Pick One Important Item You Always Need...?
Guys do you like girls with or without makeup more?
what is the appropiate age for girls to wear make up_?
Best brand of lipstick you've ever used?
What is the BEST EYE MAKEUP REMOVER?(price doesnt matter)?
whats ur opinion on cheek stain blushes? r they drying 2 the skin?
What is your favorite color lipstick? 10 points for best answer?
What color eye pencil should I get? 10 points!!!?
anyone know a good foundaion or concealer for eyes? and will cover freckles?
Is cleansing oil better than cleansing milk?
What shade of chanel pro lumiere foundation do i need?!?
how come they have so many choices for foundation for fair skin and so few for dark skin???
Is Elf makeup a good company?
What brand is the best sun lotion for giving me a tan?
Whats the best way to cover up acne scars and zits simultaneously?
What is your favourite nail polish color ?
what is the best concealer for dark circles?
Can i use clear nail polish if gel nails are starting to come off?
Is it okay to buy make up from the dollar store?
What is everything you need for makeup?
Looking for a good drugstore mascara?
What is the best white eyeliner to use on your water line?
How much makeup do you wear?
What's the best product to use for cleaning or removing makeup, eye makeup, blush, nail polish, lipstick,?
Does the Wet N' Wild tinted moisturizer I buy depend on my skin color or the color I'm looking for?
lipstick or lipgloss?
what kind of lipstick ?
what kind of makeup can i wear that will look good but also look natural for a black girl?
Dark Circles Under Eyes?
need help with MAC studio fix foundation shade?
Bleaching upper lip...?
i dont wanna wear makeup?
What to expect at a NARS make up artist event?
Makeup rate! picture included!?
Can you steam your face with a spray tan on?
what kind of makeup should a 13 year old wear?
mac pro card?
What age should i wear make-up?
Cherry flavored lipgloss in a little pot?
Good, long-wear, transfer resistant foundation for (very) fair skin?
How do I start wearing make up?
Do some girls at your school wear too much makeup?
10 points! Help with Eighth Grade Makeup?!?
GIRLS help!!!?? im so confused ?
Best drugstore foundation for oily skin?
Best Makeup Palettes?
Can you tell me what my face shape is?
best lip gloss?? light pink clour?
what makeup should a 13 year old wear?
Will MAC makeup artists do my makeup for me?
Anyone know of any good make up?
Halloween black cat makeup?
What are the best natural looking concealers out there?
Guys do you really care for makeup?
best mascara for sexy looking eyes??
What is the best thickening mascara that does not flake?
what is your whitening regimen?
Make-up companies?
Dark spots on my face (sunspots)???what do i do?
my friend just asked me today if she should cover up her freckles or not ...what do u think?..wut do i say????
How do I hide a hickey?
maybelline foundation?
Has anyone tried Dear John moisturizer?
did you look ugly without makeup before you started using it?
Why do girls try to put make-up on guys?
What is a drugstore liquid foundation that is really light and not cakey or thick but gives full coverage?
what should i do?
I'm getting married and want to do my own make up what is the best brand?
what color of eye shadow should i use if i have light blue eyes?
Where can I buy China Glaze and/or Essie Nail Polish in Australia?
teen makeup help?
What is the best oil free drugstore face moisturizer?
Can i use a high lift blonde color to lighten my roots?
Why do teenage girls apply such a large amount of makeup?
What's a good lip chap?
Is being 5'4 and 120 pounds chubby and fat?
Which makeup brand is best?
What type of makeup and hair?
what's the difference between a cleanser (for face) and a moistureriser?
Do you like the smell of....?
Guyss ; which do you prefer ? ( More makeup or less ? )?
Where can I buy hypersensitive eye makeup?
i wanted to know though...?
I NEED HELP! What should I use to get rid of my zits before school starts?
Vanita on ebay...?
What's the best way to get the fullest ,plumpest lips using only makeup?
does anyone make money online?
New Summer Look!?!?
Which foundation is better?
How good does the nuetrogena complete acne system work?
Is there an equivalent replacement for Rimmel's black professional eyebrow pencil?
My bbcream makes me look too pale, what can I do to make it look a darker shade?
What's a Good Lilac Lipstick (Drugstore only)?
i have trouble choosing the right liquid foundation shade..? any advice?
What is the best way to clean your make-up brush?
Will Benefit's Hoola bronzing powder work well to "sculpt" your face ?
do girls really need to wear makeup?
Will my eyebrow ever grow back?!?
What's The Best Foundation?
Where can I get this makeup in Toronto?
how can i get my make up like this?
"The School Of Makeup"?
where can I get signature club a silicone line filler healthy glow powder? Everyone's out of stock!!!?
has anyone used crest night effects? was it effective?
Has anyone tried MAC's skincare line?
what do you think is the right age to start wearing makeup?
How much would revlon lip butters cost at CVS?
Should 8th graders be wearing make up?
I don't know what to do for my foundation!?
Do You Think I Should Burn My Helly Hansen Jacket?
how do u use a bush for proper hightlight?
where should i buy my make up brushes?
Is this too much (info in description)?
How old were you when you started wearing make-up?
How do you make your self whiter?
how many types of eyeliner and what suits for fair complexion with medium sized eyes.?
Emo Makeup and Hair?
How can I make my eyebrows less red and less itchy after waxing?
What company of cosmetics do you find better?
What colour eyeshadow do i use?
Can I dilute liquid foundation with water?
What is a really good no clump mascara?
