Do men find eye liner attractive?
How can i not look Gothic when applying eyeliner?
Is there a certain kind of food or something i can eat to make my eyes whiter?
What should I wear to a wake?
Do u use makeup to go to school?
What's the best foundation/liquid makeup on the market?
What can i use instead...?
What is the Best Mascara?
Looking for a new foundation, interesting in around 10. Do you think its rude?
Is this ok for an 11 yr old??? please answer!?
Where can I buy St. Ives Facial Moisturizer. My stores in MN seem to not be carrying it any longer?
which one is the real maybelline mascara?
gurls: if you only have to use one, mascara or eye liner?
MAKE UP HELP for anniversary!?
How can i deal with my mom not letting me allow to wear makeup until i'm like 16?
I am 57 years old and would like to know if anyone can recomend?
Makeup: When i see girls packed with makeup i wonder..?
My Mom and Makeup??? (quick.. quick)?
Do you guys buy from everyday minerals? ?
How many of you sleep with your makeup on?
should u wear concealer or foundation first??????
Please Dont Laugh. But i need help?
###### WHAT is the BEST self warming face mask out?????and how much is it???? also do they WORK better ???????
what colour are my eyes?
cucumber mask ingredients?
What kind of makeup should I use? *pic*?
Is thirteen a good age?
where can i find a felt tip liquid eyeliner in navy blue.. or at least blue?
what can i use on my eyes to get rid off the dark circles?
Somebody please HELP!!!!!?
Versace eyes fall/winter 2006?
Is this too much makeup for a 15 year old?
How old do i look? (pics included)?
In makeup terms, what is a water-based mixing medium?
what is good eyeliner that lasts a long time? ?
what is your favorite lip gloss?
I'm looking for a hair &make up school in Hong Kong, which is having international recognitions.?
Anyone ever try bathina by benefit?
Good concealer brands?
Buffing nails: does the oil prevent water reaching your nails?
I need a drugstore foundation that shows up well in flash photography?
What's a good drugstore foundation and Concealer?
What is the purpose of MAC Fix+?
What is the best facial cleanser on the market right now?
What is the best drugstore foundation for high school?
My fake lashes are really damaging... should I continue to wear them? ?
What color eyeliner should I wear ?
Tips with black eye liner?
Laura mercier silk creme foundation compared to...?
What are some fun makeover?
Girly and cute Lip balms and makeup?
how do I win a makeover for myself?
My skin always goes red?
Liquid eyeliner trouble?
do i wear too much makeup for a 14 year old?
How to remove the fake nails on which nail art has been done, WITHOUT damaging the art?
can someone please identify this perfume bottle?
I am Not sure if i am a bronze or a golden in 17 mag?
Do you think my nail polish on my toes matches my makeup and skin tone (pics)?
I want to set up and blog, but cant think of a fun and creative name....HELP?
What colour eyeshadow should Iwear to make my eyes stand out?
How do I get rid of eyeshadow creases?
what is the best way to remove eye liner??
girls ,would you laugh at a guy if he cam to school with pink nail polish on and blue eye shadow and lipgloss?
Women: Why don't you reduce your spending on make up at least during times of slowdown?
How can I prevent my eyeshadow from smudging?
I'm used to heavy make up?
do guys like it when girls have makeup on?
What should my cousin do 2 get rid of the dark parts around my eye?
What is the best foundation you have used?
Does Bare Minerals makeup really works?
how much of make up should a 13 year old wear.. and what should we wear?
Whats the best?
What is BB cream, creme, and stick foundation?
Is it normal for some men have arched eye brows like a woman and how can I change them?
Foundation and acne medicine combo?
is this a good amount of makeup for a 14 year old girl to wear?
What color eye liner looks good with chocolate brown, almond shaped eyes?
So what is the COLOR or you Hair just wandering?
what brand nail polish?
makeup........? what do you think of it?
What should I do to enhance my looks?
Why do girls open their mouths when they put mascara on?
your favorite primer for eyelids?
Why cant i wear make up?
Why do some women paint / draw on their eye brows!?
In foundation whats the color difference between beige and ivory?
Is 13 to young to be wearing makeup?
do you think I have potential as a makeup artist? (video)?
How can I look pretty?
What color of eyeshadow should I wear with my white wedding dress?
Do you think I'm pretty? (Photo included).?
Best liquid/powder foundation for acne?
i bought a lipgloss but it wasn't sealed?
need a new drugstore mascara whats your opinion?
HEY GIRLS!! What are your most favorite make-up products?
Is eyeshadow okay to wear for everyday use?
Do I look okay going all natural?
when i put foundation my skin goes flaky my skin is very sensitive to im limited to mosteriser... help!!?
Help, please: Are my eyes too 'intense'?
Mac Prep and Prime Primer - has it ever caused anyone to have numb lips?
What undertones are medium yellow undertones?
Is something wrong wih my mascara?
Why do many women feel the need to wear makeup but men don't have to?
Ladies...just for fun...?
Before or after?(pics)?
Is there any really good purfumes?
Which picture of me looks the best? ***PICS INCLUDED***?
Friend and I share make up brush...?
Do you know any good mascaras?
Do you recommend any Elf products?
How should I do my makeup for school?
What do you think of this nailpolish color?
whats the best TINTED MOISTURISER................??
Oh My God!?
what do u think is pretty?
what is a good age?
i shoplifted, kind of?
What is a good and CHEAP primer?
