what is hannah montana's aol screen name?
i have brown drk hazel eyes what kind of makeup will show my eyecolor more?
i hav been sunbakn&was wandering if using a exfoliating glove&body scrub wil get rid of my tan(not fake)?
Does anyone know how to get that nude lipgloss look? Eva Mendes had it on it Hitch.?
I love vanessa minnillo's makeup and hair, can some one help me?
Spray tan question...?
What color eyeshadow would look best for dark brown,almost black eyes?
Who's prettier *PICS?
Good makeup?
How to remove fake tan?
Need help finding a facial cleanser for very sensitive skin please help?
what is the best mascara! that doesnt clump my lashes, they all say they dont but pretty much do help!?
Do I need to wear makeup?
If someone says "You should really wear makeup" is it an insult?
what airbrush gun is best for makeup AND art purposes?
for universal horror nights hollywood is special effect makeup allowed? such as a fake wound for example?
beautician in bangalore?
whats the best drugstore mascara?
Do guys like a natural look, or makeup.?
called her ugly, and now she's wearing makeup for me, must like me huh?
What is my face and eye shape?
My foundation keeps coming off?
wat is ur favourite blusher?
question about Perfumes?
do you think it's fair that my mom won't let me wear makeup?
My skin seems to flake off in the corners of my nose and inbetween my eyebrows. What can I do?
how to get rid of puffy eyes?
What Is Forever makeup mist?
how did makeup derived from oils?
do they make water-proof eyeliner?
Favorite lip gloss?
What is the best type of foundation?
What is the best foundation for taking flash photos? :)?
Makeup for a 16 year old?
How can I gradually start to wear little, to no makeup at all?
can i use fading creams during pregnancy??
good face cream?
Whats the best body shimmer ?
which bh 120 palette is best?
girls answer please?I need help?
What Is The Best Kind Of Mascara?
Is it ok to do smokey eyes in the day?
Any selling tips for Avon?
whats a good mascara brand that you can find at drugstores!?
mascara to make my lashes look extremely thick?
What eye shadow color would look best on me?
How to feel confident with less makeup?
Is natural best, Let me know?
Tom Kaulitz lip ring help?
Make me brushes or Mrs bunny brushes from sigma?
I am a certified make-up artist. What make-up brands do clients want to see in my kit the most?
Egg white mask whitening skin?
ummm wat do i do with my bon*er?
Does your skin overdry if you skip one day in moisturizing?
Poll: what eye colour is most common?
What is the best cream blush under £5?
What is a good eyeliner to use?
What color eyeshadow is she wearing?? Please help!?
Makeup question!!!!!!!?
My hydrangae was blue now it pink how can i make it blue again ? ?
Is Bare Escentuals any good?
Can anyone recommend a good under eye concealer?
odd question and im being serious?
Does this sound like too much makeup for a 13 year old that's starting?
how to use waxing strips??
Make up for the first day of 7th grade?
Glycerin and Cosmetic Question?
What color eyebrow pencil should I buy? 10 PTS!?
what good foundation should i use for my face?
how much does mac cosmetics pay?
I wish i had the longer eyelashes, but i was wanting to know what color eyeshadows would go good with my eyes?
i want to make my skin clear and gowing is there any home made pack that can glow my skin?
Is it okay to use salicylic acid on broken skin?
what skin products does beyonce use?
From avarage to exotic - tips?
What's good makeup for pale cool skin?
Do you think bright red lipstick looks bad on an Asian?
Has anyone tried Too Faced Wrinkle Injection or Duwop Reverse Eyeliner?
Has anyone tried Lip Fusion or the Victoria Secret brand?
What's the best eyeshadow (for day) with brown eyes and tanish skin?
What foundation should I get for picture day?
What is a good dupe for MAC In the Groove Trio?
how to do REALLY nice make up ?
Is there a good brand of eyelid primer I can pick up at Target or Walmart?
What are some good eyeshadow brands?
How should I apply makeup?
What lip colour goes with blue dress?
Another makeup question?
What are the following blushes like for Everyday Minerals?
What do you think is the best mascara....?
Glam Makeup?
how do i clean my makeup brushes?
How do i make my makeup last?
which photo is better?
!!! POLL !!! DO I wear too much makeup ?
What color eyeliner do YOU use??
How do people spend so much money on makeup?
How do you apply lash stylist (Maybelline New York)?
Sould i use nivea creme (blue bottle) BEFORE i put my foundation on?
What is the value of the Mary Kay "Pinked!" cards?
Chapstick or lipgloss??
which is better mascara?
Question about Physicians Formula?
Where can I get this mask?
how to make my nose thinner?
What colour top am i wearing?!?! 10 points for the right answer!?
Do you need good makeup and skin care?
Guys??? Do you like it when girls wear makeup?
where to learn how to do professional make up?
Being a makeup artist/having a nail salon?
do any other girls HAVE to wear foundation to help skin appearance? do you hate it? feel ugly without it?
Why do her eyes shine as Sun?
Is my eye color rare or just average?
what make-up dp you use?
Is This True? / A question on eyeshadow?
okay, i have large eyes (which i love) but i heard something about eyeliner?
Best E.L.F. mineral eyeshadows?
I need help with makeup!?
If my dress is blue, should the boutinerre be classic white or blue?
What colors of lipstick can I pull off?
I'm having trouble figuring out my face shape.?
