Do you think they are fake?? NYX?
How can i create a red lipgloss ?
BB Creams? Which brand?
Orly bonder vs CND sticky which one is better? and what other base coat do you recommend?
How to apply stage makeup?
How do i make my eyes look larger and longer?
Which Neutral Eyeshadow Kit?
What is the best brand of mascara?
Best method to apply eyeliner?
What do you think of my face/rate me?
Some suggestions for a good eyeliner pencil?
Is there any concelar that won't cause me to break out?
is purple a real colour?
for girls: i am tan, 6"0, black hair, brown eyes, is that attractive??
What shade of Revlon Colorstay foundation match closest to my skintone?
My foundation i just bought is too light. what can i do?
can someone help me on somethign to do with makeup? please?
Should I get Clinique Chubby Stick or Revlon Just Bitten?
Make-up application techniques and ideas...?
What is good to make your skin softer?
Is this apropriate makeup for a 13 year old?
best mascara?
Which mascara is the best? Please help!?
Do you wear make up daily?
Makeup question. (please answer!)?
Avoid smudges?
If you buy L'Oreal products are you basically supporting animal cruelty?
Where can I buy Red earth cosmetics?
Whats a good mascara that LENGTHENS, DONT CLUMP, and is WATERPROOF?
am i still too young for my age?
Should I Wear Makeup Everyday?
i always have bags under my eyes how to stop them?
What colour eyeshadow and mascara is the best for green eyes?
Chanel formal makeup?
Makeup: foundation. Prime gel?
which is better? makeup vs no makeup?
best makeup products of 2012?
How should I do my hair and makeup for my upcoming show?
what is your favorite type of mascara?
for girl what is your favorite lipstick/ or lip gloss?
i need makeup help please?
Does Vaseline make your eye lashes grow?
ladies, what is the best eye shadows' brand?
Hey guys! Check out my makeup blog please :)?
Gel/Cream eyeliner, some help please?
What colour lip gloss you advice for olive skin?
What eyeshadow color goes best with a purple dress?
And is it normal for my tatoo to look puffy as well?
Which UK mail carrier does avon standard ground delivery use?
How can I make my skin alot lighter with makeup?
Who is your favorite makeup guru on Youtube?
what matte mouse foundation shade is lighter cameo, sand or porcelain ?
Is anyone else outraged by XXL mascara?
how can i make my own lip shinner ? i look alot different without makeup? ):?
Do you think I look too old for my age?
Where can you get blue face paint from?
what color eyeshadow to wear with a dark purple dress that has diamonds on it?
Bare Minerals- does anyone know if you can buy Bare Minerals at any stores, or only online?
Rate me please!!! (1-10)?
in cosmetic, Is Meilin a brand?
does makeup make you fat?
list down the elements found in the following: foundation,blush,lipgloss,carrots,brocco…
I just stopped wearing foundation but came out in a load of spots, any ways to get rid of them?
How to get rid of red skin?
Why do some of my eyelashes fall out after every application of mascara?
What makeup do I need for the Fall Time?
Days to get a spray tan?
How do you make your eyes look bigger/brighter?
Do you wear you eyeliner in the inner rim or your eye or the outter part where your lashes are?
what makeup should a 14yr old girl wear?
New at makeup? Help?!?
Please help me break my habbit !!!
hey there !! u guys know of any ..i mean ANY way of making a homemade bronzer.....?
How to get skinny really fast (-30 pounds)?
Do you think I am good at makeup?
My powder foundation is too light,now what?
Diffrent Mineral Makeups?
i'm 13 years old in the 8th grade. Do you think it's bad if i wear a little makeup?
how do i make colored contacts?
If you go to sleep with your eye makeup on....?
I want to try a new lipstick.?
How To Do Demi Lovato's Makeup?
Please help? can you please explain what kindof brushes i should get?
Where/how to apply blush?
I need help finding a good concealer & foundation comparable to MAC NW20! Thanks!?
What would you do with my eyes/ bring them out (pics)?
How can I make myself prettier?
is this too skinny?
Coverblend by Exuviance?
What is your fav. color?
can you use myer vouchers at mac? (AUSTRALIA)?
Can a person with a warm skin tone use a blush for a cool tone or should only stick with warm blushes?
Girls-How many of you wear liquid foundation or powder?
What are innocent colours ? 10 Points?
i hate my freckels does any one know of a foundation that would hide them?
Does Lash Blast Luxe give the same effect as regular Lash Blast mascara?
whats ur favourite mascara? easy points?
What's a good makeup?
is it possible to use lipstick to make eyeshadow?
shall we use eyelinear to lower eyelashes....?
I'm making a makeup portfolio, is it ok if I'm in it too?
What colour eyeshadow should I wear with a red dress?
what does a eye defining pencil do?and do u put it on before u put on eyeliner?
Am I too young to wear liquid foundation?
What brands of mascara are best?
How do I make my eyelashes longer?
Vitamin Face Mask?
My daughter is goin into middle school and whats to wear makeup is she too young? (SEE DETAILS)?
Do I have big eyes?:((pics)?
How can I make my blue eyes stand out?
My acne and acne scars won't go away for years! What am I doing wrong?! Please help me, so desperate!!!!?
do i look gd as a girl?
what are good eyeshadow colours for olive skin?
Do all lip balms have butter and beeswax in it? Ecspecially Lip Smackers?
well i want a new?
what is the best type of make up to wear/buy?
How do my eyebrows look?
expiry / best by date for strivectin SD?
