Have you purchased from makeup54321?
What is a good makeup setting spray?
Does anyone know of a website that would show the colors of eyeshadow for merle norman?
What's the best mascara?
As a guy i want to get my eyebrows threaded?
where can i get or how can i make lady gaga's eye decals in this photo?
Can I use a moisturizer for a face primer?
my boyfriend doesnt like when i wear makeup?
How do I do eye makeup like this?
What are some nude light brown lip glosses?
Is Urban Decay's primer worth buying?
What is the best foundation you ever used?
what shade of brown are my eyes?
Do I look like HER??? PICS?
Scenario for my make up design?!?
Is it good to use your hands at applying makeup?.?
Question about the Glam Bag?
does liquid foundation cover up freckles ?
How do i do my make up like this?
HUGE gigatico PORESS?
how can i make my dick bigger naturally?
ladies, what's the best makeup out there?
How much makeup is too much makeup?
How much make up should a seventh grader wear?
Help with Makeup Removal!?
Do I wear too much make-up?
what are some ways to grow out your eyebrows naturally?
i have green eyes, what makeup would make my eyes look blue?
What's your favorite eyeshadow palette?
What is you favortie eye color?
I bought this mineral makeup but am not sure about it...what do you think (ingredients wise)?
Do you think of make up as false advertising or submerging inadequacies?
How can i use my mom's mascara without her noticing? Im 13?
Ladies, have any of you used make up by "Iman"? (for dark circles).?
Eyeliner won't stay on?
Could you get harm from liquid eyeliner?
What color should I paint HIS toe nails?
is it true when u keep making your cheeks?
What is the BEST EYE MAKEUP REMOVER?(price doesnt matter)?
What is the best lip gloss you've ever used?
What colour eyeshadow?
Who's the better brand, Maybelle or Netrogena? And why?
What eye colour is this?
Can you use more than one promotion code at
What makeup is better too buy?
How can I talk my mom into letting me wear makeup?
How do I apply sunblock over my makeup?
What are good brands and stores for makeup?
Where can i buy mac makeup?
I've got really dark circles under my eyes, I don't know how to get rid of them. got any advice?
do the pans have to be in the eyeshadow container?
Which L'Oreal mascara is good for volume and length?
Regarding breaking out -isotretinoin and Clinique?
what foundation would you recommend? (UK)?
Which Celebrity is the Prettiest In your Opinion?
How can i do my makeup like her? *Please Help*?
NARS or Chanel Lipstick?
Unique Cute/Sassy business names...?
Big lips and bright lipsticks.. Yay or Nay?
whats the best mascara?
How much makeup should a seven year old wear?
hard candy primer HELP!!!?
What is a good makeup look?
i bought a lipgloss but it wasn't sealed?
What bare essentials concealer shade am I?
What are your 4 Key Items to your makeup bag?
Should We Wear Make Up This Year?
do i have big eyes?
what to say to a guy when he tells you that you are wearing too much makeup?
Eyes standing out?
Bee Luscious Make Up?
Tanning Bronzer!?
How come I look so hideous without makeup on?
Know any Cute make-up tips?
Should I stop wearing so much make-up?
PLease tell me how to do this make-up! music vid. included, *10points !!!*?
Eyebrow Situation?!?!?
Help! How can I create shadows using peach/white pencils?
eye help...?
where can i buy bare minerals make up other than on line?
10 point which boy name do you like best?
Eyeliner on top lid? please help?!?
why do girls like make-up and stuff?
Is it true that if you sleep with mascara or eye liner u will get permanent dark rings under your eyes?
How do I make my appearance better?
Fragrance direct.........................?
i have a giant style on my bottom lid and i need to put on liquid liner on the top lid... can i ?
r there n-e bad about gettin a spray tan?
Have you tried Afterglow Cosmetics foundation?
what kind of makeup should i use?
Has anyone tried air brush makeup and if so do you know where I can purchase a kit to do it myself?
what is the best foundation to use?
What are the statistics of young adults and using or buying beauty products?
Best Mascara?
Which foundation is the best for a person with tawny/caramel colored skin?
Top 5 all-time-favorite cosmetic products?
What is my eye shape? :) :)?
can somebody tell me what does the cover girl fashion blush cool berry looks like ?
Is narural two-tone lips ugly ?
Please help me...?
Question about eyeliner?
why do guys paint thier nails?
make up problems?
Is Chanel Makeup Worth The Money?
Good foundation for dry skin?
What age do you think girls could start to wear makeup?
Make up experts... eyeshadow and blush help?
After you post reviews on, can you edit them?
how to look smooky eyes (make up for eyes)?
Is this too much makeup for a 15-year-old?
what color lipstick does nia long wear on her lips?
is there a wayu to make an oval/heart face look more heart?
what makes green eyes pop?
my fugly ugly birthmark ????how to cover it up?and any birthmark stories ?
Poll - should I use pencil eyeliner or liquid eyeliner?
What should i do to improve my looks?
What makeup for me? [pics]?
What's a good facial cream to maintain healthy looking skin?
BRODY DALLE (the distillers)?
im doing a vtct make up course and im looking for a web site that will help me with my course work?
Who wears dark black eyeliner?
whenever i put eyeliner on my eyes start to water about 5 minutes after?
What is the best foundation if you want to hide some acne scarring ?
Where in the Toronto area can I buy ELF cosmetics?
anyone have any new makeup ideas for me to try?
I need styling tips and advicee!!!?
LASHES! do you think this treatment works?
How much will the MUTINY pigment in Mac's new Rose Romance collection cost?
Is this too much makeup?
Ladies could you live without makeup?
