What shade of foundation should I use?
How long does porefessional last for (benefit)?
Is MUFE HD good for flash photography?
is this makeup apropriate for a 15 year old?
Has anyone heard of Glammin Make-up School?
what do you love to eat??????????
How to make scars appear more prominent for a photograph?
If I touch my face with my foundation and setting powder on, will it come off my face?
What products would you recommend using to get Megan Fox's look?
How to play up normal old clothes? Hair? Makeup? Jewelery?
how much makeup should I wear?
Anybody know of a UK based website/ shop in Glasgow where I can buy Avène Couvrance Compact Foundation?
To much makeup for thirteen?
Do you think make up makes ppl preetier or what?
How to do liquid eyeliner well?
Do you think this makeup sounds like too much?
Which is better to cover up redness on face? Self tanner or tinted moisturzier?
which pic would better as my default on myspace? pix included!!?
Does makeup make a huge difference?
i need help with make up tips ?
What makeup brushes should i havr?
How well do E.L.F.'s false lashes work/last?
Do you think 13 year olds should wear makeup?
i have upside down moon eyes!?
where can I find dark purple lipstick?
My favorite blush broke..... what's the best way to replace it??
what will look better on mee?
Eyeliner for green eyes?
Would you put makeup on a boy if he asked you?
My everyday makeup routine (question inside)?
Best Blush You've Ever Tried?
help with pressing pigments please?
wat is an apporpiate age to start putting lip gloss and eyeliner?
How can I fix thin crooked eyebrows?
I want to buy the Mary Kate & Ashley Onyx (Black) Eyeliner- it's not at Walmart, where online can i buy it?
Does tea or coffee really work for darkening hair?
How to fade away dark circles/eyebags?
How to make my skin tone more even(rid of achne marks)?
what colour eyeliner? brown or black?
How do i start my own nail/makeup line?
Why do my eyes film over after removing make-up?
Should I wear make-up in the 8th grade or not?
What are test shots?
Makeup help?
which smoky eye do you like better?
Ladies, a little survey here. what's your favorite make-up products?
My daughter wants to wear makeup!?
convincing mom to let me wear makeup?
Which of these pressed powders is best for me?
any tips on how to get my eyes to stand-out with eyeliner?
how do you apply foundation without making it look cakey?
make up help! what is the best make up to use?
How old should you be to wear a lot of makeup to school?
Want to get a hair style like this what would i tell the lady at the hairdressers what i want ?
SHEER COVER MINERAL MAKEUP: how long did it take you to recieve your first order??
what kind of makeup would bring out really clear green eye's??
Revlon colorstay pressed powder Good?
Would Benefit High Beam be bad to use if you have acne?
Clarins - Are there any special offers/promotions on Clarins products at the moment? Which stores?
hey, girls...when did you guys start wearing make-up?
what makeup do you wear and how old are you?
Worried about my eyelashes?
im afraid to started doing tutorials!!!?
How to make eyelashes longer?
How can you make your facial features appear lighter?
best eye pencil?
Best mascara for long, thin lashes?
tinted moisturizers for tanned-asian skin?
Pretty everyday eye makeup ?
Fingernail Polish...Anything else? help please?
Is the almay one coat thickening mascara any good?
wife has license from mexico stylist and makeup artist where can she go just to take test and get florida lice?
does maybelline dream fresh bb cream clog pores?
Which makeup brand should i get?
I have a date tomorrow morning. I am very nervous and I don't know what to wear?
A question for the girls?
Makeup for going out age 14?
Olay Color Recapture?
How to reshape eyebrows?
Would if be alright if I only used concealer?
Is this dress too old for me? I really like it tho (17 yrs old)?
Eye make up remover?
does she like me? what do i do? how.. and where do i ask her out? please help. tysm everyone :).?
What is the best mascara for REALLY short eyelashes !?
Best Clinique foundation...?
If I have Blue / Green eyes, which colour eyeshadow would suit me ?
Girls, I need a little bit of help with this...confused?
What can I uses for leopard/cheetah face pattern?
Do I look better with no makeup on?
If you could apply my makeup, what would you do? (Photo)?
what foundation should i buy?
How to make the green in hazel eyes pop!?
Whts my favorite color?
Travel makeup bag and hanging orgainzer for travel?
What make-up would suit me?
Why do so many girls in high school cake the makeup like nobody's business?
Can liquid foundation cause you to break out with acne or have itchy skin?
How should I do my makeup for this dress?
how can i get glowing skin?
What is the connection between makeup and sexuality?
What's the best foundation on the market?
i was just wondering what colors do you see in my?
Do you wear eye makeup on a regular basis?
Free makeup for testing?
Is it legal to change prices after you make an order?
how can i make my brown eyes pop?
Mary-Kay Users/Consultants!?
Everyday Minerals error message: system can't calculate a quote for your package.?
how many of u have actually used and liked VLCC beauty products?
Does anyone use Avon products, which ones?
What is the correct album cover for "Crisis" by Alexisonfire?
can u tell me where can i do facial endermologie in cheap?
Where can I buy pastel lipstick?
I was told I look ugly... how can I improve upon my appearance? I already wear make-up :/?
Do you think this too much make-up to have for a 14 year old?
why do girls wanna put make up on me?
Face Make-Up?
Has anyone ever used the MAC false eyelashes?
Do you like my eyes???????/?
Make-up Help?
how often do u buy cosmetics?
mascara help please :)?
