Why did so many Jews remain in Germany after 1933?
Do you know the date of Charles Magnum coronation?
Why Germany lost in the WWI but win and very strong in the WWII?IS it because of Hitler ?
What kind of questions would I ask someone who was in China when the Cultural Revolution was going on?
what was the similarity and differences between the federalist and the whig parties?
if you had to decide which side to fight on during the civil war in america which would you chose if any...?
Describe the hardships facing pioneer farm families on the Great Plains.?
Who is involved in the Russia/Chechnya conflict?
What is a good history topic about music?
can anyone tell me what website I can look for tofind midevil style housing?
If you could have lived any time in History when would it be?
was fbi director hoover black?
What were the key beliefs in the transcendentalist movement?
what countries??...?
What were the first 4 elements founded by the Greeks?
indian historical events for mono acting?
why did philppe stark design lots of chairs?
Why did the Confederates lose to the Union?
What are some historical events that took place in our history?
what is the name for the men who wore zuit soots back in the day?
What were the 2 main points in the northwest ordinance?
Do we care about the flooding?
How mentally Ill was Hannibal of Carthage?
Was there ever really a World Trade Center?
has any people here seen the movie hustle and flow? if you have isn't it a great movie?
What would you tell americas founding fathers?
who were germanys allies and rivals in world war 1?
Any historical book about Vlad Tepes you recommend?
What is an irish shelele?
Americans had just fought a horrendous war to fulfill the Revolution's promise that?
What weakened the Aztec before the Spanish arrived?
who was sun yat sen ? what was his main achievement ??
Are Hungarians Slavic people?
Who was Henry Bessemer and what was his accomplishments and importance in life?
Why there was World War II?
What is some other information about Scythians in Yunnan, province of China?
Did America really get forced into WWII due to Japanese attacks?
were the aztecs and the mayans related?
How to beat the bat chamber in god of war2?
can list all the different main types of jobs/careers that people have?
Do you really think Cleopatra was beautiful?
What were Henry Ford's stumbling blocks during his invention?
During mass genocide what is the name for the set up in which you identify the dead?
What was the King's role in the British government in the 18th century?
How did the American fighters differ from the British fighters?
what was the british Empire all about ?....promoting peace ? freedom ? democracy ? white supremacy ?
can someone tell me in simple terms what is a federalist and what are they about.?
Please help me understand this history question?
What kind of effect did the Mongolian Empire's expansion have on the arts and sciences?
In Canada did they have children that worked as a steam engineer in the 1860's to 1875?
To what extent did the Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik 1 redefine the Cold War and..(read below)?
Have th e english ever won a battle without the help of Scots?!?
Was Malcolm X against racism?
why wasnt more done to stop the holocaust both inside and outside germany?
Is our foreign policy short sighted?
World history Question [2]: How did the following contribute to WWI?
How are you most like a teenager of the 1950s? write your answer in a paragraph.?
What did Hitler do that was so wrong?
How did Alexei Romanov looked like in real life?
why is it called easter?
Do u notice any difference between Hitlers actons agaist the jews & the cleasing of Palestinians by Israel?
did gandhi walk 240 miles in barefoot?
I have a question for the history-buff....?
How long ago did the Native Peoples lived in Canada with NO European contact yet?
Before the" Roman Empire" was the country where Rome was situated, called Italy?
What did medieval English villages look like? Include a swebite with a plan of one if possible.?
Victorian Age Religion and Medicine?
what were the main ideas of socrates?
was william shakespeare gay?
Do you agree with Hitler on anything?
July 4th????
Help please! Did Vladmir Lenin follow the April Theses? Give examples why.?
3 ways in which the position of women has changed since colonial days. For better or worse?
Who is the most famous woman in American history?
Where can I find info on Mayan Society?
what started world war2?
what inventions had the most effect on history?
why are people so mean?!?!?
what was religion of arab before islam?
What Steps Were Taken by Great Britain to Grant Indian Independence?
Whay would you use as an historiographic source?
Why do historians think the revolution shouldn’t be celebrated and actually looked down upon?
In the 1920s what were the roles of?
what are ten interesting facts about france during world war II ?
When was Southerntown by John Dollard writtten?
Whats did Ned Kelly look like?
What were the causes of Andrew Jackson's death & when did he die?
The Holocaust?
How did the Aztec (Mexica) and Inca (Incan) Empires fall ?
Paul Pope lll??? Help?
why did adolf hitler kill himself?
What happened to Amelia Earhart?
tell me about powerful king of egypt ozynandias?
who has the longest hair in the world?
Please HELP!! Intellectual History?
Who were some great Medieval thinkers?
What was some bad things about the British Empire's communications?
What did the ancient greeks think caused illness?
Why do people get so outraged by the holocaust yet they treat the indian genocide like its no big deal?
All of the following accurately describe commercial agriculture in California by the 1920s except?
Jack the Ripper or Zodiac. Which serial killer is more intriguing?
what idiom have ecuador?
where is the "Alexander Mosiac"?
Does anyone know a good source for finding some interesting information about "Jeff Donaldson" and "Africobra?
What was Catherine Parr's religious beliefs?
scienctific revolution and industrial revolution?
Did Washington cross the Delaware before or after the battle of Trenton?
What was the process of making paper in China more than 2,000 years ago and why that process?
for how many years did the samurai warriors rule japan?
would like information regarding the 1937 flood in louisville,ky?
Was the Taj Mahal really a mausoleum or was it a temple of Lord Shiva?
how many Russian snipers were thought to be inside Stalingrad that the 6th army were "Fighting" against in WW2?
Who wrote American Slavery As It Is?
Nullification Crisis?
can anyone tell me about poor knights in the medieval period?
why was the north against slavery (experts only please)?
Who started 'emo'?
What were the propriety colonies?
what were andrew jackson's policies on banking and tariffs? did they help or hurt the american economy? why?
in 9/11 why could terrorists not also have planted bombs in the towers?
whats the true meaning of BC and AD?
what is the bay that divided the colony of maryland?
should former press secretary scott mclellan be made to 'disappear'?
Would you rather be an ancient Greek or Roman?
how can you tell if a rolex watch is real or fake?
