyes?
can anyone offer me Mascara tips?
I am 11 and I am really uncomfortable with my acene is it ok to wear cover up?
How soon after getting stitches can I cover it with makeup?
okay please help girls..?
Which makeup brands and products should I wear for special occasion if I'm 13?
What is the best mascara?
Is Almay a good brand of makeup?
favorite mascara?????????????????
Everday makeup? What makeup do you wear everyday? ?
How long is Chanel nail polish sold for (Particuliere, for example)?
Can girls age 11 start wearing makeup?
My friend thinks she's ugly. Do you?
if u have a friend&she madeout wit a guy she doesnt even know what would u call the details?
Find Personalized makeup bags in Australia?
help me please!!! someone knows this page?
How should I do my make up?
izthis to much make upp 4 a 9 year old?
What are some nice nude pink lipglosses?
what is a good color eyeliner for blue eyes?
WHAT CELEBRITY DO I LOOK LIKE?****PICTURES INSIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the best way to wear makeup for a funreal?
Make up advice??? (pic included)?
Possible to get a "Healthy" tan in the real sun?
bronzer help please?
ok he drives me krazi bycalling my name picking on me, kicking me getting me in trouble?
Clear mascara, is it any good?
What kind of make-up would look good on me?
what is makeup for anyways?
skin looks and gets dry when i use cover up?
what make-up should i wear with this dress?
Good waterproof eyeliner?
how can i stop my eyeliner from running?
Am I old enough to wear makeup? I'm 15 1/2.?
Where can i buy 88 color Platte in canada?
do u think girls like long eyelashes on guys?
How Many Do You Own?
Should concealer be the same color as your foundation?
What is a pretty nail polish color to go with blue eyes?
Do girls look better with alot of makeup on? [Need boys to answer this question]?
Is it true that men doesn't like women without their make up on?
what is appropite makeup for a 12 year old?
Where on the face should blush be applied?
just wondering...?
Jennette mccurdy makeup on icarly?
Does Every Girl Put On Make-UP?
where will i get a foundation palette at a cheaper rate india?
Why the women use lipstick?
What one thing do you think improves women's looks the most? (eg: lipstick, make-up, hair-do,eyeliner)?
Ladies, how do you flirt with your long hair and nails?
essie bahama mama dupes?
which foundation is darker in colour elizabeth arden compact foundation?
is that ok to wear eyeliner every day for 10 years?
what age do you think girls should be at before they start wearing make-up???
Light foundation that doesn't look fake?
10 points which name suit a blonde hair boy?
only girls question.......????the bet answer will get 10 points***************?
How do you clean a eyelash curler?
what happen if i sleep with makeup on??
What kind of makeup should I wear? (description in detail)?
URGENT; Answer only If you know the lipstick color of Revlon Matte?
Which color of lipstick do u think is the best for tanned faces?
ok,,what is the best?
i wear black eyeliner and my eyes stand out but my skin is light and it looks weird. what should i do?
makeup choices?
What's best eyeliner out there that gives the thinnest line?
Helppppp what eye makeup goes with a pink violet shirt?
I am looking for the new spray foundation from SK-ll (Airtouch foundation). Where could I buy this?
What color of eye shadow should i wear to make my blue eyes stand out?
how to get free samples at makeup counters?
What are some good nude lip gloss for a African American?
what colors of eye shadow will make my eyes "pop" ?
High school dance makeup?
How many MAC eye shadows do you own?
Gift ideas for my aunt?
Is rimmel stay matte pressed powder good for a skin with acne?
good makeup looks for the beach?
How can I make Soap at home? the ingredients and the receipt.?
Sugar and water to exfoliate face?
Best MAC Concealer for Dark Circles?
POLL: Girls, What Make-Up Do You Hate Wearing The Most?
eyeliner just doesnt seem to fit my face..what do i do??? EZY 10 POINTSS!!!?
Is it ok for a 16 year old to wear lip stick to school?
Valentine's day makeup tips?
