Best waterproof Mascara?
Do you wear eyeliner on your lower waterline?
What kind of makeup would you put on me? (with pic)?
i am meeting up with an old friend makeup advice?!?
What should I do with my makeup (I'm bored with it)?
MAC select moisturecover concealer OR Makeupforever full cover concealer?
How to apply Yves Saint Laurent 4 Colour Harmony Tawny 5 for eyes?
For a person whose never used or bought make-up before, what kind of cosmetics should i purchase?
how do you remove dark spots like on your knees and elbows?
make up question???
what is a good maybelline mascara ?
how do the british pronounce "sephora" (as in the cosmetics store)?
Facial moisturizer...?
I'm thirteen and I've never put on any make-up...?
how can i make my eyes stand out?xo. ^*BEST ANSWER;]*^?
your favorite makeup!!!?
What do u think of this make-up?
am i counted as a girly girl if i wear makeup?
anyone who knows what's in the beauche facial set? i mean the active ingredients coz my face feels toasted
what are some websites that will give my photo a tan?
I need help with a seventeen magazine article (december 05 issue)...?
Would anyone like this discontinued mac lip varnish? (boxed, new)?
Make up Vanity and eye shadow primer?
Isn't it exhausting to try to be / look perfect?
What is the best lipstick shade for ME?
What cream will even out my skin tone?
is mac lip gloss good?
What are some simple ways to wear makeup?
Which is a good pressed powder or loose powder that i can use to get rid of shine?
Which is better? Dinair or Luminess?
Is this too much make up for a 15 year old girl?
how can i get my eyeliner to sTAY on?
how to be good skin?
Undereye cover up?
how can i do my eye make up to make my eyes really pop?
I am a black and need a foundation doesnt rub off on clothes, etc. Please can you let me know the best product
Best Mascara?
Would you ever leave your house without makeup??
what should i change? TEN EASY POINTS :D?
What are some brands of makeup I can find at Sally's?
I need a good foundation please!?
is it possible to make french manicure with gel on short nails?
Best way to remove eyemakeup?
What's the best all natural make-up for me?
How to fix show choir makeup?
Makeup tips...?
How to look cute for school?
How to get I get my eyelashes to look like this? (picture!)?
How can i make my skin look FLAWLESS!?
I've tried the Bare Minerals original should I try the Bare Minerals Matte?
What is the best bleach cream?
What is the BEST color eyeshadow for me to use if I want to achieve a natural look (no eyeliner)?
Fake Eyelashes?
What happens when you go to a bare minerals store?
Non petroleum based make up?
What's a good brand of concealer?
what foundations [makeup] are good?
I have a lot of pimples on my face, and i hate it. does anyone know how to get rid of them?for good.?
What waxing system do you reccomend?
Does anyone know who puts on false lashes?
what do u think of fake lip rings?
What is a good product for scars and pimples?
I think I wear too much makeup.?
Does anyone know where I can find Danne Montague King skin care products?
Do you prefer Lip gloss or Lip Balm?
i have dark bags under my eyes all the time. how can i get them to go away. one person said i look depressed. ?
What is the best color of eyeshadow for a Brunette?
Freefly samples? how do i get them? please help?
Makeup question?
i need help with my eyeliner?
How old do I look?
does eyelasher curler go first or mascara?
What color is the best color to turn the white too?
How long does the MAC Lipglasses last?
American BB Creams VS. Korean BB Creams, which is better?
What is make-up made of?
Does nail polish lose it's opaqueness after time?
If your girlfriend wanted you to put on fingernail polish would you do it and girls what do you think of a....
good face foundation?? what brand?? the liquid ones......?
Does Laroc cosmetics test on animals?
If u use a slightly dried up mascara, will ur eyelashes fall out?
get free brushes for makeup and other giveaways! freebies?
I am 11 and I want to wear makeup do think I should be aloud to?
Age range for purchasing MAC cosmetics product?
Would it look right on a round face?
what colour of lipstick do men love?
where can i buy mica powder?
How to remove eye make up easily, ie mascara? without irritation?
my twelve yr. old daughter wants makeup?
What colors look good on a girl with brown eyes? (make up)?
Dark eyes, makeup tips?
Best back to school makeup?
how much does a nose plastic surgery cost?
what can i do?
Too young for make up.?
lips feel tingly/sore when wearing lipstick!?
Would you paint your boyfriends nails?
Do you have any makeup tips ?
Eyeliner help?
Your recommendations?
Best sephora products/brushes for normal to dry skin?
Maybeline dream matte mousse?
Is there a special name for Colored tips?
very simple makeup tips?
make-up!! help??
What is the best mascara for around £12?
What's a good eyebrow pencil for redheads?
is there a best way to remove makeup with out makeup remover?
Do you always wear lipgloss?
Are there really any foundations I can use that won't make my problem skin worse?
What's the best eyebrow pencil?
Beauty Guru Name Ideas?
How can i get my makeup realy pertty with out eye shadow, eyeliner, and GEL masscara?
I have mild to severe acne. What's some good cream or stuff to use for my face.?
whats the best foundation to use?
What should I ask for for my birthday?
good bronzing powder?
Can lancome's Mineral ageless powder brush work as well for regular pressed powder?
what is the best website to buy clothes and make up from????
How do you make eyeshadow?
What's the difference between a curved mascara brush and a straight one?
Ladies only....i have fair skin, brown hair...what would be a good shade of lipstick?
