How much is it too buy good makeup for everything you nedd to put on your face??
What makeup tips would you give to people with brown eyes to make their eyes pop out?
is white foundation full coverage?
How many mascaras do you own?
Free Makeup Samples Australia?
is red lip stick out the question?
what do you think about neutrogena mineral sheers?
How does hannah montana do her makeup? Where can i get the makeup she uses? Where can i get a wig like hers?
What makeup would recommend? Favorite brand?
Body image help? not sure what to do anymore?
Make up for men that isnt noticable?
In the Pittsburgh, Pa area, where are some beauty salons that do hair as well as makeup?
how do you apply foundation?
Any easy ways to get rid of double chin?
What's the best mascara, ladies? Cheap/expensive, I don't care, I just want to know what you think.?
What colour should I paint my nails?
Whats a good mascara that LENGTHENS, DONT CLUMP, and is WATERPROOF?
I got tips on my nails for the first time. How do I get them off?
can u mess up plucking?
What age did you start to wear makeup?
Would someone out there please send me any videos they may have of a sexy young woman appying lip gloss?
i want to reduce my weight so how can i reduce it, i m 26 years ,married,female,height is 5.9inch plz help me?
Need makeup tips ASAP. Please help? :(?
Where can you find BonneBell Lip Smackers at a cheaper price?
Is this too much makeup for a freshman in high school?
How do I create Greek Make up?
What colour eye shadow should i wear?
ladies, If you are just running some errands do you still put on your makeup?
Where can I find........?
*Sigh* Do you think I'm pretty?
Loose powder vs pressed powder?
whats your favourite lipgloss?
which eyeliner is easier to use?
15 and don't wear make up - am i paranoid?
What's the best concealer for deep olive skin? Slightly deeper than JLo's. Yellow/gold concealers are?
What is with the all natural make up?
wat age did u start to use makeup?
How to be prettier??
Make-up look for red lips?
Do you wear eye liner on the bottom eye lid?
Best cheap translucent powders for oily skin?
What hours do Ulta cashiers have?
Which do you prefer????
How can I get my lips to look like this?
what colour do u think i should paint my room?
do you WEAR MAKEUP to school??! :)?
Can a makeup artist make you look like someone else?
I have a scar on my neck and I put foundation on it, but sometimes the foundation melts and people see it...?
Should I get Revlon Colorstay or Revlon Colorstay Whipped?
why doesnt my make up stay on all day?
mascara, eyeliner?
I want be shaply how can? How can be always beauty like Angelina Jolie?
Best face cleanser?
do i wear to much make-up?
What Mascara do you use?
which colour lipstick suits a pink t-shirt?
Is my nose that bad looking to you..?
How much should I charge?
Anyone ever used Illamasqua or prescriptives foundation make up before?
Can someone tell whats the best eyeliner to use to give my eyes a great look.?
New l'oréal eyeliner extra-intense?
which facial sheet mask brand is better?
what is the easiest way to put on eyeliner?
can you get eyelash extentions?
How to orginiZe makeup area?
wat is the right age to be wearing make up like eye liner and mascar?
why does my gf put on so much makeup?
I just ordered some brushes from ulta when will they arrive?(today is saturday)?
Am I allowed to do this at the grocery store?
Dry Lips...Hydrating Lip Care?
I am a certified make-up artist. What make-up brands do clients want to see in my kit the most?
Is there a makeup product you've really changed your opinion on?
How should i do my makeup if i want my eyes to look bigger or more open?
Hello im a boy and want to buy foundation?
E.L.F cosmetics shipping time?
Is it really that bad to tan at a salon?
i wuz at a bar last an mah lipstick came off like of a glass it wuz so embarrassed?
where can i find pot balm? websites!?
dues all girls put on make up?
does lip gloss and lipstick damage the lips?
Is the amount of make up I'm using everyday too much?
Do europeon people have round eyes?
Eye colour!?
how much will the make up things be?
Which eyeliner is best and lasts all day?
what can i use to keep my face drying,because my face always makes me feel me please
Are toners flammable?
Does Covergirl have good foundation?
French manicure?
How do you give yourself a makeover to make all boys look at you?!!?!?
Is 13 to young for subtle make-up?
Poppin Lipgloss????
dry lips skin advice needed?
When to throw away makeup?
Guy-liner (guy eyeliner)?
What is the age aproppiate make up for a 7th grader?
Eyeliner appropriate for age 13?
How much do u spend on your beauty products in a month?
Eyeshadow colors for dark brown eyes???
What is the best mascara?
im going out tomorrow night ...?
Assalmwalekum meri dukan ladies suits ki hai aur maine isse 8 mahine pehle opening ki hai suru me to meri shop?
One make-up product you just cant live without?
Has anyone tried the Covergirl Smoothers B.B Cream?
school makeup?
Must Have makeup from CVS? 10 points!!!?
What is the BEST EYE MAKEUP REMOVER?(price doesnt matter)?
what's your favorite makeup product that you can't live without?
Do I like worse without makeup?
Help out my beauty channel?
If you melt cream to powder foundation and then let it sit out, would it congeal back into cream foundation?
How much makeup do you wear?
Do you wear eyeliner?
A few more ways? EVERYONE, please!?
Where can I get this purfume?
blemish balm aka bb cream issue?
Does anyone know a make up that covers freckles?
What shade am I in M.A.C foundation?
if i sent you my crossdressing photos of me would one of you ladies?
what colour do u think i should paint my room?
