What color do you think I should get?
Does mac foundation burn any1 else under the eyes?
Can i apply an EYEPENCIL on my waterline???
How much is Bobbi Boss weave?
Good halloween makeup?
my skin is dull and uneven tone ...?
eyeliner help?
Where do I buy stila in the UK?
First time makeup failure?
does, an orange eyeshadow go good with green eyes? ?
Is there any online place from where I can buy hi vis?
How do I do my eyeliner like this?
Honey coloured complexion.?
SURVEY! How do you apply your Foundation??
What makeup is best for a 12 year old?
Lip balm question :):):):):)?
when should i use night cream?
Younger makeup gurus?
What makeup???
[pic]-which eyeliner suits me the best?
URGENT Survey: What colour eyes do you have?
Does anybody curl their eyelashes with a spoon?
The best makeup brand?
what can i do about about my eybrows and eyelashes????????
use fingers or brush for foundation?
OK females with dark circles under eyes have you discovered a concealer that works, hides it without showing?
makeup for florida climate?
Does anyone else love jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer?
Where can I get free cosmetic samples besides
HIII plz tell me what to do?
Can you help me with some make up tips?
how do i make my face pale with natural ingredients?
Can u find an article from the newspaper about school lunches?
What is my eye color.?
Makeup vs. no makeup.. opinions?
eyeliners? which one do u like best?
How can i make my eyelashes longer and thicker?
Can you distinguish between authentic brand make up or perfume and a fake sold by some US retailers?
how to make my eyes greener?
What age do you guys start wearin makeup?
Can you press eyeshadow with e.l.f lock & seal?
Does wearing mascara on the bottom lashes make eyes bigger... or smaller?
Which eye makeup look is cutest for school?????? (PICS INCLUDED)?
does blush clog your pores?
What does this mean?!?
can never find the right color foundation for my skin tone.?
Can you tell me what powder foundation and powder to get from maybelline?
Best cheap translucent powders for oily skin?
at what age did YOU start wearing makeup?
What's a good self tanner than won't make me look like snooki?
Were covergirl eyeslicks discontinued?
eyeliner smearing....please help!!!?
Shiseido- Orange (ish?) spray vial with black top...?!?
Cute hairstyles and makeup ideas for 8th grade girl? (pic included)?
8th grade face makeup help?
Are lip plumpers safe? Especially the brand STUNG?
Do I Wear To Much Make Up? (pics)?
Girls: On a scale from 1 to 10?
what is ur best eye shado and that is cheap?
Ulta Mineral Makeup- How to Open?
Which color concealer is appropriate for my skin tone?
What drugstores let you test out their makeup before you buy it?
Why Do My Friends Say I Have to much makeup on?!?
Anyone who thinks that they know absolutely anything about makeup, answer!?
Do you know of a drugstore foundation that is similar?
Is it painting her nails or polish her nails?
Lots of questions about trimming eyebrows?
how can i tell my mom i want to wear black nail polish?
How can I make it look like I've been asouted?
What are some really good mascaras that are drug store brand?
What kinds of bases will keep bright eyeshadow from looking chalky on darker skin?
I nee some help making my friend look white?
dewy/glowy drugstore foundation?
Are me eyes Turning green/hazel or is it just me?
Eye make up question?
What make-up would look good on me?
how can i make my eyebrows darker?
pHYSICIANS fORMULA mAKE uP uSERS.............?
question about eyeshadow in GEL form .. (or eye putty as they call it on wikipedia)?
What do you think of these mascaras?
how would you prepare a treatment plan for make-up and what information should be included on it?
does it make you mad when you see other girls wearing to much makeup?
whos on the cover of the december issue of seventeen?!?!!?
I'm not saying i'm going to, but what all do you need to start a cosmetic line?
How can I make my eyes look closer together??
TEENAGER GIRLS: Is there anyone who doesnt make up?
what make up would I need to achieve this look?
Whats your favorite part of the eye?*picture of my eye included;p*?
Drug store foundation/concealer best for oily and sensitive skin?
what does a womans lipstick shape say about her?
What's worse : packing on tons of black eyeliner and black mascara OR wearing green eyeshadow alone?
Drugstore moisturizer like Clinque?
Give me a natural makeup look?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What colour eyeshadow would you recommend for a Brunnete?
Why does my foundation not blend in all day?
Choosing a concealer?
Are there flat lip rings?
Do these makeup brands test on animals?
Opening Up a Nail Parlour - What type of Service to Include?
Which makeup is the best MAC or Prescriptives?
I need help with facial cleansing and its steps!?
how can i be prettier?
Does this make-up look punk-ish?
I used mascara?
Make up? Need Help?
The club at ulta question?
What color eye liner should I use?
what order should you put makeup on?
Tips for blue eyes?
how do i make my face look fresh?
How do i make my eyelashes really long and thick, like the models on tv ??
At what age is it best to start wearing makeup?
What MAC foundation best covers redness?
Makeup product called Chacare?
whats d best way 2 remove face hai,upper lip.....?
You Rebel- Benefit, Tinted Moisturizer?
how do i tell my friend her foundation is too light for her?
How to prevent teenage spots? Xx?
names of lip glosses in 1980's?
How do i apply the right eye-makeup?
What do you think of the covergirl sensitive skin clean makeup? or Iman?
What makeup should I use for my face?
Why did it not work?
Best Loreal mascara? Reviews?
What is the best acne product?
mascara and eye liner for sensitive eyes?
What's the best non clumping mascara?
Makeup question..............?
