What do you think is the best mascara you've ever used?
Do you use E.L.F. products? 5 stars!?
creepy doll makeup????????????????
Does anyone else hate eye liner?
what do you think about Macy's cosmetic section?
Does L'bri skin care work?
Is this girl a model???pic!?
Hey guys! HELP ME! Makeup Blog on TUMBLR?
Pale, freckly, and wanting to tan?
Is this too much makeup ?
which is the best deoderant?
what colour eyebrow pencil?
Is there waterproof eyeliner?
At what age will you let your daughter wear make-up?!?
Help with liquid foundation ?
Why does a person's skin colour matter so much?
which is better purple or pink?
What makes my face ugly?
Orange eyeshadow?
what is wrong wit seals face?
Where can I find wholesale supplier of cosmetics in new jersey?
How do i keep nail polish from chipping?
Where to buy Josie Maran cosmetics in Australia?
Make up or not !!**!!**LOOK PLEASE..?
've normal skin &dark circles.shud I use liquid/powder foundation&what type of concealers?don't want oily look
SHARP FEATURES?? what they mean?
When is the CVS semi-annual sale?
can you put sun lotion over make up? - asked by my sister?
Concealer questions for a makeup beginner?
Why have my eyes got bigger as i got older?
How can i make my nails look ok?
Help! What's a good skin brightening cream (something that's oil free)?
what kind of color lipstick can make me look sophisticated or more dramatic I have mocha colored skin?
Okay I dont have a make up brush or sponges..what can I use to apply my liquid cover up...just a beginner?
Mega blushing ...HELP ME!!?
Woke Up With a Swollen Lip?
Review on London school of beauty and make up?
girls which do you prefer a pale boy or a tanned boy?
how do i go to contatcs?
What makeup should I wear?
what shade of paint pot should i get?
Is this makeup appropriate for an 8th grader?
When I curl my eyelashes then apply mascara, they straighten out!?
Those who use pencil eyeliner: which eyeliner do you use?
Is this too much makeup for a 7th grader?
Make Up question girls? help?! ASAP?
Do "dinar makeup" reccomendations annoy you?
Will anyone ever want me?
What's a good age to wear lip gloss?
Makeup for pre-teens...?
how to apply make-up?
Urban Decay vs. Nars?
My mascaras are all old?
What's that palette with primer available at Walmart called?
Has anyone tried mineral makeup? Do you like or not? why?
Unruly INSANE eyelashes! Help meeee!?
Girls only! How old were you when you started wearing makup??
Anyone knows any gd brands of non-comedogenic face foundation that contains salicylic acid sold in S'pore?
What make up do you *really* use?
Eye makeup billboard advertisement?
Am I pretty....any tips?
Is green and purple eyeliner kidish?
What selftanner would you recommend♥?
Which Foundation Color Is Best For Me?
how do i get nicole richie looking make up?
In what order do you put your make up on?
I just became an AVON represenative. Can anyone help me with my questions about selling and buying.!!!!!?
What is a good no clump mascara? ?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
Do I need a special sunscreen for my face?
Need help with finding a lipgloss?
what should you use to make your face ore fair?
Which eye shadow looks best on dark blue eyes?
Best Sephora Make Up?
i want to put my face on someones body and make it look real?
sunscreens make me look white?why?
Is this a good skin care routine?
how can i get my mom to let me use makeup?
Special effects makeup ideas?
how can i do my make-up if i have dark skin?
What color make up should i wear to make my blue eyes really pop?
What drugstore brand carries a teal trio eyeshadow that lasts all day?
steps on too put on face make up?
alternative to dermablend leg and body cover?
Makeup for holiday in the heat?
Pencil Eyeliner?
What is your favorite Mascara?
when i use pencil eye liner it never shows up?
Easy question: What do you think is my ethnicity?
what is a good mascera to get? not waterproof! which kind?
which colour suits fat ladies?
Halloween Gypsy Makeup?
how can i manage our Oily Skin?
Would you rather go without mascara or eyeliner?
Lipstick hue?
i am looking for value on posters women 1940 artist name begins with Pa?
To the girls' make up you can't live without?
Is it true that guys dont like when girls wear makeup?
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation?
Best top & base coat?
Professional makeup questions?
Does anyone know a good make-up brand that's cheap but still beautiful?
How do you sharpen eyeliner?
Is red lipstick a good idea?
What's wrong with a lot of eyeliner???
Perfume question please?
How old should a girl be when they start to wear makeup.?
Make-up containing titanium dioxide?
Do you prefer hazel or blue eyes?
Physicians Formula: Mineral Wear loose powder ?
Are the new "BB" products any good?
going to get my hair done for a wedding- is it better to have my makeup done before or after ???
How to cover up acne cheap?
can you suggest?
lip gloss.........??
Girls have u ever had to put ur hands up or on ur head like by a cop?
Are my eyes too small? Pictures included?
What do you think about green eyes?
which eye shadow colors/eyeliner/mascara looks good with pale blue eyes?
how can i apply eye-makeup when i need my glasses on to be able to see what i,m doing? plzzz any ideas?
ladies, where do you buy your make up?
Eye liner question?
how to correctly use beauty products?
Poll: what's your daily make-up routine?
which is the best foundation for indian skin and keeping in mind the humidity here?
Can makeup artists get a pension?
Smashbox Softbox Natural Eyeshadow Palette?
blue, brown, green or hazel eyes?
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?
What's the best VOLUMIZING mascara?
what do you use to get great looking eyebrows like some girls have?
Would you pop my pimples for me?
I need a medium-full coverage foundation, ideas?
What to do when you can't find your make up?