Wimpy Eyelashes? I know it's a big NO NO but....?
my girlfriend with or without eyeliner (w/ pics)?
Is this too much makeup for 8th grade?
help!! my eyeliner pencil is really short and it got stuck inside of the cap?
any good foundations high end & drugstore- which is better?? :T?
Best Of The Best?
Reviews on Makeup Forever HD foundation?
Has Clinque 3-step-system work 4 u???
Whats another way to describe how your makeup looks after you cry?
Makeup for red-black saree?
Has anyone used Color Oops?
What are the best drug store foundation (liquid)?
Is it okay to put moisturizer on before you put on foundation?
what is one shade darker than warm beige?(foundation)?
What is the BEST mascara?
need proper skin routine. face and makeup?!!?
Essential makeup products?
When buying skincare...what chemicals should I avoid?
i asked earlier but nobody really answered.?
What could you use instead of a makeup sponge while doing nail art?
How do I become a youtube makeup guru?
Under eye cirlces???
what are mineral makeup?
What Is Your Favourite Makeup Brand?
Am i to young ?? Help me !!!!!!!!!?
if i dye my hair blond will i turn dumb?
can u use the sonia kashuk hidden agenda concealer if ur skin color is beige?
In search of the best lash-curling mascara!?
how can i improve my appearence (pic included)?
teen girls, how do you wear your makeup to school?
Makeup Question.?
I have olive based skin mature aging skin what is the best brand of foundation for me?
I need some Covergirl commercial scripts, please!?
Any websites that tell me what makeup i should use?
my false tan always ends up darker on my knee? help any suggestion?
Eyeliner Help?
Which lioele bb cream is better for dry skin? Confused?
How to keep my nails long?
what do you girls wear for make up?
a good makeup foundation?
What color are my eyes?
how can you get rid off pimples or bumps under your skin?
I have small brown slanted asian like eyes...what makeup styles would look good?
What makeup should i buy the next time i go to my local drugstore?
What's your favorite mascara ?
Is it possible to become a professional makeup artist in San Jose Ca?
how to make dried up nail polish liquid again?
Are these items worth buying?
Where can I buy Lash-a-delic mascara?
Whats a good drugstore eyeshadow palette?
how can i do my makeup to compliment my eyes?
which face cream to use?please help?
i want to get my face glowy and shiny. but how. with in four months i will be get married. plz?
Help with under eye circles?
Can anybody tell me a little bit on how to lip read?
What kind of eyes do I have?
i am 12, and look like 10, how can i look a bit older?
Can you wear MAC paint pots alone?
Eyebrow waxing????????????????????
What's a good make-up routine for a teen girl? :)?
were can i buy glitter eye liner or a glitter eye pencil?
Is this a lot of makeup for a thirteen year old?
Is it weird to wear eyeliner without mascara?
What is the appropriate way to wear makeup to school?
How is lipstick made?
what's the best drugstore foundation for dry skin?
Has anyone used Hope in a Jar?
GUYS: do you like mascara on a girl?
some sort of sty on my eye lid?
Foundation: Liquid or Powder?
Best concealer and foundation ?
How do you do Twiggy eye decals?
whats best for my naturally bronz skin?
PLEASE ANSWER! Make up brushes?
If you had the chance...?
morning burst?
What makeup colors would go best with dark brown eyes, fair skin and sun kissed blonde/brown hair?
Do my eyes have a hint of grey in them? (pic)?
What can I do to make my face less oily?
Is it safe to use baby oil daily to remove waterproof eye makeup? Will it clog up my pores?
I have a really awful complexion! what foundation should I use?
Whats the best mascara that thickens and legthens?
Coastal scents and BH cosmetics?
What does Lip Conditioner do?
how do i make my eyes more noticable?
where can i find black lipstick?
How do you put on eyeliner so it looks elegant?
When doing eyeliner, are you supposed to line the lash lines, waterlines, or both?
What is the best mascara to use?
Can you use lipstick as eyeshadow?
where to buy laneige skincare products?
Foundation Suggestions for very oily skin?
what kind of lipgloss should i get?
How can i sharp my tweezers ?
how doiget rid of ,excessieve weight problem?
Where in Austin Tx can a person be trained to do makeup?
mac powerpoint pencil any good?
Natural 8th Grade MakeUp?
where can I buy cocoa tan liquid makeup by max factor?
what good fake tan is there ?
17 solo eyeshadow (boots)?
Do I Wear Too Much Makeup?
What brands of concealer work best when covering up even the worst of dark circles?
which sunblock prevents tanning?
how do i get my makeup to stay on through out my school day (EASY 10 POINTS)?
whats a good foundation that hide fine lines and blemish's & makes skin look soft ?
how much makeup do you wear?
Can I use a product after it's expiration date?
Make up for a 14 year old !?!?!?!?
too much makeup for my age?
Any tricks on keeping my baby's face paint from smearing?
is there any makeup that doesn't ware off??
do you like wearing makeup?
Finding a lip colour that suits me?
HELP!*(bst answr ten points!)?
What color are my Eyes ? ? (Picture)?
How to do a BRONZE smoky eye makeup?
wHATS the difference between MINERAL make up brushes and just regular makeup brushes ?
Lip Smackers???
what type make-up do boys like on girls ?
what make-up brand is the best?
Help. Mascara situation...?