Is There Something I Should Keep In Mind Before Buying A Concealer?
What kind of makeup does Chris motionless use?
Want to stop this before it happens...?
What are your "must have" druugstore beauty products?
Neutrogena sheer mineral compact or Everyday Mineral? Which is better?
Any tips on make-up? I was thinking about buying some for my first time...?
Who is prettier???? Picture included?
are there any lip gloss brands that sells in packs?
make up help for prom!?
Your MLBB shade......?
Cakey Make-up Face? Help?!?
I just opened a makeup school in San Diego. What products do you think are must haves for a makeup kit?
Performance, next weekend?
do i wear to much make-up?
Face is swollen should I still go to semi?
What color are my eyes?
what can u use for a oily nose?
how could i wear a tie myself?
i have a black & white prom dress and idk how to do my makeup or what color eye shadow to wear.any suggestions
when do most people start wearing makeup?
How can I make my face glow?
What brands of make-up do you own?
best face powder that gives me some coverage yet looks natural and blends well?
Has anyone ever heard of My friend says they're great and I want to try them
stuck in a makeup rut - HELP!?
how can i get my acne face to look clear with my skin tone?
Free Make up at Clinique today!?
What's the best self-tanner/liquid bronzer to make your skin gold?
Is the MAC Cosmetics Emmanuel Ungaro collection available at CCO?
THE best eyeshadow for BRIGHT green eyes?
what color is right for me
do you like this makeup?10 points?
should i keep on wearing them?
How well does Trublend whipped foundation by cover girl work for redness or work in general?
How do you use a toner?
Temporary makeup coverup for freckles?
Do I wear too much makeup?
How can i remove the dark lines under my eyes?
Which Girl More Beautiful ? ( Pics Inserted )?
Microdermabrasion...whats normal? Injuries?
What exactly is Collagen?
My dad has eye bags very similar to Bill Clinton's. What lifting eye cream would be good for that?
how do i get lipstick cleaned off my skin?
how should i wear my make-up for school?
Are BB Creams just a fad/over-rated? or are they guninuenly all tht claim to be?
For the last time: what can I do to not be ugly?
what colour make up?
Why my skin looks green after shaving?
Does anyone know if the body shop's shimmer wave blush is non-codemogenic?
Is there makeup at Nordstrom Rack?
Which comes first,lipstick or lipgloss?
do you wear alot of makeup?
whats the best self tanner?
How come teenage Celebrities don't have any pimples?
problems with eyeshadow?
Finding it hard to achieve nice eyebrows?
Air Heads Chapstick/Lip Balm?
When applying eyeliner to upper lids, should I follow the natural curve of my eye?
Need some help toning up.?
How do you make your eyes look bigger?
What color eyeliner shoul i wear? I have very light skin & VERY green eyes..... Thank You :-)?
Make up similar to maybelline moose foundation?
rimmel exaggerate or maybelline unstoppable?
Which nail polishes are not as bad for you? Does Mabelline contain toluene?
When do girls where makeup and when should girls start dating?
To become a beautician/make-up artist, would you have to go to College?
If you were going away and you could only take 1 piece of makeup what would it be?
red eyeshadow!!!?
Best foundation recommendation?
I need beauty and makeup tips for a Model UN conference?
Where can I get colorful makeup?
Has MAC foundation ever given you acne?
Would you wear this makeup to school?
Glow in the dark party help?
Make up that looks good with black hair?
Light bulbs and makeup problems?
Does makeup age your facial features?
will this acne go away?
Is it normal to weigh 7,000 pounds?
Anyone ever try Nulexin?
Bare Minerals or Sheer Coverage? Which is better and why?
What MAC concealer is best for under-eye?
has anyone tried this makeup primer from Sephora?
Free Actually Free Makeup !?!?!?
Eyeliner help please.?
What color mascara would be best for me?
What is the BEST mascara?
what is the best foundattion in the world?
What makeup tutorials do people want to see?
best drugstore mascara for meee?!?(:?