Eyeliner and mascara help?!?
How much makeup is too much?
What age do you think girls should really start using makeup?
What's the best self-tanner/liquid bronzer to make your skin gold?
i have a dark complexion, and i'm wearing a baby pink dress for my year 10 formal...any makeup ideas?
How can i do my makeup like this. A video of how would be great! :)?
How to get big bambi/doe eyes?
Im 13 And fare completed what colors of makeup should I where?
Is there such thing as an organic or natural mascara ?
what r the basics of a change in ur look?
Could anyone help me with any makeup suggestions please?
FELLAS what do you think about a girl wearing make-up?
What kind of clothes and makeup can I wear with neon orange and off black hair?
How old do you think i look?
How do you do your make up for eyes?
How can I improve these.....?
i am a light brown colored person what color eye shadow would best fit me for my daily use?
What's the difference between L'Oreal Paris and L'Oreal New York?
Green Eyes???
looking for a site for make up?
Advice about eyelash/eyebrow tinting?
personality development slogan?
Brown or Black Eyeliner?
Would you ever leave your house without makeup??
very dark under eye circles?
What is the essential beauty item?
What are the essentials for gorey Special FX makeup?
What colour nail polish for fair skin?
Do you think I am to young to wear eye liner?
girls ,would you laugh at a guy if he cam to school with pink nail polish on and blue eye shadow and lipgloss?
I am a 19 year old dark skinned black lady that have never wore make-up, however I don't know what to try.
Where can I find the chapstick brand soft lips?
how can i soften my eyebrows with make up?
how can you make a zit less noticeable...?
What is the best type of mascara?
How can I get brighter,more piercing looking eyes?
Can i use My MAC Pro card in Cancun?
What are some good drugstore tinted moisturizers?
Help with nails pleaseee ?
Is My Makeup Natural?
I love the way jennifer lopez eye makeup looks in the "all I have" video with LL cool J...?
Which is the best mascara?
Foundation Help??
how do you do your makeup?
Has anyone tried 2true posy tint - lip and cheek stain?
i want that celeb look for my eyes. how do i do it?
What is the best makeup PRIMER for acne-prone skin?
why must pratices be non-discriminary when dealing with colleagues,customers and visitors to workplaces?
what specific brand/name of makeup is good for covering up DARK circles under the eyes?
how to make eyelashes look longer without using false eyelashes ??
What's the best mascara to buy?
Fake individual lashes?
How Much Makeup should a I wear?
Which brand Foundation Make-up is best for women of Color?
ladies, if there was only one type of makeup you could use, what would it be? Exp: Eyeliner, mascara, blush...
What is a really good lash primer?
wots the best way 2 put fake eyelashes on ????
Does Garnier Peel-off lightening mask cause pimples ?
Removing makeup stains from bath cloths?
What do you use to apply blush?
Where do I find glow in the dark body paint?
Problem with my lip ring?
Anyone have an opinion about LIZ EARLE skin care?
how can i look prettier?
how can i do my makeup like...?
how can i draw out my invention of doing my makeup perfectly?
I want to fix my craked facepowder and i have no rubbing alcohol or makeup remover! Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What to use over Mineral Powder Make-Up?
Mac studio finish concealer colour?
Wedding. Lipstick matte or glossy?
Is a this a good substitute for cotton balls?
do you know about BB products and how it works?please reply...?
whats the cheapest makeup in the world?
what is the best type of bleaching cream for the face?
How to use the 224 and 217 mac brushes?
what's the best mascara?
What makeup colors and styles look good on people who have tan skin?
where got the Fancyl house beauty product in Singapore?
Do I look okay without makeup?
Reviews on Tarte Jewelry box Make up kit?
whats the best makeup to buy?
What foudation has full coverage?
how do i maintain clear,acne free skin?
what are some really good concealers?
What is the best eyeshadow for me?
Whats your makeup routine?
how do i get some1 from marykay or something to come and give me and friends makeovers..or where do WE go?
is this too much cosmetics for a teen?
i bought that new trublend...?
Why is my 13-year-old daughter wearing mascara?
i need a makeover(pics included)
how to make my eyes greener?
Are you too young to wear makeup in eigth grade?
Best eyeliner for the waterline?
how should i wear my makeup?
What's the best primer to wear under my foundation?
Am i addicted to makeup?
Is 90 lbs underweight for a 14 year old?
maybelline foundation???
Makeup ideas for a smoky eye and subtle lip color?
Best face wash brand?
How to apply streaks?
school make-up...and do I wear too much make-up?
my avon lipstick is stuck inside!?
please answer?
how do u get a appointment for your make up for your face and eye liner on the hilo side at macy's?
At what age did you start wearing makeup?
Covering up spots with makeup?:3?
I am 13 and I have dark fuzz on my upper lip. Should I start shaving?
why are the people on answers so uptight?
Which cleanser is for me?
What is your opinion on girls who don't where make-up?
Makeup storage question (pic included)?
What should I do with my eyebrows?
Anybody knows how to make smokey eyes by Lancome eyeshadow "Color Design" no. 601 Noir Paillette?
Do M.A.C. Cosmetic sales girls make alot of money??
At what age should a girl start wearing makeup?
i really want to wear green lipstic?
Where can I buy a bright blue and deep purple eueshadows?
Where can I find Clearasil Deep Cleansing Astringent?
which is better liquid or pencil eyeliner...?
eyeliner dissapear???
Liquid Eyeliner?
Makeup problems, don't look my age?
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara?