Why did Massachusetts have a lower death rate than Virginia during colonial times?
what are the social,political,and economic characteristics based on the reformation?
Who was Edison in Americon?
how did the holocaust change the modern world?
what does roche mean in french?
Official name of ancient greek coinage ?
What does this quote in american history mean ?
when did Islam get to Lagos and through who?
describe the what is the difference between western and indian education .?
Does Australia have classic poems or just contemporary poetry?
what is the best website to find free researches?
Who do you think is the most evil person in the history?
what was the total worldwide number of injuries in world war II?
How did Menzies try and stop communism?
If you could have one wish what would it be?
just for fun. if you had the most evil people in history in a room and a gun?
For some reason I love learning about WW1 and WW2?
What would have happened?
has there been a black president?
What are key events that led up to New Brunswick accepting the confederation?
John Marshall's 1803 decision in Marbury v. Madison?
how did the capture of atahuallpa explain why eurasia colonized the western hemisphere instead of native?
Was Mahatma Gandhi really a good person?
Is the Armenian Genocide true?
An interesting person in history?
Was the Allied Bombing of Civilians in WWII (Dresden Ect..) a Necessity or a Crime?
Which president kept his wife locked up in the cellar of their home?
what form of music became popular in america and europe in the 1900s?
What role did American think tanks, which make policy recommendations to the?
what the roman catholic eat and drink?
Who would u rather see the first women president or the first African American president?
what our song for california?
what caused the rise of dictatorial regimes and single state parties during WWII?
What was the Chi Tu kingdom?
What were the relationships between the feudal social classes?
What if money was no longer in Humanity's Future???
Where to find a Picture of a man dressed in US flag colours, with a hat and poiing with a finger????
General overview of Communism in the Cold War?
how many people were killed by stalin?
How many people love history????
Who founded the forward block?
How many days in a year?
Who was the greatest president?
How has the information Revolution changed education?
when was the Neuschwanstein Castle built?
what is name of rajeev gandhi's father ?
who are the 6 Indonesian generals murdered during the communist coup 1965?
Is 1990 old?
I need an expert on the Holocaust?
My students are trying to find out when Robert Dill died (the last survivor of those who built the Panama Cana
Has Anyone Watched Muammar Gaddafi's' Death Video?
Where were you in the 9/11 bombing, and what were u doing?
Shells left in Lee Harvey Oswalds Carcano Rifle?
What is the important of solat asri?
where did the first carnival happened? trinidad or brazil? or neither one?
Any good/fun websites about John Paul Jones (Naval officer)? Also, any fun facts?
The Third French Republic was NOT established until four years after the Franco-Prussian War ended because ___?
How can you compare lives of Generals John Pope and Dwight Eisenhower?
how did Article 48 help Hitler into power?
who was the spanish explorer of South America?
why did John Adams defend the British soliders?
How do I clean uncleaned (dirty with patina) ancient Roman coins? with vinegar?
Who was the better WW2 general: George S. Patton or Erwin Rommel?
What similar strategies did leaders in Germany, Italy, and Japan use to transform their nations into strong?
What is a good website that shows the woman killed in the french revolution?
Can heritage be owned? Any suggestions for the arguments for and against the idea?
Is Hitler still alive?
What is the history of naming swords in King Arthur's period?
when Cro Magnum man crossed the Berring Strait was he willing to kill mammoths that Neanderthals would not?
what sort of transport did people use in the 12th/13 century to travel from london to france?
Hitler killed some 6M Jews because his ideal race was blue-eyed blonde, do you think he had a Blonde-fetish?
why did the Etrucans empire fail?
Europe reforms to improve their society... ?
Why were 95% of the indigenous population of what is now North and South America killed off?
What steps did Mexico went throught to gain independence?
What is the oldest secret society in the world?
Who invented words? My family said the Greeks, but I don't think their right. What do you think?
who was the most vicious murderer in history?
what kind of policies enable the chin-han-tang dynasties to viet, tibetans, etc?
what is realist??
Senior Thesis Topic Decision?
Athen's Democracy?
What was the president in 1974?
did leontyne price have children and was she ever married...if so...how many and to whom?
Did some witnit cut the last 10 days of December off your monthly calendar ?
what happens when he lands in Ireland? why does he call himself Henry Clerval's murderer?
American History: Civil War?
Solomon's Temple is it the biggest lie in the history? no one could approve it's existence!?
2 Questions, did Obama call libya attack an act of terror the next day it happened? Did his administration...?
Traditions in Magna Graecia?
I have a pience of antique furniture, but I dont know what it is for? How can I find out?
What is the story of Machiavelli?
Is the United states of America the greatest nation In the history of mankind?
what was the fera?
Was the bombing Hiroshima justified?
How do members select the questions they want to answer?
I have a quick question about Abraham Lincoln...?
what form of government did Rome start with?
How did 9/11 affect the world today?
If Ray-Nagin rebuilds N.O. out of choclate, and it rains again, what will keep it from falling apart ?
What were the policies and practices of Egypt? during British imperialism?
I would like to know how many Kennedys from the political family have died from assassinations or accidents?
Who build the Stone Bridge ?
How did women in America experience the various work cultures between 1890-1920?
which architect built 'piazza del plebiscito'?
What was hitlers favourite food?
How did people/pirates talk in the 16th and 17th century? Life back then? PLEASE HELP ASAP?
can someone tell me what type of Government the Indus Valley Civilization had? I've tried everywhere?
What is the Tariff of 1830s about?
J E Heath ceramic plate with "Erica" emblem on base 1945- where is it from? Need more info please?
Why did Mexico choose La Cucaracha as its national anthem?
did anything significant happen on 9/9/91?
what in your oppion is the most helpful invention of 20th century?
who is Andrew Jackson Wilcox?
Which year comes after 1 B.C.?
During the Revolutionary War, what advantages did the British have over the American Colonies?
What was the legacy of the Roman Empire?
What were differences between Protestant and Catholic music in the Renaissance?
Do you believe teleportation will happen?
Did Americans’ political principles and behavior justify their assumption of public virtue?
how should i get involved with history im 14 ?please help ,need ideas :)?
Is the Mayan calendar correct ?
Who was the founder of the Indian Act?
