What mascaras do you recomend?
Favorite makeup store?
Makeup palette that holds...?
Which are the best make-up colors for a green eyed girl with brown hair and a yellow type of skin?
How can I make a fake scar?
Sexy Pirate Makeup?
Where can I buy estee lauder double wear concealer?
How do you make a wing with pencil eyeliner?
Why do "Mac" cosmetic consultants at store counters give an arrogant attitude?
What colour eye makeup should I wear?
What should I do to ge this look ?
How would i go about doing her hair AND makeup?
What age/grade should you start wearing makeup?
where can i buy queen helene mint julep mask here in singapore?
how to make my eyes stand out more?
Help about my eyebrows..?
where do plants olay football ?
opel winfred make up always looks so good who is it by.?
If you could use only one of these makeup items, which would you use?
What Kinda Foundation Should I Use For Oily Skin?! ?
What is a good LONG LASTING cover up and foundation?
Do you put mascara on the bottom lash ?
how much makeup for 6th grade?
Does it look raccoonish if you put black pencil eyeliner on your bottom lash line and waterline?
tinted moisturizer?
Would this be too much makeup to wear to school everyday?
how to get rid of my dark circles under eyes?
Which colour eyeshadow looks best with a dark blue top??
Opinions on fake eyelashes?
Vannessa hudgens!?
just wondering...?
what is the difference between Alabaster and Porcelain?
Is there any way to make my eyes grow more?
how to make homemade sea glow?
What is the color of the Lash Blast Fusion Mascara By Cover Girl?
flaky forehead after applying foundation & powder?
unique make up ideas? please?
any emo/punk girls out there can tell me how they do their eye makeup?
Where is the best place to buy L'oreal Minerals Foundation?
How long does it take you to " hit the pan" with your urban decay eyshadow?
Expensive Make up?
How should I do my makeup and hair for homecoming?
Rimmel Infinite colour two ended lip gloss?
How do you tell a woman that she wears too much makeup?
Does Neutrogena's Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer cover acne well?
Favourite makeup gurus on youtube?
What is the best brand of eyeliner?
which make up brands are the best?(Chanel, Dior, MAC...)?
My Skin Tone Number For MAC Cosmetics?
Is it bad or considered tacky to match your eye makeup to your shirt/outfit?
What is the point of natural looking makeup?
What hair colour wuld you say this was?
What kind of makeup do you wear...?
What is a good brand of black eye liner?
Allergy to Almay eye make up or something else? Help!?
Which makeup brand do you think is best?
Whats A Really Good Mascara That Won't Rub Off My Face?
teen girls - do you actually use an eyelash curler?
How can I make my face glow with makeup?
Is there anywhere you can go where they can tell you your exact foundation shade?
which is the best brand of eyeliner?
Ladies advice on eyebrows & lashes?
How do I make a chest mold for ballistics gel?
Free M.A.C. Cosmetics Bible?
I'm 13 and I'm scared to ask my mom if I can wear makeup?
Women about make up?
What ethnicity do i look?
what is the facewash i can use to get complexion improvement..?
Too young to wear makeup?
POLL: how many make up do you wear on a normal day? which products?
what is a good mascara that doesnt clump.........................?
I have a dance recital coming up and I'm not sure what kind of makeup would be good for the show?
how should i do my makeup everyday?
What is a good instant tan?
Any one know a good drugstore palette that has...?
Homecomeing makeup ideas?!?
How do i make my makeup look like hers???
Easy points why why why please help?
Whats the best mascara that will....................................…
What do you think about mascara on your bottom lashes?
What's the best brand of eye cover-up?
getting neosporn in my eyes?
What is my best feature?
best drugstore buy? & best deparment store buy?
Is there an app for that?
How would you go bare?
help mascara questions?
i ordered something off esty when will it come?
Benefit Erase Paste? Good or not?
What make-up are they using on "Bella Swan"?
Dr. Patricia Wexler's Instant Airbrush Line Smoothing concealer, have you tried this?
Is anyone ordering any Laura Geller makeup right now on QVC if so what?
Makeup for a 16 year old?
Girls Help! what lip color won't make me look like a clown?
sweet treats!!?
Is vasoline a good substitution from lotion?
Does this work for acne scars?
What can I uses for leopard/cheetah face pattern?
Does this back to school makeup look sound natural enough?
I heard people are confusing the guanine in mascara with bat guano, isn't guanine a nitrogenous base?
Why can't I put anything on my face?
How can I learn how to apply make-up?
Wearing a full on make-up every singe day??? Is that healthy?
Where can I get this lipcolor?
My eyelashes are annoying the crap outta me? HELP PLEASE?
make up problems?
what drugstore brand mascaras to get?
What are your absolute favorite makeup products 10$ and under?
Which is better? Maybelline Bb Cream or Garnier?
Your Makeup Must Haves?
ok i want were eye liner but dont no how?
What do regular acrylic nails look like?( picture and description please)?
What beauty products could you not live without?
What M.A.C. foundation is good for oily acne prone skin?
Must-haves when it comes to makeup (newbie here)?
your favorite Cosmetics brand for foundation, blush and eyeliner?
What do Girls think of Boys in Eyeliner?
Is Avon good?
Is anyone else addicted to lipgloss? lol.?
What is the best eyeshadow for blue eyes?
Is Jesse Girl Cosmetics?
Ladies! Help with makeup(:?
Is it okay for a twelve year old to wear make-up?
foundation, powder, concealer for acne scars?
