What make up colours would suit me?
I just found out that having 5 toes on one foot is not normal...What do I do now????
I'm new at the makeup thing...?
Please suggest a good skin wrinkle removing cream?
Looking for Perfect Eyeshadow?
my so pale... i dont wanna get skin cancer. how can i get slightly darker? i dont like applying fake tan!?
Can you put on two layers of foundation?
How to hide a black eye for homecoming?
Help with my makeup?And hair?
okay, so my mom told me to try this for my acne...?
how much does the lip fushion kit cost?
is there yves rocher in london?
What kind of makeup can i use to cover my dark circles under my eyes?
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Dupe?
One of my pinky toenails always seems a little purpleish, what can I use to make it more natural/pinkish?
Do you like this hairstyle?
What's her face shape *pics*?
do the rights and freedoms of an individual outweigh the laws of the country?
Is it crazy that i doesnt wear any makeup?
POLL: do you prefer, girls caked in ORANGE make up, or a girl with pale skin&no make up?
Does it look like I wear eye makeup? Describe my eye shape?
MAC or Clinique?
do you guys know ne short make up courses? i want to be a make up artist!! preferably makati/ortigas/qc :)?
are there people in the world that each day after they wake up, the color of their eyes change?
How can I make my makeup look like this (eyes)?
MONOLIDS! I need help with eye glue!?
what eye colour do u have?
What foundation do you use?
i want to make my eyes pop/look prettier..?
Sixth Grade Make-Up ?
Whats your favourite piece of make-up and why?
eyeliner tips?
i need you guys to help me answer a question- makeup?
do i look better with or without eyeliner?
What are some good ways to do makeup?!?!?
Is no makeup for women a trend?
Girls: Is the make up really necessary?
Phwee, makeup tips? :D?
When is it "acceptable" to wear makeup?
How much make up do you wear daily? How long does it take to apply?
what is okay for 13 year olds?
Do I wear too much makeup Im 13?
how to reduce eye bags?
TEENS: Do you wear high end makeup or drugstore?
how to convince my mom?
The color of your eyes?
Can you help me find wholesale source for high end cosmetics and hair products?
Girls...can you......?
wedding makeup foundation?
Will my holistic job give me arthritis?
I don't look my age help!?
Good eyeshadow colors for light blue/barely green eyes?
why do people feel the need to wear makeup?
should my friend wear makeup?
Putting on makeup(quick question)?
what's the best color eye shadow for a person with brown eyes?
Why don't I look pretty in this picture?
which mascara ( and wand type) will make my eyelashes really REALLY thick and long?
Im 15 and I want to use makeup how can I tell my mom and sister ?
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation or Studio Fix Liquid?
Shadow on nose?
i m looking for online beautician course, plz help me?
Do online sales affect instore pricing at Sephora?
liquid eyeliner smudges ?
Do I where too much makeup?
Why is it a crime to not wear makeup?
What colour should i paint my nails today?
laura mercier creme silk...too to blend?
Is it better to use nail polish remover or to peel it off?
Anyone interested in skincare, makeup, cologne & body products can you tell me the best way to promote my site
How much do makeup artists get paid a week or month? (not including bridal makeup)?
How long do you keep your eyeshadows?
Loreal true match or neutrogena oil free foundation?
Taylor Swift eye makeup?
I want i red lips.without lipstick.i can i achieve dat?
what's your favorite benefit makeup??
how to fake glowy skin?
Right .. i need to look OLDER !?
7th grade? please please please help me! :( :(?
where can i get free make-up samples online?
skin id help me! please?
Am I Pretty? Part Deux?
how well does covergirl liquid foundation (oil control) work? I have combination skin and a little redness....
Help me with blush please? *EASY*?
What colors can I wear with tan colored uggz?
Bb cream for Mac nc 43?
Best face makeup advice?: tinted moisturizer/foundation?
How should a 13 yr old wear her makeup to school?
what color is your eyes?
Is there any website that I can ask about eyes problem?
my eyeliner`s driving me crazy!!!!!!?
Suggestions for a good drugstore hypoallergenic foundation liquid and powder for oily skin?
How to remove acrylics!?!?
Is the covergirl illuminator good for highlighing cheekbones?
what is ur fav line of makeup?
Would permanent cosmetics and high tech skin care be more "green" or Earth friendly than cosmetics?
Do you like people with green eyes?
Does anyone knows any good MAC lipstick colors?
What is the best brand of mascara you've ever used?
What is the best lip balm to use? ?
Whats the best drugstore foundation?
What is the best brand of eye-shadow palette I should invest in?
Who thinks make-up makes ppl look better or worse?
What do you think about make-up and what is your topic sentence when you think about it?
how do i properly apply pencil eyeliner?
Is this a nice eye.........?
why are girls so ugly without makeup?
I'm trying to use paypal to check out on E.L.F (eyeslipsface) but it won't work?
Guys with eyeliner?
Best BB cream for pale skin with pink undertones?
does any one happen to know the phone no to order sheer cover make up?
is there anything wrong about a 14 yr old boy getting his eyebrow waxed?
whats better: lots of eyeshodow or lots of eyeliner?
Girls with ultra-thick foundation on?
Do u wear a full face of makeup?
I use make up and my face breaks out a lot, help!?
How can I get pale skin FAST?
How do I get my sister to stop wearing so much foundation?
what make-up should i wear?
POLL: L'oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black or Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies?
