What do you think about tatoos?
Skin cancer on my nose - what should I do?
How to make my lip look thinner with makeup?
I've never tried lip and cheek stains but would like to do so. Do they last long? Are they hard to use?
Best L'oreal and Maybelline Mascara?
what do you think of dark hair and pale skin?
too much make up need some advice?
Im a Straight guy that wears a powder to hide a shiney skin tone.Would this put you off dateing me?
How many diffrent kinds of makeup are there?
If you where Mascara will your eyelashs fall out when you are old??
should 11 year olds wear make-up?
How do I pick a cologne that suits me?
What's The Best Eye Lash Curler?.?
Guys, do you prefer girls with full make up, a little or none? what makes them look best?
How old where you when you started wearing makeup?
why do so many girls feel that they have to wear so much make up,what ever happened to natural beauty.?
what color eye shadow makes blue eyes stand out?????
choose one!?
hellllo frnd ...plzz help Me ..which is the GooD BesT Fairness Cream For MEN ....?
Have you used Acquarella, water based nail polish? What did you think?
What's in your makeup bag for school?
Best way to apply Fake Tan?
What is a good eyeshadow color for light brown eyes?
Girls, or maybe Guys: Any pretty good make-up tips?
hiii.... am fair but look dark at school...can u suggst me herbal method or any cream dat can make me fair..?
is makeout harmful for your skin?
Best for oily skin? CLarins, estee lauder, Laura mercer, Mac?
what color eye shadow should i wear i have brown hair and eyes?
should i try bare minerals?
what colors would look good on me if i had black hair, brown eyes,and medium skin?
How do i apply eyeliner so its even on both sides and will stay the way you put it on for the rest of the day?
How Do I become a makeup representative?
What beauty items can't you live without?
What eye shadow colors would go best with my eyes?
How do I make double eyelids appear monolid without surgery?
Do you think Sally Hansen nail products are good as those of OPI?
How do you make your eyes pop and look bigger and better?
which lipbalm do you use?
what are some extreme changes for a makeover?
liquid eyeliner or pencil?
eyeliner and eyelid surgery?
How can I get my skin perfectly clear?
how to make lips red?
makeup with glasses?
What's the best foundation for me?
Lighting, Nose, and Foundation? Please read all of the additional details.?
Best of No7 Cosmetics?
can someone give me products that reduce wrinkles?
Looking for creative ideas to cover moderate acne scars along sides of face?
Have any good ideas for make up?
Best drugstore foundation to conceal acne?
URGENT QUESTION! Too much goth?
i need makeup tips!!?
Do you think this is too much makeup for school?
Make-Up, Please Help!?
Can somebody give me a step by step to do vampire makeup for a man and product list?
dark head or blond head?
Red lipstick? yes or no?
did bare minereals work for you??how does it look??plz help guys??
What's up with this e.l.f bronzing kit?
Does mascara damage your eyelashes?
what are some of the best cake eyeliners? Is smash-box the best one?
do i look ok without makeup?
How to create freckles with stage make up?
Are you an makeup artist on youtube?
Is the limited edition Maybelline Babylips sold in Canada?
Can anyone recommend me a really good quality eyeliner please?
what color would you consider my eyes?
What makeup is best? Photos included?
How long does a Lush moisturiser last?
how do i make my blue eyes pop(bluer)?
What shade of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is equivalent to L'oreal Cashmere Perfect Natural Beige (407)?
Using concealer with pimples?
where can i get a tan?
Best Concealer At Sephora?
what do you girls wear...?
What colors of eye makeup should I wear?
Urban decay bronzer? Which one?
Is this a nice eye.........?
I dress in dresses and hang wiht some girls but im a tomboy how can I show these girls im a girly girl?
Why do people wear too much makeup?
Where an I find a makeup airbrush? oh and the makeup to go with it?
Make up for going swimming?
POLL: What is your favourite brand of make up?
Should I Change My Makeup or Hair? (With Pictures)?
Do you think its weird for a guy to wear makeup?
can i return/refund makeup back to zellers?
was halle berry part of any foundation?
whats the best color of eye make-up?
whats the best way to take off mascara?
Is it wrong that I contaminated her make up that I borrowed?
Grlz plz help! Whats the best foundation out there?
MAC versus NARS: Which is better?
What colour eyeshadow?
concealer problems !!?
Girls what your hair&makeup routine for everyday?(:?
Will fair skin ever be "fashionable" again?
which tinted moisturizer is better?
Where can I buy a makeup display/holder?
How exactly do i use skin id?
What you like lipgloss or lipstick?
i bought that covergirl aquasmooth foundation..?
What is the best mascara to use?
How should I do my makeup?
Are sally hansen wax strips ok to use?
Should i get the MAC msf natural or the MAC blot powder?
How do i wash off makeup and lipstick properly from my face ?
Whats best wrinkle cream?
On a scale from one to ten?
how much make up should 12 yo goin into 7th grade wear?
Is this a good smokey eye?
How to make my foundation look more natural and less cakey?
Does Luminess air animal test?
cardy uggs in house of fraiser?
How to hide spot scars?!?! Going on holiday in 5 days!! Concealer wont let me tan?
Why can't I find any limited edition Halloween cosmetic displays this year?
What nail polish colors are IN this winter?
Birthday Present..Urban decay and..?
MAC Paint Pot or Trish McEvoy eye base?
should i start wearing make up?
Ooooohhhhhhhhh myyy goossh! Please help!?
