Where can you get Stila make up in Netherlands/Holland?
clinique tanner/bronzer work?
What eye shape do I have (pictures included)?
My mom wont buy me make up?
Sweat eyeliner and Creased eyeshadow?
Does the AndesNature CABERNET antioxidant cream really work ?
Does this look like a good product...? (tinted moisturizer, link included)?
Make up/lash bar in London?
Liquid or normal eyeliner for bunny whiskers?
what is the best makeup brand????
Is mascara bad for your eyelashes? Does it make your eyelashes fall out?
Makeup emergency 10 points for best answer!!?
when is the (new) victoria's secret makeup line coming out?
how do hair remover mitts work and how well do they work?
which line is better?
What should I be for Halloween tht involves pretty eye makeup?
Is it okay to start wearing makeup in 6th grade?
WHICH LOOKS BETTER in your opinion, liquid or powder foundation?
Is this too much makeup for school ?
I'm a Guy who wears MAKEUP?
How can i make my face less oily?
mascara problem!?!?
How can you wear foundation without getting a breakout?
ELF cosmetics dupes for MAC cosmetics?
what is the Best mascara?
Where should I get my makeup done for prom?
good makeup at target?
Givenchy Eye Fly or Mac Mascara Which is Better?
Do facial hair make foundation/makeup not look so flawless?
How to make my eyelashes grow???
Eye makeup matching your clothes? tacky or not?
A question about cosmetics (Make-up) from a MALE!!!?
Which one would you buy?
what fake tan is best?
whats a good brand of makeup?
Lipstick what the heck?!?
do you think i look like mary-kate olsen?
could i be a plus size model?
What color eyeshadows would look good on me?
Can products bought at a MAC store be returned at a MAC counter?
At what age do you think girls/yound woman should start to wear makeup?
anyone that has used bare minerals make up does it really work like they say on tv?
mac matchmaster foundation?
wat do i do if my bff is ditching me 4 her bf?
wat mascara is good for me?
Is polybutune bad for you in lipgloss?
Can you list some oil free make up powder please?
help finding colored mascara!!!!plz HELP!?
i'm turning 15 and i still dont wear make up. how do yiu think i should wear it?
Any home remedies for softer skin or face?
What is the women wearing under the bottom eyelid?
a good waterproof eyeliner?
Women, how much make up do you wear on an average day?
Is eyeliner for both the eye and the brow and how do I apply eye shadow?
How to stop eyeliner creasing?
Where can i buy make up by urban decay? In UK?
Am I wearing too much makeup?
Umm is it natural for like 4 eye lashes to fall out at once?
Does anyone know how to prevent the eyeliner from smudging?
Is there a such thing as seamless rainboot liners?
What steps do I take to get better skin on my face?
What do you think of my review of the new maybelline color tattoos?
how do i make myself look prettier ..picture.?
My eyebrows are really high?
Can you really stop makeup meltdown?
any such product exist.. something good for eyelashes..?
What is a good makeup setting spray?
what is the best way to get my foundation to last?
my mom won't let me use concealer?
how to make make up last longg?
plz help me?
I bought the Coastal Scents 13 piece brush set?
Make-up advice? Foundation keeps rubbing off!?
Why do my lips look chapped with some lipsticks?
what age do you think kids should wear makeup?
How do you apply makeup?
13 years old too young to wear make-up?
where do I go for the stIves free samples?
am I a really ugly person?
Makeup survey for girls who wear makeup?
what colors in eyeshadow would look best on a 14 y,.o. chinese girl?
How old were you when you started using make-up?
is there a sephora in eugene or?
Pale makeup for darker hispanic skin?
i got him to wear girl clothes to school?
Which eyshadow looks best by itself with black eyeliner: smog or half baked ( urban decay)?
Whats your favourite lip gloss?
my eye shadows always crease please help me!!!!!?
ran out of eyeliner...........?
hi! what color would make my green eyes stand out ???
Why do my eyes turn red after I put on makeup?
wear can find
why is mineral make up better than other kinds?
How to disguise a receding chin?
If you are east Asian with fair skin, what shade of foundation do you use?
Guy with eyeliner, eyeshadow?
What's the best out of these two?
Which eye cream is best for dark circles, from burt's bees?
Is it okay to wear eyeliner?
does anyone know of any really good mascara?
Does anybody know how to find out what type you are?
What are the prettiest kinds of eyebrows?
How to do makeup for picture day/first day of school?
Can you put vitamin e cream on your face before foundation?
How does my makeup look??? Is it too much or do I need more?? - pic included?
i want to wear makeup?
permanent makeup vs semi permanent makeup?
Make-Up Crisis ? Help (:?
what brand/type of foundation do you use?
whats the best full coverage drug store foundation?
how to wake up early?
Does Destery (from youtube) wear eyeliner?
Is this bad for my face?
do you think it's fair that my mom won't let me wear makeup?
Can i still buy these vs lip shimmers?
I suppose to apply moisturizer before applying makeup?
Does L'oreal or any of the other commercial makeup brands make a product similar to Bare Minerals?
Do you think I'm pretty?
what is a really good inexpensive foundation and concealer?
Foundation (makeup) tends to clog skin pores?
Does my friend look better with or without make-up?
Hiiiiiiiiii girls, plz help me..... ?
What is the best drugstore mascara?
Does any body know the $100.00 coupon code for Coastal
What do you think about women who put on their make-up in public?
Is it better to put on your mascara before you curl your lashes or after you curl them?