What can i use to make my makeup last all day?
What shape is my face? (Pic included)?
A good all in one makeup concealer for red marks on face?
Green Eyes Or Blue Eyes?
Green Eyes???
Does the mascara with the comb work ?Our does it just make your eyes clumpy?
How do i start my own nail/makeup line?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Does anyone have anyone have any cool makeup vids on YouTube?
What lip balm makes my lips lighter?
Good makeup for middle schooler?
What coverup/foundation works best for fair skin?
What do you think about this eye makeup? If you would wear it, when/where? (pic here)?
guys that wear makeup....?
Guyz, do you prefer total makeup face or natural?
school makeup?
What is the brand/name of this eyeshadow?
favorite brand of eye liner?
Lipgloss to make your lips look ...?
Ceaning my make up brushes?
is there yves rocher in london?
what mascara is better covergirl or loreal?
What is the best drugstore red lipstick and red lip lliner?
How do you use a makeup brush cleaner?
What's the best ever lip gloss?
Is this too much makeup for a 15 year old?
Can you please wear LOTS of makeup?
GIRLS whats your dail morning makeup routine? (teens-and up)?
How Much Makeup should a I wear?
What kinds of eye shadow stays on for long periods?
what should my youtube makeup channel be called?
how do the strarghtin eyes?
sunscreen under or over makeup?
what color eyeshadow should i use?
What is the best foundation????
What make-up for a teenage girl?
Can u help me with international search about make up history in UK??
Department store vs. Drug store brands?
how to stop kajal getting out from eyes?
How to do the make-up in this picture?
How should i do my make up?
Do I Wear Too Much Makeup?
What's the difference between radiant, luminous, and satin finish for foundations?
As I have no eyebrows, being very blonde, I am thinking of eye brow tatoo, anyone experienced this ?
how does a girl do eye make-up the way Lauren Conrad does from the hills?
Urban Decay Primer Potion?
eyeliner help?
Long lasting gel eyeliners? Drugstore?
Funny jokes app? android?
What is the best concealer for acne-prone skin?
Eyebrow darkening advice?
Where to buy glitter eyeshadow?
best mascara? HELP????
Which is your favourite colour?
I'm 13 (since July) should I be able to start wearing a little makeup?
Make up ideas for homecoming?
which look is more attractive ....?
What's the best makeup cleaner?
what coloures should i use to make shimmery eyes?
nude lip and kissing?
hello...all there!!...i wanna know whether applying bleach on face is harmful or good in anyway?
Darkened upper lip looks like mustache?
My little sister sleeps with her makeup on?
Best Eyelashes...???and....?
is she wearing any makeup.. ?? EASY 10 POINTS?
best day makeup for a black outfit?
What's your favorite makeup products?
Is it bad to...?
Which do you prefer: liquid or pencil eyeliner?
how to apply Green Cream hair? (The Joker Makeup Kit)?
Makeup help!?
When is the appropriate age to wear make up?
buy wholesale makeup?
Youtube makeup gurus?
How do you make your eyes look bigger?
Has anyone tried any of the Topshop makeup?
What do I wear with this outfit?
Why do guys like there girls to look more natural?
Any foundations that cover freckles really well?
how does this sound for a makeup routine?
Concealer or Foundation first?
whats the difference between concealer and foundation?
I have green eyes what makeup should I use?
Best Mascara in the world?
Avon - what can I put in these dollarstore hollow eggs besides % off ?
Has anyone ever gotten permanent eyeliner tattooed? If so, how do you like it?
Has anyone used Urban Decay make-up?
a good moisturiser for sensitive skin ?
I only use liner on my bottom lid?
DOES born lippy from THE BODY SHOP work well??
What type of makeup do 11 year olds wear?
Can you do this/ Is This Safe?
Should i wear makeup to 6th grade?
Does bare essentials have colors to suit brown skin?
how do i get a job at mac or ulta?
Which do you think is better...Sheer Cover or Bare Minerals? Why?
skincare routine for spots?