How to take off liquid eyeliner over false lashes?
whats a good brand of deodarant?
can you clean the makeup applicator pad that comes with the MAC studio fix compact?
does it hurt to get your eye brows tattood on?
Best mascara out there?
where do they sell victoria's secret cosmetics?
(Girls only) What kind of make up should i wear?
Do you think contouring your face with makeup is kind of like lying?
What color eye makeup?
Rimmel scandal eyes or max factor false lash effect?
Make up designs that would suit me?
What do you thing the best brand of eyeliner is? Please if you use a brand that works good please tell me!?
Does Revlon Singapore sell the Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Siren?
I have blue-gray-green eyes. What colors would look good on them?
How do I apply eye cream? Do I apply it by massaging it?
What's a good water proof mascara ?
Do I wear too much make up?
Which is the best lip stick that STAYS ON?
Guys with eyeliner?
What color eyeshadow should i wear?
Natural beauty?
What is the BEST brand of LIQUID EYELINER?
Does mascara on your bottom lashes make them look bigger?
How should I do my makeup?
What's a good drugstore foundation?
do you think it is ok for a 13 year old to sneak on some makeup now and again?
How do I get rid of dark circles around my eyes?
Does L'oreal Lash Serum work?
my hair is blond my dress is black what color makeup do i wear for homecomming?
different ways to put eye make-up on?
does tinted moisturiser contain foundation?
Mineral makeup for dark skinned women?
what is something that can help you tan naturally?
Do you think allot of girls wear way to much makeup?
does any one know cheat codes?
What is the best drugstore mascara?
Why girls are more concious about their beauty as compare to boys?
where in new delhi can i get loreal cosmetics?
13, do i wear too much makeup?
How do I apply liner on the bottom part of my eye?
How can i make my make-up stay on all day?
makeup help?
free beauty samples websites?
How to change our skin color?
i have a question about bat for lashes!=]?
Where can I get wterproof blush in Australia?
do the mac holiday collections get discounted?
how do i get paler skin?????
good liquid eyeliner?
Best BIG Eyeshadow And Makeup Brushes?
Do you think your makeup should match/compliment your nails?
Need a new way to do my makeup....?
Where can I get L'oreal HIP Jellybalms?
anyone tried bb cream?? your opinion ?
What is the best foundation?
Which should I buy elf or covergirl ?
What eyeshadow colors could I use to make my eyes look unique. I have dark brown eyes?
How could i make my eyes stand out???
Have you ever used Luminess air?
sea breeze astringent?
What's a good moisturizer for face?(read details pls)?
Why do they wear mask?
Am i pretty? You decide. ( pics) easy 10!?
How old were you when you started wearing make-up?
Will mascara smudge/smear when sweating?
girls-who feel confidet to go out the door with no make-up?
Anybody know of any good websites that give you makeup tips based on your features?
Make up question - c'mon guys 10 points for the best answer!?
How do I make my eyes look bigger with makeup?
Why cant my gf look sexy and pretty for me?
should I feel weird about buying eyeliner or eyeshadow as a guy?
I would like to sell Marykay products in Ireland. What do I need to be a Marykay dealer ?
What's Good Makeup for summer?
good foundation for pale skin?
How can I hide my big forehead?
What is the best concealer for dark circles under the eye?
Lipstick brand that lasts all day?
how to make lips red?
IS THIS Girl Beautiful? Or Odd looking?
Best foundation coverup for acne?
What eyeliner do you recommend for waterline?
Why can't I find any limited edition Halloween cosmetic displays this year?
how do you get a nice tan?
What would be better to do? ( Trying to go blonde)?
Do you know of any online makeup stores that accept check or money orders?
what is the most essential make up?
i have brown hair and dark brown eyes would dark blond hair look good on me ?
What age should kids start to wear make-up???
does anyone know the names of top brand mascaras that make ur lashes extra long?
What is YOUR makeup routine?
What makeup product should I buy next?
Am i takeing good of my skin?
80's day! what should i wear and hair and makeup help too!?
If I am a NW15 in MAC foundation, what would that translate to in Max Factor Pan-Stik or Kryolan TV Stick?
makeup is so ugly?
How can i make my make up last longer?
Whats the best makeup style for hooded eyes?
Makeup help for a party!?
At what age will you let your daughter wear make-up?!?
do I ware 2 much makeups?
(Girls only) What kind of make up should i wear?
is methi powder when mixed with milk is good for dark circles around the eyes/?
where can i find cheap make up brushes?
Can someone explain how to to do this eye makeup step by step?
What is the best mascara for asian lashes?
What is the best drugstore primer?
Someone told me to use vaseline to take off eye makeup - is it safe?
My fake lashes are really damaging... should I continue to wear them? ?
Parinode PIMPLE?
A flawless foundation for cheap?
does putting vasaline on your lashes to make them grow really work?
WHAT WOULD U THINK WHEN U SEE A GUY IN MAKE UP but not the gay kinds the cool emo kinds?
concealer or foundation?!?!? plz help?
youtube videos that help with makeup/hair for a 16 year old?
Concealer Question People?
Do you have a recipe for makeup remover?
Will airbrush makeup make oily skin look worse?
hey guys, will my sunblock lose it's efficacy if I add mineral powder/makeup to it?
okay so starting new with makeup?
Lipstick, lip gloss, or both?
Is my zebra face makeup going well [doing it myself]?
What is the best makeup to use if you are constantly having to put powder on your nose every 15 minutes?
When i s a good time to start wearing makeup, and how is the best way to apply it?
just got pedicure is it alright to tan?
Where can i get free makeup samples?
