What color are my eyes?
my face is pale and the rest of me is tan.?
which foundation should I buy?
What's wrong with a lot of eyeliner???
Opinions on the new no7 mascara?
Is it ok that i wear only mascara?
Maybelline Dream Mousse Cosmetics?
Hey im a freshman and i was wondering if anyone new some good original slutty ideas for halloween????
is it weird for a guy to wear makeup?
What is the BLACKEST!, EYEBROW! pencil ?
I'm looking for an awesome mascara??
The shaw beauty foundation or someting liek that?
HOW OLD DO You think I LOOK?
Can liquid latex apply to your face with spirit gum (pavi largo)?
Photoshop makeovers questionssss???!!!?
how to make ur eyes look smaller?
What's the best mascara?
What drugstore makeup and brushes most like MAC and other high end makeup?
How do I make my eyebrows thicker & how do I get that perfect shape?
Foundation for black people!!!!!!!!!!?
Does Light Pink Lipgloss/Lipstick look good with blonde hair and blue eyes?
Eye makeup for blue eyes?
Is anyone selling mac's marine life highlight powder? I would love to buy!?
Do I wear too much makeup?
I want to lick out my gf while she paints her face how do I ask her?
where can I find information on history of makeup in films?
I found a lipgloss on the floor of a club last night and used it now my lips are burning! Help?
Hey!!Can anyone recommend me the best No7 product they've ever used,I have a 5 pounds off No7 boots voucher...
I have to take this medicine that will make me break out for a few weeks..I'm not used to this and it's bad..
I just got my eyebrows waxed and now the skin underneath is burned. What can I use to resolve this?
Should I be wearing this much makeup? Pic of me included!?
lipgloss or lipstick with a little black dress? oh and what color?
How old where you when you started wearing makeup?
what eyeshadow colour would suit me? (:?
Is it okay for men to trim eyebrows if someone has bushy eyebrow and use sunscreen and take care of their skin?
I was wondering?
Has anyone tried PROACTIV facial system? Is it over-hyped or does it really work?
What colour eyeshadow should I use?
My mom will not let me wear anny makeup but lip gloss im 12 is she being unfair?
what color are my eyes?
PLEASE HELP how can i get my eyes like this? HELP?
Fourteen, what age is old enough?
do i look likelope cruz?
light up lipgloss?
HELP! Makeup Emergency!?
Am I Pretty? Part Deux?
Almay Smart Shade?
Can you return this from sephora?
Can anyone help me? I need feedback :(?
How to "set" creme eyeshadows without cakiness?
What brand of bronzer do you use?
Is this the step to keep younger looking skin while using foundation?
L'Oreal Hicolor Highlighs in RED?
Help with make-up for pale skin?
can you help me ? what suite me ? blush, lip , clothes, etc.?
What make-up do you suggest to this girl?
Drug Store Eyeliner help please?
what is a good drugstore whitening tray brand?
HEllllllppppp pleaseee?
Whats the best way to wear eyeliner??
best mascara?
Indian wedding suggest me a nailcolour?
Why does this make eye shadow stay on longer?
which 1 is the best?also rate them.i am confused which 1 2 buy.?
what was this face moisturizer recipe on the Tyra Show?
What color eyeshadow looks good for blue eyes?
How to Make Smokey Cats Eyes???
How long do i have to wait to change my lip ring?
Any Professional Makeup Artists looking to become Motives Cosmetic Colour Consultants?
do you think i wear too much makeup? (im 18 in a few months)?
Does anyone have a good body lotion for my skin type?
why do woman open their mouths when aplying mascara?
how should i do my make up (want to try something new)?
any good ideas of how to put on eyeliner?
im 14 and i want to wear my makeup nice :)?
Does my makeup look ok?
girls do fields turn you on?
So which foundation (makeup) is the best.?
How do you create bold looking eyes???
teens showing TOO much skin?
Which is better: Mineral, or Liquid make-up?
what highlighter powder color should i use on my face/cheeks. I am an indian with fair skin and hazel eyes?
im really jealous of how my bestfriend looks[pics]..?
good make up to cover blemish?
what is the best foundation?
does Vaseline really make eyelashes grow longer?
What foundation do you use that works good?!?
would you buy these facial scrubs?
Does wet n wild reserve your cabana have any coverage or is it just a highlight?
How to apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner?
I have this black mark above my lip, HELP?
Makeup advice!!! Please!!!?
What's your favorite mascara ?
What color eye shadow goes well with me ?
What high end brand is good for oily/acne prone skin?
Make Up Poll: What are your top make up products?
powder of conceler first?
can you tell when girls wear foundation?
What stores are derma rollers in?
Big lashes, what mascara ..?
do you put eyeliner on the top of your eyes?
Where can I find the quad eye illusion eye shadow from Smashbox online?
I look totally like a different person with makeup on..?
Is it a good idea to purchase Anna Sui makeup primer and face powder from Hong Kong? I don't want a fake.?
Do u think dat products of MAC are better?
What colour eye shadow?
Would Less or More Makeup make me look older?
is autumn skin tone medium light or very light for a black person?
eye makeup?
I can't find a good mascara....?
homemade makeup from natural ingredients?
lemon juice?
How do I apply black eyeliner?
Would this make her blush?
Maybelline dream nude airfoam?
Lip liner or not? What color?
girls, if you had perfect looks would you still wear make up and jewellery?
have any good comments about starting high school?
17 to young to work at Sephora?
