What is the best foundation to use?
Please help me, i need it bigtime!?
What would look good on my eyes?
Does this boy still like me?
has anyone used Maybelline pure concealer?
Cheapest makeup brands?
what kind of powder foundation is good and do you use the liquid first or what?
What foundation do you find is the best ?
how old do you have to be to put on makeup?
what make up should i wear im 13?
What is your favorite mascara?
Which Clinique products do you love?
Which MAC foundation does not oxidise? Or do they all?
what is the best OTC foundation/powder?
Whats the best foundation out there?
Girls! What make-up do you wear for work or school?
Help applying eyeliner:)?
What color goes good with fair skin?
LADIES! Do you prefer wearing make-up?
i have an eyeliner question ?
so what do girls like to be complimented on most.?
i am male , fair ,but my lips are not red.i don't smoke.?
What color eye shadow is good for gree-blue eyes???
what color eyeshadow would be good for me? i have green eyes, brown hair, and light skin.?
What MAke-up would look good on Meh??!??!??!????10 points?
What eyeliner should I buy?
MakeUP HELPPP???? (everyones opinion will count :)) )?
Best blush?
Does anyone know about Sisley skincare, eyecream?help
BB cream: to buy or not to buy?
Where can I find........?
Anyone got any good mascara?
Anyone know anything about Avon Ideal Shade foundation???
Opinions on these makeup items? like them or not? reviews? I WILL ANSWER YOURS!?
What makeup should suit me i have brown eyes and hair and short hair ?
I am 19/m i dont smoke at all but my lip colour is light black :( please give me solution to get gud colour?
Have you ever ordered from E.L.F. (
Where is the best place to buy make-up?
What is the best foundation for oily skin?
I want a bright glowy look to my face but i dont wana wear foundation or powder, can i just wear a highlight?
looking for za two way foundation make up store here in the usa?
What order is the best for using these facial products?
I have just started putting make up on and the foundation is making me breakout?
sleeping with makeup on... is it bad?
How to i make my eyes look bigger with eye liner ?
What's the best gradual self tanner?
i was considering Hex Makeup School online and i wanted to know does it come highly recommended?
Ladies, what's the best under eye concealer you've used and where can I find it?
best concealer to cover dark circles?
Retro lipstick that's not red ?!?
What makeup should I use?
PLEASE IM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what's the best drugstore foundation for dry skin?
Primer under BB cream?
What's good make-up for my eyes?
is mascara/liner considered "make-up"?
Nail Polish Help:?
Have any wedding make-up tips?
What kind of chapsitck is usually best?
What kind of makeup would look best?
Which brand of foundation and concealer would you recommend?
what is my face shape?
Why do girls wear makeup?
How to make lips look fuller?
My eyes are too sensitive. help?
How do you get long single eyelashes and beautiful dramatic eyes?
What are good makeup channels on youtube?
Best Concealer? Please Help!?
Wanting to collect makeup!!?
what type skincare can giving new supplements to mature skin?
I had a nightmare about my girlfriend last night...Should I tell her what happened in the dream?
How do I fix my natural eyelashes.?
Need help on my Skin Tone and my Undertones?
how do you apply eye liner?
Best anti aging/wrinkle cream ?
Should a 16 yr. old wear foundation?
what' the most beautiful mac pigment there is? what are the ones that suites light golden brown eyes?
What is the best color of nail polish for a person with a pale complexion?
When you see a girl....?
What age did you begin wearing makeup?
Can anyone recommend a good cover up for scars/damaged skin?
Thoughts on Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer?
do i really look like it?
How do you put eyeliner on?
Makeup For Year 9/ 8th grade?
Problem With My Eyes?
I'm making a makeup forum website, I need to know every brand of makeup you can think of!?
what is the best way for putting on fake eyelashes?
Can I know what is my flaws? (Face)?
Please help with my makeup for a dance!*need ideas*?
Which color eyes do you think are the prettiest?
Makeup tips: how to make the eyes stand out?
At what age will eyelashes start to get shorter?
What colour eyes will I have?
mineral make up?
i broke his heart now i want him back,what do i do?
what shall i do........................?
Where do you normaly purchase your make-up?
has anyone had semi-permanent make up done eg eyeliner and eyebrows and what did you think of it?
Did you know FYSIKO make eyelashes longer and fuller?
Makeup ideas to go with my costume?
Any great makeup tips, ladies?
Does anyone know of any makeup tricks that will help slim down a round face?
Swedish Beauty tingle sunbed lotions?
What are the best makeup brands?
How exactly do you use face bronzer?
What are the best flavors of these chapstick brands?
how do i make my blues eyes stand out?
WhAt KiNd Of MAkE-Up ShOUld i WEAR? PiCS iNClUdEd?
I'm so pale, i can see the blueish veins in my arms, what kind of sunless tanning lotion should I use?
is mirror beauty parlor trivandrum good for bridal makeup?
what are your top 10 favorite makeup tricks/tips?
Do I wear too much makeup?????
Does applying eyebrow pencil technically clog brow pores?
old enough?
Can anyone recommend a good cover up for scars/damaged skin?
What is the EXTREMELY! DARKEST! kohl eyeliner ?!?
Poll: Girls how long does it take you to put on your make up?
What is some good makeup I can buy?
I will be entering 7th grade this year, I need help with makeup ideas?
do guys like girls that wear makeup?
What do you think of chanel mystic eyes eyeshadow?
What color would you say my eyes are?
What do you think of colored contacts?
can anyone tell me how to make my own horns?
best mascara?
Does lemon juice make your skin lighter?
