what i can do to be beautiful?
Bright and fun nail polish colour?
What brand of mascara works for you? <3?
Does my Makeup look better now?
Does anyone here use Dermablend? ..?
does anyone wear blush AND highlighter on cheeks?
how do i get my eyeshadow to not crease !?
What do you think about guys wearing makeup?
what do you mean by natural makeup?
How to Look more Asian?!? 10 POINTS?
More expensive the better when it comes to make-up?
how many lip glosses do u own?
In your opinion which mascara has worked best and semi dramatically for you?
Could I have a future in working with makeup?
Where can I find classes to take to learn how to do makeup?
how do i remove the redness from my skin?
What is your fave eye colour?
What's the best concealer to use for undereye circles?
What is the best shade of red lipstick for me?
Can I find a full coverage foundation that lasts all day and that's affordable?
Mac or bare minerals for everyday?
What MAC NW/NC foundation would you say it is?
Ladies: Is it okay to wear make-up if you can get away without wearing it?
Please help!!..Im looking for a Nars turkish delight lip gloss Kim Kardashian uses in this video..?
Good makeup to completely cover dark circles?
what r some of ur holygrail drugstore products?
how do i stop sticking my eyeliner pencil into my eyeball ?
how does a person get ready in the moring in less then 10 min?
Does the new spinlash mascara work?
Is Shiseido make up any goood ?
any one here bite there nails allot ?
What would you say would be the best mascara on the market?
What is the best brand of Make up?
how can i make my face clean and fair.tell some medicine or household methods.?
Where can I buy wholesale paper eyelashes?
REPOST If you could give me a girly makeover what would you do?
Have you ever used luminous air makeup?
i have thick long eyelashes,can i use mascara?
How can a sooth my eyebrows before plucking the hell out of them?
whats the best mascara?
where can i buy sleek cosmetics (make-up) from??
what is the best makeup brandname to use?
Girls: Do you have to wear make-up everyday or can you go without it sometimes?
Best high end makeup brands?
Facial complexion colour change?
why do you guys hide ur real face?
is there a make up that is totally natural?
I Want to start wearing makeup but I don't know what I should buy?
Poll: Do you like purple lipstick?
help please...........pic included?
whats a good face primer?
What do you love the most at Sephora?
at what age do you think girls can start to wear makeup?
Foundation makeup for guys, with mild non red acne scars? HELP?
Best way to apply Fake Tan?
Is it bad to sleep in make up?
is this too much makeup for a 17 year old?? (pic included)?
A substitute for heavy cream?
Makeup to make me look older?
How can I get a gothic look??
How to ask my mom for this creme?
Is this a good amount of makeup to wear to school?
How to feel confident with less makeup?
Girls, do you like the way you look without make-up?
Females: are your toenails painted right now?
wht brand of makeup should i buy?
what is a good translucent powder?
What eye shadow color would best compliment my eyes&skin tone? PICTURE?
eye makeup help!?
Don't you just hate girls who wear too much bronzer?
Do you know how to deal with skin?
y is it when I apply a foundation and after a couple of minutes it appears darker?
cosmetics problem here ?
Do you travel places being a magazine editor for a good magazine?
Can't decide on which size Vera Bradley cosmetic bag?
How do I get rid of bags under my eyes????
Ways to get makeup to stay on for longer?
What are some cute, bright, summer eyeshadow looks?
What color are my eyes?
i have a problem with blackheads.. they are all over my face..?
Benefit They're Real?
i want some solution to make my nails strong?
What's the best bronzer?
How old do you thinks girls should be to be allowed to wear makeup???
Compliment or not?
How can I get tickets to the Estee Lauder warehouse sale in Hauppage NY?
what does ''rapture'' mean in makeup? Bare Minerals has this item called 'rapture'?
I am 11 and I am really uncomfortable with my acene is it ok to wear cover up?
How can I convince my parents to let me wear makeup all the time when I haven't really worn it before?
PLEASE HELP! I am embaressed to buy makeup, and am a guy?
Is Narnia a safe place to live?
What colour eyeshadow should I use?
Worried about my eyelashes?
Make-up tips for making the nose look aquiline (pointed)?
Do I look terrible without makeup?
what age did you start wearing make up? what colours? whate kind? and what age each pruduct?
skincare routine and type? what is a good drugstore routine that will help my skin?
which glass(clear) will suit on face is oval shaped and hv short hairs?
How do you smile with your eyes? (or make them light up)?
Foundation Help??
Where can i buy a makeup hood and dress shields?
Eye Makeup Remover?
Neutrogena Skinclearing® oil-free makeup?
Best Drugstore Bronzing Powder?
Is this too much makeup?
Can i just wear BB cream by itself?
makeup help! please!?
If u start wearing makeup since ur 11 what happens?
Can I use pencil eyeliner as eyeshadow?
Science fair projects related to cosmetics? (READ DESCRIPTION)?
What colour clothes and makeup suit blonde hair and fair skin?
What makeup should I use to do Day of the Dead face makeup?
Is myspace dangerous?
How do you change the color of white eyeshadow?
What is the best way to apply liquid eyeliner of pencil?
Which self tanners are the best??
what color eyeshadow?
Which bare mineral foundation will suit me? please help?
orange foundation... ?
how much does it cost?
Make up question?
What are seungyeon's inside eyelids? ?
how would you cover scars in your face using just make-up?
What is the name of that non glossy lipstick everyone's wearing on tv?
Can A Foundation Be Both Water and Oil Based?
can anyone tell me which is the best eyeliner please?
