Looking for a powder foundation!?
Which color lip gloss do you like the most?
mascaras i need a new one?
Using Bare Minerals with oily skin-- how do you prevent it from coming off or smudging?
How much time do you take to deplete your normal 2 way foundation?
does toothpaste really work it clear pimples if so how long?
make up styles and tips?
Is it ok to apply this on my skin?
What do I do If my Mom lets me wear foundation but my parents are divorced and My dad wont let me???
What can I do for my green upper lip shadow?
Should I stay or should I go now?
I waxed my own eyebrows yesterday?
i need help on whiteheads?
What makeup would I need to get this look, please name products and brands.?
Maybelline dream matte powder?
Makeup Novice Needs Advice?
Allergic reaction to eyeshadow - flaky dry lids?
Is this a good prize for a giveaway?
are you good at fuguring out makeup?what kind of makeup is she wearing??
What's a good face moisturizer?
How long does it take to get contact lens?
What is the best eyeliner?
the winter weather is torture for my lips,?
What is a good inexpensive eye shadow ?
do you ever put eye liner on your top lid?
how do u get a smoky eye for eyeshadow? give me steps?
Would you recommend Mark cosmetics?
What brand of make-up do you most use and why?
What makeup to do for picture day?
what do you think of the jan marini mascara?
Sephora or MAC for my 18th Bday party?
im 13 years old & in the 8 grade and i still cant wear makeup. help me?
Nyx round lipstick color recommendation?
what is a really good mineral makeup?
Whhat is a good makeup look for a preteen?
do you use any cream on your eyelids before applying make-up?
sunbeds for fake tans in benamadena?
Bobbi Brown - All Over Bronzing Gel ?
Is it weird for a guy to use mascara?
What eyeshadow colors could I use to make my eyes look unique. I have dark brown eyes?
where can i get purple eyeliner? and for how much? oh and does it attract guys when girls wear purple eyeliner
What's the best foundation for acne prone skin?
What do you look for when choosing sunscreen?
smaller looking eyes pics?
Girls: How do you do the smoky eye look?
What is a good facial mask to buy for oily acne prone skin?
MAC Studio Fix Fluid or MAC Pro Long Wear Foundation?
Women....and men i suppose... :-)?
Do you consider Lipgloss makeup?
Does this makeup sound nice?
How to make my eyes not red?
How do i get my mom to let me wear masscara?
what the best mascara?
why do people keep saying that i "cake on" foundation?
Women about what MAKE UP you use?
can i use paint brushes to apply my acrylic nails?
Is there a type of basic makeup application class available?
what should i do with my makeup?? (pic included)?
How can I find someone in Hendersonville, NC to show me how to use make-up?
How can I make my blue eyes POP???
how to make black eyes look pretty ?? =/?
Can you sharpen covergirl lip perfection?
MAC Studio Fix Fluid?
Which brand of brush is good for mousse foundation?
Does anyone like the Rimmell line of mascara?
How can I be flawless?
Anyone buy the illamasqua create your own foundation?
What are some good face serums to use ?
what can i use to make my face look glowing?
Question concerning makeup?
How is stanley yelnats lucky in the book holes (i need three incidents)?
What mac eyeshadow color should i use to get this color? **pictures**?
Can you give me make-up tips for someone with brown eyes?
What Mac Eye Shadow is similar to Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy?
How to naturally tan with no sun, and fast?
halle berry fragrance?
how much is a professional make up artist kit?
How to ask my mom if I can wear make-up?
how to apply eyeliner correctly?
eyeliner HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Eyeliner? That stays on?
Why does my make up always go wrong?
I have been considering buying a warm/neutral eyeshadow pallete but don't know which is better..?
im having loads of trouble! please help me!!?
whats the best drug store mascara?
How to keep my nails long?
CoverGirl whipped foundation?
What is the best anti-ageing/age prevention product i can use on my face?
Banana boat dial a tan??
Can I use vodka as a rubbing alcohol?
samples/testers online?
Do i need a teen nose job (with pic)?
hair and makeup ideas for homecoming?
Can anyone recognize the lipstick/lipgloss/lipliner in the "my boo" video?
do I wear too much make up for a 15 year old???? (picture)?
I need help finding a good foundation!?
how to make eyelashes look longer?
MODELING QUESTIONS................?
How do you highlight your hair using MICAbella eyeshadow powder stuff?
Plump lips pleaseeeee?
should i wear makeup?
How do i look like snooki?
How do I do my eye makeup with colored mascara?
What SEPHORA powder blush color is this?
I'm Going to the pawn shop to buy a chain. any suggestions??
Do you like liquid or pencil eye liner?
What's your favorite makeup brands?
how well does l'oreal 24 hour lash boosting power system work?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
Is tinted moisturiser good to wear when you work out?
What shades of makeup go best with brown eyes?
i have a question about dried skin?
whats the best mascara for my short colorless eyelashes long and noticeable?
what should i do ?
i want to cut my hair like an emo .. dont ask .. i like the hair .. does any one have a nice style ??
which maskara is best to buy?
Do glasses make me look older?
How do I find my perfect skin tone?
How should I put on eye makeup? :S?
makeup guru on youtube!!!! sub4sub?!?! xoxo?
How to put on make up? (Beginner) ?
Which concealer to use URGENT makeup advise?
Does e.l.f. cosmetics require delivery confirmation with FedEx?
BOYS!Do u prefer girls with makeup or with no makeup?
