Ladies, whats the one piece of make-up you can't live without?
girls who ware alot of makeup does that mean they think there ugly?
Who here sells Mary Kay?
What color is her skin tone in each picture?
would you prefer blue , green or golden eyes colour?
How does one become a Mary Kay consultant and what are the initial cost.?
Should 13 year old 's wear eyeliner?
Why do my parents think im gay because i wear eyeliner?(im not gay)?
Good coverage foundations for combination to oily skin?
what eyeshadow should i wear to homecoming?
Which of these 5 shadow sets would you recommend to suit my eyes the best[pics included] PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
Does the make-up suit the colour of my eyes?
Does brown mascara exist?
Which type of Foundation lipstick looks good on me?*Pic 10 points*?
Do you retouch/reapply bareminerals bare escentuals? or putting it before going to work is enough?
What blusher would be best for me? From benefit brand?
Why do uv nail polish sometimes peel?
To all those makeup gurus out there...?
i have a black ring around my lips and i was wondering what lip stuff would help that?
will powder foundation melt?
Eye makeup looks horrible on me?
Best one of each make up item? From foundation to eye wear?
MAC pigments and mixing!!?
What's a good brand of liquid eyeliner?
A question about beauty and make-up?
Do i wear too much makeup for 15?
Why does my g/f take......?
is wearing makeup fun?
I have blonde eyelashes? What should I do?
i have hazel eyes, but they are more green than brown, how do i make the brown stand out more?
What is the best VOLUME mascara out there?
How to change your image?
What are some trendsetting haircuts and colors?
how much would it cost me to get my makeup done for my wedding?
What shade do you wear in L'Oreal True Match Liquid foundation?
Does anyone know when the Twilight make up range is out in the UK?
HELP!is the coastal scents shimmer eye shadows more glitter or matalic colours?
Work in the Male Model Industry in UK, see my pics included?
At what stores can u just buy a mascara brush???????
Does anyone wear black eyeliner,on top of their eye lids?
how do you put liquid eye liner on the top eye lid?
What makeup to do for HC?
What color are my eyes?
Whats the best mascara? (moderate price)?
Why is Cherry the popular flavor for chapstick?
has anyone tried makeup forever's matte foundation? the one thats like $36 at sephora?
Is the make-up I wear on a daily basis too much?(Pictures included.)?
How do I make my eyes grow bigger? or they eyelids...? 10 p. B/A?
how can i make me a face?
Acne cover-Foundation (male)?
girls who wear foundation!!?
anything out there for big pores on the face?
Will you please report me?
Would MAC's Ruby Woo look good on pale skin?
I bathe in cup of noodles, do you think I smell good?
how do i get the JLo glow?
How can I legally ship nail polish internationally from the US?
Any opinions on the Naked Foundation by Urban Decay?
Do I wear too much makeup for school?
why do girls like make-up and stuff?
How to dye my eyebrows? :)?
Does it cost you anything to start selling Avon?
Do you use Nicole Miller Make-Up?
Should I Change My Makeup or Hair? (With Pictures)?
wat is an awsom brand of makeup to use?
PROM HELP...urgent please help :)?
What makeup should I wear with a blue-gray gown?
I just got contacts what kind of eye makeup should I wear?
I am 13 years old...?
The shape of my eyes are downwards, what style of makeup can I do to make them seem normal ?
how can i put less lipbalm on my lip?
How can I make myself prettier?
how long to see results from 70% glycolic chemical peel?
Other color options to substitute for Urban Decay's "Virgin" eyeshadow?
make up help for prom!?
Which mascara is better?
Am i ready to wear makeup?
What are good foundation for starters?
have u ever worn fake lashes...?
How and what do you use to clean your make-up brushes????
Do I wear too much makeup?
Should 15 yearolds wear make-up?
Online make up advice and tips sites?
"Shop MAC" Spring 2012 Collection -- Question?
Younger makeup gurus?
Can someone share experiences selling Avon and/or Mary Kay Cosmetics?
What should my makeup be on the first day of 7th grade?
How do you create the smoky eye look? What tools and makeup should you use?
what is an appropriate age to start wearing makeup?
Help Me!! I HAve A Big ZIT On My Forehead...?
help about my gf please?
i need the perfect foundation that will..?
how do i make my green eyes stand out more?
Question about curling eyelashes?
Which is better? Cream or Powdered Eyeshadow?
Whats your beauty secret?
How can I get super tan with 1 day full day at the beach?
Desperate for a makeover?
Everyday Makeup question?
at home spa this afternoon?
How to make blue eyes pop, with blonde hair and pale skin?
Does anyone have tips for a droopy right eye?
i'd like to tell my mom?
Umm soo I have school and I would put a smaller eyebrow ring in but I lost it ^.^ soo is there anything ?
Could I do a smokey eye with a black dress?
What can foundation do to your skin?
Help on makeup tips or ideas?
Best drugstore foundation?
I have one eye unbalance to the other eye what should i do to not let anyone notice ?
where can you get UV and glow in the dark face&body paint?
Best one of each make up item? From foundation to eye wear?
What's the difference between perfume, body mist, and body splash? Which one is strongest?
What's a good foundation for dry skin?
What is a good creme type bush in a light peach -orange type color or a light natural brown?
What shade of red lipstick looks best?
Who is prettier between the two and why?
What age do you think you should start wearing make up? or what grade?
Whats YOUR daily makeup rountine?
