Do you think I wear to much makeup? Picture included.?
if you like a boy and the boy knows and doesn't like you wht should u do?HELP!!!?
i have some questions for you?
How often should you change Mascara?
What is the MAC shade equivalent of the Diorskin in Cameo 202?
What is a good youtube username for a fashion and makeup channel?
What is the best drugstore foundation for oily skin?
I bought MAC Studio Fix (powder) today and when I put it on it makes me look a teensy pale. Any advice?
What do you do what the makeup ou don't want anymore. Do you still wear it or o you dipose of it?
best eyeliner for upper lid?
How do I mask a black eye?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 13 year old?
Make-up help!!?
Is it possible for someone to look uglier with makeup..even if its skillfully applied?
how old were you when you first wore makeup?
What is the difference between foundation and cover-up?
Which lip gloss? Dior, Chanel or Lancome?
I feel FAT!?
Homemade makeup?€€€€€€€?
Good products to use with clarosonic?
To the ladies....Whats the sexiest colour eyes in a man?
Has anyone tried Neurtogena Clean Lash Tint?
Going to Sephora! Qs for makeup lovers?
GIRLS!! Suggestions on Stila eyeshadows?
Sould i use nivea creme (blue bottle) BEFORE i put my foundation on?
What are any good skin bleaching creams?
My mascara is too thick. What can I use to thin out my mascara?
How often should make-up be worn?
Makeup and hair ideas for my ball?
if I want to wear red lipstick, what color eyeshadow should I wear?
Clean and Clear Blotting sheets.....?
Need To Know My Eye Shape Really Quick?
Is fake eyelashes an everyday look?
Good drugstore face makeup remover that is not in the form of wipes or round cotton pads?
Does CVS pharmacy make foundation?
does anyone know any make up tips????
Bridesmaid's makeup question. PLEASE HELP!?
best foundation?
Is it weird or unusual that I'm a girl and wear makeup and like to play video games?
I'm wearing a shiny, hot pink dress to Homecoming and I don't know what to do with my makeup! I? you take off your mascara every night?
is a 13 year old still to young for make up???
Age 14 makeup for school?
Should men wear makeup?
Do you think its stupied to go to the tanning salon in the winter. Will it look weird to people?
where can i buy discount cosmetics?
how can i put liquid eyeliner on the top eyelid without pulling the skin?
what is the best color eyeshadow for a tan skinned person?
What's the best foundation to use?
Whats my skin undertone- warm, cool or neutral? Colours for makeup/clothes?
What makeup would you reccomend for a beginner?
Mac cosmetics older collections?
What colors?
How do I tell mom I started wearing makeup?
What M.A.C. foundation is good for oily acne prone skin?
when should my daughter be allowed to wear makeup?
When should you be able to wear make up? What age?
What is the best virtual makeover?
Where is the best place to go to find out what make up colors I should wear as well as how to apply it?
Is it okay to use drugstore makeup?
Why is MAC foundation so popular? Is it for me!? Please help?
Makeup suggestions for pale skin? ?
How do you create a smokey eye look?
Do you wear the same makeup evey day...?
Mac face and body foundation?
Does burn victim make-up artist get paid?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?
Clarisonic Mia, questions?
Do girls realize lipstick was invented to make your mouth resemble a ?
im 11 and in sixth grade and my mom says im wearing to much makeup!!?
Which one is better???
Could I wear this as "day" makeup?
anyone know where you can get brand name make up at a cheap price?
What color are your eyes?
What is a good eyeshadow color?
how do i cure acne for Italian skin?
I need suggestions for favourite drugstore products? Specific stuff!?
what is the best brand of eyeliner 2 use?
Best eyeshadow colors with brown eyes?
Makeup advice?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Do I Look Bad Without Makeup? ( picture )?
what color eyeshadow makes greenish/grayish colored eyes totally pop?
Good water proof mascara and eyeliner??
What makeup would look good on me!???
do you put primer on first before moisturizer mac cosmetics?
Is it bad to use baby oil for eye makeup remover?
am i wearing too much makeup!?!?!?!?
Good powders?
Mascara and liquid eyeliner recommendations?
how to give a guy a facial?
is there anyway to make your fingernails less oily please read !!?
How long does it take you to usually go through a container of lip scrub?
Best Founation thats not to pricey?Best mascara for lenghtening and volume?
What's a good eyeshadow primer that's cheap? And where can I get it?
What's Ke$ha's Shades In This Music Video?
How can i make my eyes pertty without eyeshadow and eyeliner.... just masscara?
how old should i be to wear facial scrub?
I want to get my eyebrows "done"?
why do women wash with facial cleanser?
How to do my make up and what products are best?
what's a good brand of cover up and how do you put it on correctly? when i usually use it my skin looks dry
how do I get my lips to look bigger?
Natural, beautiful eyes?
How to determine your foundation shade?
Why do some women shave their eyebrows off then draw on fake ones?
what brand foundation will not give me breakouts?
Which style of makeup do you think would be nicer if I had blue/hazel eyes and blonde hair?
Is TruBlend by Covergirl good?
Do you think her makeup is too heavy?
Question about sharpening my eyeliner?
Does anyone know where I can find the colors of Novia Lipliners?
would you ever walk out of your house without makeup?
Enhance an Exotic Look?
make up??????????????????????????
how come when i put blech on my upper lip it goes red and itchy?
High School Girls! Do you wear any lip products to school on a daily bases?
Makeup foundation question, please answer!!?
how much makeup should i wear?