What do you think of my eyelashes?
what colour eyeshadow is best with green eyes?
i am interested in becoming a mac pro member. would a state certificate in cosmetology be enough ?
what is "Compact Makeup"?
makeup or no makeup?
Does anyone use Bare Minerals?
How much makeup is normal for a 13 year old?
What Is A Primer.???
Help! Eyeshadow quandary?
Whats some good face cream?
Should I use this Face Mask now?
Is it bad sleeping with makeup on ?
Which mascara should I buy?
How to undo gmail stuff?
Should I keep the makeup on?
Help??? I Need Makeup Gurus?
What camouflage undereye makeup is at the same time good for that delicate area and prevents wrinkles?
Which cover up is better?
How to take nail polish off?
Are avocado masks good for your face?
My hands won't tan at all?
where can i find a black Italia eyeliner?
what is a good way to store my lip balms ? <33?
wat color eyeliner should i use if i have dark brown blackish hair and eyelashes?
Do you think I did this look good? or should I keep working on it?
best foundation???????
gUYS & make up?
what foundation do you use ?
whats with teenage girls these days (im a 15 year old girl)?
How do I buy foundation if I am a man?
how should i do my makeup?
What kind of makeup should I get?
where do they sell NYX coesmetics in buford ga?
What eyeshadow colors/colors in general compliment my eye color?
celebrity makeup artist help!!???
COLORs!!!!!!!!!!!! help meeeeeeeee?
how can i get a nice golden tan?
Whats the Best eyeliner?
is this too muh makeup?
Liquid eyeliner and Gel liner? 10 points*?
Am I pretty :P Also a good make up look?
Are there any books that can help someone learn to apply makeup?
how to read shiseido batch codes or expiration date?
Can anybody tell me what is the best colour of lipstick for someone who has a wheatish complexion?
How can I keep my face from looking so cakey? =/?
my skin is dull and uneven tone ...?
Are chocolate brown eyes pretty?
I have light brown hair and hazel eyes, but from a far they look brown. What color shadow should i use?
I like watching tv. What should i do?? ?
I need an opinion!!!!!?
Did Cover Girl discontinue their tinted moisturizer in Med-Dark?
my fingernails always look dirty and stained,even tho they arent. what can i do to make em look good again?
LADIES! I have a question!?
airbrush makeup where can I buy it?
Parents won't let me wear make-up ):?
How can I achieve this makeup? (Inspiration pictures included!)?
How do I keep my eye make-up to stay on all day?
Everyday minerals in Canada?
upper lip threading question?
I dyed my hair light blonde is it ok to pencil in black eyebrows??
how can i ask my mom if i can start wearing makeup daily?
how does waterproof matches burn when wet?
where can my wife buy the bright pink or green makeup lily allen wears plz?
I need people with FIRST HAND experience w/Bare Minerals?
How can I become prettier?
Does winners sell elf products?
do you guys think i need makeup? ill choose best answer. pik included!?
Zombie/victorian doll makeup?
What's the best drugstore mascara?
What are some good sounding flavors for lipgloss?
Makeup Artists or Models To Interview ASAP!?
OK Girls and Gay guys because gay guys are good with girly stuff.Straight guys stay away from thsi question.?
Girls - what make up can you not leave the house without putting on?
What does wearing foundation do to your skin?
lip stick?looking for a skin tone color or one thats not shiny?
Eyebrow waxing...surely this is taking it too far?
I use Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff - anyone know what this colour is in other good brands?
Does anyone know an alternative to Estee Lauder's "barely mauve" concealer? They discontinued it, of course.
Eyeshaddow for brown eyes?
How can I find a foundation that stays all day long?
Is this too much eye make up for a 14 year old?
free beauty samples websites?
Weird looking eyebrows......Help?
NARS or Chanel Lipstick?
I'm gonna get raped???????
Do I wear too much eyeliner for school? (Pictures)?
Eye tape help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
How much does L'EGERE White Multi Blemish Balm BB Cream cost in Taiwan?
Does "BABY LIPS" by Maybelline change your lip color?
does makeups make skin whiter?
do i look like a different person with makeup on?
why do we have eyelashes?
I started using makeup removing wipes and they SMELL really bad!?
Which Makeup Palette do you recommend?
UGH i accidentally bought liquid foundation in the completely wrong color! do u think they'll let me return it?
Fake bruises?? Handprints bruise??? 10 points!!?
Girls: What is your favorite type of lip gloss/lip balm?
What kind of make-up goes well with someone with JET black hair?
Do I wear too much makeup for school?
What does mascara do to the eyelashes?
Best Mascara in the world?
Want to be a makeup artist but?
Liquid Eyeliner help!!?
Is it normal to be 13 and not know how to put on eyeliner? ha?
elizabeth arden capules?how often in a week can they be used ?
Best Waterproof Mascara??
Girly Makeover for boy :)! help..!?
Any fair skinned people out there tried self-tanners?
where can i get a good bronze eyeliner?PIC?
how old should you be wear make up?
Discount makeup websites?
How can I deal with the Urban Decay Naked 1 and 2 palette shades from glitterbombing everywhere?
eyeliner question?
pearl fairness cream?
Ladies, say you get a professional do your make up, would you...?
what make up shades look best on brown eyes?
Did anyone cry while watching The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? I know its an old movie, just curious...
Is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
Please please help, spots what can i do to...............?
Makeup Routine for a 7th Grader?
do boys like heavy make up?
Where can I buy bare minerals?
Do you wear makeup to school?
what is a primer used for in make up?
has any one tried both bare minerals and lauren hutton's face disk? If so which did you like best?