What mascara does this? help?
how can i make my brown eyes pop?
what is an alternative to a capsule?
Really good liquid foundation needed please?
best drugstore AND high end makeup?
Does she have big eyes for an asian?
does wax expire?
Best Clinique foundation out of....?
got any good websites for makeup tips and tricks?
How to be comfortable with makeup?
Help! I shaved half of my eyebrows off!!?
Can I wear eyeliner to school in 10th grade when I don't wear makeup?
What color of eye shadow should light brunetts wear?
how to look up where someone works?
Women!!! Do you have upper lip hair?
why do celebritys look ugly without makeup on?
what is the best brand of concealer for acne and acne scars? what brand do you use?
why lipstick burns lips?
my nose is abnormally incorrect, help?
how can i look prettier?
Any help with makeup tips for alien looking eyes?
Non- comedogenic makeup for black people?
What do you think of the colour pink????
do i wear too much makeup?
best eyeliner you have used that stayed on the whole day for bottom waterline?
Has anyone bought E.L.F. cosmetics online and what was your experience?
do guys like girls with light to no makeup or lots of makeup?
wat is the right age to be wearing make up like eye liner and mascar?
what colour highlight?
Where can I get some good black/dark grey eye-shadow?
Is glowy bronzer ugly? ?
chapped lips.?
easy 10 points make up question?
Which NYX lipstick do I need to achieve this make up look? :)?
for women of dark color ,what is the best brand of face makeup to use?
I want to brighten my skin?
is 14 too young to wear powder on your face?
Foundation looks greasy?
Urgent Ladies Which Mineral Foundation ?
Poll: Do you wear makeup? *Girls*?
i need an idea on how to organize all of my makeup and hair stuff, and i have a lot. and i have a makeup tray.
During the day my foundation goes really ''blotchy'' i use a sponge and i spread it really well,any tips?
How do you apply le nail polish on?
Have you ever tried the Philosophy makeup?
Stick on nails and 80s make up?
great makeup products for fair skin and blonde hair.?
makeup/ dressup games that arent kiddish?
how can i put eyeliner on with my extremely curly eyelashes?
What do you think about deep set eyes?
What make-up will make my brown eyes pop?
How often do you change out your mascara?
mascara question ??...?
has anyone out there tried thalgo 02day and night cream and also 02 serum.?
How can I make my own natural face toner?
Put sunscreen on face?
MAC Circa Plum pigment dupes?
is it true....?
How can I get Skin This Pale?
Isn't it exhausting to try to be / look perfect?
While using Epiduo can you have facial waxing?
eyebrows help plezzzzzzzzzz :DDDDDDDD?
How to make a henna like paste?
Is Revlon Colorstay Blemish Concealer good?
List of caring consumers cruelty free products??
how do i get the neutogena sheer minerals thing to work?
would you buy these facial scrubs?
Which lip liner lasts the longest?
What shade of lipstick is this?
I have a cut on my upper lip, is there any ways of covering it?
Is maybelline XXL Volume and Length mascara good?
Covergirl natureluxe and aqua smooth? ?
how much makeup should a 13 year old be able to wear?
Why does my make-up not look nice after a couple hours?
I have this bright bag how do i fade it?
What do u find the best? Liquid, cream or powder foundation?
How Can I Look Pretty?!!!? When Im Uglyyy??!?
Ladies, do you coordinate your finger nails and toe nails?
Are there any websites with video instructions on how to apply makeup?
Do you think hiring a mobile makeup artist is a good idea for formal?
MAC Cosmetics Primers. What are the differences?
what is the best things to use for everyday makeup?
Eyeliner on your waterline?
Does anyone know why you can't find Mojave Magic Makeup anywhere?
am I to young for makeup?
Do you think I could pull off liquid liner? ( pics)?
does anyone know how in the world do you get rid of dark circles, is it like impossible?
makeup help please bro xD ?
make up covering?
what is a good foundation to use?
Do you believe a human being can achieve his or her beauty potential even if unattractive?
how can i make myself even better looking!?
Foundation on neck????????????????????????????
What's your favorite drugstore WATERPROOF mascara?
Can you put antipersperant on your face to keep it from sweating?
What color and type of eyeliner should i use?
What are some palest BB cream ?
Dear ladies I want to make one thing clear?
GIRLS answer this only PLEASE!?!? no boys!?
Should I use the blue eye makup, or the black?
aveeno does it work?
Does anyone know what kind of foundation Carmindy from What Not To Wear uses on women that go on the show?
Hi There! I have a quick make up question I would like to ask!?
Eyebrows Tip?
Does Forever21 and Bath & Body works have a Cyber Monday Sale?
Eye Make up?
best make-up..?
Do you like this eye makeup?
How long does it take you to get ready for school?
Hi, girls! What do u have to say about ELF make-up?
Is NYX a good make-up brand?
are there websites where i can get free makeup samples like mac or smashbox?
BodyScrub to fade Spray Tan?
Makeup Question?
how can ı use eye liner?
extremely dry lips?
Eye shadow?
Youtube makeup user name. Pandalove/lovepandas?
Are Dermablend concealers better than drug store concealers such as Maybelline?
what is a good makeup course in brisbane/logan?
i need a tough nail polish?
LADIES : What was the BEST foundation you ever used ?
Rimmel Cooling Mousse Foundation....does anyone use it??
cud u take a luk at this pic n tell me e shape of my face? dont knw if its square heart or circle!?
