Was Crime and Punishment fair in the Tudor era from the looking from the rich and poor give both sides?
why did Russia not have to pay reperations after the Russo-Japanese war?
What are some stereotypes about the Northwest?
What can you tell me about the Hair Restoration Period in England. Did it begin after the Monarchy's hair was?
What is the Truman Doctrine?
how much was first class on titanic?
Need History Help Now Please?
URGENT HELP WITH HISTORY PROJECT! why did french Canadians oppose conscription?
President Hoover's main weakness in dealing with the Depression was his trust in?
U.S History -- please?
Why did Mary1st ban the holy communion?
What would you consider to be the most important history event that has happened in the US?
how did people in the past view insomnia?
By 1790, the Indians:?
I am looking for information on the tomb of mary de bohun, wife of Henry IV of England in Leicester England?
About how much were slaves auctioned for?
State the Vietnam policy for each of the following presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson.?
Name the town where the daleks were defeated?
How significant where the race riots in 1958 Notting Hill?
Greek Mythology?
What if Hitler did not commit suicide and went on trial like all the other Nazi leaders?
What caused the dinosaurs to exist?
Which continent is the largest in the world?
who knows any fomous sayings?
Roman architecture emphasized?
What happened to union membership towards end of the 18 Hundred's?
What is the best gun in the world?
Where is all the parts of Titanic?
Explain how Americans gradually increased their influence over Hawaii's economy and government?
does anyone have any information abount bone china form chile by the name of "lozapenco-ohilm"?
Tell me something about harappa culture in detail?
what is human purpose?
Who was to blame for the the American Revolution-England or American?
where does the word blue tooth come from?
Did any ethnic minority soldiers serve in the British Army in either of the two world wars?
How many ghosts haunt the entire Queen Mary ship?
What is the nationality for bicycles?
From what is the earliest date the Roman Empire came and dwell in Britain ?
do you think that hitler was right?
why was juliet and her family not buried in a grave?
who is the most powerful and influenced person in the world?
can any one answer my question?
which country has had the strongest influence in anglo america?
Has anyone ever been to Jamestown, VA? I have! Please read description!?
Would Hitler be a good leader?
What did cavemen have for breakfast in a mornings.?
What is a good video to show in class that shows the old ccc camps and a little bit about WW2?
Was Machiavelli right or left handed?
why was Quanah Parker a tribal leader of the comanche?
Why Didn't William the Conqueror invade England through the Pas de Calais?
Who won in Second World War?
Who was the last nawab of khairpur state?
Is hitler still alive and living in Brazil?
Which of the following actions did the United States take for the purpose of containing communism?
how did hitlers life experiences have an impact on his Nazi ideas?
Was there any political scandal during the 1910s (USA)?
Was the Spanish Inquisition like the European Taliban?
was the holocaust bad news for the jew?
Who constructed the GREAT WALL OF CHINA?
How was Stonehenge made?
When did all of the chaos end in Tian An Men Square?
history assignment?
How did the death of Oliver Cromwell affect the Jamaican economy?
How did the events of the Cold War impact American culture?
Can you give me websites where i can find info/ bios on these famous Canadian people?
How were britons able to justify the existence of slavery?
How was the first world map drawn?
Why is it that small (in stature) men in history have tried to take over the world?
history of Israel?
How did the telephone evolve during its existence?
Who were benjamin franklin butler's parents?
What was the Neutrality Act?
do you know the story of the dying solder from the book above?
What's the worst part of your nation's history?
monroe doctrine question?
Was Anne Boleyn in any plays?
Why did Columbus even try to reach the East by going West?
Journal question about the Lewis and Clark expedition?
Was there any Illuminati or atleast conspiracy books,documents,etc in the 70's or 80's?
What role did Marie de la Peltrie play in the church and New France?
Can anyone help me with this History question about anti-roman catholic organizations in the late 19 century?
How did CENTO and SEATO differ from NATO?
What period(s) in history interests you?
History experts...?
Were there black soldiers in WW2?
Why was the Battle of the Bulge important to WW2?
ages of the earth?
Can someone Explain the evolution of workers’ rights and tell me how it led to collective bargaining?
in what way did rinaissance through contribute to the age of exploration?
why did the french give us (America) the statue of liberty? and why did they chose to put it in new york?
Describe the advantages that Spanish conquerors had over the Aztec Empire between 1519 and 1521?
Why did anti-federalist oppose the constitution ?
What makes Hitler so publicly known?
what did the Arabs invent taht plays a huge part of our society today?
How did people try to escape the plague in the fourteenth century?
What do you think the most important reason for the decline of the Cowboys traditional way of life?
How do you explain the apparent paradox of the emergence of a new science at a time when Europe...?
How did Athenian democracy worked?
the people on the titanic?
in what ways is antisemitism an ideology?
When did Sweden started being part of the international community?
which is the oldest religion?
What are similar problems that the Roman Empire and the u.s have in common?
Traits to Describe Nathaniel Greene?
Who do you think will be the very LAST person on earth?
What is the Chronology of African civilization?
Need Major History Help!?
words describing galileo?
tell about archaeological sites of india?
What does everyone think of American history x?
During the month of January, Phillips Manufacturing began production on Jobs 51 and 52, and completed Jobs 50?
Can you answer these about Emperor Joseph the II?
What kinds of clothing is typically worn in the different regions of Africa?
Omaha Platform?
How many masts in each medieval warship:?
the primary contribution of Montesquieu to the development of the United States Constitution was what?
Where can I find Lenin's Testament?
Did Caeser actually have a friend called Bigus Dicus?
What was the Loudest sound ever heard on Earth?
What is the desired outcome of a revolution?
aftermath of conflict in Angola?
What part did the citizens of Prague play in the battle for the city? Was there any correlation between an in?
Why did the jews have numbers tattooed on them during WWII?
Who was the best wartime leader and why?
How did people feel about world war one?
Before the 20th century, what did women contribute to pictoral art....who were the painter? and sculptures?
why American Indians did not build pyramids?
Who was the Vice President of the Confederacy?
How did the Inca cut the rocks?
