How do i make my eyes look smaller?
Face wash for combo/oily skin.?
Is it ok to let a 11 year old (boy) to wear black nailpolish?
Help out my beauty channel?
why do people give hickeys on the neck not any were elts????????????????????????????????????…
How to Make My Hazel Eyes Seem Bluer?!?!?
What is better ? Mineralize Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation or Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15?
Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Make-Up? Bad experiences?
Is this alot of makeup?
Why do you wear make up? If you don't wear it why don't you?
What out of the hunger games nial polish collection you recomand me to get?
Essie nail polish: how can I get them to properly dry?
sephora makeup!?
What colour eyeshadow should i wear big brown eyes ?
wot is the best remedy to make a black patent hanbag shine?
bronzer or blusher?
do i need less or more? link to pic!?
What makeup should I invest in?
Make-up advice?
what do you think of all around lined eyes?
Put eyeliner on! how do you do it!?
i need help applying foundation to my face?
best drug store tinted moisturizer?
Where can you buy Bare Minerals items in Perth? (Western Australia)?
How can i thin out my eye brows?
sally hansen airbrush legs?
what is a really good inexpensive foundation and concealer?
if a boy wants to paint there nails should they?
Do you like this eyeliner?
best foundation for oily/dry quite pale with a few freckles under my eyes?
Whats a Good Foundation? MAC? Clinique??? Help!!!!?
what color lipgloss would go with green eyeshadow? Pink?
Why is my Dazzle Dry base coat is goopy?
What's the best mascara...?
which lipstick will make my teeth look whiter?
How to hide acne with makeup?
What's your eye color?
Where can I get coupons for MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation 178 Chestnut?
I Need The Truth?
pale skin, dark hair, whats a good lipstick shade?
If you had very bad acne scarring, would you....?
My eyes always water so my eyeliner doesnt stay on? also it looks like im crying?
Which shade in revlon colorstay has yellow undertones?
How to open rosebud salve tin?
Can anyone please help me with face makeup?
Middle School Makeup?
At what age do you think its ok to start wearing makeup?
How should I do my hair and make up for the homecoming theme this year?
whats the best way to remove eye makeup?
What is your favourite mascara?
Help with smeary eyeliner?
Ebay expired cosmetics?
Makeup shade help!!!?
Is 14 too young to wear makeup?
hmmm what do u think of my make up routine girls n boys ??????
Do I wear too much makeup?
Can anyone give me some information on mineral foundations?
Which blush should I get?
any opinions on Pevonia products? Thanks!?
What are good covergirl pressed powders?
False eyelashes questions!!?
What is the deal with her?
Make-up? Help Please!?
what are some of your favorite OPI polishes?
Does any one know where I can get 565b sheerly beige lipgloss by Wet'n'WIld?
fake tanners....?
What Color Eyeliner should I wear?
how can i make my dark blue eyes stand out more?
what makeup covers well and isn't too bad for your skin?
Are these smokey gold eyes pretty? Im thinking about wearing the look on a daily basis?
Poll- Pink or Yellow?
whats the best make-up for dry flaky skin that gives a smooth,non shiny, matte finish at a students budget?
Am I too young for this?
natural or make up better?
Which one is coolest?
Good place to buy cute makeup bags?
Easy Question Looking For Easy Answer!!?
What can i do to improve my looks ?
can u put mascara on Ur eyebrows?
what is the best drugstore bronzer? that is MATTE?
Makeup help?
Omg please help me with my eyebrows?
Prom make-up done at MAC Cosmetics Store?
I'm wearing a dark green (pine) dress to this formal tomorrow night what color makeup would you suggest?
I really need some help?
Does L'oreal or any of the other commercial makeup brands make a product similar to Bare Minerals?
Can you recommend some good dark red lipsticks?
Anyone recommend a good foundation that isnt too sticky?
How to get rid of eye bags?
question about avon credit?
shapie as eyeliner??
What colors?
what is the normal age to wear makeup?!?!?!?
What is the best mascara for asian lashes?
contact dermatitis???????
want more blog followers ?
Physicians Formula mineral makeup?
With or without make-up?
Does makeup cause or increase acne ?!?
my skin is patchy what foundation to use?
Why is wearing makeup looked down on nowadays?
Where can I find an organizer for my eyeshadow palettes?
Makeup for homecoming?
Suggest a BB cream please?
is it better steaming ur face in a machine or with a hot wet towel?
What age do you think??
MUFE HD Foundation vs. Urban Decay Naked Foundation?
What does jet black hair, ice blue eyes, pale porcelain skin, and blood red lips make you think of?
What do you think?
where can u get the eye shadow that katy perry uses in california gurls?
sharing mascara?
Please tell me how to apply makeuppppp!!!!!!!!!!!?
am i naturally pretty? or should i wear make-up?
teen makeup help?
What is the best toner and moistuizer?
People who lovee makeup, i need help?
what age should you put on makeup?
What are some home made lip scrubs and something to brighten my eyes?
What color gloss or lipstick would go good with a navy blue shirt?
What kind of bag do u carry for school.... plz help. school project!!!?
skin tone? make up? colour shade? advice?
does cherry culture not give their free lip gloss anymore?
which sigma brush do you think is the best for contouring?
i have blue eyes and a between-medium and light-skin tone. what colors makeup should i use?
What hair colour goes best with my alabaster skin and hazel eyes? My natural colour is light brown?
how to make my eyes stand out?
What ingredients ruin liquid eyeliner?
Girls! Do you feel pretty without makeup?
does target sale....??
