Make-up advice for a 14 year old plse?! :-)?
How to shade in eyebrows when they are very light? (black)?
if u could only choose one item of make up?
What are your make up must haves?
Do guys like it when us girl were makeup?
the brand and shade of lipstick actress Nia long wears?
Bronzer Assistance Needed!!!?
what make up products?
has anyone tried origins cosmetics?
Lip enlargement/enhancer?
What is the best Mineral Powder Foundation?
10 POINTSWhat is the best eyeliner you have used?
How do I remain beautiful without applying any makeup or a face pack?
How to make my eyes all black?
How do u apply fake nails without any glue?
what is name or method of wax that is best for beauty saloon?
Any products that make your skin paler?
Eye-palette decision help!!!?
Which Lip Plumpers Are The Best?
Recommend me drugstore face products, :)?
Do I look better with or without makeup?
how do i make my eyes look bigger?
POLL::whats in your makeup bag right now?
How do you apply blusher, and what colour would be best for me?I have dark brown hair,brown eyes & pale skin?
How do I make my eye liner last longer?
Where can I get Jack Black lip balm?
bare minerals? easy 1O points !?
Ladies, what would you do if you walked into a bar and every man there was wearing lipstick?
Is there any way I could be a freelance makeup artist or do freelance makeup while in university?
What is the best eyeliner I can pick up from a basic brand? [Revlon, Almay, etc?]
shailene woodley makeup?
how to become fair?
how do i do this?
Has anyone tried Too Faced Wrinkle Injection or Duwop Reverse Eyeliner?
I need a luminous make-up?
where in HEMET CA. , TEMECULA, or MORENO VALLEY can i find bare minerals aka bare essentials?
How to start a makeup collection?
How can i make myself look prettier? ?
What color eyeliner should a blonde use?
will putting VASELINE petroleum jelly on lips overnight MOISTURIZE them and make them SOFT?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
ok, this is kind of weird to ask, since i'm 16 and I should know all about it, but...?
is this too much makeup for a 14 yr old to wear?
What age did you start wearing makeup?
pros / cons of all makeup - for a project?
In which pic does my skin look nicer/flawless?
should sixth graders wear make up?
how can i make my eye color stand out?
where to get EOS stick lipbalm?
Girls: What is your favorite good-quality mascara?
ladies , do any of u use a makeup primer? if so which one can u recommend?
Which BB cream to buy?
Do I wear too much makeup for 13?
why does farther christmas wear red?
Should a 8 year old wear makeup (girls only please)?
If you saw me in a crowd, would you think I was a pretty person or an ugly person?
What can i do with sandalwood oil?
wearing dark makeup?
Do you remove your make-up daily?
best eyeshadow colour for green eyes?
What kind of eye makeup should I use?
Best Eyeliner Ever ??.?
Bought too much makeup?
What kind of makeup to use?
What is better? Merle Norman cosmetics, or Cover Girl.?
What foundation can I use to aviod millia?
Where can I get the Alexis Vogel Make-up system in the UK?
which is better to do up...eyes or lips?
What is the best way to make my eyes look bluer?
Where can I buy a make-up vanity for my room?
Help for lips?
What kind of makeup is best to use??
which brand is best for eyeliner and mascara?
Are mac cosmetics better tha all the other makeup?
Name makeup that only comes off with special solution?
what colors would look good on me if i had black hair, brown eyes,and medium skin?
what makeup should a 10 old wear to go shopping?
how do you make green eyes pop?
makeup for a 13 year old?
what is the right age to start applying makeup?
How should i do my makeup for everyday? nights out/parties?
How does a guy get longer and fuller eyelashers?
Best moist, creamy, smooth and light foundation?
Make-up for hooded eyes?
where can i buy Ben Nye horror makeup?
"Makeup" I have a date tomarrow?
What age do you think a girl should start wearing makeup?
Best Way To Apply Foundation?
Is MAC foundation worth the money?
If you were going away and you could only take 1 piece of makeup what would it be?
Liquid eyeliner burns my top eye lid?
do you think that i am ugly?
anyone play neopets??how do i make my neopet stronger?
What kind of makeup do you use???
Make up for babysitters?
some ppl say glittery eyeshadow caused harm badly than plain one?
emo hair and makeup please help me?!?
Should I start wearing makeup?
am i fat?????????????????????Also how can i lose weight?
my teeth aren't whitening ? helpp ? 10 points?
Mineral make-up for acne sufferers?
why do people use covergirl?
Eye shadow for men with tans.?
need a powder foundation for fair skin i use natural beige and it is too dark looking?
favourite cosmetic brands & why?
Help asap with faceeee and makeup plzzz help?
What colors of lipstick can I pull off?
From where i can get natural skin care and organic skin care?
Do I have an oval face shape?
Why's it bad if you don't take off your makeup before you sleep?
Is this too much makeup for a 12 year old?
How do you make a black eye alway faster?
if you could only take one piece of makeup with you what would it be?
GIRLS! Do you bring perfume or makeup to school?
look like ashlee simpson?
I can't apply liquid eyeliner neatly or evenly?
How to make your skin look more natural?
Let's talk MAKEUP FINISHES (matte, satin, etc.)?? Please clarify? THANKS?
Girls: Black eyeliner in water line makes eyes look smaller or bigger?
Removing Acrylic Liquid from Wood?