Do i Have Long Lashes if when i put mascara on and it touches my eye brows?
What makeup should i do when i go to fright fest at six flag for halloween ^_^?
Im asian and i dont know how to put on my eyeliner !! help!!!?
I would like to start a face regimen?
What make-up covers dark circles?
Is Clean & Clear a good product?
Eye Shadow!!!?
I want to look my age, but how much make up does a 15-16 year old wear?
Mac dollymix or pink swoon gor nc35?
When did you start wearing make-up?
does olay face foaming wash remove mascara?
Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?
What do u think about thick eyebrows?
What's the best cover-up/foundation you use ?
Tiny bumps on face, please help!?
Best Mascara?
Does my eyeliner and mascara look alright in this pic?
Do I look fake/plastic?
Any Mary Kay Consultants out there....HELP!?
does eye brow piercing hurt?
Using Make Up With Skin ID?
I want to try another brand of minerals besides the bare escentuals?
Where does blush really go?
Do you prefer blue or brown eyes?
what makes blue eyes blue?
Are the products sold at Sallys Beauty supply store good quality?
How can I make my eyes look bigger?
HELP! Is there eny homemade thing that will make your face tan?
Substitute for makeup remover?!?
Ladies, how old were you when you started wearing makeup?
small eyes and fat cheeks?
which colored contacts are better for dark eyes?
Would you please tell me something abt perfume/aftershave market in the US and/or EU?
where to get cheap makeup online?
Nicest all around of the following makeup items?
How do you make your eyes white?
What would be the prices of MAC products at the Cosmetics Company Outlet?
Best drugstore blushes?
Do NYX eyeshadow pans fit into the MAC quads?
lipstick or lipgloss what kinda girl are you?
How do I get rid of dark under eye circles?
Is the Physicians Formula Organic Wear line non-comedogenic?
HELP!?! for my manicure?
What best drugstore mascaras?
guys,do girls look better with makeup?yes or no?
eyeliner... ????
What's the best foundation for acne prone skin?
Pictures Included, How To Do This Makeup?
how do i keep my makeup looking fresh all day?
Natural Or Lots Of Make Up?
why do people give hickeys on the neck not any were elts????????????????????????????????????…
MAC Concealers - which one is best?
Has anyone tried Dermacia foundation? Does it really help acne-prone skin?
Blush that goes well with MAC NC15 foundation?
Which mascara is the best *10 points*?
Fake tan and clear skin; how does this work?
What is a cosmetic contract?
What are MAC best purple/grey matte colors?
How long can lipgloss last?
Whats your favorite beauty website?
Has any one ever tried "mark face Xpert" (Avon)?
If you have blonde you look better in black or brown?
What do you wear to shadow an accountant?
How can I make my eyes look "longer?"?
Make up problem need your help?
Are women's beauty products overrated?
what age???
How do i keep my girlfriends lip gloss from?
Is it true, women cannot put their mascara with their mouths closed?
What make up does audrey kitching use to make her so pale?
What is a good, inexpensive makeup brand?
URGENT Acne Problem! HELP!?
Tips for winged eyeliner?
what age do u start wearing make up? GIRLS ONLY?
pink or purple?
Makeup-wanna put it on..but not visible?
should people with cool pink skin tones wear peach lipsticks?
Do you think I can be a model?
Where's the best place to get your eyebrows shaped?
What companies offer free cosmetic magazines?
Does anybody know a good liquid foundation for oily skin?
Is Maybelline Great Lash in royal blue any good?
What are some easy makeup tips?
how to make nail polish dry faster.?
Foundation for very pale skin?
What eyeshadows look best on African American girls? ?
Should I make a website for makeup? Not to sell, just for chatting.?
Facial Toner you suggest?
What shades go best with Coral?
What makes a wrinkle cream work its best to hide away aging signs?
Can someone help me with a movie makeup question?
make up help for prom!?
How should you apply mascara?
HELP how should I do my makeup for my senior portraits!?
Are big eyes good or bad ?
best make up tips for a 12 year old?
How do you make your eyes look bigger with make up?
Is it okay for my 7 year old to wear make up?
Sally Hansen NailGrowth mircale?
amazing moisturiser that is more or less cheap? thankyou!! X?
eye liner?
What is a cheap mineral foundation that can be bought in Australia?
What are some good usernames for a youtube beauty guru?
with, or; without makeup!?
Where in NYC can I find an Yves Saint Laurent makeup counter open today?
What's in your makeup bag?
I have a terrilbe time finding foundation to match my skin. It always too light or too orange. Any tips?
What colour eyeshadow?
wearing make-up at 13!?
What do you people think ?
EYELINER addict?!?
girls, if you had the power to shrink anyone you disliked, and step on them would you?and u cant get in troubl
What eye color is the prettiest?
Is bare minerals just called "bare minerals " or is there a brand name before that?
What is the best powder makeup for combination skin?
What makeup goes with a green dress?
Why do guys say that women shouldn't hide behind makeup?
Exspensive makeup Vs. Cheap Make-up?
Do you enjoy applying makeup, or it is just a chore to you?
Is there a way to make lips pinkish?
rate both of us from 1-10?
Is lip gloss bad for 13 year old?
Good drugstore sunscreen that doesn't test on Animals?
What makeup should I do for the school luau?
Is my lipstick too bright?
I need a tanning lotion for the face and body with no bad smell and bronze pinkish colour :)?
what primer is used before airbrush makeup?
have anyone gotten lip injections to get fuller lips if so tell me Ur experience?
Ideas for plumper and redder lips?
How much is too much eyeliner?