Is skinmedica-tns the best anti aging serum?
Makeup for my 8th grade dinner dance?
First spray tan! Need advice! Please help!?
Hollywood tans price for HT60?
What color makeup is more for me?
how can i do the natural look with make up?
eyeshadow for everyday?
What's a good black eyeliner to use?
Best Sigma Brushes????
What all does hairspray get out of clothes?
where to buy pierre cardin cosmetics?
sheer cover mineral make up?
Blue eyeliner? Do you wear it? What about blue eye shadow? too tacky or pretty?
Do you think that wearing black eyeliner means I'm a goth?
What lip styles are appropriate for my lips?
Make up pictures for grad?!?
what makes blue eyes blue/?
The best mascara ever?
Best eyeshadow colors for dark brown eyes?
What's the name of the make up?
Would you rather buy a high end mascara or a high end powder?
everytime i try nude lips they look ed and gross..?
im doing a makeup & hair tutorial on youtube now .?
Threading eyebrows?????
how one should get glowing skin ans seriously.?
I need ideas for applying eyeliner. Which one do you prefer? cream, liquid, or pencil?
How do I make my skin look dew-ey, fresh, and model-esque???
What is your favourite colour of nail polish?
how can i apply make up & cut my hair to make my face look longer?
What is Transforming Liquid Eyeliner?
Jennifer Lopez makeup in The Backup Plan?
What's your favourite nail polish brand/colours?
How Do Most Scene Girls Have Perfect Faces?
Will hair spray on my face ruin my skin?
How to get thicker eyelashes?
Good cheap eyeliner east to apply?
Where can i get a really good Red?
What is your favourite Mascara to use?
best sephora products?
Is this hair/makeup cute....(-pics-)?
eye liner chrisis!?
What is the absolute best makeup for people dealing with acne that will not make the condition worse?
Where can i get a clear mascara tube and wand from?
Wearing make-up at age 12 or 13?
Needing makeup tips badly?
What is the best make-up brand out there?
Maybelline Wonder finish foundation?
What would compare to this Sephora mattifying pressed powder?
fun makeup ideas for blonde hair and green eyes?
Does anyone know a make up that covers freckles?
What is the best foundation you have used?
Pole Dancing?
what's the best way to clean false eye lashes?
Is it crazy that i doesnt wear any makeup?
how is oriflame products?? have u use them? are they really effective?
Whats the BEST mineral powder foundation, thats got a good coverage and lasts atleast 3 hours in bad weather?
LADIES, please answer this simple question?
should i wear make-up?
How to get rid of light freckles? I put makeup over them but I still want them gone?
whats a good foundation for my type of skin? recommendations?
any tips of hiding a big pimple?
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils or LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils?
where can you find minerals in food?
I want to wear make up?
how do you hide scars at face??
how does the make-up on compare to regular make-up?
Does everyone have the potential to be pretty?
How to make your eyes appear larger?
Garnier Pure Active Exfo Brush Wash?
Liquid foundation with spf question?
What can I do to make myself look prettier?
i have a concealer and luminiser Q is what should u use the luminiser for?for what areas i mean?
About how much girls wear makeup in middle school?
Can I use the dark spot corrector with another brand cleansing wash??.....10 Pts?
What kind of eyeshadow do you prefer?
Makeup Video Ideas for youtube?
How To Foundation Last Through School Day?? xD?
is there any cream that removes stretchmarks?
I have dark circles, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, concealer -- How should I apply them? Tips?
What are the best eye shadow colors for brown eyes?
the genetic makeup of purbreed?
Does anybody know what facial products Jennifer Aniston uses?
do you ever hurt yourself?
What do you think would be appropriate makeup for a 13 year old?
Does mascara hurt your lashes?
ok WOMEN how early do i need to start using anti wrinkle creams?
Has anyone tried the...?
is it bad to use honey daily on face?
what makeup do you carry with you at all times in your bag??
I was just wondering if there is a face model that you can buy to practise make-up on?
how often do u moisturise ur body?
What can I do to make my blue eyes stand out and look bigger?
Anyone know a canadian beauty guru?
Help with coverup/ powder make-up?
Is it weird to put mascara on both upper and lower lashes ?
Which do you like better?
HELP I need to keep my face free of zits and stuff like that!!!?
Ladies, i need some colour help!?
i want to make my face glow n v fair .i want my face to shine so what creams shoul i apply pls tel.i want t o
How often should I wear make up?
whats is the best waterproof makeup?
When should I start wearing makeup?
Has anyone tried Everyday Minerals?
Are these Mac brushes real?
Hairstyle and makeup ideas for picture day?
is there a site where i can test differentt make up looks?
Best store for costume lashes?
What brand of makeup should I choose?
What is the best, durable-affordable makeup brand?
best makeup?
whats better..?
My 'friend' stole some of my makeup?
Should I........................?
Too much makeup for a ninth grader?
where can I buy L'oreal Paris cosmetics in Singapore?
facial product reccomendations?((:?
I burned my forehead with curling iron... help!?
Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes?
What Do You Consider "Natural Looking Makeup"?
how long do u keep facial cleaners on?
whats the best foundation cream/?
how do you avoid eyeliner from melting and totally messes up your eye makeup?
how can i get a man?
should girls wear eye liner?
where to put it?
What is a great under-eye concelor?
Is there a waterproof foundation on the market anywhere?
Me and my twin? Do you think we are faternal or identical?