Does anyone know any Good Beauty School's in CAL. ????
What should i wear on this date (makeup)?
i need some help!!!?
Do I have modeling potential?
Coastal Scents help? (:?
why cant i put mascara on both my eyes on stardoll?
neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup in malaysia?
Do you think I am pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is a makeup buffer brush?
whats The best mascara out there?
what is the best mascara?
should i start wearing makeup again?
Please, help me to draft the letter.?
What do you think of this red lipstick....(honest opinion!) lol!?
does anyone else pick the inside of their cheeks?
Should I wear more make up?
How to keep eyeliner and mascara in place and non-smudging??
Question about long eye lashes?
Very oily skin?
How much Make Up Should a 13 year old wear?
What to do with limited makeup?
Who is hip with da kids in da hoodziz?
Can i wear makeup while exercising?
Does anyone know a really good full coverage foundtion that does cause acne ?
What are some basic things you need when you start a make up collection?
how long would it take to get a good tan on a sunbed?
Seductive hair and makeup?
How to lighten lip colour?
Original urban decay naked palette or the second one?
What is the best kind of makeup? (maybeline,covergirl,love my eys,etc..?
where can i find odd colored lipstick?
More eyebrow problems?
I really need help with my......?
What's a good amount of makeup for a 14/15 year old girl?
I want to start wearing eyeliner?
Is Pandora's make-up box available to buy in Ireland?
How did you do your makeup today?
Anyone know of any make up gurus on YouTube that get right to the point when doing a tutorial?
someone please answer as soon as possible =]?
My nails have gone a funny colour?
Is Physicians Formula Mineral Wear good for coverage and oily skin?
Is Maybelline Mascara any good?
What kind of makeup is appropriate for 7th grade?
is lipgloss TOTALLY awseome??
Makeup ages?? Easy 10 points!?
What is the best mascara ?
good everyday make up routine for a 13 year old girl!?
Foundation that doesn't oxidize?
where do u get mac makeup products?
Controlish & sucking principal in charge?
what color is my eye?
can anybody tell me please how long a dermal facial filler is supposed to last. which is the best one.?
If you found some chap stick what would you do?
When does Lauren Lukes makeup line come out?
To all Mary Kay reps again! R u sure about the bronze 2 loose powder?
facial mask question?
Is purple eyeshadow good for Hazel/green eyes?
I want to get a certificate in make up artistry but I want to take a short term class?
Hahah makeup surveryy! :]?
How to do my makeup and hair for homecoming?
My lips are very small?
Do small eyelashes make eyes look tiny/smallish?
I want to wear makeup but I play volleyball everyday after school.. sooooo?
I need help finding which tarte smooth operators (tinted moisturizer) is my shade, I don't know my undertone?
Is it possible?
What mascara should I wear?
How do I get softer lips?
how do you play crazy frog on the keyboard please help?
Liquid makeup under powder?
Do I look alright with no makeup on (pics)?
Should you curl your lashes first or place on mascara first?
How do I do my makeup like Cat Valentine/Ariana Grande?
eye shadow help?
what's the best make up for me?
How much do each of these items cost at Walmart (Canada; i dont know how to find the price)?
SHoulda 12year old girl still wear makeup? Or is she too young?
Which Urban Decay Palette?
what is the best way to apply almay tlc foundation for the most coverage?
Where can I buy Sonia Kashuk brushes that ship internationally?
Do you think that thick lips are bad?
I want to start wearing makeup. Help?
Should I wear more or less make-up? Guys and Girls!?
What style of makeup?
i wanna wear eyeliner...?
BB Miracle skin perfector by garnier?
what are some good makeup removers?
what color eye shadow should i wear with my pink dress tomorrow?
does it look stupid to put blush on without foundation?
Girls:Has a guy ever told u u have too much makeup on?
I am 25 w/ wrinkles, I think from stress, what is the best thing to do to make them go away?
I have blonde should i do my makeup?
what color would you use?????
How much makeup should a 15 year old wear?
Make up question?
what is THE BEST mascara?
How do you clean brush, foundation, and other beauty brushes or tools?
What are some easy makeup ideas for brown eyes?
How do I have my makeup last all day long?
Have you tried Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Cream Foundation? Is it good ?
What is your makeup collection mostly made up of?
What's the new style for 2009? ?
Is this too much makeup for a fifteen year old?
What in your opinion is the best drugstore mascara?
Does anyone else find Mary Kay and Avon products disgusting???
What do you find to be the most amazing foundation?
What kind of look should I do with this eyeshadow palette?
What about my eyes, what color?
THE BEST overall masscara???? HELP?
My brows make me look ugly?
How to make it seem like you don't have pink eye?
Which mineral makeup is better? Aromaleigh, Everyday minerals or Afterglow and Why?
Clear coat Nail Polish question?
Good make-up schools?
Who is the makeup artist for sasha pieterse as alison dilaurentis on pretty little liars?
what is the best foundation you have used? and what is the best concealer you have used?
Does anyone have a makeup diagram of mungojerrie and rumpleteazer?
10points..which boy name sounds nice and Intelligent?
Sally Skellington makeup?
Eyeliner or no eyeliner (picture included)?
should i wear this kind of stuff?
Does anyone have pernament lip liner? How was the process/result?
Where can I get colored contacts?
Which one is darker Buff Beige or Natural Beige?
Does Yoon Seung Ah have natural double eyelids?
What is the best product for blackheads and large pores?
What's the best mattifying foundation available?
i need to have a sweet 15 . Have any ideas ?