Homemade nude lips?
how do u get a nice thin line of eyeliner on the top eyelid?
Why do you wear make up?
if I get my lip priced what kind of scar will it leave? ?
Best makeup artists on youtube?
Does a Tattoo Artist do this or another type of professional ?
How much makeup should a 15 year old wear?
Black Eyeliner Help!!?
What ingredients do I look for in an eye cream to reduce puffiness and wrinkles?
What is the best longest lastinglipstick that I could use for my wedding day?
has anyone heard of clear foundation, does it really work?
Make up wipes.. For sensitive skin?
Which eye cream is best for dark circles, from burt's bees?
How do I remove nail polish with glitter?
What do you think about this look?
How much do NYX products cost in Greece?
what's wrong w/ my eyes ?? are they hooded or not ?
do i look better with or without makeup?
Sephora makeup?
Which one, Missha vs Skin79?
Tips for removing eyeliner and masscara?
What Do You Think Of This Picture(before/after)?
does Ms Broadway Makeup test on animals?? pls urgent...?
What is the best brand of mascara you've ever used?
guys/girls how does this makeup look?(PIC)?
What MAC makeup brush you can't live without?
How to make slender man mask?
What is a good gel-to-powder type moisturizer?
How to make foundation last all day on oily skin without a primer? Any homemade primers?
MAKE UP: what is most important?
How many hours can foundation stay on your skin?
Anyone tried Strivectin?
which is better clinique or Mac?? looking for a foundation thats full coverage and good for oily/acne skin.?
Makeup-Black tears&Gerard's make-up*read details*?
avatar help!!!!!!?
Does anyone have eyeliner tattoos?
Does anyone know the difference between Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover minerals?
what makeup should i buy for my daughter?
I want longer eye lashes!!?
Ok, a make up question...?
Why do you think teen girls like to wear lip gloss instead of lip stick?
what colour lipstick/gloss will suit me?
I have snow white skin and blond hair but could i pull this blush off?
makeup question 7th grade?
Can I wear Maybelline bb cream and concealer for acne?
What is a good Face cleaner for dry and acne prone skin?
Am i dependant on lip smackers?
What is a good foundation and a good poweder to use with my skin that won't make it look orange?
Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Color(s)? Permanent Tattoo Cosmetics...?
What is the best MASCARA you have ever come accross??
How much does a studio makeup artist get paid?
Whats one cosmetic that pointless and look bad that girls wear?
Is Blush bad for your skin ?10 points?
What are some inexpensive makeup products that work well?
Which haircolor do you think would be sexier on me?
I have brown/hazel eyes what color eyeshadow would look good?
what's a good alternative to mascaras?
What affects your decision making when it comes to buying make-up?
What age did you start using make-up?
what kind of water proof body make up would you recommend for stretch marks?
Whats a good color eyeshadow for my eyes ?
hey make up advice needed will give a best answer?
What's that advertisement they show on TV? Aveeno SPF what?
I need a foundation for pale, oily skin - please help!?
Do you think guys who wear makeup are sexy?
I have snow white skin and blond hair but could i pull this blush off?
How do I clean my lipstick?
Foundation suggestions for my skin(Australia)?
Whats your favorite color of lip gloss or lipstick ?
What's BB cream? What does it do?
How can I do my makeup like the youtube celeb venetianprincess?
L'oreal true match powder vs Rimmel stay matte powder?
im 13 and still no makeup.?
My prom dress looks like the yellow dress from how to lose a guy in 10 days.What should I do with my makeup?
How to use concealer properly to cover up widespread acne and red marks?
Its prom time again!I need help with my make-up though?
makeup issue with my foundation and hairs on my face please please help:(?
Why aren't you supposed to sleep in your make-up?
i have blue eyes so what color of eyeliner should i wear?
Why am I so unlucky with make up and looks?
how can i make poinds?
best lipbalm to moisturize severely dry flakey lips?
How do you get rid of an eye bags?
Is make-up bad for your face?
What are the 3 best makeup brands you really like, name at least 3 please.?
can i use hair dye to dye my eyebrows and eyelashes?
beauty parlour in Hosur or Bangalore?
what make up brand shall a 13m yrs old wear?
does make-up make you beautiful?
Where can i find a good curling wand?
Does a woman HAVE TO wear make up?
Calling all fashion and makeup experts help me please?
sore eyes from eyliner? what shoul i do?
How can I prevent white face paint from looking thin and still showing a lot of my skin?
Is bar soap bad for facial cleansing?
Is this too much makeup for a 7th grader?
why do we get pimpoles?
how do i keep acne off my face?
what make up shall i wear?
Which brand of makeup remover should I use?
does anyone know any make up tips????
i was just wondering if?
what color lipstick was eva lorngoria wearing in the new loreal commercial?
Difference between normal concealer and under eye concealer?
plz answer this simple question... easy ten points?
why some dumbass girls upload their pic & ask to rate?
Birthday Present..Urban decay and..?
What's the best fountation for teenage skin ?
What at home ingredients can you use to make your pores smaller?
How can i make it up to my boyfriend?
Can you give me some eye makeup tips?
How old were you when you started to wear make up?
my eyebrows are REALLY blonde and i always get made fun of and get called "no eyebrows" what can i do to....
what is your favorite eyeliner color???
What is the best eye cream? I'm 25 and starting to get fine lines around me eyes! Help!?
can someone please reccomend me a good foundation (but cheap )?
Should I wear foundation if I have clear skin?
Anyone recommend good make-up?
is this normal school makeup?
Is smog as pretty as half baked eyeshadow ( urban decay)?
How long does pink eye last for?
