Insurance & Registration

DMV driver's license test in California for minors, question about parents being present.?
lost my wallet with all my identification including DL what do I need to get a replacement DL.?
Who's fault would it be when a Police officer crosses an unprotected intersection and getting hit.?
How to sign car title over?
Can someone else renew my vehicle registration?
my car was stolen this morning - what do I do now? I reported it to the police and insurance.?
Active duty servicemember registering a vehicle in Maryland?
I need help paying my car registration?
If i lose my license in Bc for a D.U.I. can I get an Alberta license when I move there for work?
If I have a car registered in my name, can I put the car under my fiancee's insuance with just her name?
If a buy a car in Texas, can I register it in my home state of Massachusetts?
My friend has a commercial vehicle and he wants to use my address for his insurance?
if i roll back on someone at a stop light (on an incline) is that my fault or their fault?
Does DMV issue Not Actual Mileage title when the title is transferred for inheritance??
If I hit a criminal during a foot pursuit, can he sue me?
Can International Driving license from work in UK?
My registration has been suspended for lack of insurance, what do I do?
need to find out how to obtain drivers license after being revoked for life for multiple DUI convictions?
Can you help me find the way?
I am a Michigan resident and I have purchased a car in Ga. I need to get plates and registeration for Michigan?
Insurance advice?
How can I get the the title to my car?
co-signer question.?
For your driving test your suppose to back up 100ft and if its not straight do you fail?
What do I need to bring to go take my drivers test?
Auto injury settlement?
Not at fault car accident, does the other insurance company pay what I owe on it or just the ACV?
if my ca roll down the street ,hit another,doe my ins. pay me or the loan company , since they hold the title?
How do i change my license address ?
expired license plates?
Do I need A Permit For Driving School?
Do you have a window time to add your CDL back on to license after it has expired?
Car title question??? help! ?
what do you think about this accident?
If I allow a friend to borrow my car that only has liability insurance on it and they have friends in it .....
My cars registration is several months over due....?
Car insurance for young men in the uk... unfair?
how long do you have to get your car tax when it runs out?
5 hour course renewal?
what is the registration key of extra drive pro......................?
auto insurance information. please help?
Showroom charging Heavy insurance for Renault Duster in Bangalore?
Am I able to practice riding a moped without a licenses?
Can a car dealership be held liable for selling a tradein that was involved in a hit&run, without title change
Can you have more then 1 friend in the car under a provisonal liscense when you are going to school?
someone used my car (with insurance) but they don't have a license, could I be dropped if something occured?
Can insurance cost less on a motorcycle with a restriction kit ?
Is Colorado a "no play no pay" state?
What's the best online drivers Ed too take?
I've just lost my TFl Student discount card for 18+ , what should I do?
Car to Van conversion?
clio v6 question on classic insurance?
my friend had an accident and had been drinking will the insurance pay for his car?
DMV Permit retry fee?
what year is a t reg car?
I was in a fender bender and didn't have insurance. are they going to suspend my license?
Hit & run - will I lose my no claims?
Totaled car, pawned title, no insurance?
My brother had a crash in 2008 we got a letter from the court....?
what's better state farm or erie insurance?
how can i get a power of attorney revoked?
Would my lifetime health record give me points at the dmv? Need one more point (state id)?
Auto Insurance?
I was in a car accident, and due to the two absents from work, and a death in the family, I was fired. Can I?
Failed at DMV, can I go to another one?
Mississippi License Plates?
How many limousines operate in the United States?
Minor car accident worth $1000 in claims?
Will a speeding ticket cause my insurance premiums to go up?
Non-registered driver...will insurance go up if I just got a ticket?
i sold a car a year ago now DVLA tell me i will get fined for not taxing the car?
Driving without valid license?
If you're 18, how long do you have to wait to get your license after you get your permit?
Trying to sell my reg plate. Where to advertise?
Car rental for road trip?
car tax due 1st sept can i wait until3rd sept do you have days grace?
Do you have to get an old moped tagged and registered in PA?
How is it like when you take a behind the wheel driving test?
What factors decrease the price of car insurance?
Does the DMV driving test trick you with their questions?
If I signed the title over to the Buyer, is the car officially his? 10 points!! help!!?
how much is ticket for no insurance?
Caught speeding on a provisional license????? i have valid MOT, Insurance, what gonna happen pleaseeee?
i have a motor cycle and it was supposed to be repoed about 3 years ago and they havent call me or anything?
Car title question please!?
I got pulled over with an instruction permit in July...?
how much is auto insurance for a scion xa?
I went to get my enhanced license today, the white paper they give you can i use it?
Where can I find laws governing military personnel and automobile insurance in NC?
Car insurance for 17 year old?
who has my title deeds for my property?
I got into a car accident still have warranty with dealer I'd the warranty canceled ?
how do you have to be to get a driver's licence in new orleans?
How do i get a vehicle title with only a bill of sale?
Looking for Great Auto Insurance pricing?
What is cheapest website I can get my freight license ?
how much does a replacement driving permit cost?
i need a vehicle ownership proof form?
expired registration?
If I buy a car registered in Mexico, what do I need to register in Texas?
if you already have your permit, is there a way to get your license faster?
Can I demand that my Insurance Co. pay to have my car repaired instead of totaling it out?
I have a promissory note secured with the collateral of a vehicle. Can I use this to get a lien on the title?
Would GEICO increase premium in case of a minor accident if not your fault ?
my partner was in a car accident and there was some damage to the back bumper and rear lights?
Cant get plates for truck?
What do I need if I'm buy a car from a friend?
How do I figure california sales tax and liscense amount when buying a new car?
what exactly does lapse mean?
What do u do if you lost the title and want to sell the car?it runs.?
How long does it take for Renewal Drivers License to arrive? (California)?
Are the DMV's in PA open on Christmas Eve?
How do I pass my road test?
What type of lawyer do I need. to make my insurance company pay ? they've had my car for over a month now..?
is there such a thing as a junior licenses?
Follow up to --Title and Registration Fees Inquiry?
Can i cancel my car insurance due to changes made in their policy that has skyrocketed my insurance rate?
View my Dac report for truck driving?
Upper age to get a 4 wheeler light vechicle License in india?
what car insurance company would you recommend?
if you are 100 % at fault in accident? does the insurance pay for most of it?
How do I use NY No Fault coverage for surgery I need from a car accident I was in while living in NY?
what happens if I am late for car payment?
