i want to be fair what should i apply?
Where can i get the Bath Body works WEXLER coupon?
important Q!!!?
What can I do about my chin crease?
where can you find minerals in food?
Fun colors?
What is a look-a-like drugstore lip stick?
how can i make my eyelashes curled?
I have blue eyes, brown hair and fair skin...what color eye shadow would suit me best?
Makeup for a No makeup rule school?
Cheap lip gloss flavour?
What's my skintone?
does anybody know the ingredients in cranky girlz eyeshadow?
the best of the best????
What colour are your eyes?
Favourite Mascara and...?
Sephora Discount Offers?
Can you substitute candle wax for beeswax in lip balm?
how do i do smokey eye with brown tones?
What age should you start wearing makeup, and how much?
Philosophy Skin Care Line?
Where can I find Clearasil Deep Cleansing Astringent?
Mascara:Which is better, Maybelline's Lash Stiletto, or Cover Girl's LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara(orange)?
What is the one thing in your makeup bag you cannot live without?
Flaky foundation?help!!?
Does this work? have you tried it?
what do you think of my pic????
What are the risks and rewards of working with motives cosmetics?
What kind of make-up would look nice with this dress for homecoming?
How to apply makeup while wearing glasses?
What's the best primer to use before foundation?
How do you look pretty without makeup?
Does cover up casue more zits?
Would eyeliner look "trampy" on me (Pictures included.)?
I really suck at putting on makeup, what do i do?
How do you lighten your skin from a tan?
do i have the looks for modeling?
Never sleep with makeup on. Why?
Is it possible to put mascara on without opening your mouth or making faces?
What do you think of me... am i bad looking?
What is the best makeup brand?
How to ge this makeup look?????
does make-up always make you beautiful?
POLL: Isn't she beautiful?
How do I make this zit go away FAST?
Is my lipstick too bright?
How do u put on mascara without clumps?
Do my highlights make me look fake?
do u guys know where can buy the double eyelid stickers in sacramento?
Is the Red Ginger Palette any good?
How can I keep my face fresh?
Makeup shopping list for 13 year old?
what do you usually wear for makeup?
To whoever is really good at make-up......?
what is a pore?
Maybelline full and soft VS Maybelline full and soft - waterproof?
i heve med. skin blond hair and brown eyes what color make-up would look best?
i don't know what to do with my bangs! help!?
why do i feel really hot and sweaty when i apply make up or try to wear a saree?
this is about sublime bronze towelettes... if it gets on clothes how does it come off white outfits?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?
where to find cheap but good makeup?
E.l.f cosmetics question asap?
Victoria secret Purfume that smells like skittles, it says honey doo or something ?
I wanna start collecting makeup but dont know what to ask for for chirstmas?
am i fat???
What sort of makeup would suit me?
what is everyone favourite fragrance?
how do i decide what makeup fits me???
This question is for the ladies.?
Are you supposed to put mascara on your bottom lashes?
What eye shadow colors makes dark brown eyes really "pop"?
Foundation and concealer for oily skin?
What can I sell at school to make money(no food)?
Waterproof MAC eyeliner?
What kind of face shape do I have?
which is the best brand of eyeliner?
Where do you get eyebrow pencils?
What is the best foundation to cover up acne scars?
What is the one makeup product you cannot live without?
favourite tip(s) for applying make up &/or nail polish?
which is the best soap to use in winter?
Can I apply at different locations for MAC cosmetics?
Dark blonde hair, green eyes...?
What is the best foundation/powder for combination skin?
How do you gat rid of acne?
eye brows?
home acne treatment, anyone want to recommend anything?
What is your favorite Mascara?
Exfoliating when using topical acne prescriptions?
do I need makeup to be pretty?PiCs?
Makeup Routine for a 13 year old girl???
Does max factor makeup cause pimples?
How to cover my zit or pimple up?
What is Kelly Clarksons favorite lip gloss?
Too much makeup for 9th grader?
How do you remove nailpolish from shorts?
Vitamin E cream application...plz help?
Is it lame for a guy to wear eyeliner?
wat age should u be to wear makeup?
Chapstick or lipgloss??
How does the girl in this picture do her makeup?
Where do I buy NYX makeup products?
Does the dual waver from bedhead work good ? how does it look ? or tell me about it.?
Best waterproof Mascara?
Is makeup bad for me?
makeup help?????
Best full coverage natural looking concealer?
help! better pics of this haircut?
when will the A-Mei M.A.C collection come out??
What does it mean when you have your fourth fingernail painted a different color?
acne help (PICS)?
Teens 13 - 18 What would your perfect foundation do? How would the packaging look?
Maybelline dream matte mousse?
what's the best mascara right now?
Eyeliner method for asian hooded eyelid?
please tell me the difference between loose powder talcum powder and face powder.?
Favorite lip gloss?
Nail polish accident! help ASAP!!!!?
Does anyone wanna trade bodies with me?
Do I really need to have brush cleaner? And what do you think of the Snake Print Pocket Brush Set from Sehora?
help with eyeliner and mascara?
Can anybody tell me how to use makeup?
I'm a guy, should I wear make-up around my eyes (pics included)?
I'm too scared to wear makeup....because i'm chubby?
Homecoming nails and makeup?
best shampoo or lip balm you've ever used??!!?
When you were 13 did you ...?
Whats the BEST mascara?
Is bare minerals worth the money?
Eye Emphasize Help Please!?
Avon Extralasting Lipgloss sample?