Is there any danger or risk for permanent eye liner??
Help please i need help!?
what are the ingredients in mac studio tech foundation?
is 16 too young to wear foundation?
Is good makeup brushes supposed to be firm or fluffy? on guys?
What is an eyebrow tint at a salon?
I need a good tinted moisturizer?! 10 pnts!?
Product Number for Neutrogena Concealer??
Makeup for me? Pleaseeeeee?
Best foundation for my skin?
Should i use my eyelash curler after or before applying mascara?
Sereously dark circles!! Help? : (?
Looking for a shop to buy Affixed mask?
help on a makeup project?
question about sunblock...?
Is there any girls that only wear eye make up?
What should i wear on this date (makeup)?
makeup advice?
Refreshing Facial Cleansing Pads?
thickest walmart foundation?
Do most koreans use BB cream?is it good?what does it do to your skin?
Whats a good facial moisturizer?
Any tips on how to cover up back acne and scarring?
What do you think about this look?
Bobbi Brown Makeup .......?
Color of Mark Mini MarkIt Stick For Eyes?
Girls let me know what you think.....?
Why do women wear makeup?
can u apply bio oil under make up?
I just bought the urban decay vice palette!?
What's a good mascara to use?
How long does it take you to do your hair + makeup in the morning?
Does walmart let you return makeup without the receipt?
How old do you think you should be to start using an eyebrow pencil?
What site\place, is the best to get nail foils?
PLEASE DAD!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What foundation should I get for picture day?
Which is better and why, Liquid eye-liner or pencil eye-liner??
What colour should I paint my nails?
I am a cosmetologist and I am interested in starting my own makeup line. does anyone have any advice for me?
Eye Make Up Question?
Laser thing from Avon?
Why don't girls wear makeup anymore?
Best Foundation brand and brush....?
what's the difference between compact powder, foundation and face powder?
What is your favorite lip gloss & color?
which kind of chapstick do you like? ?
I have NEVER used makeup
what is the best face powder?
Plump lips pleaseeeee?
Why are EOS Lip balm so great?
Don't you hate it when you've just applied mascara...?
Does any1 seriously believe face cream with 'ginger captured in its purest form' will make them look younger?
Why can’t women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
How To Look Like You Have Asian Eyes?
What is laser light rejuvenation? Can it make me look younger?
How can i make a girl like me?
how do i get bigger eyelashes?
Good makeup or skincare brands in Thailand ?
How to use an old-fashioned compact mirror?
What color eye shadow should I use for my Senior yearbook picture?
Why do white women pay so much money to have lip injections to have luscious lips like i have naturally?
What kind of makeup should 11 and 12 year olds wear?
what kind of mascara do u recommend?
Is there a good product I can buy that can help my tired skin look rejuvinated and not so tired looking?
The great makeup debate.?
what make up should a 13 year old wear to school??????/?
Does Sleek Makeup ship to the USA?
Do I wear too much make up?
i have green eyes and need some makeup advice!!!?
Make curls Last in moisture?
Can touching my face during the day really be causing my blackheads and clogged pores?
Almay Perfect Shade?
Facial mask/cream ANYTHING that I can wear ALL night?
Ok so my prom is today i need help?
need help with brakin out?
Unwanted eyelid crease?
How to prevent bumps after threading eyebrows?
Do I need foundation help?
I am looking for a mascara that will volumnize & lengthen them?
BC, Canada, where to get BB cream?
Lindsay Lohan....?
can you ude your jc penney's credit card at Sephora?
Natural Ice lip balm?
where are the best websites or store for free samples??
What color eyeshadow would work best on me?
I want to be a carmel skintone?
Dark dark hair, fair skin, and blue eyes...make up help!?
Does anybody know a good cover up that will cover a scar?
Help~?! please?! Picture day question?
what mascara should i use to reach kim kardashian eyelashes.?
Does my make up look ok?
What lipstick brand and shade has the best powder pink results like Nicki Minaj?
Is this ok make-up for a 13 year old?
What is the BEST eyeshadow? Matte lipstick?
i thought i'd ask...?
Is a 12 year old wearing light blue eyeshadow and mascara ok?
Is it fair?? what should i do?
Are my eyes green or hazel?
how old do you think someone should be 2 wear lipstick?
EYEBROWS: which hurts more waxing or threading?
Make Up Tips for College?
How can I ruin a bar of soap?
HELP!?! for my manicure?
What makeup colors and products should I use?
Should I let my daughter wear makeup?
throw away unused makeup (5+ years old)?
Why does my tear duct itches? Help please!?
What color eyeshadow and eyeliner should I use?
What shadow would go good with my eyes?
Do i wear too much make up for school? [Pictures]?
when you wear illuminator?
OK..its not plumping gloss its some device that fits over the mouth,then you pump like for bike tires?
i need help with chosing eyeshaddow colours for formal?
What it the best black eye liner ever?
Smashbox photofinish or Mac prep and prime primer?
Do people still wear lip liner?
oil-free,paraben free,longlasting,hypoallergenic pressed powder?
First time ever painting nails? - help?
8th grade makeup help?
What do you call....?
whats colour eyes is your fav blue green etc?
What color should i get my rimmel wake me up foundation in?
If a Mary Kay business consultant would ask you for a free facial would you do it?
how do u get those pencil like eyebrows with your make-up?
do i wear to much makeup??
dream matte mousse?
My friends think this girl is the most gorgeous creature ever created. Wut do ya think?
wat is an apporpiate age to start putting lip gloss and eyeliner?
