Out of these stores, which one sells the cheapest for makeup?
Your favourite everyday makeup?
how to make cheeks pink naturally?
Whats the difference between all the mac blush finishes?
what eyeshadow goes best with blue eyes?
Would golden eyeshadow look good with green eyes?
how to make blue eyes pop?
I've noticed that I lose a lot of eyelashes every time I use eye makeup. I have a question about this (below)?
makeup help please,,, thanks?
Makeup tips I'm 13? Help?
Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Cleanser?
Is touche eclat (YSL)highlighter awesome?
is age 11 too young for a girl to wear makeup?
Please help, all opinions greatly appreciated! Easy 10 points~?
should women wear makeup?
Why do my eyes get bothered by bright lights in the dark?
What in your makeup bag?
A natural, glowing blusher for cheeks?
Is it true that makeup makes a wemon look more glamorous?
whats the best make up to cover little bumps on my forehead that wont clog my pores??
is Physicians formula mineral wear any good like the liquid foundation and the powder?
What are your opinions on
is this makeup okay for a 13 year old?
should a 10 year old girl be able to wear make-up?
How much for quixter,Artistry or Amway starter kit make up
best drug store mascarea?
How often should you change your make up sponge applicators?
lush shoppers: coalface cleanser or fresh farmacy cleanser?
POLL: your favorite make-up.?
What is your number one moisturiser?
What is a good daytime alternative to a smokey eye?
Hey so I'm 14, and I'm getting a facial for the first time this Sunday?
spray face with hairspray?
The arabian girls always have nice makeup(eyeliner) how do I create this exotic look? HELP?
what mascara is better covergirl or loreal?
What is one makeup item that you cannot live without?
what make up is appropriate for a 13 year old?
What kind of makeup would look good on me?
Toddlers and Tiaras costume hair and makeup?
What is the best way to cover up bags and dark circles?
ok, so when you go to a cosmetic aisle and women offer to put makeup on you?
L'Oreal true match lumi VS Maybelline Fit me?
Help me someone?
how to wear my makeup????????
What item of clothing could u not live without ?
Do I have "cool" or "warm" skin?
help me out.?
Should you compliment woman on their make-up?
which is the best make up pallete for the hand bag and why?
What age do you think kids can start wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow?
What helps puffy eyes?
does maibaline liquid mouse foundation really work?
i need please the best light weight face moisturizer for dry skin and foundation please.?
This guy tricked me, I need your help. What do I do?
What do you think about Avon Proouducts?
Has anyone ever bought Mac make up from ?
should i wear foundation for school or not?
Why doesn't my boyfriend like for me to wear any make-up?
How to hide a black eye for homecoming?
What is your daily make-up and hair routine?
how do you know if foundation has oil in it?
whats your favourite lipgloss?
whats the best way to make your skin look a little better if you suffer from acne?
How come foundation always rubs of on white shirts?
Where can i find these 2 cremes??? :(?
can i use shea butter with fade cream?
what is the best foundation for teenage girls to use?
Is this too much makeup?
I am 35 and need a good facial moisturizer and cleaner - but I don't want to pay alot?
I am going to be a Gothic witch for Halloween-any suggestions? At least, I have really pale skin.?
Makeup brush question?
Ideal makeup for covering a burnt face?
Victoria Secrets cosmetics are of good quality?
Do I look better with or with out eyeliner?
How do you make a swollen lip go down?
For homecoming i have a salmon pink dress what color eyeshadow should i wear?
hello what is the highest s p f for foundation? any kind is fine thanks?
Fav Make-up Brand, why?
Which makeup brand should i get?
What are some good makeup brushes that are pretty cheap?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear makeup?
what kind of make up suits a black and while polka dotted dress?
What's a good MAC eyeshadow combination?
If you go without makeup for a week, does it really clean your skin?
How did you feel when you first put on makeup?
(PHOTOS INCLUDED) What hair cut should I get?
eye makeup help!?
which e.l.f Clarifying or studio pressed powder is the closest shade of loreal true match golden beige?
Black eyeliner = Your emo?
In need of Facial Cleanser! :/ Helpp.?
How can I change my eye color?
I WANT LIPS LIKE THESE! pic incuded!!?
How to be prettier tips?
Why cant I put on eyeliner good?
lets talk about Hickeys.. : [?
how to make home made concealer?
can i wear purple lipstick if im not black?
I need a cosmetic train case that can carry a 120 eyeshadow palette?
Rashes on my face...caused by Facial!!?
Reasonable makeup for a 13 year old?
Girls would you be jealous if i was using your eyeliner?
NYX Jumbo EyeShadow De-potting questionn!?
how much does a spray tan cost?
What is the best high quality foundation you've ever used?
whats the BEST eye lifting serum/ eye lifting cream?
Foundation for dry, pale skin?
I'm starting make up. Help!?
Clarisonic original brush vs Clarison Mia2?
Is it bad to wear more than 1 different kind of mascara at a time?
which is the best mascara?
too much makeup for highschool?????????????
teens-what age did ur parents let u wore makeup?
What's the best makeup?
Return VS concealer palette?
Cheap good quality make up brushes?
How do i get the "no-makeup" makeup look..??
how should i wear my makeup?(pictures)?
how do u make the containers for the gooey lip gloss?
Is it bad to wear bb cream on my face when working with animals?
Makeup for grade 8 helpp?
Would i look good with a LIP RING?
do you wear makeup everytime you leave the house?
i really need help with applying liquid foundation?
Best concealer out there? and why would you recommend it?
Overseas Postage Costs US -UK?
is it more attractive with eyeliner or without?