Do you think I have a chance in this bet with a girl over strength? It involves makeup :(?
Which do you prefer: lipgloss, lipbalm or lipstick?
Spinslash Question. (Or regualr mascara question.)?
Does this look good? (eyeliner)?
What everyday make up do you wear?
What is the best makeup to use if i have medium skin tone, green-blue eyes, dark brown hair and darker lips?
help pleaseeeeeeeeee?
Poll~ Whats inside your purse?
What is the best concealer?
How to do Anissa Rodriguez's makeup?
Which makeup brand should i get out of these?
Girls, know any mattifying gels/primers?
how can i do a good neutral eye make up?
who is prettier and has a better hairstyle?
Do they sell elf disney villain makeup palettes anymore?
is hot pink lip gloss in??
What type of make up does this girl have on? not like what brand just make up? pic included.?
Which shade of eye shadow should I use with a lime and emerald color dresses?
i make YouTube videos help?
Is Olay Total Effects eye cream for a specific age range?
vasaline as eye makup remover.?
Has anyone tried the Good For You Girls skincare line?
Am I average??? What do you think?? Honest Opinions!?
Nice makeup vanity under 100 dollars?
What's the best way to remove mascara?
I Need Help With Makeup?
Can African-Americans (such as myself) Cosplay and Look right as lighter skinned characters?
my eyes water alot when Im doing my makeup. Especially my eye shadow.?
How are you wearing your makeup today?
Has anyone used the napoleon perdis China Doll foundation? If so did u like it? Does it last a long time?
What is the best flavor of LipGloss?
Mac Pigment Samples?
guys like makeup on girls?
How to make my eyes appear bigger?
which of these products should i get?
how do you apply any type of make up?
How to make my nose look smaller with make-up?Caucasian/Asian nose?
What are your top 10 makeup products?
AFTER I take my EYE makeup off, my eyes sting and are blood shot?
What's my eye shape? What makeup would flatter it?
what kind of pink pencil Carmandy use on WHAT NOT TO WEAR to brighten and to cover dark undereye area?
What percentage of people have green eyes
Which of these brands of makeup are worth the money?
Why am I much more attractive than most women and they wear makeup?
what is a good over the counter black makeup for women of color?
What's a good and cheap lipbalm with SPF?
If I use a NC30 MAC foundation what would be the best Everyday Minerals foundation color for me?
What's your favorite drugstore foundation?
Help on becoming a make up artist?
reliable online cosmetic stores?
i have fake nail glue on my nail and it wonk come off, help me?
Is it okay if i use makeup . PLEASE ANSWER !?
Whats the BEST Mascara You have ever used?!?
How to have nice skin?
honestly guys? Am i ugly?
If you could only bring one beauty product (makeup) with you to a desert island ....?
Baviphat Magic Girl BB cream or Skinfood Aloe bb Cream? Which do you prefer?
What are good eye shadow brands to last the whole day?
what do you think of dark hair and pale skin?
does anyone have trouble applying sheer nail polish? i always get streaks when i apply it.?
how to get clear skin?
Can you still buy the Fashion Flower collection from MAC at counters?
Has anyone actually owned makeup brushes from widget love?
What to purchase from Sephora with 20% off?
should I wear makeup? ( pics )?
Which makeup brushes are the best quality?
How to make makeup last all day?
Best lip colors for fair skin?
What is the best concealer and foundation I can get for my money?
Why do people think 14 is too young for makeup?
should a 10 year old girl be able to wear make-up?
What's the best brand for mascara? ?
Are there any tips about using used coffee grounded as a cosmetic purpose which i could found it in a book?
Can you match Kendall's eyeshadow?
Only if you've tried Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother?
Is this too much eye make up for a 14 year old?
What's a good eye primer and concealer?
What eye shape do i have? help please?
Would you consider me plastic/fake? [info inside]?
how should i do hair and makeup?
I'm 14 do you think I put too much stuff on my face?
Benetint or Posietint on a Korean?
what would you say??
Does maybelline baby lips work?
Do false eyelashes really work?
Is there a certain kind of food or something i can eat to make my eyes whiter?
for people who wear makeup everyday aren't they aware of the consequences?
What makeup do you carry all around with you?
how do you put on a clear lip retainers?
MAC cosmetics shipping to New York?
Can I put on mascara if i wear contacts?
Best make up for a pink and black polka dot shirt and black skinny jeans?
What's your essential make-up item?
LADIES: What is your favorite perfume?
white circles around eyes?
makeup questions for a teenage girl.?
Is this a good deal?????
do you like wearing makeup?
is there a webpage where i can do someones hair and makeup online virtually?
mascara question?
How to apply false eyelashes?
mascaras i need a new one?
What cold colors should i use for eyeshadow HELP?
Does mineral makeup have good coverage?(.s)?
What do I use to create a "make-up mask" similar to this one?
What colors go well with red hair? I do a lot of browns now, but looking to venture out.?
How do i cover up a really bad sore on my face?
whats 1+1?
tell some tips to get fair?
Where can I buy an airbrush in dubai?
14...want to go bare!?
What are the best make up brushes?
*Is this ok for a 14 year old*??????Make-Up?
best bronzed colored eyeshadow from a drugstore for brown eyes?
help with retro dance, clothing make up hair and more?
is this makeup okay for a 13 year old?
back to school make-up!!?
how do i make my green eyes stand out more?
How can I tint only my upper eyelashes?
I told the guy upstairs that he would look really good madeup as a girl, any hints on the makeup I should use?
What are some makeup looks I can do with the tarte treasure chest?
Cosmetology schools/special effect make-up?