Easy 10 points: Any experience with Clinique superfine liner for brows?
Is this a lot of make up for a 14 year old?
What shape are my eyes?
Makeup for hooded eyes?
are blue eyes rare..................?
what color nail polish looks coolest on toes?
Ladies what is the best mascara out there?
Has Anyone Tried BareMinerals?
Is this attractive guys?
how can i make my eyes look bigger?
How can you make nail polish go on smoother?
Do you think I wear too much makeup for a teenager? [picsss]?
Avon Sales Person? Is this a Good carrier?
Makeup brushes ? help, urgent!?
How do I keep my eyeliner from smudging?
does that NEW [i think] eyeliner makeup remover work? that looks like a pen/marker sort of?
Does red, purple,orange,and yellow look good together?
Selling mark cosmetics?
I've been told I look like Gwenyth Paltrow and Veronica Lake?
What kind of makeup should I apply in my eye to make it look longer and bigger?
Could you name different sites to buy makeup?
Best mascara???
Why does fingernail polish bubble up when it dries on the nails?
Whats your fav perfume?
how to make eyelashes look longer?
Do makeup removers that dry your skin worsen your skin complexion?
Does harry potter die in the seventh book?
Can you help me change up my blah makeup?
my aunt has yellow eyes.... its nasty?
how much is freshlook one day contact lenses here in the Philippines?
Is there any way to make my eyes look bigger WITHOUT using eyeliner?
how should i make my mask for school?
how much is Inglot nail polish, per bottle?
Make up collection....need a case!?
how can i keep my nailpolish on with out it peeling? i tried a clear top coat but it wont work! :( thanks!?
My mascara ALWAYS smudges underneath my eyes...?
what color is your eyes????
What shops in oxford or London sell Black Opal makeup?
Why does my face look grey when I have on MAC foundation in pictures?
NW43 NARS Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo?
Should I get a lip piercingg?
what is the best mascara for under 15 dollars?
What celebrities have the same skin tone as me?
How do you keep your eyelashes curled for a long period of time?
What can I wear of makeup? 13 years?
how to get rid of dark blemishes in days?
How can I make my makeup look like an old lady?
Does anyone know of a cure for under eye circles?
How do I explain this to my mom...?
do you think i can be a model?
If you had to choose between Mary Kay cosmetics and Avon products which would you choose?
omg help me!my dad sucks!?
what foundation is better liquid or powder and how do u put on liquid foundation? please help me :P?
how to look youngerrrrrr?
What brand flat eyeliner is the best?
How to do a "flirty eye" with make up?
HELP,what makeup does she have on??
Neutrogena? Has anyone used the pressed powder for clearer skin. It has salicic acid in it like in acne meds..
im starting to experiement with makeup what should i buy?
oily skin and makeup?
Wrinkly eye from gel eyeliner? Help!?
hairstyles nd eye make-up ??? plz help!!!?
Why cant i be happy without pills?
Has anyone tried Smashbox O-Glow?
lipstick does NOT stay on my lips?!?
Which makeup products can we wet for better blending?
How much should I charge for each product?
Does red naiI poIish Iooks nice ?
Have you ever gotten eye lash extentions from the salon?
i forgot to put on face primer! what will happen?
Were any of u embarrassed to wear make up at 13?
where can i get free make-up samples online?
Can you use a sharpie pen to put a fake beauty mark on your face ?
How do you make your own Eye Primer?Help!!!?
How to apply emo makeup?
Would you date a guy who wore makeup if he said he was straight? Not just mascara, but lip gloss and stuff?
What do you think of Clinique skincare?
do u really need brushes when applying your eyeshadow and what r some helpful websites that will give ideas?
Any ELF users out there?
if you had to pick one makeup item which would you pick?
How do I use eyeliner with out looking like a zombie?
what's your favorite brand of makeup?
Can I use toner on my face 24/7?
I need help with mascara and eyeliner!!!?
Can The 120 Pro Palette damage your eyes?
What makeup brands test on animals and which don't?
Do I have hazel or green eyes?
What makeup would look best on me?Best detailed answer will get Best Answer (s.)?
What color eyes do i have?
What kind of make up looks nice on fair skin and brown eyes....??
Favorite Fragrance?!?
Clinique Long Last Glosswear!?
whats the best mascara?
Where can I buy the new Wet n' Wild Color Icon Palettes?
What is my Mac shade?
help! h0w d0 u prevent top eyeliner from creasing?
Which is a good make up brand?
What shape are my eyes?
What is under $15 at Sephora?
Is this to much makeup for a thirteen yr old?
What color lips look good with pale skin?
How can I even out the tone/color of my face without using makeup?
wht colour eyes do you have?
whats a good kind of makeup to use?
how do i make my cheek bones look more defined?
m.a.c wholesale website?
Please help!! How do I preserve make-up?
Is there a brand of eye shadow like Baremineral but cheaper?
What's your favorite type of foundation(makeup)?
How do I get make up off easy?
what do you think about airbrush tanning?
Girls: What is your favorite lip gloss?
Beet juice separating from homemade organic lip gloss?
Is it bad if I use lip-liner for eye-liner??
What age can u wear makeup and heals?
What liquid Foundation and Concelar should I use?
Why do women wear so much makeup?
What is the best maskara you've ever used..?
How to make eyes appear bigger in pictures ?