What color lipstick Rachael Mcadams wheres in The Notebook?
I was looking at botox "before and after shots" and I don't understand?
Do I have high cheekbones?
How to wear cream eyeshadow so it lasts for 6 hours?
Prettier with or without makeup? (Pictures)?
Has anyone had personal experience with permanent eye makeup?
How can I keep my lips from getting so dry?
estee lauder phone interview?
If you could have a shopping spree for any makeup brand, which would you choose?
What all the hype about wen haircare?
Cheekbone and nose contouring?
what is ur eye colour?
Best Lip PLUMPER!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Eyebrow Shaping - Is it best to remove hair from below or above the eyebrow being shaped?
What are your favorite makeup tips?
where can you find minerals in food?
Help with makeup!!!!?
What is the right age to start wearing make up ?
best MAC nude lipstick
How to view my purchased items on the ELF cosmetics site?
What make-up is appropriate for an 8th grader?
Where to get the 120 pro palette in UK?
What is the difference between all the powder makeups?
Makeup, To Much for That Age?
What are some good face masks that i can make with everyday objects?
How young is too young for make-up?
Question for all the eyeliner wearers?
Girls... Makeup help?(:?
is the makeup shere cover any good?
How can i make my nose look smaller?
I would like to know what is the best anti aging cream on the market?
What are your makeup must haves?
MAC poll- just for fun !
what is the best way to get rid of obvious zits on my chin?
10 points-acne problem?
Should you leave on a facial mask overnight?
Whats Your Top 5 Mascaras?
what colors should i use on my eyes?
I need eyeliner advice?
has anyone tried this foundation??.. please answer?
can you need glasses with out the shape of you eyes changing?
Do you like too much make up or natural?
Makeup advice: Which smokey eye looks better?
How To Convinse My mom To Let Me Wear Make-Up?
K, an 8 YEAR OLD wearing this much makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you will want to click this one!!!!!!!!
Is it ok for a guy to wear makeup?
Is this a compliment?
What is a really good eyeliner?
Should my eyebrow be thin or thick if I have big eyes?
how can i make my nail polish last longeR?
I write blogs from fashion, makeup, hair etc.?
Would circle lenses look weird on me?
Best lipgloss??????????????????????/?
i need help with fedex?
What is one makeup product you would buy over and over again?
what colour glam shine lip gloss is jennifer lopez wearing at the end of advert?
what lipstick colour is most similar to Maxfactor's flipstick bloomy pink?
Where can I find a makeup mirror for cheap?
Why girls are more concious about their beauty as compare to boys?
Which perfume should I purchase?
What is a good eyeshadow to wear with a pink dress?
Can you still buy the Fashion Flower collection from MAC at counters?
Where can I find mineral makeup cheap to buy for reselling?
When is the appropriate age to wear make up?
a good cream eye shadow that shines and stays on?
What color eye liner should i use?
Best MAC product under 20$?
POLL!! What makeup do you wear?
whats the best mascara?
My daughter has amazing big brown eyes with long black lashes?
Is this to much makeup for me to wear?
Hi, Im African American, and I wanted to know which MAC Plushglass and Lipgelee to get. Let me know please!?
How do you completely remove your make up without .. make up removers?
What is an easy way to make perfume?
to much makeup? i dont get it?
What's in your make-up bag? :)?
Do blue or Green Contacts Cover Brown Eyes?
Do you know any cosmetics I can sell online and earn a %?
best covergirl lip products?
What eye make up can I use?
How to hide a birthmark with makeup?
Do you pluck your eyebrows?
What is the best body exfoliator for ruff dry skin?
Why do girls put freakish amount of make up on and over use fake tan?
How should I do my eye makeup?
Are there Target, K-mart and Priceline shops in Brisbane city, Australia?
tell me about foundation or face power?
whats the best mascara i can find at the mall?
were can i buy glitter eye liner or a glitter eye pencil?
How do I remove...?
wats a good eye shadow if u have a big brown eyes ?
Why do i get itchy eyes when wearing mascara?
I need a makeover!!!?
Whats a face primer ?
How do u do a smokey eye.?
what is the best make-up for african-american skin??
Can a Boy have a Girl avatar?
What's the point of nail polish?
Kat Von D Lock It VS Urban Decay Naked Skin?
What is the difference between concealer and foundation?
At what age did you start wearing make-up?
Can i get this repaired?
Good drug store tinted moisturizers and concealers?
Coloured mascara- cool or not?
Perfume for mom?
Which Body Shop foundation is best?
should 12 year olds wear makeup?
How can I get more blog viewers?
Sweatproof mineral powder?
I don't have any activities for my 13th birthday!?
do guys really think ladies are prettier with makeup?
Where can I buy Bulk/Wholesale no name/unbranded nail polish?
am i too young to wear it at 14? please answer ASAP!?
what do you usually wear for makeup?
best mascara?
Face powder help!!!!!!!!?
i have a ball coming up..?
Theatre Cosmetics?
How can I get farrah abraham from teen moms eye makeup?
How long does elf take to ship?
rose bud lip balm where can i find it?
What are the best concealers for REALLY pale skin?
fake tan tips???
What make-up will accentuate my green eyes?
BB Cream or Liquid Foundation?
Make-up Artist Certification?
Sephora makeup?
How good are the Wet N Wild Silk Finish lipsticks?
What do think is best makeup brand?
What color eyeliner should i use?