I'm a chap stick collector ^ ^ Does anyone know where to find the Smackers 2003 holiday collection? Thanks!
25 to spend in Sephora?
Tips on putting on eyeliner?
can anyone give me evidence showing that the earths surface tem is changing?
What way should I get my hair cut?
make up help nautral?
my lips have been dry for about 3 years (weird!)?
What are some simple ways to wear makeup?
Should i switch from Bare Minerals to Clinique?
what are you cosmetics that you simply cannot live without?
If truth is beauty, and beauty is truth, why do women wear make-up?
is it okay to wear fake nails to bed?
How do I do Britney Spears make up from the video Lucky?
what can I use for facial discoloration and rashes.?
What makeup routine and products are good for someone with oily skin and slightly blotchy skin?
Do I wear too much make up?
Makeup that wont melt off after gym class...?
how can i do my eye make up to make my eyes really pop?
Is this too much make up for a 7th grader?
Who knows the best, yummiest, and, cheapest lip gloss?
What is the approximate starting salary of a department store cosmetics salesperson?
What's wrong with my eyelashes?
How do i Care for A Henna Tattoo?
Two acne questions...
What's your favorite eyeshadow palette?
do you wear makeup to school?
what do you guys think of MAC's studio concealer?
What make-up should I wear?
what type make-up do boys like on girls ?
whats the best color eye shadwo for my color hair/eyes?
Do you ever use the cheap applicators that come free with some makeup?
Which Perfume do you prefer?
Should i start wearing makeup?
What is the best way to do makeup for blue round eyes?
What kind of make-up(foundation) do you use?
wats the best treatment for spots??
I would like to know which one of these makeup cream to powder foundation is better?
Does anyone know where I can get decent but cheap make up bags?
High cheekbones? how to make them stand out?
How to make my skin shine?
Any primer recommendations?
Makeup help?????
Are these Urban Decay Products worth buying?
What color are my eyes? I've been told differently on seperate occasions?
Girl Poll: Do you prefer powder or liquid foundation?
what size bra would be 70-75 cm? ( cup size and number )?
Has anybody used Saaf Pure Skincare? It's a new product with four certifications. How is that?
What lipstick or lip product is she wearing? How can I make my lips look like that?
Makeup question - 10 points!! click here!?
What is your favorite makeup brand?
I'm 13, and I was wondering wat's the perfect makeup 4 me...?
makeup question?
Whats the best LIP BALM OUT THEREEE!!?
too much make up ?
whats the best lip gloss as far as staying power and not feeling super sticky?
Am I the only 17 year old girl who's proud of never being fake and having natural beauty?
Clinique superdefense & superescue any feedback? Best answer 10 points. Have any of you tried them? Thanks :D?
Where can you buy a cheap good quality eye liner?
Some help please , does anyone knows any treatment that reduce the size of pores ?
I need new hairstyle and makeup help?
My mascara smudges onto my bottom lid, any reccomendations?
what should every girl have in their makeup bag?
Where can I purchase a dark falll orange color eyeshadow?
I am considering selling Mark ( a division of Avon) Has anyone ever sold it? How did you do?
Blog sale???????????????????????
I want to be a make up artist but?
How do i convince my mom to let me wear makeup?
how to make brown eyes stand out?
whats parabers is it true that is harmful and is in mineral vail?
Is it true that matte foundation is for people with oily skin?
What make up should I bring to school?
Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with the product, "Nanoblur".?
How To Make Herbal Mineral Makeup ?
Girls could you personally do without your make up even girls that dont wear make up can answer please?
Whats the best makeup to cover freckles ?
Best top & base coat?
What Pale/White foundation do emo's and Scene's use?
Whats a good foundatioon/concealer?
How do I prevent MAC fluidline from hardening?
Do you think im pretty? (pics included)?
Do u think i should let my friend wax my eyebrows?
What's YOUR make-up advice?
makeup for super dry skin?
How much should I charge just to do makeup on eyes?
Do you like my eye makeup? Eye open pic.?
For homecoming i have a salmon pink dress what color eyeshadow should i wear?
Where can I get the Alexis Vogel Make-up system in the UK?
who wears MAC makeup? Only the best!?
What do you apply compact foundation with?
Should i start wearing more eye makeup next school year?
How should I shape my eyebrow?
What is your favorite eyeliner that stays all day and doesn't smudge?
Is this hair and makeup good for a wedding?
Anyone try before the MAC mineralize satin finish SPF15 foundation?
Everyday high school makeup routine?
What's your favorite makeup brand?
Do you prefer a bar of soap, or liquid soap?
Do you perfer full coverage or light coverage foundation?
How can I hide this on my eye?
is there any way to change eye colour?
What are the best false eyelashes to get that dont come off no matter what?
Anyone know a good waterproof liquid liner other than Maybeline? I used MaxFactor but they discont. Plz help!?
how do I convince my parents to let me do emo makeup?
I have pale skin and love the bronzed look for nightime (for my face). I tryed?
how to cut nails?
What makeup brushes should I get if I only wear blush?
Best eye shadow primer?
What is the best makeup?
Does curling your eyelashes every day with a metal eyelash curler (with rubber cushions) ? ( I DONT HEAT THEM)?
Best Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Shade for MAC NC35 Skin Tone?
What are test shots?
whats more attracting brown, black or no eyeliner?
How often do you wear makeup? And what do you wear?