Beauty Youtube video ideas? ?
where is a good place to find lipgloss.?
where can i get mac makeup at?
My face is shiny but not oily! What products should I use? PLEASE HELP!?
Eye makeup for blue eyes?
Which false eyelashes are better?
Is it possible?
I have olive skin and green eyes. what makeup would accentuate my eye color?
what type of makeup do you think is allowed for a 12 year old?
do u think its gay if a guy wears strawbery chapstick????
What did you see in your flash forward?
Do you wear makeup everyday and wash your hair everyday?
Ladies, do you wear makeup everyday?
How old do you think I look?
Which is the best makeup brand?
Do any of you use Mary Kate and Ashley makeup? Did they take it off the market?
How can I look fresh and healthy without makeup??
is this makeup appropriate for a 13 yr old?
What is the best liguid foundation or powder you can get?
Whatakeup colours go with olive/golden skin tones,honey eyes,and pale pink lips?
does multani mitti application on face makes you fair ?
Do you think this is too much make up?
Difference between these makeup brushes? (elf, sedona lace & sigma)?
Anyone Know A Good Eye Shadow Color for brown eyes?
Does anyone know any good Gyaru sites ?
what is awesome eye shadow colors for green eyes?
I just bought a curler like a real one that girls use but i don't know how to use it help?
Milani cosmetics test on animals email inquiry?
What is the most natural looking make-up?
Are free samples really free ?
ok... two random questions...?
I wear glasses, should I even bother to wear eyeshadow/eye makeup?
What color eyeshadow would look best?
How do you remove spirit glue?
Any ELF users out there?
where can I get signature club a silicone line filler healthy glow powder? Everyone's out of stock!!!?
make blue eyes stand out?
Would the colors from the naked 2 eyeshadow palette look good on me?
Any tips on make-up!!? x?
Davina's Garnier Ultra-Lift. Does it work?
Where is a good place to buy make-up?
mark makeup free connecter code?
What are you opinions about products?
Which Foundation and Concealer Do You Use?
What colour is nivea's pearl and shine?
I'm going to a KoRn concert in a few weeks. How should I do my eye makeup?
Is it safe for rats to wear makeup?
How do I hide mascara from my mom?
Sheer cover Boutique Locations????
calling allll make up lovers!!?
Mascara? Eyelashes?
girls: what do you use?
Complexion and makeup question?
Does anyone know of a downloadable or e-learning Nail Technician Course?
what lipstick colour is most similar to Maxfactor's flipstick bloomy pink?
Can you make your own foundation? If so, how?
which one should i buy..............?
How long can you keep make up?
What are the best cosmetics for oily skin?
Where can i buy a surgical mask?
hi galsjust gimme the brand of the make up you use and recommend.everybody welcome!!!?
How should I become more fair and glowing.?
Do you take vitamin supplements?
Brown eyeshadow or green eyeshadow for dark brown eyes and tan skin?
What colors would look best with my eyes?
is it bad to put a lot?
does every girl wear makeup
hey need help from girlies here plz?
how can you remove a scar?
I need make up tutorial videos. Any sites you know of tell me!?
Is it bad for a 13 year old girl to wear makeup.??(:?
how can you "air brush" a tan on pictures?
what kind of cream should i use to make my skin brighter?
First day of school makeup?
what makeup do u feel like you hav to wear?
how should a boy improve himself (girls only)?
How do you get the smokey blended eye makeup look?
glamour shots.....?
Liquid or Powder foundation for oily skin?
what kind of makeup should i wear?
What is your favourite part of make-up?
How long should you put honey and cinnamon mask on for?
Medium coverage drugstore foundation?
instead of lipgloss?
False lash effect mascara and natural effect false lashes?
Is there a drugstore foundation similar to Clinique's Perfectly Real Makeup in #04?
Lip Plumpers....Pros and Cons???
How do I write a "secret message" using lemon juice?
How to make my eyes look bigger?
What is the BEST brand MASCARA?(price doesnt matter)?
I have small eyes how can i make them look bigger?
Does Prepration_H Cure Dark Circle under your eyes?
What is the best kind of makeup? (maybeline,covergirl,love my eys,etc..?
10point..Which name do you like best?
If I put a gel top coat over a regular nail polish would it still last longer even ...?
How do I make my blue-grey eyes pop?
I need help remembering a commericial!?
Best drugstore mascara?
my daughter, 12 years, makeup?
really good, cheap mascara?
Instant fake tan help?
if i dye my hair blond will i turn dumb?
I was looking at botox "before and after shots" and I don't understand?
Can anyone tell me if there is a good over the counter facial?
what the best foundation and some tips?
how much does a dermatologist make?
Should i buy naked 2 palette or too faced natural eye palette?
What do people prefer: more or less makeup on girls?
Can U find a beautiful girl when U look in a Mirror?
What do you think looks more beautiful? PLZ answer :(?
henna on your face?
My eyeliner will never stay on.. how do i keep it in place all day? any tips or tricks? thanks for the help!?
What eyeshadow pallet can you recommend to me?
How do you tell a girl that she is more pretty with less makeup?
GUYS do you like it beter when girls wear light make up deep make up o no make up atall?
im starting to get really bad acne. what is the BEST solution for this?
POLL: What colour are your eyes?
Do I Look Better With Make Up Or Without Make Up ?
what Mac cosmetic products should i get for under 20 dollars?
Waht does your makeup bag look like?
What makeup do you wear everyday ?
Does any1 like my avatar???
Should my make-up be nautral or dark?