Simple but easy question, which means EASY 10 POINTS???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!…
Do i wear too much makeup?
Where To Get Good Lip Gloss and Mascara and Eyeliner?
My face gets really oily during the day?
how to reduce dark circles?
Make up artists classes ?
Tila Tequila without make-up ???
What's a easy way to put on liquid eyeliner?
i dont use much make-up. why other girs reproach this to me all the time?
What mascara product/s actually dont give you clumps when you use it?
what can i use to make my face look glowing?
have black hair with gray in front and edges. any help with make-up colors that help.?
Smashbox Foundation Primer ?
how can i make my nose smaller without surgery or makeup?
What is the best moisturizer?
How do I make my makeup look so pretty?
Gemma Atkinson make up??..?
who has a stable formula for dark circles around eyes cream?
What makeup to wear to make myself look prettier?
What do you think of WHITE EYELINER? ?
how should i do my make-up?
Anything that covers up dark circles underneath eyes? My concealer doesn't work well.....?
does kiss everlasting clear pink petite nails really have a uv gel effect?
How do you apply mascara without it clumping?
I'm really bad at aplying makeup please help?
my mom says i shouldnt wear eye liner! what do you think?
Which eyeliner is better? Liquid or pencil?
Guys or girls,do you prefer make-up or the natural look?
Is she possesed?
OK......maybe it's a stupid question...but what is you're favorite nail polish color?
what color eye shadow looks good for dark brown eyes?
how do i get rid of dark marks next to my eyes?
How Much Makeup?????
best eyeshadow colour for green eyes?
What can you use Vaseline for?
Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10?
What color eyeshadow should I use?
What brand of lipstick does Rachel Zoe wear on her show?
how to tell my mom?...i am so shy...?
Do you prefer "liquid eyeliner" or "automatic pencil eyeliner" ?
Cruelty free products?
At what age should girls start wearing make-up?
Do you think its okay for me to wear eyeliner?
Drugstore Makeup/Foundations/?
opinions on how bad i look?
How do you make eyes appear larger and farther apart?
what makeup would i use for this dress?
Can you look at this picture and give me suggestions for what to use in the corners of my eyes like this?
whats your favorite make up item?
I naturally have very red lips and i hate it! Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get nude lips?
MAC Fluidline Vs. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner for flicks and upper lids?
Purple lipstick, which is the "purpliest?"?
Which organic skincare brands in u.k are 100% organic ?
Question about moisturizer!?
wat can i use to cover the dark circles under my eyes?
where did lip gloss originate from?
Girls: How can I convince my mom to let me wear make up?
What is the best mascara...?
Can the maybelline bb cream double up as concealer if u build it up?
is it possible to look white if you're black?
I need a biracial girl makeover, for Cheap!!!?
How much are Annabelle single eyeshadows?
whats the best...?
How old do you think is reasonable to start wearing makeup to school or just everyday ?
Eyeshadow for Dance Help :)?
Which is better - Garnier Fructis or Maybelline?
What's your most expensive makeup purchase?
What stores can I find Sugar Lips?
What is 2x90-78/65.9x33.7-56+35.55x1.7=?
Are you an obsessed lipgloss fan or an obsessed mascara fan?
Girls: what do you think of guys that wear 'guyliner'?
how do you apply liquid eyeliner??
How do I remove mascara?
What's the best kind of mascara?
Is my 15 year old sister too young to wear makeup?
why don't avatars have a makeup category?
What is all of the things that you have and NEED in your makeup bag?
Youtube beauty guru i need your requests?
Is it going to be ok to.......??
how do i tell my friend her foundation is too light for her?
Do women use nipple stiffening cream?
Where can I Buy Makeup in America?
What are some drugstore dupes for these two eyeshadows?
Which of These is Prettier? Blond; gold eyes - Brunette [dyed blond]; blue eyes?
is skin peel good for your skin im 18?
Lip liner questions, help please?
Any websites on how to do your eyeshadow all pretty? 10 POINTS!?
What do you think of Dermacia make up?
Which cosmetics are animal free and animal cruelty free?
need a good cleanser toner etc?
What do u apply before using a concealer?
how to bring u makeup with stubborn mom?
How to feel pretty with out makeup?
What are good eyeshadow colors??
How did she do her makeup?
what are the hottest shades of brown lipstick?
what's you favorite foundation?
do you think 10 yrs old is too young to wear make up?
What is the best make up & colors to use for my features?(picture)?
How to stop makeup damaging your skin?
How long does it take u for yur nails to dry?
How do you get powder eyeshadow to stay on?
how do i make my makeup look like dacey gomez?
Does anyone know anything about airbrush tanning?
what is the name of the powder blush that looks like hot pink in MAC collection?
what mac eyeliner stays on the waterline longer?
What color eyeshadow goes with all outfits?!!?
make up, too much or just right?
Eye shadow colour for prom?
i need advice!?
I got scarecrow fangs and i ran out of the liquid for the powder adhesive, what can i use instead?
What's the best brand of eyeshadow? What's the worse?
Going to Vegas for 4th of July, for three nights, where to stay on strip!!?
Mac, Clinique or Nars?
I plucked out my EYELASHES (not eyebrows) now I have huge gaps!?
Eyebrows are naturally too far apart?
how to makeup tutorial for green/gold eyes for homecoming?
7th grade tips please
whats in your makeup bag?
Elizabeth Arden black eyeliner pencil... blackcat for the eyes....?