What color eyeshadow and eyliner looks best with green/ blue eyes?
eye make up (colorwheel)?
What eyeshadow would be good with teal eyeliner....?
False eyelashes worn daily. Anyone?
cardy uggs in house of fraiser?
12 year old makeup help!!?
Can Some One tell me how to use naturally bare creme hair remover?
hiya what do you think is the best foundation to use :)?
how to get light colored skin?
Makeup Advice Please!!?
Can you give me your opinion in this simple Question?.....?
What Revlon Colorstay foundation (oily/combo) will match NC35-37?
Whats the job title of someone who creates new makeup products?
I got eyebags?
what eyeshadow brand do you recommend?
Websites where you can buy make up?
new to this whole makeup thing?
Natural beauty makeup/look?
What's a good liquid foundation?
Maybelline dream fresh bb cream?
Strange eye colour i have got?
Where can I buy kryolan makeup?
what mascara doesn't make your eyelashes stick together?
Victoria Secret make up??
iam 16 and i like to apply make up.i nevr put foundation or any makeup creams.just lipstip sumtimes mascara?
Which kind of eyes color do you like ?
i am having trouble with a Halloween make up look?
Poll: Girls how long does it take you to put on your make up?
Ladies - If you wear eye make up, is it advisable not to wear anything...?
What's The Best Foundation For YELLOW WHITE COMBINATION Skin?
What makeup should I wear with a royal blue and black dress? (Picture included)?
What is your favourite brand of make-up and why?
a makeup brand xxy?
CVS Stippling Brush??
hi. Is there anyone use Clean & Clear shine control powder or pressed powder. Where can buy them?
whats the BEST eye lifting serum/ or eyelifting cream?
how can i keep my make up from fading away and my cheeks from being so red?
What age is best to wear makeup?
I write blogs from fashion, makeup, hair etc.?
So why do women wear makeup?
If I could look into your eyes what would I see?
When Should I Wear BLACK eyeliner?
Cien makeup brand comes from?
Question about Lancome GWPs?
Do boys like it when you wear alot of eyeliner??
I am addicted to black eyeliner! I am 13, is this to much? If so what should I do?
Which girl Do you Think is more attractive. And will Look Good with This man?
What are the tips to makup ourselves?
Can anyone tell me how to put on eyeliner?
In need of ideas for baby blue eyeshadow/baby blue smokey
Is there a drugstore dupe of estee lauder resilience lift Extreme foundation?
Should a 20 year old use neutrogena ultra sheer age shield SPF 30?r these better than clinique sunscreen?
I have blue-greenish what would be a good eye shadow to wear that would make them stand out more?
Lip glosses for 8th grade?
Does chapstick go bad?
biggest nose on earth?
Should I even use eyeliner? =( ..(pics)?
Please help makeup!?!?!?!?
What Is "Bleaching Cream"?
for my 11th birthday my mom is giving me 200 dollars and i cant even spend fifty of itonmakeup whatshould ido?
What shade MAC concealer if i'm NC30?
on the news, they tested the leading brands of wrinkle creams...?
What make up do you wear?
can you put nail polish on your lips and if you do what will happen after wards and is it safe?
lol oops I messed that last question up, what I ment was why is it not good to put eyeliner on the inside...?
Do non school uniform schools allow makeup?
Luminese Air Make-up???
I don't ask to become fair but atleast tell me how to lighten dark skin & make skin glow?
Is make-up good for a 6th grader?
Broken eyeshadow? HELP!?
wen celebs have their make up dne they have two pieces of tuisse on the sides of their head with clips why?
What lipstick colour would i suit?
Does murad work plz awnser!!?
I need help with my eye makeup!!!!?
Isn't it amazing what professional makeup and photo editing can do?
Need help on evening makeup for a military ball (PIC included)?
what supplements can i take to make my hair grow faster ?
what do you think of great lash clear mascara?
what color blush goes with my skin tone?
which provides the most coverage for acne prone skin combo skin - liquid, tinted, powder,or mineral foudation?
What do you think of my looks?
How To Get Makeup Like Gretchen Wieners?
Make up designs that would suit me?
Do some asians feel unpretty but people say they are pretty?
What are your makeup essentials?
are there any make up techniques to make your nose look narrower/smaller?
Lip product questions?
Makeuppp options?
Where can I get makeup remover from?
makeup for confidence?
i was just wondering at what age should i wear makeup?
do u think its okay for 12 year old girls to wear lip gloss?
Best drugstore cream blush?
Question about Clean and Clear SOFT line? Toner?
What is your 'must have' item of make up and why?
Are there any self-tanners without the awful smell?
Do they make brown mascara?
Is this eye colour unusual? ?
What's your morning routine?
Can Renewing Toner minimize pores?
What is the best yellow concealer you can suggest???
Help for a beginning false eyelash wearer what are some easy ways to get the lash glue on the lash?
Has anyone tried...?
which eyeshadow colour looks good for wheatish skin tone?
Would you rather have mascara or eyeliner?
how can i make my eyes stand out?xo. ^*BEST ANSWER;]*^?
how to i do makeup for blue eyes and a fair complexion?
Tips please!?
I am 11 years old... Should I be able to wear eye-liner?
eyebrow problems! HELP PLEASE!?
which type of mascar is gud?
Lipgloss colours (pics inc)?
How do you ask a girl to put makeup or nail polish on you?
Any Good foundations?
Do you wear makeup everyday?
Any tricks to make boobs look huge and amazing?
I have olive skin, dark brown hair and neutral skin tone. I always either look pale or red! Does anyone have?