Volumizing yet light mascara?
Guys...does lipgloss ruin a kiss???
More coverage with bare minerals?
I have brown eyes and i want something that will bring my eyes out more do you guys have any makeup suggestion
How do these girls do their eye makeup?
If every man in the world was blind, would women still wear make-up?
What is the best eyelash glue out there?
Please answer! (Thank you!)?
ok when you wear eyeliner with glassses does that make you look lesbian?
How to get eyeshadow to last longer?
what is a good foundation to use?
How to undo gmail stuff?
Is there anywhere I can still buy 'Ultra Glow' pressed bronzing powder as Boots no longer stock this? Thanks
Makeup colors for dark blue hair?
dior lipgloss?
is wrong when a young cute girl(in 14 years old) put make-up?
is mary k a good quality of cosmetics?
cliniqe question please help?
how do i keep my face less greasy in a country that is always hot?
what kind of concealer and black pencil should i use for halloween?
do i wear alot of makeup?
whats the best party make up?
are there any gothic clothing stores in hollywood?
which lip gloss is best?
How to get rid of redness/blotchy upper lip after waxing?
guys.. what do you think of girls with bold eyeliner?
Is it ok for guys to wear makeups?
eyeliner questions(only for ppl who wher their eyeliner inside rims)?
makeup or no makeup (pics)?
What mascara should I use?
Honestly do you enjoy watching normal makeup videos or theatre makeup videos?
can girls with very bad acne (age 13) still b considered hot?
Makeup for Oily Skin?
Would i suit bottom or top eyeliner?
I likve my red lipstick, but I recently got braces. What do you recommend?
What is a good hairstyle and makeup for myself?
I need your help! Makeup tips?!?
If I wear Mary Kay ivory foundation, then what shade of Arbonne should I try?
make-up help?
Heaviest coverage Uk drugstore foundation?
Makeup help!!?
make up help / how to get make up like ..?
how much make-up should a 11 year old girl wear?
MAC eyeshadow matching help??? + pic?
whose face is prettiest?
I wanna buy a MUFE HD foundation! But idk what shade to choose...?
when did you start wearing make-up?
Does purple make-up go with an orange shirt?
Do you really watch Friends on tele in UK?
What Makeup Shall I Where On My eyes Because I Wear Glasses?
What is the best way to remove water-proof mascara?
Are all if the shades in Maybelline makeup the same?
Getthing rid of pigmentations ...?
Where can I purchase Christian Dior makeup and perfume products online for cheap? I already buy from ebay.?
How can i do this to my eyes?
How to do dakota rose eye makeup?
Can I buy Clean and Clear "Soft" product…‡
Is there a way of getting a white face without using face paint, im dressing up as a vampire!?
Can you tan through glass?
Should you leave on a facial mask overnight?
How do you apply mascara?
eyebrow emergency! need help now!?
determining my eye shape?
Whats a good foundation to use thats natural?
Expensive Makeup vs. Cheap Makeup?
How to apply liquid eyeliner?
how do you know how to put the right amont of make-up?
Is there a website where i could put my pic up and change my hair colors?
How do I get my makeup like this?
Where I can buy Alice in Wonderland palette Urban Decay? !?
what is the expectation of girls about boys?
What makeup would match this eye color?
Teeth whitening question!?
What color lipstick is this?
Umm is it natural for like 4 eye lashes to fall out at once?
Eyeliner problem?
Make up Help? Pics included!?
false eyelashes in nyc?
which mascara is the best to buy?
what is used in an tv actresses makeover?
Cheap make up or expensive make up?
Makup tips??
Horrible at doing makeup?
i never put makeup on and i need help?
What makeup would really pop out my feature?
Makeup question? Answer please!?
Whats your favorite mac eyeshadow?
how to apply liquid eye liner?
What's the best foundation?
hickies (HELP!!!!!)?
What is the best makeup in your opinion?
How to make a natural cat looking birthmark using make up?
Two girls think I copied them?
How do you apply L'oreal H.I.P. makeup so it looks good?
Drugstore lipglosses with brush applicators?
what do you think is the BEST FOUNDATION? please answer?
Which Bourjois Foundation?
I'm quite spotty, so i wear some makeup 2 try and cover them up, but it doesn't really work. What shall i do?
Thoughts on a 13 year old girl wearing makeup?
what a girl needs to look good?
Where can I buy a "tear stick"?
physicians formula organics
I feel prettier without makeup?
What are some great chapsticks?
acne help (PICS)?
How to apply fake glue on eyelashes?
What is a OK amount of make-up for a 6th grader?
Is this eyeshadow good for a 14 year old freshman daily?
I'm mixing Loreal Hi-Lites Magenta and Red; will the colour turn out okay?
Do you like this hairstyle?
Eye make up remover?
is not wearing makeup better?
red face in photos?
Do mac do foundation samples ?
What is the best nail and toe polish color(s) for the summer?
Any tips or tricks for Mascara?
What type of eyeliner does Bill kaulitz use?
How old were you when you first wore makeup?
What color should i paint my nails?
how do i "fix" a infected lip piercing?
how do you get the perfect eyebrow?
What kind of makeup does Janelle from Big Brother use?
where can i get some permanent lipsticks,and how long would they last on the lips?
Is Cinema Makeup School a good school to attend?
Best anti aging day and night cream for young skin?
what are some makeup styles to try?
How to lighten up dark areas in your body? Also how can i make it smoothe?
Too much makeup for my age?
Good make-up for oily single-fold lids?