How can I get soft skin all over? and a couple other skin questions?
Hello Girlies :-) do you know where i can get ...?
ZIT!!!!! HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!! ASAP!!!!!?
Is panting all your nails diffrent colors okay?
Make up Help!!?
Does this make you fake?
whats the proper way to clean my eyeshadow brushes?
Does lemon juice make your skin lighter?
what kind of eyeliner should i use?
How to make my eyes not red?
What is a good website that is like a CCO (cosmetic company outlet)?
I need a good eye primer..?
how can i make myself more appealing?
what is your eyeliner preference?
What makeup should I use?
Do you girls start wearing makeup in sixth grade?
What is the best school of make-up in Manchester ?
When applying liquid eyeliner...?
Black swan or vampire?
Good Foundation brand?
Makeup dark brown hair very pale skin and blue eyes?
katniss everdeen makeup help + fake blood?
eyeliner help?
What is the best eyeshadow shades for blue eyes?
How can I make myself better? What makeup do you suggest or hairstyles? Pictures included?
Eyeshadow question?
What make up colours would suit me?
Look so horrible without makeup?
Should I get a blush or a highlighter?
im 13 should i be able to use SOME makeup?
when is the (new) victoria's secret makeup line coming out?
Will a store bought spray tan work?
How can i tell if i got a FAKE ESTEE LAUDER Idealist Skin Refinisher?
What's your favourite color?
Will my Cheekbones or jawline become more defined?
Eyeliner Problem (A different one)?
What is your daily makeup and hair routine?
What do you think about girls that don't wear make-up?
what is the best way to put on mac make up if you are tryinging to make your skin look lighter?
Why are most girls so afraid to experiment with color makeup like green and blues?
should i moisturize before putting on jergens natural glow self tanning lotion, when it already has a mosturiz?
What's your favorite type or kind of mascara that you can purchase at wal Mart?
Where to go for make-up for young girls?
help i messed up my eyebrows?
MAC Cosmetics Questions?
whats your favourite lipgloss?
How to do make-up for picture day?
teenage makeup questions!?
my eyes are green, can i use a gold eye liner to help make them greener?
10 points, Has anyone tried ModelCo mascara (fiber lash), the one which promises to add on lashes?
How do you become a special effects makeup artist?
how could i look clean and fresh?
Is Chanel a good brand make up stuff??
Girls only.........?
Who has tried Jessica Simpson's Dessert??
why do people wear alot of makeup?
Should a 20 year old use neutrogena ultra sheer age shield SPF 30?r these better than clinique sunscreen?
Are these mascaras any good?
Where exactly do I apply the bronzer?
Lip tints?
How should I do My eye shadow?? any ideas? And websites?
revlon lipcolor?
mascara for beginers..................?
what kind of girls do guys like???
First time buying a makeup product from MAC?
Has anyone tried Bare Minerals?
Does lip gloss looks good on girls ?
Ladies, do u wear makeup everyday regardless of what u r doing or where u r going?
What is your favorite mascara?
Lipstick, lipgloss, or just chapstick?
What shade am I for Revlon PhotoReady Concealer?
What good foundation without being cakey?
Who is the most beautiful woman of these two?
How do you make yourself look super pretty?
Foot treatments?
I dont wear makeup... is this weird/bad? What kind....?
What can you put on zits overnight?
how to prevent makeup transfer to white collar?
Ladies:help me find a good Foundation/makeup?
I want to bring a bag to middle school?
do u thank i should breack up with my girl ?
I wanna mix hairsplat colors?
How to do my makeup for freshman year?
what's my face shape?
How do I make my eyes look bigger?
Pencil eyeliner or Liquid?
Where can I buy YSL Touche Eclat and how good is it pls folks?
I use "smog" eyshadow by urban decay but it looks like I don't have eyshadow on?
Make up forever HD foundation?
Is this ok to do on my nails?
Did you girls juz stole my make-up kits?
When using H.I.P colors from Lorel, Is it exceptable to wear these colors anytime, of day or night?
What makeup did you wear when you were 14?
Can your skin be a cool tone and your eyes a warm tone?
How to make my makeup appear more natural? ?
Do you think i look better with or without make-up??? (pixx)?
GIRLS : name all the makeup products on your face right now :)?
Too much makeup for 9th grader?
Is it ok for men to wear nail varnish on their toes? What colour is best?
Best high end foundation?
what you opp on my apperence?
Anyone Know A Good Eye Shadow Color for brown eyes?
eyeliner driving me crazy!!?
Do I look ugly without make up?
what shoul i do wore eye liner and eye shadow and i took it off.............?
makeup asking question?
best Napoleon foundation?
which is the best foundation?
Is it tacky to wear bright colored eyeshadows to school?
What color eyeshadow will make dark brown eyes stand out?
What's a really good foundation & eyeliner!?
Is it ok for guys to wear make up?
is this too much makeup for me im 15 soon to be 16?
does, an orange eyeshadow go good with green eyes? ?
Could i be pregnant???? really scared please help me out?
BodyScrub to fade Spray Tan?
Are there any makeup tips to help make my eyes seem lighter?
how is my makeup? what do you think? pics inside:P?
how can i change my make-up? and how can i seem more sexy to my boyfriend of 2 years..(we have a baby together
is girls that wear alot of make-up appealing?
What color lipsticks look good on tan skin?
best mascara out there?
Do you think this is too much makeup? *picture included*?
