what is the best lipgloss around at the moment?
I am going to wear makeup tomorrow what will my friend say?
What's a good brand to use for a neutral makeup look?
How do you put on blush?
I use sun beds what’s a safer alternative that looks realistic and lasts?
when should i were makeup?
what cover-up/foundation works best?
How to make my face look like its glowing?
home acne treatment, anyone want to recommend anything?
Which is better clarisonic Mia 2 or something else?
Best mascara with EXTREME length and great volume?
Do I need mac petticoat and light mudium mineralize skin finishes?
Do I look better with or without eyeliner?
Bare Minerals... !!!! ! !?
How do u make ur Virginia pink?
how to tan your face?
BOYS !!! do boys like it when you wear alot of makeup?
is it weird to not wear makeup at 13?
What Do You think about Eyebrow threading ?
How much should I charge?
what is a good makeup powder brush?
What color of bronze, eye liner, blush and lip color should I use? PICS?
How Could i do this and can you make it really simple?
Is this bad..................???????
How can I be Scene? Im a 14 year old girl?
Anyone know about this new makeup from Loreal, "Bare Naturale" mineral makeup??
where can you buy a nail art dotting tool in canada besides ordering online?
How do I use a foundation brush?
Is this good makeup for a freshman?
I am wearing a red cocktail dress on a date and want to know what color eyeshadow and lipstick I should wear?
how to organize makeup?
do beauticians use saliva while threading .for what other purpose they use spit.?
If I thread my upper lip will it come out thicker,please click?
what iss your.....??
Where to find Lime Crime eyeshadow helper primer?
eyeliner or not?
Which maybelline mascara would you recommend for everyday use, for school?
Do you want to know how to cover horrible acne?
How to make lip balm with Vaseline and glycerin?
Red Lipstick. Yes Or No?
Urban Decay 24/7 Travel-size set of 5 vs. 24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash?
Ladies, Why Do You Wear Makeup?
What is the best eye make up remover ?
Stippling brush Vs Regular foundation brush?
Where is the best place to buy good makeup, but not for a ridiculous price?
How can you make your eyebrows grow faster?
Does blush ruin your skin?
I get told I wear alot of make up..?
I need a facial moisturizer.?
which works better on lashes?
maxfactor ageless elixir 2in1 foundation&serum?
Does makeup cause or increase acne ?!?
girls - whos eyes do you like the most? pics included?
Which brand of makeup do I go for?
mac foundation blush?
what are the ingredients in mac studio tech foundation?
what foundation should i use?
fake bake and real sun?
what mascara should i get?
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation reviews?
Do you curl your eyelashes before you put on mascara, or vice versa?
My fake tan has gone really wrong!?
Will a store bought spray tan work?
How long does the urban decay naked palette last?
what are doing research?
Online make up advice and tips sites?
which is the best type of makeup?
Foundation or BB Cream?
do perfumed cleansers make makeup fade?
do I need makeup to be pretty?PiCs?
Questions about fake tanner, applying on the face, and foundation to use?
how to make front bangs scene?
What happens if you keep makeup on when you sleep?
My face gets oily during school?
Which makeup sch is better? Any ideas?
Whats a really great lipgloss?!?!?
What is the best waterproof black eyeliner/eye liner pencil? .all I've tried smudge during the day?
What colours would suit my sister?
Can i use sudocrem to look paler?
Can I use my mac makeup brush cleaner for my Clarisonic brush head?
What's my eye shape? What makeup would flatter it?
Is the Naked 2 palette supposed to be cool toned?
Can i use bb cream as a foundation?
What are some really good mascaras that are drug store brand?
Facial moisturizer...?
My Nail Polish Always Chips...What Is The Best Polish Out There?
MASCARA help please!?
who is great at make up? help!?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
what's Sleek blush looks like Nars Desire?
What eyeliner do you use?
Did maybelline discontinue their roller color eyeshadow? :(?
Makeup that goes with blue eyes?
how to make my eyes look bigger?
What mascara do you use?
I have picture day tomorrow but I have to stay up late working on a project. Tips on not looking like crap?
what is the best eyes shadow color when your dress is red?
How do you get this look? PICTURES INCLUDED?
I'm allergic to Iodine - what brands are better for me to use?
What are some effective makeup tips and tricks?
in your opinion, which mascara makes lashes super thick and long?
Girls only!!!?
sampoo colour is black after use its becomes white.where black colour goes.?
how to make eyeshadow and eyeliner last?
What will the make up be like in the summer at the lake?
How to organize your makeup?
Cool Undertones what type of Foundation?
how to cover up scars?
What Are Your Favorite?
Suggestion please?
How does my myspace profile look?
anyone would like to join me for project pan?
when i put on makeup i put way to much how can i stop doing that?
I like the brand SATCH, looking for similar brands. Any suggestions?
who is prettier???
Which makeup brand should i get?
help with make-up?
What color lipstick goes well with olive/mint green nail color?
Makeup newbie?
What foundation to use for freckles?
what is the best drugstore mascara?
Eyeliner: Top or Bottom?
how do you make a signeture?
my bfriend wants me to start wearing makeup.where do i start from?
recommendation--> any good lip balms?
whats the best self tanner the name of it ?
Is wearing purple eyeshadow with a purple dress disgusting?