I have a very pale face what make up would look the best on me??
wat exactly is powder?
plez help me i cant applymy makeup just right?
Help me figure out my morning routine?
can black girls really wear red lipstick?
Where can I buy good makeup?
Where to buy cheap aluminum makeup train cases?
What to put under lipstick so that it DOESNT stain lips?? 10 points if it works!!!!?
do you think shes?
what is the one cosmetic-- name and brand that you cant live with out?
how do you clean make-up applicators??
Do yall think girls are prettier with or without makeup?
What is the best foundation?
maybelline define-a-lash volume or length? or CG lash blast?
Chapstick Brands?
Why does my mascara blend in?
Which mac paint pot would suite me more, Rubenesque or Bare study?
Best brand of make up for sensitive skin?
Do I need to apply anything before putting on Mehron Clown White Lite?
Can I use the oil absorbing cream cleanser for my body?
What makeup/jewelry would go with my Halloween outfit♥?
Could I be a successful beauty guru?
whats the best makeup products you have ever used?
Can anybody suggest a really good mascara that really works and curls the top lashes ?
Can you say me what face shape I have?
I am seriously considering starting a Mary Kay business. Any good opinions out there from new consultants?
should i try bare minerals?
Which looks better makeup or no makeup?
Best mascara?
Has anyone used to prdouct "perfect skin" apparently the kardashians use it.?
How is the liquid foundation- Revlon Colorstay?
How can I ask my mom?
Question for people who have used Bare Minerals Make-Up.?
me friend or me????????????????????????????
Best foundation for smooth, creamy looking skin?
Brown underneath.....plz help???
Mascara - Recommend a good one please?
Best Mascara to volumise, lengthen..etc???
Ceraphil vs. Noxema deep clean facewash?
What should I do for foundation in the summer?
what makeup should i wear, freshman?
When applying eyeliner to upper lids, should I follow the natural curve of my eye?
Full plump lips like Amanda seyfried and Angelina Jolie?
Where can i get colorful make-up?
whats your daily routine?
Are my eyes green? Or hazel?
10points..which last name sounds posh, rich?
where cand i find the hottest and the sexiest girls in the world?
what is the best lipgloss around at the moment?
What is your favourite color to paint your nails??
Need makeup advice, please?
how old were you when you first started wearing make-up?
Best fake tan.......?
Who makes/What is the best PALETTE?
Good color lipstick/lipgloss?
is this ok for a 14 year old (makeup)?
eyebrows: Shave and draw?
PICTURE: How can I make my face look less weird?
i have brown eyes? eyeshadow?
Is that how the color shows on skin?
whats the best bueaty/makeup advice you can possibly give?
Best Makeup/Beauty questions?
What does complexion mean?
I'm a Bisque 8N in Lancome's Teint Miracle foundation. What MAC shade does that equate to?
Is there a guy who can pull off eyeliner?
My face looking bad after removing my specs?
What color eyes do i have?
School makeup??
what kind of gel or product will give me the wet look through out the day?
How can/do I apply dark eyeshadow?
Has anyone been to school to learn how to do arcylic nails?
Purple mascara?
What color of makeup? (pics!)?
what is your favorite makeup brand?
Does applying brow powder or liner cause eyebrows to become thinner over time?
how can i cure my head aches ?
Clinique Continuous Coverage for oily skin?
Neutrogina Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream?
what is the all in one make up compact seen on tv?
GIRLS; what age did you start putting on eyeliner ?
Will a makeup counter service a male to help with a gender reverse party?
Can you put on your mascara without opening your mouth?
10 POINTSWhat is the best eyeliner you have used?
Help with her eye makeup.?
Why do I have to chins but 1 butt?
What discount do you get for working at MAC Cosmetics?
Is it true that I still have that baby face look?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
What do I use to create a "make-up mask" similar to this one?
I'm in my late teens, but still look quite young. How can I look older?
Am I wearing too much makeup?
Why are girls NOT all but SOME obsessed with.....?
What kind of makeup do you use daily?
what is the name of the lip ring that kinda looks like....?
who is the hero in the halo videogame series and who is the enemy?
What is the best mascera?
does anyone know a good mascara that adds volume and lengthens your eyelashes?
HELP GIRLS..............?
how can i make my lip gloss last longer?
What is your makeup routine?
how to i perserve the scent of perfume?
What should I wear for Makeup?
what foundation do you use?
Need make up help!!! can anyone help me?
What is the correct procedure to apply blush on your face?
Am i pretty??????????
Best Type of Foundation for my Skin Type...?
Does Proactiv really work?
I have an oily T-zone on my face and the rest of my face is dry...?
home remides that make your skin glow?
Mac studio finish concealer colour?
why do a lot of teens like makeup?
I need help setting up a make up station/ vanity?
my friend is bening mean to me what should i do?
Make up to wear to school?
why does it bother guys when girls wear alot of make up?
What is so special about MAC Tendertones?
do you belive in wearing lots of make up??I don't wear alot?
What kind of concealer is the best for REALLY dark under eye circles and puffiness?
What is the best blemish remover?
what's the best moisturizer would you recommend for oily skin?
Does bare minerals makeup actually work?
What does the makeup term "HG" mean?
Is wearing purple eyeshadow with a purple dress disgusting?
Black lips or no black lips?
how can keep my skin spotless?
How many ounces of body paint (make-up) will I need to paint my face, neck and arms?
age appropriate makeup?
Where can I find free makeup samples online?
Has anyone tried Estee Lauder's Idealist or perfectionist skin care?