Should guys wear make up?
Sedona Lace v Sigma brushes ?
Eyelashes on only one eye are drooping and falling off?
Best foundation to cover pimples and not make them worse?
Plz advice how can I get a fuller face?
Colours for blue eyes...?
Vote on what i Wear for my Birthday?
Which is the best way to wear eyeliner?
mascara for volume and not for length?
best false eyelashes?
all u guys???
I have tried the bare minerals line of make up and really like it, are there other brands that are just as goo
good water proof lengthing mascara? under $10?
What is the best mascara to buy?
What's your morning makeup routine?
Should a 13 yr old wear makeup.?
Does anyone know any lip gloss that doesnt contain any color?
what are good color eye shadows for brown eyes ?
How can i ease the pain when plucking eyebrows?
what 's all the makeup you own?
kristen kreuk's make-up help??
Are NYC Cosmetics any good?
which one looks better?
Okay girls! What is the best black eyeliner to use?
look for a person?
Is my mom overreacting? My sister wants to wear make up...?
How much make up do you wear for school?
I have £10 to spend on a mix of makeup off the internet. help?
Is it bad that I'm 14 and I wear 5" heels and make up?
What's my skintone?
Help with my shade color for the covergirl naturluxe foundation..?
Does anyone have any product suggestions?
which foundation is better..marykay timewise matte foundation or clinique stay matte foundation?
What is the best liquid eyeliner and mascara FROM a drugstore.?
How do you get eyeliner to stop going under your eyes?
how much does a makeover cost?
Makeup Looks For These Hairstyles?
How to make brown eyes look brighter using makeup? :)?
What's the best mascara for fine straight medium length lashes?
GIRLS: please tell me why we cant/shouldnt do this!?
what colors would look best on me (pic)???
Why is my eyeliner coming off?
Anyone tried the L'Rael Volume Shocker Mascara?
I have black hair, fair skin, green eyes and am Japanese, make-up tips?
what is a good eyeliner???
When do I start to wear makeup?
Liquid eyeliner question...?
im a makeup artist how is starting her makup kit i really want to get some HD liquid foundations (MUFE) i know?
Circle lenses for light eyes?
I have a mascara question.?
What do you call this kind of eyes that has a muscle on the upper part of the eyes?
To much makeup for thirteen?
how to get carrie underwood's makeup?
What do you think of...?
how its Makeup made?
Aly & Aj eye make-up?
Everyday makeup ideas? (photo included)?
What shade(s) of Pink Lipstick is your favorite?
Eyeshadow question for brown eyes?
make up artist apprenticeships?
eye liner chrisis!?
Performance ready hair and makeup?
I need a new foundation. HELP!!?
Why do a bunch of girls ask if im bi?
Why can't women put mascara on with their mouths closed?
simple School makeup routine(dont mention foundation or conceala..)?
Drugstore foundation and concealer..?
Where can I buy Laneige samples?
Best drugstore mascara?
ScrewedUpEyebrows. :l?
A question for the females who wear make-up...?
Do I look pretty without makeup?
4 colors that look good together?
Ideas for Makeup Looks?
tell me your fav!?
What is your daily make-up routine?
ulta loyalty card?????
Where can I find Coral Blue Number Two Semi-Gloss Lipstick?
How can I cover my under eye bags?
What is favorite color of eye shadow?
My make-up dosn't stay?
What brand of face foundation is better?
Am I pretty or totally hideous?(pic)?
How can i do my hair and makeup like selena did here?
Poll: Do You Know More Women Who DO Wear Makeup?
best eyeliner for waterline?
Does red lipstick look good on everyone? it doesnt seem to work for me.?
Wet 'n Wild Bronzzer Ultimate Bronzing Powder?
Hey! What do you guys keep in your shower?
What facial care is considered the best?
mark reps please answer this makeup question!!?
river island store card?
How do I ask my mum, for me to wear make-up?
makeup question? black dress?
What colors go best with purple eyeshadow?
Eyebrow Threading or Waxing?
Favorite Beauty tips/products?
Does it hurt to get ears pierced? Cuz im getting it pierced tomorrow?
What color lipstick should I get?
Am I old enough to wear makeup?
What eye-shadow's from MAC cosmetic's make blue/green pretty much turquoise eyes pop?(PICTURE INCLUDED)?
Do you wear make-up during summer? Anything that I apply on eyes seems to melt away because of the heat!?
how do you do the smokey eye look without using liquid liner?
teenage makeup questions!?
what colour make up should i wear?
Sephora Birthday Gift?
Is my skin bad because of foundation?
smoky eye for purple (amethyst) contacts? (pics)?
when ever i apply foundation skin underneath shows up ?
What kind of makeup do you use? and why?
What color are my eyes? Pics!!!?
how to make brown eyeliner look darker or even alittle black?
Super chapped lips help?
Where can I get personalized make up advice?
what is a good but healthy foundation/base for a 13-year-old?
Eyelashes on only one eye are drooping and falling off?
what is the best line of make-up?
looking for a cream with. Retinol or Genisten in it. Or a Good cologne cream?
Is this too much makeup?
is beauty professional is good.,hair dressing course is good. only for gursikh family belongs to?
Which make-up makes your skin look clearer? HELP PLEASE?
how do u put on your makeup?
whats the best way to get glitter off?
What color eye shadow should I wear?
Is Elf makeup a good company?
Easy s! how to get rid of zits/cover them best?!?