Anyone know a good waterproof liquid liner other than Maybeline? I used MaxFactor but they discont. Plz help!?
What is your favourite colour???
How to remove red eyes and black circles?
wheres the best place to buy dior make up?
I just dyed my hair.... what make up looks good with black hair/green eyes?
what supplements can i take to make my hair grow faster ?
is it bad to sleep w/my make-up?
What goes on first? Concealer? or Foundation?
Colleges in California for Film Makeup?
Will I be gay if I use the neutrogena wave and I am a guy?
What is a good brand of make up brushes?
How much does MAC in Chicago charge to do your make up?
Where to apply blush on round faces?
Is clinique and estee lauder tested on animals?
will this effect your lip?
Who could use some make up tips and tricks?
I really need a new liquid foundation and powder?
Concealer for extremely light skin?
What do i do about my upper lip hair? :\?
What color are my eyes?
can u help me ?
How to hide fact I've been crying?
whats the best kind??
My side facial profile is so ugly!!?
I really need help on skin problem! I have lots of pimples on my face (only left and right side).?
Best Mascara For Volume And Length?
can you put liquid eyeliner on the bottom water line?
Hair, makeup, and outfits for seventh grade?
Milani Reviews Please?
my prom dress is black and strapless..what eyeshadow should i wear? any suggestions?
does makeup boost YOUR confidence?
Waterline makeup help Please?
Can anyone send me a link that shows how to put on The Smokey Cat-Eye Look?
Can I make the acrylics I already have longer?
Good Drugstore foundation for oily skin?
What should I use to draw a cat nose and whiskers on my face tomorrow that will last the entire school day?
What is your opinion?
What color eyeshadow enhances hazel eyes makes them pop?
how old do you think girls should be to start wearing makeup?
How to get people to look you in the eyes more often?
Has anyone had a great personal experience with permanent makeup done in the Austin, TX area?
What is the best way to bring out the green in my eyes?
Is this a good amount of makeup?
How can I use make-up correctly to make myself attractive to cute guys?
do they still sell these concearlers?
Great make-up to cover dark circles?
What kind of hair and makeup and jewellry colours should i wear with my prom dress?
good natural looking mascara?
My complexion is really dull, does anyone know any light bronzers I could use?
Is it better to use powder over foundation?
How do you wear makeup and make it look not tacky on a 13 year old?
horrible makeup ( just for fun :D )?
why do i feel really hot and sweaty when i apply make up or try to wear a saree?
What Color Would Flatter My Eyes the Most?
Is 12 years old to young to wear make up?
would you ever buy black lipstick?
Are the cosmetics good for our Skin?
What is the best makeup remover?
Make me look amazing !!?
should a thirteen year old be able to wear makeup?
Help with eyelashes?
Homecoming makeup and accessories, HELP!!!?
What makeup should a girl wear in the 1st year of middle school?
Whats the best mascara?
where do they sell burt's bees pomegranate lip balm?
whats the best shade of mac lipsticks for redheads ,.medium skin tones anyones favorites thanks?
eye shadow on guys, hot or not?
Would she do it?
Skin79 orange bb cream, comedogenic?
i need some advice.. and guess my age?
What are your makeup essentials?
how much makeup should a 15 year old wear?
if you can make yoohoos how do you make them?
Do you enjoy applying makeup, or it is just a chore to you?
Do you wear a lot of make up?
DIY face mask to help acne?
Does Smashbox O-glass Intuitive lip gloss work?
i think i need a make-over. help?!?
My skin is clear, I have brown eyes and brown hair, am I strange?
Is there a Mac cosmetics company outlet in or near Vancouver BC canada?
does putting vaseline on your eyelashes really work?
Which facial cleanser should I use?
Should I have a separate makeup kit?
With or without make-up? thinking of giving it up, opinions?
How to get makeup to look natural with acne prone skin?
why are products made by sephora so cheap sompared to the other brands they sell?
liquid eyeliner vs pencil?
Benetint or Sephora Lush Flush stain?
When do you think a girl should start wearing make-up?
What kind of foundation should I use for oily skin?
If Love is what you make , what is the best shape of Love?
How do i do my eye makeup like this?
good pencil eyeliner?
where can i order M.A.C cosmetics online to be delivered to ireland?
Should 13 year old 's wear eyeliner?
I'm going to buy foundation for the first time and I'm really confused...........?
Any good curling mascaras?
Does my sister wear too much makeup? Easy 10!?
odd question and im being serious?
Do people think that I'm lazy?
Are brown eyes ugly?
Do you like my eyebrows?
What do you think of Victoria Secret's "Love Spell" fragrance?
What are some similar brands to MAC cosmetics eyeshadows?
liquid liner, why is it so difficult to apply!?
Is the Gilly hicks eyeshadow good?
mac makeup help read all thanks?
what colors of eye makeup should i wear with brown eyes, to make them pop out?
M.A.C eye shadows brush set?
How should I wear my make up to cousin's wedding?
Does Proactive actually WORK?
where can i buy eyebrow powder in melbourne? and how much does it cost?
Best foundation and concealer for a teenager?
What could i use as a creamy highlighter?
First time using foundation??
is it ok for men to wear mascara and eyeliner if your not a goth?
are elf nail polishs good?
How do you change facial features on a computer?
"glowing" bronzer and blush? ?
Make-up products for a 14 year old girl?
how much makeup should a 12 year old?