What did people do with the coffin, after the funeral, on a ship in the American Revolutionary War?
Which American characteristic played a major role in advancing technology in the early days of the revolution?
Would Japanese inflict more damage in Pearl herbour if they used German planes?
What are the causes and consequences of the Partition of India?
Write a monologue about the typical cowboy describing life on the cattle frontier?
who was the first man in the moon?
WHY is the term DYNASTY relevant to this period of history?
Who established the city of Jaunpur?
I need a lay out of Thebes.
Were there any international organizations involved in the Quiet Revolution?
did anyone find Columbus' hidden treasure in Jamaica?
Why did the 3 "MUSKETEERS" not have muskets to shoot, but instead, used swords?
Why did the cicil war happen when it did?
HITLER OR GANDHI who's the greatest man of the millenium?
What's the worst thing that's ever happened to humanity?
why do historians view the performance of japanese american soldiers as ironic ?
are there still any titanic survivors alive?
Warring States Japan?
what did the mongols call their land in russia?
what would have happened if the jews did not aid muhhamed in 622?
what is the name of the first man to go to the moon?
1) who is firstly direct a sex film ?
Murder Of Mr. Rahaman,first precident of Bangladesh?
Why there are seven days in a week?
Why weren't canal boats very popular in the Industrial Revolution?
What are some important cities in the United States?
what is da vincci code about?
Who was Tilkamanjhi or Tilka Manjhi?
What were concentration camps like during the holocaust?
10 years on - Bali bombings - remembering those who lost their lives ?
i need help w/ this esay..its about political reformers of progressive movement! any mistakes? thanks?
I have some questions about the vikings?
Who, what, where, why, when?
Help Nelson Mandela paper?
About the colonies in the English empire...?
Why did Europeans settle in the Americas as opposed to Africa and Asia?
What was slavery like in Africa before the arrival of Europeans? What was slavery like in medieval Europe?
What were the Dutch trading with when they were in Japan during the 19th century?
looking for Bonifacio dominguez born in Flagstaff in 1914?
What is illuminati ? PLEASE ANSWER SIMPLY?
[Canadian history] How did the start of transfer payments mark a change in the nature of confederation?
What type of crime did the enron excutive commit? who were the victims of this crime?
How successful were the reforms of the Progressive Era?
What would Europe be like today if Germany had have won World War II?
does anyone know history?
Who invented underwears? :P?
How did the lives of settlers change when moving west?
Do you Know what is the oldest city in the world?
Why did nazis give prisoners food?
If England already had harbors and ports and natural resources why did it take so long for the Industrial Revo?
What is it about the Masons?
What was the population of Hyderabad (Sindh) in 1942?
Do you think Columbus is guilt of ...?
Does history really repeat itself?
why do people put christmas trees on christmas ?
what language is jamaica mainly spoken?
best world war II sites that can be visited in north africa?
explanation of the traditional kiss at midnight on new years?
Spanka Karikas, who are they?
What obstacles has Condoleezza Rice faced because of her gender?
please tell me about the barnett shale in texas and nm?
What navigational innovation enabled the 14th-century era of European exploration by ships?
when was Susan G Komen born?
Is it possible that the saxons could have won the battle of 1066?
History homework. on D Day?
Any kind of history knowledge that deals with africans in america 1600s time.?
what are some points i can include for the civil war ? 10 points best ideas.?
anyone do the jc higher level history mocks?
Who is someone from History that you have admiration for?
did we really need to drop nukes on japan?
history help please someone !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
in what ways does marx believe that industrial capitalism undermines the Nation-state?
Why are windmills associated with the Netherlands?
Birth place, citizenship, and freedom?
what year did the british start colonizing?
Is hereward the wake story true?
How many people did Che Guevara kill, and why did he kill them?
Researching Doctors Under Hitler?
Sparta and Athens questions!?
When was the first Hebrew monarchy?
The British brought temporary peace to the colonies after the Boston Massacre by repealing most of the?
how do we/historians know how "Celtic Music" sounded?
The holocaust and WWII study question?
Need help in history!!!?
who is the great freedom fighter in world?
What is the best thing about your country?
Why is the sea to the west of Greece called the Ionian sea?
describe the crusades?
How did this lead to World War One?
What did the ancient greeks do for entertainment?
did "Magna Carta" allow rich people to rule Britain behind the scenes instead of kings?
I need help to write a thesis problem, may anyone help me explain what a thesis is and give me and example, ty
How would you characterize/define each decade ...?
Classical Greece and Rome compared to American..?
Were Native American men very strict about shaving their face?
Where is a good resource to get credible information about the bankers funding wars?
What will bill clinton be best remembered for a century from now?
Is it just me or is US history the most boring history ever?
Why did Hannibal attack Saguntum?
Who was the best president ever?
Why did people settle in Japan?
Is it true "Adolf Hitler " was a jew?
Do pirates exist today?????
Help interpreting these quotes correctly?
If you had to pick one general from any throughout history to lead your army, who would you pick.?
How isolated were the African Kingdoms in the post-classical era?
Who exactly is George Mason?
Underground caves and tunnels for art, built in secret during Nazi reign?
Identify 3 things the shah banned???? .s?
Why didn't the Nazis let the Jews leave Germany and Europe instead of just killing them?
Why did Mark Twain think little of the Congress?
Was Hitler the main cause of the second world war?
describe napoleon's seizure of power?
What did people used to throw at you if you were in the stocks and did they ever throw anything smelly?
When exactly was America discovered? And what were news headlines like?
Are Jews just a small portion of the semites?
In ancient history when Alexander was conquering the world's how many places did he name Alexandria?
why is john f. kennedy on the half-dollar?what is on the back of the half dollar?
How did settlement allow us to become agriculturalists?
why did adolf hitler hate Jews?
How were farm animals treated in the late 1800's to early 1900's?
What is the first thing you can remember? How far back is your memory?
What transport would Egyptians have used in 1600's-1800's?
What caused the Japs to join in world war 2, a war which started in Europe?
If we had Y/A when Adoph Hitler was around, what question would he ask?
was alexander the great a ruler of the greek empire?