Do you like th eyshadow " free love" by urban decay?
are you a lipgloss or lipstick girl? or guy, if youre into that :)?
Best Lavender Lip colour?
good facial toner spray?
do you apply your eyeliner on the inside of your eye or the outside ? Why do you do it the way you do?
what goes first, second, and third?
What is a good instant spot/pimple/zit healer to use? I looked in Boots and didnt know what to look for?
real or fake mac? please help!?
Am i wearing too much makeup for an ALMOST 12 year old?
Can't wear makeup for a while, I'm not use to it, tips please?
i am planing on becoming a female what type of foundation do i need as a male ?
What is your favorite make up look(s)?
How do I know what lipstick color is best for me?
Can you get matched for foundation while you're wearing makeup?
I need makeup tips please?
When is the next clinique bonus time?
urban decay book shadows volume?
Natural makeup looks for 13 year olds?
Where should I start with make-up?
Maybelline Dream liquid mousse?
I need some great, affordable, drug-store makeup.?
what is your favorite lip gloss?
Who Else Likes To Spend Money?
Homecoming makeup ideas?!?!?
does anybody know the name of any facial products from canada, they are really good. please help.?
Naked Palette 1 or 2?
Can I take makeup back to the store without a receipt?
How to make blue eyes brighter?
Does candlelight by too faced work?
What is Mascara Made Of?
Makeup for 12 yr old?
How can I get my make up like this?
How to ask my mom if I can wear makeup?
what makeup style do i suit better?
Is there any song that portrays makeup in a good light?
how often is beauty tips searched for?
I am wondering if anybody can give me advice on how to achieve a certain look with regards to eye makeup?
10 points: Is it a good idea to start wearing color contacts when you go to a new high school?
Where can I buy black lipstick in Ontario?
write a profile of a celebrity best answer 10 points!?
MAC Studio Fix Powder? Easy points?
Is there a place where guys can buy make-up for guys?
Im 13 can i wear concealer?
My nailpolish ALWAYS chips?
dry skin question?
For this hairstyle, what makeup would go with it?
Why does my grandmother wont let me wear makeup?
what age should you start plucking your eyebrows?
How to make brown eyes more interesting?
Which color of mascara is better-black or brown?
How to look older with makeup?
How can I recreate this makeup look?
which is the best place for groom make up in gurgaon?
What's a more unique eyeshadow color : purple or bronze (brown)?
which make-up looks better mac studio fix or clinique's Perfectly Real Compact Makeup?
Is anyone interested in any Avon stuff?
Should I go for the natural look or just wear the normal make up?
Has anyone(girls) tried Revlon Beyond Natural mascara&eyeliner yet?
What's the problem with make-up?
which nail colour will look best with a grey outfit?
can any1 apply mascara with their mouth closed?
Is there a Covergirl Outlast lipstick equivalent that is cruelty free?
do you think wearing foundation every day (not very heavily) will cause wrinkles faster than not wearing it??
how to do makeup and to keep it longer?
How would I cover up or get rid of my dark circles if I'm 13 years old?
halloween mouse eye makeup? ?
Does anyone know how to get the Maybelline New York Line Stylist eye liner to come out?
why are girls told only to apply mascara to their top eyelashes?
Whats a good way to cover up hickies?
Should i apply foundation first then concelear ?
How do you apply your make-up?
What color eyeliner should i use?
what do you think is the appropriate age for a girl to start wearing makeup?
Should a ten year old where makeup?
Do young guys like Makeup?
I think i have ugly eyes?
Does applying eyebrow pencil technically clog brow pores?
should i wear make-up?
Favorite makeup products?
Can you wear contacts and eyeliner?
Does Shoppers Drugmart (Ontario) sell the normal OPI polishes ?
Why do so many girls use make up?
Free make up samples?
Is there any foundation that does not give you spots?
Girls, what is the best mascara?
how to reduce wrinkle?
Nail Polish?
what r ur makeup must haves?
Do you wear very thick makeup?
Need advise on brow liner?
Has anyone got any tips, guides or links on how to do the perfect smokey eye?
im a guy can i wear lipgloss?
Vaseline to make my lips look fuller?
Blond streaks question.?
Is 13 too young to wear makeup?
question about covergirl products?
Is she wearing makeup?
are my eyes Olive Green Eyes?
How to save money on makeup?
Whit is your fave color?
Cover up redness for exercising?
What's the best mascara?
can u give me make up tips especially for the base?
What lipgloss is this colour?
which is the best deoderant?
Brown eyes?????????????
Whats a good foundation for me?
What are your top 3 makeup must haves?
Is my eye color hazel or brown?
Is Sephora Powder Oil-Free?
Pulled eyelashes out... HELP PLEASE!!!!?
What are the best foundation in your opinion?
Where do you find good, cheap makeup?
DO you know where you can buy this? (w/ pics)?
So, Pink or White tips?
la prairie caviar foundation???? Color?
Does hairspray make your makeup last longer?
I'm going on my first date on Saturday. What makeup should I do to look natural, but still very beautiful?
what is a good concealer?
Nail polish help please!!?
what color make up brings out blue eyes?
do the sally hasen products for waxing your upper lip really work?
bring out green eyes?
Liquid eyeliner and Gel liner? 10 points*?
A make up question,a better make up application method,which is better for?
whats the best foundation cream/?
How can I do my makeup so I don't look ugly ?
Do you wear eye makeup on a regular basis?
What age were you when you first really started wearing makeup ?
can ne one tell me how to use this product?