What different does wearing lip liner make when wearing lipstick?
What make up is best for brown eyes and a mixed race complexion?
What are soom good drugstore tinted moisturizers?
what should i do with my makeup?? (pic included)?
I want to bring a bag to middle school?
I used to be an Avon Rep, but now I just want to sell Mark. What's the best way to do this?
will your eyelashes grow back if half of them go tcut off? how long if so?
How to make eyeshadow last?!?!?
How often do you wear makeup?
Do I wear too much makeup for 14? (pic)?
How can I make my brown eyes prettier?
when will they get some more coastalscents 88 eyeshadow palettes on the site?
How to clean ELF powder puffs?
What is the most skin friendly makeup?
I have a wierd question?
What's the best drugstore mascara?
Girls! What do you look for in a makeup line?
your favorite pink lipstick/lipgloss?
Best foundation for someone with acne?
Best UK Drugstore Makeup?
Is Revlon colorstay foundation that is stocked in Company cosmetic outlets out of date/expired?
What can i do??? I need your help!!!???
Whats the best maskara to use to get longer lashes w/o the clumps?
what make-up brand works the best out of maybelline, covergirl, loreal, nutrogena, revlon, or almay?
Heeeeeeelp! My eyyyeliner wont go on?!?!?
Applying elf eyeshadow primer under concealer?
I put eyeliner on and it never stays, I don't like liquid,what kind stays on well??
What is the best drugstore foundation for normal skin?
How to get my turquoise eyes to really pop out?
How do you get the other free proactiv gifts?
What are your top 10 makeup must-haves of all-time?
What color eyeliner would look best on me?
Thoughts and feelings about people who remain to wear chipped nail vanish?
Does anyone know of any makeup artist schools that have Financial Aid.?
some one with blue eyes and brown hair?
i want a natural makeup look. what should i use for my eyes?
how should i improve my complextion.....?
Your favourite Eye Makeup look ?
eyeliner problems!!! please read :)?
does foundation or powder give you zits?
can i wear eyeshadow without mascara and still look good?
Love triangles?
What makeup covers mild acne and redness and adds color to your skin and make it glow and look great!?
what to wear first? liquid concealer, foundation or face powder?
How do you make it look like you have a bullet hole in your forehead? (for halloween).?
How do you become a Make Up Artist? Where do you begin?
what color eye shadow should i use to make my green eyes pop?
Best Way to Conceal Zits and the redness that comes along with it?
what can make blue eyes standout without using any blue products in my eyes?
Do you have any advice for a twelve year old who is trying to convince her parents to let her wear make-up?
FOR THE GIRLS>>>>Whats is your favorite mascara?
Removing mascara?
Which Brand Rules Your Makeup Box?
GUYS: victorias secret chapstick or a lipgloss (both V"S)?
Touche eclat looks to obvious?
POLL: Lipstick or Lip gloss?
What mascara is best for lengthening?
How do i make my eyebrows even?
How can I do my makeup like Olive Penderghast? (Easy A)?
best drugstore powder?
Are avocado masks good for your face?
What can I do about my chin crease?
Can you name me good natural/organic cosmetic brand?
which mascara works best?
what make up would make me look paler?
is it a good idea to be a Mary Kay rep?
10 POINTSWhat is the best eyeliner you have used?
izthis to much make upp 4 a 9 year old?
whats the best thing to use to make your cheeks look pink shiy and rosy pink like a models?
A natural look for school?
any movies like red eye or something that has to do with planes?
Studio 35 Brushes... shed?
do u think its okay for 12 year old girls to wear lip gloss?
Do I wear too much makeup? (14)?
Can anyone suggest a good fake tan?
How Can It be easier for me to not wear makeup?? (very insecure so please help)?
Mineral foundation or liquid foundation?
see my picture................and answer my quetion..?
Which Mineral Makeup????
I need to find a new facial cleanser.?
My eyeliner always smudges after a few hours... tips for making it last longer... should I use diff liner?
What is meant by "oily" in here?
eyeliner problems!!! please read :)?
Makeup to look as if you are 5 years old?
Can leaving mascara on overnight break your eyelashes?
What do U think of this lip style?
What's a good makeup rutine for a girl with pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes?
mac dame edna high light powder?
Do I need expensive makeup brushes? What kind do you recommend?
how to get a good tan in one day?
Makeup Help :S please answer?
Is there any similar blush to Chantecaille in Aquablush that is cheaper?
Does anyone know of a cover up for a women who sweats alot?
What's the Best Drugstore Makeup Brands?
Homecoming makeup that won't smear?
Do I have to pay to get my makeup done at Lord and Taylor before prom?
Is there a way to achieve perfect skin without makeup?
Eye Colour?
You adore which celebrities makeup?
I have a really bad skin tone. My cheeks are really splotchy and red and it's disgusting.?
What is the safest kind of paint for use on fake teeth?
Is makeup good or evil?
want to be fair, plz help.?
Whats a good foundation?
do chi blowdryers work well?????????
How long does pink eye last?
What's your favorite make-up brand?
how to make my eyes sparkle?
where do i find the sign up for the tv show exstreme makeovers the body or the ugly swan show?
Makeup or not?
Do i look better with eyeliner and mascara or without?
What kind of makeup should I wear for how I look?
how much approximately would it cost, to get a proffessional to tell you what makeup is best for your skin?
What do u apply before using a concealer?
How can i turn my upper lip to black and my lower lip to red?
Will all you females stop outlining your lips?
