24hr foundation to suit combination skin?
smokey eye makeup thats subtle...?
which perfume is good choice for a age of 30yrs working lady,in a office job?
Age you started wearing makeup?
Could you name different sites to buy makeup?
What face shape am i ?
FEMALE BEAUTY EXPERTS , have you noticed this with make up ?
Where can i buy missha m bb cream online? UK SHIPPING?
How do i get a "natural" look?
Is Maybelline Dream Satin a good foundation to cover up spots and red scars?
Would anyone be generous enough to explain these directions to me in a simpler way for how to get dewy skin?
Which makeup brand should i get from walmart?
Will fair skin ever be "fashionable" again?
How to Become a Make-up/Fashion Guru?
Simple but pretty makeup tips please?
What make up should I bring to school?
Everyone please help me find my shade in foundation based on the powder I have now!?
what makeup colors would look good on me???
Can you make your nose a bit longer?
Gossip girl make up...............?
Why does Aishwarya Rai have blue green eye color?
should i wear make up?
Makeup Tips For Green Eyes?
Anyone know any good make-up that are not tested on animals?
are Ecotools brushes good quality ?
Am I wearing too much makeup?
Why do YOU wear makeup?
My eyeliner tends to fall down onto under my eyes? HELP?
how can you make your lips "plumper" without a lipgloss/surgery.?
What age should you start wearing makeup?
Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed?
What do you think of my party eye makeup?Pic?
What kind of certification of license do I need to start a cosmetology business at home?
How do I make my eyes stand out?
Which mascara do you use?
What is the best liquid eyeliner?
what is the nicest smelling perfume out there?
24 is a good age to be bold with makeup choices right?
Why can't Neutrogena makeup be shipped to Canada?
my face gets really oily?
Where should I buy makeup?
How much is a MAC lipstick in Canada?
is it okay if i dont think i'm ugly? [pics.]?
Why do women wear makeup?
I'm a Golden Medium in Bare Minerals. What shade would I be in Everyday Minerals?
Good lighted makeup mirrors?
Should I wear makeup (guys too please)?
I am starting to wear makeup?
Why do people say dark eye makeup is for night time not daytime?
What eye shadows do you like from MAC?
Really self conscious about my eyebrows.. any ideas how to make them better? (picture)?
Girls: When did you start wearing Make-Up?
shud i get my hair & makeup done 4 homecoming at a salon or myself?
'how is a facial process actually done'?
I have a problem with the concealer...?
Which eyeshadow shade is best for blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair in this product by Avon?
The best foundation/concealer? (Maybelline vs. covergirl vs. almay ect)?
how do i look?????????
Does neutrogena skin clearing makeup really work?
What are microspheres and how are they used in cosmetics?
How can I convince my mom to let me wear makeup?
What is the best eye make up remover ?
I'm a red head , so If I get a spray tan will it make me orange? ?
how do you make edible chocolate/candy lipstick?
what are some good lip glosses?
help me please?
how to apply professional eye make up for television?
What do you think of Revlon Lip Butters?
i normally use black eye liner, (kohl not liquid) i want to experiment with different eye liner colours......?
I'm looking for make up?
does dollar general have liquid eyeliner if not where can it be found?
rimmel exaggerate or maybelline unstoppable?
im ten years old i where makeup all the time but should i be whereing it?
What do you get when you become a VIB at Sephora?
What is the difference between foundation and concealer? Which do i get?
where I can find benefit cosmetics in India?
how do you use a face mask? easy question?
What age should I start wearing makeup?
Help creating this look?
Whats The Best Fake Tan Product....?
product of orilfram?
what do you think of fake tan and hair extensions and fake nails?
Which urban decay eyeshadow is prettier : free love, half baked, or smog?
Is this too much makeup for a 13 year old?
what color eyes do i havee ?
natural looking makeup?
What's good for undereye dark cirles, I have tried everything and I hate looking like a racoon!Help!!!?
Any clinique experts out there?
What face moisturizer should a teenager use?
What is a good quality makeup brand that isn't too pricey?
fake eye lashes?
is the concealer really harmful for the dark circle around the eye? i heard that it affects them negatively?
POLL: Mascara or Eyeliner?
Can a 18 year old girl use bleach cream on her face?
What do you think of my hair and makeup in these pics?
Will an SPF 30 bb cream look white in flash photography?
Which make up brand is best?
Why do men do not use Lipstick?
How Can I Change The Way I Do My Make Up; Pictures?
my profile is to skinny and i can barely see my friends can i make it wider or bigger???????
__do i wear too much makeup?
Good concealer brands?
How often do you put Makeup?
What urban decay eyshadow would make my brown eyes pop more: free love or smog?
who are some other makeup guru's on youtube like juicystar07?
My eyebrows are too much?
Makeup guru tips? Please read!?
Spots around my eyes? 14 years old! Looks like hickeys?
How did YOU ask your parents if you could wear makeup?
i'm very pale skinned, will i burn when i move to florida and if so how can i prevent it?
how do i get smokey eyes?
good eyeliner that wont smudge?
where can i buy make up brushes that are cheap?
Can anyone help me here please?
kate moss, rimmel need,s a new younger face?
do you think having a tan makes you look better?
Are my eyelashes "spider eyelashes"?
is this makeup okay for a 13 year old?
im new to makeup i need help?
What is the best anti-aging product available?
NYC colour wheel?
how does a proper makeup for a latino dance show look like?