Can a man wear make up without looking like a cissy?
question about covergirl products?
who has used and loved, who hates it? ?
where can i get gold lipstick?
what is the best product to moisturize DRY-severely chapped lips?
easy to make lip gloss?
What's the ingredients used in making foundation?
For blue eyes?
What color eye makeup?
What are these eye patterns called and where to buy them from?
Do guys think girls look hot with a lot of makeup?
How to get rid of bags under my eyes with makeup?
What make up should I use? *pic*?
urban decay primer potion smell?
How do you make your nails stronger?
How do I make my eyes seem more noticable without spending a lot of money?
Is this GOOD for a poster at my salon..for a autumn look makeup??
Is there a lipstick like Muted by Topshop.?
Should MEN wear makeup?
What is the diffrerence between a Cosmotoligist & an Aesthetician?
When will you wake up tommorow?
HOW to make eyes look big and open and BIG!?!?!?
What Do You Consider "Natural Looking Makeup"?
Anyone used Natio products?
What type of false eyelashes do you use?
will Mac Fleshpot Lipstick look good on my pale skin?
how to make your lips look thinner?
Which makeup should i use?
Do you think guys who wear makeup are sexy?
do i wear to much makeup?
What is my face shapee?!?
which one is better Chanel vitalumiere foundation or CHANEL Mat Lumiere?
The best makeup to use?
what color eyeshadow do i look good in?
What are your favorite makeup tips for Red hair?
whats the best mascara to use ?
where could i find alexis vogel make up for discounted prices?
10 points..which last name do you like best?
How to make nail polish more transparent?
make-up looks for me? *pictures inside*?
Does putting Vaseline on your eye and eyelashes make them grow thicker stronger and longer?
Has anyone used Lancôme virtuose mascara?
i need a maybelline expert here, pls?
What color lipstick should I wear with my bright red Juliet costume?
How to do this make up look?
how can i stop my eyeliner from running?
Would you let a professional make-up artist you hired, use E.L.F cosmetics on you?
Barbie for Halloween question?
Does maybelline mineral wear really work?
How should I do my makeup for this dress?
what is your favorite make-up?
Has anyone come across L.A. Pride body purifying whitening milk?
Clinique foundations?
what kind of eye makeup can i wear with out melting off my face at work? I look like a racoon!?
My Eyeliner doesn't even last 30 minutes!?
what tips would you give a teen ager [12-16] about make up ?
what is the best non-chipping nail polish you can buy?
Sunless tanning lotion?
I have racoon eyes...if this is a vitamin k deficiency...couldn't I just put sliced bananas over my eyes?
Getting lipstick out of clothes?
how do i make my self go less chubby from my face?
EYELASHES read the question
Good Affordable Makeup?
do you like mascara on the bottom lashes?
Diorskin Airflash?
what do I do with a nail polish I don't like anymore?
Where can I get a good 24-hour limp plumper?
What color are my eyes?
How to do this make up look?
What time do you wake up for school and what's your morning routine?
What is the best Mac shade of lipstick to wear to an interview?
when i take my glasses off to apply makeup ,I cant see . I dont know if im applying it correctly.?
I need help with make up!!!?
Thanksgiving Famliy Dinner Makeup?
Age for girls to start wearing makeup?
When do you do your make up?
Acne marks?! HELP!?
what color are my eyes?
What is the best eyelash glue out there?
Benetint or Posietint on a Korean?
Why can't I wear makeup? :(?
Best Mac powder for oily skin?
How to hide back acne for homecoming?
Is it acceptable to wear red lipstick with no other make up?
People say I have sad eyes?
What is the best type of lip balm?
How can i create a smokey eye for a dance recital?
What is your favorite mascara?
what age should kids be allowed to wear make-up?
formal makeup and dress ideas?
Which makeup is better in your opinion-Chanel or Dior?
All You know about Fake Eyelashes!!?
How to can my foundation stay, JUST using this???? 10 points/5 stars?
What is the best eye primer?
High school Freshman Makeup?
is there any makeup or spray to cover up my leg?
I'm a kinda dark black person, should I wear light pink makeup or hot pink?
does any one have a music playlist for getting ready? (like putting on makeup and doing hair)?
Help needed with finding a base makeup (liquid preferred) that doesn't "sink into" my pores!?
Are Nina Ricci cosmetics available at the markets in America, Canada, & Europe?
Why does my lip randomly swell up!?
What eyeshadow color goes best with dark brown eyes?
A good make-up and skincare routine before school?
What to mix with royal jelly as facial mask?
How do i get lashes like this?
How many coats of mascara do you wear daily?
whats miss sporty so clear foundation like in medium and also is it good for an 18 year old ?
What are undertones? (Makeup Wise)?
Make up tips?
Lipstick or gloss?
GIRLS How much makeup do you use?
am i too young to wear eyeliner?
how come even pricey lipglosses/sticks melt down ?
Best foundation for dry combination skin?
i need help with my lipstick?
I'm 16, but don"t feel the need to wear makeup to school?
eyeliner tricks?
Can you depot the new illustrated mac pallets ?
Any lasting Mascara???
colour foundation help?
What color eye shadow goes best with brown eyes?
Good tinted moisturizer?
at what age did you start wearing makeup and what did you start out by wearing?
how to look pretty with no makeup?
What is the best virtual makeover?
What Blush To Buy From Mac?
need help applying bare escentuals shadows!!!!!!?
How long(minutes) do women spend on makeup every day?