Bloody Sunday resulted in...? and Who led the Bolsheviks majority upon his return to Russia?
Hatshepsut or Nefertiti?
Where the Nazi "SS" suppose to be only so called pure Arian race Germans ?
Where did Jacques Cartier plant the cross?
Who's fault was the Cold War?
Who was the oldest man to ever live, reaching the age of 120 years and 237 days?
Define the characteristics of the Pullman strike?
What river were the English and french fighting over in the french and Indian war?
Was the United States of America founded on the Holy Bible?
One effect of the Battle of Saratoga was that?
positives of portuguese exploration? for who were they positive?
How did Samuel Adams affect the United States after the war?
Jacobins vs. Girondins?
in what ways could the treaty of versailles have led to the german aggression of world war 2?
Which war do you think was the most pointless?
What is the only country in history to use nuclear weapons in warfare ?
Do you notice how the West obscured Russias role in WW2?
Who was the leader of American Troops in the area north of the ohio river?
Is it true that the US dollar, has not changed since the 1920's?
Why should women have taken refuge in nunneries in the west but not in the Byzantine Empire?
How did the quebec act effect colonial Pennsylvania?
How did economic change, social turmoil, and political corruption during industrialization result in governme?
When was the Roman period?
The year 1914?
Who killed Julius Caesar?
Who is Ahhotep II? What did she do? Roles?
How was the ancient persian army so powerful?
Analyze and explain how the emotions of love, fear, and anger can be all motivations in war.?
what african american woman was first to get a Ph.D in her race?
WHy do some people say that the Holocaust never happend?
During and after reconstruction African American leaders were?
Did the Jesuists hide a fabulous treasure in California sometime in the 1700s?
Did the Vikings ever invade the USA?
what are the names of the fourteen men who died during the construction of the empire state building?
I need 10 facts please xxx?
How does Bernini's version of David differ from earlier ones?
What big things happened between 1941 and now in the world?
Who Was the First Monotheist is Recorded History?
were "The Normans" similar to "TheTatars" in how they "ruled" over populations?
what items were in short supply in britain during world war 2?
dose any one no any thing about singer sewing machines as i have one and can not find nothing out about it?
I have a print that I found in a thrift shop. I've been searching for information online for hours!?
Why should we read history ?
To date, what is Brazil's greatest invention?
I need an event that changed the world.?
U.S History Question (Please Help)?
If you could send a short message back 2000 years to 10AD what would it say?
What would happen if Jesus at that time did not die and people had believed in him?
Where did the confederate flag origionate from?
When did the Uganda genocide start?
Who was Louis Mckay? What good inspirations did he have on Billie Holiday?
Why was French revolution so violent between 1789 and 1794?
Why has Jordan not had as many problems with terrorism and riots like other Middle Eastern countries have had?
Which World Leader do u think was the worst from this list?
Why did Oliver Cromwell become Lord Protector in 1653?
What was "natural aristocracy"?
where could i get timeline for the battle of the bulge?
A Female Indian chief with tattoos?
who is the rama`s mother?
History Question?
why has spying enter america?
How did Spain manage to stay our of the Second World War, since Gen. Franco was a fascist like Hitler?
What's a good intro to talk about Joe McCarthy?
Who would like to help contribute to the book that finally exposes the conspriacy to kill Kennedy (read)?
Why was the Group of Seven significant to Canadian history?
Briefly explain how racial tension and prejudice played a key role in the earliest anti-narcotic legislation?
USSR and Germany re-established diplomatic relations? what does this mean?
Were the medical beliefs and ideas of the Ancient Greeks more scientific or superstitious? Explain and justify?
Isn't it inaccurate to say that Christianity had a role in the Dark Ages?
Which Country Columbus, Colon in 1492 landed,touched or kissed for the first time,Dominican Republic or Cuba?
What type of government was Nazi Germany?
How did the civil war in indian territory closely reflects the civil war in the nation as a whole?
How are ribs packed and shiped to grocery stores?
what were the personal and professional qualifications lyndon johnson?
What were four factors that led to an imperialist policy in the united states in the 1800's?
Information on Pieta by Michelangelo?
What did you do before the internet existed ?
Why did the Aryans migrate to India? From where did they come?
How to tell if American WW2 metals are real?
Does December 7,1941 have any particular meaning to you?
Who was the greatest man that ever lived??
what were famous philosphers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle's beliefs?
where did the surname ternent come from?
who invented time?
My history professor says that Quetzcoatl used to be a steamboat captain. Why is this not in my history book?
what is the history of the merritt's?
What is a good thesis about maya angelous life??
What historical events affected the population in ireland? In the last two decades?
What did alot of guys wear from the early 70's to late 70's?
Where can I find a flowchart of generals and officers crucial to the Battle of Gettysburg?
Is this a good history gcse essay intro?
What was the best WWII fighter plane ? Me Bf109 E ? Spitfire ? Zero ?
what is the meaning behind the chinese ring on string gender predictor?
what is the president of the philipines?
What are some interesting, uncommonly known facts about Mark Twain?
What countries are considered Dutch countries?
Is the Arch de Triumph in Paris solid or hollow?
The Vikings Came To America Around The 10/11 Century Right.....What Were They Doing And Where Did They Stay?
What were the Black Panthers? Who founded them? Why were they founded?
The Civil War!? ( Antebellum) Industrial Revoulotion! QUESTION! Five stars!?
How far back in history can we go and still have people alive who witnessed a war?
who is the most popular person in the world today?
Remember how people used to defect? What do they do now, immigrate?
what is the name of the creater of the universe?
What is the difference between Anglo Saxons and puritans?
do you now how king tut died?
What historical personage would you like to have befriended?
This is kind of important?
What is a catapult used to attack castles called?
obama fires cattle guards. True of false?
Why men like looking satin push up bras and corset and what make men excited? Men love cleaveage!?
Did Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and Churchill read Machiavelli's book "The Prince"?
how were the two views of republicanism different? how were they alike?
who coined the phrase "give them an inch and they try to take a mile" (or however it goes)?
what are some good websites about Australian Transport History?