Is it better to curl my lashes before or after I apply mascara?
Honestly is this too much makeup?
What does it take to become a freelance makeup artist ?
if you wear red eyeshadow will that attract a lot of attention?
how can i make my makeup look different occasionally by using the same make up? and i am black so no bronzer!!
Is there any where in the UK that I can buy Mexsana Medicated powder from?
Best Guru Channels on Youtube?
What are your favorite nail colors for fall ?
i emailed Ulta.................(the store)?
My mom won't let me wear makeup >:[?
where can i buy Jane Iredale pressed mineral foundation?
Why did this guy do this...?
What do you think about women who put on their make-up in public?
Why not wear make-up?
do you die if you put nail polish on your lips?
How can I make my skin look better? ten points?
What kind of makeup should I wear with a LBD?
A Question about the M.A.C. makeup RECYCLING PROGRAM?
Drug Store/Other Foundations !?
Does anbody know of a good eyeshadow brand?
How to apply eye liner?
where can i get urban decay and mac makeup at stores?
What is the best face cream to use during the day, when you don't really wear cover up or anything?
makeup tips for brown eyes?
my eyebrows makes me confused please help?
Private schools and makeup...?
Who is the prettiest and best dressed?
Does Makeup look good on everybody?
what mascaras work the best if you want thick lashes?
do i look pretty wiith no eyeliner.. PICS!!?
LADIES: What Is The Best Mascara You Have Ever Tried??
should 12 year old girls wear makeup?
im bored of wearing the same makeup everyday! neeed something new.. ideas please?
i need to search for cosmetic like lipstick have what ingredient or make up powder etc. tq :)?
How do you know what color looks good on you and really know!?
Tips for applying Liquid eyeliner?
Good mascara that both lengthens and volumizes lashes?
what is a good face moose(make-up) for me?
what should be apply on our face for rich and fairer look? night cream?
i need salon fair ideas helpppp please?
14 years old, too much makeup?
How to make your skin look more natural?
best makeup products of 2012?
How can I find the right colour foundation to use?
MAC MAC MAC!!!!!!!!! help s!!!?
What Kid of make up would you wear at a high school dance?
What to wear with these eyelashes?
How can I take off long wear lipstick?
Seven Deadly Sins Make Up and Ideas?
What colour eye shadow goes with a red dress?
If you were the last person on Earth would you still wear makeup (if you do) and if so, what?
why do some girls wear so much makeup?
which one is better: liquid or pencil eyeliner???
Red lipstick On women is the best?
Do I wear too much makeup?
who has ever....?
How do I shop in MAC?
cosmetology??? help if you know about it(:?
How do i make my makeup look "natural?"?
Is wearing normal face makeup under a Halloween mask okay or will the makeup get ruined?
Are LUSH gift boxes a better deal than the individual products?
A girlie question of some importance?
What color eyeshadow should wear with a chocolate brown dress?
I have heard that there are message/voy boards on the internet that allow people to exchange or trade makeup?
How does the Sephora beauty insider birthday gift work?
What do you think about her facial features?
The best way to clear skin up at home?no science products, tips?
best eyeliner you have used that stayed on the whole day for bottom waterline?
How can I be a makeup artist?
Chapstick, Lip Gloss, or Lipstick?
My face gets really oily during the day?
how to remove eye lash adhesive?
Do you think Christinemarie696 from youtube is gorgeous ?
concealer and foundation?
secret life of bees, help?
Inexpensive Makeup Brands?
I wear a lot of makeup.;..?
Which Neutral Eyeshadow Kit?
I am looking for some Pink Moisturizer, cannot remember the name. It was sold at my beauty salon which has go
What is the BEST mascara to use?
Any Good Bronzers For Olive/Tan Skin?
Best drugstore foundation?
Who wears Clear Mascara?
What is your fav color eyes?
Gang/Group Names....?
does avon ship to holland ?
How do u get rid of black circles under your eyes?
ladies only!!!!!!!!?
Why can't Neutrogena makeup be shipped to Canada?
why do white people tan to they wanna be black?
I'm a Bisque 8N in Lancome's Teint Miracle foundation. What MAC shade does that equate to?
How do you apply your mascara?
OK..its not plumping gloss its some device that fits over the mouth,then you pump like for bike tires?
is it possible to have these eye colors?natural?
has any1 ever pierced the lip before?
Does anyone have the Hard Candy Takeout Makeup Kit?
Make up - beauty?
Do u guys and girls think dark blue eyeliner is sluttish?
What is best. liquid or pencil eyeliner?
What color of foundation do I need to use?
What is a good gel-to-powder type moisturizer?
best powder from sephora ? ?
whats a better colour black or pink or white?
How do you make your face look slimmer?
What kind of makeup did people wear in the 70s?
Bits of gold in cream, massage oils?
Im getting ready to start wearing make-up, and i need help!!!?
where can i get a tan?
What color eyeshadpw should i wear with my navy blue graduation gown?And should i wear bronzer or no?
Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Eyeshadow Trio 25 Neutral Liasons?
need a good outfit*first date/ hanging out with him?)?
Back 2 Mac the Mac Pallet Refill Pans?!?
Make Up For Ever Preference ? && Secrets or Tricks ?
how do u look natural but still pretty after applying makeup without looking like u actually used makeup?
Is this too much makeup for freshman year?
What nail polish should I like wear?
How I do I make my nose appear more sharp?
skin undertones?
What is the best Lip Plumper from your own personal experience? Cost?
can you use normal human makeup on BJD dolls?
Eyelashes and help on big bold sexy makeup on a cheap budget x?
Who's your favorite youtube makeup guru and why?