Does Pupa's NATURAL SILK Fluid Foundation clog your pores? is it good?
Is there a place that I could go to that could tell me what colors I should use for makeup?
Do you think 8th grade is too young to be wearing eyeshadow, lip gloss, and mascara?
Why is first post so popular but no comments?
Is it bad to put eyeliner on your waterline?
Favorite make up brand?
what mascara will make my eyelashes look longer?
why do women always leave their mouth open when they apply mascara?
should i wear eyeliner?
do u know where i can buy krayolan product at kota bharu?
how to make a fake belly button ring? 10 points!?
Why do pretty boys get hated on?
what kind of makeup do you wear?!?
Should I wear red lipstick to homecoming?
Do guys care if we have makeup on?
Do they sell Nivea Lip Care in Pearl & Shine (Light Pink) in the Philippines?
I'm worried that I look ugly without makeup?
where can i buy burt's bees lip balm?
how can i wear mascara while wearing glasses?
Do you do bold eyes or bold lips more often?
which is the best mineral make up?
What are make up tips?
Best Lip PLUMPER!!!!!!!!!!!!?
White pimple thing?
i have fake nail glue on my nail and it wonk come off, help me?
My eye lids sag and droop a little. What can i use to lift them or smooth them out?
how do i become a mary kay consultant?
good make up? or bad? 10pnts?
how to get eye make-up off without stinging and redness after.?
is it unmanly to use facial creams?
Where can I buy travel jars? READ DETAILS plz?
How can I feel comfortable without wearing makeup?
How long will it take to recieve my elf order?
what can pheromones do to a fragrance? does it smell good?
what type of makeup do you pefer for someone who has bad acnie?
I have grey/green eyes. What would look best? eyeliner, eye shadow what ever.?
I need ASAP HELP Bangs.?
my friendz has dark eyes like underneath them wat shud she do...they ain all that dark but she wants them?
Is there a difference between MAC's foundation and shades?
Best eyeshadow for really blue eyes?
Has anyone had a great personal experience with permanent makeup done in the Austin, TX area?
what is the best makeup 2 give u that jo lo look?
what are the general ingredients in a concealer ?
Revlon Colorstay (Combo/Oily) Liquid Foundation vs. Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Foundation?
What is the best fake tan?
watery eyes and my eyeliner runs what should i do/use?
How can i cover my acne better?
What's your makeup routine for school?
what do you think of bare minerals makeup?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear mascara and eyeliner to school?
Cheap eye concealer...i have a light complexion but i get dark in the summer.?
What are good colour to go with dark brown eyes? And what contrasty colors would go well?
What is the best under-eye concealer?
Makeup colors for light brown/green eyes?
What other materials can you use to clear up pimples other than pimple remover?
whats better green eyes or blue eyes ?
is this too much makeup for a 7th grader??
Can anyone send pics of good make up tips?
how old do you have to be to wear makeup?
Does chapstick go bad?
what is the colour of your eye?
How to apply foundation with a stippling brush? and?... how to apply blush with a buffer brush?
What grade were you in when you started to where eyeliner/makeup?
What are innocent colours ? 10 Points?
I need eyeshadow tips...?
whats your favorite lip balm flavor ?
Can I join a social netball team?
where can i buy face charts online or dep stores?
Is it hard to make sales goals for department stores?
how to get longer eyelashes naturally?
Are there any creams that help smooth a furrowed brow (the Botox area)?
what is the best mascara? i need help ...?
What is the best eye solution to get rid of red, burning eyes?
What is my best feature? (pic)?
Best foundation for dry face with mild acne? HELP!?
Make-up companies?
WhAt KiNd Of MAkE-Up ShOUld i WEAR? PiCS iNClUdEd?
Revlon Colorstay or L'oreal True Match foundation?
Olive skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair makeup?
Formal hair and makeup ideas?
I am deciding between what pallete to get?
what is a really good curling and volumizing mascara for really short eyelashes?
What is the best prom makeup for a off white and pink flowered dress?
Do you think I wear to much makeup? Picture included.?
soap is not good for face? i heard that so stopped using it?
Is MAC's To The Beach Collection returning for summer 2012?
what is the best way for putting on fake eyelashes?
Im 13 and normally wear foundation but everyone says i have nice skin and i shouldnt wear it? What shall I Do?
How old would you say I was?
Whats ur fav. make up brand.and why.?
Whats appropriate?
Am I Warm or Cool Toned?
tinted lip balm?? (easy 10 points)?
What stores can I buy Inglot cosmetics?
Should I wear bronzer or blush with red lipstick?
I am 14 years old and i am 5 7 i bought these boots that are 4 in heels do you think i shouldve bought it?
alpha nails?
What Is...?
Girls only!!!?
I'm looking for a good new face makeup. Anys suggestions?
Drugstore Loose Powder Foundation?
What color eyes do you have?
What makeup would match this eye color?
What are your "must have" druugstore beauty products?
What color lipstick did Aailyah wear in if your girl only kne?
what do you think about my eyes?
Your Favorite Eye Color?10 points?
White spray tan work?
BEST make-up and hair care brands!1?
What are some good brands of eyeliner?
Hold a 9-5 job and freelance as makeup artist?
How do i bring out my cheek bones?
Who uses Dermablend products?
How should I do my makeup today?
i want to know about vichy laboratiories products?
Anyone buy the illamasqua create your own foundation?
Whats the best drugstore mascara?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of having an eyelash curler? Are they really worth buying?
How do I make my nails stronger? [Mine are flimsy!]?
What Mascara makes my eyelashes thicker?