Is Jane Iredale makeup good? is it expensive?
How Do You Clear Acne And Achieve A Clear face??? 10 points?
I am buying new mascara. Whats the best if I want long , curly , thick eyelashes?
do they have this product in the ulta store?
What foundation and pressed powder you recommend?
Was I wrong??
going to school were it seems everyone is very pretty? pretty enough?
How do i fill in my thin, dark eyebrows?
What are some make up brands with make up cases?
Not sure about these burts bees products?
What does TM in cosmetics stand for?
is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
eyelash help!?
Whats a good hand cream?
Red lips? If so what should I wear?
Is a 14-year-old too young to wear high heels and make-up and mini-skirts and sexy lingerie?
What colour is mauve similar to?
Prom make-up and hair advice?
Does it look bad to just wear eyeliner and no mascara and not curlling your eyelashes?
What is equivalent to Loreal True Match?read details?
Where to get good lip plumper?
Girls: Is the make up really necessary?
a foundation that covers very good that also gives a radiant appearence?
I Am I a short hair brunette, and i have blue/green eyes, What lip colour should i go for?
What is the best foundation to use for oily skin..that you can get at a store like Walmart?
Am I really horrible looking?
What Colour Eye Liners Do You Own .......ツ?
Good eyeliner that lasts all day?
Bad that I don't wear makeup?
What is the best foundation I can get?
can i use black eyeliner with my type complexion? my prblm is brown doesn show up well?
No Makeup VS. Makeup?
does eyeliner make your eyes bigger or smaller?
Is it a really bad thing to have big eyes ?
How to do my makeup? ?
Poll: what's the last makeup product you bought?
What is the next Disney Princess make up collection at Sephora?
where to find free stuff available for Bosnia and Herzegovina?
how can i keep my eye makeup from smudging?
What's the best way 2 get waterproof mascara off?
13 year olds: what's your make-up routine?
Oily Skin?
how do you become a makeup artist?
Question about loreal hilite hilift or w/e?
Is this makeuo okay for a 14 year old?
I have a hard block of 'eyeliner' am i suppose to mix water with it?
What can I do with my makeup and am I pretty, pic included?
Does anyone know a good Make-up site?
skin care routine help?
How to get pointed eyebrows?
Do you keep mascaras past 3 months? What is the longest you kept a mascara?
Need advise to lighten or remove dark areas on neck?
when i ut on make-up[ much do i put on?
LADIES!! I need mascara help!?
how do i ger rid of dark clircles under my eyes????
How can i get perfectly clear skin?
can any one tell me the side effects of hylexin?
question about foundation?
how do i make it look like i got beaten up?
Why does Jonathan hate me and everyone thinks i'm weird?
what color eyeshadow would be good for brown eyes?
How do i put on eyeshadow good?
color guard make up ideas for an explosion themed show?
how do you fix bad eyebrows?
Where can I get tokidoki make-up!?
what is the best type of nailpolish to use?
How to darken cover up?
What is the best lipstick shade for ME?
What would be good???
what can i use 2 make my skin lighter?
How makeup can I use to enhance my blue eyes?
Top 4 eye shadows from Mac?
what is the best MAKEUP REMOVER from CLINIQUE?
Cat Eyeliner that won't smudge easy?
Urban Decay or Too Faced Palette?
Does the Edinburgh 'Harvey Nichols' store sell mac cosmetics?
Good waterline drugstore eyeliner?
What is your favorite lip gloss?
how to change day makeup into night make up?
does the covergirl silk foundation make your skin oily?
Too much makeup for a freshman?
Of catalogue products, which is better: Avon or Mary Kay?
good mascara?
Makeup for whiter, brighter eyes?
Good make up for brown eyes?
which one is better. M.A.C.... CHANEL....NYX....OR ELF?
i have blonde hair and blue eyes and i just wanna know ways i can do my make up?
Mascara Q?
the justin bieber nail polish collection?
what do cows drink???????????????????????????????????…
what makeup looks good with a hot pink dress?
bags under eyes?
What lipstick stays... and is actually red?
What are some lip balms that taste good?
Which color is best in Chanel Rouge Coco Shine?
What is the best kind of mascara and black eyeliner?
I want to keep a tan but I can't?
I'm 32 never wear make-up now I want to start but where? Please help.?
Do you know any good mascaras?
Make up samples and freebies?
Natural 8th Grade MakeUp?
Whate the difference between MAC Studio Sculpt and MAC Studio Finish Concealer?
Is a iphone a phone???????????????
what is the best makeup for my skin type?
Where can I buy make-up for underwater shoots in SA?
what is the best makeup to wear at school?
Ladies, please answer? When applying mascara...?
Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?
Does anyone use Shiseido foundation?
how do i set up a section in my room where i can do my hair and makeup?
Whats a good foundation?
is it true that MARY KAY is horrible for yur skin??
What is the most common makeup mistake you see daily on girls?
Hurricane Katia....10 points?
doya think maybe i went over board with the makeup??
What are some disadvantages of Anti-bacterial face soap?
girls, how old were you when you started wearing make up?
Which makeup brand should i get out of these?
What's the longest lasting eyeliner?
What sort of eye makeup can make all three of the colors in my eyes pop?
When do most girls usually start wearing makeup?
How often do you have to wash makeup brushes used with foundation?
make-up help??
whats the best eyeliner you have ever had i really want a line thats very defining kind of like scene liner?