What is your favourite Make-up Make? Please tell!?
How old do i look ( with pics) ?
what is the best mascara there is?
Too much makeup? 15 years young pics?
How To Tell If Your Wearing Too Much Makeup?
what colour would you say my eyes are?
Makeup question???????
has any tried tesco's own brand make up?
I need some helpful tips on how to put make up on secretly?
What is a good primer?
What stores sell black lipstick?
what foundations do people recommend?
to were or not to wear [make up], that is the question?
What foundation do you use?
I need a good acne covering foundation.?
I want to try a new lipstick.?
lol do i really have an evil look?
How can I make my hazel eyes pop without eyeshadow?
how do i make my skin light in colour?
Why is MAC foundation so popular? Is it for me!? Please help?
For an outdoor photo, what is the best makeup for blnd/blue tan skin? wearing black?
I wanna get a spray tan what kind of makeup?
MaKE Up QUESTiOn !!!!?
its about my nails....plz help me....?
i keep getting makeup on my contacts and cant see out of them, what do i do?!?
Do guys treat you better when you put on (nice) makeup?
help, how to grow fast my eyebrows................................…
how do u make ur eyes bigger?
I am a Make-up Artist thinking of working in Europe or America.?
Need help with my eyes?
Help me Choooooose !!
The best way to remove eye makeup?
Loose eyeshadow (pigment) or pressed eyeshadow with cream eyeshadow base?
Which fake tan?
What eye make up and lipstick can go with rosy cheeks?
why does make up make a women look prettier?
wat color should i paint my nail??
Can i change my eyes color without using any lens ?
Suggest good MAC cosmetics products?
Mary Kay or Avon?
What kind of face shape do I have exactly?
How Rare is Amber Eyes?
How should I wear my makeup for my friend's quinceañera,?
HI I have a grandaughter she has strawberry blonde hair freckles steel blue eyes what color make-up for her.?
Which is better that maybelline Dream Mouse thing or that one that like that by covergirl?
I got my Eyebrows Threaded yesterday and the Redness won't go away?
I wear bare minerals makeup it seems to wear off pretty fast does anyone else have this problem?
Liquid foundation suggestions?
Is this too much makeup?
where can i buy this physicians formuala?
I need one eyshadow to go all over my lid. What would look better : urban decay's smog or free love?
is liquid foundation/cover-up better than powder, or the solid kind?
How can I bring my med/dark brown eyes really POP?
Melt eyeliner and turn it to gel eyeliner?
Coupon codes for E.L.F cosmetics?
Do i own alot of makeup?
Home Facial for Combination/Oily Skin?
Eyeliner help?
makeup party?
What foods cause acne?
why doesnt my make up stay on all day?
what do you think is the appropriate age to start wearing make up?
What is your makeup collection mostly made up of?
Is it bad or considered tacky to match your eye makeup to your shirt/outfit?
i suffering for drandruff, please give me a sollution?
What color makeup should I wear for a wedding?
where can i find cosmetics at liquidation prices?
i need some good makeup tips to make my eyes pop like Bette Davis?
What are good makeup colors for an indian skin tone?
How much does Rimmel London eyeliner pencil cost?
What kind of mascara works best for littttle lashes?
What is best eyeliner brand out there now?
How to get sparkly eyes?
Is it ok to use Revlon Photoready Primer with Revlon Colorstay Foundation together?
What makeup should I use for teenage skin?
makeup questions?????????
Any good chapsticks/lip balms?
is it weird to wear mascara on the top lash and not the bottom?
which one is better: liquid or pencil eyeliner???
makeup for 13 year olds with blond hair and green eyes?
good makeup at target?
How to look great without makeup?
First Day of School Outfit!!
Eye makeup colors please?
Please check out my youtube makeup channel?!?
Best Tanning Oil From A Drugstore?
I am a number 1 in covergirl tru blend, what color would I be in Revlon colorstay and photoready?
i neeeeeeeeeed help?
Do I Waer To Much Make Up?
COASTAL SCENTS shimmer 88 or matte 88?
Achieving the pale look?
How do I gentle remove eye make up?
where can i find a CCO - cosmetic company outlet in san francisco or oakland?
what is the best makeup you con us.?
I've asked before but looking for a few new answers, makeup suggestions?
What's a face mask to make my face flawless?
Questions regarding skincare and blocked pores?
How do you know it's time to replace your eyelash curler pad?
Have anybody ever ordered from EyesLipsFace before?
Question on e.l.f cosmetics?
What colors go good with Orange, Red and Blue?
How to Make Lips Look More Natural?
Ladies, could you please tell me what are the best foundation and concealer you've ever tried?
Do you think men who wear eyeliner are gay?
what is the best make-up product that u are most proud of ?
what is your makeup routine?
How to make eyebrows grow ou really quickly ?
How do I get rid of my freckles? And... should I?
;;Make Up;;?
What's the difference between gel and liquid foundation?
Is this to much makeup for a 14 year old?
How do i do my makeup like this??(PICTURE)?
CCO at Chelsea Premium Outlet in Washington (in tulalip)?
plz answer this simple question... easy ten points?
What are good makeup tips for people with fair skin, blonde hair, and hazel eyes?
My eyelashes won't curl. Help!?
What can i buy to stop oil before it starts? (oily skin)?
What makeup do you wear daily?
Is there such thing as Pink Mascara?
Clinique Perfectly real or Superbalanced?
Should I remove my eye liner at night?