Are the "missha" products good?
how often do u buy cosmetics?
girls: how old were u when u started putting make-up on?
How do you put on eyeliner and mascara and how much of it do I put on so it looks noticeable?
How to make your eyes naturally greener?
Help me use my new Maybelline Eye Express Cream Shadow Stick?
Why does my foundation come out orange? :(?
How can I prevent my makeup from getting melty and oily by the end of a school day?
How do i create these eyebrows?
Whats a good foundation?
Girls, can you go a month WITHOUT makeup?
If you can have any color eyes?
Make-up crisis?
How to make my skin look really pale like albino pale?
Can you use the Dermablend body concealer as a face concealer?
What is the best mascara?
What make-up will be best for me ? Any make-up secrets ?
how to convince parents to let me be scene?
would this be ok or not ten points best answer?
What makeup should I wear at 13?
Any1 know of good creams/foundations for dark circles under eyes?
What is the best way to cover up big, puffy eye-bags?
Am I skinny or a bit chubby (PICTURE INCLUDED)?
what's the best mascara to buy?
Why do people ask me why I wear makeup? Is 14 too young to wear makeup?
Who makes the skincare products for Marks & Spencer. Is it Clarins?
Lipstick problem? help girls :(?
How do I buy something from a CCO?
who is this person.............?
Could you only put kohl (eyeliner) on the lower lip of your eye? or does it have to be both?
Help With Mac Eye Shadows Please?!?
I need some makeup advice.?
Where can you buy bare minerals in oakland ca?
at what age should girls start to wear makeup?
My face breaks out every time I wear makeup. Any suggestions?
Does eyeliner have an aging effect upon the eyes?
What makeup would look good on me!???
wat is a good eyeliner?
How much make up should a woman wear when exercising at a gym ?
hey I'm going to school and i want a little make up what do u think i should do?
what eyemake up will make my small eyes look bigger?
Is it preferable for a girl to wear a lot of makeup to cover her acne or to go au natural?
how much are wet n wild nail polishs in canada?
My date is at concert what outfit and makeup I should I do ?
How can I convince my dad to let me to wear make-up?
My cheeks get really warm and flushed when partying at night..?
Can I go back and exchange my makeup at kroger?
i want to know about more better mask to face?
Is being goth cool ?
Make-up advice?
Can you recommend a good foundation that is non-comedogenic?
Can eyeshadow be made out of colored pencils?
people say i wear way too much makeup, tips please?
Is the elf studio line brushes shorter than MAC brushes?
what do you think if a girl has a tatoo?
Do you think 14 year girls should wear makeup?
Women: I am *sick* of pantyhose! I've had it! What's the best kind of garter belt for every day use?
Dug store shiness control products?
if you could only buy one makeup item, what would you pick out?
where can i find cheap neon makeup?
What does it mean when someone says "To Cake on your makeup"?
.s .Which name is posh?
how many of you use The Body Shop products?
what is a good mascara that will leave your lashes soft?
can a guy get his eyebrows done to change face looks?
What can I do with pink & purple nail polish...?
Polar Bear inspired makeup ideas?
when i go in to middle school i want to look good but NOT PREPPY!! so Gothic,emo or punk iwas goth for 2 years
Some people put eyeshadow under their eyes?
What's a good drugstore foundation?
Any products that make your eyelashes grow stronger and longer?
Pink lipstick??? yes or no???? 10 points?
How can I do my makeup like this?
What is the best technique for getting rid of acne?
What color are my eyes? picture included.?
lip gloss containers?
What is the right age to wear makeup?
LIPS TIPS ? it messes up my whole smile -.-?
Mebelline 2000 Calorie Mascara gone???
If you could buy Mary Kay at avon prices would it make a difference?
Dance Makeup? I need some ideas/opinions!?
I need makeup tricks and advice?
Can you use all eyelash growers on eyebrows?
what color eye shadow should i wear?
What eyeliner lasts longer?
i need images of make up for prom or form atier if you can hair and how to do it?
Whats the best LIP BALM OUT THEREEE!!?
what colour eyeliner? brown or black?
eyebrow waxing??
skin problems?
What can I use to hold loose glitter down on my eyes?
What color eyeshadow goes good with red lipstick?
am i wearing to much makeup?
does any1 know rimmels email or how to contact them, its not on their site?
Whats the best cream foundation?
who thinks that my avatar looks like me?
I have a really oily t-zone, how can I keep it under control where it's not noticeable at all?
Makeup question. (please answer!)?
Is Yves Saint Laurent foundation oil free?
what is the foundation called from the commercial.....?
I ordered something one about 3 hours ago but i just realized that i put in my old address...?
what makes my eyes look bigger?
can you get rid of marks on your face?
My eye color is brown n balck liner looks very bad?
can you use the beauty blender from with these foundations......?
i draw my eyebrows and shave the normal one off, if you saw me, what would you think?
Darkest drugstore lipstick?
Does the make-up suit the colour of my eyes?
What would be the perfect foundation?
Has anyone tried the Avon's Perfect Wear Extralasting Lipstick in forever burgundy?
Every day Black circles?
What's the best mascara?
What is the best concealer and foundation I can get for my money?
This color eyeshadow for caramel colored skin and brown eyes?
i am nc40 in mac what shade would i be in clinique stay-true foundation.or other great foundations.?
What's your favorite beauty tips website?
what kind of color lipstick can make me look sophisticated or more dramatic I have mocha colored skin?
What happens when you put on toner but than you put moisturizer on too early when it's not completely dried?
What is a really good lip balm for chapped lips?
what shape are my eyes? pic?