What leader made a big impact on social change? what kind of social changes did they make?
What were the Characteristics of a Gentleman in the Victorian Era?
when was pablo nerudas poem "If you forget me" written, in what year?
the significant study about ancient egypt?
why did the europeans colonize the african countries?
What was England originally like?
what are your views on the holocaust?
What is the definition of Corporate Image?
What is the difference between te saved and the damned? And how did all the puritans act?
Who has won more wars against each other France or England?
how is maya angelou's life today?
what did Napoleon Bonaparte mean when gave a speech to his soldiers at the beginning of the italian campaign?
Someone explain Evolution and why it isnt more popular than Christianity?
What is conservative liberalism?
what if you sinned in medieval ages ?
What did the Mayans, Incans, and Aztecs contribute to the Americas?
Definition and history of hate crimes?
Best warrior ever'?
Explain the 3 causes of WWI?
What did lawyer Ellis Rubin suggest prison inmates could donate, in exchange for reduction in their sentences?
How did the Putians dress?
What is some good food from the Harlem Renaissance?
Kate Middleton?
Three amendments that were passed during the reconstruction?
Who would you consider is the Hero of our times?
Did Ibn batutta visit Great Zimbabwe, Malacca , both ,or neither?
The Old Norse for Constantinople was Mikligard, Rome was Pafagard (Pope's Yard) What does Mikligard mean?
Who were Julius and Agustus Ceasar and what was their impact on greece ?
in greek mythologo who is the man that goes to the underworld to bring back his wife?
what are some disadvantages to living in an empire? provide specific examples and references?
What were the emotional and psychological effects on people during the great depression in Canada?
What effects did the dropping of the atomic bomb have on relations between the US and the USSR?
Salem Witch Trials questions?
What's so special about the construction of the Meenakshi temple in Madurai(India)?
after the dancing days social effects?
How does the fate of Oedipus help us understand slavery in ancient Greece?
How much did a ticket to sail on the Titanic cost?
were "The Huns"...kind of a like a "Virus" that infected populations of Europe?
Other than the Vietnam War, what wars has America lost?
who is the oldest person in the world?
what wpuld u be a gladiator or a slave roman times?
if my grandpa was born in 1929 is is possible he fought in WW2?
give me some information about Catarqui when Molly Brant (loyaliste) came to Canada?
why was quilts so important to slaves?
Were any casualties of the Nazis double counted to inflate the overall numbers?
Who was this mathematician I am thinking of, I don't know his name but he?
Were Roman's medical ideas simply a copy of those of Greeks?
Who invented the color?
Which of the following was not an achievement of Qin emperor Shi Huangdi? ?
What locomotives ran on the London underground in the late 1800s?
Galileo galilei?????
How much did gardens cost during the twenties?
why did john wayne not join the forces?
when did freddie mercury died?
nazi question?
What steps were taken to eliminate diseases by the Panama Canal workers?
how ws it being a woman in ancient egypt?
Help with writing a DBQ essay?
Help?! The Great Zimbabwe Project?
What is the major diff between Jews and Christians? Why Christians did not help jews during Holocust?
Is there anything significant about science of the 60s?
what are the minonas political events?
Manifest Destiny Question?
Ruby and Jackie Kennedy died of "fast-acting cancers", a coincidence?
Why history repeats itself?!?
What was the historical significance of the Missouri Compromise (1820)?
What is the famous building and statues in Norway and why?
What have been the most important developments that have changed life in america since 1929?
What was the main event that started WWI?
What did Dr. William McConahey do during his time as a veteran also what did he do in the concentration camps?
who benefited the most during the westward expansion?
To What Extent Did Lenin Influence the Russian Revolution?
are Algonquin Indians eastern woodlands,?
What factors led to the collapse of communism?
Who is the greatest general of all time?
what in your oppion is the most helpful invention of 20th century?
how does the Missouri Compromise illustrate that sectional issues would surely arise again?
do you, the people of the u.k., find Napoleon Bonaparte annoying?
Wat are factual negative things that Abraham Lincoln accomplished?
do yall think the pacific electric terminal in los angeles should reused as a terminal again.?
History help please!?
Where can I find a timeline of main points in history for the IRA?
What was French culture in the 1700's?
How ancient empires established and extended?
Enginnering achievements of romans?
Did you know that King Edward VIII (later Duke of Windsor) was an admirer of Adolf Hitler?
What was in the center of Pompeii?
What historical figure has had the most profound effect on your life?
Art History: What influenced art/artists in the 1940's?
In regards to Hitler...?
Why would people who commit acts of genocide try to save a few of the same people they were trying so hard to?
What was the highlight of your day?
What if Bill Clinton had been in office during 2001?
what did the romans do for britain?
P W Botha passed away yesterday. Any thoughts about him?
Was the American Civil War over slavery or high tariffs?
What was the name of first U.S. warship to make a trip around the world?
How the colonization period shaped modern Brazil?
In the space of 17 days.......?
what was the most important consequence of the first year of world war 1?
need to give a talk on william wallace - need facts not fiction?
why was sir john a macdonald a bad prime minister?? pllleeease help, 10 points for best answer!!?
Timeslip experiences?
Did WEB Dubois have any children?
will Britain ever break up like the Soviet union ?
Did Ojibwa Natives take land from the Sioux Natives??
How did Camil Petrescu describe his war experiences?
what were Benito Mussolini's tactics he used to control?
Who did Medieval Monks serve in the Middle Ages?
how did the revolution in france have a global impact during the 1800s, and were they successful?
How was Hitler able to defeat France so easily in 1940?
Why did people in the past think that the world was flat?
who drew the face of Jesus for the first time?
race riot east st louis 1970 help me please?
Who is the ruler of this present world?
why was best buy founded?
which post WWII era would have been the most emotional time to live in?
what was the indo aryan government like?
What was the span of the eastern front and the western front of ww1( geographically speaking)?
Why were the Bolsheviks able to take power in October 1917?
What is easily one of the most bizarre sports to be included in the Olypmics , where and when?
does anyone know anything about ancient iraq?
is there new information on the incas ? did they built machu picchu?
Does Jesus Christ really exist?
what was the name of the pilgrims first ship.?