Every body anser to me...plezzz?
What color is the best lipgloss?
Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup, has anyone tried returning it?
where can i find a salon that specializes in eye brow styling for my teenage daughter.?
Where can I find wholesale supplier of cosmetics in new jersey?
What is your favourite colour?
can anyone recommend a good cheap eyeliner?
What colour nail polish are you wearing?
what elf products should i buy?
What is your favorite brand of makeup?
Baby wipes as makeup remover have I ruined my skin?
Eye make-up?
Mascara that doesn't wash!?
what's the easiest way to hide dark circles under my eyes?
What do you recommend for MAC pigments?
help with "around the world" day ideas.-Geisha?
Hello !! Which is ur favourite colour?
what is the right shade of lipstick for fair skin?
When should girls start wearing makeup?
How do i make my eyelashes look very volumized?
What makeup brand is the best?
What can i do to hide my open pores?
Does anyone know of a drugstore foundation that's full coverage?
What goes on first? Concealer? or Foundation?
why do i look prettier when i am cold?
Guys with colored nail polish (not counting black)... good or bad?
Does putting on virgin oil make you get tan????
why do we need to put on make-up base before make -up?
What Is the best foundation from superdrug?
Bleaching powder in water !! Will it affect my skin in anyway?
Is red lipstick red because of blood?
Is myspace dangerous?
how do fake eyelashes stay put?
Whats the best mascara?
help about eyeliner, for my friend!?
I need a good foundation or powder?
What happens if you get nail polish remover in your eye?
Ebay False/Fake Lashes?
Which brand Foundation Make-up is best for women of Color?
What is the best lip moisturizer?
what oils can i use as mascara?
Do I wear too much make up for 13 years old?
what shade of brown are my eyes?
Can I use makeup even though I have pink eye?
Guy Makeup to impress females?
Do i wear too much make up?
What type of makeup is the best for a 13 yr old?
Which picture looks better?
Liquid eyeliner?
Is this too much makeup for a 16 1/2 year old?
10 Points; where can I buy cheap red colour contacts ?
What is your favorite Nail polish color?
I need a foundation to get rid of redness?
How to wear cream eyeshadow so it lasts for 6 hours?
Makeup help please! (For blue eyes)?
What makeup do you wear every day?!?
What is a good drugstore liquid foundation for oily skin? With shine control and no acne breakage?
Does anybody really use mac face and body for the body?
what color are Rihanna eyes?
really pale pink lips?
needs new mascara? ideas?
Which makeup do you use?
Can you put liquid eyeliner on your waterline?
Poll!! : What makeup do you wear everyday?
Beauty Tips... For a blond, fair skin, and blue eyes...?
Makeup questions from a 13 year old?
What is fake on Kim Kardashian?
Does getting your eyebrows threaded for the firts time hurt?
This is how you learn to apply makeup......?
What is the difference Between Ivory, Fair and Light Skin for Makeup?
can you tell me how to make fake blood.?
can i pull of red lipstick?
Can You Help Me Get These Makeup Looks?
Why is the "natural; NO MAKEUP" look so..?
at what age shoud women start using anti-wrinkle cream?
Where are the NYX Cosmetics made in?
is this too much makeup for a 12 year oldd?
Why do my eyes burn????????
Do you HAVE to wear makeup when you are in an interview for a job or going to work?
Blush on easily red cheeks?
How much makeup should a 12 year old wear?
corect way to apply eye shadow...?
I know I am how can I improve my looks? Should I wax off my eye brow, try a new look? Please help!
what nail polish colour best suits tan skin?
Best foundation primer?
Is it rude to leave your old nails on when getting new ones?
How do I tell my mom I want to wear make up?
What is your favorite eye color and why?
What concealer should i buy?
In MEN-How to have thick eyebrows?
Ladies, would you help me to dress as a girl?
Are you an makeup artist on youtube?
Which is better, Lip gloss or Lipstick?
Any natural-looking foundation routines?
I have thin pale lips.. Any suggestions to make them more noticeable?
make up that makes you look flawless??
how can i wear pretty makeup to school and not make it look too heavy?
First time buying makeup?
10 points for the best answer?
Origins-Moderm Friction?
How can/Where I have my skin assessed to see what type of skin I have and what type of Products I should use?
should i wear clear or black mascara?
I have light skin and i need a great color? what is the color?
My liquid foundation is to wet?
What can you substitute for vodka in a toner recipe?
What kind of eyeliner do you use?
Females: What would you do if I showed up at your door wearing nothing but a mini skirt and a tanktop?
is there any cream that wipe off stretch makes completely?
Your favorite Makeup Beauty Gurus on Youtube?
how do i make my blues eyes stand out?
What color eye liner should i use?
How can I revive an old Mac Fluidline? It's gone dry in the pot.?
Best cover-ups for tan-skined teens?
how can keep my skin spotless?
I have been using cover girls powder, it hasent been blending in good lately what other cheap, products?
where can i buy benefit cosmetics in guam?
Best eyeliner pencils to get at walmart?
What makeup should I use?
what is the best permanent makeup machine?
What Is this Make Up Brush Called?
will pencil eyeliner get in my eye?
What is an apporpiate age to wear makeup?
I want to be prettier. How?
Simple but easy question, which means EASY 10 POINTS???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!…
What makeup is the best for fair skin?
Which foundation/bb cream is best out of...?
What color eye-shadow does Cher Lloyd mostly wear?
i always have pimples and they always leave red scars on my skin.....?
at what age did YOU start wearing makeup?