What kind of face do you need to have?
What fragrance/s do you use?
What foundation Does Nina Dobrev Wear?
How much money r colored contact?
my life has become a mess within a few days and just dont know what i can do to sort it..?
what eyeshadow is the best for dark skinned girls?
need advise on some hair styles and makeup tips?
Brown eyes...?
How to do my makeup for homecoming?
How would you do makeup for this face?
Where can I find the old fashioned double edge razors for men's use?
what is a good brand of black eyeliner and how much?
Ladies: My sister LOVED Prescriptives "Agent" Lipstick (matte), any substitutes known?
Does Proactive actually WORK?
what stores carry club monaco cosmetics?
What is the trick to putting on non-comedogenic make-up"? (mineral power type make-up. )?
Beauty Question ~~~~~~?
Are people born with talent?
Is 13 an okay age to start wearing make up?
Wearing just eyeliner or mascara at age 13?
best powder from sephora ? ?
I just bought the clarisonic mia, will it help with my acne?
Need to make a lighter so plz help?
Getting makeup done at department store?
Should I buy the confessions of a concealahoic?
What's the best drugstore eye makeup remover?
Guys do you like it when....?
Were any of u embarrassed to wear make up at 13?
Full coverage powder foundation help!!?
Does whearing Dark makeup make u gothic?
A guy 2 like his nails painted?
Who's prettier, 1 or 2?
anyone know how to get keals natural beauty products online?
do designers use environmentally friendly cosmetics?
What are some good mascaras I should buy?
i have wrinkles and im only 14 !?
Where Can I Find A Good Make Up Workshop?
Neutrogena SkinClearing Foundation?
What is your favourite mascara? ?
Did anyone wear foundation then stop wearing it?
What is the best stick eyeliner you've used?
Questions about Revlon products?
best mascara? s!?
What's the best dupe for MAC studio finish matte?
What can i use to make my nails grow?
Anyone have some good makeup advice(:?
Why do looks matter so much?
What does ICP look like?
Which is best : cream, gel or pencil eyeliner?
why it is dark in the night?
i am 12 is that too young to be wearing make up?
Women, which do you do first, your makeup or your hair?
Where can i buy good quality makeup brushes for applying blush and concealor?
Do you think this is too much make-up? (PIC INCLUDED)?
I need ideas for makeup...?
Im 13 And fare completed what colors of makeup should I where?
How to naturally tan with no sun, and fast?
on average how much would you spend on a nail polish?
Does make up really cover everything up?
what cd can Brown Eyes be found on?
how can i get my mom to let me wear make up?
does eyeliner smudge more when you have more on?
how to i keep my face clear?
Does anyone know where I can purchase Flori Roberts?
do yout put on eye concealer before or after you use foundation?
my eyelashes were naturally curly ......?
how long does ordering proactiv take to get to your mailbox?
Can I use Temptu S/B makeup in a Dinair Machine? If not, How can I make it so?
Who is the guy in the new Boots No 7 advert with Keeley Hawes?
Are Covergirl's Blast Flipstick available in the Philippines?
sunless tanners?
Best foundation for spots/acne? (UK)?
what is the better lube, astroglide gel or astroglide X, also whats your personal favorite?
How Can They Do It ? I Need Tips.Please :) Thank You xxxx?
Who Is Prettier?
Eyeliner Help?
Question?????????????????????????Easy! Ten points to best answer. Help?
Best concealer for under eye circles and puffiness?
Where can I get make-up that's pretty cheap?
avatar help!!!!!!?
no makeup is my skin tone :(
What is the best way to apply Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse?
How do u sharpen an eyeliner pencil??
Can you believe that is girl is only 13?
how long does it take to ship my order?
Are all Duo eyelash glue waterproof?Help!!?
Addicted to make up!?
Can someone help me find a lilac/pale purple saree?
Desperate need of skin help!!?
My eyebrows are different?
Is this a real cover?
Tips for foiling......?
is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
my boyfriend has been talking to this girl lately, should I be worried ? (picture)?
why do we(girls) have to remove makeup at night?
my lip just got puffy and i haven't had my lip ring in since April?
Poll: Do you wear foundation often? Why/why not?
Mac palettes vs mac pots?
Help with cheek tint.?
How do celebs get their make-up so natural?
How long does it take for you to go through an eyeliner pencil?
Do Indian women always wear make-up ?
How to hide foundation from my mom?
am i spending too much on makeup or is this ok?
is this too much makeup?
am i prettier with or without makeup?
Do you rely on make-up?
When do you think is the perfect age to wear makeup?
What is the best lip stain?
do i look ok without makeup?
What is the best way to remove all traced of makeup at the end of the day?
How old do you have to be to tan at Tan FX?
HELP!! Any makeup artists?? Dark knees !:'(?
I don't have any activities for my 13th birthday!?
Please help me with makeover?
Why does my g/f take......?
What make-up brand do you most recomend that doesn't make you break out?!?
What is an awesome foundation for dry to normal skin with a WONDERFUL finish?
what you opp on my apperence?
How was this body painting look done?
Eyeshadow? Whats your favorite?
has anyone purchased the arbonne holiday surprise bag for $25? What was in it? ?
what is the best nice,natural,happy lipsticks&lipglss?
My make-up wears off during the day!?
how can i give my appearence a more sophisticated look?
I need some tips for my big night out!?
Moisturizer as a primer?
how to get super glue of eye glasses?