Chapped Lips...HELP!?
whats the best lipgloss?
What is the best mineral make up out there?
make up questions help!!!?
What colour of eyeshadow looks best on green eyes?
How hard is Cosmetology School?
do i wear too much makeup?
What foundation do you use?
Can you buy Clinique online in Canada?
any suggestions on how to keep bees away from my hummingwbird feerers they are thick?
Good place to buy cute makeup bags?
How much makeup do you have?
Which girl is prettiest? Thinnest?
makeup ideas for 13yr old?
How do you get your makeup done at Sephora?
What is the...?
Almay pure blends loose finishing powder or Maybelline Mineral power powder ?
What is your favorite make-up line?
What age should start wearing makeup?
What liquid Foundation and Concelar should I use?
I usually don't wear makeup but i am wondering if it would be a good idea too put some on for an ...?
Can i wear bb cream with primer?
wat mascara is good for me?
If you could wear one makeup look for the rest of your life what would it be?
As I have no eyebrows, being very blonde, I am thinking of eye brow tatoo, anyone experienced this ?
makeup help please?
Makeup just doesn't work on me...i need some help!?
What does eye shadow colour meaning personality ?
Does anyone know where I can find ULTIMA II EyeSexxxy Eyeliner?
BEST Mascara!!!!!!!????? ♥
Maybelline Cool Effects Twirl Cream Eyecolor?
wat color brings blue eyes out?
Best mascara?? Long lashes?
What makeup products would be appropriate for a 12 year old going into the seventh grade?
Which Eye Shadow to Buy?
7th grade? help me please :( :( im desperate?
What is a good homemade all natural remedy that will help me clear acne?
Can anyone recommend a really good foundation for dry skin?
Do these pics look "emo" ?
how to remove mascara?
What's your favorite lip balm?
Do you like boys who wear eyeliner?
OK! PLZ READ THIS! I need my eyelashes to look REALLY long without mascara!?
Urban Decay Naked Palette vs LORAC Pro Palette?
Girls, what did u think of Kim Kardashians mermaid costume and make up ?
Good quality eyeliner?
How can I make my lips look more plump without surgery?
Suggest a BB cream please?
Each time I use a retinol based anti aging cream I always break out.?
Do I wear to much makeup?
Girls any tips on clothes or makeup?
I'm pale will rimmel stay matte translucent powder look ok on top of bb cream?
I have dark spots in my face, how can i make them dessapear?
About eyebrows:?
I need a good eyeliner! HELP?
what hairstyle should i have to make me look more grown up?
good lip liner brand?
Dark skinned youtube makeup gurus?
Poll for those who wear makeup?
Im 25, how well does permanent eyeliner hold up long term?
Can you wear foundation when going to the gym/playing sport?
TooFaced Natural Eye Palette VS Urban Decay NAKED 1 or 2 Palette?
What's your experience with LARENIM mineral makeup?
Help with Foundation!?
Is there anyone in the Salt Lake City, Utah area who is willing to teach me how to apply my own makeup?
Garnier light fairness moisturiser?
What color eye shadow should I wear?
how to get foundation off with makeup remover wipes?
makeup for a Turkish princess halloween costume??????
Best cosmetic concealer for face mole?
tips to help my hazel eyes 'pop'?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
when is a good age to wear makeup?
what is Corn Silk,and why cant i find it anymore?
liquid eyeliner on the tops of your eyes???
Can i get fake eye lashes done at a salon? or spa?
what is the opposite color of brown for eyeshadows?
Best face powder for oily skin?
Dark cuticles?
Where can I get Rimmel Liquid Eyeshadow? [for cheap, prefferably]?
What is the best foundation for toning down redness caused by product irritation or sun exposure?
Great lash Mascara from Maybelline?
Does wearing eyeshadow give your eyes pimples?
How to lighten my skin naturally?
What eyeshadow color is the prettiest with brown eyes and blonde hair?
How do I get rid of crow's feet?
Best makeup tips for a 16 year old?
Makeup tips for blonde with blue-grey eyes?
Is my makeup too much?
I'm looking for a lip product..?
Which shade of eye shadow should I use with a lime and emerald color dresses?
hi on monday i want to look a little different e.g: with my hair and makeup?
where can i get 88 Matte Palette besides online?
Do you like my eyes???????/?
whats the best make-up brand?
What Body Scrub works well?
Eyeliner or eye shadow?
How do you know when your allergic to mascara?
My eyes feel puffy and I have under eye cricles, anyway to get rid them so my eyes look upbeat and bright?
what is "Compact Makeup"?
how do you think shee does her makeupp?
Best foundation for spots/acne? (UK)?
what is the best brand of makeup?
What eye primer should I ask for?
I feel like I don't look good with makeup?
Okayso I decided to call the guy I like!!!How many times should it ring?????
How do you apply...............?
Ladies: If you had to live without either lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, blush, or eye shadow?
FAT NOSEE.... HELP!!!!!!?
What color eye shadow should I wear with a black/cream maxi dress?
How to get rid of a black eye?
Is it okay to start wearing makeup in 6th grade?
Drugstore Foundation?!?
Homecoming Makeup Tips?
Glow-y complextion please?
is a thirteen year old too young for makeup?
What foundation or face makeup is best for me?
how do you remove brow tint?
is the bodyshop eyeshadow anygood for sensitive eyes?
when ur shopping online at jcpennys and u click sephora can u use a jcpennys gift card?