Is Max Factor's Pan Stik makeup good?
Eye make-up help please.......?
Classic Margarita Lip Gloss from Claire's?
Are BB Creams considered as make-up or skincare products?
How do I keep eyeliner on all day?
Were did she get that?
Females: do you feel comfortable In public without makeup on?
Is eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss too much for the 7th grade?
Bad that I don't wear makeup?
Supporting the cosmetics industry?
Where can I buy love alpha natural fibre mascara (uk)?
Lash serum?
I just can't seem to make pencil eyliner look good, no matter what I do!?
What is toner used for?
What is a good mascara for short eyelashes?
what concealer goes well with Bobbi brown espresso foundation?
What is the best kind of Chap stick to use in the south east?
How to do eye make up like this model ? Pic *?
How come my Urban Decay Primer Potion isn't working?
whats a really good yet cheap vegan lipgloss?
do people who dont ware make up think they are not normal.?
Is there anywhere in London...?
what is the best lip smacker product?
how to tell my mom?...i am so shy...?
Makeup: are middle eastern countrys in need of makeup Artists?
Cake liner OR Gel liner?
Can you use the urban decay vintage matte shadow wet?
if you pick an eye lash out does it grow back?
im not sure wot color mascara i shud change 2 iv bin wearin brwn 4 a while im bored of it now iv blu grn eyes?
mascara and eyelash helpp and tips!?
I have long droopy can i get them to curl!?!?
My eyeliner will never stay on.. how do i keep it in place all day? any tips or tricks? thanks for the help!?
Best foundation primer?
Skin rash red bumps under eye?
Can anyone recommend a good make up primer?
Facebook? Twitter? Parental Approval? Confusion? Help?
Is this makeup routine too much for school?
CoverGirl Queen Collection....?
Body scrub? How to use it?
HELP!!!! which one should I get Maybelline or Covergirl mascara?!?!?!?!?
Cheap, Non sparkling & non glittering makeup?
I want to start wearing eyeshadow..old enough?
Is this too much makeup?
Is it too much make up for a 13 years girl??? Best answer 10 points!!!?
What is the best blemish remover?
Good liquid eye liner ?
whats the best mascara?
I WANT LIPS LIKE THESE! pic incuded!!?
Will Gelshine nail polish work without the LED light?
why is makeup so hard for me?!?
What is the best lip gloss?...READ SPECIFICS?
Makeupp musthaves... and moisterizer?
avon ladies cant figuar out what make up right for you?or eye,or lips why?
how should i make my blue eyes stand out?
hi! how do i remove eye makeup especially mascara?
What are your favorite asian makeup brands?
Is it gud to use face serums in summer for oily skin?
best dark cirlcle makeup concealer, illuminator?
How can I get my cheekbones to show?
what brands of mascara are made of bat poop?
Wrinkly eye from gel eyeliner? Help!?
Which should i choose Avon or Mary Kay?
Are free samples from reputable (not shady) companies safe to order?
How to make my eyes stand out? (Picture Included)?
Is this okay for middle school?
How do I tell a beautiful girl she needs more makeup?
I need mascara help!?
Benifit make up???
home remdey for facial moisturizer?
wats better- make up or no make up?
Help me Choooooose !!
What is the BEST drugstore mascara?
Do you prefer bottom or top eyeliner?
What is your favourite mascara?
What color should i paint my nails?
Make up help!!?
Plum lipgloss: yay or nay?
I love my foundation, husband hates it?
Has anyone ever used TriLASTIN-SR for stretch marks?
can i get ur help to teach some a lesson? please?
has anyone tried nail tek: damaged nails kit from ULTA for nails that won't grow and peel?
Can make up cause 'beauty spots' to appear?
What's the best way to get water proof mascara off?
what foundation do you use?
GIRLS- Mascara or Eyeliner? Lip stick or lip gloss? Eyeshadow or blush?
Should I start wearing makeup again?
why women apply lipstick before doing anything ,going anywhere or after doing something?
Which is better to use KOSE FASIO Hyper-Stay Mascara Curl Long or KOSE FASIO Hyper-Stay Mascara Curl Volume?
Neutrogena mascara?! :]?
False eyelashes worn daily. Anyone?
Is really thick eyeliner ok?
Wimpy Eyelashes? I know it's a big NO NO but....?
Needing a decent waterproof mascara drugstore brand help?
a question about Mac foundations?
How can I shape my eyebrows?
How do u put on make up like hilary duff?
how mant pounds would you say i need to lose? pic?
Ladies, what would be your reaction if your BF or Husband told you that he wanted a sex change?
how much would it cost to buy everything off urban decay?
Red Lipstick. Yes Or No?
If a makeup company offered you a chance to see what colors you should wear with your complexion, and skin?
a website for make overs..sort of?
Looking for a place to do Facial in Vancouver?
How can I do my eyebrow like this...? (PICS!)?
Does anyone know of homemade beauty products?
i got a makeup set for christmas help ? and how to take a good fb pic? read...?
Good mascara that both lengthens and volumizes lashes?
How can I make my nose look smaller in photos? (Like when I smile) with makeup or whatever?
how long would oil based eye shadow stay on the skin?
How do I get eyes that pop out like these???(pic included)?
Tips on eye makeup for a scene/emo lookong style?
How should I do my hair and makeup for homecoming?
Is Sleek Ink Pot a good gel eyeliner?
Where to get make up kits from drug store?
Should 10 yr olds wear makeup? If so how much?