What are good colour to go with dark brown eyes? And what contrasty colors would go well?
Does makeup really make you feel pretty?
What eyeshadow colors should I use to make my blue eyes POP?
Has anobody used the permanent makeup Goochie M8 machine?
How do i put on makeup?
How to bring out green grey eyes?
What brand of shampoo should I buy?
eyeliner ............. D:?
My legs? what to do :S 10points 5 stars!?
Where to go for make-up for young girls?
Milani Cream to Powder Foundation in the color Buff?
Did any one else find cover girls eye shadow enhancers to suck?
what can i do to improve my looks?
What is the best makeup for a 12 year old?
Is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
I'm looking for makeup products that do not contain........?
Chapped lips! What is a good lip balm?
please recommend a good mascara!?
Girls: How long does it take you to put on your makeup on a normal day ?
Have these been discontinued?
Do you think girls are prettier with or without makeup?
Best color for me for lipstick?
how should a 12 year old where makeup?
Liquid face shimmer?*20characters*?
Question for the females?
What are some good basic things to put in a beginner's make-up bag?
mineral makeup?
Best, cheap makeup for what I need?
How can I do my makeup like the youtube celeb venetianprincess?
whats your opinion?
Best Women's anti-perspirant?
What makeup would suit my new red/white top, read details please?
How can/Where I have my skin assessed to see what type of skin I have and what type of Products I should use?
What is the best mascara under 10$?
is 13 okay to start..?
What is the most sparkliest lipstick out there? The most glittery looking lipstick?
What kinds of makeup would suit me the best?
I'm New To Make Up, How Does The Process Of Applying It Go?
What shall i do with my makeup? I look horrible! help.?
What do you think of the new Primark makeup?
What color of eyeshadow would look good?
How long does e.l.f. shipping take?
Eyeshadow with black and tan homecoming dress?
What is MAC?
I wnna b a makeup artist!! =] Help MEEEEE?
whats the best lip gloss?
Which face wash do you use & is it good?
Makeup help`!!!!!!!!!!!?
Clinque to Drugstore foundation?
Can you use makeup on top of Loreal Sublime Bronze Illuminating Self-Tanning for Face?
I TEND to get oily on my face in the summer what can i do?
How did she do her makeup?
How to make your makeup stay fresh ?
Am I Warm or Cool Toned?
what make-up do you use for your eyes ? what is a great color?
Is there an online course that teaches just makeup & nail technician?
how can i make myself even better looking!?
Is it safe to use crayola markers for eyeshadow?
Can I bleach my skin to make it lighter? Advice is needed PLEASE ?
What mascara and eyeliner should I get?
Does anyone want a Livingsocial coupon for Coastal Scents makeup; $25 coupon for only $12?
How to keep fake gauges to stay on?
What do you think of winged eyeliner?
Wat u think of Clinique foundation?
how can i look prettier?
What should I have in my makeup bag?
What is the most exotic eye colour in your opinion ?
has anyone heard of clear foundation, does it really work?
Has anyone used this makeup before?...Sheer cover......PLEASE WOMEN HELP ME OUT!.....?
What do you think about this look?
How do I do Britney Spears make up from the video Lucky?
Are the MAC VIVA GLAM Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga lipsticks permanent in their line?
Whats a good mascara?
why do so many young girls where sooo much eyeliner?
Milani/NYX cosmetics in Australia?
My little sis is begging me to ask this question...?
what is the best full coverage foundation!? HEEELLLLLPP?
R all asian bb creams one color?
Should I allow my 12 year old to wear make up?
Do you buy expensive make-up or cheap drugstore make-up?
how can i get fair look???????plz help me.........?
How would I puff at piece of tissue paper to make it moisturized? By putting it underneath some water?
Best type/brand of mascara?
Is your upper lashline where when you open your eyes and right above where your eyelashes are?
how will i look better?
How come I keep hearing that blue eyes are prettier than brown eyes?
I'm Going to the pawn shop to buy a chain. any suggestions??
do i need to wear more make up to cover up my pimples help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If I am n3a62 in Mac face and body what would I be in Mac mineralize satinfinish?
What is the role of the base coat in a manicure or pedicure?
I used to be tan now I'm pale? What's wrong with me?
why is it so hard to apply eyeliner? whenever i try i can never get it to look right. tips?
Teen Makeup. Please HELP!!!?
What kind of make-up should a 13 year old wear?
At what ages should girls start wearing various kinds of makeup?
is it bad to sleep with mascara on?
How long can I keep it?
I am very allegic to mascara. Is there any hope of a product I can use?
If I can afford it some day, is there some kind of laser surgery that improves the look of your face skin?...?
Do you think this cream would help with my scar?
why do women always leave their mouth open when they apply mascara?
Bags underneath my eyes?
Uneven skin tone on lips?
how should i wear eye make up?
how can i convince my mom to let me use makeup?
Some body pls help me?
Where can I get plastic nail swatches that are connected together?
mascara help please!!?
Boobs need to be bigger?!!!?
Help?! am I pretty without makeup?
why do girls wear so much make-up?
How Do you pluck your eyebrows?
Contact Lense Help!!!!?
Someone once told me i looked "emo" (not as a compliment)...What is emo?
best way to wear eyeliner on bottom lid?
Do i Have Long Lashes if when i put mascara on and it touches my eye brows?
Which BB cream should I get?
Lipstick / Lipgloss ??Please Help??
How should I do my make-up and Hair for school?
what brand of make up do u prefer?
Clinique toner question?
Girls- Favourite mascara?