How to really avoid getting tan?
Natural mascaras that work?
What do you think of my body? (PICTURE)?
what brands do ross store carry?
Do you think pedicures for guys are okay? How about having them polished with OPI Bubble Bath?
Need help with make up colors!?
Eye Make-up Help!!!!?
Where is the best place to buy good makeup, but not for a ridiculous price?
What is a good brand of concealer?
What products would you recommend using to get Megan Fox's look?
how to wake up early?
where is a very good makeup artist in houston that can do my makeup?
What eyeliner looks best on my eyes (pictures added)?
how many lip glosses do you?
Does the HiP Studio Secrets Professional Color Chrome eyeliner burn anyone else's eyes?
How can I feel confident in my self when I wear no makeup.?
MAC Lipstick similar to Maybelline's Color Sensational Plaza Pink? pictures..?
To much makeup for thirteen?
normal powder and matte?
How to cover up blushing?
What's a good make-up routine for a teen girl? :)?
Is 8th grade too young for makeup?
Tips please!?
Cheap vs expensive foundation? Which one to get?
Why can I buy Ben Nye Makeup in Singapore? OR.. cos any other options to make a person looks older? hair color
Is visine supposed to burn my eyes?
Ladies-If women think they so beautiful why do they wear makeup?
Is anyone else outraged by XXL mascara?
Does organic makeup work?
does my friend wear too much makeup?
Have you ever gone through a 'friend break-up', and why?
How do I get the most coverage with the least amount of makeup?
How to do the make-up in this picture?
How can I sell more Mary Kay Products?
women,lipstick and driving.?
I recently bought this organic powder from Macy's? What are your favorite powders?
how good are these covergirl products?
what colour is your eyes ?
Is It OK To wear makeup in middle school?
Is it possible to convert unarched eyebrow into upper slopped eyebrow?
Tried and tested bust gels/creams?
Can you return foundation!?
what is a good but healthy foundation/base for a 13-year-old?
who has the best makeup consultants regarding foundation?
whats better thin or thick?
I'm afraid people will question why I am wearing eyeliner?
super gentle and safe concealer?
i want to get my make up done for my senior picture.?
concealer not blending?what to do?
what highlighter powder color should i use on my face/cheeks. I am an indian with fair skin and hazel eyes?
why do girls like putting on makeups?
How to get rid of lip discoloration?
What age do you think girls could start to wear makeup?
Make-up brushes for my girlfriend. where can I find them?
am i prettier with or without makeup?
Why can't woman put their mascara on with their mouth closed?
Best Drugstore foundation!?? :)?
Weird looking eyebrows......Help?
Is putting mascara on every day bad for your eyelashes?
How to do my makeup for Christmas dance?
how much makeup should a 12 year old seventh grader wear?
Name makeup that only comes off with special solution?
Almay 16 Hour Eyeliner vs. CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus?
How to get a thin line of eyeshadow on the lashline?
Good drugstore loose setting powder?
can my eye color change?
Will foundation make it seem hotter than it is?
Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain...?
Can you really go to ulta before any holiday and spend 20$ worth of products & get a FREE bag of Cosmetics?
What's the problem with make-up?
Makeup for nerd girl Halloween costume?
my mom wont let me wear...?
Has anyone heard about make-up companies using placenta in their lipsticks?
Foundation tips.......??
CHECK THIS. About Coastal Scents palettes ... Ebay (10 POINTS)?
Girls How Long.....ツ? Trustful website?
Where can I find white Eyeliner without having to buy it online?
Make up Question...?? blah 20 charecters?
poll:if u gt a pimple on ur face will u go 2 school or not?
anyone want to get rid of their unwanted stuff?
How to make myself look prettier? (pics)?
What is the best way to put make up on?
Is Avon's products really good?
WHat age did you start wearing makeup? and how much did you wear.?
I know absolutely nothing about make up?! HELP?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Where can I find Princessa lip liners "in Deep Brown" to buy?
What do I do about my eyebrows?
kyndall is it a boy or girl name?
What color should i paint my nails today??
Liquid eyeliner burns my top eye lid?
why do we get pimpoles?
Is this to much makeup for a 13 year old?
What is the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation equivalent for Bare Escentuals Medium?
How can I make my eyes stand out?
what color of eyeshadow looks the best with brown eyes?
Do you spend money on quality eyeliners? What is the best one?
Do you clean your face everyday and with what products?
How can someone of mixed race look more Cauasian?
my friend is bening mean to me what should i do?
Do u think i wear too much make up?...?
How can I do smoky eyes with makeup?
whats the best foundation for oily skin (inexpensive of course) revlon / maybeline / loreal / bodyshop?
what colour eye shadow goes best with green eyes?
are you supposed to wear the same color of eyeshadow as the clothes you are wearing?
i need a realy good foundation..?
y monroe stud broke what can i use to replace it without spending any moneey?
Is it okay?
How to take off nail polish w/o nail polish remover?
What is the best at-home waxing kit?
eyebrow trimmig @ hdb rate, would u like the idea?
are facials worth it?
what r some great makeup products?
rude to return cosmetics?
What color of blush goes with gold eyeshadow?
Blue, green or brown eyes? Which colour is more attractive?
Makeup tips! (Pic included)?
Coverup for Vitiligo?
Eyeliner? That stays on?
what is my skin colour? (PIC)?
Best source for buying Skin Care Products Online?
why girls like to use make-up??what so special about it??
when do you take your makeup off ?
What color eyeshadows do you use? How many at one time?