Anyone use Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Powder?
Lipstick help :D Pleeaseee girls :D?
what kind of features do guys look for in a girl?
What can i do when im bored at home?
what can i do if i got a pinkish scar on my lip from chapstick?
What Homemade facepack is good? where im going wrong?
How should i put on my eye make up, and what colors?
Whats the best brand and type of eyeliner to use?
How to do make up for school pics?
How do I make myself prettier?
Makeup for tomorrow!? Last day of school?
Skin tones and lip stick= what? ladies help!?
What color of eye shadow should i wear to make my blue eyes stand out?
what is the best mascara you've used?
Makeup for brown and green eyes?
How to get dark, but natural looking, eye make-up?
What age should I be able to wear makeup?
I like playing around with funky makeup, but is this too much?
i have a bright, blindingly pink dress for my friend's sweet sixteen on saturday. how should i do my makeup?
will false eyelashes damage my real ones?
What if a guy sees you without makeup?
how can ı use eye liner?
Hey i just started carrying a purse to school but i have no clue putt in it besides pads and makeup help!?
what are the best products for asian skin?
All-time favorite make-up products?! ( :?
Hiya i need a really gd foundation?
What is the best eyeliner?
I am 48 and starting to get wrinkles on my upper lip. What can I do?
Has anyone used CVS Deep Action Cleanser Cream?
Why was Maybelline liquid eyeliner "Line Stiletto" discontinued :(?
what is the best no rub off make up?
what is a really good foundation?
is there any way i can consult a victoria's secret makeup artist?
Do you think I wear too much make-up?
for girls who have tried lip plumpers?
What should I wear to a wake?
What lip stain is best?
Is 13 an appropriate age to wear makeup?
Why is it hard to find decent lip rings online?
Make-up by JANE & JESSES'S GIRL... ?
Is my dress good for a wedding? does this makeup look match with it?
i finished my intermedaiate &joinin degree st.anns col .i am only worried abt how to make good frnds help me?
how does polymethylmethacrylate contribute in the making of mascaras?
has anyone ever used WET N WILD MEGA PROTEIN MASCARA?
reviews on Benefit Get even pressed powder?
Senior wants to look his best for a video?
Good quality but not too expensive eye shadow?
Does concealer cover up freckles?:P?
What lip stain is best?
i need help with my eyelashes, how to make them strong?
Best chapstick for chapped lips?
How should I determine what color makeup and eyeshadow to wear?
Whats a good way do make-up for these eyes? [Pics included]?
Make up tutorial?
How Do I Get My Makeup To Look Like This?
Is mascara bad for your eyelashes? Does it make your eyelashes fall out?
Do you find yourself pretty? And what's your favorite feature of your own?
What is the Best brand of Mascara you have ever used?
Will it hurt to leave my eye liner and mascera on at night?
cheap or expensive make up?
What is the best make-up that covers good, but doesn't make skin breakout?
what's the best store to buy makeup?
What makeup should I use?
How can you get self tanner of the palms of your hands?
Do I wear a lot of makeup?
Pics included:How should I do my makeup based on my looks? :p?
Is this dress too old for me? I really like it tho (17 yrs old)?
How to make homemade facial masks, with using regular things in the kitchen?
How do i make my eyelashes look really long?
Have you ever used expired lip palette make-up?
Homestuck cosplay help?
what is the difference betwwen these two eyeliner and which is better?
Where can I find cheaper MAC cosmetics & beauty products in London?
Does anyone know of a drugstore foundation that's full coverage?
POLL:(GIRLS) What do you like better? ?
anyone tried loreal's Feria Deep Bronzed Brown 45 ?
How much does a MAC #150 Large Powder Brush cost these days, in US Dollars?
Good homecoming makeup from naked palletes?
Best mascara out there?
how to dye your skin diffrent colors like purple?
I need some hair and makeup suggestions?
how to make dark dark brown eyes look dark blue?
Am I Pretty????
should you use Moisturiser ...?
I want to know how to get smoky eyes and like with a good hair do?
Is this appropiate makeup for a 13 year old to wear?
what is the best foundation to use?
Have you ever used Bare Minerals make up?
so if i want to be a make up artist, i do have to go to cosmetology school right?
Do I look like HER??? PICS?
Wet n wild Lipstick!!!!!!!?
Can i put makeup over proactiv?
Is $30 for foundation or bb cream considered high end make up? Mid-range?
PLEASE HELP! What makeup is she wearing exactly????
Does mineral makeup improve skin?
How to draw in your eyebrow but make them look natural? anyone ?
How to get a makeup look like Miley Cyrus?
how do you make your eyes appear bigger with makeup?
Does Vichy anti-imperfection tri-activ moisturizer have concealer in it?
what's your favorite makeup product that you can't live without?
How bad is it really to not wash your make-up off when you go to bed?!?
Another makeup question? help please?
How do you get rid of dark undereye circles without makeup?
is 7yrs old too young for a girl too wear makeup?
How to get flawless effect with make up?
im going to b a freshman in high school and i want to start using make up ?
Am I the only teenager who doesn't feel the need to wear makeup?
If I have black hair, what color should my eyebrows be?
BIG eye tricks anyone?!?
Are the M.A.C products available in Sri Lanka Original?
Rite Aid makeup questions/suggestions?
What kind of makeup should I wear?
Can somebody give me information about testing make up on animals?
I have green eyes. Would green eye shadow bring out my pretty eyes????
What is the best kind of eyeliner to use?
Can you tell me mac starter kit for beginners?
Do I look Asian or something? Japanese people keep on speaking Japanese to me...?
why your favorite makeup brand and why ? :)?
is there any way of making my eyes look more japanese using make-up?