Who's prettier (pics included)?
What is the best nail and toe polish color(s) for the summer?
what makes woman think that if they get rid of their eyebrows...?
How to stop hoarding makeup?
what color shirt and makeup should i use to make blue eyes pop!!!!!!?
Ladies spa name from U, V, W?
What color are my eyes?
Im I ugly without makeup?
Question about shipping? [A mac lipstick with the box?]?
does anyone know any make up tips????
whats the best makeup brand?
What is the sexiest brand/ kind of mascara?
when do most people start wearing makeup?
what color blush should i use?
Is this too much makeup for a 14 year old going into high school to wear?
Mascara is really hard to get off?
is red lipstick pretty or terrifying?
How to keep Mayebelline nude airfoam on your face?
how many of you GIRLS love johson's baby powder?
What is your favorite mascara?
How can I look like Im Dead but goth look but with regular Day makeups?
i have prom tonight, please helppppp!?
How can I make my liner thin on top?
how to tell my mom i want to wear makeup?
which one?
** Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Do you wear makeup to class?
Which MAC mascara is good? for volume and length?
how old do i reallly look?
What is a really good lipstick that lasts a long time?
Can I naturally make my eyelids look smaller?
If I use Bio Oil during the day, do I still need to use a moisturizer with spf?
Beauty/Cosmetics stores in Sydney area?
What makeup brushes should I buy ?
how to apply mineral powder foundation??
I need some Tips on lip care?
A question for us ladies?
i need a good foundation which isn't too expensive?
What is the best kind of mascara?
is 13 too young to start wearing mascara and eyeliner?
What, in your opinion, is the best brand of make-up?
I am trying to locate RevlonSuperLustrous Lipstick Pearl Chocolate Cherry #350 can you help me. Thanks, Joyce?
"Chavette" make-up... help?
Is the color Pure Beige or Natural Beige (foundation) that different?
makeup advice???? helppp please.?
What's a good brand of eyeliner?
how to convince my mom?
Good Long Wearing Eyeliner (no price barrier)?
Girls with acne: please help!?
how to sharpen a kajal pencil?
poll: Do highschool guys wear concealer?
Why do some people think its wrong for boys to wear eyeliner?
Nair® Face & Upper Lip Kit any good?
What's the step-by-step in applying make up? Primer first then the liquid foundation then what?
Need help finding a good powder to use after applying foundation.?
Best Mascara.............................?
Whats the best mascara you've ever used? (Scale from 1-10)
POLL: What makeup do u wear?
Barry M Cosmetics Questions.?
Where can I purchase Ruby Kisses Eye Shadow Primer and anyone know of another cheap eye shadow primer?
Does anyone know where I can buy Barbara Daly cosmetics in the US or online?
What age when you start wear make up?
Valentine's day makeup tips?
What make up should i use?
How do you make your tan go away?
what color eye shadow for green eyes?
What's the best tinted moisterizer?
What is your favorite mascara?
How can i make my make-up stay on all day?
how old do you have to be to wear make up?
im trying to start my lipgloss line but just need pointers on how to get things going..any advice?
How would Urban Decay Woodstock eyeshadow look as a blush on NC30 skin?
how do you make lip balm without beeswax?
mac eyeshadow cranberry?
How to convince my mom to allow me to wear foundation and concealer? Please read description! :)?
make up for eyebrows?
Should I be worried if I get a kick from wearing make-up, especially lipstick?
For women who use Maybelline foundations?
Do you wear makeup, how much do you wear, and how old are you?
Are these items worth buying?
How much make up can dudes pull off?
Reccommend a mascara?
does anyone here know how to put on this type???????
Is It Okay For A Boy To Have A Lip Balm?
What Is The Best Mascara, Colossal Or One By One.?
what colour is my eye?
how long does it take to the eyebrow to grow back??
Makeup on men?
Know of a good lip balm?
Where can I find a good foundation that won't make my skin look oily yet, won't dry it out either?
how to put on makeup !? (emo style)?
what can i do to my eyes to make them pop?
Best cream wash against blackspots?
Feel like makeup looks ridiculous on me?
Can you trim Eyelashes?
5 Questions about girls growing up (makeup, ear piercing, ect. )?
How can i speed up my eye brow growing back?
What are good makeup brushes?
Is 12-14 really too young to start wearing makeup?
Do these eyes remind you of any celeb?
How to clear your face up ?
Where can I buy IQQU's SPF35 sunscreen?
advice on how to make me prettier? (pics of me)?
Do any of you girls have any make-up tips?!?
can you photo of the lipstick that you like?
What shades of lipstick look good on Indian women ?
Have you tried the holiday skin moisturing creams, which is best?
Best mascara for short lash ?
I need new makeup remover?
Which one is better sunscreen or day cream with spf.i can't seem any different?
What make-up should I use? (14 yr old girl, little experience)?
Is touche eclat (YSL)highlighter awesome?
What does it mean if you still look ugly even with an makeup on?
liquid or pencil?
I need a 'Natural Makeup' look..?
Would you call my eyelashes naturally long?
how to make eyeliner last longer and darker?
Is this too much makeup?
Need help with finding a lipgloss?
Best mascara for lenght and volume?
how to get this eye makeup?
How to curl bottom eyelashes?
How to get a job at a Chanel cosmetics counter?
does mascara...?
makeup is stupid?