Can anyone tell me how to cover up acne (not a severe case) without using tons of make-up??
Which MAC brushes should I use?
My makeup won't stay put,i have oily skin?
How long do you wait to wear eye makeup after you have a stye?
Do you like how I do my make up?
What brands of foundation do they use on pale-skinned catwalk models?
Am I wearing too much make up?
Which of these foundations would you get? ?
I want to be a mortician makeup artist, what are the steps i have to do to get to do this job?
Olive skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair makeup?
Any make-up tips for a 13 year old?
Does green eyeshadow look good for hazel eyes?
what is some super cheap under $5 blush on Amazon?
Wen i do make-ups, i look very beautiful. but wen im simple then i don look good at all.?
Where can I buy a bright blue and deep purple eueshadows?
can your eye lashes really fall out if you don't take off your mascara?
Makeup or no makeup, that is the question.?
What do you think when you see a girl without any make-up on, even at special occasions?
Morning and Nighttime Routine.?
i have blue eyes.. what makeup should i wear?
FAT NOSEE.... HELP!!!!!!?
What kind of mascara that apply on lower lid to made the eye look glossy eye tear?
Good water proof mascara and eyeliner??
what is the best colour earings and necklace to wear with green eyes?
Temps Majeur eye cream by Yves St Laurent?
Park Bom 'OH YEAH M/V'?
Why won't my eyelashes curl?
is it weird to draw on your eyebrows?
what is the solution for pimples?
How can I make my eyes look better?
which is the best sun block?
I just became an AVON represenative. Can anyone help me with my questions about selling and buying.!!!!!?
Anyone tried Dermagist eye revolution gel for genetic dark circles?
What can I do about my oily skin?
what is the best ways to apply foundation and concealer?
girl said i look weird with eyeliner i felt bad?
How do you apply your revlon color stay whipped?
how to remove semipermanent nail polish without going to aesthetician?
which mascara to get?
Why does my Pictures do this?
is it better to put mascara on top or bottom lashes or both? why?
Good chapstick for fall/winter?
wut age/grade did u guyz start wearing makeup?????
does threading to remove your eyebrows there any other way to remove them?
help with dior mascara?
I have a question about make-up. ?
what make up should you wear if your a red head with fair skin?
MAC make-up, is it worth it?
what oils can i use as mascara?
which kind of lipgloss do you think is the best to buy?
Which products are better?
Do you think I look good without makeup? Pic included?
Just cant do the top liner?
my upper lip is covered with hair! help!?
which is the best foundation for indian skin and keeping in mind the humidity here?
give me the ingredients on how to make a body bleach at home? tnx?
what is the best brand of makeup?
How to tell my sister her makeup looks bad?
What foundation should I get?
Do i have green eyes or hazel eyes?
how to do a smoky purple eye?
like i be goin out sunday night to like party and prep at like a bar?
What is the best concealer for beige skin?
I have a flat nose,can i inject a collagen to make it a little bit higher for just a touch,is collagen strong?
eyeliner or mascara first?! **s*?
How can I find a foundation that stays all day long?
How do I put on makeup?
HELP NOW, urgent?
Can you wear contacts and eyeliner?
best drugstore mascara?
What brand of makeup should I choose?
i picked out ALL OF MY LASHES!
Eyelashes keep falling out only on one eye...?
How did these people make themselves look so different?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What make-up counter is best?
Eyeshadow Help Please!?
Does Prescriptives makeup do animal testing?
when i use MAC studio fix foundation my skin breaksout...i dunno y???
What is the general price range for Merle Norman?
Which one of neutrogena foundations is good?
how do i do smokey eyes properly? i always stuff up!?
does maybelline mixmatchers eyeliner last long?
What looks good with green eyes?
Covering acne , what guys think?
Tips On Makeup For A Beginner?
Eye Shadow!!!?
what is my face shape?
How & where on the eye should eyeliner be put on?
what is the best nail salon?
Easy makeup question! please help??!!!!?
how can i get the dry skin off my lips?
Bare minerals makeup?
Teeeens (14-16), what sort of makeup do you wear everyday? to like school and work?
Could you make me a MAC Starter Kit?
what color eye shaddow should i wear?
mineral makeup?
What steps do I take to get better skin on my face?
what are some interesting facts about makeup?
which is the best mascara to use for fake eyelashes?
Is my eye makeup too much for school?
foundations for teens?
What light would be best to light my makeup table?
Whats your favorite lip balm?
Who wears Clear Mascara?
My friend wears a TON of makeup!! We are 13?
how can i make my blue eyes stand out?
Which revlon balm stain would suit me?
eyeliner help.... :}?
When is a good age to start wearing make up?
which model is prettier?
MaKE Up QUESTiOn !!!!?
summer makeup?
$ for Makeup!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some nice nude brown lip glosses?
where do i get DuWop's " Lip Venom " lip plumper???
how can i make myself prettier?
How do I make my eyelashes longer?
Lancome eyeshadow match?!?
mascara brand???
what eyeliner works better?
Black eye liner problem?
What drug store concealer are really good work really well for minimal converage?
If you could use only one of these makeup items, which would you use?
I love to wear makeup?
Will mixing moisturizer with powder foundation clog my pores or make me break out?
I'm very ugly?
what is your opinion on her looks? rate plz :)?
Make up help needed... badly. Help me out?
I am looking to change my foundation and would like any recommendations?
Makeup Help???????????????,cosmetics?
