Does extended wear lipstick CAUSE lip lines?
Make-up... Would this work...?
What's the best dramatic volumizing mascara?
eyelashes, grow!!?
what age did you start wearing makeup?
How do I keep my makeup on?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Noxzema waxy residue/facial cleanser suggestions?
Compliment or not?
foundation powder or liquid or both?
how to make eyeshadow at home without mica?
Is it okay if i use makeup . PLEASE ANSWER !?
red lipstick on 13 year olds?
how to make skin clear and to glow our face?
What is your favorite Lip Gloss?
Whats the best BB cream for oily, acne-prone skin?
At what age should a qirl start wearinqq mascara ?
Is a iphone a phone???????????????
upper lip threading question?
I have brown, short hair, peachy skin, and I am 13. What make-up should I wear?
How do I store liquid foundation?
What's the best make up to wear to school without getting caught?
What's in your school make up bag?
OMG!!!!!!!! How can I become more photogenic?
What should i do for makeup?
What mascara do you recommend?
This is a very serios question. Any way to hide facial wrinkles WITHOUT a facelift?
what are some really good eyeshadow brands?
Difference between MAC msfs & mineralized blush?
Makeup ideas for a night out?
Is 12 too young to wear makeup?
How do you feel about guys who wear makeup?
What makeup to wear for hazel eyes?
what color should I paint my toenails?
Calling all makeup artists!! How to keep makeup sterile when using it on others?
Why won't my makeup stay on?
Need a creative business name for a cosmetics/herbal company.?
Makeup youtube channel?
my mom said no i cant wear makeup?
Does my hair and makeup look okay(pic included)?
No eyeliner panic attack?? Help?
Please tell me what kind of makeup I should wear. I'm not wearing any in this pic.?
Advice on this eyeshadow ? 10 easy points!?
people who are pale skinned ?
does anyone like?
Whats the best makeup you have used?
working at
Why do chicks were makeup??
Whats the best ysl/chanel/dior mascara for...?
Getting pale??????????????????
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
Which picture do i look better in?
Please help about Make-up?
I love Dior AirFlash!?
What's you favorite mascara?
whos prettier the blonde or orange. pics below. (2 of them)?
Clean and Clear Blotting sheets.....?
What's your favorite mascara?
"Emo/Scene hair/makeup?
mascara problem!?!?
Burts Bee's chapstick?
What's in your makeup bag?
Where a good place to buy makeup online?
What Colour Should I Paint My Nails?
Can you put liquid eyeliner on your waterline?
What is the best drugstore macsara out there?
My style ... helped with your tips :> ............ guys n girls ?
How so I ask my mom for makeup?
What can i do to cover up my pimples and blotchiness?
What mascara gives you the most volume?
Does anyone know the name of this site?
I need a mask of a black man. Where can I get one? (online)?
How do i enhance my eyes with make-up??
I want to brighten my skin?
What is the best moisturizer??(read first) :)?
L:ipstick help?
What kind of make-up did Lauren Conrad wear on Laguna Beach?
what foundation does jessica alba wear?
skin reaction to a mask i tried, help!!!?
PLeassssssssssssseeeeeeeee Help!?
What is the best make-up / concealer to hide blemishes?
is this a good look for me?
what is the best lipgloss around at the moment?
how to use avon dual ended eyeliner?
whats colour eyes is your fav blue green etc?
What is your makeup routine?
s. best answer! Best drugstore foundation for OILY skin?
Ow My Gosh !?
whats the best blusher?
Is Rupamrit is good to get Fairness?
How do you make your eyes look more open/ healthy?
What shape && color are my eyes? help pleease!?
MAC lipsticks for pale skin?
Can someone plz give me the 101 on losing saddlebags & getting toned?
Does Dermablend really cover stretch marks and is it really waterproof?
do you have an avon lady?
What does concealer do?
Makeup-wanna put it on..but not visible?
Mascara that doesn't wash!?
HELP How do i sharpen thiss eyeliner?
are the perfumes on empty?
How do I order the personal custom kit on everyday minerals website?
How should guys wear eyeliner?
The secret to applying make-up. Do guys like a lot or a little on a girl?
do these models look average without makeup pls answere?
if u need any of advice?
Good White Eyeliner???
what makeup and hairstyle would look wow on me ?
Makeup ForEver HD Foundation?
Is 8th grade too young for...?
How do you depot Urban Decay Eyeshadows?
Carmex lip balm addiction?
how do you avoid eyeliner from melting and totally messes up your eye makeup?
What's a good drugstore lip gloss?
Makeup and Hair Advice?!?! (Pic included)?
What drugstore foundation should I use?
Does anybody know what kind of makeup that is like Clinque but is not a expensive. Or it works like Clinque?
I bought a CoverGirl compact from RiteAid, but it was used when I got home and checked it. Should I return it?
which mascara do you think is the best?
I need Makeup Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are your favorite drugstore makeup products?
What brand of mascara do you like best and why?
How to use poetic waxing strips?
Dark smokey eye for light green eyes - without washing them out.?
What's you're everyday make up?
Eyebrow Shaping kits?
Donna Michelle foundation?
I want to get my eyebrows "done"?
how do you apply liquideyeliner to your upper eyelid? i just started wearing makeup a year ago.?
does eyeliner look slutty?
what happens when you don't take off ur makeup ?