Best drugstore moisturizing chopstick?
what eye shadow should i get for my bes friend ?HELP PLEASE?
is it normal for guys to wear eyeliner?
What colour are your eyes?
How to change your skin colour pigments?
What is the best mascara?
avatar help!!!!!!?
How to make eyelashes longer naturally?
Does anyone know where to find E.L.F products in Canada?
is this a good blush color on a pale asian girl with pink undertones?
small baby blue help.....EASY 10 POINTS!!!!?
What is the best way to cover up Acne marks?
Red or Pink pedicure?
Question for the ladies! Make-up on men - turn-on or turn-off?
Good drugstore mascaras for asian eyelashes?
What's your favourite colour eyes?
how can i apply makeup so it looks totally natural?
Makeup or No Makeup? Opinion also Pics Included?
What color eye makeup to go with a wine-colored dress?
Needing a good foundation!?
Makeup for Oily Skin?
Is this to much makeup to wear for a 15 year old? ?
what is your opinion about kryolan make-up?especially about its eyeshadow?
Im a British Indian and have golden (yellow hehe) skin can u suggest a good bronzer for me???
Hi what eye shadow suits brown eyes?
Glasses help?
which colour is best?
Make overs in department stores - costs?
I have a rosy completion in my face (my cheeks) & wonder if anyone knows a good makeup product to cover same?
How should I do my makeup?
if you're cool/warm toned can you wear neutral concealer?
Is there an easy way to make yourself appear more tan?
What is the best makeup brand? I want to buy makeup but there are so many brands. Please help!?
How to become a makeup rep if your a minor?
Serious make up advice/tips colors that will look good on me including clothes colors.?
When i put mascara on my eyelashes stick together, how do i stop this?
is Physicians formula mineral wear any good like the liquid foundation and the powder?
what happens if mascara gets on the pink, inside, part of your bottom eye lid?
How can I get my mom to let me use make up?FX2owAA22635062116002"> Which do you think is, or pink lip gloss?.......?
What color eye shadow should I wear?
What do you think would be appropriate makeup for a 13 year old?
Eyebrow threading in south brooklyn area?
what do teen girls think about teen boys who wear nail polish?
Could I Pull Off a Skimpy Outfit (pics included)?
What can i wear so i can look like a girl for halloween ?
What color eyeshadow and eyliner looks best with green/ blue eyes?
Im allergic to alluminum/ titaium in coverup what makeup brands dont have these ingredients?
Girls, what make-up do you wear?
what makeup items do you use everyday?
Whats your favourite colour lipstick?
What face foundation do you use? ?
WHat age did you start wearing makeup? and how much did you wear.?
If I mix my dark foundation with my light one will it make a medium color? how do I mix them?
best spot on body to test cosmetics?
What is the best foundation????
Is the MAC eyebrow pencil waterproof?
what make up can i use for allerig to skin?
what can you smell ??
Make-Up Tips Please :D x ?
women, your daily make up routine...??
What is the best concealer for dry and sensitive skin?
Do eye lashes grow back?
Do I look better natural or with make-up?
Which cleanser is for me?
How can a guy extend his eyelashes?
I've never worn makeup since do I start?
If your girlfriend asked you to pick a colour to paint her nails with.. what would you choose?
do you think its appropiate for a twelve and thirteen year to wear makeup?
what colour clothes would look nice with blue pencil eyeliner?
How to apply fake tan so it won't go patchy!?
Makeup help: Using and removing liquid latex?
im super skinny. Im pretty young too (middle school) i want to gain weight and make my arms and legs fatter?
how can i keep my foundation on throughout school?
wats a way to make ur mascara not clumped up?
What colour are my eyes?
I am starting to wear makeup?
Cold creams? Ten points to the best answer!?
will jergens come off in the pool?
what is your favourite colour?
How can I apply makeup for a natural look?
wat do yoiu like better? orange or pink?
How many times a day should you wash your face?
how to apply scar removal cream?
Best coverage with........?
Where can I get my wife a lesson on makeup? Macys?
Will hiding moles with foundation only make the mole bigger?
Is 9 too young to wear eyeshadows?
Websites that give free make up samples?
tanning ur face!!!!????
How to apply foundation and makeup on Mature skin?
how can i tell if my skin has yellow undertones??
What is a fun, colorful, and dramatic make up look that will make my hazel eyes pop?
Best color CoverGirl blush cheekers for blue eyes, light skin, and strawberry blonde hair?
which makeup should l use for acne?
Does makeup really make a girl feel better?
Can someone please name what these brushes are for?
question for girls that wear makeup?
Make up ideas for yellow eyes?
Between JOPPA and PURE LUXE mineral makeup, if you've tried both--which one was the best?
a good concealer ??????????
What are some sources that support light or lighter brown as brunette?
I am 13, do you think that is an appropriate age to wear makeup?? if not, what age?
Omg.. Soo Feed up with all this bullcrap! :/?
What is your favorite colour of nail polish?
What colour eye makeup matches a red dress?
Avril Lavigne esque hair/makeup YouTube tutorials?
what is the best mascara for long thick, curled lashes?
Whats a good lip balm........?
Could I be a model? (pics) answers appreciated?
What Perfume/Bodyspray are you currently using & love?
What's the difference between single and double eyelids?
what colour are your toenails?
What concealer would you reccomend?
under-eye circles help???!!!! please dance is on friday!!!?
Makeup is incomplete without ______?
What kind of make up should I wear if I want a natural look?
What makeup/haircut would look best on me?