Does hairspray work to presere colors?
question about avon credit?
can you put liquid eyeliner on the bottom water line?
Skincare uses for milk of magensa?
Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer?
Can you recommend a good make-up for being on camera?
need a natural makeup look,help ?
Best gradual tanner for a caramel tan?
how to be popular(or a slut)?
what type of makeup should i wear?
What color should i paint my nails today??
Pretty everyday eye makeup ?
Need help with nail polish colors?
What is the best eyeliner?
Does MAC Cosmetics still sell lip erase ?
Your favorite makeup? ?
Is there such a person as a cosmopharmacologist? Is this a real word?
NYX jumbo eye pencil in rust?
what is a two way foundation?
really need help on how to fill in my brows?
do you use mascara everyday?
Where can I buy Maybelline Pure Pigments Lipsticks?
is Naturistics cosmetics discontinued?
how much makeup schould a 13 year old were?
Can someone identify the brand and color of this lipstick?
Holy Grail Products!(:?
how old do you have to be to wear make up?
What's the use of eyeliner?
Where can I buy glitter from for makeup uses?
Do you have to take your makeup off every night?
Does Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick Have Shimmer in it?
Best department store makeup brand(s)?
Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser?
my lips are so chapped!! help!?
How can I darken my eyebrows with makeup?
which is most coveted in your society: fair, tan, or dark skin?
When applying mascara my baby lashes...?
need makeup tips for tonight!!!?
How much does MAC 187 brush cost in Singapore?
What Foundation is best for Dry skin?
How do I get makeup out os skin/body?
What products should I buy at M.A.C.?
How should I wear my hair and make-up tomorrow?
Acne help? Have only one month to do this!?
Where can I find blue and/or white face paint?
Makeup ideas for pale skin?
Looking for Dupe for Bare Minerals Summer Bisque vs. ELF Mineral Concealer?
what do you look like?
I dont get it?...........PICS?
How can I create a smokey eyes effect?
What is a good mascara?
What type of paint/make-up is best for body panting?
Bobbi Brown Make Up in Stores?
how do i stop sticking my eyeliner pencil into my eyeball ?
Where can you buy cheap makeup online?
Girls what do you think is going on here?
i bought this liquid eyeliner that feels like it burns my skin when i apply it, is that alright?
What shade of Blonde goes well with fair brown skin?
This is kinda embarrassing (well not really), but how do you put on eyeliner?
Should I make my own makeup sale online?
What colour of eyeshadow is best to use with my blue eyes?
How can I cover my eyebrows? (read description)?
where can i buy the make up bare minerals?
What are the MAC cco prices usually like?
A guy 2 like his nails painted?
Hello girls will you wear VERY!!! thick heavy makeup tomorrow?
Should I wear foundation to a summer party?
What is clean up and facial?
If makeup enhances a person's looks, then why do some girls look beautiful with makeup on?
Makeup Appropiate for a 7th Grader?
If I use Mena facial cream can I use it for my body too?
What Sigma brush to use with the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse?
How Can I Make My Make Up Last Longer?
Can you do nail art designs with using ordinary paint brushes in different shapes?
Does eyebrow percing hurt?
What age should kids start to wear make-up???
how rare are green eyes?
I am trying to find the products from
what mascara do you use most?
people what is eye primer?
what is the best eyeshadow and othereye makeup4 people with blonde hair and blue eyes?
am i pretty??(PIC) also whats a good foundation for me to wear?
hi reverenceofme, I read your answer on eyeliner, Can you or anyone else recommend a good Eyeliner Pen?
Is this safe to put on my face? pls help!?
who make carmex ?
How to remove nail polish without nail polish remover? URGENT!?
would you ever walk out of your house without makeup?
How to make my skin look decent?
which is better mascara?
what is the best foundation primer for oily skin?
Where can I buy Maybelline Pure Pigments Lipsticks?
im afraid to started doing tutorials!!!?
Is it okay for a woman not to wear makeup?
What color eyeshadow would go with a black shirt? something dramatic....?
Which girl do you think is more attractive in your eyes?
CARGO concealer dupe?
Mak up brushes? help?
HELP! i waxed my upper lip for the first time! and got burnt! what can i do do reduce reddness/scaring?
Ladies! (and some guys) How much money do you spend on cosmetics?
ladies only?
what is the best foundation to use?
Foundation every day?
Question about makeup. Answer please? (:?
whats the best makeup brand????????????
I use proactive. Are you supposed to wear moisturizer after you put on the reapiring lotion?
How to create a fake lip stud?
What is the BEST color eyeshadow for me to use if I want to achieve a natural look (no eyeliner)?
Is is bad to leave on makeup for the night?
Your favourite mascara ever and why ?
wich makeup is the best from these?
ewwww, help!!?
high school make up hints?
Eyeliner help please.?
what is the best drugstore brand foundation?
Can I close the pores on my face?
Free Samples?
what is the name of this type of mehndi? How do I use lip tint?
whats my skintone? picture?
Is 14 too young to start wearing makeup?
Jealousy ?
Shipping Question -MAIL?
i want to buy revlon colorstay foundation ?
Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner?
How to hide the fact that I'm sick (with makeup)?
Foundation Darkens throughout the Day?
is it appropriate for a sixth grade student to wear make up?
Does Sephora still carry Lip Markers?
Fake tan, real tan, or pale?
What mascara do you use?
Dupe for Hello Kitty Pink Fish lip conditioner from MAC?
Weird question but...?
Going to a new school. Make-up? How to act?