How long is Lancom skin cream good for?
do you think putting eye shadow on a 3 year old is wrong?
after completing my course in make up professional wat will i stand up in future if i take tha as a career?
What kind of make up should a 13 year old wear?
Benefit or Kat Von D concealer?
Is the Fairly Light foundation from Southern Magnolia Minerals the same as Fairly Light from Bare Minerals?
permanent mascara?
Axxium by OPI vs Shellac?
i need the phone number for lotta luv?
When is a good age to start wearing make up?
Makeup and hair for homecoming?
Eye lid problem. How can I tighten my eyelids?
best lengthening mascara?
Is this a real cover?
How do you determine Low, Medium, and High Cheekbones?
makeup question?????
first day of 8th grade makeup ideas?
Self tan applicator??????????????????????????????…
Does wearing a powder foundation make your acne worse?
Mascara? I can't remember the brand name, help!?
cute hairstyles, makeup and how to make a school uniform look better (school 13 years old)?
How to get a fake tan with makeup & NOT look orange?
How do you find a matching foundation for your skin color?
How do you blend foundation correctly?
Guys thoughts on makeup?
please tell me what loreal matte mouse foundation is prefect for fair skin?
Does ELF (Eyes Lips Face) brand mineral makeup work?
is there anwear?
Is the Max Factor Color Adapt make up light?
LADIES! im looking for perfume; any suggestions?
Are there any female youtubers that are gay and do make up vlogs?
Does makeup really make you feel pretty?
How old where you when you started wearing make-up?
Where can i buy really pretty and shiny lip gloss from.?
Does anyone have any makeup tips for....?
Drugstore foundation for combination skin?
applying eyeliner help
Is there Water Proof cover up?? If soo, wats a good brand thats not that expensive?
Is it bad to not clean your eyeliner off?
A good long-lasting concealer?
Girls how much do you usually spend on mascara?
Is it ok for guys to wear eyeliner nowadays?
Will taking Biotin pills really help with hair growth?
Do you wear makeup everyday?
Which Maybelline Mascara should I get?
Red Lipstick. Yes Or No?
HD foundation questin..what makes HD foundation "HD"?
Fake tan and clear skin; how does this work?
hey i was wondering what type of cosmetics people would sugget out there for oily skin for teens..?
my undereye lids have a dark shade but i can't cover it up?
US SALON SUPPLY .COM legitamit site?
what kind of make up is perfect for the black face? details please!?
Barry M Cosmetics?
What is a good eyeliner that doesn't run?
Who knows of a good mascara?
Any make up and hair Tips for me?
Can I use my foundation primer for my eyelids if my eyelids are REALLY dry?
i be cant afford chanel cleanser cuz mah welfare check didnt cums in yet?
Something to remove my foundation and powder makeup?
I'm wearing a red prom dress which of the following makeup would be the best?
Are the MAC blank face make up sheets copyrighted?
what would be a good age to wear makeup?
homemade facial masks.?
what is you favorite foundation?
Question about MAC cosmetics?
If I could only choose 3 makeup products to make a natural look what would I use?
Guys with eyeliner?
What shade/brand of make up?
What type of foundation do you use and actually LIKE?
Spotting fake Mac brushes?
how much should i wear?
which lipstick does not contain animal fat?
guy.....................on left?
PLEASE HELP ME. I have no idea how to hide my cuts and I don't want people to know. Please.?
A good make-up combination for me?
How can I lighten my skin tone?
What makeup company would you suggest that is noticable but yet inexpensive and will not take time to put on?
what skin tone am i & what mac shade would i be?
Is Sheer Cover worth getting?
Where can I get the best deal for MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation 178 Chestnut?
How do you apply mascara and dont get any clumps?
I think i once heard tyra say dont match your eye shadow with the color shirt your wearing is this correct?
makeup bag essentials?? hellp?
how can i keep my lips in good condition in this harsh winter weather?
Good Mascara?
Iam a 48 yr old female never tried make up today iam gonna put make up on any tips on how to put make up??????
give me some tips?
Good facial moisturizers????)?
Opinions on ProActiv refining face mask...?
Long lasting good foundation...?
straight guys - yay or nay on makeup and earings on girls?
Is it rare to have multiple colors in my eyes?
What color lipstick?
SHARP FEATURES?? what they mean?
What Natural Colour Hightlights Should I Get?
What has "Allah" done for you? Have you received your Suicide-bombergram?
Best eye shadow for me?
was jessica biel a cover girl model?
Do you prefer eyeliner to go all around the eyes, or just be on top or bottom?
At what age should girls start wearing make-up?
What Colour Shall I Paint My Nails.?
I'm taking my senior portraits early should I do my makeup?
Why does it take 2 hours just to put on make up?
Don't you think bright red lipstick looks best with blonde hair?
I need good eye makeup! what brands are good?
Eyelid skin ripped off by false eyelashes? Help!?
Pls help, am in pretoria. Where can i find macy's or sephora cosmetics around?
Do you need a parent to be with you for an eyebrow wax if you're under 18?
mousse foundation? Do you like it?
Would it be a good idea to spray toner/mist on brush before applying foundation?
Ladies, what's your make-up routine every morning?
What shade am i in Revlon?
Can you tell me of any water proof make up that won't come off when I swim?
buying bare minerals from qvc?
Do anti-wrinkle creams actually work, or are they just a scam?