My Daughter wants to wear makeup. Should i let her? ?
whos room is the nicest? with pics?
for makeup fans: What is your favorite brand of...?
how can i make my eyes bigger and brighter?
Is it possible for a girl to look better without makeup?
How can I make my hazel eyes pop without eyeshadow?
Help on coloured contacts!?
Do you know about anti wrinkle 2011 cream?
what is a good make up brand?
If I thread my upper lip will it come out thicker,please click?
Who makes the best eyeshadow?
what is the best way to remove eye liner??
How do I fix my natural eyelashes.?
What do you think of my outfit for the meet and greet?
Is it worth getting my lip priced if I am just going to have to hide it from my parents?
i just put on fake nails and i want to take them off
Do you think Kim Kardashian still looks gorgeous without makeup on ?
which make up product can't you go without?
where can i find odd colored lipstick?
How to do make up for school pics?
What do you prefer revlon or maybelline?
Any makeup artists ever makeover a guy to look like woman?
How to curl eyelashes that grows down?
who has make up tips for dark complexion??
The Best Mascara to make your eyelashes look really long?
At what age woman start caring about their beauty? And at what age they will stop?
Whats A Good Makeup For Acne Scars?
Proactiv question???pleeez answer!?
What color eyeshadow should I wear with a purple sparkly dress?
HELP face problem?
Dermaflage scar filler?
where can i buy a primer and how much does it cost?
Airbrush legs[leg make-up]?
why does red lipstick look great in pictures but overdone in person?
How shud i take care of my eyes?
What makeup company do you think is the best?
why ladys raise their nails and manicure or use nail polish !?
outlast double lipshine?
I used the Bare Minerals make-up and loved it! What do you think about it?
7th Grade Makeup Routine? Is this okay?
eye-liner that ACTUALLY works?
L'oreal True Match Liquid foundation?
What are the benefits of using avocado on your face?
which make-up style is better?
is this makeup okay for a 13 year old?
what kind of makeup should i wear to homecoming?
Makeup for half white half asian?
Foundation - Clinique, Bodyshop, or MaxFactor?
What is this spring's new makeup?
Would I be able to paint cover gel nails with polish without running the French tip?
For girls with nice, clear skin/? please help?
how much does it cost to get a spray tan at Darque Tan?
Maroon eyeshadow by MAC?
Does anyone else think eyeshadow looks weird without liner?
makeup to make green eyes pop?
I need to improve my look! I'm getting bored :/?
How can I darken my eyebrows without using the pencil?
Girls-How many of you wear liquid foundation or powder?
Would it be too over the top if I wore makeup to my elementary graduation?
10 points! What makeup should I wear to the pool?
Clouds and sky makeup look?
best mascara brand????????
Urban decay or makeup forever?
Best Looking Foundation and powder?
Does anyone know of a website that does eye shadow makeup designs/styles?
Will Foundation Help, if not wat??
what products did they use for jane's makeup from new moon?
Makeup trouble!!Help?:)?
What mascara do you use?
How much does a spray tan @ Hollywood Tans cost?
Does l'oreal, MAC, or Clinique send samples?
Best Eyeshadows? Mine are crap and ai need knew ones!?
what are the best lip plumpers? lip gloss in the shops? xx?
help! i would like to try burt's bees lip balm, are they good? if so, which one would you recommend? thanks!?
7th grader makeup help!!!!!?
New York Bridal Hair & makeup not too expensive ?
I don't wear makeup-Do men find this attractive?
Other than mac, who still makes foundation in stick form?
Which mascara is your absolute favorite?
Am I ugly without makeup?
What color eyeshadow,blush and lipstick would suit me?
Prevent eyeliner from creasing?
Does anyone know i really good nail polish brand that doesn't chip?
Where in the stores i can find a gold dust or gold glimmer nail polish?
i want to make my face glow n v fair .i want my face to shine so what creams shoul i apply pls tel.i want t o
what do you think of the name kyler? is it cool?
What are the prettiest eyeshadow colors for brown eyes?
Am going to a function? evening dress?
What do you think about the brand Benefit?
what is about?
Do I have a strong chin? ( pic)?
Do I wear alot of make up?
Why shouldn't you put mascara on your bottom lashes?
whats the best and most cost effective foundation?
help with make up storage?
is is strange for a 15 year old girl NOT to wear make-up?
What colors of makeup would look good on me?
Do u think there is something wrong with a guy having his eyebrows done?
Simple, natural Christmas make-up?
I have a really important question about Revlon Colorstay mineral powder foundation?
how do I get my lips to look bigger?
90210 hair and makeup!?
how to get rid of tan?
How can i make it up to my boyfriend?
What is a good youtube name for a Makeup guru?
what do make up artist use to arch eyebrows and fill them in with?
wat is da dearset brand of makeup. i am doing an assignment right now and need the answer. please reply?
are men better looking than women?
Any Good Bronzers For Olive/Tan Skin?
Any 7th or 8th graders out there? Makeup question?
Eye liner question?
Makeup for going out age 14?
Is it bad that I wear makeup?
My foundation never stays on all day, has anyone got any suggestions of a different Foundation i can wear?
question abt foundation help plzzzzz?
How can i make my make up last longer?
How can I improve my appearance?
what's wrong with my face? emergency! 10 points to whoever helps me! please answer!!!?
Is their a type of concealer that will match your skin tone i got a brown tanish skin tone?
Ladies has this ever happened to you?
is there any women in athens,ga that could help me with dressing,acting and doing makeup like a woman?