Just got the mark. by avon no place to run longwear eyeliner in white on?
What should I buy with 130$?
Everyday high school makeup routine?
which facewash is not good at all?like really bad to use.?
What is flash bronzer, anyone?
I need to know the best hair removal cream for my upper lip which won't cause problems. Suggestions, please?
1940s makeup, hair an fashion?
Makeup VS No makeup [PCITUREES]?
i need help picking a bear mineral fondation.?
Make up; foundation hellp!?
Should I wear foundation to a summer party?
What color of blush goes with gold eyeshadow?
What's a good age for girls to wear just eye liner?????
Do I look better with or without eyeliner?
Has anyone ever sucessfully returned Premier dead Sea products that was purchased from a mall kiosk?
Dump girlfriend because she wears too much makeup and got fat?
Girls, what are your plans this summer?
How do I look?
girls i need some make up advice help quiiiick(:?
What makeup is appropriate for a 13 year old girl (8th grade)?
Do you apply foundation or concealer first?
How to apply liquid eyeliner?
GOOD under eye concealer?
ok i have been haveing promblems what this boy what do i do.he is driving me crazy?
makeup for an 8th grader is this to much?
ok this is a **photo** of me i need some make up tips i mean i wanna know what ir color and stuff to go with??
Can anyone tell me the difference between aftershave & eau de toilette please?
good make up thats good quality for teens?
Your favourite Eye Makeup look ?
I have really blonde hair and bright blue eyes, what color eyeshadow would be best for smokey eyes?
makeup for begginers: homecoming?
I wear neutrogena skin clearing foundation in nude. What color would I be in maybelline fit me foundation?
Will Gelshine nail polish work without the LED light?
Exactly how much is chanel lipstick?
why do girls wear so much make up sometimes?
i need help with make-up badly?
Over the year, do you think my makeup applying improved ( pics?)?
How to make my eyes look less 'evil'?
What are some good face mask i can make at home or buy that work for your skin?
Smashbox photofinish or Mac prep and prime primer?
Which stores carry e.l.f. mireal eyeshadows?
when you were in 8th grade?
How should i do my make-up?
What should I do with makeup, hair, and everything else? Pictures!?
Home alone with nothing to do?
How can i look good w/o wearing alot of makeup please help me?
What to use as pigment powder?
Do you put eyeliner on your lower lid?
what is the best brand of colored mascara?
if you wear bottom eyeliner, are you supposed to wear top eyeliner, too?
Is eyeliner on the bottom lid slutty or pretty?
How much do spray (mystic) tans cost?
How to do your make up like Keira Knightly in Pride and Prejudice?
how are biore pore perfect products?
What make up does not test on animals, and whick does test on animals?
How to make my eyes bigger, but am confused...?
Why do women always open their mouth when they apply eye make up?
Is Makeup Forever HD foundation too thick for summer heat?
Who is this persons lookalike?
Can I use Jergens Natural Glow on my face?
Vampire bride makeup?
would back to mac accept a lipgloss tube for recycling?
Eye makeup tips for amber eyes?
what is the best brand of makeup?
what do you think about dark make up, and thick,smoky eyes?
how to do her eye make up?
Urban Decay Naked Palette vs LORAC Pro Palette?
Maybelline fit me for dry skin like mine?
Makeup to cover keratosis pilaris?
-EyeLiner/MakeUp Questions..Help!?
How to clean ELF powder puffs?
Question from someone who knows about cosmetics?
How can i increse my skin tone?
How to get this makeup look?
Which mascara works best on whimpy lashes?
i dunno if i should wear make up or not?? HELP?
What colour eyeshadow should I wear?
Does anyone know of any good mac nc42 dupes+shades?
Eye Brows-How to apply?
what is the reason women started wearing lipstick?
What to pick from (First time Make-up)?
wut is the best acne treatment?
Good everyday makeup for an eighth grader?
Make-up 12 year old?!?!?!?
What gloss looks good over MAC Chatterbox?
What's the best type of eyeliner to start out with?
How Much Make-Up Should I Wear?
mark reps please answer this makeup question!!?
Can i use bb cream as a foundation?
Why do guys like it better when we don't wear makeup?
Which site is the best to get free samples on beauty products?
what kind of make should i use? everything either makes my skin oily or dry.?
how on earth do you put liquid eye liner on well?
What make-up to wear with this dress?
Help i need makeup help now e.g best colour for eyes and so on........?
Ebay expired cosmetics?
With makeup or without?
What can i do to make me look better HELP?
Ladies: Is it better to apply foundation with your finers, sponge, or brush?
What is the best kind of mascara thats lenghtens, curls, and gives volume??
i'm going to be batgirl for halloween what should i do my makeup like?
How can I get my eyes to stand out?
how much makeup should you wear in 8th grade?
what colour lipstick should i wear ?
Do you need to remove mineral makeup?
What do you think is an appropriate age for people to start wearing makeup?
what's the right eye-shadow color for brown eyes (dark brown hair)?
how do i ask to wear makeup?
What type of makeup goes with blue eyes and fair skin?
Can you buy 120 pro palette in stores?
How do you know when your allergic to mascara?
Ladies: What Grade Were You In When You Started Wearing Makeup?
How do u get a natural look without much make-up, lipgloss/lipstick on?
how do you get perfume like this?
Do I look better with or without makeup?
Could I do a smokey eye with a black dress?
E.L.F. product questions?
how much makeup should a 13 year old wear?
What look is this? (Link)?
What make-up can I use to cover up my spots/acne?
what colour makeup to wear?