Should I wear eyeshadows that MATCH my clothes???
Should I apply face lotion with my hands or with a cotton ball?
Whats a good mascara?
I need to get a gift ready.?
Best green concealer to cover pink/red?
How to hide your lip piercing from your parents. ?
What brand of mascara works for you? <3?
bb creams and eye rollers!?
what can use to make ma face feel smoother?
why do ppl think redheads are...?
Face paint?
how to cover up an acne scar?
Anybody ever tried smashbox products?
maybelline one by one mascara?
Females.. How much make-up do you wear?
Is This Too Much Makeup?
How do I get my makeup brushes to dry faster?
which look better? easier? liquid or gel liner for winged look?
Wat age do you think is a good age to wear make up?
How much make-up should my 10 yr daughter wear?
what age do you think kids should wear makeup?
How can I not look so washed out?
How can I make myself prettier?
how good is Clair's makeup?
Good face makeup for oily skin?
my sister totally screwed up on my eyebrows, please help me fix it!?
where can i get bare minerals samples? i know they're out there.?
Need new lipgloss or lip balm?
my mom always sleeps .now also sleeping what can i doz?
Has anyone taken "perfect skin" made by "Genuine Health"?
do guys think dark eye makeup is attractive on girls?
Would the Garnier Antipuff eyeroller work on lids?
Please help with makeup for formal?
different colour eyelights?
what does toning the skin mean?
I need help with a Makeup Tutorial Youtube Channel user-name. I have no ideas!!!?
Please please answer.this question on makeup?
what do you think of glamour doll eyes?
what is the best eye liner product?
is there a body make-up that can cover up scars for darker skin?
What's the most money you've ever spent on a lipstick?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old going into high school to wear?
Any ideas on how to take the top off a roll on purfume?
any advice for a really good moisturizer???
i have short eyelashes, can anyone recommend a mascara that can lengthen and volumize my lashes?
How to have beautiful eyes without makeup for a guy? ?
Cutting eyelashes off bad idea?
This is a very serios question. Any way to hide facial wrinkles WITHOUT a facelift?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Tinted moisturizer and foundation?
Does this make your eyes look bigger?
make-up for summer..?
A couple of makeup questions?
Drugstore MATTE eyeshadow palletes?
Whats the best lip gloss/balm/whatever?
hide the blemish rimmel concealer question?
whats the best color in dream matte foundation?
Am I pretty without makeup? How can I improve my skin?
why do we use shaving cream for shaving why not soap ?
What kind make-up should I wear?
what is the best way to shapen a lady's bushy eyebrows without shaving too much off?
Is Clinique makeup any good?
I am 15, can I use makeup ?
Makeup Bottom Eyeliner Advice!?
How do I get the sleepy eyes look? ?
Has anybody tried these mineral powder foundations?
do you think i would look good with my lip pierced? on the right side on the bottom lip...?
How do I make a fake scar over my left eye?
could a 12 year old seventh grader wear makeup?
am i wearing to much makeup?
How can I put on make up with poison ivy on part of my face?
What foundation do you recommend?
What make up is best for covering pimples and blemishes?
What's a really good foundation to buy?
I'm trying to buy an eye make up remover..?
Bare Escentuals?
summer question?
Is this a good pic of my face?
what's your daily makeup routine?
How much makeup do you wear to school everyday? To events?
who do you think will win: PACQUIAO or LARIOS??
Clinique - Shimmering tones powder Bronze ingredients ?
how to do my makeup like this?
What is the best makeup to buy fron MAC and Sephora?
I have brown eyes and rosy cheeks, what colors for eyeshadow should I use....?
Has anyone used Basis bar soap?
How to use makeup to cover up Dark circles? - Male?
(girls only please) what is a good lipstick that stays on during?
girls! i need a reccomendation..?
What make-up should a 14 year old girl have?
how long does it take to receive products from missha?
what would you say is the best anti wrinkle cream for 45+yr old ,,?
Qhat color are my eyes (pic)?
How long can lipgloss last?
I'm an artist living on long island, currently attending FIT, I do makeup, murals, portraits...?
what types of makeup should i wear?
How to get rid of huge pores on my nose?
Is the shade "golden beige" for revlon colorstay liquid foundation for light skin, chinese peole?
what shade of studio fix fluid am i?
I have to very little holes in on my lip?
Good, cheap concealer?
what shoes, makeup, hair would you wear with this dress?
Is there any side effect if i apply too much toner(cosmetics)?
I want to start wearing eyeshadow..old enough?
I want to be president??!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's your favorite makeup brand? (for teenagers :D)?
How to apply concealer wiith peeling skin?
Is there a site where i can put my baby's pictures on my scrub?
i have this scar on my face and need to know what product could i use to make it disappear?
If your a girl wana do a fun game?for 10 points n best answer?
liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner?
How can I get my makeup to look smooth instead of cakey?
What Make-up brand do you use?
Zombie/victorian doll makeup?
Should I use Dream Matte Mousse Foundation?
Do women really like doing this?
does anybody like purple lipstik:)?
cost of lakme absolute kohl?
Best organic night eye creams?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
How long can I keep an UNOPENED lipgloss?
Wedding Makeup??????
First time drag?
How do you do your makeup like candice swanepoel?
Make-up artistry training in Manchester??
For girls only ! why do you wear make-up?
Do you share my opinion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What to name this product?
IS wearing eyeshadow and mascara ok when you are in 7th grade?
would u date a guy that wore nail polish and makeup?