Which of these ancient civilizations were allies/enemies with each other?
rene descartes?
What is it called when black people want to be paid back for what happened during slavery.?
How did the Americans do so well in the Pacific theater in WWII?
What are some facts to know about William Blount? s.?
whome came 1st "egg or hen"?
what were the jobs of the of southern men in 1820-1840?
How did Mother Teresa help Canada?
how and why did boston deindustialize between 1920 and 1980?
prior name on constantinople?
Kill, obey, disobey: Hitler, Stalin, Osama Bin Laden?
what did Robert E. Lee mean when he said that secession is anarchy?
i need 3 3-d artifacts from the Boston Massacre. Example: like a snowball filled with stix and rox?
richard nixon. what is position on the cold war?
Did the attacks on pearl harbor give FDR a good reason to join WWII?
What is a Union of Independent Republics?
Please anyone with information. con tact me . its very important. thank you?
Who would u rather spend a day with, Stalin or Hitler?
Y is it that the Quran is memorized by thousands of Muslims word 4 word & the bible is not by any human????
What are some inventions, innovations, and customs in the US?
What are the effects of religion in the renaissance?
What was the most costly war in world history?
why did the british parliament insist on fighting the american nationalists instead of giving them their indep?
was abraham lincoln a black man?
How did Britain prepare for the battle of Britain in 1940?
How was King Henry VIII Catholic?
If you suddenly awoke to find yourself reincarnated as Hitler, about to address the Nuremberg Rally,?
who came first black or white pwople??
How did Germany regain strength after loosing WW1?
Which is true about creation? Scinece or Bible?
How did the British East India Company take control of India?
Subtopics of Hitler and the Holocaust?
What was the total amount of casualties for all sides in Passchendaele in WWI?
Is Bush the new Hitler?
All about Albert enstein??? 10 point.... my homework?
what city did mother teresa mention 8 times in her 1979 nobel peace prize acceptance speech?
education in european society during the Renaissance?
which pyramid of giza was built first?
what are the old slavonic names for months?
Recall the time period from which Greek Fire reigned supreme.?
What will bill clinton be best remembered for a century from now?
how does it feel to have your preond?
What were the peoples' views and thoughts on Louis Pasteur's discovery?
Can you find some interesting facts about a president?
What was the name of Gengis Khan horse ?
what are some ways latin american music has affected the rest of the music industry?
info concerning battle of layte gulf WW2 and specific info on general Mcarthur and his involvment with the war
What were some of the rights of people in the 1920s?
what cemetery was bonnie and clyde burried at??
explain how North America became an extension of europe's battlefields from the 17th century to the mid.......?
do you have any family members that served in world war 2?
Are the Chinese remembered for ww2?
If you went back in time and murdered your grandfather,your own father would not have been born.?
Is Santa Real?
History of fashion in order..could you help?
Who started World War1 and World War2?
History question about English and Alchemy?
The most fascinating personality ever?
The calendar was first developed by the Mayan Civilization in Mesoamerica ?
who was the first king of france to be crowned?
What King sent Cortes to the Americas?
How pure is your blood? Do you really believe there is a "pure" race in the world? This should be interesting
What are some cool krewe names for Mardi Gras?
what does the name xavier mean?
mass hysteria of jews in ww2?
oldest catholic churches operating in the america continent?
what are the strengths and weaknesses of historical materialism?
Describe the relationship between the Court and public opinion.?
Where were slaves taken from?
what were the moderates goals and accomplishments?
What century were the crusades?
What kind of transportation, work, tools, and problems did the Plains Native American face?
Louis VII and Conrad III were not powerful kings?
can any one tell me the predictions of nostradamus?
i am looking for the tools that have wave or st. like wave to find the age (old) of old things like antique?
What do you know about The Republic of Ragusa?
Thedifferent two stroke diesel engine from four stroke diesel engine?
compare the concepts of nationalism expressed in the Mazzini's The Duties of Man?
what does b.c.and a.d stand for?
Where were you on that fateful morning 6 years ago?
What will be your major accomplishments when you reach your death?
what was ceasar's legion?
What impacts do Transcendentalism have on society today?
what did charlemagne do when one of his children nearly betrayed him? Was it fair?
did you know the bible was written by the same people who said the world was flat?
What does "working towards the Fuhrer" mean?
What's flexing "centurion style"?
Was there racism in the world before the start of colonialism & the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?
How did the U.S. Show that it nolonger wanted to be involve in european affairs after world war I ?
History of Great Britain in 18th century?
should the us pardon all illegal aliens and give them citizenship?
Was there popular support for World War II through to the end?
Why veterans are important?
A Song that brought about social change?
what city is the capitol of the catholic church?
information about leader ranapratap.?
1 for you creationist. Do you believe there was a civilization here b4 Adam and Eve?
what is the definition of drama in Greek era?
Did merlin really exist?
When did western society become so open about sexuality?
Amongst them which "VON" was the worst traitor,Von Staffunberg or Von Broun?
What does "Merry Christmas" mean literally? Who came out with it? How?
heraldry tudor and stuart dynasty?
what did most pirates die from?
name some of the things that happened to jewish people in Europe because of Anti-Semitism?
How did carrier pigeons know where to deliver messages to???
Why the Brittish redcoats were always been defeated at wars?
what were the names of the victims of the Fastnet 1979?
is the knights templar the same thing as the free masons?
who is THE BEST MAN ever???!!!!?
How did the local missionaries have an effect on Pacific Countries?
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World? Help?!?
Has the United States ever lost a war?
When was this speech that President Kennedy gave?
Do you think that there is a difference in intelligence levels between people today and people who lived?
Tel in brief about pre history oc India?
History buffs, i have a trivia question for you!?
what was a papyrus?
what do you knew about negotiatio ?
Progressive presidents like Roosevelt and Wilson...?
history on afrian american wars in 1400-1800?
What were the main cultural conflicts of the 1920s?
Who was first?
who built in Romania the first plain?
why did the Salem episode happen?
Which countries are connected by Suez Canal? What was the issue regarding Suez canal in the world History?