Girls: what do you think of guys that wear 'guyliner'?
my face skin is dry ,how to make it soft ?
How to keep my eyeliner from smudging?
name of some best and most expensive makes ?
whats your favorite lipstick color?
First kiss? 10 points?
BEST Mascara!!!!!!!????? ♥
how do you pronounce shu uemura?
Best nail polish colour for fair skin and freckles?
Eyeliner epidemic?
What is your number 1 make up product?
Do you think I could model?
any suggestions on how to keep bees away from my hummingwbird feerers they are thick?
does any one have any web sites that show u how to put make up on?
Lush cosmetics samples!?
How to change your image?
what colour goes with dark grey?
what foundation is better liquid or powder and how do u put on liquid foundation? please help me :P?
Has anyone ever tried Arbonne?
Question about MAC Pro...?
What makeup should I wear?
Do anybody wears marykay, go to spend $40 or more any get free makeup brushes.?
best lip gloss ever?
Is a lip piercing a sin .... ? ?
What is garnier bb pale cream used for? is it good to use instead of foundation. (i dont have spots) just wana?
What is my eye colour?
Do I look like Adriana Lima?
Is this too much makeup for a freshman?
How to apply eye liner? Tips?
Aveeno Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion?
Im a 17 year old girl, do u think i wear too much makeup? Pic inside?
Questions on this eye makeup? Please read!?
How can I look older?
Urban decay primer potion or too faced shadow insurance?
Put on Oil under makeup?
how do i apply foundation like a makeup artist?
What is the best spray on tan that you can buy at a pharmacy?
What colour of lipstick/lipgloss would suit me?
About DIY natural lip balm?
mascara help!!!!?
Revlon Colostay with softflex foundation?
Don't you hate it when you've just applied mascara...?
Do i have to wash makeup brushes?
Eye liner question??? girls only?
What damage do Fake nails do to you?
Thin Lizzy Mineral Foundation sold where?
do you shower the next morning after applying No7 wear off tinted lotion?
Men wearing makeup,specifically Dermablend...i just started putting some on 3 spots on my face but I notice w?
Can you wear purple eye shadow with hazel eyes and a blue dress?
I got nail polish all over my makeup?
Would thick black eyeliner look alright with geeky glasses and accessories?
i think im fat and ugly, wat do i do???
HOW TO GET BIGGER FULLER POUTIER this even possible!?!?!?
Which do we think looks better?
Makeup help please?! :/?
What do you think of my makeup portfolio? (pics)?
What is your holy-graul foundation?
What age is considered appropriate for girls to start wearing makeup?
Does nail polish remover make you nails brittle at the tips? How to fix this issue??!!?
Have you ever had a disaster makeup or hair day?
What is a qood eyeliner?
How does the woman with the longest fingernails in the world paint her nails?
I'm a guy, and I think I'm going to start using make up.?
Do you girls like that BHCosmetics brand?
what is your favourite ?
wuts the best mascara i could use thats not waterproof???
How do you apply your mascara?
Being a cat for Halloween. Makeup ideas?
do you think this belt is cute? (with pic)?
how do i become prettier?
Ladies: Best mascara you've used to lengthen lashes?
what is one of the commen things that girls do when they are putting on mascara?
How to keep my skin pale, clear, and healthy?
Wall mounted cosmetic storage?
does almay's smart shade work on black skin?
How to wear makeup to school?
Victoria Justice hair/makeup help?!?
Cheap, drugstore make-up?
Whats a good chap stick?
How to make my eyes look bigger?
Youtube beauty channel?
Can i get a comb headband at cvs?
Do you think most women would look far better with no, or at least a lot less make-up?
What is a good website for free makeup?
As a man, would my eyes look good in eye makeup?
Ladies would you help your GF if this happened?
What do you think of this girl?
eyeshadow colors?
What should i Do to make my eyes pop (for makeup) PIctures included.?
Whats the youngest age to put on eyeliner?
Why is it that women of color wear foundation when they don't need it?
is it more attractive with eyeliner or without?
What is the best mascara for REALLY short eyelashes !?
Jan Marini/ Revitalash lash conditioner?
lip gloss????
how can i make my makeup look more real??
what u think of this makeup look ? pic's?
what makeup would u let a preteen wear?
What's a good way for a 14 year old to do makeup?
Michelle Phan Iqqu line?
makeup catalogs?
How do you get an orgasam?
MAC lipsticks for tan/olive skin tone?
How do you make ur eyes look bigger?
Is this face wash any good?
Make up tips???10 points(:?
Dermablend smudges on my clothes?
Makeup for eighth grade dance?
Is this really andra limba with no make up?
How does my make-up look? Especially my eye-liner?
Tanning beds?
Whats A Good Make Up Routine For A Teen Girl????
How do i put on my makeup? (im 13!)?
Best moisturizer for oily teenaged skin?
Makeup for school?!?!?!?!?!?
Help!!feedback on facial features!!?
Makeup trouble!!Help?:)?
what color brings out green eyes the most?
Question about bare essentials?!?!?!?
Makeup tips?
What should be a good beauty maintenance routine?
What's your favorite drugstore products?
Can anyone explain why women like long fingernails?
are there crushed beetles in lipgloss?
i want to be fair what should i apply?
Help!! Eye make up for brown hair (PIC)?
Should I use covergirl or clinique?
What is your favorite mascara?