Does waxing your upper lip create stubble?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Is anyone familiar with NVEY/ECO cosmetics?
Bare Escentuals or Everyday Minerals?
how do u put on eyeliner!!!!!!?
green eyes and eye shadow...?
hair/makeup for a semiformal?
DO YOU WEAR MAKEUP because you feel insecure/feel like you need it,or because you enjoy putting it on?
Wich eye color is the prettiest?
is 6th grade a good age for lip gloss and mascara?
what are the steps to put on make-up and what should you use?
What does this girl mean by 'highlight' in her makeup tutorial?
is my new skincare routine ok o_o?
Do guys prefer girls who wear makeup?
Urbandecay "smog" is too close to my skin tone. Would "half baked" be better?
Has anyone(girls) tried Revlon Beyond Natural mascara&eyeliner yet?
dont you wish you looked prettier WITHOUT makeup?
What kind of eye makeup should I wear?
What is the weirdest question you have ever Seen on here ??
Makeup tips? [pics]?
Are facial cleansers meant to remove makeup from your face?
question about good moisturizers?
How do I get liquid foundation make upstains out of my feather duvet?
makeup- right age?
How old and you and how much makeup do you wear?
Guys, do you like it when girls wear like 5 pounds of make-up?
what are all the essential things that i need to become fresh,pure and attractive?
Misa Cosplay for Halloween, can I actually do this!?
How do you like this makeup look?
why are people so fake?
What size is the full size Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil?
why do people always feel the need to point out if people wear makeup?
What's the problem with make-up?
Best Drugstore that won't smudge or fade?
Lancome hypnose or hypnose drama?
Which is the best foundation? (Choose from below list)?
which other facial cream will help lightening facial spots?
How to get rid of bags without makeup or sugery!?
Do men really hate red lipstick?
How do I get the 'Smokey Black eyes' look?
what's your favourite mascara?
Do girls look better with or without make-up?
I'm looking for a natural look...?
Any ideas on how to take the top off a roll on purfume?
Is makeup bad for your skin?
What colour are you today?
what chemistry is in eyeliner?
What's the best and worst make up brands out there?
What makeup would you buy High end?
at the end of the day,my makeup becomes all patchy and orange?
Has anyone tried Neutrogena® Clean Lash Tint? Is it any good?
would you keep a random make up bag you found at the toilets or at the shopping centre?
Dark skin women of color tried smash-box foundations?
What is skin bleaching? How is it done?
OMG my face is so freaking oily!!!?
Favorite Products!!!!!!!?!?!?!?
black liquid eyeliner ?
Does loreal Paris 24 hour foundation work? ?
what is your favourite makeup brand? and the favourite product from that brand?
Who is this youtuber plz help?
Best volumizing waterproof mascara?
Help with Makeup Removal!?
Mascara...witch one would...?
at what age is good to wear makeup?
Makeover question......?
Make-up with red dress?
Are artisan cosmetic brushes of good quality?
Does air-brush make-up hides your scars too?
How should I do my hair and makeup to a social?
ok well im 14 and need a little help with make up?
Who is da best Bridal Make up artist in Pune?
What does it mean to have "nice" eyes?
I'm 13 and want to start wearing makeup, what should I wear?
what kind of cream help me get rid of these bumps off my face?
Best foundation out there?
avon ladys only please pick me pick me?
Do I look Like a Mermaid?
any ways to make fair frecked skin look tanned/darker?
Can i use kewra or Rose water in the eyes....?
how do i get fake tan off between by fingers without taking it off my hands?
Whats a good gentle skincare routie?
My concealer keeps wiping off?
infomercials? WOMEN only!?
how to get nutra nails gel perfect off?
Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (8 in 1) review?
Is there a inexpensive and good all natural waterproof BB cream? what is it?
Is there a good brand of eyelid primer I can pick up at Target or Walmart?
How can I do my eye make up like this? (Photos included)?
I just started a new comedy group on youtube, here is our first video what do you think?!?
Best Benefit make up/lip stain and other make up brands?
What are some really easy lip balm recipes?!?
Is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
Whats a way to do this? I am not for sure ;)?
Makeup Help please?!?!?!??!?!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!?
How long does it take GIRLS to put makeup on?
would this be good makeup for 7th grade?
Makeup ideas? Please answer?
to much makeup for a freshman and if so what do you recomend?
does miley cyrus have makeup?
How to get long eyelashes without false one?
what is a pore?
A Question for a Professional Make Up Artist.... please help?
Do you like elf makeup?
fair skin but dark hair?
Can a man wear make up without looking like a cissy?
So, I am new to makeup and i want to know your routine?
How do you apply spray tan? ?
What eyeshadows would look good?
Girls do you like boys who like you to wear HEAVY makeup even if they like you without it on?
Is this too much make-up?
is this a scam?! MAC makeup?
i have a really bad scab on my face right in the center of my chin and it used to be a pimple but i picked it
how do u not be so pale?
what are some good consealers?
I am 13 years old and going into 8th grade, what makeup should I wear?
Makeup trouble!!Help?:)?
Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer review?
What is the best kind of makeup? (maybeline,covergirl,love my eys,etc..?
can i buy Merle Norman in Australia?
Make- up help!!!?
Help creating a flawless skin look?
Ladies- lip gloss, lip stick, or bare?
How much are Spray Tan's at Express Tan ?