Am I too young to wear make up/ wearing too much make up?
Do you think men should use makeup.?
Do you have cosmetic tattoo?
Are mac cosmetics from all cosmetics wholesale real?
whats the best shade of mac lipsticks for redheads ,.medium skin tones anyones favorites thanks?
Can you put liquid eyeliner on the inside of your eyelid?
help me with my make up please, i am CLUELESS!?
Which one is better sunscreen or day cream with spf.i can't seem any different?
Is it bad that I dont wear makeup?
should i buy studio fix fluid foundation or makeup forever hd foundation?
Long lasting eyeliner?
do you girls wear foundation even if your skin is clear with no pimples.?
what makeup would look best on me? i want change!!!?
Is It Weird If......?
what stores sale fashion fair cosmetics?
What is a neutral makeup look for 7th grade?
mascara to creat fake lashes?
Do I look good without makeup?
dramatic lashes-good mascara? and for thin lashes?
should i wear makeup?
Do you think it's alright if a boy wears M.A.C make-up (powder) on his face to cover his scars?
I Have No Idea What Skin Undertone I Have?
Indian style make up? :)?
What M.A.C. shadow is simaliar to M.A.C.'s femme fi?
anyone use Vichy for wrinkles under eyes?
how can i do my "emo make up" to look more awesome?
which fake tan can i use?
I have an interview for Ulta?
What color Eyeshadow goes with a red dress?
How I blend Mac Pro Longwear foundation more evenly without it getting cakey? dry/oily skin.?
Mac Or any other foundation that doesn't break you out?
what color of lipgloss or lipstick would make my teeth look whiter?
hi help to me select my eye wear plzzz?
Dollar tree Lip glosses? makeup products? Do they sell some?
how to make my face skin real shiney..mine is real oily....and sensitive?
Which color do you like better : smog or half baked ( urban decay)?
what colorr brings out my eyes?
How do you do the Smokey look?
what to buy at lush cosmetics?
What does your everyday make-up look like?
What is so special about MAC Tendertones?
my nose pores are so big?
Is mascara and sometimes a little eyeliner too much for 13yrs.???
What is the best kind of base makeup girls?Foundation?Do you use a pressed powder? What about a bronzer?
Am I too young for makeup?
who would have tooken the time to invent make up? That seems kinda silly!?
Hey, i am just starting a new grade and i want my pores really clean!any sugestions?
Best CHEAP makeup for arms?
Best drugstore bronzer?
Benefit make-up users! What's the raspberry tinted moisturizer called?
How exactly do you tell eye colors?
Best makeup to wear with blue eyes?
does eyelines make you loose your eye lashes?
does anyone else think men look sexy in eyeliner?
HELP water just got on my nars orgasm.?
Serious make up advice/tips colors that will look good on me including clothes colors.?
What’s the appropriate age to begin to wear make?
why do so many people hate the color pink.?
what color eyeshadow should i wear?
what make up shades would suit me? i am blonde,have pale skin and blue eyes?
Anyone know of any make-up brands in the UK which are good without being expensive?
How can I look prettier?
70 dollars to spend, what make up should I buy?
if you have a zit and you dont have any zit cleaner does it help to put coverup on it?
Fave Makeup???????????????
Another make up question?
What eyeshadow looks good with brown eyes?
Is this too much make up for a 14 year old?
How long to wait before applying eyebrow powder or pencil on permanent eyebrow procedure?
ahhh help i buy so much eye liner but they all suck?
Will this scar fade? (PICTURES INCLUDED)?
I'm a Bisque 8N in Lancome's Teint Miracle foundation. What MAC shade does that equate to?
How to keep eyeliner and mascara in place and non-smudging??
Do you know any website that sell MAC cosmetics and that ships to Sweden? Please tell me?
What does clear mascara do?
Using Make Up With Skin ID?
What is the perfect makeup for middle school?
Would you rather go without mascara or eyeliner?
OK sooo whats YOUR favourite makeup brand of all times!?!?
makeup and clothes?
Whats the average a person makes as an esthetician?
what is good eye cream for men?
Has anyone tried an airbrush foundation like the C Dior airflash, and if so is it easy to use?
make up artist?
what is the best kinda make up for a 7ht grader?
I need beauty tips for acne, hairstyle & make up, i really dont wear makeup but i tried in make up nd i looked?
What's the best foundation you've ever used?
How to you pay with more than one gift card?
Guys, Do you like girls with glossy lipstic or with mat fininsh?
what's a good makeup compact?
Should I carry my make up in my purse when I go out?
How Much Money Do You Usually Spend When Buying Makeup?
Going into high school and mom won't let me wear makeup?
what neutrogena foundation would be best for greek skin?
Eye color?
What is your favourite mascara?
eye shadow for blue eyes and light brown hair?
how old can a girl should start wearing makeup?
Weird question, but...?
What is the best type of eye liner?
What the heck is BB cream?
Best Blush You've Ever Tried?
NYX Lipstick/liners vs Jordana Lipsticks/liners?
how do you get fake eyelashes off?
bare minerals???
Why do I have uneven eyebrows?
Revlon foundation or Covergirl foundation ?
any ways to make fair frecked skin look tanned/darker?
REDHEADS look better with no eye makeup? looks FAKE?
how do I get my eyeliner to stay on ?
Eyeshadow question for brown eyes?
What is the best Gradual Self Tanner?
Make Up???
Can you coverup five o clock shadow this way?
any help for acne scars treatment?
How my eye is shaped, eyeliner on the top lid doesn't...?
what color should i paint my nails?