What makeup and how many of each type should a teenage girl have in her makeup kit?
i am a light brown colored person what color eye shadow would best fit me for my daily use?
Is the Clarisonic worth the money?
My mom still makes me wear a diaper, what should I do?
Is there anywhere I can still buy 'Ultra Glow' pressed bronzing powder as Boots no longer stock this? Thanks
Does anyone know when the new M.A.C Hello Kitty makeup is coming out for 2010?
Is this okay to be EVERYDAY makeup for a 15 yr old?
What colour are my eyes and what do they say about me? Pictures included?
Hate getting old!!!! Help!!?
Can you do this/ Is This Safe?
Do you know how to make this face ಠ_ಠ plz help?
Does make up make you more beautiful?
Lots of questions about trimming eyebrows?
Making glitter stick?
how do you get your eyes to look like this?
How much eye makeup do you wear?
I have heart face shape i was told that i have high forhead?
eyebrow waxing;; foundation?
What shade am i in Revlon?
Bare minerals? Which powder?
Is Fair skin A Good thing?? Or bad?
Best long-lasting lipstick that isn't too expensive?
Good eyeliner that lasts all day?
Where is the cosmetic store in Oakville?
What's a drug store liquid foundation that lasts all day? ?
Girls/Ladies, Would I recognize you without your makeup?
Is It Whorish To Wear Makeup In 7th grade?
Is there a make-up which will cover tattoos?
What is the lightest shade of maybelline all in one foundation?
What do women think about a man like me that uses Burts Bees lip balm all day and night?
How can I look older?
What is collagen? Did I spell it right?
Battle with acne - what kind of makeup best suits me?
What type of pencil eyeliner should I get?
I need some advice? (girls only)?
brown hair green eyes pale freckled skin?
How do I do my makeup like this?
What's the job called when you do make up for either scary movies or like a haunted house?
where can i get garnier sleek&shine blow dry perfector straightening balm and flat iron perfector in hyderabad?
Going to 8th grade with NO idea of makeup.?
Twist up eyeliners or pencil ones?
how old were you when you started using makeup???
how to prevent makeup transfer to white collar?
best mascara?
Need Help from Anyone who knows about makeup?
what beige foundation color matches a buff color foundation?
What is a good drugstore eyeliner?
whats the best foundation youve used?
what are some really good concealers?
Is smokey eye bad for school?
How can I make my face Less oily ?!?
Should I play up my pale skin or try to tan?
how can i put makeup on properly?
i don't know how to make-up my eyes. They are brown.?
make or no makeup? suggestions? ?
What is the best eye liner set?
CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe or Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara?
Do you think its appropriate for a 7 year old girl to wear makeup.?
sally hansen cornsilk ?
Moisturizers for Retin-A treated skin?
What's the best spray makeup fixer for the bride/bridesmaids of a wedding party?
Why do some girls wear too much make-up?
Started using Tretinoin cream and now my face is drying?
Do you think perfume is makeup?
Going to my bff's Bat Mitzvah! Makeup ideas..?
Will you wear twice as much makeup tomorrow?
whats the best way to get rid of a black eye?
What is the best type of MAC eye shadow and what color of theirs looks best with blue eyes?
how to stop talking about makeup?
If you wear Concealer and eyeliner to school, would you look like a sad clown?
treatment for very dry lips?
How can I put on make up with poison ivy on part of my face?
am i fat???
Im an NC 40, so what shade would be best for me in Laura Mercier Mineral Powder?
Coastal Scents Eyeshadows?
Fake toothpaste???? Please click here!!?
Makeup routine for a seventh grade girl?
Liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner?
s.Reviews for DuWop Lip Venom (or any other good ones)?
what is the sexiest color of lipstick?
For the MAC lovers..?
Natural/Organic Cosmetics?
is it so wrong to have really blue eyes?
should i wear make-up?
what color eye makeup and lipstick should i wear with my prom dress?
How can you stop eyeliner from smearing on the lower lash line?
What is the best sunless tanning lotion to use? A lot of them make my skin turn orange.?
Back To School Make Up For Seventh Grade?
Is MakeUp Bad For You?
Is this foundation good? (Pics/Link included)?
Are 13 year olds too young to wear makeup?
Tips for a 13 year old on applying mascara?
Powder makeup?
lip plumper?
will you men mind answering?
What color eyeshadow should i use?
When do liquid foundation samples expire?
I have a problem!?!?!?!?!?
please help girls i really nned ur help!!!!!!!!!?
Which mascara is your absolute favorite?
In what order (from first to last) should I do these three things....(look below)?
Should I buy Sigma Makeup Brushes?
what other make-up and hairstyles would look good on me?
what is the best drugstore finishing/matte powder?
How long does unused eyeshadow last for?
What will make your eyes appear to be "sunken" when you awake in the morning?
best foundation for scared skin?
Chapstick or lipgloss?
eye vein concealer (opaque) challenge?
What makeup brand do you use?
How to put foundation on lips without getting dry lips?
How can I look prettier?
Whats the best mascara?
What's the best age to start wearing makeup?
Is it cheaper to buy cosmetics from the airport than the city ?
Do I wear an okay amount of make up for a 13 year old?
At what age do you think its appropriate for a girl to wear eyeliner?
What is vasaline and where can I get it?
How to conceal undereye circles?
Want to make your eyes appear larger and brighter?
how old do you have to be to put on makeup?
Does anyone out there know.Why does nail polish have rattling sound inside?
I would like to know where I could order/buy some neon pigmented eye shadow...preferably pink or green. :]?
how to reduce wrinkle?
how to apply eyeshadow?
drugstore lipstick help ?!?
what is the right?
where should i find the Mac paint?