How can I get this eye shape?
which do u prefer: mascara or eyeliner?
Make up worn by Coco Chanel in 1920's?
I need help..changing eye color with eye drops?
What liquid eyeliner do you recommend?
what do you like about makeup?
What do you do when you wax your face and have a white line how do you cover it up or bring your color back?
What is the best way to do this?
What is the best drugstore foundation in your opinion?
A little makeup advice for me?
cosmetic market 37th new york city?
I need a heavy coverage foundation please?
Concealer color for NARS?
Best setting powder under $30?
how to verrify my friendster account?
Poll: Which is better? Scene or Emo? (pics included)?
how to apply makeup to make your cheeks smaller?
is it weird for a 7th grader to have MAC?
is it a must to dip cucumber slices into milk to reduce acidity b4 putting on the eyes?
whats ur fav color?????
Does Covergirl have good foundation?
Does maybelline bb cream work?
Would waterproof mascara stay on in pool?
what should every girls make up bag include?
Need help finding a facial cleanser for very sensitive skin please help?
What non-latex eyelash glue works?
Skin Perfecting Cream - premature wrinkles?
Girly Girl help?
Who weres cream eye liner?
im just which age should girls start wearing make-up?
what mascara should i use?
is neutrogena norweigan body moisturizer bad for your health?
How old do I look?????????
Is Lush's Ginger Snap soap discontinued?
Can concealer and concealer alone cover up under eye circles and 5 o'clock shadows?
Makeup or Tan-- for guys. ?
What is the best long lasting cover up?
Favorite makeup item(s) EVER???????????
skincare / cosmetics and wholesale / retail prices?
What are your favourite types of mascara?
Is it "gay" for a 20 year old male who has dark circles under his eyes to want to cover it up?
Best concealer for dark circles around the eye area?
What Should Every Girl Have In Her Makeup Bag?
How do i start wearing makeup? I dont know anything!?
what kind of make-up do you use?
I Need Some Makeup advice?
Once and for all, ladies, do you find Kim Kardashian tp be very beautiful ?
Shaving my cheeks!!!?
the first day of highschool .?
What's your makeup routine?
Best felt tip/pen eyeliner?
I need good eye makeup! what brands are good?
how to have a baby?
What does a teenage girl need for makeup?
What brand of make-up do you most use and why?
how do i make my lips look plumper without having botox or having 2 wear lipstik?
what makeup should i wear?
Bare minerals eyeshadow How do you apply it?
How old where you when you started warring make-up?
how do i get the M.A.C. pro discount ?
What kind of mascara do you use?
Whats the best mascara out of these?
Contact Lenses?
Help me put in order my make up routine?
How can i make my skin look FLAWLESS!?
What kind of foundation is good for oily skin?Has anyone tried mineral foundations?
Where can I find MAC & Chanel makeup?
help with my eye lashes!!?
Will tanning "hide" stretch marks?
adora cosmetic co.los angeles?
What is that gel nail polish that comes in a round bottle?
is it ok 2 use makeup when ypur 12 & you r going 2 8th grade?
Is it bad if i don't wash my make-up off every night?
What do gilrs who wear alot of make up think?
when i kiss my boyfriend, my face makeup gets all over him . can i prevent this?
How can I become more pale?
This question is for the ladies.?
whats a good foundation that hide fine lines and blemish's & makes skin look soft ?
is this too much makeup for a 12 year oldd?
best liquid foundation?
Where can I find Ben Nye makeup in Harford/Baltimore County, Maryland???
How can i be prettier?
Wax Scars!!! Help PLEASE!! :(:'(?
What do you find to be the most amazing foundation?
How should I wear my makeup for a afternoon wedding?
BH cosmetics palette ?
What kind of eyemake is best for dark brown eyes?
I ordered Avon like over a month ago but now i changed my mind can the lady just send it back?
What mascara do you use?
make-up tips? please?
does makeup attract guys?
Hi, I have acne scars and want to find the best way to cover them?
Cover Girl Stick Foundation?
Makeup to look as if you are 5 years old?
Best drugstore matte powder?
How do I convince my mom to let me wear makeup?
what is a good type of mascara?
what kind of makeup should i use for school?what brand?what colors?and not 2 expensive
what age do you think kids should wear makeup?
How can I do 12 year old appropriate makeup ?
Makeup tips: how to make the eyes stand out?
*With Pictures* What color are my eyes?
How does Anna Nichol get her eyes so white?
How do you apply spray tan? ?
What products do they use when doing makeup at a salon?
why do you think its wierd for boys to wear makeup?
Allergic to makeup remover!!?
Does the glue that comes with fake eyelashes work?
Ladies, do you realize where most of the collagen in your skin cream comes from?
Getthing rid of pigmentations ...?
Do you think it's weird to wear eyeliner only on the bottom of your eye?
my life has become a mess within a few days and just dont know what i can do to sort it..?
Keeping my eyelashes curled?
Makeup help needed- specifically foundation?
Can mono be spread by sharing eye makeup?
What is the best type of make-up to buy at the lowest price?
Poll: Whats your favorite makeup item for your face?
what color eyeliner should i use?
what is the best drugstore mascara ?
Is it fair?? what should i do?
What is one make-up product you'd feel naked without?
Can anyone recommend a good product to re-grow eyelashes and make them full?
if you put on a layer of spf 15 then put on another layer will it become spf 30?
plz help beauticians?
do you wear make up every day?
Anyone used Dead Sea Minerals for face?