I need to change wella formula for redken?
natural remedy for sunspots,agespotsand discoloration?
wat do you think of my looks please??? id like to be an eye make up model.?
Do you wear makeup everyday?
what is the best shimmery lipgloss?
What mascara should I try?
what color is ur eyes?
Do Bare Minerals actually do what they say they do?
How can I do my eye makeup like this?
Foundations/concealor for oily skin???
Best Drugstore Makeup?
Lip gloss colors to draw less attention to mouth?
Does the STROBE collection from Mac really work?
where can i find information on make-up in 70's for a portfollio?
I have angular face-cut (small face though) and deep set eyes. Should I sport moustache or not?
Celebrities wear too much makeup?
POLL: What is the best brand of mascara?
How old were you when you were allowed to........?
how do you apply eyeshadow ? to get the smokey look???
Have any of you girls tried the Magic Reflecting Base by loreal?
I am searching for make up schools in Taiwan. can anyone help me?
How can i fix my blue eyes to get a more dramatic look to my eyes?
My face is always so shiny, please help (: ?
Press on well do they work?
How do i wear my lengthy hair to office ??? pls helpp?
Teen Makeup. Please HELP!!!?
what is the difference between lip gloss lipstick and lip stains!?
IF you are 15-17 WOULD U SHARE ur makeup routine??!?
Since it is acceptable nowadays for men to wear earrings, what about eye makeup?
how do i not loook innocent?
my nose is abnormally incorrect, help?
Do I look ugly without makeup?
How do i avoid putting so much product on my eyes?
Best eyeshadow primers?
How much does it cost to get eyebrows done at superdrug or debenhans in Inverness Scotland??????? Please help?
do you think wearing foundation every day (not very heavily) will cause wrinkles faster than not wearing it??
Laides, please share your best beauty buys! Here are mine:?
how to be a girly girl?
What color eye shadow's should someone with blue eyes wear?
13 year old wearing Chanel makeup?
mac pro longwear foundation +concealer! help!?
i'm 13 and my friend keeps saying i need to wear more makeup, i dont see why?!?
how do you get off acrilic nails easily?
How to enhance your facial features?
Do women put on a lot of makeup if they are just going to be around other girls?
What mascara do you use?
What is blotting paper made of? Would wax paper or somthing else work the same?
what colour eyeliner looks most natural/normal?
Eyebrow question! Oopps?
How do you apply your revlon color stay whipped?
Something similar to PB Teen makeup sectional?
I'm on the search for good body lotion with SPF and a bodywash that exfoliates?!?
Make up such as blush and bronzer don't stay on my face?
What is your impression of each girl?
When I put pencil eyeliner on my waterline does it irritate my eyes?
make up artists manchester?
what do u feel when u really fall in love, but the one u love doesn't know about it?
Where can I buy estee lauder double wear concealer?
Eyeliner help?????????
Do europeon people have round eyes?
=)Is it true that if you put a very very hot wash clothe on your eye's it will lighten them?=)?
Whats your fav color?
Best foundations for DRY, sensitive skin?
What are the top 10-20 make up necessities for me?
How do you put on eye liner? For me it hurts when you put it on the water line. Same on top, any tips?
Is Sleek Ink Pot a good gel eyeliner?
what do u do if youur 12 years old and your parents dont let you wear make up but everyone else in the would d
best way to clean make up brushes?
Is Mac Foundation good? If so what's your favorite one?
How do you like the Makeup Forever HD kit?
Natural Cosmestics?
I never get tan. Help me!?
i have bad achene on my forehead, and i cover it up using foundation, but then more spots come, what can i do?
How do i Remove upper Lip hair Naturally?
Will u please help me get my real name off from my messenger?
How to keep Mayebelline nude airfoam on your face?
How do I get my eyes to look wider? How do I whiten the whites of my eyes?
What makeup is best for a witch (from macbeth) TEN POINTS!?
What eye shadow color would make blue eyes look bluer?
covergirl products?
Reviews, Experiences, Questions?
do i wear too much make-up?
I have exema(sp) on my eyelid and I want to know how to get rid of it.?
what elf products should i buy?
Makeup help foundation and concealer problems?
What is your favourite brand in BB cream?
i need a makeup artist :( please read!!!?
should i wear make up?
How to keep my eyeliner from smudging?
How do you minimize dark circles under your eyes?
girls! do you open your mouth when you put on mascara?
exfoliate takes my tan away can i wear makeup to tan my face?
Should I use Clinique or Bare Minerals face makeup?
What Hello Kitty beauty powder to buy?
Question about a job as a make-up artist?
has anyone tried the borujois lip-stain which boots have on offer?
How to get this Ariana Grande Makeup look?!?
I need something or a technique to help keep my makeup from fading during the day.?
What's your favorite make-up brand?
Do I wear to much makeup?!?
Too much makeup problem? :( natural looking foundation that will cover?
what kind or liiquid eyeliner do you use?
I got dark brown eyes and med-light brown hair, what eyeliner and eyeshadow will match it best?and what brand?
MAC Makeups anyone????????????
how to trim my eyebrows at home?
GUYS ONLY! Do you like make-up on girls?
what medium would i use to mix glow powder into a face/body paint?
How can I make myself more attractive?
What would be a simple makeup kit?
What's a good chapstick?
What is the best prom dress for me?
can u get ECOtools products at superdrug?
What eyeshadow color goes best with dark brown eyes?
do you ever feel like you buy too much makeup?