Best Drugstore foundation!?? :)?
im asian and i dont know how to put on my eyeliner !! help!!!?
Is it attractive when girls wear lots of makeup?
What should I use to cover up pimples and blemishes for African American Skin types?
i normally use black eye liner, (kohl not liquid) i want to experiment with different eye liner colours......?
What face shape do I have [pic] ?
Bags underneath my eyes?
What shade of lipstick should I wear in my friend's wedding?
is a heart shaped face common?
Does anyone know if MAC still sells the Lipstick shade "Rocker"?
HELP! My complexion is so dull - i need to add some sparkle to my face to brighten it up a bit!?
My lips have almost no color! How can I add nude color without re-applying lip product after every activity?
How do you apply eyeliner?
How to make your skin glow?
Ladies, What Is Your Favorite Color Of Nail Polish?
How do you use a blush stick?
Which foundation is better?
How do I make my lips look bigger without lip injections?
How can I help anyone with thier Mary Kay needs?
What kind of make-up would look good on a thirteen-year-old with curly brown hairand green eyes?
what makeup do you carry with you at all times in your bag??
what duz 'code 4 in cosmetics' mean this wuz at walgreens btw?
What MAC powder gives the best coverage?
Am I better off buying Manscarra & Guyliner or just get the girls stuff?
how can i get big eyes without using so much mascara?
How much does it cost for bridal makeup in visakhapatnam?
Eyelash Question....?
Where can I learn free online make-up tutorials??
Would i look good with the Scene look?
Good high end concealer for me?
Hi, iam from mexico and i want to know about makeup schools in Toronto...?
I am a 19year old girl from india.Can i go for facials at this age?
What makeup should I wear?
eye shadow?
What is the best kind of make-up to use?
What do you think of this tutorial?
what is a good kind of waterproof mascara that isnt too expensive?
Do you believe people are just envious of Kim Kardashian because she...?
do i wear to much makeup fer a 6th gradur?
Who uses Clinique's 3-step?
Does anyone know where to buy icy pink lipstick in melb?
What eye makeup should I wear?
what do you think is a good age to start wearing makeup ?
Do I wear too much makeup?
what topcoat nail polish do you use?
Whats the most makeup youve worn and why?
How to get my cell phone back from my parents?
Should I stop using my foundation if my cheeks are hurting?
Has anyone used the makeup brand "IsaDora" that is sold at Walgreens?
What is the best lip balm?
Will I need to get my tint reapplied?
A beautiful picture of make up for bride?
Hey, I'm looking for a nice nude, lightly sheered and pink lipstick. What are some good ones?
Is this too much makeup?
How to look beautiful?
If you were walking down the makeup isle and were in serious need of makeup, which would you reach for?
i have this "nerd day" thing at school......?
My mom wont let me wear makeup, suggestions?
eyeliner and shadow.?
how to prevent lipstick feathering.?
Any makeup artists out there?
What is the best waterproof mascara on the market?
when was modern makeup invented?
Does anyone know a makeup artist near Worcester Mass. area?
MAC naked honey collection...?
What make-up should a 14 year Old wear?
Is it ok to sleep with eyeliner on?
Will you do your lipstick and lipgloss like this?
Is this foundation good? (Pics/Link included)?
What do you think of me? (pics)?
IMATS sydney australia 2009?
need new makeup tips!?
What is my eye shape (photos)?
What is a good brow shape for asian eyes?
Fast easy punk/emo eye makeup?
how do i get in touch with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen makeup manufacturer?
I don't know what to do for my foundation!?
whats good make up?
Easy makeup routine for teens.?
Longer lasting/sweatproof makeup & hair products??
What age did you start wearing makeup?
What is a good base color to use before makeup?
I have vitiligo on my face and hands, does anyone know of a concealer that doesn't come off?
Are large almond shaped eyes, thick eyebrows, and long eyelashes attractive or ugly on men?
How to get a makeover done at MAC?
Makeup while working out?
What's The Best Foundation?
do you have to put foundation on to wear eye shadow?
What is a good, VERY black pencil eyeliner that sharpens to a precise point?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
How old does she look and what do you think she could improve on?
Whats the right age to have a boyfriend?
xBAMBI, i have a question for youu.?
My vintage prom attire.?
Any creams that will help the redness on my face caused my acne go away?
Do you think she has nice eyes? How can I change the shape of my eyes? (pics)?
How do you get your makeup to last all day?
Mary Kay Foundation Color (what color replaced light bronze what is the number or name)?
Are laura mercier cosmetics expensive/high end?
makeup question ...?
Does anyone know how to get a smoky eye without looking slutty?
What type of make up do you wear?
After two years of wearing makeup my mom says i cant do it any more?
Can You clean makeup brushes & sponges with soap?
Lip Plumpers....Pros and Cons???
How do I make my bare minerals eyeshadow look the best?
Makeup/Face Help!!?
Suggestions on translucent powder?
can someone recommend a really good drugstore thickening and voluminising mascara?
eye shadow primer - is it essential?
Ladies,am I a good fiance?
Can you get bumps on upper lip from kissing a girl with freckles?
how old do you have to be to get your lip pierced ?
Why is it, as soon as i put my makeup on, I have eyeliner smudged under my eyes two minutes later?
Why can't woman put mascara on with their mouths closed?
Suggestions for Prom Hair and Makeup?
Should 12 year olds wear makeup?
Concealer turning orange only on cheeks?