Who is more hot here?
How to make my eyes look bigger?
What kind of youtube videos do you like to watch, makeup etc. related?
Liquid eyeliner vs cream eyeliner?
how many people use makeup sponges to apply founation ?
why was shine supreme lip shine by avon discontinued?
How can I get tickets to a MAC warehouse sale?
do i wear to much make up??(pic)?
too early for make up?
how do you make your skin lighter?
QUICK!! I NEED cheap but good lip gloss!!!! HELP!!?
Who do you want to be when you grow up?
Tips on eyeshadow to match individual outfits?
What cosmetic line is better?
MAC penultimate or Revlon Colorstay Liquid eyeliner?
Lip Plumpers....Pros and Cons???
does elf lock and seal work the same as elf mist and set?
Is this too much makeup?
What is your daily makeup and hair routine?
i have brown eyes would a white eyeshadow look good?
eyeliner/eyeshadow question?
Make up for party next thrusday.... any advice????
Where can I take some make-up classes in San Diego, CA.?
i love pixie lott make up at the isle of wright does anyone know how i can create this?
how can i change my messenger colour to pink?
Do i look bad without makeup?
Can cosmetics expire?
Ladies, where can i buy cheap, mac cosmetics from online apart from ebay???
How to become prettier and bigger butt?
I'm going out, i want to make eyes stand out, I have blue eyes and my skin is light/med, any ideas?
whats the best mascara?
How can you make a lip plumer at home? (Ps. I don't have cinnamon at home)?
How should i do my make up?
What will make you tan faster?
I love makeup but feel awkward wearing it. Do I avoid it then or will I get used to it?
i'm 14, is this too much makeup?
How to make your eyes bigger? :-)?
never really worn
How do you apply eyeshadow correctly?
is the Victoria Jackson Survival Kit worth buying?
eyelashes that fall into your eyes?
What is the best eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes?
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse?
First date Beauty & Fashion advice?
Does anyone know where the main Bare Minerals factory is?
Can Make Up Make an Ugly Girl really Pretty?
has any1 ever heard of eddie funkhouser as i won a makeover?
makeup for acne??
Makeup tips for blond hair and blue eyes?
What color eyeshadow would suit my skin tone?
Whats the best mascara?
Are there any dupes for Mac Pink pigeon lipstick?
wat can i use to cover the dark circles under my eyes?
does putting oil free lotion on your face make it more oily?
Eye Makeup Remover?
plz plz if u know ans this??????
Do Indian women always wear make-up ?
lancome, chanel, or shu uemura..?
love my lips lipstick where can I find them?
Whats the best eyeliner?
mac pro longwear foundation +concealer! help!?
what is the best moisturiser cream to use?
How old should you be when you start wearing makeup?
how to get rid of my dark circles under eyes?
Best eyeshadow colours for blue/green/teal eyes?
where can i get the california beauty sudden glow in Philippines??
Can you use watercolor paint on your face?
Any good mascaras that won't clump?
What makeup should i do with this dress?? Thanks :)?
Need help with my skin?
How much longer do my eyebrows need to grow before I can get them waxed professionally?
Looking for a possibly discontinued make up line but I can't remember the full name, something London. Help!
Is this too much make up for a 15 year old?
What colour are my eyes?
Almay Clear Complexion Liquid Foundation?
Teach ME to MAke MY EyEs Sp@rklE?
new mabyelinne foundation ?
what do you think about my eyes? :)?
Can this mess my eyes up?
What eyeliner color would make my brown eyes look like a greenish color? Read please?
How much make up do you wear?
Are girls really pretty without makeup? Or is that a lie coming from guys?
Question about sigma dry n' shape?
What Would You Do???????????????
What is bronzer? Chest help please I need to know?
has anyone ever used Go Smile from the Sephora stores? If so, did it work???
How can I get my makeup like this?
Good Pick up lines?
What is the best brand of compact foundation for acne prone skin?
Do you put mascara on the bottom lashes also?
what's your favorite lipstick color?
what is best colour/effect of eyeshadow for blue eyes & dark brown hair and fair skin?
How do u do a smokey eye.?
what kind of makeup should i wear?
To much makeup for thirteen?
girls! i need a reccomendation..?
I need a lip plumper, one that you put on and it makes your lips twice the size?
Is curling your eyelashes bad?
Does any1 seriously believe face cream with 'ginger captured in its purest form' will make them look younger?
can i use Physician Formula Mineral Correcting Primer (the pink one) for my eyes too?
what makeup should i get from MAC Cosmetics?
hi does anyone know how to get the spray tan off?
My son wants to start wearing girl clothes?
What is the best brand of make up?
Best liquid foundation?
OMG i somehow locked myself outside this morning WEARING NOTHING!!! nobody saw rite??
What's a good non-orangey self tanner I can use?
How can I make Eau de Toilette perfume last longer?
How do I make my self cute using make-up, with out going too far ?
Makeup for a 14 year old?
What do guys think about girls that wear no make up?
What product will make me look more awake?
Who is the white person ? Where is each person from?
What's the best way to get a natural make up look?
Any advice ladies??????????
What are good lipsticks?
is cameleon makeup good?
how can i hook up with someone?
MAC cosmetics Offer codes?
Lines around mouth (help?)?
I need someone to do my hair and makeup for my wedding...?
plzz tell me how to apply complete makeup?