Top Drugstore Makeup Products ?
if you are putting your eye shadow on do you match it to to your dress ?
Which eyeshadow colour suits very dark brown eyes?
Ladies: In your opinions' what is the best brand of makeup to buy now-a-days?
Help with eye make up please?
u will never know.?
I heard a lot of good reviews about pur minerals pressed powder?
Pictures! Does my fake sick look, look too fake?
how can i make my lips appear bigger?
To much makeup for fourteen?
i put toothpast on a zit under my eye now i have a huge red spot (burn) how do i get rid of it b4 tonight?
A guy wearing makeup?
Where can you buy fake eyelashes on StarDoll?
Is there any really good purfumes?
Could you name different sites to buy makeup?
what helps a broken heart?
How do you hide bags under your eyes?
can someone tell me if....?
Where Can I Get Baby Lips Limited Edition Maybelline?
What color are your eyes?? and what eye color do you think is best?
My skin become really oily during the day, what can I do to stop it?
Im 13 i wear macara and lip gloss and i was jus wondering should i stop wearing it?i dont wear any thing else?
Toner, mosturizer, cleanser?
would this be rude at a cosmetics stand? like MAC?
What Makeup Goes w/ My Outfit? *10 Points* Help Please!?
Does it look like I'm wearing eyeliner?
how are some homemade ways to make my skin clearer.?
Mineral Makeup!!?????
too much makeup for 16 year old or no?
I have got green contacts,dark green. And my natural eye color is brown. What eyeshadow colors can I use?
Do They Have the Brand Milani Avalable in Canada?
Best drugstore mascara for length and volume?
What do you think about deep set eyes?
Could you read my poem? (girls only please)?
whats ur favorite makeup?
Make Up materials/products that is Available in the PHILIPPINES?
Whats the pros an cons with blended an unblended nails?
Does this sound cocky or arrogant?!?
what colors make green-blue eyes pop?
how can you conceal dry skin?
does translucent/loose powder (makeup) expire?
Is it bad to wear mascara on the lower lashes?
is there a specific color of make up that makes brown eyes hazel sometimes?
Is it okay to wear black liquid eyeliner if you're blonde?
Drugstore lip moisturizer?
how do i remove makeup without cleanser?
Gel or liquid eyeliner?
what is the best foundation to use?
what cheap makeup brand is your favoirite?
best nail polish for winter formal?
What colour of eye makeup will bring out my natural eye colour?
Ladies, do u wear makeup everyday regardless of what u r doing or where u r going?
Is makeup bad for me?
how can you make straight her naturally frizzy?
Where can I get a makeup tool belt?
Is it necessary to have an esthetician license as a makeup artist?
How do you introduce yourself to a boy?
Vacation with a new man. Bring all the makeup? Or go with the tinted moisturizer and lip gloss look?
Where can I find this lipstick color?
I have a cut on my upper lip, is there any ways of covering it?
Is this too much makeup?
Do i need makeup? **PICS**?
How do you put on make up? ?
How do u apply eye make-up?
How do I get rid of under-eye circles?! 10 points for the best answer, I promise!?
Tips with black eye liner?
I'm looking for a good eye cream (preventative rather than age-repairing) that has an SPF in it.?
Smoky Eyes?
does anyone know anything about permanent eye makeup?
HELP!!!! I need to get something to help my face!!!!!!?
where to get discounted makeup???????????
How can I find a foundation that matches my skintone?
What types of inexpensive makeup should I wear?
spray tan gone wrong help!?
What do I do If my Mom lets me wear foundation but my parents are divorced and My dad wont let me???
Can I use the eco tools powder brush as a mineral brush?
If beauty is skin deep, why do so many beautiful people submit themselves to plastic surgery?
My mascara won't fully come off?
Couple questions... Youtube..... Makeup?
Anybody know anything about make-up and all that?
Mac Studio Scuplt, wore today for first time and face went all dry. Am I doing something wrong?
What eyeliner is the best?
What to wear when shadowing at a high school?
If you had to choose one, would you pick foundation or concealer?
How to stop my skin aging because of stress?
eyebrow help! idk what to do?
Is makeup really all that pretty?
Does anyone know how to make a homemade face primer?
eye shadow?
how to do your makeup to make your eyes look bigger?
What is the best eyeliner to use?
Why have my eyes got bigger as i got older?
Which product is better:Esthederm or johnson&johnson?
what color am i in nars foundation?! help if you know!?
How do you make dull pennies shiny?
anyone who can give makeup tips?
What's wrong with natural looking women?
Need your help!! What do you think about this?? Need some tips and Ideas.?
How to look amazing without trying AT SCHOOL?
i need the best mascara, any price....!! what is it?
What is the best mascara?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?
y doesnt my make up last very long? ?
Which liquid eye liner is better?
Revlon Colorstay or Revlon Photoready?
Where can i find the Origins SkinCare Line in Canada?
How to choose a suitable lipstick?
Max Factor Miracle Touch Illusion Foundation, Is it as good as it says?
Is this too much make-up for a 13 year old?
does anyone know how to make your own lipgloss?
When should girls start being able to wear make up?
How to make my eyes look smaller?!? 10 POINTS?
Do you like acrylic nails?
Where can I get free makeup samples sent to me with free shipping?
when you see the color orange what do you think of?
Max Factor 2000 Calorie mascara?
What age should you be aloud to wear makeup?
I need a really good mascara!!?
How can I be prettier?
What's the best foundation/concealor to cover a tattoo?
Halloween Makeup help?