What is your opinion on girls who don't where make-up?
what age do you think girls should start wearing make-up?
whats a good light make-up that you can barely tell you have on?
Should I use regular makeup or kit cream makeup on my husband's Vampire look f/Halloween?
Is Max Factor's Pan Stik makeup good?
Draw on whiskers on my face if I'm a bunny?
Whats A Drugstore Foundation That Accually STAYS ON you face?
I am going to start makeup and hair youtube toutorials, does anyone in the portland/wilsonville oregon area?
Feminine Makeover for boy :)? ..Help!?
makeup question/poll! [foundation]?
Why do female personator artists wear feminine look in real life also?
How to apply foundation like her.... ?? (PIC)?
What's the best mascara!?
How do i make my nails whiter?
falsies mascara from maybelline any one tried it yet ?
I have no eyelashes due to getting salon lash extensions and now I have to wear false lashes, what do I do?
brown masscara on ur eyebrows to make them look thicker??!?! do u do that?! PLEASE HELP!?
Hair/Makeup for this homecoming dress?
How much makeup should a 13 yr old wear?
is there any Concealer that is safe to go swiming with with out it runing?
I'd like to experiment with highlighting and contouring makeup?
Mac mineralized skinfinish?
bronzer recommendation?
How many girls here wear more than just eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, and eyeshadow? And how old are you?
dark circles question help!?
rosy cheeks?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What is your everyday makeup?
Is there a specific time I'm supposed to take off my nail strengthener polish?
Can I use A Mineral veil with after I apply Podwer Foudation?
can my eyebrows go from this????(PICS)?
ok what make up should i wear to make it look natural or im wearing very little makeup?
how to make a lip and cheek gel stain make up?
What are the benefits of Dead Sea Minerals to our skin?
What age should it be appropriate for a girl to wear this makeup?
Relaxing on a sunday?
what age???
Should I start using foundation?
What color are your eyes?
The point of make-up?
Affordable, good makeup brush set?
I want to learn for women makeup?
Please help with this make-up question! :(?
I have mild acne and a lot of acne scars- which foundation to use? Maybelline's Pure or Neutrogena's Oilfree
eye make up?
Has anyone used Bare Lifts?
For Makeup, what decade do you think it looks the best?
I swallowed nail polish remover!??! 10 points!!?
can anyone recommend a good eyeliner?
Question about Sephora's return policy. Help!?
how to make your own make up?
♥ ♥ Girls: Makeup Story Survey! ♥ ♥ ;D?
makeup to school???
How do you use a toner?
what should i do????
liquid eyeliner help?
can mascara sometimes block people from seeing your eyes?
What is the best makeup brand?
Barry M instant Nail Effects?
Party makeup ideas? :)?
Mac Addict needs help! Is there a mac outlet on long island?
What stores sell "STAGELIGHT" makeup?
im getting new mascara! any suggestions?!?
Bad skin? What can I do?
how old do you have to be to use make up?
Oily skin but want a dewy finish! looks good in direct sunlight!?
Whats the best long wearing lipstick for fall? drugstore or department store.?
What color and hair style do you have?
i'm fat and want to do a makeover of myself how do i do it...?
How do you make your eye lashes look really long?
Does hairspray work to presere colors?
is methi powder when mixed with milk is good for dark circles around the eyes/?
Is my skin bad because of foundation?
what is the best way to ask your mom if you could where make up?
Can an older teenager still look gorgeous without make-up?
How to do eye make-up like Samarie Armstrong in "It's a boy girl thing"?
What kind of make-up do you use everyday for school?
This has to do wioth MAC cosmetics...please help!?
How can i even out my skin tone...kinda make it lighter?
can i use baby oil to remove my eye-liner?
I need as many answers as possible, thank you(:?
How do you use concealer? or what's the best way?
Does L'oreal or any of the other commercial makeup brands make a product similar to Bare Minerals?
What's a good mascara to use for volume ?
do you think this belt is cute? (with pic)?
How can I find out when estee lauder or lancome are giving away free samples/gifts?
Fashion School Quetions?
lily lolo cosmetics?
waterproof eyeliner pencil..from experience what's the best brand to buy? thnx!?
i think i over plucked one of my eyebrows..?
Best anti-shine products from target?
perfume clairs use to sell......?
Any guys out there who wear makeup?
Benefit erase paste?!?
Does anyone sell Mark. cosmetics?
Would you be embarrassed to be seen without your makeup?
what are dickies?
how long would it take a makeup artist at MAC to do this look?
Has anyone used "Sudden Change 3 minute Under-Eye Firming Serum"?
Does anyone know where I can order Jazz pressed powder online?
Does airbrush makeup cover deep stretch marks seamlessly?
what is make up?
How to make brown eyes POP?!?
what are some good makeup tips for blodes ???
Maybelline dream mousse products?
What grade should a girl start to wear make-up to school?
Fall colors in warm weather ?
What age should kids start to wear make-up???
MAC makeup good for your skin?
who was the first couple in the world?
Whats the best Mascara to use?
how come there are no nc25 concealers at mac?
How long can you keep unopen mascaras?
What are some basic make-up tips?
what brands are in your make up collection?
What is YOUR makeup routine?
How Can you stop making eyeliner run?
Can I mix sweat proof sunscreen with BB Cream?
What is emo?
What is MAC?
Why do my eyes look so tired and tiny without makeup?