On a scale of 1-10(10 being best) what would you rate the Rimmel match perfection foundation?
What colour are my eyes ?
Anyone using/ have used the Benefit Bluff Dust?
I need a face wash that would be best for me. More info inside. Help please?
where do personal beauty advisors get thier makeup?
Black eyeliner?
Must have drugstore makeup products?
can i buy a lip stainer at a pharmacy?
were these necklaces worth my money?
Can anyone recommend me an eyeliner that won't smudge?
Favourite and best drugstore mascara?
How much makeup do you wear?
How can I do my make up this way?
Which lip balm is better, ROD or maybelline baby lips?
What makeup should I use?
Makeup and hair tips Please!!!?
teen girls - do you actually use an eyelash curler?
I hate it when Hitler uses all of my mascara?
how do i make my t i t s look bigger?
Makeup ideas for a navy blue dress?
Do you know any good mascaras?
i hav really small lips, is ther anything other then surgery, lik make up tips that could make them look biger
Where Can I Buy 'PAX' body paint?
What is a really good cheap foundation and primer?
can i extend my eyelashes ?
should my boyfriend paint his toes pink or black?
what kind of makeup should i wear for my semi formal?
What's your everyday for school makeup routine?
which is better? makeup vs no makeup?
Why did Oil of Olay quit making their make-up line? Especially the lipsticks... I loved those!?
What kind of lipstick would work best on full lips?
When is the proper age for a girl to start using makeup?
Hi umm i'm new to makeup... could u please help me?
Do you like this eye makeup?
does dollar general have liquid eyeliner if not where can it be found?
How do I make my eyeshadow stay on longer?
Best make-up brand to use?
Mascara question..?
After completing a diploma in professional makeup, whats the next step(education wise)? Is there a degree?
How do I get that naural makeup look?
Do I wear too much make up for a 14 year old ? 10 points best answer ?
when i say thissssssssssssss
Help..not sure what to wear to pick up an application!?
Foundation Frustration--- Any ideas for me?
Best brown eyeliner and brown/black mascara available at Ulta?
Who would like to know more about Mary Kay cosmetics and skin care?
WhEn DiD yOu StArT wEaRiNg MaKeUp?
How much is Mac lipstick in australia?
favorite you tube makeup guru?
What is your favourite mascara?
what can be done about puffiness in eye area ?
How long after ACCUTANE can you get WAXING?
eye makeup help?? please?
Is there a tinted moisturiser that will give a good coverage?
Should I keep going blonder, or go dark again?! HELP!?
How does one qualify for a job at a makeup counter?
Does anyone know of a downloadable or e-learning Nail Technician Course?
Which style suits me better (pics included)?
ASAP skin care- how to use? And is it good?
hey girls??
whats the best colour nail polish for the toes this summer?
How do I use makeup to make my eyes appear further apart?
How can I make fake cuts ?
What make-up do you wear? ?
Oil free cleansing whipes?
Fake Tan??
How do i get my eyelid back to normal????
how much is Inglot nail polish, per bottle?
How can I be prettier?
What's the best way to remove mascara?
how to make homemade nail polish?
A really good looking make-up look?
Where should I get my make-up done in Nordstrom at Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, CA? Any refererals?
Make me an Oufit please!?
are there any bare mineral users out there,if so,how does it work for you?
How to do my makeup & hair?
is this too much eyeliner?
I want to work at a Mac counter, do you get free stuff or discounts? and do you get to keep the brush belt?
what eye shadow colors would look best on blue eyes?
Mineral makeup????
Any Good Make-up Brands For 13 Year Olds?
Has anyone been to the IMAT's Make-up artist show?
eye make-up dilema?
Clinique Superfit foundation?
L'oreal Infallible Gloss or Revlon Colorstay Lip Gloss?
How much mascaras do you have?
Do you think this is too much makeup for 13 years old?
Can I get acrylics if I bite my nails very shortly?
What type of eyeliner should I use?
What's your daily makeup routine?
How do I exfoliate without making my skin so red?
Do you put mascara on you upper and lower eyelashes?????????????
whats the best way to remove eye makeup?
How do I get my makeup to stay?!?
What age should you start makeup?
What age sould girls start to wear makeup?
I think I found my youtube channel name !!! lemme kno which one you like better!?
how do i do my make up so i can have a smokey eye?
Help! I have detention!?
who is giving away puppies email please?
what age should you start plucking your eyebrows?
Bee Luscious Cosmetic Users Help!!?
Do guys with naturally thick lashes look gay?
how can i do a smokey eye?
How do you take off mascara?
i am really interested in trying airbrushing makeup. can you tell me which is the best brand?
best tinted lip balms?
How do I pluck my eyebrows into the shape that I want?
guys/girls how does this makeup look?(PIC)?
My Nail Polish Always Chips...What Is The Best Polish Out There?
A good and cheap foundation?
What's your favorite lip gloss?
Which eyeliner is better?
What do you like best about E.L.F products?
makeup and shoes for this dress?
How to start applying make -up after doing the basics:- cleansing, toning, and moisturising?
The Brown Noise?
whats your fave compliment?
What is ur opinion about my pic .?
Makeup that isn't that noticible?
GIRLS what do u like better lipgloss or lipstick?WHY?
How Can They Do It ? I Need Tips.Please :) Thank You xxxx?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Soft lips in the winter?
People Judge Me Because I Wear Makeup?
If you make your own eyeliner...?
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation?
What is the best Olay for me?