Are girls really pretty without makeup? Or is that a lie coming from guys?
light skin and hair + dark makeup?
Anybody who owns M.A.C Teddy and Smolder Kohl...?
Philosophy Skin Care Line?
Need help with buisness card? for MARK MAKE UP?
Question about Sephora/Make-up?
Best Eyeliner for the lower lashline?
Metallic Brown Eyeshadow (HIGH FROST)?
What Color Would Flatter My Eyes the Most?
Is eyeliner bad for you?
What age should you start using anti-aging products?
Is there any makeup to cover a tattoo for a few hors that won't rub off? What matches best?
What make-up is appropriate for an 8th grader?
Los Angeles Shipping for Mac Cosmetics?
makeup help please bro xD ?
Does Maybelline Superstay 24hr makeup look cakey?
If you have hazel eyes and fair skin with some freckles,ight brown hair...what it the best makeup colors ?
do you prefer regular or liquid eyeliner?
Which eye colour attracts you a lot and why?
how to make my makeup look not cakey and natural ? PLEASEHELP!:(?
Skin trouble :( please help. Or at least read? :)?
Question about my MAC brushes?
PLease tell me how to do this make-up! music vid. included, *10points !!!*?
Foundation Similar to Revlon Photoready?
I want to makeover my face this weekend without spending a lot of money. How can I do it?
Who makes the best eyeshadows? the kind that don't fall all over your eyelashes?
whats the best liquid foundation to use?
Best drugstore mascara? Length, volume and waterproof?
My legs are pale! HELP?
what color nail polish looks coolest on toes?
What is the lightest shade that dream matte mousse is available in? (Best answer included)?
do you have to wear make-up?
How to cover dark under eye circles (properly) with makeup?
Any good lip gloss brands?
Eye liner question!! HELP!?
what kind of eye make up should i wear?
Best foundation for women over 30?
what eye makeup is best for me?
do i look like a different person with makeup on?
DermaBlend What shade am I?
how old did you started wearing makeup?
what to wear with illuminator ?
Do bfs like there gfs with or without makeup?
Is urban decay urban defense tinted moisturizer good?
how do you get black eye shadow out of viscose fabric?
I have really bad acne can someone pls help?!?!?
Why Do black girls wear makeup?
What kind of paint washes off of skin and hair the easiest?
40s make-up?
Please take this survey!!!?
What is your typical makeup routine?
How can I be prettier?
Is this too much makeup for me? O.o !?
How to cover up blemishes?
Um well i did my eyebrows tonight and i have some questions?
Too much makeup for a 13 year old or not?
what makeup to were for school?
Do I look better with or without eyeliner?
What shade am I for Revlon PhotoReady Concealer?
Best drugstore mascaras?
Women only please!?
Is this a good deal???
My eyelashes look different when I use non-waterproof mascara?
what's your best beauty\makeup secret?
Should I use TWO TUBES of Loreal Hicolor Hilights in RED to achieve this hair color?
Can I get rid o f my black lips?
best instant fake tan to cover strap lines, quick?
MAC paint pot, which one to pick?!?
please tell me the difference between loose powder talcum powder and face powder.?
With makeup, what facial feature should I highlight ?
Makeup brush sets available in store UK?
How can I be a fair skinned person?
I want to buy some makeup...burjois lipstick, smashbox powder, store freebies/coupons? etc..?
okay please help girls..?
does foundation need to be applyied 1st or last?
Are their any girls who do their makeup like this?
Lengthening Mascara?
what happens if i use products that help u take away wrinkles and anti aging stuff when ur young, i am 19.?
what shade of PINK LIPGLOSS would look best on me?
should i get my lip pierced.?(pics)?
what are some fun ways to do makeup when you have blue eyes and tanish skin?
Why do females where makeup?
what makeup should i wear when im 13?
Makeup question?? Revlon color stay?
Whats the best foundation and and stuff to keeo your skin from being oily?
What Color blusher should I use?
Im 13 and normally wear foundation but everyone says i have nice skin and i shouldnt wear it? What shall I Do?
Ring Dance Hair & Makeup Help!?
how long does an Avon Campaign last?
Best makeup brushes :)?x?
New make up style for an evening party?
How can I make my own natural face toner?
Can you help find a gurati beauty school in india?
what age did yu start wearing make up? Did you do it yourself or did your mom offer or what? Thank you!?
Can 11 year olds wear make up?
What's your favourite and best MakeUp?
do you think it'll hurt if i sleep in my makeup for ONE night?
Moisturiser under Makeup?
Thick Eyeliner: Do or Don't?
What lipgloss is this colour?
How can i make myself look good when going out?
Is this eyeliner too much for school(pics)?
whats the best cheap makeup?
what colour do u think i should paint my room?
To you, is makeup complete without foundation?
what do i need to have for skin care?
I would like some information on how to obtain a Makeup Artist Union Card.?
Where can I get pop-flavored Lip Smackers in Edmonton, Alberta{without buying them online}?
Where can you buy great tasting lipgloss?
Pencil parer for use on eye liner pencils?
i need a really goood foundation??
should i wear maskara on just the top lashes or the bottom too?
Question for the ladies: men with tanned skin or white skin?
How to fake a hickey on your neck?
Best liquid/powder foundation for acne?
what is the best shade or eye shadow for asians?
makeup for light skin and blue eyes?
How can i apply my blush to look like hers?
What do you carry in your purse?
Are there any creams that help smooth a furrowed brow (the Botox area)?
i have yellowish brown eyes. what do i do to bring out the yellow or brown?
Is putting mascara on every day bad for your eyelashes?