NARS, MAC, Urban Decay, & Tokidoki from Sephora?
i like wearing makeup and stuff but it is made out of grease from resturants.?
Should night cream be used?
Do you think makeup is appropriate at 13?
My poor eyebrows!!!?
is being 17 too young to wear makeup?
How does she do her makeup ? [PIC!]?
make up help.....?????
What are the best products to hide dark circles under your eyes?
best mascara?
How can I get into a modeling agency for Cosmetology?
My gf says she must remove her makeup before bed otherwise she'll get spots! Is this right?
how much makeup should I wear?
which picture do i look best in of the 4?
What color eye shadow is good for light skin women?
My skin is clear, I have brown eyes and brown hair, am I strange?
How can i increse my skin tone?
How many times a day do you re-apply your make-up ?
How can i make it look like i am wearing makeup without actually wearing makeup?
question about buying mac foundation?
half my eyebrow?????????????
what is your beauty secrets?
Wut do u think of a 10 year old wearing make up?
Bare essential users... how do i apply and look hot and cute!!!!! with eye shadow eyeliner and mascara,HELP!!!
Moisturizer/Primer for Oily Skin?!?
how do i make my teeth whiter?
Which drugstore lip stain is best?
Please help me I need some constructive criticism please!!?
Help me make a good make up palette ?
What is a good mascara?
HELP!!! easy 10 here?!?
liquid foundation help?
4 colors that look good together?
What's the best Primer?
What kinds of make up should i get?
Finger nails,how to make them "harder"?
Does anyone know of a liquid, mineral foundation I can get at a drugstore?
bare minerals or sheer cover?
Top 10 MAC cosmetics products?
Unruly INSANE eyelashes! Help meeee!?
Do you ever feel guilty about the money you spend on Makeup and Cosmetics?
how much money did mac cosmetics make in profits in 2011?
How should I do my makeup on my eyes?
whats the best kind of cover up for fair skin?
When you put on lip gloss does it leave a white line across your lips? How do you stop this from happening???
how to hide under-eye veins?
How can I stop my makeup from running?
has anyone used rare minerals by bare essentuals the night time treatment?
I have blue/green eyes, how do I make the green stand out more?
clinique- is it any good??
Bare Minerals Make Up?
i used to use rimmel lipstick no 008 & it was perfect, i cant get it anywere?does any1 now were i can get it?
change my makeup???? help please!!!!?
Is it ok for guys to wear eyeliner nowadays?
I don't wear make-up is that okay for a girl?
does foundation makes face whiter? and wat to use on skin before using it? when to use it ?
trichiasis is the medical name for eye lashes that grow out backwards?
Any tips to apply makeup without wearing too much?
Compare Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder + Revlon Bronzer?
which kind of make is 100% organic with no preservatives,SPF, parabens or anything bad.?
What should be the bare minimum in a website meant for purchasing items?
How to find out my mac foundation number?
why do girls wear so much eyeliner?
Plz help me tomarow i have to go for a wedding helpppppp About makeup plzz..?
What do you think of me, and what can i change?
What should I do with my make up today if im going to a Roller Rink?
What makeup do i need?
How bad is pale skin?
I get bullied for being ugly?
Do guys prefer natural or ... & do other girls do this?
Best everyday Makeup for 15 Year old?
What is your makeup brand?
Makeup tips! (Pic included)?
Is there an anti-aging face cream available in the UK that actually works?
What is the best foundation?
How can I sharpen a Maybelline Crystal Glitters eyeshadow stick?
how do i make my fingers and hands softer?
Is it okay?
Is waterproof mascara bad for eyelashes?
How to make stretchmarks fade away.? 10 points?
Clay Mask good, can you recommend a gel mask?
Cute Makeup Ideas...?
Makeup 911 Help!!!!!?
What color are her eyes?
Good makeup schools in Perth, WA?
what makes you trust a makeup brand?
If you put on liquid foundation base and power foundation base, will it make your face look cake like?
How to make brown eyes POP?!?
Wich one is Prettier???
What makeup colors and products should I use?
I feel embarresed?
Who took the cookies from the cookie jar?
What essential oil mixes well with Lavender?
What does Naomi Clark from 90210 look like without makeup on?
Does any one the best way to hide dark circles under your eyes?
Any Good Make-up Brands For 13 Year Olds?
Makeup that helps with acne?
like would u rather go on a trip with ur favorite band or live in a huge fancy house?
Hairstyles and makeup for social?
How do you make green eyes stand out?
how do you like your mascara to look?
how to put on eyeliner?
Do you put eyeliner on the top or bottom of your eye?
How many spray tans will 250ml give?
Anyone use Philosophy facial products for acne?
What's the best self tanning lotion?
Women spend £8,500 on make-up during their lifetime apparently, do you spend anywhere near that much?
mac paint pots i have one in bare study and its really creamy,i order soft ochre and its not that creamy?
Girls - What do you think of mineral powder makeup?
what eye shadow color makes your eyes pop?
Do you think this is too much makeup?
Who do you think is prettier? Be honest!?
Does the mac select cover up concealer crease?
How should I do my hair and makeup for homecoming?
Makeup?!?! HEEELPPPPPP!!!!!?
Is this too much makeup for me?
Makeup and hair ideas for my ball?
I am not dressing up for Halloween but I want some kind of make-up to do.?
Where could I wear this makeup? (pic)?
What is my eye shape?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
how to i do makeup for blue eyes and a fair complexion?