How do i register a car in KY that was purchased from a dealership in IN?
Has anyone ever hit a police car?
Do I have to get another driver's license in the US when I turn 18?
Red Driving P's - tips and advice?
car insurance offence codes?
what do i do if my car is hit by a police car?
MA car title question.?
Whats up with car insurance for teens?
How Fast Can A Car Drive On A Bump Without Getting Injurd?
if you run 2 miles in 13min how fast in mph am i going?
How much does insurance pay on total loss if owner owes more than its worth?
my car has been vandalised and written off, I have now discovered my MOT has ran out, will insurance still pay
Can you test drive a vehicle with only a learners license?
When can I get my liscence?
How old do I have to be to have a driving license in the arizona?
Will a car pass a pink slip without it's left side mirror? N.S.W?
I crashed the family car- please please please help me?
Driving on a suspended license?
complicated car insurance question?
how can i start my career as motor insurance suryaor ?
Im 16 and live in alberta and i just got my learners, how long do i have to wait to get my licence?
Auto insurace question--non at fault driver asked immediately if I wanted to keep this out of the insurance?
Cheapest Car to insure for a 17 yr old new driver?
Do I need to get another car insurance if I'm renting a car in Ontario?
Is it a long process of getting your Hardship license?
Pulled over for no insurance?
Car accident, whos fault?
can you have insurance and no license?
Got into an accident and I believe it's not my fault!! help please ( link for accident diagram)?
Who knows about trailer titles and stuff? Please Help!!!?
should i appeal my failed driving test?
son was hit by a car on his bike, whos insurance pays?
I need to transfer a car title but fast?
Can the Police Arrest me???
Why am I paying for Car Insurance, and why is it the Law?
any otr drivers out there? I really need your help.?
Do you need to notify your isurance company when you tow a trailer ?
I have nowhere for people to park there cars for mi party ?
Ill be 18 in a week and i just took my drivers test should i get my license now or wait until im 18?
Driving rules for juinors license in new york state? PLEASE HELP!?
Can I buy Guernsey number plates for my UK Car?
does anyone recommend great car accident lawyers that give free consultations?
where to get a cheap auto insurance quote?
the car is on my name but insurance on my mothers name..?
Do I need to pay anything after passing my UK driving test?
Lost my 4wheeler Key?
I just hit my neighbors mailbox. What do I do?
Where is the vin number located on a fiberglass dune buggy body?
is there any website where I can look up insurance rates for every car??
Insurance or out-of-pocket?
I am 16 and recently got an MIC, I also dont have my license, will i be suspended from getting my licence?
Can I cash car tax disc at DVLA office?
How accurate is the driving test success software/dvd for 2010?
Does anyone know if you can get car finance in calgary while here on a work permit for 2 years?
what to do when your car was hit while it was parked?
i have a provisional license i have been given 3 points will points carry over to full license?
How much is a spouse's auto insurance in MA?
where can i find the cheapest car insurance?
Auto car insurance help?
antipollution fault.what is that?
Im confused on permits and driving license and how to get them?
Help with license plate and tag?
I've lived in both WV and Md for a couple yrs. I bought my car in 2011 in Md. I have a WV licence., am in trou?
can i get a drivers license in another state if mine are suspended in my home state?
I was hit from behind at a roundabout, whos to blame?
what is the Florida minimum coverage for...?
I am 17 and a half with a permit and paid for my behind the wheel classes. may i get my license right away?
does full coverage insurance cover repair costs of the other vehicle 100%?
How should I go about getting my money for my car insurance deductible?
Hi i passed my driving test 3 weeks ago on my 18th day and looking for a car which is cheap on insurance?
I found a lost wallet, what do I do?
can i fill application form for provicial licence?
My mother got her ankle ran over by an inattentive driver. How much should one expect to get from insurance?
Car who hit me promised a new part but hasn't delivered?
my insurance was canceled do i have to pay them back if I'm switching companies?
can i get my driver license online if so where?
How can I get a title for a motorcycle that was signed but the title got lost/stolen?
How can I maintain my weight while I'm trucking over the road?
I was in a car accident and need advice?
Can they find a warrant in another state when getting a drivers license?
I just hit my mum with the car what shoud i do?
i hit a vehicle in the rear at an accident my question is because i failed to disclosed information my?
drivers lisence about DPS?
How to get a license when I have no one to take me?
car insurance rates after an accident?
Is it important to have a ss# to obtain a drivers license?
My daughter cancelled her full coverage on her car, to just liability, her boyfriend was driving her car and?
License suspended in WA, no longer live there, they want WA insurance to get license back?
how long is driving school for someone who ij learning how to drive?
Anybody here want to get screwed by an insurance company?
what consist what is salvage tag?
Do I need to maintain continuous coverage on my auto insurance?
How messed up does your car have to be for the insurance to total it?
After i get my LEANERS PERMIT in california?
Bought a car but can't registered at all want to return it but dealer doesn't want to give money back???
can i renew my greeen card in another city that i didn't got it the first time?
can you renew a driving learners permit in illinois?
How old do you have to be to get your driving license in California?
What questions are on the DMV drivers test for your learners?
Should I get personal info (address & tel. no) from the careless driver who hit our car?
If i bought a car from a place and they sent me the title in me name even though i still owe money on it..?
web site to get insurance quotes?
How can I change the address on my Tennessee driver license or handgun carry permit?
Virginia Drivers License?
Has anybody taken a driver's license test at the New Britain CT DMV?
replaced coil,distrib cap,ignition module,rotor..still no fire from truck????
When can I apply for my provisional driving licence?
do you have to take drivers ed in indiana to get your permit ?
What specific tasks do you have to do to get your license in Maryland?
hi i am a foreigner and i got an international licence and my licence is expiring in 4 months!?
Progressive... Yay Or Nay???
Car Insurance Question?
I recently rented a car from enterprise and brought it back and the agent said that i damaged it on the bottom
can you tax a car which is insured in your name but registered in someone elses?
What kind of car coverage will you need in virginia?
what do i do when i hit a car and i have no insurance or money to pay the damages?
Can I use an ID card to take a driving test?
wha happens to someone with 9 points on a provisional lincense in uk?
advice i was hit by a car?
whats the cheapest car to insure?
I have a new jersey drivers licence, I am a military guy stationed and living in PA.?
How old do you have to be to have a Moped license in Georgia ?
i take my driving test tomorrow. any advice?