Liquid makeup under powder?
How to make a dorsal hump less noticeable?
Is it bad to breathe in Nail Polish?
Bourjois Healthy Mix OR Max Factor Lasting Performance?
How to look more mature with makeup?
a good mascara to use?
Is there a way of getting more defined cheekbones?
which of these mascaras works the best?
Where it would be cheaper to get Armani Code perfume?
Do you look the same with and without makeup?
write a profile of a celebrity best answer 10 points!?
What are some good nonshedding professional makeup brushes?
what fake tan product is the best to use?
What is the most common makeup mistake you see daily on girls?
15 yr old who wants to look pretty?
why do nearly all gils look awful without makeup?
how do i make my nails white again?
Smoky Eyes?
Connecting the lines with eyeliner?
what should i use for skin glow after makeup like blush on and shimmer?
i am fourteen - how much makeup ?
How to not get so oily throughout the day?
i need eyeliner help and tips(:?
am i ugly?
I think natural beauty is BEST, and anything added to it or changed makes girls look fake, what do you think?
Just cant do the top liner?
What makeup fits a girl with light blue eyes,curly brown hair, and a pretty good tan?
could u live a week without make up?
hey girls, at what age did you start wearing makeup?
How to make a aspirian mask ?
What color eye shadow and liner goes best with hazel eyes?
What mascara lengthens your eyelashes the most?
Am I too fake?
Picture day makeup? (Women Please)?
Exspensive makeup Vs. Cheap Make-up?
Which maybelline mascara is better?
what is your can't-live-without makeup? and why?
Where can I find Indian Ink blush/facial powder? I'm looking to purchase it online.?
What is so wrong with having brown eyes?
My husband has lost a bet & has to wear 12 female items that i choose.Pls help me compile a list....?
What can be done to enhance eyelashes that are barely there?
Is Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer worth it to buy?
what mascara would u recommend ?
Cat-eyes makeup doesn't look good on me?
How to properly take off makeup without getting it in the eye?
Best foundation for oily skin?
How to make eyes bigger?
Whats Your Everyday Makeup Routine?
how to make a fake belly button ring? 10 points!?
Which of these blushes will be more flattering on me?
What is some good make-up?
How do I use carmex lip balm?
Do i wear too much make up?
is this a compliment or no?
What is a good eyeliner ?
What is a good cheap powder from Ulta?
If you have the same color eyes as me I will put you as best answer!?
Does this sound like too much makeup for a 14 year old girl?
Finally allowed to wear makeup, confused?
Makeup Help!!!!!!!!!?
pls can anyone tell me where to find the color blush this girl is wearing dats not expensive ?
Do I wear too much makeup?
How can you make your eyes look bigger with just make-up?
How to light up skin color?
Why is that women can't keep their mouth closed when they put mascara on?
What is the best concealer to use?
cute hairstyles, makeup and how to make a school uniform look better (school 13 years old)?
Poll: Which eyeliner do you use?
Does anyone know of a really good mascara that does not flake or smudge?
macs lip erase.....?
Is there a make up without titanium dioxide in it?
im going out tomorrow night ...?
whats the best makeup to use for medium skin tone?
My mum won't let me wear nail polish to school- how can I make my nails look nice?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup? (girls only)?
What makeup products have you repurchased or have a back-up on?
ok i have clinique make up HELP?
What makeup brand is the best?
What's your favorite eyeliner?
How can you politely let a girl know that you don't like it when she wears makeup?
Well, I have really red eyelashes and when I put mascara on, no matter how light a brown I can find, it always
Do you use make up?
Do i look better with white or brown eyeshadow???
what is the best mascara? i need help ...?
Insult or compliment? I'll take it as a compliment :D?
Are there any good sites to ask a beauty expert for free in australia?
Does anyone have any product suggestions?
does any body else agree that makeup makes you look even more uglier?
Myer Cosmetics/Bath&Body Refund?
Does make-up damage your skin?
How do I make my nailpolish last longer?
How can I change my eye color?
how do u feel about covergirl makeup or mac?
How do teen celebs have such clear skin?
I have bad skin issues. Please help?
do men think women look good with alot of makeup or a natural look>?
What do gilrs who wear alot of make up think?
BB Cream or Face Primer Question?
*ASIAN SHOPPERS* Can anyone give me the addy of asian beauty supply shops in OTTAWA?
How can I get a sun kissed glow?
Red lipstick at age 16?
liquid powder or mouse foundationwhich sets easily?n also brand n cost of it?
What shade of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse is equivalent to L'oreal Cashmere Perfect Natural Beige (407)?
Where do you buy MAC make-up?
how can i stop this from happening?
L'oreal Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner won't rise?
Best Eyeliner?
How Should i do my nails for school tomorrow?
Can you help me with my makeup issues?
MAC eyeshadow quad pans?
Why does my eye makeup always end up UNDER my eyes?
Should I use the blue eye makup, or the black?
What age were you allowed to start wearing make-up?
What's the best way to apply blush?
how do i make my skin light in colour?
Whats the best ysl/chanel/dior mascara for...?
make up artist????????????????
Who inspires your makeup?
Makeup for a bridesmaid?
Does mineral loose powder cover up acne?
Should I get a lip piercingg?
What's the best bronzer?
what would you call this makeup look?
How do I get rid of bags under my eyes when I smoke a lot of a? Lol?
Which Sephora store makeup set would you choose?