Best foundation you guys know of?
whats your favorite foundation,powder, or concealer?
what can i do with my eye makeup to make my brown eyes look bigger?
kur kamile dingo????????????
Which highlighter to get (makeup)?
I always wear makeup to aerobics and I usally put too much on. What does the aerobics teacher think of me?
I'm 18 and have never moisturized, should I start now?
is she pretty???
eyeliner help?
How old do i look ( with pics) ?
What color of blush goes with gold eyeshadow?
I am a certified make-up artist. What make-up brands do clients want to see in my kit the most?
is it good to be naturally pretty?
What color lipstick Rachael Mcadams wheres in The Notebook?
What Makeup Should I Wear With This Dress?
Will you rate my fashion/makeup site?
When someone loses a large amount of weight would they look unrecognizable?Any stories.?
Where is the closest MAC Cosmetics store to Salou?
Is there a way to make my skin pale white?
is this a lot of make-up?!?
What would be my best choices to look radiant and eyes will pop out ?
How do you keep your eye makeup from running, mainly mascara..?
A Good Eye Concealer?
What is the best color of eyeshadow should you wear if you have pale skin?
makeup lessons/tutorials ?
Eyeliner on 13-15 year olds?
My loose eyeliner powder came in terrible (messy) packaging. Suggestions on how to re-package it?
what color eyeshadow would i suit?
What age should girls start wearing make-up and how much??
HELLLPP ME!!!! PLEASE!! 10 points best answer!?
Moustach please help?
Why are all women so obsessed with makeup?
What is a good drugstore foundation that covers extreme redness?
How do you apply makeup and what kind should I buy????
What colour eyeshadow should I use to match my blonde hair?
Good mascara??????????
Eye Colour?
why do you wear makeup?
do you think the girl on the left is wearing too much makeup?
Got a blemish - don't have any makeup! (help!)?
How do I get my makeup like this?
): I ruined my eyebrows?
How much does a viper dodge convertable cost?
Everyday hair and makeup for blue eyes?
Does waterproof mascara work good?
Looking for Good Makeup?
Lighter or Darker Foundation?
Are NYX and MicaBella pretty much the same thing?
Girls who don't wear make up?
Mascara Help PLEASE?
What do i need in a special effect makeup kit?
Should I use TWO TUBES of Loreal Hicolor Hilights in RED to achieve this hair color?
anyone know of any E.L.F discount codes I can use (EU)?
Black dress homecoming make up tips please ?
Ive olive/hazel green eyes that people say are brown. How do I get people to notice theyre actually green?
Foundation brush or Stippling?
Where can I buy good makeup?
Has anyone had there makeup done at sephora ?! Did you like it ! I schedule an appt there for my homecoming!?
I really need some makeup help!?
Do you wear lipstick or lip gloss?
What do you do first, hair or make-up?
random much you have of each many times do i have to post this...What face shape does she have?
Two MAC lipsticks plus tax TORONTO?
Where can I get this purfume?
About properly applying bronzing liquids/powders?
where can you get make up with brands such as mac dior lancome chanel etc cheaper than rrp online?
N.Y.C liquid eye liner sucks bad but it's the only liquid eye liner I got right now any tips to apply?
problems with eyeshadow?
Do you moisturize and prime your face before applying makeup ?
How do i get the Downy off my face without shaving?
how to use aveeno moisturizing bar?
How to get rid of huge pores on my nose?
how do i achive to!?
Do I have a baby face? (Pics!)?
s! *reAD* NEED Make-up ideas for SCHOOL?
Why are girls so attracted to putting on make up?
Makeup survey for girls who wear makeup?
Um, do I wear to much make-up?
Liquid foundation help?
How to make my upper lip bigger?
Is it attractive when girls wear lots of makeup?
Help make me look NICE. C: (pics)?
How to make my eyes look prettier?
Is this too much makeup?
How much drops of flavoring for lip balm?
Do you think girls look prettier when they're wearing make up?
I want to dress up like the "Saw" guy for Halloween?
i think maybe bare minerals made me break out?
Is my eye brow piercing rejecting?
what is the best lipgloss around at the moment?
Im 13 can i wear concealer?
Is Revlon Colourstay (Combi/Oily-Ivory) a good foundation?
I want to lick out my gf while she paints her face how do I ask her?
Is Maybelline Great Lashes Mascara Good To Use For A Beginner?
what color eye shadow would ?
i have a dark skin tone with big forhead how do i make it appear smaller?
Is there any good eyebrow shaping plucking alternative tool besides waxing?
How to make pictures perfect? HELP?
Whats your favorite foundation?
is charcoal safe to use on my face?
where is usher?
What are your absolute favorite makeup products 10$ and under?
how to apply eyeliner to the upper lash line?
Can Eyelash Glue be taken abroad- Tenerife?
hey for all you use kohl on your eyes?
what are some good make at spa things?
Is Illuminare extra coverage foundation worth it?
Question about sigma dry n' shape?
How much makeup do you normally wear?
What do you think of Almay eyeshadow that matches your eye color?
Mineral makeup?
What color would you say my eyes are exactly?? [pics]?
Should an 11 year old be aloud to wear makeup?
Acne Prone Skin Makeup Routine?
Are you supposed to use a makeup remover before you wash your face?
How to clean makeup brushes?
What is the best light purple eyeshadow?
How do you get rid of dark circles under your eyes?
What colour eye shadow do you think is best with green eyes?
What is the best drugstore mascara you've used?