What kind of makeup do they use on What Not To Wear?
what color makeup would look good on a girl with white skin, dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes?
help.applying foundation?
new to this whole makeup thing?
Make up for an 11 year old girl?
Girl-How old do I look? 10 points for correct answer. Thank you?
What do u think about the price of carol's daughter brand?
Buying Juggalette makeup?
Is avon eyeshawdown any good?
what color eyeshadow should i use?
I need make-up tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help, need mascara advice!!!?
what color makeup am I supposed to use.?
Why do girls wear foundation?
What do you think would look good?
What do you think of Coastal Scents eyeshadow, is it good?
What is your opinion of guys who wear eye liner?
Very easy ways to make lipgloss?
Should I wear foundation?
What Are Some Good Eyeshadow Colors For Gray Eyes?
I have a problem with my e.l.f eyeliner pen HELP!?
what are good,not expensive lip glosses? I use lip smackers but is there anything else?
How can i have awake eyes?10 points?
What is the best foundation/concealer?
eye makeup..?
what color chap-stick do you like best?
What makup should I wear pick then choose the color of it ok anyone can anwser it even boys and girls ok?
Best mascara for short lash ?
What kind of make-up would look nice with this dress for homecoming?
Baby Doll Eyelashes? What Mascara?
eye liner?
Help! Is there a secret for wearing mascara?
Make up to disguise imperfections?
Can you help me? Makeup video?
which one is prettier.?
what makeup is she wearing in this picture?
i have a ball coming up..?
MAC Wonder Woman Utility Belt Face Brush Set?
Wearing Makeup???
Do you own a lot of makeup?
Best foundation for pale skin?? Or should I buy a great foundation that looks orangey and mix with white found?
Do I wear too much makeup?
what are good eye shadow techniques/tips?
What's the best foundation that lasts and can cover redness?
What are some nude lipglosses?
what kind of look does smugeing the eyeliner do??
what's a good mascara from the drugstore (anything besides lashblast?)?
Has anyone tried Smashbox's Jet Set waterproof eyeliner?
Whats better lip gloss or lipstick? what price is too expensive for make up?
How should I do my makeup?
Ok. I'm a heterosexual black male and I need help with my PINK BOTTOM LIP!?
What is the best foundation????
What are some cosmetics brands that DON'T test on animals?
What color eyeshadow and eyeliner makes hazel eyes pop?
Concealer+mascara=ugly smears?
Where to put eyeliner?
What should I do to make my eyes pop?
Is the MAC technakohl eyeliner as good as the Lancôme LE STYLO eyeliner pencil?
what are some good eyebrow linerss?:)?
what is the meaning of pancake,lipgloss and lip balm?
smoky eyes?
what makeup should a 13 year old wear?
Where can I purchase Revlon eyeglide shimmer shadow?
Is he georgous?pic?.....?
What lip balm works for you?
what is the best chapstick in the world?
wen u put on ur eyeliner do we put it on the bottom of our eye or on the top???
is chanel pro lumiere good for dry skin?
How do I convince my mom to let me wear makeup in Junior High?
For a middle aged man, am I using too much lip balm or the wrong kind and is it shining a little pink?
i want to know the brife make-up step~beause my BFasked me to do that ,so i come here for help.?
How long can you keep bb cream before throwing it away?
I don't believe this. Ladies may I have your opinion.?
Eye makeup and hair suggestions?
I need an amazing mascara!?
Can a 15 yr old use wrinkle creams?
Whats a good recipe for a homemade mask?
How do i look better for school without the use of any makeup?
Where can you buy the BEST lipgloss and makeup?
Which Mascara Should I get?
Opposite problem from most- what's the best mascara for naturally long & thick lashes?
Where to learn more about makeup?
Is the MAC at Nordstrom a freestanding store?
Who is prettier, blonds or brunettes?
What's your fav lip balm & lipgloss?
is maybelline roller color any good?
My cheeks are really red and i would love some suggestions for make up that would cover it up.?
Splitting peeling nails..... HELP?
should i wear maskara on just the top lashes or the bottom too?
Do you have to wash your hands after applying makeup?
What colors and brands of makeup do you reccomend? Pic.?
UGH I HATE THIS..ITS NOT FAIR! please helpp!?
How can i make the white in my eyes brighter?
Mascara advise anyone?
Maybelline dream mousse products?
How would I go about doing this with eyeliner?
Nars is suppose to make a blush that everyone is raving about but I dont know who sells Nars products, do you?
Orange prom dress, gold heels, what kind of makeup should I wear?
What color should I get in the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation?
anyone else think black eyeliner with blue eyes looks horrible?
Should I use a dark under-eye circle cream even though I'm younger?
I have to very little holes in on my lip?
is diorskin forever extreme wear foundation okay for dry skin?
Would earrings suit my face?
10points!! which last name do you like?
Too much makeup for a freshman?
How often do girls wear makeup?
Best Cream Foundations Medium to Full Coverage?
Can a 15 year old Tan at "Darque Tan"?
My friend wears her makeup really badly should i tell her?
What kind of blush would you suggest? Creme, Powder, or Liquid?
What are the closest to natural-looking contacts for Brown eyes?
What shade do you wear in L'Oreal True Match Liquid foundation?
What are some websites for Discount Makeup?
what is the best over the counter wrinkle cream?
If a guy wants to wear make up why shouldn't he?????????
odd question and im being serious?
Whats best wrinkle cream?