Is it okay for young girls in middle school to wear lip gloss?
What can happen if I let others use my make up?
what hours and days do estheticians usually work?
Is there a way to make my eyes look less bright?
Where can i buy mac cosmetics?
which mascara is better?
How to clean makeup brushes?
What is the best way to apply eyeliner?
im looking for great, yet cheap, drug store makeup?
does anyone know if its possible for brown eyes to have a hint of green in them?
How do I prevent my mascara from turnin my eyes fadely black at the end of the day? Same mascara will be used!
what age should girls start wearing make up?
have you ever heard of/ had your eyelashes tinted? How much does it cost? How long does it last?
Has anybody ever used the NYX chrome eyshadow?
Places to get my makeup done?
why do women like putting lots and lots of make-up on everytime they go out?
So... let me get this right?... is bb cream basicly foundation? but is also very good for your skin? or what?
Fake tan/tinted moisturiser for oily spot prone skin?
Favorite MAC Lipsticks Shades?
makeup problem? i use powder concealer on top of my moisturizer?
how do u get fingernail polish off wit out figernail remover?"?
Acne HELP!!!?
Why is my makeup not spreading on the place I waxed yesterday!?
why do always lower lip get chaped and not the upper one plz answer this question?
help me please..........?
Liquid, Creme, or Powder Foundation for Oily Skin?
Does this picture of Miley look photoshopped to you?
How to get my eye makeup like hers?
Ladies, what, if any, makeup is a must for you?
Where to put eyeliner?
anybody know a good concealer for dark circles?
Is it bad that I dont wash off my eyeliner before bed?
girls ... this is about putting foundation ...?
permanent eyeliner help please?
With Picture - I want to start wearing makeup, but I don't want to wear allot... what do I need?
I'm 16 and my Mom won't let me wear foundation?
is this too much makeup for a 14 year old girl to be wearing makeup?
Nivea finishing poweder?
What kind of lip stick stays on all day!?
omg my eye-liner always smudge by itself and it falls down-makes me look like a racoon,how can i prevent this?
What color Eyeshadow goes with a red dress?
Help! does anybody use olay creams?
Should I get pencil eyeliner or liquid?
How long does it take you to put on your makeup in the morning?
clinique foundation!!!! help!!!!!!!?
What is the best mascara?
what is the best color for nail polish?
Which nail color is more elegant [pics included]?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Do I wear too much makeup?
Best drugstore products? ?
Do you think my hair looks good like this? Also maybe a rate on looks out of 10?
for us girls, what MAKEUP would YOUU not leave the house without?
what makeup should i wear to an amusement park?
How long does the make up last?
Are there any current Sephora promo codes for the online store?
how do you wear eyeliner?
How could I look better?
Beauty Fanatics: Opinion wanted!?
Need s.lut makeup advice for party?
blonde or redish blonde ?
Which one do you think is a better eyelash enhancer? Mascara vs False Lashes?
jml make up products in dublin shops?
My skin is oily so by the end of the day my eyeliner has "melete" into a yucky grey mess. How can I prevent?
What are typical markup prices for cosmetics?
How do I ask my mom if I can wear makeup?
My niece is 11 year old and is starting to wear make up?
How long after moisterizer should I wait to apply a primer and then how long after that to apply foundation?
how to identify artificial blond with natural ones?
Help me to pick the color of MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35?
Can you help me find a good foundation?
What is a good drugstore liquid eyeliner?
Need ABSOLUETLY FREE make-up samples no surveys or phone numbers!!!?
What Age Did You Wear Makeup?
Does this girl look like she's wearing contact lenses?
help on a makeup project?
Do you think im pretty?(pics included)?
What do guys like?
Ladies, I could really use some help?! Please!?
Lip makeup - what color for my lips?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 15 yr old girl? s?
what are bad effects to wearing make-up??
How can I tint only my upper eyelashes?
what shadows are right for me?
what does eye pencil do? what does eye liner do? which one is for eye? which one for eye brow?
Urban Decay Naked Palette?
Can you spray tan with luminess air pro?
which make up should i use?
What would nail polish remover do to the nails of someone without any nail polish on?
ok this is kinda a stupid question, but 2day i am going to Turkey and i am wearing rlly heavy make-up and.....
What drugstore foundation do you recommend?
Is light brown hair considered blond or brunette?
What is a good coverup that does a good job covering up zits/pimples?
I know lipstick is for making your lips nice but what happens when you go to kiss your date?
how much of the world has green eyes.?
Should I get permanent eyeliner on my top OR my bottom eyelid?
Would you let your boyfriend sees you without makeup?
how to get rid of dark circles around the eye & y does it occur?
lengthening mascara ?
how much time do u take for makeup?
How do you make your skin smooth on photofiltre?
Does an eyelash curler make a big difference?
HELP! how can I look like her? (hair and makeup tips) pics included!?
what is a good brand of makeup?
is there way to make my eyelashes longer naturaly?
what can i do to improve my looks?
im thinking bout getting colored contacts...?
Best Mac Foundation..? For a Guy?
What is missha bb cream, what does it do?
Makeup or no makeup, that is the question.?
whats the best natural looking concealer you can buy?
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?
How do you make a smoky eye with make-up?
Is foundation bad for your skin?
How does the Raw Minerals free trial work?
What do you find sexier for a night out: red lipstick or dark smokey eyes?
i Have Some Makep Question?