Will clinique foundations break me out?
How do I get this look?
Where can I find the name of one of the colours in a Clinique eyeshadow duo?
I am considering getting permenant make-up done to my lips, eyebrows and eyeliner. Any comments?
Perfume help!?
Everyone at school thinks i wear alot of makeup?
Is MAC NC25 studio fix pretty light?
Does being tan really matter?
how do you get certified in permanent makeup?
How can I make my eyes more glamorous? (pics). AGAIN haha?
okay, so my mom told me to try this for my acne...?
Mineral foundation help!!!!!!?
How do I hide my bangs?
viktor and rolf flowerbomb in uk?
What makeup is age appropiate for 13?;?
Is the avon extralasting cream to powder foundation oil based?
Is Elizabeth Arden Tinted Moisturioser good?
my face is allergic to cosetics,mostly foundation creams,what should i do?
Any tips on how to apply makeup?
Help me make myself over?
Can You Order Coastal Scents Palettes as Hot Pots AND as a Normal Palette?
i work at a cosmetics boutique and will be doing a brides makeup, i need ideas!?
What is some good makeup for me ?
whats the best flavor of chapstick?
What is the most professional-looking nail polish?
which of these mascaras do you suggest i get?
Best concealer - drugstore?
My husband as a typical Mumbai maid for a day, what should "she" wear? What should be "her" exact get up?
Anyone use Ponds Cold Cream??? Please Help?
How much makeup do you wear?
Anyone try Philosophy make-up?
Which lip gloss is better? Loreal or Covergirl?
what color of NYX cream blush will look good on me?
Yellow eyes?!!!!!! ?¿¿¿¿¿¿?
is this considered heavy makeup?
Best Drugstore Foundation for super dry skin?
i need some1 to name me a brand/s of:?
what type of makeup should i put on for school?
Are my eyes considered Green or Hazel?
Will you check it out??? Youtube?
Help I'm so clueless about makeup! ?
how big are everyday minerals sample containers?
Do you think this is alot of makeup for a 13 yr old ?
is makeup u buy off internet old lines?? so is it better t pay more and buy from shop and have new line produc
i never wear am i doing? (pic)?
Can anyone suggest a good foundation for a good price?
I'm dressing as a "Sexy" Pirate for halloween how should I do my makeup?
GIRLS: Make-up survery?
Is Mac Blush any good?
Eyes standing out?
What to do with makeup palettes I no longer want? Please help!?
Fair skinned, dark brown hair, brOwn eyes, what tone make up for a beach photo shoot?
Make up look for year 8..?
i have a question about wearing top eyeliner?
Whats the best BB Cream for me ?
red eyeshadow ?!?! hottopic?
is a cover stick the same as a shade stick?
Tips for eyebrow maintenance PLEASE!!!!?
Popular makeup journals ?
Dark circles under eye concealer?
how should i put my eyelinder ?
Can using a sponge to apply powder foundation break you out?
how to improve...?
What is the best way to clean your make-up brush?
Magnetic lip piercing?
Is there a place where I can buy MAC makeup?
What is the best eyeliner?
Makeup that won't get oily?
MAC 191 for studio sculpt foundation?
How to do makeup like this?
How to do this make up?
Where can I get a stippling brush that's cheap?
Do guys like it when women dress up for them?
Don't you just love M.A.C makeup? Question! Help! pleaseeee~!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can someone help with my makeup (foundation) issues?
how do i know if a girl is using make up ?
How can I look fresh and healthy without makeup??
what may happen if unsuitable make-up is applied to normal skin?
What is the best drugstore foundation in your opinion?
New cosmetic brush set....and no clue how to use it.?
What do you reckon to "Great lash mascara" by maybelline, anyone used it?
would this colour eyeshadow suit a black girl?
I need makeup tips..............?
sheer cover mineral make up?
My complexion changed?
Should I wear Foundation?
Liquid or powder & why?
im African american i want to apply make up to myself for the first time what can i use ?
can dirty pillowcase cause acne?
do i look bad with blue contacts? i got some pics.?
how do you keep eyeliner on the inner rims of your eyes.?
How do you know if Bare Minerals is right for your skin type?
im living in Talisayan Misamis Oriental, Philippines where do i buy meladerm products here?
Where can i buy holographic glitter?
MAKEUP for 13 year old?
where can i buy a makeup kit?
Whats Your Daily Makeup Routine ? :) 10 Pts!?
Any good make up tips for my face?
What brand/type of mascara do you prefer?
i cant apply eyeliner on the top eye lid ?
What's inside your make-up box ? you take off your mascara every night?
What do you think of this tutorial?
How to wear natural eye makeup?
Can I wear a jacket over my Liquid Latex costume?
how much makeup should 11 yr old girls wear?
Do females today wear too much make-up?
Do i look ugly or pretty?
Can you really make homemade makeup?
How can i get my eyeliner to stay on all day?
Eyeliner help ?! (picturesss)?
My mom wont buy me make up?
make up tips for.........?
Help with eye make up please?
I need help with my look...?!?
What may be the advantage of a face with 25 pimples ?
Girls, what make-up do you wear?
what's the best eyelash curler out there?
How can I look more 'fresh' and pretty?
Eye makeup: Miss Universe 2007 Japan's Riyo Mori?
how much does this purfume cost?
whats the BIG NAME companies in makeup?? and even the artists alone??