The best way to apply makeup/routine/brands?
I'm having trouble figuring out my face shape.?
Do you like green eggs and ham?
Is this to much make up for a thirteen year old?
I'm looking for a face powder for glowing skin?
how much will a bottle of coco madmoiselle cost in america?
give the discription with sample of raven colour?
What do you think about Oil of Olay Products?
What lip colour goes well with blue dress?
Best anti-winkle cream for eyes?
What's your favorite kind of makeup?
Correct Eye Make-Up Tips?
What color eyeshadow should I use?
Make-up recommendations?
How do you do Twiggy eye decals?
Shopping Trip To MAC soon! Help?
How can I make my eyes, using make-up, look hot and sexy?(LADIES LET ME NO)?
what is the best MOISTURIZING lip treatment/balm/chapstick for severely DRY lips?
WHy do I look nice in the mirror and look realy bad in pictures?
Need help applying eye shadows!!!!!!?
what is the best mascara?
What is the use of a green color corrector?
What color are my eyes?
where can u get cheap fake eyelashes from?
Best drugstore products?
What is the best and healthiest concealer?
How can i make my skin look FLAWLESS!?
smencils ?
Make-up Question??????
what is the absolute best moisturizing lip balm?
what is the best eyes shadow color when your dress is red?
Do women need to wear makeup to look good?
What type of necklace with what type of neckline?
Best makeup out there for a 14 yr old?
shud i use eye gel to prevent wrinkle?
do i wear too much eye makeup? (pics)?
I need a 'Natural Makeup' look..?
i need mascara tips??!?
VIP Gold super plus bb cream or etude house precious mineral bb cream?
Contact Lenses?
Where is blue mascara sold?
Makeup for tomorrow!? Last day of school?
MODELING QUESTIONS................?
makeup help?????
Special effects Make-up jobs?
Anyone ever try bathina by benefit?
If you could make up a color what would it be and why?
How should i do my makeup if im like really pale and white?
What is the best skincare products to prevent fine lines and wrinkles?
Drugstore make up in Spain?
Whats your favorite foundation?
what is a facecleaner that I can use..?
How do i turn my eye shadow into eye liner?
homemade lip balm?? :D?
is it true toe nails have some gold in them?
Celebrities with hooded eyelids?
Any Good Makeup Brands?
I understand that bright colors are recommended?
what an eighth grade shouldn't and should wear?
What's a good brand of eyeliner?
Favorite Clinique foundation?
ladies what is your favorite fragrance?
What time should I get to Ulta on black friday?
my face is going red?
What kind of makeup do you wear on a daily basis?
i want to start wearing make up ?
what would be the best color?
How do I clean my lipstick?
Is it OK for a 13 year old girl to wear eyeshadow, lip gloss, and mascara?
How do u put on make up like hilary duff?
Bare Minerals Tinted Mineral Veil?
Makeup Forever Concealer VS Benefit Boi-ing?
Please help I need good makeup tips!?
im 12 and i was wondering how i should do my makeup?
Which MAC brush is better for liquid foundation - 130, 187 or 188?
Mom found all my makeup?
Makeup Routine for a 13 yrs old?
why do girls even wear make-up?
Christina Grimmie Hair and makeup?
Girls when you apply mascara do you open your mouth?
I have brown eyes and rosy cheeks, what colors for eyeshadow should I use....?
how can i be prettier?
Can a 12 year old girl put makeup...?
Is it acceptable to wear face makeup to cover acne?
can i use foundation and compact powder while using the 3stepsystem of clinique?
Is this face mask going to make me break out?
Makeup classes in dubai?
Favorite and best lip balm?
Never sleep with makeup on. Why?
is this too much for a teenager?
amazing moisturiser that is more or less cheap? thankyou!! X?
Do noxzema pads work?
I need eyebrow stencil help, please?
What is some good make-up?
Is this too much makeup?
Best cheap waterproof mascara/concealer?
what can i do?
Help me!!!! Pretty please???!!!!?
What's your favourite brand of makeup?
If you can create a makeup product!?
What, Where, Why eye cream?
Will a Derek Heart size Large shirt fit me?
How much/what make up should I wear to school?
Mac Cosmetics Freelance Artist in Chicago Burbs?
Help me make myself over?
do i need a certificate to become a makeup artist?
My Mom and Makeup??? (quick.. quick)?
Girls pressed powder are you meant to wear this on its own or with foundation?
Which colour should I paint my nails?
Make up Tips!?
do u have any good makeup tips and stuff?
i have small do i make them bigger?
does maybelline intense XXL mascara really work?
What is a really really good mascara??
i need a good foundation which isn't too expensive?
my life has become a mess within a few days and just dont know what i can do to sort it..?
skincare: moisterizer help~~?
Quick way for drying nail polish?
What is your favorite maybelline baby lips lip balm flavor ?
Which rising sun has naturaly arched eyebrows?
~HELP~ with a few makeup Questions :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Whats your favourite Fragrance?
Is this too much makeup for 13?
Dear ladies I want to make one thing clear?
eyeshadow for brown eyes??
ingredients in benefit eyeshadow?
What makeup do I need for the Fall Time?
Please Help, I need one soon!!?
nars eyeshadow duos, whats your favorite?
Where can I buy Celeteque moisturizer in the US?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What is the best mascara? click it?
When did you start wearing makeup?