Black nail polish?
What kind of makeup would you suggest?
Anybody knows some really efficient chapstick???
Do you think I am pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this too much makeup to wear as a nurse?
is that ok if we apply two way cake powder after Primer 'so called based of make up'?
Anybody like the MAC face and body foundation? Is it worth buying over the MUFE hd?
ordering some make up help with amazon please?
What makeup brand should I use?
what is your favourite mascara?
Does anyone know a make up that covers freckles?
whats the best eye liner?
Girls: can you help me with this?
Ladies, I could really use some help?! Please!?
do i need to use cleansing oil to remove my sunblock?
did I do it well? (makeup)?
Makeup vs. No Makeup?
Makeup help!?
How can I get my eyebrows to look like this?
Is Rimmel Matt foundation good for dry skin?
should i start plucking my eyebrows?
Which mineral make-up foundation would you recommend? :)?
I have chapped lips and I am allergic to sunscreen? HElp!?
rose bud salve in stick version????
Is this too much make up for a 7th grader?
Can you help me find an eyeliner that is...?
What color eye shadows complement light eyes on a pale skinned brunette?
Drugstore mascara that's a good dupe of Fresh Supernova?
What brand of mascara do you swear by?
what's THE best mascara?
painful plucking eyebrows!?
Is there something wrong with the website?
i want to look better.?
What color eye shadow can I use to make my blue eyes stand out?
do i look better with dark makeup ? Cause my parents never like it but i think its cute?
Mascara, but no eyeliner?
Makeup help (tad bit desperate)?
What is the best facial mask/exfoliant to use on oily skin?
Help, does anyone know a quick fix for swollen puffy eyes?
What other color MASCARAs are there besides BLACK and BROWN?
Any help with eyelash growth?
Is maybelline's "Baby lips" any good?
Does peeling skin make it worst?
im 17 but look 15 in the face how do i make myself look older?
do you think pink highlights are nice?
what are the best makeup schools to earn an official license?
looking for DEEP/ DARK PURPLE nail polish at drugstores?
any good website,for customizing,cloths,on peps?
eyliner tips?
What a good mascara ?
Which do you prefer - Lip Gloss or Lipstick?
I always wear makeup to aerobics and I usally put too much on. What does the aerobics teacher think of me?
Using non-acetone nail polish remover to thin nail polish ?
I have very oily, acne-prone skin w/ acne scars. I need an oil free base that covers & stays. Suggestions?
Is it ok to wear mineral foundation while having your eyebrows threaded?
What is the best way to remove eye bags and eye blacks due to late sleep?
Can you vote for me please? Must be a legal in the U.S and at least age 13 to vote. Please?
Can mascara cause you to get acne?
Belapharatis very sensitive to eye makeup????
Which is better?
How do you get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
How old do my knees make me look?
8th grade makeup help?
What kind of makeup should i wear?
Does lemon Juice really help for lighten your lips; cause my lips are dark and zi do't smoke?
Should I wear Makeup? I am 13 years old?
Accidently Shaved Part of My Eyebrow! How to fix?
girls answer please?I need help?
i think guys look hot with smokey eyes who else thinks so?
What is your make up routine(:?
How old were you when you first started to wear make-up????
What is the best way to apply eyeliner? liquid and semi-solid?
What are some cool tips you've learned for natural looking makeup over the years?
why do alot of women think they need make up to be beautiful??!!?
Hi, can anyone tell me where can i find milani cosmetics in uk stores? thanx?
Help on how to look less oriental (chinese) for a drama film project?
Does he do anything to his eyebrows?
help with makeup!?
What work outs can I do to make my butt bigger and my legs toner?
how to make makeup at home?
how can i make myself throw up?
Make up advice on colors to match my bouquet and dress?
Which shade in revlon colorstay has yellow undertones?
What are the best brands of makeup for a 14 year old girl to wear?
Is it true that if you have pimples/spots on your face you should put on a mud mask? if so why?
I have mild acne and a lot of acne scars- which foundation to use? Maybelline's Pure or Neutrogena's Oilfree
When do you take your make up off =)?
What color should I do my nails ?
do you like?
how old do u think kids should be 2 where makeup?
Give me some make up tips?
How can i enhance or lighten my skin? (My skin tone is already fair) Thanks :)?
Is a Clarisonic worth the money?
Girls, how do you guys feel about guys and makeup?
freshman girls makeup?
Using powder to give eyebrows a brown tint?
Clear mascara?
Whats a really good bronzer to get from Ulta?
I have a hot yellow dress, how should i do my makeup?
what are some really good brands for makeup brushes both drugstore and high end?
am i uglyy? everyone says i am ?
red eyeshadow!!!?
What is a good brand of black eye liner?
Using concealer as eye-primer?
Do I need to apply anything before putting on Mehron Clown White Lite?
What is a really good foundation that covers up in-perfections but also doesn't block pores?
MAC CCO in Cali?10 EZ points!!?
Should I wear pink or red lipstick?
why does a bottle of nail polish always have a small gray ball in it?
Which is the best men's fairness cream? ?
at the end of the day,my makeup becomes all patchy and orange?
What age were you when you started wearing makeup?
Help with my eyebrows? (picture)?
What kind of makeup did women wear in the 60's?
Eylure Eyelash Glue Smells?
Can I wear foundation if I have acne?
Good makeup for 7th grade?
how do i make my side bands swoop?
Bath and bodyworks lipgloss and body mists?
Anybody have a Sephora promo code other than Splash1?
how long does it take to mail a letter?