Should I wear fuchsia lipstick to school?
What eye makeup looks good with light brown eyes,light brown skin?
How to remove fake nails?
What is my eye shape?
Should do this with my eyebrows ?
How old should you be to start wearing makeup?
Does M.A.C cosmetics still do the bring six empty containers get a free lip gloss or eyeshadow?
the amount women spend on make up,wouldn't it be cheaper for face lifts?especially you ugly chicks.?
do you wear makeup!~?
PLEASE DAD!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is this a good modeling pic for my portfolio? Will get many jobs?
Do i look like Ariana Grande? ?
Celebrities wear too much makeup?
how long do mac se brushes last?
Are my eyes considered Green or Hazel?
Why won't my makeup stay on?
ladies only?
Rimmel Recovery Foundation??
how should i fill in my eyebrows?
what is the best homemade method of removing ur tan?
Can I buy mac lipstick in the uk?
Hate to ask this, but... *cringe* rate me?
Which is the best medicine for Dark eye circle?
i need makeup himts like colors and stuff cuz i want to start to wear make up?
Would you use lipstick that someone had lost?
What is the best age to make up?
Will makeup be alright in an unheated cargo hold?
Blue eyes, quite pale skin..?
How to fix my eyebrow?
do you wear makeup (10 points)?
Whats a good age to start wearing makeup?
Which is the best hand cream?
Coslab Facial product (Singapore)?
Is it bad that I use this many beauty products in a day? & how many do you use?
which pic would better as my default on myspace? pix included!!?
For my wedding, should I listen 2 everyone & wear "natural" makeup or do the dramatic theme my heart desires?
how do you make a honey oatmeal mask for face?
are there makeups similar to bare escentuals?
Which shade matches me the most?
best eyeshadow colour for green eyes?
What would be a nice color lipstick?
Are you 100 percent happy with your looks?
why won't my foundation stay on?
Which girls wear the most beautiful makeup?
Will contact shape to ur eye?
Must have makeup product basics?
is 36C normal for 13?
Which eye color looks best on a boy?
what is the most important things the girles looking for it from the one who choose her to be his love ?
hi ppl pls let me noe the home made facial bleach. as fem n other market bleach does nt suits my skin?
8th graders: what's your makeup routine?
How do I use the garnier exfo-brusher wash thing?
What's a good foundation primer that isn't heavy and won't clog my pores?
I have blue eyes , so what color eyeshadow should I use?
What age is considered appropriate for girls to start wearing makeup?
Would Milani Baked Blush in Red Vino look nice on me?
I need a new nightly routine?
what are the best brand of false eyelashes to use?
Self tanner for pale skin?
Have you used Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse ?
Which makeup you guys prefer?
What are some make up tips to make Asian eyes look a tad bigger?
I need good eye makeup! what brands are good?
what is the best bronzer!?!? HELPP PLEASEE!?
Makeup Bag for Traveling?
Why Does My Eyeliner Come Off My Lower Waterline?
what is awesome eye shadow colors for green eyes?
I saw an info commerical about sheer makeup only minerals anybody know the site?
Which 3 products can't you live without?
Can losing 80 pounds change the appearance of your face?
should i wear makeup if im going into 7th grade?
Makeup that covers and stays on rosacea very well?
Lip Gloss?
i'm a thirteen year old girl & i'm looking for a new makeup look. but the thing is i never have worn makeup be
Help with liquid eyeliner?
What lipgloss last for a while and comes in pretty colors?
face powder for oily skin? (10 points)?
what is your favourite ?
How do I accentuate my eyes?
Ladies I need make up advice? Ive been applying my make up the same style ....?
Is this makeup too much for a 13 year old?
viktor and rolf flowerbomb in uk?
I have angular face-cut (small face though) and deep set eyes. Should I sport moustache or not?
How to make my face look the same color as my skin, basically xD?
why it is dark in the night?
What color eye shadow would match best with a light pastel purple top?
What's the right amount of makeup for a 13 yr. old?
How should i do my eye make up?
Do you put on eyeliner before or after ?
I need a new look?
Make-up Lessons 101?
What Do You think about Eyebrow threading ?
Why do beautiful women cover themselves up with make-up?
What foundation do you use, & what type of skin do you have?
Which product works better?? Please help!?
Makeup question??????????!!!!!!!!!?
Do I need to rinse this tanner off in the morning?
need to cover spots whats best make up tp to use that does not go cakey?
are there any cheeper jewelery brands that look very similar to lois hill?
Anyone know the best concealer for blemish skin?
what color eyeshadow do you use?
What eye shape do I have? (photo)?
what shade should I get in the MAC studio finish concealer?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear makeup?!?
prescriptives custom blend liquid foundation?
How do I make my eyes look bigger and brighter?
how to acheive doll look?
the summer is almost over, what colors are now in style this fall?
Which products to use for day of the dead makeup?
Derma Blend makeup where can I find it? #6 & Deep Foncze?
does anyone use merle norman makeup.?
How much does a sales person at MAC Cosmetics typically make at an entry level position?
how should i do my makeup ?*eyeshadow*
Is this to much makeup?
Do you think some asians are pretty?
What is the name of the red lipstick Christina Aguilera wears?
Which number foundation shud i get?
What make of foundation do you think is the best at making skin look smooth and clear?
how to use spafinder by avon?
What is the best drugstore eyeshadow primer under $10?
how do get rid of shiny skin???
What to do w/ mascara problems?
Whats my chance that my teacher wont notice?