Do I look better natural or with make-up?
What is the best foundation?
how do i get started on makeup and where would i get good tips on how to apply it?
Make up !!??!!!!!???????????????????
which is better liquid or pencil?
Is this lolita style?
is it okay for a guy to wear makeup?
What is a good age to start wearing makeup?
How many colors of eyeliner do u have?
I'm doing makeup for my friends homecoming. What color eyeshadow should I use?
Why did Oil of Olay quit making their make-up line? Especially the lipsticks... I loved those!?
What make up would look best on me?
whats the BEST eye lifting serum/ eye lifting cream?
where can I buy Clinique face tan in Dublin city center?
foundations again?????????
CLICK PLZ.what sorta makeups should i use to make me look prettier [pics?
What's your favorite eyecolor?
Best everyday mascara?
Red hair and red lipstick combo- yes or no?
HELP!!!!! Getting ready for high school! Need makeup style!?
Best mascara for the following purpose:?
My lipgloss is poppin.?
how can i make my eyes stand out?
What is the best make-up for hot weather?
what is my eye shape?
How Should I Do My Make-Up And My Hair?
On a scale of 1-10 how pretty are my eyes?
how can i remove a hickey/passion mark???
Power of the magnification on this mirror?
Estee Lauder interview help?
Is it just me or does L'Oreal True match foundation...?
Do I wear to much makeup?
What eye makeup can I use to make my green/hazel eyes appear more green?
True or False Girls: Having nail polish on makes you want to do more things with your hands (writing, etc)?
help!!! 10 points 1st answer!!!?
Best liquid foundation with medium coverage for pale skin?
someone who knows about make up HELP! please(:?
How can i get thick, dark, long, even eyelashes without clumps?
Are you wearing mascara?
I'm 15 and i want to know how old do you have to be to buy make-up over the counter?
Black or brown eyeliner?
What is your makeup holy grail?
What colour makeup should i wear with blue eyes and brown hair?
Annoying "pretty" questions.....?
Eye makeup matching your clothes? tacky or not?
How do you pick the right color foundation?
at which age do you feel that its ok to wear makeup...?
okay, i have large eyes (which i love) but i heard something about eyeliner?
I just last week started smoking virginia slims 120's to look more sexy for my I want to get long
When is the next launching date for MAC Hello Kitty product in Singapore or Malaysia?
What is the best primer to buy? (UK)?
Can anybody recommend a good foundation.?
Pretty Dark Brown and Blacks Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorials or Ideas?
Where can I buy clear nail polish for cheap?
What should i do for my Homecoming makeup?
Is Skindinavia Oil Control Setting Spray worth the money?
what is the best colour earings and necklace to wear with green eyes?
brown/black eyes or colored eyes?
I'm desperate?
What make up to wear to school?
Do you paint your fingernails and toenails the same color?
Makeup on a fat girl? Help?
Who's your makeup inspired tutorial?
What is a good drugstore pink liptick?
Woud a lip piercing look good on me ? (with picture)?
Is this okay makeup for a 13 year old to wear?
Has anyone ever used Ivory 200 from Mary Kay?
need lord of the rings elvish writing translation.?
Hi. i got the sally hansen nail art pen and got it on my bare nail. i really want to get it off soon. HELP!!!!?
how do you learn to put on makeup?
how do i make dark brown eyes pop?
So what if I snoop around once in awhile!!?
How long are you suppose to have ur make up for?
Where can I find an orange lipstick like this?
How often should I use Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque?
mineral makeup seems to make my skin More oily after awhile?
eyeliner on men ....?
make up!!!!!!!!! what to buy?
Where do I get Manic Panic lipstick in the shade of Electric Banana?
How much do sally hansen insta-dri cost?
Makeup tips...? Help appreciated :)?
What happens if you get nail polish remover in your eye?
Makeup tips needed!?
What is the best foundation make-up you have used?
Are my eyes really to close or do I just think they are? AND...?
i need a conncealer!!!:[?
Is eyeliner just too much? ...?
what is a good way to make your make up look like a shadow?
If you wear foundation?
What is "cream sachet" from Avon?
How long to wait before applying eyebrow powder or pencil on permanent eyebrow procedure?
Liquid or pencil eyeliner?
what's the best foundation for flawless skin?
How young is too young for make-up?
What is the best brand of eyeliner that doesn't run or become easily ruined?
what would you do if someone moaned at you to wear foundation and lipstick,but you didn't want to?
I want to buy some eyebrow stencils. Any advice for a newbie?
What stays longer, liquid eye liner or pencil eye liner?
I want longer eyelashes.?
what to do to make the face tensed?
I have blue eyes, what can I do to make them stand out?
Makeup---> 8th grade---> 13 yrs old?
fair skin. what makeup works?
Ladies only....i have fair skin, brown hair...what would be a good shade of lipstick?
Any cheap mascarras that work?!?
Would you enter this contest?
quick make-up tips for hooded eyes?
any 1 know ..How to use a hairdresser colour chart?
do u think 12 year old girls and under should be able to wear makeup?
What color eyeshadow can I use to make my eyes seem more blue?
How much is to much makeup ?
must have make-up!! yay!!!!!!!!!?
If I'm about an NC35 in MAC, what shade would I be in Makeup Forever's Full Cover Concealer?
Is there a Sally's Beauty Supply in Ontario?
Should an 11 year old wear makeup?
Is this too much makeup? (Im 13)?
How to achieve Miranda Kerr's makeup?
dose the makeup line Dalton test on animals?
Superdrug or boots?
I need a good long lasting foundation for dry skin?
Anyone know of a really good (brown) eyeshadow pallette?