Is this too much make-up for a 13 year old girl to be wearing?
can i make up my brother as a girl at our slumber party ? he is 15 years old ? yes,he is agree to wear?
do you think this is to much make up?
which foundation would be the best?
Freckle be gone?
Dark dark hair, fair skin, and blue eyes...make up help!?
Anyone sell Arbonne out there? What can you tell me about it?
I have grey/green eyes. What would look best? eyeliner, eye shadow what ever.?
Should guys wear make up?
How to make my skin fair?
I am looking for a good but affordable Make-Up Artistry Courses in NYC?
The best makeup for my eyeshape? 10 points?
Will my tan ever go away totally?
Any tips on getting rid of dark eye circles with out costing alot? and also any tips on fixing deep set eyes?
Can I make the acrylics I already have longer?
Best tanning accelerator/intensifier for outdoor tanning?
What do you think of my makeup? Is it too much?
whats the best drugstore mascara??
acne help!!!?
how do you make your eyelashes longer?
Ok so my prom is today i need help?
How do you make eyes appear larger and farther apart?
Do you think tanned skin looks healthy and sexy?
Do you like this shade of blue nailpolish on my feet?
has anybody ever heard of artistry makeup?
how do i make my face pimple free and glowing?
where can i buy this heal and conceal here in the philippines?
Why do people rub lard in to their eyes?
Black Eyeliner..Yay or Nay?
girls, makeup questions? Please help!?
please answer asap?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it ok for a teen to use shisedo skin care?
What looks good with green eyes?
What is the best way to make myself look paler?
Is this too much makeup for a 16 1/2 year old?
whats the BEST chapstick ever?
I want to start wearing makeup?
makeup at 14?
what color are my eyes?
What's the best foundation?
eye shadow for blue eyes and light brown hair?
Please help easy easy?
Is this an okay amount of make-up for me to wear to school?
Is 18 a good age to wear makeup?
Help!! Which one eyeliner or eyeshadow??
I Am 13 Years Old And I Really Wanna Do My Eyebrows But My Mom Won't Let Me.?
celebrity makeup artist help!!???
Do I look bad without eyeliner?
lipgloss vs. lipstick?
do u think 13 is to young to start wearing makeup ?
What shape && color are my eyes? help pleease!?
makeeeeupp helpppppp?
face powder help!! replacing benefit?!?
Best Mascara out there?
8th grade hair and makeup?
derma roller testimonies for stretch marks?
When doing eyeliner, are you supposed to line the lash lines, waterlines, or both?
need advice?was ripped off by avon?
is it wrong that I (a guy) wear make-up?
how to make dark dark brown eyes look dark blue?
mary kay makeup?
10 POINTS, are there any mascaras that will give me the appearance of fake eyelashes?
Do you think Taylor Swift needs to get rid of the bright red lipstick?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
What's your favorite BURT'S BEES lip balm?
Why do girls put nail polish on their toenails?
who knows the face shop's pore minimizing cover up? does it have an spf??
What is your favorite lipgloss? ?
How do i get my makeup to look like Kris Jenner?
help with puffy eyes?
is waxing or plucking you eyebrows more painfull ?
Do I suit benefit makeup?
Mascara for guys? (girls please)?
What's wrong with my eyeliner?
Make up brushes :) x?
What color and style of lipstick do you recommend?
which Skin ID is this?
how old should kids be to wear eyeliner and make up?
What do you think of MACs Studio Tech foundation?
Do you think its stupied to go to the tanning salon in the winter. Will it look weird to people?
ladies, If you are just running some errands do you still put on your makeup?
Best setting powder and bronzer ever?
Where can u buy clear mascara in Australia?
What color eyeshadow/eyeliner is best for brown eyes?
how to prevent mascara from smudging?
Eyebrow waxing????????????????????
Has using lip-plumper lipgloss hurt anyone else's lips before?
How to make my eyes appear bigger?
Can someone help me with Mac Cosmetic Makeup?
MAC eye make-up help?
When I use perfume, it always seems to fade away soon after I put it can I make it last longer?
Where do you apply blush???
can i buy a lip stainer at a pharmacy?
Would this be too much makeup for school?
Ok silly question. Is Mary Kay Cosmetics worth the investment?
What is the beat kind of foundation for someone with acne scars?
question for girls about eyeliners?
can u mix a glycolic acid peel with a salicylic peel ?
Electric blue mascara?
does petromeum jelly really works for chapped lip?
What are good quality brushes?
Lip Implants?????????????
How to convince my mom to let me wear makeup in 6th grade?
Can you recommend a good foundation?
Cat eye eye make up tips?
whats the best make-up brand?
why do girls put on make-up even though it mess up the girls faces?
Good makeup brands that are cheap ?
Poll: Does your makeup routine change?
how many grams of foundation do you get in sheer cover deluxe?
what do u think of my eye make up ? ive only bin doing it 4 couple weeks so i know its not that good?
what do you think is the prettiest eye color ?
Are my eyes green or hazel?
What do you consider make up?
Where in the Toronto area can I buy ELF cosmetics?
What do you think of Sedona Lace eyeshadow, is it good?
Users of covergirl tru blend whipped foundation, would u suggest for oily skin?
What do you consider make up?
should I get a refillable travel makeup brush?
How old do you have to be to buy a lighter?
Where can i get Free make up samples in the UK?
Whats the best fondation?
Is it okay to buy make up from the dollar store?
Why good makeup brushes?
