should i experiment with Make-up?
do i look ok?? 1-10 tryin to get a boy also so thats why i'm askin. PLEASE HELP!!!?
anyone have an easy way to do a smokey look for eyes?
How can i make myself look preety at school?
would shouler length brown hair look good on me? (pictures)?
Are animals still being used in cosmetic testing?
Who is prettier between the two and why?
How should i wear my make up to school this year?
has anybody used super glue to put on fake eyelashes on?
has anyone used this spray tan?
maybelline dream matte mousse users?
What are some of the best BB creams?
where can i fined the cheapest bronzer???
what colour should i paint my nails?
Do it yourself vitamin c serum?
Should I ask for Sigma Makeup Brushes for Christmas?
What makeup brushes should I get if I only wear blush?
Can You Use Concealer Under Cover FX Cream Foundation?
How do you apply face shimmer?
How to do make up for school pics?
I just opened a makeup school in San Diego. What products do you think are must haves for a makeup kit?
I need help with foundation!?
what is the best mascara?
Is this makeup dangerous?
Fake eyelash questions!?
do you think my girlfriend wears too much makeup? see pic.?
Can you return cosmetics to walmart?
Are there any foundations larger than 1 fl oz?
should you do the yogurt mask everynight ?
make up help!?
is this amount of makeup fine for a 14 yr old?
Whats a good way do make-up for these eyes? [Pics included]?
An Oil Free-Yet Glowing Liquid Foundation?
My eyeliner will never stay on.. how do i keep it in place all day? any tips or tricks? thanks for the help!?
i have trouble getting up in the morning [10 points]?
WHat do u guys think about my eye makeup?
how to make my eyelashes look good?
Skin burns with Bare Minerals?
What are this spring's lipstick trends?
What is a tonner & cleanser ?
How much makeup do you have?
Bare minerals foundation advice?
What kind of makeup should I wear?
what can I put over my makeup so the rain?
Any Good Foundation For Sensitive Skin With Acne?
What does ULTA have on sale for black friday 2012?
Questions about BB cream?
I need help i am 16 but look 14?
Are these make up brands available to buy in Australia?
Is this too much makeup for a 5th grader?
which mascara?
Help with a Smokey eye?
Can eyeliner cause styes?
How to do a make over for uneven eyelids female?
what is the best way?
How much eyeliner should I use?
Can I use Fake Tan and Foundation?
my mascara comes off onto my bottom lid under my bottom lashes?
does the color workshop test on animalls?
what colour should i paint my nails?
I’m 17 and not allowed to use make up..?
Too much makeup for a 14-year-old freshman?
What are the best eye makeup brushes?
Is this too much makeup for a 7th grader?
I want a head to toe makeover, tell me where I start and what to do and what I need!?
Eyeshadows for gold/blue hazel eyes?
What do u buy the most of?
Is Mac oil control lotion any good?
when did you start wearing makeup?
Do revlon light-up makeup mirrors have good lighting?
Recommend good makeup for £10?
I need advice on makeup for school!?
Great cheap beauty tips? Plzzz anything can help from makeup on up?
when girls wear makeup.... ?
What is the best brand of Make-up?
How do I get liquid foundation make upstains out of my feather duvet?
How do you apply acrylic to glitter tips?
Does the Mary Kay cosmetics consultant see my credit card information when i place an order online?
dark circles question help!?
Painter and Decorator Job ?????
I want to be prettier?
What kind of brush is best to apply Pigments?
what's the most natural looking fake lashes that I can buy?
What's the difference between gel and liquid foundation?
how can I stop falling apart halfway through the day?
Can anybody recommend me make-up artist for bridal?
natural makeup for beginner teens?
what is the price of shahnaz products and treatments?
Good beauty gurus on youtube?
What is a really good eyeliner?
What is the best color of eyeshadow should you wear if you have pale skin?
can makeup really damage ur skin?
where did juicystar07 get her makeup desk?
mascara help?
I won a raffle! So now what should I do?
revlon photo ready foundation for a dance show?
Which is the best foundation/loose powder/face makeup etc. for oily/acne prone skin that won't look cakey?
What is the best anti-wrinkle cream to buy?
Too much makeup for 13?
Can only pretty girls be makeup artists?
what is the best proffessional makeup kit on the market?
does eyelasher curler go first or mascara?
Make up/lash bar in London?
Why are ther holes in the ceiling of the bus?Ever find lipstick on the bus?
Does make-up make your natural beauty go away?
what colour eyeliners go with big blue eyes?
Applying makeup?
Makeup For Year 9/ 8th grade?
Could I be a male model?
Does lashem work for eyelashes?
What color lip gloss do you recommend for medium to dark skin?
How to use tanning beds for the first time?
Can anyone recommend a good mascara that does not fade away?
best foundation?...?
M.A.C. brushes vs Sigma brushes?
HOW SHOULD I do my makeup? [pics included!!]
Any Good Make-up Brands For 13 Year Olds?
What do you think about my eyes? To much make-up or too little?
Is this too much (info in description)?
What's the best alternative for make up remover?
Clinique makeup counter at the mall?
shiseido make up, White Lucent range. Is it safe to use?
Do you think I'am to young to wear make up?
which is better eyeliner a pencil or liquid?
Sephora v.s. Mac???!?
does fair and lovely really makes us fair?
Can I use the dark spot corrector with another brand cleansing wash??.....10 Pts?
Do you need a license to do make up professionally in Chicago, IL?
check out my web site?
best mac lipgloss???
why do my eyes change colors?