I need tips on making my up [PICS]?
Help needed with finding a base makeup (liquid preferred) that doesn't "sink into" my pores!?
best eye shadows & make up. for blue eyes?
How do i tell the length of a bar on a lip stud ?
What makeup FOUNDATION is best for watery eyes?
is bh cosmetics drugstore or department store brand?
i use vasaline under my eye cuz its dry i dont want to get wrinkles is this ok or should i stop?
Can I use my Ulta store credit to buy a gift card?
What does eye shadow colour meaning personality ?
makeup for light skin and blue eyes?
What makeup tutorial should I do? D:?
What do I need to know to become a beauty guru?
Is there a site where i can put my baby's pictures on my scrub?
I want to know some good Beauty Parlour and Salon in affordable price in Koramangala place.Can Any tell me?
Where can i find cheap makeup?
What is the best type of black mascara?
can sunblock fade melasma?
Contouring nose to make eyes look closer together?
What drugstore foundation is for fair skin?
What can i use to help my face clear up back to what it once was?
I got lipgloss on my NEW shoes! HELP.?
Is it safe to use a lipstick, that contains retinol in the sunlight?
Drugstore Makeup Advice?
How to keep lipstick on longer?
hey girls whats the best lip gloss out there at the moment? .. i am so lost , help?
I'm bored so i'm going to brag about myself.........?
my make up is making me itchy?
What's an amazing full coverage concealer?
Why do many women feel the need to wear makeup but men don't have to?
Why don't many people wear blue or green eyeshadow?
Am I allowed to do this at the grocery store?
yellow lip stick?
What Is The Best Mascara?
Can anyone please help?
Does the OuT The Door top coat have an expiration date?
Does my eye look better with eyeliner on the bottom of my eye or better without it? (PICS)?
using false nail glue to put on fake eyelashes? good or bad?
If I wear make up, my skin gets very greasy. Is there anything I could do to control it?
What are the 3 best makeup brands you really like, name at least 3 please.?
How to do makeup for picture day/first day of school?
Need help with make up colors!?
Best foundation for acne prone skin?
For MAC cosmetic lovers and Others of course!?
whats the best MAC foundation for me?read below?
Gold Liner with a brown undertone? Too tacky?
ATTENTION ACNE SUFFERS!Which Cover up or tint moisterizer is NON Comedogenic for very bad acne skin?
what age did you start to wear makeup?
do you think ladies need to paint nails to look better?
I used to be tan now I'm pale? What's wrong with me?
Can you help me with some make up tips?
How long does it take for you to go through lip balm?
How do i create this look?
Where can I buy bright bold eyeshadows?
Am i pretty...?
How to get mom to hear me about makeup? She's ignoring me!?
First time concealer user?
How many coats of mascara do you use?
What do you think of me with no makeup?
wht are the hottest make-up tips for the special evening?
Mineral Makeup?! Long lasting? Drying?
nyx cosmetics australia?
Good powder for acned skin?
where can i find covergirl makeup in malaysia?
What Is Your Favorite Make Up Brand?
If you have hazel eyes and fair skin with some freckles,ight brown hair...what it the best makeup colors ?
Has anybody ever used to buy makeup?
BLUE Eye or GREEN Eye: Which One More Unique ?
What age should i wear makeup and what?
i need some help finding good mascara that gives big, long, bold lashes. does anyone have suggestions?
Best foundations/powders that don't cost a fortune?
I was planning to start using foundation, when a friend told me it gets all soupy and doesn't work. Should I?
How do you get top coat nail polish off of a shirt?
can you make your eyelashes grow?
Ladies: What makeup do you wear?
what do you think of great lash clear mascara?
make-up ideas for middle school?
What color eyeshadow matches me most? I have a pic of me.?
what is the best makeup primer?
magnetic makeup boards, how do they get the make-ups to stick?
What Is Your Favourite Concealer & Mascara From Drugstores ?
who are the top french fashion models?
Do you think my makeup is too dark??
What is the best way to remove liquid foundation off velvet slippers?
why do white ppl run when they see a black person?
How can you make your eyes stand out behind glasses?
Who is the wholesaler for Maybelline products in Singapore?
What Looks Colours look good on fair skin?
What everyday makeup do you wear?
How to convince my mom to let me wear makeup in 6th grade?
where can i buy these pretty eyeshadows?
my nose is big is there a make up secret that you can advise???
Best foundation for spots/acne? (UK)?
Mascara question!?
where to apply blush?
wearing a lightish darkish shirt with a yellow shirt onto of should i do my eyeshadow ?
Does this makeup screen name make sence?
is it good to try to hide a pimple with make up?
Ugh my mom messed up my eyebrows!!!?
is makeup cute or not?
how to make my eyes almond shaped?
Does my make-up seem okay?
how to make eyeliner stings disappear off my shirt?
Found some old it still okay to use?
Is 12 too young for eyeliner and other make up??
Chapstick or lipgloss??
Too much makeup?????????
I don't wear make up?
10 points! using house hold items is there any thing i can make to use as foundation or something that takes..?
Should pre-teens (middle school) girls wear makeup?
why do guys say they think girls look better w/o makeup? pics included?
Annabelle or Maybelline BB cream?
Foundation similar to covergirl natureluxe?
I need a list of make up for beginners?
How to not get so oily throughout the day?
What is the best skin care program for a woman over 50 with drying skin and sun damage?
Need help on my kind of make up?
Do Eyebrows matter? :o?
What is a good drugstore pink liptick?
Is estee lauder double wear full coverage?
Is this discount real?
Oily skin makeup help!?
I have light brown eyes, but two of my 6 children have green?