I have an UN-even skin tone on my cheek? I'm tan and its kind of white? HELP! 'CUSE I NEED IT BAD?
What's the best place to buy makeup?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Is Kat Von D Sinner and Beethoven true romance eyeshadow good?
Which foundation makeup company is best for 12 year olds? I want it to be light and Powder Foundation.?
Makeup doesn't match my neck?
I need help with makeup?
Spring Valley Hair Skin and Nails....?
how can i be a beatiful girl without makeup?
Can I use Copper Tone baby Sunscreen on my face everyday under makeup?
Grey Eyes.?
Which makeup brand is best?
Where can I find Etude House gel eyeliner in the united states?
whats the best facial wash or soap?
are lancome juicy tubes better than mac lip glosses?
which is hotter, brunette with blue eyes, or blonde with blue eyes?
whats the best facial moisturiser?
how to make my eyes almond shaped?
Drugstore compressed powder?
were can i buy glitter eye liner or a glitter eye pencil?
What makeup should I wear to my school dance?
Exspensive makeup Vs. Cheap Make-up?
can somebody tell me what does the cover girl fashion blush cool berry looks like ?
What is the best foundation you have used?
Allie gonino Makeup/hair (picture)?
is there any websites that do free mac make up testers?
I need to know some makeup that will cover my wife's black eye?
What is a good way to prevent acne?
What colors look good on a young girl with brown hair and blue eyes?
eyeshadow issues!?
How do you apply Mac Studio Tech powder/foundation thing.?
What colour should i paint my nails today?
What color eye makeup?
can you touch your nose whit upper lip?
Do guys like lip gloss or natural lips? And flavor?
covering a black eye on a guy with makeup?
I want to buy camphor?
Best Foundation ?????????
Can you use a highlighter as eyeshadow?
How do i get my mom to let me wear makeup!/?
Ugh.....This is confusing me??????????????
best bb cream for oily combination skin?
What is the best drugstore foundation in your opinion?
Does anyone have good makeup tips for medium/olive skin and medium brown eyes?
Girls, what is your favorite mascara that is dramatic and pretty but fairly easy to wash off???
If I'm a NC-50 in MAC's Studio fix fluid?
Why do you women purchase expensive makeup ?
Does it look like I have what it takes to be a model? Where would I apply if so?
WHAT IS MY EYE COLOUR !??-withpics?
Is this girl wearing too much makeup?
Should I start wearing make-up?
Urban Decay Vice Palette or Urban Decay Ocho Loco?
Why do Some Women Wear Thick Make up?
Whats a good homecoming hairstyle and makeup?
which will be more beneficial when wanting to become a professional makeup artist? cosmo. or esthetics?
What Makeup Would Look Good on My Skin Tone?
i am asian i have tried lots of foundation but none that match my color?
How can I make my lips look pale?
how can i make my eyes stand out?
I was wondering if anyone new a good site that explained how to put on eye shadow, with a diagram?
Do you wear Makeup??? Y/N?
Which color lipstick would look better?
How is she wearing her makeup and hair 10 points!?
Nivea Kiss Of collection?
whats The best mascara out there?

female anonimi can anyone tell me?
What type of foundation to cover a tattoo?
Could i pull of this eyeliner?
I use Nuderu-Derm products. In what order do I use the eye cream,and action?
Do I look okay without makeup?
Where do I get an eyeshadow palette ?
Do you think that eleven yearolds are old enough to wear make-up ??????
Sephora online..................................…
How you put makeup on with out your parents knowing or with out sneaking it on?
How to look stunning without makeup?
It sounds ridiculous, but can i use tape to wax my facial hair??
Why do women wait until they get in their car to put on their lipstick????
How do you use/ apply foundation?
what is the best drugstore foundation for oily skin?
How do I prevent my makeup from melting off during the middle of the day?
How much is a Makeup Forever Palette in France?
Is Fair skin A Good thing?? Or bad?
Im sick of the normal pink and red nail polish what can i get thats new but not goth?
what colors should u wear if u have reddish blonde hair?
Please suggest types of lipsticks for different occasions like regular, day time or evening?
Is Revlon Colourstay (Combi/Oily-Ivory) a good foundation?
my lips have been dry for about 3 years (weird!)?
What are the basic needs for a teenage girl makeup?
Wearing too much makeup?
What age did you start wearing make-up?
How long do you spend on your makeup?
Good Links For Applying Pencil Eye Liner?
A Question for a Professional Make Up Artist.... please help?
Should more males try wearing make-up?
Good products (LIGHTWEIGHT makeup, something to reduce redness, even tone, brightens, etc)?
Should I start filling in / drawing my eyebrows?
I've got everything for my deb, and I've decided on a behive-look hair do, but I need an idea about make up
What is the brand name of lip stick and lip gloss Robin McGraw wears.?
Powder make up brush?
Hiiiii i gonna attend my frnd's weding party at night. plzzz help in makeUP?
Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Oily/Combination skin with Softflex?
how do i make my self look older?
I just removed a big blackhead on my nose and now there's a hole?
Makeup ideas to go with my dress please help ! :)?
Is it possible to find CoverGirl Cosmetics products in Hong Kong?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear makeup?!?
If your mother took away your makeup would you feel nude?
is rouge baiser a drugstore brand?
i have one eye that is a little smaller than the other. how should I do makeup to make them look the same?
are jane products really safe and oil free?
Chanel lip gloss or lipstick?
Valentines day?
Does anyone know if Aldi in France sell the day anti wrinkle cream (siana)?