How much would car insurance be for a 16-year-old in California?
if i tell my insurance company that i'm older than i really am so i can get cheaper premiums, what can happen?
LOWEST insurance rates in califonia? zip code 91605?
Can I cancel my insurance policy (I have an agent) then apply for another policy online since that is cheaper?
Parked in the street with hazards on?
can two people register 1 vehicle in massachusetts?
I just bought a car,Im 16,whos name should i put the title in?
Driving test in the snow?
N.C. temporary registration available if I buy from the owner ?
What normally happens when you are in a car accident and you dont have insurance?
What happens if you get in an accident and your insurance relapsed?!?
Can i own a car but have my dad insure it under his name?and if so which company does it?
lowest insurance rates?
What can we do to get the title to our car?
How much would tax, title, and license fee be on a 1990 Peterbilt?
Got car finance.planned to tranfer the registered keeper to a friend.?
Got in my first car accident?
can anyone let me know if a number plate spelling nico or anik or nixons is for sale?
do i keep my no claims discount on my car if?
Car Insurance prices and fairness?
is it legal for them to repo a car if your only 2 months behind on payments?
What is a NY motor vehicle audit?
How come I am forced to by auto insurance ?
What states do not require mandatory auto insurance?
My son was hit by a car while walking?
Is there any harm in requesting a quote for a car?
In Pennsylvania, can a car title be nullified?
Registering out of state car in CA?
Can I drive my sister and friend at once?
Can I be the sole lienholder on car but register it w/ 2 names on it at dmv?
if me and my mom are both legal owners on a car title, who owns the car or has more ownership to it?
$4000 (med bills) + 3000 (car) = my total car accident claim settlement?
How hard is the written drivers tes in illinois?
i want to buy a car but how do i get insurance?
Car Insurance Question? Autoaccident?
does this add up to 6 points at dmv?
Just paid off my car! I want to lower my car insurance, advice?
in massachusetts are you insured for your vehicle if you get caught dui and total your car?
Financing and inusrance help?
why is mandatory drug testing important for truck drivers?
who here thinks geico's lizard ( geko) is kinda creepy, along with being high priced for auto insurance?
I passed my test in an automatic but my licence is for both auto and manuals!?
how can i spend my vacation?
Where can I check how many points I have on my Divers License?
How long does it take to update a UK drivers licence?
moped, CBT, licence, 16 years old?
my licence is revoked for 10 years. can i get it in a different state from the one that its revoked in?
What can happen in this minor car accident?
I'm 16 & got a drivers license my parents refuse to get me car insurance til i'm 18 is there a fine for that?
Car Accident in TX without Insurance?
Motorcycle side mount vertical/horizontal license plate legal in utah?
How much in vehicle registration renewal fees do I have to pay?
If I get a lien against me from a tow truck company do I have to pay it?
How much money do you save on car insureiance by switching to geico?
Driving less than a mile with only your permit?
What is a court seized car?
Can I buy car insurance in Arizona if I live in a different state??
Does anyone know of a company who will give me a chance, I have a mark on my dac, i've been clean for 21/2 yrs
How much does insurance pay on total loss if owner owes more than its worth?
got into car accident, my fault not my insurance?
why is drivers ed so expensive?
If my car is wrecked in a police chase, who pays?
do Nevda cheek ca driver record?
is it worth it to drive without a license in this situation?
Do Indian cops ever issue tickets to drivers?
Is there an age requirement for buying a car?
i was banned for drink driving does anyone know any cheap insurance companys?
ROAD RAGE resulted in me rear ending the car in front of me... I have a witness so do I have a case?
Cheapest car to insure for a 18 year old?
Why do you have to pay a registration fee every year for something you already own?
in the state of minnesota how old do you have to be to put a car in your own name?
what is the cheapest auto insurence?
how can i get license insurance?
Insurance-Points, Ban etc?
Someone claiming for whiplash against my partner?
Should some old people be driving?
How do I log my driving hours for VA?
How much should my 11 year old receive for pain and suffering from my car insurance company?
Help i had an accident!?
can you drive out of state with a PA junior license? or go the the jersey shore?
Is it illegal to have a k-9 sticker on my car?
what is an insurance loss vehicle?
Is my brother at fault in an intersection auto accident?
How do I find out if a car plate is registered to a deceased family member?
I got hit by a truck on my bike but didnt get hurt or get anything broken, it was there fault what should i do
someone hit my car...
Car accident by my wife. Insurance and other things. Please help?
new jersey drivers permit?
do you have to pay to remove a name from a vehicle title?
How much settlement should I expect for an uninsured motorist claim with state farm in texas?
same thing is with me my registration no is not renewed& its more than 2 month i have apply.?
Is it possible for me (a 17 year old) to get put on my dads insurance to drive his car? ?
How does Gap Insurance work?
What do I need to bring with me when taking the Utah Driver's Permit Test?
what is a DOT inspection?
Do i need insurance in order to recieve a drivers license?
Insurance is nothing but a big ripoffs. u think? i think so. millions of motorist drive without it.?
i need paper tags for my vehicle. what information do i take with me?
Is taking the Behind the wheel test difficult at The Fullerton DMV, CA?
What is the cut off year for driving when your 16?
In Texas-Can you get a car inspected w/o insurance?
Hit and Run with no Visual damge?
SORN cars info needed! UK only :)?
Do you have any idea...?
how much damage do you think happend?
A question about car insurance....?
Does proof of insurance have to have your name on it?
If my son gets a ticket at Sixteen how much will his insurance go up?
What Route Does Pomona Ca, DMV Use For The Driving Test?
Car accident question?
I sold my car to my sister an she hasnt paid for the car yet its been almost 3 months my niece wanted to take?
can u buy a car if u have a drivers permit?
Can i ask for 1k under the table? (backed into)?
I want to know who pays for the damages?
Drink Drive Accident, insurance valid?
I hit an aniamal in my car, will my state farm comprehensive insurance pay me a settlement for the injuries?
I lost my form that I got when I signed up for my driving exam?
got bumped from back,they admit guilt. Insurance Co will write off my car for less than I owe. what can I do?
Are VW Passats affordable cars to insure?
Is insurance higher for an automatic or a manual?
why is driving without insurance wrong?
getting stopped driving a unregistered car?
Can you go to dealership no money?
I will give ten points for the best answer, I need some car insurance help please?
Transport a car without plates?
Where can i go in Dallas, Tx can I purchase a copy of the title for a car i already owe?