_____What celebrity do I look like? PIC___?
Should I Make a Beauty Blog?
Which makeup brands and products should I wear for special occasion if I'm 13?
I have tried the bare minerals line of make up and really like it, are there other brands that are just as goo
How can I change my eye color?
Makeup help (pic)?
How can I get my acne spots to go away?
Eyeliner question?
Can someone please tell me a good fake tan..?
What do I do with the old makeup I don't use?
How do I find my perfect shade of foundation?
What time should I get to Ulta on black friday?
If you had to pick would you prefer a slightly broad nose or quite small eyes?'?
What sort of makeup would suit me?
Good YouTube makeup tutorials for middle school?
What's the best moisturizing chap stick?
I need to find someone good with Asian makeup/hair for my wedding in Doylestown, PA! HELP!?
When will my E.L.F cosmetics be shipped?
Whats' the Best Make-up...?
Inexpensive, efficient facial peels?
I'm 13 and I want to wear makeup?
At what age do you think children should wear make up and what age did you start?
ScrewedUpEyebrows. :l?
Can u please not answer this question?---each answer I get means I have to STRIP!!?
im haveing a sweet 16 help please?
If you have tried Clinique Superfit foundation, was it watery?
If you like to put on makeup every time you go out (even to the grocery store)...?
How would you give me a makeover?
Is a iphone a phone???????????????
pls help! My brother marriage is on 21 april.?
What Are The Best makeup brands?
how much makeup should a freshmen wear?
I want to take a picture of myself with a black eye. Any ideas of how to do it without getting punched?
Am I the only one who doesn't like colored eyeshadow ?
What would you do if your 14 year old son came in after a party with a hickie on his neck?
Whats a good drug store pressed powder to set my foundation and concealer?
Foundation and powder makeup-HELP ME!!!?
Eyeshadow color?
Makeup tips needed!?
Can You Guess What Country I'm From?
How to lighten naturally dark eyebrows?
do i wear to much makeup?
Do mac makeup products cost any less at the store than on the website?
Does Rosalie Hale wear nail polish?
what makeup to were for school?
how do i use a lightening serum?? 10 points?
why other people dont think for themselves?
Eye make-up?
What are some good diy Skin treatmeants for acne/scars?
what colour should i paint my nails?
(13?) I want to wear less makeup but...?
How do i make my green eyes pop? Please answer?
mascara help please?!!?
Am i the only one who detests eyeshadow?
Any substitutes for white foundation/face paint?
Cute Nail designs?
Anyone have any make up suggestions?
has anyone heard of the chapstick/lip product that is named ______ 4 or four?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 15 year old girl?
cheek hightlighter?
My teenage daughter wears too much makeup?
Is it bad to sleep with make-up on at night? Like mascara?
what kinda makeup looks flawless?
Where can i buy activated charcoal powder?
darker or lighter?
brown/black eyes or colored eyes?
My face gets oily during school?
What specific lipstick brand and color is good for pale/fair skinned brunettes with blue eyes?
anybody live in iron mountain /kingsford mi???
Is it ok for a straight guy to put on make up?
What kind of eye makeup works with a blue dress?
Help with Mascara, Mascara, Mascara?
Girls eyebrows question...?
How long does it take for you to apply all of your makeup?
is this normal?
Is liquid foundation bad for your skin?
what is a cute makeup for a 16yeard old gurl who is going to a wedding?
What BB cream is better for me?
For anyone out there who sells Mary kay ,Avon, Arbonne,etc....besides hosting parties,doing presentations,etc?
which one is better, lipstick or lip gloss ?
Am I too young for makeup?
my makeup comes off easily?
anyone know any famous celebrity makeup artists who do really creative and dramatic makeup?
Light brown hair and blue eyes, what eyeshadow color should i use...?
what is your fav color and why?
How to make your nose look smaller?
How old does a girl have to be to wear makeup?
What is you're favorite brand of makeup?
Do the Amore Mio products sold by Premiere Dead Sea really clear up acne and reduce redness?
has anyone tried Joppa Minerals?
What is the correct procedure, step by step, to putting on a good face of make-up?
I desperately need help with eye makeup?
Where in the Toronto area can I buy ELF cosmetics?
what colour is your eyes? and what coulour eyeliner do you use?
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
Have you ever experienced a rude mac employee?
what is the best drug store makeup that i can use?
hi giuys i was just wnderan how i cold make a supre funny meem that eveynone loved thumbs up so ppl will see?
How to put on make up?
Does anyone use Color Science Makeup?
why can't my sister not wear make up just for one day?
GIRLS: What age did you start wearing makeup?
What Makeup products did they use on the movie monte carlo?
bb creams and eye rollers!?
I dont think I look good without makeup but I wanna go to school without it?
How to look older with makeup?
I have these dark lines under my eyes that are not related to little sleep. What can I use to get rid of them?
Can I change directors in the Mary Kay field?
Is blue eye shadow a definite no no?
Any ideas for my eye makeup ... ?
what eyeshadow would look best with my eyes? [[pics]]?
opinions on Nivea Visage tinted moisturizer?
Would navy blue eyeshadow look bad on a brunette with brown eyes?
How to put on fake eyelashes?
Will it my eye be okay?
Ladies, what are your absolutely must have cosmetics?
Whats the best modelling agency in England for a fourteen year old...?
What is her eye shadow colour ? can someone answer?
Lip Gloss/Lip Stick Color Question (For Lip Stick Fanatics ONLY!)?
Finding a lip colour that suits me?