I Need Sweat Proof Makeup Ideas!?
do you know about BB products and how it works?please reply...?
Shiny skin...? you wear lipstick or lipgloss or nothing?~b/a always chosen!?
does mascara...?
What can I use for bags and blackness under my eyes?
How to appy a sliver and a black eyeshadow the right way?
Does l'oreal, MAC, or Clinique send samples?
does my makeup look stupid? (pic inside)?
where can i get a good hairdye that hasn't been tested on animals?
the T-zone....How do i control this? Is there any certain products to control oil?
Is it good to wear mascara everyday?
What are the best make up brushs for a make up artist?
Nail polish colors for Spring 2007?
I have dark circles under my eyes!?
Has anyone tried the Body Show Flawless skin protecting concealer?
This is a question for south & north American continent women, are u interested in gold, diamond and ornaments
What's the best eyeshadow, mascara AND foundation out there?
make up brands - are those real?
is it bad to put a lot?
What is tinted moisturizer like?
what is the best low cost coverup?
make up removing question?
What is the best over the counter mascara for thick, long lashes? My lashes need help!?
10 points..which is better?
This girl told me that shouldn't wear alot of makeup?
how much makeup should a 13 year old wear?
Why is it that women of color wear foundation when they don't need it?
should 12 year old where makeup?
Where to go to play the best "Dress Up games" for Girls??
make skin fairer within 3 months..?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What do you think of this nail colour?
Foundations similar to L'Oreal True Match Liquid foundation?
please help me?
Ladies, why do you think they wont air this on tv?
Heath Ledger Joker Makeup Help?!?
How Should I Wear My Makeup ?
What to say about my bad fake tan!? IM A BOY?
who are your favourite people to watch on......?
How much is an individual spray tan at darque tan?
making eyeshadow stay on all day/longer?
CLICK PLZ.what sorta makeups should i use to make me look prettier [pics?
Which mascara is better? Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black or Voluminous Original?
Do you think I could model?
What would a good foundation for a man be?
Fake Tan??
Do you think any of this is fair?
Do you think pale skin is ugly?
anyone know where i can find an eyebrow liner for a small budget?
does anyone have some great makeup tips?
Whats the best way to bring out blue eyes?
anyone with diamond shaped face(wide cheekbones and narrow forehead and jawline)?
Has anyone bought anything from QVC? I've bought make up from there, but they're not very good.?
What's your favourite drugstore mascara?
If, you saw me what would you think?
What's your favorite mac makeup product?
I have makeup but no reason to wear it?
What is this MAC product?
Whats a good lip balm........?
How can I make my skin turn lighter?
make up tips please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Drugstore Foundation?!?
What is similar to benefit...?
Would it be bad if I wore eyeliner?
What is your favourite sexy female perfume?
:] what do you think this means?
what methods are their to achieve long, luscious eyelashes with or without mascara?
Does my eyeliner look cool or just stupid?
What is the best mascara?
Smoky eye too much for a day wedding?
I am a man who wants to buy foundation at the conter?
Where should I start with make-up?
my toe nail is grey and coming off!?
Makeup Tips! PLEASE! (:?
Does my makeup look ok?
she wants to put eyeliner on me?
whats the shade of lipstick worn in made in chelsea?
about my dad what should i do?
what age do you think girls should start wearing make-up?
eyeliner tips??
How do you feel about this lipstick color?
how old do you have to be to get your lip pierced ?
question about makeup!!!!!?
What's your favorite mascara?
Has anyone tried Pur Minerals 4 in 1 pressed makeup?
Best foundation you've ever used?
GIRLS ONLY PLASE!!!!!!!! I need help with this!!!!?
I have dark brown, almond shaped eye is that cute?
I need something for my face.?
What Make-up should an 11 year old be aloud to wear?
how do i get a flawless loook on my face?
do girls find nose with hump attractive?
Tips for applying eyeliner...?
How do you do your eye makeup? ?
What is the best coverage for a vein ?
Favorite Beauty Videos?
Do you think my eyes are small or big?
Makeup that stays on all night?
After using a waterprood concealer should i use foundation to blend in with my skin tone or just leave it?
is this too much make up?
what make up would u suggest for pink and clear nails, pink belt,shoes,and hair accessories?
How much on average do you spend each month on makeup?
Poll: Eyeliner on top or bottom :) (And can you wear liquid eyeliner on the bottom? x)?
where can i get neutrogena cosmetics in the UK?
What's the best type of Concealer?
How to get the 'open eyed' look?
Bare Natural Question Help!?
Should I get MAC studio fix powder or Clinique superbalanced foundation?
Why do Japanese girls qwear so much makeup?
Do you use Bare minerals make up?
How much makeup should you wear in grade 8?
Does kat von d lock it foundation break you out?
do you think i were too much makeup?
Is this guy wearing an eye liner?
what the great colour to put on my hair now?
Are there any shows on makeup you know of, online or on TV?
Girls that wear foundation?
what colour eye liner should i use i have olive skin and hazel eyes?? xXx?
What is your favorite mascara?
how to make myself prettier?
which is better? mary kay, avon, or jaffra?
what kind of make up should a 13 year old wear?
Which is the best lipgloss.?
Are Mac's brushes you buy as sets but are shorter the same quality as their normal ones they sell individually
My eye is so sensitive would i able to put on contact lenses?
are moles on the face cute?
Any really good waterproof mascara brands?