Has anyone used St Tropez tanning mousse, and is in any good? =) x?
How do I take off my full set of gel nails?
What colour are my eyes ?
How do i keep my face sqeaky clean w/out drying out my skin?
Am I pretty? Is my makeup ok or? *pics*?
what is it called when you do costume makeup?
Do you think a 6th grader should wear make-up yet?
Is this too much makeup?
What is your favorite brand of makeup?
Whats another site that has cheap and affordable make like
What color eyeshadow goes best with a black shirt?
Does anyone know of a miracle cream, that's secondary to botox?
what MAC foundation should I get? (will choose best answer)?
How do you make your nail polish stay?
Do I have to wear makeup when I'm older?
is a good online place to buy OPI nail polish?
Pencil or Liquid Eyeliner?
I'm gay I wanna go and buy some make up stuff alone, but I can't!!?
How often can I do a peel off mask?
bonde eyebrows??
Does anybody know a good liquid eyeliner?
any such product exist.. something good for eyelashes..?
Can't put it on without stabing my eye!!!!?
Good eye primers (makeup) ?
How to make skin look flawless with limited makeup supply?
if u have a make up question..............?
HELP MEE!! Where do I buy flocking powder that ships cheap to Australia?
How do you wash out eyeliner from your shirts?
What's the difference between foundation, moisturizer, and a make-up base?
Any Good foundations?
Is it important to wear make-up to work?
Whats a good homecoming hairstyle and makeup?
what supplements can i take to make my hair grow faster ?
where can i find free samples online?
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (8 in 1) review?
Can only pretty girls be makeup artists?
What is the best drugstore Make Up base that is good for Photography?
which of these glossbalm lip colors would look good on a tan person?
What is a good lipstick to match this lip color *picture included*?
Im an NC 40, so what shade would be best for me in Laura Mercier Mineral Powder?
Why is it important to take off your make up at night?
Whats a good waterproof drugstore eyeliner?
MAC Or Clinique Pressed Powder?
How are you supposed to apply the new Loreal Telescopic mascara?
help with nail polish? (pic)?
I am a cheerleader and at our competitions we have to put on a lot of make up it makes me break out any tips??
Is wearing makeup dangerous?
hey guys what is the best concealer used for...?
Is This Okay For my Skin?
when will new urban decay primer potion packaging come out?
What are some makeup tricks that will make my face look wider and less long/narrow? :)?
Im 13 i wear macara and lip gloss and i was jus wondering should i stop wearing it?i dont wear any thing else?
does mascara...?
Want to try colored mascara but my eyelashes are black?
Any ladies out there no some remedies to get those lines out from under the eyes?
my mascara keeps clumping?
does mac have a friends and family sale every year?
i need eye makeup colors for brown u have any?
Do any of y'all use Bare Minerals?
What should I do with my make-up for a New Years party?
Best at home facial waxing strips?
MAC naked honey collection...?
makeup or no makeup?
How to get clearer skin at age 13 going on 14?
how do i remove 24 hour lasting lipstick from a 3 year olds face?
Is this too much make up to wear to school, for a 16 year old in year 11?
How to rid of black circles under eyes?
What is my face shape?
What do you think is better?
ELF cosmetics dupes for MAC cosmetics?
A question about beauty and make-up?
What makes eyes look BIGGER? Just mascara? Or mascara and eyeliner together? Is less more?
how to contour nose to make it look smaller?
Where do u buy MAC makeup?
Is this to much for a pep rally?
What is the best hand cream for dry hands?
What colour eyeshadow should Iwear to make my eyes stand out?
i am 12 years old i wear make should i bye doir of drug storre stuff?
What mascara do YOU use?
how to make black eyes look pretty ?? =/?
How can i fix my eyebrow (pic)?
eyeliner, do you wear it on the inner rim of you eyes or along the lashline at the bottom?
Who tried the new Almay's Natural blends?
these are the symptomS! whats werong with me?!!!!!?
What is a natural look you wear to school/work?
I've got everything for my deb, and I've decided on a behive-look hair do, but I need an idea about make up
Why doesnt my mom let me wear make up? Im 14 and other girls do it.?
Self harm scars I can't bare to show?
What is the best eye primer ?
Make Up help (ANSWER ASAP!)?
Countries of europe help?
Girls: Worst thing thats happened while doing makeup?
Is it weird for a guy to wear eyeliner? (Pics)?
Questions about skin undertones...?
How to cover up tape on skin?
Fair skinned, dark brown hair, brOwn eyes, what tone make up for a beach photo shoot?
Need some foundation advice pleaasee?
Indian style make up? :)?
Do you think the makeup i wear is ok for a 14 year old?
Would light pink lipstick look good with light blue eyeshadow?
Good everyday makeup routine?
why does my foundation look off?
where can i buy superlash mascara (apple)?
why is it not a good idea to use natural mask in a salon?
Girls, I need a little bit of help with this...confused?
Where can i buy great make-up online?
any girls help me out plz?
please tell me how to make hairs naturally shiny and black ?
Any good foundations?
How many cells are there in a fly?
Where can I get Rimmel's Clear Complexion concealer in the US?
What is the best flavor of Lipgloss?
Do "Fair n Lovely" products ever work?
has anyone tried the cream meladerm?
what make-up do you have in your make-up bag?
How long does it usually take for a product from coastal scents to be delivered to the UK?
I used to be an Avon Rep, but now I just want to sell Mark. What's the best way to do this?
what are all the different types of make up?
blue or green eyes?
I have brown hair, dark brown eyes and quite pale skin, what makeup would you recommend?