My acne and acne scars won't go away for years! What am I doing wrong?! Please help me, so desperate!!!!?
makeup and hair for a boy??
my makeup keeps running down my face. what should i do??
Should I spend the money?
Ideas for makeup/hair portfolio?
How do you stop mascara from ending up on the bottom eyelid?
What color are my eyes?
I have really chapped lips and chapstick really doesn't look good on me.?
Favourite Make-up YouTube Gurus?
What's ur favourite skincare line ?
Where can one buy greige nail varnish in South Africa?
BEST drugstore foundation for dry skin (that doesn't clog pores)?
Is Lush "Full of Grace" a good moisturizer?
Can i earn a make-up licence from doing theatrical and media make-up at college?
is there a difference between a makeup airbrush and a regular airbrush (that would be used for painting ect)?
<<<<what about sephora>>>>?
how could i hide my acne scars?
Which [drugstore] mascara is best of these choices (links included...)?
how should i wear eyeliner?
best mascara thats available in boots or superdrug?
I recently bought garnier herbashine?
Ladies, What Is Your Favorite Color Of Nail Polish?
How Do I explain to my mom what MAC makeup is?
Do you put sunscreen on every day?
Anyone tried Jergen's natural Glow FACE? Does it work? Does the tan look fake or orange?
Dark Lips????........?
Make-up suggestions for my eyes? (Pic included)?
Will arched eyebrows look good on long faces ?
what age did you start wearing makeup?
Help me find a great lip gloss...?
ladies on average how much do you spend on makeup per year?
Tips On Makeup For A Beginner?
whats a good purple/gold eyeshadow?
Am i ugly (pic included)?
i want to look more natural, but how?
Does eyelining on guys look gay?
Ladies , what are the most essential items you have in your make up bag ?
natural or alot of makeup?
how much makeup should a 13 year old wear?
What do you think is an appropriate age for people to start wearing makeup?
How do i make use of aleavera plant?
How do I make the lines in my top lip go away?
Does Maybelline test on animals?
What do i do!! MAKE UP HELP!!?
Any step by step pictures of how to do your eyes like Avril Lavigne?
Can you rate these makeup brands to worst to best and thanks?
some one with blue eyes and brown hair?
How to deal with oily skin?
can anyone tell me a good mascara?
Is anyone else addicted to lipgloss and chapstick like me?
Where In Ireland Can I Purchase 'Dainty Doll' Cosmetics?
if i use body lotion will that make my boyfriend like me more?
Plzzzzzzz answer??
I have a few questions about B.B Cream?
How can I prevent my foundation from getting flakey before the end of the day?
I'm an eighteen year old female and I have never worn makeup before. I would like to start wearing it...?
What colour eyeshadows & Lip colours are you wearing for Autumn/Winter?
To be wearing makeup?
my parents dont let me wear make up and i am going into the 8th grade?
what can you tell me about max factor?
MAC products? Natural please :)?
Best cheap liquid eyeliner?
What Is the best foundation to use If you have quite bad acne?
Has anyone tried out the make up brushes from costco?
How does the girl do her makeup?
Survey for LADIES: Which makeup brand do you use?
what eyeshadow looks best with brown hair and brown eyes ?
A question for girls about make-up..?
boring brown eyes?
Is there a way to get rid of acne scars? and how come my foundation doesnt cover up the scars completely?
Is there a lip gloss that makes guys WANT to kiss you?
what makeup do you usually wear?
natural or fake? facially speaking....?
Do you think hunting is for girls and boys or just boys ????
I have big bulgy eye how to apply eyeshadows and eyeliners on them?
Danbury Fair Mall Store Directory?
What is the best way to get rid of acne without medication?
What color mascara with blue eyes?
How do I get this look?
I am using the new natural glow moisturizer for face by Jergens. Can you do 2 applications a day?
youtube makeup ideas and goal?
Help with makeup/hair & outfit?
What eyeshadow/make up looks would suit me?
Best Chapstick out there? Or lip scrub?
can any girl give me a girly makeover?
How do I get mascara off?
Do I have a baby face? (Pics!)?
Girly girl presents?? I need help:LL?
Do you think allot of girls wear way to much makeup?
Could I find a person using their number?
maybelline baby lips limited edition...?
Foundation Match Help?!?
best thing to take out self tanner?
What color of Eye shadow should I use too make my green eyes pop?
Does Almay Smart Shade actually work?
Do I need a cosmetology license to just be a makeup artist in North Dakota?
What the best make up brand ?
How to choose make up?
Best Lip PLUMPER!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is it ok for an 8th grader to wear bright but dark red lip gloss?
degrassi- season 4 "going down the road pt1." manny make-up?
MAC lipsticks for pale skin?
How to draw attention to my eyes and not my under eye circles?
What is your favorite foundation?
Anyone buy the illamasqua create your own foundation?
in your opinion whats the nicest eye color?
Do I wear too much makeup fo a 15 year old?
Should I use this tinted moisturizer at my age?
has anyone tried everyday minerals?
anyone have some make up tips?
what is the first yardley of london soap?
I need a biracial girl makeover, for Cheap!!!?
are my eyes brown or hazel?
stupid question?
Press on well do they work?
the immatation of bare minerals?
Do you think a 11 year old should wear gold eyeshadow,mascra,and lip gloss to middle school?
So Im going out to dinner tonight?
do boy's wear make up?
Make-up question?
Is there a way to have a permanent line of dark liner on your water line is tattooing it the only way?
how much make up should a 13 year girl wear?
MAC cosmetics PRO card - What make-up qualifications do MAC accept? Any good home study courses?