Question about declaration of independence and Louisiana territory?
is it just me, or does everyone else get annoyed with these people who ask homework questions.?
Did Abe Lincoln actually care about slaves?
Were there a lot more wars after 1776 in the United States?
who is the first priminister of india?
PLEASE help with The Great Awakening and the Enlightenment?
What is the history of Jewish Passover? why does Easter coincide with it as well?
world history helpppp!?
Industrial Revolution help please??!?
Upper Canada Loyalists?!?!?
What is the argument in "The Crisis" by Thomas Paine?
19. When and why did the United States become a global superpower?
Sexiest Woman Who Ever Lived?
List of great/important Hungarian knights?
Where can you get some of the works that Thomas Jefferson wrote?
President Kennedy...any help?
when did the titanic sink? 1st with the right answer gets best answer vote!(10 points)?
In 1607, how did the English settlers in Virginia and the Native Americans manage to communicate each other?
How did the British communicate with the Indians when they first had been there?
why in france is the country of fashion?
What ethical guidelines came out of the Nuremberg trials related to the medical field?
Which was NOT a result of the Emancipation Proclamation?
who was ginetta sagan?
What clothing did the french wear in the 1940s?
importance german nationalism during the 19th century and role the Otto von Bismarck by Versailles T. afterWW1?
can some one please give me examples of "give me liberty, or give me death".?
Key events in 1800sanyone?
What children act is the main legalisation in the uk?
Global history helllllllp!!?
Citizenship in the Russian Empire pre-1918?
Who is Vithu Jeyaloganathan?
can you please give me some info about the philippine crusade??
What was the worst event in history?
Can this be correct?I keep hearing from the Americans how they won WW2. Did all the allies say in 1941,?
World History Review?
history get 10 points if do for me?
Were there any absolute rulers in history that did not order people beheaded on trivialities?
Politically, Socially, and economically did america turn into a socialist country during Word War I?
Hitler or Stalin?(or tiny moustache V's big fat moustache)?
what historical information does anyone know about the U.S.S.R?
Why did Thomas Jefferson Beat John Adams?
Did Cro-Magnon man come before or after Adam and Eve?
what made the middle class new in the 19th century?
according to menelik II, what was the europeans plan?
Are Americans jealous of the 3000 years of British history?
Some questions about WWII?
Did Columbus really discover the United States?
who is antonio estrada?
Why was the Constitutional Convention criticized?
Who Was Chandra Gupta ?
what was the cause of the Americian civil war?
LIBERIA . what's the real story of this Afro-Americans country ?
how did broad network of railroads develop in the years after the civil war?
In return for offering the British throne to William and Mary, it was demanded that all laws had to be approve?
Historical importance of indentured servant?
HELP PLEASE How much was farmland in the 1800s?
who is the auther of the book ,freedom at midnight?
Besides the Vietnam War and Iraq, what are some things America shouldn't have got involved in?
captain arthur phillip?
Are Macedonians distinct from Greeks?
Declaration of Independence, proof of accusations toward King George III?
how did jesse owens impact society today?
Was the Titanic actually sank by one of Hitlers U Boats?
Which of the following shows a similarity in the business practices of John D.Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie?
How many amendments were added to the constitution in the twentieth century?
how did the views of conservatives and liberals differ in the 1800s?
Who was the first woman to get amniocentesis?
historians, question about hitler and the grand mufti? 10 points?
Anyone knows HISTORY Well... Poland, Sudetenland, Austria? 5STARS to Best Help!?
Who treated illnesss in ancient greek times?
Would Queen Boudica of the Iceni be called a terrorist in our time?
Need help finding sources?
when did India bcome free?
When is the world going to end?
was Stephen Douglas pro or antislavery?
how did spartans changed the world?
Why do converse shoes have the swastika symbol under the soles?
Which Roman emperor 'fiddled while Rome burned'?
How old was zachary taylor when he became first president?
Understand the Revolution's impact on slavery and the issue of emancipation?
whats the difference between neolithic period and agricultural revolution?
how many cities are in antartica?
Why do Americans----?
Where did red hair originate from? Was it the Scots?
How was independence in the Caribbean gained?
Who was Franz Ferdinand?
history help !! needed?
During WWII, was it unspoken law not to shoot a medic who was attending to an injured soldier?
What was the longest lived ''country'' that existed in Europe before the 20th century?
i need help with my world history HW pleasse?
What is popular sovereignty?
What Ideas did elightenment thinkers place a heavy emphasis on?
The colony of Delware- fast and simple truths. =D?
is "i don*t know" an answer??
why the the greeks made greek temple?
Is it time for a revolution?
what was the Chenla kingdom in Asia?
Does this make sense as my research qustion? How vital aa part did Castro play in the missile crisisd of 1962?
Ancient Greek and Roman Governments?
Which Statement's more accurate“the western democrats won the cold war”or“the soviet union lost the cold war"?
what is the idea of Dr. Jose Rizal of nationalism?
How Do Thomas Paine's view on the government support American Independence?
what historical developments impacted the power and influence of slavery?
Did the americans fight in Germany During ww2?
how did socialists want to change the economic system?
Which the oldest city..........that is still populated today?
What date is the democracy day in Nigeria?
did the battle of castleguard in 1357 really happen?
where is the oldest building in England?
What is actually the Bermuda Triangle?
What did the Romans call the Celtic religions?
Why was France not secure after 1920?
Can you tell me some relevant information about Nazi courts and their control of them?
Why was the bimetallic standard used?
The Church, The King and The Scientific Revolution?
History help!?!? correct my answers if wrong?
why was the fate of poland so important to the US prior to WWII?
Is there any connection between the Ancient Egyptian god Ra and Russia?
Question not for turks and Armenians about Armenian Genocide?
Why was the "roaring 20's:" called the roaring 20's?
I need to make a news headline about the Storming of the Bastille?
what was one case decided by the supreme court in its most recent term and explain the impact of that decision?
Who wrote "greeks were born to rule barbarians"?
What are there root cause of third world war?
Which Americans - dead or alive - will be remembered 1000 years from now?
what was the economy like in the post civil war era?
In what order were these three major communications breakthroughs invented?
Explain why Burundi has export problems.?
When did Birkenau open (AKA Auschwitz II)?