How long does it take you to do your hair and makeup in the morning?
How to get nail polish to stay on.?
What will make my skin clear up really fast?
which makeup should l use for acne?
How to take off eyeliner on waterline and upper lash line?
should girls in the 8th grade wear makeup ...?
What are your favorite makeup brand?
ladies only.... top or bottom?
What's a good, cheap eyeshadow primer?
makeup kit for little girls from the late 80s to early 90s?
my friend said collagen is dead baby's skin. Is this true?
with or without makeup im 14?
guys am i wearing too much makeup?
How much make-up should a 12 year old girl wear to a private catholic school?
punk/emo eye makeup?
Do you like to wear make up all the seven days of a week?
Make up Help? Pics included!?
will you men mind answering?
how much does a spray tan cost?
Makeup Consultation - London?
Where do you put on blush?
My Eyelashes are Extremely Short?
Do u have to Kiss?
What's a good amount of makeup for a 15 year old girl to wear daily?
what is the best company for cosmetics?
What is the best high end/drugstore mascara you have tried?
Getting married in vegas and I need to find a person who isnt over priced but good to do my hair and makeup?
do I wear too much make up?
is this a good deal by mark. cosmetics?
eyebrow plucking?
whats the best moisturizer for oily skin ?
Cheap but great makeup!!?
what helps a broken heart?
alpha nails?
makeup help for beginners?
What's the best type of mascara for me to use?
what good foundation should i use for my face?
Are avocado masks good for your face?
How can i get my eyeliner to not smudge?
Should I change my apperance?
If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one makeup product?
what is the Best skin moisturizer?
What false eyelashes to buy?!?
how can i make my own facial mask?
Free Makeover?
how do u get liquid eyeliner to meet at the eye lash?
Ladies, can you recommend a lipstick that will stay on and not dry out your lips?
Where should I get my makeup done Mac or clinque?
Best Foundation for Light/Oily Skin?
Why do women wear makeup?
I am going to the 7th grade and want to look more flirty. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Best drugstore mascara?
How to remove white cream (mime face makeup)?
how to make my eye brow not stick up?
how to make my skin white?
Do I wear too much makeup, I'm 15?
anyone know of a good eyeliner? some brands smear off easily and the liquid ones clump up. please help!?
Should mascara be replaced after a few months?
Simple's ''spotless'' range?
Best eyeshadow for on medium brown skin and dark brown eyes?
please help me?
someone give me a makeover?
How do u make your but bigger?
eye makeup..?
How to do my makeup for freshman year?
what make up would look good on me?
are there any people from UAE...Dubai on here i live in dubai...?
Does having a natural eyeliner look make man look gay?
How to make almond shaped eyes look bigger?
Makeup tips?
Should I start using an anti-wrinkle cream at 20?
Legit permanent makeup business offices?
At what age did you start wearing makeup? How much of it did you use?
I have brown eyes and blonde hair olive tone skin. Is black or brown eyeliner best?
How to look good without wearing much makeup...?
What brand of makeup is the best?
what are some benefits of using primer before applying foundation?
HOW CAN I GET PEOPLE TO READ MY BLOG, it's about makeup skin and hair?
Contacts and mascara/eyeliner question?
what are good eyeshadow colours for olive skin?
do u hav eye balls?
Do you think the makeup i wear is ok for a 14 year old?
Halloween make-up tutorials?
Can I darken my eyebrows naturally?
faerie make up help????????
Mineral make-up for acne sufferers?
Guys: do you prefer girls with or without makeup?
Looking for a good eyeliner that won't smudge.?
How kind Of makeup should i wear?
Dark Circle......?
Dewy, medium coverage foundation?
best chapstick to use?
Pedicure..? PLZ READ LADIES?
Is it weird for a guy to use mascara?
Should I or shouldnt i wear makeup? (i want your opinion, not some mushy stuff about what feels right please?)
my eyeliner or my eyes?
How can I create a makeup look like Brenda Song's in this pic?
What is your favorite mascara? ?
is phentermine a good diet pill?
What brand of mascara works for you? <3?
best concealer for dark circles?
Burt's Bees?
My 16 year old daughter won't wear makeup?
I need help rite now!!!!!!!?
i want a change,new hair,and new makeup?
How should I get my mom into letting me wear eyeliner?She thinks I will put to much on & its un-age apropriate
How can I clear up an outbreak of spots in a couple of days, have a party at the weekend!! Dont need this!!?
Is Milani Like MAC?
HELP! my eyemakeup never stays on!!!!!?
Ever used o-blot-erate by Hard Candy?
Best way to hide dark circles under eyes?
does that NEW [i think] eyeliner makeup remover work? that looks like a pen/marker sort of?
what lip color goes with dark blue?
Dior Iconic Eyes Eyeshadow....?
MISSON FOR YOU - I will pay you through paypal as well?
looking for a good foundation?
whats the best make up brand for mascara?
Which brand has the best mascara?
Makeup Questions for the 7th Grade?
Does anyone have any product suggestions?
please explain to my grandmaa that tons of STRAIGHT guys wear eyeliner ?
What makeup is best for a witch (from macbeth) TEN POINTS!?
biggest nose on earth?
Good MakeUp Web Sites?
How can I make my eyes popout?
eyeliner.. please help, how?
What is the best make-up?
How can I look less Asian?
ohmygees :D look QUICK!!?
an all over eyeshadow brush?
which website ships professional makeup brands to ireland/uk?