Any tips on make-up? I was thinking about buying some for my first time...?
what makeup looks should i try/do?
Laura Mercer Brightening Powder?
Setting powder prob help (10 POINTS!)?
I really want a makeover?
What perentage of the world has green eyes?
I have small eyes and short eyelashes what mascara do you recommend to bring my eyelashes out and not stick?
Out the door top coat review?
Moisturizers for dry flakes around eyes?
Do Sephora ladies give you glares too?
How do you chose your eye shadow?
Anyone know any good foundations?
Wear makeup and still look natural?
Revlon Diamond Lust Eyeshadow, Where ?
Do you think im pretty? (pics included)?
Need help with putting on makeup?
does this look super unnatural?
5'o'clock shadow problem?
How do i make my eyes look smaller?
i have blue eyes what eyeliner should i use?
What blush color would be good for my skin tone?
how do you put on make-up that looks natural?
Would this look stupid?
what are the five best colors of nail polish to have.?
Is lipbalm good for our lips?
Can I wear eyeliner with a stye?
what are the prettiest eyes?
Embarrassing boy asked me if i was wearing makeup?
whats a good foundation?
Can You Use Vitamin E Moisturizer As A Primer ?
Help with my eyebrows?
Does anyone know of a good drugstore dupe of YSL's lipstick in the color Tea Rose?
Can You Cover Stretch marks Fully with Makeup or anyotehr beauty miracle products?
What color eyeshadow should I wear?
Hey girls! what do you think about the "bare minerals"?
Drugstore foundations that are oil free ?
I'm sick of wearing eyeliner?
What color am I?
Best BB Cream For Oily Skin?
Make-up recommendation please
Can someone please tell me why I should live to please myself?
need help with this!?
anyone please help 10 points !?
How much does Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15(MAC cosmetic) cost at Rustan's.?
How much do I clean my foundation brush?
Do I wear too much makeup for a 13 year old?
What is your favorite lip gloss that is long lasting? I hate having to always re-apply.?
I am in my mid 20's and yet never wear makeups. Am I alone?
what makeup is she wearing? (PICS INCLUDED)?
Physicians formula makeup?
what good foundation should i use for my face?
Does Lilash really work? And how long did it take for you to see results?
Are their any beauty courses that I can go on?
Girls:When did you start wearing makeup?
Please can you tell me the best foundation available in the UK?
ladies:what products of make-up do you use everyday?
celebrities with bushy eyebrow?
What empty containers does MAC accept for their recycling program?
How can i look pretty without makeup and lose weight?
Does anyone know where I can buy nail polish in bulk but not in bottles?
i am looking for companies searching on agents for them in the middle east, where can i find them ?
What is the best drugstore eyeliner?
Have you purchased Go Smile? Can I start with the touch up mini compact. Do I need to purchase the whole kit.?
What should I do to bring out my blue eye color?
Wanting a makeover for my birthday, where can I go?
what blush colors look best on blue eyed blondes/?
Any good foundations?
how can i get deep creases off my jordan 4's?
Foundation Question!! Help!?
im 20 .. makup??
how does she get her make up like this?
Please recommend a mascara for me :)?
Does it hurt to get a pedicure?
What's One Beauty Addict You Can't Live Without?
What should I use to fill in my eyebrows?
What are some good matte foundations for oily skin?
do i wear too much make up? im on the left... (before winter formal)?
I am looking for a makeup that will cover the scarring on my face but still look fresh and natural-Any Advice?
whats a good make-up brand?
would shouler length brown hair look good on me? (pictures)?
Does a Makeup Artist need schooling to be succesful?
Best drugstore mascara you ever used?
When did u start wearing Makeup?
I need a less Fancy version of Michelle phan's Purple Hazy look; Help!?
How does this girl do her make-up?
how can i make lip balm without beeswax and vitamins and stuff like that?
what works the best for teenage acne?
how can i be a beauty girl?
Free make up and skin care samples!!! dont want any answers for walk in and ask please!!!?
Which of these is cute?
Best oil free foundation and concealer?
whats wrong with a guy wearing make up if he chooses to ?
I need help recreating this make up look?
due to heavy smoking my lips colour has become very black how to improve lips colour?
Is Nivea cream a good facial cream to use after washing your face?
MAC Pro Card??
Whats so bad about using expired makeup?
How can we make our face look fresh?
how can i make my eyes look bigger?
what colors make yellow?
why are my eyelids flaky?
Do you think this would be good?
Maybelline Dream fresh bb cream .vs. Covergirl Natureluxe foundation?
I need help shaping my eyebrows!?
what is the best way to hide acne in between your eyes and on your forehead?
When at the hospitalI see many die?
Do guys prefer a natural face or makeup?
Where can I find a similar product to Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights?
any 1 know ..How to use a hairdresser colour chart?
what scrub should i use?
What's the perfect eyeliner for a thick outline?
Make up ideas for homecoming?
Getting the most of my money with Sephora? And product suggestions.?
Whats the best eyeliner in the drugstore?
High fashion makeup schools in greater cincinnati, ohio to columbus, ohio?
guys do u like girls with alot of make up or..?
wat age ??
Which brand have water-based make ups that can be found in Singapore ?
Trying to find the right color of red lipstick?
Is there anyway I can get away with a little bit of makeup?
If you could wear one makeup look for the rest of your life what would it be?
what can i use to locse acne?
Teens:Whats in your purse?