Is there a MAC make up store in trinoma?
What does the authentic Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler box and packaging look like?
Girls: How much makeup do you wear when going to school or hanging with friends?
wat kind of makeup is better?
nars blushes help girls?
Has anyone tried MAC's Fast Response eye gel?
POLL: Do you apply your eyeliner *inside* the lash line, or outside?
my scar makes my eye looks weird?
ladies...... would it be best to apply your make-up before you leave home instead of in the car?
Duplicate of brushes MAC 130 and MAC 187?
Is this too much makeup for a 12 year old?
This shade lipstick in a drugstore brand?
How old were you when you first started experimenting with make-up?
What's the best concealer to hide dark circles and blemishes?
What are some makeup tricks that will make my face look wider and less long/narrow? :)?
Girls, do you wear black or white eyeliner(or other, or none)..guys what do you perfer them to wear..or none?
wanting to get my tan back!?
"emo" girls make-up help?
Im not sure what kind of make up to use. Concealer or pressed powder?
Best eyeshadow colors for very light brown eyes?need help?
what is the best mascara for under 15 dollars?
Any ideas of eye makeup for big green eyes?
What is the best/ or your favorite makeup?
HELP ME BE A GIRL! how should i do my hair and makeup?
trouble with my make-up . /:?
help applying eyeliner on top lid.......?
Where can I find inexpensive makeup especially if you're on a tight budget?
What is causing me to break out?
MAC Studio Tint vs Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream?
If I lighten my eyebrows how will they end up? Details below.?
do i wear to much makeup?
Need makeup tips ASAP. Please help? :(?
Where can I find Nyx Cosmetics?
How can I wear makeup without anyone noticing i'm wearing makeup?
Are there any makeup schools in CT?
Discounted MAC makeup products?
What Color Eye Shadow Should I Use?
whats better ?
Makeup question from a 12 year old!! if u are older than me u kinda wont understand but whatever!?
what are the best types of mae up for someone with dark blonde hair with frosted highlights and tan skin ?
what is your fave brand of eye shadow?
Does anyone know the equivalent to Clinique's Superbalanced Foundation? ( I know that Revlon is part of them..
droopy eye advice?
Ulta's refund policy?
i want to start wearing make up ?
I am going to start a youtube channel and i need a name to start my makeup series?
Has anyone tried Yves Saint Laurent foundation such as teint reist?
whats your first impression of this girl?! pic included!!?
What kind of make-up is best for day-to-day use?
First time filling in eyebrows?
What is fragranced body talc?with link .?
Who's sick of this hot weather and prefer it a lot cooler???
What color should I paint my nails?
How can I copy Gerard Way's Make-up style in the Helena music video?
What is a great facial moisturizer?
should a 13 year old wear: eyeshadow mascara or blush?
Avon red lipstick question?
Who makes/What is the best PALETTE?
best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes?
What is your favourite brand of makeup?
What brand makes yummy-tasting chapstick?
Umm is it natural for like 4 eye lashes to fall out at once?
I am really bad at putting on eyeliner?
Suggest me for a best cosmetic product with low cost to get my skin fair and white.?
what makeup to were for school?
Best home-made eyebrow wax?
Would it really make a difference if I used a lighter shade in tinted moisturizer?
Eye makeup for dark brown eyes & hair?
Women: Any Advice You Can Offer Me? Thanks!?
Keeping lipstick on!?
Best foundation for olive skin tone?
where can i purchase dermacolor or dermablend products in australia? preferably in sydney or canberra?
how can you conceal dry skin?
What make-up look does this girl go for ? ( there are some pics ) ;}?
Mineral Makeup?! Long lasting? Drying?
Is chola costume offensive?
what is the best apricot scrub that i can buy?
what mascara should i buy?
I'm 13, Is this a good age to start wearing makeup?
How do you shadow your face with a bronzer?
What is a cheap, effective eye cream?
what is the best salon spray tan?
Does LA MER EYE CREAM really work?
How can I fix my eyelashes? Ten points/five stars to best answer and I'll answer your questions?
how to give a guy a facial?
Which makeup do you use?
What is sephora university?
What is a really good concealer?
what would u do in this sit?
makeup question ladiess. ?
I got a question about age?
Mermaid Fancy Dress Costume (cover-up)?
do u think theyyll glow too ?
don't you think it would be cool if avatars had a make-up section?
Best foundation and moisturiser for oily skin?
is Barry M cheaper in superdrug or boots?
Whats your everyday make-up?
What age is a good age for a girl to start wearing makeup?
Where can i purchase bare essentials in london?
Have you used a tube of chapstick before losing it?
do you know any makeup tutorial for this eye makeup look?
Makeup poll..... :) ?
sheer cover products???
Mac's Creamcup and Angel Drugstore Dupes?
I'm considering to enroll in MUD university because I want to become a makeup artist,?
Hydrolyze Under Eye Cream ! ?
how much makeup is good for a thirteen year old?
Is Superstay lipcolor by Maybelline a good lip gloss?
What kind of makeup would you suggest?
dermalogica or clarins.... ? :)?
Budget: $50 product: good make-up brush set Location: sydney, australia. can you help?
Should MAKE-UP be BANNED as it promotes the oppression of women by creating an unobtainable idea of beauty..?
Does my sister wear too much makeup? (13 years Old)?
!!!!!!!!!!!if you like MAC cosmetics. i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
which is the best make up brand???
DO YOU WEAR MAKEUP because you feel insecure/feel like you need it,or because you enjoy putting it on?