How to take of face full of makeup.?
effects of makeup??????????????
Lashblast luxe questions?
foundation help?
What is the best matte white eyeshadow?
Does black eyeliner look good on dark skin?
Ahh How do I make my mascara un-clumpy?
Which is your favorite eye colour?
how do io do my make up like selena gomez in another cinderella story?
A cheaper version of the brand Cargo Mascara?
how do you make your eyes look big with make up?
Goood foundations that cover freckles well.?
How do I put on makeup?
Does lip gloss looks good on girls ?
where in new york can i study to becaome a makeup artist >> cosmetics please click here u will make me happy
Where can i find sites that offer free samples of?
Have you looked at the NEW mark. products?
MAC 182 kabuki vs. 150 brush for all over face powder ?
What do I do about my eyebrows?
What should I use to fill in my eyebrows?
I want to look pretty with makeup. Please help?
Do powders have blue pigments to counteract redness?
Will this scratch my makeup brushes?
Can you build a custom eyeshadow palette at a MAC counter at Macy's?
eye shadow?
what is a good face moose(make-up) for me?
What are some makeup looks I can do with the tarte treasure chest?
10 points for best answer Eyelash and eye dilemma?
What is the Best eyeshadow brand besides MAC? That works really good. ?
What eye-shadow goes with my dark brown eyes?
Do these brands test on animals?
has your boy friend ever cheated on with you best friend?
What is the best kind of eyeliner to use?
Lighten your skintone?
i want to wear makeup?
Best Lipstick/Gloss/Balm for sensitive acne prone skin?
how many hours sleep are you ment to have?
What does he mean? Because if i match my eyebrews to the colour of my eyelashes they get darker and have even?
best fake tan available?
What do you think is the prettiest eye color??
Which foundation covers for the most part pimples on face?
what was the name of this perfume that was aimed at young girls in america 1990s?
What is a good concealer pen?
Where can you buy obsesssive cumpulsive cosmetics?=)?
Foundation oily? HELP.?
How can I get rid of the cirles under my eyes?
Free makeover?
If I have BB cream, concealer, foundation, sunscreen+base, which ones do you do first, second, etc?
what do you think of my make up?
what is a good... ((PICS INCLUDED))?
Pregnancy mask, any home remedies or affordable ways to lighten or remove them from face.?
Can tomboys wear make-up?
Make up tips!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this a good makeup look?
Would girls love it if their man put make up for them?
Anyone know of a good liquid eyeliner?
what are some great fantasy make up tips ?
Does Any one else Uses Sephora Foundation?
how do i cover a blood blister on my nose?
Pencil eyeliner?
Will my makeup look weird when I go into the pool? What will happen to it.?
How should I do my make-up??
i'm looking for a product similar to dessert treats?
is Bronzers are only for fair skin tones?
is it ok to wear black lipstick and eye shadow?
Can anyone reccomend a good lipgloss thats not sticky?
Should I wear silver or gold makeup?
Concealer, blush, bronzer...etc?
I want to change my look for winter... HELP!?
What's the best site for past Mac face chart looks?
Concealer Question People?
Is gel eyeliner easier to apply then liquid?
Help with finding foundations?
Feminine makeover for boy:)? Help!?
What do you think is the best foundation?
Do you guys recommend for me to use makeup remover wipes?
Should i keep my makeup in my room or bathroom?
Do you think men who wear eyeliner are gay?
Makeup tips?
What should i better put on when i get these pimples on my face?
Girls of the world: do you know any websites that have pictures of makeup like this one?
is my eyelashe too long for a guy?pic inc?
What do you think???
Has anyone ordered from
What Is The Best Foundation!?
In what order are you supposed to apply your makeup?
Cool-toned foundation for light skin?
How much makeup should a fourteen year old wear?
harajuku makeup help?
a really good mascara...?
There is a face cream from Boots No.7 beauty line that is supposed to be one of the best in the world??
When Buying Make-up, do brand names matter?
Tips on plucking eye brows?
Girls: Have you ever tried this product?
Any Make-up tips for a young teen?
What beauty product can't you live without?
For those of you who like beauty videos on YouTube..!?!?
what dose a boyfriend mean?
Does Chile carry the makeup brand MAC?
What is the best kind of lipgloss and what is the best kind of eye liner and what color should it be ?
You can re-use MAC Pump for their foundations right?
How can I look like a black barbie?
I Am Brown Skin ( African American ) how to enrichen Eyes to become thick & dark ?
what is the best bb cream you have used and why? not super expensive :)?
girls only!!!!!!!!!!?
Black nail polish on men.?
Best stippling brush?
I am looking for the best boutiques in Arkansas.?
I am looking for a small Mary Kay black tote that the miracle set once came in.?
free make up?
what is a good makeup brand?
What's the best eyeshadow colour for green eyes?
boys. which girl do yall think is prettier?
best brown eye shadow??
Drugstore foundation without SPF?
What is a ampoules?
What is the best way to make my eyes look bluer?
A way to get rid of itchey eyes?
How do you wash off waterproof liquid eyeliner?
What make-up routine do you think is appropriate for a 13 year old?
what can i use instead of borax to make a body cream?
Girls are ao obsessed with makeup?!?
I would like some ideas for a morning routine? and night rotine?
good make up for green eyes?
Why do people with oily/acne prone skin has to use oil free foundation?
why can't I get pictures of make-up I've applied to show on youtube?
i want my boyfriend to wear eye liner?