To achieve the best look for black & white photography, how should the model's make up be made?
Is foundation and powder makeup (blush,bronzer) bad for a 13 year old?
A good foundation Please?
How do you keep your makeup on ?
whats the best make up brand for mascara?
best beauty cosmetics school recommend?
8th grade face makeup help?
How to get companies noticing you on mylikes?
Best foundation for women over 30?
Makeup on a long trip? eep o,o?
Is it bad to breathe in Nail Polish?
how can you get rid of under eye circles?
Any makeup artists ever makeover a guy to look like woman?
What colour nailpolish to wear with a burgundy top?
Should lip gloss be allowed in SLPS.?
How do I get this stain out?!?
Anyone have success with ?
whats The best mascara out there?
Is being Pale a turn off?
i have blue eyes what eyeshadow should i wear?
Do you think Taylor Swift needs to get rid of the bright red lipstick?
what is the best eyeliner to get?
What is the best brand of eyeliner that doesn't run or become easily ruined?
Why does eyeliner burn??
do i have bushy eyebrows?
Do you wear eyeliner on just the top, just the bottom, or both?
Why does my makeup make me look like i have a black eye?
My lips need moisturizing! I've tried blistex and carmex and they aren't working well...?
best nail polish for winter formal?
Barbie makeup?!?
What colors in make up would work best for me?
Maybelline concealer shades?
Question about Dermablend for covering red blotches?
Help with college interview!?
My beauty lecturer told me and my class to wash out makeup brushes with shampoo, why?
how can i do my smoky eyes ?but i dont want to look like a racoon.?
Help with Zombie Makeup?
guys: do you like girls with or without makeup?!?
ladies! wats the best pressed powder u tried or are currently using?
Make-up for a 13 year old? Help!?
hey you!! i really need your help pleaseee....eye makeup?
Mary Kay eye makeup remover ingredients...?
Which powder foundation works best?
Is there somthing i should change ablout my look?
What are some essentials you keep in your makeup bag for school?
Has anyone ever tried out this product?
How often are you supposed to dispose of and replace foundation? Mascara? Liners? Blush?
i dont like wearing foudation and coverup, is there anything i could use instead?
Can i wear Mac dazzleglass alone? without layering it over lipstick?
i have really small eyes and i was wondering how can i make them more oval or bigger without surgery?
Make up looks for school?
no make up or make up?
What happens when you freeze eyeliner?
Should I stay pale or get a spray tan?
harajuku makeup help?
how do i get my eyeliner to stop running?!?
Free makeup for testing?
How do you use milk of magnesia to help oily skin?!?
Whats the best mascara out of these?
any tips on how to look younger?
What makeup should i wear?
Would u ever leave home without makeup? why?
When will Burt's Bees makeup line come out?
what are the similarties in John Frieda collection Free- Ease and New Secret sheer mineral ads?
Sealer for makeup to prevent clothing transfer?
Am very dark in complextion,suggest me a Foundation which suits my skin colour.Tell me the Brand .?
Do i wear tooo much make up?
my mom thinks im too young?plz read?
what eyeshadow goes good with blue eyes?
What looks nicer, pale or light tanned skin?
How old should a girl be when she starts wearing makeup?
MAC foundations for oily skin? ?
WHy Do Girls Wear Lipgloss?
use of concealer pen &how?
Alternatives to 'acrylic liquid'?
Duac pimple clearer?
When I apply eyeliner on the top lid it smudges really fast, what can i do ?
where can you buy too faced shadow insurance on guam ?
Help with apperance?
Can you use lipstick as eyeshadow?
How do you get Jessica Simpsons makeup?
Why do YOU wear foundation?
what makeup line is Melissa Gilbert a spokepeson for?
How do i ask my mom to wear makeup?
Smooth make up face *1 question* HELP!?
im 14. do i wear too much makeup?
shaping eyebrows?
Wharecan I get my makeup done for free?
How to look good on an 8 hour flight?
How to conceal a burn with makeup?
I got an eyelash curler and do I use it before or after I put mascara on?
What is the most exotic eye colour in your opinion ?
Im being a pink crayon for halloween what can i wear for make-up?!?
Why do white girls wear so much makeup?
How to get eye makeup looking like this?
whats the best colour nail polish for the toes this summer?
I need some help trying to figure this out?
What's your makeup routine?
What face shape am I?
HELLLPP ME!!!! PLEASE!! 10 points best answer!?
Does anyone who know how to apply makeup to look dark but still sexy?
How to make yourself appear prettier?
What makeup should I purchase? First time!?
Best make up?
A website that sells Missha BB Cream for CHEAP!?
How do you do your top eyeliner?
Don't you think when it comes down to getting dolled up, less make up and the natural look works best?
Do you use liquid eye liner a lot?
What is the best eye cream for DARK CIRCLES???
I am afraid of wearing makeup in public.....?
Will it grow back in 1 month?
What is your favorite makeup brand and products?
Doesn't everybody have high cheekbones?
i hate girls you think they now all the guy in the world?
Does anyone use the Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen ?
Smashbox cream eyeliner question?
How should I get my hair cut, and how should I start doing my makeup?
Is there a website where i could put my pic up and change my hair colors?
Has anyone tried NYX Glitter Cream Pallet?
Mac Cosmetic prices in Hong Kong?
what does it means UV filter?
Hey guys! Check out my makeup blog please :)?
Loreal true match or neutrogena oil free foundation?