Why was gaddafi killed?
why people always think that arab world is terrosim?
What were the unanswered questions in the constitutional convention 1787 that the fourteenth amendment resolve?
French Revolution Government?
Why didn't the allies do anything about the Holocaust..?
when was the statue of boudicca built?
I read that there have been approx' 8000 generations of human beings.?
How did the conditions of the Whitechapel area help Jack the Ripper do his murders?
"How do you explain the changes in Anglo French relations during the period from 1485-1547. "?
Did Columbus really discover the United States?
what two famous historical figures practiced a technique originating in India?
What did critics of the New Deal argue?
What led to the collapse of the Roman Empire?
what rights did women have in 1930's?
Brief history of slavery in the USA outline?
I need to know about education in the times of pirates.?
Did the NAzis pay for what they did?
what was "cool" for a few 12 year old girls? What movies shows clothes books celebrities music was cool? any i
what is the roles of the man in Middle Age?
Who was Grant Wood?
Would the cold war be a world war?
Why did the first world war brake out in 1914?
Are African americans hated in the uk?
Can you mention 5 scientist who marked the history?
How did America lose Vietnam, The Alamo and The War of 1812?
When was the very first drawing of Santa Claus made .?
why did the democrats nominate james Buchanan in the election of 1856?
Who were the people in John F. Kennedy's (JFK) family?
Did any thing good come out of world war 1 or was it all for nothing?
why did people get sent out of the country for breaking the law in victorian times?
Is the Pyramids of Giza begin preserved for future generations? How?
how did the Enabling Act change the outcome of WWII? ...10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!?
Does modernity necessarily lead to imperialism? If not, examples of nations?
Does anyone know the true association of brass monkeys with cold weather?
Sumptuary laws prevalent in medieval europe.?
Who was king Lear?
could the mastiff have originated from persia?
are the things tht are happened now really signs of the end of the world?
Were there bombs planted in the ships at Pearl Harbour? Just like bombs in the WTC?
When was the first recorded marriage in history?
why did Hilter blame the Jews?
Was Hitler the President of Germany?
I need an example of Imperialism.?
Why is the little spanish spoke in the Philippines similar to the spanish spoken in Mexico?
why does everything cost, even trying to get a date for something at vital records?
Strengths and weaknesses for the Articles of Confederation?
How did people wake up early, before the invention of the alarm clock?
how did slavery affect people and civilization in the ancient world?
oh i'm new to this why is emperor qin so amazing?
How the forces of liberalism and nationalism affected events in the United States during the 1800s?
When talking about the Civil War are the rebels the north or the south?
Of the US founding fathers who became president, which one did not go to college?
How many churches are there in Alverstoke, Hampshire, UK, where are they and when were they built?
What did the Zuni eat? and how did they grow it?
Were the aboriginal children at residential schools given Christian names?
is the great wall of china solid or hollow ?
Why do the Republicans prefer big corporations to human beings?
Are any bridges in New England named for women?
why was president taft considered to be a reluctant president?
Please Help! 10 points to the person who answers first!?
How did senators attain their positions in Imperial Rome?
what is aurora's(the goddess of dawn) strenghts and weaknesses?
Thoroughly define the terms "Renaissance" and " Humanism"?
Need som information on the Wild West Era?
question about the American revolution?
wat kind of weapons did the purepechas also known as tarascos, used?
when did the Huns come to Europe and was this before or after "the Vikings" came to mainland Europe?
Have you ever seen a ghost?
Do you think that spanish language will be more important tant american in the USA?
Role of the colonial powers in the development of independent African nations?
What kind of government during the Xia Dynasty of China?
Anyone know about Art History scholarships?
Decrating architecture with glazed tiles reached a peak of achievement in...?
Say I was asked to join the illuminati, and I say no, will I be killed?
what are some problems between british and coloinals?
History help please.?
Who Wrote Mahabaratha?
They shut up the Kennedys by using a Kennedy to kill JFK?
If you had the chance to meet one person and kill them, who would it be?
Discuss how America simultaneously emerges and develops to compete with the European imperial nations.?
where is turkey and who is their ancestor?
Why did the reformers, in 1887, support the Dawes Act?
what were the maya pyramids?
In what respects have race relations improved in the United States since the 1960s? In what respects have they?
five most outstanding works of michelanglo?
What did Rasputin's note about his death to the Romanov's' say?
how did the US get from hamilton's or jefferson's belief....?
I have a picture 'Washington's March Through the Jerseys' by J.L.G. Ferris. Is this a common picture? Sue B.
Is the Steam Age pretty much the same thing as the Industrial Revolution?
how many people go by the name susan franco?
History: Why did the Soviet Union join the League of Nations?
What did President Harding and President Reagan have in common?
Where the dinosaurs real?
When did the English begin to speak English as we know it today?
what were some challenges the Persian Empire had to face?
Could any of the future presidents run the world like Adolf Hitler did?
Did Hitler have any Jewish origin?
When did television start using the internet, and what station was first?
Was Einstein a genious?
Albany Plan? Please help.....?
what is individualism during enlightenment period?
Which town was founded by Louis IX of France in 1248 before going to the 7th crusade?
who donest love basketball?
How to dress up and make food from Germany or England for Heritage day?
in what way did martin luther king jr show responsibility and commitment?
Every one here is talking about peace and love! bla,bla,bla,all of you balmed hitler forholocaust and all the?
what is Gandhi's full name?
How did Karl Marx feel about Labor Unions?
Desperately Need World History Help! 10th grade.?
Does anybody know?
What was the immediate effect of President Lincoln issuing the Emancipation Proclamation?
What roles did Tiberius, Gaius, and Gaius Marius have in trying to reform the Senate during The Late Republic?
can someone help me answer a question about the american revolution?
What was italian culture like at the time of shakespeare?
1939 Atlanta, GA (Play set desgin)?
what were the roles of the sudras (unskilled workers) in the indian hierarchy ?
Facts about Anne Frank?
How did the Intolerable Acts affect colonists?
African History Essay?
what does "scio" mean?
How did the "The Big Apple "originate?
How does the american revolution contribute to the constitution?
Was hitler good?
The Holocaust: Is it true some of the gassed were not Jews?