What's the best makeup for oily skin?
Has anyone tried LiLash? How long do the results last?
Poll: Do guys get turned on by lipgloss on lips?
Good Quality Base Coat and Top Coat?
How do I apply a face mask?
Blue eyes or green eyes?
sometimes i like to eat my eyelashes?
What Makeup will they put on me?
Do facial hair make foundation/makeup not look so flawless?
What age do I look?
What color eyeshadow works best for hazel eyes?
what brand of liquid foundation is best?
Hi! I need to find some foundation that will even out my skin tone!?
Using out-of-date Liquid Latex..?
what is the best mascara?
need help with beauty and fashion?
Is this too much (info in description)?
Best undereye concealer?
im going into 8th grade. wat makeup should i wear and how?
Good makeup for redheads?
what eyeshadow should i wear to homecoming?
When I use Proactive, should I clean my makeup off before I use it? ?
mac mineralized skin finish for NC42?
Victoria's Secret Makeup?
What's the best spray makeup fixer for the bride/bridesmaids of a wedding party?
Is it weird that I am a straight guy who likes makeup?
Does anyone know where I can take a make up application class in Chicago?
Do you apply make up in public?
Mascara or eyeliner?
my primers color is orange is that good?
How to make your mascara last longer?
Am I warm toned or cool toned?
how can i make my eye lashes look big and curled?
Is nude lipstick helpp !?
Why do they sell makeup for men now?
i need help picking out right foundation & powder color!!!!!!!!!!!?
what lip gloss is she wearing??(pics)?
Anyone know of a good foundation/cover up?
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette Eye Looks?
help with new mascara and eyeliner?
Question for the girls......?
How should I do my homecoming hair and makeup?
Which shade of MAC Pro Longwear foundation is the same or most similar to Studio Fix Powder in NC50?
Since I'm selling Avon what are some killer marketing techniques that I can use to sell their products?
Drugstore vs high end makeup?
What hair color would look right on me?
Help With Estee Lauder Foundation Shades?
is there a website that shows the faces of the most beautiful women in the world?
i heard about a certain makeup......?
Eyebrow pencil shades?
$50 to spend at Sephora?
Is it okay for guys to wear makeup??
Is this too much makeup for a 7th grader?
Does anyone know something I can do to make my face less chubby?
Celebs with no makeup?
did you know that putting toothpaste on your pimples help clean?
Wet'n'Wild Makeup UK?
I'm going to a KoRn concert in a few weeks. How should I do my eye makeup?
What is the best foundation for oily skin?
Can you use face powder from a different brand of the foundation you use?
Makeup called Eye Zing?
What are the best color eyeshadows for green eyes?
Do you consider Lipgloss makeup?
eyeshadows goes into my eye creases HELP?
What is the best lipgloss?
face powder for oily skin? (10 points)?
pwd po b yung salicylic asid s an an?
When you think of New Jersey, what comes to mind?
Shoes??Michael Antonio or Steve Madden or Anne Michelle???
How can i make my eyes look bigger?
Are green eyes or brown eyes prettier on a girl?
Do you think she wears a lot of makeup?
whats a cheap, yet fantastic foundation? ( powder or liquid )?
Can I wear foundation with a different undertone?
What are some cute ways to do my makeup?
what is a good make up school?
My eyeliner ALWAYS smears.?
best eyelash glue for strip lashes?
what makeup look looks better on me?
How can you wear foundation without getting a breakout?
does this realy work?
Hair products for dry hair?
Why do some people (especially high school girls) not use lash combs or the right color mascara.?
Benefit high beam and moon beam?
What is a good brand of make up?
Covergirl vs. Maybelline mascaras?
the best lip balm...?
Is there a way you can make it look like your wearing mascara but your not??!?
Whats the best mascara out there?
Does Wetslick Fruit Spritzers liploss (shade Watermelon Splash) look really red on lips?
Has anyone used or heard of Rimmel London make up?
Does the Nivea 3 step skincare really work?
Is it true spray tans give you a very uneven look,spots, & lines?
What makeup do you use?
Should i start wearing foundation?
What is the best mascara that makes your eyelashes look thick and long?
I'm looking for a lipstick that is a dupe for MAC prrr lipglass without the frosted finished.?
Why does my nail polish have little bubbles?
Celebrities with hooded eyelids?
Help with facial glue suggestions?
What makeup would suit me? (pic included)?
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge zit, I want it off?
Best powder foundation for oily skin?
Need a little help with MAC......?
is it better to wear a foundation that's one shade too light or one shade too dark?
how to cover up an acne scar?
who knows where my nose is???????
Best mascara that give MAJOR volume and NO FLAKING?
How can I change my Tinted Moisturizer packaging?
10 POINTS!!!!!! I need to get rid of a few zits!?
I want to REALLY be popular at school?
makeup by ulta in ulta shops?
How to be confident enough to wear makeup?
should a 13 year old girl be wearing makeup?
wat colour r your nails painted?
Elf studio line corrective concealer?
So boys like chocolate brown eyes?
Which MAC blush would look best with NW15/NW20 skintone?
can i sell avon if i owe an old balance that went to collections?
Top Brand and drug store make up?
what is the correct way to fake tan yourself?
How to remove fake tan?
What eyeshadow goes best with light blue eyes?
Mascara help please.
What is a good way to exfoliate my face at home? Or any at home facials?
can someone give me some makeup advice?
i want to know about the cosmetic companies recruiting cosmetology graduates in pune city?
How much make up do you still wear?
What is your favorite lip gloss?