How to apply foundation..?
Girls, how long do you spend on make-up daily?
What mascara will NOT clmup your eyelashes together?
how do you apply eye make up?
girls, what age did you start wearing make up?
best concealer for the the dark circles under eye?
What kind of cover up is this? Pic..?
Is it good to never wear makeup?
How can I improve my looks?
good make up for green eyes?
Drugstore mineral make-up?
What color eyeshadow looks good on blue eyes and fair skin?
How to make makeup stay on?
skin lighteners?
Is it safe to wear eye makeup with contacts on?
What can i do when tanning that will.........?
Does anyone know where I can buy beeswax in Chennai, India?
Best hydrating foundation?
how can I make my nose look more upturned with makeup?
What to do with eyes and hair?
Any fair skinned people out there tried self-tanners?
How to get a makeup look like Miley Cyrus?
Anyone tried Barry M foundation?
Does anybody know a good liquid foundation for oily skin?
My Sis Is 10..?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 13 year old?
Hai Friends! I'm 22 year girl.I want to reduce my weight.Kindly help me. My height 5'3" and my weight 75 kg.
What is the best drugstore make up?
who was paparis?
what the best under eye concealer that won't cost me the earth?
i feel ugly! im 5'6 120 lbs 13 years old blonde hair blue eyes and im going into 7th grade!?
Help me please?
What goes best? .s 5 stars:)?
what is the best drugstore mascara ?
How can u cover little spots?
how often should i replace my loofah, and bath sponge.?
What's good eyeliner?
What's the best thing to use to wash your face at night?
How to get rid of under eye redness?
Cheekbone and nose contouring?
Sweatpants cutting?
What does foundation look like up close on someones face?
Haii..Quick question I wanna ask!?
How to get this Ariana Grande Makeup look?!?
is curd and lemon a good facial cleanser?any other tips?pls advise?
Top 5 Makeup Products You Can't Live Without?
Please help with makeup?
girls help: MAKEUP?
How to apply concealer wiith peeling skin?
What are your best make up (eyes mainly) make up tips?
why was shine supreme lip shine by avon discontinued?
my eyes is very small... what can i do to make them look bigger??
in london is there a reasonably priced and good place for a facial ?
Would this thing do my face any good?? what do you think of it?
How to thin your face?
Where is the origin of bisobolo?
where is clinique bonus time located next? and what will be in it?
What are some cute, bright, summer eyeshadow looks?
Where can I get high brand makeup for cheap?
water based liquid foundation with good coverage?
blonde or brunnette? pics!! 10 points best answer?
Make up experts... eyeshadow and blush help?
Is there anything i can buy to stop my eyeliner smudging at the sides,?
What is the best mascara you have ever used?
I look like a sl*t!!!?
Does anyone know if this stuff about the ingredient Bismuth Oxychloride, found in many mineral makeup is true?
How did she do her makeup? (LINK included)?
Which eyeshadow colors are best for hazel eyes?
Which face makup is better?
makeup advice?
Does grey or stone colour eyeliner make dark brown eyes look lighter?
How do you chose your eye shadow?
mac lashes 3 clumping and falling off with glue?
What is the answer to Smashbox Cosmetics Finish at Flawless Challenge 1? 10 POINTS! :)?
skin tone? make up? colour shade? advice?
Free foundation samples?
What makeup products do you like from E.L.F.?
How can i put makeup so it doesnt look like i put too much around my eyes?
Where can I get Glycolic acid peels in chennai?Can someone help me out?
Ladies, How much do you spend per month on make up?
makeup for a 13 yr old girl?
What is a pretty nail polish color to go with blue eyes?
When is the proper age for a girl to start using makeup?
how can i get liquid eyeliner out of my carpet?
any idea for good makeup so dat i'l look fairer?
plannin to buy sheer cover.. worth?
How do I Tell my roommates to stop using my toilet paper?
Will my mascara run during gym class?
What's the best cream eyeliner?
Prom Make-up?
What is in your makeup collection and storage?
my daugter is going to homecoming should i make her eyeshadow the same color as her dress?
What hair colour goes best with my alabaster skin and hazel eyes? My natural colour is light brown?
I'm black how do i do my eyebrows?
i want to buy bare minerals! I LIVE IN BALI!!! THEY WONT SHIP IT!!!!! HELP?
What should I buy? Naked 2 palette or the Ocho Loco set of eyeliners?
What facial wash should i use?
does blue eyeliner look good with green eyes (kinda a medium blue, not dark but not light)?
i'm new with make up but am deeply in love with all lipgloss n black,n green eyeliners-PROPPER APPLYING MTHOD?
What are the make up styles over decades?
MAC lipstick dupe for Soft & Slow?!?
Home alone with nothing to do?
I am really dark skinned. What color blush should i use?
NYX glitter this "pigments"?
which one do you like the bestt....?
What kind of bag do u carry for school.... plz help. school project!!!?
I'm 18 and want to become a Mary Kay Lady... is this possible?
Is revlons photoready mousse the same as normal foundation?
Non petroleum based make up?
what is the best way to make your eyes look super big?
Suggest a best face primer?
Male Eyebrow grooming?
How to get rid of tan? (10 points)?
Is m.a.c cosmetics good for all conditions?
How to do makeup like this?
Best face mask?
Which product should I buy?
Is there any salons in WI that do airbrush makeup?
What age did you start wearing makeup?
Would plum colored lipstick be good for my husband dressed as a vampire for halloween?
girls what make-up do u wear to school?
Does Popbeauty Cosmetics Ship to U.S?
i forgot to put on face primer! what will happen?
how good is Clair's makeup?