Do you think women look better without makeup or with?
does mascara wear down you eyelashes?
Should I be using a different foundation shade?
what are some makeup tips?
does ok eyesential work?/?
how can i make my eyes look bigger?
Girls: If you were offered a free...?
make up how much is too much?
is there a sephora in eugene or?
is it ok for guys to wear eyeliner?
make up tips?
wat color lip gloss do u like?
I purchased $65 of Clinique today and the sales clerk did not give me my gift with pruchase. Can you help me?
9th grader, should I start wearing makeup?
Does anyone have an opion on the powder mineral make ups, which is the best, which is not, which is a rip off?
How to make blue eyes stand out for school?!?:$?
Make-up artist troubles...can anyone give me some advice?
Best under eye concealer?
I want to wear makeup really bad but how do i ask mom???? please help!?
What is your favourite colour of nail polish?
Your opinion: What's the best mascara?
How mineral makeup work?
Makeup question n grey eyes? what.?
Can you use carmex for a lip plumper?
where can i get professional eye lashes put on??
Lines on face that won't smear or run??
What's ur favourite eyeliner....?
Does my eye makeup look fake? (10 points :)
10points..which person sounds nice, interesting?
I want 2 know home remedies for saggy face & puffy under your eye...?
what the best no smugeing and black black non water proof eyeliner?
Where can I get all the brushes of ParisEcoTools?
what the heck is this suppose to do?
How do I build my make-up kit as a make up artist?
Where can I get professional makeup artist training in NJ or NYC?
I have blue eyes.. should I wear blue makeup on my lids (pics inside)?
How can I get a double lid naturally?
is $17 mascara overpriced?
I am looking for woman that would like to pamper themselves and feel beautiful again! Are you one of them?
Terrified of the dentist?
Ladies, What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend's mom?
Two girls think I copied them?
Is this too much makeup?
Make up brushes help?
Which makeup is better Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover?
Is there a way to make your eyelashes grow?
how should a 12 year old girl wear her makeup to school?
What's in your school make up bag?
Does translucent powder affect the colour of your foundation?
How can i turn my upper lip to black and my lower lip to red?
How can i naturally make my eyelashes longer and fuller?
What's your fave flavor lip smacker lip balm?
Do you think my hair looks good like this?
Why do people waste their time putting on makeup for class?
Oily Skin, Please Can You Help?
Do you think I wear too much makeup?
what does copper skin look like?
Best drugstore makeup?
Different kinds of make up brushes?
which look do you go with..?
What's the best foundation you've ever used?
what makeup look looks better on me?
how much make up should 12 yo goin into 7th grade wear?
How can I get into Modeling for the Cosmetic companies?
The MAC holiday brushes?
I need a really good blush?
What makeup makes your eyes looks the biggest/best?
What face shape do I have?
Makeup routine for oily/ sensitive skin?
My eyelashes fall all the time how can I make them stronger?
what stores sell lip studs and rings?
Do I look different or ugly without my makeup?
How can I get rid of acne without spending a lot of money?
what age did you start to wear makeup?
Do you wear makeup to school?
Will makeup help cover my sun spots?
i need help with make up tips ?
I have a pimple IN MY NOSE!!Help?
how do i sell mary kay?
I have HUGE BAGS under my eyes and im still young.?
How bad is mascara for your eyelashes?
What Are Some Good Mascaras?
Do you line the top and/or bottom of eyes?
What shade of red lipstick should I try to wear?
What can I use to wash/clean my makeup brushes?
Can Airbrush makeup be used with any airbush kit?
Can i find glitter at cvs or walgreens ? PLEASE HELP?
How can you make your eyes look larger?
How has cosmetics influenced the culture of the united states?
I have a question for the ladies?
Is amazon a good place to shop for makeup?
how do i keep my makeup from wearing off?
What is the best and cheapest EYELINER I can find?
how to use avon dual ended eyeliner?
home made lip balm with sunscreen?
favorite drugstore products?
What is the matte alternative to maybeline dream satin finish?
How fast do you go through eyeliner?
Is this enough money for designer makeup?
Tips for winged eyeliner?
i have tried everything for dark under eye circles nothing works?
makeup for 13 year olds with blond hair and green eyes?
i have monolid eyes ?
How do you keep makeup from running off when you exercise?
what color eyeshadow should I wear?
Anyone tried L'Oreal glam bronze duo sun bla bla (whatever its called)?
Girls! What make-up do you wear for work or school?
Out of this list......?
Does this make you fake?
Best foundation for pale skin?
What's a good cool toned Red lipstick?
Does this makeup sound okay?
When shopping, what part of your skin should you test foundation on?
Makeup products! I need some help!?
Where can I get white Mascara?
Returning Clinique Products?
Are there any MAC brushes that are limited edition?
girls, eye brow trouble?
If brown eyes were the least common instead of blue or green, would they be more enviable?
What if the girl has a busted grill ?
Best concealer for dark circles around the eye area?
advice for a goth?
do u think ...?
i need to get this look!?
What colour eyeshadow should I use to match my blonde hair?
What eyeshadow looks best on hazel eyes?
Best Mascara and worst mascara?
home made face masks share ur iders?
define beauty internal & facial?
How should I do my makeup for homecoming??
is this to much makeup for my 9 year old?
what kind of eye make up should i wear?
What color makeup should I wear today?
I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes full lips... Makeup tips?
How long in the morning do you spend doing your hair and makeup?
what are the really good make up brands?