How should I do my wedding make-up?
opinions please.... make-up?
what is the best concealer for covering up acne scarring?
Naked 1 or Naked 2 palette?
can u tell me how i canget full make up with shiny face except eyes and lips????plzzz?
Can you really tell whether you have cheap or expensive make-up on?
Eyeliner epidemic?
I just found out that Olay vitamins were discontinued! Where can I find others like this product?
whats your make up routine/trick?
Mascara: Where can i buy good stuff?
how to make lips naturally red?
what product can i use in my hiar to make it look smooth instead of frizzy without it being oily or sticky?
What are some great chapsticks?
Shipping question about everyday minerals?
where do i get lipgloss?
Can anyone recommend a good eye make-up remover?
Please help me...?
whats the best facial moisturiser?
what do you think (pics)?
Tips for applying eyeliner...?
How do you get eyeliner like Demi lovato?
Makeup makes me look older?
is it better if i use lip liner before applying red lipstick?
Do you think my friend has entirely too much makeup?
do I need a toner everyday?
how much does a mac makeup kit costs..?
Zombie/victorian doll makeup?
Which of these two eyeshadows should i buy?
What is your daily morning routine for school?
Help with eye make up?
Are'nt her eyes gorgeous?
can you wear fineliner as eyeliner?
where can i get some plain kohl?
will using foundation ruin my skin?
What are some reputable makeup schools in LA or New York?
how do i stop sticking my eyeliner pencil into my eyeball ?
What to do!?
Moustach please help?
Is St. Ives Apricot Scrub good for your skin or not?
I Think My Make Ups Too Light?
How do i get rid of my makeup line!!!!?
Do you guys think its ok to wear makeup while youre in a game?
are men better looking than women?
What can I do to curl my eyelashes because eyelash curlers don't work for me?
summer nail pollish color?
YSL semi-loose powder or Chanel natural loose powdeR?
can i use aloe to help with dry skin?
about the 'smash box lip exfoliator'..?
I cant believe I'm asking this....?
How do i cover up my girlfriends bruises?
What makeup looks good with large eyes?
Best kind of cover-up..?
my eyes are red help me?
Red eyes! Please help?
Inexpensive but good translucent powders?
What all the hype about wen haircare?
what is the best brand of contacts?
how should i do my makeup ?*eyeshadow*
how to do a smoky purple eye?
What's the absolute BEST mascara?
How do you get your nail polish to stay on longer?
how can i draw more attention to my eyes ? pic included?
do guys find short girls with brown hair attractive?
Has anyone ever shopped Mac outlets?
can i use concealer for eye shadow base?
Eye color??
answers Anyone???
How do I make my eyes look smaller?
Whats your favorite type of Makeup?
Tinted moisturizer question?
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer & Primer?!?
what makeup tips do you have for a slightly taned red head with blue eyes?
Poll: Does she look better with thin or with thick eyeliner?
Makeup for a freshman?
Should I start wearing make up when I get into high school?
i hate covergirl cheekers blush!?
Poll: False eyelashes or mascara?
What Mascara works the best to give you long lashes?
Makeup on boy - now spots?
Is this a good make-up routine?
13 Year Old Needs Makeup Tipsz.!?
Black or Electric blue eyeliner?
my sister cant keep her lipstick on!!!?
Medium CREWNECK help?
makeup kit for beginers?
How to make my eyebrows more neat?
How should I do my makeup?
the manager of workplace told me i had to wear more makeup?
ASAP skin care- how to use? And is it good?
Inexpensive perfume or brand perfumes,which ones do you like?
Which mascara do you think is better?
Nail polish dilemma?
Clean and Clear Advantage Makeup stick?
Isn't it amazing what professional makeup and photo editing can do?
What's your everyday for school makeup routine?
what is the difference between face clean up and facial?
im i too young?
Where can I buy kryolan makeup?
What is your favorite long lasting lipstick brand?
How can i get my eyeliner like this?
Am i too young to wear a 'FAKE' Lip peircing?
natural or make up better?
My cream foundation is too light & my liquid is too dark,?
what is your favorite kind of foundation or base,(I am fairly light completion)?
Best Concealer you have ever used?
long eyelashs ?
What is an easy way to get mascara off???
Are this bobbi brown brushes real?
What's you favorite mascara?
What should i say to him?
how to look good in the nudee :)?
urban decay vice palette eyeshadow dupes?
Is this okay makeup for a 13 year old to wear?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
can i use regular witch hazel instead of..?
Girls who don't need make up?
What is the best foundation you have used?
i have a zit and i need to know if i should avoid my boy friend.?
how long can you keep mascara before it goes bad?
face turned to grey-ish in photos due to wrong foundation?
what is ur best eye shado and that is cheap?
How Can I Hide A Lip Piercing?
Thick or thin eyebrows?
what can i do to bring out the colour in my eyes?
I'm thirteen and I've never put on any make-up...?
Ladies, Why Do You Wear Makeup?
Do you guys prefer using to google?
Anyone know how to buy large lots of chanel makeup and skincare at wholesale?
Which of these blushes will be more flattering on me?
whats the best high street foundation for pale skin?
What can I do about my chin crease?
13 year olds: what's your make-up routine?
What colour lip gloss you advice for olive skin?
My eyebrows weigh down and hide my eyelids and I am a Filippino?
Big lips and bright lipsticks.. Yay or Nay?
How do I mix Copper Blonde with a Golden Blonde to get a richer colour?