I have green eyes and blonde hair. What colour eyeshadow and what kind of make up looks the best?
can anyone please tell me the best professional eyeliner waterproof and blackest black please.?
my cousin has bags under her eyes and weve tried everything to get rid of them anybody have some ideas? THANKS
I'm going to change my mascara?
Makeup for different colored eyes?
makeovers on the internet?
Chanel foundation or giorgio armani foundation? " girls that have personal experiences"?
Shiseido Fineliner???
I melted my new eyeshadow palette, help!?
Should you wear foundation all over your face even if you don't have acne?
What brand of makeup is the best?
Can you give me some tips and ideas for youtube videos?
I have £10 to spend on a mix of makeup off the internet. help?
people call me skinny girl how can i gain weight?
smashbox photo finish primer without foundation? anyone who has used this product?!?!?!?!?
synthetic pheromones: are they real or fake?
Is the mac 129 good? (:?
Beautiful Blue Eyes?
what colour of eye shadow?
I don't let my daughter wear make up?
how is less more? IN MAKEUP lol.?
where can i find a gray shade like posh spice?
clockwork orange makeup?
How should i do my eye makup?
should i wear makeup to 6th grade?
Girls...Do you use foundation that's the same colour as your skin?
what ingredients does the makeup "colorimpact" have in it?
who likes girls with blond ????This is for boys?
Anyone know of cheap replacements for Clinique products?
What's your every day makeup routine?
Why don't I look good with make up on?!?
How to disguise a receding chin?
No make up?
Do I look better with or without make-up?
Why are my eyes yellow?
Football game hair &makeup?
whats the best WILD eye Make-up design for a brown-eyed teen?
Questions about Sigma Makeup brushes?
best foundation?
Information About Make-Up Artists?
What do you think about eleven year olds wearing make-up?
Where can i buy high end make up online at discounted prices?
do i wear to much makeup *my mom aproves of what i wear*?
has anyone out there tried thalgo 02day and night cream and also 02 serum.?
will blonde look good on me if i put it on top and leave the bottom black?
Are my eyebrows messed up (pic)? Need honest advice?
How often should I change out my make-up brushes?
Do i own alot of makeup?
what maybelline baby lips balm flavor should I buy? energizing orange, smoothing cherry, or mango pie?
Ok I want a makeover I am a boy?
Loreal true match minerals? 10points best answer x?
Is it enough to just wear neutrogena 123 tinted moisterizer?
Where will I get a acrylic makeup organizer?
Which eye shadow palette do you prefer?
what are your favorite drugstore makeup products?
can i go in the pool with THIS mascara???
are you an Ulta merchandise manager?
Are my eyebrows bushy? or too big for my face?
Should people that don't naturally blush, wear blush?
help how to do my makeup for the first day of middle school?6th grade!?
does the covergirl silk foundation make your skin oily?
whats the right age to start wearing makeup?
how can i be popular in school ?
How can i make my eyelashes curl up?
can wearing makeup give u wrinkles?
How to change our skin color?
Girls,What do you think that pretty means? Do you think that it's putting on a face to make you look like?
How do I take off my nails from the salon at home?
how long is mac cosmetics going to have free shipping with a $50 purchase (link)?
help finding a make-up artist?
How To Foundation Last Through School Day?? xD?
Bare mineral foundation - where to try it out before buying?
i have bumps all over my face but proactive dont work so what should i do?
What do you think about this look?
How do you get a clear, clean, glowing complexion?
question to the WOMEN!! repeat WOMEN!! out there!! thanks?
What color eye shadow will bring out my green eyes?
Buying Juggalette makeup?
Big nose question? put down or a compliment?
Revlon Colorstay or L'oreal True Match foundation?
Question about Sephora's return policy. Help!?
Almay intense i-Color or Covergirl Exact Eye-lights?
How do I go about getting month old, chipped nail polish off my fingernails?
Where can I find E.L.F. products in central MA?
What foundation brand and bronzer brand is the best?
Eye crease pleassssee heellpp?
The best make up to cover red spots?
How do you wash off waterproof liquid eyeliner?
Will a dark plum eyeshadow go with my eye colour?
who knows where my nose is???????
what's preparation H?
make-up tips for 12 year old. ( plz no "Too young" or that crap!) Thanks!?
i need makeup tips pleeeaase *pics*?
where can liz earle products be bought, what stores?
Ariana Grande hair & makeup?
What brand of eyeliner is good?
What is the best drug store foundation?
What colour eyeshadow would make my eyes look brighter?
Make Upp??
problem with makeuppp..girls only please =)?
what is wrong with my sisters lip?
is foundation supposed to make you more tanned or more pale?
i have light green eyes, and i love eyeliner. but i just dont like black. any suggestions?
Did you ever have a crappy play makeup set when you were little?
What's the right order to apply concealer, foundation & moisturizer?
Can anyone reccomend a good perfume?
At CVS--Maybelline?
Is there a way to lighten your foundation colour?
What is meant by "oily" in here?
Red lipstick? What skin does it look good with?
How do you tell a girl that she is more pretty with less makeup?
What's Up With This Beauty Guru Craze?
Make up brushes help?
Pencil or Liquid Eyeliner?Which do you like better?
Which foundation makeup company is best for 12 year olds? I want it to be light and Powder Foundation.?
how to use this concealer?
Should an 11 year old.....Entering middle school wear makeup?
What eyeshadow looks best with red lips?
Drug Store/Other Foundations !?
What is your favorite make up look(s)?
What would you do with my eyes/ bring them out (pics)?