Makeup--how do you?
Homemade glitter question?
how should i do my makeup everyday?
Makeup for blue eyes with a silver dress?
Is it bad if I use lip-liner for eye-liner??
she laq by: benefit!?
Lets See How Many Of You Have The Confidence?
eyeliner in your inner lids?
When should I start wearing makeup?
is there a clear eyeliner or mascara with glitter like stuff in it??
What color of eyeshadow should I wear with red lipstick?
Is this too much makeup for seventh grade?
maybelline Quad "Designer chocolates" dupeable to these Mac colors!!!!?
Where can i get plastic surgery in Massachusetts or in surrounding states?
Whats your favourite lip color?
Mascara question?
Girls: On a scale from 1 to 10?
What's a good brand of waterproof eye make-up?
i hate seeing girls who think they look good wearing a bucket of makeup on their faces?
How often should mascara be replaced?
how to make me look thin?
Gothic Eyeshadow looks?
helppp i can never learn to put bronzer and i have flat cheekbones :((((((((.?
Make-up Brushes Help?
how should I do my makeup for prom?
what happened to space saver storage for make-up?
Can i use potato face pack for fairness?
What color makeup would go best with blue eyes?
Do women with glasses wear mascara and/or eyeliner?
Should I buy High End Concealer?
what is the best make up to use to hide spots?
any emo/punk girls out there can tell me how they do their eye makeup?
What are your thoughts on wearing makeup at home?
What do you love the most at Sephora?
Question for people who have used Bare Minerals Make-Up.?
what is the best way to make my sky-blue eyes pop?
How to not get so oily throughout the day?
lip piercing and cleaning?
who's prettier? you choose. :)?
What's your favourite brand of makeup?
I accidently cut my eye lashes while I was trimming my eyebrows! Will my eye lashes grow back!!!!?
When do people usually start to wear makeup?
rate me pleaseee?
Please help, no one is answering?
does mac make up really make your face break out?
Good drugstore self tanners?
natural makeup ideas for my face?
What colored contacts should I get?
Girls: WHAT is going on on the make up front?
Does Victoria's Secret Extreme Lip Plumper Really Work?
Nivea creme how do I use it?
What is the best makeup brand to use?
what type of make up is good to wear?
How do i make my eyes look bigger!?
Do you have any IDEA what this pink Chanel makeup brush is for?
makeup: spend or save?
need your opinion!!?
Make up suggestions for very pale skin?
Can a 12 year old girl put makeup...?
Should i wear make up to school?
how do i make my blue eyes pop(bluer)?
liquid liner help.?
What was the 1950's style of makeup and how do you apply it?
What is the best drugstore eyebrow pencil available?
Eyebrow threading NY/NJ?
I need help with a makeup idea?
17 to young to work at Sephora?
do you die if you put nail polish on your lips?
eyes suddenly sore from liner?
What shape face and eyes shape is this?
What do you think about rimmel lasting finish kiss & stay lipgloss?
Natural looking make-up for men? I suffer from very red cheeks and dark circles.?
What do you think of me, and what can i change?
prescription moisturizers ?
What is the best way to cover up bags and dark circles?
hello sir on my face black dots is there i use lot of tubs & tablets this is not going plese can tell anything
Are MAC. Lipsticks worth buying?
if you were aiming to make your face look fuller, would wearing no eye make up or eye make up have an effect?
What kind of makeup would work best for my hair?
maybeline define a line?
Which revlon and wet n wild makeup is the best?
Clinque make up looks like crap on me why?
Is it possible to use makeup to cover dark circles without putting it on the rest of your face?
Which bb cream should i choose?
how can i get my makeup to stop wearing off?
depot a bouncy blush???????
Mac, Clinique or Nars?
ideas for eye makeup?
How can one apply for this benefit?
how do i improve my skin texture in order to make it glowing?
Is the eyeshadow, MULCH, by Mac a glittery eyeshadow?
i have very pale skin that is sort of reddish- what type of foundation should i use? i heard revlon is good.?
Hey ladies who is your favorite beauty guru on youtube?(beauty videos)?
how do i do my makeup like Francia Raisa? PIC INCLUDED :)?
Should do this with my eyebrows ?
Is it true that if you look too close at the computer/tv that you will need glasses?
what would be good makeup for a 12 year old girl?
A question 4 the if u r a makeup artist then u can answer this too. THANKS?
Where can I find discontinued lipstick from Max Factor?
Does he do anything to his eyebrows?
MAC eyeshadow, does anyone know where its made?
How many coats of mascara do you wear daily?
Advice on Loreal True Match Mineral Make-up??? thnx
I need ONE color to go all over my lid. Which color looks better : smog or free love by urban decay?
Makeup question? Staying on.?
does anyone know how to get make up samples?
What is your must have makeup item?
Best way to remove eye make-up?
How to get my makeup like hers?!?!?
What ethnicity do i look?
Make-up tips for skater-darker girls?
what is the best eyeliner and mascara?
Is benefit "PoreFeshional a primer?
makeup comes off on people, dont layer foundation, is it because of the quality of my foundation?
wat kind of foundation is the best???
Airbrush makeup?....?
Why is the skin on my face so dry?!?
what are some good foundations that you would suggest to cover acne?
How old are you? Have you ever put on make up?
Why does eyeshadow make my eyes look smaller?
Need advise to give to co-worker.?
I hate my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it okay for young girls in middle school to wear lip gloss?