How have my eyes become so small?
liquid or pencil eyeliner?
What color are my eyes? They're either hazel or green.?
girls, which colour of lipstick do you love?
How do you find a matching foundation for your skin color?
Do you think women look better with alot of makeup or more natural?
can anyone tell me how i can apply my makeup like this?
mystic tan vs. spray tan.?
What happens when you put Halloween makeup on broken/unhealthy skin?
What is the best eye shadow color to use if you want to make blue eyes POP?
I am in the 7th grade, should I wear makeup?
any exercise to do make your leg look straight and of equal?
is it right that if i want my eyes 2 look nice and big that i put a dark eyeliner under my lashline, ?
makeup help....?
best concealer ? ? ?
is this true?
I want some tips to have a spotless skin,I have also some freckels on my face,?
smashbox debenhams blanchardstown?
I want to start a blog for my new homemade things I started making what would be a good name for the blog?
What are Pros and Cons of Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder?
Should I go back red or stay brown?
Do i wear too much makeup?
How can I get people to join my group?
I am 13 and I want to start wearing make up what would be the best brand and products.?
Is there any cream u can suggest to make my skin fair.?
Job at Ulta?
i have light green eyes, and i love eyeliner. but i just dont like black. any suggestions?
Do you hate girls who put so much make up on that they look like they got gang banged by Crayolas?
Ladies! What's your favorite mascara today?
Where can i buy a bb cream in london for tan skin?
Why is it so difficult to find properly tinted cosmetics for African Americans? Where can I find good ones?
Can you recommend a good facial moisturizer for me?
What's the best type of mascara for me to use?
i am curious and i need tips !?
Should I get all three Sigma brush sets?
What's better, BB creams, or Tinted Moisturizers? Best ones?
What kind of blush would you suggest? Creme, Powder, or Liquid?
what kind of makeup does carmindy use?
do you think this ring is nice?
Does make-up sometimes mask the true beauty?
I love NYXCOSMETICS but is it worth it?
Cheap makeup!!!?
men dont like natural women?
I pull out my lashes.:( How do I make it seem I have lashes without using extensions?
What is the best mascara for asian lashes?
Why do girls put foundation on?
loreal true match super blendable foundation?
Concealer questions for a makeup beginner?
How to wear makeup to school?
how do you get rid of pimples and blackheads?
whats better lipstick or lip gloss?
Why do you all think that powder will clog your pores??
How do I get the Goth Cat Eye look?
why do women cake on makeup?
is maybelline roller color any good?
How can I make my eyes popout?
What is the beauty product that you CANNOT live without?
i have like a medium beige skin tone, but i can never decide what color of lipstick/lipgloss to use.?
what makeup and hairstyle will suit me this summer?
What kind of makeup for my eye shape?
Anyone use Dinair Airbrush Make Up?
a good makeup foundation?
How can I look Half-Asian?
WHy is cheaper than
Makeup tips for 14 year old girl?
Do you wear eyeliner Every Day?
Hey. which do you think is better. eyeliner or mascara?
What makeup is right for me?
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer & Powder?
what is a good brand of makeup for brown skin that last more than 8 hours and doesnt make my face look pink?
what's the difference between drug store makeup and non-drug store makeup? and which is better?
I have green eyes and I think there ugly?
What is the difference between pressed and baked eyeshadow?
What does a facial do ?
Why does some lipsticks mainly lip gloss give me a huge nasty looking painful open bump on my lip?
Guys only Help!!!!!?
how to achieve natural looking rosy cheeks?
e.l.f. cosmetics: $1 makeup?
am i good at makeup?(pics)?
How would you compare beauties?
im 12 years old and want to wear eyeliner?
Does vaseline on eyelashes work?
Desperate for a makeover?
When can I start to wear makeup?
I've been wearing mascara but i didnt know you had to take it off before bed?
10 points, Do you know any good make-up brands?
If I could only choose 3 makeup products to make a natural look what would I use?
How do you make some good "homemade" skin care products?
any make up tips?
OK to wear black eyeliner w/ hazel eyes? 10 points?
Does your SO ever pamper you/do your make-up and hair for you?
dream matte mousse?
what hair and makeup would i look good in?
what can i wear that looks good? i dont have the skinniest bod..not fat tho?
Can I return MAC cosmetics without a receipt?
Clinique Superbalanced Foundation?
'laura mercier secret camouflage' consiler?does anyone used it?do u recomend it?
eyelash bugs how do they work?
what is the best things to use for everyday makeup?
what is the color of your eyes?
how do u feel about covergirl makeup or mac?
Help with this please?? *pictures*?
is diorskin forever extreme wear foundation okay for dry skin?
Could you only put kohl (eyeliner) on the lower lip of your eye? or does it have to be both?
Ladies, do u ever put makeup on your nipples?
What is the best type of black mascara?
do guys care if u wear make-up or not?
What color eyeshadow?
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Fair Complexion... I look so pale and dull, what makeup can I use to brighten my face?
How to get back into old Mary Kay business?/?
what lip color looks the best on me(pictures)?
Eye shadow, y does mine wear off durin the night n all end up in the crease?Anything i can do to stop that?
anyone know how to get keals natural beauty products online?
How long before i can get in the bath?
Which mascara is better?
What type of MAC eyeshadow should i get?
Which Self Tanner is better: Banana Boat or Jergens?
How can I make my eyeshadow last all throughout the day without dissapearing?
want to start using liquid foundation help?
Eyeliner? That stays on?
Makeup for middle-school girl?
Help choosing a new foundation?