Does anyone know a good (cheaper) alternative to YSL Touche Eclat?
can i use both concealer and foundation at the same time or is this a bad idea?
my nose is abnormally incorrect, help?
Hey can someone help me, what piercings would i suite?
Why does blush make me breakout?
What Do You think about Eyebrow threading ?
I'm 14 and don't wear makeup?
Eyeliner problem :( Help?
how to find Jennifer Castillo?
whats a good foundation?
Does anyone know a product similar to Mary Kay's Triple Action Lip Enhancer?
Why do people rub lard in to their eyes?
Help a sunburn?
what is your faveorite makeup brand and what is your favorite product they sell?
Good eye cream for dry/dark puffy under eyes?
best foundation?? medium skin tone good coverage?
Homecoming makeup ideas?
Why did my eyes change color?
Which is better Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover?
What is in the E.L.F. mystery bag?
What makeup would look good with red brown/blonde hair, green eyes and light skin?
edgy make up?
What age do I look ?
whats your fav make up colours?
do i look like a porcelein doll?
Need advise to give to co-worker.?
Where can i go to get cheap but good makeup ?
do u have 2 put ur lip ring in all the time?
Do you know how to find a free lift and glow pro?
what is the best makeup for auburn hair, pale skin and green/hazel eyes?
I have a friend who wears a lot of makeup to work?
whats a good long lasting foundation and eyeliner?
does wearing fake eyelashes really ruin your natural ones?
If you where Mascara will your eyelashs fall out when you are old??
What is a good fast dry topcoat?
makeup help for a 14 year old girl?
What is a good school to study on becoming a professional makeup artist in Atlanta?
Do you think my hair and makeup look OK?
My friend makes herself look like crap?
Olive skin - Brown hair - kinda light Brown eyes. Would navy blue eyeliner work ?
Tesco Makeup Barbara Daly Concealer?
Any makeup tips to tone down my fair, reddish skin?
if i wear a nc 45 in mac studio fix powder plus foundation...what color should i get in mac studio fix fluid?
Is this appropriate for a 13 year old's makeup?
Is 12/13 too young to start using liquid eyeliner?
How does MAC studio sculpt foundation look in harsh lighting ?
Is it ok to wear makeup in the 11th grade (pic included)?
natural sunscreen.......!!(how to make it at home..)?
cosmetics problem here ?
Im not sure what kind of make up to use. Concealer or pressed powder?
Lost a bet and I have to dress like a girl. She wants me to ask what I should wear?
Do you put mascara on the bottom lash ?
Too much makeup for my age yes/no?
What's a good foundation ???? help plz !?
Ok i need to wear foundation when i work out but dunno which one to wear?
best makeup (coverup, foundation, etc.)?
does claire's sale neon eyeshadow palettes?
Estee Lauder lipstick dupe?
Does extended wear lipstick CAUSE lip lines?
Hellllp What will the colour B4 remover be like for me ?
Whats your favorite EYESHADOW by L'oreal?
liquid or pencil eyeliner?
How do i make my hair and makeup look the same through the day?
I think natural beauty is BEST, and anything added to it or changed makes girls look fake, what do you think?
Is this too much makeup for a fourteen year old about to be a freshman in high school?? (I'm almost fifteen)?
Pls answer..its really important to me?
what colour lipstick with my formal dress?
whats the best eyeliner?
Need eyeshadow help!?
whats the best MAC blending brush for eyeshadow if your using like three colors or more?
Do you think its okay for me to wear eyeliner?
What should i do to improve my looks?
need help with sugar waxing?
Is it bad for you skin to wear makeup on a plane?
Stage Makeup? Please answer?
i have shoulder length brunette wavy hair (surfer hair).....?
Drugstore wax brow pencil?
What's the best blush?
the best drugstore bronzer for very sensitive skin?
acne and guys?
what are the ingredients of Lip Gloss?
Eye Makeupp Like This ?? ({[pic]})?
Has anyone out there used Clinique's Redness Relief powder? I would love to know about any experiences?
I need help with makeup tips?
What Makeup Should I Wear With This Dress?
what is the best kind of makeup to buy?
Do any of the big grocery stores sell waxing kits for men?
jenni rivera has a line for makeup whats the website called?
I bathe in cup of noodles, do you think I smell good?
Carmindy inspired makeup...?
ewwww, help!!?
What makeup should I wear for homecoming?
Going to lush for the first time?
Has anyone tried or heard anything about Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue?
What eyeshadow color/ naked pallet looks best with brown hair and brown eyes?
How should I do my makeup?
Help with oily skin without makeup?
Need eyebrow help!?
Is there a way of getting more defined cheekbones?
just wandering how i look. so, how do i look?
CoverGirl Smoothers Concealer?
What type of foundation do you use?
Different bronzer...?
Any good sites to get free samples of lotion?
would I look good with a lip ring?
is this too much make up?
What is R.A cream and what is it's purpose?
Can anyone please tell me what a good replacement for Maybelline Everfresh is? They have discontinued it!!?
Should I get the urban decay optical blurring brush or the cream highlighter?
beauty question: how to keep mascara from running? ever notice end of the day, all eye make up is smudged?
Giorgio Armani in Stratford?
need help with MAC studio fix foundation shade?
should i wear makup???
Eyeshadow colour(s) for pale green/gray eyes?
your favorite Cosmetics brand for foundation, blush and eyeliner?
spa help now!?