If my covergirl foundation color is tawny, what's my MAC color?
Do eye lashes grow longer?
OK to wear black eyeliner w/ hazel eyes? 10 points?
why other people dont think for themselves?
17 and clueless about makeup?
What is the best lip plumper?
Do I look better with our without eye liner? PICS!?
My friend has a problem, girls would you help?
Is there anyway to make your eyebrows and eyelashes grow faster?
Do yall got any idea how to put together in today style in to the 80's. and any picture. about make-up.?
makeup artist can use any cosmetic that they like? products, kit , etc?
I am going to be dressing up as a rag doll for halloween. What should i do with my hair,makeup, and costume?
Do I look ugly and fake?
am i too young to wear make-up?
what's your favorite mascara?
If you had the choice between wearing only absolutely NO makeup or only very heavy makeup which would it be?
pictures of eye makeup?
Can anyone reccommend a good mascara?
How to look pretty without makeup?
gel eyeliner?
how do u get rid of stress pains?
Make-up stay on longer?
what are the uses of MAC Fix+?
what is the Best mascara?
anyone else (girls) like going natural?
What should I use for my under eyes (pic)?
girls which do you prefer a pale boy or a tanned boy?
How many times a day do I use this cleanser?
Contact Lense Help!!!!?
Do you think this sounds like a lot of makeup?
Skin is dry around the bridge of my nose?
how do i ask Chanel skin care expert a question?
M.A.C. cosmetics price range?
How to get rid/hide eye glasses tan lines? LOL?
Is it true when you switch up your skin care routine/make up routine a lot your skin gets worst?
Can I use make up if I'm only 13?
are any cosmetic products recyclable?
Spray tan question? PLEASE HELP :)?
15 yr. old/10th grade girls, do you wear makeup to school?
Question about Urban Decay's Primer Potion?
I need eyeliner that works quite well but I don't have much money to spend. Where can I buy it from? x?
which typ of chicks do ya lyk beta black, coloured and white?
ideas for eye makeup?
How should I do my makeup??? :)?
Make up idea for Military Ball?
how do you make your lips seem fuller?
Girls, do you think Kim Kardashian looks gorgeous even WITHOUT! makeup on ?!?
how do i tell my parents....... read discription?
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Finishing Powder VS Dream Matte Powder?
a good cream eye shadow that shines and stays on?
How do you put makeup on a person to look like a scarecrow?
what is a good age?
What is your favorite brand of make-up and why?
DO u like heavy eyelinner?
do you think my friend should wear makeup???
What is the best eyeliner?
wat is FEUGREEK?
Garnier Moister Rescue gel-cream before makeup?
PROM: Should I get my hair and makeup done professionally?
How often do you use black liquid eyeliner?
how much e liquid should i be vaping?
Is 14 too young to wear makeup?? Should I sneak it?
Makeup for freshman What do you wear/did?
Does demi lovato really wear the estee lauder double wear on a regular basis?
What make up should I use?
Good BB Cream for slightly darker skin?
Which makeup brand should i get?
Blush on easily red cheeks?
I'm 16 and I don't wear make up, should I start?
what kind of deoderant do you think is the best??
My foundation is cakey?
How much makeup do you wear?
plzzzzz help.. my cheek bones are less prominent and i have an oval face....?
Where could i get false lashes just like these and are they called wispy lashes?
How should I do my makeup?
What is the best concealer?
why do people hate Meganheartsmakeup?
How bad is the redness when you first use Retin A?
L'oreal True Match Foundation for dry skin?
What lipgloss is this colour?
What is the best Lancome anti-aging skin cream you;ve used?
Adivce on Gel nails, Reveiw?
Girls Answer me plz????
whats the best mascara to use?
Are u addicted to any makeup Item?
What color lipstick would look good on me?
What is a good Makeup brush .........?
My nails are painted Strawberry Margarita. What colour are yours?
Halloween Party tonight last minute costume (Cat, half skull face, or sugar skull)?
Makeup that wont melt off after gym class...?
Does anyone have good skin advice?
Looking a Dior lipstick shade?
Is MAKEUP FOREVER hd foundation or smashbox hd healthy fx foundation better?
how do you apply blush?
Makeup for eighth graders?
Liquid eyeliner vs cream eyeliner?
When do preteens and teenagers start to wear make-up?
is my makeup good enough for school? *picture*?
Can you suggest me the foundation which has alabaster shade?
Where can I get my make-up done in San Diego?
What do you think of 16 year olds wearing SO much make up?
what shade would i be in pro long wear spf 10 foundation by mac?
HELP!!!!!!! make-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
should women wear makeup?
Which is the best lip balms: Berts Bees, Nivea or Maybelline Baby lips?
Does anyone like Burt's Bees products?
what color shade would you be if you fall under the natural undertone?
Is this too much makeup for 7th grade?
Desperate need of skin help!!?
i have pimples on my face.. it looks very bad..?
Too much makeup for a grade 7?
Do you wear make-up, if so why?
should you be the age of 13 and above before you start wearing gobs and gobs of makeup?
Why do you wear makeup mostly everyday?
Should i join the Sigma affiliate program?
what's a good mascara?
What is your favorite moisturizer?
What make up would look good on me? Pic Included?
what color eye-shadow goes well with any eye color?
What cosmetic is good to cover lines on the forehead?
do guys like girls with or without makeup?
should women wear makeup?
How do I get eyeliner completely OFF?!?
What colors should I use?
what is a mac counter girl's pay usually?
what age did u start wearing makeup?