Will you rate my fashion/makeup site?
I need help with nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What's the best makeup to wear when you're just starting out on wearing makeup?
ok i need 2 buy makeup but i dont no what brand 2 buy.what is the best brand please let me no.?
At what age should I start using Anew Clinical eye lift pro (dual eye system) ?
is wearing makeup in 7th grade too young ?
What mascara do you use?
Should I start wearing makeup again?
Which is best beautyparlour for bridal makeup in Ahmedabad?please help?
Am I wearing my makeup right?
I need some advice? (girls only)?
Who are Estee Lauder's competitors?
Would you let a professional make-up artist you hired, use E.L.F cosmetics on you?
makeup for grade seven?
How fast is sephora shipping?
Is this bad, ok or good for my makeup/oily skin?
What's your favorite mascara?
When did you start wearing make-up?
What type of simple makeup to wear to school?
what colour eyeliner will look best on me?
do you think i wear to much eyeliner?
Would you leave the house without wearing makeup?
Is it ok to use dove white beauty bar on your face?
Wanting to know if i can find....?
How can I prevent to get pimples on my face of makeup (foundation, powder and blush)?
how many of you girls wear 3 shades of eyeshadow on your eye for the 3-d effect?
how do i make black felt brown?
Why does so much drugstore foundation have an orangey tint? How can I find one that doesn't?
how good is the Falsies mascara?
i have fair skin what sort of makeup should i wear on a daily bases?
My mom doesn't trust buying from Elf cosmetics site?
When should I start wearing makeup at school?
how to make make up last longg?
Is there any specific makeup trend for the summer?
Do I Need Makeup? (pic)?
How to wear makeup with a prosthetic?
Am I to young to wear makeup?
Which counter shall I look into to?
about haunted houses,trails ect?
About Oriflame in the world.?
What concealer would you recommend for this?
what kind/color eyemakeup should i wear to bring out my eyes?
What would be a good BB cream for oily, acne-prone skin?
is light blue eye liner pretty? Do you wear it?
Do I wear too much makeup? Fourteen year old Freshman?
Does my makeup sound appropiate for a 13 year old?
What can happen if I let others use my make up?
Helen E Cosmetics - any good?
Whats wrong with my spiderbites?
last longer?
victoria secret beauty rush peice of cake?
I know guys like the "natrual look" but what specifically does that mean?
Eyeliner, eyeshadow or mascara?
Can your skin be a cool tone and your eyes a warm tone?
Too much makeup on?
Is there something wrong with the website?
What To Put In Your Travel Makeup Bag?
Is fake Tan a good idea?
Would a bottom side lip pericing look good on me?
i am dark skinned, does that mean i am ugly??? considering my facial features are alright?????
What brand of shampoo should I buy?
Do my undertones look warm or neutral (photo)?
Can anyone recommend a good make up primer?
How old were you when you were allowed to........?
I am in need of a moisturizer for sensitive skin?
red eyeliner or black eyeliner???
how to look good at a pool party?
Covergirl natureluxe and aqua smooth? ?
Do you consider foundation a special occasion or everyday item?
How to improve appearance? (i have pics)?
Which L'oreal hip eyeshadow for fair skin and blue eyes?
How to disguise a receding chin?
My friends dont wear makeup but i like to. What do i say when they ask why i wear makeup?
how can i apply makeup so it looks totally natural?
How to put on makeup really well?
Are the shadows in NYX The Caribbean Collection the same as some of the shadows in the NYX Trios?
Do I have on too much make-up?
what colour heels go with a cream playsuit?
I would like to learn how to do permananet makeup, what will I need?
How do I look???
What is a good mascara ?
Where to find the Mac Pro Products on
what are the ingredients in mac cremesheen glasses?
How can I put on eyeliner with out crying?
What make up do you wear Girlies?
Got my wisdom teeth pulled last wednesday, and my schools winter formal is this saturday! Help!?
tinted moisturizer question.... HELP :o)?
How old where you when you started wearing make-up?
Do I look different or ugly without my makeup?
What's a good water proof mascara ?
Coastal scents 22 piece brush set.. Are they worth it?
what is the best consealer to buy? I DONT BUY MAC !!!?
M.U.F.E Mist and fix spray?!?
Where can I buy NYX cosmetics......?
MAC Cosmetics Empty Compact?
What color eyeshadow looks good with blue eyes?
What Is the best foundation from superdrug?
What is your favorite mascara that has no clumps and doesnt smell bad?
how should i do my makeup for the first day of high school?
Eyelash Curling?
can you buy lip smackers in metro market market? philippines?
cheek hightlighter?
eye liner chrisis!?
Is this too much makeup?
is this to much make up for me?
I Am 13 Years Old And I Really Wanna Do My Eyebrows But My Mom Won't Let Me.?
How can i get dewy skin?
When i put on powder i use cover girl and many say they cant even tell its there what am i doing wrong??
How to make my nose and lips smaller???
Why is it white where I plucked?
Preps && they're skin and makeup.?
Which blush (really easy s!)?
What should I do to make my lipstick last longer (may be for 6 hrs) ?
I am looking for tips on beauty care and or skinstore promo?
Makeup Choices for my wedding?
How can i have awake eyes?10 points?
What is bronzer for ?
Can I join a social netball team?
How do I put some color on my face without looking like a clown?
Am I considered Handsome?
What do I do about my eyelashes?