What were the new forms of thought that came about in the industrial revolution in great britain?
Why was the Titanic the Biggest tragedy in the World!?!?
Can someone tell me abt the U.S.S.R? When and How did come to form Russia and the other countries?
Did the Confederates have the right to secede and why were they considered as rebels?
when and where was Charles Drew born?
If slavery had not been part of the question, would you ave supported the Cofederacy in 1860 or not?
what were the rights between eastern europe communism and western democracies?
ok if jews people were compensated for the Holocaust. why not black people for slavery?
If you were to compare Elie Wiesel to another Historical Figure, who would it be?
What is the most ancient language in the world?
Who is the CURRENT governor of South Carolina?
Did bullying occur in hunter-gatherer societies?
Brief OPEC history please?
what are some characters from julius caesar that fit these terms?
When is the US going to pay reparations to the descendants of slavery?
Did the Americans take the island of Iwo Jima easily from the Japanese?
how many wives did Abraham Lincoln have?
Have you ever been to Europe?
Since the English colonists let their livestock graze anywhere, wasn't it hard to round them up?
lamu 4th century?
Some questions about WWII?
Why did the patriots not support the british government on the stamp act?
In what way did the existence of two chinas intensify the cold war between the United states and the soviet un?
In the movie seperate but equal what was earl warrens decision and how did it effect america?
How did past experiences force the Framers to put religion and political factors in the Constitution?
what was united states role in the cold war?
Summarize the story of the Wade-Davis Bill?
Was the U.S.A. the first democracy?
How can the different historical events provide a snapshot/overview of how Asia came to be today?
What were the three most important turning points towards gender/ethnic equality for Latino Americans?
what is the difference between Pro Northern to Pro Southern during the Civil War?
7 Wonders of the ancient world pics?
Civil War Question..... What was the U.S. like during the Post war???
Should we rember the holocaust?
Does anyone else think this comparison of the greatest genius the world has ever had is true?
Was "The Modest Proposal" by Johnathan Swift real?
Name an occupation that excisted in the old west.?
how has the renaissance affected the u.s. culture?
Will you do my history h/w for 10 points?
What country is the poorest?
What is important history of Peru and how it was affected?
what are the 6 ways slaves were manumitted in the us?
Does anyone else have a crush on Adolf Hitler?
What are the nuances of cultural imperialism as practiced by colonial powers?
Can someone help clarify Stephan Douglas' part in the compromise of 1850?
Why did Hitler come to power?
Is there somewere online were i can have a tour of the anne frank secret annex?
Why is the millennium between 2000 and 1000 B.C.E. a critical period of change in global history?
Differences between Greek and Egyptian medicine?
How much did millwrights make during Industrial Revolution in America?
Who would you compare Brunelleschi to in the 20th or 21st century?
Have all Sumerian texts been translated?
The way the end of the Cold War changed the importance of the century’s ideologies.?
Discuss the evolutuion of empire in the mediterranean basin using ex. from GREEKS,MACEDONIANS,ROMANS,ATHENS?
Jhon Kennedy . Do we realy know who's Jhon Kennedy ! Do we know his life ?
What does Economical, Geographical, Political, and Social offect on a place mean, but esspically economical?
In Irish history who was the Viking and what was the battle this refers to?
White house?
Times when America was the bad guy?
Did they have electricity in the 50s?
Why has there only been one civil war in the USA?
How successful was the West in containing communism in Europe up to 1949?
did you know Britain doesn't really exist?
which is the largest church building in the worldand what is the capacity?
How did the focus of organized laber change between the 1870s and the 1930s.?
What is the difference between the Union Flag and the Union Jack?
What effect did the Hindu Faith have on India Socio-economically?
what was Franklin Roosevelts new deal?!?!!?!?
Can you sum up War Communism in a short explanation?
what was marquis de lafayette's role in the american revolution?
Why did the industrial revolution begin in Britain? & how did tea play a role in british industrialization?
Hawaiian history help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do more people answer questions at night, or during the day??????????
Because the United States is always involved in wars?
How did Impressionist movement grow out of realism?
Who were the New Monarchies and how were they different from previous monarchs in England, France, and Spain?
Where would romans go if they were injured?
Is anyone old enough to remember Edie Sedgwick in the 1960's?
How can i be a fosil...?
why the number 13 is considered an evil number?
Exactly what did the Romans do for Britain?
What group has caused the most deaths in history?
How can I make a good Fort for my history project I have 4 days. BTW it is Fort Astoria (Later renamed George)?
s for three reasons (and if u can make them into 3 paragraphs) as to why u think nationalism is a constr?
I want to visit real live haunted places in Wisconsin, are there any available to tour?
Whose image is really on the shroud of Turin. Is it the image of Jesus, someone else or an artistic hoax?
ok i need help on this who fought in the world war 2 and give me note 5 fact about that person and the war plz?
What was the historical significance of the "Olive Branch" petition?
What Role Did Slaves Play in Bacon's Rebellion?
I need the PERSIAN info??
What were 3 main features of the Virginia Plan?
who is Suharto?
when, and where was George T Sampson born?
What were the after effects between the east and the west after Constantinople?
Does anyone here live in France?
which killed more people?
Why did Indians capture white settlers instead of killing them?
What did ancient egyptian merchants wear?
Which was NOT a result of the Emancipation Proclamation?
why is modernism before contemporary in american literature?
what did it look like in the Ellis Island ships?
What did Philip Vi do in the Hundred Year's war?
what is my middle?
Was Thatcher Good or Bad for Britain ?
who are some people that changed american history?
Which is the coolest famous historical person? Why?
History please help!?
Who played the omega man in the film in 1971?!!?
USSR vs Nazi Germany, which was the lesser of two evils?
What is a good intro paragraph for answering what forces led Americans to declare war on Britain in 1812?
Which had most influence in the French Revolution the National Assembly or Storming the Bastille and why?
What 3 or more important discoveries or changes in style during the renaissance?
Aristotle and government?
Hire did factory owners react to the strikes of unskilled workers in the 1800s?