I'm trying to save money in these tough economic times by making homemade makeup for my wife; any suggestions?
What make-up color would go best with my hair?
What's in your makeup bag right now?
How can I get pale skin like this?
Best Foundation?
How could I get more of a double eye lid?
My eyeliner always comes off!!!?
Has any one used the Anew Clinical products from avon? Are they safe or do they really work?
Should I get the benefit high beam or benefit benetint?
How do you make your eyelashes look like false eyelash?
Should I ask for makeup for my birthday?
what color lip gloss do u use the most?
too much makeup for 16 year old or no?
How can I prevent my foundation from getting flakey before the end of the day?
Can we lick Lypsyl off our lips?
do you have to put foundation on to wear eye shadow?
I'm 13 and want to start wearing foundation. Best kind to get for cheap?
makeup for talent show?PLEASE HELP AND QUICK! :}?
Makeup Artists?
What is the best thing about having long nails?
What are you most thankful for?
How fast is TKBtrading shipping?
Makeup help!?!? Going to 9th grade. Need Help!?
Should I wear my hair curly or straight tonight?
Do you think foundation can never look natural?
Is this a good scary face?
who would have tooken the time to invent make up? That seems kinda silly!?
Does anybody have any great makeup tips for mature skin?
How Do I Get My Eyelashes Looking Like This?
Do you have a lotion to put in your have to keep it dry?
if you buy something at Sephora online and you are not happy with it can you return it unopened?
Benefit Get Even Face Powder? any good? :)?
Kiss or Diss: Black nail polish?
What kind of make-up should a 13 year old wear?
Who do you think is the nicest looking girl? (link)?
Know of a nice cinnamon lip balm? ?
Using water to wash makeup brushes?
How long will a tube of udpp last?
Best Drugstore that won't smudge or fade?
who knows a facial mask recipe?
How many girls never wear make up?
Does Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance work well?
What's your favorite eyeshadow palette?
Wen do i put the refining mask on of proctiv if i do it cuz before the 3 step system wont it wash off ?
I am 13...what kind of make-up would look best on me?
"for girls" do you like guys that wear makeup?
is a safe site?
What foundation is the best?
How to re-thicken my homemade henna paste?
Why do people only line their waterline. Why does no one line their bottom lash line ?
I always see like really tan girl and wat im wondering is r their tans real or spray tans?
Is this too much makeup?
how do i get rid of acne?
where can i buy eyelash packaging?
How can i make my mom let me wear makeup?
Does L'Oreal Excellence Creme Permanent Colourant (natural light golden brown, 6.3) contain bleach?
Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil?
Which Mascara Should I get?
What type of skin do I have?
how much do eye lash extentions cost in coventry?
im 14 and i want to wear my makeup nice :)?
Do I look ok without makeup? or gross?
Girls with acne: please help!?
Is wearing makeup everyday bad?
Where are "the Balm" cosmetics sold?
Girls: What Makeup do you use everyday?
Drugstore Makeup Reviews..?
is it ok to apply mascara without curling your eyelashes?
I want to start to wear make up..?
Roughly, how much is revlon new complexion in CANADA?
What eye make-up would you suggest? (pic included)?
MAC eye make-up help?
okaii honestly...what is the best concealer,tinted moisturizer, eyeliner, and foundation?
What is the absolute best chap stick?
Who post the best make up videos?
Who is your favorite youtube makeup guru?
when did you start wearing makeup?
Can you reccommend a good make-up brand?
Help!! My face is dry. I like Oil of Olay products Any suggestions?
does anyone like?
How to become fairer in 2 days home remedies?
Has anyone used the luminess air makeup kit and if so is it worth the price that they want?
Too much makeup for a 15 yr old?
Do you ever makeup to look pretty for going to bed?
Has anyone used DermaExcel 7 for wrinkles? Does it Work?
Have any women purchased makeup from
PLEASE help me to find this makeup case/kit!?
witch hazel?
i am a 13 year-old girl and need help with finding the right makeup and how to put it on?
Best long-lasting lipstick that isn't too expensive?
Nail polish drying spray?
NAKED palette??? Urban Decay?
What kind of makeup should I wear?? (pic included)?
What is the best mascara ever?
What is the best make-up product for dark circles under your eyes?
How do I keep my makeup from slipping off my face?
How to make your boobs look bigger/ be bigger?
Do you ever retain feces because that stimulates your prostate ?
What colour nail polish for fair skin?
things that a 14 year old girl can do?
Top 5 liquid foundations? ?
What shade of lipstick is best?
What colour is your eyes?
Desperately seeking a really good mascara!?
is baby oil an effective way to remove makup?
what grades do you get for foundation and imtimadated?
What is the average price of lip piercings?
guys do you like girls to wear alot of makeup?
where can I buy SilcoPads in the U.S or what sites sell to the U.S?
What eyeshadow colors should I use for greenish-blue eyes?
Eyebrow color question?
PLEASE ANSWER! Mascara primer?
Is MAC worth the price?
thick eyeliner?
Individual eyelashes will not stck!!!?
How is the Sephora brand "Full Action" mascara?
hey this is my friend! tell me if you think shes pretty!?
What do you think of 16 year olds wearing SO much make up?
What is the Avon product that works for getting rid of mosquitoes? And how does it work?
What foundation is best for EXTREMELY fair skin?
how do u put on eyeshadow and eyeliner?
How can I get my eyeshadow to stay on longer?
Is this too much makeup?
What is the best product to use on blemishes?
Are my eyes green or hazel?