Would you buy a mascara for 22$?
What make-up counters can I apply for as a man?
How do you fix crushed makeup? like powder?
Am I the only woman out here who doesn't wear make up?
Does fake tan have any side affects??
Best natural combination (details below)?
should a 10 yr old wear every kind of makeup?
Makeup for a 14 year old school?
I wanna start collecting makeup but dont know what to ask for for chirstmas?
What make-up counters can I apply for as a man?
the salon on channel 4 that used to be on, in the make over team what is that womens name evette something???
Women Only...How do you feel if you go without make up?
when is a good age to wear makeup?
eye shadow on guys, hot or not?
.s! which surname do you like best?
help? has any1 seen the broadway musical cats?look inside for ?
What's in your purse?
I would like to know where I could order/buy some neon pigmented eye shadow...preferably pink or green. :]?
Makeup to suit this description?
Edward Give me back my Lip Gloss!?
Ladies: How old were you when you first started wearing make up?
How to make your eyes look bigger?
Do women at some age no longer enjoy wearing makeup? or do it more out of habit or obligation?
Which makeups do you apply first and last?
Girls only: lip gloss or lip stick?
where can i find a garlic nail polish?
best colour for nailpaint?
need some helpp ... could someone please answerr?
What moisturizer should i get ?
Whats the point of lip gloss?
Does anyone know a way to clear up adult acne?
What brand of makeup do you own????? 10 points!!!!!!?
!10 point which surname do you like better?
How deep in your eye do you put eyeliner?
Has anyone had a professional make up lesson? Did it help or were you still clueless after?
is 13 to young to wear mascara?
What shade would I be in Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation?
Advice about eyelash/eyebrow tinting?
Can makeup promote aging?
where can i find elf cosmetics?
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?
What color eyeshadow should I use?
Has anyone tried MAC Strobe cream/liquid?
I am a university certified beautician having 6+ years of experience.I wanta job abroad is it possible?where?
What is your favourite make-up foundation?
how long does it normally take for nail polish to dry?
Does Papaya soap really make your skin lighter?
what is the BEST mascara?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
has anyone ever got there make-up done at Bare Escentuals?
how can i make my lips appear bigger?
Where do you get lip gloss roller bottles?
how do you get the black defined eyeline, like the models?
Good Drugstore Purple Eyeshadows?
Where Can I Get Loose Dust Eyeshadow In Bristol, Apart From In The Barry M Make-Up Range?
Alright, my daughter is wearing mascara and...?
Best Stila Lip Glaze Shades?
Do I Wear Too Much Makeup?
does hylexin work?????
13 years old too young to wear make-up?
what do you think the best brand of makeup is?
does she need more of a tan?
How can I avoid (or get rid of) the face powder residue?
Mom Won't Let Me Wear Eyeliner!!!?
Best highend makeup products worth buying?
The make up rage from Nicola of Girls Aloud for pale girls.... some questions about it?
how 2 take of eye makeup with out eye makeup remover?
High street foundation with yellow undertones?
What Are The Best makeup brands?
How Can I make myself pale?
covergirl and olay simply ageless blush? is it good?
how do I get my parents to let me wear makeup? what should I say???
loreal shade stick?
what lip color goes with dark blue?
Makeover Software: Can't find a really good one?
Do u wear blush?
Can I wear blue eyeshadow?
Would this help hide my blemishes?
PLease tell me how to do this make-up! music vid. included, *10points !!!*?
are dark brown eyes scary if have a pale face and black eyebrows?
How to apply liquid eyeliner?
What eye colors or look should I wear tomorrow with this outfit?
The Make Up Designory. Anyone know anything about it?
What is good eyeshadow for green eyes?
Would you let a professional make-up artist you hired, use E.L.F cosmetics on you?
Isn't this stupid??
What Make up ideas for my face?
What color of mascara for blue eyes?
Where can I find interesting nail polish colours?
canada websites for good makeup brushes?
nail polish help, my nail polish wont stay on.?
is this too much makeup?
What are the effects of cutting your eyebrows?
I was just wondering...wat is a good age 2 start putting on lipgloss and eyeliner and mascara??
is this to much make up for me?
Good cheap foundation?
do you ever feel like you buy too much makeup?
What are some websites with makeup tips and "how-to" videos like and
what is meant by god?
help? my fingernails have gone yellow?
How can i get bigger...?
What are the key things to have in your make-up bag?
How to stop hoarding makeup?
How can I create a smokey eyes effect?
What drugstore has the lowest prices?
How many of you use mascara without eyeliner? ?
i use proactive...its not working!?
What are good eye shadow colors for brown eyes?
Cheap place to buy Paula Dorf Magic Stick Concealer?
Is it possible to make makeup powder from sea shells?
bare minerals emu oil...?
The best way to cover up my UGLY freckles?
Where can I get some good quality glow in the dark make-up?
Why is The Eye Converters & Sealers Ingreadients Not listed on line?
how can i make dark brown eyes pop?
How do I use rimmel london smokey purple eyeshadow??
13 years old too young to wear make-up?
is a little eyeshadow too much for a 13 year old?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouths closed?
which kind of maskara will suit me?any idea about the blushers.?
What's appropriate makeup for a 13 year old?
Need help w/ makeup!?
Whats a good foundation to use thats natural?
Has anyone tried the new vibrating mascaras?
where can i get MAC makeup?