Too much makeup for a freshman? still won't work.?
What are the biggest factors that contribute to makeup (foundation) becoming cakey by the end of the day?
How do i cover up red blotchy skin?
so heres me and my lifee..?
why do people stare at pale skin so much?
are these eyes more blue or green?
which eye liner?
How do I make sure my concealer doesnt go into the fine line on my undereye ?
What is your opinion on my...?
Best face cleanser?
what do u think of me ?
Where is a good place to have my eyebrows done in London?
Best Lip Glosses At Target?
What makeup to wear with a sea green dress for a ball?
Neutrogena skinclearing powder?
Gettin crap about being pale :(?
what eye colour is attractive ????????
do i put bleach on my skin to make it lighter?
This is really silly, but where do you put eye-liner?
So yellow or green nails?
Is provision cosmetics vegan?
What is up?
I'm 15 years old, what should i do with my eyebrows?
Why do i get itchy eyes when wearing mascara?
Has anyone ever tired Neutrogena Micro Mist Tanning sunless spray?
do you think i look like i wear loads of makeup!!?
how do i ask my mom this..?
What is the best lip balm/chap stick for chapped lips?
How do you make your eyes look bigger?
im 11 and i want to wer makeup ?
Which eyeliner and mascara is the best?
Avon Satin Gel Eye Liner?
Eye shadow?
dior lipgloss?
What waterproof make up is the BEST??
Girls: do you open your mouth when you put on mascara?
When is Sephora opening up in Richmond BC?
Is 13 to young to wear this stuff??? *makeup & heels?*?
what is best remedie for puffy eyes?
High School!?
My wife wants to "do it" while another couple watches, getty horney, and joins in? Normal?
Need a creative business name for a cosmetics/herbal company.?
What would be some cute things!?
Anyone else use Dior 'pure light' foundation?
lighten brown skin tone?
How do i make my make look pertty with JUST MASCARA! nothing else!?
What type of eyeshadow brush is this?
Ulta interview for a stocking position?
is getting 8 OR 9 hours of sleep better for you?
What do you think of me?
what are the top companies in cosmetics ?
What is the best foundation to use if you have a little bit of acne?
EOS Lip Balm vs. Maybelline Baby Lips?
does walgreens carry covergirl?
Which is better for your skin, petrol or paraffin?
How to get longer lashes?
Girls, do you prefer guys with or without makeup?
Am I supposed to go bare-faced (no makeup) to a complimentary makeover?
How should I do my eye make-up for a talent show?
you favorite drug store brand foundation?
Best drugstore foundation for Gr.8 Grad?
Tesco Makeup Barbara Daly Concealer?
What is the first item you ever purchased from MAC?
Shaping Eyebrows!?!?
is there another way 4 nailpolish remover?
Can we wear cosmetic contact len more then 18 hours? Can we use the eye drop to moisture it?
Two problems, HELP! ?
All girls please answer!!!?
What is your number 1 make up product?
Can you please give me the history of make-up?
bright green eyes :D?
Can you live without make-up?
Lady's! do you put make up on your boobs when wearing a swim top?
Hi, I am looking for a bronzer that you apply with a brush. I want good coverage, What is you favourite?
i have like a medium beige skin tone, but i can never decide what color of lipstick/lipgloss to use.?
Do raccoon eyes look bad, and is it anattractive to girls?
Sigma brushes vs. MAC brushes?
18...pregnant and 4 ft
Applying eye makeup to make ur eyes look bigger...?
Can you use any moisterizers befor applying foundation?
Why is Essie Nail Polish so popular & expensive when it is very streaky?
My lips have almost no color! How can I add nude color without re-applying lip product after every activity?
What's the best neutral eyeshadow to wear alone : smog or half baked?
best products to use for acne?
Where can i get a makeup brush like this?
best tanning products (no tanning beds) include sprays, lotions ect!?
Cute Makeup Idea's...?
Does makeup always make a girl look more attractive?
Will the avon store help me?
Does Dermbablend work on Burn marks?
would tinted moisturizer be a good idea for my life style?
Best Mascara For Volume And Length?
Can i buy a mac custom pallete at a mac counter at dillards or a macys?
should i dye all my hair or just get highlights? (pics included)
When is the right age to start wearing makeup?
what colour eyeliner will look best on me?
Doesn't everybody have high cheekbones?
Where can I get high brand makeup for cheap?
What is the best make-up?
What's the best ever lip gloss?
What makeup should a 13 year old wear?
How often do you buy new eyeliner?
How should I do my make-up??
why do we(girls) have to remove makeup at night?
What brand of nail polish is better?
Am I obsessed with makeup or was my friend wrong?
Could I put my concealer on the blackheads around my nose?
What are the "cool" makeup brands?
New craze in school...?
Why does this make eye shadow stay on longer?
Pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner?
My eyelashes hurt really bad!?
What age is good to start wearing makeup?
Which MAC Mineralized Skinfinsh Natural would be more suitable for me?
what color should i use is brown ok?
Makeup tips for Dark Blue eyes & Brown hair .?
please i need help!!!!?
Is this good or bad?
does anyone know of any place that sells cheap African American Make-up in Vancouver?
Freckle be gone?
Who can help me answer this question? Ladies only or guys if u know 2!?
i was just wondering is their any mature people on here?
Makeup advice for big rounded hazel eyes?
do eye lashes never grow back?
Which picture of me should I use as my background on youtube?
What is the point of white eyeliner?
What does Milk of Magnesia Do? makeup wise...?
How to make makeup last all day?
what kind of make-up will look good on me?