What are the best MAC eyeliners out there for your waterline?
Girls UK who wear REALLY thick foundation?
Is eyeliner on the bottom lid slutty or pretty?
mac smoke signals quads?
How bad is pale skin?
Top 5 liquid foundations? ?
is cover girl fresh look pressed powder gonna last in humid/tropical weather?
Good Drugstore Navy Blue Eyeliner?
Has anyone tried Diane Stalder skin bleaching products?
Can you list all the drugstore makeup brand that don't test on animals?
Thick or thin eyebrows?
Do you have to set powder foundation?
Could someone give me a list of matte colors?
Is neutrogena a good brand?
Do you moisturize and prime your face before applying makeup ?
What is a good drugstore concealer?
do you think i would look good with my lip pierced? on the right side on the bottom lip...?
I have thin eyebrows how can I make then thicker?
Is this too much makeup for a fifteen year old?
Need MAC Lipstick help from MAC experts?
Does mineral oil cause wrinkles?
Things to know working in Cosmetics?
r you a tongue roller?
Is Rupamrit is good to get Fairness?
How do i make my lips more pouty and full?
Stopping shiny face during the day?
how do i buy makeup?
what sephora brush set should i get?
Best QuALITY eyeliner and foundation YOU EVER USED !!??
What is an easy way to make perfume?
non-emo guys what makeup do you wear (if any)? girls would you mind if a guy wore makeup?
Any issues with Mark. e-boutique?
Eyeko makeup question?
Why does my eye brow have a hole in it?
How can i make my eyes look bigger/ general makeup question?
where do they thread the eyebrows GOOD cause when i wax they always leave one thinner?
What brush could I use for cream blush? I don't want to use my finger? :/?
Do I look better without makeup?
where can i buy benefit cosmetics in guam?
what looks better for a lip color?
please help!I AM ONLY THE dull&dark person in my team?
Is my makeup routine natural?
How can a sooth my eyebrows before plucking the hell out of them?
what color eyes do you hav?
Face masks....?
St. tropez tanning mousse?
what can i do to look a little prettier at school?
How did Selena Gomez do her makeup here? i?
MAC Blackground Paint Pot for Tightlining ?
What color are my eyes?
Where can I get personalized make up advice?
if you put gradual fake tan on your arms do your hairs go orange?
Should 11 year wear makeup?
What color of MAC pigment is good for my eyes?
How can I look more European?
Could I Be A Model? (pics.)?
period help!! pleaseee?
girls explain 4 me if ur not a tighty whities fan what would a guy have to have or look like 2 pull em off 4 U
Sigma just sent me an email yesterday that they shipped my brush, anybody know how long from there?
Revlon colorstay whipped foundation shades?
sos! horror make because of sweat?
Ladies, do you realize where most of the collagen in your skin cream comes from?
How come when painting my nails I can never use a base coat, 2 coats of nail polish, and a top coat without...?
Anyone else concerned?
How to put foundation on lips without getting dry lips?
Im a guy who likes the taste of strawberry lip gloss, any comments?
benifit products?
How much does it cost to get eyebrows done at superdrug or debenhans in Inverness Scotland??????? Please help?
does it sound like i wear alot of makeup ?
Want to start wearing eyeshadow, what should I buy, and what brushes? UK?
What makeup should I buy?
get rid of brown baggy eyes?
How to use Himalayas Mud Pack for Oily skin ?
How can I make myself Paler?
Best drugstore eyeshadow with no sparkles?
What make up products can you not live without?
Lemon, sugar, water, upper lip?
Girls, do you sometimes wish you looked like Kim Kardashian ?
Im getting my first work check in 1 week and a day, what makeup should i BUY ?!?
Whats a good way do make-up for these eyes? [Pics included]?
Do you think its Gay or un attractive for a man to wear make up??
school make-up...and do I wear too much make-up?
can anyone help me find the right foundation to use on my face?
Neutrogena's Radiance Boost eye cream-- does it work?
What about me is so off putting to look at? (Pics)?
Has anyone heard of Lord & Berry Make Up? Is it good quality/well known?
The natural look? Makeup.?
Should my foundation match the colour of my pale face or rest of my body?
How doea Kelly Clarkson do her makeup?
Ok I have kinda dark carmel skin, Brown eyes, and brownish blackish hair what would be a good look for me?
what year was red lipstick and blue eyeshadow famous?
i was just wondering at what age should i wear makeup?
liquid liner inside rims of eyes?
first time buying make up, what should i buy?
what to put on burnt skin on the upper lip? its getting better now, but the mark is still there.. :(?
Where can I find the bare escentuals 10 piece spring collection for a decent price...besides ebay?
Whats the best eyecream i can use to lighten My dark circles under ma eyes?
Does anyone ues e.l.f. makeup? ( first time using makeup)?
mac smoke signals quads?
Should 14 year olds wear makeup?
Free makeover?
A Question about Mascara?
What mascara do you use?
which brand of kajal is the best ?
How often should a microdermabrasion scrub be used?
Need to dye my hands red.?
My mom doesn't like me wearing makeup and stuff. I don't really know what to do.?
is max factor pan stik foundation a good foundation for blacks?
My dads starting to let me wear makeup.?
School Makeup Opinion & Thoughts?
how do you get MAC pro products without being an employee?
I have really pale skin, should i put on fake tan?
Coral/peach makeup (drugstore)?
do i wear too much makeup for a 13 year old?
which is better blondes or brunettes?
Can you use the Cell Defense from Lancome while you still have some zits?