How much long the muslim ruled the subcontinent?
What is an 'Old Solid Silver Bullion' from China?
How do you get an a level in history?
What was Thomas Edison's First and Last Inventions?
How did abraham lincoln prevent the country from splitting apart???
In what ways did Augustus reform the roman political system and allow it to continue?
When ancient Rome was a Republic, they often deployed their armies in a checkerboar formation. How was this...?
does brother and sister can marry each other?
There was a slave uprising aboard the Spanish ship named La Caridad in 1839. Could you provide details?
To what extent do you believe that the seeds for WW I were sown in the 19th century.?
what ia washingtons motto?
What are the origins of the Red Carpet used at big events like awards?
what primary school did dame nellie melba attend?
What were the two major reasons for the conflict between England and Spain?
was hitlers foreign policy palaned or opportunistic?
will history ever repeat itself?
in what way is fredrick douglass free in the end of "the narrative of the life of fredrick douglass":?
Who is a female historical figure who rebelled against authority?
4. Detail the expanding Axis power (Hitler and Mussolini) in the 1930s?
History lovers?? Squanto and Powhatan?
What does the military do?
Did West Germany have a fear of East Germany?
three reasons that led to the demise of the roman empire?
How was the old regime uneffective in the french revolution?
Was anybody ever sent to jail for hoarding gold in the US in the 1930's ?
Aside from the US which country has used WMDs (used in Vietnam and Japan - sold to Iraq in '80s)? thanks?
Is the Holocaust the Greatest Tragedy of the 20th Century?
What does it mean when we say Rockefeller (John D.) had a "Horizontal trust"?
When and why was king tut's mummy taken out of his tomb?
Where to get a list of names of those who made a claim on the Cherokee Strip run of 1894.?
What does a nazi crematorial look like.?
Why did Germany surrender in 1918?
For historians, how will history rank George W. Bush's presidency in 100 years?
how was the first person made?
Philip ii 's role in the dutch rebellion?
How far did the sarajevo incident led to the first world war?
In what ways did colonial rule rest upon violence and coercion, and in what ways did it elicit voluntary?
What does Western Civilization refer to?
Why was Akhenaton important and what did he do that was so radical?
what was the relationship with the soviet union like during regans second term?
Why did the Battle of Stamford Bridge work to Williams advantage?
Why is there always 6 people to carry a coffin?
How does history relate to the development/ failure/ evolution of a civilization?
Why Adlof Hitler is know as an evil, when he was a lesson for other's that not to be evil?
How did the annexation of texas only add to debate regarding slavery?
Which was NOT a characteristic of "couverture?"?
Which empire was the greatest in histroy?
What is the history of William Penn?
Islamic emigration tendencies?
African American salaries 1964?
In what year was the Hudson River in NY named?
Who were the real villains of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
When was the Hopewell culture established?
where is the ancient land &city of the world?
What river can build up the land?
who is known as the father of political science?
What is guided capitalism?
compare and contrast new immigration withthe immigration that occurred in american around 1900?
10 points and 5 stars for helping me?
History help please?!!?
do you know who is Manuel Alonso??
what i the historical significance of?
what were the main theoretical debates at the constitutional convention and how were they...?
Did lynching have any effect on the way America is today?
What did Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton contribute to a new vision of the universe?
If you could go back and time and meet a historic person, who would you choose to meet and why?
All of the early river-valley civilizations were?
What nationality is ST GEORGE?
What do you think of people who agree with Dictatorship?
I know some Vlad Tepes stories, wikipedia said there R 46 German stories of him. What site can I read them on?
Was Benjamin Franklin ever a president?
can you tell me something about the crusades?
Modern history: Who was moltke?
Philippians's prisons during WWII?
What did World War II do for the condition of Blacks in America?
What are some ways that the black death (bubonic plague) brought about the destruction of feudalism in europe?
I want to know what the treaty of versailles did to places like germany at the end of WW1?
What were you doing when you first heard about 911?
Why do most religious holidays fall within or close to winter?
Anastasia Romanov - did she survive the execution of her family?
Which of the following was part of the Geneva Accords that ended French colonial rule in Indochina?
help! TRUE OR FALSE! Thomas was a leading figure in the baroque era.?
British Empire?
have a old cowboy doll,can not find it anywhere to see what its worth and the age of it .where can i look .?
Was the holocaust good?
pls let me know about bangladesh ...?
why do ppl believe in god when theres no psychical proof he existed?
How evil of a ruler was Fidel Castro of Cuba?
When did unicorns go extinct?
looking for a poster of mickey and friends saying goodbye to walt disney?
What ''Greece'' or '''greek'' mean?
Does William Hearst have any brothers or sisters from his life? Any cousins?
Why Did United States Enter World War I in 1917?
Is Elvis really dead..?
How did people end up on hawaii?
Alexander Hamilton defended the constitutionality of the national bank on the basis of the ___ powers of Congr
Was Stone Henge used as a place to keep dead people?
Colonial resistance leader Samuel Adams ideology?
how many egyptian gods are there roughly?
why is the Pisa tower bended?
Obama and Illuminati?
I have a question on Adam Smith (wealth of Nations)?
History: International Relations: What were these events about? GCSE?
Why did Hitler and the Nazi party become so popular in Germany?
Was Britain's Foreign Poilcy successful during the Cold War?
Question about World War 1?
HOMEWORK HELP!!! What was Jack London's Impact on society?
Compare and contrast the US Declaration of independence to the vietnam declaration of independence?
Who war Rani Gaidinliu?
If you could meet one single person in ALL of history, who would you want to meet? ?
which country has the most intelligent people ?
why was mary tudor such a committed catholic?
History help would be greatly appreciated?
I dislike the uniforms that were worn by the Schutzstaffel, does that therefore make me a bad person?
Why was Hitler so attractive to women back in the 30s?
What is Industrial literature?
Did they have metal in 1858?
Why did British colonize more lands than French or other european nation ?
What are some important things I should know about History?
Which is the most intelligent race on earth?
Identify the major political, economic, and religious differences between Western Europe and its Byzantine cou?
If you could travel back in time to observe one historical event what would it be?
Native american new hampshire read details?
weres the holy grail?