What makes a girl need to put makeup on?
how safe is eyeliner that is tatooed?
do you think no eye makeups better ?
what powder foundation should i use?
What colors look best on girls with light blonde hair and blue eyes and pale skin and is only 4 foot 9 inches?
What is the best Mascara?
Anyone tried Eyeko Mascara?
Whats a good foundatioon/concealer?
Which will look best on me?
What's the benefits of using a foundation brush over sponge wedges, fingertips, etc.?
Will eyelid glue make me look more Asian?
which eyes do you prefer?
drugstore brand lip gloss like nars orgasm lip gloss?
why do people tan???????/?
how do you get red pumps off ur face after face waxing?
Does orange nail polish on my toes suit my complexion shade?
What about the mineral foundation powder thats sold at Wal-Mart,any good?
Where to buy REALLY good makeup?
what makeup would suit...?
what if the most effective, cheapest way to get rid of dirt (blackheads) in facial pores?
how much makeup do u think a 13 yr. old should b wearin?
Whats a good homecoming hairstyle and makeup?
Sudocrem For Spots and Bumps?
Good, Cheap Drugstore Concelar's?
does Ms Broadway Makeup test on animals?? pls urgent...?
How do you shop for makeup?
Do you consider a deep purple lipstick to be very feminine?
Women: Why don't you reduce your spending on make up at least during times of slowdown?
what is your best makeup product that you can never do without it?
does cream eyeliner dry out if you don't use it or open it?
Does this make your eyes look bigger?
VERY simple everday makeup?
where can i get the mac full coverage foundation from?
What is a good, but cost effective eyeshadow primer?
Help with my lipstck? please help?
Fall colors in warm weather ?
Opinions and/or insights: What is the best shade of lipstick for me?
Which Urban Decay Naked Palette should I buy?
what's the best mascara?
Will you look very pretty for me?
What is a good concealer for dark circles and blemishes?
I can't wear makeup!?
Dose it work?
What is the brand/name of this eyeshadow?
Interested getting cosmetics? DIY Hair Rebonding? Imported from usa?
Who has tried microdermabrasion (at home kits) for face, and are these kits really safe for skin? what brand?
Do you think M-A-C is overpriced?
I need to know?
What's the best drugstore foundation with good coverage?
aveeno clear complexion correcting treatemnt?
Whats Your Daily Makeup Routine ? :) 10 Pts!?
What age is "too young for make-up"??
What's wrong with my M.A.C. Powder?
MAC poll- just for fun !
Good liquid black eyeliner ?
Has anyone used Aveeno active naturals eye cream??
Which one should I buy??
What are your morning and night facial routines?
Does anyone know a Wedding Makeup Artist in Wollongong?
How can I get a tan safely?
eyeshadow help!?!?
what color eye liner should i wear
What color eyeshadow would go good with a canary yellow dress for prom???
what colour makeup to wear?
I use it okay to wear makeup?
How to wear make-up, but not look bad?
whats your fav make up colours?
wat shal i do to get a good glow in my face..?
Eyeshadow/eyeliner with dark red dress??
eyebrow lift?
Best Sigma Makeup Brushes?
Help me with my make up?
how can i make my brown eyes pop?
I need a good eyeliner! HELP?
Whatever happened to women wearing red lipstick?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old?
has anyone used the clinique antibacterial brushes?
what suits green eyes the most?
ipod nano songs?
Is there a way to make my mascara waterproof?
What is the best brand of waterproof eyeliner pencil for scene makeup?
I'm going to the eye doctor tomorrow. . . .?
First time makeup tips?!?
I`m Getting Bonne bell liP lighTs and here are the flavors i can choose from...?
How much money a year do women spend on makeup alone?
Is this too much make-up to wear to school?
What colors of makeup would look good on me?
what do you use this make up brush forr?
do guys like it when girls have makeup on?
Would I be a NC 42 in Mac makeup?
Is she naturally pretty? (pic)?
Make upp! (picture of me included)?
How do I get makeup like Hanna Marin?
At what age do you think girls/yound woman should start to wear makeup?
Apply mascara before or after applying false eyelashes? Or don't use any at all?
Which blowdryer is better?(read details)?
Hair/Makeup like the girl in "Freaxxx"?
10 points!!! what color make-up should use?
MAC cosmetics suggessions for caramel skin color?
Has anyone tried Almay's Pure Blends makeup?
What is the best brand for makeup?
can i make a halter blouse with a sparkley cloth?
makeup question/poll! [foundation]?
What kind of makeup should grade 8 wear?
Need some help with make up?
What is the best drug store blush , foundation ,concealer and finishing powders?
what is the best cosmetic line ?
Is it okay to wear my make up like this?
is Barry M cheaper in superdrug or boots?
Has anyone actually owned makeup brushes from widget love?
Senior wants to look his best for a video?
How do u use L'Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour?
what eye colour goes best with brown eyes?
stay put gloss?
Why does my acne go away when I stop wearing makeup?
i want to start wearing makeup but i'm not sure how?!?
how do yo make your eyes look bigger???
Need a new Youtube Channeled Beauty Guru Username!!?
Best Concealer?
What's your favourite lipgloss color?
Good high end makeup in london?
best BB cream for oily skin?
could covergirl?
How to do my makeup and hair?
what color of eyeshadow goes well with hazel eyes?
what liquid foundation do you suggest??
wheres the best place to get oil free makeup?