Do you know any chemical or cream that if I apply I will loose my unwanted hairs forever???
lipstick tips?
does anybody think bonne bell or lip smackers products are too expensive?
how can i wear make-up to school without it looking like i have anything on?
How should i do my makeup?
My friends dont wear makeup but i like to. What do i say when they ask why i wear makeup?
Devil Halloween makeup ideas ?
Simple Toner reviews? (for the ladies)?
What do girls do to their eyelashes that makes them so straight and perfect? Can boys do it?
did I do a good job on my friend's prom makeup and hair?
What kind of makeup should I wear? ( Pic Included )?
Best drug store mascara?
mascara Question?
What's wrong with guys makeup?
How often do you wear eyeshadow and how do you wear it? (add age)?
What color eyeshadow should I wear?
Is it true that one banana skin contains enough calcium for your lifetime?
Does Destery (from youtube) wear eyeliner?
What are good brands and stores for makeup?
Will it make me prettier if I get my eyebrows done?
What do you think of my makeup?
What is the best moisturizer for eczema on eye lids?
in middle school when can you were make up!!?
What type of makeup can I do that'll suit my new hair? (pic)?
I don't like too wear too much makeup and try too look as natural as possible so... ?
Will my mom be able to tell if I'm wearing mascara??
I have blemishes on my face. So does this make me less attractive?
is wet n wild brow kit in light medium the same as the ash brown?
where can i get a good mattifier/ shine-control lotion?
Best Sigma Brushes????
What is the best eyebrow pencil?
Sugar Skull Makeup Help.?
mac prep+prime translucent powder and studio fix spray?
What do you think of my body? (PICTURE)?
how to do your eyeliner like this?
Foundation fears?
How can i get spray tan off my feet until monday when i can buy removal wipes?? Please help?
what is the best waterproof eyeliner that actually won't come off when i'm swimming?
My boyfriend wears foundation?
which brand is best for eyeliner and mascara?
i want to make my eyes pop! how can i do it(see details)?
What does vaseline do to the eyelashes?
Has anyone else had small painful bumps appear from EOS lip balm?
is this ok for a 14 year old (makeup)?
Is this makeup dangerous?
What kind of makeup should I do on my 11 year old sister?
Should I use a toner or what?
If you had one makeup bag for the rest of your life, what would you put in it?
Anyone tried the new "Luxurious Lengths" mascara?
what is your favourite mascara and why?
if you use make up does it change how you naturally look?
U know any mineral foundations without mica??
how do u get ride off dark eye circles?
I am 12, & i want to start wearing light make-up. What should i start out using?
Can you rate these makeup brands to worst to best and thanks?
Is Stila a high end brand?
What is your make up routine(:?
Hey Girls. What is your favorite makeup FOUNDATION??
What brands should I steer clear of?
i have blue eyes what eyeshadow should i wear?
Where can i get a l'occitane makeup bag?
Which makeup brush is best for applying a liquid foundation?
why is a good hair removal tip for facial hair ( fuzz like) so make up is easier to apply?
I want to find a perfume!?!!?!?
should i moisturize before putting on jergens natural glow self tanning lotion, when it already has a mosturiz?
Present for my girlfriend. Where could I find 'matte look like' lipstick online?
Any products that make your skin paler?
Whats the best mascara that will....................................…
Yellow in corners of eyes?
Has anybody tried this perfume?
Which is a great quality cuticle nipper?
Where do I put my makeup?
What to wear when at work then to school?
If im paintinf my fingernails black what colour should my toenails be?
Do you wear mascara on both top and bottom lashes or just top?
Sephora or MAC for my 18th Bday party?
Powder foundation?
Help! I can never get the right colour foundation. Any ideas?
Do you or anyone you know work for ulta cosmetics can you answear my questions?
where in ooty(india)can i find L'oreal men expert products?
How to make my eyes appear longer?!?
kate moss, rimmel need,s a new younger face?
Avon and mac users..i need ur help?
Where can I get white Mascara?
Can I wear night firming cream as moisturizer?
is this too much eye makeup?
Which foundation is better?
is makeup bad for skin?
will derma tend be shipped to India?
Are there any women who don't wear make up?
Best make-up?!?
i have 30 dollars to spend at sephora and or lush what should i spend it on?
Whats the best make-up you can use for your skin?
LADIES... What drugstore foundation should I use?
Make-up 12 year old?!?!?!?
Help me put in order my make up routine?
I am looking for bronzer by Kimora Lee Simmons in the pink champagne color. They stopped making it. Any ideas?
what if...?
What shade should I get in the MAC blotting pressed powder?
why arn't I wearing makeup? :S pleasee answerr, 10 points best answer!!!?
what are some great fantasy make up tips ?
What Makeup Shall I Where On My eyes Because I Wear Glasses?
Should I remove my eye liner at night?
Oily Skin???
Dance Makeup?
were can i find makeup ideas?
I NEED MAKEUP IDEAS!! 10 points best answer!?
what is the best foundation for under £10?
Perfect back to school makeup look :)?
where can i get hard candy tinted mousterizer?
What are some UK or african american beauty gurus on Yotube?
Has anyone used Bare Lifts?
What do you think of our fairy costumes and makeup?
what is the worst make up you have tried?
"Emo" Style makeup for smaller eyes?
at what age should girls start to wear makeup?
WHAT IS THE BEST DRUGSTORE powder foundation?