I'm making a facial mask and I need some help!!!?
how to cancel order at mac cosmetics?
How to get rid of dark circles and bags around and under eyes?
Had make -up on what eye process was used?pic~?
What's the quickest road to recovery after an eyebrow has accidentally been shaven completely off?
How do i apply coverup to make it look natural??
Can you wear makeup with contacts?
Can a girl look good without makeup?
Can i use liquid foundation as a concealer?
Where can I go for a facial make over?
How to make my eyelashes thicker ?
is it bad to spray hairspray on your face to make your foundation last all day?
How much makeup is too much?
What is the difference between eczema and rosacea?
What kind of make-up do you use?
How should I shape my eyebrow?
What is your favorite line of makeup?
What do you think of blue eyes ?
how can u make powdered eyeshadow last?
Exchanging MAC eyeshadows, any suggestions of what colors to get?
What color eyeshadow works best with green eyes?
how much does covergirl lashblast length mascara cost in the philippines?
What is the best lip plumper? ...Something long lasting...?
Would a girl with dark brown eyes, and light blonde hair look good with brown eyeliner?
My Girl Friend wants me to wear makeup. Should I Let her put makeup on me?
Would you like an online make-up store that delivers to your door through the post?
What's the best drugstore mascara?
Are fake eyelashes a bad idea to wear?
Is Skindinavia Oil Control Setting Spray worth the money?
concealer looks dry flakey and cakey all at the same time!!?
How can I be as pretty as possible?
im new to makeup i need help?
Should i buy a black or brown eyeshadow?
What is the name of the Chanel lipgloss??
What shade of Chanel Teint Innocence is right for me?
You're bluffing?
What is the best lengthening mascara?
what do "Contour Kajal" and "Cover Stick" mean and used for what?
What kind of makeup products where used on the set of wizards of waverly place?
is the Revlon 1.75-Inch Ceramic Curling Iron a good curling iron?
$300 for 24 new authentic MAC brushes.. Is it worth it?
Attention beauty professionals!!! What can I do to conceal the dark circles under my eyes?
Im wearing a purple sparkly dress to a friend's 21st what makeup?
What is a good website that gives instruction on makeup application?
Last Minute prom stufff?
American eagle? Abercrombie & Fitch?Aeropostale?
Inexpensive Makeup Brands?
how to get this eye makeup?
Do any other girls realize how many chemicals are in makeup and skin care?
Is it okay for a 14 year old to wear foundation and concealer?
touche eclat?
I am trying to find the products from
Foundation or powder best for sensitive skin?
how do you log into aromaleigh?
Whats a good make-up brand?
What would u do if u saw a guy with a meeny skirt on and wearing fishnet stalkings >?
What to do with this tinted moisturizer?
What Maybelline mascara is best?
Makeup for new short haircut?
Voluminous million lashes loreal vs voluminous carbon black loreal vs falsies maybelline mascara?
what could i do to look better? (pics inside)?
What are my school make-up bag essentials?
What is the shelf life of face paint opened and unopened?
How do I make a fake scar over my left eye?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup, how did you start?
Best way to apply fake tan?
Urban Decay Primer Potion?
how do I get my makeup to look like this gorgeous model?
Mac pro longwear or mac studio finish concealer?
Best mascara in your opinion?!?
What type of concealer works best?(solid, powder, or liquid)?
Does anyone know of a cover up for a women who sweats alot?
Bare minerals foundation?
Advice on makeup please...?
How can I put on my eyeliner so oil wont smudge it?
I'm 13, and I still don't shave... HELP!?
Can 11 year olds wear makeup?
i want to wear no makeup?
i need a good drugstore brand mascara for clean, seperated, natural volume?
how do you know if your wearing to much make up for your age??
GIRLS!: What are your top 5 makeup products?
what eyeshadow goes best with blue eyes?
how to tell my mom?...i am so shy...?
Craving Chocolate?
Makeup that embraces freckles but hides spots?!?
Does anyone know what happened to Naturistics Lip products?
What stores sell rigid collodion scaring liquid?
How can i get my eyes blue?
can you wear sunscreen and off at the same time?
Should i join the Sigma affiliate program?
need some good makeup tips!!?
Girls, Who taught you how to do your makeup?
A lot of cheap makeup or small amount of expensive makeup?
if u ain't wearin makeup can u still be pretty?
What Color Eyeshadow?
makeup help....?
lip gloss recipe?! (: PLEASE ANSWERR?
What is a good makeup routine for school?
Lip Gloss or Lip Stick?
Which mineral makeup should i use?
Is this a good makeup choice for a 13 year old?
Make up - Dark Brown hair, warm brown eyes and light blue dress?
what is the best things to use for everyday makeup?
is it ok for guy to ware make up and stuf?
what's the best way to make my skin Smooth and never being dry?
Is WetnWild Nail Polish any good?
does walmart accept opened cosmetic returns?
Do you know if Glammin makeup school is reputable school for a young women interested in career?
which eyeliner is better? maybelline or covergirl?
which drugstore eyeliner&liquid foundation&mascara works best?
appyling make up for the first time?
Does liquid Karetine work?
Should i wear make-up for a professional photo-shoot?
Why Does My Foundation Look Dry?
how do i remove makeup without cleanser?
What does Holt Renfrew carry?
what is best kind of makeup?
how can u make your own eyeshadows what do u use?
do u really need brushes when applying your eyeshadow and what r some helpful websites that will give ideas?
how to become a mac pro member?
what is a good mascara for thin and short lashes?
makeup kit for little girls from the late 80s to early 90s?