Makeup question!? girls advice please!?
please suggest me the best salon for bridal and pre bridal in south delhi?
Can somone tell wether I sound asian(japanese)?
can you buy a price scanner?
What's the best MAC foundation colour for my skin? And what MAC foundation is considered the best?
How old was you when you had your first kiss? im talking a proper kiss , using tounges ?
any recommendations for a concealer to cover thread veins on cheeks?
what colour?
Should I use activated charcoal on my teeth to make them whiter?
Does it Bother You When People Ask You What Fragrance You're Wearing?
girls... whats ur daily make up?
I don't like makeup? ?
Good foundation brand (not body shop!) please recommend?
do you wear makeup???????????????
Amount of lipstick a MAN consumes per year through kissing women: anybody knows the statistics?
How do i become sephora affiliate member?
Is Lipstick sexy?
does my make up look bad?
How to make oily sunscreen not oily?
Eyebrow Threading or Waxing?
how can i make my eyebrows look like this?
So yellow or green nails?
i bought that CG advanced restorative cream?
Do you like the natural look?
Can lipstick that have been sitting for while, be re-moisten?
I have to very little holes in on my lip?
WHAT skin lighning cream will make me ligh clear im tan?
Can I use my foundation primer for my eyelids if my eyelids are REALLY dry?
Cowgirl Makeup for Halloween?
Should I use covergirl or clinique?
help with mineral makeup?
Is there anywhere that i can go for a prof to show me?
guess my age and nationality (pics)?
I'm a boy and want my lips more like a pink-ish colour is there anyway to do that?
Fave ELF Products????????????????????
Is this normal for a guy?
tell me what you think? easy 5 points?
why do some women like to use just lipliner on their lips,and nothing else?
How do you make your eyes look bigger with make up?
What makeup should I wear?
Primer makes ice-pick acne scars softer?
Eye contacts?? *pic**?
How do you put on false eyelashes. pretty hard for me cause i have natural long eyelashes.?
What is the absolute best moisturizing lip balm?
Does my eyebrows look like it need to be fixed?
What colour of skin you prefer the most ?
What is the difference between foundation and concealer? Which do i get?
what is the best powder foundation for acne prone skin, regardless of price?
has any one used ketrel(teritinoin 0/05%) as peeling cream?I?
What makeup is the healthiest for your skin?
Should women wear makeup?
Oil controlling drugstore foundations?
how does cosmetology determine it's long-range goals? What are they?
Is it ok to wear eyeliner in 7th grade?
What good colors of blush would look good on pale skin?
I'm 13 years old has horrible acne and large pores and my mom won't let me wear makeup?
tube of lipstick won't twist up so I can use it. How can I get at the lip color, besides?
where do they sell mary kay mascara? help please?
Lifespan of nylon/poufy loofah?
why doesn't my eyeshadow last for over 30 minutes?
How do I make myself prettier?
Red or pink lipstick??
My nail polish dries soft/mushy?
Covering up spots with makeup?:3?
Maybelline Mineral Power line? How do I use lip tint?
I have blue eyes,dont know how to do my make-up?
What is Your Favourite Drugstore Mascara?
whats a really good mascara ?
Less Or More Makeup?? [Pic]?
how to make our voice bold & clear?
i have bumps all over my face but proactive dont work so what should i do?
Can anyone tell me about GOSH make-up primer?
How can I get cute beachy waves???! HELP pLEASE!?
ladies. what do u like better... lip stick or lip gloss?
whats the most gorgeous hair color for a super tan skintone with dark eyebrows and hazel eyes?
How to get rid of dark circles and bags around and under eyes?
Do you wear mascara on both top and bottom lashes or just top?
Do you buy high end or drugstore makeup?
what are some good wesites for girls?
i need a really good mascara?
Dark purple on lipstick on girls, yay or nay?
How to do a dark smokey sparkly eye?
should i get white eyeliner??
summer question?
huge zit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Lipgloss or Lipstick which 1?
Is chapstick made with whale fat?
What if you don't want to swap with someone on Makeupalley?
Whats better to use??
tan pale or slightly tanned??? Which looks best? easy 10 points!?
Make up Tips? for beginners?
When the boys go skinny dipping, what should we leave them to wear to run home when we steal their clothes?
Where can I buy the LA Colors Jumbo Pencils online?
How well does Lashblastlength lengthen?
girl said i look weird with eyeliner i felt bad?
Why is my face burning whenever I use my fask mask?
Which eyeshadow would be better to buy Color Pearls™ Marbleized Eyeshadow or Color Plush™ Silk Eye?
MAC info never been in the store before?
How can you get a MAC pro card?
Need help with skin!!?
What is the best brand/type of makeup for the most coverage?
is this too much makeup?
Covergirl Aqua Smooth makeup??
can u pls help to get my colur in mac powder, am light colour in complexion?
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation?
How should I do my make-up?
What would be the best quality, top of the line make-up?
Do you think shes pretty?
What are these makeup's used for?
Am I wearing too much makeup?
make up for dark skin?
Help with my makeup please?
Should I wait and call them/email them back?
Hand skin is peeling after henna?
how do i do my makeup like thiss!!! please helpp!?
What makeup would make my eyes stand out?
help me please?
how to take off waterproof make up? (mascara)?
Any tips on contouring and makeup in general?
i want to wear makeup.. but idk how to ask my mom :o?