Which brand of make-up is good but farely cheap?
Will clinique foundations break me out?
Good makeup for a five year old girl?
How to look amazing without trying AT SCHOOL?
How can I do my make up like Tea from SKINS ?
Do I wear 2 much makeup?
Make-up Question? Please help the old lady here!?
what is a good makeup style for a pirate?
OMG WTH UNBELIEVABLE! I realise girls in USA wears makeup to school... as young as 11?
What color blush would look best on me?
Should I wear false eyelashes to my school dance?
What is your #1 makeup that you always use?
Girls, honestly, do you find Kim Kardashian to be incredibly attractive ?
Do u think its right for boys to wear eyeliner?
I want to use puff paint on my face-- can I? I am trying to make a look on my face that isn't day to day wear?
Ways to bring out my blue/green eyes?
how do i get paler skin?????
What's your daily foundation routine?
Is 11 too young to wear makeup?
want to be a beautition?
does using an eyebrow pencil can whiten my eyebrows over time?
Ladies, how many minutes does it take you to put on your makeup in the morning?
does a normal lipstick cause your lips to turn dark?
Is this too much make-up for a Freshman to wear?
what foundation should i use?
Best mineral foundation brushes?
Girls, how do you guys feel about guys and makeup?
I have side bangs going to the left im trying to get the whole emo look any tips?
What is a good way to do makeup to high-lite blue eyes? what color eyeshadow, ect?
best drugstore of these products.....?
Whats a good foundation routine?
make or no makeup? suggestions? ?
random much you have of each
How can i make my eyes stand out???
what is visine?
Eyes: How do you make them appear bigger?
how can i cover a hickey?
What's your favourite eye colour?
Makeup Artist experience? Help?
homemade lip gloss!!!!help!!?
Does powder cover up pimples?
Tips for going from brown to blonde?
How can i reinvent myself?
What is the best flavor of EOS lip balm?
Am I gross without makeup?
my sisters friend is 12 and she wears, a bit of mascara, foundatin and blush and a bit of lippy is that 2 much?
How can i tell if i got a FAKE ESTEE LAUDER Idealist Skin Refinisher?
Can I use my gentle foaming scrub after getting wind burn? 10PTS?
long-lasting ?
need foundation help!!?
what is lipstick made out of?
Anyone kno how to do a really good but not too thick smokey eye?
does anyone know of a good facial mask for combination skin?
bare minerals / bare escentuals?
What color lipstick would look fun with my mocha colored skin?
How do I convince my mom to let me wear makeup in Junior High?
what is love?
how do i make home made nail polish?
A question about garnier man?
Do you own Rimmel yellow eye shadow? If not, do you plan to?
Does Concealer go on before or after you apply foundation to your face?
I'm an actress looking for vegan stage makeup, specifically foundation. Can anyone help?
best eye makeup for brown eyes?
Make up tips for pale skin and dark hair?
I have hazel eyes. When I wear black eyeliner I look dumb. Can anyone reccomend an eyeliner that will work?
Do facial hair make foundation/makeup not look so flawless?
Is Vaseline safe for removing makeup?
I am going into the 8th grade...?
If you could get a free makeover, would you take it?
Where can I buy NYX cosmetics......?
Girls...what is the best mascara you've tried? I have short eyelashes and need a good one.?
What is your favorite make up brand?
I just want to know how much this product really costs.?
how can i make my brown eyes pop?
what's a nice concealer from sephora?
Favorite Mary Kay Cosmetic?
How much time do you spend getting ready for work each day?
Why do they have modeling contests 4 children because if they dont make they will get sad?
what is the cost and where can you buy dermablend?
How Much Makeup should a 12 Year Old Wear?
Ladies helpp please! \?
is it ok to sleep w/ eyeliner on?
What enhances brown eyes the best?
What do you think is the best drugstore BB Cream?
why is there polyethylene terephthalate in my lip gloss?
how to get really fair skin?
Isnt this picture coool????
How can I wear this eye makeup?
question about eyeliner?
what is the best product of mary kay?
Is Clean & Clear a good brand?
Am I shallow for wanting to switch to contacts?
What's in your on-the-go makeup bag =)?
So, too much makeup for a 13 year old?
What is the best brand for stick foundation?
Can you depot the new illustrated mac pallets ?
how could i get the smokey eye look?
what store can I buy Physican's Formula mascara?
question about eye liner on guys?
What do YOU think is "too much" makeup on yourself/other people?
Does any one know of a light moisturiser with an spf of 30?
Makeup tips??CLICK PLEEASE?
Best Clinique foundation out of....?
What's the best deal you've ever gotten on makeup?
~*How to cover up teenage spots!*~?
What's in your makeup bag?
I need a new foundation?
How to cover up cuts on wrist? 10 points?
which do you like better pink or red glossed lips?
How to really compliment green eyes?
avon vs. mary kay?
St.Ives face wash?
Eyeshadow wearing off and going into creases of skin :(?
What makes brown eyes pop?
what is a good homemade facial?
Is bare minerals worth the money?!?
How am I fake........?
Is it safe to put gel eyeliner on your water line?
Do you know if Glammin makeup school is reputable school for a young women interested in career?
What colour lipstick should I wear with a burgundy/rose red dress?
does this look stupid? (PICS)?
Am i the only one who detests eyeshadow?
what are some of your favourite make up products/tips that you would recommend?
~Guys and Girls~ New l00k ? ~?
Whit is your fave color?
How can I get more views on my videos?