How to get rid of blackspots and pimples fast!?
Dove or Olay body wash & moisturizer?
where or how can I find Shiseido rubber eyelash curler refills?
What color lipstick do you like to wear?
What is dinair airbrush makeup ? How does it work, and how expensive is it?
L'oreal Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner won't rise?
How do the stars like "Kiera Knightly" get that moist glistening undereye look?
how do you properly apply eyeliner to deep-set eyes?
What can I do with the makeup I have?
What color eye shadow should I use?
Color Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes?
Must have elf products?
how do you make blue eyes stand out?
im dark what type of lips tick colour is sutable for me?
Makeup and hair help?!?
Well, I have really red eyelashes and when I put mascara on, no matter how light a brown I can find, it always
What concealer shade should i use under my eyes?
How to look cute but still sporty?
ysl blusher?
Best amd worset drugstore products and why?
How do I make my appearance better?
I just cried for to 2 hours straight and I have to attend a concert in 4 hours! HELP PLEASE?
Acuvue 2 color enhancers!!!!who has tryed the blue ones!?!?!?!?
Make-up suggestions for my eyes? (Pic included)?
how to make eyes look bigger?
How much makeup do you wear?
Is She Wearing Too Much Makeup?
how do people find their perfect shade of lipstick??
I need some advice, i want a cheapish cruelty free eyeshadow palette?
What do you think????????????????????//?
best lipgloss that is not to expensive?
How can i look nice for my boyfriend at school?
hay can i have some pick up lines?
Ladies out there that wear ...?
What are some good quality tinted moisturizers?
mascara for long, thick, dramatic lashes?
I plucked out my EYELASHES (not eyebrows) now I have huge gaps!?
OMG WTH UNBELIEVABLE! I realise girls in USA wears makeup to school... as young as 11?
What's a good target brush that I could use for fluidline?
good drugstore makeup?
What is the point in wearing makeup?
Best nail polish for matte effect?
Please answers?easy question?
Do you have to be 18 to get a tan?
i get REALLY bad razor burn on my bikini area, no matter what i gets so bad i cant wear swim suits?
What kind of makeup would go well on me?
What foundation do you recommended?
best eyeliner for waterline?
Do I Wear Too Much Eye Makeup?
Is it a good idea to use peanut butter as a face mask?
what should I clean my makeup brushes in?
Does Nely Galan look like the boy from the mask with cher????
What's your favorite makeup brands?
What brand of makeup should I choose?
Here are some product names,if any1 has used them give me feedback how they were?
Good foundations that last all day?
What's some good foundation that is not powder and you can barely feel?
what should i say?girls only pllzzz!!!!!?
How to put on makeup really well?
what can i use to make my face look glowing?
Shimmer Swirls Face Illuminator?
7th grade makeup question?
Eyeshadow suggestions?
What does this girl mean by 'highlight' in her makeup tutorial?
Best moisturizer for teenagers with sensitive eyes?
what colour eye do you find attracted to. what colour are your eyes.?
What do I do If my Mom lets me wear foundation but my parents are divorced and My dad wont let me???
is it okay to wear face MAKEUP when going to a tanning bed?
Where can I buy parian spirit professional makeup brush cleanser?
Poll: Do you apply your eyeliner before your mascara?
Why do you wear makeup?
I need help with concealer!?
Where can I buy NYX cosmetics?
How Can I Improve my Appearance?
Where is the best place to but Vaseline?
How to prevent bumps after threading eyebrows?
what do you recommend?
Birthday Present - what to put in a makeup bag?
Which is worse no makeup or too much makeup?
How much is this COACH nail polish worth?
What Mascara out there really rocks?
should i switch concealers?
i bite my nails WHATS THE BEST NAIL COLOR?
Anybody experience streaking with Nivea's moisturizing Tanner?
Whats the best eyeliner in the drugstore?
Is blotting powder like loose powder?
How can I do my concealer ?
What mascara fits best with my needs?
What is your daily makeup and hair routine?
review on clinique facial soap & make up remover?
How do i tell my mom i want to start wearing makeup?
Makeup help/tips?? For almond shaped eyes?
How do you make your face look slimmer?
How can I get my eyes to POP like this (pics)?
Make up for men, why is it considered weird / gay?
how do you make flower nail designs at home, like the ones they do at salons?
NYC translucent powder? Yay or Nay?
Liquid latex to cover ance?? And just liquid latex facts in general.?
Eye/Face makeup questions?
What foundation is best for humid weather, big pores and oily skin?
Poll: Do you prefer lipstick or lipgloss?
whats the best foundation?
What is the best drugstore liquid liner?
Why won't my eos lip balm use up?
Makeup items that you love?
do you know what brand of.....?
What is the best mascara you have used without getting any clumps?
What age do you think girls should really start using makeup?
****Beauty tips**** Please answer the questions?****?
putting on foundation help?
growing up makeup and girl stuff?
which is the best makeup brand?
top eyeliner?
Is this weird for my age?
Make up and beauty tips and tricks?
How to do fast makeup?
do you ever put eye liner on your top lid?
How much do these olay products cost?
should we apply lip liner if we are using'Liquid' Lipstick? or is there no need of liner?
what is a good way to make your make up look like a shadow?
What sites can I find make-up artist jobs in Toronto?
looking pretty??makeup??
What are the ingredients in Graftobian Hi-Def Creme Makeup?
when is the real technique brushes, 3 for 2 offer back in boots?