Should 16 year olds wear foundation?
does anyone know of a foundation and/or concealer for darker skinned women?
Am i dependant on lip smackers?
Do u put on makeup to school?
Whats the heaviest makeup a girl can wear?
What do you think of Vita-K eye cream?
What is the best products to get by young blood cosmetics ?
When to apply face primer?
What foundation that is a dupe to Revlon's color stay active?
im 14. do i wear too much makeup?
Is makeup bad for me?
what is the song in the Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation commercial?
Is 13 a bad age to wear foundation?
what color is your eyes?
what is my eye color called?
How can I make my eyes look more asian/almond shaped?
where to shop? 10 ponits?
Looking Good at the Gym??
How do I make my lips look bigger without lip injections?
has anyone tryed a vinegar and strawberry facial?
Where can I find an affordable pale orange lipstick like this?
how to apply make up to look cute?
What is some good makeup for men?
anyone know any good make up tips?
What is the best colour make up?
What color are your eyes?
Eyeliner Questions?
how can i put on eyeliner without ruining it?
Some summer must-haves?
eyeshadow colour for me (pic included)?
I need help with mascara and eyeliner!!!?
What Can I Substitute For A Makeup Sponge?
i need a catelog for avon bottles?
Would this be weird at school?
Black or Electric blue eyeliner?
Who started the whole makeup thing anyway?
Are there any makeup tips to help make my eyes seem lighter?
do i wear too much eye makeup? (pics)?
What color eyeshadow would go with a black shirt? something dramatic....?
Who dislikes bush?
has anyone used dinair air-brusher?
Thinking of starting to wear make-up: where do I start?
whats your favorite lip balm flavor ?
Do I need to wear more makeup?
Is this a nice makeup look?
Is my makeup right now apporbrite for my age ?? btw 7th grade?
how do people get free makeup for advertising it on youtube?
fake tan tips anyone?
what would be a really good mascara too use ?
How are you doing your makeup for New Years?
What foundation to get..?
Why is fake tan so popular?
What type of makeup should I use?
I need new makeup???(:?
MAC or Clinique?
Does anyone know of a cure for under eye circles?
What bare minerals eyeshadow colors are the prettiest?
What color mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow should I use?
Help! I need makeup tips (pics inside)?
I need help with making my eyes stand out.?
Lili Newyork made the best lipgloss, Try it?
What's your favorite kind of makeup?
What is the best make-up i can use?!?
Your opinion on make-up ?
What's your favourite lip-smacker flavour?
Hey how can i get my wife too wear more make up?
How should I do my makeup and hair?
What is the best type of mascara you use?
Is this a tinted moisturizer ?
Where can I get cosmetic, fragrance, and hair care samples online free?
Which Urban Decay Eyeshadow palette should I get?
What are the best eye makeup brushes?
Kat Von D Lock It VS Urban Decay Naked Skin?
what i need for a personal make up bag?
Which shade of Avon cream to powder foundation matches shell?
any websites for asian styles as makeup and hairl style?
why are the people on answers so uptight?
make up help im a begginer?
Make up? How do you feel without it?
Why do my eyelashes disappear on camera?
which kind of Buffer most Good-looking?
Plucking eyebrows???????HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Eye Shadow..?
has any avon rep found out how to obtain the orange mobile n sim just for reps yet ?
what is the best eyeliner in America?
what is the coolest name in the world??
Makeup questions! Help thanks!?
I dont wear make-up am i old fashion???
Hey make up for men help?
Good coverage foundation!?
Im 13 how do i persuade my mom to let me have cosmetic surgery?
Request sample of facial mask?
has anyone ever experienced foundation when it smudges and dries and goes all in little bits and goes wierd...
When will the next Lush Catalog be sent out?
******MASCARA HELP! please!!! *****?
Pale makeup for darker hispanic skin?
I just bought my first red formal gown.I look terrible in red lipstick. what color lipstick should i wear?
What is a better blending brush?
Tips to get bigger eyes?
any female in d house use sheer cover? does it really work?
How do I get rid of under-eye circles?! 10 points for the best answer, I promise!?
Mascara! the best one?
make up tips please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Whats your morning makeup routine?!?
How Can you get rid of undereye bags?
Which make-up brands are considered one of the best?
do you have any tip(natural way) to reduce the size of my eye bag?
When should you be able to wear make up? What age?
girls, if you had the power to shrink anyone you disliked, and step on them would you?and u cant get in troubl
What do you get complimented on the most?
makeup help. what color lipstick?
what do you think of the Maybelline, The Colossal Volum' Express Mascara ?
My friends think I’m gay for wearing eyeliner?
What shade should I get in Covergirl Natureluxe foundation?
The best eyeliner colour for me ?
Anyone know of good natural makeup?
Can I get the MAC PRO student kit if I already have the MAC PRO card?
Do you know how to make homemade lip gloss?
Mac make-up?
How can I make my makeup look more natural?
how do u put on eye liner with a penile and make it Smokey?
Is $18 dollars too much for a makeup brush?
Putting on makeup(quick question)?
best makeup for oily\acne skin?
What kind of Acuvue contact lenses is best to use?
What does neutralizing powder do?
Do you think your lips can get "addicted" to lip balm or gloss?
Makeup for a thirteen yr old?
Where can I buy BEE LUSCIOIS cosmetics in UK please?