Is this a good deal???
Lancome Photo Lumessence Number?
make up tips for two different colored eyes?
How to cover up scars?
can anyone help me find steven dante cosmetics. i ordered them from California sometime ago?
What kind of makeup do or can men use?
I need Info Plz On Arcylic Nails.. Thank u?
where can we find information for a science experiment on lipstick?
How much does MAC in Chicago charge to do your make up?
In what order are you supposed to apply make-up?
What are they other Maybelline Volum' Express mascara's?
What cover-ups can be used on a facial mustache?
Can anybody type a list of the different lip/mouth shapes and describe them please?
How do you get rid of puffy eyes?
how do i help me nails?
What is your favorite mascara ? (:?
I need ideas for hairstyles and makeup?:)?
What kind do you use?
How did she do her eye make up?
where can u buy mac cosmetics makeup?
Problem with my upper lip?
Can I wear rimmel stay matte pressed powder alone? Without it looking bad?
what is the cost of MAC kajal (kohl) pencil in india?
What colors ( eyeshadow) can make my Brown Eyes be more noticeable(:?
Am I too young to wear make up?
Too much makeup for 14?
smashbox or shiseido foundation?
stila makeup for cheap?
do i have the looks to be a guidette?
What are some good, inexpensive concealers?
Waterproof Mascara?
How to make my eyes look bigger?
Do I look better with or without makeup?
Is make-up bad for you?
girls what do u think of my looks?
Makeup Help!!!!!!!!!?
can you please help me with my looks? (makeup wise) pics included 10 pnts best answer!?
Can anyone suggest a new eye liner color for me?
Facials & Spa?
Do My Eyebrows look weird too you?
Rimmel London Mascara??
What is your opinion on women who don't wear makeup?
I need to change my makeup I always look to orange, to pale, or to red!?
Is this a lot of make up to use?
I want to become a beauty guru?
whats good make tips for a lightskinned blackgirl?
Do you have any advice for a young man?
My new twisty eyeliner pencil is do i fix it?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Witch mascara brand is a PERFECT mascara?
Is there A makeup set or kit for MAC?
How do i create sexy but not slutty smokey eyes?
makeup and hair for a boy??
is blue eyeliner cool?
does neutrogena healthy skin makeup make your skin healthier?
What is the best make-up / concealer to hide blemishes?
Where is your lower lashline and upper lashline?
'how is a facial process actually done'?
Is MAC more expensive online than in stores?
Eyeliner or no eyeliner (picture included)?
Would you rather dive into a pool of melted lip gloss or nail polish?
Does anyone know where I can buy BARE MINERIALS MAKEUP IN Las Vegas or Southern Utah area?????
Makeup blog opinions?
Makeup for a 13 year old?
Is Maybelline Great Lash in royal blue any good?
What are good sites to find free make-up samples?
do you think that expensive make up is better quality than cheap?
How to get fair...I'm a male....medium tone. ....want it bright ....pls advice?
Can anyone please tell me if they have tried heated eyelash curlers?
Lush free samples...?
What color are my eyes?
Eyelashes on only one eye are drooping and falling off?
Can anyone suggest a good fake tan?
Illusion of a different nose? PLEASE HELP!?
How long does SPF last from lip balm?
What face shape am I?
Good place to buy cute makeup bags?
For girls only:Do you play video games ?
what foundation works for you?
What do you think about putting concealer on your lips?
help with eyeliner!?
What's the best mascara?
Best foundation & powder for acne/acne scarring?
anyone who uses mark. makeup?
in what order?
any websites for cheap makeup?
whats the best foundation to use?
A way to remove nail polish without actual nail polish remover?
Zombie makeup... without face paint or special effects makeup?
I need foundation help.?
How can I keep my face/skin routine minimal?
what is your favorite makeup brand?
Do you like lipstick or lip gloss better?
what is a good mascara?
Natural Beauty or Artificial Beauty?
Where can I find the Prestige total intensity eyeliners?
What colour lipstick is right for blondes?
can sephora give powder samples?
What kind of make-up should a 13 year old wear?
what is the best store bought wax to use on your face?
do guys like the natural look better?
Can you please answer this question?
Makeup and hair for these prom dresses?
Where can I get L'oreal HIP Jellybalms?
what is they best eyeliner ? ( that don't come off or any smugger and it waterproof)?
Vitamin Face Mask?
Has Anyone Ever Asked You if You Had on Makeup but You Didn't?
Natural makeup for a strawberry blonde with medium-light complexion and blue-green-gray eyes?
facial hair pls help!?
why brothers are so stupid?
Does waterproof eyeliner and mascara work?
How can I make myself look older?
Cover Girl Stick Foundation?
Is Bare essentials mineral foundation really healthy for skin ?
Urban decay naked or naked 2?
Tinted moisturiser?
Where is the best place to but Vaseline?
My skin seems to flake off in the corners of my nose and inbetween my eyebrows. What can I do?
pencil eyeliner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
girls only do you really?
Make-up help for blush?
What is a good eyeliner?
should i wear makeup?
how do you get your eyes to look like this?
Picture what type of side bangs or side part are these i want them.?
Does Moiztureizer help Acne?
Did Cover Girl discontinue their tinted moisturizer in Med-Dark?
What age did you start wearing make up?
If I wear Maybelline FitMe in #310 what would match me for Revlon Colorstay?
Drugstore foundation?
How do I lighten my skin colour?