I need to find a very nude pink lipstick(not gloss) to go with smokey eyes. Any ideas?
who do you think is the best looking guy out of one direction?
Does her makeup look normal/natural?
makeup for black hair and fair skin with brown eyes?
Whats a good username for a Youtube Beauty Guru?
Bare Minerals and Hair?
What Would You Do???????????????
Sigma brushes (Synthetic or real hair)?
When did you, or when would you recommend starting to wear makeup?
do you ware makeup??
Please tell me which one is the best kajal?
What is your morning routine ?GIRLS ONLY!?
•◘○What is the best DRUGSTORE PRIMER and why•◘○?
fish scale lip stick?
Do any of you use Mary Kate and Ashley makeup? Did they take it off the market?
Is Udderly Smooth Udder Cream cruelty-free?
how do you rid of the dark circles underneath your eyes?
Is there a store near Grand Rapids MI that I can purchase Bare Minerals products? I do not want to go online.?
In the May 2007 issue of Allure, which mascara did Gisele Bündchen say she used?
mascara help?
Why doesn't my Target carry all skin tones for Revlon Colorstayed Whipped Foundation?
10 points! Help with Eighth Grade Makeup?!?
What is the best eye shadow primer that won't make the eyeshadow crease after a couple of hours?
Is 13 too young for everyday school makeup?
does anybody know a good mascara ?
How to convince my mom to allow me to wear foundation and concealer? Please read description! :)?
Is pumpkin pie safe to eat after 4 months?
How do you give yourself a 'smoky eye'?
What is the best age to make up?
What eyshadow looks better with brown eyes : purple eyshadow or brown?
what is your favorite beauty supply at SEPHORA?
how can i make a cream eyeshadow?
Does makeup have animal fat and body parts in it?
what are some really good cheap makeup products?
How can I keep my mascara from smudging?
I bought a MAC Blot powder (pressed) yesterday and it had *no* talc in it. Did they change their formula?
People don't take this the wrong way but why are most women so ugly without makeup?
Help with foundation?
What kind of eyeliner can I wear if i put on eye contacts?
Plesase, introduce some facial and skin lightening cream?
What should I do about my eyeliner problem?
Why do you all think that powder will clog your pores??
Is revlons photoready mousse the same as normal foundation?
Survey-What makeup do you use?
Chapped Lips...HELP!?
what makes my eyes look bigger?
How can I determine the undertone colors for my skin color?
caould someone please tell me what the role of a designer is when creating a specific make-up look ?
On very pale skinned girls, does black eyeliner look gothic or too dramatic?
Any good spa products from bath and body works?
where can i get a good hairdye that hasn't been tested on animals?
Best eyeshadow, brown eyes, red hair?
How can I make my skin paler, apart from with make up?
Make Up Help?
What age is considered appropriate for girls to start wearing makeup?
i want to know make up tips for the summer?
what makeup bran is good for young teens?
Do you think hiring a mobile makeup artist is a good idea for formal?
i broke his heart now i want him back,what do i do?
where do you put eyeliner? i have trouble getting it in the right spot?
Best mascara..........?
Controlish & sucking principal in charge?
Best Fake Eyelash Brand?
Buying a Real Mac Cosmectic Brushs set on EBAY for a good price can someone help me.?
What is the best way to bring out the green in my eyes?
what color????
Best Sigma Brushes????
Do you think I need more make-up?
makeup for a girl going into 7th
Wht color for eyes & lipstick suits a grey color top. I have brown skin tone, brown eyes,black hair. pls helpp
Do you get most of your makeup from Sephora, Ulta or a Drugstore?
What is a good age to start wearing make-up?
Whats your favorite makeup brand?
What is the longest you would keep lipstick? and which brands?
Olay regenerist Anti-age cream for dry skin?
which do you like better pink or red glossed lips?
whats good colours to use for my bridal makeup?
How do you apply mascara?
What high end makeup should i buy?!?
HELPP ME PLEASEE!? with hairr?
What Is Your Favourite Makeup Brand?
What kind of lip gloss, eye shadows, liners, blush should i use if i have brown hair and kinda darkish blue ey?
would i honostly look good with a lip ring?
does anyone know any videos on youtube that teach how to apply concealer..?
Best pencil eyeliner? ?
I am just getting in to special effects makeup what are some good tooles and makeup to buy first & where from?
What make-up do you recommend that can be used in schools for teens?
Orange fake tan??!!?
is there any cream that removes stretchmarks?
ed lips!!?
What is the best brand of make-up you have used for black eyeliner?
Do I wear too much makeup?
How can I be prettier?
why are guys gay just because they wear nail polish?
im new to makeup i need help?
For Girls??
what kind of make up should i wear?!?
how to do green with envy makeup?
which body talc brand is most useful?
should i wear make-up?
does the avon 'tummy toner with wheel' work?
If I pressed pigments with less than 3/4 will it still work out?
Which is the best mineral make up brand available in india?
Can I use non-acetone nail polish remover instead of acrylic liquid?
Which brands do you think are better and why?
how do you make eye shadow into face paint with water?
is it possible to look white if you're black?
What is the best foundation/khol/eyeliner to use for party/clubbing?
GIRLS 12-18: What is Your Daily Makeup Routine?
How can I make my eyeshadow last?
is the back of a flat back lip stud ment to be like sucked in the back of your lip?
So I have black hair...never used eyebrow powder?
Okay, so what are you supposed to do with WHiTEEE eyeliner? :)?
wanting to make a channel on youtube as makeup guru? s help?