Did you know that Motives can custom make foundations?
(photO) ok im goin out..any good tips on what to wear for my skintone and makeup tip.i nned help plz..thnx...?
is lipstick is necessary for girls?
How to curl bottom eyelashes?
a foundation with medium coverage for dry skin?
calling all mary kay sellers?
Mineral foundation or liquid foundation?
How many coats of mascara do you apply?
can you wear makeup when you are a vegan?
How to get Taylor Swift's look? [pic]?
how should i wear mascara? which brands are best?
I need help with my hair/makeup, please! (PIC)?
How to get rid of acne?
For a guy what eye makeup should i use and what is a nice perfume i can try?
Can I put make-up over cold sores?
can you put cellulite cream on your face?
How do you apply eyeliner?
Best Fairness cream for men?
Eye makeup to make browns lighter?
my friends wear toooo much make up!?
basic makeup for the beginner:)?
I need some questions answer about being a cosmetic scientist!?
Would you let your son play with your make-up?
can i use eyeliner on my eyebrows if it's the same color?
Can I use the eco tools powder brush as a mineral brush?
I wont the old fake make up with the plastic lipstick? ?
what colour is better.. orange or red?
my eyes are blue and towards the middle they are green does that sound like a pretty eye color?
Whats a list of makeup brands HEB sells?
What Makeup Goes w/ My Outfit? *10 Points* Help Please!?
Why do guys hate makeup?
its my first day at highschool how should i wear my makeup?
Someone help meeee!!!!?
How do you put on eyeshadow so it looks the best...???
Question about Almay smart shade. please Help! going on trip.?
What do i need to be a make up artist by meaning qualifications?
Best cheap makeup remover?
how good is the L'Oreal Bare Minerals Mascara?
How should I apply my make-up?
Where can I find this type of eyeliner??
Ladies:What makeup (if any) do you wear every day?
Which eyeliner is better?
What can i do to look better?
all my friends say i should wear makeup but i dont feel comfortable wearing it wat should i do?
what *type* of foundation is best for me?
Laides, please share your best beauty buys! Here are mine:?
I am Not sure if i am a bronze or a golden in 17 mag?
Innisfree makeup in the USA?
Where can I get Glycolic acid peels in chennai?Can someone help me out?
Is there a Sephora in Manassas, VA?
Where/how to apply blush?
i have dark bags under my eyes all the time. how can i get them to go away. one person said i look depressed. ?
Does anyone order off crown brush?
Should I let my son wear makeup?
what do u think of this makeup?
What is Kelly Clarksons favorite lip gloss?
I want to know what your first impression of me is. PIC!?
Can you use concealer as primer?
5-minute makeup routine for 8th grade?
Great drugstore skincare products?
what kind of ethnic makeup does Peru have?
I'm a red head, and I'm not sure how to put on makeup that won't look bad. Any tips?
Where can I find a Covergirl ultimate finish foundation shade in medium light.?
I'm 13, Is this a good age to start wearing makeup?
What is your everyday makeup and hair routine? :)?
I need a mascara do u have any suggestions?
Around what age can a female use feminine products like vagisil?
ok is maybelline qood ?
Oily Skin + Make-up?
How Do You Test A Foundation?
How to make a cucumber cream for face or for eyebags remover?????pls help?
How can i get my eyes to look bigger?
do i look better with or without makeup?
What is a good instant tan?
Is It Whorish To Wear Makeup In 7th grade?
what is the best way to remove eye makeup?
Mac Or any other foundation that doesn't break you out?
Whats a good make up remover?
I need help can you put dark eyeshadow up to your brow???
i use revlon color stay foundation and look spots like dirt in shade buff did i chose wrong shade?
What "Shade" of cream bronzer do you think would best fit my complexion?
Why wear make-up?
my spots have gone but i have small scars on my face- what foundation is reccomended to cover up?
Make-up remover for sensitive eyes?
Do you separate your day makeup from your other makeup?
deoderant help.....?
what colors of makeup should i wear i am 13, what should i wear?
What is the internet address to order Bobbi Brown cosmetics gratis for employees?
LADIES: did i apply my eyeliner good...? ((PICS))?
What moisturizer is good for oily skin?
hey am not talking about cream, its a gel, so how do u use it now ?
What's some cheap drugstore makeup....
What is the best foundation for flawless skin?
what do you think of my new avater do you like it?
How much make-up do you wear going to school?
What do you think of my hair and makeup in these pics?
Chanel soleil tan de chanel dupe?
Question about Clean and Clear SOFT line? Toner?
where can i find swimmer makeup brushes?
Is it wrong for a guy to wear make up?
What is the best mascara EVER?!?
Magnetic nail polish not working. WTF????
why do women always have their mouth open when they put their mascara on?
Wwhat brand/type of mascara would u recomeend?
i bought the loreal telescopic mascara - wat do u think of it?
How much to tip for eyelash extensions?
Would it be pointless to wear makeup and do my hair up for going to the airport?
What websties could I go to to get samples of make-up?
Eyeliner? Where?
tricks for applying eyeshadow as eyeliner?
What eyebrow type would suit my face?
wut is the best acne treatment?
Is it worth buying purple feather lashes? (picture)?
help, make-up tips?!?
Arent you all happy...?
Is it okay for men to trim eyebrows if someone has bushy eyebrow and use sunscreen and take care of their skin?
Whats your favorite lipgloss?