At what age is it appropriate to wear makeup?
who are some you-tubers that give great makeup tutorials?
Do any of the surrounding stores in the nWoobridge,NJ sellthe makeup Bare Minerals?
What makeup makes this effect?
Is lip tattooing advisable?
SPF # Sunscreen Help Please?
eye makeup!?
How to make a spray tan less orange?
What do you think, ladies?
HOw ould do you have to be to get a free make-up makeover at the department store?
Where can I find good make up !!!?
What's a good pencil eyeliner under 10$?
i have sensitive skin and i want to know wats the best makeup for my dark oily sensitive skin and makeup color
How do you get flawless skin without any surgeries or spending a fortune?
How should I do my makeup to go see a guy I like?
Any tricks to make boobs look huge and amazing?
What are your views on makeup?
Is This Too Much Makeup?
what is the best foundation that stays on all day?
how do i do cute makeup i hate it i wear makeup to school but i want more and for it to look cute can you help?
which is best lipstick and lip glow?
can anyone tell me the name of new nail polish which comes in your mind?
how do you apply blush and how do I know what color is right 4 me?
red lipstick? need answer by tomorrow!?
What is my eye color?
How should I do my makeup?
What is your favorite color and why?
What is your daily makeup routine?
How to fill up a bottle of nail polish... Please read details?
What is the difference between Arbonne anti-aging and not-so-basic products?
Whenever I try to do nail art with sponges, the color underneath the one I'm applying rubs off?
What are some of the things I should get from MAC cosmetics? What's the best?
do you think it's ok for a 12 year old to wear eyeshadow, lipstick and have eyebrows waxed?
Makeup Artist experience? Help?
Easy ten points! I need some makeup tips?
Makeup for a grade 7?
do i look really bad without makeup?
how do i make my eyes stand out?
How can i make my eyes look blue? ?
where can you find cheap... but cute make-up????
what kind of makeup should u put for dry skin?
what is your eyeliner preference?
Eye make up help.please.?
Red lipstick or gloss?
Aren't these eyes stunning *pics*?
How can i get the preppy look?
elf cosmetics...?
what is the best foundation to use to cover up spots?
Makeup ForEver HD Foundation?
How can you take care of your skin?
should i use fake tan on my cheeks 2 give them a glow? blusher always rubs off?
How to make my eyes look Intense?
what is a good make up foundation to use for skin with eczema?
Good Chap-Sticks....?
what make up covers blemishes better for black women?
How can i have pretty skin, without makeup, having oily skin?
How to cover up acne and pores?
This or that youtube names?
how do you open the bare minerals sample case?
Has anyone used creme de la mer and had negative effects?
Plump lips pleaseeeee?
in middle school when can you were make up!!?
What's your favorite Konad stamping plate?
Where to buy cosplay necessities?
Luminese Air Make-up???
My eyes look a lot lighter in the morning....?
Who thinks make-up makes ppl look better or worse?
I am in sixth grade. Am i too young to wear make-up?
What color is best for me?
what foundation/concealer/s do you use?
do i wear to much makeup?
What do u think is the prettiest eye color?
Do I wear to much make-up ,for a 14 year old?
wht is your eye color?
i need help w/ my eyebrows?
does lip massaging help?
whats the appropriate age for makeup on a 12 yr old?
Can someone recommend a great makeup foundation?
How can I do my makeup naturally?
Can anyone recommend a good mascara?
My foundation always looks pink!?
Does the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam cover acne?
Sunscreen to keep my skin pale?
Best, inexpensive mascara?
What are some mac dupes for juicystar07's party in the usa video?
Do eyes change colours?
Dark undereye circles, plz help?
Do they still sell these in drugstores ?
What kind of face shape do I have?
how can i make my eyes look bigger?
What eye shape do I have?
How do i make my make look pertty with JUST MASCARA! nothing else!?
I'm Changing My Style..Help!?
What shade of makeup should i get for my skin tone?
Why should I wear makeup?
Do you always wear lipgloss?
At what age did you star to wear makeup?
Whats the best lipstick to make yourself look really slutty for a friday night on the town ?
eyeliner question....?
I have strange eyes. They change color! They are either:?
What type of foundation is better-powder,liquid,or other?
Best mascara for lashes?
Bare Escentuals Makeup?
MAC pigments for eyes. Safe for eyes or not?
What do you guys think??
lighter or darker foundation color?
I am stuck in a make-up rut!! I have been using the same color eyeshadow for awhile now. I need a change?
Daytime & nighttime makeup & hair?
ok you know how eye lashes fall out all the time well my question is?
What Colour Eye Liners Do You Own .......ツ?
Is this too much make-up?
make up/outfits for someone with black eyes, black hair and pale skin?
Best Eyeliner?
is there a such thing as a pedicure named skin shavings. because i was looking for the name of it but noone?
What color eyeliner to use?
How do you keep eyeliner on the whole day?
Can you buy hydroquinnone creams in the uk?
are claire's makeup any good?
i really need help here!!?
Questions about piercing your own nose?
Can you get matched for foundation while you're wearing makeup?
Does gatwick airport in london have a mac cosmetics counter?
wht age should teens be aloud to wear makeup?
What is some really good makeup?
WHat is best for removing Upper Lip hair?
Why does my dry foundation look cakey?
What are the essential makeup tools?
Good makeup for 7th grade?
HOW CAN I GET MY eye lashes REALLY long?