Really good foundation?
what is the best make-up i can use for my face i need some advice.?
Best MAC summer colors?
How can I make my brown eyes pop?
how to get her makeup ?
Whats your fav colour?
helo with dry lips?!?!?
I need tips please and thank you?
Should i wear make-up or not?
what is the best foundation i can buy at a drug store?
whats your favourite nail colour ?
Do parents allow you to wear make-up ? I may only wear clear lip gloss !?
What is the best time to put on a face mask?
Help with prom make-up?
makeup help for a 14 year old girl?
homecoming makeup ideas?
i need help painting nails?
what is the best way to make my eyes look bigger???
i have acne scars?
make up and hair conventions?
how does angelina jolie keep her lips so nice?
Eye cream or products for dark circles?
Gemma Atkinson make up??..?
what is the point of eyebrows i mean do they really have a purpose.?
can someone make my eyes green please =D
How can I make it look like I'm not wearing eyeliner, when I am?
Does anyone have any good natural eyeliner techniques?
what shape are this eyes named and what are the eyeshadow colours that suits it?
Is 12 to young to be wearing makeup?
What is your favourite makeup?
how can you look better without putting make-up on?
I'm 14. I don't have tons of money but I need cheap make-up that look fairly expensive. Any suggestions?
.s which surname do you like best?
What shops in northampton (Town preferably!) sells Mac Make-up?
Whats ur fav. make up brand.and why.?
What makeup should I always have in my purse ?
A website that shows you what shade you are in a different product?
What makeup could i buy to make myself look nicer?
Does anyone know were I can get inexpensive false eyelashes?
Is my nose big? I'm 17?
Is it okay if I start to wear mascara?
Is mascara bad for your eyelashes? Does it make your eyelashes fall out?
You tell what's better MAC or Sephora?
what do people carry in their purse and what makeup do they put in their purse?
Looking a Dior lipstick shade?
Do you put eyeliner or mascara on first?
Whats a good mascara?
What makeup can I use to cover up the redness in my cheeks and chin?
Is it gay for a guy to wear a bit of make-up to cover stretchmarks?
How can i make my eyes pop?
How do you spell conspicuous? what does it mean?
blue eyes or green eyes?
Is is bad to leave on makeup for the night?
how can i keep my eye make up looking fresh all day long?
whats the best a spray tan or sunbed ?
Would a facial peel be good for?
does anyone know where i can find some GOOD cheer makeup like for competitions?!?
What is a good makeup brand for acne skin?
I Need HELPPP!? Ok so I bought these black with orange stripes suspeders(For Nerd Day At My School)can I wear?
I have red hair,what colour eye shadow should i wear on a date?
Eyeshadow looks sites????
Help me to pick the color of MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35?
is makeup even worth it?
Applying Pencil eyeliner?
Did foundation make your skin worse?
I have black hair, fair skin, black eyes, gothic tastes. Make up tips please?
What color are my eyes?
How should I do my eye make-up for a talent show?
Milk of magnesia as a makeup primer?
Why does my makeup make me look like i have a black eye?
what color are these eyes?????
Eyeshadow colors for brown eyes?
Do any of the big grocery stores sell waxing kits for men?
GIRLS: please tell me why we cant/shouldnt do this!?
is it ok for men to use makeup ?.?
What is the best concealer?
why do guys hate girls who wear makeup?
Is there any girls that only wear eye make up?
foundation help?
Do I wear too much make up?
How long does it take to see results when using AMBI Fade Cream for skin discolorations?!?
What should i use to remove garnier bb cream? facial wipes?
What is frusterating about putting on make-up?
How in the world do you twist revlon real colors waterproof gel eye liner ?
Best makeup brand that is on the less expensive side?
do you think its a bad thing that i don't wear make-up?
Please help me with my huge makeup problem.....?
Urban decay or Nars eyeshadow?
Girls, do you wear different makeup at Christmas? What Colours and Styles do you go for?
Can I use Bare Minerals if I have very oily skin and a few spots?
how to make eyes look bigger?
Liquid or pencil eyeliner?
their eyes...?
Does anyone know?
natural make up look? help please.?
Would red lipstick look okay with this dress?
Sugar and water to exfoliate face?
Why is it that whenever we girls put on mascara our mouths are open? Has anyone besides me ever noticed that?
Is 12/13 Too Young?
Is it bad sleeping with makeup on?
is it normal to have really long lashes?
Does Vitamin E oil get rid of, or lessen the appearance of scars?
What is better, gel wraps or acrylic nails?
How to I put this on correctly? 10 points for best answer!?
Guys, how do I look to you?
What are some nude light brown lip glosses?
i have ginger hair i am 14 what colour lipstick should i wear?
How do i take off foundation?
what is the price of "water based ponds age miracle concentrated serum" in INDIA?
Where can I get Urban Decay Make-up??
What colour eyes are more appealing? ?
Does clear mascara make eye lashes transparent at the tips like normal mascara does?
What does a "matte" look mean?
What makeup should i wear for haloween?
Does makeup have animal fat and body parts in it?
what kind of eye liner does brendon urie use?
i think curled eyelashes make a huge difference to your appearance,what do you think?
If you could give me a makeover...? ANSWER PLEASE I NEED A NEW LOOK!!?
revlon Colorstay Oily/Combination or dry regarding Accutane use?
stop creases in eyeshadow?? help?
Is liquid latex tested on animals?
what lip product is better ?!?