What are significant events in history?
I am Albanian. Shall I feel shame for it ?
If today's UK population were called to do their duty in the face of adversity,as their predecessors were ....
how was genghis khan a barbarian?
What would a typical day have been like for a wealthy girl in the 1800's?
How can I find out the history of a street that has since been pulled down and redeveloped?
what were some financial concerns in france due to the american revolution?
How did Oprah Winfrey contribute to Black History during the 80's?
who was the first president of india?
do you agree that the Married Women's Property Acts were key milestones in women's emancipation?
what was the thing called where a ship dissaperd and when it re appeard...?
In the Cold War, was it reasonable for Premier Krusch to place missiles in Cuba..?
If you could be any person in any time period who would you be?
Was slavery really all that bad?
What was Brooklyn like in the 1930s?
What is the Battle of the Waashita?
Suez Canal transformed world trade. Do you think it has less importance as a canal today?
Explain how minority groups (women, children, etc) gained additional freedoms during the Industrial Revolution?
Since opposition to aggressive wars was part of the Nuremberg principals, why weren't the Allies..?
How were the Australian soldiers in ww2 patriotic?
British parliament, history help?
Ww2 project.Help,please!?
Which person from history would you most like to interview?
What other nations or military?
History help please?? William the conqueror?
French people and Marie Antoinette?
how did the british east india company win control of much of india?
The purpose of the 1819 Carlsbad Decrees, which were adopted by the German ruler's on Metternich prodding, was?
Bathing rituals for a poor family 1650-1750?
How did the silver dart crash?
What is the record for logest juggling?
why did the pilgrims come to the new world?
Who won the war of 1812?
who led the ming dynasty's naval voyages of exploration?
Where is King Aurther's Round Table?
Was Patrick a Popular Name for Men in The 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s and 1970s?
world war 2, significant causes or reasons focusing on europe?
Imagine.We are about to start over on a new planet, any advice so we don't end up in the same place agian ?
What Era are the Buffalo Soldiers from?
Why have the Jews been persecuted throughout history?
Did Spain take part in the French and Indian war?
Russian Revolution....?
what is the meaning of "cave ab homine unius libre"?
Who is Hitler , and what's he famous for ?
Why was a day divided into 24 hours and not some other number?
Why is it an offence to deny that the Holocaust ever happened?
What 2 actions did British Parliament take regarding the American colonists in 1766?
Sources for a report on the clashes between cherokee forces and U.S. cavalry before 1870?
what is an example of anaphora in lincoln's gettysburg address and alliteration?
in the case of Madison vs Marbury, how did marbury win?
what are the causes of world war 2?
What happens during a nuclear fallout?
describe the split that occurred in classical music around 1900, citing both groups and what each stood for?
What were Web Bu Bois: Aims for racism, Tatics to tacking racist, successes doing so and failures!?
french culture pictures please?
How would some one get into WWII relic hunting?
what is the name of Iran's oldest and most famoust historical place?
Was the Eastern Front geographically larger than the Western Front in WW1?
Is West Ryder Lunatic Asylum an actual place in East Yorkshire?
Goverment homework - Give two instances that provide evidence that colonists had already voiced concerns...?
How did the blitz effect the life in Britain in world war two?
Who was your favorite president?
Describe a typical day in the “Secret Annex.”?
The title “Was It a Dream?” could be interpreted in different ways. Explain at least two ways that the title c?
Recession from communism in Europe, post-war era?
what reason did emperor qianlong of china give to kin georgelll for refusing to expand trade with great britin
If you could go back to any era in history, which era would you want to visit? And why?
What were the conflicting strategies pursued by black leaders to achieve full racial equality?
i heard that the english burnt down the white house in Washington D.C. USA.?
What are historical events that changed America's view towards a group of immigrants?
Where can I get the book "The History of Civilization" by Will and Ariel Durant?
What was the importance of armies during the Renaissance?
Why wasn't there segregation in Britain?
10 points to first to help a little with these questions?
Does any body know the reasons that made U.S win World War II?
How did Kenya gain their independence??
What was the answer to the bob dylan lyric from the times they are a changin on the us regent?
what award did leonardo da vinci?
who was the first person who discovered america??
Was the Native American deat inevitable....?
How many knights were there in King Arthur's court/Round Table?
I want to find some historic pictures of Wheelers Hill in Melbourne?
What does the indus seal look like (appearance) ?
Who were Martin Luther's opponents?
In what two ways did the Supreme Courts decision in Gibbons v. Ogden set the stage for future Supreme Court ru?
What is the capital city of Armenia?
why was George Clymer considered a revolutionary leader?
Can i have a timeline of kings in Europe from 400 a.d. to 1000 a.d.?
Why did the USA fight for independence but not Canada?
i need a letter from world war 1 sent home that talked about the problems they faced there?
When Was Aviator Mary Feik Born?
U.S.Grant ----an alcoholic?
why do white people think columbus discovered america when he did not?
where where you and what were you doing when you heard of the twin towers falling?
How was life at the end of the Civil War?
what caused the attack on pearl harbor?
Why is the Martin Luther King Memorial important to U.S. History?
the belief i many gods is called wat?
Templars? Freemasons?
who is saint carl hausmann?
Primary concern of early american courts?
20th century music?
present and analyze the various reasons for American imperialism.?
How did these people contribute to american society?
who is the greatest ancient army Spartans,Mongols,Macedonians,Romans or Vikings.?
i want to have notes on medieval delhi.?
Why did the romans want a empire?
Is there truth to history?
Which country had the oldest civilisation?
What year did silks song if you came out?
history off paper?
Whose fault is WW 1?
what is the summary of the cuban revolution? and who is fidel castro? I WILL GIVE BEST ANSWER?
Who Wrote Ramayana?
Did Darwin's theory undermine the power of established religion in Britain?
How did the Plessy v. Ferguson case affect race relations in the U.S for the next 60 years?
Music history, Origins, culture, types of music?
Qualifications and ability, which one is more important?
Difference between Loyalists and Tories at the time of the American Revolution?
4 reason why germany was responsible for the ww1(please dont inclued the Schlieffen plan)?
How was the cultural history of early modern Europe determined by the interplay of traditional beliefs and rev?