How to minimise oil on my face?
what eyeshadow color makes brighter eyes?
when i use pencil eye liner it never shows up?
Do I look better with or without make up (pics) ?
Question about foundation?
What makeup should I use for this?
please help me find a good mascara x?
wat magazine-sites have many advertisements for cosmetics/?
question 4: girls with glasses?
How much money do you spend on makeup?
Best Vanilla Flavored/Scented Lip Gloss?
Best mascara with length and volume?
WHy do I look nice in the mirror and look realy bad in pictures?
Ladies - where can I buy Covergirl cosmetics in the UK?
'Sensitive question for girls?
Girls: How often do you put on body lotion to moisturize your body?
whats the best full kit for diy gel nails?
Maybelline dream nude airfoam help?
so next week i'm getting my eyebrows waxed for the 1st time what should i expect and what eyebrow shape?
Where to find Essie 3-Way Glaze in a store not online?
japanese eyes beauty makeup ?!?
How do I dirty talk by boyfriend?
How old should you start wearing makeup?
What do I need/ need to do to get my makeup like this?
May i kw how to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?
Which mascara should i use?
Girls - which is the best foundation?
Why do or don't you wear makeup? ?
My skin is very prone to breakouts - is there a good foundation out there that will cover and not cause more?
Best foundation and moisturiser for oily skin?
Make-up for everyday in college?
Makeup for Burgundy hair and brown eyes?
Does my lipstick have lead?!?
Is it hard getting a job at LUSH?
How many jobs does the makeup industry provide for americans?
Can you put carmex lip balm on dry face skin?
What's the best lipgloss?
Do you think it would look crappy if i used eye liner to make a fake teardrop on my cheek?
What foundation has best coverage?
Nail polish colors for Spring 2007?
Are you an makeup artist on youtube?
What is a good mascara?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Makeup: foundation. Prime gel?
whats the best make up to buy?
How can i bring out my brown eyes?
What is the best concealer for oily acne prone skin with lots of acne scars?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear mascara and eyeliner to school?
Best drug store leg waxing strips?
What age should girls start wearing make-up and how much??
I need something, Anything, that'll make my eye lashes grow to be longer!?
Girls... Please help?
I need makeup tips?!?!?
how do you do pretty looking eyeliner?
which tattoo should i get?
Is this too much eye make up? (pic)
i have hazel eyes, but they are more green than brown, how do i make the brown stand out more?
Light brown hair or dark brown hair?
Scares, spots and bags!!!...Help!!!!?
a makeup and sunscreen question?
How to make my eyes pop?
What kind of eye makeup should I use for homecoming?
What is in your makeup collection and storage?
How can I apply make-up to my face without making it look fake and flaky?
Has anyone ever heard of a product called 'Model in a Bottle'?
What is your favorite perfume and how much does it cost?
What lip colour would suit me?
Would you let a guy, other than your SO paint your toenails?
If u h8 make-up why are you here?
where do i get some good cosmetics like hair mascara and nail polish in pakistan but on very cheap prices?
Would it be weird to wear colour contacts to school?
does anyone know of a good substitue product for maybelline everfresh???
How can i make my eyes look really big?
Should a 12 year old wear a LITTLE bit of mascara?
Do u like brown eyes better or green eyes?
How to dress like Lana Lang from Smallville?
My dad won't stop telling me how much makeup to wear?
HELP about the make up on me!?
Best kind of makeup to wear in middle school?
Girls: Which mascara is best and donesn't cause alot of clumping?
Is this a good way to organize my purse?
Ladies could you live without makeup?
GOOD nickname for chad? .s?
How to make primer for eye shadow?
What's the best foundation to buy?
What are your views on makeup?
how do i blend my foundation into the top of my head with out it getting into my hair!!!?
Choose which one of these curling irons are the BEST?
what is mascara made out off?
Would you ever purchase (expensive) Chanel makeup products?
what kind of eye liner!!!!!!!!?
How to apply makeup?
Which Elf mineral eyeshadow colors are the best?
do you think it's fair that my mom won't let me wear makeup?
What's the most money you've ever spent on a lipstick?
Is it alright to sleep with a face mask on?
What make up should a natural ginger red head wear with hazel green eyes?
Where can I buy the 'Ocho Loco' set from 'Urban Decay'?
make-up!! help??
What would dark thin lizzy mineral foundation look like on real light skin ?
Is this face mask going to make me break out?
What age is best to wear makeup?
Is this an appropriate amount of makeup for a 14-year-old?
what sites offer free makup and or free brushes?
Serious Dark Circles?
Iam 16 years old guy.iwant body fairness.suggets me some home remedies,which is easy tobe made.?
Foundation shade--MAC or another brand, Leona Lewis?
what is the least obvious and smoothest concealer (brand)?
Stage makeup help.......?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 14 year old?
Do you have to use ALL three of liz earle's daily essentials?
What color eyeshadows go well with dark brown eyes?
Where do I go to find cheap make up in the Bay Area?
Good concealer for dark circles?
pretty school makeup?
90s smoky eye make up?
Just wondering.....Maybelline.....?
Does anyone know this makeup brand that is sold with no name?
Need tan help!!! Please answer?
so next week i'm getting my eyebrows waxed for the 1st time what should i expect and what eyebrow shape?
What makeup colors go good with brown eyes and a grey & purple striped blouse?
Survey: how old are you and how much makeup do you wear?
Is this too much makeup for a middle-schooler?
what is the best drugstore pressed face powder?