Makeup for my friend?
How can i flavour a homemade lip balm?
thoughts on "guyliner"?
Who makes an inexpensive black cream makeup?
my mom is going to MAKE me wear a tampon. PLEASE help!!?
review: MAC pigments pros and cons?
Is Revlon Colourstay any good?
Are the Coastal Scents brushes good quality? s;)?
Okay, is this fair or not?
I am considering selling Mark ( a division of Avon) Has anyone ever sold it? How did you do?
What's a good nude and pink matte color lipstick from Rimmel London?
Revlon Colorstay shades that match MUFE's Face and Body?
whats a good drugstore cleanser ?
Make up forever hd invisible foundation. any one else agree its one of the best beauty gems of today?
Do you see a change in my face since September?
What is the best way to grow back eyebrows FAST??......?
please answer asap?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the best drugstore mascara?
How much is too much makeup?
Lash extensions.. and mascara?
Why do teenage girls make a big deal about wearing make-up?
Which blush should I pick?
Is the 88 make up pallet a good product?
Homemade nail polish rack?
If you use liquid lipliner or gloss, are you supposed to blot?
How do you get ink spots out of a dark suit?
have any one use the beauty product made by the company "BOOTS? from uk that sells at target?
Is wearing just eyeliner okay?
what are the hottest shades of brown lipstick?
What are some good face serums to use ?
Any idea how to use buffer brush properly?
Do you like my makeup video?
Ladies: are those pearl thongs really stimulating? I'm thinking of trying, are they worth it?
What brand is this eyeshadow?
what is a good site to buy special effects makeup?
What is the best face primer that can be bought from a drug store?
Is my makeup routine natural?
Eyeliner for sensitive eyes?
What is the best mascara?
Does toothpaste make zits go away?
makeup help?
What make up look is best with this dress?
I just got hired at Hollister as a floor model?
URBAN DECAY - What does "YDK" stand for, its the name of an eye shadow?
What at home ingredients can you use to make your pores smaller?
what is the best cellulite cream?
Bar Mitzvah Makeup Question?
Which eyeshadow color should I use?
How can I get ready faster?
Girls, or maybe Guys: Any pretty good make-up tips?
What is the best way to get asian eyelashes curled and stayed curled?
what is ur eye colour?
how do you apply your eyeshadow?
Put eyeliner on! how do you do it!?
MAC cosmetics question ?
Makeup for a freshman in highschool?
Which shade of this foundation would match me the best?
how do i make my skin paler?
what is the best MOISTURIZING lip treatment/balm/chapstick for severely DRY lips?
how do you do makeup like selena gomez?
What are some ways to take off mascara without damaging your lashes?
What's in your makeup bag?
Which Brand is the best out of these? MAC, Estee Lauder or Lancome? PLEASE DO NOT GIMME ANY OTHER BRAND NAMES!
is it just me? or is it reall?
Tips for putting on liquid eye liner?!?!!?
dose it make you more attractive?
is a heart shaped face common?
Foundation for warm undertones?
where can i buy eve pearl make up!?!?
British make up brands?
Under-eye oddness *10 points*?
I hate when guys call girls fake!?!?!? ?
Can a person have deep set eyes and prominent eyes at the same time ?
Unwanted eyelid crease?
am i just an odd colour?
Has any one ever tried "mark face Xpert" (Avon)?
How to keep my eyeliner from smudging throughout the day?
Do I wear too much eyeliner??? pictures included...?
what coloured contacts should i get?
Beauty Fanatics: Opinion wanted!?
What colour eyeshadow if wearing bright red clothes, but have pale skin?
Hide dark circles?
What is your make-up routine?
Does anyone know of any websites which can help me pick makeup colors that match with my hair, eye color, etc?
Do I look better with or without makeup?
Dear ladies I want to make one thing clear?
good eyeshadows? mine all crease or fade?
Best Foundation for Light/Oily Skin?
Is Allantoin really good for your skin?
How do you do your everyday makeup?
i need salon fair ideas helpppp please?
Best color eyeshadow for someone who's tan?
whats YOUR favorite waterproof mascara?
What do you need too become a certied makeup artist? requirements you need too get a licence? ?
hellp me pls give me tips to have good attactive eyes mi eyes become small?
Makeup... how to wear, what to get... I'm lost. Please help!?
ugh please help?
black hair, dark hazel eyes, and pale skin?
is this too much makeup?
How To Frame My Face? Help With Contacts?
I have this dark line above me upper lip anyone know how to get rid of it?
Concealer over tinted moisturiser?
what is the cost and where can you buy dermablend?
whats the correct way?
Does this sound like too much makeup for a 14 year old?
what are the best autumn shades of makeup available in the uk?
My mom just let me start wearing make-up what is the best way to get it off?
What's a good long-lasting lipstick (not dry though)? ty?
makeup tips?
Does anybody have any experience with Barry M?
i cant seem to put on false eyelashes?
Does anyone remember "Natural Glow", the makeup powder/compact???
What color are my eyes (yes, pictures)?
What color do I paint my nails?
which kind of chapstick do you like? ?
I have blue eyes , so what color eyeshadow should I use?
Makeup for Freckley Skin?
What colour make-up should I wear with a satin emerald green dress?
Men In Make-Up........?
What is corrector for?
Please, answer my question?
do u like black nail polish?
I have 2 tiny (about 3") berfume bottles and would like to know if they are old or new.?
Is wearing just eyeliner okay?