I just had my birthday and my mom is letting me wear makeup now, what should I use?
How do i get rid of little spots from wearing foundation?
I have $155 to spend at MAC what should I get?
How to do eye make up like this?reposted?
Burt's Bees lip balm, can it be used as a consealer?
I am sick of wearing foundation everyday but i have bad skin?
Which company is best in lipstick.?
how can i find the perfect foundation for my skin??
Which eyeshadow shade is best for blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair in this product by Avon?
*~ Hey guyz do you like it better if girlz weare makeup or not?? *~?
13 is too young for makeup?
Why do my eyelashes look better without mascara?
What's in your on-the-go makeup bag =)?
What should my makeup be???
Should I return my clinique 3 step skin care products?
what chemicals should you avoid in makeup?
Best Primer and Foundation for acne-prone and dry skin?
what is premium oil price for 1 gallon?
do girls look bad without makeup?
What is the best mascara under 10$?
girls do you wear makeup when you just stay home all day?
Right do you think i wear to much makeup round my eyes?
Birthday Make-up Help ?!?
which is the best makeup, and why?
Benefit's Sun Beam or Girl Meets Pearl?
What color are your eyes?
Does the wet n wild cream eyeliner dry out fast?/last?
How to I put on the pencil kind of eyeliner?
Mac eyeshadows aren't pigmented?
Make up for a 13 year old?
If you could only live with ONE cosmetic, what would it be?
is flawless skin is beauty?
makeup tutorials please help......?
Does anyone know of a "how to" book on applying makeup??
this one is for the girls, why is it when applying eyeliner or mascarra i open my mouth really wide lol?
Neutrogena healthy skin foundation is good for my tan skin or not?
Can I put make up on my 2 week old daughter?
order of makeup application?
how can we find that the holi colours we purchase are not harmfull for skin?
what the age type to star using Luminyze skin brightner and what are the side effect?
What makeup, hair and accessories should i wear with this dress?
at what age should a girl start wearing makeup?
Am i the only guy who thinks this?
avon or marykay.?
Blonde shades for yellowish-tanned skin?
skin colour?
Ahhh!! Date!! Help please open!?
What eyeshadow colour for a purple dress?
What make-up brands do the sell in debenhams ?
what colour is your eyes?
Good facial cleanser?
I have a party coming up...?
Gold Eyeshadow?
Does this sound like an appropriate makeup routine for school?
Urban Decay's Naked palette or Naked 2 palette?
NYX Eyeshadow Palette Help!!!?
im sort of a tom boy but have make-up and dont wear it cause i think i look stupid should i wear it or not?
Best Moisturizing Foundation for Dry Skin?
How can I make my lips look more plump without surgery?
How do you wear makeup?
eye make-up remover?
what kind of mascara do you use?
Depot Nyx Jumbo Pencil?
what age do you think kids should wear makeup?
Is it ok to use a daily glycolic cleanser, then a face scrub twice a week?
Who is better Lancome or Motive makeup?
What's a good mineral makeup that covers well, for oily skin? (Pls don't say Bare Escentuals; it broke me out)
How do i make my make-up look really good without having it look fake or gobby?
What is the best mascara you have used without getting any clumps?
how should i do my make up for the first day of school?
Do you pay shipping or handling fee for requesting on-online free sample?
What is the most gorgeous colour of eyes?
can u give me make up tips especially for the base?
Tips on putting on eyeliner?
Mac Cosmetics Holiday Sets?
What is the difference between a cosmetician and a makeup artist?
what color of lipstick looks best with a navy dress?
How to get natural long eyelashes?
should my eye brows be thinner?
is using kojic cream good for removing pimple scars on the face?
Does rubing achol make your skin darker?
What is your favourite colour of eyes?
Easy points why why why please help?
should i dye all my hair or just get highlights? (pics included)
Why don't girls put foundation on their necks?
Where can I find classes to take to learn how to do makeup?
Lip Gloss or Bare? What looks better?
i bought almay "bring out the brown" and i don`t know which color goes first..any tips?
do all ghost perfumes have ghost written on the bottle? how do you know if they are fake?
Is a 12 year old wearing light blue eyeshadow and mascara ok?
How to have luminous skin in winter?
Wear makeup and still look natural?
can you use an eyelash curler with makeup on?
Is there anywhere I can buy Bare Minerals products in a store near Auburn Hills MI?
How can i look older?
Skin79 BB cream or Neutrogena enhancer(tinted moisturizer)?
Whats your favourite lip color?
HELP I hate eyeshadow! how to get back into it?
How much do you spend on makeup?
What can I put on my eyebrows to make them thicker?
Why do people say dark eye makeup is for night time not daytime?
Do you think makeup is the stupedest thing ever invented?
is 12 to young to ware make up?
am i pretty?
Does Revlon Singapore sell the Super Lustrous Lipstick in the shade Siren?
which mascara brand is the best?
Do my eyes look small? 4 Pics?
is there going to be a stick it 2?
I have a mascara question?
how do i use make up and what shades for my age, white, brn. hair 56 yrs old.?
Makeup technique to look like a different race?
Girls: How long does it take you to put on your makeup on a normal day ?
Good eye shadow technique/colours to make blue eyes stand out?
makeup tips to make face appear thinner?
dark eye circles?
Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder?
revlon colourstay do you think natural tan looks orangey?
Do you know any samples links?
I over plucked one eye brow, what do I do?
COVER GIRL????is it all true?