Do i look better with or Without Makeup (Pic)?
When do you guys think the average girl starts wearing make-up?
My makeup won't stay put,i have oily skin?
What brand makes the best cosmetic brushes?
Help me design blue and white fingernails?
BB cream for tan skin?
What foundation should I use for a super flawless finish(department store)?
How can i get dewy skin?
What is the best concealer for acne-prone skin?
How can I take off long wear lipstick?
How do I know if warm colors or cool colors look better on me?
am i good at doing makeup?
Ladies plz help me and tell me what you think 10 points?
how does dermablend works for black people?
what color eyeshadow should i use? i have brown hair and brown eyes, plz help me out?
What's a good lip balm to wear while kissing?
How can I lighten my lips?
I need Help now please come read?
a nice daytime look?
What colour eyeshadow and mascara is the best for green eyes?
What in your opinion is the best drugstore mascara?
one of my eyelids is a shade darker than the other eyelid..its also slightly bigger than the other?
How do I convince my mom to let me wear makeup?
mac makeup tips and pictures?
How do u get rid of red marks after you have plucked ur eyebrows?
What's a good waterproof mascara that one can wear to the beach (drug-store brand)?
What is a good lip plumper?
Is wearing two contacts in one eye bad?
How do i fill in my brows?
I have a site! Need Ideas!?
How to get makeup off?
a good makeup foundation?
best brand of lip gloss?
What is a good cheap Pure Red Lipstick?
Halloween Costume ideas that require makeup?
Where in east delhi can i get lambency skincare products?
Girls only : What is your favorite eye shadow color?
im a dark complexion female and i need makeup help?
What type of makeup would you recommend for me?
How should sex offenders be punished?
Where would i be able to get a cupcake suit?
How do you melt that orthodontic wax for cosmetics?
plzz tell me how to apply complete makeup?
Do you think this lipstick color compliments my skin tone(pic)?
Do you need an Avon or Mark Rep?
What eye shape do i have? help please?
What are the best YouTube Facefront cosmetics tutorials?
What makeup would look good for my face? pic. included?
What will boiling water and putting your face over it do for your face?
Buy stuff without parents knowing?
Waxing upper lip and eyebrows?
emo make up tips?
can u give me makeup tips? details to follow.?
How do i get myy makeup to look similar to this?
Favorite and least favorite YouTube makeup gurus?
makeuppppp helppppppppppp??????
Drugstore foundation primer?
What's the best foundation for acne prone skin?
how does bb cream work?
What is the best sunless tanner?
How do I make my blue-grey eyes pop?
What's the Best Drugstore Makeup Brands?
Know a site where I can get a palette of different skin tones of black people?
Can I pull off the androgynous look?
how do you fix bad eyebrows?
helphelphelpPLEASE !
Is it normal for my eyes to change color?
should you use Moisturiser ...?
I need to find someone good with Asian makeup/hair for my wedding in Doylestown, PA! HELP!?
Anyone recommend a good foundation that isnt too sticky?
Is there a good priced, black pencil eyeliner that stays on for hours, and washes away with soap and water?
what is the best way to apply foundation without getting the mask look????
Do I put on mascara or eyeliner first?
What is up with this girl?
I need new eye shadow..?
Making makeup look good in florescent light?
How much makeup did you wear in middle school?
How can I put on eyeliner with out crying?
Can i use a powder brush on a bare minerals foundation?
hi.i'm a kind of chocolately dark,what kind of makeup wld i go for.?
Alternative to Dolly Wink lashes?
CAN U HELP ME find out this lipstick color .In the link below u can see some lipstick,tell me the exact lipcor
What's a good way to look natural with makeup?
Which area of your face do you concentrate make up the most?
how do you get your mascara..?
How to get bigger double eyelids?
make up tips?
HELP! I need the best eyeliner out there?
Review of the l'oreal lash boosting serum?
whats the best make up to use?
Australian Candle/Body Stores like Bath and Body Works??? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER :)?
How do i make my lips really soft?
Beauty: I want a clay mask that tightens my skin (do you know of any ladies?)?
Fake tan prblem?///......///////?
Why doesn't black eyeliner look good on me?
what is the meaning of "peche & lys veloute"?
Has anyone used Estee Lauder's Maximum Cover? If so does it work?
Do women actually like applying make-up or is it a chore?
BIG eye tricks anyone?!?
Makeup Question?!?!?!?
What age can you start wearing makeup?
Blush:The search for the next great MUA -(How to become a contestant?!)?
why do people make fun of pale people?
Can you use Super glue to apply Fake Eyelashes?
What makeup would you rather buy at a drugstore than a high-end store, and vice versa?
Has anyone tried the Tarte Eyelash Curler?
i have a scar on my face should i apply spf to the scar only to tan or to my hole face?
What is the best clear mascara to use?
the vidoe from girls aloud 'THE PROMISE' is it an old hollywood makeup look ?
Question about makeup?
Cheap really good mascara?
Spray tanning and permanent makeup?
What do you think of dermalogica??
Where can I find Nyx cosmetics in Charlotte, NC?
Clinique repair wear products??
good foundation???????????????????????????
Is Dior Brand Makeup Worth The Money?
i'm sick of my eyes! aren't they hideous?!?
is Sonia Kashuk blush any good?
Where can I find the bare escentuals 10 piece spring collection for a decent price...besides ebay?
What do you think is a good mascara?