Is the revlon colourstay whipped creme foundation available in Canada?
Is it possible for women to do eye makeup with their mouths shut? ;o)?
What do you think is an appropriate/good age to start wearing make up?
Has anyone ever used Make Up For Ever Oil-Free Matt Velvet Foundation? If so, does it cause breakouts?
What's a good concealer for my dark circles?
Does Astringent Make Your Face Lighter?
Can concealer cover scars? What kind of concealer is best?
what is the best mascara to use that will make my lashes long long and curved?
How old should you be to start wearing makeup?
What's your favorite makeup 'category' (blush, lipstick, etc)?
What Mascara works the best to give you long lashes?
Do you wear makeup regularly?
How to use prisma chrome eyrshadow from sephora?
what nail polish color should i do for an all black outfit?
My makeup wont stay on help.?
My eyes used to be black, but now they are medium brown. how can i?
I have oily skin, can i use primer underneath bb cream? then a powder bronzer over it?
Whatkind of eyeshadow do you use?...liquid or powder?
Do you think this is alot of makeup?
Good makeup schools in Perth, WA?
Should I get Revlon's Mineral FInishing Powder or the Spa Illuminator?
What kind of make up do i wear to make my brown eyes pop out?
When i wear makeup my eyes water!?!?
Freshman girl makeup????????????
how to make eyelashes curl up?
so if i want to be a make up artist, i do have to go to cosmetology school right?
How can I make my makeup look more natural?
Do I look weird without makeup?...?
what is used in an tv actresses makeover?
What bb cream should I get?
Should i wear make up? 10 points!?
i went to sephora yesterday and i used lipgloss samples?
What's the best EYELINER to use?
Should I wear lipstick on our first date?
I just became an AVON represenative. Can anyone help me with my questions about selling and buying.!!!!!?
eyeliner for a normal guy...?
what color makeup (eye shadow, lipgloss( would look good on me?
what city is westmore academy of makeup in?
y? y? y? eyeshadow ?
Eye makeup for making my eyes look rounder?
Facial cleansing wipes recipe?
How do I get SPF on my face when my moisturizer doesn't have it?
Does lash primer decrease the performance of waterproof mascara?
HELPPPPPP ME ok im using neutrogena radiance eye cream will it work?
Anyone know of good natural makeup?
How much makeup do you wear?
which is better studio tech or studio fix from mac?
What exactly is my eye shape? (pic included)?
Foundation for a flawless coverage? Help!?
What is the best way to apply Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse?
how to make my eyes stand out?
question about moisturizers...?
My eyelashes are long yet don't pop?
What is the difference between foundation and concealer? ?
Do girls like it when guys wear eyeliner?
(make-up) whats your favorit....?
Fake tan terrors,, Help asap please?
How do you think a 14 year old should do their makeup?
What can happen if you dont take your makeup off at night?
Hi. I accidentally glued my eyelashes on my left eye shut. Should I just wax them off now?
what eye shadow should i get for my bes friend ?HELP PLEASE?
school photo day makeup?
Girls Only! What is the best black eyeliner to use?
how to make blue eyes pop?
Are there any tutorials on how to do Kendra's make up from Beastly?
Ugly! Really puffy eyes!!! Help?
L'oreal uv pervect advanced fluid protector vs the body shop vitamin E nourishing cream?
I have been considering buying a warm/neutral eyeshadow pallete but don't know which is better..?
Can someone with an oval face shape have a flat eyebrow shape?
My parents don't let me wear makeup and I'm 17?
Clearasil, freederm, proatciv?!?
girlsssssssssssssssss what makeup do you use?
Trying to find an item on BITCHSLAP COSMETICS website?
Where can i get Sheer Cover products over the counter in Singapore or Germany.The product sounds good?
What Are Some Good Makeup Brands?
Where can I buy online Loreal Translucide Liquid Foundation in Nude Beige?
Can anyone reccommend a good concealer that hides freckles on fair skin?
What does the soap " Naturally Fair" by emani do?
What is the best make-up to sunless tan with?
Does my make up look ok?
How do you take off mascara?
Good drugstore dupe for MAC's Myth lipstick?
GIRLS! Do you wear perfume?
How to know what color eye shadows are in?
Where to buy Covergirl Cosmetics in Hong Kong?
Best Eyeliner?
i think i am ugly?
is it okay to use Makeup on my baby?
Is it ok to put a fine line o black eyeliner on the top lid but not the bottom?
Loreal true match powder, W6?
can i use 'benefit' dr.feelgood as a base for my eyeshadow?!?
Why does nail-polish harden when you use it after a while?
How do I make my eyes stand out more with makeup?
Wearing makeup to school?
Girls: What are the 3 make-up items that you can't live without?
Would brown eye liner look okay on me? (see details)?
Poll: What color r ur eyes?
What is a good lipstick color?
Is there a way to make it a little less noticeable?
makeup advise for italian girl.?
shadow comes off when i curl my lashes?
what eyeshadow colors should i wear on really blue eyes? ( see avatar)?
How old is a good age to let your children wear makeup?
im looking for great, yet cheap, drug store makeup?
What age should i wear make up!?
Hey i have some light patches of skin is there any way to make them back to their normal color?? at all?
how do you remove fake tan?
Whats your Favourite Colour?
I just bought the new maybeline 24 hour makeup but i use loreal presed powder on top of it...?
My waterline "tickles" when I apply eyeliner?