How do you change today's date into Mayan long count?
was the middle ages a period of chaos and disunity?
Who were the leaders during the founding of delaware?
when did the technique of making tapestries begin probably begin?
what was US position prior to World War 2?
Why did Russia's Governments promote economic development between 1881-1904?
what gave birth to the pirates vs ninja war?
A study of the causes of the American Revolution of 1776, the French Revolution of 1789, and the Russian Revo?
What's the involvement of the CIA in the Tlatelolco massacre?
What are the origins of detente in the Cold War?
Why did the UK fight in World War II?
Why is the Berlin wall significant in history?
was the moon landing faked??
what type of wood was the cross made of?
How were old people treated in the Great American Depression?
who were the first inhabitants of Hawaii?
Who was/is the most evil person in the world?
Agree or Disagree...?
Do you think the world has changed since the start 0f 2004?
What did the homes that French Aristocrats live in look like?
Why do so many people think the holocaust didn't happen?
what is besieged Kerak?
Why did the U.S. provide Iran with nuclear reactor(s)?
The Oath Of Fealty in the Renaissance?
Who's heard of king Aurthur. king of England?
Were all africans in the colonies slaves?
Industrial Revolution and the affects om Africans?
What moment of history that you have lived through will you tell your granchildren about ?
What subtype do the british people belong to?
When did Albert Einstain?
how did the white settlers in Texas and Mexican people became enemies.?
How can Via Dolorosa be used as an allusion?
What is the most ambitious cooperative space venture?
Where were you on that fateful morning 6 years ago?
How did Hitler and the Nazis die?
Did Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have affairs?
Which is the largest empire in mesopotamia?
What were the Germanic Societies like in comparison to Ancient Greece?
do people in the west know that he first leter was writtin in Iraq and all the prophits were born in arabland?
How far back in history can we go and still have people alive who witnessed a war?
Local band camps? in inland empire atea?
Brief summary of the russian revolution?
who was the greatest profit ever?
AP U.S History Help !!?
Any info about 1916 cost?
What 9 languages did Cleopatra speak?
what were the names of the two sides of the civil war?
the accuracy of the mayan calender?
what did wilbur and orville wright invent?
us history help!!!! the early independence?
what happened in 875 ad?
Why do people think the Holocaust never happended ?
Who is the most popular man in india?
who was the tenth president of the u.s.?
How do you think the world wood be with out The Declaration of Independence?
Who is at fault for the war in the Middle East?
If there was a third world war who would start it and who would finish it ?
how did the industrialization affect cities in the united states?
how can i find the article in sunday los angeles times magazine 1-15-06 Jerry Moses' Remarkable Journey?
pope john when the pope came to california was a fee to see him?
Assess the relative effect of the Protestant Reformation on one of the following: the nobility, the middle cla?
what was the major factor in the dreyfus affair?
Who is your favorite French Queen?
In terms of manifest destiny what is imperial pretension?
what were some huge developments in the 20th century?
Odd Question About the French Revolution?
2. What impacts did imperialism and colonialism have on the Global South?
Was Christoper Columbus A Murderer?
What would the world be today if Hitler succedded?
Why Finns speak a Uralic language, whether physical appearances are similar to Nordic?
How did George Marshal get 13 billion dollars?
Why did movies become so popular during the Great Depression? thank you.?
why did miners not find gold and silver ore right away?
How was the Roman Empire slavery different from the American slavery?
Did Franz Kafka help to topple communism in East Bloc countries and frighten Stalin?
does the brithish crown has cornish cornwallace celtic ties please answer me back bye?
Who is Jane C. Wright?
How are historical facts used differently between 1776 & John Adams?
What was Teddy Roosevelt like?
who was the revolutionary leader who...?
Why was U.S. President unsuccessful in his attempt to get senate approval for the treaty of versailles?
How many slaves were in the United States in the 1840?
When did the US like Russia better?
What are some important dates in italian history?
suppose that all televisions in the united states did not work for a year. what would happen?
Why are the 'Spanish Steps' in Rome and not in..well, Spain!?
Who is Sally Mugabe, and why is she significant?
How would the Dred Scott decision increase tension between the North and the South?
what was the roman forum?
Arabs used to be so proud of poets and that their language was a poetic language...what happened?
when did Rousseau write the social contract?
Why don't you have a life?
wheres the history tab with e7?
Part of Summer assignment on John Locke's two treatises doesn't make sense.?
POLL: Who do you think was the single most influential person in American history?
What do you think of Hitler?
How does the Industrial Revolution illustrate the theme of change?
Why is it that racism still exists, so many years after the emancipation proclamation?
the new england primer is written?
Northern Renaissance?
When did the Roman Colosseum go out of commission?
In what ways did England NOT benefit from the triangular trade?
Is there a picture of what the palace of Shushan from Esther 1 might have looked like?
Arson .. And the Army what the case on it?
Did the NAzis pay for what they did?
I need to no every thing about hand of glory?
History: How will you remember August 14th?
Relationship between scientific revolution and European Enlightenment?
Do you have any facts about the Black Death?
Is the term "Holocaust" Specific to WW2?
Were the Germans or Japanese worse in ww2?
Do you personally believe that Napoleon was a hero or a tyrant?
Did Hitler like to have woman pee on him...and what does it say about a person who enjoys that.?
what information has been recovered from destruction?
How did life improve between 1800 and 1900?
What did British get from the Irish?
Did Abraham Lincoln love people?
Can someone please tell me what William Randolph Hearst's salary was?
Criminal history for andrew bellville?
when stalin takes over the soviet union, what does he do economically and politically?
Help on a biography report?
i need help on my history research?
Why was the year 2000 celebrated as the new millenium?
Was Hitler a weak dictator?
what kind of clothing did natives in Utah wear?
If Nile empties into Atlantic how Yukatan is connected to Egypt?
Do you think it was right to drop the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
How was the life of women different from titanic days to now ?
What is the name of 1st US president?
Is Israel now guilty of the same genocide it was once a victim of?
Was Adolf Hitler a good public speaker?
What is something that is good to eat?
what country used to be called prussia?