Sephora v.s. Mac???!?
best thing to take out self tanner?
A little random question...?
I need opinions on NARS blush called orgasm?
If u were famus who would u be?
burts beeswax?
A bronzer for people with fair/ivory skin?
Can i use brown eyeshadow instead of bronzer?
Does Loreal Mineral Powder work like Bare Minerals? Anyone tried the product yet?
a few questions (abt ss)?
What a good brown eyeliner?
I have a question about mixing foundation with moisturizer?
whats the difference for makeup?
Any way to moisten up my mascaca?
anyone with alaczen reviews?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What makes eyes look BIGGER? Just mascara? Or mascara and eyeliner together? Is less more?
has any one had permanent eyeliner applied? Do you like the results? What color did you get? Painful?
should i wear make-up?
For gradnight...what?
Testing prom make up ideas - which do you like ?
Chanel vs. Dior?
What color lipstick should I wear with my bright red Juliet costume?
I plan to make a makeup shopping trip soon, what brand of mascara should I invest in? Any other little things?
concealer for blemishishes doesn't rub off?
I know this has been asked alot already but...Naked palette 1 or 2?
How to make my makeup not look like **** at the end of the day?
what is wrong with this girls face? pic?
Am I using too much makeup?
Is it ok that I use a Mineral Veil but don't use Mineral makeup?
how are modicare products?
You would consider Aqua to be like which of these colors?
Best drugstore foundation?
does anyone else think men look sexy in eyeliner?
what is a good eyeshadow brand..that's longlasting...beside Mac?
which colour lipstick suits a pink t-shirt?
can i make a halter blouse with a sparkley cloth?
Lip gloss VS lip stick?
my eyeliner always washes off.. and other make up problems?
What is your makeup routine? (:?
why men are not allowed to wear make-up and look pretty?
So I'm going to the eight grade and I need a little makeup help!!!?
What do you think about this look?
Face drawing. What causes this line?
what is your favourite mascara and why?
What is the best, durable-affordable makeup brand?
Should a 8 year old wear makeup (girls only please)?
can you sucessfuly remove a black head from your face without leaving a scar by squeezing it?
how do i cure acne for Italian skin?
how do i apply eyeliner?
Some BEAUTY tips for a freshman girl? :)?
How to orginiZe makeup area?
Help my eyebrows are uneven?
How to get rid of redness on face fast!?
how to i get that smokey/smoldering look?
how to be naturally prettier without makeup?
Do you think this is too much make-up for school everyday?
40s make-up?
OMG makeup help :)) thank youuu?
What lip balm works for you?
Glow in the dark party help?
What's the difference between bronzer and blush?
i need help my a work-out that would make me look nice :)?
I need help finding a foundation?
can you give me a pic of rob from matchbox 20 without makeup?
Girls, How Do You Get That "Glow"?
does putting vasaline on your eyelashes make them longer?
How many people here wear make-up every single day? don't leave the house without it for example?
liquid highlighter: b4 or after liquid foundation???
which color is better of the new victorias secret lip balm?
What Is The Best Makeup Book To Buy For Beginners?
how do i make my eyes and nose look smaller? for a play?
Do you wear makeup everyday?
what is the lip pen and gloss called?
When should I throw away my Mascara?
Which colours go best with blue eyes, blonde hair & pale skin?!?
Do you like boys who where eye liner? (girls only)?
Eyeshadow color for green eyes....?
I'm looking for a make up artist for my November wedding. Someone in the Oak Park area.?
Can you find bare Minerals in stores?
"I have green eyes. What color eyeshadow should I use to make them pop?"?
How do I get this look?
What is a good foundation that covers eye bags?
Revlon product: "Revlon vital radiance moisture boosting lipcolor".?
Is there fake eos lipbalms?
what do u wear out clubbing, also how often do u go?
Makeup for beginners?
What Pallette Did Lollipop 26 Use in this video?
Is this normal??
What Do you think of the "Orange" Make up Fad At the moment?
Girls how do you wear your eye makeup I'm curious to know how other girls do theres?
Brown eyes?????????????
does the garnier anti puff/anti dark circles eye roller work?
whats a good eyeliner even tho theirs no such thing as a perfect eyeliner?
How should I convince my parents to give me the permission to buy MAC Cosmetics?
What is best for my look?
Going from blonde to brown?
What is the best color eye shadow for me?
Blue Eyes - Blue Eyeshadow?
how would i do sunless face tanner and clinique?
Please help, all opinions greatly appreciated! Easy 10 points~?
Cover up blemishes???
Which mascara should i buy?
will i be judged if i get snakebites?
What color lipstick is better, red, pink, or maroon?
What shade should I get in Covergirl Natureluxe foundation?
what is the best eye cream to help heavy/puffy eyeLIDS (not undereye). Thanks?
Makeup question?
citric acid?
Is revlon a good long lasting brand for powder?
how to get the smoked eyes effect?
Where can I get makeup from Mac?
Have you ever finished a tube of chapstick?
Is Clinique a good makeup?
What's colors go with orange?
How much makeup is okay for a 13 year old?
how do i make my blue eyes pop(bluer)?
In your opinion, what is the best brand of make up and why?
Makeup using red?
What makeup brand covers up acne best out of these?
Wedding Makeup Advice! =)?
Is this too much makeup for a 12 year old?
Which almay foundation is the best?
Covergirl natureluxe or physicians formula mineral liquid foundation?