How do I get rid of dark spots around my eyes?
Should blonde haired peeps wear eyeliner on the bottom?
L'oreal BB Cream?
what are some good eyebrow linerss?:)?
using vasilene on lips will make them bigger?
Rate my Katy Perry inspired painted makeup? (pics!)?
Mascara and liquid eyeliner recommendations?
What make up should a 12 year old girl wear?
What is the best Lip Plumper from your own personal experience? Cost?
how to do smokey eyes & what looks good with black hair?
What is the best kind of eyeliner to use?
"emo" girls make-up help?
Girls do you rekon mascara on an emo dude is hot?
i need a loose powder for normal skin that is oil-free, won't make me break out, and doesn't look cakey
Should a ten year old where makeup?
why is there polyethylene terephthalate in my lip gloss?
is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
Can you help me find this lipstick?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Do you think hiring a mobile makeup artist is a good idea for formal?
Makeup storage question (pic included)?
Reviews for this product?
Do you think this is to much makeup?
online stores for loreal shipping internationally??drugstore doesnt?
Video on corrective makeup for a total beginner?
L'oreal HIP Eyeshadow: Is it as intense as they claim?
I'm a red head, and I'm not sure how to put on makeup that won't look bad. Any tips?
MEN PLEASE ANSWER!!! or women..?
how to look tanned?
I tried dying my I stuck my head in a bucket of bleach...?
What should i do so by the end of the day my eye makeup doesn't look horrible?
How do i reinvent myself (PIC)?
rite aid gives refund?
Very heavy duty foundation (drugstore only)?
hey ,can you answer this question...............?
12 too young for make up?
How can I keep my face's tan even with makeup?
will spray tan make me orange?
Cover Girl?
recommend a good foundation?
how to make eyes look bigger :)?
can anyone recommend a good concealer for under eye shadows etc?
help with eyelashes please.?
What are the great buys from and
Why does my liquid eyeliner keep ing?
Best mascara for $15 and UNDER?
what colour nail tip? black / white?
Mascara opinions please?
Why do Some Women Wear Thick Make up?
So I messed up my eyebrows awhile back...?
My eyeliner never stays on!?
How to make your concealer lighter (talc)?
What is a good pink/nude lipstick from MAC?
Is eyeliner on the the top eyelid that flares on outter corners of your eyes considered to be GANGSTER-ish?
What can i do to fix my makeup... pictures inside.?
Good makeup suggestions?
girls-who feel confidet to go out the door with no make-up?
i've noticed that old chapstick gets discolored, and bitter to the taste. What's going on?
Is this makeup good for high school?
whats the best way to make my make up look smooth not creased?
what is the best ways to apply foundation and concealer?
if your going to make out with a guy what should you wear lipgloss or lipdtick?
High coverage loose powder foundation?
How to make your makeup last?
tips on how to become less ugly?
Physicians Formula?
Whats the worst makeup brand to you?
can a redhead wear red lipstick?
How much is this COACH nail polish worth?
Should I wear makeup or not?
How many contestants are in the states finalists in the national miss american miss?
I'm starting out with make-up, and I need help. (Pictures)?
wut age/grade did u guyz start wearing makeup?????
How can I get rid of purple circles uner the eyes? ?
I have a hot yellow dress, how should i do my makeup?
I am getting married next month and I know I will cry. LOL Anyway, I need some really good waterproof makeup?
Does this sound like too much makeup?
is there a way to remove dark circles instantly...sum natural remedy??
Getting my makeup done at sephora?
I need help?!?! Morning routine?
my lip is red and it burns?
What colour shall I paint my nails?
foundation that doesn't make it look like my skin's peeling?
what mascara would you suggest for me? (pics)?
which model is prettier?
makeup artists on new york i love you?
eye make~up help?
what do you think is the best facial (for normal-dry skin) available at shopper's drug mart?
Which order do I use these products?
what is your experience w/ bare minerals matte foundation? I'm a new user.?
What colour are my eyes? [pic]?
How to apply makeup on monolids?
Can you suggest a a name for kit or packet for females. A really girly name that covers all bases.?
anyone know this lipcolour?
How long in the morning do you spend doing your hair and makeup?
how can i make my blue eyes stand out more?
What kind of eyeliners stays on the best?
i need to find a good lip plumper to wear, does anyone know the best one to get?
Does anyone her like Bonne Bell's Lip Smackers?
Question about body fondation?
I think my daughter is a cocaine addict? I found white powder in her bathroom?
What makeup do you wear?
where can I go to have my makeup done for prom?
does uv body paint glow outside ?
what makeup style should i do?
what type of make-up for my complexion/eyes ?
what is your go to lip balm?
Where did my chapstick go?
Does black liner make your lashes look fuller?
About how old to start wearing makeup?
Liquid Eyeliner help!!?
Poll: What makeup do you use?
hi.......i am a teenager i am in problem because of my skin?
Which brand should I start using, Mac or Clinque?
Eyelid touches lashes?
what is the best eye cream in the world?
Is there any special make-up and face washes for my bff?
Is there a way to make skin thicker?
I'm black how do i do my eyebrows?
i have small eyes.. how can i make them look bigger?
Face issues?
13 year old with makeuup!?
How to seriously change my appearance over the summer?
MAC Ripe Peach Blush....?
What color should i paint my nails?
How do you get that bronzy pink glow that actresses have? And yes, I know that you should use face bronzer?
i have 30 dollars to spend at sephora and or lush what should i spend it on?
Where are MAC lipstick labels?