I'm 16.I want to start wearing makeup,how to start in a way that it isn't too drastic?
How can i make my face less oily?
Do I wear too much makeup for 14?
Foundation Questions and Is foundation too much for middle school?
what makeup should a 7 year old wear?
Estee lauder self tanners? Do they work nice or are they really fake looking?
How do I do Black and White Cat Makeup?
what liquid foundation do you suggest??
Question about body fondation?
What to put under lipstick so that it DOESNT stain lips?? 10 points if it works!!!!?
How can i remove the dark lines under my eyes?
i have eyes in the back of my head, but i cant see. what should i do?
What did u wear when you first wore makeup?
Are NYX products good?
How to achieve the 'Scary Drag Queen' look?
I am considering rhinoplasty. I would love some honest opinions. Thanks! w/pic?
how does she get her make up like this?
What colors look best on girls with light blonde hair and blue eyes and pale skin and is only 4 foot 9 inches?
Homecoming Make-up?
What song is in the Neutrogena Healthy Skin® liquid makeup SPF 20 commercial?
What make up should a 14 year old wear?
makeup from primark anyone?
Make-up help!!!!!!!!?
Can someone tell me what's the difference between MAC paradisco,free to be,louder please,sushi flower eyeshado?
I am 13 and do i wear too much makeup? (details inside)?
Dewey Makeup look?
what make up do you suggest i wear?
Full Coverage Foundation With E.L.F Hd Powder?
Orange prom dress, gold heels, what kind of makeup should I wear?
best mascara you have used? High and low end?
What is your favourite mascara ?
tienes tu formal makeup ideas?
do i have too much makeup?
a good web site to order colored contacts from?
Any way to make a hicky go away faster?
Do you think Avril wears to much makeup?
Does make-up sometimes mask the true beauty?
are fake eye lashes trashy?
My Eyes, make-up?
is there any way to make my dark brown hair light brown without dying or bleaching them?
What makes everyone look different? We all have eyes, nose, mouth and all but!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?
how i mantained my beauty and health?
Whats foundation and Nail varnish made out of?
what can i do about extremely pale skin?
If truth is beauty, and beauty is truth, why do women wear make-up?
what is a really good facial moisturizer?
what's your favourite makeup brand?
what do you think about my eyes? :)?
Will makeup cause me to have more pimples?
Which eyeshadow colour would be best?
Should a 14 year old put make up on or just let he naturalness shine on it's own???
What am i missing 10 points?
how do i prevent kohl/kajal form getting smudged?
What is the evil eye?
What do you think of me? (pics)?
clinique, estee luader, lancome or what other brand is the best for a 22 year old?
What is your makeup routine?
Can someone recommend a good SPF moisturizer that doesn't?
Can vaseline work as eyeshadow primer ?
How to cover up very sore skin?
gorgeous but natural looking makeup tips?
What is the best Mac Foundation for DrySkin?
What is the difference between overtone and undertone (in skin tone)? What do they mean?
Ring Dance Hair & Makeup Help!?
Can anyone give makeup suggestions for a Black 'Marilyn Monroe' look!?
I need a good brand for a DAYTIME moisturizer with SPF.?
Has anyone used shiseido moisturizer or refining essence? can you tell me how you like shiseido?
what is mac pro (the make up type not the computer) ?
Which is best Mircrodermabrasion Kit in drugstores?
Why do I feel like this?
how can my skin spotless?
How to do eye makeup like this..(pic)?
Best type of black eyeliner or brand?
If I have cool undertones what color of foundation should i get?
How can I get my makeup to stop getting smudgy?
Where can i buy really pretty and shiny lip gloss from.?
i have bumps all over my face but proactive dont work so what should i do?
iS tHiS 2 mUcH mAkEuHp?!!!?
makeup used by aishwarya?
I need some great, affordable, drug-store makeup.?
Am i wearing too much make up?
is this too much makeup for school?
Proactive Refining Mask?
How should I wear my makeup? Tutorials?
Sephora or MAC for my 18th Bday party?
Can anyone tell me what to wear on a violet colour shining trouser ?
What colors look good with a red head with brown eyes?
What are the best make up brushes?
Is the site makeup mac cheap real?
What's your favorite kind of lipgloss? I'm addicted!!!?
Make-up for me?
Will using a plum color eyeshadow enhance black eyes?
Has anyone ever used Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs to cover stretch marks?
Make up: Did you ever accidently?
makeup problems? help!?
Is this too much makeup?
Has anyone tried this brand?see link below?
Where can I find wholesale supplier of cosmetics in new jersey?
How much does it cost to open a Macys credit card? And how does it work?
Is BB cream better than foundation if you have ok skin?
Teeth whitening question!?
What is the best way to cover up big, puffy eye-bags?
is Sonia Kashuk blush any good?
Do you think that a 12 year old should wear makeup?
What is a good youtube username for a fashion and makeup channel?
Is there a home remedy to remove wrinkles under my eyes?
lip rings do they make u goth?
makeup bag essentials?? hellp?
do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss or lip balm?
I TEND to get oily on my face in the summer what can i do?
what's ur make-up routine?
what brand has the best CLEAR LIPGLOSS???
What's in everyones makeup collection?
Is makeup really bad for your skin??
im 14 and i dont wear makeup?
is there any where that I can find jobs as a free lance make up artist?
Eye Shadow and lipstick are so hard to put on!Maybe some tips from u will help!?
I need help with makeup tips?
how do u make the containers for the gooey lip gloss?
Makeup Questions for the 7th Grade?