Am I allergic to makeup? Everytime I wear makeup my face breaks out.?
Is there a way to change the skin tone of foundation makeup from light to dark?
whats your favorite makeup item? :D?
I am a girl what should i wear to a hip hop concert its with TI, WEEZY, JEZZY, AND YUNG JOC?
Can a return these products back to a sephora store and get cash back?
What is your opinion on French Manicures/Pedicures? Tacky or not?
if i put gesso on the mask i'm making will it make it harder?
Is there a dupe for Urban Decay's Bourbon Eyeliner?
how do i get natural looking foundation?
How much makeup should each age wear?
How can i wear make up and not look like crap.?
How do i ask my mom if i can try different pad products?
could i be a site model? ***PICS***?
Do you like it better with eyeliner on just your top lid or top and bottom?
I'm looking for beauty school - make up artis to be more specific in N.Y., any advise ?
Which makeup brand should i get?
Tips with applying foundation?
Best websites for makeup inspiration and ideas?
Prom makeup for silver dress and purple accessories?
What makeup brand carries a good light/palesh PINK moisturizing lipgloss?????
I need a biracial girl makeover, for Cheap!!!?
Botox Cream (Strivectin)?
Mac blushes...please help?
eye shadow?
are there websites where i can get free makeup samples like mac or smashbox?
Should A 10 Year old wear make up?
In your opinion, what is the best brand of make up and why?
I need a name for YouTube and I want to do beauty!? HELP!!!?
Whats your favorite EYESHADOW by L'oreal?
What is a resotrative facial mask?
were can i get a french manicure kit in chennai shop name ?
I need a new mascara?
How and what do you use to clean your make-up brushes????
what is your favorite color of eyeliner? (if you wear it)?
What to do about really bad dark circles?
How do you apply makeup to get the best "natural" look, and which type is the best and is cheapest? Tips?
Seventeen makeup bag as a free gift? ?
Should i use makeup? if so what kinds? *pic included*?
Wearing make up when you have a tan on holiday?
Should I use the MAC Studio Finish Concealer or the MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer?
how do u apply a light color of eye shadow then a bit of drk on ends?
Which mineral makeup is best?
how much make up do you think a 13 year old should wear?
how to be good skin?
What is a good age to start wearing makeup?
What makeup would you buy High end?
Do the sponge tip applicators of OLD-stock lip glosses turn yellow/pink/reddish due to old age?
what Mac cosmetic products should i get for under 20 dollars?
how should I wear my makeup for my play? 10 Pointer!!!?
Im going to wear less makeup, but my friends?
Suggest a best face primer?
how long do mac collections stay in stores?
Which makeup is better Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover?
What is a good fragrance to wear in the winter time?
What can I do to make my face darker?
Selling cosmetics-Mary Kay?
What make up to wear for tonight?
where or how can I find Shiseido rubber eyelash curler refills?
Is tint harmful to the skin?
MAC Moistureblend Foundation?
Give me a new DETAILED makeup routine for the new school year? im 14 nearly 15 xx?
Are there any products for eyelids?
How long does Nyx take to deliver?
How do I keep my eyeliner from smudging?
where can i find an eyeliner that's more dry then oily?
is this to much make up?
where to buy color contacts?not prescribed.?
What are some cruelty-free nail polish brands?
Is there such a thing as waterproof eyeshadow and/or blush?
Whats the best longlasting foundation you've used?
How to hide your dark cycle around your eyes ?
If you have spots what should you do or put on them?
Is smog a good eyeshadow color (one of urban decay's shades)?
Whats the average a person makes as an esthetician?
i want to have contact lenses like ...the brown ones.i dont wear glasses,my eyes have no problem?
I had chapstick but I lost it&I don't know where I bought it. Anyone know where to buy it? Vanilla Blizzard?
best all around inexpensive MAC eyeshadow brush?
Make-Up ツ?
what is a good mascara?
what is a lip color that matches I am really not a waitress by opi?
how can i get my makeup to stop wearing off?
What's the best mascara?
Should a twelve year old wear foundation?
Which do I put on first, acne treatment or concealer?
would it be weird if i put fake nails on?
How can I tell my mom that her make-up just doesn't fit her?
How can I put eyeshadow/eyeliner on when I have a small crease?
Trying to find an eye primer?
Free samples not arriving?
What are some things I should have makeup wise?
which eye shadow colors/eyeliner/mascara looks good with pale blue eyes?
best covergirl lip products?
eyelashes dont stay up...?
I have never really worn makeup before, but I think that it is time for me to start.?
Girls! Do you feel pretty without makeup?
What is the best concealer that looks natural?
What's wrong with these....................?
does anyone no a facial that makes wrinkles go away or make them better?
How old do I look? ^_^?
why am i so good looking?
how can i tell if i am a WARM or a COOL?
caaaaaaaaaaaat eyeeeeeeeees?
What type of mascara is the best?
what order do i put my makeup in?
School makeup... 8th grade routine?
Awkward moments at the hairdressers?
If you could only wear THREE make up products what would they be, use creativity?
how can i make my lips permanently red?
What kind of make-up should I wear?
How do I get false nails to stay on more than about 12 hours ?
Make-up advice!!! Please Help?
Whats Your Top 5 Mascaras?
have you got some unwanted POSIETINT by BENEFIT? Even just the bottle!?
Can a nearly 13 year old wear; foundation?
Can anyone name a good liquid foundation?
where can i get free beauty samples?
What make-up should I use? (14 yr old girl, little experience)?
How do you make your face look pale?
who has the best dip eyeliner?