Recommendations for a new foundation & concealer?
the BEST Drugstore Eyeliner?
What is in YOUR makeup bag? I'm really curious.?
Liquid eyeliner trouble?
Girls/Ladies, Would I recognize you without your makeup?
What color are my eyes?
What is your FAVORITE makeup brand from a drugstore?
blonde or redish blonde ?
where can i buy korean bb cream in the philippines?
Cheap place to buy philosophy the urgent care kit skincare set for clearing break outs?
Should I ask for makeup again?
I need some helpful tips on how to put make up on secretly?
How to do this makeup? (UK users)?
my hair iulds black and i have olive skin what colour of make up should i wear on my eyes and lips?
Are you beautiful if you dont wear alot of makeup?
makeup brush for eyes, can you buy one like it??
How much make-up should a 14-year old wear?
how can i put on make up and make it look natural and beautiful?
Can someone reccomend me a good quality foundation (liquid) prefferbaly !!!?
sensai and makeup questions!!?
can anyone tell me how to make my own horns?
How can I make an easy, face-mask or face cleanser at home?
what age should you start eyebrow shaping?
Are Cover Girl makeup products expensive?
How to get rid of spots FAST!?
Mositurising creams?
can you put concealer on just under your eyes?
What do you think of my hair and makeup in these pics?
Which makeup do you use?
Is Clinique Blended face powder and brush good?
how old do you think you should be when you start wearing makeup??
How can I make my makeup look more natural?
Should I get the benefit high beam or benefit benetint?
perfeckt skin gel?? 10 POINNTSSSS?
10 points which full name do you like best?
how to get baggy eyes?
How can I get a tan safely?
how to put on makeup [.s[?
Has anyone tried the Body Show Flawless skin protecting concealer?
Eyebrow threading NY/NJ?
How should i do my hair and make-up for homecoming?
Foundation for a flawless face?
How can I plump my lips without surgery?
Eyeshadow - it looks hot?
What's a good foundation?
OMG I ate an icebreakers chapstick!!!! AM I GONNA DIE? HELPP!!!?!?!?!?!?
How can I do up my makeup for halloween?
Do I look okay without make-up on? ?
What is the Best Makeup For School, i am african american, andim goin to be a freshman in highschool?
Im here for you all if you need someone to talk to:)?
What color eyes do you have?
make-up for me [[pic]]?
Clean & Clear Soft Skincare?
What is better opi or essie nial polish and why?
Clear nail polish top coat that goes on shiny and is dull when dry?
what makeup should i wear for the first day of gr.8?
How do you make your eyes look bigger/brighter?
Is Sephora's Piiink My Fixing Base a good base for eyeshadow?
What's the best mascara?
what does everyone think?
Best pencil eyeliner?
Do I Look Nicer With Our Without Make-Up?
Does anyone know any make up brands that are animal friendly?
what foundation can i use to stop my acne?
12 year old makeup????
I have haezel eyes...?
if i use body lotion will that make my boyfriend like me more?
What is the retail price for Barbie loves M.A.C Lipglass?
Question about Physicians Formula?
PARENTS: SHOULD PReteens wear makeup?
Is there a way to keep eyeshadow in place without using a primer?
how to wear black eyeliner and not look emo/goth?
where can i find a place on longisland ny that does pernament makeup?
Im 13, I Live In Australia, And I Need A Good And Affordable Facial Wash?
How do you keep your nails clean?
What color eye shadow do you think I should wear?
Make up classes and workshops?
Before or after? pics?
What is a good dupe for Nars Lip Gloss in Striptease?
Makeup tips for beginners please help me!?
Clinique and MAC foundation color match?
help please..layout makers or anyone who knows html?
Best mascara ever used?
My Makeup Never Stays On For A Full Day!!?
How long does your HD Makeup Forever Liquid Foundation last you?
What makes Minerals makeup different from others?
Sephora Account Locked?
Makeup for eighth graders?
what happens if you dont take off waterproof mascara?
Is my eye color rare?
Whats the best way to keep tinted moisteriser on all day?
My eyeshadow and eyeliner always falls into the crease below my eye! what can i do to prevent this??
Mascara help PLEASE!!! I want fake eyelash effect without the fake eyelashes?!?
How can I make my brown eyes pop?
How do you make yourself look super pretty?
Good scented perfumes?
How to take off your make up if you do not have any wipes or any chemical wipes?
Make up forever products?
i have very small eyes- what can i do to make them apear larger?
I need help with my makeup PLEASE!?
Mixing Bare Minerals?
what is your favorite high end cosmetics?
What is the best---BUT CHEAPEST---makeup/cosmetic brand ?
Cake Face?
how much is a MAC lipstick in the Philippines?
Are there any facial masks, you can make at home?
What do you think about Arbonne Internatoinal Products?
has anyone used the hybrid 2 in 1 luminizer by smashbox?
Best concealer for acne?
what will you do if your boy friend is your brothers best friend?
does restalyne work on small scars ?
if you could only watch one youtube beauty guru on youtube who will it be and why?
How can someone of mixed race look more Cauasian?
do you like boys who wear makeup?
What kind of foundation would work for me, they all seem to make my face look even worse...?
what is a good makeup brand?
do guys like alot of eye makeup on a girl?
How old do you have to be to get a skin peel?
good foundation advice please?! :)?
What else do i need for skincare ?
What color eyeliner looks best on.....?
shadow comes off when i curl my lashes?