Whats your favourite mascara?
Makeup guru on youtube?
What age did you start using make-up?
Which eye looks better to you?
Is it worth buying the more EXPENSIVE Brands of MakeUp?
whats the best mascara to use?
Help with makeup ? :3?
Is my eye makeup really THAT messed up? ?
What's your favorite perfume? (please read inside)?
ways to make ur forhead look smaller?!?!?!?
Prom makeup: turquoise-ish dress & looking for what colors to use on the eyes and how to create a defined look
Do any of you use Mary Kate and Ashley makeup? Did they take it off the market?
Where can I buy online Loreal Translucide Liquid Foundation in Nude Beige?
Glitter eyeliner. It hurts! Anyone have tips on how I can apply it?
What do you think about my products? are they up to a good enough standard? are they too expensive? etc?
Does make up age your face?
Preps && they're skin and makeup.?
Eyebrow questions. HELP!?
What is the best product that EXFOLIATES LIPS?
Where to buy tinted moisturizer?
Where can I go to get my make-up done for prom?
How can I get prettier facial features?
about how much is the revlon colorstay blemish concealer?
How Do I Do This?
What's in your makeup bag and what couldn't you live without?
What kind of....?
Do i need to take my fake nails off for surgery?
Does makeup make a girl fake?
What cosmetics do u wear?
how to make blonde eyelashes darker naturally?
How do you get this makeup look?
Bigger upper lip or lower lip?
Eye Lift in a bottle?
What shade am I in Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation?
which makeup brands are good for women of color?
Make-up best for dry skin?
want to exchange mynaked 2 palette but i dont have my receipt?
Best flawless foundations?
Is there anywhere I can buy Urban Decay makeup in Australia?
Just out of interest! for the ladies!?
POLL: whats your favorite recently bought makeup product?
Can you use clearisol ultra daily face wash with a clarisonic Mia?
Are Mary Kay products good or are they crap?
What can i do to make myself look better?
What color smokey eye should I wear to this Halloween party?
Do I suit benefit makeup?
help pleaseeeeeeeeee?
No, the lipstick #207 "Be Real" is not Maybelline - any other suggestions?
your basic make up before leaving the house?
Wots the price of MAC kajal in India & where can i find it in Hyderabad ?
Removing diamonds from false eyelashes?
what foundation should i buy ?
Bare minerals help???
Rimmel Mascara?
Eye shadow for men with tans.?
Homecoming hair and makeup ideas?
What color lipstick with this dress?
What on earth is my eye colour?
what is a good way to wear my bangs? i have several cowlics right across my forehead..?
Eyelash adhesive to wear while surfing?
Can u recommend false eyelashes perfect for humidity and can be used for more than 10 hrs without falling off?
What foundation is best?
Where do you buy your makeup?
Anyone know of any good peel-off masks to remove dry skin from the face?
Is it okay to use products that contain sunscreen at night?
Homecoming updo and makeup?
how can i stop my eyeliner from running?
Help with a lip stain?
can I go to bed with makeup on?
How to make my makeup look EXTREMELY good tomorrow?
What is the best eyeshadow color for me?
What concealer would you reccomend?
how much does it cost?
What can i do to look pretty like these girls?
*how much makeup is down right nasty?
Beauty Fanatics: Opinion wanted!?
urban decay vice palette eyeshadow dupes?
Can Queen Helene Mint Julep mask make your eyebrows grow?
What can I do to my hair or makeup to look more unique? (Pictures included) :]?
I look uglier with makeup on?? WHY!?
Do I look better with or without eyeliner?
Does anyone know of a website that does eye shadow makeup designs/styles?
What do i need for makeup?
Mac makeup question? Girls who use Mac products?
What age should you wear makeup and how to do it?
I have a make up question?
I need a New Look???
Makeup Problems!!?
Pirate- Hair and Makeup Help?
what are some nice, natural brands of make up for my eight year old daughter to wear?
What type of tinted moisturizer should I use?
Do I look Hispanic?
How to make eye shadow last longer?
What color would you say my eyes are?
What is your favorite fragrance?
What foods cause acne?
Best gradual tanner for a caramel tan?
how can you help tinted moisturiser stay on throughout the day ...vain guy.?
how do i get my lips bigger without ingection or makeup?
What foundation should I get?
how do you get fake eyelashes off?
Should I wear makeup?
What is the name of the foundation/concealer being said?
what makeup with a red dress?
how do i make my eyes look bigger?
What makeup colors should i use for hazel eyes?
Help snow white to Tan?
What make-up should i buy my mom?
Why does everybody wear brown eyeshadow. It doesn't really make eyes stand out?
Need a good gold body paint that wont and wont damage my skin?
How do you introduce yourself to a boy?
Daily Makeup School Routine?
What age do you think Girls should wear Make up?
What are your must haves for makeup (drugstore brands!:])?
lipstick or lipgloss??
Horror movie makeup artist...Question!?
Question about eyebrows?
Girls... What is your daily makeup routine?
Best and Cheapest False Eyelashes?
My skin tone sucks will u recomend to use papaya bleach soap ?
Do any of you girls no a good makeup brand to buy brushes from?
Nickname for "Taylor"?
What is a good website that gives instruction on makeup application?
Sugar and water to exfoliate face?
Help for an unattractive girl?
Why Makeup?
how do i make my nose not wide?