What products are good for removing acne marks on black skin any help would be very helpful.?
How can/Where I have my skin assessed to see what type of skin I have and what type of Products I should use?
Estée Lauder double wear foundation?
Make-up Must Haves!?!?!?
How much should a freelance makeup artist charge for special fx?
Why wear red lipstyk??!?
Females.. How much make-up do you wear?
does smartcover makeup work ........................................…
10 points! When do i put it on again?
Recommend me a BB cream or moisturiser :-D?
Lost a track bet to my girlfriend?
I'm dressing as a "Sexy" Pirate for halloween how should I do my makeup?
wot is your fave colour?
What type of make-up brushes are these?
.s which full name/surname is better?
What powders are like Rimmel Stay Matte?
What mascara would make my eyes look the most dramatic?
help for a make up begginer ?
How can I make my eyelashes grow longer?
mauve is a boring disgusting color and i hate it?
What makeup do you wear every day?!?
How should I do my makeup for tomorrow?
Where to purchase Mamonde cosmetic products in Toronto?
what is the animal called beginning with L and has long eye lashes?
Is licking lipbalms bad for you?
girls, do you wear eyeshadow everyday?
Cosmetic Schools in Houston?
Should girls shape their eyebrows?
girl issues?
Smoky eye too much for a day wedding?
What's the best make up remover?
What products should I buy at M.A.C.?
Why does my face always look pale?
am i ugly without make up?
Teenagers- what makeup do you wear?
What colour of eyeshadow will suit me best?
My 'friend' stole some of my makeup?
Which eyeliner is the best: Pencil or liquid?
Korean brand makeup in Toronto? (Banila co, Etude House, Missha, LaNeige)?
Guys: Girls with or without makeup?
Questions about Latisse?
When you think of New Jersey, what comes to mind?
12 year old questions?(makeup)?
How to use make-up??? please hurry!!!?
Make up that lasts <3. . . ?
How do you put invisible eyelashes on?
Girls what is your daily make up and hair routine?
Around what age do you start wearing make up?
How to buy a Mac pro line product?
Are all or any of St. Ives' body washes soap free?
Would this be too much makeup to wear to school everyday?
I naturally have very red lips and i hate it! Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get nude lips?
what are the ingredients in MAC products? Can they be dangerous for skin and eye? ?
Don't all male actors wear some makeup on screen for TV Shows, Music Video, Movies? Why is it taboo for guys?
due to heavy smoking my lips colour gone very dark someone with good sugesstion how to make them little bright
A few MAC questions?!?
I'm feel ugly and disgusting. How can I look/feel beautiful?
What lip gloss did the Kardashian Sisters wear on the Us magazine cover?
how often and how should i clean my makeup brushes?
i have a problem with foundation.?
(Girls) What is your Morning Routine?!?
What are the best makeup products and brands to use?
Since some of you helped me with my vampire makeup, do you want to see my makeup pics?
How long does it take to become a makeup artist?
who would you do my makeup ?10pnts?
how do put on eye makeup like proffesionls do with all those colors?
what colour are my eyes?:)?
Makeup question for girls/women?
I have brown eyes.?
I passed a note and now my teacher is calling home and now its a big mess?
Who do i look like? and what type of make up should i do?
What's a good, cheap eye shadow?
What item of clothing could u not live without ?
Help! How to wear mascara without ending up looking like a panda?!?
How do i keep my lashes curled?
Is it really that bad to leave on makeup overnight?
my mom always sleeps .now also sleeping what can i doz?
whats the best way to take off mascara?
What age did you start wearing make up?
How do you store your makeup?
Whats your everyday makeup routine?
What color eyeshadow should I use?
can do eye mask everyday?
Which Sigma Brush Set?
can you use super glue to put fake nails on?
What shape are my eyes? (picture)?
How much do they charge at the mall to get your makeup done?
Which Mascara Do You Like To Wear?
How old do you think you should be to wear makeup?
what is a great way to waer my eye makeup?
Lancome Paris Foundation?
What colour eyes does....?
Easy question for people with knowledge of lip tints?
Has Anyone attended Je Boutique's Makeup Course in El Cajon , Ca ?
Is this alot of makeup?
How much do spray tans run up too?..and how long do they last?
Career in cosmetology?
youtube makeup guru's?
help me please.........?
Would you say this is too much makeup?
Looking for a specific color of Avon Glazewear?
How to make scars appear more prominent for a photograph?
I am wearing a red cocktail dress on a date and want to know what color eyeshadow and lipstick I should wear?
best bronzer?
What natural ingredients can change my eye color?
Is it ok to put PVA on your skin?
what's a self tanner that will give me olive toned skin like this?
Have you had issues with E.L.F online?
How much makeup should a 13 year old 8th grader wear?
where can you find websites of RAKIM Y KEN-Y?
Make Up Tips ..( Pic Inside? )?
What is the best way to bring out the green in my eyes?
Does Kim Kardashian no longer wear false lashes?
What's a good makeup playlist?
Which colour should I paint my nails?
Why do I have undereye darkness?
How do I get a makup look like Laura Leigh (a swimsuit model)?
Make up for a white lace dress?
how do you shape your own eye brows?
lip venom??
which out of these colours are best on me (pic included)?
Question for red headed girls?
suggestions for longer eyelashes?
I need makup........?
my eyes?????
Is this a good every day look?
foundations, which one? :)?
what is your fave make-up trick or secret? Mine is using a regular paint brush, H2O & eyshadow for eyeliner.?
Why do women cover their naturally beautiful face with oils and powder and call it beauty?