What are some good websites to buy discounted estee lauder make-up from?
Sexy eye tips? How to make hair grow faster?
how do i get window glue off my ROCAWEAR WINTER JACKET!!!?
How long do u think it will take for all this to goaway?
My style ... helped with your tips :> ............ guy n girls ?
Do I look terrible without makeup?
Hey ladys, how can i take my masscara off????
if you misplace or lose ur social security card, where do you go to get a another one?
how to do a lighter makeup with light red hair and fairskin?
If you had to chose one one what would you get? High end foundations?
I have small eyes and short eyelashes what mascara do you recommend to bring my eyelashes out and not stick?
Which Mary Kay TimeWise matte-wear and luminous-wear is the same color as the old liquid-foundation color?
Any Good Bronzers For Olive/Tan Skin?
make up for blonds?
How to wear the popular black eyeliner on waterline, long lashes look?
how do u apply revlon ...?
For people who have used L'oreal Mattique Foundation.?
For the MAC lovers..?
what do girls think about eyeliner on guys?
girl's what's the best brand of make up?
Superdrug eyeliner brands?
industrial strength makeup?
Best Lavender Lip colour?
Ah, I'm not sure about the eyeshadow colors...HELP.?
Should i do something about my eyebrows?if so what?
ladiez - question on putting powder on your nose?
Is the Smokey Eye Still IN??
Am i old enough to wear makeup to school?
Why is Gwen Stefani's face so perfect?
Perfumes question?
what are your favourite makeup brands?
what is a moisturising cream.what does it do?
MAKE UP ARTISTS! where Can I find...?
What's Your Favourite Types Of The Following Listed Make Up Products?
How do you use makeup bronzer?
How do I get rid of black bags under my eyes? and im really yung.?
Is there any way to make liquid foundation lighter without moisturizer?
Is A 13 Year Old Boy Wearing Eyeliner Weird?
What's the best way to clean makeup brushes?
How can i make my eyes look bigger?
does a blue and red lipstick look good on a white person?
I have thin eyebrows how can I make then thicker?
is the Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 or 2 better?
What makeup did judy garland where when she sang get happy?
Can you eat lipsmacker lipgloss?
rimmel london 25 hour foundation waterproof?
Why do ppl use white blush makeup?
is it safe lip pircied with a needel by my self?
How can I keep my eyeliner from smudging?
my left eye is smaller than my right eye. By using makeup how can i make it look proportional?
my makeup tends to melt on my face in the hot weather, how can i make it stay longer than 2 hours.?
Similar MAC lip colour to Bobbi Brown's Raisin?
best professional eyeshadow palettes? (most visible on skin)?
i need a good drugstore brand mascara for clean, seperated, natural volume?
Should i start wearing make up?
Foundation advice [20 characters]?
Foundation HELP.................?
Eyes that change colors is it attractive or creepy?
Have you ever rubbed cheese dip on your butt??
bare minerals?
I have brown eyes with green specks, what color eye shadow should i wear?
What foundation should I get for picture day?
Whats your own makeup routine for school?
Is pale unattractive?
what is the mailing address for botox cosmetic?
Kinda uneven eyes ? Help!?
HELP,what makeup does she have on??
mashen scm?
what kind of lip gloss/lipstick/lip whatever would look good on me?
is there a website that will help me choose the best makeup colors for me?
Does Prepration_H Cure Dark Circle under your eyes?
How do you make a face mask?
which shade are use for wheatish complexion of the product maybelline matt mousse?
is there a way to get acne and marks off your face? i've tried almost everything?
How Should I Do My Make-Up And My Hair?
makeuppppp helppppppppppp??????
what can i do to make my eyes stand out?
Am I the only one who doesn't like colored eyeshadow ?
what foundation should i use?
How to be confident enough to wear makeup?
how can i get rid of my dark circles?
I am going into grade 7 in 2013 should i wear makeup?
good coverage for freckles?
Eyeliner help!?
What is Sephora's B-day gift this year?
Lip Plumpers.........?
Anyone know how to do makeup like that of Nika's in Hitman when she is out to dinner in the red dress? Please!
good powders either pressed or lose?
Any good recomendations?
Does Maybelline DreamLumi Highlighter lasts all day?
.s..what type of boy do you imagin these?
I need a good tan for summer, help me?
my friend thinks make -up is all that!is that all the way true?
I have two different coloured eyes?
what does a couple in love look for in each other?
Your favorite makeup products?
plz help beauticians?
A good cheap Online Makeup store?
I want to bring a bag to middle school?
Should I get this, is it worth it?
i got a prank call?????!?
Do I do my eye make up well?
ok WOMEN how early do i need to start using anti wrinkle creams?
How can I be prettier?
How do i stop my eye shadow from melting?
Best foundation brush that I won't have to take a loan out to buy?
What do you think of this nailpolish color?
can i wear black mascara with brown eye liner?
Website that I can find factual information about eye shadow?
I nee some help making my friend look white?
what are the best brand of false eyelashes to use?
How can I make my eyes appear lighter?
Do I look better without makeup?
what is the good night cream? the brand's name?
How to wear natural looking eye makeup?
What is the best makeup brand?
Is it possible to get mascara in ur eye where it leaves a stain?
Is it the lash glue.......?
Is this k to wear dream matte mousse foundation and blusher when working out?
How to feel confident about yourself?
would this be ok for a profile pic?
Do you wear makeup everyday?
I suppose to apply moisturizer before applying makeup?