What color am I in MAC?
who knows how to put on simple make up you know going to the mall kinda look thanx sexy?
Good concealer for blemishes?
In your opinion, the best eyeliner is...?
whats ur fave eyecolor?
Is this too much makeup?
i need new make up and tips !?
do you need to wear foundation and powder?
Is britney spears warm or cool toned (photo)?
What's the best lip gloss?
What type of make do have to use to get this look?
what is a good long wearing lipstick...gloss?
Anyone who wears colored contacts with makeup ( bottom eyeliner too ) does it make your eyes water messing up?
i have an eyebrow delima?
How do I apply liner on the bottom part of my eye?
I have a make up question?
naked 2 vs naked original palette (which one should i get)?
makup tips for pale skin?
Give me some ideas? Please!?
make up kit necessity's ?
Makeup Help!!! What should i do?
oily skin and make up don't mix?
Mineral Makeup Advertising?
what is your favorite make-up brand?
cute makeup ideas for homecoming?
How do i stop my eyelashes from being like this with mascara?
how do i work for elf cosmetics usa!?
Do you Know any good facemasks?
How should I do my make-up?
What's your favorite make up brand?
WHO loves the body shop makeup line?!?!?
How the hell do you get eyeliner off!?
Hair and makeup for a zombie?
What Makeup Goes w/ My Outfit? *10 Points* Help Please!?
Mac eye shadows for hazel eyes?
is selling avon a good way to make money?
Is it true that you can bleach you skin or make it as light as you want it to be?
Liquid Latex/Paper Towel Mask?
I am addicted to eating Lipstick HELP me!?
Which red lipstick lasts all day?
POLL: People wear makeup to hide things not be seen or people just wear it.?
Is this too much makeup for a fourteen year old about to be a freshman in high school?? (I'm almost fifteen)?
what color are my eyes?" green.?
How can I make my eyes really pop?
Is it bad to sleep in make up??
eyeliner that doesn't smudge?
Finding a lip colour and finish to suit me?
What lip stain is best?
best mascara for blue green eyes?
Clinique Superpowder Double Face Makeup in Bare Minerals?
My eyelids are really small,can I still be pretty even with small eyelids? gained a whole bunch of weight too!?
Tips for applying Liquid eyeliner?
7th grade makeup?
What is the difference between facial astringent and toner?
How do you apply false eyelashes to...?
I want to try smoking a cigarette ?
WhAts the best make up that will make me look cute?
Why does lipstick stays on my lips only for about 10 min. but stays on a glas...?
were can i get this cream called proactive in vic?
Hairstyles and Makeup for Homecoming?
Are lipsmackers products any good?
What makeup to wear in 6th grade?
how do you make makeup?
What make up do girls use to get their eyelids black?
reviews about blue heaven kajal? (10points)?
eyeliner or mascara?
What's the best makeup brushes?
Rate my first time doing makeup (for a guy)?
what is a good foundation that stays on all day?
when did you start wearing make up?
Is my skinc care regime good?
I am going to be dressing up as a rag doll for halloween. What should i do with my hair,makeup, and costume?
Anyone who thinks that they know absolutely anything about makeup, answer!?
Mascara causes red eyes. Anyone can recommend a brand?
Kryolan Translucent Powder, Set Translucent Ben Nye, Barrier Spray -Mehron, Kryolan DERMACOLOR FIXING POWDER?
Are Coastal Scents Palettes good quality? s:)?
what are the best eyeshadow colours to wear if you have dark brown eyes?
blue eyes make up tips?
Girls/ladies with porcelain-like skin?
Which is better M.A.C or Sophore?
Need little help with makeup please....?
How to create fake dripping blood?
Can anyone give me a good site which shows what make up matches a dress for prom?
How to make something similar to henna paste?
do eyeliner and mascara look good 2gether...if so what shades??
Is waterproof mascara the answer?
I WANT LIPS LIKE THESE! pic incuded!!?
What's a good drugstore blusher/bronzer?
eyebrow plucking?
What Is the best make-up style look for me?
what make-up isnt noticeable, but makes you look better?
Make-up for 6th grader?
how to become fair?
What makeup, mostly eye makeup, would look good on me? (pics)?
i want to be a cd for halloween whats the best way for a guy to apply make up to make look just like a woman?
When do you guys think the average girl starts wearing make-up?
Makeup for Burgundy hair and brown eyes?
What is the BEST mascara you've ever used?
Which mascara should I buy?
What is the best make-up brand for oily face?
How do I put on makeup and make it look nice?
what colour eyes does Jennifer Tisdale have?
I need Party makeup ideas?
What foundation shade is Selena Gomez? please help (read details)?
How to take off lip stick?
in what year was makeup delevoped?
Victoria secret Purfume that smells like skittles, it says honey doo or something ?
Cheap good foundation please?
Is my face okay? like 1-10 because im normally afraid to show it..?
How do you get black makeup off of your eyes?
what do you think when you see ppl who outline their lips.Not black but like a brown color?
Which makeup should i use?
.where can i buy quick silver lipstick from rimmel? cant find this anywhere.?
Do I wear a little bit too much makeup?
Stiletto Mascara by Mabeline?
Shear Cover Makeup is found at what stores?
What surgeries did Jenna Jameson get on her face ?!?
What color eyeshadow looks best on me?
help with makeup (pics included)?
how can i hide a huge hikki?
makeup tips for brunette?
OK to wear black eyeliner w/ hazel eyes? 10 points?
how do you make your eyes look bigger and exotic using a eyeliner pencil?