Which clause of the first amendment is identified with the case of Lemon v. Kurtzman?
What is the significance of the number PHI 1.618?
Has France ever won a battle against England?
How did Guy Fawkes start?
What are the most interesting revolutions to learn about?
What were some positive and negative aspects of the collapse of the communism?
what is meant y evangilism?
when was david the star of found?
who made good historic achievement?
Colonial Georgia Questions???
Jefferson and Hamilton visions for the future of the country were very different. How did they compare?
Facts about hitler?
How to tell if my Nazi deutsche luftwaffe armband is fake or real?
how did travel affect the medieval times?
how do i get sixries hair? its for a performance, and i'm clueless?
What caused inflation in Ancient Rome?
can u do my homework?
What are the terms Zionism and Nazi-ism, to whom they are related and why?
What does, "Greek sculptors liberated the figures from the stone block" mean?
effect of first world war on demand,production and employment?
facts about plantation life during the civil war era?
What was the difference between the islamic invasions of india and previous incursions of the subcontinent?
what is the word for queen in ancient sumerian?
how many time the number of state has changed?
history of battlebridge, wickford (in essex)?
explain why the workers role is unique? 10 points!!!!!!!!!! c:?
Why did Vincent Van Gogh only sell one painting in those ten years?
what caused the attack on pearl harbor?
What is the history of the hotdog?
what native american and indian lived at San Rafael Arcangle?
does england have a 4th of july???
What are the names of the paintings President Obama has in the Oval Office?
do you know any thing about Takhte jamshid?
What do archaeologist consider the oldest civilization to be?
Who did Nixon blame for destroying is tapes?
What was the case decision of guinn v united states?
Have Christians ever been persecuted?
How did the Stuart royal family affect Europe?
According to John Lewis Gaddis, what were two reasons that the Cold War did not escalate into a World War III?
who was the most vicious murderer in history?
What policies did Mao Zedong come up with that are still used in China today?
value of book printed in 1887. Title is ON FEVERS Their History, Etiology ... A medical book?
multiple choice history help??
Do you believe that the ancient Mayans were right and the world will end on 23rd December 2012?
how did the united states respond to the soviet test of an atomic bomb?
Should houses be built on the heritage Orphan school site?
what do you think really happened to Abigail Williams of Salem?
how many scottsboro trials were there?
Is there any evidence that Solomon's temple was North of the present Dome of the Rock?
Who did the 15th president James Buchanan debate against?
Why did printmaking become a major pictorial medium in northern Europe during the fifteenth century?
DO we in the UK like Egyptians?
why was there a revolution in tsarist russia?
What do you think was the most significant battle in history and why?
I am named after dogs. What am I?
title of newly published american history book?
Why did hitler put the blame on the jewish?
Why is Jesus believed to be white?
what was "The Era of Warring States"?
Who was better Leonardo Da Vinci or Einstein?
How effective was the counter reformation in the latter half of the 16th century?
Because they were a time of great prosperity in America, the 1920s were known as?
what is the most important subject?
Could you do me a summary of second world war?
what were some simularities of the first and second industrial revolutions as well as differances.?
Which British monarch's favourite spaniel was named Dashy?
Evolution vs. Bible?
can u pls send me a copy of the poem of rizal"junto al pasig'?
how do I.......?
Who won first noble price?
What effect did the ice ages have on early humans?
what is the disagreement between northerners and southern that was settled by the three-fiths compromise?
3 Historians who believe it's important to study the past?
what was the main cause of the Great Depression?
if you could own any building in history and never sell it what would it be?
Who was the Roman Emperor who had ten thousand Roman citizens killed to make it look like the Roman empire was
the capital of italy?
Why didn't the allies do anything about the Holocaust..?
Is Jusus a god??
why wasn't the south able to win the civil war?
Help with questions about CHINA?
What are the three major characteristics of Neoclassicism?
what was seagram building inspired by ?
Who is Saladin and why is he important ?
coin 1 ctotnmka 1951 From what country?
How could imperialism have lead to ww1?
Who is the most important peron in ur life right now?
Do Atlantis really exist or not?
Who wrote American Slavery As It Is?
anyone ever seen a real live ghost before? what does it look like and where??
how did neo-confucianism serve as a response to buddhism and daoism?
Second Continental Congress...?
When were the earliest biographies of Julius Caesar written?
how do you think the average british colonist felt about the government by the 1770's?
Who has Short Line Railroad?
what makes people think that heaven is in the sky?
which is better Dr pepper or coke?
Who was the first person to call particles atoms?
what are some positive facts that napoleon did for the french?
How did Roosevelt attempt to balance American isolationism w/the international scene of the 1930s?
In 1961, the London Observer, a British newspaper, launches "Appeal for Amnesty, 1961," a campaign that calls
I'm interested in medieval history.anyone point me in the right direction ?
HELP NOW!!! American History Louisville?
find someone?
Good Books On the French Emperor...?
Why did the United States want to stay neutral in the war between Britain and France?
English settlers made war on the Pequots because they refused to move into the "praying towns." True or false?
why did japanese forces attack pearl harbor?
Was the compass expensive in the late 1400s?
Did Cass Elliot ever record a song about a "knight in shining armour"? If so, what was it called?
How did Hitler come to adopt the Indian (sacred hindu) symbol of swastika as his party symbol?
who proposed the 12th amendment?
Hey guys, fasy, plase! Tell me something about George III (Madness) and Victoria + Albert (hall)?
Fun short true stories in History?
what's the theory of "the King's two bodies"?
Why all through out history have the jews been hated, beaten, and killed?
How did puritans obtain indian lands?
what is one of the most famous pope in 1066?
how many steps are there to whitby abbey?
Who was killed indira gandhi.?
Please name some female heroes who died tragically.?
who was cesar chavez?
does anybody know the origin if shooting the finger???
Was Mahatma Gandhi really a good person?
Would Hitler be a good leader?
which is the best historical Place in the world?
What is the origin of the phrase "tooth and nail"?
What laws or rules did the Sioux Indians have?