I always have make up in my eyes...?
what color would you consider my eyes?
what's your favorite color?
what are some good tips?
When you are applying makeup, do you put the eyeshadow on first or the mascara?
Awesome mascara that holds curl well?!?
What make up should I use?
like seriously? is my make up that bad?
Does my friend look better with or without make-up?
What colour are your fingernails painted right now?
Do I look better with, or without makeup?
What is the best of the best mascara?
how can u make dark brown eyes pop?
How old were you when you first started experimenting with make-up?
what grade should girls start wearing make-up?
frusterating eyeliner help?
Am I "fake" for using spray tan?
I have light brown/ dark blond hair and blue eyes and a round face and i don't know how to do my makeup?
should 7th graders wear makeup?
best lipgloss that is not to expensive?
What can help my eye lashes longer?
Physician's Formula??
How should my makeup be for senior pictures?
Who likes guys that wear makeup?
Where can I get a professional makeup brush set? for $100?
Is wearing makeup in 7th grade too young? ?
I'm so bored, what should I do? PLZ answer?
Will sephora throw away an unused urban decay naked 2 palette?
Makeover in a week...ideas please?
the covergirl queen collection i need big help?
Does this picture look fake to you?
hi...need some help :)?
Any makeup tips for oily skin?
I have fairly bushy eyebrows, Am considering going to a Salon
Where do you purchase Bare Escentuals, Smashbox, Ojon, and etc. for resale?
How will I wear makeup before I turn 17?
What is the best eyeliner?
What face shape am i?
Makeup tips?
Skincare advice - urgent no time wasters please?
I need a mascara that gives the illusion of a thick fan of lashes...?
Ladies, What Would YOU Do Without Make-Up?
Cosmetics Buisness Women Of Colour?
how to get the glow on your face?
should 12 year olds wear makeup?
makeovers on the internet?
Where can i get colorful make-up?
Whats the best way to clean the Velour Lining in a jewellery box?
o u think my make ups to dark?? or is it just EMOMAZING???
What is a good fast dry topcoat?
Does anyone know of a drugstore foundation that's full coverage?
can anyone recommed a good lip plumper and liner for fair to med skin?
Help with double twist revlon mascara please !?
Any foundations as good as Chanel?
do you think it's ok for a 12 year old to wear eyeshadow, lipstick and have eyebrows waxed?
Why is her looks considered trashy?
is 15 too young to be wearing red lipstick..?
Do you think a 13 year old should wear make up?
Are my eyebrows bushy? or too big for my face?
How to make my make up last all day?
Where can I find yellow or orange lipstick?
How often do you buy lipgloss?
How to curl my eyelashes?
my eyeliner burns me?
i am a boy.but i like to make up.any problem?
What are some good makeup brands that don't smear?
anew genics cream...does it work?
What are some good "Cream to Powder" foundations?
How can i look older?
Is it normal to weigh 7,000 pounds?
Difference between liquid makeup vs skin matching foundation?
Makeup at age 11?
how do i tell my friend she wears to much makeup in a nice way?
please suggest me the best salon for bridal and pre bridal in south delhi?
what's the name of the video where a boy uses makeup to transform into a sexy librarian?
What do you consider make up?
what foundation is best ..........?
What colour makeup should I wear with a black and white dress? Sweet 16.?
matte mouse?
What makeup color should i wear?
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation?
Teenagers wearing make-up?
What Do you think of the "Orange" Make up Fad At the moment?
acneee help. pleaseee!!!!!!!!!?
Best drugstore foundation for oily skin with good coverage?
what colour is your eyes? and what coulour eyeliner do you use?
Male Model In The Making? (pics included)?
What is the best pressed powder ?
Mascara type?
What is one makeup product you adore?
can most brown eyed girls get by with little makeup?????
Why do alot of teens wear makeup?
What looks best on brown eyes?
what are some good make up substitutes?