Just strings eyebrow threading cost?
does it make you mad when you see other girls wearing to much makeup?
Best makeup to wear with blue eyes?
Is Mary K hot? I think so, but its hard to say because the photo is so small.?
Makeup Help Please.....?
Dark eye circles?!?!?
Do I wear too much makeup?
how do you put on pencil eye liner without poking yourself in the eye!!!?
A little help please?
I need help finding what the Sudan's formal beliefes are on the Sudanese tribes.?
make up when spray tanning?
MAC paint pot, which one to pick?!?
who's cuter? :)?
is benefit bo-ing just for dark eye circles or for scars as well?
what is the best facial cleanser?
How exactly do you use face bronzer?
How many times can I use BB Cream?
Nars Smudge Proof eyeshadow base? Best for oily lids?
How to make eyes look more blue?
Looking for a new foundation! Whats your favorite?
how to stop picking my lips?!?!?
eyeliner questions???
Do you feel naked without your makeup on?
i am a rocker and my clothes are the opposite im a total punk but i dont hav the money to change wat shud i do
Best Eyeliner?
What is your favorite bronzer?
Spot cream before moisturiser or moisturiser before spot cream?!?
Best drugstore nail polish and lipstick?
What's the best way to cover up my natural eyebrows so I can draw some on?
Am I really prettier?
On a makeup no buy but should i buy this?
is frequent make up is harmful for skin? what's the best procedure to remove make up?
dark circles under your eyes.....?
Am I really, really ugly?
Making a primer...freeze?
do you think I have potential as a makeup artist? (video)?
What is a good everyday makeup look for a 6th grader?
Your face shape is (pick one)?
Do you wear makeup everyday?
Will eyelashes fall off after wearing mascara for many years?
What blush color should I try?
How can I get free makeup samples in Guam?
Should a 11 year old wear makeup?
what really is a hickey?
What is the best concealer?
question regarding hair color?
what are your makeup or hair "tricks and tips"?
How can I ask my mom I want to wear my eyeliner like this?
what is the best kinda make up for a 7ht grader?
Does anyone know of a good concealer to cover hideous keloid scars on brown skin?
Where can i buy real techniques brushes?
Does this reallly suit me?
What are the best foundations out there?
Wearing make-up at school?!?
Best color eyeliner?
How do you make your self whiter?
Gross make me?(:?
My make up goes under my eyes when its hot or i sweat, is there any make-up that doesn't do this?
i would like to know about -concealer and how to apply it? and what are the good quality brands?
Difference between normal concealer and under eye concealer? ?
spray tan gone wrong help!?
I F***ED UP MY EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
can any one tell me of a way to make my silver jewallery shine again as the have gone all dull & manky?
how can i make a fake mustache?
Anybody good with makeup that can help me:(?
how do you know when you have a eye infection from sharing makeup?
Do you need help in makeup? (I can help you! :)?
Teen facial help?
Has anyone used to prdouct "perfect skin" apparently the kardashians use it.?
What does a nose job do and look like?
Im getting ready to start wearing make-up, and i need help!!!?
I need longer better lashes! PLEASE HELP!?
Why does our skin change colour(s) as we age?
What are some good ways to make my eyes look good with eyeliner?
a matte drugstore foundation under 10 $?
how do i make my eyes stand out??
What foundation and pressed powder you recommend?
please be honest!!!!! (pic!)?
I'm hopelessly in love with Alexis Bledel.?
how often do you gurls wear make-up?
What products do they use when doing makeup at a salon?
How do I get a tan this summer?
Is 13 too young for makeup?
best drugstore mascara?
Which company's products do you find good? Lakme or ponds or himalayas or pantene or any other?
makeup for a girl going into 7th
your basic make up before leaving the house?
Trimmed my eyebrows wrong?
How can i look more natural? (picture)?
what is the best way to apply makeup to cover up a scar?
What kind of makeup to I were with a soft pink dress and my blueish grey eyes?
I dont know how 2 apply eyeliner .. can some1 help me ?
Rose perfume- Brands?
Whats your favourite brand of make-up?
What brand and color foundation will make me look fair?
Cover up....?
Which Foundation and Concealer Do You Use?
Can I make homemade gel liner without eyeshadow?
Lipsticks are made up of fish skin. Ture/False?
wat eyeshadow is nicest for brown eyes i always use browns and creams want sumat diff 4 daytime?
What's the best lipstick brand you find in a drugstore?
My daughter is 11, she wants to wear clear mascara, should I let her?
Eye shadow, Eye liner and Mascara?
is the makeup shere cover any good?
What are good colored eyeliner choices for brown eyes?
What is one drugstore make up item you cannot live without? Non-drugstore make up item?
why does my skin look so different without makeup?
Which gel eyeliner is better ?
What is the best drugstore foundation for oily skin?
Where are some good & cheap places online to buy MAC makeup in Australia?
Does wearing makeup give women more confidence?
what is the best/best-selling/popular fragrances for women?
Which Eyeliner Is Best?
10 points for anyone who can help me.. SHORT question?
If a Guy likes wearing makeup What Should they do?
is it possible to use lipstick to make eyeshadow?
Make-up that makes blue grey eyes POP?
Which of Ashtar Dead Sea products is the best?
How can i make my foundation lighter without moisturizer?
makeup ruined my skin any skin remedies i can try?
How can I get my lips as glossy and shiny as the models in the magazines and TV?
where should i shop to look my age?
girls that wear makeup everyday: do you feel strange without makeup on?
Should I Shave My Eyebrows? O_O?
Non running eyeliner?