How do you keep your favorite lipstick off your cups, straws, and boyfriend??
What's your favourite mascara?
I need help with a pink tint problem?
What is a good brand of black eye liner?
how to apply blush correctly?
Ladies (18+) What do you wear to go clubbing?
who has a stable formula for dark circles around eyes cream?
How much make-up, is too much make-up????
secret for flaw less mkeup?
How often do you wear makeup?
Does OPI nail polish have toluene, DBP, or formaldehyde?
What is the best way to keep makeup from getting on a wig?
my mom wont let me wear mascara, is ther anything else that makes my eyelashes long and thick?
Which mary kay medium coverage foundation matches the mary kay time wise ivory 4?
HELP!!!!! i have a fuchsia dress with silver stones and i have no idea how i should do my makeup for prom?
i have side bangs but how to cut them to make then look edgier and fuller?
Will Urban Decay Primer Potion make cheap eyeshadow stay on longer?
Any great lenthening mascaras?
Since I was 9 I've never gone in public without makeup...?
when is the sale ending on urban decay's website?
What's the best non clumping mascara?
What is the best mascara?
How Do You Make your Eyebrows Stand Out More?
Has anyone tried a "SALMON" color concealer?
Starting A fashion/Makeup Buisness ....?
Kat Von D Sephora Line - Angeleno Train Case??!?
What eye color looks best on dark skin black male? 10 points?
Cheaper alternative to MAC?
umm which makeup is good for a 12 year old no mascara im banned from it?
I have mild to severe acne. What's some good cream or stuff to use for my face.?
POLL: Do you prefer green eyes, or hazel eyes?
how to put eyelinner on the top of your eyes?
What are your holy grail foundation(s)?
Blue liquid from car ?
Question about Too Faced?
Make up tips for a 14 year old?
what foundation do you use ?
how do i cover my dark circles through make up?
Makeup help?
Anyone know how to fix Dry lips?
Hiyeee people!!! can you help me? I'm asian. I have really no eyelashes. Any suggestions?
SAle In MAC Cosmetics store ANY time of the year?
Why do people get mad when you tell them the TRUTH?
anyone know a good foundaion or concealer for eyes? and will cover freckles?
after completing my course in make up professional wat will i stand up in future if i take tha as a career?
What is so great about face masks? Do they really make a difference?
what colour are my eyes and what do u think of my looks?? pic>?
what different about black shader and liner?
What's your favourite foundation brand?
who did the makeup for the show CHARMED? what brand did they use?
What makup should I wear pick then choose the color of it ok anyone can anwser it even boys and girls ok?
so i just got this chanel lipstick. which is better, lipstick or gloss??
when kissing, which is best, lip gloss or chapstick?
Has anyone had a lip reaction to the rite aid chapstick?
Am i photogenic?
How can I stop spending (wasting) money on makeup?
I'm 15, is this a good amount of makeup I wear?
Are these eyeliners good? any other suggestions?
who still uses press powder?
Ugh my mom messed up my eyebrows!!!?
How old was you when you had your first kiss? im talking a proper kiss , using tounges ?
I want to wear makeup while i work out but dont no what to wear?
Do I wear too much eyeliner for school? (Pictures)?
Is the Naked 2 palette supposed to be cool toned?
How can I look older?
i need some make-up tips fast.?
Eye makeup for making my eyes look rounder?
best eye liner/mascara?
is liquid eyeliner weird?
Need a new way to do my makeup....?
Where should I get my makeup done Mac or clinque?
how do you achieve the bronzed goddess look?
Designing Guys Fragrance Help?
I really want to be a model. How do I get Gisele Bundchen's look? Also does anyone have any modeling tips?
E.l.f cosmetics questions?
Why did Revlon discontinue Skinlights Illuminator for the face, no other product comes close.?
For the last time: what can I do to not be ugly?
I got a few questions about concealers?
whats a kind of waterproof EYELINER?
Why the women use lipstick?
do lip stains make actually change the color of your lips forever?
What makeup is best for a witch (from macbeth) TEN POINTS!?
do i look really bad without makeup?
Foundation Shade Problem?
Do guys like girls with makeup or not?
what are some new/different techniques and looks i can try with my eyeliner and eye shadows ??
What colour toenail polish goes with everything?
which is the best make up pallete for the hand bag and why?
Whats your fave make up ?
What do I look like? ?
Is sensitive make-up worse quality than the normal make-up?
Did you wear make up in 8th grade?
Does anyone know where to get Organic Wear make-up in Canada?
What pair of jeans should I wear with this shirt?
what can i do to improve my looks?? (pic)?
What is the difference between a cosmetician and a makeup artist?
what makeup look would suit me?
I have natural RED cheeks but want to cover them up any good foundation help?
How do I get my eyes to stand out more?
tips for make-up for school?
Simple Make-Up Necessities for a Beginner?
do you think teens who wear make up are insecure?
how can I make my eyes look gorgeous on my birthday?thanks for answering?
how to do this make-up? * link included .?
How old should you be to start wearing makeup?
i tried applying foundation on my scars,but it dosent seem natural?
how can i get make up like this?
Under-eye concealer help, please!!?
(my blog).. have an idea how to make a bar of soap last longer?
please help me i have a huge eyebrow problem?
Drug store version of Mac Pro Longwear concealer?
Can you wear makeup if you wear glasses?
should a 14 year old wear foundation?
what is the BEST brand of eyeshadow???(price doesnt matter)?
If you stoppeed wearing makeup would you look good.?
Removing upper lip hair?
What is the fastest virtual makeover site online (not taaz, no sign up)?
How to do Pink Lady Makeup?