Classic Margarita Lip Gloss from Claire's?
Which Too Faced Duo Shadow is similar to which MAC Eyeshadow?
is it weird that i cant leave the house without make-up?
What should i do for makeup?
new makeup!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the best palette with plum/burgundy colors?
How will I wear makeup before I turn 17?
Can someone recommend a great makeup foundation?
How do I draw nice eyebrows on my face?
is it unmanly to use facial creams?
How to wear red lipstick?
An everyday 1940's makeup look?
do guys like girls that put makeup on or no makeup?
Am i wearing too much make up?
Females.. How much make-up do you wear?
Girls only : What is your favorite eye shadow color?
Are my eyes gonna become green over time?
Where can I get cheap Matte Nail Polish?
Is the 'all about face' makeup from tesco discontinued? Hope not :(?
how long to see results from 70% glycolic chemical peel?
what makeup should i wear to the beach?
what makup should i wear CLUELESS?
Who are Estee Lauder's competitors?
Coastal Scents ????????????????????????????
how to make natural home facial?
Should I buy all of these brushes?
how to look tanned?
Will i get the same colour which is on the box or it will change in red,orange after apply?
ave used consealer for under eye bags but it still shows?
whats a good eye shadow to wear?
can I wear makeup with my contacts?
How much makeup do you wear, and what is your age?
No one in my school wears makeup!?
What can I use instead of a foundation sponge?
how much would it cost to ship these individually?
New makeup?
Keratosis Pilaris HELP PLEASE!?
any ideas on how to do a gd punky make up look....?
70s style make-up tips?
Which UD Naked palette should I get?
Is there a special foundation that is made for skin which is infected by acne?
Chance for a job at Sephora?
Home-made skin care+makeup ?
Does anyone know what makeup Vanessa Hudgens uses?
I'm going to be doing face painting for the first time and I'm kind of nervous now.?
what is the best foundation?
Does green eyeshadow look good for hazel eyes?
Which moisturizer?
Which eye shadow for smokey eyes with red lipstick?
Is sugar and water a good lip exfoliant?
please help , pleaseee ?
It sounds ridiculous, but can i use tape to wax my facial hair??
Do I look better with or without makeup? thirteen yr old...?
How to wear fake eyelashes?
What do you think about this look?
is this too much makeup?
what are some ways that i can compliment my eyes && make them brighter && stand out more?
Mom won't let me wear makeup!?
What is good to get lip stick off a white top?
What Make-Up could a 6th grader wear to school??
What colour blush should I get?
what's the best powder/foundation to cover-up uneven skin pigmentation that is not greasy?
What colour eyeshadow is best with pale blue eyes?
how to get from combo/dry skin with a lot of pores on my nose to porcelain skin without bleaching your skin?
how do you apply eyeshadow to get a really good effect?
my mom wan't let me wear makeup, help!?
Makeup Help Please(:?
Fall colors in warm weather ?
Any good drugstore make up?
Did you ever buy something expensive, only to never use it?
What kind of make-up is the best and how do you put it on?
How to do make up nice?
alright i need help with a wedding dress?
How many of you are going to frequent the Dior shop after this?
What kind of makeup did women wear in the 60's?
What color are my eyes?
real or fake mac? please help!?
what makeup did you wear when you were 13?
How to make face slimmer with makeup?
Spray Tan & Facial??? Please help!?
When did you start wearing make up?!?
What shall I wear? Meeting up with a guy I like?
hey make up advice needed will give a best answer?
How to make my pictures at school look amazing?!?
Is biggie small alive or dead lol?
Help me i need they right one Mascara?
wht is la life span of makeup?
what color eyeshadow with brown eyes?
Is bb cream a good foundation?
Has anyone tried the new wrinkle cream deception ?
I need a video tutorial for my brows?
My make up rubs off on my man when we make out - help!?
How to make your face look skinnier and show more cheek bone with makeup if you have a round face?
Best foundation color for my skin type & color?
What is the best concealer?
what is a good kind of concealer?
what shade should I get in the MAC studio finish concealer?
A little question about lipcolor...?
do i wear too much makeup for 15?
Anyone willing to give me a free beauty consultation?
Makeup for school (pics)?
POLL: what makeup are you wearing right now?
do you think having a tan makes you look better?
Mascara for thicker,longer lashes? ten points!?
Do Your Eyes Change Colors?
Home coming make up help?
how do you apply eye liner?
what sort of makeup would you use for cosplay?
Do you think this lipstick color compliments my skin tone(pic)?
How can I get bigger eyelashes?
Whats good mascara that volumes and lengthens eyelashes?
Why did you start wearing makeup?
whats the best eyeliner you have ever had i really want a line thats very defining kind of like scene liner?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Do guys wear make-up?
Which color is prettier for eyeshadow : forest green or dark brown?
Foundation help ?
the best eye shadow?
How do I remove mascara?
wrinkle after getting scratched?
Is Revlon Skinlights Illuminating lotion good?
How do i do my makeup like this??(PICTURE)?
Makeup HELP?
what makeup would you suggest i use?
Is it good to use A honey mask every morning?
How Can I Tell What My Make Up Looks Like Outside?
Can milk make you white?
Do yall think girls are prettier with or without makeup?
what colour lipstick/gloss will suit me?
Contouring - tips?
What do you think of me?
Tips for applying for a job at Bath & Body Works?? (please)?
Make up do's and donts?