What is the best color of eyeshadow should you wear if you have pale skin?
what the point in eye brows?
what is your eye colour???
[[pic]] MAKE UP HELPPP!?!?
Middle School Makeup ideas!!???? =]?
eyemakeup-light blue eyes?
If my eyelashes and skin are very fair how can i make my eyeliner, maskara and eyeshadow look nateral?
What Makeup Brands Test On Animals?
do I have pretty eyes??
How do I make my eyelashes curl more?
where can i buy collection 2000 true glosssy crystal lipstick no 30?
eyebrow QUESTION!!!!!?
What's a good age and amout for makeup?
do i look bad with blue contacts? i got some pics.?
brown/black eyes or colored eyes?
I have oily skin and pimple problems what kind of foundation do i use? Loreal,covergirl,revlon,etc?
What do you think about this lip gloss?
what shape face is this?
Do you use Neutrogena liquid mineral foundation?
how do i make my skin paler?
VERY simple way to achieve a dirty/dusty/undead look with makeup?
what is better to use liquid foundation or powder?
What's the best foundation for my skin?
What are all the different types of make up?
Bought too much makeup?
do you think that a brunett with blue eyes are hot?
Is 13 a good age for a girl to start wearing makeup?
What is the best make up for my Skin...........?
Make-up that doesn't come off?
is korres sold in all sephora's in canada ?
what is a good drugstore whitening tray brand?
How to pick out the right lipstick and foudation?
Do you like this eyeliner?
I think Jon Donaisfrom Shadows Fall has gorgeous eyes. What do you think?
What's the best foundation and powder make-up?
What color eyeshadow should i wear with a black-silver dress?
Us the mac msf natural good for slightly oily skin?
does boots sale the Neutrogena 2-in-1 Fight & Fade acne fast gell , the one that reduces breakouts in 8 hours?
i never wore make-up and i want to start want should i wear?
How do you gat rid of acne?
please help me?
what is your makeup routine?
I suffer from rosacea?
When is the proper age for a girl to start using makeup?
Can anyone tell me what lip-gloss this is?
Makeup ideas for fair skin and grey blue eyes?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 13 year old?
are the brushes for nail art special brushes? I tried to use a painting brush and nail polish to paint.?
MAC lipglass/dazzleglass/plushglass/lustregl…
new look? - pictures.?
I ordered something one about 3 hours ago but i just realized that i put in my old address...?
Help!!I need makeup tips!?
My skin is clear, I have brown eyes and brown hair, am I strange?
Does make-up damage your skin?
What's the best concealer for covering blemishes?
my mom and dad wont let me wear makeup and im confused weither to wear it or not?
Bigger eyelids?? asian help?
Tinted moisterizerr? 1-10 coverage?:)?
Best Chapstick out there? Or lip scrub?
Revlon lip butter colors? Easy question!?
Beauty Tips for Me? Makeup and Hair- chubby cheeks, monolids, asian?
what's a good shade of eyeshadow for ladies with brown eyes?
What is the best product to use to get rid of acne?
what make up should i wear with this dress for my prom?
What can I use with my makeup so that it doesnt transfer to my hand everytime I touch my face?
can you help a girl with need??
Make-up Questions!?
Which pressed powder do you recommend?
Does the wet n wild cream eyeliner dry out fast?/last?
What Makeup Should I Wear With A White Prom Dress?
Help for a Makeup/Beauty blog name?
Help plz!!!?
Neutrogena mascara?! :]?
If you have the same color eyes as me I will put you as best answer!?
Is there any way to make thick nail polish thinner? I hate when it gets so thick that I can't even put?
How do i do the smokey eye?
infomercials for roasia?
Im Such An UGLY Girl?
6th grader needs makeup help?
How to make my skin lighter naturally or any easy easy products to use?
Which color of mascara is better-black or brown?
Where can you buy the BEST lipgloss and makeup?
Foundation or BB Cream?
help me bring out my eyes!!!?
What lipstick brands and colors are good for blondes?
washing off makeup before bed?
which eye makeup looks better?! help, pics!?
What color of makeup for cool skin tone with warm eyes and warm hair?
Lipstick color for work?
how to be an elegant lady?
Is the makeup I'm wearing too much or too less?
Make Up For Oily Face Pleasee Help!?
How do you put on eye make-up if you don't have a crease or double eye lid?
Where can I find a website to hire a local make-up artist for my wedding?
Will mascara smudge/smear when sweating?
Is liquid foundation bad for your skin?
How to apply eyeliner???
skin foundation issue?
Do I put concealer on first?
Whats a list of makeup brands HEB sells?
what color eyeshadow would be good for brown eyes?
Best drugstore concealer for dark circles and maybe blemishes?
What's Your Favorite Mascara?
Does anyone use Dr LeWinn's Private Formula skin care range?
How do u use nivea creme?
Which one for skin: Origins or The Body shop???
I am in the 7th grade, should I wear makeup?
Who Was The Make Up Artist ?
Whats The best LENGTHENING mascara?not volumizer or curler and smudgeproof.?
What is the best way to apply liquid foundation?
what are lip stains?
how can i do my make up differently!?!?!? [[pictures]]<33?
how to make face fare and removing marks?
Eyebrow Shaping kits?
Where can I buy the glue to attach individual eyelashes?
Why are people so against teenage girls wearing.more than concealer lip gloss and mascara?
What (if any) is your daily makeup routine?
should you put on sunscreen everyday?
bad or good?? which is better?