Jerome Alexander web site address?
Which Mac foundation is better?
I like doing makeup on other people. Is that weird?
can anyone suggest me a good make up studio in north or west delhi?
What Make-Up could a 6th grader wear to school??
makeup brush cleaner?
im old enough!?
with or without make-up?
what are the active ingredients in eyelash tint activator?
Hellpp im so ugly!!???
Oily Skin?
(easy .s)eyeliner question?
Is the naked 2 pallete worth the money?
What makeup for a natural look?
What Makeup looks best with a blue dress?
What are some pretty color eyeshadows?
Help with eyeliner please..?
Am I wrong for saying no to someone at work who always ask to use my lip gloss?
What do u apply before using a concealer?
Teach me how to put on makeup?
i have brown hair and dark brown eyes would dark blond hair look good on me ?
how to wear red lipstick?
what make up should i buy?
For how long should someone put a cold cloth or tea bags or plastic eye mask on eyes and how many times a day-?
Is this alot of makeup?
i have a bright, blindingly pink dress for my friend's sweet sixteen on saturday. how should i do my makeup?
how to make skin clear and to glow our face?
why do u need eye brows?
How should I do my sister's makeup for prom?
Why do women open their mouths when applying mascara ?
for the guys only :why do some gurl wear too much make up?
Any tips on finding the right shade of coverup?
Please i need mothers of teenage girls to answer this?
What is the best drugstore BB Cream?
6th grader needs makeup help?
i have blue eyes and im not exactly sure what color eyeshadow to wear!!?
What are some fab.................?
since when do vampired sparkle?
Keep this palette or get the Naked palette?
How fast do Imats tickets sell out?
what is the muse?
Thanksgiving dinner makeup?
What Red Lipstick Stays on the longest?? ?
can i put make up on with out it going blury?
Does anyone know a great foundation that stays on and goes on evenly?
Clinique experts? I use soft finish fdn & dram diff moistrzer. In summer, should I use something with spf?
How to take care of oily face?
Which is better? MAC or Shu Uemura?
Guy working in a fragrance department?
Best mascara in ur?????
where can i get this lip gloss?
What's the best make-up?
What's your favorite lip balm?
Where should I go to learn what colors of makeup look good on me?
where do i get best facial products in chennai?
Do you wear lipstick or lip gloss?
HELP! My eyeliner will not stay on!?
Why does my skin color go from light to tan to light again?!?
I need some makeup tips?
How Will I Keep My Make-Up On?
Does anyone know if the NEW Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup from Neutrogena is oilfree?
Elf Studio in Target?
Do you enjoy applying makeup, or it is just a chore to you?
Is this too much makeup for a freshman to wear?
need help applying bare escentuals shadows!!!!!!?
can any1 apply mascara with their mouth closed?
mascara recomendations?
Looking for a makeup product?
Is makeup good or evil?
Does anyone know of an almost exact shade of lipstick that matches what she's wearing here?
What age did you start using make-up?
instantaneous beauty?
Do you have any make up suggestions? (pics.)?
Anybody ever tried smashbox products?
Drug store make-up or Higher end make-up?
Best Eyeshadow (brand/color) to create a smoky dramatic eye?
What color eyeshadow would look good on me?
Which food should i pick? Please help i need to know in 5 minutes. 10 points!?
How are you supposed to take your makeup off?
what foundation can last all day and is affordable?
any home made remedy to get a fair skin,to remove black cirle near the eyes?
Will tanning "hide" stretch marks?
what makeup is good for me?
eyeliner for me? help!?
Whats that white stuff on your tounge?
How Many Do You Own?
For the girls?
benefit hoola bronzer vs too faced chocolate soleil?
What is the best way to wear makeup for a funreal?
Clear Smooth Face Tips ??
How do you apply lash stylist (Maybelline New York)?
What makeup do you carry all around with you?
makeup ideas? I have a dance on friday.?
What's the best gradual self tanner?
Rate me HONESTLY 1-10 please :) Thnx?
best mascara ??
dupe for milani blush in mai tai?
Anyone tried E.L.F makeup?
Allergic reaction to eyeshadow - flaky dry lids?
Soft lips Online at Walmart.?
Oily face...?
What would bring out my Blue eyes?
What Makeup Should I Use? (Pictures)?
anyone know where i can get?
please suggest a fairness cream that you can get in Chennai for 40+women?
what color eyeshadows work with dark brown eyes?
Would this look weird???
Best makeup brush set in cheap rate?
whats the best party make up?
Tips to help me with liquid eyeliner?
Are there any websites to go to where you can see if you can get a makeover in your area?
What is the best hand cream for dry hands?
combination skin: how do i control the oil in my t-zone?
good lip color for school?
What are some really good makeup foundation/powder?
Help on winning school pageant and talent ideas?
How can I get my eyes to pop out?
Why would a girl put on more makeup than usual?
MAC Shades Are Confusing Me (+ Concealer)?
Foundations and powders for flaky skin.?
what do u put on first, eye shadow or eye liner??
help find me a pink frosted lipgloss?
Name some make up essentials?!?
i am looking for value on posters women 1940 artist name begins with Pa?
Who do I look like?
how would i do make-up w/ this set?
whatr good colors of eyeshadow to wear if u have light skin but u still have a tan?
How come no lip balms really work?
Will coral lipstick and high waisted shorts be out of style for spring/summer 2012?
Are Fake Eyelashes (the one's you put on yourself) bad for your real lashes?
any ideas for my sisters makeup?