Should i put on makeup tomorrow?
What kind of make-up should I wear? [pic included]?
What is a good coverage, non oily foundation?
What lip stick color would look best with my olive skin?
What are all of the flavors for Liplicious Lip Gloss?
Am i old enough to wear makeup to school?
I'm a total makeup disaster!...please help me out?
Does anyone know of a home remedie for puffy eyes?
how to cover up under eye bags?
How does avon work did you have good or bad experiences?
How to get rid of a zit on my lip!? please help!?
Someone knows how to find expiration date on Lancome make up?
Gel/liquid eyeliner for cateyes.?
What is the BEST mascara?
Just eyeliner or mascara?
Do I really need to use a mask? If so, why?
how can i do great witch make up for halloween?
Is there a website where i can change my eye color?
Looking for a good foundation for upcoming wedding?
How can I make my eyes look better?
who is prettier? pics included?
Do I wear to much makeup?
How do i get my make up like this?
What colour shall I Pick ?
Best (Drugstore) oil control powder?
eye vein concealer (opaque) challenge?
How do I get flawless skin?
Need To Know My Eye Shape Really Quick?
how to take off fingernail sticky tabs?
My day's been very boring,what do you think?
I'm very ugly?
I cant find my mary kay address?
anyone else hate the song "lip gloss"?
My make-up?
Should I put on sunscreen lotion AFTER or BEFORE make-up?
u all like real beauty of girl or artificial like with make up ?
Whats better to use??
Which Lancome Mascara?
What's a good skin care routine?
What's your makeup routine?
How to get the "Glee" zombie look?
I have sensitive eyes what eyeliner should I use to line the inside line of my eyes.?
Can you please help me with this look?
What's a natural makeup routine?
What makeup do you wear?
Can you sell the products that come in the Mary Kay starter kit?
How long does makeup forever's matte velvet last for you?
makeup lasting all school day?
Ugh.. make-up!?
What makeup best suits me?
Pretty or fake?
Good face highlighter(illuminate) and bronzer ?
which Mac green eyeshadows u like?
Would I be a NC 42 in Mac makeup?
Can AnyOne Reccomend A Good Mascara That Gives A Lot Of Volume Without Having To Use Loads?
help me fast!?
What is the best Olay for me?
How old do I look?
What foundation would be the best for me?
What makeup is the best for fair skin?
Am i wearing too much makeup?
I still dont know which mascara to buy?! (easy 10 points!)?
Best blush brand (and color) for pale skin?
How to put on make-up?
How do you remove water-proof mascara?
How to make yourself look older when going out?
Makeover. What would suit me (pics)?
what website(s) offer tutorials or tips on how to apply eyeshadow?
how to wash off mascara?
How to use Freeman clay mask .5 oz?
were can i buy on the internet barbie make up for my daughters birthday?
what is the bright pink lipstick that holly from the bachelor pad wears?
Putting your make-up on while on the train going to work. Good or bad?
Hair and make-up tips for wedding??
Am I the only female on earth who cannot apply foundation with a makeup sponge ??
do you think oil of olay moisturizer the original one is good beforei put bareminerals on my skin?
has anyone tried the bronze from cat cosmetics?
What Makeup Shall I Where On My eyes Because I Wear Glasses?
do you like my eye makeup?
Make up for people with ginger hair?!?
Buying makeup for the first time question:)?
Females: are your toenails painted right now?
how do i make my eyes stand out?
has anyone tried bare minerals. i am very fare and a mother of one. i need something i can put on FAST! :)?
middle school makeup!!! yes or no what?
Has Anyone used "Garnier Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel"?
my lips are so chapped!! help!?
Best Lip PLUMPER!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can you guess my ethnicity and age?
My forehead looks dried out when I apply foundation :/?
Best Loose powder for oily skin?
Mineral Foundations vs Liquid Foundation?
If I have hazel eyes, What color eye shadow should I use?
I'm Black, can I get YSL's Touche Eclat in the right shade for my skin?
Can i still get the samples sephora?
whats your favorite lip gloss? (survey!) [BEST ANSWER .s!]?
Which is the proper makeup for a latino show?
Ladies.. What is your FAVORITE?
Makeover suggestions?
what is the point of bronzer?
what color are my eyes??(close-up pics included)?
What color eyeshadow brings out the color of brown eyes??
which eyeliner is best?
Halloween makeup? Zombie!?
Clinique or Clarins moisturiser?
What color eyeshadow?
are you supposed to put foundation or concealer on first?
what eyeshadow is the best for dark skinned girls?
Can I use a small amount of movate cream and then stop using it without it harming me?
dark circles and uneven skin?
Where can I buy bright bold eyeshadows?
What colour nail polish would compliment my dress?
Where can I test Revlon, Maybellene or Loreal Lip colors?
Comparing Loose Powders?
you ordered a lipgloss subscription that delivered lipgloss to your house every week, how much would you pay?
what colur lipstick would look good on a 24 old guy? i perfer red?
i REALLY want to wear eyeliner but my mom wont give in what do I do?
How much makeup do you wear daily?
Best natural combination (details below)?
best foundation out there?
fun infomercial idea?
What are the differences between two-way cake foundation, compact powder and soft loose powder ?
Will They make me take off my shorts at sunsplash?
What are the best flavors of these chapstick brands?
How much do they charge at the mall to get your makeup done?
do all maybelline eyebrow powders HAVE to come with their small brush, or are there some that dont include it?