What kind of make-up do most majorettes wear?
Whats the best mascara to get really long lashes?
Does anyone know of a miracle cream, that's secondary to botox?
Does anyone know any natural-looking fake eyelashes?
What is your opinion of Mary Kay?
how to stop cold turkey wearing foundation make up without looking strange, oily, or dirty?
Are my eyes too far apart? (Picture included)?
Neutral eye with a light pop of blue?
Makeup for my skin color?
Can really pale people use MAC foundations and concealers?
Maybelline mineral power pressed powder?
girrrllls! is purple eyeshadow a ''no-no''?
Can anyone suggest a good mosturiser for me?
How to not look like you just woke up?
I'm looking for a quality eyeshadow at a good price. Less than $15.?
Redying after color oops.. Ahhh help?
i need some make up advice!! help?
What Kind Of Make Up Should I Do?
Can i know how and what the correct way skincare regime?
Which one is Better Lip Gloss or Chapped Sick?
Ladies, what is the best cream to use on nails?
What is the best way to get rid of a fat lip?
What brand sells non-sticky lip gloss?
using makeup everyday affect your skin?
Does anyone know what camcorder the amazing beauty guru (Macbarbie07) uses? I love it!?
Is It Weird For A Guy 2 Wear Foundation ?
im 22 yrs girl having fair complexion.?
kur kamile dingo????????????
What primer helps conceal large pores?
Does my face need makeup?
Wanting to start a proper moisturizing routine. What to do and what to get?
what can i do?
why did dalton mcguinty resign?
What does makeup cause on the long run??
bb creams(beblesh balm)?
what is a good eyeshadow brand..that's longlasting...beside Mac?
what do you think of this makeup bag?(pic inside)?
What colour eyeshadow matches orange clothing.?
M.A.C Cosmetics? Is it worth my money?
Hey, I have a question about mascara?
Best Thanks giving Day Sales?
__do i wear too much makeup?
when i dont wear makeup i look high =| what can i do?
what is facial prognathism?
Who here sleeps with makeup on?
i have pimple on my face whate can i do????????????????
How to love yourself for yourself?
What is your daily makeup?
Your favourite Eye Makeup look ?
I am 32 yr old,wheatish and having T-zone oily skin.Want to buy good foundation (cost 1000Rs.)IN India........?
question about son and daughter?
how do i tell my friend her foundation is too light for her?
Watery eyes and eyeliner?
What type of BB cream is the one that bleaches skin?
Does makeup age your facial features?
I need,
Stuart from big brother, do you like his guyliner and manscara?
How do I put on makeup and make it look nice?
Answer quick please!!!?
Can I find the following make up products in stores in Columbus, Ohio?
How can I shape my eyebrows differently without making them any thinner?
mac cream color bases what color should i get help.?
Started using Tretinoin cream and now my face is drying?
$7 for False Eyelashes--are they expensive?
Is painting your nails funny colors in the middle of the road a good idea?
Teens: what can I use as a substitute for toner?
Help People?
Should I wear makeup ?
Making eyes stand out (mascara, eyeliner, etc)?
Help choosing makeup?
How can i have awake eyes?10 points?
how can i easily apply makeup?
what should i do about makeup and p.e.?
Exact Eyelightd Covergirl Eyeliner VS. Unstoppable Eyeliner by Maybelline?
cheek hightlighter?
Do most girls who wear skin makeup have gross skin when they take it off?
how do i no my mascara is not waterproof?
Who does a makeup artist work with?
How to apply cheap shadow and make it look decent?
how would i do sunless face tanner and clinique?
Can I use make up if I'm only 13?
How do you apply makeup to the face to make the nose look taller or stand out more?
Simple ventriloquist makeup?
Girls! Whats your makeup routine?
How can i know that i am a crossdresser(CD)?
What's your Favorite LANCOME mascara?
What color should I do my nails ?
What is my face shape?
What kind of make up do I put on for greenish brownish eyes? like hazel..?
What do you think of me? Guys and Girls.?
What is the right age to start wearing makeup, in your opinon?
Applying eyeshadow?
Best lip gloss that tastes really good, hydrates, and is non-sticky?
Can men also use ambi fade cream?
makeup thats gonna make me look fresh?
in the uk what are the best shops to get black nail polish from ?
how do you make really short eyelashes look really long?
Does anyone know a good mascara...?
should I get a refillable travel makeup brush?
Deciding on a blush color?
Eyeshadow: Should it match the eyes or the outfit?
I'm gay..can I wear makeup?
How Can I change my eye color?
Do you use or sell AVON?
what colok make up shall i put on my dress is gray with silver embroidery ?
What is a must-have makeup product?
I'm thinking of becoming a Mary Kay consultant.?
Do I wear too much make up for a 14 year old ? 10 points best answer ?
What should I do to make my skin glow?
Rapid Lash Anyone???????
Why won't my mom let me wear makeup?
I need a facial moisturizer.?
Mac face and body foundation?
Does anyone know if the Mary Kate and Ashley make-up brand tests on animals?
What is the absolute best moisturizing lip balm?
why do women keep ther mouth open when putting on mascara?
Does anyone know of a good Face Cleaner?
Has anyone else recieved this message? Boots Job Application!?
drugstore makeup product favs ?
Is it okay to not wear make up?
what's the best lipstick color for me?
Good Affordable Makeup?
Quick, Need help fast!?
Makeup Ladies! I need your help!?