Printout coupons 4 Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Lip Goss?
Long eye lashes on guys?
Is 11 too young to start out with light lip gloss and clear mascara?
Loreal distributors?
How do YOU apply eye shadow to your eyes..?
Can I change my lip stud within the first week?
What kind of makeup should an eleven year old wear?
naked vs naked 2 palette?
Girls: What do you think is going on with this?
How Can I Look Older?
What makeup would look best with a black dress?
anybody pls tell me where can i buy organic avocado oil in S'pore?
girls----make up Q'S?
I want to buy Isabelle Lan ClayMake Up on the Internet but I don't know the their website.?
Are New York's(flava of love) eyelashes real?
Dont u just hate it when a girl below 14 yrs wears make up?
Is this too much makeup?
What kind of makeup do I wear to have Gangnam Style?
Why makeup do you recommend? (girls only)?
How would I cover up or get rid of my dark circles if I'm 13 years old?
anew genics cream...does it work?
Does this makeup contain Bismuth?
Any selling tips for Avon?
make my eyes pop!?!?!?
Would you mind it if....(mostly for girls)?
What's a good LONG LASTING cheap eyeliner?
is there REALLY a big difference?
I NEED HELP! What should I use to get rid of my zits before school starts?
What's the best lengthening mascara?
eyeshadow help- small eyes?
How to make my eyes look bigger?
A good dupe for Sephora's Amazing concealer?
does tanning help reduce scar visibility?
Question about Revlon Colorstay foundation?
What makeup brand is best for a 13 year old?
what color make-up goes best with a blue dress and my skin tone? (same as my avatar)?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed? !?
what brand of lipgloss is best?
how to make up beautiful face?
what deoderant is best?
How to keep eyelashes curled all day?
How much makeup should a 13 yr old wear?
NYX in Australia........?
My eyeliner always spreads on to my eyelids after awhile. How do I prevent this from happening?
Which hairstyle and makeup would you suggest i try out?pic included?
Do guys like when girls wear a little makeup?
what is the best brand of mascara?
does my makeup look stupid? (pic inside)?
Do you think this is innapropriate for school?
Maybelline Colossal Mascara really work?
what eye colour do you have?
Do you wear blush???????????????????
Tips for applying powder foundation and concealer?
What romantic perfumes were launched between 1973-77?
whats in your makeup bag?????
Why does black eye makeup look blue on me?
Why doesn't my eye lash curler work?
What is your makeup routine?
Do you like Hannah Montana's show and singing?
which is the best make up brand???
What is the best way to clean my makeup brushes and how often should I clean them?
What color eyeshadow and/or eyeliner should I put on my eyes to make them pop?
Is this 2 much make up 4 me????????
how long does it take to the eyebrow to grow back??
Do I need to wear blush?
what electrical eyebrow trimmer is the best?
how much is a MAC lipstick in the Philippines?
where can i purchase Guinot skincare products in Singapore?
Favorite Mary Kay lipstick color?
Why do some women like makeup but never put makeup on?
Best makeup brand that is on the less expensive side?
Are make up products still tested on animals?
What are your favorite makeup brands?
How good are the nyx soft matte lip cream?
My makeup keeps looking cakey?
I need a good deoderant. What is the best kind out there?
Air Heads Chapstick/Lip Balm?
What is the best brand of black eyeliner?
wat is ur fav piece of make-up plz tell me?
Am I the only one??.....?
i have a olive color to my skin (tan) what colors would blend in withmy skin (eyeshadow,eyeliner,mascara)?
How far will makeup go?
Makeup tips for dark hair, fair skin, light eyes?
What are some make-up brands like ELF?
What it the best black eye liner ever?
Give me a makeover! Please.......?
half my eyebrow?????????????
How long do you keep your perfume? What is the shelf life? How about lipstick, foundation and mascara?
Why do my eyes turn red after I put on makeup?
I want to become a beauty guru?
Uneven thumbnails?
What colour are your eyes??
how can i apply liquid foundation cream?
What colour eyeliner should i use?
would you be able to use these fake eyelashes more than once and are they easy to use?
Ow My Gosh !?
i need home page for models prefer makeup?
Does not having that much makeup make you a loser?
what kind of makeup should a 13 year old wear?
Can I make homemade gel liner without eyeshadow?
What do you think of 16 year olds wearing SO much make up?
Which works better?
make up please help!?!?!?
Will putting foundation on a rash make it worse?
Where can you get a cheap gold eyeshadow ?
Girls Only! Please Help! Unusual Situation? Need Answers?
I love doing make-up. How long I can wear make-up?
Is their any makeup that im missing?
should i use a brown or black eyeliner :)?
does the mac makeup store do free makeovers?
What dyou think of this makeup for everyday wear..?
Should I wear makeup ??? photos?
What is the best eyeliner you've ever used?
What makeup should i use?
Girls, I need a little bit of help with this...confused?
Ladies i need your help!?
How to make me not look as pale w/o tons of foundation?
How to apply individual lashes on your self?
what should i bring(girls help!)?
home remides that make your skin glow?
How do you tell your gf of she wears too much make up?
where to buy elf in B.C.?
How much is the entire monroe mac makeup collection?
I have brownish hair and red undertones in my skin what is the best eye shadow color for me?
I Noticed That My Wife Opens her Mouth when she puts on Eye Makeup. Why does she do this?
is MAC's satin taupe a good color for brown skin?
Ladies Lets Talk Mascara?