Don't all male actors wear some makeup on screen for TV Shows, Music Video, Movies? Why is it taboo for guys?
Did I do the scene makeup currectly?
What is the best makeup in your opinion?
where can I find this lip gloss?
Are their any legends, folklore or stereotypes about hazel/amber eyes?
can you give me a good youtube video on how to put on pencil eyeliner on the bottom lash(can't find a good 1)?
Gothic makeup: What is the best brand for gothic makeup? I am?
What do you think of my make-up attempt?
how do i make my makeup look like dacey gomez?
How do I get Bigger Lips? Help!?
Do you think she is pretty?
What are some good face masks that i can make with everyday objects?
Best foundation that makes your skin glow?
National Online Make Up Academy...I want to be an make up artist? Tell me anything about make up artistry?
What is Best to fake?
what color eyes do i have?
What color eye liner shouuld I wear ?
What makeup is as good as Revlon ColorStay?!?
When did you start wearing makeup?
Do I look bad without make up?
What color eye shadow would be the best for blue eyes?
can you go a day with out eyeliner?
is cover-up makeup visible at all on the skin?
Should I get a spray tan?
How can I draw attention away from my chin?
Which picture looks better?
Mineral make-ups, do they work? What one?
What is the best brand of mascara? I want my eye lashes to be full and thick?
has anyone tried l'oreal BARE NATURALE Powdered Mineral Foundation ? and how do you like it?
What is the best eyeliner?
what will look better on mee?
does anyone know how to use a pore cleanser ? how long do i leave it on one spot and can i use it everyday ?
dupe for milani blush in mai tai?
What color are your eyes?
best formal dress for this makeup?
What is 52-0?
Do YOU Like Your Hair?
Is 12 too young to be wearing makeup?
I just wanna wear makeup?
any bad experiences from dying eyebrows?
Is it true that the mole above a girls lip...?
Should I put fake tan on ?
Make Up Brands?
how do i get rid of mascara with out using makeup remover?
what color is mine?.?
Which maybellines baby lips should I get?
Who has better eyeliner: Tarte or urban decay?
how do you get MAC pro products without being an employee?
What type of make up should I wear to school..?
Who's your fav makeup guru?
I want to take my makeup with me on vacation but my parents dont know I wear makeup & I dont wanna tell em? ?
Good quality but not too expensive eye shadow?
Is rimmel wake me up foundation good? overall is rimmel makeup good? I want to buy a foundation and blush :)?
Is cleaning high end makeup brushes with soap effective when removing all traces of dirt & makeup?
should i put makeup on???
When are you wearing too much black eyeliner??
what makeup should i wear?
should a 13 year old wear: eyeshadow mascara or blush?
I plucked my eyebrows too much on one part and now there not growing back?!?
What is an easy way to make perfume?
Ladies: Would you spend $1200 for a jar of Creme de La Mer?
I need some make-up tips for a 12 year old.?
Will contact shape to ur eye?
What color nail polish should i use if I have..?
do i wear my makeup to dark?
How can I do this hair and makeup?
Is Arbonne's f.y.i. line also vegan?
what mistakes have you made?
do guys like girls with or without makeup?
Who thinks all women should stop wearing makeup and doing their hair?
Do you know of any lip glosses that make you smell like strawberries or citrus?
I'm getting married in July and I need some great make-up looks or tips, Please suggest.?
What does it mean when a makeup artist tells you she is looking to "test"?
Where can i buy holographic glitter?
Can you use mascara as eyeliner?
Back to school makeup???!?
Is it a good or bad thing if a guy says he can't tell if you're wearing makeup?
liquid eyeliner???
Good drugstore under eye concealer?
When you put on eyeliner-are you suppose to put it on dark and right under the bottom of your eye? Help please
Clinique or Clarins moisturiser?
Which type of make-up brushes are most nesscary?
What is your guys' opinion on makeup? I mean does it look attractive you you?
Is pynocare effective for the treatment of melasma?
reliable online cosmetic stores?
what make-up should i wear with this dress?
who knows what julia roberts everyday cosmetic foundation is.?
Which color eyeshadow goes best with hazel eyes, brown hair and light skin?
BOYS !!! do boys like it when you wear alot of makeup?
Anyone know a good flawless foundation for sensitive/ dry skin?
is it boring to wear the same style of make-up on a day to day basis
how to put on nail polish properly?
13 year old, too much makeup?
Whats a good way do make-up for these eyes? [Pics included]?
What does 'spf' mean on sunscreen bottles? (e.g. spf 30, spf 15)?
Is this to much makeup?
whats the best type of concealer for a more bronzer skin tone?
What is my face shape?
Where do I swatch my foundation to match my skin?
what eyeliner works the bestt?
what colors?
eyemakeup-light blue eyes?
swiss o par eyebrow tint?
What color are your eyes?
toothpaste masks it...? i need help.?
which sunblock cream is cheap and worth buying in india ?
Wedding Make-Up Advice?
How to get way thicker lashes as fast as possible?
How can i use eye makeup to make my eyes looks smaller/asian-like?
What color eyeshadow should I wear with a bright pink dress?
How can I make my eyes look bigger?
My daughter refuses to stop shopping at sephora. Should I stop taking her To the mall?
how to do make-up?
I have olive skin, but I think I look best in shades with blue undertones?
what make-up do you have in your make-up bag?
Is it weird in the movies when they put makeup on guys?
Banana Boat Everyday Glow Moisturizer Questions?
What is the best drugstore mascara and eyeliner?
Should I get a mac palette?