Is it true that USA had plans to invade Britain just before WW2?
most important person in history and most important event in history?
ANYONE know how tall Albert Einstein was ??? in feet and inches please no cm. or meters?
What was the connection between the pacific railroad act and the homestead act?
what is the technical name for the chain that hangs from the roof so rain slides down on it?
Revolutionary wars question!? *10 Points!*?
What is the best quote ever?
Why did Adolf Hitler do the things he did?
How were the commercial elites and feudal nobility of northern Italy assimilated?
Dec 7,1941 Question ?
was henry V111 a monster?
Explain why the Anti-Federalists initially opposed the Constitution?
did the Holocaust really happen?
TROTSKY . what's the truth about him ?
What was Pawnee Bill's Son's Name?
What can you tell us about Titus and Domitian?
Roman architecture emphasized?
Is it fare to describe the Italians as?
Allright, is this a good World War 1 poem?
How was the cottage industry important in starting the Industrial Revolution?
What was the Monroe Doctrine and what did it mean for the United States?
Do you think the Snowman or the "Yeti" really exists??
What are some intercultural conflicts within the indian culture? Examples? Please help?
did they have people who were like "Fox News Channel types" in the 1600s in England, Scotland etc?
How did Native Americans deal with their prejudice after the American Revolution?
Who were the worst Nazis??
Was it common practice for slave owners in the US to sexually explote their female slaves?
Who did America fight during the civil war?
How would you describe the most memorable night of your life?
was abraham lincoln a black man?
What are the effects of colonization on the colonizing nation?
Was the Stamp Act congress on the colonists side or Great Britain's?
The most effective empire in history?
What do you think is the best solution for the Plestine/israeli Conflict?
s! What is the Intelligentsia?
Issues of the 1956 Presidential Election?
Can someone paraphrase this? .?
name a famous temple in south india which has 1000 pillar hall and towering gopurams?
how many reindeers did santa claus have?
what are kentuckys first known inhabitants?
Jewish Holocaust?
Did poor Italian children and teens go to school in 1908?
What is the history of the name "Benitez"?
who's the first person found America? and who's the first person discovered it as a new land?
why did hitler have the double cross written on his armband?
what kind of sex protection did they have in the 1700s?
would like info about an old glass jug in original shipping crate w/arched top marked parkes-davis?
where did peleus and thetis meet?
how was life on a reservation in the late 1800's and how is it today ? where can i find that?
progressivism in lets say 1910?
Why did people hate Hitler so much? I don't get it.?
do you think the alieds would have won the war if american did not join?
What exactly was Hiroshima?Does anyone know anything about it?
What is the sickest and most evil act ever committed in US history?
Is hercules "Brave"?
Why were the Crusades a significant event for the society of medieval europe?
who is the most famous person in 1800?
Primary Sources for the topic "panama canal"?
How many Native Americans were killed in U.S expansion genocide and over how many years did this happen?
Do you know people like this?
Was Abraham Lincoln an actual vampire?
what country did the bertinot family originate from and whos some of the people that were docters in it?
What are the Importance events on the past ( history ) of the Philippines that affects the Philippines today?
can some one tell me the seven wonders of the world.?
Are there any indian chiefs or were one-sixteenth indian?
Did oversea soldiers have lots of kids with native women during the Vietnamese war?
Who discovered America?
feudalism in France history help?
The law known as the "Intolerable Acts" were the Coercive Acts and the?
Was Hippocrates and Archimedes before Alexander the Great's conquest?
do kamikazi pilots wear helmets?
Which institution collects antique magazines in the USA?
URGENT !Is ARTresistance? give a history example?
Information about model ships made in spain?
How many people died/were born everyday in the world during the 1800's?
Whats a historical event that contained Ultranationalism and Genocide?
What are the guidelines for living of judiasm?
Were there brothels in the 17 th century?
What were the major differences between slavery as practised in Canada and the United States?
So what do you think would happen if hitler never made the holocaust?
What is the french that preceeded the english translation "Mountain Faction"?
Can someone help me find somethign about the Roman belief of fama?
Why is Molly Malone so famous?
Which the oldest city..........that is still populated today?
Will American superiority last another century?
How did the Nazis gain more land?--What was there exspansion like in the late 1930s?
Is there a historical record of Jesus anywhere other than the bible?
Lexington war in MA?
In the history of the human race, what is the most important document ever written?
Who believes in NWO and the illuminati?
how might relations between the U.S. government and Native Americans have followed a different path?
In 1901 the very first Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to whom for his discovery of X-rays?
Why is human civilization only a few thousand years old?
can anyone help me with this?
why did artists, writers and academics want a united germany during the romantic movement?
How did humanist ideas change the western society?
Information about Pope Gregory VII (Please look at the details)?
which country caused the roman empire alot of time and money and they didnt conquer it ?
Which nation did better against the Nazies in WW2,the Poles or Frenchmen?
History help please! URGENT.?
How many Serbs died in Sarajevo?
what pyramid is largest-I read somewhere a new one was found in Guatemala?
why did jesus wear clothes in the renaissance art work and mannerism?
how did hitler died?
If you wanted to travel back in time, which time period and place would you go to?
Who do you think won World War 2? Russians(Soviet Union) or Americans?
Hitler as a bad leader.?
1800's London, please help?
Which king crushed the Huns who ruled over a considerable part of India till the first quarter of 6th....?
If you could go back and witness anything in history, what would it be?
would a person who didn't have Jewish features or Jewish last name have been able to survive in Nazi Germany?
What do you think about Charles I and Oliver Cromwell and their views on absolutism?
Whatever happened to Stuart Lockwood, the British Hostage in 1991 Gulf War?
Can anyone tell me if there is a big ben clock in London where is?
The battle of Dieppe?
what were the positives and negaitives of The New World?
I need information on Poland giving up the left bank of the Dnieper River to Russia in 1503.?
What was a famous battle in Vietnam War and who won it.?
who was worse dictator and man slaughter: Saddam Hussein of Iraq or Nicholas Ceausescu of Romania?
Was your family ever part of History?
how many countrys make up the aest africa ?
What happened to the Romans?