No make-up, substitutes?
Is it OK to use moisturizer after makeup?
does fair and lovely really makes us fair?
What do you think of this make-up (pics)?
what do u think?
how do I do my makeup like this?
what make-up brand is best for combination skin? ( MAC, Lancome, Laura Mercier, etc)?
I am 20 yrs old and i have dark circles under my eyes all the time. is there any way to get rid of them?
Your opinion on make-up ?
can you get rid of marks on your face?
EveryDay Minerals For Really white toned Skin?
NYX cosmetics in stores!?
my mum wont let me wear lip gloss...what do i do!?
I have blue eyes and highlighted blonde hair. what are some makup tips i could use?
What kind of brushes can you use with the M.A.C Mineralize Foundation SPF 15?
How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
If you could only pick 2, what would they be?
any experts with make-up tips wanna help me?
Do I wear too much makeup?
at what age can one start using creme de la mer.?
Does any one have any makeup questions they want answered? (I asked ? before, but I need emails to answer)?
i need make-up advice!?
my makeup keeps running down my face. what should i do??
if you are putting your eye shadow on do you match it to to your dress ?
Do you think its Gay or un attractive for a man to wear make up??
where can i find advice about how to put on makeup?
do I look better now any make up tips? dont delete!?
What is the correct procedure to apply blush on your face?
Where can i purchase a silver eyeliner?
what kind of color lipstick can make me look sophisticated or more dramatic I have mocha colored skin?
Makeup ideas for homecoming!?
Pictures Included, How To Do This Makeup?
Videos of celebrities getting their makeup done?
it's so hard to get a lip stain off my lips what do i do? I use makeup remover toilets it's still on for days!
Need a Change! (picture included!) Help?
i start an allround makeup course mid year... and until then i have nothing to do!! any suggestions?
after i wash off my make up...
can i get ur help to teach some a lesson? please?
HLP !! Which is better: nude lipgloss or nude lipstick ?
EYELASHES read the question
How do I look cute in pictures and how to I have style that will make boys come lining up at me door?
How to apply this eye makeup:?
Girls, I need a fantastic mascara?
What color eye shadow should I use?
What brand has a good quality (but somewhat inexspensive) liquid eye shadow?
What are some cute ways to do my makeup?
What is a good name for my YouTube account??TEN POINTS!!?
What makeup would you rather buy at a drugstore than a high-end store, and vice versa?
what make-up should I wear?
What shade would I be in Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation?
What eye make up is good for green eyes?
Whats the difference between brown eyes and hazel eyes?
POLL: What color eyes do you have?
I want my eyes to pop, any help?
How do you get good skin?
why do i look different in certain mirrors?
summer nail pollish color?
Makeup stores in Singapore!!!!!?
What is my best feature?
How do I completely cover my eyelashes with mascara?
which is the face cream to make my face beatfiful.?
good face foundation?? what brand?? the liquid ones......?
What makeup colours are best for very fair skin?
Gel, liquid or pencil eye liner?
How kind Of makeup should i wear?
how did you ask your mom?
Do eyelashes grow back?
How do I decide where to buy my makeup?
why is this???
6th grader needs makeup help?
How do you know what shade of concealer?
Hey, i am just starting a new grade and i want my pores really clean!any sugestions?
UK girls only! Can you wear make-up to school?
What is a good brand and type of eyeshadow?
Is Olay Regenerist harmful to youthful skin?
How to avoid looking plain or frumpy?
Eyeliner help!?
What age do you think girls should start wearing makeup?
What type or color of makeup should I wear for my prom?
What do you think looks better?
Corrector sticks, do they work?
Best Makeup for a 13-year-old?
what is the best product to moisturize DRY-severely chapped lips?
!10 points Which name is better?
beauty secrets! i need some beauty secrets!?
What kind of makeup for me? ;)?
Where can I get the Alexis Vogel Make-up system in the UK?
make-up websites?
I mixed My skin is caramel but I have Chinese eyes?
Does anyone recommend Urban Decay eyeliner?
why do women open their mouth.....?
he's 2 timming me bad?
Good moisturizer for combination skin?
how can i keep my lips in good condition in this harsh winter weather?
How do I get a makup look like Laura Leigh (a swimsuit model)?
What makeup brushes should I buy ?
How do you make solid lipstick?
I have dry, flaky, acne prone skin and I need help with my skincare/makeup routine?
can anybody recommend a foundation that doesn't make your skin shiny?
why are silicones and parabens bad to have in products?
What should i do to improve my looks?
Where can i get tested for a gud color match foundation? Am in pretoria?
Girls - what make up can you not leave the house without putting on?
Can you use a primer and general powder with Korean BB cream?
In what order do you apply your makeup?
Avon Mascara?
what do you think of people who wear alot of eyeliner? :)?
M.A.C Cosmetics? Is it worth my money?
how put makeup on?
What is the easiest way to clean your face?
I would like to buy a gold eyeshadow palette?
how can i be prettier?
I Need The Truth?
What eyeliner is smudge-proof for the waterline?
How to get rid of eye bags??
vlcc snigdha fairness cream is effective?
How to do my makeup like hers?
i got my eyebrows threaded?
Will wearing this much makeup really ruin my skin?
How do I set a loose-powder foundation?
Best Lip Glosses At Target?
any makeup suggestions for really big, brown eyes?
What comes to mind when you hear the word Avon?
Any suggestions for youtube makeup tutorials?
What is your base eye shadow?