If I get hit by a semi truck will I die?
find out vehicle details from number plate?
How do I get my vehicle back from an individual who has taken it out of state without my permission?
Driving lessons: Anyone with a licence or Experience?
Florida Learners Permit Question?
G2 drivers ed classes :)?
Does the Fast car drivers have more confidence level?
Can I lose my license for a auto accident?
An accident with a bicycle that happened today?
What happens with auto insurance with a car and bike collision?
About how much will ensureance cost me?
I`ve just passed my driving test at the age of 25 anyone know of any cheap car insurers?
I take my drivers test tomorrow, what was your experience?
Can you cancel an auto claim? If so will it do any damage to you?
Is there any way I can get my drivers permit?
How can I reschedule faster? for my driving test?
NJ Motor vehicle records don't match info in SSA files?
How do I register my car/ get tags.?
I want to drive my car but i don't know how to drive it?
What should I do having gotten caught driving without insurance in CO?
What is the current nav of lic market plus1?
I have straightening possibly due to spasm herniation at C2-3 and C5-6 and a bulge at L5 -S1?
How much will insurance offer for a car I paid 3000 for 6 months ago?
car crash?
Can you get lisence plates without certifiation in Ontario?
can a judge grant a personal injury claim more amount than what is covered by my auto insurance ?
what is the diffrence between Certificate of number vs Certificate of tile for a boat? are they the same?
Does my picture show up at the DMV?
i was a passenger in a car accident, and i am now being pursued for costs to the third party?
I just got a car and don't have a tag, insurance, or a license and needs inspected.?
If my car was reposesed do i still have to be making the payments?
what do you think of this driving licence?
Who is at fault? had a car accident today, van hit me on the back and tries to blame me....?
This is a question concerning car insurance?
I am a new driver and have just bought a Citroen saxo vtr,Whats the best unsurance company to go with?
I Just turned 16, im interested in getting a licence.?
18 year old motorcycle insurance 600cc Toronto?
do I have to have some kinda of liscense/permit to play music on the streets in toronto ?
Should I register my new car in Vegas or Arizona?
i have booked my driving test in2 weeks i feel nervous when i think about it what should i do?
A friend hit my parked car how's the insurance work?
Im confused pleas help..........?
my son is 15 do i have to add him to my insurance if he doesn't have a license?
I need to find out for free who a vehicle is registered to in the state of Kansas.?
if i just brought a car and get pulled over while driving am i in the wrong?
Multi car pile up who is at fault?
Taking North Carolina Road Skills Test?
Driving without a license in PA + accident+ hit and run?
State Farm Insurance Claims?
Why my insurance company pay it off?
Question about car insurance?
who will be the responsible of my stolen car the management of mall or security?
does my insurance go up if i make a claim against someone else when its their fault?
My mum has fully comp insurance on her car can she drive myn?
can i get this car under my name?
My car was hit in the back and was reported as a total loss by the other party's insurance company.Is it fair?
car crash in a car park?
driving with a expired license?
the best driving school?
how much would my car insurance be?
Can I drive to school with a permit here in Arizona?
I rear ended someone today...?
What procedures are standard after an automobile accident?
removing an exempt driver from an insurance policy?
Is it possible to pass your driving test on your 17th birthday?
how can i get my surety back?
What would be the best/cheapest place to get moped insurance through?
What kind of license do i need to transport disabled people in california. This is for commercial use?
Truck was stolen 2 wks ago and found yesterday,do I still haf to pay deductable?
I was in a car accident where the other driver is at fault, what are my rights and what should i expect?
I have lost my tax disc - what do i do?
Approximate car accident settlement winnings...?
On average how much does it cost in Boston?...........?
DVLA car registration number auctions?
what does the insurance company pay when a car is stolen?
where does car insurance go when yo do not have an accident?
Can I sell my husband's car if I am not on the title?
a foriner need international driving licens in us?
What happens after a car accident when you don't have insurance?
can foreigner high school students get a drivers licence in CT,USA?
Why does the claims adjuster need a copy of the non negotiable title?
Better to put my 18 year old on my policy, or should he get his own?
Tax title license question Texas Motorcycle?
I just got my G2, how long does it take to come in the mail..?
I keep seeing a new rule for colorado drivers, so what is it?
Driving without insurance (but not aware!)?
I just bought a car from a disabled person (without the road tax) and I was caught before having time to buy?
Which motorcylce has a taller seat?
is it true that if the cost of repair on a car exceeds the book value, insurance will just total the car?
In North Carolina, what determines the date of expiration on your registration card? Is it the yearly tax?
personalise a car without killing the insurance?
What to expect on a California written driving test? the second time?
Title, tags, registration, and plate ?
how do i transfer my deceased mothers car payment to my name?
Moving to Virginia-How do I title a financed car in Virginia?
My car got hit in the middle of the night. I don't have insurance but the person at fault does.?
How do I update my Louisiana driver license if I currently have an expired license?
can you legally drive without a driving licence?
the car is on my name but insurance on my mothers name..?
Nj livense/ driving school question.?
Okay, Im 17 now turning 18 soon and i want to get my license in another state for my first license?
What papers do i need in order to get my drivers license? ?
i bought a pop up camper previous owner can't find the title they aren't cooperating with me to get another o?
Is it true that you can drive to school with a permit if...?
A commercial semi-truck rear-ended us. What type of settlement is reasonable?
booking a Driving lesson?
Car wreck....Why is his insurance calling me? Can someone please clear this up?
what do i do about my car insurance and registration?
My vehicles temporary tag expires tomorrow, what should I do?
can you get car insurance for 1 day?
How much is insurance for a 17 year old girl?
I have some car problems?
trying to be sneaky!?
insured customerservice?
why do we have to pay for our registration for our car,every year??!!?
I was skateboarding home from drinking some alcohol and was hit by a car?
How do I go about becoming a driving instructor for new drivers in Tn? I want to do this as my own business.?
My son went to college and does not have a car, insurance want him to surrender his license, is this legal?
What are my rights in co-buying a car?
Car Insurance Question?
How to register a Lic agency ?
Car Insurance?????? help!?
Best car for my daughter?
driver license how to get?
California Vanity Plate Rules?
how long does it take to get in and out of the dmv for an identification card in fresno california?
I just got my first car...?
Can i get my license right away fter i turn 18 years old?
can I get in trouble if someone is caught driving my vehicle without a license?
car insurence, estimated milage innacuracy?