How do you smile with your eyes? (or make them light up)?
how do u remove foundation? Do u just wash with water or do u need some solution?
Cheapest, fastest way to look dark and tan?
Does anyone else use Yves Rocher?
What makeup do you think would look good on me?
what are the longest lasting contacts, and how long do they last?
Makeup Glowly skin? ance HELP?
What kind of eyeshadow should i buy it i want a clear,dewy look on my eyelids?
how to apply eyeliner to the top lid?
Will MAC's prep + prime pressed finishing powder be invisible in flash photography?
how to make myself prettier?
Where can i find good advice on applying make-up?
lining the inner rim of lower lid?
Is it safe to use lipgloss after its been in the laundry?
Need makeup advice/hair advice!!?
what are some very amazing, worth buying, avon products?
How do you make perfurme?
I don't like Loreal. Which type of Make-Up do u wear? What would you wear?
where and how can i see how makeup for dark circles is applied on line?
How to do my makeup for Christmas dance?
How do I get rid of a Jealous stalker?
Where can I find an affordable pale orange lipstick like this?
Does she have big eyes for an asian?
where can i get bare minerals samples? i know they're out there.?
Good foundation for me?
Has anyone used to prdouct "perfect skin" apparently the kardashians use it.?
is 13 too old to not be wearing make-up?
How many makeup brands do u have?
What age should girls wear eyeliner?
What kind of makeup should i wear at 12?
tell me if you agree with my list of best drugstore buys?
I am in a play and i need to look asian.?
Does putting toothepaste on pimples actually help?
smokey eye look?
Eyebrow question........ Please Help !!?
Try to change this problem?
What do you think of my eyelashes?
WHen should i start using anti-wrinkle cream?
for all the girls and women?
What's a good eyeliner for smokey eyes that is waterproof (or really, really longlasting)?
Is this makeup okay for a 14 year old?
Where do you apply blush???
i have hazel eyes what eyeshadow looks best for those eyes? and wat else should i add 2 my eyes 2 make...?
What brand and shade of concealer should I buy?
How Much Make Up Do You Own?
how can i get better coverage for my bareminerals foundation?
how to make a skin model ???....?
what do teen girls think about teen boys who wear nail polish?
I'm looking for a mascara that doesn't smudge.?
How to book an appointment at Sephora?
Does lemon and juice realy lighten tans and gets you whiter ?
Which make up covers really good?
is it so wrong to use beauticontrol??
At what age did you start wearing make up?
Advice for OILY eyelids?
Help me!!!!!!..........?
I'm feel ugly and disgusting. How can I look/feel beautiful?
i need to contact revlon cosmetics direct but i need an address or tel no.?
Anyone know any good (possibly local), small makeup companies?
i want to get gel nails, but I want to make sure I am getting the real thing. How will i know?
how do I make my eyeshadow last longer when I'm wearing it?
ugggg! i want to wear makeup!!! IM NOT ALLOWED!!! how old...?
How do I hide mascara from my mom?
is it a bad thing if people only say im pretty when i have makeup and hair done?
Eyeliner for amusement park?
what may happen if unsuitable make-up is applied to oily skin?
When shopping, what part of your skin should you test foundation on?
How to achieve a great but classy smokey eye?
Isn't it too much for teenagers to wear eye liner, mascara, and black eyeshadow?
Teenage girls... help, makeup issues?
Makeup question! Help by tonight 10 Pts best answer!!?
Can you do your makeup much heavier and more dramatic than these girls?
What is your favorite shade of lipstick?
Which makeup brushes should I buy?
Can u buy some false eyebrows??
Is it possible not to open your mouth while applying eyeliner?
how to deal with facial hair???
how do i make my skin appear more "even"?? with the makeup i have?
Best Self Tanner at Sephora?
What does it mean if a lipstick is limited edition?
Which do you like better for cosmetics...MAC or something from SEPHORA?
i havee a makeupp question?(picss)?
What do you think about Shu uemura fiber extension mascara?
im new to makeup what are some cool makeup tutorials i could watch thanks?
what the age type to star using Luminyze skin brightner and what are the side effect?
Make-up for hooded eyes?
Makeup for homecoming...?
Has anyone used baremineral or dermacia?does it really work?
I have brown skin black hair and dark dark brown eyes?
covergirl mouse mascara help!!!!!!!!!!!?
Grade 8 formal is tonight! How should I do my makeup?
gals how many of you like cargo and paula dorft makeup?
Where can I find unusual makeup colors?
Makeup Question. . middle schooler. .?
Which foundation would work better for my skin type?
drugstore mint face mask?
If you could change anything?
i want to detail about horoscope?
Are you too young to wear makeup in eigth grade?
What is a good way, or good makeup that will stay on through work? Resturaunt work?
What is the Best brand of Mascara you have ever used?
Models!please answer this?!?
For those who have tried Maybelline XXL Volume Length Microfiber Mascara?
Whats the best BB cream for combo skin?
make- up help?! Plz!!?
Whats the best drugstore foundation?
A good drugstore foundation?
Products for Porcelein skin?
If you had to pick would you prefer a slightly broad nose or quite small eyes?'?
I have brown eyes and i want something that will bring my eyes out more do you guys have any makeup suggestion
will i blow up if i use my lighter now?
is the correct way of applying and removing make-up?
I'm 13 and want to wear eyeliner and mascara?