How can i get my eyeliner to stay on all day?
can i use this summer glow for winter at my face?????????????
Is mascara bad for your eyelashes? Does it make your eyelashes fall out?
does max factors age renew foundation really work?
What is the general price range for Merle Norman?
smokey cat eyes?
what kinds of hair products and make up that are NOT tested on animals?
makeup for 14 year old?
where can i find this nail product in a store?
should I apply my eyeliner before my mascara?
want to find cosmetics wholesaler in Telford?
What color lipstick with this dress?
what is my face shape?
Cheap ebay makeup brush sets?
wanting to make a channel on youtube as makeup guru? s help?
I need help finding the perfect liquid foundation!?
Makeup for a freshman?
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner?
What foundation is best for oily/combination skin?
Should I wear makeup or not?
Reasons to get up and Get ready in the morning ?
How to naturally tan with no sun, and fast?
blackheads on my nose...?
Yellow toned or red toned?
make up for home coming?
Makeup for pirate costume?
What should I get from Physicians Formula?
what do you think about this guys ?? plz help me!!!!!?
HELP How to make myself look pale for the school play?
I'm starting 8th grade. What make-up should I wear to school everyday?
I need help with make-up? Plz help?
how to remove nail polish without remover?
How do I look?
What foundation do you use?
How to make orange or red dye?
Do I wear too much makeup?
I have brown eyes. I am tired of wearing purple eyeshadow. What other colors should I wear? Thanks:)?
Can anyone tell me how anti aging products are safe for our skin?
im making a youtube channel about makeup, any ideas?
Best Undereye Concealer?
What do you think about a girl who has a lot of make up on, but doesnt look bad?
How do i get rid of my freckles?
dream matte mousse vs maybelline superstay?
makeup help? {: [tryin' to change up my look!]?
What is a good long wear lipstick?
do u think i wear to much makeup?
Which is the best Maybelline mascara?
are there any lip gloss brands that sells in packs?
has any one tried FOUNDATION for dark circles? or does it?
cheap mascara? WOMEN ONLY!!!!?
whats the best make up?
Why can't woman put mascara on with their mouths closed?
What is the Best Make Up For Me?
GUYS: Do you find a Burgundy Lip Attactive?
Red lipstick? What skin does it look good with?
What brand of eyeshadow primer is the best?
RareMinerals products?
what department or pharmacies carry mineral makeup?
What make up suits me?
Where Can I Buy Coloured Mascara's ? (UK)?
Does it matter if you're black??
Do you think M-A-C is overpriced?
Teen Makeup. Please HELP!!!?
wat color brings blue eyes out?
to everyone who wears makeup. i think this concerns you?
Can leaving mascara on overnight break your eyelashes?
Which makeup colors would look best me?
is wearing to much make up BAD for you ?
How to make my skin look better?
help i need tips and fast for concealer?
does red lip gloss look good on a fair complexion?
10 points which last name is better?
what color eye shadow for brown somethimes green eyes?
Can I substitute lemon extract instead of lemon essential oil for lip balm?
How can you do a good job on Halloween makeup?
What's the new style for 2009? ?
is MUA a good brand???????
where got the Fancyl house beauty product in Singapore?
makeup that doesnt look cakey?
Pressed or Loose?
I need foundation for oily skin!!!?
How can I improve my looks?
How can I make my eyes stand out?
Make-up suggestions for my eyes? (Pic included)?
what is the point to use this koji eye talk to make Double eyelids?
Which Fake Bake brand tanner is your favorite?
Do guys like when girls wear a little makeup?
can i wear purple lipstick if im not black?
girls costume for a party?
I am 14 years old and I have terrible dark circles. Help me out?
Which Maybelline mascara should I buy next?
Is this "trashy"???????!!!!! Please Answer I'll answer yours?
What is the best way to oragaize all your makeup?
What foundation do you use?
I don't want to wear makeup, but I always get pushed into it?
I need help on finding a good idea on halloween hair / makeup for like a cute vampire look?
Is there any Max Factor counter in Singapore shopping malls?
Purple eye shadow look right?
looking for a good cosmetology school! any suggestions???
How much make up do you wear? and what?
Is it weird to not wear face makeup?
your basic make up before leaving the house?
going Gothic please help me?
What's the best medium coverage foundation at Sephora?
Does anyone knows what the best make-up is for a 13 year old. Thank You!!?
what is the best color makeup for tan skin tones?
How to tan pale skin?
im in 8th grade and my hight is 5.8 how am i tall for my age ???
What is the one cosmetic item that you could not live without?
how can i look like eva longoria ?
I am almost 13 years old. Do you think I'm to young to wear makeup?
Do you prefer brown or black smokey eyes?
Bags under my eyes?
are there any?????????
How do I make the little black circles around my eyes go away?
What is in the E.L.F. mystery bag?
How can I get my eyes to POP like this (pics)?
How can I get my eyeliner to stay on the inside of my eyelid?
Why do you wear make up?
if you put gradual fake tan on your arms do your hairs go orange?
eyelash help !!!!!?.?
Do celebs wear body makeup?
Do you know good mascara?
astringent and toner?
How do I...............?
would i look good with a lip ring?
If I have dark green eyes what makeup should I use ?
someone suggested my sister to use baby wipes to keep her face clear is this true?
if you work for csi what will your name be?
if you put foundation in the freezer will it become a solid?
please any body can help me to get red of a bad pigmentation on my face?
Answer me if you can..?
Does lipstick ever look just plain wrong, even if it's the right color?