Best eyeliners and mascara?
Please Help Its about Make Up?
Please help me...?
my face shape is so weird ? 10 points.?
How do u like makeup from Victoria's Secret?
what is the reason for clear mascara?
highschool makeup help!!!!!!?
What eyeliner color should I use for brown eyes?
poll: lip gloss, lip stick, or lip balm?
does bare minerals really work that good ? [make up]?
how can i be prettier?
Which mascara?
what age diid you first wear eyeliner?
what group of kids would you place me?
Blusher Or Bronzer...?
what can i do to look good and feel good?
help? lol, makeup/clothes?
can anyone tell me how to make my own horns?
What is the easiest way to apply eye liner?
Hot makeup looks?
how can i let my parents let me wear mascara?
ColorEscience Make up?
Drugstore blush for NC45?
What is a good face-care regimen for people with oily skin?
Best anti-shine products from target?
Can we improve our skin color with some creams or with home made packs?
Best for oily skin? CLarins, estee lauder, Laura mercer, Mac?
How do you use Bella Terra Cosmetics
How can I get rid of shine?
Can you wear makeup and daily contact lens after lancing a stye?
Does anyone know the website for the Christine Cosmetics infomercial that was on? Nothing is coming up for me
What can I do with this problem eye brow?
Which picture is prettier?
What color eye shadow is good for light skin women?
Why am I pulling my eyelashes out?
how can i do a good neutral eye make up?
Should I match my eyeshadow to my eyes or my outfit?
Why don't I have eyes?
Anyone know of a good hypoallergenic eyeliner?
Am i wearing too much makeup?
makeup brands?
How much makeup do you think a 14 year old should wear?
what can we do to remove the black marks that came due to pimles on the face?
What color eyes do you like the best?
what do u guys and girls think ?
what are the best eyeshadow colours to wear if you have dark brown eyes?
what is the one make-up tool you can't live without?
Is Loreal le rouge lipstick kiss proof?
what's the best way to wash off waterproof mascara?
What is a good facial peel?
what is the coolest name in the world??
New Rimmel Magnifier mascara?
Where can i find the Origins SkinCare Line in Canada?
Is there any way for me to moisturize my lips really well?
What do you think of a 15 year old girl who wears this makeup?..?
Simple eye make up....?????????
What is a good eyeshadow color for light brown eyes?
do you have any tip(natural way) to reduce the size of my eye bag?
is there another way 4 nailpolish remover?
Can i make my own coverup with stuff at home?
Who are your favourite youtube beauty gurus?
What kind of make-up should i wear?
What is the best eyelash glue out there?
Frnds pls..which type of Skin cream used by the Celebrities to increase their white colour in Skin.?
what are your favourite in the following?
What concealer would you reccomend?
Department store vs. Drug store brands?
What is my eye shape? I can't figure it out.?
any really simples ways to make flavored homeade lip gloss?
What's your favorite nail polish color?
How does the make up I did for a dinner dance look?
What Colour Are My Eyes?
Chapped Lips...HELP!?
HELP GIRLS..............?
What do I use to darken light blemishes on my face?
What's a good mascara that doesn't look "witchy"?
Where Does Botox Come From?
What's up with this e.l.f bronzing kit?
What makeup will enhance my blue eyes?
How do I prevent eye bags in the morning?
hair and makeup question?
Will my friends think I'm ugly without makeup?
how do you put on your makeup?
Do you think this is alot of makeup?
how to make brown eyes stand out?
How to make eye shadow last longer?
oK, I Decided I'ma Go to Frankling Street, aight...?
Has anyone ordered Cherry Culture?!?
makeup for brown eyes?
Is This Ok Makeup For A 13 Year Old ?
Yellow fingernail polish?
Your Opinions/Thoughts On This Pic?? xx?
does brown eyeliner look natural?
Makeup?? should I sneak or feel bad?? 10 points!!?
Does MּAּC make good foundation for the skin?
BB CREAM- which one should I get??!?
what is the best things to use for everyday makeup?
why are girls told only to apply mascara to their top eyelashes?
What kind of blush would you suggest? Creme, Powder, or Liquid?
Does whearing Dark makeup make u gothic?
If you could use only one of these makeup items, which would you use?
In what order do you put your make up on?
POLL: Isn't she beautiful?
What's wrong with this picture?
How Do I Get My Hair And Makeup Like This?
what age should you put on makeup?
When is a good age for a girl to begin wearing eyeliner?
how can i easily apply makeup?
What's Your Favorite Make-Up Brand?
funny comment?
What kind of foundation would work best with my skin?
is it true if you wear mascara your eye lashes fall out?
Should I buy the MAC fix+ spray or the Makeup Forever mist and fix?
Need a new way to do my makeup....?
What make up does not test on animals, and whick does test on animals?
what is the black model with green eye's name who does..?
(Girls) why dont girls play videogames? (Essay)?
How can I find a foundation that matches my skintone?
Eye Makeup?
How much makeup do you think a 13 year old girl should wear?
is there a reliable website to get discount makeup?
make up tips??first time using makeup?
I think that people do not need to wear makeup.?
my friend has white sparkly legs...?
Am I putting on eyeliner right?
would this be a good face routine?
pictures of eye makeup?
How young is too young to wear make-up?
Whats a good color eyeshadow to wear with a red dress and red lipstick?
What's the best Primer?
Can i buy makeup brands such as physicians formula and covergirl in Del Amo Fashion Centre, CA??