IS there a way I can get samples of colored contacts so I can see if they look good before I actually buy?
make over in missoula montana?
Good liquid eye liner ?
what's a good school to go to if i wanted to become a makeup artist???
How do I make my blue-grey eyes pop?
Revlon colorstay foundation?
whats the best liquid foundation to use?
What is the BEST Concealer? (UK)?
Is liquid latex tested on animals?
For my 14th birthday, I want to get make overs like at Macys maybe with 4-5 friends- what are the costs?
Rice paper and powder?
Can I put makeup over ripped skin?
Hahah makeup surveryy! :]?
how do you put on eyeliner?
Is red lipstick sexy?
What's your fav. makeup brand ?
Do you wear make-up to school?
Does this seem like too much make-up?
whats in your makeup bag?
were can i buy chanel makeup in the uk?
What do you think of 'Boots' cosmetics?
Is there a reasonable lipgloss at maximum 2$ ?
I've applied false eyelashes on, how can i remove it safely?
Hazel eye make-up help please?
Would anyone like to help with OPERATION BEAUTIFUL?
what mascara would u recommend ?
do u dislike girls wearing makeup?
is 13 too young to wear eyeliner?
Chance for a job at Sephora?
What is the correct procedure to apply blush on your face?
What are your Favorite jeans?
What lotion can I use to moisturize my face?
makeup help?
whats the best way to wear make up if your wearing it the first time?
Opinion on my everyday makeup? I'm 14?
Question about fake eye lashes?
what makeup would you suggest i use?
Why women use make up, we can't look nice without them?
Which is better, Liquid or powder foundation.?
my makeup doesnt stay on my face?
Is it wrong for guys 2 like girls who wear very thick makeup?
What makeup tricks make blue eyes pop?
What makeup would you take with you?
What do you think about my products? are they up to a good enough standard? are they too expensive? etc?
What are the expiration dates on Mary Kay products?
what should i have in my emergency makeup bag?
I have really oily skin and I Need to know what foundation to use.?
Please help me about my skin colour?
what is your favorite colour?
What colour nail polish would look nice on long nails?
Hey how can i get my wife too wear more make up?
School starts TOMORROW for me, what do you think about my ideas for hair and makeup? *details included*200pts?
How to make my eyes look bigger?
make-up problems?
guys is it too much if i wear lip gloss and mascara?
Does makeup make you age faster?
what color eye makeup is best for BLUE eyes??
What is so special about MAC Tendertones?
Beach makeup look...?
How can I stop my face shining after applying make up?
What to wear with these eyelashes?
How much does a studio makeup artist get paid?
Whats your fav makeup brand?
Natural look or more makeup?
Bleaching my eyebrows?
what color are my eyes?
what is the best fake tan ?
What color eyeshadow best goes with dark brown eyes?
Watery eyes.................?
What color Eyeshadow goes with a red dress?
What makeup should I do for the school luau?
If I am a NW15 in MAC foundation, what would that translate to in Max Factor Pan-Stik or Kryolan TV Stick?
I have a make up question?
what type of makeup is best to conceal blemishes but isn't oily?
I need beauty tips for acne, hairstyle & make up, i really dont wear makeup but i tried in make up nd i looked?
pop my hazel eyes?
i have a fashion show on monday!?
Do you think this color would favor a medium-brown skin tone (close Keke Palmer skin tone)?
Answer quick please!!!?
What is your favorite brand of foundation/powder, and why? I need to switch's getting cakey?
Green dress for party. What color combination for eye makeup should I wear?
im ten years old i where makeup all the time but should i be whereing it?
Can I put this on my face?
I am intrested in gettig tickets to the Estee Lauder / Mac warehouse sale, if someone is selling tickets?
Do you think Make-up for women and some men is a good thing?
how can i do my eye makeup like her?
A question about bronzers...?
Is 11 years old too young to be wearing makeup?
what is the difference betwwen these two eyeliner and which is better?
I need help with a word pleease :)?
Anyone use Maybelline XXl mascara? Do you like it?
Which mascara should I get?
Mineral Foundations vs Liquid Foundation?
are cheryl cole party lashes any good?
how do you make your boyfriend appreciate you more?
What are good eyeshadow shades?
What makeup(s) should I get? Read more please?
anything out there for big pores on the face?
What do I have to do to work in the make-up industry in Australia?
What is your morning routine?
Should a 13 year old wear makeup?
Best Mascara..........?
what does it means UV filter?
Will purple, pink, or blue mascara look cool or geeky??
Have you ever tried puttin Vaseline on Eyelashes ?
How to get skinny really fast (-30 pounds)?
what is your favorite fragrance?
What M.A.C. shadow is simaliar to M.A.C.'s femme fi?
What makeup look is better for nighttime : brown eyeshadow and black eyeliner or teal eyeshadow w. green e/s?
im so nervous.. ;( this sounds really stupid, but..?
Why doesn't some guys not like girls wearing makeup??
Best brand makeup for older adults in their 40's, Thanks!?
i have a thin to have nice cheeks?
Have you ever tried Carmindy's makeup consultation? Is it good? how much is it? Do you need to pay tips?
Where could I get cheap makeup brushes in Canada?
which is the best maybelline mascara?
will my fake eyelashes fly off on a rollercoaster?
I want to be a jewerly or make-up consultant any websites to go to ?
Do you believe in those lip glosses that lasts up six hours?
If you could change anything?
How old should you be when you start wearing make up?
new look? - pictures.?
Olive skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair makeup?