What color eye makeup?
what's so good to use lip balm/chapstick?
What make up really stays on all day?
Does Vaseline actually make your lashes thicker?
im 13, to much make up?
best mascara thats available in boots or superdrug?
having a very fair skin and blond hair,can i use the color pink and red in my make-up? what do you think?
What's a new or cool way to do my eyeliner?
Is lipgloss safe? Is that ok if we don't remove before go to bed?
how good are the coastal scents makeup?
give me some tips?
So I am full mexican and I have colored eyes but i don tlike them they change colors why?
what should i get from MAC?
If you think white people are racist put yes then explain and if you think black people are racist put no.?
How can I look really cute?
natural beauty is better???
How to hide foundation from my mom?
Does liquid Karetine work?
Poll: What color nail polish are you wearing?
Can I pull off this eyeliner?
What is fashion, editorial and high fashion makeup? BEST ANS AWARDED!?
Blair Fowlers Makeup collection?
what is my eye color called?
i need a good lip gloss?
Is my makeup routine good?
Has anyone ever used Philosophy's The Supernatural Foundation?
what color blush goes with my skin tone?
Does Mens apply lipsticks?
Are my eyebrows too thick?
DIY Makeup storage ideas?
I finally tanned, now what about my makeup?
120 Palette : Is it worth getting?
Where can I get permanent make up (cosmetic tatooing) done from in Hong Kong?
Your Favorite Makeup...?
What is a Good foundation and best face moisturizer for acne?
What's the best drugstore mascara?
Whats your favorite brand of makeup?
Best foundation for smooth, creamy looking skin?
What shade of Revlon Colorstay foundation match closest to my skintone?
In your opinion do girls look better?
Does anyone no a gud foundation, that works 4 dry skin, that isn't 2 expensive??
Contra indications of make up - restrict and prevent?
Women, how much make up do you wear on an average day?
I'm twenty-two what can I do to make myself look twenty-five or older?
ladies, what's the best makeup out there?
how do i achieve this look 10 points to most helpful answer?
Good drugstore eyeliner that stays on water line?
Would eyelash-tinting be worth it for me?
i need please the best light weight face moisturizer for dry skin and foundation please.?
Makeup?!?! HEEELPPPPPP!!!!!?
Have you got permanent makeup on your eyes?
What are your favourite make up brands?
Anyone used P8N8 cosmetics?
Natural pale skin, tan or fake tan?
How to get rid of oily skin?
foundation make up help....?
What kind of youtube videos do you like to watch, makeup etc. related?
which is the cheapest and good quality of KAJAL available in New Delhi- India?
whats a good age for wearing makeup?
Non petroleum based make up?
Where can I purchase Christian Dior makeup and perfume products online for cheap? I already buy from ebay.?
i wear lenses and iv had so many infectionsand now in one eye the visions blureycould this be of makeup?
Make up: Did you ever accidently?
promotion makeup help!?
What make-up do you suggest to this girl?
i need help with fedex?
What color eyeliner and mascara should i use?
Help is this part of growing up?
Okay i need help on foundation? i never wore it b4 but im goin to start soo how do i know wats my color?
Should I match my eyeshadow to my eyes or my outfit?
What kind of mascara works best for littttle lashes?
I really want to become a professional makeup artist what type of classes and where to look for them?
makeup advice?
I am looking for a make up artist and nail technician schools in or around savannah, ga, if anyone could help?
What age should a girl start to wear makeup?
do i look better with dark makeup ? Cause my parents never like it but i think its cute?
How to take off nail polish w/o nail polish remover?
Black eyeliner for everyday wear... love it or hate it?
question about eyeliner?
about lip plumping lip gloss?
I have a wierd question?
lip piercing. how old?
how to stop talking about makeup?
I'm 13. Should I wear makeup?
How to reshape eyebrows?
my friend thinks make -up is all that!is that all the way true?
can you recommend a lip gloss for pale skin:not to shiny and taste good when kissing?
is there a sephora in london?
Which face cleansing system to buy ?
For a middle aged man, am I using too much lip balm or the wrong kind and is it shining a little pink?
What colour eyeshadow would you recommend for a Brunnete?
how can you find the right make-up for your face it you hands are lighter than your face?
how will i look better?
Why do females where makeup?
Okay i need help on foundation? i never wore it b4 but im goin to start soo how do i know wats my color?
Eye make up for my eyes? Pic included.?
is it okay to go to sleep with arbonen mineral powder foundation still on your face?
Halloween idea, what should i do...?
Night Facial Cleanser (teen)?
What do you think is the appropriate age?
Help with Mary Kay?
Do I look terrible without makeup?
Do I look okay without makeup?
Which number foundation shud i get?
mystic tan vs. spray tan.?
Is a Neutrogena SkinClearing Concealer Worth the money?
must have make-up!! yay!!!!!!!!!?
Recommended concealers?
Do I look like a barbie?
Does L'oreal Lash Serum work?
Does mascara hurt your lashes?
What's your favorite makeup brand?
Which is better? Liquid Eye Liner or Pencil Eye Liner?
The best lipstick/eyeshadow combo with my Prom dress?
How to i play up my paleness?
which is the best deodrand and perfume in the world?
Good foundation that covers everything? But not cakey?
why do we have to throw make-up away after it has been open for 6 months?
How can i make my eyes standout?
treatement to reduce malanin and remove tan and prevent fro0m coming back again for fair skin?
Would a Cosmetology Student have fun with a male volunteer?
What is a cute nail polish color?
HOW CAN I GET MY eye lashes REALLY long?