How do i learn to make smokey eyes with my eye shadows or apply eyeshadow Arabian style?
Do you think I am too young to wear foundation?
Anywhere i can get some free makeup samples?
mac fluidline vs mac technakohl liner?
what kind of powder do you use when you contour your face?
what`s your favorite lip gloss?
How much makeup should a 14 yr old girl wear?
What do you think of FACE SHOP products?
are blonds cuter then brunttes, and r brwn eyes uglier then blue?
will sharpie marker ink come off my nails?
Perfect makeup look help?
What would you say would be the best mascara on the market?
What makeup do you wear?
Has anyone used Elizebeth Ardin cosmetics, and if so, what did you think of it, and what did you like.?
I'm 13 and want to start to wear make up What do you think?
How can I get my makeup like hers?
How to make nail varnish last without a top or bottom coat?
How long does Sigma Beauty brushes take to be delivered?
How should I get my hair cut, and how should I start doing my makeup?
Can somebody do a makeup tutorial on this please.?
How to match my foundation to my skin tone?
Whats the best make up product and why?
what is lithium picnic?
are there any tricks to making mascara not smudge under your eyes throughout the day ?
What's the best foundation that doesn't ruin your face?
Do you know of a good product to help drooping eyelids ?
What is the best mascara to use?
Why can't I put on eyeliner?
what is a size 31 waist in the uk..?
My nails are stained from a highlighter?
cute makeup for school? (please answer)?, how do i make it work right?
Best Acne Cover??
avene products?
How do you apply mascara?
What is the solution of puffy eyes, how they do make up to hide this?
Can I wear makeup while being treated for pink eye?
How long should make up be kept?
Should I get a spray tan?
How to apply eye shadow..over eyes to look perfect..?
How do my eyebrows look?
Do you think I'm pretty?
what is the best makeup you can buy?
Do you think blue eyeliner would look good on me?
make up for bad skin?
Which colour makes brown eyes pop?
What shades of lipstick suits a pale face, blue eyes and blonde hair?
1920's Flapper makeup?
Make Up Advice Pleeaasse!!! What Would Make Me Look Good? (pics included)?
whats your opinion on kids wearing makeup?
would it be weird if i put fake nails on?
Where can I find interesting nail polish colours?
What's a good foundation and moisturizer combo?
Do you wear mascara on your bottom lashes?
what's your favorite brand of makeup?
Is this makeup okay for a 14 year old entering 9th grade?
Want a high end tinted moisturiser?
what are the best colours to wear with pale skin and what eye shadow is best with blue eyes. thankyou x?
what it the best prefume?
what kind of eye liner!!!!!!!!?
Philosophy skin care qoutes?
What brand makes some good stick eyeliner?
whats your usual makeup routine?
Do you think they're pretty?
Olive skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair makeup?
how much make-up would you put on a day?
How much makeup do you own? (girls only)?
Is my makeup routine good?
Please help me with foundation!!?
Do i have a big nose? PICS?
How to do better makeup tutorials?
What is the best way to cover acne?
Where to buy single lashes and lash tweezers in london?
Makeup help 10points!?
What's your favorite kind of mascara?
Best drugstore mascara?
How can i make my face less oily?
What age do you think girls should be allowed to wear make-up????
Avon gun cologne bottles?
If makeup is supposed to enhance a woman's looks, why is the opposite more prevalent these days?
my makeup wears off by the end of the day?
Best Mascara?
If i wear a 1W2 Linen of Estee Lauder what shade would i wear of Mac foundation?
Do you think that wearing black eyeliner means I'm a goth?
Can anyone reccomend a decent face cream?
I need a facial mask that will....?
help with "around the world" day ideas.-Geisha?
Too much makeup for a 14 year old?
Help with apperance?
which girl is the prettiest? just wondering?
Do you keep mascaras past 3 months? What is the longest you kept a mascara?
What Kinda Foundation Should I Use For Oily Skin?! ?
Is it a good idea to use peanut butter as a face mask?
This is really important please dont ignore it!!!?
where can I find beauticontrol creme sheer protection in cl nutmeg? ?
Awkward moments at the hairdressers?
What's the best foundation for my skin?
am i wearing too much make up?
dose benfit a good product?
What stores in the mall sells leg makeup/body makeup for african americans (deep)?
what kind of make-up do you use?
What's inside your make-up box ?
I use Mac MatchMaster Foundation in 6.0. What is my shade in Studio fix fluid?
Where can I get my eyebrows waxed?
Where can u find really good makeup and beauty secrets?
Do M.A.C. Cosmetic sales girls make alot of money??
Does all of the BB creams contain Propylparaben and other toxic, dangerous, unhealthy ingredients?
Best Drugstore that won't smudge or fade?
How does Jennifer Lopez look white?She used to be dark?
Ladies, a little survey here. what's your favorite make-up products?
What are some good eyeshadow primers?
Makeup for royal blue/navy blue dress?
make my eyes look bigger!!!!?
Makeup for red-black saree?
Covering dark circles ?
Why does our skin change colour(s) as we age?
What sort of makeup should I wear with a lemon dress?
I need some eyeliner help please :)?
What Mascara should i get?
Any good make up products? Good quality and cheap?
Under eye concealer for really dark circles on olive colored skin.?
How to do a dark smokey sparkly eye?
PICTURE: How can I make my face look less weird?
where can i find maybelline cool effect eyecolor in "cold as ice" in the seattle, washington area? thank you