What's the healthiest makeup to use on your skin?
elf cosmetics good!?!??worth it!?!?
How to make my eyelashes thicker/longer?
What makeup should a thirteen year old wear?
how we can make our skin glow and shine?
I have a song stuck in my head is there anyway i can safely saw the top of my heads off and ...?
hi anyone used the avon eyelash curler please?
HELP NOW, urgent?
My eyeliner won't stay on!?
Make up tips for hazel eyes?
Naked or Naked 2 palette?
Has anyone used products from the
People Judge Me Because I Wear Makeup?
Fragrance suggestions for me?
Has anyone tried Too Faced Wrinkle Injection or Duwop Reverse Eyeliner?
What kind of make up would be good for an 8th grader?
foundation is flaky?!?!?
women of answers have you used this b4?
What are good drugstore foundation (or tinted moisturizer) for everyday use?
Question about my eye HELP!!!!!!! 10 points!!?
What's a good mascara that makes your eyelashes look like there's millions of them?
i have pipples how to reduce it marks?
Maybeline dream matte mousse?
will nivea creme make skin more white and orange in color?
What sort of make up should/could a 13 year old girl be wearing?
Where do you normaly purchase your make-up?
Ladies... Lipstick or lip gloss with make-up?
Do you wash fase when you go to sleep?
How can I make my lip color look lighter?
In what order do you put your make up on?
Thoughts on Toddlers and Tiaras?
eyliner tips?
Where to find Essie 3-Way Glaze in a store not online?
How would you make me pretty?
Youtube makeup gurus!?
I have smallish do I make them appear bigger?
For picture day, would foundation be appropriate for a 13 year old girl.?
Non-Comedogenic/long lasting/natural shine not to thick foundation?
I nee some help making my friend look white?
Survey: how old are you and how much makeup do you wear?
How to apply eyeliner?
Do you put fake lashes on before or after your makeup?
are u supposed to apply mousse foundation with your finger?
How should I get my mom into letting me wear eyeliner?She thinks I will put to much on & its un-age apropriate
home made mascara?
How to make your skin look smoother in pictures (with effect)? I need a free website.?
My girlfriend is not that pretty but I love her. Is there anyway to make her big nose smaller.?
what color and brand of lipstick and eyeliner should i wear?
How often should you moisturize your face?
if u wear FALSE EYELASHES and have BLONDE natural lashes, should you wear MASCARA?
What's the best thing to wear on your lips while kissing?
Thoughts on Clinique Superbalanced foundation?
Whats a really good foundation/brush?
What should I do with a concealer that is too dark that I can't return?
is 13 too young of an age to wear makeup?
How can anyone find make-up so interesting?
Exotic makeup looks ?
Makeup tips?
Foundation for extremely oily, acne prone skin?
What should I do to get my eye makeup like this?
How can i contact an american company from australia?
whats a way to get rid of and avoid acne ?
Why do nail polish bottles contain two little silver balls inside?
After how many years should you throw away lip balm?
How much tip to leave for a mani/pedi?
How do i get my make up to look natural?
Is HD foundation better than mac make up?
Is Olay Total Effects eye cream for a specific age range?
My friend can you help?
What is the best AVON glimmersticks eyebrow pencil color for me?
Mac 129 for Bare Escentuals?
is my face shape ugly? (pics)?
My eyeliner always seems to smear after a couple of hours. Any suggestions?
Does Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup work for African American women, also is it better than Bare Minerals?
What color of eyeshadow do i use to make my eyes really "POP"?
in future i am too fat?
I am working woman. I want to be an avon rep, but have doubts (a little scared). What do u think. Im 27.?
What kind of clothing is best for spring and what are some things I should know about being in the know?
Do I look better pale or tan?
Which name brand makeup product has the best quality?
can I use liquid or stick concealer under powder foundation?
ladys...please answer 5 questions for my drug store make-up poll?
What's the best brand for the black circles around the eyes?
Ok, could I be a model? ~~PICS~~ Marks outta 10?
i have ginger hair i am 14 what colour lipstick should i wear?
I am addicted to black eyeliner! I am 13, is this to much? If so what should I do?
•◘○Has the Hard Candy Primer ever broken you out and does it hide large pores?
is 13 too young to wear makeup?
what is the best under eye concealor?
girls :) whats your favourite makeup brand?
Where can buy profesionnal makeup in china ?
What can rosacea sufferers do to cover up the redness?
What's the best way to look refreshed?
Is this a real cover?
How do I look? (; [[pics included]]?
For women. Has anyone tried that Bare Minerals Makeup? If so, how do you like it?
Am I too young for make up?
Question for any professional makeup artists with film/television experience?
What Mascara do you use?
Eyebrows..pencil in? powder, dye or natural?
Do you think of make up as false advertising or submerging inadequacies?
What's in your makeup bag?
Do you curl your eyelashes before you put mascara on or after?
how can i overcome from darkcircles beneath my eyes???
Does miranda kerr have big eyes?
Which is the better brand between Maybelline New York and Neutrogena?
Which make up line do you like better Bare Escentuals or Sheer Cover? Why?
cute make up sets for young teenagers ?
Where can I find Maybelline Wonder Finish in Melbourne?!?
Makeup or no makeup????
is there a sephora in eugene or?
Anyone know of any...?
Tips for applying foundation to dry skin?
Older woman and products..?
Does anyone have any good natural eyeliner techniques?
Is there a mac in palm springs?