Need advice and opinions on makeup and face wash?!?
makeup ruined my skin any skin remedies i can try?
Wearing Foundation? CLOWN D: Haha?
Is this good everyday makeup?
Covergirl SuperStay Silky??
Can people look good make up on?
Edward Give me back my Lip Gloss!?
What's the best way to keep your eyeliner from smearing?
Can you put liquid eyeliner on your waterline?
Lip gloss colors to draw less attention to mouth?
What do you think of my eyelashes?
Is MAC foundation worth the money?
how to get my eyebrows to look like this?
How to make improve your beauty without makeup?
I have dark circles under my eyes, any suggestions on what can help lighten them?
where can u buy mac cosmetics makeup?
What are some cheap dolls that i am able to apply makeup 2?
how do you make a honey oatmeal mask for face?
make overs for two brunette middle school girls?
which is the best whitening cream available in india with its costs?
what's your favorite mascara?
Is Urban Decay creamy conceler any good?
Make Eyelashes Grow??
Do I have dark circles or puffy eyes or both (pic)?
Lip gloss or chapstick? :)?
What's your opinion on animal testing for cosmetics and other non-essential products?
how 2 get that natural look?
Make-up brands what do you think !?
Wedding Makeup Advice! =)?
Guys and makeup?
Do you know of a Non-comedogenic oil free foundation?
What is the best hand cream for dry hands?
Makeup course in Dubai - know of any?
I have to very little holes in on my lip?
Is maybelline's one by one a good mascara?
only UGLY women need to wear make-up?
What Eye/Face shape am I?
What color matches with almost everything, not including black and white?
my eye shadow looks ashy?
What is the best foundation for my skin?
What is an affordable brand of mascara that doesn't run?
How do I remove undereye makeup at home?
what's your daily makeup routine?
How do you keep makeup from running off when you exercise?
Is it weird to wear blush?
Ladies, i need some colour help!?
Would you wear these Fall makeup trends? ?
are there any cosmetologist out there that i can do an over e-mail interview for my isearch paper for english?
How can someone achieve a......?????? ?
your favorite perfume?
Do you think Im pretty?
What is a really pale liquid foundation?
Which formula do you like best to fill in your eyebrows?
How can I bring out my dark brown eyes?
how can i make my eyes look HUGE?
How can I look pretty without eyeliner?
which toner is suitable for oil skin.should be available in india.what is a foundation.?
Which mascara would you prefer?
I need beauty and makeup tips for a Model UN conference?
What is the best powder foundation??
Benefit or Kat Von D concealer?
How many coats of mascara do you apply?
What colour eyeshadow if wearing bright red clothes, but have pale skin?
eye makeup for Asians?
Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara?
What's your makeup routine?
How can I keep from getting eyeshadow UNDER my eyes?
What's your favourite makeup item?
i need salon fair ideas helpppp please?
I am trying to get my MAC Pro membership started. Will my cosmetology license & home biz card work?
How to apply eyeliner to make eyes pop?
what can i use to make pimples go away(girls)?
Hair, makeup, and outfits for seventh grade?
how much makeup do you wear, girls?
anyone know what colorstay lipstick goes on and stays dry? The new ones I've tried stay moist and rub off!
Face mask for school?
why does the makeup around my eyes appear "dry"?
What do you use to cut your eye lashes?
do you ever pull out your eyebrow hairs?
What is your favorite thing about you?
How do i get my eye shadow to stay on all night while am out partying.?
I was wondering if Lip smackers have colours or does it only give off shine?
Horrible at doing makeup?
what color do you like on your toe nails?
Makeup Ideas Please.?
What is luminess air?
question please?
lise watier portfolio concealer?
How to lighten my skin with make up?
What's the best lip gloss brand and where can I get it?
I would like to sell Marykay products in Ireland. What do I need to be a Marykay dealer ?
lipstick or lip gloss?
GIRLS- Do you feel better with or without make-up, why?
Blue Eyes.....?
Girls only, what do you use for your face before makeup?
Does anyone know of a home remedie for puffy eyes?
make up people please look/.?
What makeup is school appropriate for a 12 year old girl in 6th grade and in middle school?
If you had to choose only 3 kinds of makeup, what would they be?
Describe the most prettiest/popular girls in your school!?
Is there a way to get them lighter?
I want a gf who wears very THICK HEAVY makeup please?
how to make green eyes stand out...?
How can I get super tan with 1 day full day at the beach?
What makeup is appropriate for me?
do I wear too much makeup?
Girls, what kind of perfume do you like to wear? Fruity? Sweet? Musky?
Girls this ones for you!?
What are good makeup removing wipes from the drugstore that won't break me out?
What color eyes do you have?
Delicious Victoria's Secret lip glosses...?
Why does my skin look pale with a yellowish and slightly green tint to it when i don't tan?
Younger makeup gurus?
What is you're favorite brand of makeup?
Best Lip Gloss ????????????
Oil Blotting Pads?
why do girls where more makeup these days.?
Must Have makeup from CVS? 10 points!!!?
Why do they make her look older?
MAC makeup artists???????
With or without make-up?
Should I........................?
Best cosmetic concealer for face mole?
Where can i find a diagram showing me how to apply the smokey eye shadow look?
Make up or no make up?
can you tell me if i'm wearing too much make-up?
How important are the eyebrows?
what`s ur fave color?
Fake tans that dont smell?