How to go cute eye makeup without eyeliner?
Makeup foundation help?
should i sleep with makeup or... ?
Does mascara damage your eyelashes?
What is your Favorite makeup Brand?
What to buy from sephora?
ways to make my eyes bigger! :)?
how to wear make-up without covering my freckles?
If I am NW20 in mac foundation, what shade would i be in make up for ever Matifying Foundation?
How to put eyeliner on for 13 year old girl?
What's the best product to use for natural looking make-up?
What type of Make-Up does Jessica Simpson, Taylor Smith, and Carrie Underwood use?
What makeup do you suggest for someone who is just starting to use makeup?
Are there any makeups that compare to bare Minerals? Or do you recommend a certain type of makeup?
Where can I find Black eye shadow?
does covergirl trueblend work good?
What are the essentials for a girls make up bag?
Whats your overall opinion of Avon?
Can I use Conditioning baby shampoo to wash my makeup brushes?
concealer looks dry flakey and cakey all at the same time!!?
Which BB cream would you recommend?
What kind of makeup would suit me?
Help mee pleaseee!!!!!!!??!!!! ILL LOVE YOU FOREVER ;)?
How do you apply eyeliner?
Too much makeup for 9th grade?
NIVEA make-up line !?
would this be rude at a cosmetics stand? like MAC?
best eye makeup for brown eyes?
what do you think of me, pic?
I'm almost it OK for me to wear bright eyeshadows and lipsticks?
Eye make-up for unique colored eyes?
How can I use makeup to look older?
what is the best mascara out there?
What is best paired with the neutrogena wave?
Liquid Latex substitute for costume?
would you rather sleep in a tree with raccons or sleep with a pack of wolves?
Matifying compact foundation and matifying compact powder which one is better?
Will people think I am weird if I wear fancy creative makeup?
How to get this colour hair? (picture inside)?
im a girl and i have a mustache?
how can i hide a bad feature on my face?
I need tips please and thank you?
why do people hate hate brown eyes so much?
Which would be a better buy? (Make-Up Help)?
How would I do my make up like this?
Can you get st ives green tea cleanser at walmart ?
eye makeup problem?
The best eyebrow wax for at home waxing???
What to use for a pad?
Make-up brush similar to MAC 187 Duo Fibre Makeup Brush?
Is it bad if I slept in 10 hours this afternoon?
How to do this makeup? (UK users)?
How Do I Get My Makeup To Look Like This?
What are the pro's and cons of using mineral foundation / makeup??
Liquid eyeliner help??
Sigma or bdellium makeup brushes?
Can i be a cheerleader?
Chanel formal makeup?
I m whitish brown......?
what helps dark circles go away?
how to make my nails?
Should powder match liquid foundation?
whats the difference between concealer and foundation?
How can i do my makeup like Danielle Campbell from the movie Starstruck?
What is your number 1 make up product?
How should i wear my make up for my ..............?
My fake tan has gone really wrong!?
whats the best lip gloss?
Longest Lasting/ Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil?
Makeup at 12 years old?
What makeup should suit me i have brown eyes and hair and short hair ?
what age to start?
Which brand for fake eyelashes is better? Shu Uemura or MAC?
Ladies, if you could stop wearing make up all together (absolutely NONE), how would your life change?
how do you get your makeup to stop melting???
How do you apply tinted moisturizer?
a good mascara to use?
I'm 18 and want to become a Mary Kay Lady... is this possible?
Eye makeup....?
Can you have naturally purple eyes?
What is the best makeup?
Physicians Formula Bronzer?
How many different types of eyeshadows are there?
question to the WOMEN!! repeat WOMEN!! out there!! thanks?
What happened to Maybelline Illegal Lengths mascara?
how can i convince my mom to....
What should I do for makeup and hair with a blackstrapless dress? link below!?
Homecoming makeup my description included?
nyx single eyeshadows?..?
Is it bad to leave eye liner and mascara on overnight?
what colour make up for a warm ash med blonde hair fair cool skin?
What is the best drug store foundation?
Where can I buy Urban Decay eyeshadow?
M.A.C. cream eyeshadows vs. powder? 10 points?
would you buy the clarisonic mia?
help w/ make-up?!?
What are the most essential part of a makeup regime for someone who's just beginning to wear makeup?
i need help with my eyeliner?
What do you think of 16 year olds wearing SO much make up?
good mascara and eyeliner?
Any tips on make-up? I was thinking about buying some for my first time...?
what is the animal called beginning with L and has long eye lashes?
what is my mom's best and worst feature? her on left?
How long shall I keep my makeup and cosmetics?
Chapstick/Lip Help!!!?
The best and worst mac products and why?
Items to use for a daily skincare routine- is this right?
Giorgio Armani, Makeup Forever, Mac or Bare minerals Foundation?
Which red lipstick lasts all day?
What makes eyes look BIGGER? Just mascara? Or mascara and eyeliner together? Is less more?
Makeup - girls, how do you do it?
What skincare products to use?
natural mineral makeup:what is the best natural mineral makeup?
Do I wear too much makeup for my age?
Do you prefer hazel or blue eyes?
Why is it acceptable for women to.....?
my eye is red! help!?
what sort of make up should i put on to look nicer?
How to solve uneven skin tone?
What do you think about this girl? 10 Points :D?
How save is it to buy women perfumes thru the web?
What color lipstick is the blond woman putting on in the Almay commercial?
what supplies do you need for beauty school?
Is something wrong with your face?
Should I use Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask if my face is dry?
make up tips for brown skin?
whats the best colour nail polish for the toes this summer?