Best Eye Pencils??????????
Eye Makeup Remover?
what kind of foundation/concealer should i use?
how can i tell my mom?
What age would be appropriate to start wearing makeup?
eyeliner help/tips please !?
Where can I get makeup remover from?
wats the best treatment for spots??
A great and cheap make-up school in the Los Angeles area?
How to apply foundation and makeup on Mature skin?
Should a 8 year old wear makeup (girls only please)?
What is the difference between facial astringent and toner?
does adding nail polish remover to nail polish make it thinner?
cleaning the packaging of bare minerals?
How do I get rid of a pimple?
The best and easiest way to remove eyeliner?
Use spectacle to protect the eyes from bright sunlight.?
does foundation give u pimples???
Are smash box foundations good?
If a lipstick stains your lips after use, do you just leave it or do you have a way to get it off?
How much makeup do you like a girl to wear?
I am looking for a small Mary Kay black tote that the miracle set once came in.?
what can use to make ma face feel smoother?
how to turn eyeshadow into eyeliner?
how do you do the nose thing?
What is the best purple eyeliner?
Is it normal to put mascara on the top and bottom lashes, or just the top?
Which celebrity's makeup do you admire?
are you good at fuguring out makeup?what kind of makeup is she wearing??
My skins really pale, where can I get some better foundation?
I asked for orange blush...there is no answer?
Why do some women paint / draw on their eye brows!?
Which of the following Estee Lauder lipsticks are long lasting and have a matt finish ?
How often should mascara be replaced?
Can anyone tell me who she does her makeup?
What eyeshadow color should I wear?
Which palatte is better for pale skin?
help me pleasee!!! ASAP?
How to delete my Kik?????
Great moisturizer for skin that tans easily?
Need Good, Affordable Eyeliner Brush NOW!!?
cute makeup for school? (please answer)?
Favorite Clinique foundation?
Help covering up nose stud?
How much are lip filler injections in uk?
Anyone want an invite to hautelook? Huge sales on fashion and makeup?
what color makeup should i buy?
How old are you and what's your daily makeup routine?
what r some great makeup products?
orange liqiud dripping from car?
How much makeup do you wear?
What kind of 50 year old husband wants to get a lip job (he wants fuller lips)?
When should I start wearing makeup at school?
why are my eyebrow follicles black?
how to keep my make on all day?
Where can I get professional makeup artist training in NJ or NYC?
Where to find a good cheap primer?
What's the point of nail polish?
i need to find a good conceler for dark circles and wrinkles?
What is a good way to apply Fake Blood for Halloween for my mouth and on my arms... Dripping appearance?
I finally tanned, now what about my makeup?
How does Lady Sovereign do her makeup & hair?
Where in the stores i can find a gold dust or gold glimmer nail polish?
can i use NOMARKS an ayurvedic cream to remove my marks from face?
Make-up artists this ? is for you?
How to get mascara not to clump?
I'm 15 and I've never worn makeup is this why guys don't like me?
are thinner or thicker liquid hand soaps more effective? why?
What is the BEST eye make up remover?
Hi! Can you please tell me what is/are good oil free moisturizers....?
zit cream help?
astringent and toner?
Where can I buy some really cheap makeup brushes for Halloween?
I need makeup help!!!!!! Please Read Girls!!?
I am 32 years and have dark circles since I was 13 or 14. Kindly give a remedy for it's quick removal.?
colored contacts for cosmetic use only?
Do I wear too much makeup? in guys oppionions too please thankks =]?
When you wear eyeshadow how do you prefer to wear it?
is 7yrs old too young for a girl too wear makeup?
What's a makeup with gold shimmer?
Has anybody used Sanctuary Bidadari Body Souffle? How good is it?
I got about 360 bucks to spend on makeup...what should I buy?
What type of brands sell little eyeshadow colors like for really cheap?
Foundation looks bad up close - please help!?
Fairy Makeup Tutorial? (Easy?)?
tagline for my cosmetic shop face and fragrance?
Does this new Boot's brand from England sell good black eyeliner?
can i use egg mask and baking soda facial mask at the same time in a week?
foundation help?
make up tips?
Which mineral foundation or normal foundation that is suitable for acne-prone skin ?
How do you do the Smokey look?
heavy makeup thick make up or extremely thick heavy makeup?
Whats your favorite EYESHADOW by L'oreal?
Who is better Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus...?
Chapstick? What works best for you?
What concealer best fits Indian skin tones? (Warm browns, honeys, yellow undertones...)?
How do you achieve a soft eye make-up look?????? MAKE-UP EXPERTS NEEDED?
Can anyone reccomend a good lipgloss thats not sticky?
Do you wear lipstick?
how do i get natural looking foundation?
Clean and Clear Blotting sheets.....?
Should I go by Margret or Meg?
can there be an eyeliner that will never run out?
MAC Makeups anyone????????????
do you know any good sites to win free make up?
What color of eye shadow?
im going to 7th grade, is blush, mascar, and lip gloss too much?
What Makeup Brands Test On Animals?
Are facial.cleansing wipes bad for your skin? ?
Makeup for school?!?!?!?!?!?
Good high-end makeup?
what will look good???
How can i make my brown eyes look lighter and bigger?
Make up question?
What is the best liquid foundation for Dry-Normal skin?
im 17 and my mom wont let me wear foundation?
What's the best color eyeshadow to use if you have blue eyes?
Jesse's Girl Liquid Crystal lip gloss?
What are some really good drugstore foundations?