Do chicks dig guys with hairy arms?
Which looks better (picturesss) ?
What color goes with my eyes?
what's your favorite mac products?
Whats your makeup routine?
Which mascara should i use?
What are the biggest factors that contribute to makeup (foundation) becoming cakey by the end of the day?
What would you think if...?
How can I get a professional makeup look without the professional?
Make up to cover up Tattoos...?
what is a good homemade facial?
What are some male makeup products?
A super pale foundation for a good price?(in uk)?
Hi, girls! What do u have to say about ELF make-up?
What would you do if you had 1 million dollars?
Gorgeous eyeliner for brown eyes?
Does pink lipgloss or clear lipgloss look more sexy?
what lip gloss do you like the most?
punk/emo eye makeup?
i cant figure out how to put on eyeliner on my top lid.any tips?
Does clear mascara damage your eyelashes?
what should i do for my senior portraits?
How to keep eyelashes curled all day?
Hey I'm looking to buy something for my girlfriend but I'm not really into these cosmetics brand, help?
Ladies, When did you start wearing make up?
help? my fingernails have gone yellow?
Where can i buy sigma brushes in chicago, illinois so that i wount have to buy them online?
Foot treatments?
Any makeup advice? freshman?
want more blog followers ?
What color are my eyes?
how can i keep myself cool in this hot summer??
What is a heart breaker?
what is your fav. mascara??
which of these is the best foundation?
My Upper Lips Are Blacckish In Colour?
Can i get a MAC PRO student kit?
Any tips for eyeshadow?
where can i get Jackelin USA brand lipsticks in DUBAI?? pl help!!?
helpp pleasee!!!?
Eye liner on eyelids?
Do I look better with our without eye liner? PICS!?
which out of these colours are best on me (pic included)?
liquid or powdered concealer?
MAC Cosmetics Blushes and Eyeshadows?
Can I bleach my skin to make it lighter? Advice is needed PLEASE ?
does any one know if you can buy Barry M makeup in the U.S?
What can i do to my medium blue eyes for them to pop?
make up tips?
What is the best products to get by young blood cosmetics ?
best eyelash glue for strip lashes?
how should i do my makeup for going out at night?
Best eye shadow primer?
I can't wear eye makeup but i want to!?
How can i cover up my scar ?
what's the best color eye shadow for a person with brown eyes?
How old do I look?? Picture included?
how to make my eye brow not stick up?
what is your favourite mascara?
How do i make lipstick stay on my lips?
How can I make my own cosmetics?
Are employees allowed to wear fake nails at walgreen.?
Why would anyone paint their toenails and not their fingernails?
help with puffy eyes?
what helps reduce bags under your eyes?
whats your fave colour nail varnish?
What color of skin would you consider an nc30 from Mac?
what can i use to keep my face drying,because my face always makes me feel me please
How do you apply eyeliner?
How do I make my lips look bigger without lip injections?
i want2 have no flakes or dry spots when i put on foundation!?
girls or ladies if you stay home all day do you put any makeup on?
is the concealer really harmful for the dark circle around the eye? i heard that it affects them negatively?
Is Proactiv skincare products halal?
How to make eyeliner last all day ?
What Make-up should a Thirteen year old girl be aloud to wear?
whats your opinion on kids wearing makeup?
ROYAL fan of OLAY ... how is the long term effect?
what is in lip gloss or lipstick or nothing?
Lipgloss help !?! ?
i love make up i love putting on icy blue eye shaddow all the boys like it but not my parents.?
make up to look like a doll?
What are the different kinds of makeup brushes and what do they look like?
subtle cat eye makeup?
am i pretty, best answer 10 points?
what cosmetic product should i use to conceal acne, scars ,pits and which gives some shine to face?
Does giant tiger always sell elf products? Do they sell the whole line?
What is the best mascara you have used?
Are yellow skin tones neutrals or warm undertone?
Flawless foundation look?
Can any makeup experts out there help me?
What color of eyes do u have?
Why am I attracted to girls with very very thick makeup?
the blonde girl in the pledge cleaner commercial?
Do I wear too much eyeliner?
drugstore ways to go platinum blonde/very pale blonde?
Lip tints?
Dupe for Revlon Colorstay?
how do u get mascara off of clothes?
my mom and dad wont let me wear makeup and im confused weither to wear it or not?
Is there somewhere UK based that will make up a bespoke lipstick from a tiny sample?
smoky eye for purple (amethyst) contacts? (pics)?
What shape are my eyes?
Permanent Makeup (eyebrows) removed in Edmonton, Alberta?
Where can I get mac makeup replicas for cheap?
how to make a greentea facial mask?
Bare Minerals; is there anyone who use this product and love it?
Does anyone know where I can buy Liz Collinge emerald eye shadow in Australia?
Which brand is this purse? PICS INCLUDED!!!?
Where can you find Harajuku lovers: would like fragrance "G" in san diego,CA maybe at a walmart or the mall?
is it okay to?
How do you make your eyes pop and look bigger and better?
time for desperate measures.?
Any fair skinned people out there tried self-tanners?
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Shade?
I'm 13 and not allowed to wear makeup?
Are my eyebrows too thick?
No makeup? What do I do?
Names of beauty gurus on you tube?
Eyeshadow Application Question!!?
wat blusher to use for dark skin?
Why am I so pale? :((( ?
Can I use the top coat of my nail polish as a base coat?
Shiny Gloss??