What is a good routine for a 13 year old?
Can anyone proof read my CV cover letter and recommend ur corrections?
Girls: Is it really bad to wear makeup just to feel better about yourself?
What kind of IV fluids to be given by the patient who is dehydrated and a patient who has an edema?
Ladies what is the one item of make-up you would not leave home without?
8 th grade makeup??????
what are some cheap makeup brands (uk only)?
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Can you really get lip cancer from lipsticks?
How does this look? ?
Oil free cleansing whipes?
Brown or Black Eyeliner?
does anyone know of any good face masks?
Does spraying hairspray on your face really keep your make-up on?
Make up tips??please Help?
Can people with brown eyes wear black eyeliner?
Witch mascara brand is a PERFECT mascara?
Is mac make up cost alot.?
What are some good makeup brands?
do i need less or more? link to pic!?
What looks better, brown or purple eyeshadow for brown eyes?
Do you think a 13 year old should wear make up?
upper lip wax blunder!?
What should i do for my Homecoming makeup?
I have long lasting lipstick, but...?
Where can I buy a pack of false eyelashes, no online stuffs please?
How to hide pimple/scab with makeup ?
Is this lipstick more of a red or somewhat a pink?
If you are a Mary Kay lady what are you suppose to do with......?
right age to wear makeup?
good make up to..........?
Chapstick? Good or bad?
im 12 my skin is really blotchy should i wear makeup if so what and what other makeup should i wear along with?
how would i wash eyeliner off w/o makeup remover?
Max Factor is the inexpensive Mac?
can you get eyelash extentions?
do eye lashes grow back after you lost them?
any one here bite there toe nails or there nails tell they hurt?
Products similar to mark cosmetics?
(Girls) What is your Morning Routine?!?
What beauty product couldn't you live without?
can you put makeup on acne?
What eyeshadow pallet can you recommend to me?
How do i get my make up like this?
I have a striped top with 3 colors; white yellow and green.... what eye shadow should i use ?
Do you know a color?
i have short eyelashes, can anyone recommend a mascara that can lengthen and volumize my lashes?
i am starting 6th grade should i dread it or look foward to it plz help?
what do u think of Gosh lipgloss?
What are some concealers with a good staying power?
would you take this as a compliment or an insult (makeup)?
do you think a 13 year girl should be able to wear make-up?
I use proativ it cleared up my acne now im looking for the best makeup to use or some recomendations.?
A Repeat Question: Can Anyone Show Me How To Put Makeup Step By Step?
whats going on with the avatar pictures?
What is the best skin care cream for men?
I put on makeup and it still made me look the same?
What age do you think is Aproppiate to wear makeup?
Have any women purchased makeup from
Spring valley vitamines for hair skin and nails? Help!!! Please?
is there any oriflame cunsultant near my house ie in janak puri new delhi-58?
Revlon colorstay whipped foundation shades?
How to walk " sexy "?
Make Up Brands?
do you think 11 year old should wear makeup?
How to reshape eyebrows?
Dream Matte Powder Help!?
How do you get mascara off your face? HELP!?
Cheaper version of MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15?
When will Burt's Bees makeup line come out?
How to look prettier?
i want my eyebrows and eyelashes lightened, any suggestions?
how should i wear mascara? which brands are best?
Need Everyday Make-up advice.?
Am I too young to wear make up?
Foundation For Back Acne Swimming?
whats the colour of your eyes?
Can guys where lip gloss? Can it be a new trend like tight pants on emos?
Really really pale foundation???????
Makeup Blog- I need you!?
Does my eyebrows look like it need to be fixed?
What age is it okay to start wearing makeup?
has anyone used Sheer Cover makeup by Leeza Gibbons and Bare Escentuals? Which one do you prefer?
[[pic]] MAKE UP HELPPP!?!?
13 years old... want to wear make-up... ?
What do you think of Artdeco Rich Treatment Foundation?
Is A 13 Year Old Boy Wearing Eyeliner Weird?
Which is better for me: makeup or no makeup?
Best Drugstore Foundation?
I'm super ugly and fat??
Do I wear too much makeup?
Do you think wearing a lot of black eyeliner is bad?
What is your daily makeup routine?
PLEASE HELP, New eyeliner, eyes started burning and bleeding?
What's a good brand of liquid eyeliner?
Teen facials, good or bad for acne-prone skin?
Another makeup question?
Applying Mascara, how do you keep it from smudging!? help?
.s! which name is better for a businessman?
How to get a good smokey eye look?
i want to buy a concealer but whats better the stick or the wand?
Tips on how to get this makeup look?
i use foundation and then a bronzer , in the morning my make up looks ok but during the day it become blotchy?
I never get tan. Help me!?
What makeup routine is better?
What is the best ELF Eye Primer?
Help me match my makeup with my outfit?
nightmare scenario for ladies only?
What is the use of french bedge (flesh colour nail polish)?
how do you get nail polish open when stuck.?
Whats a good lipstick for me?
my brother wear my cloths in night & using my lipistick suggest ?
Easy question for people with knowledge of lip tints?
Have you tried this? 10 free points!?
How do i get this mascara look ...? (picture included)?
Ladies : I am just curious why do you glance at boys..?
what is the best drugstore foundation for oily skin?
how do i ask to wear makeup?
Eyeliner: pencil or liquid?
Eye liner on bottom, top, or both?
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?
help me bring out my eyes!!!?
Tospheral Spheres: Diffuses light on the skin, what does that mean?
what is the best age for teenage girls to start using makeup?
What is the best makeup to buy?
I am in desperate need of makeup advice?
What are some affordable and good cosmetics for teens?