Currently style-less. If you were to give me a style, what would it be?
did anybody out there use to use the Benefit - Do it daily moisturiser????
Suggestions on brushes please?
if anyone needs helo with their make up just ask me!?
QUESTION About: NYX Pin-Up Tease Boudoir Mascara...?
eyeliner help!?
how do u translate skin toner in french? and how do u translate primer ( make-up, cosmetic product ) in french?
rate my eye makeup, i really need some feedback!?
Cleaning fake eyelash question?
How can i make my eyes look pretty??
Do you think this girl is pretty?
What is the best under eye make-up to cover dark circles?
How Mch Makeup Should A 12 Year Old!!??
In your opinion and experiences on these lip products please :)?
Are these Sigma Makeup Brushes any good?
Exfoliating lip balm?
Do women need to wear makeup to look good?
What makeup products do you recommend?
What is your makeup routine?
is putting on makeup everyday bad for your skin?
Ebay shipping from Canada to Australia?
E.L.F cosmetics blog?
Is it ok to apply this on my skin?
i need some good make up tips, cheap not cheap anything considered
What eyeshadow are you wearing today?
why is US president obama black?
Did You Wear Make-Up In 6th Grade?
what top can i wear underneath this?
What is the best lip balm to heal chapped lips?
Make up do's and donts?
Basic needs with Mac?
Yves Saint laurent pur cleansing masque completely clears zits in 3 days?
Where the hell does Chapstick go?
has anybody used super glue to put on fake eyelashes on?
Makeup tips for a small mouth, nose and chin?
Survey for the Girls?!?
My glasses make my eyes look bigger when I take them off?
Can someone please tell me how to do this makeup look? 10 points!?
makeup help!?
parents and makeup??????????
Ways to enhance denim blue eyes :).?
i have alovera planted in my home, pls let me tell how to use the alovera leaves?
what mac (the makeup) products do you recommend and why?
Is it bad to wear more than one mascara?
Covergirl natureluxe and aqua smooth? ?
Makeup concealer help!?
What is the best makeup you've ever used?
good substitute for bare minerals?
Special Effects Makeup artist, help?
what do you think of my new avater do you like it?
Is a powder foundation more prone to clogging pores than a pressed powder?
what is BB cream that I see on all these commercials?
Marijuana? Legalize it, or not?
Does anyone have any suggestions for eye shadow application on deep set eyes?
I need help with mascara !!! ?
looking for E-MAIL marry ann g lao from manila philippines plz plz ?
my brows are messed up!!!?
how do my makeup?
Maybelline BB Cream Makeup Review??
What do you think about them?
I need a good mascara!?
Getting make up done at Macy's?
Anyone out there use Dermalogica Products?
Do guys like girls that wear MAKE-UP?
what eye and lip makeup colours would suit a wheatish skin with yellow undertones?
Makeup question from a 12 year old!! if u are older than me u kinda wont understand but whatever!?
Does anyone know where I can get decent but cheap make up bags?
What is the point of make up?
What do you think about this?
need help finding the artist of this song....................................…
when is the right age to wear make up ?
Bane mask too big what to use to make it fit?
Whats the best kind of make up?
What makeup should I use?
Is Neutrogena's "Anti acne and anti wrinkle" facial cream?
Water Lilly cosmetics, did not find on E-bay! Concerning Bare Essentuals?
Best Eyeliner!?
Females: are your toenails painted right now?
What do you consider 'school make-up'?
face powder for oily skin? (10 points)?
What is sephora university?
I'm stage managing a play. Does anyone know where i can get a lot of makeup 4 cheap????
Make-Up & Hair Ideas?
I really, really hate my eyes!?
Is it ok to where makeup at 12??
Mac Face and Body Foundation Shades? NC42?
Way To Get Rid Of A Hickey Or Cover One Up?
What are your 5 favorite cosmetic brands and why?
do you think a ten year old should allowed to wear makeup to school?!?!?!?
what will you recommend a person to apply on burnt face?
I need something for my face.?