Do I look better without makeup?
what lipstain and/or makeup for my skin and lip tone?
how to apply eye liner?
What's the best cure/makeup for a shiny nose?
What Color Eyeliner should I wear?
Eyeliner problems?
Any recommandations on a pore minimizer?
Neutrogina Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream?
Do burn marks turn brownish red after a day?
How can I fix a dried out cream eyeshadow, I left the lid off and it dried up a bit . Help?
What color lipstick would look best on me?
Best eyeliner for the waterline?
what makeup has accutaine?
Where can you get Lumedia Facial Brightner in UK?
So, because I wear eye liner and concealer....?
Should I stop wearing makeup daily? Am I pretty without makeup?
Best one of each make up item? From foundation to eye wear?
Do you think "Hello Flawless" by Benefit liquid foundation is good on fall and winter?
L'Oreal True Match help?
Why does NYC call one of its eyeshadow kits "Mod Quad"?
Why do some women wear make up when they go to the beach or to lay out to get sun?
Do you think that this person is ugly?
What's a good kind of foundation for me?
thinking about trying out a new makeup look? what do you think?
is bleaching your skin a good ideal,?
My girlfriend has some skin blemishes on her face, how would I encourage her to wear more makeup?
Fake tan terrors,, Help asap please?
I need some websites on organization and hair and makeup and such... ?
What kind of makeup should I wear?
At what age should girls be allowed to wear foundation?
Temptu makeup color/inks?
Question about Tarte Makeup products?
Where in Australia can I buy waterproof makeup to cover plastic surgery facial scarring?
anyone ever use Glow Fusion?
How do I inject Juvederm (a facial filler) on a laugh line by my nose/mouth area?
how should i do my makeup?
i don't know how to make-up my eyes. They are brown.?
Is my eye color rare or just average?
Best Drugstore Face Primer?
makeup question?
HELP!!!! I need to get something to help my face!!!!!!?
dark circles?????????
What color eyeshadow should i use please help?
what is your favorite way to do your eye makeup for the day that makes you look natural????? all answers?
Can i use washable paint for zombie makeup?
Makeup/Face Help!!?
Really really natural makeup look?
Makeup essentails and makeup bag?
What to use to cover up spots?
What Make-Up colours would look good on my face?
Lol why people wear make up?
You recommend Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in a LOOSE powder or in a PRESSED powder?
How do I look a bit older?
What should I do for foundation in the summer?
I have....................................…
What make up color is best for my skin and hair color?
Where can I get white Mascara?
Seventeen Magazine? I am a guy and was interviewed?
Make up storage and organization ideas?
What colour shall I paint my nails, I'm bored?
Should I start wearing make-up?
anyone know how to get free makeup?
eyeliner tricks?
Good drugstore concealers?
where can i get MAC "Azalea Blossom" ombre blush?
I was wondering what makeup would be appropiate for a 13 year old to wear to school. Like just mascara or etc.
cosmetology,makeup-artist!!!I NEED INFORMATION!!!?
What products are sold in the USA but not the UK or Ireland?Any kind of items.candy, food, cosmetics anything?
Should a 7th grader be allowed to wear natural makeup?
Does Kelsey Grammer look good in women's lingerie and lipstick?
How to use make up to look older?
good colour on lips but no shine?
What does cucumber do to your eyes when you wear it with a face mask?
Make up tips?
need a good cleanser for winter &read for more ifo?
after reading so much about men painting their toe nails, how popular is it and is it acceptable?
What's a good natural looking powder?
which maskara is best to buy?
What are some day looks I can do with the tarte treasure chest?
how to get a natural (nude) makeup look at work?..?
Why is my dad sensitive about me wearing makeup?
wats the best eye shadow color?
what color are my eyes?
Is it okay to buy makeup for christmas presents?
Which is the best and cheap Dermablend in market?
wat lipgloss under 5 dollars has lots of gloss but NO sparkles?
What kind of experience is needed to get a job at a mac counter?
If I am a NW15 in MAC foundation, what would that translate to in Max Factor Pan-Stik or Kryolan TV Stick?
Should I Throw It Out?
What maybelline mascara do u reccomend?
Which lip gloss and lip gloss color is perfect for the occasion?
what foundation can i use to stop my acne?
Girls: What Make Up Do You Use?
Appropriate amount of makeup for a 14 year old?
Is there any natural way to change my eye color?
does the 88 shimmer palette have the same colors as the 120 palette?
Does too much lip gloss acutally lose the natural color of your lips?
my chapstick wont roll up what do i do?
Sporty women's fragrance?
i put toothpast on a zit under my eye now i have a huge red spot (burn) how do i get rid of it b4 tonight?
Is there an app for that?
Do Mac MSF's (mineralized skin finish) count as mineral makeup?
help with eyeliner!!?
What do you think about girls who does not use make up?
I'm doing makeup for my friends homecoming. What color eyeshadow should I use?
Which palatte is better for pale skin?
Does Proactiv solutions really work?
Which is better Clinique or MAC?
How do I draw nice eyebrows on my face?
does any one know where i can buy some cheap ruby red lipstick at department stores?
Can anyone tell me about working at the Belks cosmetic counter? What is the pay,what type of training etc.?
Where do you apply eyeliner?
What are some good at home remedies for undereye circles?
makeup help!?!?
Eye shadow, y does mine wear off durin the night n all end up in the crease?Anything i can do to stop that?
Bare Minerals?
Calling Sephora Customer Service?
How can i get dewy skin?
castor oil or vaseline for eyelashes?
mary kay or avon which is better?