Eyebrow bleaching problem!?
How much does Tropez Luscious Lipstick normally sell or Cover Girl Makeups?
What colour Eyeliner?????
Makeup for school :D?
Why can't girls put on mascara with their mouth closed?
IF you were only allowed ONE item of makeup what would it be?
what is a good makeup for a pale blonde girl?
What color should I paint my nails?
Has anyone tried Sasha Cosmetics?
i broke his heart now i want him back,what do i do?
Is there any where in the UK that I can buy Mexsana Medicated powder from?
Best, inexpensive mascara?
How Do I Ask Her,,..?
Any Help With Makeup Advice? Thanks!!?
What do you put on first?
Tried and tested bust gels/creams?
Eyebrow Maintenance question?
veet help please?
is this make-up right?
Mystic Tan not showing up?
how do you put lipstick on like Mana from Malice Mizer? o_O?
How can I ask my mom I want to wear my eyeliner like this?
When shopping, what part of your skin should you test foundation on?
eyeliner for contact wearers?
??What is cystic acne?
what do you think about the brown pigement in my eye *PICTURES*?
Best BB Cream and Concealor ?
Help with makeup tips?
do my eyes look unhappy in this picture?
Do you think her eyes are pretty!?!?
Covering up cuts? Please help?
Spray Tan..?
Best colours to use for greeny bluey eyes?
why is matching your makeup with your outfit a "fahion dont"?
i never wear make up. if i went on a date should i wear some?
single coloured acrylics into french tips?
Which Baby Lips flavor is better?!?
What do you think of me? VIDEO INCLUDED?
Which Celebrity is the Prettiest In your Opinion?
Is it just me? I can't seem to stop buying lip glosses.?
Foundation help???
Best makeup for my dress?
What is "flat lip"?
new make up line??
should a 14 year old wear red lipstick?
What Brand of Makeup is this?
Does anyone own urban decay eyeshadow "X"?
please help girls asap ?? thanks(:?
Makeup Products for Beginners?
How much makeup did you wear when you were 13?
how to get the smoked eyes effect?
what is the best salon spray tan?
What is the best purple eyeliner?
i need to find a good lip plumper to wear, does anyone know the best one to get?
What are some good nude lip gloss for a African American?
How do i stop my makeup sliding off my face in the hot weather?
What have been your experiences (good or bad) with becoming an e-representative for Avon?
where can i find this mascara?
what make up would look best?
why won't my face mask stick to my face?
What age do you think a girl can start wear make-up?
I have brown eyes brown hair how do I make my eyes pop?
what is the best way to make your eyes look super big?
How to cover dark undereyes if you have indian skin?
Is it okay to pour some of the MAC FIX+ finishing spray into my own little spray bottle to travel?
Have much do you spend on your make up? What products do you use?
How do you put the Neutrogena's Wave "Power Cleanser's" batteries in???
What's the cheapest spray tan you can buy?
What's the best eyeshadow brand?
What is the best way to get asian eyelashes curled and stayed curled?
help Ruldolphs nose wont shine?
Eye makeup question [10 points]?
Is this too much makeup for a 15 year old?
How long does your Eos lip balm last?
Does olive oil or vaseline speed up eyebrow growth quicker?
Does sunless tanner make your face darker than body?
Do I wear too much makeup?
oups!!! i have proplem with my nails , they dont want to grow , how can i make my nails grow pls any body hlp?
What colors should I wear?
What is Beauti?Define in short.?
What, to you, is too much makeup?
which picture makes my eyes stand out?
Sigma vs Ecotools stippling brush?
How do I get nail polish off?
hi! i have got a question and i hope you can help me?
GIRLS ONLY!!!How do you get rid of zits?
How do I make my eyebrows thick?
How can I tan my face?
Best Liquid Foundations?
is my friend good at makeup?
do you get a free tin when you buy two lush solid shampoo bars?
What makeup or what would help makeup have some real stay power throughout a long, sweaty day?
What looks better, bronzer or foundation?
Which concealer should I use on top...?
I'm really pale and need help finding a better makeup shade...?
What is a good lipgloss for chapped lips?
What color lipstick would match my eyeshadow (pic)?
I am a seventeen year old guy (straight) who wears foundation make-up. Is that creepy or weird?
What is a really good mascara ?
What make up will bring out my eyes?
Beauty Rush Lipgloss.. sale?
i want to new games?
Senior picture make-up?
which is the best purifying face wash gel?
What color eye liner should I get if i have green eyes and whats the best eyeliner?
My face gets red when i get hot, how to make it not red?
In order for your eyes to look you put eyeliner on the top or bottom of your eye or both??
I need help with my makeup?
what is some good eyeline to wear ? girl only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can i get curly eyelashes?
what the point in eye brows?
Girls how would u react seeing a guy getting his legs and chest waxed at salon?
13 year olds: what's your make-up routine?
How to wear hair and make up with black dress?
I have light brown hair, green eyes, and a fair complexion, what would be the best makeup for me?
Is there a way to market to a bunch of people in a certan area without paying a lot of money out of pocket?
What makeup should a 13 year old own?
What color eye liner brings brown eyes out the most?!?!?!? Need to know in next 5-10 minutes!!!! Thxx :-]?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What kind of make-up should I wear? {Preppy}?
Can i buy a mac custom pallete at a mac counter at dillards or a macys?
What makeup should I use for green eyes? with Pic?
do guys prefer heavy eye makeup on girls?
makeup delima?