Do they do a background check when you go to the dmv?
I got a car problem!?
new hampshire vs massachusetts car insurance?
What auto insurance gives the cheapest full covarge becuase my friend thats a guy says its 4000 dollars a year?
How can I get rid a car which I still own money on it? I don't want it anymore, can I get it repo?
Cross Road Accident Dilema?
Importing car from US into Canada?
Can I PLEASE get a reasonable and sound answer to my question about my daughter and my insurance company?!?
Do I need to make a claim for my car insurance even if I don't have damage?
Car Insurance Claim,,,,,?
Are DMV handouts the same as Driver license records?
whos at fault in this accident?
In an auto accident, can the driver at fault successfully sue you?
need to get city and guilds certs Ian panel beating and paint refinshing without doing exam will pay?
License Plate frame with Camera?
husband in a accident they didnt have insurance?
Car was considered total loss after an accident now what?
i want to get my license...?
In UK, having problems getting driving insurance after a drink-driving ban.?
Why are teenage girls insurance rates cheaper than boys?
Do i have to have a licensed adult with me?
how much is insurance for a honda rebel on a 15 in a half year old boy in missouri?
I lost my drivers license on a bus, whats the big deal?
how do I register a moped in MN without a title or purchase agreement but I do have a serial number?
What happens to a car when it goes the junk yard?
my car got hit, what should i do?
Provisional? License?????????????? CALIFORNIA?
Has anyone had to pay a down payment every six months on car insurance plus the payment for that month?
Who was at fault for my friends wreck?
Estimated Insurance cost for 1990 trans am?
How much is gas in your state?Estimate?
Car crashed in to me it was his fault and he admits this BUT I did'nt tell my insurer about my 6 points.?
cheapest way to insure 19 yr old boy with one year no claims bonus?
i got in a accident but my air bags did not deploy can i sue?
Can you find out the type of car someone owns with their name only?
i have someone is going to give me a car but has no title he bout the car the car as a package deal what do i?
Rover 25 1.4 drivers?
How do I study for the DMV Written Test?
My car insurance won't pay. They said we were covered verbally.?
My Insurance denied accident claim...What can the other drive do now?
Help! A friend has had his car seized by the DVLA for no tax today.?
how often / when do I need to do safety and emissions test on my car?
can you get a permit if your 16 and dropped out of school in the state of oregon?
Can I keep a van on a rented car parking space with no MOT, license or insurance?
is this normal for auto insurance?
Rear ended a pickup truck, my fault, my car has 2300 worth of damage, other car has no damage.?
Can I drive my friend's insured motorcycle with my motorcycle license without penalty?
What can I do about car insurance from another state? PLEASE HELP!?
Should I take a driving lesson before vacation and two after vacation?
want to see if new owner had auto transferred?
What car insursurance company INCLUDES 180 days cover in REPUBLIC OF IRELAND as part of EUROPEAN COVER?
When you move states do you have to take your drivers test again?
Have the Title. Now what?
Odometer rollback fraud question?
question about insurance claim?
suing after car accident?
does this mean i bought a car with a salvage title?
one vehicle hit us and run, but i get his plate number. How can i get his information?
i got caught driving underage?
Why do you think the blood alcohol limit should be 0.0 for all drivers?
What do I need to bring with me when going to the DMV for my first time drivers license?
How do I sue an insurance company?
I had my motorcycle stolen its now been recovered but......?
Could I register my car in a different state?
What is the average amount of hours spent driving before a person would expect to have an accident that would?
Learners Permit?I really need help please?
Where can I find the license plates that are available in GA?
what are the hourly rates that auto body shops get from ins companies state by state?
renting a taxi plate?
Insurance for a 21 year old female on 2004 Mazda 3?
how much does it cost 2 get a license in ny?
Drive myself to school?
How much will i be expecting to pay if i got charged for speeding and transportin a 18 yr old but im provison?
Transferring the title of my car in Texas to my dad in california?
Pain and suffering? Car crash with friend.?
will the dmv let me use a car for the drivers test or is that just for drivers ed?
What is the cheapest car 5 years old or less,to insure?
How much to renew a class e nys license?
in order to get my temps do i need to read the Drivers Handbook or is that only for drivers linsences?
Plates/Tags will expire from SC....HELP!!!!?
Who ultimately decides which party was at fault for an accident?
anyone know about car insurance?
can i renew my learner permit online?
I just purchased a 1997 isuzu rodeo, Do i have to get a smog check?
I did something a bit too late on car insurance?
how to register my car?
what incentive is there to have good liability coverage?
Advice on renting a car.?
Vehicle collision claims?
Gave my friend an inch she took a mile.?
Problem transferring a car's title if it was left open for 2 years?
my car tittle was stolen and registration, what do i do?
What will happen to my car insurence if i get a bigger car?
provisional licence with six penalty points can apply for practical test for getting full UK licence?
Do u lose points on ur license for texting while driving?
how much can i expect to recieve from my motorcycle accident settlement?
Can I get my learner's permit without taking Driver's Ed?
what is the approximate insurance cost on a vw polo X registration for a 17 year old?
Kentucky Title Transfer Form: How to fill it out?
i just ggot in to a fender bender.. price?
Can I make a claim although I crashed the car and no one else was involved?
buying a car in a different state and driving it back?
Can I drive if I dropout of high school?
can my mom legally take my car away if she pays for the insurance but i bought the car?
external costs of cars?
living in pa with de tags is this insurance fraud?
choosing paper of cermic plates.?
How old do you have to be to drive?
I had a dui in PA 3 yrs ago. I was told not to change because it will trigger...?
does anyone know how to alter your drivers license?
Who is the cheapset insurance company for first time drivers?
got into accident with my moms car, but not my fault, does insurance covers it?
Driving/wrecking on your permit?
I bought my on 2/22/06, and I still have not got my license plate?
Driving lessons for under 17 year olds?
can you get car insurance with a permit?
I have an international driving permit. what r the procedures to get a NY foreign drivers license?
What topics are mostly on the NYS DMV Written test?
'Legal Protection'?
question about car title transfer?
Will your car insurance go up if you get a 2 point ticket in Georgia?
Why does State Farm keep changing prices each month?
i have sanned my driving License but i want to edit my name from it how i should do it?
What on Earth is Accident Insurance?
How long before my 17th Birthday can i send off for my provisional drivers license?
coverage in cases where cost of repair > value of the car?
if your already 16 but dont have a permit can you still get a license?
can i get a restricted license after a vandalism charge?