What makeup would make my eyes stand out?
I NEED HELP! My toe might be broken?
I have dark circles under my eyes, any suggestions on what can help lighten them?
Conditioning and sheer lipsticks that you reccommend?
Would you give your boyfriend a VERY girly makeover?
I'm 13 (since July) should I be able to start wearing a little makeup?
What websties could I go to to get samples of make-up?
what is the best age for a girl to start wearin makeup?????
is it true that lipgloss has pigs blood mixed up with the other stuff to make it my freind told me and was?
I Am I a short hair brunette, and i have blue/green eyes, What lip colour should i go for?
How to make my face look young, healthy, and radiant?
Questions about a mac eyeshadow?
are blue eyes rare..................?
Foundation help!?! 10 points!?
Can using a sponge to apply powder foundation break you out?
Should I try LIQUID eyeliner for my huge eyes?
Is E.L.F Lipstick, Natural Nymph in Australia?
Eye Doctors help please?
What is foundation for?
Have you noticed the change in Amy Pond's makeup?
Do I look ugly without make up?
help... has my lips gotten bigger?
can acne spread with a makeup brush?
can anyone help me with my face?
what is mac pro (the make up type not the computer) ?
What's the best eyeshadow primer in your opinion?
Which mary kay medium coverage foundation matches the mary kay time wise ivory 4?
Good homecoming makeup from naked palletes?
eye shadow primer - help?
Do u think its hot when guys wear eyeliner?
When did you start wearing make-up?
How would I go about tweezing my eyebrows?
Hmm Judge me please..?
what i can i do to keep up my appearence ?
good make up for brownish eyes?
*Pics * Please see !?
Buy stuff without parents knowing?
What hair colour goes best with my alabaster skin and hazel eyes? My natural colour is light brown?
Seventeen Magazine? I am a guy and was interviewed?
Is this too much makeup?
Can I use old lipstick?
Is it okay to wear make-up when you are only 14?
When should I start wearing makeup at school?
How would you react if someone called you ugly?
How to apply makeup while wearing glasses?
temporary lip tattoos question? PLEASE HELP?
Makeup and hair help?!?
i lose 5-8 eyelashes a day...?
Do i look like her?
HELP!? how should i start my youtube beauty channel?
What is good about IMATS?
How can I make a zit go away by tomorrow?
Who can help me answer this question? Ladies only or guys if u know 2!?
what to do if you put fake nails with the little to sticker nails and they are falling of how do i keep them l?
make up removing question?
best foundation (makeup)?
what colors do leo's look best in?
Vaseline on Eyelashes?
i just seen that my boyfreind was trying to upload his crossdressing photos?
What's the best mascara to buy?
make my eyes P-O-P!?
I have Make-up problems?
Did anyone try this?
serious answers plz..can i apply castor oil on my face..plzzz tell me?
Products to shrink pores??
tricks for getting eyeliner on top of eyelid?
does honey act as bleaching agent.can we apply to our face daily.wat happens if we apply daily?
What are you favorite drug store make up products?
English Coursework help?
what's a really good concealer?
Can you return the "sample" sized things to Sephora?
what is the best mascara?
make skin fairer within 3 months..?
the roots and the whole top of my head turned a bright reddish orange, will this fade?! SOS?
Is it passe' to draw your brows?
How much time do U take to put on Ur makeup?
In your opinion, what's best creme eyeliner brand?
Does anyone know how or where to get bright bright eyeshadow at?
is this good for 8th grade makeup?
POLL: do you use an eyelash curler!!?
Do I look Asian or something? Japanese people keep on speaking Japanese to me...?
How do I get eyeshadow to stay on all day?
Whats a good lipgloss that is not sticky?
How long is a opened bottle of mascara good for?
why wont eyeliner roll up?
long lash & volume up mascara?
My skin feels rough and looks dull. How can I fix it?
How to Create more masculine features?
Why does Mascara go into the corner of my eye?
when putting on eye makeup do I put on shadow or mascara first ?
i need to buy some new aftershave, can you girls recommend anything nice?
mascara brand???
Best eyeshadow for really blue eyes?
would you like to be gorgeous?
What color eyeshadow and lipstick would look nice on me (pic)?
how do i make my blue eyes pop(bluer)?
What is the best mascara?
how do you wash makeup brushes?
how to fix false eyelashes?
Im 13, I Live In Australia, And I Need A Good And Affordable Facial Wash?
Caring girls only who can help me fast....?
How do i get rid of the black cirlces under my eyes?
is it really worth it to buy mac makeup?
whats the best mascara color for dark brown eyes?
TEEN GIRLS: How much makeup to you wear?
alternative to dermablend leg and body cover?
Where can you buy limited edition baby lips?
How to make your eyebrows appear arched and thicker with makeup?
I suck at painting my nails!!?
Foundation for oily skin?
loose powder (teen with dry skin)?
Do you take your makeup off at night if you're with a guy????
Need help applying makeup?
my mom is letting me get any kind of makeup, even expensive. what should i get?
my hair breaks to much and doesnot grow what to do?which oil or shampoo?
8th grade grad dance makeup and accessories?
Is my nose big? (pic)?
Is there a Website on how to apply makeup the right way?
Help meeee pleasseee.?
Favorite MakeUp Styles?
Would eyeliner look "trampy" on me (Pictures included.)?
wash face with false lashes?
Is it possible to use makeup to cover dark circles without putting it on the rest of your face?
best eye shawdow for brown eyes?