How do u get rid of a shiny forehead?!?!?!?
why do girls like make-up and stuff?
what do you think of MAC cosmetics??? i love em they are very Transgender friendly.?
Which is a better product for African Americans? Lancome or Mac Make up?
I'm 13 and want to start to wear make up What do you think?
Will MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation cover acne scars?
are there any cheeper jewelery brands that look very similar to lois hill?
Finally allowed to wear makeup, confused?
What's the best product to make eye shadow last longer?
is mac makeup and pixi makeup alike?
i have dark brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin?
What is the best mascara?
can you clean a cover girl makeup pad?
eyeliner help?!?!?
best way to disguise a black eye.?
Does anyone know where I can find any information on bacteria in cosmetic samples?
which is the best oilment availabe in the market that helps to reduce black markss?
What do you like: Natural eyes or eyes with make up?
HELP contact lenses and makeup?
Need help should i buy this makeup brush set?
what will be the best foundation?
Whats your signature nail polish color?
How to apply eyeliner on lower eyelid?
I'm getting married ,and I'm having dark spots. how can I cover it for my wedding day.?
my nose is abnormally incorrect, help?
Whats the best nailpolish??
me again about the eyebrow problem?
the covergirl queen collection i need big help?
Do my eyes look fake? (pics)?
i dont know how to do great make up what do i do?
Do I Wear Too Much Make Up?
Best drugstore liquid eyeliner pen?
I am an Indian with a wheatish complexion(on the darker side).Sugestions for Foundations n Face powder?
foundation trouble, helppp?
Has anyone tried loreal mattique oil free foundation?
I need a really good morning routine for a school day and weekend day?
ladiez - question on putting powder on your nose?
what would help my eyes look bluer? cant wear contacts?
how do i apply foundation like a makeup artist?
Girls, whats an appropriate makeup style to wear? (Picture Included)?
What kind or brand of eyeliner do you use?
Is your face very heavily made up?
Girls, why don't you like yourself without makeup? Guys, do you care?
Do I look better with alot of makeup or a more natural look? *Pictures included.?
Would you go for the no eyebrowns, no mascara trend?? i think it looks very refreshing! and its a cheap trend!?
What is the cheapest BB Cream for oily skin?
Make- Up ........................................…
Ladies, Why Do You Wear Makeup?
i have a question about wearing top eyeliner?
What is the best brand for stick foundation?
does the revlon luxurious lengthes work well?
Thoughts on Revlons colorstay liquid foundation?
what is your whitening regimen?
What is the best eyeliner?
i have a flat nose and i want 2 make it look sharper.?
covergirl stuff?
Girls with ultra-thick foundation on?
Please help me understand Max Factor Pan-Stik colors! Can you?
What make-up would look good with my new hair colour?
Terrified of the dentist?
ok what do u have to do to make yourself more cute?
Where can I get one of those makeup eraser pencils?
accidently bought brown mascara instead of black(pics)?
What is the best eyeshadow brand?
Milani Reviews Please?
Does it look like I wear alot of makeup?
What cleansing mask is good for men?
How can I tint only my upper eyelashes?
how do i make old scars more visible?
What do you think would look good?
Where can I find this type of eyeliner??
What are primers, liquid foundations, powders & other face makeup used for & what's best for me?
What would be a good halloween costume where I could have crazy makeup?
On the Hunt For New Foundation!?
what will you recommend a person to apply on burnt face?
All natural ways to fake make up- would you buy it?
How do u get beautiful?
how can i get rid of my ane on my forehead?
What are the best pinky brown lipsticks?
Do you think eyeliner looks trashy?
help with everyday minerals??
I'm already 30. Am I too old to wear makeup?
Is this too much makeup for a 15 year old?
Will nivea body oil tan me?
Guys: Do i wear to much makeup?
How much Nose & Scar Wax and Liquid Latex for 20 people zombie shoot?
Do you apply a BB cream on its own? I need fuller coverage?
Brown eyes or Blue eyes?
What kind of eyeshadow should I use?
How do you feel about women putting on makeup to make love? Do you find it sexy or silly?
How do i enter a promotional code in Sephora? (website)?
Eyelashes are to LONG! ( Pictures inside)))))?
What is the best make-up line for light-skinned to tanned women of color.?
mac eyeliner.......?
why am I having so much trouble applying eyeshadow???
How long do i have to wait to change my eye brow piercing?
Can anyone help me with makeup? EMERGANCY.?
Does Rogaine 5% for men really help in eyebrow growth for women?
How do you get dramatic eyes (using make-up =D )?
What kind of makeup makes you eyes look bigger?
OMG!Girls Help PLEASE?
what is the best OTC foundation/powder?
How can I use make-up to make my nose look shorter?
Why do I blush all the time when I talk to my boyfriend?
can wearing makeup give u wrinkles?
Eyeshadow pallets?
L'oreal Lash boosting serum?
Blonde hair blue eyes- makeup ideas?
Is it true that guys prefer girls without make-up? I heard that a lot but I'd really appreciate REAL opinions
How old were you when you started wearing makeup everyday?
Present for my mom. Old lipstick she has?
does sell genuine MAC cosmetics?
How long does it take for a Sephora refund to go through?
What am I missing? (MAC MAKEUP!!!!!) (PICS!)?
BEST make-up and hair care brands!1?
Clinique Touch Base for Eyes- Canvas?
How to "dumb" down foundation coverages or finishes?
A makeup question? Girls, please!?
how much, is too much..?
My eyebrows are much lighter than my hair color (always have been). Is there a safe way to color them, contd.?