Senior Picture gone wrong?
have they discontinued harajuku lovers?
starting out with makeup!?
I do not like to wear foundation, what else can I use?
growing eyelash question?
this is for the boys!?
make up survey (girls ! )?
Best foundations/powders that don't cost a fortune?
Which is better? Liquid, Powder, or Creme Foundation?
How do I hide my bangs?
Do I look bad with red lipstick? Gah, help.?
Does it look raccoonish if you put black pencil eyeliner on your bottom lash line and waterline?
how do you figure out what color blush you should use for your skin tone?
how do youp get your nose to look smaller?
What are some ways I can wear my makeup to look more natural?
do you like putting make up on your face ?
What brand makes yummy-tasting chapstick?
which ladies makeup cosmetics line has the best colors?
is L'Oréal Touche Magique Concealer good for under-eye darkness?
Wig without a hairline or parting ?
Red Eyeshadow....?
how to improve the way i wear my makeup?
What makeup should I wear for freshman year? I have brown eyes.. PLEASE ANSWER :D?
Would navy blue eyeshadow look bad on a brunette with brown eyes?
Could I use black nail polish as liquid eyeliner?
wat is ur fav piece of make-up plz tell me?
Good face highlighter(illuminate) and bronzer ?
What do you think? (pics)?
BLACK DOT ON LIP? (blackhead?)?
What color eye liner should I get if i have green eyes and whats the best eyeliner?
i ordered makeup on cherry culture..?
What is the best color eyeshadow to use with brown greenish eyes?
whats the best self tanner the name of it ?
Is there such thing as a waterproof pad? ?
am i putting on makeup wrong?
What is your favorite mascara?!?
prettiest eye color on...?
What is the best brand of nail polish?
Earwax as lip balm...?
how to perfect skin without foundation?
Anybody knows about the coloures which mary quant used in makeup ?
Makeup/Beauty Tips&Tricks..♡?
Where Can I Get a Cheap Green-Tinted Make-Up Primer?
Do i look cute for school? [pics]?
Ladies what is your favorite perfume?
How should I wear my hair and make up next friday?
Does Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 Hour Liquid Foundation stay good on your face on hot days?
please help me pick out A BRONZER?!?! please help!!?
Everyday Mineral Sizes?
Make up for the first day of 7th grade?
What is Syringe?
good mascara?
What colour eye make up should I wear?
whats better ?
What is your favorite brand of cosmetics? and why? Mine is MAC Cosmetics?
Which girl is ThePrettiest?&Rate:)?
what colour would you say my eyes are?
Birchbox vs Ipsy (Myglam)?
Bleaching cream help?!?!?
have you ever tried Mineral Essence Loose Powder Foundation? what is your review on that product?
Single eye lash extensions size?
Does the CliniqueTurnaround Concentrate really work? The sales lady did some fancy talkin', and I got it.?
What are some of the least expensive scar removers and where can i buy them?
Why do people view makeup as such a taboo on 13 year olds?
Most expensive and good quality drugstore makeup?
Which eyeshadow color should I use?
I like the brand SATCH, looking for similar brands. Any suggestions?
(females only!) why do women wear makeup?
What kind of eye makeup would look good on my eyes (picture)?
what eyeshadow color makes brighter eyes?
My lipstick went through the wash in my pocket. Can I still wear it?
My friend wears a TON of makeup!! We are 13?
Stage make up and foudation?
Any good make up ideas?
Which mascara should I get?
whats better, liquid foundation or pressed powder?
What kind of eye/eyelid do I have?
how to they make the skin blue for Mystique in X-men 3?
Reviews on Lashes LTD by Skinblends?
i'm 12 going into 7th grade and my mom won't let me wear make up!?!?!?!?
my lips are so chapped!! help!?
How to make my mom more comfortable and open about makeup?
where can i find the smashbox photo finish foundation light primer in the philippines?
what colur lipstick would look good on a 24 old guy? i perfer red?
Is oil of olay the best face cream?
What color eyeshadow goes with a red dress?
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS, do you do your makeup for school the same every day?
How can I get my makeup to stop getting smudgy?
is colar penciles the same as eyeliner?
what foundation shade would i use?
I have light skin and i need a great color? what is the color?
What brand of makeup do you like the best?
Outfit & Makeup/Hair advice?
False eyelashes worn daily. Anyone?
True match liquid foundation color?
which lip colour will suit to a brown skin girl?
How do I make my lipstick last long without a lip liner?
How often should you cleanse your face????
what color eyeshadow?
What is the best BRONZER you've ever used?
What are the biggest factors that contribute to makeup (foundation) becoming cakey by the end of the day?
Do I look bad without makeup?
Can i use kewra or Rose water in the eyes....?
makeup for a biker girl costume?!?
Does giant tiger always sell elf products? Do they sell the whole line?
Reviews on the 88 Original Coastal Scents Palette?
who was the first person who used theatre makeup?
Pink Lipstains...?
what is the best eye shadow or eye liner for someone with green eyes?
Liquid or two way foundation?
Can I use pencil eyeliner as eyeshadow?
the spf in the moisturizer doesnt reflect?
with or without make-up?
Best Concealer you have ever used?
Mousse Self-tanner question?
16, and clueless about makeup?
How to get more eyelashes? :D?
Makeup & School?
So i need help with matching to my earrings :)?
how do I put on light but beautiful makeup?
How much makeup do you wear to school?
Eye Makeup Suggestions?
how much makeup should a 13 year old wear?