Does anyone know how to find out the name of the registered owner of a vehicle?
dose an out of state student going to college in Arizona need to register there car in AZ.?
Can you change address on license for dmv over computer?
Do you think that the new rules for L platers are ridiculous? If yes, put your name, last name and comments :)
Passed my driving test 6yrs ago now DVLA say i didnt swap my provisional within 2yrs of passing which i did!!?
can i take my practical driving test by my own car?
Has anyone taken the driving portion of the Illinois driver's license exam?
How much does a horse trailer usually cost to insure if you have USAA?
If my bro have full coverage on a new car..?
Extended Auto Warranty sales in Florida and California?
how long after an accident can they sue me?
do I have to go to driving school to get my license?
Accident Settlement Question?
Can a minor get a new drivers license without a parent being present?
Does an 18 yr old have to still take segment 2?
I have a Lotus motor vehicle registered 1999. Can I legally have a 3/4 size registration plate fitted to it ?
are pink L plates legal?
Senior Licence in NYS?
When you buy a car, is there an automatic period of time that it is insured?
can you get insurance in IL if the car is registered in NJ?
Is there any way for me to see how much my taxes are gonna cost on my new car without going to the dmv?
Who is responsible for the damage caused to a driving car by a foul ball hit by a student during a game /B.P.?
Who is at fault in a 5-car pileup?
how to get my license reinstated?
how long do you have to wait after your g2 to get your g?
Car sellable when the car is deemed Salvage/rebuilt - will it trade?
Learners Permit Preparation?
how can i find out the price for the tags of my car without going to the dmv?
Would I get points of my license if I get too much tickets?
Year of trailer by vehicle identification number?
what if the cost to repair my car on an insurance claim is more than what the car is worth?
If someone but a dent in your car and won't claim responsibility what do you do?
What happens when someone blows a stop sign, pulls out in front of me and I hit her. She says it's my fault?
drivers ed online ? has anyone done it ?
World Travel Car Insurance?
I'm a young, new driver.If I go onto my Mum's insurance, will that ruin her no claims bonus?
I am 16 and i am going to get my motocyle license.?
Why does my license say military where the experation date should be?
if i mail my pink slip / title over to buyer, but he doesn't register with dmv, can it come back to me?
If im insured fully comp am i insured to drive any car?
can i use my illinois instructional permit in washington?
What will happen if I don't report my car accident, but the person I hit does? Can I get in trouble? ?
How to negotiate a proper amount for a bodily injury in a claim settlement?
car crash and insurance?
Car Insurance Question- Total Loss (Need Answer Soon)?
what happens when you're involved in an accident that's not your fault and the other party's insurance refuses
Being sued due to an accident..?
how do i get a personalized licence plate for my car for the state of alabama?
how to keep vehicle registered in Ga?
How long do penalty points stay on a driving licence?
Spent a lot and failed in Uk driving test.?
how to find out if you have a driving ban still?
expired driving licence?
How much does Pires Auto School cost?
What happens when you are in a minor traffic accident and do not have insurance?
When renting a car do you need to obtain car ins.(if you don't currently own a car)?
my insurance company has told me that i cant claim for my injuries because i caused the accident is this right?
do a lot of people cancel their driving test appointments?
How do I switch my NC driver's license to NM?
I was in a minor fender bender this afternoon.?
Is the maddox fva 45 a real vehicle?
My 2 yr old son was hit by a car at a acura car dealership, whos fault is this? can i sue for medical cost?
I don't have insurance and was driving a friend's car and we got in a car accident. Help, please?
Do I need to take the Driving Skills Test for my license (Indiana)?
scared to drive my car home incase it is not insured?
What is the best car insurance to get? What is the worst?
can you transfer your g2 license to nyc driving license?
car accident hitting a kid?
buy auto in ga register in tn?
Driver License exp date ?
if i gave a fake insurance to the dmv in the state of california do i go to jail;?
If someone drives my car and doesnt have a valid drivers license?
I've a car I haven't driven in 3years so stopped insuring it Now I want to sell but lost the title. What 2do
Car Accident Question?
is legitimate for taking a permit?
If you are in an auto accident, and not at fault, do you have any recourse if you are uninsured?
i failed my driving test first time. im scared to go for my second time?
What are the risks involved if you do not tell your car insurers about any convictions ie drink driving?
by law when a tax disc expires how many days are you given before your car can be towed or clamped?
I want to trade my car in for a uprgrade help?
Could i still get a student discount for drivers ed after ive already graduated?
In Ohio can a 18 year old buy a car in his name without his parents having to put their name on title.?
I had an accident a week ago, not my fault, I din't have insurence? HELP?
In Oklahoma, will insurance pay a hail damage claim if was paid a couple years ago but car was not repaired?
License help ASAP Please?
Can i apply for a driving permit without a parent with me?
Florida Drivers License?
United Kingdom motor insurance companies reviewed? Best and worst claim payers?
what is needed to get lisence plates?
What kind of surprize car should i get my daughter that is about to turn sixteen on saturday?
what documents to bring for a registration address change in NJ?
Do you have to notify the DVLA if you're pregnant?
Hit and Run? Please Help :(?
When do i register the for american lottrey?
Can someone sum up this drivers manual for me?
i bought a new car, is there somewhere online that i can find out how much the registration is going to be?
how much can i expect to recieve from my motorcycle accident settlement?
Does a car being towed by another car require insurance?
drivers permit?
Temps test?
i am almost 17 years old but i didnt pass my permit test. shouldnt i automatically get my permit when i am 17?
My plates on my car got stolen, but my title is in my husbands name. what can i do?
I am i California and I just passed Drivers Ed, how do I get my LP?
Do you need proof of insurance to renew your driver license?
Dmv minor question? need help!_?
once you turn 15 can you get your permit in arizona? or do you have to wait 6-7 months to get the permit?
Is motor insurance compulsory in most states of the USA?
Do you think auto insurance companies enjoy icy roads and accident prone weather in a sick way?
I have been involved in a car incident and it wasn’t my fault – who pays for the damage?
If you are driving w/ a revoked liscence for not paying the balance of a speeding ticket?
Is this red color vest suitable for a 30 years old woman?
I bought a car, the title was signed in the wrong place, the seller moved and i cannot find him to contact him?
Ways to get around without any license?
What are the laws if you get a speeding ticket in a different state?