Maybelline Lumi-Touch Highlighting concealer question!?
anyone want to give me a makeover?
Looking for good lipstick colors for medium skin tone.Wats ur fav.?mine r l'oreal mystic mauve n fawn fatale.
why do people give hickeys on the neck not any were elts????????????????????????????????????…
How long will it take me to get this dark?
How to do makeup like this?
Has anyone ever noticed that underneath Kim Kardashians eyes..?
Ladies, mascara issues anyone?? Easy ten! Thanks.?
Someone says i where makeup but i dnt..?
What kind of makeup should I get for my 14 year old ?
Anyone ever try Nulexin?
Does sleeping in fake tan make it patchy?
Whats the best age to start wearing makeup?
need your tips!!!?
Perfect Nude Lips???
Make up or not !!**!!**LOOK PLEASE..?
I won't be caught dead without my makeup:)?
does foundation damage your skin if your 12?
Makeup for age spots?
whats better: lots of eyeshodow or lots of eyeliner?
Is it wrong to wear makeup in middle school?
what do you think about my eyes?
What is the best face cream for night and day that protects from wrinkles and the sun?
Does the make-up brand Sheer-Cover really work??
Am I bad looking without makeup?
schools pictures are tomorrow... HELP!!! s best answer?
What color lipstick to wear with....?
At what age should a girl start wearing makeup?
Need help finding louis vuttion!?
Can i return makeup if the product inside the packaging has been replaced?
what are good drugstore cosmetics/ makeup to use?:)?
Could you live without makeup?
how can i make myself prettier?
does anyone know where i can get a REALLY light coloured foundation?
What's some good foundation that is not powder and you can barely feel?
Is Vaseline Petrolium Jelly a good substitute for sunblock cream?
What is the best lip stain?
Tips to get bigger eyes?
how to get light colored skin?
Eyeliner of women in the 1950's?
What make-up suits me best?
is a foundation primer the same as a base ?
Where can I buy a cheap black lipstick in Singapore?
Best mascara?....?
What is one make-up product you'd feel naked without?
Do guys find it attractive when a girl wears red lipstick?
Does dermablend setting powder work with other foundations?
Does my mascara make my lashes longer,fuller or both (pic)?
I need some make-up tips for a 12 year old.?
Making my eyes look special!?
Bubz or Michelle????????
can somebody tell me what does the cover girl fashion blush cool berry looks like ?
Why are so many people orange?
Nail polish help! 10 easy points !?
whats the best thing to use to make your cheeks look pink shiy and rosy pink like a models?
best drugstore mascara?
any girls wanna give me a makeover?
Are you beautiful if you dont wear alot of makeup?
What kind of make up looks good with my eyes? ( Pics )?
Good moisturizer for combination skin?
ladies...what do you think the BEST mascara is?
how do i make my eye's look bigger ?
What eye colour is this?
Neutrogena Skin Clearing foundation or L'oreal Lumi?
Wearing too much makeup?
What work outs can I do to make my butt bigger and my legs toner?
whats the best mascara brand?
Does anyone know what brand of false eyelashes Melissa of the Millionaires wears?
i want 2 die my hair .which hair colour is best and can eaialy b available in pakistan.?
Question from my wife for the ladies?
Looking for a good mascara......I want movie star eyes...?
Can anyone recommend a great mascara that does everything..lengthen..volumnize..and separates.?
Does applying eyeshadow look good on the bottom lid?
why do people put powder on after foundation? what makes the diffrence?
What color foundation will match my skin in Physicians Formula?
Best drugstore foundation for my skin type?
Can anyone recommend a good lip gloss for an adult woman?
would this be ok for a profile pic?
What are some eyeliner tricks?
Looking for Covergirl Foundation-Clean Makeup Oil Control to purchase online. The color is Tawney (565)?
is it possible to change the color of my skin?
what is the best drugstore toothbrush for whitening?
What color should i paint my nails?
What toner would you recommend i use on the oily parts of my face, i.e. my T-Zone?
concealer that doesnt clog pores?
ok, do look better made up or natural?
Is it bad to wear bb cream on my face when working with animals?
Does Purely Cosmetics Mineral Makeup work for African American women, also is it better than Bare Minerals?
What's a good mascara?
What is in your drugstore makeup collection?
What eye shape do I have?
Why do men do not use Lipstick?
how to hide or get rid of the fine lines on your bottom lip after iv applyed lipstick?
Problem with my lip ring?
What do you think...?
How do you put on eyeliner correct?
Best Drugstore MINERAL Foundation (loose)?
Makeup vs. No Makeup?
How do I get on the internet?
Best Chapstick out there? Or lip scrub?
Reviews for this product?
Whats up with girls caking on the makeup just for school?
How do i convince my mom to let me wear makeup?
What kind of make up should i apply to my face? View my 360 to see me. I'm the girl with blonde hair.?
do i have alot of makeup?
What brands sell the best, pigmented, long lasting eyeshadow?
Did you wear make up today??
Is this to much makeup to wear for a 15 year old? ?
So i have a very big forehead. I am not self conscious about it but other ppl comment on it.?
How long do you keep your eyeshadows for before throwing it out?
Youtube Beauty Guru HELP!!!?
How to do the Smokey Eye?
Best concealer??
I'm from India & I'd like to buy a face primer for oily skin. Pls suggest good brands and brands avail here.
Product suggestions for this look?
What types of samples/freebies would I be able to get? (Makeup)?
Does anyone know if the Eye Serum Skin Genesis from L'Oreal Paris ..?