Am I too Young to Wear Makeup?
shiny pidgeot.......?
Do you think i could pull off the no makeup look? --pics included?
am i too young for makeup? im 13 btw turning fourteen soon?
What is the best eye lash growth serum?
shud i get my hair & makeup done 4 homecoming at a salon or myself?
how do i make myself more prettier for school?
Where on the face should blush be applied?
Gonna Dress Like Girl as Senior Couple Joke. NEED LINKS!!!?
Has anyone tried Too Faced Wrinkle Injection or Duwop Reverse Eyeliner?
What products do I need for basic TV makeup?
The UK versus The USA. Who would win?
MAC foundation query,?
how do you cover freckles?
Make up worn by Coco Chanel in 1920's?
make up for my waterline?!?
How to cover up a pimple?
makeup problem? i use powder concealer on top of my moisturizer?
what sould a teen sould be wearing everyday??as in makeup??
For Blistex fans! =) Please answer, it's quick!?
Why is it that a lot of cosmetics brands don't produce shades for darker women?
Has anyone used Sheer Cover make-up?
eyeliner question?
Reviews on any of these makeup/hair products?
What store can I buy a home electrolysis kit?
Makeup over zits or none?
How should I do my hair and makeup for homecoming?
Which one is coolest?
I am 15, can I use makeup ?
What should I do?
what's a good eye liner that lasts all day?
Please help with this make-up question??
summer makeup?
How do you put makeup on monolids?
whats the best makeup brand?
What are good lipsticks for tan skin?
What color of eyeshade should I wear with my sexy white top and a Red mini skirt?
What is the best foundation?
I have dry skin on my face. What foundations are there that are specially suited for this problem?
What is better? The CLINIQUE Lash Power Mascara Long Wearing or the CLINIQUE Naturally Glossy mascara?
mascara question?!?
Sleeping with makeup on?
My brother wants to make me put on fluorescent creme and look at me under black light. OK?
Makeup brushes ? help, urgent!?
Plesase, introduce some facial and skin lightening cream?
difference between these 2 clinique moisturizers?
What color eyeshadow should i wear if i have green eyes?
How to be 'popular' or act popular?
what's a double eyelid?
What brands don't test on animals?
skin tone?
Is this alot of makeup?
what are the side effects of using expired mineral makeup?
is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
where can i find pot balm? websites!?
does the mario badescu whitening mask work on medium-dark skin?
How to do make-up like selena gomez?
What is the value of the Mary Kay "Pinked!" cards?
Where can i buy professional makeup products for men besides Menaji and Mac?
Tips for a 13 year old on applying mascara?
Is there a way to know if its fake?
barbara daly make up?
what name brands have mineral in there product?
What is the best lip gloss to use?
best makeup for...?
Halloween makeup help. I have acne issues and if I ware the normal oil based face paints in the little?
i think im fat and ugly, wat do i do???
How long do I wait?!?
what eyeshadow colors and everthing is in right now?
do i look better with makeup on or no makeup at all?
i'm going to an important interview for a school I'm 21 but look 16 how do i look older with notslot of makeup
What makeup is best for a witch (from macbeth) TEN POINTS!?
Which Mascara do you prefer ?
how can i make my eyelashes long?
POLL; Who Uses lip balm, Chap stick? Lip Gloss?
do you like and trust the cosmetic brand Avon?
Can you get doe eyes if you have blue eyes?
What can i do to fix my makeup... pictures inside.?
Can you ask for samples at Ulta?
Where to apply eyeliner on the lower lash?
What color are my eyes and how can I enhance them without lots of makeup?
What are sable bristles when buying a makeup brush?
Makeup or natural beauty?
What are the best mascaras?
is 13 too young to wear makeup?
Which eyeshadow did she use?
Mineral makeup?
Can you sharpen the cg smoothers eyeliner?
what is the best lipgloss .. ?
What make-up should i buy ?
can anyone tell me a good mascara?
I Am Breaking Out!?!?!?!?!?
Which Make-up is better?
What would nail polish remover do to the nails of someone without any nail polish on?
covering up incision where stitches were?
is the Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer Light Tint?
Make up for beginners?
How should I go in for a makeup artist appt.?
Makeup for black/very dark brown hair with blue eyes?
Everyday minerals makeup?
Is e.l.f. a good cosmetics brand?
How to do sexy eye makeup.?
Who wears dark black eyeliner?
Fake nails questions...?
Where are apples of your cheeks exactly?
If you could use only 1 mac item what would it be?
i was just wondering........?
What kind of mascara do you use?
dont you wish you looked prettier WITHOUT makeup?
My roommate colored on my other roommate w/ permanent marker as a joke when she took a nap. Any removal fixes?
Best drugstore mascara? Length, volume and waterproof?
egyptian powder henna brands?
Does anyone know if the Ogle School of Beauty does eyelash extensions?
if you wear eyeliner, what age did you start to apply it?
What's your favorite foundation?
What shall i do with my makeup? I look horrible! help.?
which one of these CLINIQUE EYE MAKEUP REMOVERS is the BEST?
How can I improve my looks?
what mascara thickens and makes your eye lashes longer?
Natural school makeup ideas?
Heath Ledger Joker make up?
Why do a bunch of girls ask if im bi?
Does it take a lot of guts for a guy to dress up like a girl?
Getting first set of Mac Brushes?
Which of the two looks the best?
my eyes are Small and my eye lids are little, should i wear eye liner?