Do you guys like my make-up? (picture.)?
How can I make a simple two to three ingredient face pack for fairer and healthy skin?
How old do you think you should be to wear foundation?
what do you think about Laniege products?
oily skin moisturizer with matte finish?
Do you think that this person is ugly?
Why does my henna never turn out right?
New ways to do my makeup, and reduce pimples?
Concealers and foundations?
What shades of bareMineral makeup is best for blue/purple dark circles?
give me the ingredients on how to make a body bleach at home? tnx?
new to this whole makeup thing?
what kind of makeup can i wear that will look good but also look natural for a black girl?
MAKE UP POLL : Favorite mascara?
what is a good makeup course in brisbane/logan?
Best lip Gloss you ever had?!?!?!?!?
whats the best face makeup?
When applying eye liner do you have to put the little tail?
When should my daughter wear makeup?
Girls do you think it's hot when guys wear eyeliner? I'm gay but just wondering?
What are some good colors to use on brown eyes?
I am looking for a particular eyeshadow that I used to have that I loved and cannot remember the name of it?
Which M.A.C eye product is better??
Has anyone heard of the tip to make lips softer?
How long does it take to put fake wound on your face?
What colour makes your eyes shine? :)?
Natural Nail Polish Remover??!?
Help ME With ideas for my theatrical make-up final the theme is Final Fantasy?
I have big lips and I don't like them. How can I make them smaller?
Foundations similar to L'Oreal True Match Liquid foundation?
My boyfriend is always going on about how i wear too much makeup (picture inside)?
make up tip for my type of eyes???
Has anyone every bought anything from,, or
Good makeup ideas for leopard costume?
quotes about make up?
I have a dilemma with how i think i look.?
should i wear makeup
What's best makeup to cover up redness/dark spots from keratosis pilaris?
how can i get my prom make up done for free or cheap in department stores in england?
How to reduce the reflectiveness of B.B Cream?
Good websites to get free samples ?
Have any of you tried the Bronzer for men by the Gentleman Company?
Skin undertone questions?
I don't understand the natural makeup thing?
Best makeup to wear with this outfit!?! plus hairstyles?
What kind of eyeliners stays on the best?
Do most girls who wear skin makeup have gross skin when they take it off?
What do you think of Avon/Mark Makeup?
How do I look without makeup?
Covering acne , what guys think?
How should I do my makeup?
Hey!!Can anyone recommend me the best No7 product they've ever used,I have a 5 pounds off No7 boots voucher...
Should I start filling in / drawing my eyebrows?
what r some great ideas for fun fantastic ideas for prank caling if u no tell me some great ones??????????????
Make-up help?
What lipstick would clash with my brown gold skin.?
what color eyeshadow is good for green eyes at night?need answr quick?
Which concealer would you reccomened for covering up dark circles?
What type of foundation is better and stays on longest?
Do eye lashes continue to grow after being cut?
you where make-up because?
Similar foundation colour Lily Lolo->Revlon?
Do cosmetics go on sale on black friday?
mac makeup help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How to Brighten Up My Skin?
Do I look weird without makeup?...?
What color of mascara for blue eyes?
What eyeliner colors do you wear?
How can I look flawless without foundation and makeup?
Is it necessary to have an esthetician license as a makeup artist?
What Colour SHOULD Poo Be?
cheese or butter? what do you like better?
Instructions on candy doll make up (NO black/brown eye liner ONLY white eye liner)?
At what age is it best to start wearing makeup?
MAC Starter Kit Ideas?
What is the best MAC foundation?
what is mac ice cream lip gloss?
What face foundation do you use? ?
New lip piercing? More help needed!?
do u feel like there is pressure to look nice?
Whats the point of makeup?
does any one use proactive makeup products?does it work good?
How do I wear makeup with out giving off that "fake" look?
Does anybody know some good YouTube makeup gurus?
Estee Lauder Double Wear or Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation?
Cheekbone and nose contouring?
why do guys paint thier nails?
I want to start wearing less makeup but cant?
Girls, why don't you like yourself without makeup? Guys, do you care?
I'm just wondering, when you kiss a guy, lip gloss or no?
Mac vs. Sephora (returns)?
An I ok looking: I really need to know?
what's the best eyeliner out there?
I am so pale!!!?
Whats the best eyebrow pencil?
what mascara would u recommend ?
Have you ever gotten eye lash extentions from the salon?
Allie gonino Makeup/hair (picture)?
What is the difference between Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate? What do they have in common?
Eye makeup, what are you supposed to do?
Do I wear too much make up?
My mom won't let me wear eyeliner?
about my dad what should i do?
Are false eyelashes reusable?
darkening eyebrows for a guy?
Can you use hydrogen peroxide to depot shadows? ?
How much make-up should I wear for my age?
What shape eyes and face do I have?
how do i choose the right foundation?
When preparing to go out should I put makeup on or do hair first?
How to make green eyes stand out?
hey girls tells me .........?
What is a good mascara?
What's wrong with this picture?
what is the step-by-step process of applying makeup? (simple yet detailed)?
which is the best deoderant?
What shall I use for my brows??
mascara for highschool?
Can you remove freckles? Seriosly?
Is drugstore makeup bad for the face?
how do you remove facial hair naturally?
Why Do Brunetts dislike BLUE eyeshadow>???
i want make up training in dubai?
Darker or Lighter Eyebrows?
How to ask your mom if you can start wearing makeup?
I have brown eyes and brown hair and fair skin... what coulours should i use on my face?
Make-up tips for an unattractive girl?
do i have a boring eye color?