MAC eyeshadow empty palettes?
i need make up tips ?
What brand of Mascara is your favourite?
Please answer questions about make-up? (:?
What's your absolute favorite mascara?
do men prefer women who have a more natural look when it comes to makeup?
What's your favorite foundation?
OMG - I used self tanner and I'm completely Orange...?
are my eyes scary????????
Cant find a good cosmetic online,and cant find a good mascara.Revlon suppost to be good mascara,but not here.?
Does Jergens make a self tanner for light skin tones?
why is covergirl lash exact a good mascara?
How to do makeup like this?
Cheap Mac Brushes on Ebay from China?
glo minerals foundation?
Best ways to do the cat eyeliner?
What eyeshadow does not build up in creases?
Why can't I put anything on my face?
I want 'dark eyes'.?
What's the best foundation that can blend easily to the skin? Please state the brand and series, appreciate it
How does this girl get her lips like this?
wot is r fingernails and toenails made off?
How can i get red cheeks with no make up?
How much makeup do you wear to school?
How to get rid of that "line" under eye ?
How do I use the 'Falsies' mascara wand?
Your thoughts on the Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation SPF 15?
Thoughts on Toddlers and Tiaras?
how to choose maybelline mineral power foundation?
what are some ways to grow out your eyebrows naturally?
bronzer help?
What is a good brand of make up for a 27 years old lady?
How to get off eyeliner?
How long does covergirl trublend foundation last?
Pressed powder foundation?
What color lipstick is your fave?
when picking a bronzer how dark do you go?
whats YOUR favorite waterproof mascara?
How do you reduce the signs of pores on your face?
What is the best brand of make up?
genuine black and white cream dose it work?
How to use POREfessional from benefit?
What do I do If my Mom lets me wear foundation but my parents are divorced and My dad wont let me???
What is the best eyeliner you had used?
make up tips??
Is there any fragrance device for nose available in the market?
I had to run home when I was 14 years old through a wheat field in the nude, is this really that funny?
How to make pictures perfect? HELP?
Is it okay if i ask a girl to be my prom date like this?
do drug store concealers work good?
I haven't used liquid eyeliner in over a year, and I forgot how to apply it?
What type of eyeliner looks good with blue eyes?
What makeup do you wear to school?
what's the best way of using makeup?
Best Makeup for a 13-year-old?
if i were to buy dream matte mousse by maybelline, which shade would i be?
help...i have scars on my upper lip?
Girls: what is the average amount of make-up you wear everyday?
Whats your fav color?
make up kit necessity's ?
Men and Wearing Make-up....??
best cream for under eye puffiness?
Can you make it appear as though you have dimples with makeup?
my boyfriend says i wear too much makeup. do i?
How do I make my dry skin dewy?
How to be appealing to everyone?
taylor swifts dresses and boots?gorgeous!?
For confirmation im wear a dress. Need advice on how to do makeup and nails.?
what's your daily makeup routine?
What is the difference between mineral powder and translucent setting powder?
how do you conceal blemishes without make-up???
What kind of beauty products/cosmetics are at Marukai?
If I'm Barcelona in NARS, what shade would I be for Urban Decay's Naked Skin foundation?
Revlon skinlights foundation?
Question about fake eye lashes?
Do you wear mascara everyday?
Can your face get used to makeup and stop breaking out?
how do i put on eyeliner?
oil absorbing sheets...please answer?!?!?
What can I do about hollows under my eyes?
What can you use to make your eyes more white?
Seventeen Magazine? I am a guy and was interviewed?
MAC Studio Tech, Fix, OR Moistureblend foundation?
do i wear alot of makeup ?
How do I get that naural makeup look?
Is Pantothen safe to take? (Skin care)?
How long is lip liner good for?
(photO) ok im goin out..any good tips on what to wear for my skintone and makeup tip.i nned help plz..thnx...?
good nars products??????????
Which Mascara do you guys use?
Sudocrem as a face mask?
What would my face shape be?
Polish color on fingers versus toes?
Whats your favorite song?
what do u think of green eyeliner?
What ingredients ruin liquid eyeliner?
What is your daily makeup routine?
Muddy feeling makeup?!?
I'm a guy and I want to know how to get rid of fine lines and dark circles under my eyes.?
Buying makeup alone?
How should i ask my mom if i can start wearing makeup?
free samples, can anyone helpp.?
OMG!!!!!!!! How can I become more photogenic?
i want atarrow reader to predict my future?
How dark can a spray tan go?
sweat proof Roller Derby makeup suggestions for zombie theme?
what eyeliner would be best for me?
Make-up questions help me!?
I'm a boy and want my lips more like a pink-ish colour is there anyway to do that?
Tips for everyday school makeup.?
do u really need brushes when applying your eyeshadow and what r some helpful websites that will give ideas?
Ladies has any of you ever tried GLOMINERALS? If so tell me how you liked it..?
The best drugstore moisturizer?
wat is the best way to remove waterproof mascara ?? help?
How to not be a cake face??
what is the best foundation?
What color lipstick with this dress?
What is the best foundation you have ever used?
I am 35 and need a good facial moisturizer and cleaner - but I don't want to pay alot?
What the difference between C and N in mac face and body?
Acne In My Forehead????????????????/?
look my last question was tht wht looks good on me and some1 suggested plumping lip gloss where can i find it?
What is the best foundation...?
Tinted Moisturisers...?