Is it okay to wear just eyeliner and lipstick?
how can i make the left side of my nose less pointy? ? ?
I need eyebrow stencil help, please?
How can I make my own lipstick?
What looks better : smog(urban decay) eyeshadow +black eyeliner or forest green shadow +black mascara?
Where to get clear mascara?
What is Beauti?Define in short.?
Best Mascara out in stores ?
Well I have eggsama a skin thing and i can't use nothing to get rid of it what could i use
I drew on my eyebrows, do they look okay?
How can I become prettier?
Max factor to Mac foundation colours?
How can i make myself prettier?
I want to buy some pampering for my wife, facials that kind of thing, where can I buy it from?
How to put eyeliner?
Poison Ivy Makeup, Also Help...?
Is it ok for an 11 year old to wear eye makeup?
how can i keep my eyeliner on all day without it smudging?
Best drugstore mascaras?
What color are my eyes?
What age did you start wearing makeup?
What brand of makeup should I try?
Blemish Balm Cream (BB Cream) ? Anyone heard of it? What is it for?
Youtube makeup gurus!?
Eyeshadow drugstore dupe?
How Do I Ask My Parents To Wear Makeup?
Will Clinque skin products work on me if...???
is this brand name famous?
Whats the best blusher?
Tips on starting to wear makeup?
Who were considered fashion/makeup icons during the 1940s?
Is BB cream better than regular foundation?
Should a young girl(13-15) be allowed to wear makeup?
How do you do the smokey eye look?
Best Eyeliner for the lower lashline?
what is the best way for shaping your eyebrows?
Benifts of mineral make up?
Favorite Makeup Girl On Youtube?
Teens;what's your everyday makeup routine?
how can i show that I'm single?
Can I use a product after it's expiration date?
Back To School Make Up For Seventh Grade?
Has anybody tried Sheer Cover, Everday Minerals, AND Bare Minerals?
makeup brushes ???? Best answer 10 points :)?
People who lovee makeup, i need help?
how much makeup should 11 yr old girls wear?
i need help!! im in 7th grade and i need help on my face!!?
Do you guys buy from everyday minerals? ?
What other foundation brands match the MAC colour NW40?
what age do you think is apropriate for a teen to start wearing makeup?
where can i buy opi nail polish?
Makeup problem!?
do you think its wrong for your boyfriend/husband tell you not to wear make up?
What's your favorite/least favorite drugstore brands?
Why do my eyes film over after removing make-up?
Can I use liquid eyeliner as eye shadow?
does lip gloss and lipstick damage the lips?
the best skin care line? the best loose powder?
whats hotter, a lip ring in the middle or to the side?
i spilt nail polish remover on carpet and and used tissue to soak it away and to dry the carpet?
Homecoming help for a freshman?
What is so special about MAC Tendertones?
how can i improve my makeup?
which eye liner?
Guys, do you HONESTLY like girls without makeup?
This girl told me that shouldn't wear alot of makeup?
Should I wear makeup?
Where can i find the Pro 168 Full Color Eye Shadow Eyeshadow Makeup Palette?
Should I spend the money?
Do the scents of cinnamon and rose go well together?
What to do with my eyes.?
Who wants a shiny Fearow ?
Nicest color of eyes?
Where in north Vancouver can I buy makeup to make my skin look very white? Like powders or foundations?
Hair loss-any beficial yoga asanas?
what should i do to help make my blue eyes pop?
is buying loreal aiswarya beige colour worth it?
How can I make my eyelashes longer?
How do you make this tint effect ?
Best Sephora Products?
How do i make my makeup last?
What is your favorite foundation?
Homecoming makeup ideas?!?!?
I am going to be "bad sandy" from greece for halloween, what makeup should i wear?
i need a new makeup?
What is a pretty nail polish color to go with blue eyes?
How can i make the white in my eyes brighter?
Any reviews of Nars Cactus Flower Cream Blush?
Which Bobbi Brown foundation should I buy?
Do you need your Cosmetologist License to...?
Does Vaseline dry out your skin?
any cute hairstlyes or make-up for a party?
Pros and cons about arbonne?
What is a great makeup choice to make eyes pop?
Do I wear 2 much makeup for a 13 year old?
how to clean my make-up brushes?
Can you recommend me some makeup?
Why do my eyes turn all red and bloodshot when I wear eye makeup?
How doea Kelly Clarkson do her makeup?
What is a really cheap liquid foundation?
L'oreal True Match Foundation for dry skin?
need a natural makeup look,help ?
Guys wear makeup?
your favorite perfume?
Fake Nails. How to safely remove them?
Makeup item?
How do you look beautiful?
im only 13 what makeup would be good to wear :]?
What color nail polish should i use if I have..?
Mineral make-up vs. non-mineral make-up, which is better?
What eyeshadow pallet can you recommend to me?
Has anyone tried the covergirl smoothwear all day lipcolor?
Best lip gloss which gives subtle color and moisture without the stickiness?
Does putting vaseline on your eyelashes really make them longer?
How to find the right shade of foundation/consealer?
How do you apply eye liner to the lower lid and what eyeliner type is the best?
suggestion required for Makeover tips?
Really good liquid foundation needed please?
What age should kids start to wear make-up???
Is double eyelid tape a good idea?
Which mascara gives you "curl, and LOTS of volume"?