What eye shadow colors look good with brown, hazel eyes?
pimples scar?
Dynamat v.s. bed liner?
What can I use to prevent concealer from creasing?
How do i do very heavy makeup?
How to Look Kawaii?.?
Is there such thing as Pink Mascara?
expired Mederma cream can I still use it?
What are the best ways to put make up??? And what are the best ones??
Is a scam?
What is the best AVON glimmersticks eyebrow pencil color for me?
any good makeup brands of any kind?
Best Mascara; Girls, what are y'all's opinions?
What's a good MAC eyeshadow combination?
I'm 18 & got offered a kids menu?
What is the best mascara that you have used?
what is the best eye colour for a boy ?
i have 30 dollars to spend at sephora and or lush what should i spend it on?
How do I see pores on my face?
witch one,Makeup or no makeup?
What Is the best foundation from superdrug?
What is the best mascara at an affordable price?
Good Makeup Kit for a beginner?
I want a Bronze/tan look?
What is the best makeup remover?
What products do they use when doing makeup at a salon?
What's the best way to apply blush?
can u tell how to make lips thin....?
How can i make my lips softer?
GIRLIESS! maybelline magnum volum express waterproof or max factor false lash effect waterproof mascara? :)?
Should I make youtube videos?
good mascara?
POLL: Do you pluck or wax your eyebrows?
How long do you spend on your makeup?
Best Bronzing Powder?
Why did lo'real discontinue their colour. juice lip gloss ?
My skin become really oily during the day, what can I do to stop it?
Is it okay to wear just eyeliner and lipstick?
Girs can you rate this guy`s picture?
My mom says i wear too much makeup?
Is Maybelline Lash Stiletto available in the UK yet?
My mom doesn't like me wearing makeup and stuff. I don't really know what to do.?
Why is it that whenever we girls put on mascara our mouths are open? Has anyone besides me ever noticed that?
Does eyelash curler damage eyelashes?
What wash of color will look good with dark brown eyes?
How good is sorbaline cream for your skin?
Is this a ok makeup routine for a freshmen?
I think i have ugly eyes?
Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover. Do they cover the flaws?
What color should i paint my nails?
what kind of mascara is she wearing?
What kind of make up should i use?
What color eye shadow goes well with me ?
Have you tried Joan Rivers The right to bare legs?
Do Your Eyes Change Colors?
Do I look the same with and without makeup (photos)?
Revlon Colorstay Concealer?
what is the best lancome mascara?
When should i start wearing makeup?
can someone come up with a good skin care routine for me?
how to wash off mascara?
whats your favorite mascara.(:
What is the best color and make-up for aisan women?
anyone know of a website that can give makeup tips on how to make an Asian girls eyes appear to have a crease?
Best makeup under £10?
Should I buy the brushes now?
Lip Zits??? WTF!!! how to effectively get rid of them quick and for a long period of time!?
is there any way of making my eyes look more japanese using make-up?
UGLY because of cross & deep set eyes. Any fix?!?
Best drugstore mascaras?
What kind of makeup should I use for dry skin in the morning to oily skin at night. Something natural &...?
How do you know what shade of concealer?
clinique vs chanel vs revlon?
I have platinum blonde hair now and really fair skin with blue gray eyes. Makeup tips?
How can you make your eyes up, so they look bigger?
Bare Minerals vs. Physicians Formula?
Best Blush You've Ever Tried?
what is a good face primer to use on face before applying foundation espaically for those who have oily skin?
In Victoria's Secret fashion show,Why do all the models wear sooo much highlighter on their cheek bones?
what happened to the revlon lipstick color Bali Brown?
Can you wear a lighter foundation without looking weird?
Do I look alright with no makeup on (pics)?
I need some new makeup and.....?
What do i do!! MAKE UP HELP!!?
question, statement, makeup.?
Asian BB creams - how to choose?
has anyone tried this foundation??.. please answer?
Mac studio fix powder C4 ( darker than NC40???)?
What is a good men skincare brand?
Do I look like I am wearing makeup in this picture?
Opinions on fake eyelashes?
Will a dark brown look good with my pink/pale skin and green eyes?
what is your favorite makeup brand?
How to do make up / be like this?
I am 5"2 and 108 pounds... Am I too skinny?
good cheap natural eyeshadow palettes?!?
when you buy mac eyeshadows in a quad, do they come with a label sticker?
How should I do my eye makeup?
Whats your best Make-up ever?
whats the best liquid foundation to use?
I need a lipstick that is hypo allergic?
How to make my skin paler?
Whats your favorite song?
Does Carmex contain fiberglass?
Too much makeup for a freshman?
What's your favorite color?
If chap stick really was suppose to heal my lips.. why do I have to buy it so often?
what is the best eyeshadow color for green eyes?
How long does it take to become a nail technician and make up artist?
is it ok to wear black lipstick and eye shadow?
How can I do my makeup like this?? (pics included)?
what are mineral makeup?
If a 13 years old girl is wearing makeup, what would you think?
Best foundation?? :)?
would my hair look nice moussed ? ~pics~?
pink or purple wich is better?
Foundation or concealer first?
TOp/ great Cosmetology schools??
Daytime smokey eye look?
lengthening mascara ?
Is it ok to wear make-up as a guy?
What make-up brands do the sell in debenhams ?
How long does the Loreal True Match concealer usually last?
my skin is oily, but when i apply make up to my face it doesn't look dewy, it kind of dries into my skin?