Please help about Make-up?
tatttoo??? ladies only?
How to wear fake eyelashes?
Natural eye makeup, or smoky eyes?
What is a good foundation primer for oily skin?
what is the best mosturizing lip balm?
where can i get a MAC logo necklace???????????????
Translucent powder to control oily skin?
urban decay primer potion smell?
YouTube question ?!?!?!?
is it possible for people to have copper colored eyes?
Why do you girls outthere wear so much make-up?
Which face make is better?
Where can I buy baby lips ?
What should I do for foundation in the summer?
How do you make yourself look less tired???
What color eyeshadows make green eyes POP?
what do you have/need to get your make up done at mac?
Why do we have eye lashes what is the point of them?
what if i have one eye smaller than the other?
Why Does My Foundation Look Dry?
I need help with my look...?!?
what kind make-up would you apply for a dark person?
what is the most popular mascara?
MAC Paintpot or Mac Pro Longwear Concealer?
MAC make-up help..?!?
Can someone please tell me what exactly *causes* large pores?
Is it true i look Brazilian?
what foundation is good for black skin?
Zhen Cosmetics - Which face moisturiser?
What mascara do you use?
Which ladies are in the current Oil of Olay tv advertisement?
What would make my eyes look better?
Favorite MAC makeup item?
opinions/reviews on the clarisonic mia?
what face and eye shape do i have?
What's wrong with these....................?
best way to clean make up brushes?
How to make a catwoman eye mask?
I am from US.Which is the best facial product to do facials at home?I prefer to do facial at home rather than?
Are there any certified Makeup artists and/or Hair Stylists in Kansas City?
almay mineral make-up?
what is the best mascara out there? for pin straight lashes..?
What are the best makeup brushes?
Make-Up Brush's?
right make up color??
mac smoke signals quads?
Can you use Dove Energy Glow on your face?
Mascara? I can't remember the brand name, help!?
How to make white cream for face using face powder,fairness creams,foundation etc plzz tel?
best lash-lengthening mascara?
What products does Bubz on Bubzbeauty like from Laneige?
What makeup colors look best on blue eyes?
Questions on this eye makeup? Please read!?
should i use foundation?
best drugstore mascara..?
*With Pictures* What color are my eyes?
suggestion required for Makeover tips?
What store has Revlon's Timeliner eye pencil?
How old do I look to you?
Why do fat women bother wearing concealer?
is own brand as good as brand in make up?
Does vasaline really make your eyelashes longer?
Rihanna skin color?????????
How to convince my mom on me wearing makeup?
Is this too much makeup?
Mascara,Please read below!!?
POLL-- Most Moisturizing Eos Flavor?
what is your favorite mascara?
A teen makeup question...?
what is the best organic..?
What color eye shadow would look good with blue/green eyes (they change colors), fair skin and blonde hair?
Do you wear makeup? Makeup Survey!!!!?
How do i stop my skin from being so shiney without piling loads of makeup on?
What's the best foundation (coverage) for a oily skin with a lot of acne scars like mine? I?
What kind of make up should I wear?
Use quantifiers to make this true(x+0=x)?
Does anyone know of any makeup tricks that will help slim down a round face?
Is mac foundation bad for your skin?
good makeup brush set for a reasonable price?
Whats the best way to get a suntan?
How do you get rid of the puffieness under your eyes?
Is 7 too young to wear make-up?
how do i make my self tan dray faster?
Is the redness make up base form Bourjois good and does it really cover?
Makeup for cute teen nerd asap?
Natural Nail Polish Remover??!?
What shoes, hairstyle and eye makeup would go with this dress?
what are some good makeup brands?
Is it possible to make makeup powder from sea shells?
MakeUp...I need a good foundation?
Fourteen year old (freshman) school makeup?
what eyeliner color do i wear?
Bare minerals?
Am I Pretty? Part Deux?
Makeup question: is this true?
How do you put makeup on.?
Have any of you hit the pan with your eyeshadows?
I need advice on what make up would work for me? ?
What would you consider her skintone as?
Best scents (Perfumes,lotions) I can buy online?
I am considering rhinoplasty. I would love some honest opinions. Thanks! w/pic?
Does anyone know what foundation would work for me?
is this okay makeup for 15 year old?
Would this make me break out?
Girls do u still use Lip liners ?
almay tlc liquid foundation or revlon colorstay liquid foundation?
Eye liner that stays on?
Eyeshadow & Mascara Problem !?
blemishes help Me plzzzz :(?
Where to find a lighted makeup vanity? (ex. pics included)?
Crusts! Yay or nay?
why do i have grey eyes?
I have these lines on my eyes?
Do you ever wish you were a secret agent named Ronald?
In need of new makeup ideas?
why do people feel the need to wear makeup?
what is the best undereye conceler/smoother and the best eye shadow primer?
Is designer makeup worth it?
What were some of the natural remedies ancient Egyptians used for skincare?
Help with a shiny nose?
I've been told I should wear makeup by a quite a few people?
Am i pretty or not..? :// (pics)?
is there a difference between a makeup airbrush and a regular airbrush (that would be used for painting ect)?
Best foundation for olive skin?
What makeup should suit me i have brown eyes and hair and short hair ?
Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation reviews?
is cover girl fresh look pressed powder gonna last in humid/tropical weather?
Why do girls wear so much makeup?
girls i wonder what is the best mascara ???
how do i get my eyebrows like hers?
Will my eyebrow ever grow back?!?