Are there any other makeup brands besides wet n wild and elf that sell some of there stuff for $1.00?
how much makeup do you wear everyday?
how long do benefit moon beam, high beam, etc last for?
Wig without a hairline or parting ?
Whats the best blemish hiding cream out there?
good liquid eyeliner?
What's a good (pref drugstore) mascara that's waterproof and smudge-proof?
What Make Up Do You Wear On A Daily Basis?
what color eyeshadow works best with brown eyes and medium skin and dark hair?
how much does botox cost in england?
Is A 13 Year Old Boy Wearing Eyeliner Weird?
r there n-e bad about gettin a spray tan?
convincing my mom to le tme wear makeup?
hi, can someone recommend me an effective acne gel/cream? thanks:)?
Which girl do you think is cuter? (pics)?
help me with some tips?
does body shop see vegetarian products?
Make up for doll like face?
guys: do you like girls with or without makeup?!?
Eyeshadow colors for dark brown eyes???
I'm looking for a EXTREMELY sparkly eyeshadow?
XXX!! how much should i get paid to....................!!!!???
What makeup do you normally wear?
How much makeup should a 13-year-old wear?
What kind a make-up you think I could use?
Best foundation for my skin?
Is there a specific eyebrow shape that would compliment an angled nose?
would it be weird if i put fake nails on?
covergirl stuff?
how 2 get rid of blackheads?
i need make up and hair tips :)?
Guy-liner, yay or nay?
How do I make double eyelids appear monolid without surgery?
Which girl do you think's prettier?
how to improve my look? so I actually look pretty? =/ (pic included)?
Origins skincare products for oily skin?
Is there a foundation that doesn't clog pores?
Do you need to be certified to do makeup in a salon in PA?
should i start wearing makeup in the 7th grade?
What is my face shape?
Is £18,109.99 alot at 21 years in saving?
How much make-up do you wear on a daily basis?
tinted moisturizer for acne prone skin?
I need to find ingredient lists for Jordana lipsticks, Wet 'N Wild, N.Y.C. and Tangee. I must avoid wheat?
Help with my makeup?And hair?
Why is my foundation never flawless?
can u put mascara on Ur eyebrows?
IS this weird? big eyes?
what is the best way to shapen a lady's bushy eyebrows without shaving too much off?
What's the difference between "black" and "very black" mascara?
what the best no smugeing and black black non water proof eyeliner?
Girls: What are the 3 make-up items that you can't live without?
Make up or not !!**!!**LOOK PLEASE..?
Du wop Lip Venom and lip venom 2nd sin???
A little help finding a good, affordable foundation please? (More details inside)?
where can i get covergirl products in the .u.K?
What's your favorite flavor of lip gloss?
In peoples oppinion does plus size really matter if you have a pretty face , and confidence ?
Blistex or Carmex for lips?
What makeup would look good for my face? pic. included?
Are my eyes normal? they are green and have a yellow/goldish ring around the iris?
Whats your fav colour?
No7 Stay Perfect Foundation?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear make up?
Is it ok to wear nail poish on your lips?
Ideas On How To Remove Eye Makeup?
Does anyone have any beauty tips for me?
What does foundation really do?
how do you put eyeliner on your top lid?
false eyelashes?
Where can I buy Diorshow Ionic mascara in Canada?
Good makeup products ? ?
How do I cover a big freckle (on my lips) without wearing lipstick?
Are these makeup items worth my money?
Does it matter what color lip gloss/stick you wear if you have full lips?
How do you clean a eyelash curler?
can a man get a lip line surgery? how expensive and permanent is it?
My stylist and nail tech get paid $250 per week base how much commission should they make on top of this?
Giorgio Armani, Makeup Forever, Mac or Bare minerals Foundation?
What colour eyes are more appealing? ?
Does anyone really put on 3 coats of nailpolish when painting their nails? (base coat, color coat, top coat)?
What are some good perfumes?
can your eyelashes fall out permenently if you curl them every day? And is it ok to always curl them?
What to Say During Makeup Application?
what to wear over a dress to add colour?
How much is to much makeup ?
what is your favorite makeup products??perfumes?
What is the BEST mascara that can be found at a drug store or Target or Walmart?
How should I do my makeup for homecoming?
how do i put on make up?
Do you prefer natural beauty or a women lightly touched in makeup?
Best colours to use for greeny bluey eyes?
best mascara?
I have dark brown eyes and wear white eye liner on the top and black eyeliner on the bottom + black mascara?
Is it weird to not wear face makeup?
for universal horror nights hollywood is special effect makeup allowed? such as a fake wound for example?
Does Revlon Singapore sell the Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Siren?
make/hair tips-please.details below?
MAKEUP: Is it okay to wear none at all?
Demi Lovato Lipstick?
Makeup Question?? [So confused now!]?
Please help with doing this to your eyes..(PICS INCLUDED)?
What make up products can you not live without?
can anyone tell me how to put on track pony tails?
Covergirl to Loreal Foundation?
olive view collection?
Can i be a cheerleader?
Can i use washable paint for zombie makeup?
Milk of magnesia as a makeup primer?
best eye pencil?
I'm looking for a natural look...?
What's your favorite drug store mascara?
Original urban decay naked palette or the second one?
Loreal True Match Powder for oily skin?
My eyeliner causes red lines and dry skin where it is applied, why does it do this?
what color goes best with green eyes?
My eyeliner won't stay on...?
what are the colors of my eyes?
How do you hide a birthmark with makeup?