Can anyone recommend a really good foundation for dry skin?
hai friends!!!!!someone please help me!!!!how o make our face fair within 15 days using traditional way?
HELP! place your vote! which name is best suited for my cometics line?
What is a good coverage, non oily foundation?
¿ do you used makeup??????????????????
red head needs make-up help?
Where is Teamine by Revision purchased?
What color lipstick goes with a grass green dress?
Girls, opinion......?
Sexy Curves Mascara good or bad?
Teen makeup starter kit: under 20 dollars? 10 points best answer!?
What should i fix [photo]?
What is your favorite mascara? ?
The sephora mini shopping bag makeup palette or urban decay feminine palette?
how can i put on make up and make it look natural and beautiful?
How do I make my eyebrows look like this?
Does it look like i have a black eye?
make up routine! please read i need your opinion!!!!?
how should a 12 year old girl wear her makeup to school?
where can i get neutrogena cosmetics in the UK?
Do you apply your foundation with a brush or your fingers?
Help! I shaved half of my eyebrows off!!?
can i put milk on the red patches from veet on mi uppr lip its bad and i need it to go away?
live OR death!!!!!?
Is the 'all about face' makeup from tesco discontinued? Hope not :(?
How to get rid of black upper lip?
What is the best "filler" to use to get rid of under eye wrinkles?
anyone from bangalore(india) ? help regarding MAC foundation?
can i find lower lash curler in boots?
Looking for a good mascara, List them pleasee :)?
What colour are your eyes?
How can i make my eyes pop??
Is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Liner jar from the UK different to the ones from the US?
what is the best foundation?
what is added to lipstick to make it last hours and hours, the new stuff that is fairly expensive?
I'm having trouble figuring out my face shape.?
Good eyeliners? (UK only please)?
Spray tan question...?
i use proactive...its not working!?
~~How do get makeup to come off ???I cant use soap cuz i break out so i need help!!!~~?
can anybody tell me how you sign up or register on
how can i be flawless FAST and easy?
Which hairstyle and makeup would you suggest i try out?pic included?
Is my cousin to young to be wearing makeup?
Is it common for eyeliner applied on lower lashline to smudge onto upper lash line?
Does the NYX website take visa giftcards?
What can I do to make my eyes pop with little makeup?
What makeup is best for blue eyes/blond hair/ovalish face?
What color eye shadow goes well with brown skin & dark brown eyes?
whats somthing fun 2 do ?
What colour eyeshadow would suit me?
is ti a good thing when someone says you look like alexis bledel?
how effective is maxolash??
when applying heavy eyeshadow my eyeshadow always falls down my face when im applying it?
he's 2 timming me bad?
Can u use liquid eyeliner on ur waterline?
What do you think of Concealer on your lips?
Need help finding a good powder to use after applying foundation.?
what is the best kohl &eyeliner darkest black,all the kinds smudge but i wanna it to be available in egypt?
Black Eyeliner..YAY or NAY?
I wanna buy a MUFE HD foundation! But idk what shade to choose...?
Gel, liquid or pencil eye liner?
Best&cheap eyelash curler?
Best foundation and hair products for healthier hair?
Young, MakeUp Artists PLZ Respond!!!!!?
Drugstore dupes for this video?
which skin color do you prefer?
HELP!!!!!! I'm having some marching band PROBLEMS?
Trying to log nailpolish collection! Help!?
What are your favorite eye looks?
Is this Appropriate??????????????
selena gomez liquid or powder foundation ? and hair?
Self tanning using st.tropez?
How should I do my makeup for halloween?
why do girls wear so much make-up?
How can i apply make-up to make it seem like its not too much and it looks more nautral??
i want to cross dress in saree of indian women with all makeup, visit temple with wife?
putting Vaseline on my lips 24/7?
do you put mascara on your bottom lashes ?
Gold Liner with a brown undertone? Too tacky?
Anyone can help me get this product?
Does Luminess air animal test?
Which foundation/bb cream is best out of...?
how do i make my eyes bigger without a ton of eyeliner?
What colour eyeshadow intensifies green eyes?
what do you think about mac cosmetics?
do these features make an appealing looking face?
Should I buy foundation for Mark by Avon?
What kind of makeup is the best?
Why can't 9yr olds wear make up?
i kinda suck at doing makeup.... help!!!!!!!?
Becoming a make up artist?
What make-up do you wear?
Guys...does lipgloss ruin a kiss???
I want to know some good Beauty Parlour and Salon in affordable price in Koramangala place.Can Any tell me?
Light coverage, natural looking liquid foundation?
Is Ben Nye or Snazaroo easier and smoother to apply?
What kinds of natural cream/etc . that can erase my dark eye circles ?
help please?
How do you apply Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun Especially for Body?
Urban Decay Naked Palette or Stila Natural Eye Shadows Palette?
Heeeeeeelp! My eyyyeliner wont go on?!?!?
What makeup should I wear for homecoming?
make up related questions concealer, powders ect?
How can you get your foundation to stay on?
if you've never opened the mascara,is it still okay to use it?
Make-up colors for brown eyes and auburn hair?
Does hairspray make your makeup last longer?
How to do this make up?
What is the best way to make your skin Whiter for 14 yrs old boy ?
How old were you started wearing makeup ?
Should make-up be banned?
First day of school makeup?
Could someone help me find this makeup for my gf... PLEASE?
Good BB cream for oily skin?
Best Mascara?!?