If you take a defensive driving school class, is it good for how long?
Can I drive in North Carolina with an International Drivers License?
getting your license in illinois?
no insurance?
Whats going to happen to me:(?
Driving without car insurance?
Car insurance cancelled on financed car..?
I'm 17 year old and i was 5'5 Last 3 months and i added an inch which makes me 5'6?
I called my car insurance company (Senate Insurance) and told them I wanted to file a claim?
What is good insurance for teens?
how can i lower my car insurance quotes?
What can be done about collision in school parking lot with damages?
Why Does NationWide make you go to court After filing a claim, State Farm Does'nt??
whos at fault when you get struck by an unmanned vehicle on private property at a car wash?
Somebody crashed into my car and damaged it. I dont have auto insurance but they do. what do i do?
will insurance company cover me and my brothers car if it got stolen?But i was the last one to drive it?
car crash help please? lawyers advice?
which auto insurance will not do a credit check before you buy?
I am buying a new car and wonder if I can print off a cover note from my insurer to allow the garage to tax it
my license plates expired. any one have any idea about how much it will cost me for new ones at the dmv?
can I take a learner driver in my car for practice, without insurance for that person ?
I wish to sell my personalised reg for my car and replace it with another,Let me explain my question.?
How do I start the process of getting my permit?
Will I get my son taken away if I drive with a suspended license in CA?
is the driving test in california hard?
TX Insurance?
do i have to register a pop up camper in pennsylvania?
car accident question!?
Will my first speeding ticket affect insurance?
How soon can I get my license?
what is the address of the state of alabamas dept of transportation and liability insurance?
My friend has a commercial vehicle and he wants to use my address for his insurance?
my brother and I were involved in a car accident by a driver driving his company car. Can we sue the company?
What is a Lien on my car?
Do you feel like you're dancing on clouds after a poop?
Is it Possible for Foreigners to Get a UK Drivers License?
how much would you have to pay for 3rd try on a road test?
Can i drive to my highschool with a dj license, im 17? LI, NY dnt knw if dmv allows u to?
I need to find out infromatiom on what to do if you licenses was suspended?
21 and never got a drivers license?
Would you be mad if someone dented your license plate?...Help? Advice?
what is the cheapest car insurance in nj for teens?
when was the driving test introduced in the uk?
Homeowners Insurance question? We had a vehicle broken into while out of state ....several months ago...?
your opinions on this car accident scenario please?
can i get a alabama title with a salvage title from texas?
Dmv registration payment options?
Provisional license (D1) proof of identity?
Moving to a new state registration and insurance?
Can I buy friends car back from my friends insurance company?
im getting my g1 in may how long do i need to wait till i get my g2?
I just moved to Missouri and have a North Carolina license plate?
How does car insurance work if you are working away from home i.e. car is not at the address its insured at?
can i drive with out a license for a lil bit?
Driving your car with its roof covered in snow will earn you a penalty . True or False?
i need a driving licence?
Was there ever a time you couldn't pull out of your parking spot?
abandoned vehicle?
i got in a car accident in i did not have insurents but it was not my falt .It was the other drivers falt in s?
Whos at fault for this accident?
My moms car was stolen and it has a lein on it and its the person who stole it?
NY State drivers test question?
How do you fix a misprint on a license in California?
Is it a good idea to take your drivers test in a full sized pick up truck?
How do I go about getting my Ca driving privileges back?
Can a WA drivers licesnse be suspended for no insurance?
how can i find out name and address of a vehicle owner, by using the reg number.?
I get my license tuesday, what's some things i need and or would want to have in my car at all times?
How Much Is It To Register A Car?
how do i get the tittle for my out of state car?
Can I drive on highways if accompanied by a fully licensed G driver?
friend wrecked car, ethical or legal obligation to pay?
will i get a years no claim?
how old do you have to be to get a FLT license (Training) or a cherry picker license (Training) ?
how to get name of owner for a certian tag number?
Car Crash, Whos liable?
I lent my friend my car to go to her job, a bad hail storm happened where her job is and now my car is totaled?
is it possible to not have to take the driving test at Texas dps?
DVM Parallel Parking?
what documents should I ask my friend to give me so that I may borrow his car?
how can i apply international driving licence in india?
how do i find out if the car i bought is taxed?
how long do you have to wait to take you retake your drivings test?
is the person on the registration the same as the person on the title? vehicle registration?
who knows anyone that work in the dmv and could get me a california id?
Can I get my Hardship license? TX?
Soon insurance firms in the UK may not be allowed to charge males and females differently. Is this fair?
I'm an out-of-state student, can I register my vehicle in the state that I go to school in?
rules for driving permit... over 18?
someone reversed into my car, is it better to go through maaco instead of insurance? its jus ta minor scratch?
can my child be under my auto insurance policy in a different state? she is in new york, i will be in SC?
My cousin got into an accident with no insurance and license?
Are there any car insurers in California who will sell 18 year old, new drivers a policy for under $2000 PA?
Driving test help! :( failed. ..?
License with extended hotel address?
What is the status of myauto insurance withGeico?
Can a reconstructed salvage title get full coverage in PA?
How much do license plates fee cost in virginia?
Cant get plates for truck?
why cant i buy a hambuger thru drive thru because i am on a bike? you see some cant afford a car and work late
I know how long endorsements stay on a licence but how long do they count for insurance purposes?
if a person has sight in only one eye can they still drive a car?
Is my insurance rate going to go up? High Point Auto Insurance?
walmart accident, parking lot who is liable/?
Could I have hyperthyrodism? I'm 17?
What are the regulations for owning a car in Georgia?
Can I get a contact number from the DMV office?
I was driving without a license?
How to get my drivers permit and license under 18?
car accident. insurance company. lawyer. what could happen?
im 18 and graduated from h.s. what do i need to get drivers license?
DMV driving test question?
Can I be added to car's title? State of Texas?
i am 15 years old and turn 16 in october what should i do to get my driving liscence?
If I move to Arizona for a year, do I need to get new license and registration?
i drive without a license?
Is there a standard charge for an MOT in the UK?
how long does it take to get a class m liscense in tx?
where can get info on my driving record on line?
What dose insurance do for us in this type of sittuation?
are you aloud to use blutooth when driving?
How old do you have to be to get your provisional licence and real licence in connecticut?
how many passenger's in a car can i have if i'm 17, got my license and live in Ohio?