When girls wear mascara, why and how do their eyelashes look bigger?
what color of eyeliner should i use? i have honey/caramel hair and blue eyes....?
Best mascara, in your opinion..?
where can i get free make up samples ?
How do you get top coat nail polish off of a shirt?
How to start a makeup collection?
What is the best makeup that won't clog pores?
At about what age do girls start wearing make up?
which foundation is darker in colour elizabeth arden compact foundation?
My eye lashes point down and not up. Please help?
Is this a good makeup kit for a beginner?
Almay Intense I-Color powder shadow?
What do guys think of a girl not wearing makeup in comparison of a girl wearing makeup?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Looking for a change in makeup?
whats the best way to tan?
how to make my lashes grow long and thick?
I got mascara in my eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do looks matter so much?
Does Jergens make a self tanner for light skin tones?
What makeup do you carry in you purse?
Help!? Need some dark fairy makeup ideas? (pic of me included)?
Glitter Eyeliner?!?!?!?!?
should i wear my hair up or down?
Cover Girl Stick Foundation?
Should girls shape their eyebrows?
Can you please give me the history of make-up?
What are some good websites to buy discounted estee lauder make-up from?
High coverage foundation for oily skin?
Is Sleek Ink Pot a good gel eyeliner?
Am i wearing too much make up?
MAC eyeshadow help.?
Fun makeup questions!!?
ummm wat do i do with my bon*er?
What type of eyeliner should I use?
How can I get golden light tan? which product should I use?
i have a bright, blindingly pink dress for my friend's sweet sixteen on saturday. how should i do my makeup?
When doing eyeliner, are you supposed to line the lash lines, waterlines, or both?
Foundation or concealer first?
What is the best cleanser/moisturizer for SENSITIVE, DRY, BUT ACNE PRONE SKIN?
How can I get nail polish of without nail polish remover?
OMG my skin looks horrible and its two weeks before school starts?!?
Girls, what make-up do you wear?
whats the best party make up?
What products besides mascara give you full and dark eyelashes?
How do you make your nose appear smaller?
i wanna get into makeup artist,but i wanna go to school?
HELP! how can I get this gorgeous look!? makeup experts please read?
Makeup artists please help ( dermatologists welcomed )?
can makeup really damage ur skin?
Is Maybelline Fit Me Liquid foundation oil free?
Powder or foundation?
What is a good eyeshadow to wear with a pink dress?
What makeup do you wear?
how do you hide a hickey?
How long can lipgloss last?
how od you put eyeliner on the top of ur eye?
HOW olD sHOuld I be to wear eyeliner and cover uP?
Help for a Makeup/Beauty blog name?
How to do eyeliner like this?
People don't take this the wrong way but why are most women so ugly without makeup?
the justin bieber nail polish collection?
Is tightlining your eyes safe?
What colour eyeshadow would make my eyes look brighter?
The syfy show face off has a table that looks like it creates an air tight seal for the face prostetics.?
Can you guess my ethnicity and age?
Mac lipstick for fair skin?
In what order do you put on your eye makeup,, (eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow?)?
soap is not good for face? i heard that so stopped using it?
Where to buy the L'oreal Happyderm Loreal Happyderm Skin Exhilarating Moisturizer, in the USA?
Shiny Gloss??
Homemade face Masks?
does any1 know good ways of applying liquid liner& can i use it at the bottom of my eye?
what coloures should i use to make shimmery eyes?
how can i have japanese physiognomy?
What makeup could I wear_X?
How do I make my eyebrows thicker & how do I get that perfect shape?
Best MAC/Sephora makeup products?
Help how to grow eye lashes naturally.?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Spa Dayyyyyyy???????
Don't make fun of me for this, but I'm a guy and?
What makeup colours go with Blue eyes?
Is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
Which palette should I get?
Which Olay Product??
what color goes best with purpule?
How do u get rid of red marks after you have plucked ur eyebrows?
Anyone use the REAL Everyday Minerals make-up (not Bare MInerals or TV brands)?
if im a guy is it gay if?
What color eyeshadow would look best?
flawless foundation?
Where is Revlon outlet store in Manhattan,NY?
What is your favorite eyeliner color?
what color is your hair?
doya think maybe i went over board with the makeup??
Is waterproof mascara really waterproof?
Can anyone recommend me a really good quality eyeliner please?
What do you think about deep set eyes?
Whats the best everyday Mac eyeshadow for brown skin afro-americans?
Best eyebrow shape???
What's good make up that's apporiate for a girl of 13 year old ages?
My 'friend' stole some of my makeup?
looking pretty??makeup??
how old do you have to be to get your lip pierced ?
Has anyone tried or heard anything about Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue?
Sigma's Website Help?
how can i get big eyes without using so much mascara?
how to tighten my face these days it's look pale and dull.?
What brand is better for acne prone skin? Clarins or Clinique? Other suggestions?
Is there a place where I can go to learn how to apply makeup correctly to my face?
Does Anyone know how much the makeup one course at the skin and makeup institute of Arizona is?
can i use mela wash cream?
frost pink lipstick somthing a whore would wear [for a party]?
Is zoya supposed to send you an email right away after you order nail polish?
How can I get my foundation to stay on all day?
Does makeup make you break out?
Sugar Skull, better to use face-paint or makeup?
i don't know how to make-up my eyes. They are brown.?
Where can I buy a bright blue and deep purple eueshadows?
Is my makeup routine good?
What is a good foundation primer for oily skin?
Is two tone hair ugly?(Hair color recommendations?)?