Will make-up spoil your face?
wats the best eye color makeup for night?
do you need to use another concealer with the green concealer?
How to make my skin lighter naturally or any easy easy products to use?
suggest a sunscreen with 40 spf and pa+++?
What colour suits my eyes?
Cheap pimple coveriing?
how to improve my skin colour?
I hope you guys like it?
Is it okay to put eyeliner on the waterline?
Which facial cleanser should I use?
Makeup and hair help!?
How can i get clearer skin ?????
How long does it take you to put on your makeup in the morning?
If you had to choose one, would you pick foundation or concealer?
Does rubing achol make your skin darker?
Is this too much makeup for a 16 year old?
what should i wear on the 1st day of 6th grade like the shoes makeup clothes my hair the whole thing. thanx?
What does too faced wrinkle injection do ?
For a 50 year old man, do my eyebrow arches make my eyes look girly?
Best false lashes in your opinion & experiences?
Eyeliner on waterline?
BB CREAM???????????????
How many coats of mascara do you apply?
I am looking for an esthician class in Tx. Any information will be appreciated.?
Does anybody have addvice on makeup?
Good mascara for someone who has very watery (and sensitive) eyes.?
Everyday make-up?
How to apply foundation to fake flawless skin?
can sephora give powder samples?
I want to bring more focus to my eyes and lips! any suggestions?
best brand of organic makeup?
what's the best lipstick color for me?
I don't know how to make myself feel and look pretty?
I was shopping, trying to buy a lipstick, when I realised I have no idea which colour would look best on me?
What's your favorite perfume?
whats your favourite colour ?
how do i set up my payment on
Best Concealer for Undereyes?
what are some new/different techniques and looks i can try with my eyeliner and eye shadows ??
How to lift eye brows?
Should top eyeliner go on before or after mascara and/or eyeshadow?
makeup questions...13 years old..?
What are some good eye shadow colors for brown eyes?
Clinique high impact mascara?
Why shouldn't you put mascara on your bottom lashes?
eye makeup for green eyes?
What kind of make-up for my face?
mascara question?
Does Wet n Wild (cosmetics) have an official website?
Stage makeup for musical? Urgent!!!?
how to use powder....?
Need help with hooded eyes?
When applying fake tan, how can i avoid getting patches and streaks when its dry?
What are the brushes for on curling tongs?
What's in your makeup bag and what couldn't you live without?
i need to know brands for deep conditioning?
How can I keep my Lipstick on ? after an half hour it,s gone!?
PLEASE help me to find this makeup case/kit!?
How old do you think i look ?
X Mas gift makeup palletes?
best mascara? ! ever used or heard of?
men dont like natural women?
how do you apply mac studio fix powder?
general makeup questions? [=?
where can i buy rimmel volume flash mousse in United Kingdom?
Is mineral makeup good for you?
makeup help!?!?!?!!?!?!?
i need new makeup. what do you recommend?
does anyone have some good makeup tips for hiding zits?
how do u create smoky eyeliner effet?
shenaz hussain products......any comments?????????
make up help!?
I don't know whatmake up to put on.?
im 12 my skin is really blotchy should i wear makeup if so what and what other makeup should i wear along with?
Any good make-up tips?
Do i wear too much makeup?
is mineral makeup really good?
What do you think would make me look better... looking...?
Which eye shadow palette should I get?
Does wearing a powder foundation make your acne worse?
What color eye makeup?
How can I be prettier?
Is my zebra face makeup going well [doing it myself]?
cucumber mask ingredients?
Urban Decay Setting Spray?
What do guys like?
best makeup liquid/powder for hot summer days and oily skin?
How to get an artificial sweat proof / waterproof tan?
What are some cute makeup looks?
Why do so many girls tan?
do you know any online (UK) sites that sell feather/coloured false eyelashes?
I have smallish do I make them appear bigger?
any types of mascara that makes your eyelashes look longer?
can you wear makeup in school?
besides wrecking balm????
Question Regarding Flawless make-up?
Is liquid foundation or powder foundation better, and why?
Anybody good with makeup that can help me:(?
Will Laura Mercier mineral foundation/makeup clog pores?
what is the best way to get a real..?
What's the best translucent powder?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 15 year old girl?
I need to find a picture of Adriana Balea, NAHA 20 winner for haircolor. Anyone knows where i can find one?
Has anybody ever tried this with their Mac brush..?
Should I get the MAC 187?
Is my makeup bad for my age ?!?
What's your favourite colour to paint your nails?
Can you wear much heavier makeup than these girls?
Makeup that isn't that noticible?
Whats your favorite make-up brand? Drug store or high end?
Makeup Problems!!?
how much does a make-up artist charge?
Best Founation thats not to pricey?Best mascara for lenghtening and volume?
Recommend me a foundation?
Do you think eyes look better with eyeliner or with out eyeliner?
what eyeliners go with blue eyes?
How do I get my make-up to stay on all day?
how do my makeup?
How should I do my hair and makeup for homecoming?
What can I do to improve my looks?
Does anybody have tips on how to apply make-up? especially eyeliner and eyeshadow?
i have very pale skin, what can i do to make me more glowing and just better than looking sick.?
is 13 to young to wear make up?
Girls....If your man was colorblind?
What foundation should I use, clueless!!!?
is it worth getting the naked palette 1?
guys n gurls:what is too much makeup?
if a boy wants to paint there nails should they?