Science fair projects related to cosmetics? (READ DESCRIPTION)?
why is maddy's dads eyes brown???
need help WITH MAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how would i do make-up w/ this set?
What is the best mascara?
What is a good color and brand of Eyeliner for someone with light blue eyes?
Where should I get my makeup done/buy from?
How to make hazel eyes look brighter?
Do all costco's sell the kirkland brush sets during the holidays?
what is OPI - Axxium Soaf Gel Nail Lacquer?
Mascara or Eyelash Curler? Which Comes First?
Natural non-animal tested cosmetic company, preferably organic?
Does foundation brush have to be soft?
make up issues any tips!!!?
Should i cover my dark circles for Belarus (Hetalia) cosplay?
How come when I put on my eyeliner my eyes get red and it irritates me?
How can i get spray tan off my feet until monday when i can buy removal wipes?? Please help?
can i look hotter?
why do people wear make-up?
How do i make my mom let me wear eyeliner?
Help with choosing whether or not to use makeup?
What are some good makeup colors to highlight blue eyes?
How can i fix my eyebrow (pic)?
Benefit and Mac Highlighters?
Do you or anyone you know work for ulta cosmetics can you answear my questions?
Lip ring on my left or right? [pictures]?
can i workout with makeup on?
how do u put on fake eyelashs?
Who makes the best foundation primer?
Where can I get MAC makeup?
dark circles!!!!!!!!!!help!!!!?
Skin colored Liquid Latex Facts!!?
What color/shape is my eye?
What is a toner and how does it work?
What shade of lip gloss was Jessica alba wearing at the awards show?
How do you use mark. Kiss Xpert?
How do I make myself look attractive?
What is a good brand of make up, that wont make your skin break out?
Honestly rate my looks?
GIRLS! What's your favorite makeup brand?
LIP GLOSS question....plz answer!!!?
rate the four of us. what do you think?
What makeup looks good with green eyes, pale skin, and some freckles?
is there any good books or dvd on special effects makeup?
What things do we need for makeup?
How can I become prettier?
School + Makeup = Detention ? HELP !?
Do I need foundation?
All 14-16 year olds?
Who stands out to you more?
Which mascara do you recommend?
Do girls care of what eye color a guy has?
I can't put liquid eyeliner?
Can you share your best knowledge about "make up"? / Neck Formula?
which is the easy way to wear a bra? the hook first r the hook last?
What's your favorite eyeliner?
are there any good fake tans that you can put over beard area please!x?
can i wear makeup with contacts especially Eyeliner im emo so u should really get the point on how dark it is?
What is your opinon on colored eyeshadow? Cute or not?
Home coming make up help?
Can you have naturally purple eyes?
Best NARS Bronzer for a medium skintone?
ok WOMEN how early do i need to start using anti wrinkle creams?
What do u guys think is the best make up to make me look like a model?
I want a makeover so i could feel good about myself n have confidence Can anybody give me tips?
What, in your opinion, is the best mascara on the market?
eyeliner putting on help?
Am i ugly! pliz tell the truth! =]?
What color and style of lipstick do you recommend?
does anyone know what mascara?
how old is old in your eyes?
how much is collecton 2000 perfecting minerals in uk?
what is the disadvantage of using cheap product?
Can you recommend a good make-up for being on camera?
at what age should girls start to wear makeup?
Why do only females wear makeup?
Best makeup for blue eyes?
What are some cheap bigginer makeup?
Your favorite makeup product?
Any tips on locating a great eyebrow shaper/waxer/professional in my area?
What makeup colors look best on blue eyes?
How to feel confident about yourself?
Eye definer & the Eye liner????help!!?
Do you think anyone can wear red lipstick?
Is this too much make up to wear to school, for a 16 year old in year 11?
Where can I buy stick on gems/body jewels?
Opinion on my everyday makeup? I'm 14?
help on bobbi brown gel liner? (those that have it)?
What colour are your fingernails painted right now?
what eyeshadow colors are good for me??
How can i add games in ti my site?
POLL: How old are you and how much makeup do you wear?
where can i find loreal colour juice stick in pink lemonade?
Should a 14 year old put make up on or just let he naturalness shine on it's own???
What kind of eyeliner is in this pic?
I need help with selling AVON?
how do you take the redness out of sunburnt skin!!?
Are there any tricks to making nail polish dry faster?
What's your favourite colour to paint your nails?
Best eye cream?
When and why is face powder used (make-up)?
What face shape does jennifer love hewitt have?
Eyelash curling tips?
Where can I find those TOMS that have the African countries on the shoe? (Picture below)?
Makeup recommendations!? foundations and brushes?
why do skin creams say you must use them often after getting the desired look? why's the maintenance needed?
Would you date a man who wore lipstick?
HELP! i waxed my upper lip for the first time! and got burnt! what can i do do reduce reddness/scaring?
What's a good foundation primer that isn't heavy and won't clog my pores?
wearing eye makeup...?
Where can i get low-priced nail art dotting tools?
Can you please tell me what i can change? (pic) sophomore?
Do I wear too much makeup?
whats a good mascara that does not go lumpy and gives good volume?
What type of makeup are you wearing right now :)?
Neutrogena Mineral Sheers blush?
What's the best eye makeup look for my eyes?
is she wearing liquid eyeliner or ?
first time eyebrow waxing?
! Mascara !?
What do you think of this statement about makeup from my mother?
do i wear too much make-up?
How do you get rid of the puffieness under your eyes?
Where can I get the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm?