Does MAC in the Macy's store sell the pro palettes and refill pan eye shadows at the store or just online?
Is 13 to young to wear this stuff??? *makeup & heels?*?
Should I wear a boyfriend necklace in front of my crush?
Cute, pretty minimal makeup for pale skin?
Do you feel naked without your makeup on?
How to do Katherine Pierce makeup?? EASY 10 POINTS?
bare minerals? please rate on scale of 1-10?
which picture makes my eyes stand out?
is she ugly? (with picture)?
How to make eyes look more blue?
I`m thinking of growing my eye lashes long, because all the women like long eye lashes on a man?
Best foundation for oily, spot prone skin?
does anyone know of a really good smelling purfume like at target or something?
Makeup every teen should have? xxx?
What mascara would be BEST for my daughter?
Where can I get a free makeover?
Is Too Faced Shadow Insurance worth the splurge?
can anyone recommend primer for eye lids..?
All the makeup-artist in the house click here !!!?
The best way to brighten skin at home fast?
have you tried..I can make you thin by Paul McCena..?
lip stick or lip gloss?
Can Someone answer what her eye shadow colour ( Please reply )?
Any perfumes that you can recommend?
Wich should i do, Change my eye color to blue, Or keep them Brown?
Does anyone knows how much this eyeliner cost?
Do you like how I do my makeup? (pic)?
Question about MAC Pro...?
Which of these mascaras is best?
im not allowed to wear makeup. what can i do?
What type of eyeliner do you prefer?
In This Moment makeup tutorial?
How do you make your face look slimmer?
how do you put on a clear lip retainers?
What are your all time favorite drugstore products?
Best foundation out there?
Does anyone know of a cover up for a women who sweats alot?
How to get rid of prominent eyes? ?
Where to get good make-up?
Hi girls (older than 18) do you wear foundation every day?
can someone tell me mascara brand is good?
Bourjois Healthy Mix OR Max Factor Lasting Performance?
Is it better to put makeup on before or after putting on a dress?
i have brown eyes my mom wants me to wear light brown makeup i sont like that what color should i wear?
How do I get both of my eye's lashes to be even? One always is more smushed and flat than the other.?
What make-up do they use on what not to wear?
What's the best brand of TCA peel home kit I can buy in Canada?
What are some makeup brand 'themes'?
What is the best face moisturizer?
What eyeshadow and eyeliner should I use for my portfolio?
What is the best lip balm for very chapped lips?
How to get her makeup?
makeup forever HD primer vs. translucent powder?
why do i look ugly with makeup on?
Cool Online Make Up Games???:)?
What do guys like best No make-up on alot of make-up?
What shade of concealer should I get?
can i use fading creams during pregnancy??
How much makeup does a 14 year old need?
what lipstick are you using?
Organic Wear bronzing VEIL???
do yooouuu like these guys!?
Moisturizer as a primer?
is a semi-permanent makeup artist popular in the united states?
How do i get my eyeliner to stop smudging?
How long does "Smashbox photo finish" primer last in travel size?
Can someone please tell me why I should live to please myself?
Mac, Nars or clinque ?
Whats a way that I could convince my mom to let me wear more makeup besides lip gloss out in public?????
wedding make up what colour?
how to make skin clear and to glow our face?
Is the 88 make up pallet a good product?
I need a really good blush?
what colour eyeliner and eyeshadow would make my eyes stand out?
best foundation!?!?!?
how to naturally darken your eyebrows?
good contact lens site?
is this too much makeup good for me? im a jr. high student and i just want ot go for somehting light..
how can i make my eyes stand out?
Which makeup brand should i get from walmart?
Help with Powder Blush........?
Do girls look better without make up?
why does red lipstick look great in pictures but overdone in person?
Where do you usually apply concealer/blush?
is this too much make-up?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
What is the best thing to take off your make up with if you've run out of make up wipes?
What is a good age for a girl to start using mascara nad lip gloss?
How can I keep my cheeks from looking so red?
Whats the best drugstore brand for eyeshadows?
what is a good but healthy foundation/base for a 13-year-old?
no tweezers.. HELP GIRLS?
How to get mila kunis's eye makeup and eyebrows?
do you think that a brunett with blue eyes are hot?
Does black liner make your lashes look fuller?
Cool-toned foundation for light skin?
concealer over foundation or foundation over concealer?
Do y'all think this is too much makeup for me?
I'm dying my hair strawberry blonde, should i make some changes in my makeup to make it look better?
is loreal's le kohl pencil liner good quality?
Cameron Diaz Makeup Tips?
looking prettier?
where can i find.......?
How do you spell conspicuous? what does it mean?
is it bad to sleep without taking your makeup off?
how do you tell when someone is wearing too much makeup?
lip help??
My brother asked what kind of makeup are there.?
eyelashes longerrrrr?
how do people get free makeup for advertising it on youtube?
How can I fix a dried out cream eyeshadow, I left the lid off and it dried up a bit . Help?
my mom wont let me wear makeup!!!?
Which part of my face should I put glitter on?
what are some makeup/fashion blogs?
What is your makeup brand?
How to prevent bumps after threading eyebrows?
eyebrows done in canada, ontario?
Could you help me with this problem?
What physicians formula powder has the best coverage?
What eye make up should I have with this prom dress (picture)?
Best tinted moisturizer?
Poll: What is your favourite brand of make-up?
What colors are in the CG Exact Eyelights for Hazel eyes?