Does sears do makeup for events?
what color eyeshadow, liner, and mascara should i use?
when u tightline???????????
where do i buy a gold eyeshadow?
On A Scale of 0-10, How Much Make-up do u wear?
Liquid eye liner, can you put it on the bottom eye lid as well?
My face is oily and when i wash it it dries out. Any suggestions on a face wash to balance this problem?
Help? Really dark circles under eyes?
whats the best mascara ?
Makeup essentials/starter kit?
What color blush?
When doing eyeliner, are you supposed to line the lash lines, waterlines, or both?
How do I put on makeup to hide your pimples without it looking like you have makeup on?
Who is the white person ? Where is each person from?
What are must have make-up products for teenagers?
How do I clean an eyebrow brush?
How can i prevent my girlfriend`s makeup from getting on my shirts?
Which comapact do you like better?
lily lolo cosmetics?
Is the Smokey Eye Still IN??
Good redness products?
ladies have u used olay total effects cream that fights 7 signs of aging?how were the results?
do you wer makeup? why? do you feel better with it or without it.?
Whats your favorite pink lip gloss?
Will i get spotty from moisturising?
Does anyone know of this blush? Almay Cheek Color - Barely Tawny #110147754484?
Who else loves lipgloss?
i need a mark cosmetics respresentative!!?
Please Help big delema!!?
Which colour of eyeshadow goes with blue eyes?
Good makeup schools in Perth, WA?
does anyone know where i can find some GOOD cheer makeup like for competitions?!?
What's the best fake tan to use?
Any1 know of a good/cheap bridal make up artist in West Yorkshire?
hey; i have a makeup question.
I need a good mascara!?
What brand of make up is the best?
What's the best DRUGSTORE setting powder for my revlon Colorstay foudation?
What color of eye shadow brown hair brown eyes??HELP!!!?
where can i find a course for cosmetic tattooing in b.c.?
How can I make a fake scar?
Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion question...why is it liquidy?
guys and girls, how do I look/what can I improve?
how to do makeup and to keep it longer?
COVERGIRL Natureluxe Glossbalm?
How often do you wear makeup?
anyone know anything about being a make up artist?
i have blonde hair and blue eyes and i just wanna know ways i can do my make up?
What's the best makeup item you use?
i'm looking for a new perfume?
What eyeshadow brand do you reccomend?
Foundation... or something?
Whats the cost of "Vichy Pro Mat Non-Stop Matte Effect Moisturizing Care" in INDIA?
1920's Flapper makeup?
Have you tried Bobbi Brown Moisturizing Cream Foundation? Is it good ?
makeup for 13 year olds with blond hair and green eyes?
Does Any one else Uses Sephora Foundation?
is that ok to wear eyeliner every day for 10 years?
Are Bare Mineral`s brushes synthetic?
Do i look like any celebrity? (with pic)?
A question for the ladies?
What eye colour is this?
what color should I paint my toenails?
whats with teenage girls these days (im a 15 year old girl)?
what colors should u wear if u have reddish blonde hair?
Candy makeup look :D XD :3?
Homecoming shoes, hair, and makeup?
eyeshadow makup help?
Do you want to look like a zebra?
What are the discontinued Urban Decay products and where can I get them?
Good concealers? Not getting any answers?
Do you think it should be socially acceptable for boys to wear lipstick, eyeshadow, etc?
how can i make myself look ill?
What colors for nails are most masculine?
Koji Dolly Wink mascara in Toronto?
what are some good makeup tips for a lightskinned blackgirl?
How should i wear my make up to school this year?
the Sheer Cover Info Commercial with Melissa Gilbert - when will it be on TV again? Times and dates please.?
What brand and color lipstick should we pick?
where can i go to get fake eyelashes applied not extensions just fake lashes?
What is a good name for an 8th grade science fair project on make up?
Good make-up brands, and make-up, that are not too expensive and where to buy them? I LIVE IN THE UK!?
How do I do my makeup like this?
What age did you start wearing make up?
What are your makeup pet peeves?
Is this too much makeup for a freshman in high school?
HELP!!! Which set of MAC lipglass/lusterglass would have colors that would look best on me?
Where can you get blue face paint from?
Best Drugstore Chapstick?
Is this a lot of makeup for a thirteen year old?
What are the top two best mascaras you can buy from walmart?
eye makeup for green eyes?
Poll: Should I paint my nails pink, blue, or purple?
where can i fined the cheapest bronzer???
Girls if you went to the mall with a new guy you're dating do you think he should pay for the clothes you buy?
Urban decay or makeup forever?
How can I get my make up to stay on longer?
HELP! my makeup comes off onto people/things!!!!?
What product can I use to get this look?
Spray tan, best product?
Dark skin women of color tried smash-box foundations?
What's in your make-up bag?
Does M.A.C cosmetics still do the bring six empty containers get a free lip gloss or eyeshadow?
how can i make my skin darker permanent?
What product will keep your lips colored for 24 hours?
I'm thirteen, not very pretty, and I need makeup tips! Plus, I have to be able to find everything at the mall.
Does using moisturiser and eye cream at night age your skin more in the long run? I'm confused!!?
How to make primer for eye shadow?
Can anyone recommed a Bronzer that doesn't look Muddy or Orange?
How do I tell my sister she looks hortible with makeup?
What is the best mascara?
how to apply Benzaclin with a moisturizer?
How can I get my makeup like hers?
Do ladies prefer man or woman as makeup artist?
Best eye shadow primer?
Makeup brushes ? help, urgent!?
am i still too young for my age?