My skin feels rough and looks dull. How can I fix it?
Is Bare Escentuals any good?
My make up always looks caky even when I exfoliate!?
how should an 11 year old wear make up?
88 coastal scents ultra shimmer palette looks?
high end or drugstore makeup?
do u like the lip gloss song?
How to look amazing without trying AT SCHOOL?
best foundation???????
Face mask for spot and scar prone skin?
what does N5 mean in MAC?
make up questionn ..?
Will you help me win a contest?
what is the best foundattion in the world?
how much is Inglot nail polish, per bottle?
Will using clinique pore minimizer instant perfector clog my pores?
What kind of experience do you have to have to work at a cosmetics counter at the mall like at M.A.C.?
I have dry skin on my forehead and it affects the way my foundation looks...?
My daughter has amazing big brown eyes with long black lashes?
how can i make my lips permanently red?
Where to find Vanities?
Should I wear makeup?
Makeupp musthaves... and moisterizer?
What color of mascara for blue eyes?
in what direction should I apply moisturizer and other products to my face? up and out? down and out? in?
does any one know of a really good mascara....?
How old do i look ( with pics) ?
Are smash box foundations good?
Liquid Foundation suggestions?
My friend wants to buy Make up from argos. Any good?
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation?
What makeup should i use???
makeup: better with or without it?
what good brand of mineral foundation i should use or buy? and im 14?
Guys only! Do you think eye shadow is a turnoff?
I have lines under my eyes!?
makeup drama!!!!!!!!!?
What is the best way to apply liquid eyeliner of pencil?
Which celebrity's makeup do you admire?
Help! I waxed my upper lip last night, now it's still red!?
Make-up??? Help me please?
Do i wear to much makeup??? (Pics)?
when was makeup first created?
Whats the best derma roller brand and where can I buy it?
Taylor swift eyes are so unique?
Eyeshadow help; rainbow? please help!?
What is the best shade of Pink (Lipstick) for fair skinned?
how much are MAC blushes in the philippines?
is their any dupe out their for mac blankety lipstick?
How to I dye the inside of my mouth?
Where can I learn to be a make up artist?
guys when u kiss a girl ....?
How to fix my face plese help?
Best Mac powder for oily skin?
Loreal TrueMatch full coverage?
Do I have a baby face? (Pics!)?
Okay... very embarrassing...?
I'm really nervous about going on my first date tomorrow?
The best large eye shadow pallet to buy? under $15 please!?
My lipstick,do you think it suits me (pic)?
Which makeup do you use?
do I look better with know makeup?
astringent and toner?
How can I use less make-up if I have lots of pigmentation?
What is your favorite makeup item you own atm?
eye shadows???
What is your favorite blush?
im a boy and i want to try mascara?
what is the difference between a quasi colour and a semi-permanent colour?
What is your fav make-up accessory and brand?
I'm 14 years old and I don't wear make up, is this weird?
What is the best liquid eyeliner?
mirabella cosmetics?
favorite ???
Who likes Chapstick?
Makeup for middle school girls?
what kind of eye make up should i do with yellow and black clothes?? please reply its my disco 2morrow!!?
How do you feel about bright eyeshadows?
Women, do you find Kim Kardashian to have stunning beauty ?
how do i make my eyes look bigger?
any 1 know ..How to use a hairdresser colour chart?
I'm a guy, and goth. Would black nails make me look "gay"?
What makes annorexic people think they are fat?
What make up should a 13 year old wear?
whats your opinion...?
i really need a cheap make up brush for my mineral powder foundation. can anyone reccomend a good brush?
Homecoming makeup ideas please?
What make-up will impress guys? Guys I need ur help 2!?
Is there any brand of lipstick which doesn't (or is hard to) come off?
Beauty Tips for Me? Makeup and Hair- chubby cheeks, monolids, asian?
What's the prettiest part of your body?
What damage do Fake nails do to you?
Need help with putting on makeup?
Is the eyeshadow, MULCH, by Mac a glittery eyeshadow?
I need a makeup professional that can help me match colors?
GIRLS: How do you do your make-up?
please answer asap. do i wear too much makeup?
this is going to be a weird question for accutane survivors?
is there any similar shede for "mac-blankety" lipstick in revlon or maybellin or lakme?thanks.?
What mascara should I use?
What's a good long-lasting lipstick that does NOT work like a dye?
Experiences with upper lip waxing?
Need a Bronzer that's Reddish/Gold - any ideas?
What is your favorite mascara and why?
Elianto ? anyone hear b4?
Natural beauty VS Makeup?
best foundation for under 15 dollars?
What can i use to remove oil from my face?!?
my lip just got puffy and i haven't had my lip ring in since April?
My eyelashes are so long I can't wear glasses without them hitting the frame?
Is it normal for guys to wear makeup even though theyre not gay?
how can i gett pale skin?
Best Make-up on a reasonable budget?
what color should i paint my fingernails?
What is a good brand of make-up that I can buy in the store?
Hairstyles and Makeup for Homecoming?
My Eyes not normal!!!!!! Wtf?
Best Liquid foundation?
Cheap lipstick from the UK?
What face shape each girl has? Oval, round, square or long?
girls ,would you laugh at a guy if he cam to school with pink nail polish on and blue eye shadow and lipgloss?
I have long eyelashes, and i sometimes wear mascara but not always, and i wash it out at night, but...?