Would it be bad if I wore eyeliner?
Would anyone be knowing the technique to get the smoky-eye look?
How much makeup should a seven year old wear?
Shopaholics and stress??????
easy easy 10 points please help!!!?
what is the best lip plumpling cream to buy???
Help a beauty guru out?
Should I apply face lotion with my hands or with a cotton ball?
MAC make-up artist needed to answer this question or some1 experienced in make-up plz!!?
so im strolling along during the triassic period, right?
Which is better, one by one or full and soft mascara?
Department Store Brand Makeup V. Drugstore Brand Makeup?
How should i apply black eyeshadow with out it looking overdone and hooker-ish?
How to make foundation last all day on oily skin without a primer? Any homemade primers?
The best Mascara colour for me is....WHAT! easy 10 points!?
white eyeshadow primer?
POLL: Pale or tan skintone?
Best foundation color for my skin type & color?
Has anyone used Sheer Cover mineral powders?
Where's the best place to buy fake eyelashes?
my upper lip has a very slite almost invisble cleft so i've nvr worn lipstick.even lipliner doesn't help.howno
i be cant afford chanel cleanser cuz mah welfare check didnt cums in yet?
Help me design blue and white fingernails?
My mom wont let me wear make up at all !?
Is this too much makeup?
I'm not aloud to wear make up in school... Know how to cover spots/freckles?
Getting pale??????????????????
What color are my eyes? [pictures]?
what is the ONE thing a beginner in make-up should have?
Do I have high cheekbones?
how to cover up a scab on my face?
Is Makeup Forever HD foundation too thick for summer heat?
8th grade makeup ideas? 10 points!?
I need something, Anything, that'll make my eye lashes grow to be longer!?
Are Milani or Prestige eyeshadow well pigmented and long lasting like MAC eyeshadows?Which ones do u prefer?
If someone says "You should really wear makeup" is it an insult?
So boys like chocolate brown eyes?
Which MAC brush should I buy?
A blind date - prank?
What Mac eyeshadows are similar to these Urban Decay eyeshadows?
how much makeup should a 12yr old wear?
does the skincare line ambi really work?
what mascara should i use?
I just bought bareMinerals and I need help (please!)?
help please?! eyebrow?
Makeup for 14 year old?
Hey all you people, hey all you people, hey all you people won't you listen to me?
What should I ask My Aunt & Uncle for Christmas?
contouring with makeup?
the right eyeshadow for blue eyes...?
what is the percentage amount of common ingredients that are in cosmetic produucts?
covergirl nature luxe?
Which part of my face should I put glitter on?
Which YouTube makeup gurus would you reccomened to me?
What are the differences in false eyelashes, like Demi, Wispies, or Demi Wispies?
if buff beige make-up is a little too dark for me and tan beige is to light, what kind should i use?
Graphic Make up looks?
Opinions about bourjois pressed powders?
What's the healthiest makeup to use on your skin?
How do I do my makeup like this?
Help mee pleaseee!!!!!!!??!!!! ILL LOVE YOU FOREVER ;)?
best dark spot corrector? Skincare?
Recommendations for fake tan...?
Does she need LA MER or PROACTIVE okayyy girll?
How can I convince my mom to wear makeup?
What type of hair is best for makeup brushes?
Cover up!? Foundation? Concealer?
why are romneys eyes so red?
I think I have feelings for my eyeliner? (SERIOUS)?
Does anyone know where I can get Boy Crazy by Jane lipstick?
know any good foundations ?
What is the best eye primer?
how do i know what make up colors are the best for my skin color?
Is Clean & Clear a good brand?
What's a REALY good moisturizer beside lip balm for chapped lips?!?
What is your 'Holy Grail' piece of makeup?
what make up should you use for oily skin?
What's a good drugstore foundation and Concealer?
does anyone know if jergens self tanner is good?
Which brand of fake tan is easiest to use/turns out well?
do I need a toner everyday?
makeup ideas for prom? how should i do it?
What color shade lipgloss would suit me?
Does max factor makeup cause pimples?
What is a good drugstore powder that is good for my skin?
Do you like lip Glo$$?
My foundation wears out =[?
If i have a mac pro card but i go to the regular mac do i still get the discount?
Girls please help? Only a woman could know what she's thinking?
Pencil eyeliner or Liquid?
MAC! lipstick and dazzleglass?
do i count as having monolid or double eyelid?
where is a cosmetics company outlet in LA?
what is freelance make up artist?
How often are you suppose to replace your eyeliner and mascara?
is this true?
makeup is so ugly?
best foundation for oily skin in VERY hot weather?
Will the Temptu airbrush cover redness?
*girls* do u wear makeup EVERYDAY?
how do you get the perfect eyebrow?
Does anyone else.....?
makeup tips???
How old do you think I look?
Do Mac MSF's (mineralized skin finish) count as mineral makeup?
Where can I buy kryolan makeup whole sale?
What is your all time favorite make up product?
What should I do with make-up, hair, skin, and everything else? (Pictures included!)?
Which Eos lip balm should I buy?
Is it okay to not wear make up?
Where can I find white eyeliner?
how can i get my prom make up done for free or cheap in department stores in england?
which colour is your favourite?
How much makeup do you think a 14 year old should wear?
Which mascara would be the best?
What color am I in Mac. ?
Would pencil irritate your skin?
What is considered the BEST chapstick/lip treatment?
to look pretty, must you always apply makeup on?
How to look older withot eye shadow?