What is the best drugstore foundation for high school?
what are some high end makeup lines?
Younger makeup gurus?
how do you make your eyes appear.........?
Does anyone know where to get makeup palettes like this online?
ALMAY TLC liq foundation...DETAILS ?
best recomendations for some facial wash and something to get all makeup off.?
Best organic night eye creams?
What kind of concealer(s) should I get?
10 points...what kind of man named Andrew?
Hairstyles and makeup ideas for a wedding?
beautiful big eyes?
can anyone recommend a good Eye primer?
Is it necessary to use primer with the revlon colorstay liquid and whipped foundation?
It sounds ridiculous, but can i use tape to wax my facial hair??
Need a long wear lipstick for my wedding?
what would go good with this?
i want to make my eyes look amazing, makeup tips?
is this too much makeup?
where can i get single pan makeup forever eyeshadows?
Calling all girls!!!?
Suggestions as to What Kind of Eye Make-Up Would BE Best?
How do I make my lips REALLY FULL w/o buying an expensive lip-plump!?
is this makeup okay for a 13 year old?
Makeup help please!!!! First one to answert gets 10 points!!?
how do you do a pencil bun?
pasty skin??
MUFE HD or Matte Velvet Plus?
What do you think of this girl?
What is the best fake tan to use???
how do u get rid of zits in 3hours?
Hair and makeup ideas to go with a blue dress?
Mascara... What age?
BB cream for acne prone male?
Does this make-up look punk-ish?
What age should you start wearing makeup...?
Avon, or other thing?
Does anyone else use Bare Escentuals?
questions about bronzers?
Beauty and the Beast Makeup?
Is skinmedica-tns the best anti aging serum?
opinion (ladies only)?
How can i sharp my tweezers ?
dont they look exactly alikeee?
What kind of makeup should a 14yr old be able to wear?
I've asked before but looking for a few new answers, makeup suggestions?
Why does Jonathan hate me and everyone thinks i'm weird?
makeup or no makeup? pixx?
Do I wear too much makeup at my age (13 yrs old)?
Are my eyes big, small or just normal?
What is the best eyeshadow brand?
What are the flavors?
I need help finding the perfect liquid foundation!?
Is clear mascara just aloe vera gel?
what i need for a personal make up bag?
What colours of eyeshadow look best on hazel eyes?
Do you use eye liner?
Thick foundation (UK?)?
Any cool costume make-up sites with pictures?
eye shadow on guys, hot or not?
Where is the best place to but Vaseline?
Is this ok for a 16 yr old?!(makeup)?
3 eye makeup looks... which do you like?
Are my eyebrows too thick (PIC)?
What are your thoughts on girls who wear too much makeup?
Do i have green eyes or hazel eyes?
Where can I find Ultra-Balm Skin Balm?
do most women wear makeup and why?
Eye makeup advice for a more natural look?
Make up tips to make me interesting (s!!!!!!)?
Is it ok to wear mineral foundation while having your eyebrows threaded?
What color eye is this? [pic included]?
How to apply stage makeup?
Would you rather dive into a pool of melted lip gloss or nail polish?
help me 2 choose the right colours 4 my brown complexion?
What is the best eye shadow color to use if you want to make blue eyes POP?
whould purple eyeliner and purple eyeshadow be too over whelming with a purple dress?
Which is the best makeup brand?
GIRLS!!!! Would You Rather Look Like......?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 14 year old?
What face shape does this beautiful woman have?
what are the makeup staples?
Is my forehead massive????- pic included?
Eyes watering causes eyeshadow to smudge off?
How many makeup brushes do you own? ?
What colour would you say these eyes are? (Photo)?
is there any Concealer that is safe to go swiming with with out it runing?
What type of MAC Lip glass is the least sticky?
too much foundation?
Question(s) about NARS Orgasm blush?
How do you remove makeup?
Boobs need to be bigger?!!!?
what is my face shape?
Do you prefer "liquid eyeliner" or "automatic pencil eyeliner" ?
What shades and colors of makeup should i use?
i am asian i have tried lots of foundation but none that match my color?
what is the name of the girls makeup from the 80's that looked like jewelry?
What is a ampoules?
what makeup do u use ...???
What's the best way to clean makeup brushes?
Im looking for a good foundation. I want something liquid and has great coverage?
What Would You Do???????????????
what kind of makeup should i wear?
Best makeup suggestions for people with medium skin?
Youtube beauty gurus??? ((: Other then Blair & Elle Fowler...?
Drugstore products similar to MAC Fix+?
what everyday makeup do you wear? and when did you start to wear it?
Wearing makeup for fun?
Looking for a deep red lipstick - any suggestions?
How can I stop pencil eyeliner smudging underneath my eyes during the day?
Avon Extralasting Lipgloss sample?
I really want a girly makeover but I have no idea how to go about asking for one without sounding too weird?
What is the best way to remove make-up from clothing?
Two different colored eyes?
will wearing spf 15 at night cause me to break out?
Ladies..which one cosmetic can you not do without?
How to look like Andrea russett? ?
What do you think about heads with no teeth?
I want to put on my mascara and everything but, I have glasses and thats a problem.?
Hi my eye colour ( Pics included ) Thanks xx?
can do eye mask everyday?
What is the best lotion for your face?
what color should i wear on my lips if?
Do you own a lot of makeup?