How can i do my makeup like her? *Please Help*?
eyeliner help?
How long do NYC brand eyelashes last?
Mac Face and Body Foundation Shades? NC42?
Would U ???????????
Anyone know which makeup they use?
I have oily skin, with some dry spots what type of foundation should I use?
How do you make your skin get lighter over time?
Best and worst mac products and why?
Why is my makeup making my eyes water?
im not allowed to wear make up yet!! what do i do!!!?
My foundation ALWAYS looks cakey?
GIRLS: How do you usually do your makeup?
Who wears dark black eyeliner?
Mascara opinions please?
why doesnt anywhere sell the new loreal one day tan?
With Picture - I want to start wearing makeup, but I don't want to wear allot... what do I need?
What is the best eyeliner out there?
What is the best lip balm to heal chapped lips?
Do you think Mario Lopez is handsome?
I overplucked my eyebrows, and a part isn't growing back. Eyebrow liner looks so fake, so what can I do?
How much makeup do you own?
Anyone have some makeup ideas?
Where can I get free make up samples online?
Where in the Toronto area can I buy ELF cosmetics?
Australian brands of makeup?
(GIRLS) What would u think of a guy wearing foundation?!?
What is The Best Drugstore Mascara?
Shades of MAC eyeshadows tht can be worn and look good in daytime?
know any good makeup styles?
Powder help *20 characters*?
Which shade of MAC foundation should I get?
why does my face turn red even after wearing makeup?
Have you ever heard of beauti-control?
better with makeup or without?
What makes waterproof lipstick water resistant?
Can I use A Mineral veil with after I apply Podwer Foudation?
my friend told me that when it comes to picture shooting i have to use a dark lipstick color?
Fake tan help ! Won't come off?
Women from Europe what makeup brand do you use?
Usernames about MAC Makeup?
M.A.C cosmetics stores?
Bare minerals?
How to ask my mom to wear more makeup/buy makeup?
what is fall make up trend?
What kind and color of eye make-up works best for brown skin?
Would you rather be a twin or a triplet?
Should i wear make up to school tomorrow ?
which color should i use for my eyebrows?
what is the best powder foundation or ligiud foundation....for your face?
Do you know where I can purchase waterproof foundation and cover stick make up for my face.?
Getting make up done..?
the best lip balm...?
Purple spot on face!?!?
Any good makeup brands for sensitive skin?
Can anyone recommend a mascara that won't run over several hours.?
Make up problem plz help?
what are the make up products that you have 2 have?
Whats ur fav. make up brand.and why.?
Is there really nail polish that glows in the dark and if so where can I buy it to paint my wife's sexxy toes
what is the best type of foundation to use?
i am looking for companies searching on agents for them in the middle east, where can i find them ?
Wut can i put on my face besides foundation that looks really natural? Mind u, I'm not a big make-up person.
Best kind of makeup to wear in middle school?
best makeup brand for teenagers - bobbi brown or mac??
I'm 13 should i start wearing makeup ?
what is the best foundation for older skin i am 35?
Girls, how much Makeup do YOU put on?
whats the besy way to do this girls?
ladies having a problem finding the right face powder,can you help a sister out please ???
Is there a cheaper version of Benefit's High Beam,(or anything that gives a nice sheen)on sale at Boots?
i want to wear more make-up, is it okay to sneak behind my moms back and use wat she doesn't want me to use??
Morning routine??? for girls!!!?
Makeup palette help!!?
Where can I get eyelid tape?(wal-mart, walgreens...etc.)?
Best Drugstore Face Primer?
How do I get rid of redness on my nose and cheeks?
Lip Plumping Gloss?
how do you make eyebrows smaller?
american women average spent of cosmetics a month?
free stuff.....?
do they have toblerones in switzerland?
is red lip stick out the question?
I'm a make - up virgin, help please?
which is better liquid or pencil eyeliner...?
Will lemon jucie cause acne?
What eyeshadow works well with hazel eyes really brings them out ? ... answer me plZ?
What is the one idem of makeup that you just can't leave the house without putting on?
Why do girls want to paint themselves with makeup when God made us as we are and not with paint?
Looking for Milani Eyeshadow in Icy Plum & Marooned?
Besides eyeliner, what can you use to outline your eyes dark black?
How old is a good age to let your children wear makeup?
Why dont you like my makeup questions?
Good makeup for redheads?
Makeup to wear with blunt bangs?
Need MAC Lipstick help from MAC experts?
what causes eyeshadow to dry up around the "v" of the eye? i am constantly rubbing my eyes?
what a banana or ice cream make u think of or is just me?Every time i see one of these i think about it.?
Should I start wearing makeup again?
How to get nail polish to stay on.?
what are some good make-up tips for a 11-13 year old girl that doesnt make her look like a tramp?
How much does it cost to get a Mystic Tan?
Is it good to wear mascara everyday?
Do you know of any good beauty gurus on youtube?
Question for the ladies?
Best drugstore foundation for Gr. 8 Grad?!?
does fairness cream harm ur skin in the long run?
How do you hide a birthmark with makeup?
pale skin, bright blue eyes and almost black hair what makeup will suit?
What Can I do?
i have golden blonde hair, meduim/light skn tone, and blue/gray eyes. what makep should i use?
anyone know how to apply concealer properly?
what is the best brand of lipgloss?
what makeup bag comes with subscription to 17 magazine???....i will pick best answer?
I'm Going to be Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, for Halloween. How should I do my makeup?
What colors in make up would work best for me?