Couple of short make-up questions? ^^?
Is there corrective make-up for body birthmarks in the line of Mary Kay products?
who is prettier? (pic in description)?
Am I too young for this?
Yay or nay?
How much makeup do you wear, and what is your age?
I need some drugstore eyeliner dupes..?
If you had to chose only one cosmetic to use what would it be? old do you think that I can use it?(girls only!)?
what are some websites that will give my photo a tan?
Would you consider attraction an animalistic instinct?
How do you apply mascara? How many strokes? Do you curl your lashes after or before applying mascara?
Women about what MAKE UP you use?
Ladies - If you wear eye make up, is it advisable not to wear anything...?
Haii..Quick question I wanna ask!?
how long dose it take for you to get 88 palette?
best "bb cream?"?
Mac or Bare Minerals?
What color liquid eyeliner?
What should every girl have in her makeup bag?
What is the nail polish lacquer brand with the long cap?
tan vs. pale???? what do you rather?
what do you recomend to buy more, whole eyeshadows or pro pallettes from MAC cosmetics?
Beautiful Blue Eyes?
Makeupalley swapping: what shipment method should I use?
what's a good way to get the smoky eye look...without using black eyeshadow?
Colours that go good with blue eyes?
What does BB Cream do?
is this too bright?
What's the best way to put on stick eyeliner?
Good anti wrinkle night cream?
which foundation should i buy- maybeline wonder finish or neutrogena skinclearing-if i have combo skin?
Which color eyeshadow should I use?
what kind of eyemakeup should i use?
What is your favorite eyeshadow?
What do you do to make yourself look more beautiful?
How to crossplay - tips and tricks?
I am Norwegian, have blue eyes, blonde hair and am wearing a hot pink dress to a dance. how do i do my makeup?
Where can I get some high quality, inexpensive makeup brushes?
HELP! place your vote! which name is best suited for my cometics line?
tell me what you think of these different eyeshadow looks?
Which comapact do you like better?
Ladies: What makeup items are you willing to pay a lot for?
I have alot of freckles on my face?
What age did you start wearing make-up?
Clinique's Clarifying Lotion?
How to apply liquid eyeliner?
Is YSL foundation good?
Whats better and more prefered? Pressed powder or foundation?
If I make a return on do I have to send back the free gift too?
My eyeliner tends to fall down onto under my eyes? HELP?
How to make my eyes look like...?
I have acne, I've had for like over 1 year now... I use Pro Active & I have seen results but the acne is.....
Has anyone tried this?
Why was my bf not amused when he saw our car having cute sticky eye lashes?
What's your favorite mascara and why?
I have a makeup dilemma...? Foundation and Concealer...?
Why do my parents think im gay because i wear eyeliner?(im not gay)?
Can Ponds Cold Cream be used in place of a moisturizer?
How can i give my mom the perfect makeover?
What is the best hand cream for dry hands?
HELP MAKEUP TIPS. My 21st birthday is coming up and im sooo excited. I am wearing a pinkish/purpleish..?
Your favorite things from Sephora?!?!?!?
what is the best type of foundation to use for your skin, and wont ruin your skin color?
what color of eye shadow would look good with honey eyesand blownish blondish hair????
Girls: How much makeup do you wear when going to school or hanging with friends?
whats a good foundation??
Teens:Whats in your purse?
Best drug store/ high street mascara?
I need help with makeup tips?
Looking to change make-up?
how would i go about getting a male makeover?
do you like to use gelbase (foundation)from Inouvi. Positive & negative feedback about product welcome.?
How do i make my nails whiter?
would purple eyeshadow go with a blue prom dress?
Would you consider this an attractive Woman?
Will false eyelashes stay on if I ride a roller coaster?
Halloween makeup ideas anyone?
Teenagers wearing make-up?
What is your favourite nail polish colour?
Why do some girls like to wear so much makeup, they look like plastic?
Should 13 year old's wear makeup?! ?
I need PUNK help plez?
Ladies..What is the best face powder/foundation you have used?
Makeup must haves for a 13 year old/8th grader?
Best Drugstore Products?
how to remove mac liquidlast from contacts?
Why don't many people wear blue or green eyeshadow?
does clear mascara really help?!?
HELP!!! Which set of MAC lipglass/lusterglass would have colors that would look best on me?
What eye makeup would match a witch costume?
Does tatoo makeup hurt?
is the jemma daypack discontinued?
What's the best blush for my fair asian skin tone?
Can You Help Me; Makeup?!?!?!?
Flawless foundations?
How old do you have to be to wear make-up?
Is their water prof eyeliner?
Want to try colored mascara but my eyelashes are black?
What brand of make-up brushes do people recommend?
Has anyone tried the amway global makeup called Artistry?
can tasting and licking lip gloss really give you cancer?
Why do I have brown eyes but my mom and my dad both have green eyes?
Please recommend me a good skincare brand for oily skin?
best eyeliner for waterline?
Witch mascara brand is a PERFECT mascara?
do you recommend dark/deep blue and black smokey eyes for amber eyes?
what kind of make-up should i wear?
Calling all beauty experts!!!?
Why do I look horrible in school washroom?
can anybody give me the homemade recipe of making kajal?
how does Jonna from the real world do her makeup?
girls why do you wear make up?
...I'm scared to wear makeup?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 13 year old?
How do you apply your foundation?
I need help with uneven skintone after waxing.?
how do i choose a blush?
What is your favourite lip balm or chapstick?
What is the best drugstore mascara?
Best brand of false eyelashes?