Is it possible to become a professional makeup artist in San Jose Ca?
ladies,what color of eye shadow do you think goes best with green eyes?
How much make up can dudes pull off?
make up ... to guys ? dont mind? hate it ? like it?
Mac mulch or embark???
How to use cetaphil facial cleanser?
can you get cancer if you use 10% Benzoyl peroxide in the daytime under your makeup?
Help me! I am looking for Maybelline Lip Express, Coffee Run. Is it discontinued?
Certain makeup brands in the UK?
Is drama makeup okay for sensitive skin?
Eyeshadow help?!! Colours to wear on my eyes?!!!?
best eyeshadow for contouring for brown skin (filipino)?
Does anyone know a good mascara...?
What is best to use to get a dark tan quickly outdoors?
what is the best color eyeshadow??
What company invented “brand management” to help it’s Camay brand bottle Ivory soap, in 1931?
Best primer for oily skin?
is it better to wear a foundation that's one shade too light or one shade too dark?
what are the ingredients and quantities in Chapstick brand chap stick?
Can anyone recommend me an eyeliner that won't smudge?
Where can i buy makeup remover? Not the face wipes...?
First Makeup User!!!?
how do i get my eyebrows like hers?
Shany Eyeshadow Palette?
At what age do you think its ok to start wearing makeup?
Which Factory does the PRIVATE LABELING for M.A.C cosmetics?
90s smoky eye make up?
I am looking for Glow All Over Bronzers?
Prescriptives make up brush?
what color of eyeshadow matches with brown leggins and a black with gold top?
How Do I Get My Eyelashes Looking Like This?
How long can you keep make up?
HOW CAN I GET PEOPLE TO READ MY BLOG, it's about makeup skin and hair?
Can you recommend me a Champaign coloured BLUSH?
I have very pale skin.?
help me bring out my eyes!!!?
Eyeliner Tips?
Whatakeup colours go with olive/golden skin tones,honey eyes,and pale pink lips?
Mac Blunt or Mac Harmony is good for NC35 skin tone ?
are you allowed to wear green eyeshadow during the day? What are the rules of make up during the day?
can i buy cake eyeliner in a drugstore?
I want to make homemade lip balm for these winters? are there any recipes without beeswax?
what do you think about Macy's cosmetic section?
her eyes are gorgeous?
whats the best mascara i can find at the mall?
what do u think of green eyeliner?
If you were absolutely limited to just one item of make-up in your bag, what would it be?
steps to applying makeup?
Lash and brow growth?
What kind make-up should I wear?
What is the best make up brand and why.?
Should a 15 year old wear foundation?
can someone suggest which brand of "Kajal" does not spread even in summer ???
Eyebrow inquiry:Topic Tinting?
Did Maxim See Lindsay Lohan Without Makeup Before Naming Her The Hottest?
My mom wont let me wear makeup, suggestions?
Where can I get personalized make up advice?
What is time resisting day cream by No7?
Does the derma roller or skin roller work?
how should i wear my make up and hair tmr?
Rimmel Make-Up? Good or Bad?
Urban decay or Smashbox?
why does Olay only have the tinted moisturizer for extra dry skin?
Is 12/13 too young to start using liquid eyeliner?
Whats a good homemade facial mask recipe to make my sking super soft?
I wear to much make-up (eyeliner) and people say I look like trash, how can i fix this and still look like me?
USDA certified make-up?
Do I wear too much makeup?
What make-up should i wear on the first day of 7th?
Is Black Nail Polish in?
POLL: do you prefer, girls caked in ORANGE make up, or a girl with pale skin&no make up?
my makeup comes off easily?
Holy Grail Products!(:?
Where should I get my makeup done/buy from?
Can anyone tell me ways to gain weight????
How to make eyes look bigger?
Makeup question?
Do you like smog or Woodstock better ( urban decay)?
Do you watch the Doctors? On one of the shows they were using an airbruh, does anyone remember what aibrush..?
do you think i wear too much make up?
do i look better with or without makeup?
Is this liquid eyeliner...? (10 PTS!!)?
Can I use my dad's colored contacts?
How do I make halloween makeup that looks like ed porcelain, or like plate that's been chipped/broken?
How can I do REALLY subtle eyeliner that will make my eyes look bigger?
Does my makeup look good?
Is it weird for a guy to wear eyeliner? (Pics)?
What color makeup should I wear for a yellow dress?
Is using cruelty free makeup worth it?
does the bella pierre foundation make you break out?
Which mineral makeup brands with avalible money orders.?
Does anyone use a green concealer stick? How do you use it?
What is better for me? Pressed powder or loose powder?
What color are ur eyes?
M.A.C. brushes vs Sigma brushes?
Does it mean you're fake if you wear makeup? or powder?
What are good eyeshadow shades?
Does wearing makeup make you fake?
good makeup tips/advice for mixed race/black people? good fee samples website for the uk?
help me please proms in less than two weeks?!?
I have heard that mascara can make you blind if it is more than 1 month old this true or a myth?
Is Vaseline safe for removing makeup?
I think that people do not need to wear makeup.?
Why do white people even bother going to the beach? Arent they just gonna get sunburned everywhere?
Will it look odd and unnatural for a 14-year-old to contour her face?
Have you tried Afterglow Cosmetics foundation?