Where should I go to get Victoria Secret gloss samples?
my nose pores are so big?
what blush is this? help me please!!?
In need of ideas for baby blue eyeshadow/baby blue smokey
What is a good primer to use under the eyes for concealer?
Where can I get a makeup tool belt?
How to apply eye liner?
Best stage makeup techniques?
What looks better? With or without eyeshadow?
how to get lash adhesive off your eyelashes?
How should I wear eye make-up?
Has anyone ever been on a hair an makeup course?
Does anyone know of a nice berry lip color?
how much makeup should a 13 year old girl wear?
What is the best mascara you have ever used?
i wanna start wearing makeup? what should i wear? please help i'll give u 10 points?
Tarte or Illamasque Lipstick?
Have you ever applied makeup on because you where bored?
Tanning Help?
What is the best bleach cream out there?
has anyone used medusa's makeup?
Do guys really care??
Should I use nail polish remover on my coldsore?
What kind of makeup should I wear for how I look?
Natural Ice lip balm?
Is there anything to lighten my skin tone?
can someone recommend a really good drugstore thickening and voluminising mascara?
Big eyelids make-up to make them look smaller?
what is this product called?
i have dark circle around my eyes?
what eye and lip makeup colours would suit a wheatish skin with yellow undertones?
Makeup reviews and advice? (pic included) =) thank you!!!?
Does Marinello School of Beauty offer makeup classes?
best mascara?
What's your favorite lipgloss?
for Mary Kay consultants only...?
Do guys like girls with a lot of makeup?
What makeup do you wear everyday? And if you wear eyeliner, how do you wear it?
Okay, here, do I look like a barbie?
How much should I charge?
color of foundation?
good lipstick color for my skin tone?
What colour eyeshadow suits blue eyes? with pale skin?
Is it true that women that get pedicure's, make the best Housewives?
HELP ! How can i get my original skin colour back !?
eyeliner problems!!! please read :)?
chi turbo or sedu ultrapower blowdryer??????
When you put foundation on where specificly do u put it on your face? I dont wanna cover my whole face?
What wet n wild mascara is the best?
Any Good Cosmetics Schools in New York City?
How do you apply eyeshadow on black skin?
Medium/full cover drugstore powder?!?
Does green eyeshadow look good for hazel eyes?
Need help on my Skin Tone and my Undertones?
Trying to figure out my dior airflash color?
Which look do you prefer?
what is use of going to beauty parlour?
What are the last 5 makeup products you have bought?
Can you buy Clinique online in Canada?
Can you bake an already pressed eyeshadow?
poll: what mascara do u use?
Best Quality Eye Cream?
Where can I find a makeup mirror for cheap?
Ladies, could you please tell me what are the best foundation and concealer you've ever tried?
Best and Cheapest False Eyelashes?
I`m getting contacts......any tips?
Can lip balms darken your lips?
Does DuWop lip plumpers really works?
Have any of you tried the Bare Escentuals makeup?
Cheap but good brands of make up?
how to apply eye liner?
I need good cheap substitutes for dior makeup, anyone know really great alternatives for these products?
What makeup should I wear for freshman year? I have brown eyes.. PLEASE ANSWER :D?
what color makeup should a girl with dark brown hair and green eyes wear?
bobbi brown foundation vs mac foundation???? :P?
Purple prom nails & eye makeup ideas?
What's the difference between a pit bull and a blonde with PMS?
help with skin?
What are your reviews on the Almay smart shade blush?
how much does maybelline xxl pro new york cost?
Best face mask?
Does anyone know if anything else comes with an Estee Lauder Automatic Eyebrow Pencil Duo?
hey need help from girlies here plz?
color of lipstick?
What colour eyeshadows look good on brown eyes?
does nail polish remover work on feet?
do you think pale people [or fair skinned] are ugly?
Do you put mascara on your top lashes only?
How dangerous is Latisse for you eyes?
What do you think about Keihls mixed berries toner??
What is the best stick eyeliner you've used?
Am i pretty? You decide. ( pics) easy 10!?
Wats your favorite lipgloss?
Do you think teen girls should be allowed to wear makeup?
How can I do heavy eyeliner like this?
Coastal Scents make-up Brushes Italian Badger Set? ?
The best mascara ever?
gurls i need advice!!?
What makeup would you recomend for a 13 year old blonde girl?
Best concealer?
About Effy Stonem's make up..?
What color eyeshadow will suit Blue Eyes?
does anyone know of any place that sells cheap African American Make-up in Vancouver?
Are fimo clay nail pieces one use?
would mark makeup be good for a 10 year old?
what colour eyeliner will suit me?
How should I do my makeup for tomorrow?
Too much makeup for fourteen?
what colour eyeliners go with big blue eyes?
Why do so many people with brown eyes wear neutral eyeshadow. It's so boring and typical?
ok what do u have to do to make yourself more cute?
What are the best makeup brands?
Good eye shadow technique/colours to make blue eyes stand out?
SURVEY: Girls only answer plz!!!!!!!?
I'm asian and I have natural double eyelids?
Double eyelid glue (eye putti) question?
little makeup so nobody can tell?
Sephora beauty card empty account?
Why do people love MAC so much?
How can I get this "smoky eye" look?
what is a make-up primer and what are some good brands?
Do guys wear make-up?
tru talent management question:?