What make up brands dont test on animals?
what is your fav make up item?
Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?
Cosmetic Coloured Contact Lens Problem?
How to make homemade facial masks, with using regular things in the kitchen?
Is Benefit "Bad Gal" mascara good?
Girls !!! without make up...?
Re-Shaping my eyebrows?
How does Lady Sovereign do her makeup & hair?
how do I tight line my eyes without it smudging?
Does black eyeliner on the lower lashline look trashy?
Eye makeup matching your clothes? tacky or not?
What age should i wear makeup and what?
does anybody remember this recipe for homemade lip gloss from a magazine?
what is your favorite colour?
Should 14 year olds wear makeup?
Can anyone teach eyebrow threading in bay area?
l'oreal bb cream -- should i get the shade in light or medium?
my eyes sometimes turn purple..?
what cosmetics issafe for cancer patients to use?
Is there any other brands of makeup that can fit into the Mary Kay Compact Pro?
What's the best light mineral powder?
What style eyeshadow?
What is a good drugstore mascacra?
Im going to the county fair and I need a western cute cowgirl makeup look. Ideas?
How can I make my own cosmetics?
10points which is better?
Are my eyes green or hazel?
Wasps like my lipgloss?
from where i can get EOS lip balms in new delhii?
Does eyeshadow have an expiration date?
How long does it usually take for Elf Cosmetics to ship in the USA?
Colors for Dark Brown Eyes?
is revlon waterproof mascara any good?
Does Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Loose Powder contain leadl?
What Make up to use to look 15?
What is a brown/black eyeshadow that stays put?
Doing a project on the diff. of cosmetic ingredients of mac and covergirl. Where can i find theactual ingreds?
is blue eyeliner cool?
My friend never wears make-up and needs a make over,what would be the best foundation for her freckles?
wut is the best acne treatment?
When will I get my Birchbox?
Lip gloss or Lipstick?
What's the BEST finishing powder?
How to get rid of spots FAST!?
What is your opinion on Red Lipstick?
wat shades of lipstick and eye-shadow should i use? i have a dark indian skin tone and big dark brown eyes?
Is Bad Gal by Benefit a good brand?
Is 14 too young to wear makeup?? Should I sneak it?
Can you tell me what my face shape is?
how can i wear pretty makeup to school and not make it look too heavy?
Makeup help needed?!?!?!?
what dollar tree in my area have a lot of makeup? Albany!!!!?
kako sastaviti upitnik?
opinion (ladies only)?
Who came up with the idea of painting your face in order to look attractive?
What Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow should i buy?
WHy do I look nice in the mirror and look realy bad in pictures?
With blonde features, you can look fake sometimes wearing loads of makeup - just wear lipstick?
Should i use liquid or powder foundation for my skin type?
What's the trick to painting ones own nails in 3 swipes like at the salon? I can't to manage to do it!?
Do I have sensitive skin? facial cleansers?
dark circle's under my eye's?
i need help with make up tips ?
i have blue eyes what eyeliner should i use?
make up for 3 colored eyes: green, blue and brown?
Which one tones the body more faster?: Pilates or Yoga?
whats the best and cheapest 2 in 1 cleansing milk in the UK please?
how to apply makeup to make your cheeks smaller?
Moisturizing lip balm Help!?
Best powder foundation for oily skin?
I am not allowed to wear makeup yet ...?
What facial piercing would look good on me?
What can I do make myself look better Makeup etc?
Does this boy still like me?
I have naturally monolid eyes,but sometimes it flips unto double lid,how can I put them back to monolid?
Does anyone know if you can buy permanent eyeliner?
what is the best eyebrow shape???
How would you do eye makeup like this?
How Much Makeup should a I wear?
How can i add games in ti my site?
What is thre name of this song??? "STICK WITH MY ON THE HEARTS OF HORROR HEARTS OF HORROR?"?
CLINQUE questions, plz answer!?
Your favorite drugstore concealer?
Make up tips for lazy eye?
What are the best skin care products to prevent wrinkles and have younger looking skin?
used facial beds for sale?
How can I enhance my face!?
Where is the brand UGNY nail varnish from?
What would be good colors for me?
How can I improve my looks? (picture included)?
What are good makeup brands??? And what is the brand best at making?
What is the best foundation you have ever used?
a whole new makeover?
Make up courses online or in the UK?
School + Makeup = Detention ? HELP !?
Good cheap burgundy shade lipstick?
Professional makeup questions?
Where can i buy 88 color Platte in canada?
Why does my foundation turn ORANGE!?
does anybody know of good eyeliner that goes on easy and doesnt come off throughout the day?
Can someone tell me a good moisturiser from clean & clear for oily skin?
Nail Polish Question?
Are my eyes green or hazel?
Rate me...? 1-10 hahahha IGNORE THE MAKEUP?
Mascara...witch one would...?
I would like to start a face regimen?
How to put eyeshadow on asian eyes?
Too much makeup for 13?
which color suites on dark complextion?
I need help with makeup?
How much makeup do you think I should wear in 8th grade?
When do you think is an approriate age to start wearing makeup?
Casual everyday makeup...?
Top drugstore make-up products?
how much water are suppose to drink?
Eye makeup help please?
How much makeup do you wear..and how old are you.?
do i have big eyes?
what brand fake tan gavin henson use?
Is it bad to leave eyeliner on when you sleep?
what colour makeup should i use?
What is the best eyeliner and mascara for a blond?
what type of colon the girls like?
Which face makup is better?