Can I wear spf after a spray tan?
Does Wetslick Fruit Spritzers liploss (shade Watermelon Splash) look really red on lips?
Cosmetic glitter in my eyes?!?
Why do people say MAC cosmetics are bad for your skin???
What colour would you say this is?
Are brown eyes pretty?
what does a 14 year old girl want for her b-day?
Eye Shadow Color Works For Me?
for girl what is your favorite lipstick/ or lip gloss?
places to buy cosmetics?
Makeup for a 14 year old?
What eyeshadow looks good with brown eyes?
Does vaseline on your lashes word?
is there a brow tint you can put on your eyebrows to change te color of them that isnt permanent and can wash?
Make Up Brands?
I want to start to wear make up..?
Does the colour of my nail varnish look okay? (pictures incuded)?
Where can I buy "Baviphat" Cosmetics in Metro Manila?
How should I do my makeup for homecoming?
Which one is prettier?
how do u put on makeup?
Makeup Question?? [So confused now!]?
I have brown skin black hair and dark dark brown eyes?
please help?
My brother just told me i look better without makeup?
Skin rash red bumps under eye?
Smoky Eye for Hazel Eyes?
Best concealers in the market?
how to make my cheek bones more defined?
recommendations for makeup kits?
Can anyone recommend a good under eye concealer?
Skin care at college doing makeup?
Any way to moisten up my mascaca?
l'oreal bb cream -- should i get the shade in light or medium?
I just got hired at Hollister as a floor model?
What's the best mascara to make your eyelashes look thick?
How to get rid of dark circles and bags around and under eyes?
What are the ratings of Leraine cosmetics , how safe are the ingredients?
Contact Lense Help...?
Has anyone tried Estee Lauder's Bronze Godess Soft Matte Bronzer (powder)?
I have been breaking out a lot lately, any suggestions on?
Is 12 too young to wear lipstick?
What type of make up?
if you put gradual fake tan on your arms do your hairs go orange?
which eyeshadow colour would be best?
Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllppp… MAJOR EMERGENCY!!!WHAT DO I DO?
Best BB Cream For Oily Skin?
What are some beauty tips for skin hair and make up?
Should i go tanning for Prom?
What kind of makeup is good for acne prone Skin?
how to make eyes look bigger and bolder?
how to get ride of black circles around the eye??
What is the most moisturizing lip balm?
what is the best way to wear naturally curly hair to workout, just got it done straight!!!! HELP?
which eyeliner is best?
I'm 36 and was thinking of becoming a makeup artist in NY/NJ. Is it a field worth getting into???
Lipstick and teenagers?
Foundation question.?
Theres a new mascara out that gradually dyes ur lashes at the same time...Any ideas what it's called!?!?
whats the best foundation to use?
is this too much makeup?
How does green make you feel?
how to keep makeup on?
OK females with dark circles under eyes have you discovered a concealer that works, hides it without showing?
i just bought this eye shadow...?
Stila Mascara?
Press on well do they work?
where can i get waterproof liquid eyeliner?
baaaaaaaad makeup?
what is my face shape?
why does my lip gloss smell?
what coastal scents pigments are similar to mac pigments?
Do you put mascara on your top lashes only?
my husband thinks my dress is so exposure that he does not allow me to wear you think so?
Does spray tan really work?
How to do winged eyeliner for deep set eyes?
Girls Only! Please Help! Need Advice!?
is this a good foundation:L?
What would you think if I went down the street wearing this eye make-up?
regular use of lipstick!!! do our lips colour change from its natural shades...... to worse???????
Are fimo clay nail pieces one use?
What do you think about mascara on your bottom lashes?
Do I wear too much makeup?
If you reapply makeup do boys think your vain?
is putting eyeliner on the bottom on of your lid out of style?
If your mother took away your makeup would you feel nude?
How can I talk my mom into letting me wear makeup?
Who Was The Make Up Artist ?
please HELP!!!?
Youtube makeup guru suggestions?
Fake eyelashes are driving me nuts!?
What's the best way to make my eye makeup look like Marcela on the Apprentice?
Poll: Do u prefer matte, glitter, metallic or shimmer eyeshadow? Why?
Which make up company????????
Foundation choosing?
is torquise green eyeshadow out of date? ?
Have you tried L'oreal Glam Shine Crystals and how do you like it?
which eye liner?
Any one here bite there toe nails or there nails tell they hurt?
Ladies: do you like mineral foundation?
Is a Dark "Scene" Smokey eye Make up okay for a 14 year old?
A great and cheap make-up school in the Los Angeles area?
Using Bare Minerals with oily skin-- how do you prevent it from coming off or smudging?
free makeovers?
A question about my nose?
How old do I look? Young or old for my age?
fake tanners....?
My mom wont let me wear make up at all!!!!!! HELP!?
Do i look 14? should i cut down on my make up?
Witch oil perfect for ladies body massag?
URGENT; Answer only If you know the lipstick color of Revlon Matte?
Help with minimizing pores ?
Teeth whitening question!?
What is a Margarita Pedicure ?
Which one is the best oil control powder?
How do you get rid of dark circles and that sunken eye look?
Good everyday makeup look?
How do i take off fake glue on nails?
My concealer keeps wiping off?
Should I use cream makeup or pressed powder for my base color f/Vampire makeup?
I need a 'Natural Makeup' look..?
When you wear eyeshadow how do you prefer to wear it?