What kind of foundation is the best?
Instant fake tan help?
(Freelance) Makeup Artist kit?!!?
guys... do u like it better when...?
Chapped lips! What is a good lip balm?
Are chocolate brown eyes pretty?
what should i use for my skin that is not even?
My skin is way too pale. I need help with foundation!?
10 points.which male name is better?
What is a good Mac starter kit? Best products?
how can i get rid of this hickey?!?!?!?
Whats your favorite Maybelline mascara?
can I wear makeup with my contacts?
Where can I hire a professional sci-fi make up artist so I can look like a star trek alien (Cardassian, Klingo
How does my myspace profile look?
Girls, what do you think of guys with an Australian accent?
Covergirl or Maybelline?
What is the right age of women to use anti wrinkle creams?
What color shade would I be in Revlon's Colorstay foundation?
lipstick,what shade should i use?
What foundation does Jeffree Star use?
Difference between concealer and cover up?
Do you need eyeliner for eye shadow?
Ladies,am I a good fiance?
what foundation/skintone does this matches best to?
What do you think about body art?
At what age one should start using eye treatment products?
How to change my lip color back to the real color...?
how can I look for a job by catalog?
help mascara issues ! :'(?
Do i wear too much makeup?
does dream fresh bb bream really even out skin tone?
Thoughts on the Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover?
Everyday Mineral Users:D!!?
Girls is it bad that I put eyeliner JUST on my lower lid? and then heavy mascara..?
looking for skin care products from the 70's?
where is the best place ot get your eyebrows done in bergen county or manhattan?
going into 8th grade?
How to do makeup like a sitemodel?
Do guys care when girls make up is smeared?
Im 13 and i dont wear make -up to school?
How often should I exfoliate my lips?
Best drugstore foundation to conceal acne?
Party Supplies For A Pool Party?
how to find out which makeup works with your skin?
Good Lip gloss?
Maybelline Pure...Maybelline...or Physician's Formula?
Lining your eyes with liquid eyeliner?
Help! with foundation application?
how to dry out makeup that has gotten wet.?
is it necessary to put mascara on the bottom lashes?
What do you think is the best foundation?
What are good inexpensive eyeshadow brands that more matte with little to no shine?
Girls any tips on clothes or makeup?
How do I improve my looks?
i have this boy that i think he likes me but i like him what should i do?
What is a good pink/nude lipstick from MAC?
What is the best drugstore foundation for oily skin?
what do you think of Cover girls lash exact?
Acne scar before school help!!!?
What would you think if you saw me with my hot pink lipstick ?
how to apply pencil eyeliner?
Magnetic nail polish not working. WTF????
girls, what's your favorite mascara?
i have pimples on my face.. it looks very bad..?
how to make skin clean and shiny? ?
girls: How old were you when you were allowed to wear makeup?
Best Tinted Moisturizer?
How do you get Twiggy's look?
How do you apply mascara without it clumping?
Help! Choosing the right foundation?
how much make up do you think is okay for a 14yearold to wear?
Have Lancome discontinued their foundation shade 010?
What age is the right age to wear makeup?
PROS & CONS: Liquid Foundation & Mineral Powder Foundation?
Which concealer doesn't make your face look smudge?
Which department store makeup counter brand is the best?
Why do some girls open their mouths when they put mascara on?
do i look better with or without eyeliner? [pics]?
Tips for blue eyes?
What brand of cosmetics should i start using?
My mom doesn't like me wearing makeup and stuff. I don't really know what to do.?
Do you know any more sites like
Whats your favorite mascara?
What color would you say my eyes are exactly?? [pics]?
How to make yourself appear prettier?
mac makeup help read all thanks?
I have under eye dark circles how can i get rid of them. sleep 8 hours and stuff but they wont go away .?
Prestige Blackest lashes mascara?
do girls really need to wear makeup?
Is this all the make-up I need?
Is this a good way to organize my purse?
Eyeliner addiction Please help thanks?
How do you become a member of BeautyCon?
Is plucking ure eyebrows a good idea??????if urein the age of....12-14????
what to do, my makeup looks FAKE?
MAKEUP did you get started?
What do you do if you get a pimple right in the most oveous places for a 13 year old with out useing cover up?
What lipstick color is similar to Revlon 035 "Blush"?
do you have any tips on applying makeup of any sort?
how old should you be when you start wearing makeup?
is the Revlon 1.75-Inch Ceramic Curling Iron a good curling iron?
Is the Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner a good one?
how to make my eyelashes the same color?
What's my eye shape?
When should I start wearing makeup at school?
Can you recommend a really good brand of foundation for fair skin that doesn't look cakey?
people make fun of my make-up! help!!?
What is the best type of makeup remover ?
What type of makeup goes with blue eyes and fair skin?
Who agrees that this is wrong???
Best & worst makeup buys...?
Maybelline mineral foundation problem...?
I use Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Buff - anyone know what this colour is in other good brands?
How to keep makeup brushes in perfect condition?
Lipstick color for big fat lips?
What color eyeliner should i buy???
What kind of class I need to take if I want to a cosmetics teacher?
Chanel vs. Dior?
Whats a good username for a Youtube Beauty Guru?
What is the best concealer for really dark undereye circles that doesn't crease?
Does wearing makeup make you fake?
what is the best lip plumping lip gloss?
how do i dress pretty and do my makeup?
OK.. she's beautiful!! How do I look as amazing as her?
Where to buy Wet 'n' Wild 3-of-a-Kind Twist Up Stick? What kinds can you get them in ? do they work?