Is Lancôme way better than urban decay?
Self- Tanning Towel application-- use it now, shower later?
Why do people shave off there eye brows?
is it that horrible!!!?
concealer for under eye veins?
Any ideas or types to skin bleaching?
shaving my eyebrows off?
What circle lens are these girls wearing?
what should my makeup be like?! HELP!?
What colour are my eyes?
How to make foundation NOT look cakey?
Which mascara is better for lenghtening - Coup de Theatre by Bourjois or Intense XXL by Maybelline?
Holy Grail Products!(:?
home made mascara?
How do I remove foundation from dyed jeans?
what mascara should i use?
What shaped eyes do I have?
Would navy blue eyeshadow look bad on a brunette with brown eyes?
where can I find glam couture cosmetics?
way to much makeup? i know. does it look bad? (pictures)?
i need to support my family income where lead to delay my dreams as a makeup artist, any advice from this?
Does anyone kno the pink lip gloss brand arizona robbins, meredith grey or christina yang wear in greys anatom?
how do i make a dark smokey eye?
Where can I buy cheap but good quality makeup brushes?
How was make-up done around 1939?
can i use eyebrow liner as the eye liner ???
Any good Mascaras and foundations?
how do i make my eyes look smaller?10 points !?
10 points, Has anyone tried ModelCo mascara (fiber lash), the one which promises to add on lashes?
What colour should I paint my nails?
best face primer for super oily/combo skin? i used to use MAC Prep+Prime but formula changed?
What makeup would look good on me and how should i wear my hair?
whats in your beauty/makeup bag for school :)?
How can I make myself prettier?
What do asians put on their face to make it so smooth?
Does eze-tweeze work?
Do you need all 3 types of eyeliners?
Vaseline to remove concealer under eyes?
which cover girl lash blast mascara is the best?
Best undereye concealer?
Which of these places are cheaper to go and buy face/makeup supplies?
What are some good foundations?
Foundation help!???!?!?
Professional Makeup Tips Advice Beauty How to Makeup Artist- Lip Gloss Tips -
Why do you girls wear make up?
Today I got my eyelashes tinted at benefit. Some of the tinting solution got under my eyes and won't come off.?
Drugstore dupes for this video?
Which mascara is better for length and volume?
girls please help, makeup question??
Best scents (Perfumes,lotions) I can buy online?
Am I obsessed with makeup or was my friend wrong?
do boy's wear make up?
I am not allowed to wear makeup yet ...?
School to become a makeup artist?
people say i wear way too much makeup, tips please?
Whats your favourite colour nail polish?
About working at Benefit Cosmetics' Brow Bar?
WHOLE FOODS skin care?
what the best makeup foundation for 10$ or even cheaper?
White nail polish: hot or not?
what color eye shadows go together?
which tinted moisturizer is better?
What kind of makeup should I get for my 14 year old ?
What is it like at the Eastern State Penitentary in Philly?
how do you apply winged eyeliner?
anyone wants to be part of my porfolio??i do real nice dramatic makeup styles hit me up if interested?
Any new good perfumes for a 15 year old?
best eyeshadow for my brown eyes?
what collor lip gloss should i get???
How to keep MAC liquid makeup on while sweating?
what is your fav makeup brand?
i want to try anew or hydrofirming?
Are the Coastal Scents Hot Pots fit in a BH Cosmetics custom palette?
what kind of make up should a 13 year old wear?
What colour are her eyes?
Is it ok to use eye shadow on your face?
What do you think of him?
some one with blue eyes and brown hair?
Anyone heard about Krylon make up professional academy?
In your opinion, which one is the prettiest picture?
What brand/type of mascara do you prefer?
Hello, does anybody know what Mac lipglass is better "Prrr, C-Thru or Oyster Girl"?
shaving my eyebrows off?
Eye Makeup Ideas Please?
How many coats of mascara do you wear daily?
What is your favorite BB cream?
Elf? Is it good???????????
Davina's Garnier Ultra-Lift. Does it work?
Is it true that if you sleep with mascara or eye liner u will get permanent dark rings under your eyes?
I have mild to severe acne. What's some good cream or stuff to use for my face.?
Help? Puffy eyes? Allergic reaction? Idk?
How to apply eyeliner on top of my lashline?
why do men not like it when girls wear lots of makeup?
Acne problem..HELP please?
Fake eyelashes for a 13 year old?
If I use any mineral make up like bronzer will i get acne?
jml make up products in dublin shops?
How to use glycerine on face?
What is your favourite nail polish colour?
Do i need a teen nose job (with pic)?
has any one tried Loreal HIP lipstick?
MAC Bitter Eyeshadow? Help!!?
i dunno if i should wear make up or not?? HELP?
how to apply eyeliner to the upper lash line?
how to fake glowy skin?
is eyeshadow supposed to go up to your eyebrows?
Should I wear brown or black mascara?
Good back to school makeup for 6th graders?
Does anyone know something I can do to make my face less chubby?
Makeup for a 12 year old?
Eye liner question!! HELP!?
swiss o par eyebrow tint?
can i get a color contact lens to cover up the white spot on my eye?,i can still see but the white spot make?
What is your daily makeup routine?
Maybelline BB Cream Makeup Review??
will pencil eyeliner get in my eye?
Any websites on how to do your eyeshadow all pretty? 10 POINTS!?
in europe AVON has the Treselle & Treselle Seduction perfume.In USA IMARI is similar! Is it actually the same?
At what age is it best to start wearing makeup?