Do I have sensitive skin? facial cleansers?
What is a good way to remove sunless tanner from fingernails?
Does anyone know of a good value for money foundation ?
What is the best mascara?
What is the best way to apply liquid foundation?
If you could get a free makeover, would you take it?
HOw do i look (my Picture is included)?
What is a good way to get a tan in 5 days?
do you die if you put nail polish on your lips?
My best makeup colors?
MAC Pigment or Eye shadow?
Make up advice??? (pic included)?
How much makeup do you wear to school?
Loreal True Match pressed powder or Maybelline Dream Matte powder?
should i use pencil eyeliner?
what is the best magazine or site for men's hairstyle and eyebrow shaping, and makeup in general?
Whenever I use foundation my skin gets pimples!?
girls help: MAKEUP?
Where can i buy cosmetics online??
i want my boyfriend to wear eye liner?
Bare minerals in Australia?
Help a beauty guru out?
What is the best method/product to use to cover-up dark circles under my eyes???
What's your favorite kind of makeup?
what kind of eye makeup should i have? (pic)?
do you think i wear to much makeup?
due to heavy smoking my lips colour has become very black how to improve lips colour?
my friends tell me im too pale...?
nyc lip stain buy or not ?
Egg white mask whitening skin?
What's your everyday make-up?
cheaper dupe for nars lipstick in belle de jour?
which make up fits better on my face? and why?
what do you think is the most mistake girls make when applying makeup?
I hate my eyebrows?????
Is Avon makeup any good?
Covering up spots with makeup?:3?
Do I look strange with this lipstick?
My 16 year old daughter is attracted to females. I have problems coping. I think she's too young 4 that.?
Does anyone own the Bare Minerals Topaz kit?
Why do white women pay so much money to have lip injections to have luscious lips like i have naturally?
How can I become EXTREMELY pale ?
What are some low price clothing stores for girls ages 15 to 25?
Jesse's Girl & Jane... ?
ok so lk i never wear eyeshadow but after seeing youtube tutorials i thought they looked really pretty?
Eyebrow color question?
What's a REALY good moisturizer beside lip balm for chapped lips?!?
what suits green eyes the most?
Best bb cream for African Americans??
What is a good makeup setting spray?
Rate me...? 1-10 hahahha IGNORE THE MAKEUP?
how can i get this makeup?
how to put eyelinner on the top of your eyes?
What do you think of clear Nail-Polish?
ok regarding mascara...are there any mascaras out there that do not flake?
how do you get your mascara..?
Around what age can a female use feminine products like vagisil?
Maybelline's Old Illegal Lengths?
15 yr old who wants to look pretty?
Difference between liquid makeup vs skin matching foundation?
How should I do my makeup for homecoming?
Ladies, what lipstick do you like the most that is the longest lasting?
For my sephora birthday gift, do i just give them my email?
Does i.d. Bareminerals cover up blackheads/large pores well?
Why do some girls wear so much makeup?
why do some girls wear sooo much makeup?
What can I get in samples from Sephora?
Avon, Mary Kay, Lancome, Oriflame, etc - which is best?
Does anybody have any experience with Barry M?
Which is MAC's best foundation? ?
JUST PLEASE LOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have some Lancome Cosmetics, New In Box, never used or tested. Macys will not return because the purchase...
What kind of makeup should I wear for how I look?
Please tell the best bridal makeup parlour in Mathura UP?
WHat kinda makeup?pic included!?
How to do Katherine Pierce makeup?? EASY 10 POINTS?
any great eyeliners?!?!?
Why do people wear eyeliner without eyeshadow? It looks weird and incomplete?
hi does anyone know how to get the spray tan off?
What shape are my eyes? (picture)?
Can anyone suggest a good lip balm?
Any good affordable makeup brands out there?
What is considered "light" makeup?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Work At Forever 21 in California?
if 100 people answer ?
Would You Be Offended By This?
What are some good tinted moisturizers?
how can i have japanese physiognomy?
anyone need hair and makeup advice?
Is this to much makeup for a 13 year old?
do i look like a porcelein doll?
Can they do this at Mac?
long lash & volume up mascara?
Do guys wear make-up?
What should I do to enhance my looks?
what foundation should i buy?
are you serious?
How do i get my make up like this?
Lipstick recommendations ?
Are there any NATURAL LOOKING black mascaras?
5'o'clock shadow problem?
I am in a play and i need to look asian.?
Does My Eyeliner Look Good Like This Or Is It Over The Top?
How do you accentuate cheek bones?
Do I have large eyes?
I purchased some items from Boots. When they arrived, they were damaged?
How to keep a dress from "washing me out"/Make-up ideas?
How to make small eyes pop?
What would you rate me on a scale of 1-10?
Eye makeup?
make up store in australia?
Best Eyeliner Ever ??.?
Best EYeliner and Why?
Does proactiv mineral cover up work?
Two questions. Does the Sally Hansen Instant Nail Hardener work? Does the Sally Hansen Lip Inflation work?
pink or red?.............................
Moisturizers for dry flakes around eyes?
What's the best mascara...?
Why can't guys wear lipstick or lipgloss with people thinking they're gay?
how to get my parents to let me wear makeup?
With the tester products at makeup counters, are you supposed to actually use them?
Could someone please help me with makeup?
Do you do your hair first or makeup?
I'm not allow mascara, please help?
does anyone know if its possible for brown eyes to have a hint of green in them?
I want to know where to learn body massage and makeup, from which institute in bangalore?
Lipstick in Dove Chocolate Ads?
How can I legally ship nail polish internationally from the US?
what is the best face powder?