Make-up tips and tricks for forehead and eyes?
What is your favourite brand in BB cream?
What's your favourite avon product from the colourtrend section?
need proper skin routine. face and makeup?!!?
is vaseline or petroleum jelly good for removing eye make up?
Nail polish problem. Please help!?
Removing mascara?
I need a new mascara...which one is the best?
Is a 11 yr old old enough to wear scene makeup?
oily skin, someone help!?
What kind of makeup should a 13 year old girl wear?
How would you make me over?
where can i get....????
Where can i buy BB cream?
Mac blushes that look nice with pale skin?
I am 13...what kind of make-up would look best on me?
What is the best eyeshadow palette?
i think im going to get the word "classy" tatooed on inside of lower lip.What do you think about that?
Why Do Women Wear Makeup?
Do you think moles are gross?
I'm 13 and want to start to wear make up What do you think?
How do I get this look??
Hello, I'm over 45 and looking for a good facial moisturizer. What's the best?
what is a good brand of black eyeshadow at a drug store?
should my face mask burn when I put it on?
When did you start wearing makeup?
are hazel or blue eyes prettier?
Which colour make up would best suit me? (pics )?
natural or makeup what do guys prefer?
What color eye shadow should I wear?? Any other tips?
When is it too much makeup for high school?
FUN favorite makeup survery?
how cna i make my skin glow?
Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner or Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner?
Do I have a big butt?:S?
whats a good foundation for super pale people?
should a guy wear fingernail polish?
What is your favorite brand of makeup? Why?
What are some alternatives to clean eye make-up thoroughly?
what do you think about mac cosmetics?
why do guys go for girls who wear a lot of makeup?
How do look for school?*PIC*?
I like make up but try and keep it natural , what is your opinion?
Whats a good chapstick?
MAC Eye Shadow Help (pictures included)?
Best foundation for oily skin? Is Almay foundation the best for Oily skin? Please source need by 10/28/12?
good foundation for oil prone skin?
Did maybelline discontinue their roller color eyeshadow? :(?
Can a Boy have a Girl avatar?
Is it possible to lose my eye lashes by using mascara?
can i do a makeup course whilst still at school?
why do we have eyebrows?
Do "dinar makeup" reccomendations annoy you?
What colour are my eyes?
Have you used Guinot make-up and skincare products? What is your idea about them?
How should I wear my makeup as to not upset my mom?
how to apply liquid eye liner?
Is this too much makeup for an eigth grader?
Am I Likely To Get The Job?
What mascara do you use?
i like being orange?
what do you think is the appropriate age for a girl to start wearing makeup?
What's the best face powder for...?
How to rock a Twa finger coil?
What are some good diy Skin treatmeants for acne/scars?
Best way to remove eyemakeup?
Would it look weird for someone to all of a sudden start wearing makeup to school?
how can i make my eyebrows darker?
I have no powder, what can I wear over my foundation?
Make up designs like Benefit and Soap and glory?
what is the best facial primer that is available in ireland?
How to use color-stay mineral powder
I have long eyelashes?
what is the best way to accentuate my blue eyes and blonde hair?
at the age of 13..?
foundation tips?
a website for make overs..sort of?
The sephora mini shopping bag makeup palette or urban decay feminine palette?
should I buy the Estee Lauder double wear light foundation?
I need a makeup artist on long island NY?
What eye makeup is she wearing?
Which is better? What do you think? I NEED ANSWERS!!?
What's the best foundation?
Girls, do you use liquid, powder or matte foundation?
recruitment for sk2 beauty advisor?
Your favorite makeup brand?
Would you break up with your boyfriend just because he let you put makeup on him?
How do I find the right color pencil to fill in my eyebrows if dark brown is too light and soft black too dark?
What facial wash to you use?
How to prevent oily skin?
Anyone ever worked for Sephora before?
nervous about an interview.?
Do you know what my favorite color is ?
would u rather wear pink for the rest of your life or never use lip gloss again??? ♥♥♥?
how to make up with natural style?
How to make your lip gloss last all day?
Is Maybelline Define-A-Line eyeliner good?
Do you share my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
makeup advice please?
What could I improve on with my makeup channel?
how do i put on make up?
Lipgloss question??
face excercises for older women that tighten and tone face?
whats is the best waterproof makeup?
Do you have to curl your eyelashes before putting on fake ones?
Some makeup ideas?
Which one is better : Max Factor "Color Adapt" or L'Oreal "True Match" makeup?
Loreal True Match Powder for oily skin?
I'm starting 8th grade. What make-up should I wear to school everyday?
Which do you prefer: Chanel No. 5 or Chanel No. 19?
Where can I find good make up !!!?
mashen scm?
what liquid foundation is like miss sporty 03-dark? any recomendations?
Is it ok for a 12 year old to use this makeup?
Are there any good/cheap eyelash perm places near Yardley, PA (19067)?
spray tanning SUCKS!?
Iphone 6 or iphone 5gs?
Bare Escentuals kit application?
Makeup shopping list for 13 year old?
Is there water proof eyeliner?
Ok now which brand has the darker eyeliner, Mary Kay or Avon??
What color blush would look best on me?
I have really really blue eyes and I want a poppin green or really stand out light brown what do you suggest?
Where can i go to get cheap but good makeup ?
I've tried contouring my nose but i have a hard time blending?
How to improve my makeup skills? I'm ugly and I need help!?
what would help my eyes look bluer? cant wear contacts?
Sigma VS MAC. Makeup Brushes?
What is the age aproppiate make up for a 7th grader?