Whenever I put makeup on, my eyes sting so bad, and they water and I find it differcult to see ?
Are Clinique and other expensive cosmetic brands cheaper in South America than Europe?
Is this age too young...?
oily skin, someone help!?
Can you get foundation samples from mac?
What do i do about my upper lip hair? :\?
What kind of interview would you expect to get if you would wanted to work as a Sephora cashier?
eyeshadow and mascara problem?
Is this to much makeup for 13?
Drugstore foundation?
What SHADE am I?? NC30 to what tarte color?
What colour of lipstick/lipgloss would suit me?
I WANT LIPS LIKE THESE! pic incuded!!?
Where a good place to buy makeup online?
How to make concealer not look patchy?
makeup you can sleep in?
What is the best type of mascara?
Where can I get cosmetic, fragrance, and hair care samples online free?
whats the best mascara?
What are good makeup removing wipes from the drugstore that won't break me out?
Are there any online makeup schools that accept Financial Aid?
does any1 know how the mary kay oil mattifier works?. and can i use liquid foundation over it?
What Mascara do you use?
Is there a good product I can buy that can help my tired skin look rejuvinated and not so tired looking?
Makeup boxes and bags?
What is some good makeup(base) to use that wat break me out ?
will some 1 help me b a better cross dresser?
does it hurt wen u get ur eyebrows waxed?
Whats the best mascara that'll my lashes thick?
Where can I find Stila lip glaze sets for SUPER CHEAP? (less than $20)?
What is a good dupe for MAC In the Groove Trio?
Can you have visible tattoos and work at victoria secret?
How much make-up should you wear when you are 14?
what if I have sold avon before?
What is the best foundation for sensitive/combination skin?
make up tips teenage girl?
How to put on pretty make up to make my eyes look bigger?
Make-up mistakes women make? I want guys' opinions too!?
Party Make Up Advice?
Which makeup mixtures are best?
Is Maybelline Lash Stiletto available in the UK yet?
Will you please trowel on your makeup megathick?
Brown eyes? Do you like them?
Facial Redness?
How can i make myself look good when going out?
Brown eyes? Do you like them?
wat kinda makeup to you wear for graduation pics???
Origins Make-up?
What do you think of my body? (Girls)?
How long does lip gloss can last?
Should mascara be replaced after a few months?
is it ok 2 use makeup when ypur 12 & you r going 2 8th grade?
i was looking in his eyes?
where can i find wholesale of NYX cosmetics in philippines?
pencil eyeliner helppp ?
Help I have no eyebrows...?
Should I allow my 11 year old to wear eyeliner?
How do I use a stippling brush to apply foundation?
Should a guy dye his eyelashes?
school make-up...and do I wear too much make-up?
Halloween makeup at school help?!?
What colour eye-liner would look good with gold eye-shadow?
What are sable bristles when buying a makeup brush?
Lancome Fatale mascara?
Is organic skincare really worth using ?
Does the dual waver from bedhead work good ? how does it look ? or tell me about it.?
Can anybody suggest a mica, bismuth-free mineral make up with a reasonable price?
Mascara help 20 points best answer?
how do i get my eyeshadow to not crease !?
Has anyone used Herbal Eye Gel?
Is this a good makeup routine for a thirteen year old?
Does Adriana Lima have Almond, Hooded, Deep Set, Close set or Far set eyes?
Best product to keep face oil free?
Question for the females?
Which is the best concealer in the market?
Is BB cream FDA approved in the USA?
~~How do get makeup to come off ???I cant use soap cuz i break out so i need help!!!~~?
Is there a way to make your eyelashes grow?
is lip piercing sexy?
Natureluxe Foundation Shade?
what colour is pewter nearest 2? in eye shadow colour, iv never heard of it! ?
Poll: Do you wear foundation often? Why/why not?
Make up brushes help?
How can I cover my under eye bags?
Is this makeup appropriate for a 13 year old?
What is the best way to remove under eye Milia?
If I am NW43 in Mac Foundation, what will I be if I wanted to buy Make Up Forever foundation?
My face gets oily during school?
how to get my parents to let me wear makeup?
What colour should i paint my nails :)?
time release moisturizer ftw?
From your experience, what's the best makeup brand?
Does anyone know where to get lip gloss?
Best foundation for pale skin?
Is it okay to do a clay mask everyday?
Where can I find bb cream in Canada?
is it weird to wear mascara on the top lash and not the bottom?
Ok anyone wants to give me a makeover I am a boy?
How to make school pictures look better with dark skin?
How would I do my makeup like this?
does Physicians Formula Plump Potion work?
where can i buy really cheap makeup and makeup brushes?
i need help finding the perfect foundation?!?
help me find Lebanese make up gurus :D?
Whats better and more prefered? Pressed powder or foundation?
can I use skin bleaching on my dark knees? does anyone know of anything that works on getting skin lighter?
Eyelash glue substitute?
Please help?
Rimmel London Mineral Foundation?
what is a good liquid fondation?
Bare minerals?
BOYS!Do u prefer girls with makeup or with no makeup?
which colour rose use for friendship at welentine day ? please tell me?
How can I look more feminine?
Make up tips for green eyes?
Is there any other girl besides me.....?
Why did SK-II discontinue their Airtouch Foundation?
Are you addicted to makeup & makeup products?
Would i be able to go dark brown to blonde without going to a hairdresser?
am i too young to wear makeup ?
make up for a 12 y. old?
what colur lipstick would look good on a 24 old guy? i perfer red?
Where to buy Elf makeup in Canada?
3LAB ???? its a skin care line? does anyone know what this is? is it any good?
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?
Does this lipstick look ok on me? (w/ picture)?