LANCOME or CLINIQUE eye makeup remover?
Eyeliner Help...please?
best eyeshadow for hazel eyes?
Foundation for pale skin?
Oil problem!?
A mascara from Sephora?
What are the best Mac products to start using?
How can I make my face glow with makeup?
What does 'spf' mean on sunscreen bottles? (e.g. spf 30, spf 15)?
How to stop the invasion of chapped lips?
How much are acrylic nails ?
what is the difference between bronzer and blush?
This may not be what you want to hear...?
can any one tell me how to get reed of under eye circles?
How can i get better skin?
I want to start using....?
What is semi permanent makeup?
is it weird to wear mascara on the top lash and not the bottom?
Make up sample?
Makeup help 10points!?
Is it ok to wear foundation at 13?
lost bet to girlfriend?
What are you most thankful for?
What is your makeup routine?
How often are you suppose to replace your eyeliner and mascara?
Makeup tips for an asian girl? Give me a makeover!?
best drugstore mascara that?
Is the Clinique 3 step system for oily skin actually good for oily skin?
What Urban Decay Makeup Products are worth buying?
what do you think of fair skin?
I am looking for Liquid form of brusher that apply on the cheeks. Anybody aware of any brand in singapore?
Help looking for prom make-up.?
Would you consider this an attractive Woman?
does putting vasaline on your lashes to make them grow really work?
What kind of makeup makes your eyes appear bigger?
How is Figaro Olive Oil (green coloured tin packaging)?? Plzzzz plzzzz suggest..?
how to contour (makeup) for a square shaped face? and photo shoot makeup?
Jennifer Lopez makeup in The Backup Plan?
should a 13 year old girl be wearing makeup?
What are some of the best toning/lifting creams you can buy in stores?
If you could use only one of these makeup items, which would you use?
how to lighten dark skin because of shaving?
Where Can I Buy A Cheap Black Eyeliner Pencil?
Daily Makeup School Routine?
Could anyone who has used loreal dream blond glistening mongolia tell me how good it works?
Is it possible to make my own concealer ? I have dark circles around my eyes!?
How can I dress, do my hair and makeup like Macbarbie07/ Bethany Mota (beauty guru on youtube)?
Cosmetic Caseee!!!!1?
how can I have flawless makeup?
Do you think uni brows or thick eye brows are attractive?
How do you do winged eyeliner?
Does the fast drying nail polish spray really work?
How do you do this eyeshadow?
how should I do my hair and makeup for homecoming?
Where do you put eyeliner?! ?
POLL: What colour is your hair and eyes ???
Why can't I find any limited edition Halloween cosmetic displays this year?
What is the best fake tan ever?
Question about make up and foundation....?
What is your opinion on MAC cosmetics?
How long does Revlon Luxurious Color Kohl Eyeliner Black Truffle last in 1 day? 4 hours?
What color eyeshadow goes with green eyes?
How do I revive my Bobbi brown long wear gel eye liner?
Is the maybelline bb cream good for combination skin?
how many fingers do i have up??????
when look in the miror , what u see?
oily skin moisturizer with matte finish?
How to look pretty without makeup?
Eyeliner Question?
What color makup to use on my light (really light brown eyes)?
how do you keep black pencil eyeliner to stay on longer? ?
What are some brands designers use for runway makeup?
Is it okay to use inhome spray tan lotion when pregnate?
How do celebrities look so tan all the time? I want to look that great w/o using a tanning bed.?
POLL! whats your favorite lipgloss? help please?! thank you!!!!!?
i was watching a video on you tube by kandee johnson on glamping?
How can I wear nail polish secretly?
wats the age do u think we should ware makeup?
how can i get circle lenses without a credit card?
Are big eyes good or bad ?
Is emu oil made of smooshed emu birds?!?
Does Mac Miller ever close his mouth or lower his eyebrows?
What do u think OF mac AMPLIFIED COSMO lipstick?
What colour should i paint my nails?
WASTED MY MONEY on Bare Minerals?
which is the best pencil eyeliner?
What is good makeup or skin care to buy?
would you be able to use these fake eyelashes more than once and are they easy to use?
I have one problem regarding my cheeks.?
What color eyeshadow is she wearing? Help!?
What's your favorite kind of lip gloss?
Ooooohhhhhhhhh myyy goossh! Please help!?
Anybody experience streaking with Nivea's moisturizing Tanner?
how do i do my cover up?
i'm worried on my skin color, i'm a Filipino with brown complexion, i noticed on my eyebrow lower part?
I need foundation for oily skin!!!?
What colors look good on light skin african american women?
how can i look like eva longoria ?
How to wash off makeup without parents noticing?
I want to get semi Permanent false lashes but I want To KNow The Pros And Cons First.?
What makeup should I use?
what make up shall i wear?
girls? how often do you wear makeup? everyday? just for school/work? parties?.x?
What is the best face primer?
What is best match for Bare Escentuals Foundation/bareminerals/I wear NC30 from MAC and am Asian..?
red hair dye?
How can I improve my appearance--makeup ideas, hair, etc?? [picture] :)?
What type of face shape is this?
Will wearing concealer on holiday leave me with patchy skin?
Will our under eye get dark in colour by wearing power glass? If yes what is the remedy to remove the darkness
What is a good coverup that does a good job covering up zits/pimples?
Make up designs that would suit me?
Where can i get good cheap SHOES brushes and makeup from from ?
How do I make blue/green eyes stand out?
i need a makeover!?
mineral makeup?
what is better clear mascara or black?
whats your favorite colour?