I'm 13 and want to start wearing makeup, what should I wear?
Will Clinique Turnaround Concentrate break out your skin? What exactly does it do?
How to ask my mom if I can wear makeup?
Do you look like a different person without makeup?
What is a cheap mineral foundation that can be bought in Australia?
How do i get smokey eyes?
what are some great fall makeup styles?
i have brown skin how van i get out of my tan and be medium colored skin?
Best DrugStore Powder Foundation For Sensitive Combo Skin?
What brand of make-up works great on combination sensitive skin?
Do you use Maybelline Fit Me! in 125?
what do you think is the appropriate age for a girl to start wearing makeup?
Where can i buy a makeup mask?
How would you make me over?
HIYA PLZ be truthful which one is prettier?
Will Arbonne color palettes fit into a Mary Kay Compact?
Do u wear a full face of makeup?
Is there a way to make chinky eyes look bigger?
What is the difference between a foundation and a concealer?
high school girls !!!! makeup help needed !!!!!!?
What foods cause acne?
i asked earlier but nobody really answered.?
Why does my g/f take......?
What type of makeup should I get....?
Which is better , fair and lovely HERBAL , or fair and lovely multivitamin fairness cream???
What is a good brand of cover-up for your face?
Okay I'm a guy with super ugly skin (spots, redness, scars, prematurely old smoker skin) makeup for men?
Girls only: eyeliner question?
Which Celebrity is the Prettiest In your Opinion?
What's a face mask to make my face flawless?
what helps a broken heart?
How do you do smokey eyes?
Barry M instant Nail Effects?
Discriminating Make-Up??
Prom Make up Ideas please :)?
How do i create these eyebrows?
Best matte foundation for oily skin?
i do crazy makeup how do u think it looks?
wats a way to make ur mascara not clumped up?
Does Popbeauty Cosmetics Ship to U.S?
I need a face mask without the following:?
Do my undertones look warm or neutral (photo)?
Better with/without makeup? pics included?
I feel weird about starting to wear make-up - any tips?
Can anyone reccomend a decent face cream?
What is the BEST Maybelline mascara?
What kind of eyeliner is in this pic?
Is shimmer and glitter only for little girls?
Difference between concealer and foundation ?
Where to sell my product??
How do I obtain a MAC Pro Card?
What kind of foundation is good for oily skin?Has anyone tried mineral foundations?
fake tan bit clueless lol?
What are your best make up (eyes mainly) make up tips?
Here's my question on stealing?
Whats a good makeup brand thats hypoallergenic?
how do i do make up like this?
Beet juice separating from homemade organic lip gloss?
Which is the best anti wrinkle eye cream?
what is the best make up for brown eyes, light skin and strawberry blonde hair?
Which chap stick brand do you prefer?
question about my mac brush?
I am 37, have combination to dry skin, want medium to full coverage, what's the best foundation to try?
wheres the best place to buy dior make up?
Do I look like I have bad skin?
Where can you get NYX products?!?!?
is there any "substitute" for MAC lustre gloss? something less expensive but gives a tint and not pure color?
makeup question?
do you wax your eye brows?
What are some makeup tips to make my nose look smaller (picture)?
How to hide a black eye for homecoming?
How to do winged eyeliner?
Why do some girls wear so much makeup?
Has anyone tried physicians formula brightening powder (the swirled compact)?
How should I do my makeup for Winter Formal?
I'm going to the hairdressers what haircut shall i get?
What is your makeup routine?
where to buy double eyelid tape?
Is it TRUE???????????????????????????????
How to make my eyes look prettier?
What kind of make-up should a 13 year old wear?
any good make up products for African American skin?
GIRLS ! Which is the BEST Foundation, Maybelline 24Hr Makeup, Revlon Photo Ready Makeup or Revlon Colorstay?
Everyday hair and makeup for blue eyes?
please help me find a good mascara x?
should a 14 year old wear foundation?
How do you apply your perfume so it lasts?
Am I warm toned or cool toned?
What's the best ?
Whats a good thing to use to have/draw a fake but convincing mole?
Which of these tinted moisturizers should I buy?
Okay... very embarrassing...?
how do you put eyeliner on your top lid?
My niece , too much makeup?
want to do a good make up course?
What kind of eyeliner does Avril Laveange use?
know any good mascaras?
Eyeshadow colors that bring out eye colors?
Can you wear fake eyelashes more than once?
Is it ok to use Revlon Photoready Primer with Revlon Colorstay Foundation together?
am I too little to wear make up?
What should my beauty regimen be, I have acne?
Whats a good mascara?
helphelphelpPLEASE !
What age do I look ?
Best Mascara you have tried ????
Is this too much makeup?
how to make nail polish (please read)?
Why do girls wear eyeliner on the inside of their eye?
Eyeshadow ideas for a teenager ??:D?
Does winners sell elf products?
Eyebrows!!! please help!!?
eyes or lips?
Are there any other makeup brands besides wet n wild and elf that sell some of there stuff for $1.00?
Makeup Help Me Pleaseee?
Girls; how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Should I trust pharmacy brand make-up?
:> need more answers?
Mascara which does not clump?
Do all costco's sell the kirkland brush sets during the holidays?
In your opinion, what is the BEST brand of foundation?
Jcpenny Help????????????????????????????????????…
What's a good concealer...?
Do you put foundation and powder over your under-eye concealer?
does anyone know of any really good mascara?
I've applied false eyelashes on, how can i remove it safely?