How to remove eyeliner w/o make up remover?
Who post the best make up videos?
i am getting married in may and i need a make -up artist!!.. please help.. if anyone....?
What do they mean by gritty?
My forehead is so big )): ?
i need help on good lip gloss colors on a 12 year old and no im not 2 young?
are you supposed to put foundation or concealer on first?
Where can I get really REALLY good foundation to cover up 'imperfections'?
_____What celebrity do I look like? PIC___?
How do you make your eyes look bigger with make up?
Hey, i am just starting a new grade and i want my pores really clean!any sugestions?
I need a good makeup look for school photos?
What is your favourite eyeshadows?
Must have makeup product basics?
Makeup or no makeup? (pics)?
What are the statistics of young adults and using or buying beauty products?
How can I look perfect?
Girls do you like when guys wear makeup?
Safe site to be using to buy MAC Cosmetics cheaply?
Am I Ugly With Out Makeup On?
Whats your favorite lip gloss?
Light makeup for dark circles?
Body Shop Makeover Voucher?
Does Divaderme Cosmetics test on animals?
Which gel eyeliner should I get? Help?
clinique face cleansing products?
drugstore foundations for very pale skin?
can Pearl powder be absorbed through the skin?
Are people jelous of me?
Why can't i fully line my eyes properly?
How much is too much makeup?
Is this makeup dangerous?
What are popular Store brands?
teen product testing?
What is a great site that i can find hard candy and sugar compact make-up? reasonably priced?
HELP! Colassal VS Mega Plush!!!! ?
Is it normal for a twelve year old girl to wear makeup?
What color eyeshadow best goes with dark brown eyes?
25 to spend in Sephora?
makeup questions...13 years old..?
What color eyes do I have?
So, Pink or White tips?
If I am n3a62 in Mac face and body what would I be in Mac mineralize satinfinish?
what kind of make up?
makeup help!?
Do you think?? a 12 year old should be able to wear makeup?
is this too much makeup for 14 year old? <3?
Is there such a thing as using too much makeup?
Color of skin on eye lid and under eye...?
does walgreens carry covergirl?
what type of eyelashes is this girl wearing in this pic?
Where can I get L'oreal HIP Jellybalms?
Do you think your lips can get "addicted" to lip balm or gloss?
How do I keep my skin Pale ?
Girls who live in London? What is the makeup store called?
Spots around my eyes? 14 years old! Looks like hickeys?
Has anyone come across L.A. Pride body purifying whitening milk?
Make-up for Christmas dance at school?
How do you apply makeup to get the best "natural" look, and which type is the best and is cheapest? Tips?
how do i put eyeliner on?????
anyone know what shade of NARS lipstick this is?
What makeup should I use? New to using makeup?
Do I wear to much make-up ,for a 14 year old?
How would you feel if you got a bunch of full-sized makeup samples as a gift... but they were used?
How long is your face?
Does anyone use Bare Minerals foundation or concealer? Yay or Nay?
Why is it women always look so hot in red lipstick?
is it safe to put eyeliner on the waterline?
Is it weird to not wear face makeup?
What colour is your tounge???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
MAKE UP: what is most important?
What's the best Body Shop lip gloss? (that doesn't dry out your lips)?
how do i make my lips lookm bigger with make up on?
Eyebrows are naturally too far apart?
I am getting married next month and I know I will cry. LOL Anyway, I need some really good waterproof makeup?
whats a good mascara that doesn't clump an makes ur eyelashes look longer???
i have golden blonde hair, meduim/light skn tone, and blue/gray eyes. what makep should i use?
Whats a Good Foundation? MAC? Clinique??? Help!!!!?
I have black hair, fair skin, green eyes and am Japanese, make-up tips?
Is blue(dark) eyeshadow a do or don't?
How to make egg white face mask?
I am not allowed to wear makeup....?
wat lipstick colour should dark skinned women use. daily wear?
Best Make Up Foundation?
interested in learning how to apply makeup, but I do not know where to start.?
What is your morning routine?
Which Celebrity wears the most makeup and is the most artificial?
my eyes are pretty wide, how do i make them look thin/asian?
What is the best foundation/khol/eyeliner to use for party/clubbing?
What's the best brand sunscreen?
Is this amount of makeup okay?
Girls, whats an appropriate makeup style to wear?
What colour are my eyes? (Picture)?
Whats a good compact powder for cheap?
how much make-up is TOO MUCH?
Which BB cream to buy?
Nars bronzer or LORAC bronzer? Or other?
Is there an eyeliner out there that really lasts and doesnt cost a fortune?
Makeup for tan skin brown hair/ brown eyes?
Best Drugstore Mascara?
what is your favorite makeup brand?
eyeliner and cover up ?
clinique repairwear intensive eye cream?
i don't have primer, but i want my eyeshadow to last? plz help!?
What's a good LONG LASTING cheap eyeliner?
new lip piercingg HELP !?
Make up on scabby bits on face?
is there any similar shede for "mac-blankety" lipstick in revlon or maybellin or lakme?thanks.?
Reviews on topshop makeup?
Should I use bareMinerals?
Buying Beauty Factory 120 Palette?
girls only!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
What makeup routine would suit me?
Cosmetics Company, at Saks 5th?
what makeup colors are good for the fall?
whats the perfect age to start wearing eyeliner?
Which colors would look good on me ?
is it boring to wear the same style of make-up on a day to day basis
Under eye circle help?
Where to buy W7 Make-up?!?
How can I make my upper lip look fuller as a GUY?