The best makeup brand?
Is there anyone who can help me with this pealactic cream that I bought? Can't read Chinese. Thank you.?
how do I get a foundation stain out of my white shorts?
why girls use make up ? they are not nice??
How to get a good smokey eye look?
Good, lasting, pale foundation?
Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation?
whats the best gold eyeshadow you can buy? It has to be gold not bronze.?
How do YOU do your makeup?
What colors would you recommend to make blue eyes 'pop'?
when u tightline???????????
what color??????????????????
Hi... can somebody whose living in lahore or karachi tell me where can i get colored liquid eye makeup?
mac tinted lip glass or lustre glass? whats the difference?
What is your favorite foundation brand?
whats the best and cheapest 2 in 1 cleansing milk in the UK please?
What is the best chapstick?
where can if find collection 2000 lipstick? true moisture 10?
Ideal make-up for very pale blue eyes?
Where can I find good Cheap Mascara?
I Am I a short hair brunette, and i have blue/green eyes, What lip colour should i go for?
how to get from combo/dry skin with a lot of pores on my nose to porcelain skin without bleaching your skin?
How to make something similar to henna paste?
Do you think i wear too musch make-up?
where can i go or who can i get to dress me as a girl?
Kate Nash vs Lily Allen?
What colour eyeshadow is best on a girl with pale skin and blondey brown hair with blue eyes?
How can I improve my looks?
What lipsticks should I buy from MAC?
How long does a professional eyebrow tint last?
how to look tan without going in the sun or using instant tan?
How much makeup is too much?
Bringing makeup on a car trip?
Is there such thing as ...?
what are the really good make up brands?
How do u put on mascara without clumps?
How to make your makeup last?
I need eyeshadow!!!!!?
What is the best foundation make-up you have used?
Need a good cheap mascara?
Why does ELF cosmetics copy high end products?
why do so many young girls where sooo much eyeliner?
Why do some girls burn the tip of their eyeliner pencil before putting it on their eyes?
why do parents hate dark eye make up?
any ideas on really nice perfume?
Why won't my eyeliner scroll up?
How can I bring out my dark brown eyes?
is burberry classic too mature for teenage girl?
Facebook Groups that sell cosmetics and fake lashes?
Best blush brand (and color) for pale skin?
My makeup routine??????????????????
how do you do the smokey eye affect with make-up?
is Bare Minerals very good?
Does anyone know if MAC still sells the Lipstick shade "Rocker"?
How old do I have to be to buy makeup at target?
Which makeup brands and products should I wear for special occasion if I'm 13?
Too much makeup?
I NEED a very good mascara, HELP!?
Opinion on different colored eyes (heterochromia)? ?
What are the best drugstore foundations?
How does one take care of the face?
How can I make my open heart surgery scar less obvious?
I wanna wear makeup? But my parents don't approve and my mom doesn't wear them?
what makeups color look best on me?
what color eye liner goes best with blue eyes?
how do you cover up the fact that half your eyebrow is missing?? x?
How do i make her jealous?
Where can I get makeup remover from?
how much does the kit cost for theatrical and media make up in the uk?
Should 10 year olds wear any makeup at all?
Powder, primer, or setting spray?
Im breaking out all of a suddon?
in general, black or blue mascara?
How do I keep my makeup on my face while I'm swimming or Running?
Why do Maybelline discontinue EVERYTHING?
Make up for a fortune teller girl?
Is it bad that I use this many beauty products in a day? & how many do you use?
I have been trying to find somewhere in Canada that sells Max Factor products.(or will at least ship in Canada
whats better, powder or liquid foundation?
What color eyeliner is best for my eye color/skin tone?
can you use an eyelash curler with makeup on?
What lipglosses or chapsticks can i use that will actually mak my lips soft?
What's the best nonstick, shiny lip gloss?
How can I have "Reese Witherspoons'" look?
Is it too much?
Make up help! Please :D?
which eyeliner is the best to get?
Mascara always smudges or runs on me no matter what I try.... and advice?
How do you avoid getting that mask effect when putting on foundation?
Whats Your Fav Make-Up Brand & Why.........ツ?
How to do Cece Frey eye makeup?
Which of these colors should i get?/do you like?
sleeping with makeup on... is it bad?
Make Up tips?
do i wear to much makeup?
Why is it that people look so different with no make up on?
can i sell avon mark at the age 17?
how do u put a pic on your profile on myspace without putting the pic in a slide?
what colour is pewter nearest 2? in eye shadow colour, iv never heard of it! ?
Would this hair and make up be ok for a special occasion?
What is a good drugstore foundation for combination skin?
I am looking for a new concealer. What is your Favorite?
Its a beuaty matter. Please help!?
How to find out what skin type you are. stupid question i know.?
what age should i start wearing make up and high heels?
I have a lot of base foundation liquid(from prescriptives) bought 8 months ago.Anyone give me hints fr storing
Ok so I know on a plane you can have 100ml or something of liquid but if I have a little lip gloss of 12ml?
Any makeup suggestions that will fit my emerald green MOH (Maid of Honor) dress?
Red dress+ What color eyeshadow?
does cocoa butter really help to fade dark spots or marks left from acne?
need sheer covers number plz!?
BB CREAM???????????????
Ladies, what's your favorite brand of foundation?
Should I wear a oil control primer with Revlon Colorstay Liquid foundation?
What color would you say my eyes are?
may sound stupid but can you hide piercing with makeup?