Anyone know of a semi permanent brow color that won't wear off during those "close" times?
I need cute name for my makeup blog?
What stores sell NYX products?
About wearing and not wearing makeup?
what kind of make up would look cute on me?
Make-up tips for a natural look for school?
Why are some girls almost paranoid about their make up?
can someone suggest a new color choice? pic incl.?
what kind of make up would look cute on me?
Mineral foundation... Help!.......?
where can i buy sally hansen airbrush in hongkong?
What is the best mascara ?
Should I get a spray tan?
What color of mascara for blue eyes?
tru talent management question:?
wuts this on my nose?
Anyone know makeupartist jane tay in singapore?
is it safe to put eyeliner on the waterline?
I need a good Mascara UK?
HELP I hate eyeshadow! how to get back into it?
Estee Lauder Christmas gift set?
how to get rid of my dark circles under eyes?
Do you ever feel awkward when in the make-up aisle?
Why do my top eye lids swell up the next day if I cried the night before?
Is it horrible to wear neon pink nail polish to a funeral?
POLL; girls, what is your ultimate favorite make-up brand?
Can you use flavored gelatin for a peel off mask?
How to make makeup stay on through out school?
What is up with the maybelline babylips colours?
At what age should i start using make up?
Girls what is your everyday makeup and hair routine?
Could you live without makeup?
hey girls check this out this is how pimps work at these times PLZ check this website out plz plzplzplzplz!!
It sounds ridiculous, but can i use tape to wax my facial hair??
Why can't I curl my eyelashes? Are my eyes too deepset? I can't get my lashes in the curler?
how to make natural home facial?
Anyone use Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder?
How to apply black pencil eyeliner?
Can you girls please wear your makeup as thick as possible?
What is your makeup routine for when you go to school?
Sephora v.s. Mac???!?
Contouring - tips?
What shade and brand of lipstick?
My skin is oily.suggest a daily use face cream for me.?
What age did you start wearing make-up?
What color eye is this? [pic included]?
what is the best/newest produt for a nice blonde highlight with no orange/brass/gold tones at all?
How do you make your eye lashes grow?
ULTA cosmetics whereabouts?
how would you cover up a tattoo if your wearing a sleeveless wedding dress?
Murad Acne Copmlex?
Does anyone out there use AVON products?
i'm going out on my first date this guy i have had a crush on forever. Can anyone give me make up tips?
Does this sound like too much makeup?
I'm in 6th grade. What kind of make-up should I wear?
Guys-do u think girls should wear makeup?
Do you take time to remove your eye makeup?
How to enhance hazel eyes?
does blue and orange match?
Do you think my old foundation give me spots plz help?
what do you think of benefit make-up?
Where can I buy a Korean makeup called Coreana or Entia?
A question for the guys: makeup on girls.?
Does anyone ever really throw out all of their make-up after 3 months and start over again?
How do you use a blush stick?
can boys wear makeup?
how do i remove nail polish without nail polish remover?
make up tips please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to tell my mom I want to wear make-up?
Help they discontinued my fav makeup!!?
Which is the best perfume?
Mary Kay Products?
What facial cleanser should I use?
Gals only; What is the best lip gloss you have tried?
Anyone try Bare Minerals yet?
how much makeup should a 13 year old wear?
Do you believe there is a such thing as too much makeup for things like a party or dance?
What is the best eye shadow for a girl with blue eyes?
Is this a good amount of makeup?
what is the best brand for makeup?
Do guys think we're not really pretty if we wear foundation?
What should I use on my face?
do you wear makeup everyday?
I'm looking for a place to buy Benefit brand of cosmetics and I have no brand store nearby, other options?
Girls help pls! I'm wanting to do somethin new with my eye makeup. Any ideas?
Mac Eye Pigments?
I live in texas and i would like to kno how can i become a better makeup artist and how can i work at a mac co?
In love with my counterfeit eye shadow?
What should i do for my Homecoming makeup?
Blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin?
discontinued make-up?
How to hide/cover selfharm scars?
What chapstick should I use?
Touching Movie?
my wife wants to paint my toes should i let her?
Lipstick Wearers: Does this happen to you?
Best drug store/ high street mascara?
My mom won't let me wear ANY make-up at all and i'm 12-first answer best answer-?
Which is the best lip stick that STAYS ON?
how do I make my dark lips look more red and appealing?
what can i call my skincare place / salon?
what is your experience w/ bare minerals matte foundation? I'm a new user.?
How old do I look?????????
How to use colored pencil as eyeliner?
How to wear cream eyeshadow so it lasts for 6 hours?
Lets See How Many Of You Have The Confidence?
What brand of lip balm?
Where can I find Simple skin care products in Indonesia?
How long do you take to put on your Makeup?
Very heavy duty foundation (drugstore only)?
PINK or PURLE nailpolish??
Am I too young to wear makeup?
Do guys like girls who wear eyeliner?
What on Earth are some girls trying to achieve?
Sugar False Lashes - Help! Easy 10 Points! ?
makeup question?
How to make a aspirian mask ?
I fell asleep a few time without taking my makeup off now I have little acne bumps on my face?
Best makeup brand for teens? ages 12-14?
How To Make My Makeup Stay All Day?
what grade should girls start wearing make-up?
What color lipstick or gloss do you think i'd look best in?
tinted moisturizers for tanned-asian skin?
list retail stores that sell bare essentials makeup?
What's your everyday makeup and hair routine? :D?
can you help me achieve this look?eyes,1O POINTS?
What is a good foundation??