I had a car reposed. I am able to buy a car and put my name on the title with a friend. Can they take the car?
What happens when you lend someone your car, and they get into an accident? How does the insurance work?
will liability insurance cover damages if another driver is driving?
Are failed drug test results kept on your DOT record? If so how long?
I need to pay off my ticket.?
We were hit from behind by someone that is 37 yrs old and only has a beginners permit. Can we sue?
Where can i take my permit?
Arizona car registration..?
what happens if my car is registered under my name but insured under my moms name and i get into accident?
Can i use my mexican driver's license to drive in the US?
I would like to know how I can file a claim with State and County Mutual for an automobile accident?
How do myou request a personalized license plate for a car, and also how much is it in CA?
Can you unregister a registered vehicle?
do i need my driving licence to renew my car tax???
im 18, and going to get my license, do i have to take the driving test?
I keep Failing my Class 7 Alberta Drivers Test??? :(?
if i decide to keep my car after the insurance company has totaled it do they have to repair it back to normal
what driving school question?
can i repossess a vehicle myself or do I need to go through a bailliff? I already have a lien on the vehicle ?
Where can you rent a car without a credit card?
i did the at home drivers ed...?
My car insurance is so cheap and I know why?
Best U.K car insurance for new drivers?
Car accident question?
Scheduling a License Test?
My Insurance Company Want Me To Buy My Car Back!?
Can i get in trouble for being in a stolen car but not knowing?
do i need my online driving instruction certificate when i reapply for my California DMV learners permit?
Drive Time Nazis (Hillsborogh)?
Auto insurance help. please!?
How do i find the license # in ark on a 1998 jeep grand c. vin # 134fx58s8wc340085?
If I am insured on one car, could I drive another car without breaking the law?
i have already asked if i can get car insurance without license someone said put it in my name is that the car
Will I get my license suspended?
Tennessee Drivers License Question?
The DMV spelled my last name wrong on my permit?
Car was charged off 10 years ago and never repo'd.?
Driving lessons query?
This is a toughie. A friend of mine was recently involved in a 4 veichle accident. See Details.?
Sixteen and licensed?
i am 16 and 4 months in ni when can i apply for my provisional license?
Was hit by car, no major damage, should I take action?
My car was wrecked, will I get paid for its value?
How old do i have to be to apply for a provisional license?
Do I need car insurance?
Can I drive my newly bought car to the inspection place?
Driving without an MOT?
what happens if im 17 and run away?
I am out of the country for 1 mnth. Can I switch my Auto Insurance to some low cost option like parking insrnc
How much are DMV, title, plate, costs when buying a car?
transfer lvn licence to michigan?
was in a car accident big bills help?
OK so if i got my learners permit and my little sister rips it can i just ask for a new one ?
Help much appreciated?
can somoeone do a PA license plate search for me.?
does anyone know If you go to the DMV to get a replacement Driver's license & have a warrant what happens?
Fake car insurance claims, for injuries and car damage?
Auto fender insurance company wont pay their claim, Am I liable?
Proof of no claims bonus???
What is the easiest, fastest, and best drivers ed course for CA?
if im driving my friends car n i get an accident (my fault), n insurence card is not in the car what will hapn
When can I get my driving permit?
Car insurance help asap !!!?
to get a drivers license in louisiana?
Auto accident advice needed BADLY!!!?
If you take out insurance when you have a provisional license does this end when you gain a full license?
is insurance on a chevy beretta typically high?
How do I get 4 digit plates in Illinois?
Child accidentally scratched neighbours car?
What is the fee to expired car license plate tab?
In Singapore, can you cancel order for a new car after deposit has been paid, without losing the deposit?
i got pulled over for having minors in car w/provisional license... what now?
how long should it take to get my title?
Is it cheaper insurance for you to be a named driver if your parent owns the car?
Who is at fault in a fender bender involving backing into a parked car in a non-designated parking spot?
can a dealership sell a car without having a title?
how much does it cost to get your license in south carolina?
Can you report a car stolen that isn't yours?
texas license commision?
my friend was caught speeding my car in birmingham with no insurance. he lives in ireland, is there a way out?
my car is not on the road as it broke down and i need to repair it then sell it off.Can i cancel my insurance?
can i buy a car whit out no driver licence?
has any one kept their first car?
if you get into a accident and get injured does it affect the person who was driving the car i was in?
got hit by truck in NZ in rental van. body damage . can i press charges? was told impossible because of ACC ??
can I drive at night with a temp tag?
What car in UK is cheapest to insure and maintain?
If I get 20 day plates in the state of NH, am I allowed to legally travel out of state within those 20 days?
Surrendering driver's license?
What normally happens when you are in a car accident and you dont have insurance?
Getting a license for the first time in a different state...?
Who hates Gieco comerciales?
What are the chances of me winning in court if I got into an accident, and I hit the guy in the rear?
Are VW Beetles cheap or expensive to insure?
How can I get a motorcycle I bought from a private seller into my name if he hasn't resolved the lien?
why the car insurance ask for first and last,.where would be the "last" goes to?
Is there a grace period for purchasing liability insurance after purchasing a used car?
Driving to Metlife Stadium without license but with acceptable "trainer"?
Who is liable if a car damaged on a test drive?
Legal advise - my parked car was hit?
Hi there, does any one who the procedure of dealing with car accidents with foreign lorries in the UK?
Is a moped provisional license the same as a car provisional license?
Provisional Licence (UK) confusion?
I have an Indian Driving License, purchased a 400 pound car and want to buy car insurance on that.?
How much do you pay for car insurance in dorchester,ma ?
How much does car insurance really cost?
how to handle this car insurance claim?
In the UK, how long before you turn 17 can you apply for a provisional driving licence?
missouri driver license question?
Getting auto insurance before getting your license?
Do I have to wait ti'll I am 18 to drive?
My QLD Learner's Logbook?
What happens if you get in a car accident and you are not on the insurance wha what happens?
Are there any class b truck driving jobs near coloma, MI?
How much would my car accident cost?
what auto insurance carrier is this AS200069009?
car insurance i had accident?
problems transferring a car title from Georgia to S.C., plesae help.?
I renewed my car insurance policy, with a new car, but they are insuring both my old and new car, what to do?
intensive driving lessons uk?
Who can I drive with.. (Michigan)?
Insurance company says I owe them $25,000 for a fender bender that did not result in damage.?
I'm going to the DMV tomorrow to get a new license for the state I currently live in however...?