How much makeup do you wear daily?
Is smog as pretty as half baked eyeshadow ( urban decay)?
Make up Advice? [Pictures]?
What colour eyeshadow and mascara is the best for green eyes?
what makeup should i wear when im 13?
What is a good name for my YouTube account??TEN POINTS!!?
any tips on feeling pretty?
make up advise?
What is a good drugstore mascacra?
Why do I like cheese so much? Marble and Cheddar to be exact.?
Moisturizer for very dry skin?
Are You an innie or an outie?I’m talking EYELINER, not belly buttons!?bEST ANSWER!?
Has anyone tried the L'oreal Bare Naturales foundation, if so, do you like it?
how can u make your eyes bigger with make up??
What is the best foundation and/or tinted moisturizer for dry skin?
do u think the skin care proactive has a positve image when they?
What are good drugstore volumizing mascaras?
Makeup Question?!?! =)?
i need cosmetology info?
What colour are your EYES???!11?
Mega blushing ...HELP ME!!?
What is the best brand of make up?
Should I start to wear makeup?
What store has the best mascara and what company?
What looks good with green eyes?
Help with wedding make-up!?
what should I get from MAC cosmetics?!?!?
What's the best full-coverage Foundation for acne-prone skin?
VERY simple way to achieve a dirty/dusty/undead look with makeup?
tricks for getting eyeliner on top of eyelid?
what is the best fake tan ?
Do women use nipple stiffening cream?
how to reduce complexsion of skin?
Best Drugstore foundation makeup?
my mom won't let me use concealer?
I want to look like a killer vamp.?
hard candy primer HELP!!!?
The best makeup to use?
I am buying new mascara. Whats the best if I want long , curly , thick eyelashes?
How can I get my makeup to look smooth instead of cakey?
Help wiiiith my eyelashes!?
can you wear bare minerals powder over liquid foundation?
i have baggy eyelids at 13?
How do people, girls, in particular not get tan in the sun?
What should i do for my Birthday?
guys.. what do you think of girls with bold eyeliner?
How to make your face more smooth?
Anyone know which makeup they use?
why do girls complain that waxing hurts?
What do you think is the appropriate age to wear all of this makeup?
Survey: What mascara do you use?
i have blond hair,pale skin,and blue eyes.what's the best makeup for me?
Anyone know were to get hair and makeup done for prom?
Working for Clarins Cosmetics?
I need a good creme foundation~?
lipstick question!!!?
Can you use primer under temptu?
Question about Loreal True Match liquid foundation and powder?
What are good drugstore foundation (or tinted moisturizer) for everyday use?
How much makeup should a 14 year old wear?
bobby brown foundation dupe?
whaT make up is the best for me??
what can I get for a party?
best eyeliner color?
is it possible to change the color of my skin?
Would you consider lip gloss as makeup?
What s the best way to clear gangrene off finger tips and underneath the nails?
Can you mix a separated powder foundation with a separated liquid foundation & get it to blend right on face?
I Have Just Had Lip Fillers Can You Tell I Have Had It Done?
Why do some girls buy so much makeup?
Makeup suggestions for pale skin? ?
Makeupp musthaves... and moisterizer?
is this to childish?please help?
When is the next Clinique gift w/purchase at Macy's, Nordstrom's and Sak's 5 Ave.?
Which makeups do you apply first and last?
Can 19 year old girl use BIOTHERM cream?
What shade of green would you say my eyes are? & what eye shadows would look best?
What time do you wake up for school and what's your morning routine?
High end or drugstore face primers?
Need help with mineral make up!
Coastal scents 88 shimmer palette or the original one?
What colour eye shadow im hopeless please help?
GUYS, do you like girls who wear natural makeup more then ones who wear un natural makeup?
Debate - Benefits of make-up?
Why doesn't some guys not like girls wearing makeup??
What mascara works the best for you?
does costly fairness creams and lotions work?
what is the best foundation that wont wear off?
Starting a nail polish collection?
i'm not a great fan of makeup but might need to use it soon at a friends wedding?
What's your favorite makeup brands?
Does Anyone Have DIY Lipgloss Recicpes?
Whens the right time to look at the Girls in the Shower?
Can you be in love a girl you dont know 100 percent?
What makeup is best?????
So i want to start wearing mascara but a clear. Like one that is transperent does anyone know any good ones?
Foundation for acne prone skin?
pretty school makeup?
Another lip piercing question.. sorry lol?
how much make-up did you wear whenever you were 13?
how much make up do you own? (i'm just wanting numbers)?
What red shade should I get?
What's better? Tan or pale?
What make-up should I use?
How can I convince my mom?
Where can i buy bare mineral make up?
What store has the best mascara and what company?
face makeup question?
Do you think a 13 year old should wear eyeliner?
A good mascara for short, thin lashes?
Where can you buy TerraTints lip balm in a store?
Clinique or Estee Lauder?
What color would an NC15 be in Makeup Forever's HD and Mat foundations?
I'm dying my hair strawberry blonde, should i make some changes in my makeup to make it look better?
What is the best mascara?
Is this makeup appropriate for a sixth grader?
do yall think blonde hair would look good on me?
What kind of formula does Maybelline Lash Stiletto have?
How to make scars appear more prominent for a photograph?
What kinds of make up should i get?
What color of eyes are youre favorite? Pick one only.?
Does the skin become fair due to water in london?
Did your 120 Eyeshadow Palette came broken and did they give you a refund?
Any suggestions for liquid eyeliner or any other makeup?