What face shape am I?
best pencil eyeliner????
im 14 and i was wondering if guys my age like nice natural girls or bitchy madeup girls?
On what site can I purchase the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation that delivers to the United States?
eyeliner problem...?
why do we get pimpoles?
What do I use to create a "make-up mask" similar to this one?
What makeup should a 11 year old wear?
Simple waterproof makeup?? 10 PTS RIGHT AWAY TO BEST ANSWER!!?
What's wrong with my...?
How to get eyeliner off wood?
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascaras?
would bb cream cause oily face?
do i wear to much makeup?
How can I make my eyes stick out out of all my face features?
Best foundation recommendation?
What Colour Eyeliner To Chose??
Mom makes me wear makeup?
how do I apply sephora brand chromosone x10 eyeshadow ?
what makeup store lip plumpers actually work?
I have a zit!!! Please help!!!?
how do u create smoky eyeliner effet?
What looks better : forest green smokey eye or brown eyeshadow with black eyeliner?
Any nail polish that does not contain titanium dioxide?
How can i get my eyes to look like this? (pic)?
The best drugstore foundation?
What age should i start wearing make up?
POLL: What color eyes do you have?
Do i wear too much makeup for a 13 year old?
Do you think this girl could be pretty with makeup?
Which Mary Kay TimeWise matte-wear and luminous-wear is the same color as the old liquid-foundation color?
what do you think???? (pic included)?
Best toner to use with Retinol?
Is there a website where i could put my pic up and change my hair colors?
where do you buy your perfume and what kind do you get (teen girls)?
Can a 12 year old girl put makeup...?
Does anyone want a Livingsocial coupon for Coastal Scents makeup; $25 coupon for only $12?
what are the ingredients of Lip Gloss?
Bellatrix Lestrange make-up?
is this too much makeup?
Which makeup brand do you think is best?
Favorite MAC Lipsticks Shades?
Is she pretty? honest answers please?
what do you think of fake tan and hair extensions and fake nails?
what kind of makeup?(picture) 10 points!?
Does anyone know of a good Face Cleaner?
What do you dislike about Avon Cosmetics?
Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Do you think I wear too much make up for my age?
What is a cheap and good Mascara?
what is a good type of make up to cover acne scars?
need help with make up?
What occassion is it okay to wear fake eye lashs?
Can you please tell me what kind of make-up would look best on me and some tips?
can anyone suggest me a right method to apply compact foundation?
I don't wear make-up, how should I start?
Best foundation for a young twenty something girl?
Should I become a meet mark Representative?
If my covergirl foundation color is tawny, what's my MAC color?
a good makeup foundation?
What Makeup Shall I Where On My eyes Because I Wear Glasses?
Do you think a 11 year old should wear gold eyeshadow,mascra,and lip gloss to middle school?
i have ashy aqua blue eyes wat eyeshadow would look cute?
Foundation advice!?
Cute makeup looks for 14 year olds?
best drugstore bronzer for acne prone skin?
Where can I find Mac's Blast O' Blue lipstick?
Quick, Need help fast!?
Eyeshadow/eyeliner with dark red dress??
Whats a good lotion/cream that will make you darker? Preferably something from Shoppers Drug Mart and cheap?
Do I look Like a Mermaid?
what foundation has the best coverage?
I need tips for applying eyeliner?
is pink eyeshadow good on eyes or is it weird?
Anyone know of any good drugstore products?
What produts to use and how to get this makeup look?
Is it ok to do smokey eyes in the day?
Best Fairness cream for men?
what kind of tattoo should i get?
Hydrolyze Under Eye Cream ! ?
I want a bright glowy look to my face but i dont wana wear foundation or powder, can i just wear a highlight?
When is Clinique Bonus Time?
Is it bad for a 15 year old to wear makeup?
Should I wear makeup ??? photos?
Should I wear concealer (I'm a guy)?
Wanting to wear makeup to school,where to start?
what is the best eye shadow color for hazel eyes, fair skin tone and dark brown hair?
Can lengthy use of one type of hand cream not be a good thing, shuld you vary use of different creams like?
why do my nails get a yellow color after removing nail polish and what can i do to treat them?
How much makeup should a 14 year old wear?
How to fix eyebrows? and what should i do ?
Hard Candy Sheer Envy tinted moisturizer vs. Covergirl Smoothers tinted moisturizer?
How to get a makeup look like Miley Cyrus?
a few skin care questions..?
Philosophy Skin Care Line?
how can you remove a scar?
I want to review products for my youtube channel. help?
i am looking for a liquid foundation that conceals well and delivers medium-full coverage.?
What makeup goes with a red dress?
i am looking into make-up... i need help ladies?
A question on eyeliners?
Clinique Cosmetics and accutane?
What is the best type of lip balm to use?
How to stop blushing?
Girls who live in London? What is the makeup store called?
how can i do my face makeup?
does anyone have some great makeup tips?
make up for bad skin?
Makeup help! What is the best concealer, liquid foundation, powder, etc. (Preferably from walmart, etc.)?
I have terrible ACNE scars all over my face. I will be going to the beach soon. Is there any WATERPROOF makeup
do blue eyes let in less light?
what treatment can you get that make your pretty?
How to fill in eyebrows?
does anyone know is the best brand for eye shadow and what color is best for hazel eyes and kind of a tan face
Maybelline concealer shades?
Do you think a 11 year old should wear gold eyeshadow,mascra,and lip gloss to middle school?