Girls; With so many mascaras to choose from: which do you use, and why?
whats a real good foundation?
full coverage foundation?
whenever i put lipstick my lips feel dry and it looks like s on it wat shud i do?
what color eyeliner looks really good with blue-grayish eyes?!?
how to make freckles seem dimmer or go away also how to make green eyes pop i have red hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help?? Colors of Eyeshadow for dark hair/eyes?
Which Maybelline mascara will give me long, voluminous, & dramatic lashes?
How should I put my makeup in order?
Do you think I'm pretty? (Photo included).?
where online (or in the garden state plaza mall) can u find a make-up kid that?
Best Makeup to cover teenage spots?
Hi ladies ..can parlour facial harm my skin?
What kind of makeup is this? It's a clear stick?
is there any makeup that doesn't ware off??
facebookers who lovvveee makeup!?
Whats the best mascara? For not so long lashes
Do I look better with makeup?
What do I really look like based on my pictures? Please help me just look at them?
Why am I so pale? :((( ?
How does she get her makeup looking so perfect outside?
I'm dressing up as Elphaba for Halloween. Is there good. cheap, accessable green make-up I could use?
shouold i try phisderm first instead of mary kay products?
Empty Magnetic Eyeshadow Pallets?
Where can I find exotic lip gloss flavors, such as krispy kreme, or other exotic types?
Extra volume mascara?
GUYS ONLY! Do you like make-up on girls?
Can someone help me piz?
Which eyeshadow color looks prettier ( pictures enclosed)?
What is your opinion about wearing a face mask all night?
How to make my eyes look bigger?
what foundation do you wear?
Lipgloss or Lipstick or both ............?
what is means???? .........xoxoxoxoxo????
How do I make my lips look fuller?
Where do you do your makeup?
Whats a cute noticible way to do eyeshadow?
Help for dry skin - is it turning sensitive...plz help?
Individual eyelashes will not stck!!!?
i'm lookin for a dark brown eyeshadow that doesnt have any reddish undertones in certain light.....any ideas?
Do I look okay without makeup (photo)?
When did you start wearing makeup (to school)?
Has anyone made their own makeup before?
How much does it cost for bridal makeup in visakhapatnam?
Makeup 911 Help!!!!!?
Where can I learn to be better at doing makeup?
what makeup should i wear to the justin bieber concert <any type of makeup>?
doll eyes without fake lashes?
I have indian skin dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and under eye so?
Where can I find Joe Blasco foundation in SF?
Is it good to apply dream matte mousse foundation in with the moisturiser?
Best Eyeshadows? Any Brand!?
any make-up suggestions for wedding occasions?
Do you think I should wear makeup?
Best MAC eyeliner for the waterline?
Any good lengthening mascara?
Do I have to wear eyeline with mascara?
Reviews on Lindsay Lohan's Sevin Nyne self tanner (lotion and spray)?
Makeup tips...? Help appreciated :)?
im new to mascara.could you guys pliz tell me what brand is good and wont run off?
Anyone know any good zombie makeup tutorials?
why does my motorola charm phone say unable to scan network when i try to use wi-fi?
how can you "air brush" a tan on pictures?
How do I apply cream bronzer?
OMG I always end up buying the wrong foundation ...i feel like crying :(?
How much makeup do you wear everyday?
8th grade makeup help!?
how exactly, do i hold an eyelash curler so i can curl my eyelashes?
my cousin has bags under her eyes and weve tried everything to get rid of them anybody have some ideas? THANKS
what color are my eyes and what color eye makeup suits me best?
I want make-up foundation that lasts for hours but is not very heavy?
How can I fix a dried out cream eyeshadow, I left the lid off and it dried up a bit . Help?
Does anybody else dislike brown eyeshadow?
How can i make my foundation last all day?
Good drugstore foundations?
No one in my school wears makeup!?
Whats your favourite make-up range?
Can I remove my eye lash extensions myself by plucking them out?
Dark Marks On The Face.. Due To A Cut-DO NOT RECOMMEND MAKEUP?
Make-up like Naomi Clark 90210?
dark skin need a good cream to make a face abit lighter?
what lasts longer nars blush or benefits dandelion blush?
Which is better...........?
mac pro card?
how can i make my eyes stand out, look brighter?
HELPPPPPP ME ok im using neutrogena radiance eye cream will it work?
Is this too much make-up for school?
High School Senior Portraits: What makeup? Tips & tricks?
removing makeup completely help?
Please help! Tinted Moisturizer or BB Cream?
What is the best foundation or makeup base?
Why is it a crime to not wear makeup?
How can I tell exactly what undertone I am & what foundation colour I am?
is mary kay makeup good ?
Would any one like to purchase Oriflame from me? :)?
what is your favorite make-up brand?
Best Lancôme mascara?
Should I sell Mark by Avon?
what is BB Cream and how do i buy it?
I'm gonna be a greek goddess for a halloween party what make up should I wear?
Do you know what my favorite color is ?
nyx single eyeshadows?..?
Eye makeup for light green eyes?
my eyes sometimes turn purple..?
Do i put too much things on my face daily? fourteen years old?
Am I too young for makeup?
The Neutrogena Wave ?
I want to start purchasing makeup that isn't tested on animals?
what eyeshadow should i wear with a cream and black dress?
girls... whats ur daily make up?
How to get this colour hair? (picture inside)?
what is best to hide dark circles while doing makeup?
mac femme fi permanent dupe?
Too Much Make-Up?
is there anyone who has used Bobbi Brown lip color shade Uber Beige? is it a good brand? ?
Do girls really 'need' makeup?
Eyeliner Help, please?