How do you apply eye liner to so that it liners your eyelide - giving the illusion of thicker darker lashes??
Do my lashes look fake?
Homecoming updo and makeup?
how long does lime take to lighten eyebrows?
What is your favourite colour of nail polish?
Which brand of foundation and concealer would you recommend?
how can you brighten your eyes with makeup?
Why do women use make up?!?!?
Is it a good thing to have your eyes stand out?
Whats the best lip gloss you have ever tried or someone else tried and you were totally jealous?
home remedies for brightening up face?
What eyeshadow colours would suit me?
Coloressence Bridal Kajal v/s Blue Heaven Kajal Eye Liner...?
how can i make my blue eyes more noticeable?
right..i started using the johnson's holiday skin yesturday..and it has i continue using it ..
Where can I buy wholesale paper eyelashes?
Nice Girls Only Please!?
Should I wear Foundation?
Anyone making soap for retail?
What is the best mac powder that is good for....?
Do you like the smell of....?
does it harm your skin when you do make up at age of 14?
I need to make a Korean mask?
Eye Liner Troubles?
How to look older? With and without makeup?
13 year olds: what's your make-up routine?
Does wearing makeup one day make you look tired?
how to choose maybelline mineral power foundation?
Hi, I am looking for a bronzer that you apply with a brush. I want good coverage, What is you favourite?
Hair on my face, makes my foundation come out werid?!!!?
Which (Rimmel or Maybelline) foundation?
I need makeup and hair help.?
What is the "Back to MAC" program?
vaseline to remove eye makeup?
I need suggestions for a good drugstore foundation.?
Do true italians need to be dark olive kind of skin?
How to make skin look flawless with limited makeup supply?
What kind of make-up would look best with a red dress?
What brand of eye liner won't smear?
When depotting the Urban Decay Primer Potion..?
Why do chicks were makeup??
What would be good???
better w/ or w/o eyeliner ? ((LINKS WORK))?
what do girls hate more!!!?
rate?1-10? 20 characteers babyyy!!!!!?
How To Be Pretty Naturally WITHOUT Makeup?
lipstick or lip gloss?
how do you become noticeable?
Ways to make myself look better? +Pic?
I just bought a blonde wig for halloween and well it really dosen't look good with my complexion I am fair
Do you put concealer all over your face?
how much do counter makeup artist make in maryland?
How can i get the darkest tan ever?
What about lipgloss?
How can i get curly eyelashes?
Best non-liquid, non-gel eyeliner you recommend (cheap)?
Name your fave make-up colors. Eye shadow, blush, lipstick, brow pencil, lip pencil, nail polish.....?
Hey girls.........lipstick or lipgloss?
my mascara comes off onto my bottom lid under my bottom lashes?
What was that article in seventeen or cosmogirl about differnt mascara?
i would like to see the list of inexpensive cosmetics shown on today show 01/30/2012?
Are E.L.F make-up brushes good quality?
what is the best eyeliner?
Please give me some tips on this christmas day makeup?
Racoon eyes.....?
How do you keep your makeup on ?
How is she wearing her makeup and hair 10 points!?
how do i get my eyeliner to stop running?!?
How do you prevent make-up from smudging underneath your eyes?
What colour eyeshadow intensifies green eyes?
Tretinoin cream help?
how do i get fake tan off between by fingers without taking it off my hands?
makeup question, any tips?
How would i make my foundation dewy?
would you consider my makeup buys expensive?
Has anyone tried or heard anything about Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue?
I'm so sick of being nervous around the guy I like!?
Makeup techniques for big eyes ?
Is Biore' triple action toner good ?
I need a good foundation?!?
Is this makeup to OverDone?
how to have stunning eyes?
NYX slide on glide on pencils?
how to make my lashes grow long and thick?
How to get rid of deep wrinkle between eyes? Tired of looking angry Im really happy :-) !!?
Ladies am I weird or just bi-curious ?
i want2 have no flakes or dry spots when i put on foundation!?
Can round faces girls apply blush? Will it look good?
why are my eyebrow follicles black?
help please?
which one should i buy..............?
When should a kid start putting makeup on in your opinion?
how should i do my eye makeup?
What type of make-up should i wear with a red dress?
Whats a good lotion/cream that will make you darker? Preferably something from Shoppers Drug Mart and cheap?
whats your favorite nude/light pink mac lipglass?
is it good to wear make up?
Has anyone tried Prescriptives Virtual Matte Makeup?
Jesse's girl eye dust swatches?
is there a way to clean my mascara wands?
drug test hellpppppppppppppppppp?
Which eye shadow set am I better off getting?
How to match foundation?
How can i make my nail color last longer?
Who are some of your favorite ASIAN makeup gurus on youtube?
what is a good mosturizer to use after the shower? for softer skin?
wheres the best place to get oil free makeup?
How Do I cover up a Hickey?
Who is form an arabic country?
question to the WOMEN!! repeat WOMEN!! out there!! thanks?
Mascara ;; Which One Is Best .?
Whats your opinion on my looks?
Does my Halloween make up look good?
What eyeliner lasts longer?
What Do You Think Of This Picture(before/after)?
Makeup question??
Where to buy the Essie 2011 Fall collection cube in Manhattan?
can anyone tell me what make up products to use on sensitive skin?
what color are your eyes?-----------?
What Will Cover Up Blushing?
Best mascara?
Should I do my own hair and make up on my wedding day to save money?
Where Can I Buy 'PAX' body paint?
has anyone tried applying foundation...?
best waterproof, smudge proof mascara?