Does the Tat fading kit Wrecking Balm work?
how to choose my facial mask?
what are some good cheap brands for skin bronzer?
new nars foundation came without squirter thing?
Delicious Victoria's Secret lip glosses...?
How can i get perfect eyelashes?
what are some good brands of makeup?
How to get rid of bags without makeup or sugery!?
What's your favorite lip gloss under $10?
What is the best makeup to use on eyes to minimize the lines on the eye lid?
Is natural REALLY the best look?
oily skin????
What colour eyeliner best suits very pale skin and green eyes?
Cute Make Up Ideas for a party?
What mac brushes do I use for......?
Whats the best mascara out of these?
Can you apply almond oil on dark circles?!?
what age do u think a girl should wear make up?
i think i am ugly?
my eyes is very small... what can i do to make them look bigger??
Will i get the same colour which is on the box or it will change in red,orange after apply?
What color Revlon Whipped Foundation should I get?
What is the best makeup line on the market?
how do yo make your eyes look bigger???
my eyes are gold colour?
which mascara should i buy?
What are some good at home remedies for undereye circles?
how do i get my eyeshadow to not crease !?
I heard a major company makes wet n wild cosmetics and sells it cheaper, do you know who?
I hate Benetint and High beam!?
where can i get egyptian magic cream in asia?
is there any good brand of make up i can buy in ireland?
Why do girls wear makeup GIRLS ONLY?
How do i stop my makeup from melting?
Where can i get fragrance tester strips printed?
What's the difference between..?
What cosmetic could you NOT live without?
How can I hide my fine lines?
I'm 22 & have facial pores & have sought of melasa on cheeks n nose.i'm looking for some foundation?
Why do you wear makeup?
How Do I get my eye liner to stay?
Cheap Make-Up that works.?
A great drugstore mascara?
what foundation makes your skin look flawless but still natural?
easy 10 points!!!.....seriously?
Liquid Liner or Pencil?
blurney to the heavens!?
Acne problem..HELP please?
should i experiment with Make-up?
help on a makeup project?
lash exact or lash perfection?
whats your favorite makeup company???
How to look older with makeup?
Too much make up for a 13 year old 8th grader?
Where can I find REALLY cheap make up?
"Self sharpening" eyeliner won't advance product?
I don't know which drugstore mascara to get?
A good flawless full coverage foundation?
Who are some good makeup/hair tutorial people on Youtube?
Mac naked lunch eyeshadow?
How do you get rid of nailpolish..plz answer?
Whats a great way to make my skin green.?
Is makeup bad for me?
what color makeup should i wear on my lashes, eyes and cheeks when i wear red lipstick?
how much is mac cosmetics in CCO?
What can I do with the makeup I have?
Should you wash your eye makeup off at night?
How to do my makeup like the girl in this pic?
Why do women wear makeup?
Is the maybelline falsies a good mascara?
How to apply eyeliner???
What did u wear when you first wore makeup?
Which one is darker Buff Beige or Natural Beige?
what's your favorite colors?
Where to get makeup....
Whats a creative english assignment for makeup points?
What is the best mascara to buy?
what is the best color for nail polish?
Do i wear too much makeup to school?
any techniques on how to apply 3 colors of eyemakeup to one lid.?
Is it bad to wear two foundations on top of eachother??
if you wear eyeliner, what age did you start to apply it?
are eos lip balms (the circle ones) avalible in metrotown?(metrotown in burnaby)?
Could you please tell me the model, the number and the colour of this Chanel's lipstick?
Moisturizer Recommendations?
What are good new gifts for my 11 yearold daughter?
What are some good makeup brands?
Going to start makeup collection, need help getting started ?
When you can see that a woman is wearing makeup, does it mean she applied it wrong?
i am turning 13 in that a good age to ask to wear make-up?
what is a good coverup?
How to be 'popular' or act popular?
i put a lot of eyeliner on but it always seems to come off?
With Someone That Has Sentive Skin What Is The Best Makeup To Wear?
Looking for an eyeliner template or guide?
I have blue eyes, fair skin, and brown hair. What colors of eyeliner and eyeshadow should I wear?
Pastel pink/nude lipstick?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
I have VERY green eyes what make-up would make them stand out even more?
Issues with foundation?
Why does my skin look like crap when I turn the lights off and look in the mirror?
OMG PLZ HELP!!! 10 points!!!!?
Burt's Bees vs. Weleda?
i'm dressing up as...?
Any Good Make-up Brands For 13 Year Olds?
What do you think of chanel mystic eyes eyeshadow?
Did anyone get their glam camp bag from rite aid?
Makeup routine and makeup must haves for 13?
Best mascara for short lash ?
how much water are suppose to drink?
get longer, fuller, thicker lashes without looking like you use mascara?
kms essensials info ?
what are some great brands of makeup?
i have green eyes. what color eye shadow would be best for enhancement?
what can i use to make my brown eyes look prettier?
How long will my lip ring close?
I need make up advice (pics inside!)?
Do you get Lip Smackers Products in K-mart?
When will the Coastal Scents 88 pallet be back in stock?
is it okay to were makeup while sleeping??
can you use normal human makeup on BJD dolls?
Is Clinque work-out makeup any good?
Noxzema waxy residue/facial cleanser suggestions?
Does anyone know a lipgloss that lasts quite a long time? I am fifteen and I live in the UK.?
at what age a girl should start wearing makeup?
Blistex or Carmex for lips?
Whats that white stuff on your tounge?