Would the NARS Laguna bronzer suit Asian skin tones?
Which eyebrow powder should I get?
How can I make my foundation look so natural?
Are girls without makeup considered ugly?
i am a brown hair girl with brown eyes and i am not that tan. what color of eye shadow should i wear??????????
do you think my dad would kick me out if he found out i....?!!!!?
Where can i get a really good Red?
I have acne scares on my face. How do I hide these ugly marks, without to much make up? Please I need help bad
Brown for Black eyes?
Borghese foundation at Costco.?
Does anyone here ever use cosmetics or skin care products from JAFRA?
Can you recommend a fragrance free intensive moisturiser for the face. My skin is flaking in places.?
Does wearing mascara on the bottom lashes make eyes bigger... or smaller?
I feel prettier without makeup?
What is the best brand of eyeshadow makeup?
Eyelash extensions on yourself????
the best makeup you have ever tried?
I am nearly 13, should i wear make-up?
What is the best way to start wearing makeup?
How can i make my eyes look REAAALLLLY big?
Is this normal for a guy?
What is your every day Morning Makeup,Hair routine?List what you do in order plz?:)?
How can I increase the length of my eyelashes in a short period of time?
Does the tan from a sunless tanner rub off onto clothing?
which celebrity would be a mac nc44/45 skin tone?
Should I use this Face Mask now?
Rimmel Stay Matte or Lasting finish 16hr?
where can i find the code to desing my page?
What mascara do you use?
Using Make Up With Skin ID?
Modern Pirate- Clothes and Makeup?
How to do makeup for blue eyes?
Do i wear 2 much makeup?
which one is prettier.?
mascara???? clinque or prescriptives?
do guys like girls that put makeup on or no makeup?
I need to know the best hair removal cream for my upper lip which won't cause problems. Suggestions, please?
Seriously, guys- how do you feel about make-up?
Marykay reps please answer!?
what skincare brand is cheap in hongkong?
what`s your favorite lip gloss?
How to get the "Glee" zombie look?
Can you tan though make-up?
Problem Skin? Can anyone give advice please?
Should A 10 Year old wear make up?
what black eyeliners do you use?
which brand makes lipstick that "plumps" lips?
What kind of face shape do I have?
why do women open their mouth when puting on mascara ??
at what age did YOU start wearing makeup?
what do u think?
Can someone please recommend a make-up remover that that removes make-up well?
is dermablend chlorine proof?
make up that will make skin lighter? 10 points?
Where can I find Nyx cosmetics in Charlotte, NC?
should 12year old wear make up, what kind?
great mascara?anyone have a favorite?
First time to were make up!! Please Give me Some tip!!?
what red lipstick does audrey kitching use?
Red lipstick, helpppppp?
how long can i keep loose powder?
What makeup is best for brown/hazel/green eyes?
makeup wonder....?
Best lengthening waterproof mascara which does not harm eyelash growth?
cual es la vestimenta tipica de venezuela?
Makeup help, have you used this product
What colour should I paint my nails?
Do they sell Mac Cosmetics anywhere in Monroe, La?
What color of eyeliner is best for hazel eyes?
Why does my foudation turn me orangy pink?
Swollen eyelids after eyebrow waxing?
I have these dark lines under my eyes that are not related to little sleep. What can I use to get rid of them?
do you think ladies need to paint nails to look better?
What's the best foundation that doesn't ruin your face?
Where can I buy Red earth cosmetics?
What is better lipstick or lip gloss?
which store has the best make up ?
How do I get rid of baggy eyes?
i have blue eyes.. what makeup should i wear?
is the color selection the same for the revlon colorstay foundation the same as the revlon whipped ?
If you are in your twenties, do you look any different than you did when you were 15/16?
what is the best way to make your eyes look super big?
do i need to wear more make up to cover up my pimples help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I be prettier?
What is the best eye make up remover ?
whats the best mascara (uk) lengthening / or no clumps under £10?
looking for someone to professionally make up my face, for wed Sept.30th in phila be able to travel 2 my home.
Foundation HELP.................?
Where can I buy BYS custom eyeshadows and cases?
How do i get rid of deep cyst pimples?
I like angels & flowers, little kittens and butterflies. Am I normal?
Is she born with it? Or is it Maybelline?
good eyeliner that wont smudge?
What eye makeup should I wear with this?
Which foundation is more hydrating?
Make-up classes?
small blue eyes?
This isn't fair! What can I do?
The good and that bad of your face.?
Ladies, what color Lip Gloss/Lipstick is your favorite?
How do you removed eyelure individual lashes with minimal damage to own lashes?
I'm of Asian descent; I'm stuck between autumn and winter? (Colour analysis)?
Any tips for covering up acne with make up ?
How can I get this look (makeup)?
This is a very serios question. Any way to hide facial wrinkles WITHOUT a facelift?
Do i wear too much makeup? (13)?
when i take my glasses off to apply makeup ,I cant see . I dont know if im applying it correctly.?
who wears eyeliner? i do!?
is chanel pro lumiere good for dry skin?
whats the best flavor of chapstick?
sheer cover?
Is there a product that you can put on over your make-up so it wont rub off on things?
what is the best lip gloss?
Girls only l a guy I have light tan skin what can I use to cover some marks on my face please list ideas?
Makeup?? Am I ready??????? idk!!?
what to put in my makeup box?
How to use an eyelash curler properly?
What should I wair to school tommorrow?!?