Help me with a mascara question?
I wear bronze eyeshadow and black eyeliner all the time. Buuut..?
my makeup always gets so messed up & i use good stuff.. any tips?!?
Where can I get my hair and make-up done for aspecial occasion and photo op near the downtown or central west?
(10 points!!!)which is the BEST mascara???!?!?
Longlasting Makeup?
What are these foundations made of?
Where can i buy an acrylic lip balm case?
Puffy eyes favourite products?
Any good drugstore concelors?
Whats your favorite make-up brand?
Is MAC more expensive online than in stores?
Is it possible not to open your mouth while applying eyeliner?
Makeup Question?????????????
How do you get rid of the puffieness under your eyes?
I would like a powdery foundation that makes my complexion pale rather than brown.?
youtube makeup guru's?
pros / cons of all makeup - for a project?
Ladies, do you or would you buy makeup online?
How to be appealing to everyone?
Would you wear this makeup to school?
What color highlights are these lowlights or underneath let me know?
I want to take a picture of myself with a black eye. Any ideas of how to do it without getting punched?
makeup- right age?
Hi! I need to find some foundation that will even out my skin tone!?
Makeup for my kind of face?
what does copper skin look like?
How to do basic makeup? :)?
what's wrong with my face? emergency! 10 points to whoever helps me! please answer!!!?
why do girls like makeup?
I want to colour/paint my skin, what shall i use?
Advice from Professional Makeup Artists?
Which lip gloss will look best with my coloring?
Would i be able to go dark brown to blonde without going to a hairdresser?
Eye shadow question?
How do I prevent black smudges on my eyelid from my mascara and eyeliner?
which is better eyeliner a pencil or liquid?
Is it a fake NARS brush. Please help me decide before I contact ebay.?
How to send my dad flying?
how do you think i should do my makeup?
give me some tips 2 maintain the colour of the skin already that i have?
what's the difference between regular and ''matt'' foundation?
should i buy ......?
Black eyeshadow a no no?
I need inspiration for makeup that Im doing!?!!?
Highlighter Make up Eye Shadow Question?
My skin has gone red after removing makeup?
How to apply thick Foundation/BB cream?
how to get barbie looking make up?
Are my eyelashes "spider eyelashes"?
blackhead help!!!!!!!?
the CORRECT order of make up?
The best mascara?
If my homecoming dance is at 7, is 3 too early to get my makeup done?
Chanel vs. Dior. vs. Lancome. Which brand is best for skincare?
How are my eyebrows? Too thin? Just right?
Zit on lip still here!?
what are good eyeshadow colours for olive skin?
How to get 'celebrity skin'?
where can I buy bed head lip gloss?
what eyeshadow colors should i wear if i have medium/fair skin, deep red and black hair, and medium brown eyes
eyeliner help.. ?
How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?
What brand makes the BEST nail polish?
i never put makeup on and i need help?
what kind of doll should i be for halloween?
Job Interview at Hollister Co?
Do you prefer........?
whats a good anti oxidant for daytime use that doesnt make your skin?
What is the best product to use to get rid of acne?
Should i start wearing make up?
with, or; without makeup!?
m.a.c. cosmetics!?
Do you like it when guys wear makeup?
Can eyeshadow be made out of colored pencils?
NYC skin matching foundation?
Is it possible to make forehead big.?
What color is Raven-Symone's lipstick in her current twitter pic? Its a whiteish or natural color HELP!?
mac makeup?
(girls) have you ever tried any of the?
Which MAC creme blush will fit me best?!?
what makeup to were for school?
Which number foundation shud i get?
Need ideas to store my makeup brushes!?
green eyes?
What are the best foundations/BB creams/tinted moisturisers for super pake skin?
Can anyone suggest me how 2 look like a doll?
what colour should i paint my nails?
My skin is almost too light for foundation?
I have Hazel eyes. What colors would bring out the green instead of the brown in them?
NARS, MAC, Urban Decay, & Tokidoki from Sephora?
I need a morning routine for me, best answer gets 10 points?
i dont know what eye shadow!!??
How can ladies shave their bodies?
Makeup help for a GUY?
I need help with fake lashes?
what kind of make should i use? everything either makes my skin oily or dry.?
should you use Moisturiser ...?
Toner, moisteriser, expholiator?? What are the correct steps?
Whats a good mascara?
Make up for a 16 year old... help?
How can I keep my makeup looking good all day?
Anyone know of a bronzer lotion that's not a sunless tanner?
Is it ok to wear white to someone elses wedding?
I think my skin looks terrible?
im going to 6th grade when do u think i should start wearing makeup and how much?
How to ask my parents to wear makeup?
BEST drugstore Products?
Who is prettier?
gray eyes or green eyes. (pics)?
what color blush goes with my skin tone?
What kind of makeup is safe?
What colors look good on pale skin?
How do i do my eye makeup like this?
every mornig get these crusty things on my eyes i wash off but they just comehelp! please abbut t?
What's the best way to use PURPLE/LAVENDER foundation primer?
What masscera works the best?
i am tall and mature and 13 when should i wear mascara?
Do all lip balms have butter and beeswax in it? Ecspecially Lip Smackers?
LADIES: What foundation do you use most?
i have minor pimples, will i break-out more if i cover up with foundation?
i need a good lip gloss !?
Whats the prettiest eye colour ?? <3?