Name a german who made the most difference either positive or negative in history? Apart from Hitler.?
Continental Europe lagged behind Great Britain in industrializing due primarily to:?
Who was more responsible for the problems of Reconstruction: President Johnson or the Radicals in Congress?
Who founded Kerrville Texas?
how did the Agricultural Adjustment Act help the U.S in the 1930s?
who killed John F Kennedy?
what is meant by falcon?
What is your favorite or favorites People in history?
History books & Truth . Could we say that history is realy the truth of what happend ?
Match the Native American culture with the correct description. Please Help!?
where can I find a list of the crew of the cl-55 cleveland?
Why does Achillies go to the underworld?
what is the difference between state and empire?
How does the School of Athens painting reflect on Renaissance Values?
What things did Gandhi do that consider him to be racist?
What happened to the native hawaiins and what were their cultures?
How was Italian renaissance theater different from the medieval period?
What would happen if America was never discovered?
How and why was America seen differently after the Spanish American War?
Who were the real villains of the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Who invented the peace sign?
Why is human civilization only a few thousand years old?
Why isn't the arch of titus a good historical proof that the jews owned Israel before the arabs?`?
Why was the Potsdam conference important in changing relations between the superpowers?
What do you think is the most influencial day in American History?
What is your favorite ancient civilization and why?
Why did European art change mid-18th century? How did it make transition towards Neoclassicism smoother?
how did the anglo-american economic relationship change in the 1700's?
Questions about WWI leading to WWII?
How have americans invoked the ideals of the revolution at various points in history since the revolution?
what did the english think about their new king in 1066?
Witches in 17th century...?
in what country was the battle of passchendaele ?
what did the Massachusetts bay company do?
Why is the Roman Forum so important? What went on there?
Did Czar Nicholas II have any mistresses?
how can i find out about the economics in Liberia/?
I need to know how much windows from the late 1800's are worth, thay are 2 panes, with rippled glass.?
Who is your favorite Byzantine emperor? What do you like about him?
Was Thomas Jefferson controversial?
How long do you 'feel' you have lived?
history coursework. don't no if i can do it?
what were the good things adolf hitler did?
What were you doing in the 1990's?
what is the difference between italians and greeks?
In the Victorian Era, if you were a printer, would you be considered a middle class or a working class citizen?
is black history month a law?
which of the following is a pulpit?
Where can i find the text to the Declaration of the Seven Sacraments Against Martin Luther...by Henry VIII?
What made the South americans natives civilization more advanced than their northern counterpart?
What is the history of Kurdistan?
American Studies World War I HELP?
s for three reasons (and if u can make them into 3 paragraphs) as to why u think nationalism is a constr?
Why were the 13 colonial cities important in helping America's independence?
How did Christian minorities survive in the middle east for so long?
What was the historical significance of Sally Hemings?
Did we really land on the moon?
Hitler, Good Or Bad ?
U.S. History, if someone could summarize each of these people/events for me I would be so grateful(1850- 1861)?
Who was the victim of the race riot in America?
where can i find what things cost and special events on the day i was born?
What caused Cold War to end?
I have a copper stein with a coat of arms. How do I fine the coat of arms owner or name.?
If you could have dinner with 3 people from any time in history, whom would you invite?
Differences between Leopolds Congo and French Vietnam.?
If hitler were to succeed, would he hide the truth from all the people (as if, "WE" never existed?
Characteristics of a "lady" living in the first half of 19th century?
US Civil Rights questions?
When did Europeans make detailed maps of the Western Hemisphere?
Did Johann Guttenberg make his book printing machine independently from...?
i have a history project and need help?
Under glass one may run the race of life but in war is running the best thing? think not on today?
what is the history on Bonthe Africia?
Which was the Worst President in US History?
most influential/important contribution philosopher!?!?
is there a english version of the ku klux klan and where can they be contacted?
reasons to as why do we learn history?
Who invented humor?
history help!! 18th century?
I have a question?
Why did tx have 3 constitutions in the 1860?
why was the invention of writing considered one of the most important creations in the history of man kind?
Did Muhammad Ali marry a woman named Sonji Roi?
Was Mahatma gandhi respectible person ?
What was the name of the European king who would have cakes made for him with naked children inside?
How did the Cold War and the circumstances surrounding that era cause 9-11 and modern US global relations?
is the legend on titanic true?or it was just an imagination..iwant complete answer please?
A potted history of the human race in layman's terms-which website is best?
Explain why the north won the Civil War. Use specific reasons with examples.?
In terms of organization, the fourth-century Christian Church was?
To The honorable, brave,just & conscientious people of earth : Do you think The Japan's bombing by Truman...?
I need VERY interesting facts about harriet beecher stowe!!!?
How were non-Muslims treated?
Why is Jefferson Davis not given his proper due and respect in U.S. History ?
What made America prospered the most ?
Write a paragraph describing what impression you believe?
what is the pre-latin language of Hemeric? (SP?)?
Did they have "Christian Conservatives" in England & Scotland during the 1600s?
Which of the following BEST describes the policy of massive retailiation?
Benito Mussolini left the premiership of Italy?
Paul Pope lll??? Help?
Did anything happen to Whales, England in 1705 did it even exist ?
i dont really understand the attack of Pearl Harbor?
who is the greatest leader in time?
who is the first cm of Tamilnadu?
Who believes Japanese originally come from China?
Name me the most famous German?
Why did Judy pretend to be Madeline?
why did the ottoman empire join world war 1?
Was Bob Dylan's writing influenced by Wm S. Burroughs?
What's the largest empire there's ever been?
where is ruby 61 ?
what countrys might be consider canadas allies today?
basic description on the directory during the french revolution?
Was the Silk Road only used by locals?
what us president had smallpox ?
Why did Hilter hate the Jews? What did they do to provoke him to kill so many?
who were the people who played women actors befor they were allowed to act?
BOOKS: Analyzing The Book, History Of The World In 6 Glasses?
Can you give me some info on 7th street NW in washington dc?
Is the Bible a valid source in exposing factual historical events?
do you really think the Russian army raped and murdered innocent German civilians like the documentaries tell?
Which one of these do you think was a turning point in the Cold war and why?