How do you become a Make Up Artist? Where do you begin?
how many lipsticks/lipglosses do you have? i have 10 , am i addicted to them?
i dont like wearing foundation...what other options do i have?
I have long eyelashes, how can I make then just fuller?
Do you consider this a lot of make-up?
who has the PRETTIEST eyes?
what is the best foundation to use?
what color eye shadow should i use to make my green eyes pop?
Whenever I apply eye makeup, my one eye waters really bad, Why?
new make up line??
How can you make nailpolish less thick?
Will Make Up Forever's HD Invisible Cover Foundation cause acne, or make acne worse?
Does anybody know a good liquid eyeliner?
I just purchased green eyeshadow, any tips for applying bright eyeshadow?
What would nail polish remover do to the nails of someone without any nail polish on?
which foundation......?
Would this eyeliner compliment my eyes? *pics included?
I'm looking for a great mineral make-up powder, that i can wear to school all day that isn't so pricey.?
does makeup hide or enhance beauty?
Can someone pleeeease help????
Really good concealer? UK only?
Dressy date makeup ?Too much for 16 ?
How can I apply concealer on dry skin?
alot makeup/alittle makeup?
What are remedys for eczema in the ear canal?
If I'm a C40 in powder foundation then?
Revlon concealer products?
What's the difference in between these Bare Mineral Products?
Good foundation for oily skin?
Does anyone know an inexpensive mascara that absolutly will not smudge?
Do you think I could be a model?
what is the best eyeshadow and othereye makeup4 people with blonde hair and blue eyes?
Darking eyebrows how please? 10 points?
I need Mascara Helppp.?
How can I find a foundation that matches my skintone?
how to remove individual fake eyelashes?
Is it possible to use makeup to cover dark circles without putting it on the rest of your face?
Ladies out there that wear ...?
Best Bronzer for Pale Complexions?
Waterproof Foundation?!! Anyone know what company makes it?
I ordered something from about a month ago and its still not here. what should i do?
what name would you create for a makeup company?
Does black eyeliner on the lower lashline look trashy?
What is your favorite MAC product?
becoming a makeup artist?
How do I get my makeup to look like this?
whats a cure for wrinkle hands?
Where can I find Maybelline Ultra-Liner Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner in Slate?
eyemakeup-light blue eyes?
Has anyone come across L.A. Pride body purifying whitening milk?
does it sound like i wear alot of makeup ?
how can i make my eyelashes curl up?
Can you use a highlighter as eyeshadow?
Which mascara would be the best?
Can I use lipstick as blush?
The Neutrogena Wave ?
I screwed up my eyebrows?
im ten years old i where makeup all the time but should i be whereing it?
What mascara you recommend?
need a natural makeup look,help ?
How much makeup can you buy at Walmart with 45 dollors?
Does my everyday skin routine sound okay?
what provides color in loose powdered make-up?
Which Prep H product do you use for eye bags?
whats the best type of concealer for a more bronzer skin tone?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear makeup to a wedding ?
10 POINTS!!!!!! I need to get rid of a few zits!?
How to get my eyeliner lasting all day?
What camouflage undereye makeup is at the same time good for that delicate area and prevents wrinkles?
Am i pretty??????????
Does this mole make me look ugly? (Pics)?
How do u use nivea creme?
How to cover up self inflicted scars...?
What age is good to start wearing make up?
What is the best brown eyeliner for the waterline?
if i wear nail polish does that mean im gay?
What's the best makeup product to cover up pimples?
Do you have to have a licence to freelance makeup artistry?
What should i Do to make my eyes pop (for makeup) PIctures included.?
Make up foundation looks powdery, how to I fix this?
is she ugly? (with picture)?
Am i ugly?
Do you think it's weird for a teenage girl to not wear makeup?
Do you wear lipstick?
I need some tips in how to apply lipstick, so that the lipstick is not lopsided. Do I rotate the tube?
Have you ever finished a tube of chapstick?
How to remove makeup with JUST water?
My face gets oily throughout the day, is there a type of makeup that I should use to control this?
Nickname for "Taylor"?
why do beautician use professional products?
What is the best MAC blush for a medium olive complexion?
Where can I purchase the skin cream - amatokin?
What color's of eyeshadow go good with green eyes?
Is there an equivalent replacement for Rimmel's black professional eyebrow pencil?
do i ware to much makeup? [im 15 nerly 16]?
How to even out skin color with a tan?
My co workers make up is really bad?
what colour mascara do you prefer?
What is a really cheap liquid foundation?
what lip gloss scent do guys like?
opinions/reviews on the clarisonic mia?
do ya'll think its wrong to eat meat ]=?
What is the malaia rollerball from Hollister?
Do you think Lipstick is for "Old people"?
how would one go about getting a cosmetic line for their business?
Does anyone know any place where I can buy CHROME LIPSTICK?
How do i remove stickers from cosmetic bottles?
what are the best makeup brushes?
Products to shrink pores??
Comparison Swatch Request: Chanel Notorious & Maybelline Tough As Taupe?
My legs? what to do :S 10points 5 stars!?
Is it worth it to buy expensive makeup from Sephora?
Does one have to clean the mascara brush after every use?
What is the best lip balm?
Does black eyeliner look too harsh on fair skinned women??
Mac 187 brush, stained?
i have a friends puts on 2 much eyeliner but i don't kno how to tell her!!?
Suggestions for a makeup gift?
I'm looking for a medium to heavy coverage foundation. Any recommendations?
Have you ever experienced a rude mac employee?
Do CCO's Sell Limited Edition MAC Makeup?
NEED HELP <3 Pale skin issues!?