*Picture's Included.* Do you like how I do my make-up?
Makeup & Hair Advice?
can someone plz post me the ingredients or ingredient website of loreal aishwarya rai amber lipstick?
Are coastal scents make up brushes good?
How do you properly apply dark eye makeup?
Can I use the dark spot corrector with another brand cleansing wash??.....10 Pts?
Does Bare Minerals Ship to Canada?
EASYEST 2 POINTS you'll ever get?
How do you make your eyebrows like this?
GUYS; makeup or no makeup?
14, teenage girl and have dark circles and puffy eyes?
when should you throw away your makeup sponge?
I have natural RED cheeks but want to cover them up any good foundation help?
How do you make soy lip balm with soy wax?
Bare Minerals "make-up"?
Fake tans that dont smell?
Why doea my foundation doea this?? Plz help!!!?
Dose yves rocher lipo phenol vegetal really works.?
for us girls, what MAKEUP would YOUU not leave the house without?
mascara choice question??!?
Does anyone else find it annoying when girls are CONSTANTLY applying lip gloss, over and over??
What is the Avon product that works for getting rid of mosquitoes? And how does it work?
what exactly is in make-up primers that make your make-up last longer?
is it okay to use any type of non scented lotion?
Bad skin? What can I do?
what is the difference betwwen these two eyeliner and which is better?
Wear makeup and still look natural?
simply minerals?
Does anyone know of a good foundation?
i want to look Gorgeous every day from morning to night?
Do you wear makeup everyday?
what can i use to hide oily skin??
Makeup help for beginners.?
make-up no make-up?
How do i get lashes like this?
What's your favorite makeup brand?
how old to u think i have to be to wear makeup to school?
how to wear eye tape properly ?
What colours are good with green eyes?
How to wear fake eyelashes?
what is the best type of fake tan product for face?
Eyeliner problems?
im 11 and in sixth grade and my mom says im wearing to much makeup!!?
Do you think blue eye shadow is slutty?
can you sharpen eyeliner with a pencil sharpner?
How do I get my girlfriend to stop wearing so much make-up?
What are good false lashes for sensitive eyes?
How much is too much makeup?
Any ideas for my eye makeup ... ?
what will happen if women not use lipstick when go outside?
Why doesn't black eyeliner look good on me?
are ther other contacts other then acuve and fresh look???????????????
How do I remove waterproof foundation without damaging my face?
does the mac strobe cream really work?
Horrible at doing makeup?
What type of makeup should a 7th grader wear?
Is it ok to use a brown lip liner as an eye liner?
What colour lip gloss you advice for olive skin?
Can fake lashes can be applyed to cheeks?
natural, but very long false eyelashes?
Would you recommend Luminess Airbrush Makeup System?
what should I clean my makeup brushes in?
What is a really fun online makeup makeover game?
pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Women who wear make-up and like to look pretty: a question for you about light bulbs...?
Scene makeup? (help)?
Anyone try MAC makeup and what did you think of it?
How to make makeup sweat proof for 5km?
what kind of foundation would i need?
Good Eyeliner? Points! Please answer.?
How do I use a C2000 Illuminating Touch concealer?
Have any wedding make-up tips?
What's the Best Pencil Eyeliner?
the fair and lovely cream?
What's your favorite makeup brand?
Can anyone tell me what the best mascara is please?
How massages makes skin glow and makes the skin fairer? can any1 tell me any facial massage dat can help me?
Best face moisturizer?
eye lash treatment?
sheer light reflecting make-ups?
Anyone ever use honey as facewash before?
What's a cheap and good quality foundation?
question on lip fusion by fusion?
what is the best brand of make up? Maybelle or Mary Kay?
What mascara fits best with my needs?
Dark dark hair, fair skin, and blue eyes...make up help!?
wich way do i look better?
Shaving Eye Brows?
Am i wearing too much makeup? [picture**]?
how do you remove puffy eyes?
ugggg! i want to wear makeup!!! IM NOT ALLOWED!!! how old...?
what is the best mascara for under 15 dollars?
is this an ok amount of makeup for a 13 year old?
Makeup - girls, how do you do it?
How to apply eyeliner?
who is prettier, honestly?
What colour eye liners can i wear with brown eyes for going out... not after natural colors?
I need help with my eyeliner!`?
Am I warm toned or cool toned?
Why my eyes change colors?
Should I get Revlon color stay foundation?
Will my liquid foundation still be good to use in the fall if I've had it this long?
Is it safe or good to use lip balm, lip treatment, that has SPF overnight?
Do I wear not enough makeup, just enough, or too much?
makeup and clothes?
What is your favourite high end makeup brand?
Is this a improvement of my looks?
what kind of makeup should i wear for 6 grade?
why do we have eyebrows?
What can happen if I let others use my make up?
is makeup really sin i need help from christians?
How many coats of mascara do you apply?
How do I clean the middle bristles of a foundation stippling brush?
Ok so my prom is today i need help?
How do i get my mom to let me wear makeup!/?
I need longer better lashes! PLEASE HELP!?
If I use L.A. Minerals untinted mineral foundation alone, will that be like using white foundation?
how much makeup should a 13 yr old have?
how do u apply liquid highlighter , brush & bronzer?
Is The 'Revlon Beyond Natural Face Primer' A Good Primer For Oily, Acne Prone Skin?
What's up with this e.l.f bronzing kit?
how do i take off mascara?what do i need?
MAC cosmetics store in Brunei?
what liquid foundation (brand and name) will give a lot of coverage?