Does this netruogena clear/pore cleanser mask even work??
what mascara gives you the most volume/thickening. (drugstore brands only)?
Guy-liner, yay or nay?
Can you recommend me any makeup foundation suitable for oil skins? Thanks?
do you use lipliner?
Can I use the oil absorbing cream cleanser for my body?
What does neutralizing powder do?
Hey girls,help please!!!!?
What is the best method to apply eyeshows?
10 POINTS! Is eyelash adhesive on skin dangerous?
Skin79 bb cream, is there only one shade?
Girls: Is this too much makeup for homecoming?
how can i do my eye makeup like her?
Does makeup give you more self confidence?
What color eyeshadow should i use if i have brown eyes and golden skin?
How to do my makeup for a party?
Clinique 3 step skincare HELP!?
is it safe to use eye makeup remover on my bottom eyelid when i have contact lenses on?
makeup ideas?
Do i have exotic eyes?
where can i find free makeup classes?
Animal Testing.. For or Against?
please explain to my grandmaa that tons of STRAIGHT guys wear eyeliner ?
Agent in Thailand Bangkok?
How to make eye lashes appear longer?
Will trimming my arm/leg hair make it thicker?
How to tell my mom I want to wear make-up?
what is the most expensive makeup brand?
Plz enlighten me on Maybelline products..?
What drugstore foundation should I use?
I have brown hair, dark brown eyes and quite pale skin, what makeup would you recommend?
GIRL'S POLL: Best Mascara?
Where can i find Bourjois outlet in mumbai?
Can you make your own make up?
Best free UK beauty samples website... no excessive form filling?
What drugstores sell NYX cosmetics?
can someone make my eyes green please =D
What are your included?
Hair, makeup, and outfits for a 7th Grader, nothing to huge for the makeup please?
What looks better for a date : green smokey eye or brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner?
how to get rid of my dark circles under eyes?
What do you think of "benefit non fiction foundation"? Would you recommend it?
What is the BEST ance product you have used and ILL LOVE YOU FOREVER FOR BEST ANSWER!!?
discontinue makeup by maxfactor,avon,and cover girl?
any make-up tips?? pleasee?
makeup tips?
there are so many mascaras to choose from..what is the best?
reveiws on mac products?
what is the best make up product for a face that has pimples ?? or oily face ?
CoverGirl or Revlon Foundation?
How to make my eyes all black?
I have severe under eye circles is there any product with results?
How do you make your lashes thicker?
Tint moistuizer under mineral makeup?
Do men prefer women without makeup on?
Eyeliner Help?
make up help please!?
Simple makeup ideas for witch costume?
M.A.C Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation - any good?
what are the highest recommended sephora products for green eyes?
What is the best pigmented light pink eyeshadow?
what kind of makeup should i wear with blue eyes?
What mascara should i try?
Whats the best mascara to get really long lashes?
Best foundation !!!!?
christmas makeup tutorials on youtube?!?!?
what ur opinion on Bare Minerals?
What makeup should I wear with a black and white dress?
What is the difference between foundation and concealer? ?
Whats a good foundation?
Blank type or Brule (by MAC) for my brow highlight?
is this GOOD or BAD make-up?
Needing a foundation brush?
How much make up do you wear daily? How long does it take to apply?
what is the best make up for asian girls?
Is "Tropez" an okay brand for Lipstick? ?
If I have pink/red undertones in my skin, do I have a warm or cool complexion?
What's a good toner to use?
What color should I get for bareMinerals makeup?
Is the brand "Spoiled" a good brand for nail polish? Or what brand is cheap and good?
makeup for 14 year old?
how can i make eye shadow?
dark circles?
Best eye shadow for smoldering brown eyes?
why do women always have their mouth open when they put their mascara on?
What makeup would work well for back-to-school?
How old should you be to wear a lot of makeup to school?
Help Help i need a boyfriend before september 28th give me ways?
School makeup... 8th grade routine?
i need eye makeup colors for brown u have any?
Teen makeup?
How to make ones skin whiter?
Do you think the cosmetics section in the Department stores would hire you if you had no work experience but..
does blue eyeliner look good with green eyes (kinda a medium blue, not dark but not light)?
What product can I use to get this look?
What is a good bare escentuals face look for school?
what is a good site for makeup applications tips? you know, a good one with pix and stuff to help.?
What's your favorite mascara?
Where can I find St. Ives products in Egypt?
What MAC shade am I? I wear I'm so money, honey in benefit's hello flawless.?
i'm dark and wanna know whats da best make up tip to bring out my eyes?
Lip balm question :):):):):)?
Pressing loose powder?
How do I make my eyes look bigger with makeup?
does makeup ruin your face?
Is it appropriate for a freshman in high school to wear makeup?
What is with everyone and make-up?
How to do make up on first day for first day of school?
how to get fake tan (dove) off you ?
How to shape your eyebrows?
Performance, next weekend?
How to make my eye look the same size as the other? With makeup?
too early for make up?
my eyes shadow never sticks to my eye lid? anything i could add to it to make it stick?
Deep facial pits?
What kind of makeup should I buy? (read details)?
Max Factor..... why are they not shipping to the USA. Whats up?
Cover up make-up(touche eclat)?
Does anyone know a makeup artist who can come to the house? ?
Has anyone made their own makeup before?
where can i buy the temptu airbrush makeup system?
Does Burt's bees or cherry Chapstick keep your lips softer?
Difference between cologne and body spray?
Where can I buy a bright blue and deep purple eueshadows?
do you think no eye makeups better ?
asain eyes?