Im 13 help!! How can I stop wearing so much makeup??
What is the best perfume to wear?
Mac studio finish concealer colour?
How can i make my eyelashes longer and thicker?
should i dye all my hair or just get highlights? (pics included)
what age did u start ?
patricia wexler" under eye brighting cream?
How to make green eyes POP?
Slut Make-Up?
Smokey Eyes?
How can I find a foundation that matches my skintone?
Is it obvious that my nose is crooked? pics?
Simple homemade makeup brush cleaner recipe?
Foundation for pale, acne prone skin that you can buy in Australia? ?
Is there (or was there ever) bat guano in lipstick?
What stores sell rigid collodion scaring liquid?
Who's sick of this hot weather and prefer it a lot cooler???
What is a good foundation and a good poweder to use with my skin that won't make it look orange?
Makeup tips for school party?
can anyone recomend a good natural looking foundation?
Which shade of this foundation would match me the best?
Is this makeup ok for a 12 year old?
EMERGENCY. pleaseee help!?
what is the best line of cosemetics for black women?
do i have to much nail polish?
My hair is naturally black, and I want some red highlights. Will this look scare the kids? I'm a kindergarten
what shall i put on my face to make me look casual?
Best lipstick/gloss shade for me?
Opinion please: woman who dont wear make up daily?
How to make a fake cut..... help please?
question ??????
what age did you start to wear makeup?
how can i do my eyeshadow like this ?
Is this good makeup for a 13 year old and how can I organize all my makeup?
Ladies i need your help!?
Where can i find pop cosmetics in the UK?
What name do I look like?
What is the best oil-free tinted moisturizer?
what is a really good foundation?
Does this make up look alright?
What's a good matt foundation for extremely pale skin?
makeup ideas plz plz plz help?
Are BB Creams considered as make-up or skincare products?
what makeup powder brand is best?
How can you get a MAC pro card?
me and him as a couple?? PICs!!!
what do YOU think about freckles?
Which is better: liquid or pencil eyeliner?
what is the best way to ask your mom if you could where make up?
Why does my clear nail polish always chip and peel away after a few hours?
What is a face bronzer used for?
What makeup should I do for the school luau?
why are brunnettes always prettier than blondes?
Is Estee Lauder's Take It Away Total Makeup Remover better compared to MAC's Cleanse Off Oil?
What is the colour of your eyes?
How can you reduce puffy eye's?
How to do my makeup like the girl in this pic?
Puff eyes from crying a lot, going to party tonight?
what gets rid of blackheads?
What's a good drugstore lip gloss?
Which is the best? Name the best foundation, tinted moisturizer, bronzer, concealer, waterproof eyeliner?
What age do you stop dressing up for Halloween?
how can guys cover up blemishes for school?
what are the best brands of makeup?
Girls what do you secretly yearn from a man?
Which makeup foundation?
my eight year old daughter has a unibrow...?
when should you curl your eyelashes? before or after mascara?
which foundation should i buy? plz help!?
Thoughts on Laura Mercier secret camouflage concealer?
most foundation are too red or pink for my skin!?
Foundation that won't cause acne?
Are NARS bronzer brushes made in China?
How can i get my eyeliner to stay on all day?
What do you think is better blue eyes or green eyes?
What's the best way to apply liquid foundation?
When should a person start wearing makeup?
What do you think of my Hair and Makeup Artistry Skills? (link to Facebook Page)?
Do I Look Nicer With Our Without Make-Up?
how much does a spray tan cost?
How can I make myself Paler?
Do I Wear Too Much Make Up?
best drugstore mascara for meee?!?(:?
is water proof macsara bad for your eyes?
How much make up should i use?
What is the best Spray Tan For your Face @ Drug Store?
How long will 30ml foundation last if i do a full coverage 4 times a week?
How should I do my makeup for this dress?
How to sell lip balm on esty?
How do you know if your pretty or not?
Can I use bronzer if I'm light skinned?
makeup or no makeup (pics)?
where to buy jane fabulizer for lips?
True match foundation(Alabaster) is pink...would it come out pink on your skin?
is it ok for a 13 year old to wear mascara and lip gloss?
What's a good makeup routine for seventh grade?
i need help about Clinique?
Makeup Remover cap won't open?
What is best paired with the neutrogena wave?
has anyone ever tried Bare Minerals, if so is it any good?
Do you think this makeup look is a bit much for school?
Is liquid latex the same as wax?
Too Faced blushes...?
Cleaning Make-up Brushes!?!?
How do i blend the MAC studio finish concealer?
Good makeup for redheads?
What's the most amount of makeup you should have on in your opinion?
which is the best company of eye-shadows?
GIRLS, I Want To Become A Nail Tech/Pedicurist.. What Do You Think?
how can a make my face look thinner without surgery...make up/hair tips, etc.?
PLEASE HELP My face is guyish and ugly!?
anybody ever tried on BLOOM lip gloss?
so i really wanna get a good lipstick color..?
Can someone help me with my eye make-up?
Favorite make up brand?
Which benefit makeup kit is the best?
what make up should a 13 year old wear to school??????/?
i need some ideas for scene makeup? plz help? pictures plz?
how to look prettier or make my eyes stand out?
What are some good foundation for Oily to Combination Skin?
Lipgloss or lipstick?
Whats a good foundation routine?
Best foundation for acne prone skin?
Best full coverage natural looking concealer?
Body foundation/Bronzer?
Why is makeup so cheap in America?
Does Bare Minerals makeup really work?
light up lipgloss?