Does this sound like a good daily beauty routine????
what should my nickname be??? help?!?
What's a face primer for?
Has anyone ever used Physican's Formula...?
what color eyeshadow would look good on me? (pic inside)?
Do you like wearing lots of make up?
am i too thin???????????????????
How long does rigid collodion stay effective for?
how should i wear my makeup for my confirmation?
Does it look like I have what it takes to be a model? Where would I apply if so?
What color of makeup? (pics!)?
Make up questionnn? Foundation :3?
i am a male and i want to get my eyebrow waxed?
mac makeup?
Saree ............................. Girls ..............?
What is similar to benefit...?
lipstick question!!!?
Any beauty tips on how to cover up vitiligo?
Has anyone ever ordered from Cherry Culture??
what brand of concealer gives you the dewy effect,like those celebrities..i do not want cakey effect! Help!?
Homecoming Makeup, Accessories, Hair! HELP!! Pink sparkly dress!?
How much does the MAC 120 eyeshadows palette cost?
Why is it unusual to NOT have an human-induced wound STABBED through your ear to hang metal from?
girls ,would you laugh at a guy if he cam to school with pink nail polish on and blue eye shadow and lipgloss?
How to use makeup to cover up Dark circles? - Male?
help! i have really puffy eyelids an tiny lashes!?
Do you recommend any Elf products?
Which ANTI-AGEING products are best out of these below?
Facails-I need some recipes for facails i can make at home?
i waxed my eyebrow in wrong spot help!?
Lipstick!!!!!!! I will give everyone a thumbs up rating!!!?
Whats your morning routine?
whats your makeup look?
Guys with colored nail polish (not counting black)... good or bad?
what are 5 makeup products you couldn't live without?
What lip liner goes good with MAC's Angel lipstick?
is wearing makeup in 7th grade too young ?
Makeup that you recommend?
What can I do about black eyes?
I'm considering dying my eyelashes. Is it easy to do yourself?
makeup that doesnt look cakey?
How to ask my parents to wear makeup?
makeup: better with or without it?
What color eyeshadow would go good with.?
which mascara is better?
how much does this purfume cost?
Am I wearing too much make-up?
ran out of eyeliner...........?
would you ever go out without your makeup on?
Asian Makeup Advice Foundation/Concealer?
do you like neutrogena mineral sheers concealer kit spf 2o or do you prefer neutrogena oil-free concealer?
I was dared by a friend to wear makeup - I don't normally wear any makeup! What should I wear? HELP!?
What type of make up do you use?
On a piece of paper how do you make a water shape and when you put it in the light you could see it ?
What are some great quality eyelash curlers?
Makeup starter????????
Makeup 411?
Ladies,am I a good fiance?
Apply mascara before or after applying false eyelashes? Or don't use any at all?
Where is the site to Trucco moonbeam?
Does Make Up For Ever HD Foundation or Smashbox High Def Healthy FX Foundation give a dewy affect?
When would be the approproate age to start wearing makeup?
.....does this look ok?
Sephora Order using Paypal?
Need a little help with MAC......?
what's the best color eye shadow for a person with brown eyes?
i have a black & white prom dress and idk how to do my makeup or what color eye shadow to wear.any suggestions
How do I do my eye makeup darker?
Make Up?! I know nothing.. Tips, Brands, what you use... Anything that could help me(:?
What makeup should i do when i go to fright fest at six flag for halloween ^_^?
What are the different types of Nose Shapes and Mouth/Lip Shapes ?
fun makeup tips?
how can you DELETE.............?
How to make eyelashes longer?
I'm so sick of being nervous around the guy I like!?
Need advice on good things skincare line ?
Make up for dark brown eyes?
How do I do eye make up like Sharon Tate?
Where can I find these makeup products?
CoverGirl Lash Blast Luxe or Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara?
which is better voluminous by loreal, or define a lash and colossal by maybelline mascara?
What kind of makeup should an eleven year old wear?
Does anybody have a comparison chart for any of the Coastal Scents eyeshadow palettes?
what colour lipstick can i wear with a dark pink dress???? i have an olive skin tone.?
What is wrong- foundation problems??!?
can u use the sonia kashuk hidden agenda concealer if ur skin color is beige?
What is a good eyeliner that doesn't run?
What is the best make up for Dia De Los Muertos?
Do you think I wear too much makeup for a 14 year old?
I look really ugly without make up on, but i want to go swimming. What make-up CAN i wear, if i go swimming..?
Cosmetic stock stuffers?? Teenss?
what lipstick is she using?
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil for Beginners?
When should you throw away your mascara even if it still looks okay?
What's a good drugstore lip gloss?
i tried to stay out the sun and i dont use make up do anyone know some cream or anything that can help my face
What do I do for homecoming to make my legs look not so pale?
is baby oil an effective way to remove makup?
how to make blonde eyelashes darker?
School makeup... 8th grade routine?
Eye make-up for a white dress?
How many times a week can you use a face mask?
Can a man use women's skin care products?
is curling your eyelashes damaging?
why does daniel radcliffe never come to iran?please comment to me?
Makeup tips fer me? [Pictures]?
Drugstore mineral make-up?
How to make cheekbones more noticeable?
Wimpy Eyelashes? I know it's a big NO NO but....?
how can i make my eyes appear bigger?
which company cleanser is best?
What colour eyes do it for you??
why do i always sneeze just as i put on my mascara?
lipgloss vs. lipstick?
Is Caprice a good brand among makeup stuffs?
Do you think Mario Lopez is handsome?
Chanel soleil tan de chanel dupe?
Can guys wear makeup without looking gay?