MAC Studio Tint vs Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream?
Do you think its okay for me to wear eyeliner?
thinking about trying out a new makeup look? what do you think?
where do u get mac makeup products?
What makeup products would be appropriate for a 12 year old going into the seventh grade?
what is a good brand of nail polish?
Suggest me an eyeshadow that I can wear on its own for black brown eyes????? Help?
Scram bracelet detect lip gloss?
what do you think of my drawing? how can i improve?
is this alot of makeup for 15 yr old girl?
Does anyone know any websites to get discounted makeup/beauty products?
girls, what do you think of male moshers/goths who wear makeup?
What is the dress code for working at Clinique?
how do you now when a boy likes you?
dark circle under eye?
People tell me my makeup is too "harsh", help ?
i am a 11 year old girl i have dark spots under my eye is it okay to use foundation?
Best brow pencil or powder?
Your Makeup Must Haves?
hello..! which is best mascara brand of the below and i can get in chennai!?
Can you help me improve my self esteem and get a new look for makeup and hair details inside?
whats your favorite makeup brand?
how can i make my boring eyes stand out?
my eyes look to watery and shiny?
what color of eyeshadow and eye liner looks good?
Are my eyebrows messed up?
When did you start wearing makeup to school?
Good makeup gurus on YouTube?
------> what's the best mascara for extreme length lashes?
What is the best Etude BB cream for teenagers?
Has anyone tried Benefit Hoola Bronzing powder?
Are there any creams that help smooth a furrowed brow (the Botox area)?
Any face cream I use that has sun protection in it causes staining on my clothes. I don't notice the stains?
makeooveerr! [[ PICTURE ]]?
What comes to mind when you hear the word Avon?
I keep getting my mascara on my eye lids?
good natural looking mascara?
St. Moritz Fake Tan...has anyone used it whilst on holiday?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
How much is a lip pericing?
how can i get rid of zits?
best way to make my big (but not wide eyes) look wide?
Grecian Makeup for Prom?
Do you draw/fill-in your eyebrows?? if so how did you learn?
Blue eyeliner? Do you wear it? What about blue eye shadow? too tacky or pretty?
My girlfriends make-up, cant stand it.?
whats the best way to get rid of a black eye?
How to clean my eyeshadow palette?
whats more attracting brown, black or no eyeliner?
Should men wear makeup?
MAC lipsticks for tan/olive skin tone?
How would I do my makeup like this?
How old was you when you had your first kiss? im talking a proper kiss , using tounges ?
Ladies, what age did you start to wear make-up?
How do I make dollar store face makeup easier to apply?
Has anyone heard of the cool new makeup called True Colors?
what is your opinion on eyeliner?
make up suggestions for medium/dark brown hair, bright blue eyes and fair skin?
Green eyes?
Easy ten points! I need some makeup tips?
Does tatoo makeup hurt?
What cleanser should I use?
Does anyone know where they might sell "color oops" besides walgreens ?
First facial.....any advice?
How can you get your foundation to stay on?
pout cosmetics?
Grey/dark green eyes and blue/black hair? Makeup?
Ladies do you like lipgloss or lipstick more?
What can I uses for leopard/cheetah face pattern?
How can I do my make up this way?
How do you use MAC's magically cool liquid powder?
what are your top 10 favorite makeup tricks/tips?
Which Freeman clay mask is the best one for someone with oily skin prone to breakouts?
is a heart shaped face common?
Need really good makeup!!!?
How do I make my eyeballs naturally white without causing irritation, redness, or permanent damage?!?
What colour/style of eyeshadow should i wear?
what is the best drugstore nail polish ?
Kylie Jenner makeup?? Please helpp!!!?
I Am Brown Skin ( African American ) how to enrichen Eyes to become thick & dark ?
makeup to get a smaller and pointier chin?
What is the best lipgloss out there ladies that you can't live without?
How much does Kandee Johnson weigh?
How should i wear my hair and make up on my first day of school? and what should i wear?
Girls camp? No make up?
How to do makeup on my eyes(edit)?
Which makeup brands test on animals?
What lip color should i wear?
Girls- Drugstore makeup for dewy look?
Where can I buy mini versions of benefit cosmetics? ( uk)?
what is the best brand of make up Mary Kay or Avon?
What contact lense color fits the 'vampire' look?
Do you know a good waterproof mascara?
is dark brown eyeliner useless on dark skin?
I want to convince my parents to let me date. Any pointers?
Using spf 45 sunscreen and tinted foundation with spf 15 will interfere in any way or higher spf take over?
Any good lip balms or chapsticks?
Illasmasqua- the lightest shade foundation? HELP?
Where can I get plastic nail swatches that are connected together?
brevoxyl is dying my hair!?
Do you think I sound hott. LOL?
what can i use around my house to make me prettier?
My nailpolish ALWAYS chips?
are there any people from UAE...Dubai on here i live in dubai...?
why is she so goofy?
What lip colour goes well with blue dress?
All the True Makeup Games list?
What color makeup should I wear for a wedding?
What color Revlon Whipped Foundation should I get?
best drugstore mascara out of thses?
i am naturally fair skined,(im tan now) my hair is a ashy blonde,what make up colors would look best on me?
A question about cosmetics (Make-up) from a MALE!!!?
What is the best way to remove water proof mascara? ?
Method to Remove Eye Makeup?
Eyebrow pencil?
Poll: Apply eyemake up first or skin make up?