A good nude lipstick..?
any cute hairstlyes or make-up for a party?
What foundation does Carmindy use on TLC's What not to Wear?
How can i do this look at home? what fake nails do you recommend all products i need to do this.?
mary kay...???
What is a good eyeliner for darkening eyelashes?
how do i put on women egyptian makeup?
Do you use foundation without powder?
When is it appropriate to spackle my batty crease with apple jelly?
Leg Concealer that doesn't...?
Whats your favorite mascara ? (makes eyes pop) ?
Make Up materials/products that is Available in the PHILIPPINES?
What are the best hard candy products?
What makeup do i wear with this eye color?
Do ya think that i wear too much make-up?? ?
is mascara/liner considered "make-up"?
Does WalMart sell acnegenic products? (Makeup)?
Should 13 year old 's wear eyeliner?
best intant fake tan in the uk ?
green eyes_33781?
How to match my foundation to my skin tone?
She doesn't want to wear makeup?
Where can I find a nice Vanity?
middle school dance hair & makeup?
Question For Makeup Artists?
does make up make your skin wrinkly ?
You recommend Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in a LOOSE powder or in a PRESSED powder?
Why has Clean & Clear Makeup Removing Cleanser been discontinued?
makeup for begginers: homecoming?
will these ingredients cause breakouts or my acne to become worse?
I'm just wondering, when you kiss a guy, lip gloss or no?
dark circles ?
anyone see high school musical?? COme here for an easy question?
how much does a fiberglass cast weigh?
if u could only choose one item of make up?
Any other way to make eye shadow show up on eyelids besides primers?
Long Lasting Foundation?
Best 'highstreet'/'drugstore' foundation?
Eye makeup look???help!!?
What color's should i paint my nails????
Dry eye syndrome and eye makeup?
i need help-oil free foundation that is for pale fair skin, doesn't cause breakouts, and hydrates?
what is the price of hashmi kajal in pakistan? & what will be its price in India?
I'm allergic to Iodine - what brands are better for me to use?
can my eye color change?
Why do some girls wear too much make-up?
mark reps please answer this makeup question!!?
What is the most common makeup mistake you see daily on girls?
How about the nordstroms beauty exclusive anniversary launch?
Whats the best pencil eyeliner for the waterline?
when i ut on make-up[ much do i put on?
Dad will not let me get my manicure... help!!!!!?
Best Chapstick out there? Or lip scrub?
Which is the best mineral make up brand available in india?
Why did it not work?
Pricing of foundations at sephora?
show me step by step of weaving hair?
Is the urban decay naked/ 2 palette worth it?
Best Mascara and Eyeliner? Best blush?
Really good foundation,powder,concealer etc? Help/lol?
HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS, do you do your makeup for school the same every day?
What do you guys like on girls? Makeup or no makeup?
NYX cosmetics in stores!?
What color eyeshadow goes good with red lipstick?
MAC Eye Shadow Help (pictures included)?
what makeup cant you live without?
how long does it take for dark circles to go away?
What mac lipstick color would best match me?
Is this a legit website for eyebrow stencils?
Who do you think is the prettiest celebrity WITHOUT makeup?
What brand/kind of makeup does the band KISS wear on stage?
How old does she look.
Tricks to looking prettier?
Best foundation.......?
Is BYS a good cosmetic brand?
makeup help please help me!?
If a woman applied lipstick to her buttocks, would it make it grow larger?
I'm having trouble figuring out my face shape.?
How much does Kandee Johnson weigh?
Are you very heavily madeup?
What company of cosmetics do you find better?
What colour make up should i use?
What eyeshadow color goes good with light green eyes?
whats the best mascara?
What colour toenail polish goes with everything?
How to keep makeup brushes in perfect condition?
Do you need credentials to do makeup on the deceased?
Lash and brow growth?
What beauty products can I use as a black woman, that is not as expensive as Mary kay etc. I?
what colors fit my eyes?
How can I fix my eyebrow?!?! Emergency!!?
Mascara... What age?
What is your favorite mascera?
how to have stunning eyes?
At what age did you start wearing lipstick?
blush suggestions?
my eyeliner does not work very well?
Are brown eyes sexier than blue eyes ?
Can pores disappear?
what makeup should i wear tomorrow?
Maybelline dream mousse products?
What colour eyes does....?
patchy blusher??
what type of makeup is good for oily acne prone skin?
where can i get MAC "Azalea Blossom" ombre blush?
Whats the best drugstore Mineral Makeup!?
ladies only?!?
How do I do my makeup like hers?
Whats your favourite eyeliner??
help 4 choosing the right kind of eye shadow?
Girls do you rekon mascara on an emo dude is hot?
Best chapstick and mascara?
When do you apply concealer?! After or before the foundation?
help with skin?
if i dye my hair blond will i turn dumb?
Do I look like HER??? PICS?
what the best lip loss u ever used?
What is black stuff women put on top part of eye lids (like eye-liner), where do you get it?what is it called?
Good cover up for scars?
Basic drugstore makeup questions?
How to get face paint off your skin?
Good Make-up for Me?
how can i appear more attractive to boys without makeup?
What kind of makeup do or can men use?
sweat proof Roller Derby makeup suggestions for zombie theme?
is there any way to lighten ur eyebrows with it still looking natural?
How to put makeup on right?
help on finding the right makeup?
Perfume help!?
Best foundation you guys know of?
any suggestions on the right foundation?
how much does a make-up artist charge?
My makeup have pimples?