Videos how to use makeup to look dead?
what makeup and hairstyle? (pic)?
How can I be prettier?
What is the Best makeup for oily skin??
whats the best substitute for visine?
Do I still need a toner for this?
do you think bold make up is ok or just plain is?
Should i do something about my eyebrows?if so what?
Double eyelid tape help?
Is This A Cute Eyebrow Shape?
What questions are asked during a phone interview for Estee Lauder?
what chap stick works the best?
Makeup question??
ok im starting middle school in 6 days and i need to now what make up will go good with my eyes?
Do I look better with or without makeup?
what is the best way to look good with out wearing make up?
can u help me? its a girl makeup thing!?
IS 13 TO eaRlY To WeAr EyElInEr?
Good beauty gurus on youtube?
How to stop an emerging zit overnight?
What shade am I for Revlon PhotoReady Concealer?
Will my skin look better with a tan?
Blusher or Bronzer? x?
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer & Primer?!?
do guys like when their girlfriend wears make up?
How can I ask my parents if I can wear eyeliner?
How many coats of mascara do you apply?
loreal color rays fuchsia flash?
Give me one good reason why boys shouldn't wear makeup.?
does my eyeshadow look nice?
eyeliner issues !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help With Makeup Colors?
has anyone used Sheer Cover makeup by Leeza Gibbons and Bare Escentuals? Which one do you prefer?
How do you stretch your ears?
Make up pointers?
i have a lot of balckheads on my nose and on my face i really want to get rid ofit whatkindofproductshouldiuse?
Eyerliner or no Eyeliner? what do you prefer.?
do you like the way i do my makup?
Where Can You Buy e.l.f Cosmetics in Saskatoon?
How do you cut bangs and do makeup like this?
What is a good cleanser for combination, sensitive skin?
Can makeup make a REALLY ugly (and I mean really) ugly girl hot for prom?
Does the Physician Formula mascara irritate the eyes?
Exchanging MAC eyeshadows, any suggestions of what colors to get?
what is the best type of bleaching cream for the face?
What to pick from (First time Make-up)?
Can you put makeup on after you tan in the booth?
Does anyone else hate brown eyes like I do?
How can I get rid of the PMS breakout fast?
how to reduce complexsion of skin?
I want a good mascara.. any suggestions?
what is the best black makeup to use on the face that washes off easily?
What is the best flavor of EOS lip balm?
HELP!! Does a lip piecing hurt ?
Reccomendatons for eyebrow threading in London, se, central, nw, w?
How often do you buy new makeup?
How to send my dad flying?
Sephora Gift Sets..Exchanges?
what is my eye shape?
I have heard a lot recently about BB cream as makeup primer, does it really work?
Makeup questions :) ...?
What can i do to make my eyes stand out more there hazel?
Why do many people cover them selfs in makeup nowadays?
best waterproof mascara?
Does foundation brush have to be soft?
What's a drug store liquid foundation that lasts all day? ?
do guys prefer makeup or no makeup?
Any tips on dark, slightly gothic eye makeup?
Is Stila a good makeup brand?
how to make it look noncakey?
i want to shave my eye brows but iam afraid?
Want dark shadows under the eyes?
What are your most favorite lip glosses?
secret life of bees, help?
Best under eye concealers for dark eye circles?
Jealousy ?
What colour eye shadow should i wear?
HELP! Ring dance choices?
Do I have to use foundation or concealer?
How do you make Green Eyes Stand Out ?
is this an ok picture of me?.. (pic included)?
Eyeshadow to bring out my eye color?? *PIC*****?
I have gold/amber colored eyes with a dark green ring a round them,what color eye shadow should I use.?
revlon colorstay TOASTS!!?
What was your most recent make-up purchase?
wats the best treatment for spots??
what will look better on mee?
Eyeshadow with black and tan homecoming dress?
What do you think of bareMinerals?
How do I give myself a makeover..?
Question about makeup?
Ladies, Want to take a survey?
How to make own bronzer easily ?
Powder make up brush?
Where can i find some UV white body paint, i need enough to cover my whole body so kind of need a wholesaler!?
Am I Pretty? Part Deux?
Am I too young to wear makeup?
do you like green?
What is the most gorgeous colour of eyes?
do you think makeup was made to cover up or enhance your features?
Should a 11 year old wear makeup?
can you put sun lotion over make up? - asked by my sister?
What's the best age to start wearing makeup?
NECK FIRMING CREAM....whats the best solution of products for my mom?
What's does a exotic looking boy look like? Is it a compliment?
Make-Up Help?
would you ever go out without your makeup on?
what are some good makeup removers?
applying to target and need help with hours?
i need some good nicknames for my boyfriend?
How do I make up as a Punk?
Makeup or hair products to buy at Ulta?
13 too young? mothers advice!! and others?
What is the best skin cream/facial moisturizer?
how to get waterproof mascara off?
How do you get your makeup like brittney snow in john tucker must die!?
what color is this nail polish?
which is the best mascara and why?
For the last time: what can I do to not be ugly?
what is the best foundation for under £10?
What should a shy girl that is not social with boys do to get a boy?
dopes anyone use avon cosmetics?and what do you think of their skin so soft range?
Who knows of a good mascara?
What does Khroma kardashian make up collection stand for?
At what age should girls start wearing make-up?
any people know anything about makeup out there?
Best Eyeliner!?
I feel weird about starting to wear make-up - any tips?