Can travel sized items be returned to sephora?
I am really pale, what color eye-shadow and lipstick should I wear?
Does anyone know about any great make-up artists?
Should a 7th grade 12 yearold were mascara and light eyeliner?
Is the urban decay naked/ 2 palette worth it?
when you get a spray tan just random??!?
Help!! Need A Drugstore mascara that doesn't streak my glasses...?
Best brush for foundation?
i am going to get a spray tan, which is the best product to use any one heard of xen tan.that is ment to be
what color are my eyes?
Plz take this easy lip gloss survey for science project!?
I need to look pretty for a date tonight. someone help.?
A red lipstick that isn't too "bold" and is suitable for everyday?
Why do people hate on size zero?
my eyes are Small and my eye lids are little, should i wear eye liner?
If u use alcohol on ur face does it help with the pimlpes?
How can I make perfume stay on longer?
Does re applying make up make your face look less greasy?
What is my face shape? soft or prominent features? what heritage shows?
Make up brushes names?
Brown eyeshadow or green eyeshadow for dark brown eyes and tan skin?
What's a good Mascara?!?
"star dates"?
what can i do to improve my looks?
Tips on how to get this makeup look?
I've been told I should wear makeup by a quite a few people?
Natural beauty Or Makeup Whore?
Best lotion for dry ed feet?
Girls! What make-up do you wear for work or school?
A girl i no always wears foundation she has got a few spots.Is wearin foundation good 4 her?
Does This Look Ok????
how should i were my make up for school?
Would I do my makeup darker or lighter when wearing a light-colored dress?
I have dark olive/light brown skin would it be okay for me to dye my hair medium to dark brown?
when do you start?
Too much makeup for 14?
Whats mascara holds curl well?
Have any of you ever tried mememe cosmetics?
do i look asian or hispanic?
What is your Daily Makeup/Hair routine?
starting to use make up?
At what age should someone do anything with their eyebrow(Girl)?
how do I create this look I asked 3 times and only got 1 response PLEASE HELP?
along wit the lipstick trama i dont want anything to bleach my carpet out!?
Do I wear too much makeup?
help with dior mascara?
How to get make up to stay?
is proactive acne treatment cause any problem?
Lipstick brand that lasts all day?
anyone use tazorac? is toner ok with taz?
What is the best eye makeup remover?
Am I wearing too much makeup?
What do you think of makeup products with distasteful names?
Ladies, I could really use some help?! Please!?
Eyelash Extentions on asains! 10 POINTS!?
I'm wearing a shiny, hot pink dress to Homecoming and I don't know what to do with my makeup! I?
what is a good foundation for oily skin?
since when do vampired sparkle?
Do you think it's appropriate to wear eyeshadow to school?
How can I do my makeup so I don't look sick and washed out?
HELP ON SKIN TONE!!!(pictures inside)?
Maybelline Cosmetics online India?
I feel FAT!?
How often do you wear make-up?
How can my eyeliner last?
DO I USE A LOT OF MAKEUP? [[pics included]]?
how do you get bags under your eyes to go away?
What do you think of Ardell's individual lashes?
Question for Asian girls...?
what makeup products are best within $100?
Best foundation makeup for a smoothing effect?
Do you think 13 is old enough to wear make up?
A make up counter chic told me that blondes can wear peach coloured eye shadow... do any blondes agree?
Does Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup work for African American women, also is it better than Bare Minerals?
Where can I buy EOS lip balm in Northern Ireland?
What is your favourite mascara? ?
How can you test mineral makeup?
what color eye shaddow should i wear?
Should I be worried that the lipstick I bought looks like it was opened and tested?
Why does my nailpolish have bubbles in it when they dry?
Why is there makeup?????
what makeup is best for me?
Does Helken Consumer Goods test on animals?
If I touch my face with my foundation and setting powder on, will it come off my face?
What's your favorite concealer? ?
What's the color of my eyes ?
5'o'clock shadow problem?
Can anyone tell me where in Sydney I can purchase the Origins skin care range?
hey all ....i want **THIN** lips...!!!!! 10 POINTS?
waterproof/sweat proof eye brow pencil?
what colour eyes are the sexiest in females??
what is the best salon spray tan?
What could I do to be Prettier ? (pics )?
Is this too much makeup to wear as a nurse?
Is it bad that I dont wash off my eyeliner before bed?
does anyone know how to make your eyliner stay on longer?
Makeup Ideas for Halloween? (I'm going as Cookie Monster)?
What kind of eyelash glue should I get?
Where can I find an all natural foundation?
does this ever happen to your eyeliner?
What color eye shadow should I wear for picture day?
Best Mascara?
What are good foundation for starters?
good!? helpp!?
Is this too much make-up for an 8th grader?
Can anyone recommend a great mascara that does everything..lengthen..volumnize..and separates.?
How much is the long-wear cream shadow in goldstone from BOBBI BROWN in Canada?
What eyeshadow colors could I use to make my eyes look unique. I have dark brown eyes?
What are the make up artist essentials?
Natural makeup routine for 16 year old (junior)?
what is the animal called beginning with L and has long eye lashes?
is there any online make up brands with a sale on at the moment?
What are the best drugstore eyeshadows and in what color?
teen makeup help?
How old do i look to you?
How much make up do other 14 year olds wear?
What is the best covergirl bronzer ?
What makeup should a 12 yr old wear ?
How to apply for hm stores or forever21?
How to wear solid perfume?
How can i fix my blue eyes to get a more dramatic look to my eyes?
straighten my hair??
Seriously, how many lip glosses do you buy in an average week?