Are Kleancolor cosmetics cruelty free?
how to make my big eyes stand out more.?
Can I use Jergens Natural Glow on my face?
I feel i look bad with lots of eyemakeup, but too plain with only mascara?
Does i.d. Bareminerals cover up blackheads/large pores well?
Girls!! I need your help!!?
I get a waterproof makeup?
Which mac paint pot would suite me more, Rubenesque or Bare study?
Am I pretty :P Also a good make up look?
Why do my lips look chapped with some lipsticks?
what foundation should i use?
How do I make my nailpolish last longer?
I need to know the best hair removal cream for my upper lip which won't cause problems. Suggestions, please?
How to do my makeup like this ???? Please help !!?
Any make up tips to make my eyes look bigger?
does the almay Clear Complexion Powder Makeup work?do u like it?
Why in the UK is it not possible to choose from a wide range of talcum powder in supermarkets anymore?
Is this too much makeup for a fourteen year old about to be a freshman in high school?? (I'm almost fifteen)?
Makeup while working out?
makeup help please!!!?
need help with everyday minerals makeup?
Everyone at my school wears makeup(mascera) and my mom wont let me!What should I do?
Heavy eyelids/ creased eyelids.?
what kind of face shape do i have?
What's that stuff called?? Its made by Clinique its for your eyelashes- in a white mascara-like bottle...?
Can you get matched for foundation while you're wearing makeup?
What happened to ELF's sky blue eyeliner?
Shiseido what is this product.
In terms of quality, which makeup brand is better: Chanel or MAC?
Is Nars "Orgasm" blush and lipgloss really the best?
Mary Kay concealer? Old tube vs. new?
Make-up Help?
Make up to compliment a black ball gown and blue eyes help! the balls only a week away?
Mascara help me please !?
Confused about eyeshadow color?
what kind of eye makeup would look good with a turquoise dress?
Can u still buy Stagelight Cosmetics...? The highly pigmented eyeshadows from the 80's. Are they still around?
I have some of my eyelashes missing and it makes my mascara look very bad.?
How do you use the Sephora laque lip lacquer?
were twins..which one do you find more attractive?
Where can you get NYX products?!?!?
What make up covers laugh lines doesn't settle & make the worst?
Simple homemade makeup brush cleaner recipe?
everyday minerals?
I wear eyeliner every day but within an hour it runs. Anyway to stop it from running?
how do you get plump lips?
best eye pencil?
Anyone out there use Dermalogica Products?
PLEASE HELP- how to make a gentle wave with plaits or a gentle curl with straighteners?
Why didn't the USA take over Canada ?
Does anybody have a comparison chart for any of the Coastal Scents eyeshadow palettes?
What is you favorite cosmetics brand (no MAC we all know everyone loves it)?
When u go out, what makeup do u keep in ur handbag?
how do put mascara on properly?
I am getting an S-curl but should i line up an fade before i put in the texturizor?
Your Foundation and concealer routine?... Please?... I need serious help!?
How to get companies noticing you on mylikes?
What kind of colors or any makeup tips for a black dress???
Help please! MAKEUP QUESTION!?
Which makeup is the best MAC or Prescriptives?
Mac Lustre Drops Pink rebel vs Sun Rush?
what colour of eyeliner should i choose? a brown 1 or black 1???
Homecoming makeup ideas?
All of a sudden I cant stand any makeup being on my face! HELP!!!?
What eyeshadows would look good?
Any new ideas of wearing eye shadow for me?????
What's the best make-up/skin care product for Asian women in 30's?
Is there Halloween make up that is non allergenic?
how to use clinique?
What is the best color eyeshadow for me?
How do you use a toner?
Eyeliner for 13 year olds?
why do girls where makeup?
What make-up should I wear?
how do you plump your lips?
Do you think make up makes ppl preetier or what?
im going shopping tommarow and i want the bare minerals starter kit it is 60.00 should i get it or not?
whats the best foundation for spots?
jerome alexander beauty products?
best makeup?
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Fair Complexion... I look so pale and dull, what makeup can I use to brighten my face?
Do I have big or small eyes?
Makeup at 13? Please answer (:?
is liquid eyeliner weird?
How do I get my make-up to look like Ariana Grande's?
how to make makeup last all day!?
HELP ME! Am I warm or cool toned??
What's your favorite drugstore beauty products?
How do i make myself look pretty..\?
what are bare minerals brushes made out of?
What is the best mascara or other make-up that you have tried?
Clinique's Honeyed Red gel blush is discontinued--do you know of a good replacement?
Why doesnt my mom let me wear make up? Im 14 and other girls do it.?
30vol peroxide and blue bleach powder?
What kind of colors or any makeup tips for a black dress???
Do I wear too much makeup?
Basic make up products for a beginner?
Green Powder correctors?
Best Foundation for Oily Skin?
how would i look pretty without make-up?
Need help for lipstick !!! :(((?
What make-up products should I choose?
Why is my dad sensitive about me wearing makeup?
does makeup hurt your skin?
Your favorite drugstore makeup brand?
how can I get my makeup like alice cullen?
do you know where I can find the mac lipstick fashion mews?
What Are Some Good BB Creams?
Where can i go in the uk...?
Make up question!!??!!?
Is this good makeup for my 11 year old sister?
Which clear mascara should I get?
Do i appear 'fake' to you?
hey girls, do u sleep in yr mascara?